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Johnny Crawford

John Ernest Johnny Crawford (born March 26, 1946) is a prolific American character actor, singer and musician.

Chuck Connors Los Angeles Vivian Vance Robert Duvall Jay Crawford Lucille Ball Paul Fix New Mexico Lucas McCain

Johnny Depp joins Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye as a speaker at Reason Rally 2016
Beautiful time at the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Hall last night. Big Johnny Blue & the gang did a great set...
Crawford 69,72,75 percent owned in my cash lines on FD lol... Good thing I have wade at 3.1 percent 😏
DK: dragic, Crawford, deng, Parker, towns, Rubio all over 35 but had deing and porzingis so we'll see how that turns out
I wish crawford was on any team other than the clippers.
LSU coach Johnny Jones says Ben Simmons did not start tonight's game due to an academic matter.
The original of Cindy’s Birthday by Johnny Crawford on A Rocking Good Way
Chris Crawford says that when you are going to have Daniel Nava and Johnny Giovatella in your lineup, taking at bats away from Trout is dumb
philly dave WKDfm is playing Johnny Crawford - Sandy Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
Punks like Johnny Cash the same way I liked my Cindy Crawford calendar when I was 14.
Police: A Texas man (Johnny Crawford, 74) was arrested on suspicion of robbing the Bank of the Ozarks in Hope today.
Out with my pals, Jim Moore, Rob Word and Johnny Crawford, for a day of riding in beautiful Rancho https…
as big a Johnny fan that I am, it would be a huge mistake getting him IMO. Draft on defense, keep Crawford & Hayden...
NO!!Wolf Johnny Depp for Lilla Crawford very cute as Mad Hatter for Alice and Willy Wonka to Charlie=)))
Joan Crawford, Johnny Guitar. . Credit to timothywebster for the original and awesome post.
. Toews. Johnny hockey . Kane. Keith. Crawford. O Reily . Zuccs . Oshie. Buff . Hitchcock with me as assistant so he doesn't screw up XD
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carl crawford didn't? Virtually all hitters fall off a cliff. Some of them provide production before then.
Steph and Kyrie are neck and neck. Rondo, D-Will, Harden, Jamal Crawford and Cp3 all have crazy handles, too.
JOHNNY GUITAR is a masterpiece. It felt downright Sirkian this time around. Joan Crawford gives a staggeringly great perf.
Johnny Guitar with Joan Crawford and Mercedes McCambridge. . Cult Classic movie. The only two…
I love the colors in Johnny Guitar. Crawford's technicolor bright yellow shirt and red scarf are AMAZING.
Watching Johnny Guitar. Heaven help the man who does Joan Crawford wrong!
Haven't run that comp but i would really doubt it. Think of guys like Juan Pierre, Carl Crawford, & Johnny Damon.
Strange to note that always claims his hair is natural yet looks distinctly more Joan Crawford / Johnny Guitar today
Floyd Mayweather Sr. says Manny Pacquiao will be remembered for chasing and then losing to Mayweather Jr.
Jamal Crawford would have Jerry West doing the harlem shake at half court...lmao
Big-time play by Tyrone Crawford (and pursuit by Randy Gregory) to flip field position in the Cowboys' favor.
look at darling and raanta's numbers last year. They paid 6 million for crawford. This cost them...
tool man thomas was garbage when he left the great wall in Chara. Crawford is over rated
So Quick and Crawford are just decent goalies? Agreed on that one! Forgot Tool man Thomas.
Johnny Guitar with Joan Crawford, or should that be Prophylactic Banjo?
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I'm watching The Perfect Host and Clayne Crawford reminds me of and Johnny Depp
A strange rifle and admiring son,Johnny Crawford.were the keys to ABC's "The Rifleman".Chuck Connors
Johnny Guitar by Nicholas Ray is a brilliant thrilling chick against chick flick with Sterling Hayden as Joan Crawford's ex-gun crazy love
You have a nice happy smile, but if you could look mean physcho, it could look like Joan Crawford in 1956 Johnny Guitar movie!
Joan Crawford is a total badass in psycho-western JOHNNY GUITAR. Tonight at 8:20.
Want to know how white I am? Listen to "Your Nose is Gonna Grow" by Johnny Crawford. Within the first 5 seconds you'll be like, "Wow.".
I don't really have friends where I can play most of the songs I like. I hang around *** too much. Can't play Johnny Crawford with them.
Cavs and Heat also interested in trading for Jamal Crawford. (NYDN)
The Heat are reportedly interested in trading for Jamal Crawford. Would you take him?
Joey Crawford's career as a ref, summarized in 30 seconds. (Video via .
I liked a video from Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford Family Always ❤️ .•**-
Bumgarner (10) has the most career home runs by a Giants pitcher since Johnny Antonelli hit 15 from 1954-60.
