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Johnny B. Goode

Johnny B. Goode is a 1958 rock and roll song written and originally performed by Chuck Berry. The song was a major hit among both black and white audiences peaking at #2 on Billboard magazine's Hot R&B Sides chart and #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Chuck Berry Johnny B Goode Marty McFly Roll Over Beethoven Michael J Fox Jimi Hendrix Peter Tosh John Lennon Rolling Stones Anthony Michael Hall Bruce Springsteen George Harrison Jerry Lee Lewis Mahogany Rush Frank Marino Carl Perkins

RIP Chuck Berry. Originator of many killer rock guitar licks and great songwriter, the original Johnny B. Goode.
I added a video to a playlist Johnny B. Goode (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)
I have an of Peter Tosh's Johnny B Goode and I am pretty sure I'd hate someone to play a guitar just like…
Grab some coffee while we spin another record on - Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry up next!
I added a video to a playlist Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode (1959)
Irie - Johnny B. Goode on Surf Shack Radio. Click here to listen live
Take in the sounds of jazz and oldies on - now it's Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry.
Jimi Hendrix - Johnny B. Goode via Lucky last...let Jimi take it home!
Rocky B. NERDY sounds cool to me. Like that song Johnny B. Goode.
A great guy and great film ...Johnny B Goode was iconic ...
Michael J. Fox on set of Back to the Future rehearsing Johnny B. Goode 1985.
Listening to Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry, on the album: The Definitive Collection
Green Day pay tribute to Chuck Berry with a live cover of Johnny B. Goode: (London, Ontario, Canada).
I've played Johnny B. Goode about 5000 times & I've never played it just right. Every kid w/ a guitar since 1958 likely feels the same. RIP
Watch Chuck Berry and Bruce Springsteen's fiery performance of 'Johnny B. Goode'
If we're talking favorite Chuck Berry performances, have to go with him playing Johnny B. Goode in '86 with Julian Lennon &…
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RIP Chuck Berry. We will be singing "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Johnny B. Goode" forever.
Johnny B Goode is included on the Voyager Golden Record launched in '77 and SNL predicted the first alien response would be…
Chuck Berry performs Johnny B. Goode with & Julian crushes the vocal -
NASA included Chuck Berry's 'Johnny B. Goode' in a time capsule sent to space to represent life on Earth
was a fraud! He got the idea for Johnny B Goode from his cousin Marvin in 1955. SAD!
as am I...Johnny B Goode was the first REAL song I learned to play on the guitar. He was a true 💔💔😢
Chuck Berry and John Lennon singing Johnny B. Goode. Rest with the angels.
"Johnny B. Goode," song so iconic we can hardly hear it anymore. Revisit the lyrics. Try to find a better American story, mo…
"Maybe someday your name will be in lights, saying Johnny B. Goode tonight". My favorite song of all time!!.
Even when I was 12, one of the very first riffs I knew I HAD to learn when I picked up the guitar, was Johnny B. Go…
loved the version of Johnny B Goode you guys covered.# Rip Chuck Berry
How Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" helped define 'Back to the Future'
His Johnny B. Goode is on Voyager 1 & 2 spacecraft. You were more than good Chuck. You will be missed.
Watching the classic Johnny B. Goode scene from Back to the Future tonight...RIP Chuck Berry!
Chuck Berry's 'Johnny B. Goode' included in music headed to the stars on Golden Record. Learn more:
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Chuck Berry died. This breaks my heart, but 90 years old ain't bad for rock and roll. Johnny B. Goode forever.
Chuck Berry, rock 'n' roll founder who defined its joy and rebellion in "Johnny B. Goode" and other classics, dies.
Guitar slinger Johnny Winter would've turned 73 today. Hear play "Johnny B. Goode" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash" in '73.…
In honor of Daylight Savings we'll be watching Back To The Future & singing Johnny B. Goode in all our services at all our campuses today.
He's still got it. Johnny B. Goode (Live in NY w/ Michael J. Fox)
Neurological diseases are terrifying. Absolute respect to Michael J. Fox for his Johnny B. Goode performance
"Michael J. Fox joined Coldplay in an dream cover of 'Johnny B. Goode'"
WATCH: Michael J. Fox joins Coldplay on stage to perform Johnny B. Goode
Johnny B. Goode ft Michael J Fox.I guess you guys aren't ready for that yet, but your kids are gonna love it.
Michael J. Fox joined the band last night in NY to perform Johnny B. Goode & Earth Angel! A (📷 / Getty)
NEWS: Coldplay release 'Johnny B. Goode' performance with Michael J. Fox from https…
GreatRockLyrics: Video of the day. Chuck Berry is joined by John Lennon to perform Johnny B. Goode live from 1972.
