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Johnny Gomes

Jonathan Johnson Jonny Gomes (born November 22, 1980 in Petaluma, California) is an American professional baseball outfielder for the Oakland Athletics.

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Although not a Red Sox fan this is pretty *** awesome! Obama got a Loudmouth Stars and Stripes Jacket as a gift from Johnny Gomes and the Red Sox team too!
Boston sports media, SHUT UP about Johnny Gomes' suit. It was fun and not at all inappropriate.
ha! this is why i love this Red Sox player, Johnny Gomes ;-)
Johnny Gomes is now my idol for that suit he wore to the Casa Blanca
Johnny Gomes on the way to the White House with the rest of your World Series Champion Boston Red Sox htt…
Today was the 2nd best day that I had @ jet Blue Park! Mom & my friends Joe & Carol took me to the full squad workout practice & we also took a tour of the park! While I was there I saw Big Papi,Clay Buchholz, Koji Uehara, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Xander Bogaerts, Mike Napoli, Dustin Pedroia, Johnny Gomes, Daniel Nava, Mike Carp & all the other players! It was so cool to see the pitchers bat & joke around with one another! Also to watch the infield do their drills & do batting practice! I also took a tour of the field, that was a awesome! We got to sit in the visitors dugout, walk the warning track & sit up in the green monster seats! Does anyone know why @ Jet Blue Park does the Red Sox sit on the 3rd base side & why does the visitors sit on the 1st base side? Joe & Carol, you can't answer that one though! Thank you Joe & Carol for making this day extra special for me! While we were on the tour & sitting in the dugout we saw Mike Napoli doing a commercial, he looks so different all dressed up! When we we ...
You have to see Johnny Gomes' massive Red Sox championship tattoo
Mackin' it with Johnny Gomes. Thanks Kassandra! (@ Granite state baseball dinner)
Do you know Mike Napoli, Stephen Drew, Johnny Gomes, and Dustin Pedroia? No, who are they.
From Patrick Whittemore...Johnny Gomes lifting the World Series trophy in front of Boston fans! Yes, Boston is...
Johnny Gomes placing the trophy at Boston Marathon Finish Line. Class act.
Props to the Sox today and for their year. Great parade today in Boston and the respect paid to those who suffered at the Boston Marathon made me weep. That race is so near and dear to my heart that to see what Salty and Johnny Gomes did made me respect them even more. Nice job guys... now get rid of those beards!
Boston World Series parade today..very classy.Theme: Triumph over tragedy:, dedicating the event with regard to the Boston Marathon bombing. Touching when Johnny Gomes placed the trophy at the finish line. Come on, even Yankee fans have to admit.that was moving!
*Reposting this reply to my friend Taka* The best part of winning a World Series is the stories. Stories of players who come to Boston, play with all their heart, soul, and talent that we expect, and understand how much it means to us, the fans of Red Sox Nation. What we don't expect is that every player is a championship player or goes legendary right before our eyes. That can only be revealed to them and to us in the field of play, our hallowed ground, our place of worship and what Johnny Gomes calls, "playing left field in a museum." All the stories big and small from Curt Schilling's bloody sock, to Dave Roberts stealing one base - we remember. Forever. Koji Uehara was the first pick of the Yomiuri Giants in 1998. He had turned down a $3 million contract offer from the Anaheim Angels to play for the team every kid in Japan dreams of playing for. He had a successful rookie year in 1999, with 15 consecutive wins. No matter how well he did for the next 7 years, his great numbers were a disappointment to ...
Johnny Gomes dropping some some Guy Fieri style wisdom
Johnny Gomes has to be one of the ugliest men alive. He is Scottie Pippin ugly.
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Is Yan Gomes of the Cleveland Indians baseball team related to Boston Red Sox baseball player Johnny Gomes
Johnny Gomes makes the difference in Game 4 with a three-run homer. A three-run homer, eh? Somewhere, somehow, Earl Weaver is smiling.
Johnny Gomes is the Ed Norton of our team!!! a real character,and true team player!!!
Let's settle down Johnny Gomes is not going into the Hall of Fame anytime soon!
Outside of boston fans, does anyone actually like Johnny Gomes?
