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Johnny Evans

John Albert Corey Evans, Jr. (born February 18, 1956 in High Point, North Carolina) is a former professional American and Canadian football punter and quarterback and current radio sportscaster for the North Carolina State Wolfpack football team.

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wasn't just Johnny, mike Evans, Molina, nawatchakoo (if that's how you spell it), were high quality all around. 😉
Defence has been solid with Johnny Evans
In my opinion Van Gaal will make Johnny Evans Captain.
Evans had been reasonably ok until last season
Evans is the only one of the CB's who has really proven himself.
I'd just get DDG. Evans is probably next best
I love them dearly but they are injured too easily,Evans might be safest from LvG comments so far.
johnny depp is always a good thing. I just ordered myself some books so im all good
I want to be Johnny Depp in this movie and rob banks and have a Tommy gun and be dapper
ha, no worries. Really hope he's in it if it happens; if Evans can be Cap after Johnny Storm, RR can overcome Green Lantern!
Johnny Manziel proved his ex-teammate Mike Evans wrong by going out to a bar after training camp.
Happy Ouwa!🍻. Johnny Manziel proves fr. teammate MikeEvans wrong by going out during camp(via
Johnny Manziel proves he’s a team player by showing up early to training camp with bloody marys for everyone.
This guy should be taken off the Browns beat. Terrible.
This isn't fair and shouldn't exist.
the one exception i can think off is Johnny Evans
what's wrong with Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and Johnny Evans?
Dear Mr Van Gaal, I listened to your press conference on sky sports news yesterday and would like to make you aware that the season is only 4 weeks away. So please make sure you don't make the same mistake as your predecessor and take too long 'assessing the squad' and remember that both Ferdinand & Vidic have left the club. This means that our first choice centre back pair is Johnny Evans & Chris Smalling, so get your *** in gear and go look for 2 central defenders. cheers Scott
Brian-Johnny Evans Jon Evans lol. Thought you guys might like this
Just like me and goin nuts this year. Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans!
Being able to see Johnny and Mike Evans play last year will be something I remember forever. 👌💯
if you think Johnny Evans is better than Ron Vlaar there's not much point me arguing as you're clearly dumb
Once a week Johnny Evans sends me this picture, with three kisses...
Tampa Bay shoulda drafted Manziel, they defense is solid, they scooped Mike Evans shoulda traded back into the first round and got Johnny
It's always exciting to see 4 and 5 stars commit but remember, Johnny was a 3 star and Mike Evans was a 2 star recruit
Johnny Evans with a big goal to make it 2-0
Johnny Coles was with James Moody from 1956 to 1958, and played with Gil Evans's orchestra between 1958 and 1964.
Could do with quality defenders like johnny Evans and smalling to stop our leaky defence
I actually think Johnny Evans is a very good defender. Improved a lot recently. Much better than he was in his early years
hey Dave, to be clear, you want an arsenal squad with johnny Evans and Danny Ings?
the fact that Chris Evans is both Johnny Storm AND Captain America is so problematic bc they exist in the same Marvel Universe it bothers me
yeah dalton how about that C we got for participation!! what is that Johnny!
we will. Evans and precious Johnny is gone, along with the o line men. With the attitude our defense has been
I'd pick Vermaleen over Johnny Evans if he came to Manchester United
“Johnny Manziel's reaction to signing his first NFL contract PLEASE WATCH THIS🙏😭😂
I remember watching and thinking how rad it was we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope. Looking back today, we now have no
Chris Evans can't be Johnny Storm from Fantastic Four & Captain America .. They're both Marvel heroes...
I'd purely become an actress just to kiss Johnny Depp, Channing Tatnum, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth in a movie👌
Happy that United have agreed a deal for Vermaelen. Got to play with either Johnny Evans or Chris Smalling, van Gaal making some good deals!
i've been in love with Chris Evans since his time as Johnny Storm
John Boye make in face like Johnny Evans
just one thing, what happens when Chris Evans Johnny and Chris Evans Steve Rodgers meet up?
Johnny Football & Mike Evans = still a better love story than Twilight
coming from the same guy that said Anderson is the answer to Man Utds problems. Johnny Evans better than Luiz etc
Mike Evans made Johnny Maziel, let that be known
Pepe & Johnny Evans,ultimate kings of match fixing
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Manchester derby...Evans got a red card and it got messy...expecting the same thing here
Don't think Vermaelen would be a bad signing for us, but then again I'd rather have Ross Harris playing there than Johnny Evans
Johnny Evans that's won as many league titles as Arsenal- injured most of last season and quality the 2 seasons previous
I cannae wait to see him line up with Chris Smalling or Johnny Evans
Don't want Vermaelen me. More injury prone than Johnny Evans
I hope we get Johnny Evans in return for Vermaelen.. After all he is better then pique
Phil Jones and johnny Evans are good aswell 🙈👏
as per now the CB's are Johnny Evans, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling. Seems more like the Squillaci Djorou combination
Johnny Manziel, cam newton, Mike Evans, and Peyton manning are the reasons I like those teams 😏
ok so if that's the case Johnny manziel got help because of his receiver Mike evans
Before he was Captain America, Cris Evans was Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch). — watching Fantastic 4
Mike Evans and Johnny Manziel reunite for a fan pic
Still sad that Mike Evans and Johnny were split up 😪
Uh-oh~Johnny Evans wins again! Lee Amy, you have a long way to go!