Brandon Crawford is one guy I'd want on my team
Crawford with a SINGLE. debuts tomorrow!
Same way Joan Crawford has no dust on her snowy white dress after running in the desert in Johnny Guitar
I added a video to a playlist Johnny Crawford - "Home"
disappointed with the lineup! Where's johnny o, yandle, Crawford, jaskin, savard...
My video tribute Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford family Tribute. "I'm Already There♥"
A typical Saturday morning...watching Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford in The Rifleman reruns. I suspect, that...
.The western is the inappropriately named "Johnny Guitar." Said woman with the holster is Joan Crawford!
1946 - Johnny Crawford is born in Los Angeles. He was ... -
Big Johnny Blue has been cancelled tonight at the Lawson House. Seems the Lawson House hired another form of...
You mean: Blackhawks clinch a round one exit. Plus, the name of your team is offensive to white people and racist!
Greer: “I have kids in college that send me their papers.” This included, she said, Adonis Thomas/Chris Crawford. http…
Amazing film This never goes out of date Terri Hooley, Johnny Crawford .
on Johnny Crawford - Your Nose Is Gonna Grow. Listen online at
- 1946 - Johnny Crawford is born in Los Angeles.
Congratulations to Johnny Crawford, a 2015 Indiana Academic All-Star! He will be honored at the Indiana Roof Ballroom on April 15th.
on Johnny Crawford - Cindy's Birthday. Listen online at
Read up on Joan Crawford's behavior while filming JOHNNY GUITAR. She was an interesting character.
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Current aesthetic johnny manziel except more biochemistry.
Blake Wheeler giving Johnny Oduya the gears in front of Crawford then beaks in Oduya's ear after Byfuglien scores on the PP!
Little Mark McCain is all grown up! star Johnny Crawford turns 69 today.
Johnny Crawford from The Rifleman? Tell me he sang with Shelley Fabares, aka Donna Stone?
"All a woman has to do is slip, once, and she's a 'tramp'!" - Vienna (Joan Crawford) in Johnny Guitar (1954)
NowPlaying Tom Marion and the Venice Four feat. Johnny Crawford - 64
Song today is “Cindy’s Birthday” by Johnny Crawford. Please click here to listen on the record player (Note:...
NowPlaying Tribute to Chuck Connors (1921 - 1992) and Johnny Crawford - Family Forever 2
NowPlaying Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance - 'If you came back from Heaven'
NowPlaying Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford Family Tribute - 'Happy 55th Anniversary of The Rifleman'
NowPlaying Will Ryan & the Cactus County Cowboys featuring Johnny Crawford at the Talking Stick - 3_15_12
Who woulda thought Jamal Crawford would have the best career?
Excellent piece on Rick Crawford! Now you should find Johnny Benson and Ted Musgrave
Man the clippers should of shipped Crawford!!!
I hate how Lilla Crawford and Daniel Huttlestone aren't on the album cover when they are a bigger part of the film then Johnny Deep😡
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
This game has Hawks lose 1-0 on a puck deflected past Corey Crawford by Johnny Oduya written all over it!
. I know Johnny Murdock is coaching in Kansas. I wonder what Jackie Crawford is doing these days.
Oliver in might be the best boy child actor since Johnny Crawford in The Rifleman. Far more articulate (vernacular) than I was.
MxQ quad core android boxes set up and ready to go :) Scott Golden Graham Lesley Flynn Johnny Crawford Laura Mcnicol
So cindy crawford can make millions on doctored photos for 25 years then she gets to be a hero for doing one without makeup at age 75?
Yep, that's Johnny Crawford in an International House of Pancakes in 1960 - you guys are good!
Johnny Bananas the is looking for a family to love this Valentine's Day! Could it be you?
CNN: Cindy Crawford lingerie image stirs debate over what 'real women' look like
Johnny Depp & Lilla Crawford - Hello, Little Girl (From "Into the Woods"...: .whoa great movie soundtracks,that growl
Not sure if I'm following this thread of conversation properly but...Major major super crush: Johnny Crawford.
Les invito a leer sobre Lilla Crawford is ‘obsessed’ with her ‘Into the Woods’ co-star Johnny Depp shot in rochdal…
Thought that was Bruce Jenner “Cindy Crawford's spread in Marie Claire feat. 100% non-retouched pics
I liked a video Johnny Crawford in "Johnny Angel" by Shelley Fabares
Hey Pippin, Johnny Crawford ain't with ya anymore.
7 year old Johnny Crawford from Sonora, Calif. and Speaker of the House John Boehner Dec. 6th tree lighting ceremony http:…
The fantastic wraparound posters at the Mayfair Theatre; Johnny Guitar, starring Joan Crawford:
Doug Free and Jack Crawford are ruled OUT for Monday. Everyone else on DAL injury report is listed as PROBABLE vs. Redskins.
