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Johnny Deep

John Christopher Johnny Depp II (born June 9, 1963) is an American actor, producer and musician.

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Amidst this deep ugliness from our Republican President what makes it even more astounding is that the GOP is completely a…
sometimes I get anxious but then I take a deep breath and sit back then realize my impending doom& life spiraling out of control
Off the bat I thought that was six rows deep
“In my worst moments of anguish, I seemed to discover the deep significance of existence of which till then I had b…
Why are they throwing deep when Johnny limp arm can’t get it past 15 yards!!
😂😂😂 that deep? Na wa. Man is gonna end up like Johnny Manziel
I found a way how to express my feelings about Axl vs Johnny MU in Xrd.
"Johnny was really struggling during the interview, he took a deep breath, entered his Pause Pod. He came out 10 mins later and nailed it"
From his golf course, he says this woman in waist-deep water using a bullhorn trying to find survivors is a poor leader. ht…
. the mayor of San Juan is waist-deep in sewage searching for people w/ a megaphone while you golf & insult…
After a day of drowning at work what better way to relax is there than a deep bath and Johnny Walker Gold Label.
That moment, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. BUT I FREAKING SAW JOHNNY DEEP!!! Oh the love.
well pretty drunk now with Johnny deep to over haul halving to gain drunk what is you want this time
I just started season 3 and so far its bruce wayne clone, ages up poison ivy and now a johnny deep looking mad hatter
I was too deep into the PS2 to care about the Cube. Although I had a Dreamcast too and LOVED it.
Got a song for you right now that's about a man that's cold on the exterior, but deep down ya'know he's a good man and his name is Johnny.
doyomi: Yuta: let’s do tequila shots Ten: sounds like a good idea *Johnny from afar in a deep *** narrator...
Yikes, it's an edit of Johnny deep at a children's hospital btw
There is an ig Stan saying Johnny deep is not an abuser, imagine being that into your favs *** yikes.
Deep down in Jamaica, close to Mandeville. Back up in the woods, on top of a hill. There stood an old hut made of ear…
Nahhh y'all not looking deep enough.
Johnny Deep surprises fans at turns up as Captain Jack Sparrow
Johnny Deep as Capt.Jack Sparrow is literally me as of rn 😂🙌🏽
Reports say Johnny Deep spent $3-million to shoot Hunter S. Thompson's ashes out of a cannon. Totally worth it:.
I'm Johnny Deep. Discover which star you are! . START QUIZ:
Johnny Deep's ex Amber Heard gets custody of dogs Pistol and Boo.
The best moments of the movie Ed Wood starring Johnny Deep. source.
Sleepy hallow with Johnny Deep will always be my fav
Instead of Johnny Deep as Jack Sparrow should be cast as Captain Martinez 😀👍🏻
I don't need a video. I believed when she 1st reported Johnny Deep abused her. He's a disgrace.
What if we fell deep in love with the wrong people just to find ourselves?
All of that is a glimpse of my inner thoughts deep inside me that I come too at certain points in my day and I feels good expressing them😧😧
I usually can handle a deep, smart conversation about Johnny, but now...
Yo I know I'm late but I just watched that Johnny Deep video.
selfish clown? yea to busy with those charities! Plus it's summer, anywho I was saying I hope the preds win the cup!
Actually the day the Preds just lost their dressing room with a selfish clown that comes late 18 times for practice
Yeah better in coming in late for practice, being a clown in a dressing room and being selfish on the ice.
Christopher is a Johnny in my heart but deep down I know he is more of a Robbie. :(
If I were to pick sides on politics I pick Hillary, if I were to pick sides on media stories I pick Johnny. Deep down we all know I'm right.
I love how Asian names have such deep meanings like Yuki means snow, Aki means autumn and Johnny means let him debut it's bee…
Wijnaldum's role in the second goal was exactly what he was signed for. Running from deep and making things happen on the…
~pushing them deep his Long fingers hitting his G spot with ease*
Exactly her role was minor but its not a big deal its a Johnny Deep movie its about his character.
Yeah like BM is hit because DJ? Do they know about massive fans following of Johnny Deep & Benedict
I always said nobody can do a beegees track justice but hearing how deep is your love by Johnny Mathis just proved me wrong, quality
a clown version of Johnny Deep or Jack Sparrow? There's a BIG difference...
