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Johnny Curtis

Curtis Jonathan Hussey (born July 22, 1981) is an American professional wrestler.

Derrick Bateman Happy Birthday

The way Bennett uses his bench he could probably sit Johnny Wilkinson there and throw him on specifically for drop goals
2. Johnny Curtis. Most well known as Fandango, Johnny as a character is most well known for his strange vignettes a…
no joke this Creepy Johnny Curtis/Maxine/D-Bateman might have been one of my favorite storylines WWE has ever done.
i miss creepy Johnny Curtis so much.
Love the sight of creepy Johnny Curtis in one of those pictures. Happy Birthday. 😉
I wish Breezango wld cut a promo stating fun n games r over Tyler Breeze would become serious wre…
TIL Curtis Blaydes' win over Adam Milstead was turned into a no contest because he smoked weed. This sport is the worst.
1935: Two world records and three national marks are shattered by Alice Bridges and Johnny Higgins in Curtis…
GOAL Johnny Smyth volleys home after Jallow's cross was put back across goal by Curtis Allen 1-1 59 mins Game On!
I'm reading that was then this is now and they mentioned dally and Johnny AND the Curtis brothers I can't handle this
Johnny Don from perryville Jacob Falko Curtis from rising sun and Tim Tim from north east😂😂😂
Watching early and the "Reigns check" needs to be brought back if he ever turns heel. Also, Johnny Curtis > Fandango
Watching early NXT and Johnny Curtis is the best!
Mad to think Bernard Sumner has worked with some of the most talented people in british music like ian curtis, johnny marr and john barnes
I would recommend the Johnny Curtis (Fandango), Roddy Piper, or Justin Gabriel episodes as being the funn…
Samoa Joe can put on the *** cop outfit and hand out tickets while Johnny Curtis makes this feud entertaining.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
.LB coach Johnny Curtis may have hardest task in 2017. Story at later
Tyler Breeze is such a great worker. Fandango was just fine as Johnny Curtis.
The name Fandango doesn't help. He should be repackaged back to Johnny Curtis.
Happy Birthday to Jay Curtis, son of LB's coach Johnny Curtis!
SDlive won bc they still have Johnny Curtis.
Also holding up, Derrick Bateman/Johnny Curtis antics. He's been this funny for a long time, y'all.
Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis are the best.
Derrick Bateman vs. Johnny Curtis has me like
Husky Harris is my WWE Champion, it can be the return of old NXT, we can get Johnny Curtis back
Yeah he was also Percy insurance a few years back.
Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph is gambling today by playing in Carolina while his wife Jordan is expecting twin... https:…
Our Chris Ingalls says yes, a suspect in the has been arrested, 24 hours after the murders. https:/…
Nearly 24 Hours after & no suspect name, no arrest. Unusual. Again, here’s pics of suspect:. https:…
RAW VIDEO: Kevin Durant talks to about leaving, &...coming back.
Still one of my fav sports portraits ever. Thanks, KG.
Identical twin drops bombshell in Cook County court – I committed murder, not my brother https:…
Tom Haverford, Johnny Case from the movie "Holiday", and Soda Pop Curtis from the book "The…
The Vikings say Adrian Peterson had a full meniscus repair in the Twin Cities this...
An appreciation of Curtis Hanson, a craftsman who, in two movies, touched greatness
Be great if the Vikings got him back on part time wages for his 2nd contract. Get 8 solid games from him a yr.
W/ Stephen and Johnson I'm not abt Floyd, any games from him are just a bonus.
The "because Vikings" and "that's the most Vikings thing" ppl are very self loathing. Get some help
yeah, I would be unsure about this if Chuck Johnson was a factor or Treadwell was ready. Someone other than Diggs has to go
need CP to be on the field more to be successful running very predictable when he's out there only 1 or 2 plays
I still think they'll try to run. McKinnon's health will be key. Also mixing in Patterson
Theyll probably face fewer stacked boxes, but we'll see how the passing game does w/ crap OLine and less run game respect.
that's fine. McKinnon and Asiata aren't crap
I just wonder how much of his presence opens up passing lanes.
Johnny Cash's remake of Hurt is by far the greatest song I've ever heard. A whole lifetime of emotion you can hear in 4 minu…
Didn't Johnny Curtis use the same gimmick before they buried him as fandango?