" I just saw the greatest double play in Red Sox history." -Johnny Gomes
"I thought I saw the greatest double play in World Series History" - Johnny Gomes
"Johnny Gomes i saw the greatest double play in World Series history"
Johnny Gomes is going to punt beer cans at Jim Joyce's head!
Roberson better than breslow, Rivera better than uehara, soriano better than Johnny Gomes , ichiro better than victorino
Deviatating call + I watched it happen dressed as Johnny Gomes in a bar
Same exact mistake as after the bad Johnny gomes throw in game 2
Jim Joyce always makes the best calls...Johnny Gomes is gonna snap his neck in the tunnel
See if Johnny Gomes wasn't on the Red Sox, that wouldn't have been obstruction
Every time they show Johnny Gomes he's eating. That man knows how to enjoy a day off.
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Did anyone else just see Johnny Gomes drinking hot chocolate out those two Gatorade cups??
The last thing Johnny Gomes needs is coffee
I feel like Johnny Gomes is Boston's mascot
Johnny Gomes is using his witchcraft again
Didn't think so. *** boy, Nava is in a big spot. Know who kills power fastballs? Johnny Gomes...
Still, it's not like you were batting Nap for him. Johnny Gomes AB worth taking FB out?
Johnny Gomes is very bad Very very bad
I bet Johnny Gomes has a raw spot on four head from moving his helmet so much
Come on Johnny Gomes you're due for a homer
I love Johnny Gomes, I do, he brings an energy and dirt dog feel back to the sox. He wasn't hitting worth a *** so he gets benched and nava delivers...why in the *** is Stephen drew still playing?
"Johnny Gomes. He literally looks like an axe murderer"
I wish Johnny Gomes would just sit down. He's not a good fielder, and a streaky hitter at best.
Papi. Nice hit off Randy Choke. Pinch hit Johnny Gomes or Mike Napoili here??
"Baseball is dumb" I say as I sob into my Johnny Gomes shirt, Bucch jersey, and pinned Sox hat, screaming at the WS.
I might need to check into a mental institution if it has come to an America where the likes of Johnny Gomes gets a ring
Memo to McCarver Nava is starting because Johnny Gomes has STUNK OUT THE JOINT at the plate..
If only Johnny Gomes were in the game.
Johnny Gomes would have thrown him out.
Good .. no Johnny Gomes in the lineup!!
Yeeeah Johnny Gomes should pitch so we can still have his bat in the lineup and he used to pitch in Little League. yyyeah.
Is it possible Johnny Gomes was the bad guy in 3:10 to Yuma?
Boston fan or not, you know Johnny Gomes was doing it right after the first Red Sox win
lol you're right. But hey, did Johnny Gomes shave for his teammates to catch up? NOPE!
I'm gonna be so Johnny Gomes tonight
about as bad as Johnny Gomes throw the other night?
Kirk Herbstreit just said, "As much as I like Johnny Gomes and the Red Sox..." First of all, Gomes isn't even starting tonight.
John Farrell is an *** for starting Daniel Nava over Johnny Gomes.
I guess that beats naked Johnny Gomes. Maybe.
So Johnny Gomes has the date Osama bin Ladin was killed tatted on him... How can you not love this sox team
The story of the helmet Johnny Gomes wears is amazing... If you haven't read it go read it.
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AUDIO VAULT: Rob Neyer talks World Series ahead of Game 3. Does he think Johnny Gomes should remain in the lineup?
Audio Vault: of talks ahead of Game 3. Should Johnny Gomes remain in the lineup?
The story behind Johnny Gomes' "Celebration Combat Helmet" is unreal can't get more American than that tatoo🇺🇸
In case anyone was curious about why Johnny Gomes has been rocking a helmet lately
So with a sox series win, I definitely need to be Johnny Gomes in my avi for Halloween right,
This is how Johnny Gomes got his Army (ACH) Helmet .
Awesome story about a man who knows how to Johnny Gomes...
Johnny Gomes comes to the plate batting .191 and 0 for his 48. Hits a home run! Spectacular move by manager.
I been saying the same thing he should be in instead of Johnny Gomes
Strongly debating on being johnny gomes with the battle tested army helmet tonight
That story on Johnny Gomes about the helmet would give a terrorist chills
"in baseball the ferrari doesn't always win" - Johnny gomes
what's Johnny Gomes? I think good defense is a better defense than good luck. Charm
“Johnny Gomes replacing his divot after a diving catch.