You know your in the best salon when Johnny Evans comes to get his hair cut 😉
Chris Evans was better as Johnny Storm than Captain America
My eldest brother said that, David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey, and also Chris Evans are the real men :D
We have Johnny Evans match boots up for auction,amazing gift for a big fan, £150 to start.
At first I liked Johnny Christopher Depp. Then there's ma husband Christopher Robert Evans. But Robert Downey Jr came in and steal the show.
Johnny Evans visited us last nite Gareth in Ramore would love
ireland have 5 uncapped players too! No Johnny Evans either! Not that he'd make a difference anyway 🙈😂😂
if you miss the old Cartoon Network Johnny Bravo! Love him!
You probably thought this was Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans. But if you look closely it's actually me and Linke.
Here you go boys you have 24 hours to do the cold water challenge Johnny Evans Larry Fowler Josh Morrow Josh Morrow
Rusty Evans and Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash Tribute) will be performing 2 shows tonight. There are a few tix available.
His, johnny's, and mike evans, as well. . of course.
A aah the joys of being ignored. Love it. Lol. Johnny Evans
My bed is so cold without my loving, awesome, hot snuggle buddy! :( Johnny Evans
well you've obviously not seen Johnny Evans play,
OH NO! it looks like I Johnny Ray want be getting to marry my icon
dEF ugh i hate rob evans tbH and i don't like the new idk his job that johnny guy w the caps i miss jay uGH
Eating supper with my awesome n sexy man Johnny Evans n my 2 beautiful girls Kat n Nana.
15 Rts and I'll rock the Johnny manziel jersey to evans party tonight. Lol
Johnny football was supposed to come but he dropped out last minute. but Evans and someone from the bucs should be there.
Armon Johnny manziel is one of the luckiest players in college football history... without Evans he isnt crap
Omg! My kids r something else. I'm n the bathroom n i hear them fighting I yell at them to stop but all I hear is Kat:"yo mom's so ugly she's fat!" Nana:"O ya well, yo momma is so fat she poops out a pice of corn!" Lmao! They so need to learn the meaning of yo momma jokes. Johnny Evans
JohnnyManziel really used his "go to" targets a lot at Texas A&M. Johnny to Mike Evans was a deadly combo...lets hope Gordon can return soon
Son went for 2 thought he had it won wit 35 seconds left😂😂 Johnny Football to Mike Evans for 60 yard TD pass! Lmaoo. Ball game🏈
Four years ago a gypsy told me all Chris Evans films would be blockbusters and Johnny Depps would flop. She was escorted out of the building
someone give Heath Evans a glass of water. He's so mad about Johnny he's sweating. Relax kiddo.
"Evans, dressed casually in a stretchy gray T-shirt and jeans, says his laid-back personality is more similar to Johnny Storm than Rogers"
I think Heath Evans should be more concerned about how Aaron Hernandez is downgrading the patriot nation than Johnny football.
Heath Evans says Johnny Manziel will never start a game in the NFL because he won't do what is necessary.
& Heath Evans on the NFL Network giving Johnny Football the business about Vegas like 'not going to Vegas' helped Quinn & others
Was Johnny Manziel overdrafted because of Mike Evans, or was Mike Evans drafted so highly because of Manziel?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"Johnny Manziel will never start on the Browns" Heath Evans. And this will be wrong this year.
Chris Evans is so hot as Johnny Storm. Pun not intended
Win a pair of tickets this morning to Bear River Casino's Johnny Cash Tribute this Friday - Rusty Evans "Ring of...
Lol Miranda is QUALITY. People are already complaining. Ok enjoy smalling and Johnny Evans
they played Tom Cleverly instead. Just like they did Johnny Evans/ Pique. Two massive Fergie mistakes
and in the celebration johnny evans kissed the camera as two fingers to gerard. Great day
that's like me saying I'd take Thiago silva over Johnny Evans
It's about time for Johnny Evans, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling to join Sunderland.
Vidic and Rio Ferdinand gone, great careers at United ending, take Johnny Evans with you for Christs sake
Johnny Evans and Chris Smalling have played champions league matches
Some of most useless people in the world:. Chris Smalling. Alexander Buttner. Johnny Evans. Darren fletcher. Javier Hernandes. Rafael and..
How have Manchester Utd sunk as low as having Phil Jones, Johnny Evans, Chris Smalling and Alexander Buttner in the back four?
Everton vs Manchester United . Premier League. Venue : Goodison Park. Live Coverage : Sunday, April 20, 2014. 8.40 pm IST on SS4. Manchester United Team Information : RVP is out with a knee injury. Johnny Evans and Rafeal are nearing return. Rooney and Fellaini are declared fit. Everton Team Information : Fit playing XI Last meeting : 1-0 for everton with Bryan Oviedo getting the winning goal. Star Players : Mata and Rooney for United. Lukaku and Barkly for Everton. Ref : Mark Clattenburg
A little windy but a beautiful morning in the OBX for a staff meeting with Johnny Evans and the Eastern NC Staff.
