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Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr (born John Martin Maher; 31 October 1963) is an English musician and songwriter. Marr rose to fame in the 1980s as the guitarist in The Smiths, with whom he formed a prolific songwriting partnership with Morrissey.

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Johnny Marr playing that Rickenbacker is the epitome of cool
To be fair the Johnny Marr of now with his Fender Jag, cool barnet & ace songs is also the epitome o…
The Cult "She Sells Sanctuary" . (Fact: Guitarist Billy Duffy first introduced Johnny Marr to Morrissey in 1978)
I don't want to wake up💭. Asleep - Sucker Punch: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack de Johnny Marr ♫
Up near the top of my favourite ever gigs. 26-Jun-15, Hyde Park. The Who, Paul Weller, Johnny Marr
Liam Gallagher says Noel and Johnny Marr are "playing at being frontmen"
So Liam Gallagher thinks that Johnny Marr is 'playing at being a frontman'?He's obviously never seen JM playing live or he'd know better
Johnny Marr, Keith Richards, Scotty Moore, Buddy Holly.ur right up there fine sir!!!
Top 5 Guitarists of all time in my life: Mike Campbell, Lindsey Buckingham, Nick McCabe, Johnny Marr, & Kevin Cadogan. No B.S.
I've always said Johnny Marr was a God with the guitar but John Squire pushes him very very close
Manchester royalty (just need the addition of Ian Curtis & Johnny Marr) 🇬🇧
Alex Turner, Miles Kane and Johnny Marr sharing the same stage and playing a song by The Smiths? Never dreamt of it. http…
Morrissey and Johnny Marr dancing to 'Barbarism Begins At Home', (live at the Eldorado, Paris, 1984)
Last night featured w/ Maestro Hans, Johnny Marr, Mike Einziger, Lebo M and it was spine tingling
Beck, Johnny Marr and Eskimo Joe form a supergroup in 1993.
Lol. This pic so totally fits the interview excerpt. Lol. . I love it. . Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr lol
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Yoo Hoo! This is me & plus great music from Johnny Marr, William DeVaughn, Joni Mitchell, & Palehound
Just been introduced to you by a friend, played your Johnny Marr tune on my show. Top stuff.
Not sure who I'm more excited to see at Bellahouston. Noel G, Richard Ashcroft, Johnny Marr and Circa Waves, unbelievable lineup!
Billy Bragg-Sexuality.Everything you need to know and Johnny Marr makes it swing.
Johnny Marr just got beat up by Darby Crash and Morrissey is reading him Oscar Wilde
The black Rickenbacker on the cover art for 'Supersonic' is Johnny Marr's guitar.
Craig Gannon, Mike Joyce, Andy Rourke and Johnny Marr. This a list of my favourite smiths in order of preference
Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Andy Rourke, and Mike Joyce belonged to an English alternative rock band called The Joneses.
Though I'm no longer 17, every word of this track still resonates deeply. Matt Johnson & Johnny Marr tearing it up!.
I owe my fascination with the guitar entirely to George Harrison, Johnny Marr, John Fruciante, Elliott Smith, and Jeff Buckley.
Johnny Marr is playing two doors down from the brewery tonight. I hope he wants a beer..♥️
Tonight was a dream Johnny Marr killed it 😩 , he played Smith songs to 😭❤️
It's not just any Smith. Thousands of guitar players tried to play just like Johnny Marr back in the day
Can't stand celebs who block off their fans for no reason...not aimed obvi...*cough* .*cough*
disagree with you though on Johnny marr great guitarist but plays too hard at been cool these days.
Getting away with it, live by Johnny Marr now
I love that Smiths song where Johnny Marr plays some jangly guitar to try to cheer Morrisey up.
The debut solo album by the guitar genius Johnny Marr was released on this day 3 years ago.…
New Town... and the outro for Generate is fantastic.
Ah, happy birthday no.3 to the truly wonderful The Messenger, love love love 👌🏻
Thank you for making the greatest guitar on earth.
I just realized that I can hear Fripp in Johnny Marr's tuning and inflections.