Johnny Gomes looks a bit like Hacksaw Jim Duggan
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Hello friends! Sunday night marked the most remarkable comeback you will ever see in an MLB Postseason game! Trailing 5-0 in Game 2 of the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers and the series 1-0 and seemingly dead to rights the Boston Red Sox put on a comeback for the ages! It started in the 6th inning when Dustin Pedroia hit an RBI double scoring Shane Victorino but it was in the 8th inning when the real turning point went down. David "Big Papi" Ortiz added a new chapter to his postseason legend when he smacked a game tying grand slam off Tigers closer Joaquin Benoit just over the right field wall and out of the reach of Torii "Spiderman" Hunter that sent the Fenway faithful into euphoria and Mass hysteria! Finally in the bottom of the 9th inning Jarrod Saltalamacchia smacked a walkoff RBI single scoring Johnny Gomes and the Sox epic comeback was complete! The Red Sox comeback Sunday night was the very epitome of the words Boston Strong the city's battle cry since the horrific and tragic events of 6 months ag ...
Tie game! 2-2 . Overheard "Johnny Gomes is the new Kevin Millar"
Johnny Gomes of the Red Sox kicked full beer cans into the crowed the other night injuring a fan. Ryan Dempster, a pitcher, hits batters and injures people on purpose. Stay classy Red Sox, stay classy!
Watching the Sox celebration last night I realized that Johnny Gomes is the new Kevin Millar, and Mike Napoli is the new Papelbon. He's nuts.
Johnny Gomes and Mike Napoli are straight Twins
Johnny Gomes reminds me so much of Kevin Millar
AWESOME!!! from worst to first in one season... The Red Sox are making believers out of a lot of people.. The players that were brought in have been amazing.. from Mike Napoli practically destroying the Yankee's to Shane Victorino diving into the stands to make a catch to Johnny Gomes & Mike Carp hitting pinch hit grand slams and Koji Uehara SLAMMING the door this team is one that NO ONE wants to play. Playoff Baseball has returned to Boston. After what happened in April at the Marathon, our Sports teams, starting with the Bruins, have been really super in helping this area of the country overcome that Tragic Day. The Sox still have work to do and it is not going to be easy but they are good enough to win it all. Who would have thunk that in April?? GO SOX
What Kevin Millar was in 2004, Johnny Gomes is in 2013
Johnny Gomes is the Kevin Millar of today
Who is our clubhouse leader and motivator as Johnny Gomes and Brandon Inge was for us last year in the playoffs?
Daniel Nava just touched my hand and Johnny Gomes kicked beers at Nate & I
The combo of Mike Napoli + Johnny Gomes really brings a Kevin Millar + Johnny Damon "Cowboy Up" feel to the Sox vibe this year.
I agree. I watched an entire Napoli at bat and all I thought was "when did Johnny Gomes change his stance.oh wait"
"Don't spell it Johnny" Gomes made MLB debut 10 years ago today. He has 7 pinch-hit HRs in his career, including 4 this year for Red Sox.
do you have Johnny gomes shirts at ***
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Boston just keeps winning I'm tellin u its all Johnny Gomes Stephen Drew and Andrew Bailey
yeah you see my boy Johnny Gomes I love that dude
Johnny Gomes batting .571 with bases loaded. Why in the world do you pinch hit for him? **Mike Carp GRAND SLAM! That's why.**
*** yeah!!! Grand slam by Johnny Gomes in the 10th inning
Bases loaded and Johnny Gomes is up!!
How dare you pinch hit for Johnny Gomes
I hate Johnny Gomes. But I gotta cheer for him right here.
Johnny Gomes is such Brett Keisel wanna be.
The need to invest in a helmut that fits Johnny Gomes, or it fits and he's got an elaborate greeting for the pitcher each swing
Johnny Gomes has to take forever to get in the freaking box
Johnny Gomez : Extremely funny . Johnny Gomes : has an amazing beard ... I wish I had his beard 😔😔
Is it just me or does Johnny Gomes look like a homeless person?
After seeing the E:60 on Johnny Gomes, i can see why he is one tough dude. respect the *** outta him
Johnny Gomes has better facial hair than Kevin Youkilis anyway...