SPORTS MATHEMATICS Robin Van Persie divided by Rafael subtracted by Johnny Evans multiplied by Patrice Evra added to Javier Hernandez, which Man Utd player does it give you
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Johnny Evans has not been playing i dony know why but i think him and Smalling can do the job in center back today. They have heart
Manchester United have little or no class players, Ones to stay, Rooney, Wellbeck, Januzaj, Rafael, De Gea, Evra, Jones, Smalling (only as a centre half) Mata, Chicarito, Kagawa, Valencia, Carrick, Johnny Evans. Ones to go, All of them, including RVP.
Phil Jones, Johnny Evans and Luis Nani were absent during today's training session before the team flew out to Greece.
Man United still without injured Johnny Evans, Phil Jones and Luis Nani
What Man United Can Be In A Pub... Open in new page Sports and Recreation Pints With The Champions: 1. David De Gea: Looks like he'd be projectile vomiting half way through his second pint, no fun. 2. Rafael: He'd be a good laugh but definitely on the Wickeds. 3. Rio Ferdinand: Couldn't think of anything worse than trying to endure his 'banter' and cutting edge wind-ups. 4. Johnny Evans: Would sit in the background, be lucky to get a sentence out of him all night. 5. Patrice Evra: With a few in him he'd be mouthy, definitely first on any form of karaoke machine. 6. Ryan Giggs: I'd only find his company remotely amusing if he came with his sister 7. Michael Carrick: If he parties like he balls its a last bus home job.
John O'Shea makes a mistake. to let Johnny Evans score for United...really!!!?. I didn't think O'Shea would do that. Shocking defending...
Thanks to John O'Shea for completely leaving Johnny Evans at that corner. Once a red, always a red. Wes's turn next.
Thanks John O'Shea for not picking up Johnny Evans, I knew selling you would be great in the future
Funeral arrangements set for artist Gary Grimshaw By GARY GRAFF Gary Grimshaw, the legendary Detroit concert poster artist who died on Monday, Jan. 15, will be celebrated with a funeral, parade and reception on Sunday, Jan. 19, in downtown Detroit. The ceremony begins at 11 a.m. at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), 4454 Woodward. Music will be provided by the Seatbelts and saxophonist Johnny Evans of the Howling Diablos, and about a dozen people -- including Grimwhaw's widow Laura -- are planning to speak during the hour-long ceremony. Following the ceremony, Gabriel's Brass Band will lead a parade with Grimshaw's ecco-friendly casket to the Veteran's Administration Hospital at Garfield and John R streets, where the artist, a U.S. Navy veteran, will be given military honors. A reception will follow at the Scarab Club, which is hosting a "Gary Grimshaw Solo" exhibition through Feb. 15; during the reception Grimshaw's signature will be affixed to a ceiling beam, where it will join those of oth ...
Well, every pass to Evans in that game had pinpoint accuracy and Evans would never get open if it wasn't for Johnny.
Anyone remember a Johnny Evans o.g. standing v Newcastle last Boxing Day at OT when he was put under pressure by a forward who was offside?
What if Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans get drafted to the same team 😳
we have already got his long lost brother - Johnny Evans
What a surprise. No Johnny Evans and a clean sheet. No Cleverly and good attacking football. Januzaj, Valencia and Kagawa all play from the start and produce some of the best stuff we've seen this season. Hm you could be onto something here Mr Moyes. MPH
I haven't looked at their schedule but I say 9-3. I don't think A&M will be a threat without Johnny & Evans with that terrible D
Evans has the tools to be a great pro. He helped johnny as much as vice versa
Johnny Evans, smalling and cleverly shouldn't be classed as footballers
What if the Lions traded for a top 5 pick and got Johnny Manziel and kept their 10th pick and got Mike Evans or Sammy Watkins.
That'd be cool if the lions got Johnny Manziel and his boy Mike Evans, I mean just think about. Lol
Enjoying first Strange Fashion gig for many a month and good to catch up with old mucker Johnny Evans...Let's Rock!
Nobody knows what I go through Wish you could put yourself inside my shoes You got friends that ain't friends no more They don't understand the life I chose See the money and the fame It can hurt everything you love Got some people that depend on me And I can't give up They don't know what I'm going through They don't know what I'm going through know what goes on in your mind Johnny Evans Hobson City love you ain't the same
That's a bonus Johnny Evans not playing
Honesly dont know who the bigger tube is. Johnny evans or Chris Smalling. Donkeys
Once aqain people..if u aint got nun nice to say about mii mf cousin johnny evans..dnt say it at all. Smfh and aqain salute mii niqqa or DIE!!! R.I.P Johnny LilJohnny Evans
I have been feeling really down the past couple days but as I watched my beautiful son running to get on the bus and then suddenly stop because he realized he forgot to kiss mommy goodbye and turn around and run back and gave me a great big hug and kiss and said I love you mama see you later (and he can't pronounce his r's) my life made sense again and as long as my kids are good...I'm the happiest girl ever. R.I.P Johnny Evans ❤️
So sad to hear about Johnny Evans and his girlfriend. Even though I didn't know still breaks my heart. RIP Johnny Evans, gone too soon. I will continue to pray for his family and pray for his girlfriend! I hope she has a speedy recovery and I pray that God watches over her and brings comfort to both families during this sudden tragedy and difficult time!