Morrissey is the worst dancer in the world and Johnny Marr and Noel Gallagher look exactly the same
Pomona! The legendary will be at the legendary next Friday 3/4 and…
Nightlife picks: Johnny Rivers, Johnny Marr & the Fresno Tattoo Convention: Johnny Rivers, best known for the ...
Would you rather fight one Morrissey sized duck or 20 duck sized Morrissey's??
Johnny Marr released 'The Messenger' today in 2013. What's your favourite song from it?
Will it's a great second piece of work. I'm serious about though great music could co-exist
I ADORE the Smiths, but Morrissey on his own... quite dreadful :/ Johnny Marr solo is a LOT better.
Only UK & California dates on 's 2016 tour so far :( :( still hope for a U.S. east coast tour soon ...
In whose world is Johnny Marr merely the "ex Smiths guitarist" Manchester Weekly News ?!
Quite melancholy in parts mate. Get a duet going with could be special.
Johnny, you missed a cracking talk about concrete last night.
Weird to think watching TOTP 1981 we were just a year away from knocking on Morrissey's door.
.- Their 50 greatest tracks, as chosen by your favourite artists
Could listen to Johnny Marr talk about guitars all day
ICYMI: Feature about in Dynamic, the zine, last year
hey Johnny I recently finally got a guitar. thanks for being part of what makes me feel like this is what I need to be doing
In honour of George Harrison's birthday today, this article from 2007: https:…
Song was speaking to me until I saw Morrisey has a tree growing out of his GD butt. *** . Johnny Ma…
Today in 2013 Johnny Marr released 'The Messenger', his debut solo album.
Ah what, Johnny Marr not at my Hans Zimmer show...
Johnny Marr is guest performer on Hans Zimmer's tour (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
Oasis, Vera Duckworth, Johnny Marr, Judy Finnigan, Bez, Jason Orange, your boys have taken a *** of a beating!
The Gallagher brothers, Ricky Hatton, Curly Watts, Eddie Large and Johnny Marr, your boys took one *** of a beating!!
And here's selling a mag to Johnny Marr! Thanks for the support!
Listening to the brilliant and legendary on part of
AS Politics - Johnny Marr tells David Cameron to stop saying he likes The Smiths
'Boomslang' by + The Healers was released on this day in 2003. What's your favourite track from it? :)
have we synchronised out lunch Deano
I’m on from 11am with selling outside from 3 & 11pm xx
to last summer when the legendary Johnny Marr performed to a backdrop of Southsea Castle!.
Oh dear, it appears that I've been blocked by karllfcman...or is he Johnny Marr...or Garrett Hedlund?? Be careful out there folks!
I'm going to at The Glass House in Pomona, CA - Mar 4
I do remember the brilliant, powerful speech...petition signed :)
Who wants to go see Johnny Marr with me at the glass house I have an extra ticket!!!
GRABBER deserve 0 better he attempt to pla the Smiths on Skool piano chiz chiz wil uterly tuough him up
I absolutely love being right, gut instinct wins again, played the slow game and BINGO!! As if I wouldn't recognise
Johnny Marr on and completely blocking everything out. 🙉 Lalalalala. 🙉
has started recording in New York with guests that include and The Smiths'
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Wish I could go see Johnny Marr again tomorrow. What a man. Absolute magician.
"I like my audience. And I think they know that I like them, so hopefully it's a bit of a love-fest." -
great thanks Lawrie said it would be four :) I will let him know I'm the morning :) cheers
And The Sacramento venue is named after Lemmy/Motörhead?
Someone PLEASE tell me they have tickets for his show at to sell.
We made a little recap of last year featuring & check it out! htt…
question from my five year old son Lawrie tonight at bedtime "when did Johnny get his first guitar?"
.Help us gain worldwide attention on Ric O'Barry's detainment in Japan + horrific dolphin slaughter TheCove
Thanks to everyone at the Redfern Gallery London for the Pure Romance exhibition
Johnny Marr and Morrissey behind the door.
I think other then piggate, my fave story of David Cameron was trying to get free VIP tickets to a Johnny Marr show. It failed badly.
Johnny Marr has joined the ranks of Abe Lincoln and Topher Grace.
ha ha leaving now for the league cup semi final second leg & Johnny Marr better be there Anne !
