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Johnny Evans

John Albert Corey Evans, Jr. (born February 18, 1956 in High Point, North Carolina) is a former professional American and Canadian football punter and quarterback and current radio sportscaster for the North Carolina State Wolfpack football team.

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Belated congratulations to Gareth McAuley and Johnny Evans on being named in NI squad for Euros
and to think Johnny Evans was voted player of the year at west broom
If I ever met Chris Evans I'd have him sign my Captain America poster as Johnny Storm. Flame on.
When people say harry is a better actor than Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp, Chris Evans, and Leonardo DiCaprio
Hey Chris Evans was Johnny Storm... actors branch out.
Phil Jones will definitely make something out of his career maybe at West Brom...say hi to Johnny Evans and the other one
got him in my swapsies. You got a Johnny Evans lurking about?
I still see Chris Evans as Johnny than Capt. He'll be my forever flame boy ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ”ฅ
...tone of a squabbling family just right. Evans as Johnny is pitch perfect, and Gruffudd was the best of the Reed's. But, it's not sure
Watching Chris Evans as Johnny Storm is just odd. He'll always be captain America
Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham, Kelvin Benjamin all in the 2014 draft and we end up with Justin Gilbert and Johnny Drug Addict
.remember when we sat together as Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp, Chris Evans & Sir Ben Kingsley came out on stage?
Does Johnny Evans wish he was English right now? Definitely be in the squad...
It's interesting how Johnny storm was played by Chris Evans and Michael b Jordan and now both of them are acting for MCU
My for Male Hottie is my super Idol Chris Evans! I love you Johnny,..hehehe! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
How did I win a FUT Draft last night with Johnny Evans and Scott Dann as my 2 CB's๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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get Johnny Evans instead of the silver guy (forgot his name)
Vincent Smith, 27, and Robert Burks, 25, both of Jefferson City, testified in Johnny Evans murder case Tuesday
Charles Thompson and two other men are charged with second degree murder, for the 2015 death of Johnny Evans in Jefferson City.
Such a genuinely promising career ended by horror tackles by Johnny Evans and Nigel De Jong. Good luck Stu!
Johnny Evans over pique or that's right you did that too lol
|| My love for Chris Evans, Steve Rogers and Johnny Storm can't be said with words, idk how to describe my love for them.โ€ฆ
only johnny Evans would get in the ROI team
So good to go on this years Fm and not having to sell Johnny Evans
Chris Evans as Johnny Storm and Chris Evans as Captain America are two completely different actors!
Bring Mike Evans to Cleveland and let him and Johnny go nuts
Johnny Manziel has started 3 games this season & has thrown for 933 yards, 5 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.
Greenville, SC native Jawun Evans had 13 points and 7 assists for Oklahoma State last night.
If West Brom beat or even hold off Arsenal this weekend. I will dedicate my account to Johnny Evans for a month.
Yes Ireland .. .. Euros next year .. Gona be class .. Johnny Walters is some man
ICYMI. Week 10 game balls: Mike Evans receives one for his play in a win over the Cowboys
still believe Cleveland should have taken a WR in Johnny's draft... Possibly Evans
aye there loads of Johnny evans in Spain ๐Ÿ™ˆ
i want some tall WR and trade for mike evans and keep johnny as QB
Some people forget that Johnny had a 6'5 Mike Evans to throw to in college...
Mike Josh mccown went 0-9 with Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. Your stupid if you keep him. Keep Johnny draft receivers
last thing..keeping it 100. not mad a Johnny with weapons (Mike Evans in college) who knows. but off field is the deal breaker
Wow Johnny looks good. Just think if we had Big WR like when he had Evans at Texas a&m. Johnny needs big Quick WR and TE. It's his style
Mike Evans shoulda won Rookie of Year last year considering his QB and exposure. He made Johnny Football
Johnny Football making by far the best play I have seen him make without Mike Evans on his team.
Turns out, Johnny Manziel MADE Mike Evans, not vice versa.
