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Johnny Cueto

Johnny Brent (Ortiz) Cueto [KWAY-toe] (born February 15, 1986 in San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic) is a Dominican professional baseball pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds of Major League Baseball.

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Johnny Cueto and Plies are the best Instagram follows out there. Plies “National Leftover Cutoff Day” post is a *** NATIONAL TREASURE.
They traded for Johnny Cueto, who at that time, would have been definitely defined as a…
If you start this video at 11:39:34 on December 31, Johnny Cueto drops the ball at midnight. Start your new year of…
If the want to contend for a playoff spot in 2018, getting a rebound season from Johnny Cueto is really i…
Giants really need Johnny Cueto to rebound in 2018
Very mean of Johnny Mundo socking Dario Cueto like that
Friedman has ears on a deal for Johnny Cueto
Can we add Jose Bautista, Gregory Polanco, Andre Ethier, Johnny Cueto, and Blake Snell to the list?
Johnny Cueto is cruising right now on 610 Sports Radio.
If you start watching the 2013 NL Wild Card Game (minus commercials) at 11:39:33 PM, Johnny Cueto drops the ball at…
Very much thought this was Johnny Cueto for a hot sec
Hurry. Johnny Cueto is LiVe IN insta RN! He's in a pool too
I think it's more of a juxtaposition of getting close to max value for the assets you have to deal in a reb…
An autographed Johnny Cueto baseball was in the box!
Puting an unmeasured amount of sunflower seeds in speedy Johnny Cueto's shinguard and caps: How aromatic David Orti…
It doesn't take long for contracts to look bad. Melancon is one example. Johnny Cueto is another. Last offseason it…
Devastating news. Roy Halladay has passed away in a plane crash. He was 40. RIP Roy 🙏.
It's not even that. They literally picked up Matt Moore's option and Johnny Cueto opted in so…
keep pitcher Johnny Cueto. What will this mean for the team? Find out at
The have seen two extremes from Johnny Cueto since he joined the club.
Hey Tyler Giants pitcher Johnny Cueto has re-signed with the team, FYI.
Something about Johnny Cueto deciding not to opt out of his contract. I think. I was pretty high at the time
Pitcher Johnny Cueto decides to stay with Giants, no opting out.
Johnny Cueto will not opt out of contract with
"Johnny Cueto's decision not to stay"?
Johnny Cueto opted in, and here are the different scenarios for the Giants.
Johnny Cueto is really making himself at home in the Bay Area after opting in with the
If you missed it last night, Johnny Cueto is sticking around four more years:
Johnny Cueto declines opt-out clause in contract with Giants (November 5, 2017, 5:40 PM ET)
SF Giants' pitcher Johnny Cueto declines option clause in contract; will make $21M/season through 2021 season.
Johnny Cueto + are locked in for 4 more years - and he'll be a huge key to their turnaround hopes in '18: https:/…
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Johnny Cueto loves the Giants and the Giants love Johnny Cueto.
Biggest news of the weekend was Johnny Cueto's decision to stay with the Giants. Via
Johnny Cueto declines opt-out, with San Francisco Giants through '21,
Johnny Cueto decides not to opt out of his Giants contract
Johnny has decided to stay with the San Francisco
How will Johnny Cueto’s decision to stay with Giants impact the 2018 payroll? .
Pitcher Johnny Cueto decides to stay Giants, no opting out :Auto pickup by wikyou
Cueto stays with Giants San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Johnny Cueto reacts after recording the last out of …
Johnny Cueto opts in to contract, will remain with through 2021 [report].
