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Johnny Football

Johnathan Paul Manziel (born December 6, 1992) is an American Football quarterback for the Texas A&M football team.

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so poppies are banned from wembley. Time for SFA and the FA to stand up and be counted.
Yo so I dressed like Johnny Football today wasn't the best costume but I was swagged out just like him 😎 Look good play good 💪🏽
"I don't have a drinking problem, my teammates have a problem with me drinking"- Johnny Football
Free smoke on fantasy football y'all can all get it! 💪🏼😁
Few things in this world get me as hype as recreational intramural flag football
He's scrawny and messed-up from the drugs, though; too sad to be sexy. I was all about gettin' juiced by Johnny Foo…
They say that like Johnny Football isnt nasty or something hes Ice
Johnny Football the Browns need you, an offensive line a defensive line and a secondary. Then MAYBE we could get a wild card spot
m the same browns that picked awfully every other year... Johnny football??
Throwback to Johnny Football . IN: Dunks n Sh!t (Vine by LukeHD)
Johnny Football is the last QB to win a game for the browns
Tommy Rogic not the only Aussie influencing proceedings in Scotland! WATCH:
If it wasn't for owner's sons, Johnny Football would be a Cowboy. Correction. Have been.
If I watched football out of the bears and the VIKINGS I'd choose let's see for 500$ Johnny I'm choosing THE...
Was gonna workout tonight, but football and wings happened so that idea went out the door😁
Back when he was still Johnny football
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Haters keep on hating. Johnny football is a legend. I hope the browns never win a game again.
lol cmon man. it's over for the real Johnny Football and it's over for you.
I don't think there is a truer love than johnny x football so I'm gonna go with no
Let's keep in mind if Johnny Football didn't drink or get in trouble he would have won some games for the browns..
Nine years for role in Johnny G's killing
.Battistelli, Ahlstedt and Preocanin named Players of the Week --
College Football has never been the same since Johnny Football left
Johnny Cash, tea ☕️️and football. All you need on a Monday night
Odds from Vegas on 15 Possible College Football Championship Matchups: Alabama minus ? over Michigan...
stoke have struggled ever since they sold Brian Habana and Johnny Wilkinson and started playing like a football team.
.moves up one spot to No. 7 in NCAA Regional Rankings
Not surprised.. Johnny Football was a god
. Does the Johnny Football Costume come with an extra liver? The Booz accessories might burn the 1st one out.
Bugs Bunny, The Hulk, Batman and more. Notre Dame Football showed out on Halloween weekend for a good cause htt…
It's pretty shameful how happy I am watching Swag Kelly fall flat on his face. Best of luck to you and Johnny Football bud..
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Can't wait for Chad Kelly to no longer be a person I think about like Johnny Football.
Johnny Football dumping out a bottle of Johnny Walker to declare his sobriety is an outstanding move.
Ha-Ha Clinton Dix. One day later and it would've been Johnny Football. 😞
So is Johnny Football on the brink of death like Nicolas Cage in leaving Las Vegas or what?
Johnny football played like 30 seconds 😂😂😂
Question for you football experts:. Does Canada football take US football players? Could Johnny Manziel go there if no NFL team wants him?
by the same logic he should be an ardent defender of ole Johnny football. You should get him a Manziel jersey
Does Johnny Wilkes make a living off turning up for charity football games once/twice a year?
Hey Johnny Football still haven't heard back from you Junkies Poker Open VEGAS starts tonight! Don't miss the free Drinks!
VIDEO Johnny Giles feels Foyle Cup is a ‘great opportunity’ for youth:
OMG lmfao he looks like an old, run down Johnny football lmfao
Football Gibraltar Awards 2016 is on its way! More information soon...
And West Ham claims to be the 'academy of football'
With Ryan Giggs seemingly set to leave 25 facts on his 25 years since his debut:
Kingsley Coman: "Am I afraid of anything? Yes, spiders. But in football, I'm afraid of nothing." 🇫🇷
EURO 2016: It’s not the end of the road for Ireland’s Darron Gibson - says Johnny Giles: FORMER Leeds United ...