Congrats I'm forever grateful for your Mentorship. http…
Cabin turned up from Holland on Thursday and is being laid out in readiness for welding by George who is 67 and worked for…
Quick, I need that GIF of Johnny Curtis pointing and grinning
Didn't Adrian have a torn minis is in 07? Missed 2 games
Team USAs roster selections are like North America bringing Curtis Lazar instead of Johnny Gaudreau.
Stefon Diggs was targeted 9 times against the Packers. 9 catches. 182 yards. 1 TD. 77 yards-after-catch. 5.52 YPRR
Trae Waynes. Man of few words: "Football’s a game of ups and downs and as a cornerback you’ve got to have a short memory."…
After a hard fought win like that would you rather listen to happy homers or cynical realists
Sam Bradford is jogging back to the sideline.
Letroy Guion questionable tonight with knee injury. Questionable for eternity speeding with $200,000 in cash, loaded gun a…
The Mariners have outscored The Hawks by 4 so far today.
Pony Boy , Curtis , and Johnny end up killing one of the Socs. Shortly after they leave town and hide in an abandon church ⛪️‼️
ESPN had audio issues during Sunday NFL Countdown. Chris Berman was not happy.
I love Johnny Bonds and terribly miss seeing him! He was one of our FAVORITES! Happy Bday!!!
As a suicidal man sat on a ledge, a police officer saved his life after getting him talking about football
Efedding tag team: Johnny Curtis and Noam Dar bases. Curtis is the American Boy and Dar is the Exceptional European. Curtis embarrasses Dar
How does having your 2017 fantasy draft in Las Vegas sound?rt 4 a chance to win the trip along with 7 of your buddies!
I wonder what Curtis Leskanic and Mark Bellhorn are doing these days ? Sipping some Johnny Blue & smoking some Cuban
Kaitlyn/Derrick Bateman (who is now EC3)/Maxine who is now Catrina and Johnny Curtis who is now Fandango
no mention of Madison Bumgarner or Johnny Cueto?
Jose No Way, esquire, has more fire than "why wouldn't I have chloroform?" Johnny Curtis
My former law intern and current law partner of my friend Johnny Bruce is missing. Please help find Kevin Monsour: https…
*** A lot of these are still applicable.
Take back Fandango bring us back Johnny Curtis .
I love but I loved creepy Johnny Curtis more
Don't know that I agree with the Pres on much but I've always been a fan of his.
Obama was in rare form tonight. Took me back to the old campaign days in '08. Definitely going to miss these kinds of speeches/performances.
I'm at the game and got a nice iPhone pic of it from the other end of the arena. Stoked
Johnny Utah - what are your thoughts on our Wed. night line-up of POINT BREAK & TOP GUN? htt…
Wish Fandango went back to a more sinister version of Johnny Curtis.
mentions Curtis Axel's new nickname "Mr. Irrelevant" mentioning he was picked last in WWE Draft.
do me and Johnny play girls softball? Johnny, do you play girls softball?
in Illinois? do you bring your banner everywhere?
I'll only take the cookie if u got some milk to go with it 🐄
When u and are slowly cooking southbend like a rotisserie 🚒🚒🚒
Very typical sore loser logic: Bringing up the past... hello, it's the future..
it's hard to hear u when u got that second chin In the way. Then u can talk
last time I checked. We were the ones that made it there
last time I checked you guys got ten ran ruled on ESPN 🤔🤔🤔
Burn by Orton despite it being at the expense of my boy Johnny Curtis
Joe Budden wanna be Curtis Snow so bad
Johnny Curtis is a very good wrestler. His pre-network NXT stuff showed a ton of personality.
I love the Johnny Curtis gimmick so much
The name is moronic, but I hope "Breezango" get over 😁 Fandango should act more like the old Johnny Curtis character 😝 .
Fandango shaved and got a haircut so he is basically Johnny Curtis with long pants😂😂
is starting to look like Johnny Curtis with that haircut
Manchester royalty (just need the addition of Ian Curtis & Johnny Marr) 🇬🇧
Honestly idk how anyone can still support let alone respect people like Johnny Depp, Chris Brown, Curtis Lepore, and Carter Reynolds
Just have them come out in normal attire as Matt Clement & Johnny Curtis and beat the crap out of Golden Truth.