Johnny B. Goode don't live here no more. ♫
The unknown highschool musician who first performed Johnny B. Goode before it was stolen by Chuck Berry. Nov 5 1955. https:…
I need some Johnny B. Goode in my life
The fact that if aliens discover voyagers golden record, and play it. What they will hear is Johnny B Goode makes me feel proud of humans
Heard future playing in my cafeteria today.
the only songs I know fully so far are the more modern ones, Johnny B Goode, My Girl, Good Vibrations and Long Tally Sally 😂
DJ playing Johnny B Goode between sets in Geneva - *** that song is impossible not to dance to! :D *taps toes though sitting down*
Music from the heart of shropshire now playing Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry
Rock and roll music when the sun go down ♫ Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry ought to sue The Beach Boys for plagiarism, "fun fun fun" has an almost identical intro to Johnny B Goode
Peter Tosh - Johnny B Goode on Surf Shack Radio, The Best Mix of Music on the Beach
I love how Tampa plays Johnny B. Goode everytime Tyler Johnson scores
One of my favorite NHL music cues...Johnny B. Goode when Tyler Johnson scores
The Johnny B. Goode music in Tampa after a Johnson goal is awesome
Johnny B Goode...very good there. Amazing what North-South zone entry will do.
"His mother told him, some day you'll be a man, you be the leader of a big old band, Go Johnny go...Johnny B Goode!"
Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry is over at
Good morning everyone. Start your day the bluegrass way. . Jim & Jesse - 1976 - Johnny B. Goode via
A lot of Chuck Berry songs start very similar to one another. Like Johnny B. Goode, and Roll Over Beethoven
I added a video to a playlist Chris Martin of Coldplay and Michael J. Fox perform Johnny B. Goode
Added a new video: "Johnny B. Goode by Mesey/Scorfina feat. Micheal McDonald, Johnny Johnson..."
Johnny B. Goode - Back to the Future (9/10) Movie CLIP (1985) HD . HEY CHUCK its your cousin marvin berry ..
*Jeb Bush booed off stage at Enchantment Under the Sea Dance in 1888 Vienna during pathetic rendition of 'Johnny B. Goode'*
Johnny B. Goode. Who never ever learned to read or write so well,. But he could play the guitar like ringing a bell.
This awesome moment when you meet Daryl Davis and dance on Johnny B. Goode while he's actually playing! Thanks !
Johnny B. Goode is still the best rock n' roll song ever. Father of all the others, but fresh as if it just came out.
Tired of being Johnny B. Goode, so I gotta be Johnny Reb.
For & guit nerd friends: Tim May, the man who recorded 'Johnny B. Goode' part for the film. .
Jonny Gomes' name fits perfectly into Johnny B. Goode: "go, go, go, Jonny Gomes, go!"
Johnny B. Goode - Back to the Future , la escena mas epica
Johnny B. Goode by Marty McFly, found with Listen now:
We're at the half way mark. Great crowd in tonight. Back on with Johnny B Goode.
"Johnny B. Goode" by Mahogany Rush from Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Live ♫
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Rocking out to Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" and all I think of is famous scene.Good times.
This is the most atrocious seizure of black culture since Marty McFly went back in time and stole Johnny B. Goode from Chuck Berry.
Chuck Berry is no stranger to the farm Neither is Johnny B. Goode otherwise known as Johnnie Johnson
I'm learning "Johnny B. Goode" this week. What are you practicing on -Megan
I don't, but I am aware of Johnny B. Goode... and how it's pronounced wrong! ;) (GOODE RHYMES WITH FOOD!)
♫: "Johnny B. Goode" from "Back to the Future Original Soundtrack" (Marty McFly with The Starlighters)
"And who else but could perform that classic song, Johnny B. Goode?" Aa! Can't wiat to see it!
Johnny B. Goode: collects punchout No. 1,000 for his career on
Johnny B. Goode will always be Marty McFly's song in my book.
True, but it's only three years from Marty playing "Johnny B. Goode" to its recording.
got the "Goode" in Johnny B. Goode from the street where he grew up: Goode Street, Saint Louis
All from God, all for God. – Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry, from
According to "Back to the Future" in the year 2015 Kelly Kapowski Will take me to the prom and Play Johnny B. Goode!
Paul King has challenged me to post a song that has significant meaning to me for each day over the next 5 days, he's chosen songs from his parents' record collection that had an impact while he was growing up, so I'll do the same. I'll almost definitely not complete all five days but here goes... Day 1 - Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry Dad had a Rock and Roll compilation on a double vinyl album with a bright red cover that featured all the greats, Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Little Richard, Fats Domino and so on. But this was the stand out anthem. It all sounded very exciting, he even taught us to play a few of them, and of course when Back to the Future came out that was it.