Johnny Football made Mike Evans look so good
When in doubt throw it to Mike Evans. Worked for Johnny
Browns would definitely win but it would be entertaining to see Johnny throw to Evans against a Browns D. Browns rush to victory.
Mike Evans and Johnny Manziel could both still be playing for the Ags. Seems like ages ago.
Can we just get Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans together again? Think we need that stupid magic once more. We miss it.
VIDEO: Browns QB Johnny Manziel fumbles on his 1st snap vs. Steelers
evans or barnidge in flex? Was going barnidge but Johnny Football starting now...
cousins have a sick game and evans has one for TB
The fight kinda reminds me of rashad evans and Johnny bones.
But i tell people all the time trains all champions GSP, Johnny Bones, Rashad Evans, and now Holly Holms
Rashad Evans called RDA-Pettis, TJ-Barao 1 and now Holm-Rousey. Someone check this guy for a crystal ball.
wasn't his ACL due to a Johnny Evans tackle? Or was that the broken leg? Entire sections of grass coming up in SEA.
"It already worked out great, having Johnny in the wings, and I'm sure that we can get many returns like the ones that we got for Evans."
I had Ndamukong Suh in my connected franchise so I traded him and my 2 1st round for Johnny Football and mike Evans
Have a question about Pack football? Send to color man Johnny Evans here Ask the Analyst will air today shortly after 11:30.
Grizz and kings too. Ricky better than Evans and thabeet. Johnny on par with thabeet for terrible
Thanks to Officer Colburn for bringing Johnny to visit Miss Chelsea and Ms. Evans morning classes.
Moreover, most of the players are United's anymore. Falcao, Di Maria, Johnny Evans et al
Let's not forget that Johnny Flynn, Hasheem Thabeet, Ricky Rubio and Tyreke Evans were all drafted ahead of Curry.NBA folโ€ฆ
Rashad Evans on Ryan Bader, yesterday: "I'm gonna knock his big, square head off... [His head is] like Johnny Bravo." .
idk about that one man lol no more Johnny or mike Evans
justinbieber: Johnny wanted me off shots until the Nov 13 new update but this pic of us is too good httโ€ฆ
that's like Johnny Football and Mike Evans or Chad Kelly and Treadwell
That was almost Johnny to Evans against Alabama '13
johnny: Justin playing WDYM in the locker room for Floyd .
Rate these in order best being named first. Titus Bramble John Terry Johnny Evans Pascal Cygan
Ivanovic might actually be worse than Johnny Evans. Didn't realise that was possible.
Chris Evans as. Johnny Storm x Steve Rogers. -. {repost bc the audio was mes... (Vine by
Doctson is legit. Boykin is a fun CFB QB but it is kinda a Johnny/Evans situation with them
Johnny Evans said he is "touch & go" for Northern Ireland games after going off with tight hamstring Will know more tomorrow
good thing I ain't trade Mike Evans...
Otamendi is just a Johnny Evans with a beard
Otamendi - Just an Argentina version of Johnny Evans with an exceptional beard
Exactly. Otamendi is just the Argentine version of Johnny Evans with a really dope beard gang appearance.
why did Tony Pulis pull Johnny Evans of mid way thru the first half?
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WTH Johnny Evans subbed earlier on, not a good start to this week. Only an Aguero explosion could make up for this
Johnny Evans yesterday : Lot of similarities between Tony Pulis and Sir Alex Ferguson. I see it now. Both love benching him.
Send your questions about Pack football to our analyst Johnny Evans to Our Ask the Analyst segment airs shortly after 11 a.m.
Gareth McAuley,Johnny Evans, Chris Brunt and James McClean aren't from the British isles, they're Irish, get it right
Johnny Evans tweaked his hamstring first half. make halftime change of Gardner for Berahino, tactical change.
Johnny Evans has carried his poor record with injury to West Brom ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Darren Fletcher who fought ulcerative colitis, came back and still has a better injury record than Johnny Evans. I mean c'mon?