Foyle Cup: Johnny Giles urging starlets to aim high
Prove you love football and not money...Circa £50k a week and you get to pull on the famous Hoops of
I liked a video Top 100 Plays of the '15-16 College Football Season
unfortunately my boy johnny football gonna be asking to wash my car before I get a taper smh
DAVID MOYES GOOD NEWS. Looks like he's found himself a stable job outside of football. 'Head Officer-in-Charge'.
Why am I not as into my self as Johnny football then?
Next time he won't finger roll, Johnny Football?
A lot of people in Cleveland are turning off the tv and hanging out with Johnny Football now
No football but at least I can sleep in tomorrow 😊😊
sure he was. Just like Johnny Football.
Was Lebron just trying out to take over Johnny Football's old gig in Cleveland? What a dart to Love.
Cleveland. Rooting for the city. They need something to help them get over the 2-year Johnny Football nightmare.
The Rise and Fall of Johnny Football and How to Survive Life 101
Johnny Football is my favorite example of why I don't like the NFL
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(2012): A&M takes down Alabama, the day that Johnny Manziel became Johnny Football http…
Every 4 years we believe these creeps' rhetoric, like Charlie Brown believed Lucy would hold the football.
Johnny football game and Veronica love you so much nicer eyebrows are you a good time
he seems like a goober to me. Kinda Johnny football style
fsu -6 in a QB's first half ever playing college football.
"He's stupid over football and he looks me in the eye when he shoots" aldus Mavis.. LOL. The Piglets - Johnny Reggea.
Bored during the McDonalds commercials on right now? Here are college football week 1 odds. Anything stand out?
Argentinian football is not for the faint hearted
Yeah and he can get his advice from Ryan Leaf and Johnny Football.
Partying with Johnny football would be legendary
I'll be loyal to you like Johnny Football is to cocaine
Johnny Manziel has lost a few agents. One explained why he dropped the QB as a client.
If the desire is to play pro football someday, good character (at least the appearance of it) matters. Ask Johnny football.
If Johnny Manziel ever gets a real shot, he'll be much better than Blake Bortles. Jags (and several others) should've…
Dog Pound will howl for Johnny Football, who will change football life in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Why is Johnny Football still a sports story? Stop glorifying the punk.
Raptors will respond with Johnny Football, er Tim Couch, er The Drive, er just a picture of Cleveland
So who is our consummate choice then? Kanye? Glen Beck? Nancy Grace? Ruth Buzzy? Rip Taylor? Johnny Football?
One also can't escape the sense that Kliff Kingsbury -- in terms of personality more than scheme -- was a natural fit for Johnny Football.
nicknames. Johnny Football and Donte Hitner out. Joe the Show (Schobert) and Hollywood Higgins (Rashard) in.
We are quick to call him Johnny Football... So do we call him "Johnny Criminal " now?
First 2016 NFL MVP odds released: I'll put a dollar on Johnny Football being the MVP
I said it when RG3 was drafted same with Johnny Football and I put cook in that group . HE WONT BE GOOD .
Cant believe Myles was there at 23 and we passed. I felt like this was when we passed on Johnny Football. So should be good.
He would be in good company with Josh Gordon and Johnny Football. At least he has a job…for the moment.
Browns dip into the Texas talent pool again. Hope it turns out better than Johnny Football!
if Jerry was picking Boys would be in Johnny Football *** Their drafts have been good and the offense needs explosion
You also thought Johnny Football was gunna be a good NFL QB tho. smh
My thoughts on Johnny Football (not to be confused with Johnny Manziel). Courtesy of the
What is Alfred saying lol from Johnny Football to Vernon Adams? *** what's Darian Hagan up to these days? Eric Crouch busy?
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Johnny Football, Jerry Jones, Jim Irsay & JJ Watt would be the perfect cast for a football based TV Sitcom.
I dont beleve this new Johnny Football story for one second. Champainge glass found up in a tree? No way Manziels able to…
I wish I could filter anything "Johnny Maziel" or "Johnny Football" off my timeline. I don't care about his stupidity
that reads like a Stefon skit from SNL: This club has everything: Johnny Football, Kathy Griffin, mushrooms and brok…
4th: Would like a Skype appearance from John Rocker, Mark Prior, or Johnny Football. No real reason, just feels right
Johnny Football gets off with a slap on the wrist, yet Josh Gordon may face a lifetime ban for pot? Goodell has got to go.
being seen with Johnny Football is like, threat level midnight. Gotta be a red flag, lol
By the way, thank you for not putting Chuck Booms in the media tournament. Johnny Football & DMB, I can handle. Booms? Never.