Charles Edward Anderson “Chuck” Berry was born on this date, October 18, 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri. At a young age, Berry showed an interest in music and sang in the church choir. He studied guitar with local jazz guitarist Ira Harris. In 1952, Berry met Jonnie Johnson and joined his band, the Sir John’s Trio. The band garnered a lot of attention playing with Berry’s upbeat numbers. He produced many hits throughout his career, including “Johnny B. Goode,” “Maybellene,” and “Roll Over Beethoven.” In 1985, Berry received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Then in 1986, Berry, a pioneer of rock and roll music, became the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s first inductee. Celebrate his birthday today by watching him play Johnny B. Goode:
There are 1,402 career hits between the men in the M. England/D. Strawberry pic. 1,401 for Darryl & "Johnny B. Goode" for Mike.
🎸woke up with Johnny B. Goode in my head.
Back to the future Johnny B Goode scene.. maybe one of my fav. Musical rendition in a movie ever. j fox
Maybe your name will be up in lights saying Johnny B Goode tonight! Tomorrow night Lipstick and Shotgun surprise...
Why is the CIBC music switching from like Spanish salsa to Johnny B. Goode? What is going on?
Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry on The Greatest song ever written...
That's not Strawberry Quik & that's not Johnny B. Goode. It's kiwi pilot Chuck Berry of over...
I added a video to a playlist Drake Bell Concert - Johnny B. Goode
Casually listening to Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode and realising that may have taken some inspiration from it to write Nina.
Marty McFly said "Johnny B. Goode" (1958) was an oldie where he came from. If you do the math, any songs that ca...
New Orleans will always remind me of Johnny B. Goode.
""Johnny B. Goode" you learned the real origins of rock n roll." DONT
They're playing Johnny B. Goode in music class :')
I just used Shazam to discover Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry. هلا بال60s
Johnny B. Goode by Peter Tosh from the album The Gold Collection. Listen at
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Johnny B. Goode has only been performed as a cover song. Marty McFly covered Chuck Berry who covered Marty McFly.
Jimmi Hendrix - Johnny B. Goode will never get old 🙌
1924-07-08 *The birth of Johnnie Johnson on this date in 1924 is marked on this date. He was an African American musician and composer. Born in Fairmont, West Virginia, Johnson first played piano at the age of 4. By his twenties, he was an accomplished jazz and blues player on the club circuit in Chicago, where he had apprenticed under Muddy Waters and Albert King. A self-taught musician, bandleader and composer, Johnson composed the riffs for many of Berry's most famous tunes, including "Maybellene," "Sweet Little Sixteen" and "Rock and Roll Music," which Berry transposed to guitar. Berry wrote his best-known song, "Johnny B. Goode," in tribute to Johnson. But it was Johnson who actually gave Berry his first big break. On New Year's Eve in 1952, Johnson, then fronting the his own trio in St. Louis, was stuck. His sax player fell ill and he needed an emergency replacement, so he called in his pal Berry, a promising young guitarist, to fill in. The show was a hit, Johnson asked Berry to join the band, and ...
When Johnny B. Goode by Peter Tosh comes on Pandora I always have to dance!
Hey, I'm sitting in Starbucks listening to the Peter Tosh version of Johnny B. Goode! I told ya it was real!
Stream Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry on Roll Over Beethoven for free on Grooveshark.
Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry just came on and sent me into full-blown 'Threads' PTSD-mode.
Great song: Johnny B. Goode. I don't own the music at all. All credit goes to Chuck Berry. From the Back to the Future Soundtrack. This is the song that Mart...
Was watching "Back to the Future" the other night and had a chuckle over the fact that during the "Johnny B. Goode" scene Micheal J. Fox is playing and ES-345 with humbuckers... in 1955... Any one else get bugged when a period movie (or worse, a biographical flic') gets the gear wrong? Biggest offender I can think of is "The Buddy Holly Story" (wrong guitars and very wrong years all 'round). Any others?
What a Great weekend here at the Fraternal-Order Eagles Club 824. Friday Night Karaoke/Dance Party we had another packed house with a lot of new members and friends. We started with Karaoke Bingo at 7:00 pm and had 3 winners the 1st game and 3 winners the 2nd games. Congrats to Tracy, Deb Ball, Denise, Lazette, Art and Bonnie for being winners from the Karaoke Bingo and all winning a Free Buffet Bar dinners with drink. Then we started our Karaoke/Dance Party having a lot of singers in the 1st round. Starting the night out with Angie singing some Johnny B. Goode, Bad To The Bone, Pour Some Sugar On Me and Banana Boat Song (Funny & the crowd loved it). Art Clark with some Conway, Tritt and Goerge Strait. Bob Carver with some Elvis, Joe Nichols and some Grank Funk. Welcome back Melody with some Faith Hill, John M Canfield Josh Turner, Johnny Cash & Trent Tomlinson. Joshua kicking it with Subline & The Doors. Vickie Goodwin with Tammy Wynette & Miranda Lambert. Dan Simon (aka Tiny) with some Steely Dan & Trav ...