Johnny Evans injured. Bad news for Greece, they were so looking forward to playing against him
*** Johnny Evans off injured and now Chris Brunt off after collision.worrrying ahead of such a big week for N.Ire..
Early injuries for at Palace aren't good news for Northern Ireland: Johnny Evans has limped off, & now Chris Brunt has a bloody nose.
Really disappointing to lose Johnny Evans and now Chris Brunt in the wars. Could they call West Brom game off at half time please?!
Johnny Evans now out for norn iron. Automatic qualification seems to be getting harder. May have to rely on Hungary dropn points
Harsh for Johnny Evans if he misses Northern Ireland's biggest games for decades. I hope that he can at least make one of the games.
Johnny Evans off injured, bad to worse this season.
Johnny Evans is injured. Very good for West Brom this.
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Same old Johnny Evans 23 minutes in off injured for West Brom
Johnny Evans walks off injured. What a surprise
Johnny Evans leaves the field with an injury. The injury being his bottle has gone.
Johnny Evans has been subbed off, injured.
Johnny Evans injured in first 25 minutes! Nothing changed for that man!
Is Johnny Evans never not injured can never complete 90mins
Johnny Evans injured again. Plus ca change.
Johnny Evans, injured. Like that's a surprised.
Johnny Evans of injured story of his life.
nice To see Johnny Evans rubbing shoulders with the likes of Brunt and Morrison
Watching Football Focus and seeing Johnny Evans in his WBA gear is painful! Why didn't we bring him back instead of Kaboul ๐Ÿ™ˆ
Yeah, Johnny Evans struck me as a real nice guy when he was spitting at Papiss Cisse.
So in the space of 3 weeks has gone from calling Johnny Evans "extremely average", to a excellent signing .. Explain that ๐Ÿ˜•
Don't remember the same outpouring of sympathy and blaming from the football family when Johnny Evans smashed up Stuart Holden's knee.
Fergie could win games with the likes of John O'shea, Wes Brown, Johnny Evans, Darren Gibson, Van Gaal is *** mun
Instead of Everton signing two no marks they should of gone for Austin an Johnny Evans, premier league experience
All the best Johnny Evans ! Hope you have a good future and thanks for your service throughout the years ๐Ÿ‘
Lovren is tripe. How brendan rodgers rates him don't know. Certainly not 20 million. That just makes Johnny Evans price tag a bargain for us
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ got Johnny Evans now take Townsend and ยฃ5mil
Chance could be without first choice Centre-backs today. Johnny Evans now beginning to look like Franco Baresi
Imagine even thinking about replacing John Stones with Johnny Evans. What an embarrassment!
someone just said Johnny Evans is better than John Stones
Don't understand why don't do a deal for John Stones and Johnny Evans plus cash?
This for every Johnny Evans or John O Shea critic
Sad to see Johnny Evans one of the legends of the 6:1 at the swamp is off to West Brom.
United fans slating Johnny Evans bang out of order. Short memories...
Johnny Evans is not good enough to play in the Premier League, let alone United. It's like watching a tennis player in football boots.
and have been on the phone the last two days discussing Johnny Evans moving to the Hawthorns.
If after the transfer window we have Johnny Evans playing CB, Valencia on the wing and Ben Amos in goal then you have the right to complain
Yeah probably blow the full 35m on Steven Taylor and Johnny Evans, Martinez given it " More numbers in the squad" .. *** Off ๐Ÿ˜‚
yeah Johnny Evans and Phil Jones it seems
When we sell John Stones and Johnny Evans walks into Finch Farm.
One or two injuries and Johnny Evans and Phil Jones will be our back Four while Otamendi and company pair up at Man City
We've been linked with Van Dijk, Shaqiri, Mertens and Honda. We'll end up with Aaron Lennon, Johnny Evans and Steven Flโ€ฆ
Johnny Evans, James Wilson on loan and Aaron Lennon on last day
Going off the top of my head I can't think of a defender over the age of 26 in our squad barring Johnny Evans! Which is good for the future
If there's anything good about Johnny Evans it's his wife.
