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Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel (born December 6, 1992) is an American Football quarterback for the Texas A&M football team.

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On this day in 2015 Johnny Manziel beat the 49ers at First energy stadium for the browns last win on a Sunday.
To All My Sports junkies.Here is a question for you:. Is Baker Mayfield more Russell Wilson or Johnny Manziel pr…
Baker Mayfield will now be initiated into the Heisman House by doing a line of blow off Johnny Manziel's fiancee's ***
May Baker Mayfield follow in the footsteps of other upstanding Heisman Trophy winners... Johnny Manziel and O.J. Simpson com…
Johnny Manziel, Trent Richardson and Jamarcus Russell. Saved you a click
Johnny Manziel has a long way to go before he can compete with eastablished QB’s like Bo Levi Mitchell.
Like just imagine Josh Gordon with an elite QB? Instead of guys like Jason Campbell, Johnny Manziel, Colt McCoy, Br…
"Baker Mayfield is Johnny Manziel". No, one played in the Big 12, the other tore up SEC defenses including a Saban defens…
“There’s no way Texas A&M is leaving the Big 12 for the SEC.”. “Johnny Manziel ain’t winning the Heisman.”. “John Chavis…
Who was the bigger bust for Cleveland: Johnny Manziel or Anthony Bennett?
This seems like a good time to remind you that Kevin Sumlin has won 31 games since Johnny Manziel. 13 of those wins cam…
Jarrett Stidham: 1st QB to complete 75% of his passes vs Alabama since Johnny Manziel in 2012, when Texas A&M beat Alaba…
Comparing Baker Mayfield to Johnny Manziel is the laziest argument you can make in sports and shows you do not watc…
Johnny Manziel is the best college football player ever
Like I can’t even front he is the best college football player since Johnny Manziel.
Rebuild what, he rode lightning in a bottle with Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans who weren’t eve…
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I’d be more than willing to take back the Johnny Manziel era in replacement of this stupid *** Lavar Ball era
Hey Baker Mayfield, ever hear of a ball player named Johnny Manziel? After your stunt the other day, you remind me of him!
Johnny Manziel was like that favorite hoodie you had...It fit perfect, comfortable, wore it all the time.. Then one da…
Hey Baker Mayfield...keep it up and you’ll end up like Johnny Manziel and Ryan Leaf. See where their attitudes got them?
Baker Mayfield grabbed his nuts and was labeled the next Johnny Manziel. If him grabbing his nuts makes him Johnny…
We all miss some. I thought Johnny Manziel was going to be a solid QB
Vontaze Burfict got himself ejected and then imitated Johnny Manziel, because why not.
how about forcing Johnny manziel to be signed ?
Poor guy is the next Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel is the ex no one appreciated but now that you're broken up you realize how great you wer…
Broncos need to sign johnny manziel I swear they wouldn't regret it 😂
Is this Johnny Manziel or his father..
I actually called Gruden’s hotline and got my Gruden Grinder nickname. It was a weird phone call. And…
He'd be at Pigale with his QB Johnny Manziel right now.
Just a reminder that the Cleveland Browns are 1-24 since they got rid of Johnny Manziel (2-2 with him)
Not while johnny manziel was drinking there
I was mistaken for Johnny Manziel again😐😂
Johnny Manziel is on that Eddie Lacy meal plan
Johnny Manziel's fiance shows off bare *** in thong at the beach next to Manziel's fat dad bod.
He was the savior after RGIII after Johnny Manziel after Brady Quinn. And then Watson who WOULD have…
COACHES: Good news! If you're looking for a zero-baggage, (more than) full-qualifier at the QB position with a Johnny Manz…
If garbage time stats were an indication of talent, Johnny Manziel's performance against the Bills a few y…
How about we send you a 3rd round and Johnny Manziel? Seems fair.
Second, you go to the same school that gave the world Johnny Manziel lmao. Try not to shi…
This looks like a chunky Johnny manziel
I know you're heart broken that my time on the beat is going to end up being so short but duty calls north of…
And their last win on a Sunday was 700 days ago with Johnny Manziel at QB.