Johnny Evans Delta Telethon, February 22-23 at the Greenville Convention Center. Airing on WAGB. Glow Baby Glow Walk February 22 at 5:30pm
R.I.P. Johnny Evans...I am saddened..My condolences to both familes and the entire Hobson City community!
When we moved from Chicago to Hobson City, I was 7 years old. I knew Hobson City was different because at 7, I was now allowed to walk to the store by myself. The store didn’t really have a name, we just called it by the owner’s name, Tom Jelks. My first time going to that store, I walked past a man sitting on a bench by the front door. He greeted me. I looked at him and without speaking back, I walked into the store. When I came back out, the strange man repeated his greeting and I again ignored him. The man got up and began to walk behind me. Now at 7, I was in full stranger-danger panic mode. I ran in the house and the man came right to my front door and knocked. He told my mom, “Hello, I spoke to your daughter and she didn’t speak back.” I expected my mom to curse the strange man out since she had always told me to NEVER talk to strangers but instead she scolded me and gave me my first lesson on southern hospitality; stranger or not you always greet people. Small towns are not just communiti ...
Johnny Evans caught on 1st date tonight
After two cup defeats home and away in the FA Cup and the Capital One Cup respectively, David Moyes’ side now turn focus to host Swansea yet again this time in their tumultuous Premier League campaign. Micheal Laudrup’s young and dazzling side got the better of the Red Devils at Old Trafford and would be looking to do the same when the two sides lock horns on Saturday’s late night kickoff. Will United slump to yet another home defeat yet again, or will Moyes’ unpredictable side finally show some resilience? The Red Devils are currently seventh in the table being eleven points adrift of leaders Arsenal and five off the fourth and final Champions League place. We here at Soccersouls provide you David Moyes’ strongest possible line up in the home team’s quest for three points in their kitty. Goalkeeping and Defense David De Gea is expected be to back after Lindegaard was manning the goal against Swansea in the FA Cup. The Spaniard will come under strict scrutiny from the away side’s dazzling dy ...
RIP Lil Johnny Evans Hobson City 4 life see u on the other side my friend
WHMA Thursday News Update - Johnny Evans, 34, of Hobson City, has been found dead at the scene of a double shooting in Hobson City. Calhoun County Sheriff officials said the shooting happened at approximately 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at a house in the area of Council Avenue and Washington Street. Evans was shot in the head and a Vietnamese woman, whose name was not released, was wounded twice and taken to RMC. The investigation continues but authorities do not believe anyone else was involved other than the couple. Noccalula Falls in Gadsden and especially the falls gorge is a winter wonderland with ice encasing it. Also, the park has constructed additional multi-use trails that were completed on time and under budget. The project was so successful that more trails were built than originally were planned. Gadsden officials said an additional half-mile of multi-use trail was constructed as part of the project that cost the city about $45,000. The trails, made of crushed stone, are about 3 feet ...
When I'm all better, this will be my next project, Johnny Evans!
Just couldn't get right for nothing last night, this morning, or now. Hobson City will NEVER be the same again. Johnny Evans, I'm speechless. R.I.P Big Head...I love you!! Praying for healing, strength, comfort, and peace for his family.
Can't sleep no more. I miss you Folk. I love you with all my heart. Crying thinking about you. Always a Whitfield. Believe that. More then a cousin a brother. I see you still smiling. RIP LIL Johnny Evans AKA LIL SWOLE
Rip lil Johnny Evans aka lil swore my lil partner for life gone but never forgotten .
RIP Johnny Evans u will be miss prayers go out to u and your family, I know most of all. Remember God is always there by your side. Keep him first. And everyone out there when are praying for Johnny please pray for my mother in law she is not feeling her best today. Thank God for Jesus.
R.I.P. to my dude Lil johnny Evans. To the Evans family, I have you in my prayers.
To : Johnny Evans Family . I Love you all & I. Truly Sorry you all in my prayer . HC
Heart so heavy right now only God understand this you will be missed Johnny Evans.!!!
In the defensive sector , Rafael is ever-present on the right back position following his excellent campaign 2012-2013 . But when the Brazilian international is injured, a " no man's land " to create ... It is therefore necessary to tinker . David Moyes is obliged to align default either Chris Smalling or Phil Jones are two central defenders business. Central hinge, the yard is huge . The pair Ferdinand Vidic who ruled over Europe for several seasons is clearly declining. The former England international has made the season too while Captain . The Red Devils rely for several seasons on Johnny Evans. A now 26 -year-old Northern Ireland international confirmed expectations that the club has on him. He became the undisputed holder in center hinge for two seasons now . That to be his sidekick ? Cyborg straight from Blackburn Rovers is revealed. His name is Phil Jones , English hope proves natural leader Manchester United and the England future. Meanwhile, defender mad head must address a problem : REPEATED IN ...
What is wrong with moyes ? Johnny Evans knee smashes into bardsleys rib cage and he " can't believe it was a foul ?"