Birthday-boy Bernard Sumner formed the band Electronic with Johnny Marr in the early 90s. ht…
Would like to dance like Morrissey and Johnny Marr.
Can Johnny Marr and Morrissey get along so The Smiths can do one last tour pls
Hey, fans! First competition of 2016 & a beautiful ltd edition print to be won: http…
Happy New Year to all of our fellow fans, and of course to Hope 2016 is a good one for everybody. Xx https:…
year in stubs made it for the third consecutive year! Come back to this year!
We're headlining in London this Friday 8th of Jan. £4 in. Playing some new songs.. info at https:…
Always! You've been reading my musical thoughts the last couple days!
Perfect match for our 'I ❤️ badges, especially on Bernard's special day.
Happy Birthday wishes to Bernard Sumner, who turns 60 today. This is him performing with Johnny Marr as Electronic:. https:/…
Check out our Electronic article in DYNAMIC, the fanzine, in honour of Bernard Sumner's birthday today: http…
Bryan Ferry has worked with Johnny Marr. Oh get out. 🎉
Happy birthday to Bernard Sumner today! Forever grateful to Bernard & for the brilliance of Electronic. http…
Bert Jansch with Johnny Marr and Bernard Butler - 'The River Bank' - 2000 via
Check out the Cribs album that is out now! I bought it already. Big fan. Amazing to hear Johnny Marr with them as well. htt…
Noisey's British Masters interview videos are really great. Johnny Marr's is my fave. What a guy.
I liked a video The Wagon - Dinosaur Jr with Johnny Marr and Kevin Drew
So.the original flute and sax version . OR. Johnny Marr on guitar. Toug…
Chemistry of an electric guitar Favourite guitar sound? Johnny Marr of The Smiths. https:/…
Noel Gallagher was so good last night yet again. Johnny Marr was top class too
Kevin Shields and Johnny Marr should collaborate. I'd pay upwards of $38 for that album and then just be done with music for a while.
“Thank you to the very gracious for introducing me and the band tonight. lo…
Like_the_Nut : Hometown heroes! noelgallagher johnny_marr (at O2ApolloManc in Ardwick Green, Manchester) …
Had a huge treat tonight. Traveled from the States to Manchester to see and Thx!
"Great dancing moves by Morrissey and Johnny Marr. .
don't you just love it when you spontaneously treck to Manchester to go see Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr for free
What a banging night for the with and SMASHED IT LADS!!.
Radio X Road Trip with Noel Gallagher&High Flying Birds and Johnny Marr at Manchester Apollo
Oh my days what an amazing night at Manchester O2 with Johnny Marr and Noel Gallagher had the place absolutely bouncing 👍👍🍻🍻
A belter of a night with Johnny Marr and Noel Gallagher at the
The awkward moment when and turn up in the same outfit... Brilliant.
Wowing the crowds, at the Apollo Manchester just now
Today in 2010 Johnny Marr called on David Cameron to stop saying that he liked The Smiths. https…
it was empty just now, but they didn't even have the Johnny Marr Jaguar
All part of the masterplan. Manchester, what a great night. Thank you https:/…
I would have cut my arm off to see you lot tonight 😩 unfortunately I need it though
Didn't think it could be better than last time I saw him, tonight topped it!
EXCELLENT gig at O2 Apollo Manc with & Johnny Marr
Tickets still on sale. Seem them while you can. Supporting Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr the following night!...
I liked a video "How Soon Is Now?" by Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke live at Music Hall of Williamsburg
Dennis Tueart was my favourite player as a kid but I treasured a framed photo of Colin Bell that I bought from a market stall. Johnny Marr
Johnny Marr checking out a new format in music - the CD.
The passing of Smiths/Johnny Marr manager Joe Moss makes me weirdly sad because that was my favorite uncle's name
Johnny Marr blasts 'cruel' council after they axe transport for disabled kids
Idea: replace all references to 'Kali Ma' in TEMPLE OF DOOM with 'Johnny Marr'.
will you be able to buy Johnny Marr tickets at the door for Friday nights show?
Here's my review and photos from Johnny Marr's Rockaway Beach show on Saturday:
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The gig with Johnny Marr may even be an acoustic show itself
the gig with Johnny Marr will be his first UK show since then. So it would make sense for it to be then.