As expected, Johnny Cueto plans to stick around for the final four years of his deal. Story:
From Giants GM Bobby Evans: RHP Johnny Cueto did NOT opt out of his contract, sparing the Giants a total headache
Johnny Cueto’s agent, Bryce Dixon, confirms that Cueto will not opt out of the final 4 years of his contract with
It's awfully thin free agent market for starting pitchers but Johnny Cueto stays put, taking the remaining $84M left in
Pitcher Johnny Cueto declines to opt out of his contract and will stay with the
If you think that's surprising, you should check out Johnny Cueto emphatically opting in to the rest of his contract
Mr. Dombrowski please go get Davd Price and Johnny Cueto this winter.. -
Four more years! Johnny Cueto declines to opt out of contract, will stay with Giants via
Johnny Cueto has opted-in to his remaining contract with the Giants. The Dodgers have declined their 2018 team-option on Andre Ethier.
Why you shouldn't freak out in June about Johnny Cueto's opt-out (via
Johnny Cueto plans to opt out of contract at end of season [report].
MLB: ' Jon Lester, Giants' Johnny Cueto face off in rematch of 2016 NLDS pitchers' duel; watch live in the ESPN App
Johnny Cueto is as dirty as dirty gets. Three straight changeups to Willy: 84, 84, 83. Made an electric hitter look infantile.
With his start today, Johnny Cueto will have as many starts at GABP since he was traded as Homer Bailey has had in that spa…
lineups from an empty ballpark, plus updates on Johnny Cueto and Brandon Crawford:
Yes, Johnny Cueto was the master of the Rockies. And then along came Friday.
Is it true that Bruce Bochy's rant about Johnny Cueto was about trying to introduce gallantry into a cold culture or Andrew Edwards?
I just realized that Johnny Cueto and Jesus Christ have the same initials. Coincidence? I think not.
The Reds need to get back Johnny Cueto, Ken Griffey Jr, Adam Dunn, Edwin Encarnacion, Sean Casey, Pete Rose and Aroldis Chapman all back.
It is hard to have any faith in your organization when you sign Homer Bailey, but not Johnny Cueto long term.
Bochy said Johnny Cueto has indicated he'll play in WBC. Posey already announced he will. Crawford, Albert Suarez also expected to play.
Denard Span, Angel Pagan, Johnny Cueto, Eduardo Nunez. Look at the pen: Romo, Lopez, Casilla. About half the team...
Javier Baez blasts home run off Johnny Cueto
On the Baez and his crazy homer. Column:
From Deadspin: Johnny Cueto was brilliant, and it didn't matter.
Johnny Cueto was brilliant, and it didn't matter.
Welcome to the Johnny Cueto postseason emotional crazytrain, San Francisco
Cubs finally solve Johnny Cueto on Javier Baez's home run, via
One of the best baseball games I've ever witnessed. Johnny Cueto is almost un-hittable... Almost
Johnny Cueto made the only pitching mistake of the night. He held the explosive Cubs offense to just 3 hits.
Cueto's lapse costly in stellar Game 1 outing. Sent with At Bat
Scoreless in the eighth, Javier Baez hits a solo shot off of Johnny Cueto to put the Cubs up 1-0. - via App
Johnny Cueto sure looks like someone I see on morning TV, but it could just be the view.
NLDS Vid Javier Baez tees off on Johnny Cueto's pitch, blasts a solo HR for only run in Cubs' Game 1 win vs. Giants
Javy Baez planned on bunting. Instead, he decided a classic pitcher's duel. The Cubs are 10 wins away.
Watching Cubs - Giants game reminded me how much I miss Johnny Cueto pitching for the Reds. Such an underrated pitcher.
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Thanks Johnny Cueto for the tips. Best first pitch I've ever done 🙈👍🏻
Mad love for Johnny and the This series is far from over.
Javier Baez provides a classic Wrigley Moment to end a great Friday of Baseball: [Box Score] Johnny Cueto had...
Johnny Cueto is the Happy Gilmore of pitching.
Over the course of 6th & 7th inning I begin breaking down Johnny Cueto & why arm action on his change up keeping ball low is baffling Cubs
"Johnny Cueto is the first pitcher with 10+ K, 0 BB & 3 or fewer hits allowed to get a Postseason loss." This is why pitcher W/L is BS.
Johnny Cueto takes the "art" of pitching to a whole new level.and I ❤️it.