E:60's features on DeSean Jackson and Johnny Gomes were crazy good
Johnny Gomes is the most disgusting person I have ever seen
A month and a half ago. Tampa Bay was leading the AL Central and Boston was only 1/2 game ahead of the Orioles for 2nd place in the division. Now, were 8 games up in the division, on a tear and looking like the favorite to win it all this year. Mike Nappoli, Shane Victorino, david Ortiz and Johnny Gomes have been on beast mode the past month. Lets get it fellas. Boston at Tampa Bay rite now on ESPN!
WHOA. Johnny Gomes video explains his tattoos + a lot more
Is anyone really surprised Johnny Gomes drove in a big RBI?
E:60 story on Johnny Gomes is incredible! Makes you really think about how a flip of a coin can change your life!
Johnny Gomes is the biggest X factor I've ever seen! A's should've never let him go
Check out this video Amazing story of Johnny Gomes.
If Johnny gomes didn't play for the sox, I'd be annoyed by him
*** after watching this E:60 on Johnny Gomes I respect and like him
Anybody who appreciates a good story, sports fan or not. Should check out the E:60 Johnny Gomes, Dead Man Walking. Powerful stuff.
Mike Napoli and Johnny Gomes look too much alike with those beards now.
Johnny Gomes has huge nuts and they probably have the american flag tattooed on them
I swear Spencer from big brother looks just like Johnny Gomes ...
Honestly if I could marry Johnny Gomes I would ❤
Johnny Gomes and Nap with back to back doubles
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One can only hope to have as good a beard as Johnny Gomes or Mike Napoli
I'm really starting to loathe Johnny Gomes
Johnny Gomes' beard just knocked in 's beard. 1-0
Johnny Gomes is a beast! They dude is a winner. He has brought that winner mentality to Boston.
Johnny Gomes baby! Love this guy. Now the small ball coming into play. I like it!!!
Boston suddenly has the lead off a Johnny Gomes RBI single up the middle scoring Napoli from 2nd. Gomes advances to 2nd. 1-0
Johnny Gomes is the definition of a class act.
"You don't get it. Today is now. Today is guaranteed, tomorrow isn't." - Johnny Gomes
Johnny Gomes story on all I can say is WOW. Talk about playing every day like its your last
missed that only watched the Johnny Gomes piece
Johnny Gomes type tattoos are the only type people should have.
So would it be unacceptable to act as superstitious as Johnny Gomes in my at bat on Friday?? Lol
the time is now. today is graunteed tommoro isnt. . -Johnny gomes
David Ross, Mike Napoli, Dustin Pedroia, and Johnny Gomes all look the same...
Jesus. Johnny Gomes... what a ninth inning! These Sox are something special folks, dont blink this season!
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Seeing the headline "Johnny Gomes key to Red Sox comeback again" makes me happy.
Johnny Gomes went ham in the celebration after that walk off last night
Johnny Gomes' beard is the X factor on this sox team
Johnny Gomes is beginning to remind me of Kevin Millar
I don't think anyone's complaining about the Johnny Gomes signing anymore
Sweet night for johnny gomes but wow he got lucky on that 2-2 take. Whew.
Johnny Gomes and Mike Napoli are the same person.
Johnny Gomes makes clutch hits all the time
Thats that Johnny gomes clubhouse magic
Watching the Red Sox's walk off make me wonder why we traded Johnny Gomes.
Johnny Gomes is such a gamer. Doesn't matter what team he's on
Johnny Gomes running into the wall catch
Dude Johnny gomes is on roids for sure
Used to hate Johnny Gomes but now I'm starting to realize the guy just loves baseball and demands winning and hard work
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*** they really let Johnny Gomes wear That belongs to one man!
Also why does Johnny Gomes look like ?
Watching the replay from the sox win, Johnny Gomes throws his helmet yet again
I think just having Johnny Gomes on your squad is the best fuel any teams needs. Crazy comeback in Boston.
Johnny Gomes should be the gold glove winner at left field.
Johnny Gomes is a such a hard-nosed ball player and great teammate!