We can only have that conversation if you put Johnny Manziel in your top 5
The Browns last took home a win against the San Francisco 49ers on Dec. 13, 2015, back when Johnny Ma…
You know Emmett, there is no accountability for Kizer. it's the Johnny Manziel syndrome all over again.…
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Fun fact- The last time that the Browns won a game, Johnny Manziel was the starting quarterback.
I wouldn't take him on my NFL team. He is a poor mans Johnny Manziel
Drunk and stoned Johnny Manziel is better than Savage. ;)
Burfict finally leaving the field, but not before arguing with fans and doing the Johnny Manziel money sign. My goodness.
Rosen pulled off his best Johnny Manziel impersonation and escapes a sack in the backfield and finds Brandon Stephe…
Why y’all didn’t tell me Josh Gordon and Johnny Manziel had an apartment together when they played in Cleveland 💀💀
Pretty sure that happened when a homeless guy convince our owner to draft Johnny Manziel.
Two Texas A&M candidates identified by fans in this post. One is Chip Kelly. One is Johnny Manziel.
We have a team with QBs Johnny Manziel and Marcus Mariota and WRs Calvin Johnson and Julio Jones but it’s HC is Charlie Weis...
When do we get Johnny Manziel in a heisman house commercial?
😂😂😂 that deep? Na wa. Man is gonna end up like Johnny Manziel
QBs I want to see play again in NFL (none of them will): . •RG3 . •Johnny Manziel. •Colin Kaepernick. •Tim Tebow. •Tony Romo. •…
Aaron Donald added to roster, will start vs. Redskins
Need a new avi. My picture is me with Johnny Manziel lmao
Yardbarker: Report: CFL team likely to sign Johnny Manziel via
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Johnny Manziel is reportedly forcing the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to make up their mind about him quickly.
Or Jackson or Chisenhall or Johnny Manziel for all I care.
I think it's totally racist that Johnny Manziel can't get a job in the .
Jake Constantine with a Johnny Manziel type Touchdown pass to Tony Dagget!! Extra point is good. 24-3 Pirates with 1:23 lef…
They should've just let Johnny Manziel play college football forever
Johnny Manziel got drunk a lot in college. So what?
I would take a team with Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, & Johnny Manziel at QB. All have been winners, and the media coverage would be great!
Hearing Johnny Manziel and Drake are headed to Avenue tonight.
I miss when Johnny Manziel was I in college😂
Johnny Manziel is the funniest thing I've heard lol
I'll take Johnny Manziel over a dude that supports what is going on in the streets today.
RG3, Tony Romo, and Johnny Manziel are not signed either. Why is no one advocating for them?
Alabama got beat by Johnny Manziel that year too 😂
If he wasn't a ragin alcoholic and addicted to doing coke at college parties Johnny Manziel would rule the world.
Sounds like it, didn't he want the Cowboys to draft Johnny Manziel?
never mind I'm going to get a tattoo that says "draft day johnny manziel"
There is NO WAY that Jared Goff is better than Kap or even Johnny Manziel. Let my guys get some burn.
I'd rather have Johnny Manziel or Jamarcus Russell's career than be the GOAT in baseball
So basically the Heisman is going to either Johnny Manziel or Peyton Manning. 👍
Johnny Manziel prefers Casey over Finnigan. More to follow. - 9 Down Staff
i have made many poor life decisions but i saw a dude in a johnny manziel yankees jersey today and I'm not him, so i win
Russell Wilson just pulled the college Johnny manziel 😷.
Kenneth Dixon suspended additional two games
Johnny Manziel look a like spotted eating donuts at one of the 45 in Hamilton last night. More to follow. -…
If I'm of course I want back in the league. Also Johnny Manziel, RGIII and Mark Sanchez & Geno Smith starting.