Jon Lester and Johnny Cueto, two more pitchers in the running for the Cy Young this year, were masterful. Lester slightly more. 1-0 Cubs.
Javier Baez was 0-for-6 lifetime off Johnny Cueto, with 4 K's, before tonight. But he's got 2 of the 3 hits off him tonight
John Lester to stand on the rubber for the Chicago Cubs and Johnny Cueto for the San Francisco Giants in game one o…
There was no even-year magic for Johnny Cueto and the Giants last night.
Javier Baez homer only real blemish on Johnny Cueto's 'beautiful game': ... to the Cubs during Game 1 of the ...
I think of the pitching lessons my kid is taking and all the mechanics and fundamentals and then I watch Johnny Cueto and…
If you missed Game 1 between Giants-Cubs last night, read this by You'll feel like you were there
This is tremendous, from starring and
I'll be honest with you, I really like Johnny Cueto.
Cubs win a classic as Baez's home run enough for 1-0 win over Cueto, Giants via
Javy Baez wanted to bunt, but after checking out defense, decided to swing away, sending to historic win.
"I thought it was going to land on the moon." The Javier Baez and the home run that nearly wasn't. Column:... htt…
Johnny Cueto: 15th complete game in postseason history with 10 K and 3 or fewer hits. He's the only one of those pitcher…
WATCH: Here's that Javier Baez home run that gave the Cubs the Game 1 win
Javier Baez - Javier Baez blasts home run off Johnny Cueto (video)
Jon Lester bests Johnny Cueto, gets back on track in playoffs: CHICAGO — This is why the Chicago Cubs gave Jo...
Johnny Cueto looks like Donnell Rawlings in a Chappelle Show sketch that never made it on air
notes: Johnny Cueto has made 24 starts against the Cubs. He knows the next one will be his most important: https:…
Giants right-hander Johnny Cueto will start Game 1 of their National League Division Series against…
Johnny Cueto is a national treasure. We are beyond blessed to have his personality on this team
You know what'd be cool? If the Reds had guys like Wellington Castillo, Mike Leake, Johnny Cueto, Aroldis Chapman, and Jay Bruce on the team
no mention of Madison Bumgarner or Johnny Cueto?
Seth Lugo reacts after taking a 1-all tie into the seventh inning opposite Johnny Cueto... https…
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Thirsty ones in my inbox... I'm Johnny Cueto with that curve ball
Johnny Cueto annoyed with Royals after White House snub (Big League Stew)
Johnny Cueto's got the wiggle going. 1-1 in top of 6th
mlb: Giants flip: Cueto starts Saturday, Samardzija on Sunday (Yahoo Sports): Johnny Cueto was set to start f...
Johnny Cueto strikes out the side, but at 99 pitches through five, 1-1, Yankees-Giants.
Facing Johnny Cueto must be so confusing
Johnny Cueto has to be my favorite pitcher in the league.
I see we're feeling sorry for Johnny Cueto now. That's cute. By all accounts, the Royals have been first class in all things celebration.
4th inning & Johnny Cueto is already at 75 pitches! 😔. We'll have to rely on the bullpen.& offense 😳😢
Johnny Cueto's wearing white cleats and last I checked that makes him automatically an A's player
I wouldn't listen to Buster Posey, Johnny Cueto. He's been working to help you lose this game for most of this game.
Johnny Cueto must've forgotten his other cleats at home.
Johnny Cueto's shoes.similar pattern ya think? 🤔
Johnny Cueto excluded from Royals' visit to White House
Cueto bothered by illness, side pain
good two inning for Johnny cueto getting out of the jam.
Johnny Cueto to start today for Giants at Yankee Stadium. Club opted to switch him with Samardzija, original Saturday sta…
Johnny Cueto and Nova with hight pitch counts only through 2 innings in the Bronx.
Johnny Cueto is a masterful pitcher. The different deliveries. The unbelievable English he puts on the baseball.