Highlight of johnny gomes night was most likely the post walkoff hammerchaw straight to his bottom lip
Why didnt Johnny Gomes's great catch make top 10 plays on sportscenter
Johnny Gomes so hot right now, Johnny Gomes
Johnny Gomes gunning a runner at 3rd after bare handing ball off of the monster
Johnny Gomes great 9th inning overall, sick catch, outfield assist, and clutch AB deserves
Johnny Gomes belongs on this team. They are a family. Everyone has so much fun on this team. I love it!!'
What a week for the Red Sox. And Johnny Gomes is playing like a boss. Last night with the unassisted double play and tonight withthe walkoff
Seeing the Red Sox highlights and Johnny Gomes should have got pumped
I need a Johnny Gomes jersey and I needed one yesterday.. Something special about this Sox team
It seems to me that Johnny Gomes is always some how a part of the walkoffs. No coincidence
There's a pot of gold in Johnny Gomes' locker.
Johnny Gomes has grown on me just like his ugly beard, Im glad I was wrong happy he's a
Johnny Gomes is offically worthy of a jersey spot in my closet
Right now a Johnny Gomes action figure would sell.
Red Sox OF Johnny Gomes joins Mike Stanton and me to kick off MLB Roundtrip in a few minutes. Sirius 209/ XM 89
If Johnny Gomes ran to be the next mayor of the city of Boston, he'd have my vote
I've been hating on the Johnny Gomes signing all season...maybe it's time I swallow my pride and admit I was wrong
Johnny Gomes is honestly too clutch for the Sox this year
Cage would be Farrell. Statham would definitely play Johnny Gomes
I just got to shout-out Johnny Gomes...dude is perfect for our team
Explain to me again why Johnny Gomes isn't a regular player?
That was magical Love Johnny Gomes line: "took 25 guys to win that." What a difference a year makes
I love Johnny Gomes but we need to so something about that number. can we get that retired please
Johnny Gomes might be my favorite current Red Sox player
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The narrative caught up to him in the end. RTThe narrative demands Johnny Gomes end this.
Johnny Gomes is the definition of a dirt dog and just impossible not to have feelings for
Idk I don't usually watch the Red Sox that much but Johnny Gomes killed it tonight
Johnny Gomes is my favorite player.
Johnny Gomes had an unassisted double play from left field last night. 'Nuff said!
you guys should really make that missed strike 3 call on Johnny Gomes in the bottom of the ninth a Not Top play tonight..
Good win by the to come back from 6 runs behind. Good catch by Johnny Gomes and thenk you Daniel Nava for that walk off RBI.
if Johnny Gomes doesn't get a Gold Glove this year for his defense the past 24 hours, they should launch an FBI investigation!
Johnny Gomes is the Brian Wilson pre tommy John surgery of the Red Sox
Two walk offs in the same day. Johnny Gomes and this team is pissa.
Johnny gomes not called third strike = Daniel Nava called out
should use Johnny Gomes' beard to dry off! That was great!
Johnny Gomes is like a better Kevin Millar
Johnny Gomes needs WAY more playing time i say this all the time
Side note. Johnny Gomes went down looking. But I guess that's the break we get for Nava being safe and called out at the plate vs Tampa.
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That little pitch thing nesn has just shows that Johnny Gomes should've struck out and this game might have been over already
I wouldn't want to get into a bar fight with Mike Napoli or Johnny Gomes
Laynce Nix, Jackie Bradley and Johnny Gomes agree: are home-run hitters:
Just when Bob Costas and Jim Kaat were anointing Andy Pettite for the Hall of Fame, Johnny Gomes takes him deep. Nice timing guys.
Paul Pierce, Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett, Aaron Hernandez (I know he shouldn't really be on this list), Tyler Seguin, RIch Peverley and now Nathan Horton... All gone in a couple of weeks. Which Boston sports legend is next...Johnny Gomes, Mike Carp or Jose Iglesias?
More MLB-The good for the Boston Red Sox-Shortstop Jose Inglesias is showing everybody what is expected of him and starter Jon Lester seems to be turning it around after a recent slump. Fellow starter John Lackey might be a Comeback Player Of The Year Candidate. Leftfielder Johnny Gomes has been clutch. The not so good for the Red Sox-Rightfielder Shane Victorino has been struggling with nagging injuries, staff ace Clay Buckholz is on the disabled list, third baseman William Middlebrooks has been demoted to AAA and closer Andrew Bailey has struggled recently.