What the World really needs is another album from Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr
Other than Johnny Marr next Thursday here's all our gigs that are confirmed. James Grant sold out, last handful...
Johnny Marr hits out at David Cameron during homecoming Albert Hall gig
I really do prefer Morrissey/Johnny Marr and Sting/Andy Summers working together as opposed to solo.
umm, Johnny Marr, Cribs, Cat Power, Death Cab..., EoDM, Algiers, Kurt Vile, Albert Hammond Jr., Slaves... and the list goes on, lol.
Johnny Marr doing guitar work on the Modest Mouse record, with vocals from the Shins' James Mercer on We've Got Everything.
Noel G and Johnny Marr at Manchester apollo in December. If that was a weekend I'd be all over that but not a Wednesday night
Ha ha! I've always loved New Order and the addition of Johnny Marr makes it even better.
yes. Went Sunday. was epic. Texas and Johnny Marr were awesome
The discovery channel has great music while advertising its programmes first Kasabian now Johnny Marr
Seriously? You realise that now I'm going to have to wave root vegetables at you for that?
Thanks dude, means a lot. It's kinda growing on me.
You can drop the 'occurence' bit. Nice beard btw
I totally am going unless some freak occurrence befalls me
argh! A Wednesday dammit! You should totally go. No idea when he'll play where I live...
Wednesday, 21st October. I think it's my duty to get along to it.
We're super stoked to have had responses from Peter Hook and Johnny Marr via social media this weekend. . They...
ON SALE: Grab a ticket now for that extra date in Northampton:
Fancy owning a special signed by or a record signed by http…
Well that doesn't happen every day - Johnny Marr is coming to the Roadmender
Hello Dave chatted to you on here before & only just realised it was you I was advancing Johnny Marr and WAS! Glad you enjoyed!
I see you've binned off for Van McCann 😂
I can get on board with that. As for Johnny Marr...weirdly, Anton Yelchin popped into my head first. Dunno.
best people there this weekend was Texas n Johnny Marr hands down
Saw him last year & he only played one Smiths tune - beyond gutted! Johnny Marr made up for it last month tho
LOL why is Johnny Marr performing at the roadmender in Northampton are you lost
Guitar god plays the Sun Oct 18 with special guests
This and tix for Johnny Marr , Ace Anniversary pressies from xx
Hans Zimmer's score for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is so *** good, Johnny Marr's guitar work is badass
Johnny Marr falling in love with the guitar.
Pretty cool band, like the guitarsound of Johnny Marr.
I have two tickets for Johnny Marr, two for Squeeze, and would be ace if I got two charlatans for Bham to auction for autism x
"David Cameron, stop saying that you like The Smiths, no you don't. I forbid you to like it."~Johnny Marr 💙 . "
remember when Johnny Marr forbid David Cameron from liking The Smiths after he nominated them as his fave band? Well.
no way watch this😱the guitar went from Pete Townsend to Johnny Marr to Noel Gallagher, what😱
Q4 Answer - another slightly tricky one there - it was Anthony Newley and ‘Johnny Marr of Wythenshawe’.
I added a video to a playlist Johnny Marr "Bigmouth Strikes Again" at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '15
If you want to make me freak out, you can just remind me that Johnny Marr and Jenny Lewis were hanging out.
Johnny Marr n Catfish within a month of each other this year, n my birthday in between 😛
*says Johnny marr 3 times in the mirror* *morrissey comes out of the mirror and stabs me*
Yeh. Johnny Marr released a new album last year, and Morrissey is doing shows and trying to get another record deal ://
Still in mood of johnny marr "fever". Hope he's comein again to sg. From one side view till really close to him .
yeah, Morrissey and Johnny Marr do solo stuff. Idk about the other two. They were irrelevant though.
City. At least Johnny Marr did. I can't imagine Morrissey was a big football fan.
Johnny Marr Manchester 2015. Have a great one at
2 days later, and I want to see you again already. October dates are fully UK, hope you'll hit JAKARTA real soon.
A year ago this day, Playland was still a "Coming Soon" in :")
Don't miss the at Newcastle University on Oct 11!
Johnny Marr announces massive UK tour for October
Saw this & thought of you. Pleasant nite “Y Not Festival Sunday night. 8.00pm.