Giants righty Johnny Cueto is so much fun to watch on the mound -- especially when he's switching things up by...
Johnny Cueto strikes out the side in 2nd surrounding 2 singles to keep game scoreless heading to 3r.d
Blessed be Johnny Cueto🙏🏻. Dia de Cueto . Thou shall break the slump✊🏻.
A huge *** bug flew in front of Johnny Cueto. I thought it was in the room with me. is grand.
Going to the White House is a celebration of the 2015 Royals? Johnny Cueto is a pretty important part of that team.
I can't believe the Royals deprived us of seeing Johnny Cueto riding his horse on the White House lawn.
Top of the inning, Didi Gregorius throws out runner at plate, bottom half rips a single off Johnny Cueto. He's gotten…
The will face two of the Majors' four 13-game winners in the next 4G: today vs. Chris Tillman (13-2), Sun. vs. Johnny Cueto (13-2).
Johnny Cueto has been in the majors for 8 years and still can't speak English?
Johnny Cueto leaves Reds fans all starry-eyed and longing for another ace
Reds fans were all starry-eyed watching Johnny Cueto start the All-Star Game. Do Reds have new ace up their sleeves?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Reds fans left to long for another Johnny Cueto
Johnny Cueto (NL): 1st Giants pitcher to take the loss in the All-Star Game since Shawn Estes in 1997
Jake Arrieta OK with Terry Collins starting Johnny Cueto in... via
MLB: White Sox' Chris Sale, Giants' Johnny Cueto get nods to start the All Star Game
Chris Sale (AL) and Johnny Cueto (NL) have been named the starting pitchers for the
Here are your starting lineups for the All-Star Game. Chris Sale said he plans to let it eat. Johnny Cueto did not. ht…
Johnny Cueto, Chris Sale to start All-Star Game in San Diego: SAN DIEGO — Chris Sale of the Chicago White Sox...
Johnny Cueto (NL) and Chris Sale (AL) have been named the starting pitchers for tomorrow’s
Johnny Cueto is making a great first impression in San Francisco - Los Angeles Times
Johnny Cueto tosses one-run complete game to earn NL-best 13th win as Giants beat Rockies:
Bruce Bochy relays message that NL All-Star manager Terry Collins said Johnny Cueto will for sure pitch in game Tuesday in SD.
Johnny Cueto picked up his 11th win tonight, joining Chris Sale (12), Clayton Kershaw & Jake Arrieta as the only pitchers with…
Johnny Cueto earns 10th win as Giants sweep via
.and Johnny Cueto square off as begin series with Giants.
which side of a Bryce Harper for Hanley Ramirez and Johnny Cueto in a h2h categories league are you on?
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Gerardo Parra and Johnny Cueto argued about tempo the other day.
Pitchers with three complete games this season:. Steven Wright (including today). Johnny Cueto. Clayton Kershaw. Chris Sale
Extra Baggs: Giants match franchise record with eight doubles, Johnny Cueto tries to keep it brisk in victory...
the Reds got Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb, and Cody Reed for 13 regular season Johnny Cueto starts
Pitchers who have a worse ERA- than Steven Wright right now: Jordan Zimmermann, Johnny Cueto, Jon Lester, Stephen Strasburg, Gerrit Cole.
Clayton Kershaw & Johnny Cueto are 1st pitchers with 1-0 shutouts on same day since Greg Maddux & Kerry Wood in '01. http…
Johnny Cueto looking for his 7th win in first 10 starts. Last Giant to accomplish this was Jason Schmidt in 2004.
Johnny Cueto looking to become 1st to win 7 of his 1st 10 starts in a season since Jason Schmidt in 2004.
Johnny Cueto joins Chris Sale, Clayton Kershaw and Steven Wright as the only pitchers with multiple CG this season.
If I had to pick an NL pitcher on the path to NL Cy Young right now, it'd be Jake Arietta followed closely by Johnny Cueto.