We at 9 Down Nation take pride in telling YOU what to do. DO NOT TALK ABOUT JOHNNY MANZIEL. More to follow. - 9…
Well we got a guy that didn't like the way the game was going so you got a migraine all Johnny Manzie…
Johnny Manziel may or may not like lobster biscuits. More to follow. - 9 Down Staff
Johnny Manziel coming back and playing in the Super Bowl.
Brian Mann from Giles of Ferrum just got called for taunting for doing the Johnny Manziel gesture. Lmao!
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So Chuck Todd, Johnny Manziel, and Ryan Lochte sit down at a bar.who's the biggest
In honor of Aggie football starting in just three days, here's one of Johnny Manziel's best highlights from college. h…
Must have been all the double IPA's that made shout out "Johnny Manziel will be a better QB than Tom Brady" 😂
Thats like saying Johnny Manziel should get paid the same as Tom Brady
This is coming from people who still wear Gerard Warren and Johnny Manziel jerseys, so take it with a massive grain of salt.
Browns hanging their hats on the rookie. Kizer boldly going where Johnny Manziel, Brandon Weeden, Colt McCoy & Brad…
Fun fact of the day: Johnny Manziel and Tom Brady COMBINE for a total of 5 Superbowl rings, 4 Superbowl MVPs and 7 AFC Championships. Crazy.
.in Aggieland! The football preview is seen here with Johnny Manziel's and John David Crow's Heisman Trop…
I’d take an A&M Johnny Manziel and 2012 Kaepernick over Brady any day
Obama saying Trump "isn't fit" to be president is like ... Johnny Manziel saying Tom Brady & Aaron RODGERS aren't fit be…
Eric Crouch, Johnny Manziel, Sam Bradford, and Tim Tebow won the Heisman. None of them were successful in the NFL.
Here's a list of qbs better than Matt Stafford. Among them are: Uncle Rico, Johnny Manziel, and mos…
What do you think of Al Michaels taking shots of Johnny Manziel the other day? I think it's beneath him.
Will Colin Kaepernick end up on a NFL roster this season? Johnny Manziel tells that he deserves a shot.
Johnny Manziel says Colin Kaepernick is good enough to be on an NFL roster
I'd like to think Johnny Manziel gets the same feels when he goes back to Tyler, TX; that I do when I go back to Eau Claire💯
You set up there and talk s*** about Ray Rice to no return but was silent on Johnny Manziel
Kenny Hill says that night he was anointed the heir to Johnny Manziel "feels like a whole other lifetime."
Wow! Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon. U got a thing for the Browns! Lol. What Team do u feel Man…
2 things that will happen within 2 years - Johnny Manziel will win an NFL playoff game & Tim Tebow will be called up to the majors. FACTS
How's Vernon Adams and Johnny Manziel doing?. Asking for a friend.
nah. I'm reading a book about him now, Brett Favre was Johnny Manziel without social media. no way…
Is your Johnny Manziel draft day reaction on Land on demand? 🤣
do you take requests on replay games? I'd like to request the 2013 Ole Miss-Texas A&M showdown between Johnny Manziel and Bo Wallace.
And honestly that whole 2012 Johnny Manziel season as well, lol. It was a highlight reel.
Odell Beckham Jr. and Johnny Manziel worked out together this week 👀 (📷: k_o.brand_kickasso/IG)
Odell Beckham Jr has been working out with Johnny Manziel trying to get him back in the NFL.
Mike Evans, the guy who somehow made Johnny Manziel look good, is "limited talent"?…
Johnny Manziel and Odell Beckham Jr. worked out together this week. . Manziel's arm looked strong, and his feet looked…
Vince Young, Jameis Winston, and Johnny Manziel in front of Matt Lienart and I don't think so Bruh.…
Just a reminder that Walter Payton still has two more career NFL touchdown passes than Johnny Manziel.
JR Smith takes more shots than Johnny Manziel & Billy Joel combined, but anyway gang
Skip Bayless thought Johnny Manziel would be a hall of fame quarterback
Talking Myles Garrett, LeBron James and Johnny Manziel with & Listen here:
Meet the Canadian team that has hoarded the rights to Johnny Manziel, Colin Kaepernick or Robert Griffin III.