Once again, Johnny Curtis is too fine to be on jobber status.
The thing that kills me about Curtis is, Johnny Damon was always the go to for rag arm, hope he doesn't win that
stop giving this guy the time of day. Those 2 "deals" won't/didn't happen
and confident in his reporting of the Lance news.
no ones going to announce anything at this time. KD news just shocked all of the NBA. I'm confident in Evan
I liked a video I Can See Clearly Now(Johnny Nash)- Cover with Lyrics
Curtis LePore is still a rapist, Johnny Depp is still abusive, *** people still deal with hate crime, Sandra Bland is dead, don't forget
If I'm not mistaken, she had a feud with Johnny Curtis and I think it was Lucky Cannon?!? I could be wrong not
Johnny Curtis is 1,440 on the leaderboard Ranked Celebs on near realtime social media
Morrissey and Johnny Marr dancing to 'Barbarism Begins At Home', (live at the Eldorado, Paris, 1984)
Curtis looking dapper for his prom with many thanx to and the main man
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I liked a video from Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash - Cover
THIS JUST IN: Former Browns QB Johnny Manziel suspended 4 games by the NFL for substance abuse. (via
Cannot wait for you to get bullied by the likes of Johnny Evans and Curtis Davies.
Listen. I'm happy NFL is trying to help Manziel. But why not this for everyone? No one wanted to help Josh Gordon?. https:…
Morning here's your fun fact of the day: . Did you know Johnny Curtis is the only NXT winner that's still employed by WWE?
Will we get to find out more about Aaron soon?
Johnny hurt." Her eyes focused on the Curtis house for a second. "Ain't home is he?"
Tony Curtis in JOHNNY DARK rare 1sh from 1957 Car racing
Just because "Johnny" acted one way in high school does not mean he is the same way now! While he was not in your...
Maxine was on FCW/OldNXT managing Johnny Curtis (Fandango) or Derrick Bateman (EC3). She's Catrina on Lucha Underground now.
Broncos' Gary Kubiak has spoken with free-agent QB Johnny Manziel as potential fit for roster. (via https:…
VIDEO: SmackDown: WWE NXT season four winner Johnny Curtis talks about his future
That would be correct Johnny, looks tasty enough as both will take penalties and free kicks from 20-35 yards out
and bring back the Johnny Curtis persona.
Always thought Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman were really talented. One of them got a true opportunity & made the most of it
BUT THE CROWD LOVED IT. & if they let him keep at it people would have seen Johnny Curtis is gifted.
Johnny Curtis and Sandow are both awesome. Such a shame how both are used.
Poor Johnny Curtis and Damien Sandow. They deserve so much more.
Johnny Curtis is a treasure and is criminally underutilized.
Read Moldbug's true answers to a journo's questions. Then at end, read how she crucified him
Was there any chloroform involved? While we're at it, why don't YOU have chloroform? XD I love creeper Johnny Curtis.
(I know he's Fandango, but I always say Johnny Curtis first, just out of habit.)
It's a good thing no one watches Main Event, because this week's episode has Johnny Curtis giving the Ryback a run for his money.
Was thinking about our trip to Nashville yesterday we went to the George Jones and Johnny Cash Museum. Nancy...
Yeah, that match was rough to watch. Fandango looked as green as could be, which is sad since Johnny Curtis had been wrestling for years.
Johnny Orlando was AMAZING today at He wasn't feeling too well but he toughed it out!
looks like you're in luck for getting a shout out from Johnny curtis bro.
Listen to wolfgame in me by Johnny James on
Everyone scoffed when Johnny said he'll drive a BMW someday.
And this No Way Jose vignette is pathetic. Worse than Johnny Curtis' wordplay puns.
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Curtis Woodhouse resigns as manager of ->
I hope you cry. I'm kidding but the song "Hurt" by Johnny Cash will make you sad )':
Johnny, Dallas, Ponyboy, Sodapop, & was there a Curtis??... I don't know why but I feel like there was a Curtis lol.
I stopped watching NXT the series Johnny Curtis won and didn't know it was a "thing" until Zayn then KO v Cena
I'd give birth to a hand for the opportunity to rewrite history and make Johnny Curtis ECIII.