Johnny Cueto has had a Cy Young level start to the year
Johnny Cueto my favorite Giants pitcher to watch since Cy Young Tim Lincecum
Billy Hamilton messes with mind of former ace Johnny Cueto
Johnny Cueto is dealing through 7. And having some fun, too.
Some interesting encounters at 1st base for Johnny Cueto
WATCH: Johnny Cueto displays emotions after return to Cincinnati vs
slug their way back to beat in Johnny Cueto's return
Johnny Cueto: 2-run single in 1st start in Cincinnati as visiting player. It came off Brandon Finnegan (who he was trade…
Years after he pushed a guy named Jeremy Affeldt out of the Reds rotation, Johnny Cueto returns to Cincinnati:
Johnny Cueto is fired up to pitch in Cincinnati today, writes Andrew Baggarly.
San Francisco at Cincinnati: Johnny Cueto had one of his strongest performances since joining the San Francis...
Giants Win: "I love this guy": That was Mike Krukow on the postgame tonight talking about Johnny Cueto winnin...
A night after Santiago Casilla got his 100th save, his friend Johnny Cueto picked up win No. 100.
Johnny Cueto has been a San Francisco Giant for a few months and nobody questions his loyalty to the team
Johnny Cueto's Instagram will never ever disappoint me
Colin Rea's pitch there looked a lot like Johnny Cueto's shorten windup
Votto is a .200 hitter who we traded Todd Frazier and Johnny Cueto to afford.
Johnny Cueto is extremely good at blowing bubbles - SB Nation
via Johnny Cueto is extremely good at blowing bubbles
Johnny Cueto is very good at blowing bubbles.
Johnny Cueto is extremely good at blowing bubbles -
This might be one of the best Johnny Cueto selfies ever:
Johnny Cueto is extremely good at blowing bubbles
Johnny Cueto's Instagram is pretty pretty good
Johnny Cueto should have a snapchat tbh
Jon: "Johnny Cueto, as you can see, very intense."
.pitcher Johnny Cueto provides in-dugout entertainment with huge bubble.
VIDEO: Johnny Cueto attacked by giant self-blown bubble.
Johnny Cueto toes the rubber for the tonight against the as San Francisco looks to improve to 2-0
Scouts & players very impressed by Cody Reed, the 6-foot-5 left-hander acquired by the Reds in the Johnny Cueto trade.
would you guys keep Sonny Gray for $11 or Johnny Cueto for $11?
Johnny Cueto is the best Instagram follow ever.
Giants notes: is on the ascent, sets ro...
Johnny Cueto gets at-bat in a DH game, singles to right, almost gets thrown out at first
Johnny Cueto toys with minor leaguers in a six-inning start
first quality start of the spring comes from No. 2 man in the rotation
The subway in gila bend always reminds me of football trips 😕😩
Scare for San Francisco Giants as Johnny Cueto takes ball off head...
[The Kansas City Star] - Royals faced Johnny Cueto and the Giants in 8-5 loss
Johnny Cueto bests Ian Kennedy as Royals fall to Giants 8-5
Johnny Cueto is known for a great many things -- on-mound shimmying, awesome postseason performances, inspirin...
Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday on the radio, making fun of how fat Johnny Cueto has gotten is hilarious! 😂🍕🐮
Johnny Cueto bests Ian Kennedy as fall to Giants 8-5
Giants notes: Johnny Cueto is on the ascent, Bruce Bochy sets rotation, roster begins to take shape, etc.
VIDEO: Denard Span's short start in CF, what Johnny Cueto's good health news means for line up & more
Johnny Cueto hit in head by Billy Burns' 1st-pitch line drive -- stays in game, somewhat remarkably, after ball caromed o…
5.12 - Johnny Cueto; 6.1 Sonny Gray. Because I didn't double up 3-4 (and I planned this all along), going to get 2 here then wait.
Buster Posey is quite happy added Johnny Cueto & Jeff Samardzija this offseason
Johnny Cueto fits right in on first day in orange and black:
I just realized why Ian Desmond is still unsigned. Johnny Cueto broke his will to baseball baseballs.