So is trending because of what her mum said but everyone is mute on Johnny Deep abusing woman htt…
Well, this prove Johnny Deep needed help from his wife Amber Heard and she was to business trying to make a case, She is a POS
After having a pretty deep conversation with Johnny today I think I'm going to cry and watch friends. Which is what I do norm…
Good morning Johnny deep is the scum of earth
The moment when Charlotte Gainsbourg met Johnny Deep, both listening to Creep... :)
You look like a young Johnny Deep with your new hair cut 🙈🙈
Lots of Birthdays today Long Islander Natalie and Johnny Deep plus Micheal J Fox
Also worked4 Robin Williams, Lindsey Lohan, Robert Heath Ledger, Johnny Deep, and others... at least for a while
"Not Jimmy Carey😳I also thought if a white guy played Michael Jackson it would be Johnny Deep. I think he would make a great
I want to meet Johnny Deep . I will he's cool
I knew deep down a lot of that fraudulent nonsense wouldn't last.
Hey guys, so I dropped Vol 2 to my It's Not That Deep series. Please be sure to give it a spin,…
"there's a door, you've got the key, we welcome you, to this anomaly". *deep voice* . when Johnny speaks eng 😌
Was that the best u can do as to y the wont go deep in2 playoffs? It takes 3.4 yrds a carry 2 score, fool!
Nobody gets me, I'm immature & mature at the same time. I'm a goof but also deep, weird & romantic. My mind is so developed I'm strange.
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Shatrughan Sinha is Johnny Lever from Dulhe Raja, He takes Salary from Kadar Khan but working for Govinda.
Girl, Johnny Deep needs no understanding :p
I'm in too deep on shirts to make that pledge
Will she deep throat that's amazing 😆🎯trrru
*** Ulrich looked exactly like Johnny Deep in scream 😻
All indications seem to suggest the ANCYL press statement team are currently deep into the latest crate of Johnny Walker B…
You're in too deep! Like that Johnny Deep mob movie. Go home to your family.
I love the movie blow with Johnny deep!!
(Sees sad fanart about johnny gettin into fights) (DEEP PAINED INHALE)
My aesthetic is Johnny Deep's acting tbh
With my favorite actor and protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Johnny Deep!…
oh god the last time iv'e seen a Johnny Deep movie was the pirates of the carabian
I only have it in the dark deep colour of the innermost reaches of my tortured, angst-ridden soul. Oh, and green.
~ I just want to take care of you...~ James said with deep voice, he stroked the blond's cheek.
I added a video to a playlist Johnny Fiasco - Go Deep
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Lakers, Wolves in really nice shape. Pels got AD and gonna get a nice pick. Utah is deep.
As Johnny Carson would say "I did not know that." Now that I do, awesome Fleetwood Mac deep cut. Go Hawks!!!
When you think your gonna die but it's not that deep
Don't be beautiful for something as temporary as your looks. . Be beautiful, deep down to your soul.
Johnny Depp aracılığıyla I was born support to johnny deep and I wanna meet him is it possible?
I still want to pray for those that are having a rough time cause of the typhoon. Don't let the rain cause you pain. johnny deep
Johnny Hate Jazz - Shattered Dreams (Gabriel Marchisio Deep Video Mix), I can't get enough of this song, good video.
You can close your eyes to the things U don’t want to see,but you can’t close your heart...
Hey Viktor! Jonathan Frid is the ultimate real Barnabas Collins, not Ben Cross and he'll no to Johnny Deep.
I bet she'd change her tune with Johnny Deep, Robert Downing Jr. and Jude Law. Just to name a few. :p
Then I come online and read stories of Johnny Deep, Rob Reiner & Nick spending so much time with fans like tf?
myRockworld features: The new Hollywood Vampires album Alice Cooper, Paul McCartney and Johnny Deep, out...
-. -. -Nobody is better that the others , we're all just different - Johnny Deep @ M&M'S London
Johnny Depp "The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep."
I fall in love in Johnny Deep's eyes 😍🌟
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
.logo means a swinging strike-out in baseball. Way to get deep into the metaphor, Johnny.
FreshNews: Hollywood Actor Johnny Deep set to sale his France Estate For $26m - Pirates of the Carribbean...
Some deep house to start my morning ☺️
You mean like Take That covering How Deep is your Love or Westlife covering Against All Odds. 😬😉😆👍
actually imagine your voice as deep as Johnny Cash-ish :)
When Johnny and I get into a conversation . it always leads into some deep conversation!
Threw this from deep and it just stuck
This is a perfect moment for Johnny to go deep
love your background of Johnny Deep from "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"
this is how you win any man over, deep throat his *** you my idol Johnny! Ha ha
Just got a sudden deep hankering for a Johnny Marr/collaboration. (I think I need more sleep)
Whatever will I do without the character of Johnny Storm©?
It's crazy how someone you know that loves you deep down can just easily walk away ..
Johnny just bashed Loser by CDB, saying it was horrible and nasty. Had to act like I didn't like it.. Deep down its my favorite😂
Deep conversations with someone who understands you is everything
domain names
Both, Johnny Deep and Al Pacino are in this film; both get out acted by Anne Heche and Michael Madsen...