Nicolas Ray and Joan Crawford on the set of "Johnny Guitar" (1954)
Westerns! Feminism! Joan Crawford! Come see JOHNNY GUITAR tomorrow night at 7pm for a nifty combination of all of the above.
We've moved! Now you have to watch out for me and my Pa every weekday from 3 until 4. Other times I need to be...
"Roger Goodell urges the public to reserve judgement until the graphic video of Josh Gordon hitting a blunt is release…
Johnny Crawford, he recorded a couple albums.
24-3 Steelers, it's time for Johnny Football!
Justin Beiber na Beiber Ang dating "sa misconduct " , Nikki Gil I guess you got off just in time. Crawford Anger Rehab for you
# I just hope The Buzz is not there to sugarcoat or belittle the misconduct of Jailed Convict Crawford
Getting ready to sing at the KTSU 90.9FM Second Annual Gospel Brunch ft Beverly Crawford and Johnny B. Williams
Big Johnny Blue gigs for September 2014. Sunday 7th @ 4:00p Acoustic at the Masque on Hess St. Wednesday 10th
I liked a video WORST IDEA EVER by Johnny Knoxville
Crawford Ker thinks that the should have drafted Johnny Manziel.
Jamal Crawford has scored 104 points in 24 hours at the Seattle Pro-am.
Update your maps at Navteq
This is so Johnny Robin Crawford Smith love this
Chris Pine as Cinderella's Prince . Johnny Depp as The Wolf. Lilla Crawford as Little Red Riding Hood. Daniel Huttlestone as Jack
"See it, feel it, trust it." ~Johnny Crawford (Seven Days in Utopia). Loved this quote when I first heard it. If you take the time to...
King James and Johnny Football in Cleveland. Life is good for Jay Crawford!!
Just heard Jay Crawford call him "Johnny Manziel" on I didn't think he knew the guy's name wasn't "Johnny Football."
He's 13. He was a ball boy at Elite 11. And he's "your favorite QBs favorite QB"
Add Jordan Crawford to the list of players the Lakers are reportedly interested in and no, they haven't called me. http:/…
This is my greatest fear. Luckily, I was never a big fan of Carl Crawford or Johnny Gomes.
My first little tribute to Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. :) This was my first little tribute to them to honor family. Song by : Jody Brown Indian Family...
Widower Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors) guides his son Mark (Johnny Crawford) through the often-difficult trials and tribulations of maintaining a small ranch in New Mexico during the late 1880s. This tremendously popular 1958-1963 TV series teaches the values of courage and justice, tempered with tolerance and understanding. The Vision Woman from Hog Ridge Sins of the Father The Illustrator Baranca The Actress A...
"Happy trails to you, until we meet again.." Westerns on tv were a big part of Baby boomers' life. Shown nightly on our 3 channels ( not counting Wkno). There were so many! Sugarfoot, The Rebel (remember Nick Adams killed himself), Roy Rogers, Stagecoach West, Wagon Train. But my favorite was The Rifleman, loved Johnny Crawford! Even feigned illness once to stay home to watch him in a daytime movie with Loretta Young! We all had toy guns, outfits, and played cowboys and indians with the neighborhood kids. What was your favorite (or favorites) cowboy shows from your childhood?
So which Tendy is following in the footsteps of Johnny Quick and Crawford and droppin a few f bombs during their cup speech this year?
Yesterday's Midwest League Pitcher of the Day is of the Crawford went 7IP, 3H, 0R, 1BB, 9K. Now has 2.16 ERA.
Check out the album Oldies anyone by Johnny Crawford, available for free on Grooveshark.
Big Johnny Blue in 2012 at the Mountain theatre
Breast Cancer Awareness
Happy 68th Birthday to Johnny Crawford...(I know I'm 1 day early) but here's a tribute with rare pictures of Johnny (and Bobby) for you to enjoy! Please comm...
Jonathon Crawford (refined his delivery in to become first-round pick of the
Our Boss Man came up with another great guest. Wrangler Fred is happy to announce that Johnny Crawford, maybe best known for The Rifleman and now as a top musician has been added. Johnny Crawford was born in Los Angeles, California, the son of Betty (née Megerlin) and Robert Lawrence Crawford, Sr. His maternal grandparents were Belgian; his maternal grandfather was violinist Alfred Eugene Megerlin. In 1959, Johnny, his older brother Robert L. Crawford, Jr., a co-star of NBC's Laramie series, and their father Robert, Sr., were all nominated for Emmy Awards (the brothers for acting and their father for film editing). Career. Johnny was an original Mouseketeer, but at the end of the first season the studio reduced the number to 12, and he was released from his contract. His first important break as an actor followed with the title role in a Lux Video Theatre production of, "Little Boy Lost," a live NBC broadcast on March 15, 1956. He also appeared in the popular western series The Lone Ranger , in 1956, i . ...