DaveSwainy: Rory Gallagher left a legacy rorygallagher Johnny_Marr to all guitarists.
Cool pic! See you in Edinburgh in October. Yey!
99% sure I just walked past Boz Boorer (Morrissey's guitarist) . (Wannabe Johnny Marr) . (Never will be Johnny Marr)
Rory Gallagher left a legacy to all guitarists.
What are you waiting for? coming to Newcastle upon Tyne on Oct 11.
Tune in to tomorrow to catch the interview with
Hey I've been wondering for a while, What's your fave northern soul artist? Thank you for everything, and Keep the Faith 👊
My StitchyButton custom of and morrissey came today. So freaking cute!!!
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Bar in New Delhi. Your album on the juke. Great stuff.
anyone lucky enough to be there, you're in a treat! He was absolutely sublime when I saw him at
Your observation shatters the biggest lie! A sport requires ALL those 'playing' to be WILLING participants.
desperate for a ticket for 2mro anyone selling? Will sell my soul 2the devil, free golf lessons
'Struck', B-side to fab 'Dynamo' single, is on list of 16 Brilliant Songs of 2015:
Miss your train, not the next issue of the zine ;-) Working on a special promo project now! http:/…
Gona smash The Allotment stage at 8:15pm. Looking forward at tomorrow!
Noel just took the baton from Ian Brown and John Squire who had been handed it by Morrissey and Johnny Marr!
Just got a sudden deep hankering for a Johnny Marr/collaboration. (I think I need more sleep)
Grace Hall on Instagram: “Neil Finn and Johnny Marr rocking it on stage.”
Got to see Johnny Marr join Neil Finn on stage in 2001 & Neil returned the favour in Auckland
Johnny Marr at Liquid Room Wednesday, 14th Oct on sale tomorrow
Tomorrow we hit Castlefield Bowl with Johnny Marr & Noel Gallagher. We're on at 6.30, come down early to see us!
An overlooked gem from my favourite ever supergroup - Johnny Marr (The Smiths), Bernard Sumner (New Order) and,...
Johnny Marr was awesome! Just watched it with Leeds legend Lee Chapman and Leslie Ash.
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From the Vaults: An interview with Bernard Sumner and Johnny Marr
got a spare ticket to Hyde Park tomorrow, The Who Paul Weller Kaiser Chiefs, Johnny Marr and Gaz Coombes, let me know if interested, £70 ono
Tomorrow I shall be watching The Who, Paul Weller, Johnny Marr, Gaz Coombes and The Rifles at Hyde Park. Majestic.
think it may have been Jodrell Bank. That was a good day with Johnny Marr & PSB
Van talked about Johnny Marr and Albert Hammond Jr. in NME and I've literally copied their playing style so much! And Bondy ofc
in case you were wondering also invited are Giles Coren, James Richardson and Johnny Marr
Today marks the 35th anniversary of Ian Curtis' death. Brandon Flowers, Johnny Marr and more pay tribute
Just watched Johnny Marr singing How Soon is Now on Later with Jules Holland. Not bad, Johnny, not bad at all.
I've always felt that you and Johnny Marr have had very similar career paths.
Like to think of Villa & West Ham fans uniting to say, as Johnny Marr did re The Smiths "David Cameron, we forbid you to li…
6am. I got Suede, Otis, Mumford, Johnny Marr, Springsteen and couple of cheeky ones for & dead chuffed!
Stripes, Sharon Jones, Ride, Johnny Marr, couple of Pulp, Happy Mondays, Johnny Flynn and so on. Now heading to Leeds!
Electric Banana - Paul Weller and Johnny Marr to work on new material together?
I'd rather see Johnny Marr sing Smiths tunes so-so .& play guitar like a god than see Morrisey perform without him.
Aye especially when Johnny Marr came on stage got tickets to see him headline that summer in the city event in July
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it's actually well funny that David Cameron loves the Smiths but Johnny Marr n Morrissey make it pure obvious they hate him
"After seeing Morrissey, Johnny Marr won't be your favourite Smith." If anything seeing Morrissey made me want to sleep with Johnny more.