Just can't stop myself from watching the trailer of again and again. Johnny Deep at his very best
Johnny Deep , Tom Cruise , Will Smith & Liam Nesoon all don't have oscars too How ? Why ? What ? When ? Where ? the world will never know 😂
I m so happy this concert is taking place at Vegas City Limits ... Glass Vaults Gravel Road and Johnny Deep. tix...
Tim Burton is doing the rounds for his upcoming period drama "Big Eyes," which features no creatures, Johnny Deep or gothic overtones. It's a ton
“A 16-year-old Johnny Depp, c. 1979 I need a Johnny Deep in my life 😩😍
I will always have hope for Johnny Deep and Winona Ryder
Chris Evans is such a great actor! :D. Isn't he?Well,not better than Robert Downey Jr. or Johnny Deep but very well c:
Gene Wilder or Johnny Deep? You just want the chocolate out of me. :(
Do u think johnny deep n heath ledger's kid would be perfection
Hamas escalates rocket fire deep into Israel, hitting Ashkelon, Ashdod | The Times of Israel
If you haven't seen Transcendence yet then I would highly recommend it. Johnny Deep plays his role perfectly and the substance of the movie is very enlightening. :-)
don't knock , we need toys for about 5 years ... We need money forever . Did I mention I was deep like johnny?
Johnny's just rolling up that dolla bill to get at some deep, recessed ear wax. He's so hygienic.
I want a deep fryer to do johnny cakes and stuff.
Dang, Johnny Manziel can't even take a deep breath without it being a big deal.
this never happened before sotake a deep breathe. I'm angry at a very insensitive Johnny Manziel. it was a cruel joke and i cried all night
Lexus and turbocharging? Take a look at the of turbocharged engines.
People cry, not because they are weak. It's because they've been strong for too long. -Johnny Deep
The best gospel recordings—by Aretha Franklin, The Staples Singers, The Carter Family, even Elvis—hum with a deep...
they about to put Johnny Football in the deep fryer all week
They're going way too deep with Johnny Manziel.
You may be anticipating a deep and powerful wave of emotions, ... More for Gemini
She's kind of a walking poem, she's this perfect beauty...but at the same time very deep, very smart. . -Johnny Depp
This movie is kinda messy and poorly recorded.Colours and sounds are exhausting. The best part in this movie is Johnny Deep
Which celebrity you would follow on — Deigo Simoene .. Antoni Conte .. Zlatan Ibrahimovic ..Johnny Deep ...
Chris Rock as Beasly, Jason Statham as Timmy Howard, Kevin Bacon as Aaron. Wesley Snipes as Jozy. Johnny Deep as Mix Diskerud
Silver Moon " Sleepy Hollow Tree of Life" pendant. Made with silver plate copper wire. This is a late fall/winter tree of life based on the Celtic tradition of the Tree of Life- the roots represent our unconcious world, the trunk and branches represent our everyday, mundane lives, and the leaves represent our connection to the heavens. I really like this piece because of it's simplicy and starkness, and it reminds me of the magickal and slightly demonic trees in the Johnny Deep classic film " Sleepy Hollow". However, this tree is not as scary as those trees, cause if you look closely, the silver moon has a rather sweet smile on it's face, lol!
Johnny Deep's new movie is opening to less than $15 mill. More proof audiences don't care about "movie stars", they ca…
I look somewhat like Johnny Depp so you can just call me Johnny Deep.
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I just found out that Brad Pitt and Johnny Deep are 50 years old and Bruce Willis is 59 A. that makes me feel old because actors I watched are getting old B. I hope to look that good at 50
The brazilian tv is so stupid it said "Johnny Deep" instead of "Johnny Depp"
This afternoon, my dear niece Patty from Texas, came to visit me. I surprised her; from La Guardia, I drove straight to Manhattan, to the David Letterman show. The first tapping was with Johnny Deep. The second with Billy Crystal. Kwai Enin from Wm. Floyd HS read the Top Ten...The music was so good. Dave announced he is retiring in one if you watch the show tomorrow, look for us (I am wearing red).
Brad Pitt, Johnny Deep, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, John Travolta, Will Smith.Leonardo aint the only one
Tom Hanks, Johnny Deep, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and Yoko Ono are all in the same room...I just...*sigh*
Any movie that is directed by Tim Burton and/or has Johnny Deep in it is a amazing movie
I hate when I search the web for Dark Shadows pic or whatnot all I see is mostly Johnny Deep and the other actors from that flick. ARgh.
Rachael Taylor? (hard! maybe Amber Heard bc she kissed Matthew and now is dating Johnny Deep!! you?)