"They're nobody. PSG are a bigger club. That's why PSG have Thiago Silva & Man Utd have Johnny Evans." - Thiago Silva httโ€ฆ
Be even more banter when you sign Johnny Evans this transfer dead line
snaps up Christopher Brunt with his 9th pick. now has 5mins to make a pick or get assigned Johnny Evans.
and i cant wait until he brings in Johnny Evans...
When Stones + Jags get injured next season and Tony Hibbert, Johnny Evans and Gareth Barry all start
Sterling money will give us Cheryshev, Medel and Johnny Evans... *** is youre problem Rodgers? Rues, Pedro or Hernandez!!
Tefu Mashamaite would be great at Arsenal meanwhile we're linked with Johnny Evans
Tom Cleverly at 25 is not as great as Bastian at 31, Same way Johnny Evans at 27 is not as great as Terry at 34. They can still play.
Arsenal want to sign Johnny Evans! My day as a United fan just got better. We'll pay for you guys to take him.
We just signed Bastian Schweinsteiger, City rejected by Delph. Arsenal in the market to sign Johnny Evans! Day can't get any better
Johnny Evans is like that recurring std that keeps coming back after every summer.
I'd sell Phil Jones and Johnny Evans both for a packet of rice krispies and not even blink.
Please don't say the reports about Johnny Evans are real, Christ
Pls God, let these silly transfer rumours go away already. Johnny Evans,ยฃ10million and Everton do NOT belong in the same sentence!
Michael Oliver appearing to stop the game so Johnny Evans can tie his boot laces. Hmm, must be a new rule for United players.
Barring Titus Bramble...Pascal Cygan...Silvestre in his twilight...Johnny Evans has to b d worst defender I've even seen.
ohhh smallings our best defender tho better than Lovren lol. Johnny Evans has gta go tho
Chris Smalling, Phil Jones and Johnny Evans. Start one. Bench one. Sell one. What would you guys do?
I swear johnny just searched up micaela evans and blocked every single one with photo of me bc
Guessing Johnny Evans, Rafael, Nani, and Chicharito are off in the summer
They make me play with Johnny Evans and blackett
Just got a call to be in a Johnny deep movie no bs rs tho got the voice mail and everything
oh ok cool gotta check that match out. Jack Evans vs Johnny Mundo or Jack Evans vs Prince Puma will fantastic matches. ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘Š
if Johnny would have stayed and mike Evans would have stayed for their senior year he would of had both.
Once borders close and you can't blame Johnny Foreigner, who's next? The politics of fear and blame one day lead to the kโ€ฆ
The only reason why Johnny Manziel was good was cus of Mike Evans. Or is that a bold statement?
Good call. My suggestion to save him = Mike Evans :) MT Aways said Chip Kelly was the one guy who could rescue Johnny Manziel.
Chris Evans went from Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the 1st 2 Fantastic Four movies to playing Captain America/Steve Rogers...
Johnny Evans, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones and Michael Carrick base of your team all HUGE superstars.
Anyone else notice how the performances have improved since Johnny Evans got suspended
and Chris Evans was Johnny Storm what's ur point
Enjoy Johnny Otis and Delmar Evans - Country Girl and other 1950s-2000 Oldies on .
Is johnny Evans still banned?was he ever?never heard much about it..why journos
a good fullback is like the smartest retard, so Evans was like the dumbest retard
true but Johnny Evans bank account is heavier than your whole family tree's
In a perfect world, Jeremy Evans would get all the minutes.
watching fantastic four purely for young Chris Evans and the banter between Johnny and Ben
My Nana is a better footballer than Johnny Evans
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Do you think Chris Evans played Johnny Storm or Captain America better and what happens when The Fantastic 4 join The Avengers๐Ÿ˜...
Johnny Evans, Rafael and don't sign Falcao. Simply not the player he was
Great interview with Johnny Evans "great to have behind us We'll test their resources now though"
Otamendi and Hummels. Fair to say Helen and Johnny Evans will be looking for new employment next season!