- I just looked at your Tumblr. What did you think of JOHNNY GUITAR? I love me some Joan Crawford.
This is Johnny Crawford's 1963 song "Living in The Past" which was released right after his 'Rifleman' Days. This is my tribute to Chuck Connors (who is now ...
Allen Crawford signing his book for Johnny Depp
Any cameras catch Carl Crawford flip off the section behind him?
Thoughts and prayers with Corey Crawford after getting hit by this car.
I was the sixth man g like Jamal Crawford 😂😂😂
With Lebron flopping, Joey Crawford being the ref and since the game is close, everything will go the Heats way
And this is what everybody is saying about Joey Crawford right now. ♫ Thanks a Lot – Johnny Cash
1989. Crawford Hall. UCI. Someone threw a bottle at Johnny Lydon's head so he left the stage to make a point.
we gotta get tickets to 6/28 or 6/29 games. That's the "All Brandon" weekend. Crawford and belt bobble heads
Big Johnny Blue is going to be on Euphonious Radio next week
I cuddled next to Johnny Crawford last night. I'm basically better than you now.
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it's 1/9 that if it came to a Game 7 between Indiana and Miami Joey Crawford would be the lead ref
What's the name of that song by the migos that come on talking bout black shades johnny cage?
Rifleman fans welcome! The mdified winchester 92 rifle was used by Lucas McCain in the televison series The Rifleman, starring Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford and Paul Fix.
It's ruled a double-steal: Carl Crawford scores from 3rd. to 2nd then 3rd on the play. 1, Tigers 1.
Congrats to BG baseball! Two wins over our rival the Team Up North. Today we got a key "hold" 1 2 3 inning on the mound by freshman Johnny Crawford. Typical Wapakoneta HS grad. Top flight.
: BG whips Team Up North again 5-3. Congrats to frosh Johnny Crawford for the big 1 2 3 inning.
Johnny Crawford works a scoreless bottom of the seventh on the mound. 3-3, headed to the 8th
"Name one white person who aged well after 50" johnny depp, cindy Crawford
Dodgers walk off in 10th! Carl Crawford's RBI single wins it for LA over Detroit, 3-2.
Due to events and circumstances outside the realm of my control, this page will be closing it's doors in the near future. It is encouraged that all of you most wonderful Sweepers continue to follow Mr. Crawford on his fan page "Johnny Crawford". Best wishes to all. and continue to share the love. Page Administration.
Why doesn't ESPN ever show this side of Johnny Football?
Despite the fact that Joan Crawford was in it, I liked Johnny Guitar (which means the movie was really good itself to counterbalance Joan).
Time to watch Johnny Guitar. I strongly dislike Joan Crawford (duh) but we've talked way too much about the movie not to watch it now 🎬
Corey Crawford and Johnny Oduya will play tomorrow.
Corey Crawford starts tomorrow and Johnny Oduya is expected to play vs. Montreal.
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I liked a video from Johnny Crawford - I Don't Need You
I liked a video from Johnny Crawford -'No One Really Loves A Clown'♪♫ (video with
Johnny Crawford can still be seen every afternoon on ME-TV as Mark McCain on "The Rifleman".
hey pippen I see you got Johnny Crawford with ya. Hey pippen Johnny Crawford ain't with ya anymore. Name that movie !
Johnny Crawford's view of The Fault in Our Stars- "A book that supports the brainwashing of adolescent girls into secular worldview" 😂
Super excited to be going to see tomorrow night with my big mucker Johnny "Coach" Crawford.
Gotta get ready for Art and Lisa Crawford tonight at Alamo Springs Cafe in Fredericksburg (6-10) with Johnny...
I love this picture of Corey Crawford, and Johnny Oduya, i love Johnny Oduya smile in this picture.
Funny how never shows this side of Johnny Manziel
Watching The Rifleman brings back some great memories. What fun to see how Johnny Crawford looks now.
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 Diana Ross ("Upside Down") is 70 Johnny Crawford ("Cindy's Birthday") is 68 Steven Tyler of Aerosmith ("Dream On") is 66 Vicki Lawrence ("The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia") is 65 The late Teddy Pendergrass of Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes ("If You Don't Know Me By Now") is born in 1950 The late Rufus Thomas ("Walking The Dog") is born in 1917 Fred Parris of the Five Satins ("In The Still Of The Night") is 78 Alan Arkin of the Tarriers ("Banana Boat Song" and later an Academy Award-winning actor) is 80 The late Rod Lauren ("If I Had A Girl") is born in 1940 Jan Berry of Jan & Dean ("Surf City") dies in 2004 Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary is arrested in Washington, DC for taking "immoral liberties" with a 14 year-old girl (he pleads guilty and spends three months in jail, though he is later pardoned by President Jimmy Carter), 1970 "Johnny Maestro Way" is dedicated in Staten Island, New York in honor of the late Crests and Brooklyn Bridge singer, 2011 The photograph fo ...