Kinda sad Jason Segel, Andy Samberg, Johnny Deep, or Clay Mathews were NOT under my Christmas tree sheets this year...darn it
Best movie ever; anything with Burt Reynolds, John Wayne and Johnny Deep. Too cool. Oh, and a really cool car.
With my album done, I'm free to relax at Don't Tell Mama's in West Hollywood. They'r tryin to "bring the *** bar back", that's a quote! :) Tonight they have cabaret, in the audience is Ben Vereen and a Johnny Deep look alike... Its awesome!!!
Just watch the Johnny Deep film Story about the Famous Bank robber John Dillinger
Johnny Deep is special , u remember his cigarette , genleman.
Omg 2 of my idols in a movie Angelina Jolie's and Johnny deep ❤❤
I didn't know that johnny deep and Leonardo DiCaprio were in a movie together
The trippy original version too not the remake with Johnny deep
Fancy Johnny Deep in pirates of the caribbean 👌
I can't believe that Johnny Deep just walked pass me in Covent Garden... This is London Life!!!
Totally amazing photos of Johnny Depp! -
Alice in wonderland movie.. Tim Burton y johnny deep a que buen mix
Did Johnny Deep do a good job portraying Native people?
did you see I really did do Johnny deep
If I was Johnny deep on blow, I would let it snow 
Johnny Deep is so cynically twisted that it is beautiful. ❤
now that cuts deep Johnny... Deep. 😢
Would Jonah Hill play Johnny Deep as Tom Hanson? Or would Johnny Depp also play Jonah Hill as Johnny Depp as Tom Hanson?
I'm trying to watch a Johnny Deep movie (I love him)...and relax.only one thing wrong, Angelina Jolie is in it.she is a terrible actress! (the tourist)
I love Johnny Deep's quirky characters.but I am just not a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean. There now I have said it, I feel so much better...LOL
Spent the day with Steve & Cass at Narellan. Dragged the two to the movies to see Lone Ranger.loved! Johnny Deep getting down n dirty.o he can leave his slippers under my bed any day...
Motivated by two big names (Disney and Johnny Deep) yesterday Tish and me watched "The Lone Ranger." I confess I ended frustrated a little. It's a typical "super production", an "action-comedy" with excellent effects, good acting, unforgettable moments, intense action sequences, originality, good gadgets, good soundtrack and lots of surprises. But probably the excess of "corporate brain storms" killed the story. Nobody is completely good or bad, smart or dumb. It's a neutral speech simultaneously about too much and nothing. The only love in the plot is a forbidden one. Abnormality and magic is abundant. It seems to be a movie for boys (but with excess of violence,) but nothing is shown there for anybody to learn anything. The content substance is mostly empty, in the style of Han Solo adventures. Society and life in general is unfair. Perhaps somebody perceives an unneeded anti-capitalist and even anti-American bias. "The Lone Ranger" was a lot less of what I was expecting for. For me, it's sad.
I'm not quite sure if I'm sane. Oh well, at long as Johnny Deep is still amazing and Betty White hasn't died, ill live to see tomorrow.
I just keep thinking to myself movies are going to suck when the actors from my generation don't act anymore ( Will Smith, Johnny Deep,brat pit-his wife,mark walbern,j-chan,Adam Sandler,chris tuker, Denzel Washington) and all the rest too many names to right down
Tim Burton is making the new Adams Family movie! I messes with Tim Burton... hopefully Johnny Deep is in it somewhere.
Took a stroll along Hollywood Boulevarde Friday night and its all there. Who said “there is no ‘there’ there.”? Wheeling and dealing on a grand scale; Darth Vader in full regalia posing for snaps for cash. These Darths feed on the force of the mighty dollar… Iron man with a pot gut… Transformers of varied shapes and sizes Snow White who may turns tricks on the side… finding a Johnny Deep lookalike will always be a challenge hard but there’s several in Pirate costumes swashbuckling around. The one who looks most like him is unfortunately about twice JD’s height but tourists will take what they can get and hand the Jacks their bounties. Through all this one man catches my eye He’s not dressed up as anyone; at first I think he’s dancing in a stumbling way to the biker who rides past with Led Zeppelins “Kashmir” blaring. At the same time in a doorway, a Jimi Hendrix lookalike has his baby amp wound up full, playing Purple Haze… A fire truck blares past…A lot if fire trucks bl ...
Tonight's the big event. OutCT is having its first fundraiser and first event ever! We hope you join us! Doors open at 4pm and live performances are spread throughout the evening. Patricia Ann Daddona at 5pm. Arlene Garcia-Wow at 7pm. Burlesque at 9pm with Missi Nespolo. At 10pm there is more live music by JABS aka Abdul Johnson, Kella Jai, and Eric Jones. Drag is at 11pm with Tasha K Minaj, Johnny Deep, Jasmina Andino, and Aunti N. Our fabulous emcee is Dixie Cyanide! There will be special appearances by Lori Jammin and Shelly Shelito's Way Vincent. And, my favorite girls from Shoreline Roller Derby will be there serving jello shots and selling 50/50 raffles. Hope to see you there!