I love Chris Evans' Johnny Storm, but I love his Steve Rogers more. ๐Ÿ’™
init, our defense is a lot better than theirs without a doubt and we have johnny Evans
UKIP's Suzanne Evans to take part in 4 way all female radio debate on Thursday
Smith, Burks and Thompson were indicted this afternoon, in connection with the February 15 murder of Johnny Evans in Jefferson City.
Pele *** over John Shea,Wes Brown, Johnny Evans,Cleverly and Fletcher and co
โ€œMignolet has got more clean sheets this year than David De Gea.. That's a sick jokeโ€ you don't have Johnny Evans
I wouldn't blame De Gea for leaving. Why would he want to play behind Phil Jones and Johnny Evans with no Champions League
Anyone care to explain why Johnny Evans recieved a shorter ban from football that Cisse? Absolute joke!
The scariest moment in football is when Johnny Evans has the ball.
6 games for Johnny Evans. Not like he's Paolo Maldini or something
I Agree with Danny mills on Johnny Evans debate. Only thing his said correct as a pundit, the rest he chats out his ***
Paul Scholes saying Johnny Evans was spitting at the floor... Really should have gone to Specsavers
โ€œClayton Blackmore, RVP, Johnny Evans. Over to youโ€ were the police involved in them myths?
Johnny Evans in the men lineup so I know how this match gon be...
3 men are in custody in connection to the death of Johnny Evans in Jeff City.
"Johnny Evans is a disaster waiting to happen" defense flaw!
Finally Anderson left Manchester United, u see now if Johnny Evans could leave too I'd be happy bruh
Rojo and Smalling should be the starting CB's from now and I don't wanna ever see Johnny Evans in the starting 11
Pushing it, but Chris Evans was Cap, Johnny Storm, and did the voice for Casey Jones in a Ninja Turtles movie.
Hi Marcos, great header today. BTW, do you mock Johnny Evans defending?
ready for him to end Johnny Evans, since he ended Stu :(
Chris Evans went from Johnny Storm to Captain America. Brandon Routh went from Superman to The Atom. Thoughts?
congrats SKD! hopefully u can be the neesis of UTD again just like u were when u were with SNAP JOHNNY EVANS please!
Next up Johnny Evans, the dirty get, v
Johnny Evans and Smalling looked confident in defense despite the lack of Cambridge pressure.
To think Gerrad Pique left Man United cause he wasn't getting enough play time cause of Johnny Evans.. Who knew?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
78 minutes gone and I've just noticed Johnny Evans is playing
I think we should play against Cambridge United more. Because Johnny Evans has been a star today.
no man Johnny Evans is a stalwart, legend in the making
remember that, plays for Cardiff now?. Johnny Evans
Johnny Evans is about as useful as Calpol
Just realised that Johnny Evans won't have a clue what the Spanish duo are saying ๐Ÿ˜‚
Phil Jones with his best Johnny Evans impression right there๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ™ˆ
If I was Man U manger today this would be my team:Goal( David De Gea) no 2(Rafael), no 4( Johnny Evans), no 5( Chris Smalling), no 3(Luke Shaw), no 6(Michael Carrick), no 7 (Valencia), no8( Wayne Rooney), no 10(Juan Mata),no 11(Angel Di Maria), no 9( Robin Van Persie) and I guarantee you the league. If you can't win anything with that team you have a problem as a manager!
Lol, same thing i ask about Alvaro Arbeloaโ€œLook at Johnny Evans! How is he even a Man United Player again?โ€
Put it on Johnny Evans to score first tomorrow. You know Craig would want you to.
He no go go anywhere, we like them playing for utd"Johnny Evans is available for some cool price.
Johnny Evans is the luckiest person in football to be wearing a united shirt
Johnny Evans playing As bad as I've ever seen him play, shadow of his self
Looks like Johnny Evans is morphing into Gary Sinise.
Tyler Blackett would do so much better than Johnny Evans.
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It's Sunday morning. Only 9 lads have turned up for your pub team. You'd still ask Johnny Evans to be a sub!