Hi All On a personal basis I have always had the opinion that the great era of Rock n roll in the UK whether it may be rockin’ or ballads came to an end on December 31st 1962. Obviously I am very aware that this is a 50’s Face Book group in real terms, and peeps what a really good group it is ! However it seems to me that we just cannot turn off likes or dislikes at the end of December 1959 just because of a date in a century, so purely for fun and reminiscing only because my favourite year of all was 1962, I have listed 50 of my close favourite hits from 1962 & some from ‘61 just as a form of a memory jerker for you all to remember or connect with. They are not in my specific order of favourites, I have just written them down from my memory banks of . . . . Oh! So long ago. Carole King - It might as well rain until September, Bobby Vee - Sharing you, Flee Rekkers - Lone Rider, Johnny Crawford - Your nose is gonna grow, Jimmy Justice - Ain’t that funny’ Brook Brothers - Welcome home baby, Jet H ...
"OMG Insider" is showing all the female actresses who turn 60 this year. Three of my male actor inspirations also turn 60 this year...within two months of my turning 60, John Travolta, Bill Mumy, and Ron Howard. Oh yeah, Johnny Crawford (Mark McCain) turns 68 in March. Good Lord.
Klay comes up with a big block and Crawford misses a last-second 3ptr. win!!!
I'm trying to see Jamal Crawford against Stephen Curry.
Today is The Rifleman star's 67th birthday! Happy birthday Johnny Crawford! . Want more of Johnny Crawford as... http:/…
Have Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter ever been in a movie together?
Is this real life? Or did crawford just play me like that…
yea he kinda disappeared. Saw him in a couple movies but nothing as adult. Johnny Crawford I think.
Joan Crawford and Johnny Mack Brown get to macking in Our Dancing Daughters (1928)
JOHNNY CRAWFORD: AMC-TV will load this Sat morning Dec 21 with ten first season Rifleman eps (thru See...
After the 13 - 0 deficit to start the game, the Pacers won every period overcoming abysmal FT shooting down the stretch and Joey Crawford.
There u go Crawford throw those T's out there like it's the tshirt toss. Dbag
Go like the page and find out when we play, see new videos and get the latest news on BIG JOHNNY BLUE & STRANGE CARGO
It's funny how ESPN never shows this side of Johnny Manziel
Okay like let's be real I have an unhealthy crush on johnny crawford...
Where are these Mouseketeers now SS -
Crawford will start tonight against the Sharks, but Antti Raanta will play on the upcoming circus trip.
Is Johnny Guitar good then? I always had the impression it was just a trashy Joan Crawford movie!
Photoset: lesliehowards: Johnny Guitar (1954) Sorry. I can’t help but be a wide eyed fan of Ms. Crawford...
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Hear what Johnny Crawford says about working on THE RIFLEMAN with Chuck Connors!
Vintage cinema marquee: Wow!! Joan Crawford at the Mayfair in JOHNNY GUITAR
I voted for Johnny Crawford to win the and appear on VH1. Download free tracks and vote now!
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon, Johnny Crawford, Childish Gambino - Camp, The Weeknd - House of Balloons.
Going to visit Johnny Crawford with uncle bobby
.. a surprisingly good cover of Rick Nelson's "Lonesome Town" (Johnny Crawford) …
Johnny Crawford's "Proud" appeared to be an attempt at an Orbison style ballad. It was OK but I preferred the flip ..
Johnny Crawford - That's All I Want From You: via I love the words to this song.
FROM: Johnny Crawford. Just joined on - now 1/2 of our song sales are donated to
great picture. almost like Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford in "the Rifleman"
Happy birthday today to Paul McCartney – my third serious celebrity crush. The first one was Johnny Crawford the son of The Rifleman. My second one was Michael Landon of Bonanza and then came Paul and no one replaced him for many many years. I'm glad he took me out of cowboy heaven, LOL
Loved that movie because Johnny Crawford is one of the stars. I'll watch anything he's in!
No, that's not my husband Elliot. That's Johnny Crawford from The Rifleman!
Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain in 1935 performs rope tricks from his youth and leads the orchestra in the 1931 hit song "Home (When Shadows Fall)". Performed...
Joey Crawford needs to stop reffing and that's obvious.