BreakinG News Shahrukh Khan is one of the RICHEST ACTOR in the World.. Annually earned about 650 Million US$.He beat Big Names like Johnny Deep & Tom Hank
The top actors of Hollywood i.e. Leonardo, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Johnny Deep, Tom Cruise etc. never won an Oscar award till today. A fact for us to know that success is not measured with award that we get in life. Hardwork and +ve mind are good qualifiers for success.
Hello Movie Pit listens and or movie lovers! Well here’s another week of movie news down the tube. So here’s the roundup of news for this week. Unlike last week I’ll only do the“big” news items instead of all the news. Enjoy. Smaller News Items 2) Kon-Tiki directing duo of Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg will direct the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean. They beat out Fredrik Bond (The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman) and Rupert Sanders (Snow White and The Huntsman)for the gig. As of now, Depp is the only cast member confirmed to be returning for the film 3) Grumpy Cat, yes the internet meme, is getting his own movie! Similar to Garfield, according to reports Casting/Director News 3) Tom Hardy is apparently being asked if he’d be willing to be in the in the works Elton John biopic called Rocketman. The movie will be "biographical musical fantasy that weaves together the life of Sir Elton John and his music." John is an executive producer on the film. 4) Johnny Deep, becam ...
I find it slightly disturbing just how attracted I am to Johnny Deep in Sweeney Todd...
Ugh. Why is Johnny Deep so sexy when he plays weird things like Jack Sparrow or The Mad Hatter or Edward Scissorhands? Lmao.
"What's Eating Gilbert Grape" is such an amazing movie. Johnny Deep & Leonardo DiCaprio were perfect actresses for that movie.
I know, Johnny Deep! He is no Clayton Moore but it will be interesting.
Check out Tom Wilkinson in ... Johnny Deep, Armie Jammer & other great stars
Pirates of the Caribbean was made for women! Johnny Deep&Orlando Bloom?! Yes!
Johnny Deep has long been one of my favourite movie stars. Oh they meant, Depp.
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My grandson an I seen the new "OZ" movie this week-end it was good GREAT special effedts, seen previews of two more that well come out soon LONERANGER with Johnny Deep which I well see an the newest IRONMAN looks good too
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her best role?... — Johnny Deep, The Rum Diary, Secret Window
Just for Friday fun If you were stranded on a desert island, and you are allowed 3 people with you who would you have and why? No family members. Mine would be. 1, Bear Grylls, because he will keep me alive and busy Born Survivor 2, Jackie Chan, because I could work out with him and he'll keep me fit. 3, Johnny Deep, Well i have to have something to keep me warm! Who's your 3
Once a director of glorious creative endeavor, there is arguably no filmmaker working today who polarises opinion like Tim Burton. Renowed for his visually appealing, quirky, offbeat, gothically-aligned films – and for his frequent collaborations with both Johnny Deep and his wife, Helena [...]
Santa Maria, Central California waking up in the mourning can u smell the aroma, perfect like Leonardo painted Mona,, that's why I'm humble from all the times that I've stumble, standing tall I bet u'd wish I'd crumble, cuz I got the strength, like Lob City I penetrate the paint, eS e eMe call me a saint, daddy doing life in prison, this is how your Milo living, shovel in hand I keep on digging my hole deeper in the ground, when I get down I take a look to see who's around, silent pendrop is the sound of sirens, Forrest Gump like Saving Private Ryan, call me Johnny Deep cuz I can't stop crying, hotter then the sun as it's rising going to the John cuz I'm baptizing, holding the luck of a four leaf clover, man up pastime is being sober , till I exhale my last breath it's not over
Anyone wanna buy this? It's like 8ft tall and has Johnny deep as the mad hatter on the other side
Although are quite independent. They do have a deep-seated need for a committed union.
Quarterback Johnny Stanton has officially signed his LOI to play for
who do like better johnny deep or Jake cunuso
New Johnny deep podcast to start my day!!
Johnny deep was so handsome when he was young 💚💚💚💚
"The law condemns: the heart has compassion even on the sinner"- juws ( bukan jews). Kata yg dicari johnny deep sih gt. Juws alpukat :)
So -- deep breath -- my music blog is up and running. 1st items: Johnny Cash's house, Aaron Neville, Alex Hawkins. It's
That's the exact feeling I get. And look, there's Johnny Deep outrunning a fireball and jumping into water...again!
Johnny Deep was great in Alice and Wonderland?? Are you crazy
FUMBLE! Thats what you get for try harding.