Well it's 6 months in and Moyes has cracked already. And I quote, "We are now playing the referees as well as the opposition." Hugo Loris's challenge, fair enough but I'd call that Karma on Ashley Young, serves him right. How can he say Johnny Evans' challenge wasn't a foul ? He should be thanking Mariner for not booking him. United have had the rub of the green for the best part of 20 years and I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to quote Moyes saying exactly this in his Everton days. As for moaning about refereeing decisions, you are making a rod for your own back Moyes. Expect plenty more before you are sacked,.HAPPY DAYS INDEED !!! :)
I must have watched a different game to David Moyes cause johnny Evans knee in fletchers back should have been a united free kick and saying the refs correct decisions are laughable. Cracking under pressure much lol
David Moyes has said that Johnny Evans high knee on Steven Fletcher wasn't a foul. Maybe not in the octagon Davie
Who will win ballon d'or this year Ronaldo , Suarez or Johnny Evans or Ribery ?
Tom Cleverly, Patrice Evra, johnny evans, Danny Welbeck, please get the out of utd. Hopeless bunch of dweebs
Man of the match Johnny Evans and Tom Cleverly for they mistakes and well done to *** ref to
Sunderland will take a 2-1lead to Old Trafford after winning 2-1 against Man Utd goals from Ryan giggs own goal and borini penality and Man Utd had johnny evans off injured back second leg Man Utd v Sunderland Wednesday 22nd January tomorrow first leg capital one cup semi man city v west ham Live on sky sports 1 7.30pm
Manchester United better wake up! Get a proper manager, and let the player selection be better! Get rid of David Moyes, and Tom Cleverly and Rafael and Patrice Evra and Johnny Evans asap!
Best thing I've seen tonight Johnny Evans going off - Useless doesn't some it up
Johnny Evans fit do 10 games without injury?
I feel united have no midfield...we keep playing sideways across the midfield and not supplying the strikers with opportunities...our wingers look lazy and the full backs aren't making decisive runs...Johnny Evans is playing next to vidic carrick we just have no midfield...I have faith in moyes but this keeps happening...I can handle losing by trying different tactics...I feel his 4 5 1 formation is not working with cleverly in the middle...he seems lost...just my opinion!
If i said it once i said it a million times. Moyes will you stop playing Johnny Evans! What a brain dead free kick to give away again
Dunno how Johnny evans is a professional footballer never mind plays for Man Utd
Ronaldo is the best thing to ever happen to football. Then Geordie best of course then Johnny Evans and Craig Cathcart. But Ronaldo is king
Hello fb family and friends! Thr last couple of days have been pretty tough with pain, but my dr has told me I can double my pain med and take Ibuprofen in beteeen doses so now I am so much more comfy! The pain is from this tumor twisting and cutting off blood supply to itself. Usually it untwists after 3 or 4 hours but this time it didn't. So many people have asked why they can't move up my surgery...and aince I am a rotten texter, I figured I'd explain it all in one swoop;) My surgeon is a gyn/oncologist...not because we have had a cancer diagnosis, but because I have a tumor along with an elevated CA125, which is an antibody that is present with certain cancers, including ovarian. This test doesn't prove my tumor is malignant. My surgery is being performed by an oncologist because that marker, in combination with my tumor and enlarged lymph node and nodule that is present in my omentum, makes it a prudent choice. The surgery is being done robotically because it is in a delicate area attached t ...
Poor Johnny Evans, had him up all night while I was hurting, then he went to work til after 7, then he has to feed me:( What a guy I married!
If Tom Cleverley, Chris Smalling, Johnny Evans, Danny Welbeck can comfortably command a starting shirt at such a big club like Man Utd, well I can only blame my father for prematurely halting my football dream, I think ama be a SUPERSTAR amongst these guys.
Was in the midst if tying little bows in Lacey wedding shower invitations last week, when it became time for kickboxing training with Johnny Evans. Was running against the clock to get everything done, so took advantage in the moments Joshua was practicing his punches and kicks to tie more bows. Things rotated like that for a while...left, right, hook, uppercut, tie bows,...back kick, front kick, tie bows, side kick left, side kick right, tie the midst of it all, I thought, "Isn't this the perfect metaphor of modern womanhood's balancing act? Kick *** then do something pretty, punch the opposition, then tie a bow on something lacy?" From round house to twirling on a dance floor, to fighting for the things that matter to consciously creating beauty in some way around us...perhaps in the intangible things or often in the tangible as well...yeah, it isn't easy being a female this day in age, but ohhh baby, it is sooo never boring!
David Moyes Tom Clevearly Daren Fletcher Michael Carrick Phil Jones Johnny Evans Valencia Smalling Fabio da Silva Rafael da Silva David De Gea Lingaard Buttner Too many ordinary names entitled with carrying on the legacy of a great team. Not enough flair (players and management). Not enough wit and skill. Too little quality. Not enough special. Its all just MEDIOCRE. I still love my Red Devils tho.
Last Saturday, 28th December 2013, my dad Johnny Evans died suddenly & totally unexpectedly. My dad was quite a character who knew almost everyone in his home town of Pontefract, always had a smile & time for a chat. Myself & the rest of his family are totally bereft & saddened that we don't have him with us anymore. Thank you for all your kind words of love & support over this extremely difficult week.