Joey crawford said that the 4 th quarter is "prison rules". Noah is stoked.
Joey Crawford is desperately trying to be the game's MVP
Joey Crawford refereeing the heat game tonight it's Gone be so many techs
Congrats Corey Crawford & Johnny Oduya on advancing to the 2nd round of the
Crawford is the first star of this series. No doubt
“Just wondering, who plays goal for Team Canada at the Olympics? Price? Fleury? Johnny Bower?” Crawford, Holtby or Dubnyk?
Crawford has been the star of this series so far. Definitely matured from last playoffs.
Joe Crawford is one of the most aggravating refs.
that could only be topped with a Crawford goal.
Corey Crawford stopped 34 shots, Johnny Oduya and Duncan Keith both scored in the 3-2 loss in OT to the Wild.
If you blame that loss on Crawford I will unfollow you.. That man stood on his head that game!
Had such a cool time at the cowboy festival today with my grandparents/ We got to meet Johnny Crawford( from the Rifleman show).
Johnny Depp,Ashton Kutcher,Channing Tatum, Chris Pine, Alex Pettyfer, Taylor Lautner ,and Chace Crawford. They are the sexiest man alive!♥
and also Bobby Crawford from laramie and Brother Of Johnny Crawford from The Rifleman and a mousekeeteer
Ipod Village of the Giants Movie Village of the Giants movie download Actors: Joy Harmon Johnny Crawford
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Working on a story for Monday on Wapak's Johnny Crawford and Shawnee's Cory Wilder.
The Uptown Update: - Karen Kelly Martel won the FREE TICKETS! GIVEAWAY CONTEST yesterday to the Johnny Crawford...
The stars come out for the Johnny Holiday Program. Johnny Crawford was in the audience on March 15th. See him...
Alternate photo of Johnny Crawford as Mark McCain in The Rifleman. Happy Birthday!
Actor Johnny Crawford turns sixty-seven today! The kid thespian got his big break as one of the original...
Happy Birthday Johnny Crawford! There's lots 2 c in this report for Johnny.
Happy 67th Birthday to actor/singer JOHNNY CRAWFORD. He began his acting career in 1955 as one of the original...
JOHNNY CRAWFORD is 67 today. Here, from THE RIFLEMAN. via
Happy Birthday to Johnny Crawford, T.R.Knight, Diana Ross and Natalia Livingston! Congrats to all their fans!
Bad play by Johnny Oduya. Viktor Stalberg just gives up on the play after losing his stick. Crawford with a bad rebound allowed. Just. Bad.
I would like to wish Johnny Crawford a wonderful birthday tomorrow! JOHNNY will be 67! He was a great Pop Artist & TV actor!
Uptown Theater ticket giveaway to 'Johnny Crawford and His Orchestra'! Click photo for details.
I went to West World in Scottsdale Az and I got to meet Johnny Crawford. After all these years. We Love you Johnny
what was Johnny Crawford taken off for & what did Trigger do for a 2nd Yellow?
Today is a great day to watch JOHNNY GUITAR. Oh, wait, it's Joan Crawford's birthday? Then it's an even better day to watch it!
Nicholas Ray's Johnny Guitar is a great film with a complex Crawford performance. All about desire and control.
Not only was Richard Chamberlain my second crush (after Johnny Crawford, the son on The Rifleman) but the show was BRILLIANT!
My latest tribute to Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. Tribute to family :)
Storm congrats to Johnny Crawford (Westfield HS) on running his indoor pr of 52.57 n the 400 m at the invite
If you don't know who Johnny Crawford is, he was Chuck Connors' son on The Rifleman. Also the first GUY to pose nude for Playboy.
Movie recommendation Seven Days in Utopia. Starring: Robert Duvall,Lucas Black and Melissa Leo. Based on the novel by David L. Cook. This is the story of Luke Chisholm,a pro golfer who has an emotional meltdown and ends up in Utopia Texas. He meets a man named Johnny Crawford who teaches him about life,the game and good character and how they all come together. Luke becomes a better man through some humerous tests that Johnny puts forth for him. And of course Luke also meets a girl and has some competition. (A funny scene occurs which I will not give away). This is a great film and is Dove approved for the entire family.
We'll have video from Q, Nick Leddy and Corey Crawford coming soon to BHTV.
Hi DJCarloJose. Kindly play people alone by Randy Crawford... belated happy Birthday to Chef Johnny De Alca.. More power to u.
That's why we need a 3rd party. While makes war on Tea Party & RINO's will keep feathering their own nests
It's a matter of whether one is a true conservative, not a Republican. Look @ the indiscretions some 'Republicans' have made
Clippers G Jamal Crawford is OUT for the game against the Magic.