Serious question: Is Jimmy Vesey really that good or was he on a team that made him look better than he is (like Johnny Football)?
who will be this years version of Brady Quinn/Johnny Football for the Browns? You can't stop fate.
So if someone signs Johnny Football...then by default someone has to look at Ray Rice right
Anybody notice how many chances the media gave Johnny Football in comparison to Ray Rice, Josh Gordon, Andrew Petersen, Kobe Bryant...
It was your association to Johnny Football
TEXT from Bruce Allen: "Those analytics clowns with Cleveland want me to give a first-round pick for Johnny Football."
Last thing on Mack, I can't wait to watch some Browns tape over the next few days. Can't go wrong with some Johnny Football (on the field).
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Don't worry Johnny Football, Von Miller's got your back!
How has no team snapped up Johnny Football?
They'll sign Johnny Football before they sign Reggie Bush. Ain't gonna happen.
Johnny Football, Haslem, Delonte West, Waiters;-Kyrie Locker room fight, we can go on and on
Johnny Football at it again, video of him partying at club in South Beach. (By:
Johnny Football needs to spend a few months at Camp Green Lake. Dig some holes. Builds character.
And what's the deal with Johnny Football? He was seen drinking at a Miami nightclub. He needs to get Lawrence Phillips' old cell
I prefer to call him Johnny Football more than Manziel
Does the new FIFA President have a better claim to the name "Johnny Football" than Manziel?
Looks like Johnny Football might be headed toward some time in a cell! Johnny Manzie Attack Case Going Grand Jury
Which ever one they pick will be the next Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Johnny Football, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, etc
I'd personally edge Dak Prescott over Boykin but when you watch Trevone you see Johnny Football & that was Jerry's love fest
Russell Wilson is best thing that could've happened to Johnny Football's NFL future. One day, Manziel will be better t…
What is up with your Bball team, Aggie fans? They're tanking faster than Johnny Football. Were on track to win the SEC. Now 7-5!a
"Johnny Football will be the guy at the end of the bar, trying to tell people who he used to be...".
Lousy advice for Johnny Football !. What is this... Deion Sanders Fix My Life ??- regards. Iyanla.
Could've been Peyton, Brock, Ryan Mallet, Johnny Football, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, me you or your dad under center and Broncs stills win
Rich Eisen told me the drummer of Coldplay asked him all about Johnny Football this week, wondered if that was really his…
Johnny Football just went up behind Stephen Hawking and took his arms and made him dab for everybody. Crowd went wild.…
So Ray Rice hits his wife its big hooray! What about Johnny Football? The media really knows how to contextualise its own agenda.
I wonder what would've happened if Johnny Football didn't come out of college early.. 🤔
Wish I had a recording of me on Draft Night '14 predicting Johnny Football would be a bust of Leaf proportions.
Prayers up to Johnny Football, may be find peace and understanding through the mist of the storm.
Rough week for Johnny Football. Gonna be Johnny Unemployed after all these run-ins with Johnny Law.
Why is this even a discussion at this point. Seriously. Johnny Football is not above the law and way below standards
I'm on the fence about accepting a Johnny Football for the 61st rookie pick trade.
No love for Johnny Football. Manziel's agent parting with Cleveland Browns quarterback via
Johnny Football is just a rich 22 year old NFL quarterback having a good time. People acting like he murdered some or even broke the law
Johnny Football might really be done with his NFL career. Dude can't stay out of trouble with the law smh
Michael Irvin believes the Cowboys can help Johnny Football
Looking forward to watching Johnny Football play for the Green Bay Blizzard this spring.
Johnny Football has been controversial from the start, and the seem ready to cut him loose. Learn more:
Johnny Football will probably go have a hall of fame career now that he is leaving the Browns
Confirmed: Johnny Unitas is the real Johnny Football. Johnny Manziel, the imposter, has been deemed Johnny Clipboard
As I've said for years, the only true Johnny Football is Johnny Unitas.
Cleveland Browns fans are fed up with Johnny Football.