The Tag Team of the day is former FCW tag team champs Derrick Bateman & Johnny Curtis
I wish Johnny Football could've played with Speedy Noil. That would've been one of the greatest duos ever.
Sweep the leg Johnny! ………. This pug is wearing the Halloween outfit from the bullies on the original karate kid. __… ht…
Threat level orange:. I now want to jam to a LOT of Johnny Cash.stuff is getting real
Even the players what the *** is that🙈😂 No bother to Johnny he kept drinking it
Curtis Granderson underwent surgery today to repair a ligament in his left thumb. The say he'll be fine by Opening…
I love Jamie Lee Curtis always have as an actress :-) From Johnny D.
was thinking about old school ATM's today. Remember the ones that had the little privacy slot you looked through?
Listen to 12 topic of discussin.wma by Johnny James on
Listen to Entertainment.mp3 by Johnny James on
Get your iPhone insurance today!
They need to scrap the Fandango character and let Johnny Curtis be great. He's a great athlete.
Johnny Your out in the Lisdoo sinking pints with the lads.
remember the chip on your shoulder . FandangNo. I want Johnny Curtis
Soda flinched as she dabbed his skin. "It was Bobs friend. You know the one Johnny killed? He did this..."
--Deciding he had laid there for long enough, Johnny got up and walked, with hands shoved in pockets, to the Curtis'--
This loss will be put on Johnny and that's not fair at all. Terrible coaching, terrible defense, and *** poor discipli…
>And I lost Johnny you think I wanna lose ya?! I wanna protect you forever I would never let ya die >
REPLAY: Johnny to Duke for our first TD of the game.
Johnny Galecki on Choosing to Play Leonard Over Sheldon on ‘Big Bang Theory’ via
Sonny: I think a kid should be with both parents. Uhm Okay Sonny. So then Ava can marry Scotty. Franco. JOHNNY!! & make them…
it's a fact you deserve nothing you aren't your mr Curtis Would you please shut the *** uP !
I'm told the are preparing QB Johnny Manziel to start, on the road, against the undefeated on a short we…
Scariest sentence about that poisonous sea snake in Cali: They can swim backward and forward and can stay underwater for u…
Johnny Zero will be performing for us along with Curtis Skinner - Singer tomorrow. They make me smile. They'll...
The Alan Page "A Football Life" was very well done. Top 2 or 3 Viking of all time in my opinion.
Electronic Device Insurance
The Punt Return at KC was so sweet.
Keep up the good work Dan & Team!!! Let old Johnny Curtis break into 2nd gear too, as he's probably loving every second of it.
For the Record I thought Mike Mauti would make the 53 just for STs
Quick Strikes for. the morning after.
Enjoy it Johnny, Hope you've the Dundalk tie for later on tonight??
Planning my upcoming trip to Kirkland- staying at the Woodmark Hotel. Enjoy this exclusive offer:
Johnny Cueto has retired 19 straight Astros since giving up a 2nd inning HR. Royals are 3 outs away from ALCS.
I hope Yost lets Johnny finish. He won't, but I'd love to see him mobbed.
Reverend Curtis is one of my favorite recurring characters.
wish johnny was in town to cause trouble. Not many guys Lulus age in town that she is not related to
Harrison Smith currently PFF's top rated S. Allowing a passer rating of 0.0 when targeted. 0 as in
Have the money by friday johnny and have your ticket then man
Listen to No Time Remake ft. La Femme Nikita by Johnny James on
Listen to Never enough is to much by Johnny James on
Read about Lamar Odom, what a sad story.
I love football. Is it Thursday yet?
Johnny Cash Museum is worth every penny. Handwritten Lyrics, Grammy Awards, and custom guitars
WWE Has done so many superstar rebrandings. Curtis Axel/McGuilicuty, Johnny Curtis/Fandango
Curtis Granderson taking a page out of Johnny Manziel's book. (via
METS TAKE THE LEAD!!! Curtis Granderson hits a 3-run double to clear the bases. Mets up, 4-3, on Dodgers in the 2nd inni…
dang... Curtis Granderson just hit us with the Johnny Manziel money sign too!!!
Here are the men charged with determining base-ball's social media policy:
Wonder what's up with Zim an also Mike Wallace.