Love your books! Especially the funny details like Johnny Deep and the chocolate and now Bradley Cooper! Great:o)
What famous person would you like to meet? — Ed Sheeran, Olly Murs, Johnny Deep, Orlando Bloom, One Direction, L...
Watching Sweeny Todd with Johnny Deep didn't no it was a musical not sure if I like it or not ?
It's supposed to be Ezra Miller, I'm not done yet, but most people think its Johnny Deep...
cool !!! did u see the tourist for Angelina Joli and Johnny Deep
next tv vault 21 jump street with Johnny deep
Johnny Deep is like one of the best actors(After Justin,DUH)because HE IS A BELIEBER! HES GOT THT BIEBER FEVER! Lol
I'm in love with Johnny Deep and Daddy Yankee.
way down deep in the middle of the Congo, a hippo took an apricot, a guava and a mango.
Now that I've bleached my hair sandy brown , more white guys/men want to talk to me 😁😁☺😕 well send me a Johnny Deep !
Only proper deep voiced men that were good singers were Elvis and Johnny Cash though...
How deep is the ocean ask Johnny Coltrane
What if it rained.We didnt care She said that someday soon The sun was gonna shine.And she was right.,My Valentine. deep
Tell Johnny Deep to alter his quote ;D
never ask my real name because l will telling you, l am Johnny Deep.
Tired. Here's a bit of young Johnny Deep.
no thank you, cause those lyrics are DEEP! Lol :))
Jock with lubed up *** ready to slide deep inside you. Who’s ready?
Shallow *** but deep enough to have gone swimming
Bout to keep this johnny deep night going. bout to pop in BLOW!
No one should be allowed to wear a fedora a sunglasses, unless they're Johnny Deep, he can pull off anything!
yeah I'll take it and deep throat it
I'm still tingling a little from Murtho Murthovics absolutely amazing live set at Djuma Chumma last Thursday. You don't have to be clairvoyant to foresee that this guy will blow up internationally by the end of this year! I hope tomorrow night with Johnni Deep, AnEyeLator and me, will be half as interesting!
Kolton Browning and Johnny Manziel slipped past Texas when their 3-deep was Gilbert, Ash, and Case McCoy.
We've got some more great movies for you to watch with your loved ones tonight! 3:30pm/2:30c--Alice in Wonderland 5:05pm/4:05c--Hercules 7:05pm/6:05c--Pocahontas 9pm/8c--Mulan
Just saw "Dark Shadows" with Johnny Deep :D Such a good movie !! I was expecting this because Deep was in & Burton's movies are awesome ♥
Johnny Deep "your most favorite authors that you would like to recommend."
Wouldn't mind meeting Johnny deep... Right about now lol
Hood K 13 is coming! December 31st at Hood Night! Toast at Midnight. Too Deep, Johnny Quest, And YaPartnersPatna in the mix. Hosted by Money Makin' Boom. Ladies free til 10. The cheapest party NYE is here! Strongly suggest you get here early.
If you fall in love with two people, pick the second because if you really loved the first you wouldn’t have fallen for the second. -Angel.
6.i love country music 7.i love Drake the weekend 9.find Johnny Deep sexy 10.would so anything to see channing tantum
What was the first album you ever purchased? Was it on CD, cassette, or dare I say ...vinyl? (What's that again?) - Madison
no me gusta tanto twilight, me parece otra película mas del montón -ElianaP
Johnny deep was gorgeous when he was younger👌
For all i know my dad could be Johnny Deep?
Done the most amazing pumpkin carriage... not made it into anything yet.. im thinking maybe a cushion.. could be personalised too .. will pop a pic up and any ideas for it would be god xx
saya SANGAT suke! Luv yaollls deep deep rolling in the johnny deep depp!
As if Johnny Deep named an island after his girlfriend :|
if u love two people at the same time choose the second because if u really loved the first u wouldn't have fallen for the second" -Jhonny Deep-
Got a favor to ask fb family. What are some good driving songs to listen to? Open to any genre.
well maybe if you guys weren't broke. And you weren't 3 deep lol
Love ya so much, my idol Johnny Deep :))
Have a question to post. Any medics have malpractice insurance? If so, any suggestions on where to get a good policy? Thanks Devon
I'm Johnny deep with the rarest poppy
Why are all pirates so hot. Orlando Bloom in that movie with Johnny deep, once upon a time., Captain Hook is the sexiest man in da world
I wanna have a deep conversation tonight with someone
yup and weird looking. I'll fantasize about young Thomas Howell and Johnny Deep.
My favorite movie of all time is gotta be the last one I've watched with Johnny deep in it.