Jerry & Stephen Jones gotta save Johnny Football, ASAP… I know they're waiting for his dope price to drop off, but got ***
On Adams, I agree. He is smaller and slighter than Johnny Football. Built just like young Allen Iverson
Since 2000 all but three Heisman winners have played in the Natty: Carson Palmer and two potential Cowboy QBs… RGIII and Johnny Football.
On the bright side, nothing is stopping Johnny Football from partying. And I have a job interview tomorrow!
Johnny Football's Vegas story is the best NFL disguise story since Ron Mexico
pete: Billy BlackJack or Johnny Football, you decide.
Compare the results of Johnny Football with Johnny Hockey. Who is more likely to have the long, illustrious career? Hmm...
everyone's just playing for second place once the cowboys sign Johnny Football.
"Uhhh, is that 'Johnny Football' drinking at a blackjack table in a Ric Flair wig?". "No, that's Billy."
Wouldn't be surprised if Johnny Football or Johnny Walker Brown gets cut from the Browns
If I wrote the rules: The Cleveland Browns trade Johnny Football to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for an order of...
Browns should say goodbye to Johnny Football
Bob, could the media be confusing Jerry's love for Johnnie Walker with Johnny Football?
would much rather be Ryan Leaf wonder how long till Johnny Football is Johnny Jail?
Johnny Football will be playing craps in Vegas w/his teammates Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels & Jim Beam next year.
Johnny Football is trying his hardest to become a member of the Dallas Cowboys.
Cowboys need to trade for Johnny Football and sign RGIII and Tebow, then do a reality show of them competing for the back…
Baker Mayfield has that Johnny Football "good things will happen to me if I just chuck it" thing. Scary
This is why the Browns should stick with Johnny Football: Peter Schrager says we haven't seen the last of John...
Mack Brown dances like a man who wanted Johnny Football to play safety
Exit: Johnny Manziel. Enter: Johnny Football. Johnny Manziel zigs and zags his way to a sick 23-yard run.
Johnny Football with a 34-yard rush to begin the second half. Can the restore some pride over at Arrowhead?
Johnny Football not bad. In the midst of another ice storm and 8+ inches of snow here in OKC. Smh.
Johnny Football just went to the Double Deuce & got BOUNCED by
here's the trade: Murray + 3rd rounder to the Browns for Josh Gordon + Barkevious Mingo OR Johnny Football
Pablo Sanchez is what Johnny Football wishes he could be.
Raiders fans should all be rooting for Johnny Football to ball out these next few weeks with games against KC and PIT.
Johnny Football is going to make EVERYONE forget Brady Quinn and Tim Couch
Dez Bryant & Greg Hardy already on board, Johnny Football would blend into Jerry's place perfectly
I'd have no problem with Johnny Football partying as long as he produces on the field. Plenty players have been able to do bo…
Browns care so much about Johnny Football's off the field issues that he's gone from 3rd string to starter. Really sending a message.
The entire Browns coaching staff has a personal vendetta over Johnny Football, treating him like a *** child. Let that boy play.
I hope Johnny Football does lands here in Saint Louis.bad thing is this is like the Beer Capital of America lol
Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden and Johnny Football all agree that the fifth time in the charm.
Johnny Football will not be a Brown next season
Lol. The loser brown fans calling for Johnny Football
Cleveland Brown fans, Vontae Mack no matter what. Just kidding, Johnny Football!
Brown's would be winning if Johnny Football was playing
Brown's always fuccin some shiit up. Johnny Football coulda been on prime time tv. This franchise might never be relevant smh.
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If my dude Johnny Football wants to pop bottles then let him pop bottles.
Congrats to this Blind Squirrel who replaces Johnny Football ;-)
if you'd rather watch Johnny Football start Monday Night Football drunk off his *** than watch any other player QB t…
can we stop it with criticizing Johnny Manziel?? as long as Greg Hardy is allowed to play, Johnny Football can party all he wants.
and yet browns owner is still on the Johnny Football hype train lolol poor Cleveland, only chance is the Cavs
Johnny Football in trouble in the pocket?. Time for Johnny SPIN-MOVE on the scramble.
Mike Evans shoulda won Rookie of Year last year considering his QB and exposure. He made Johnny Football
I'm no Johnny Football lover, but that looked like a touchdown to me.
Johnny Football making by far the best play I have seen him make without Mike Evans on his team.