With great pleasure I can say I have seen the two greatest guitarist to ever grace the stage. Johnny Marr and John Squire. The best.
Noel Gallagher, Johnny Marr and black rivers. Unmissable that
Noel G, Johnny Marr and Black rivers in one gig? Oh yes!
Johnny Marr 's had a good day on the BBC, picture question on Pointless and Easy Money backing track on Bargain Hunt!
Great time had tonight watching Noel Gallagher, and Johnny Marr turning up for a song was an added bonus! Can't sleep now tho but worth it!
They gave Adnan Januzaj Ryan Giggs' shirt number. It's like when Ivor Perry replaced Johnny Marr in the Smiths for five minutes.
only following Kim Kardashian is almost as cute when only followed Johnny Marr ❤️
When I grow up I want to play a Rickenbaker like Peter Buck / Tom Petty / Paul Weller / Roger McGuinn / Johnny Marr / John Lennon
Johnny Marr playing EVAC. Harper Lee releasing TKAM sequel. Placebo playing best of setlist. Ooh this is an exciting bus journey
Johnny Marr at 55th Ivor Novello Awards - Press room
honestly can't remember, but also blocked by Chuka Umunna, Rachel Reed, Peter Hain & even Johnny Marr!! I scare people!!
We've the Gallagher's and Johnny Marr, they've James Arthur and Nicholas McDonald
I always forget I saw James play Come Home with Johnny Marr too n then I remember and I realise how cool it was
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I've got Johnny Marr,Van Morrison,Sam Smith and the Pogues on shuffle at the mo. Slightly bizarre but eclectic!
Manchester there must be something in the water. Liam Fray, Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Ian Brown, John Squire.
Bringing you the best music for your morning, including Al Green & Johnny Marr - it's Wake Up With Mo!
Johnny Marr, Nile Rodgers, Guy Pratt, Marcus Miller, Mark Knopfler and many others top musicians playing on the Bryan Ferry album
Smiths,Electronic,Modest Mouse,Cribs-Johnny Marr is era's best guitarist as shown in the excellent Playland.
Johnny Marr at the Belly Up in What is my life? This is incredible. Happy to be sharing it all…
Aspen Times - Johnny Marr, of the Smiths, comes to Belly Up Aspen
I'm at Arvest Bank Theatre at for Johnny Marr in Kansas City, MO
Johnny Marr and the Healers Live in Concert at Belly Up Aspen - Nov 29 . More Info:
The playing of Johnny Marr's drummer tonight at reminds me of Charlie Watts. Jazz chops.
Read a review of last night's Johnny Marr show written by
So I saw two members of Kevin Drew on Wed with Johnny Marr & Torquil Campbell with Stars. I think Broken social Scene is now a pattern
Pet Shop Boys would be in there too. Neil Tennant was in Electronic with Johnny Marr and Bernard Sumner
Johnny Marr at Music Hall of Williamsburg, November 15,2014 Second JM show of the week for me and I went in knowing it would, of course, be excellent, but that the whole experience could not exceed that of the "Magical Night at the Gramercy Theater." I'll start off by saying that, while I was in the very front row and Molly insists that my new friend, Johnny, did notice me several times, I did not get to talk to him after the show, alas. But there were other excellent surprises. While waiting on line to get in, I spotted the bass player, Iwan Gronow and went over to chat with him briefly about the previous night's gig at the Stone Pony and where he and his friend might get a quick bite prior to returning for a pre-show nap! He is so sweet and friendly and looks great in his mod suit. The show itself was fantastic - perhaps even better than last weeks'. The sound was phenomenal, Johnny's energy was through the roof, and the band just sounded extra tight. When you see virtually the same show twice in ...
22:00 Sounds of the 80s: Johnny Marr, songwriter and guitarist of the Smiths and Electronic, is Sara Cox's guest.
If this doesn't make you want to pick up a guitar and be you're probably Johnny Marr
Best record that the Pet Shop Boys, or Bernard Sumner, or Johnny Marr were ever involved with:
Johnny Marr or Dorian Gray? 30 rock stars who never seem to age
Noel & Liam Gallagher, Craig Cash, Johnny Marr, Ricky Hatton, Martin Lewis, Nick Lesson, we gave your boys on *** of a beating
Here are 8 ace photos of Johnny Marr's epic homecoming show at Manchester Apollo last night
In my attempt at subtle toilet wall photography missed both Ian Curtis and Johnny Marr out. Still a…
Johnny Marr at O2 Academy Brixton, London UK last night. Great gig!