I just love Johnny Deep! He is such an amazing actor. I've watched most of his movies and Sleepy Hollow couple of days ago and I realized: Tim Burton + Johnny = superamazing megafoxy combination! :D kisses. HermiLONAbly*
So again, not sure if I should post this, but since it has at least some reference to Queen, maybe another 13 year old who hasn't found their place in society yet can help me with this... I have a personal problem, my step-dad is a huge homophobic. I used to try to listen to Queen in my room while he was home, but whenever he heard Freddie's voice, we got into such a big argument over how he was such a 'pervert' so I just quit doing it. Well, I was listening to 'Sail Away Sweet Sister' (Brian sings that one, not Freddie.) when my step-dad got home and he didn't have a problem with it, he actually asked who sang it and I said "I don't know" just because I didn't want to bring up Queen and get a tounge lashing for it... But what should I tell him if he asks again? Should I tell him it was Brian May, the guitarist for Queen, or just Brian May? Or what? I'm not specifying my admin name, since this is so personal, but you can probably tell who I am by my age... Thanks for taking the time to read this. :P
Hello new life I'm sorry I been kind of resting in The Lord but I will try to at least keep sending a word of encouragement out on a daily basis, Last night pastor Johnny Burns Sr. Taught on the living word and I must say it was so inspiring to see and hear from this man of God, he puts his heart in soul into what he believes we as a people need to learn how to walk on this earth using the word of God, I'm excited to see so much passion go in and go out, if you haven't even sat down and really heard this powerful man of God you really need he's so deep and powerful and filled with so much knowledge it crazy, but I encourage you to sit in on one of his teaching and you will be so blessed be blessed and come out and sit and dine and watch and see the manifestation of the word of God, amen
As promised, here is the ADMIN CONTEST! All you have to do, is comment your answers to the following questions, and you will then be in the running to become a permanent admin for the page! Good luck! 1. Why do you love Black Veil Brides? 2. Has Black Veil Brides helped you in any way? 3. What is your favourite Black Veil Brides song and why? 4. How could you help to make this page better? 5. What do you think of the current admin (me)? 6. How often would be able to admin on this page? 7. How long have you been in the BVB Army? (been a Black Veil Brides fan) 8. Which Black Veil Brides song means the most to you and why? 9. What would you admin signing off name be? (TheProphet is taken) 10. Finally, tell me about yourself (what your like, personality, etc)! Thankyou! ~ TheProphet
I just got my edits back on my next novel. My editor said it was fantastic and even teared up when he read the ending. I will take that as a good sign! Now to work on getting it polished. This one is about a female war hero. So, who is into military romances?
passion is so intense other people can't believe they really mean what they are saying, so Scorpios are often misunderstood.
In some countries Johnny Depp is Johnny Deep, Robert Pattinson is Robert Patterson &:Elizabeth Reaser is Elizabeth Reezer
"The Pirates of the Caribbean" Trilogy Okay I know what people are going to say about this one, before "On Stranger Tides" the first three were great. I love all four films however I thought "At World's End" was a great way to close it. Captain Jack Sparrow was a character that earned Johnny Deep a Best Actor Nomination. Who would have thought playing a crazy pirate captain would have earned him a nomination. We as the audience love Deep's portrayal of Sparrow and we want to see more of this character. Hector Barbossa was a great villain as was Davey Jones.
Johnny Deep on FOX movies pirates of Caribbean
Alice In Wonderland (2010) - Review - 2 1/2 Stars Tim Burton and Johnny Deep team for the seventh time in...
The Rolling Stones started their 50th anniversary tour in London at the O2 arena last nite and they rocked the house! Be4 the concert, there was a tribute film where contemporaries like Elton John, Iggy Pop, Pete Townshend, Johnny Deep and others sang the Stones praises through the years.
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Okay, so the movie called Dark Shadows with Johnny Deep... yeah, not so much :/
Watching CryBaby I love this movie, beautifully young Johnny Deep. I also got Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, n Public Enemies. Triple Johnny Deep feature. I love Johnny
If you could bring one character to life from your favorite movie, w... — Johnny Deep or Harvey Specter from SUITS.
Willy Wonka, the NEMS musical is next week. Thurs 11-15 at 4pm, Fri 11-16 at 7pm, and Sat 11-17 at 2pm. Please let me know if you want tickets. We will have them at the "will call" box the day of the show. I am pretty sure that the Oompa Loompas costumes would make even ole Gene Wilder and Rohl Dahl proud! Johnny Deep?. he just might like them too!
So where's the scholarship money Johnny Deep donated to the Navajo Nation?!
19 years ago River Phoenix died in front of Johnny Deep's club, Viper Room from a drug overdose, he had a speedball...mixed cocaine with heroin... Poor River, we miss you so much... Little angel in heaven.