Listen to wolfgame.m4a by Johnny James on
he's 6'0 and we need to play Johnny so he can get more games under his belt. The one game he did play this year we won!
that is all lies lol, Johnny is not pocket passer and we need one.
I still would like Johnny. He's our future! McCown is still old af
I liked a video Johnny Curtis and Maxine are handcuffed: WWE NXT - April
Listen to Anna Nicole ft. La Femme Nikita by Johnny James on
My uncle Curtis and cousin johnny were making jokes on this creeper in our family 😂😂
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Listen to The Jerzatrix produce by Trump Wilson by Johnny James on
Listen to All. In the stu at Belleville NJ by Johnny James on
Then you decide to go with Jeff and leave Terrance, Mark, Johnny, Curtis, Duncan, Phillip, Ernesto, Mandark and Steve all on read 😒😒
Barrow gets a bonus bowhead. But was it killed by a ship or killer whales?
Too many to count! Love these ladies and I miss Johnny Bonds!!
You need to come out to Seattle again.
star Jamie Lee Curtis told me some scary stories, then gave me a big hug. Read
Drafting Luck where I did has made it difficult for me
I miss watching NXT competitions when it was Byron Saxton, Derrick Bateman, Johnny Curtis, Konnor, etc, they were so hilarious.
Johnny Curtis is wearing a leather jacket with no shirt and talking about how the pain he'll inflict on Derrick Bateman is blowing his mind.
Johnny Curtis asked Derrick Bateman to meet him in the bathroom and calls it his office and he thinks he's Fonzie. Be still my heart.
agreed. Sogned with Portland and it went terribly.
I'm with you there, they had a 2 year window and totally blew it. Scola was their big prize acquisition.
Dont the Pacers have 2 max contracts? Hibbert and Paul George?
Watch a The Killers Human video. Flowers reenacts Ian Curtis dance at the end. He is a fan👍
Update your maps at Navteq
Ok GM's, at almost 50 will take a 2yr 18mill deal, wanna play 20mins off your bench. Guarantee I will have plus mins..…
M's avoid tying the record for fewest runs scored in June in the final out of the 9th inning.
Patriots coach Johnny Curtis breaks down the victory
Patriots coach Johnny Curtis breaks down the victory - The Patriots moved into the title game with the win. Johnny...
Man you're by far my favorite guest on Danny Dave and Moore. Great insights
Media blackout don't worry,if it was *** poor (cont)
S/O to Larry Bird & the Pacers for reconnecting 2 descendants of 2 twin slave sisters. 4 more htt…
Good ole Johnny Curtis won the fourth one
A fascinating conduit of influence running between Uber and Number 10
Yes, I thought they'd go there with Delores, maybe while he was trying 2 rescue her from Johnny'd influence.
Is July 1st the day that Free Agnecy unoffically begins?
Yeah me and Johnny going over, Hassle free trying to find visas and everything
Word lol Johnny Curtis remember this from top gear back in the day
I thought Ruggiano was gone, because he's in Tacoma is he still in the organization?
Marte tho hitting .343 before breaking his thumb. He'll be up by September
"It was like looking at LeBron James on the mound." pitching coach Mike Butcher on Taijuan Walker.
Taijuan Walker is winning games and walking nobody. 👍 0 walks in last 22.1 innings. .
when does the campaign start for for AL Pitcher of the Month for June?
Taijuan Walker has not walked anyone since the 5th inning June 10th vs Cleveland. Has thrown 22.1 innings and faced 87 batt…
I love watching Tijuan Walker. Looks destined for greatness.
Curtis Granderson is 2-10 with a homerun and three walks vs. Johnny Cueto.
Did you cover the Pacers at one point in time?
Also Johnny Curtis and Derrick Bateman was a dream tag team
Tyus Jones is going to minnesota official
If you'd told me Derrick Bateman would be more relevant than Johnny Curtis in 2015 i'da called you crazy
I think they should of let Fandango keep his Johnny Curtis gimmick
65 games from now is nearing the end of the regular season. Pretty much out of time. Has to start this weekend
I don't think it's possible for them to win 87 this year sadly
Likely no back in the lineup for a couple weeks then?
Did I just get off the phone with Johnny cash or Johnny curtis?? The world may never know..😉
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade are the cutest!
But on the real though is the superstar of our generation. (It should be Johnny Curtis but Kevin Owens will do).