I liked Johnny Marr a lot last night, but can't help but think that this review is pretty on the nose:
Noel Gallagher and Johnny Marr performed together last night at London's O2 Brixton Academy. This is what happened..
Here are 18 beautiful photos of Johnny Marr's incredible show at Brixton Academy last night
Noel Gallagher joins Johnny Marr on stage at Brixton Academy | Gigwise
Johnny Marr, Brixton Academy, review: 'more ritual than music' | via
Ridiculously jealous of anyone seeing Johnny Marr at Brixton tonight. Noel Gallagher coming on to play is special man
Noel Gallagher to appear onstage with Johnny Marr at London gig buzin for thursday!
Johnny Marr, La Roux and First Aid Kit to play BBC 6 Music Live at Maida Vale -
Michael Gove on Tyrion Lannister brings to mind Johnny Marr on Cameron: 'I forbid you to like it.'
Tunes from Liam tonight. Top stuff. Beatles Lennon medley Ian Skelly - You've got it all Johnny Marr - Easy Money Darrell Banks - Open the door to your heart Don Thomas - Come on Train Carl Hall - Mean it Baby MVPs - Turning my heartbeat up Ella Fitzgerald - Get Ready Jerry Williams - If you ask me Ike & Tina Turner - Somebody Needs You Dean Parrish - I'm on my way Miles Kane - Looking through my window Rodriquez - Hate Street Dialogue George Harrison - What is Life? Nina Simone - Revolution Paul Weller - Out of the Sinking (Live)
did you catch Johnny Marr on Sara Cox this am playing There is a light. Memories of Glos Leisure Centre 1985
Standing ticket for Johnny Marr at Brixton Academy on 23rd October for sale at face value. Give us a message if interested…
[NEWS] John Squire, Noel Gallagher, Johnny Marr and more to appear in new book. Click link for English ►...
Bryan Ferry has enlisted Flea, Nile Rodgers and Johnny Marr for his upcoming new album:
Bryan Ferry has Mark Knopfler, Flea, Johnny Marr and more on new album.
[New Bryan Ferry album to feature Johnny Marr, Nile Rodgers and Flea: Ronnie Spector and Mark Knopf...
So the guitar that Johnny Marr gave to Noel Gallagher originally belonged to Pete Townsend according to . Amazing.
I was asked my fantasy band line up the other day, I told them:. Mike Joyce - Drums. Andy Rourke - Bass. Johnny Marr - Guitar. Err...Me - Vocals
I think it is entirely possible Andy Rourke, Mike Joyce, and Johnny Marr have the same DNA.
We have lost our comrade and brother Robert Young. A beautiful and deeply soulful man. He was an irreplaceable talent, much admired amongst his peers, In the words of Johnny Marr "Throb with a gold top Les Paul -unbeatable" He was a true rock and roller. He walked the walk. He had "Heart & Soul" tattooed on his arm and I'm sure on his heart too. He once said to me "When we go onstage it's a war between us and the audience" He never let go of that attitude. Our love and thoughts are with his sons Brandon and Miles and their mother Jane, his wife Rachel, and his immediate family. Bobby Gillespie, Andrew Innes ,Primal Scream.
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On Friday I watched Johnny Marr live. Today I'm mowing the lawn. . Fair to say the weekends on a downhill trajectory!
someone get me johnny marr tickets for my birthday I'll love you forever
actually listed on their website that one of Johnny Marr song's was actually called "Hang the DJ".In a set list
Also, would you kindly teach This Charming Man to me? I'll pay you in adoration.
In tomorrow's matchday mag / prog v Liverpool, see my photos from
Yas, Day is the most important day of the year
I liked a video from The The promo: Johnny Marr interviews Matt Johnson
Can't wait to see johnny marr in October :)
So Noel Gallagher, Johnny Marr and Ben Howard all have albums coming out in the next few months 👌
Can't stop listening to Easy Money by Johnny Marr
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