Just finished watching Dark Shadows with Johnny Deep! Didn't really know to much about going in but i enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the recommendation Zeus and Alanna and Nick for renting it.
A DD for tonight! Ain't no Jax Teller or Johnny Deep but a DD just the same!
Watching Dark Shadows w/ my girls. Wishing i could of been the one who had done Johnny Deep's nails;)
Been a while since I made a video but since I hear this song I just had to make this.. And I know that I did a misstake with Johnny Deep.. Get over it xD All...
Johnny Deep & Barry Pepper together in the same movie : " The Lone Ranger " , stars : Johnny Deep, Armie Hammer, BarryPepper
Screw you Johnny Deep and that hair of yours. And screw you Tyler Blackburn and that hair of yours. And screw you - yes you, Mr. Hiddleston
If Lola really wants to get under my skin she'll start telling me that Johnny Deep was a better Willy Wonka than Gene Wilder.
Jack Sparrow,one *** of a character change from Johnny Deep
Brian just called me and told me that Johnny Depp died at 3am this morning in a car cRash! One of my favorite actors! makes me even more sad! R.I.P Johnny Deep! Best movie of all Secret window!
Just watched Dark Shadow starring Johnny Deep. Weird as all *** but a good movie.
1. eyeliner or mascara? Mascara 2. jeans or trackies? Trakies 3. jacket or hoodie? Hoodie 4. skirt or shorts? Shorts 5. beanie or scarf? Beanie 6. boyfriend or bestfriend? Bestfriend 7. family or boyfriend? Family 8. best friend or family? Family 9. single? Yes 10. want a boyfriend? No 11. if you could have any superpower what would it be? To fly 12. fave movie? Scooby Doo 1 & 2 13. fave tv show? Simpsons 14. fave finished tv show? Rug Rats 15. fave song? Primadonna & Want u Back 16. fave singer? Cher Lloyd 17. fave actor? Johnny Deep 18. hottest actor? Jason Isaacs 19. fave actress? Scarrlet Johanson 20. prettiest actress? Scarrlet Johanson 21. two people who can make me laugh? Amber Batten and Caitlin Hill 22. two best cousins? Hollie and William 23. two trusted people? Mum and Amber Batten 24. crush? No one 25. best holiday? Qld 26. role model? Mum 27. bratz or barbie? Barbie 28. spongebob or bob the builder? spongebob 29. craziest thing you and your bestie did together? Be Crazy 30. dancer or actor? ...
Hubby and I r snuggled up watching 'Dark Shadow' with Johnny Deep, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Helena Bonham Carter.
Two reasons why I kinda want to see Frankenweenie. 1. It's Tim Burton's first film since 1999 that doesn't have Johnny Deep or Helena Bonham Carter. 2. It's Tim Burton's first solely directed, original film since 1990.
you was my Johnny Deep .. i was your Janice Joplin.
It seems what Wes Anderson wants, Wes Anderson gets. Earlier this summer, with "Moonrise Kingdom" doing solid business in theaters, the writer/director started putting the pieces together for his next film "The Grand Budapest Hotel," eyeing Johnny Deep, Jude Law and Angela Lansbury as potential play...
Rumor has it that Johnny Deep is shooting a movie here at Santa Anita.who wants to stalk with me?? :) Alexa Manalastas and Katrina Vaughan are you guys up for it??
Tim Burton p style film yg gothic2 :) "I love Johnny Deep... And I'm Tim Burton biggest fan.. Thats one of the reason why i named
Morgan Freeman, Johnny Deep, Natalie Portman, and Angelina Joelie all have the same birthday as me plus its the number 69 lol!
Just finished watching Dark Shadows w/Johnny Deep...awesome movie.
Gary Oldman is like the Johnny Deep of the older movie generation. He has played so many different characters so well. Is he married?
the Notebook any Hayao Miyazaki film. Marvel movies Lord of the Rings trilogy Tim Burton films anything Johnny Deep
I love Pirates of the Caribbean! I love Orlando Bloom and Johnny Deep! Ask all you want, don't worry xD
Johnny Deep in 21 Jump Street (the movie) was straight G. I likes his performance... Overall the movie is alright. It has it's moments for sure. Weird seeing Jonah Hill so *** skinny, I won't lie.
Just watched Dark Shadows great movie and of course love Johnny Deep
What happened to Orlando Bloom? Basically the whole Pirates cast fell of the face of the planet, minus Johnny Deep bc he's on his own planet
"Hows business?" "Its horrible, nobody is dying." This movie is a goodie. Plus, both Johnny Deep and Leonardo Dicaprio are in it, A+
My name is Johnny Deep and I kill people.
yeah its know Johnny Deep??♥
Lol right words do cut deep but when you get nasty n start disrespecting me that's where I draw the line.
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