Just listened to How High the Moon by Johnny Crawford what an awesome song you should listen to you
I recognize the boy! Johnny Crawford, who played Mark McCain on "The Rifleman".
When he does shed tears, he [fake] wipes them from the outer corner of his eyes. Tears fall from the inner corner of r eyes
...(here's that word again) incredibly badass. (Fun Fact: she was modelled on Crawford's char in Johnny Guitar.)
yes so do I love the big band sound and the johnny Crawford orchestra is just awesome
Crawford called for the travel: "I'm okay... It's just the first time that's been called."
My newest video of Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford
What a pleasure to finally take the time to reconnect with Johnny Crawford via his website. Spent a day with him in L.A. while he was recording poem for Cindy Mithcum an her on-going journey to capture her father John's poems by his friends and fans. The Rifleman is still the best. If you haven't, visit his site and listen free to his wonderful music.
Thank you for uploading!! Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford and Cesare Danova - wow what cast (
The First Feature I ever set foot on with Johnny Crawford & Jay Silverheels
Directed by Norman Foster. With Johnny Crawford, Jay Silverheels, Pat Hogan, George J. Lewis. Nishko is a chief's son in the Great Plains, before Europeans arrive. During his rite of passage...
View photos from "The Rifleman" (1958) with Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford on IMDb!
Johnny Crawford was one of the first Mouseketeers on Walt Disney’s The Mouseketeers TV Show — the same show we first got an ear-full of famed singer and actress Annette. He also starred in the TV Western series The Rifleman.
ever noticed that Johnny R sounds like Michael Crawford? ha! ( i don't want a holiday in the suNN - betty)
Johnny Gomes and Mike Napoli instead of Crawford and Gonzalez
One fish, two fish: Seven Fishes for Christmas: Holiday Seafood Stew (photos by Johnny Crawford) The first time Ian...
This is johnny depp when he was 16, why do no boys I know look like johnny depp at 16?
Our CineClassic series goes western this week! Johnny Guitar is a western starring Joan Crawford, not your...
Congrats to Wapak P Johnny Crawford, who will sign with Bowling Green State on Tuesday.
Watching Johnny Guitar. Cat fight between Joan Crawford and Mercedes McCambridge.Not in the mood for Jeremiah Johnson again tonight :)
Congratulations to Wapakoneta's Johnny Crawford who will play baseball at BGSU and John Martin who will wrestle for Cleveland State
just been up and Johnny Crawford said that there were 500 tickets left out of 1500 of Mo allowance.
Lol girls get really desperate when Johnny Football and other football players step in the building.
Movie Fans, today we would like to know what your favorite Joan Crawford movie is? Could it be, Johnny Guitar...
johnny crawford still looks almost exactly the same. him and ron howard - two child stars from the '60s that never age. xD
this is the guy I was telling you about - Johnny Crawford! :)
Div. I-II all-state teams released today.Celina's Braden Billger and Wapak's Johnny Crawford both make second team all-state.
Congrats to Wapak DB Johnny Crawford on being named second team all-state.
Haven't seen many Johnny Crawford songs on YouTube so here's one of the best from the former Rifleman co-star, Cindy's Birthday from 1962
Published 1963 by Del-Fi Records. The song is from Johnny's third LP-album, "Rumours".
Johnny Crawford wil be on the Rifleman today on MeTV at 5pm & 5:30pm.
Song on Billboard.1962... Johnny Crawford was co-star of the TV series "The Rifleman" (1958-1963), for which Johnny received an Emmy Award nomination f...
From the Rifleman to this...oh, yeah!
Sweepin' The Clouds Away - a tribute to some of the dance bands, orchestra leaders and singers of the 20s and 30s, featuring the title track from The Johnny ...
Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford in THE RIFLEMAN. (This does look rather phallic.)
Directed by Joseph H. Lewis. With Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, Paul Fix, Patricia Blair. Johnny Drako is looking for Lucas McCain. He makes sure to tell Sweeney the bartender. After Johnny leaves the saloon, Sweeney hurries to tell Lucas, who is in Micah's office.
Here is the great song by Johnny Crawford!
out and about planning some last minute things on what to do about my move. I can feel this will be a good chance for me to begin what I want to do and begin my journey on my own so I can find my way out here in life. Oan I'm thankful God blessed me with M.O.B. Roderick , and my cuddy Johnny Crawford cause they always there for me and will never lead me the wrong way. I'm on to something so much greater than before and proud to be where I'm at and will be when its all said and done. We All We Got !!!
Yay! @ my mom's watching Little House on the Prairie & it's the episode w/Burl Ives & Johnny Crawford! Yay! Happy Sunday!
Translation: Some of my favorite TV shows growing up in the 60s when times were simpler: "The Rifleman" with my first TV love Johnny Crawford, "The Monkees" ...