It's clearly a race thing. If he was white *** Johnny Manziel or Ben Rapistberger, he could just apol…
Johnny Manziel on a comeback. George Whitfield in a Phillies hat. Coming soon: article about how he's a…
Johnny Manziel is serious about a return to the NFL, per
Tate Martell is a spitting image of Johnny Manziel don't @ me
Struck me where it hurts. Braylon Edwards-like talent + Johnny Manziel attitude mixed together.
Braylon Edwards. Kellen Winslow. Johnny Manziel. Jabrill Peppees. The always draft the biggest *** in college football who suck
You can blame luck for, say Courtney Brown. Not Johnny Manziel or Josh Gordon, or not drafting Julio Jones ...
Last night I had a dream that Tom Brady died so they drafted Johnny Manziel as our quarterback and I'm still so confused and shook
Herm Edwards you said Johnny Manziel best player on the board I said crackhead Sagittariu…
And in '14 they took Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel. Passing on guys like OBJ, Zack Martin, Jason Verret, Derek Carr, and Jarvis Landry.
Johnny Manziel takes jab at NCAA for advertising title memorabilia after championship game -
. The optics of Alex Hornibrook working out with George Whitfield and Johnny Manziel are _.
The New Orleans have a real interest in signing former QB Johnny Manziel.
Skip Bayless explains why the Saints might actually consider signing Johnny Manziel
New Orleans HC Sean Payton has apparently taken an interest in former QB Johnny Manziel.
Sean Payton, Saints have interest in Johnny Manziel: (via
So we might have Boogie, Anthony Davis, and Johnny Manziel all in the same city?? 😱😱😱
Sean Payton, Saints have interest in Johnny Manziel -
Johnny Manziel got a meeting with Sean Payton, and Colin Kaepernick is (allegedly) "hated" by some NFL owners. Let tha…
Johnny Manziel, Sean Payton reportedly met to discuss return to football
Johnny Manziel in talks with Sean Payton about a return to football
Saints HC Sean Payton met with Johnny Manziel during Super Bowl week about making a return to the NFL. (via
Could the return of Johnny Manziel come in New Orleans?
Johnny Manziel met with Sean Payton and discussed a return to football, per
FA QB Johnny Manziel has kept a low-profile as he trains for a return. coach Sean Payton appears to have taken an int…
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Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel ugh, can't think of a bigger waste of two picks
Browns need to stop wasting picks on QBs they've all failed ex:Colt McCoy,Brandon Weeden,Johnny Manziel & Brady Quinn
Johnny Manziel getting engaged just means we're all one step closer to watching Johnny Manziel Jr. dominate college footbal…
Johnny Manziel just got engaged to a model who supports his desire to make an NFL comeback:
Johnny Manziel is officially engaged. Drug dealers are already lining up to cater his bachelor party.
You realize this means Johnny Manziel is gonna have a bachelor party.
Johnny Manziel: "If you get married, you also get a bachelor party.
Johnny Manziel is engaged... I am more surprised by this than the snow in may.
Johnny Manziel is officially engaged to his model girlfriend Bre Tiesi . Johnny Manziel And Girlfriend ...
RE: QB. Why not give Johnny Manziel a tryout ? Compared to what we have, what the heck.
Johnny Manziel reportedly off the market
Happiness for the first time in a long time. Draft day, Johnny Manziel!
Everyone- 'Johnny Manzeil is never going to amount to anything.'. Johnny Manziel-
Johnny Manziel proposed to his model girlfriend in Paris. 💖 💍 💑.
and seen as possible training camp destination for Johnny Manziel. Per Eric Galko(
Johnny Manziel is Officially Engaged. This young man is getting his life back together. Good for you Johnny! https…
If I ever decide to get married I want a ring like the one johnny manziel proposed to bre tiesi with 😍😳
I don't know if Johnny Manziel's wedding registry calls for inflatable swans but that is what he will be getting.