Johnny Football made Mike Evans look so good
I wish Johnny Football could've played with Speedy Noil. That would've been one of the greatest duos ever.
.Players of the Week:. running back Johnny Augustine was honoured on offence
yeah but his name's Johnny Football.
Playing Johnny and forfeiting the season is not going to allow him to keep his job, as much as I like Mr. Football.
Johnny Football truthers about to get Punished.
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let's go to johnny macs or something and watch some football on Sunday!? :)
problem is I'm a habitual relapser...something like the Johnny football of this washed game
this just proves whoever writes these articles has never played/doesnt have a clue about football. Just trying to bash Johnny
Geno? Johnny Football in lifts? Or the devil's advocate position: did you see the unblocked pressure!?
Updated College Football Championship Odds from Vegas: 27% of the money on Ohio State
Welp. Johnny Manziel isn't ready to be a starting QB in the NFL:
Supporting Johnny for me has never been about football. That's why you will never hear me rip Josh McCown.
Texas A&M turned Johnny Manziel hype & old oil money in to one of College Football's premiere venues
but a&m is the best rumor has it Johnny football is their new center who averages 30 rebounds
On this day in 2012, . Johnny Football had his Heisman moment in Tuscaloosa.
When Browns ownership starts Josh McCown over Johnny football.
He should be treated like Big Ben and Johnny football and other women abusers
If you gonna defend Johnny Football it then defend Hardy. There's no difference. They both beat women
oh so that means there was no Crime ? Typical of you to defend Johnny Football
Fontana has picked the Buckeyes to win it all? Based on is knowledge of football, "Johnny," WE ARE DOOMED!!
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I'm sorry Johnny football but you're overrated
There is a place for Johnny in football, it's called the Arena League. He's be perfect there!
matt says he played football, sounds he played rec flag football. That's all johnny can play.Kevin from ATL.
No Marks on girlfriend so Johnny Football is cleared. Makes perfect sense. SMH. I listened to the police recording. DOMESTIC
I have never been a Johnny Football fan. I do agree with your assesment of him and the situation.
does matt understand football? Defending Johnny is really embarrassing
manzel beat his lady up and got a DUI why are u bashing Hardy but u ain't said nuthin bout ya boy Johnny Football
Johnny needs to realize his brand has gone from Johnny Football to Johnny Draft Bust
Rizz & Jerod are inferring that Johnny missed open receivers because he wanted to make "Johnny Football" plays on national TV for his brand
Jerry Jones still sounds wistful about “great one” Johnny Manziel - Pro Football Talk .. I kinda like it
Once again has realized Johnny Football *** Yesterday he said he should play. Tune in tomorrow for another flip flop!?!?
McCown starts over Manziel if healthy
hate Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers. Love Johnny Football and Tim Tebow. Enough said.
Dear God. If you're listening, let Johnny Football play great tonight. He is very similar to your son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 🙏🏼
Johnny Football starting + no Joe Haden? Sounds like a recipe for a mauling tonight!
The Browns are screwed tonight lol no Joe Haden or Donte Whitner and Johnny Football is starting! Time to feast boys!
This is why fans were thrilled when used top pick on Johnny Football. They could see the future.
Everyone is making more of a deal about Hardy than "Johnny Football" and his drunken outrage a few weeks ago. Oh that's right it's the BOYZ!
Myles Garrett is Texas A&M Aggies' new Johnny Football, just with less Johnny and more Football
ESPN Report: Injury Update: Josh "Johnny Football" Murphy (foot) is listed as Questionable for Thursday's game.
Having a 30 for 30 marathon on Netflix. Watching these about Bo Jackson & Boz make me anxious for future Tebow/Johnny Football editions, etc
Bill Cowher Calls out Johnny he politicking for the job?
remember she 1) called Terrell Pryor a terrorist and 2) equated Johnny Football to Rosa Parks. Can't argue with insanity
Browns woulda won that game if Johnny Football had started. I Mel-Kiper guarantee it.
You're Johnny Football for Christ's sakes, no need to explain
Billiards club is talking about how Browns should bench Hoyer for Johnny Football. Stick to billiards guys.
Arizona football: Senior ready to be Johnny on the spot
no you wouldn't he's a kicker not Johnny football you only would adopt a quarterback Gruden
Next week, Johnny Football shreds the Ravens secondary like Ben Roethlisberger would have tonight
Johnny Football should be on the field.