You're aiming for the title when you have Johnny Evans and Ashley Young in your team
How did Man United keep a clean sheet with Michael Carrick, Johnny Evans and Phil Jones in defense... -Tom
Still plenty time for Johnny Evans career to be ended in this game, all is not lost.
Martin Tyler, "I bet LVG is pleased to have both Johnny Evans and Phil Jones back fit again"... I'm sure he's laughing at the latter name!
Since when Johnny Evans is as fast as Juan Manuel Iturbe?
Man United are so screwed if Johnny Evans, Phil Jones and Marcos Rojo are all injured, not to mention Chris Smalling being suspended :(((
you give Rafael maturity?? you must be Fifa17,,Jones and De Gea way ahead,even Johnny Evans bruh!!
I don't think the future of rests on the likes of Johnny Evans,Phil Jones and Chris Smalling. They are just too average
Johnny Evans, Phil Jones, Chris Smalling .are just not good enough as centre backs. Always a mistake away
neither Chris Smalling nor Johnny Evans is playing today. Mr jones will be partnering Mr rojo.
today felt great, but gotta go Ole Miss. Johnny to Evans on 3rd and a million.
Doesn't Chris Evans playing both Johnny Human Torch and Captain America create a conflict of interest in the Marvel universe?
My mom just asked me why Johnny Manziel didn't dress out for Texas A&M today!
Catch me and boy as Johnny Football and Mike Evans.
Johnny Evans more upset on the pick call they called against State. FSU ran same thing 4 or 5 times.
Johnny Evans more upset with the pick call on is after FSU ran it 3 times and. Jding on us in 4th q after not calling it
Thankyou to Johnny Cruz for charting Evans - 00.9 in his new Summer Solstice Chart!!
Johnny Football was clearly a product of the system and Mike Evans.. Hill is putting up the same numbers!
why couldn't Johnny Manziel and mike evans stay at a&m for YA know the rest of their football careers
It seems pretty apparent that A&M misses Mike Evans more than Johnny Football.
Kenny Hill & the receivers need to go walk under the century tree together so they have a better connection. Johnny & Evans probably did.
Johnny Evans couldn't have made that headed clearance, always ball watching
I'm not trying to do a Johnny Evans here by saying this but I have no doubt luke shaw will become the best left back in world football
Well done Paddy McNair. More confident on the ball than "senior defender" Johnny Evans.
McNair already looks better than Johnny evans.
Lmfao Chris Smalling and Johnny Evans must be thinking about their future now after that magnificent display from Paddy McNair
Evans' *** But Johnny promised him a name if he could take Moat Cailin back from the Ironborn.
Johnny Evans out the side and we suddenly look relaxed on the ball at the back
In all honesty I'm pretty confident in Paddy McNair today. There's just no possible way he could be worse then Johnny Evans
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You'd never see Johnny Evans score a goal like that ๐Ÿ˜‚
The exact thing I was thinking. Chances are it's just Johnny Evans with a fake moustache.
Don't know what ill do if united lose today, fairly confident they won't, new defense out, no useless johnny evans
I can't get Chris Evans as johnny storm out of my head, I just can't believe he's captain America. I mean... Krasinski..
Phil Jones, Johnny Evans & Chris Smalling have been ruled out of United's clash with West Ham today due to injuries.
I can rant over Phil Jones,Chris Smalling and Johnny Evans being not good and reliable enough all day but y'all know that already
Rafeal and Johnny Evans are an insult to the shirt
At the half Lawrence North 0 Ben Davis 42. Chris Evans and Tate both with 2 rushing TD's.
Oh Jesus. I rated Johnny Evans and Adrian Chiles! Still rate JE but cannot stand AC!
Since April 2012 Johnny Evans has had 19 separate injuries.
Rojo is taller than a throught hope he can be solid tomoz needs to stay with he's man and not ball watch like johnny Evans
First fifa 15 goal scored by Johnny Evans LOL
Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Johnny Evans, not fit for clash
Porto's team is stronger, and our CBs love to emulate Johnny Evans
How can Phil Jones, Chris Smalling & Johnny Evans be our future Centre-Backs with all these injuries & lack of form.