I really hope Johnny Manziel gets another shot at being a starting QB in the NFL, cuz I'm a strong believer in 2nd and 3rd and…
Bad day as a Dad of a daughter goes like this:. "Dad, I'm an Instagram model now. .And I'm marrying Johnny Manziel" h…
Johnny Manziel and got engaged tonight. She knows his goal is to get back to the NFL and she has been supporti…
via CBS Sports/ Johnny Manziel gets engaged to model Bre Tiesi, who supports his comeback...
"When you find a girl as amazing as I did that saved me from where I was in my life you absolutely put a ring on it"
Cam Erving and Johnny Manziel on lines 1 and 2. And Justin Gilbert will call when he wakes up next month
I'll take Johnny Manziel over Tony Romo so serious
How did Justin Gilbert, Johnny Manziel and Cam Erving grade out at the combine?
Watch out Johnny Manziel, Hunter Biden is the early contender for degenerate of the year
If you think naming Ricky Ray the starting QB is gonna stop the Johnny Manziel to TO talk, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
Trestmann says Ricky Ray will be starter. So... let's stop talking about Johnny Manziel, or not
reboot avail talent... Johnny Manziel, Michael Vick, Roddy White, Marques Colston, Ray Rice, Laugh but it could work, if done right.
Not the case for: Tim Tebow, Matt Flynn, Johnny Manziel, Jarrett Lee, Jordan Jefferson, Stephen Garcia, and Brian J…
Looks like Baker Mayfield is even more like Johnny Manziel than we though.
Hiring Jameis Winston to give a speech to children is like hiring Johnny Manziel to be the featured speaker at a D.A.R…
Johnny Manziel has some words of wisdom for young Lamar Jackson, "Don't go to Cleveland"
I share a birthday with Johnny Manziel and that nurse who married Michael Jackson in the 90's
'Saturday Night Live' takes dig at Johnny Manziel in Super Bowl sketch
Here is what we know about the reported Johnny Manziel workout with everyone is denying it.
Kyle Shanahan liked Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo 1 and 2 in 2014, but drafted Johnny Manziel
News from ESPN: No request too quirky in Manziel signing session
No request too quirky in Manziel signing session
Wire: Johnny Manziel's public return came in an odd place, but offers hope for a…
Wire: Johnny Manziel has a message for NFL teams that might want to sign him
Johnny Manziel comparison for Walker Wood? Kentucky QB coach Darin Hinshaw said they have "same kind of qualities."
Breaking: Johnny Manziel signs with the Jupiter Rain to be there 4th string water boy.
Johnny Manziel says he's sober & wants to return to the NFL. . Translation: He's really drunk & meant Arena Football Leagu…
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Who's next? OJ Simpson? Charlie Sheen? Travis Henry to speak about practicing safe sex? Johnny Manziel on the be…
DeShaun Watson is a better prospect than Jared Goff, Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, Marcus Mariota, Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr.
Tate Martell as Johnny Manziel and other player comparisons for Ohio State’s 2017 recruiting class ht…
Johnny Manziel is giving Trump good sound advice. Trump could benefit from heeding Johnny Manziel. Let that sink in.
close second for best to ever do it would have to be Mike Pettine and Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel is at Gillette wearing a Tom Brady jersey. He got his tix from Martellus Bennett
No one is surprised the Cleveland were too stupid to keep Taylor Gabriel after all they drafted Johnny Manziel lmao 🙄
Johnny Manziel says he's sober and ready to resume NFL career, says he only needs "one team to believe in me"... do you bel…
Johnny Manziel says he was 'lost in the sauce' but is 'trying to be a go.. Related Articles:
Being a backup QB on the Las Vegas Raiders is the perfect fit for Johnny Manziel.