Interviewing Daniel Nava for MLB Network learned Johnny Gomes' brother was on Santa Clara team and Nava cleaned his uniforms, etc
Walk off winner for Johnny Gomes with Jenny Dell
What a series! The Red Sox had a six-run first inning. The Rays bullpen struck out 13 Red Sox batters. The benches cleared and bullpens emptied after John Lackey hit Matt Joyce with a fastball in the back. The Red Sox hit .500 with runners in scoring position. Ben Zobrist had five hits (two doubles) in one game. And Daniel Nava blooped a single over the second baseman's head to win it in 14 innings. Oh, did I say series? Sorry. That was ONE GAME. Yes, it seems John Farrell's greatest gift to Red Sox Nation is the return of the rivalry. After a year's hiatus, in which any animosity on the part of the Red Sox seemed like cry baby-ism, the heat is back in the Sox/Rays rivalry. Remember back in 2008, when Coco Crisp was gang-tackled by "Big Game" James Shields, Carl Crawford, Johnny Gomes and the entire Rays roster? It doesn't matter that Shields is now in Kansas City, or that Crawford has come and gone here in Boston and that Gomes is on our side now. These teams don't like each other, and they each seem wil ...
what 2 would you go with between Travis snider, Johnny Gomes, and David Murphy.
If you ever wanted to see Coco Crisp pounded by Dioner Navarro and Johnny Gomes, well here's you're chance
I love Ryan Dempster. I love Johnny Gomes. I love...lamp...
Brandon Gomes faces Johnny Gomes with one on and 2 out
lol ahhh gotcha, but yeah How's Brandon Belt and Johnny Gomes sound?
Johnny Gomes is *** I will never understand why we got rid of Reddick or didnt resign Cody Ross.
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Johnny Gomes doubles to left fielder Vernon Wells. Dustin Pedroia to 3rd.
Johnny Gomes may have surpassed John Lackey as the ugliest dude in MLB
If anyone honestly thinks that Johnny Gomes and Daniel Nava will split time with Ortiz at DH when he returns from the DL is an ***
Johnny Gomes on so great former King Toker!
Johnny Gomes is rocking out in the MLB Network studios
Johnny Gomes is a clown, first episode I've ever watched of well worth time
I can't get anything done while is on. & r AWESOME!! & Johnny Gomes r great too!!
"What do you think this is... intramural baseball?" Johnny Gomes to Chris Rose, about his question
tell Johnny Gomes he should dye his beard red
Johnny Gomes is a wild out of control animal..get a leash on him Lackey
Johnny Gomes is one of the funniest individuals on the planet
Johnny Gomes probably did the worst got hem
I think Johnny Gomes just became my new fav player watching him on
Johnny Gomes gonna just now get recognition for being a goof?
Johnny Gomes is absolutely HILARIOUS right now in right now!!!
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Loved the home plate slide..welcome to Boston Johnny Gomes!
"you haven't lived until you've combed your beard"-Johnny Gomes
Johnny Gomes is out of hand on right now.
"A once man once told me you haven't lived until you have woken up and combed your beard." -Johnny Gomes
Johnny Gomes and John Lackey on right now are hilarious.
"You can't trust anything that doesn't have eyebrows" - Johnny Gomes
Johnny Gomes is quickly becoming on of my favorite players on the the more times he speaks on
Jose Iglesias looked like a stud yesterday see if him and Johnny Gomes can do some big things
me too. you know, like Johnny Gomes scoring from second on an infield hit.
One of those teams also got a miracle year out of Johnny Gomes. He was a one-year-wonder.
I think everyone is going to miss Johnny Gomes he would boost up the players in every game!
We could have used Johnny Gomes in that base loaded situation!
Johnny Gomes and the sideburns might actually be the perfect replacement to Youkilis and the beard
True, at least you guys have Johnny Gomes
and Johnny Gomes with the fist pump. Just little things that were missing. They could win 82 games and I'd be happy with that
After I read his story,watching him play today, Johnny Gomes is the Sox player I'm rooting for! We share a common bond
Johnny Gomes makes it feel like 2004 all over again
My expectations for this season were exceeded when Sabathia intentionally walked Johnny Gomes. Gravy from here out.