Tom Cleverley, Chris Smalling, Johnny Evans, Alexander Buttner not fit to wear a United shirt... but after the way the whole team played today cost of the fans tickets for the Swansea match should come out of the players wages, they are a DISGRACE!!"
What is Johnny Evans doing there?? Not only has he not jumped, he's in fact ducked!
How Johnny Evans plays in the Premier League is beyond me. Poor poor player
English Premier League : Worst XI of 2011 1. De Gea ( Goal Keeper ) - He might be young but he failed to deliver according to his reputation . 2. Jose Bosingwa ( Right Back ) - He might be good at attacking but he is never a good a defender . His team Chelsea had only 2 clean sheet while he is playing . 3. Johnny Evans ( Center back ) - He is a disaster for most part of the season . His sending off against city was just a glimpse of rather poor season from this Irish man . 4. David luiz ( center back ) - His Lapse of concentration is a major blow for Chelsea , Almost got sent off against Newcastle, Gifted a penalty for QPR and so many more . 5. Santos ( left Back ) - Another version of Bosingwa - too good at attacking too bad at defending 6. Stewart Downing ( AML ) - 0 assists and 0 goals is not what Liverpool wants from their first team left winger . 7. Arshavin ( AMC ) - Once a world class player . now a fringe player . The least said the more better . 8. Anderson (MC) - Stepped into the shoes of Paul S ...
Johnny Evans Rate:8.7 In 2014 yhu should tune in nd stop always tryin to be funny
Have to love Killorglin man johnny Evans, current manager of Roscommon senior football team when he says there'll be so many subs with the black card that the subs will have to wear ponchos as it'll take too long to take the track suits off!!! Lol
A very happy 26th birthday to Johnny Evans. Johnny has been one of our best players in the last few games hope we see more!
"Away from home, you tend to be more defensive in your set-up; maybe at home we are leaving ourselves a bit too open" - Johnny Evans. Herein lyes the problem.
A very happy 26th birthday to Johnny Evans.
Johnny Evans has the sane bday as me 󾌲󾌳󾌳󾌳
Happy birthday Johnny Evans, up man united. GOD BLESS MA HUSTLE.
Johnny Evans can be our version of Mats Hummels.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Happy birthday Johnny Evans. I'll just pretend we're still in those years when we call you "young Vidic"
Happy 26th Birthday to our defender Johnny Evans. I wish him a lovely career at Old Trafford
We'd like you to have a copy of the booklet "The Forgiveness of God." It will be sent to you at no cost or obligation. Ask for yours at sport dot o-r-g. Also, be sure to listen to the Thursday Morning Update for encouragement from N-C State Broadcaster, Johnny Evans.
Manchester United defender Johnny Evans has blamed an attacking mindset for the Red Devils' poor home form this campaign.
Transfer Whispers. Brendan Rogers bids €400,000 to Fai for part time deal for Roy Keane. Its understood it would involve Roy doing a monday comedy slot on Lfc tv analysising weekend results and talking about his loyal friend Sir Spendalot. Sunderland have made a £2M double bid to take Tom Cleverly and Johnny Evans to the stadium of light. West Ham boss Sam alwaysright has tried to sign Carlos Puyol and Zavi Iniesta on short term loan but could lose out to Qpr. Arsene Wegner makes an audacious attempt to hi jack Chelsea's done deal for Howard Webb, Webb impressed Jose on recent trial so Wegner may lose out. Meanwhile Man City boss Pelligrini asks the LMA and Refs Union to try patch things up and get Howard Webb to return asap to Old Trafford. Cardiff make £1M offers for Kagawa and Colback. Liverpool again extend Luis Saurez contract this time to 2025. Its a funny olde game :-).
Wishing you all a Happy New Year. Lets start it out with a smile, a JOHNNY EVANS smile :) to yours :) ;)
Johnny Evans and Chris Smalling must be one of the worst centre back pairings in the Premiership.
Chris Smalling, Danny Welbeck, johnny evans, tom cleverely, ashley young would all struggle to get into most teams in the premiership. So why do we have them playing for Man Utd?
David Moyes out please and Johnny Evans can join him.
Johnny evans get your shirt get David Moyes and go to sunderland asap
That run with that burst of pace just then from Ade against Johnny Evans was immense!!! Ade's feet are on fire!!! - TJ
Johnny Evans is playing as a centre forward get back son you will get a nose bleed up there
-Happy New Years love. That Amsterdam and dro got a *** tripping. Y'all made it home safe Johnny Evans Jr and Michael Burks? Still rolling up, off tomorrow!
I didn't realize raccoons actually came into the city limits. Anywho, who's got the guts to feed raccoons chicken salad in the Hampden district of Baltimore City at 3:40 AM? Johnny Evans and Bryan Thomas Nelson, that's who! People who worry about rabies are cowards! Welcome to 2014!