More Info: - *** Clark and Donna Loren talk with Johnny Crawford, star of "The Rifleman". In 1963, right after signing with Dr Pep...
Watching Chuck Connors & Johnny Crawford on the Rifleman. Crystal Clear Picture too. Father & Son Cowboy TV Show. Show is Good.
The action-packed classic television series about a widowed rancher, Lucas McCain (Chuck Connors), raising his son, Mark (Johnny Crawford), in New Mexico. This western series aired on ABC from 1958-1963 and is a classic in the genre for its high production standards, character-driven plots, moral le...
Lucas McCain is one of my heroes from the 60's. I remember him taking on the US Army because of a mistreated soldier while the Army was in town. His ethical behavior showed his charcter to his son. Stand up for when something is wrong with the system. Johnny Crawford, you are a luck man for knowing Chuck Connors. I had just moved back to the US when word of his passing came out. Maybe one day, I can get to try out that winchester repeater model.
The Rifleman is an American Western television program that starred Chuck Connors as homesteader Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford as his son, Mark McCain. It was set in the 1880s in the town of North Fork, New Mexico Territory. The show was filmed in black-and-white with a half hour running time. "T...
The ManKind Project shared the following link and had this to say about it:SEVEN DAYS IN UTOPIA follows the story of Luke Chisolm (Lucas Black), a talented young golfer set on making the pro tour. When his first big shot turns out to be a very public disaster, Luke escapes the pressures of the game and finds himself unexpectedly stranded in Utopia, Texas--home to eccentric rancher Johnny Crawford (Robert Duvall)...
Just my little dedication to Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. :)
My friend David Williams and I were at the Memphis Film Festival: A Gathering of Guns 4, on Thursday and Friday. If you ever liked TV and movie westerns of the past, it was the place to be. We talked to cast members of The Virginian: James Drury, Randy Boone, Diane Roter, L.Q. Jones, Gary Clarke, Don Quine, Roberta Shore and Sara Lane. Three actors from TV's Daniel Boone were there: Darby Hinton, Veronica Cartwright and Don Pedro Colley. We visited with Johnny Crawford of The Rifleman and with Jeff Connors, Chuck Connors' son, and also with Bobby Crawford, Johnny's brother and a member of the Laramie cast. We talked to Clint Walker, TV's Cheyenne, and Hugh O'Brian, TV's Wyatt Earp, and to Charles Briles of The Big Valley. Bobby Clark of the Casey Jones series was there, as were Rex Allen Jr., son of the late famed western singer and narrator of many Disney films, and John Buttram, nephew of the late comedian Pat Buttram of The Gene Autry Show and Green Acres. Johnny Western, who sang the "Ballad of Palad ...
Comedy. Politics. Religion. Oh…and Love. The Victoria Jackson Show. Coming Soon!! See video of John Reynolds and Johnny Crawford singing, playing and talking politics!
You mean "Paw! Paw!"? I thought that *was* a comedy. I really hate Melissa Gilbert and Johnny Crawford.
Johnny Crawford - The Girl Next Door - rare video footage, Great and rare video clip of this song written by David Gates.. A Big Thanks To Kyler!
Just got finishing watching 10 episodes of the old b/w "Rifleman" TV Series, starring Chuck Connors & Johnny Crawford. I spoke last Friday at a Royal Ranger Rally, on how much I enjoyed this TV seris as a kid growing up, and I guess I'm liking it still. The western/cowboy era of TV, was something I really enjoyed "Growing up in Buckaroos". But this TV show struck a certain chord with me. The Dad "Lucus McCain" and his undying love for his son, The good heart to heart talks at the end of some of the shows, that he would have talking with his son "Mark McCain". Good wholesome morals, Christian Morals, (YES, Christian Morals). This is one case, I will say, I like those good ole days of Television. I guess that is why it still remains a classic. .IF YOU LIKE THE "RIFLEMAN" SERIES, LET ME KNOW.
Chuck Connors and Johnny Crawford. What a great timeless show the Rifleman is!
The 2012 outside casting is complete for the summer..We left some vacancies for the local audition which will take place on Sunday, May 6 at the Grand Prairie Uptown Theater...1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. We have invited students from Baylor, SMU, Texas Weslyn, The University of Oklahoma ,North Texas University and Oklahoma City Univeristy. We will be casting locally for most parts in The Foreigner with Johnny Crawford in June. We will be doing an advanced theater school for children during the summer at Grand Prairie...As always, the faculty will be our cast with the director being a certified theater education teacher. .Hopefully, we will have the "boot camp" for upcoming seniors who will be auditioning for slots in major theater schools ready for this summer.. A very exciting year for us being in two ultra modern theaters.
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