So where does Johnny Gomes fit in when Papi comes back...?
you know who just looks like a Sox Johnny Gomes
Johnny Gomes is a *** and I will jab him in the voice box
Already loving this Johnny Gomes pickup look at the intensity
Somebody let Johnny Gomes know there is 161 more games left...relax bruh
With that epic beard, can bestow upon Gomes the nickname Johnny Gnomes?
we got Nike Napoli, Jackie bradly jr, Ryan Dempster, and Johnny Gomes
Joe Castiglione just confused Johnny Gomes for Jackie Bradley Jr. Racism is dead, y'all.
Johnny Gomes hustling to score from 2nd on an infield hit. Love these new attitude Sox!
when Iglesias gets 3 hits AND johnny gomes is rounding the bases its a good day
Johnny Gomes has picked up the strange facial hair tradition that Youk left behind
I like this sox team. Johnny gomes still fired up after a 5 run lead
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Johnny Gomes looks like a serial killer
I absolutely love Johnny Gomes' intensity already
Great heads up play there by Johnny Gomes
Johnny Gomes, I like your hustle kid. Sox team has new life.
Love the passion and excitement shown by Johnny Gomes after being called safe at home. Reminds me of
how soon b4 Johnny Gomes is on Mad Fisherman? Lol
So glad we're going to have Johnny Gomes playing left field for the this year! A true blooded ball player to tame the Green Monster
Josh Reddick is ready to take over the leadership void left by Johnny Gomes and the Beard void left by Brian Wilson
don't talk to Johnny Gomes, he smokes so much weed.
love Johnny Gomes. Sad to see him go
Ben Cherrington has a lot to make up for with the Reddick trade. And Johnny Gomes does not help that debt out. Not even a penny.
Were sick of juicing talk,nobody cares,I hope Johnny Gomes is on roids this year and maybe will win 70 games!
Who's our right fielder? Oh right, its Johnny Gomes. Universally panned $5 million contract. Awesome
I expect Johnny Gomes to start kicking someones ***
"no sabermetrics for winning, for chemistry" -- Johnny Gomes
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Johnny Gomes, really? Cody Ross would have looked a lot better there.
Want to know why is growing his beard? Visit Any donations welcome!
Pls help me support raise funds to buy him to new legs
Watching Johnny Gomes on D&C Impressed with the attitude. Have JD Will travel kind of guy.
I love Johnny Gomes already. At least until the first time he goes 0-4 with three strikeouts.
Johnny Gomes sounds real good on Weei..
I am becoming a Johnny Gomes fan just by hearing him on the show.
Johnny Gomes is going to be a huge fan favorite. He is a sleeper with a beard
Johnny Gomes welcomes the pressure of Fenway and playing LF...Said the way he plays he never takes a day off
Johnny Gomes is a moron and it was a very bad move to sign him! At least if your a real sox fan!
Johnny Gomes just arrived. He is full of confidence and will be a fan favorite
I believe we figured it out this offseason... Johnny Gomes, Napoli, euhara, Victorino
The braves trading for upton gets me excited for johnny gomes and the Red Sox!
What Daniel Nava, Ryan Kalish, Johnny Gomes, Shane Victorino, nothing sexy about our outfield this year? Lol
Just got 4 box seats and 4 club seats handed to me by david ross and johnny gomes
My "Famous People I've Met List" now stands at Robbie Keane, Wally Szczerbiak, and Johnny Gomes. So yeah, I'm an A-lister.
Although not a lefty, Matt LaPorta in Cleveland can play both OF and 1st. I like that idea better than Johnny Gomes playing a lot.
Boston could platoon him with Johnny Gomes/ DH.
wondering why the sox wouldn't go after him. I mean he is better than Johnny Gomes
why haven't the looked into signing this guy. Instead of Johnny Gomes.
Now the question comes, is Johnny Gomes REALLY going to be our everyday LF? If so, I might as well sit this season out.
Yeah... football season is over. I'm just looking forward to the Johnny Gomes era.
Johnny Gomes a second-coming of Kevin Millar? Josh Reddick thinks so. That and other notes in
Jesus. I totally forgot we signed johnny gomes
So now the Red Sox are paying more for 2 years of Johnny Gomes than they are for Mike Napoli & Jarrod Saltalamacchia combined.
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