Team News & Injury Updates Manchester United : Rio Ferdinand looks unlikely to get a start against Spurs, what would be the first since the Champions League match against Shakhtar. Johnny Evans is expected to partner the returning Vidic in central defense while Smalling will be playing at full back to cover for the crocked Rafael, along with Patrice Evra. Michael Carrick and Tome Cleverley are expected to be the starters in midfield with Antonio Valencia and Shinji Kagawa taking up the wider roles. Wayne Rooney will undergo late fitness test that will determine his participation. If fully fit Rooney will be partnering the lively Danny Welbeck in attack following his goal scoring exploits last weekend. Rafael (groin), Phil Jones (knee), Nani (hamstring) and Robin van Persie(groin) are all out for the game. Tottenham: Kyle Walker is expected to return to right back following his suspension while Danny Rose will start at left back along with the duo of Michael Dawson and Vlad Chiriches. Jan Vertonghen and Y ...
After our report on the game site provide a detailed analysis of the success of United in compensation came from behind in the game and go out a winner , 3-2 Hull City on the morning of Christmas ... The match, United's return an amazing achievement in the KC Stadium to repeat last season's win so exciting morning of Christmas at the expense of Newcastle . However , it was United through this match , forcing compensation from two goals down after a slow start in the very first game. Fortunately, the players Moyes has succeeded in responding positively from two goals down and managed to end the first half, which is neutral , and then complete the Hull City defender James Chester task for the benefit of United's goal made during the OG to guarantee United the three points . Did not disturb this win only if the parcel suffered by Antonio Valencia after receiving two yellow cards . Objectives: The player scored United's former Chester first goal through a strong follow-up from close range before su ...
Here's to the ones that are running there mouths about Elizabeth Pritt. Maybe you should make some phone calls and run that mouth to the ones that can make thing clear for you. +304)872-4911 call after4pm ask for Deputy Johnny Evans. Ask and see if her words are ture or not. Other wise your just blowin smoke!! And should REAKY keep your mouth and oppions of who's losing and who isn't to your self. One simple phone call is all it takes!! Bet you won't do it!!
According to the Telegraph, Rio Ferdinand looks set to be the first high profile departure from Manchester United this summer as David Moyes looks to put his own signature on a side inherited from Sir Alex Ferguson. Ferdinand, who is on a one-year deal which runs out in June 2014, has not yet been given an extension and is believed to be weighing up his options. Ferdinand will look to wait until the end of the season before deciding whether to continue his playing career. The former England captain has accepted media work from BBC and BT Sport but could yet end up playing for another club. With Moyes increasingly looking to add young players to the squad, Ferdinand’s chances of getting a contract extension look bleak. The centre-back who played a string of games at the beginning of the League campaign has in recent times been relegated to a place on the bench in favour of Johnny Evans, Phil Jones and Chris Smalling. United’s policy of offering only one-year contract extensions to older players and Moy ...
Passed Albert the united Kitman at Old Trafford and Johnny Evans wife not bad goin for day one
I'd have said "almost all of them". We're talking about Fernando Torres and Johnny Evans, right?
I have faith in Johnny Evans as a CB not too sure about Jones & Smalling. A big defenders needed like Subotic.
You'd think Johnny Evans would know all about Campbell!
Johnny Evans ran with Frazier Campbell like a pregnant goat!
Hang on United. Frazier Campbell is making Johnny Evans look silly. Mark him tightly and we’ll win.
Johnny Evans having a torrid time against Campbell
Johnny Evans is useless, man. Week after week. Good finish from Campbell though.
Johnny Evans- no pace. Campbell now knows hes a threat.
I knew Johnny Evans is slow, but Fraizer Campbell made him look slower than a Tortoise. Foolish defending for a beautiful play by Cardiff.
Lets look at that properly, Johnny Evans didn't apply no-where near enough pressure onto Campbell smh
Frazier Campbell outfits Johnny Evans and Tom Cleverley, the class of 2002 didn't match up did they?
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Johnny Evans is a great defender. Last few seasons he's been solid.
Rafael Da Silva, Johnny Evans, Michael Carrick and Tom Cleverley could all return for Manchester United against Arsena…
johnny evans had a bad match, but i'm still a HUGE johnny evans fan. these games happen. carrick, as usual, was the glue holding it together
Johnny Evans has been good for United today. But todays talk will be Luis Suarez LS7 aka El Pistolero.
I don't get why Johnny Evans feels the need to bypass the midis and throw a long ball. You're not a pass master stick to short passes
Johnny Evans has been outstanding this season... The best centre back in world football at the minute. .
Phil Jones and Johnny Evans..go kill yourselves
Johnny Evans at best is only a ball-boy. Phil Jones, oh well, I switch channel whenever he holds e ball. Woeful, comical defending.
It's hard to be a united fan when Johnny Evans plays..
Phil Jones and Johnny Evans are two of the worst central defenders I've ever seen play for Man U! They are getting destroyed today.. fml
moyes needs to sub Phil Jones, smalling and Johnny evans
I tell you now Johnny Evans Chris Smilling and Phill Jones thay all weak link at Man Utd defence trust me they are weak links
Johnny Evans was outstanding the other week!!
Johnny Evans is not a footballer. I mean, technically he is, But he's not a very good one I guess is what I'm saying.
Blimey. If I ever needed someone to have a heart attack, I'll send Johnny Evans to do the job.