Vick needs to go. *** in the pocket. Trade for Johnny Football
I then drafted him in favor of Johnny football
Pregame meal at 3:30. Bus leaves at 5:00. Going to be a great night for football!
lol nah I'll pass.We got Johnny Football
No football fan wants to see Steve Smith laying down on the field.
the Johnny football thing was a joke!
The Bortles comment. YUCK. And the Johnny Football comment. Carr should be in this conversation
and obviously my boy Johnny football
The AFC North is right there for the Browns and they're leaving Johnny Football on the bench. Smh
Flipping between this football and rangers game.
okay...THAT pass with the game on the line suggests Johnny Football can bring that Texas A&M magic to the NFL...
Flacco looking like he has a lower IQ than Johnny Football right now. Unbelievable.
I'm lightin' it up as Johnny Football against my brother.
Thursday Night Committee has spoken. If the College Football Playoff started today, here's who they would have IN.
I guess things are getting better because I found my football cleats 😌
Ok so say. So say I don't wanna play fantasy football all season, is there a way I can play weekly, ya know as a fan? Weekly...
are u kidding me okay mariota, Winston, Johnny football they are everywhere dude
did Johnny Football and Charlie Brown make a love child? Cc
It is wonderful to watch Thursday Night Football with Johnny and mocking both Steelers & Ravens.
(football coach Rick Stockstill (joined the on Thursday. Listen here:
".and if you see Johnny football in the hallway, tell him he played a great game, tell him you…
*** Johnny football gotta be lookin at Vick wearin like "... really michael?"
Johnny Football's got it tattooed on his wrist, but I actually am October's Very Own. The best month of the year is here again.
.football coach joined the on Thursday. Listen here:
Hayden Moore might be favorite back up QB in to Johnny Manziel of course.
Johnny Football should be starting in the NFL. IDC what their coach says
Everton's Romelu Lukaku says he would love to play for Arsene Wenger. Gossip:
I love the account some great football moments to reminisce about ⚽️ Well worth the follow!.
I pretty much hate everything FSG is doing to my football club. Stewards are a disgrace, club is in meltdown. I'm done.
Well buddy for me it's simple. Find me one man that has done more for our wonderful football club. Hail 👍
Browns still have plays in place for Johnny Manziel
Browns still have certain plays in place for Johnny Manziel
Who thinks I should be the next Johnny football?
What do coaches think about UCLA freshman quarterback Josh Rosen so far? Read their comments here ... ($):
with a good look at UCLA qb Josh Rosen.
"Liverpool are too afraid to hire Jurgen Klopp"
Stop infiltrating my TMZ feed dumb Who even cares about Johnny Football?!
50 years ago, capped its campaign by wrecking Steve Spurrier in the Gator Bowl.
Here's my Week 5 NCAAF Cheat Sheet for the current Top 10 in the AP poll:
Johnny Giles: Brendan Rodgers is not up to it and is undermining himself
"I used to be like Johnny Manziel, I didn't play football but the ladies loved me" - same professor with the train pun
A football. See how many nose ups he can do.
Thursday night football and homework it is tonight.
Had a dream Johnny Football was named starter... Let's just say I woke up a little upset
Pettines doom will be Johnny Football, one way or another.
go to Johnny Football . stay with Josh McCown
Didn't the Browns win last week with Johnny Football? I'm confused by that franchise's direction.
Khalil Mack and Aldon Smith each have 2 sacks and Johnny Football is in the game by the end of the 3rd.
Looking forward to see how Tuck, Ellis, Mack, Woodson & Co. maintain "Johnny Football," should he get enter the game
Cannot believe the Browns have placed Johnny Football on the bench for this weeks game 🙈
really nice to meet Johnny Football at jags game. Cool dude!
lmao he's the total Johnny Football hipster !!!
Hunter Combs channeling his inner Johnny Football against Hopkins County Central on September 4th!
“It was vintage Manziel...That's what he brings. The ability to escape.” - Mike Pettine on Johnny Football's 2nd TD
Johnny Football is the real life Alex Moran
Johnny Football has matured. This new shirt from says it all
Johnny Football looking real good today.
Johnny Football? More like Ronnie Football. Merica. FREE koozies at -
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