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Which Bay Area player has the most pressure entering 2016: Johnny Cueto, Brandon Crawford, Billy Butler or Josh Reddick?
Have no idea how Chris Sale, Jose Fernandez, Johnny Cueto, Chris Archer, Luis Severino, and Danny Salazar all got passed on...
After careful review of his Instagram, it's clear Johnny Cueto is the unknown love child of MadBum & Andres Torres.
Johnny Cueto will be filling the . fashion void that happened when Andres Torres left.
📷 the-killa-p: From KNBR: With the additions of Jeff Samardzija and Johnny Cueto, the Giants have no...
Johnny Cueto, Jeff Samardzija, and Denard Span. I'd call that a solid offseason. Good work Bobby Evans and the front office.
Johnny Cueto san francisco World Series
Alex Gordon should've done what James Shields & Johnny Cueto did & leave KC for money/bigger stage but he's a lifetime ***
Think about Bumgarner, Johnny Cueto, Jake Peavy, & Juan Uribe all on the same team. Affeldt might come out of retirement just to hang out.
It'll be vs next Opening Day in KC. What are the odds of Matt Harvey vs. Johnny Cueto that day? I'll go with ze…
Check out Johnny Cueto's 1st day at as a member of the orange & black. Snapchat 👻: SFGiantsMLB.
Johnny Cueto is live! Watch press conference on CSN Bay Area & STREAMING LIVE:
WATCH Johnny Cueto's introductory press conference STREAMING LIVE at 11:30am
.officially sign RHP Johnny Cueto to 6-year contract with club option for 2022.
Johnny Cueto passed his physical. He's a Giant.
It's easy to confuse Johnny Cueto and Danny Ray Herrera. .
Johnny Cueto agrees to deal with the San Francisco Giants - Kansas City Star
ICYMI: A look at what Johnny Cueto brings to the rotation:
what's whipping my *** ?? The sports announcer Eddie GARCIA pronouncing Johnny Cueto's name 'Kway-to' ???
Kenyon Martin and Johnny Cueto and Carson Palmer and Andy Dalton are responsible for my unreasonable pessimism
Best 15...Giants spend crazy money to sign Johnny Cueto...Mike Leake-Ian Kennedy next in line for paydays
Sorry, Senior Circuit. are bringing Johnny Cueto back to the NL. . And Johnny’s been good. https:/…
Jeff Passan / Johnny Cueto to sign with Giants for $130 million
The Giants and Johnny Cueto reach a six-year, $130 million deal with an opt-out after two years. MORE:
Giants go all-in with $130 million bet on Johnny Cueto. Story:
Johnny Cueto for $130 million is a lot, but Twins spent $170 million on Phil Hughes, Ervin Santana, and Ricky Nolasco. Quality vs. quantity.
have agreed to a 6-year deal with Johnny Cueto pending a physical.
BREAKING: The Giants and Johnny Cueto have reached an agreement on a deal, pending physical. (via
.RHP Johnny Cueto reportedly agree to deal, pending physical. Club has not confirmed.
BREAKING: Report: agree to deal with Johnny Cueto
.are reportedly pushing hard for Johnny Cueto:
BREAKING: Johnny Cueto is taking his shimmy to the per
Sources: Johnny Cueto has an agreement with the Giants, pending a physical.
Report: 'making strong push' for Johnny Cueto
Would you rather have Alex Gordon and Ian Kennedy or Johnny Cueto and Gerardo Parra?
ICYMI, sums up what everyone is thinking. Kenyon Martin, Carson Palmer, Johnny Cueto ... Andy Dalton. https:…
If the Marlins get Johnny Cueto and/or Yoennis Cespedes im gonna be pretty happy
Selling the farm nowadays is trading two prospects? Didn't the Royals just do that for Johnny Cueto?
I have a feeling that somehow the Red Sox will go for Johnny Cueto...