SMU coaches have recruited Herschel Walker (Cavan), Johnny Manziel (Rossley) & Deshaun Watson (Morris). Just not for SMU. Cha…
The Jags need to bring in Johnny Manziel and bring back Justin Blackmon that would make a great combo
you have a more punchable face than Grayson Allen and Johnny Manziel combined
.on OBJ, Johnny Manziel & Grayson Allen: When does it stop. When do we start holding athletes accountable like o…
Johnny Manziel would like a word with Ms. Hill.
Taylor Lewan, Aaron Donald, Zach Martin, Johnny Manziel...the list is endless lol
Johnny Manziel is a couple more lines away from being Skinny Pete
Johnny Manziel is on that Skinny Pete lifestyle.
Report: Johnny Manziel partied in same Florida club as ex-girlfriend
Lamar Jackson. ✅ Johnny Manziel. ✅ Mark Ingram. ✅ Jason White. is the 4th team in NCAA 🏈 history to defeat 4 He…
If getting at girls was a sport, I'd be the johnny manziel of it
Draft day, johnny manziel. How am i the man still
Up wondering how Johnny Manziel still has money to turn up every night
Trevor Knight tied Johnny Manziel for the most completions in a bowl game in A&M history (30).
One that I watched constantly is tavon. Reggie Bush and Vince young. Tebow was exciting in his own way. Johnny Manz…
Johnny Manziel boozes in Miami through the morning via His life, his money and over 18. Sad but HIS choices
Is Johnny Manziel a good representation of A&M? — A few years ago, yes. But one person can't possibly...
Johnny Manziel gets ready for New Years with all-night bender in Miami : Johnny Manziel pulled an all nighter on Tuesday as he traveled…
Where a Johnny Manziel jersey can be found, a good time always coexists.
Johnny Manziel posting a Snap of him smoking a cig after the TAMU loss is kind of funny, TBH. People still think he's gonna play again?! Ha. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Johnny manziel gave him that extension
Johnny Manziel boozes in Miami through the morning
Johnny Manziel and a national championship in 1939 is the only thing A&M has to talk about 😂
I am a Oakland Raiders fan and I feel you should sign Johnny Manziel to help us in the playoffs.
Johnny Manziel should become a rapper. He has a better chance of that than being a starting QB again.
Joshua Moore tried to do for Trevor Knight like Mike Evans did for Johnny Manziel, but it wasn't enough.
Any hope of *Johnny Manziel being sober was probably just ruined after that game. *Me
Johnny Manziel managed to win Sumlin 11 games in 2012. He was THAT good.
I can't wait to get in line at Johnny Manziel Barbecue tomorrow morning.
Johnny Manziel is to Kevin Sumlin as Dwyane Wade is to Tom Crean.
Oh I know. I just never miss an opportunity to take a shot with...I mean at Johnny Manziel.
Johnny Manziel boozes in Miami through the morning | Page Six
Am I the only one who has Johnny Manziel on snapchat?? Ya boi is living the LIFE
'Member when Johnny Manziel was in the NFL?
“Signing day for Finally Johnny Manziel can get paid for his autograph.
4th quarter. 9 minutes left. Aggies down by 12. Johnny Manziel time.
Ok, Johnny Manziel's sister is hot as balls
Does Johnny Manziel have to come back to Texas A&M for them to act right?
Tell me why Johnny Manziel's snapchat story 300+ seconds long every day.
LB Arthur Moats fined $8-thousand for violent facemask on QB Johnny Manziel Sunday.
Judging by his snap chat Johnny Manziel is handling retirement well.
Skip...Remember when you said Johnny Manziel will be a bigger star in Cleveland than LeBron..good times
.release QB Johnny Manziel after 2 troubling seasons
When will Johnny Manziel invite me out?