Like, help us displace the likes of Johnny Evans and Smalling.
Imagine spending 140m on a player and have Smalling and Evans as ur will now be looking like Johnny Bravo
Photoset: master-of-duct-tape: Everyone likes to point out the fact that Chris Evans played both Johnny...
The good thing about is ManU fans can go back to using their club. The bad thing is Johnny Evans.
I'm wearing this collared shirt with my warmups.
I don't get all this analysis about ManUtd's defence. You have Johnny Evans starting dan. That's all you need.
So what must to can happen now ?. If that 1 available is Johnny Evans than we're as good as down toโ€ฆ
you're not wrong there mate! Especially when my best CB is Johnny Evans!!
Jones, Smalling and Johnny Evans are all injured. Blacket is under suspension. I rest my case.
Hope is doing well... I also hope she plays some Art Tatum, Johnny Costa, & Bill Evans for the little Princess Diamond.
We're stressed United's defense might crumble again against West Ham. Johnny Evans is talking about his passion for golf and the Ryder Cup.
Johnny Evans, Chris Smalling & Phil Jones all out. Ds Johnny Evans don become glass, abi?
I'll hear no ill words against Phillip Jones, Christopher Smalling or Johnny Evans sir. Although we do need an experienced CB
Tyler Blackett and Johnny Evans were awesome today. Dont forget Anderson too.
Johnny Evans, Danny Welbeck, Anderson, and Young instead of Blind, RvP, Di Maria, and Shaw.
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Johnny Evans wouldn't take spot on the sky blues team! Absolutely muck!
LMFAO SHA DONT BLOCK ME ANGEL Di Mariaโ€œJohnny Evans should be punished by LVGโ€
That *** Johnny Evans !!! Please God, turn him into a white walker !!!
Johnny Evans? More like Norman Evans. This United team needs more than one Angel, 'eavens above.
Anyone else think that Johnny Evans looks like Matthew Broderick?
If fans think they'll win the league with Johnny Evans, Phil Jones, and Smalling at Centre Half they're laughing
Too many people overestimating Utd this season. Phil Jones. Chris Smalling. Johnny Evans. That's a relegation defence not top 4.
Am I the only one that thinks Johnny Evans should be captain? He's perfect for the role. homegrown, a centre back and our best one at that
With Ravel Morrison playing behind Ched Evans, the prison football team must be superb this year
I agree and Benjamin was who I was referencing. He was the Mike Evans to Johnny Manziel. But Jameis cold, we will see.
Johnny Evans looks like a poor imitation of Nicholas Hoult.
oh. I thought he was a muscular version of Johnny Evans.
wasn't just Johnny, mike Evans, Molina, nawatchakoo (if that's how you spell it), were high quality all around. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Defence has been solid with Johnny Evans
In my opinion Van Gaal will make Johnny Evans Captain.
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Evans had been reasonably ok until last season
Evans is the only one of the CB's who has really proven himself.
I'd just get DDG. Evans is probably next best
I love them dearly but they are injured too easily,Evans might be safest from LvG comments so far.
johnny depp is always a good thing. I just ordered myself some books so im all good
I want to be Johnny Depp in this movie and rob banks and have a Tommy gun and be dapper
ha, no worries. Really hope he's in it if it happens; if Evans can be Cap after Johnny Storm, RR can overcome Green Lantern!
Johnny Manziel proved his ex-teammate Mike Evans wrong by going out to a bar after training camp.
Happy Ouwa!๐Ÿป. Johnny Manziel proves fr. teammate MikeEvans wrong by going out during camp(via
Johnny Manziel proves heโ€™s a team player by showing up early to training camp with bloody marys for everyone.
This guy should be taken off the Browns beat. Terrible.
This isn't fair and shouldn't exist.
the one exception i can think off is Johnny Evans
what's wrong with Phil Jones, Chris Smalling and Johnny Evans?
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