This is the Johnny Evans of a few years ago, getting absolutely dominated
I'd hate to know what memories Johnny Evans is playing from.
Johnny Evans is a Lump, he is just a lump of nothing!
Chris Smalling,johnny evans,Phil Jones are 3 of the worst defenders in the league
Johnny Evans and Phil Jones combination: Europe's best future defenders
Chris Smalling,Johnny Evans and Phil Jones kinda reminds me of Djourou,Senderos and Eboue
Just the knowing Johnny Evans is playing -_-...Course, I could be proven wrong. Maybe, perhaps.
Johnny Evans defending like he's playing for Chiefs
How out of depth does johnny evans look? Been such a poor player for about a year or so now. Not good enough for united.
Johnny Evans needs to come off. Where's Namanja !!!
It's clear Phil Jones and Johnny Evans is not a great partnership
I love johnny Evans ya na I think he’s solid more time
Players like Johnny Evans should not have single digit jersey numbers.
Johnny Evans wouldn't get his game for Shels ! He's bad at football !
If they played against Johnny Evans every week they would! :(
Yo take Johnny evans off the field his presence just annoys me.. argghhh
No striker gonna fear u with a name like Johnny Evans anyway
Johnny Evans is playing thats why you're losing
No Moyes, playing Johnny Evans will NOT improve your team
johnny Evans can't handle crouch. Smalling can do a much better job
I love Man Utd, but Cleverly is useless, too cocky, Nani thinks hes ronaldo, johnny evans blames everyone but himself
Man U would be better off paying with 10 than having Johnny Evans on the field.
Johnny Evans won't be able to sleep tonight.
A very poor clearance by Johnny Evans
How is Johnny Evans still at Man Utd??
& im willing to bet johnny evans had a hand in that goal. Lmao
Real tlk how tf does Johnny Evans make the starting XI.. he not even suppose to be on the bench
Johnny Evans still robbing a living I see
Pathetic defending! Gave them all the freedom to attack & now look whats happened! Johnny Evans was useless at that point! COME ON
Johnny Evans is pure rubbish doesn't deserve to wear a united shirt
Johnny Evans will forever remain a tief in my books
How is Johnny Evans a pro soccer player?
Oh dear :) shocking defending from Johnny Evans
I've been saying for ages that Johnny Evans is useless get rid of him !
Johnny Evans and Smalling, what were you both doing?
Johnny Evans, the best defender in the world with some brilliant touches to set it up.
5 players that have been wasted in Manchester United this season:. 1) Johnny Evans. 2) Wilfred Zaha. 3) Anderson. 4) Shinji Kagawa. 5) Chicarito
Johnny Evans is like a Senderos to Man Utd.
Johnny Evans is the worst player I have ever seen in a Man Utd jersey
no m8 Johnny Evans its suppose to
meant to say to u earlier... you're a MU fan right? Guess who I went to school with? ;) Johnny Evans was year above me!
According to the PES demo your avatar looks slightlylike Johnny Evans
did you see johnny Evans I think lol when he started spinning after the 3rd goal aha
would anyone from the north get in the team apart from johnny Evans ??
mufc players Johnny evans and rafael dont look like real life at all but all in all very happy with pes
genius but what happened to Johnny Evans ? When did he get his hair bleeched ?
you put Johnny Evans in the middle of our defence, we're instantly a better team, it's the way forward
Why does johnny Evans look like wes brown on hopefully sorts out the bug before general release too easy
People saying that Ireland should become one national football team are being ridiculous Johnny Evans would be the only starter fromthenorth
Fair enough steeky. I was talking about Johnny Evans as you will have heard
How would that improve the team? Johnny Evans maybe, but the rest wouldn't get a look-in.
the look at northen Ireland with johnny Evans
But Johnny Evans is a good defender.
this has been Johnny Evans' worst game for Northern Ireland! He's been a shambles!
Are Northern Ireland taking the *** they have killed me tonight, johnny Evans is so dead
Fair play Johnny Evans, no wonder you're the only player whose name I know.
What a game this , johnny evans is just a beast.
"And he takes it round the defender, that's classic Johnny Evans right there". Aye. Johnny Ronaldo so he is.
Serious question, would any of the Northern Ireland team get into our side? Johnny Evans maybe?
You know your nations village when the native commentators get excited about johnny evans shimmying
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next youl say johnny Evans is good.. oh wait
Got £40 riding on Northern Ireland against the mighty Luxembourg. Johnny Evans is giving man a complex!
How johnny Evans has played over a 100 times for the Mancs is beyond me. He's average at a push
Johnny Johnny Evans, Johnny Evans, Corey corey Evans singing from north Ireland fans has got nothing on yaya and kolo toure!
johnny evans? — I dont talk to him anymore really but hes cool
Johnny Evans thought it was perfectly timed
keep to talking about your beloved Chelsea.He had played with Johnny Evans who is home grown,ok not English.
Would Johnny Evans make the starting line up of any of the top four clubs in the best five leagues in Europe?
Johnny Evans is the Larry Beck of college football.
Having breakfast in the Yard in Holywood - just me and Johnny Evans
..after Johnny Evans had flicked towards goal
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