Life's better when Johnny Manziel is posting stories
"Draft day Johnny manziel 5 years later how am I the man still"
Sooo Johnny Manziel was chilling with us outside Yardhouse lol
This is a fake story. Ur trying to tell me Phil Kessel & Johnny Manziel caught Harry Potter at a baseball game. Nah.
every time I walk into the doop and see johnny manziel on the wall I know I'm about to get tanked
This game is painful but Sumlin is an 8-5 Coach without Johnny Manziel. No reason to expect him to do better
no better QB evaluator than Skip, nailed Johnny Manziel, Tebow, RG3, Vince
Always entertained by Johnny Manziel's snap stories
Johnny Manziel's snap game is elite
Johnny Manziel boozes in Miami through the morning
Remember the time Johnny Manziel showed up at halftime and the Aggies won the Texas Bowl, do ya?
For Von Miller and Johnny Manziel, "Life is bigger than football."
Off the top of my head, Tim Tebow, Reggie Bush, Troy Smith, Tyrann Mathieu, Johnny Manziel.
Tim Tebow, Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel, Reggie Bush, can't think of a fifth
Lamar Jackson said Johnny Manziel's advice to him was "have fun in college." (H/T
A freshman cannot win the Heisman, one should this year. Johnny Manziel is the best player in college football.
The last time the Cleveland Browns won a game Johnny Manziel was the QB..
One Year Ago Today, your Cleveland Browns won their last football game and was against the 49ers 24-10. And your QB was Johnny Manziel!
It's been one year since the Cleveland Browns won a football game. They beat the 49ers and were led to victory by Johnny Manziel.
Johnny Manziel takes up Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr on offer for help
Leave it to the Browns to make Johnny Manziel look smart for choosing booze over football.
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Last time Cleveland Browns won a football game Johnny Manziel was the Quarterback.
Johnny Manziel is taking up Derek Carr on an offer to help the former Browns QB:
Derek Carr said he wants to help Johnny Manziel and hopes he gets a second chance. Johnny Football responded:
DID YOU KNOW:. The last time the Browns won a football game was exactly 1 year ago today. (12/13/2015). Johnny Manziel was…
Chip Kelly need to go get Johnny Manziel
Lamar Jackson reveals priceless advice Johnny Manziel gave him!
Lamar Jackson: I have a bright future ahead of me. Johnny Manziel: Blow it
If you can't handle me at my Johnny Manziel then you don't deserve me at my Tim Tebow
"Got hookers and coke waiting in my hotel room if you wanna get down."- Johnny Manziel
Josh Gordon , trent Richardson , Johnny Manziel . They're trying real hard with ...
Johnny Manziel just sold his Heisman trophy for an 8 ball of cocaine.
Johnny Manziel giving Lamar Jackson advice on stage. . Too bad OJ Simpson couldn't be there to drop some knowledge on him to…
Uh, not even close. Johnny Manziel, Collin Klein and Manti T'eo will forever take the cake.
In news, Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, & Johnny Manziel held a party today as proved they are not the worst QB's in NFL history.
CARI CHAMPION: What are your views on Johnny Manziel's play?. STEPHEN A: HE'S AN ALCOHOLIC!?!?!?
Every time I see a headline about something Johnny Manziel did wrong, I think about the Heisman that Collin Klein didn't get & wonder why
Draft day, Johnny Manziel. Five years later now he in the jail cell. 😐😶
Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow had legendary college careers but couldnt hang in the NFL
One minute I'm trying to do homework and then the next minute I'm watching Johnny Manziel's Cotron Bowl highlights
meanwhile the 2014 QB class at best produced Derek Carr & Teddy Bridgewater, Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, AJ McCarron
It's a *** shame how much Johnny Manziel is ruining his life. Waste of talent
Johnny Manziel had at it all and threw it away for drugs alcohol and partying. Football is a privilege and you only ge…
Since Johnny Manziel left, the browns have not won a single game at all.
Johnny Manziel now being sued for breaking bartender's nose
Johnny Manziel broke an Austin bar employee’s nose
I was wondering when I'd get my chance to contribute to "The Manziel Meltdown"
A new lawsuit accuses Johnny Manziel of breaking a bar-backs’ nose during a fight at a bar on Austin’s Sixth Street
I remember the day when EVERYONE was making fun of the Raiders for skipping on Johnny Manziel for Khalil Mack and drafting Carr in 2nd round
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