Johnny Cueto is still available... just saying.
Johnny Cueto is still a free agent, and he's running out of destinations.
must be ready to Sign Johnny Cueto and or Doug Fister cuz why get rid of their best pitcher of last season Warren ??
Where do you think Johnny Cueto will end up signing? ⚾️ Click here to vote
MLB free agent predictions: Which team will sign Johnny Cueto?
Rockies are coming in as a surprise team with interest in Johnny Cueto. Yanks, Red Sox, Dodgers and Rangers have all che…
The cost of Johnny Cueto for the Diamondbacks via
if only the Dodgers, Johnny Cueto or Magic Johnson would respond to me
so why is there no johnny cueto news and why don't the giants want his *** do they really think Leake's trash *** is better smh
Dodgers should sign Johnny Cueto won't cost them anything but money
Who is the biggest winter meeting loser this year? Where is Johnny Cueto?
Johnny Cueto is in no rush to sign a contract:
Source: Johnny Cueto accidentally signed w/ Lakers due to a language barrier issue w/ his agent. Club has confirmed & will start him at PF.
My sources at airport confirm Johnny Cueto has arrived in Nashville
Let's just turn the attention to Johnny Cueto and Andrew Miller now
Best offseason move by Arizona Diamondbacks was "low-balling" Johnny Cueto.
Johnny Cueto Made the worst move ever not taking 6-120.
I just want to thank Johnny Cueto for turning us down.
Matt Kemp for our soup ¯\_ツ_/¯. Johnny Cueto's turnaround makes me feel like dying"?
has traded Matt kemp and Logan Forsythe to for Johnny Cueto
uh... Dodger can sign pitcher Johnny Cueto for about 20 mil a year and trade for Chris Sale who gets 12 mil a year
The market for Johnny Cueto is developing, and LA, SF, BOS & CHC are all interested:
Now the pre-winter meetings drama switches to Johnny Cueto and Greinke. As Arte Johnson's character said on Laugh-In: Vedddy Interesting!"
Johnny Cueto turning down $120 million from the is no surprise. He might want more after his World Series performance.
Looks like Johnny Cueto isn't settling for Jordan Zimmermann deal
Where will Johnny Cueto end up signing?
Cueto turns down $120 million offer from Diamondbacks
The cost of Johnny Cueto for the Diamondbacks
Report: Johnny Cueto rejects $120 million offer from Diamondbacks
Where will Johnny Cueto end up signing? Via (Harradox) Via (Harradox)
Johnny Cueto rejects 120M offer from AZ. The case for (and against) signing him:
ARI [SB Nation: AZ Snakepit] - The cost of Johnny Cueto for the Diamondbacks
Johnny Cueto rejects 6-year, $120 mil offer from D'Backs - At some point there will be a stopping point for the nonsense in sports. I hope !
Discussing what type of pitcher Johnny Cueto is with *after* he publishes...
MLB free agents: Johnny Cueto should have plenty of options
Did Cueto rebuild his free-agent value with World Series start?
Red Sox free agent targets: Johnny Cueto - Over the Monster
God the Red Sox can NOT pick of Johnny Cueto
Well I guess this settles it on the Johnny Cueto debate
Heyward, Cueto, Price, Cespedes among top free agents
Today at I wrote about why Johnny Cueto is a good fit for the in free agency:
If the sox sign Johnny Cueto instead of Price, Zimmerman or Greinke I don't think I can be a fan anymore, it'll be that stupid
According to David Price is the number one free agent on market. Behind him is LAD Zack Greinke, KC Johnny Cueto.
Red Sox free agent targets: Johnny Cueto: ... Cueto, and despite a complete-game gem in the World Series, the ...
>> Red Sox free agent targets: Johnny Cueto
Congrats to Johnny Cueto and Edinson Vòlquez on becoming World Series champs!
When coach gives you the bunt sign 😂😂😂
Free on Johnny Cueto - 2008 Upper Deck Series 2 Rookie. Get it here -
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