Oh God, the brief run of the leather clad Michael McGillicuty & Johnny Curtis - The Fairly New Duo.
They need to just make him go back to being Johnny Curtis and Adam Rose be Leo Kruger. Seriously? Fandangoing? it's a shame.
*flips the plate and the food lands on Johnny*
they've met with him and commented when he won the lawsuit so yes I think so
Top 5 Baritones: Johnny Cash, Iggy Pop, Ian Curtis, Michael Gira, and that guy from The National.
Tomorrow, lad. *grins, but tightens grasp on Johnny's arm*
*takes Johnny's arm, grasping it firmly*
*Soda is playing with Johnny's hair and isn't listening* Johnny, are you Italian?
*doesn't answer and just kisses Johnny again*
I think all of my friends are in love with Ponyboy Curtis, and then there's me torn in the middle between Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade 💔💔
*chuckles* It's okay, my little glass of chocolate milk. *eskimo kisses Johnny*
"she counties and the Johnny and soda smell ice cream"
Omg congrats soda to you and Johnny I'll get you guys a wedding gift!!! Let's celebrate! :)
Johnny...if someone comes up to you and asks if you're single, what are you gonna say?
Let's elope, Johnny. Let's get married today!
*Soda squeals in excitement and hugs Johnny tightly*
*Soda takes Johnny's hands* I love you. I love you and I just can't stand it anymore. You're everything I've ever (cont…
*she just practices karate to let Johnny and soda have alone time*
*Soda fights back a smile as he turns away from Johnny* -forcing his voice to sound angry- You're (cont…
If Mr. And Mrs.Curtis didn't die would they have adopted Johnny
I swear if Curtis don't stay his *** in the post. You are a center, despite being listed as a forward. You play in the paint not the arc!
Curtis and Johnny should make a new name for a duo tape and only do 3 long *** songs, like 15 min songs lol
It hurts to know that Elvis, Johnny Cash Jack White oh and pretty much every singer ever copied Willy.
*she looks at Johnny* johnny I just bought this this morning
Good catch Johnny put him on the couch *she spits out water in the sink*
*does karate* *and keep sures that Johnny and soda don't find me
*Soda yelps at the sudden noise and freaks out, failing his arms* JOHNNY!
*is still breathing heavy and his eyes are wild* Johnny, something isn't right!   10% Off
Johnny...have you ever tried on a dress? Or put curlers in your hair?
*moves away from Johnny, obviously uncomfortable*
You're a cute little chocolate truffle, Johnny. Did I ever tell you that?
//Soda will pretend like he's going to run over Johnny in a truck
// Gross. Johnny will shake his head in disappointment. Then pour ice down Soda's shirt.
// Johnny will pour cold water on Soda when he's asleep
//Soda will pay a few Greasers he doesn't know to scare Johnny
//Johnny will put worms in Soda's pants
//Soda will put a snake in Johnny's pants
// Johnny will put oil all over the kitchen floor tiles then tell Soda "I made pizza!"
//Soda will flush the toilet repeatedly when Johnny is in the shower
// Johnny will do the same. But with flower pollen.
//Oh, good one. Well Soda will put cat hair in Johnny's bed and pillow cases
//Soda will put itching powder in Johnny's underwear drawer and shampoo
//Johnny will put shaving cream in Soda's hand then tickle his nose while he's asleep then.
//Soda will put Johnny's hand in warm water while he is asleep then
I added to my bio Johnny's and soda's best friend :)
*grabs Johnny and kisses him roughly. He is unable to contain himself*
*takes out sneezing powder and sprinkles some on Johnny's cute little nose*
*stares at Johnny* Y'know, there's just something about you sneezing that drives me crazy
Johnny wash up for dinner you to soda* *she gets the sauce out*
*throws the rest of the pepper in Johnny's face*
That was soda.. Johnny go take a shower it's upstairs to the left I'll make dinner
Johnny you got a little something.. *she tries not to laugh*
*grabs it then sits back down* Hmm... *takes the pepper and dumps it on Johnny*
*unscrews the cap to the syrup and pours it all over Johnny's head*
*plays with food* *puts a piece of pancake on Johnny's head*
*shrugs* I thought Johnny was 'too allergic' to eat.
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