This day in 1958, Chuck Berry's rock 'n' roll classic 'Johnny B. Goode' single was released!
Today is National Clams on the Half Shell Day, YUCK! I don't know how people eat them, I can't get past them looking like someone hacked up in a shell! Eww!! Oranges and Lemons Day, two of Squashie's favorites! Coloring Crayola Day, ok, what's your favorite crayola color name? I love the mac n cheese! Bunsen Burner Day, I always let someone else light that thing, WPHS would have been up in flames if I did it, lol! & National "She's Funny That Way" Day! Your wife is funny, now u funny too! Quick, who sang it? On this day in 1889 the Eiffel Tower opened. One place I want to go! In 1943 "Oklahoma!" opened on Broadway. You know you all just sang out Oklahoma! lol! In 1949 Newfoundland became Canada's 10th province. blah, blah, blah. In 1958 Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" was released. Go Johnny Go! In 1980 Jesse Owens died. four-time Olympic gold medalist, super impressive!! In 1993 Brandon Lee died in an accident while filming "The Crow". Bruce Lee's son:( In 1995 Selena was killed by Yolanda Saldivar ...
And for no reason other than it's awesome, here's Chuck Berry and Bruce Springsteen playing Johnny B. Goode together:
You may all blame this on Seven Bates. I understand if you don't play along...I really do. - Your Song - Elton John - Young Guns - Bon Jovi - The Trooper - Iron Maiden - Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven - Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue - Crazy Train - Ozzy - Numb - Lincoln Park - Rebel Yell - Billy Idol - Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry - Melt with you - Modern English - You're the Inspiration - Chicago - Enter Sandman - Metallica RULES: in your status update, list 12 songs that have stayed with you over the years in some way. Don't think too long over the list- just a few minutes. They don't have to be great records or critical darlings, just ones that mean something to you personally. Then tag 10 or more of your friends, including me so that I can see your list. Verina Caelistia, Estrith Rasmusdatter, Scott Wearing, Michaela Vecht, Tom Pope, Raynor Boleheued ThePantsless, Ryan Smith, Desmond Blackstone, Jeff Roper Jr., Jeff Slaughter, Katherine OfHornechurch, Portia Kincaid
Time for some serious RocknRoll tonight!! Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
if I wanna learn one song, playing guitar, my first choice would be."Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry
reaching into its diverse bag of tricks for a rousing rendition of the Chuck Berry masterpiece "Johnny B. Goode"
Blogophilia Week 51.6 Topic: A Stitch In Time  Bonus Points: (Hard, 2 points) quote a Beatles song ( in italics ) (Easy, 1 point) mention a bonfire ( in italics )     They say that a stitch in time saves nine, so, here it goes...       Dear Prudence,    Yesterday, when we were telling stories around the bonfire, I realized that I'm in love with you.  I've been searchin' for love and here it was all Penny Lane...just down the street from me.  I want you in my life forever.  Please, don't pass me by.  If you do, I know I will become a madman.     I will wait  five days and if I get no reply, then it means you're not interested.    Sincerely, Johnny B. Goode     P.S. I Love You
Bankers. please "be good" and RV. Chuck Berry from STL, Johnny B. Goode, live. …
Who can't wait for baseball season ? I know I can't ! Its gonna be another awesome year for Rangers fans, seeing new faces in the lineup this year . So while I'm thinking about it , one of the things I enjoy when I go to games is hearing the walkup songs when the players come to the plate . They are kinda like war crys that get the crowd fired up. So while I thought about it, I put together a list of songs I think fit our players . This list is by no means their official walkup music , just songs I thought would fit the player as well as get the crowd rocking . In Order: Shin-Soo Choo Come on Ride the Train - Quad City Dj's Elvis Andrus Here Comes the Hotstepper - Ini Kamoze Fielder Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas Adrian Beltre My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy Alex Rios Boombastic - Shaggy Mitch Morelamd Mississippi Moonshine - Abel Geovany Soto Johnny B. Goode - Judas Priest Jurickson Profar Mosta Man - Kaya Ta Kayente Leonys Martin Conga - Miami Sound Machine If you wamt to hea ...
Also, if Johnny B. Goode is a song before Marty goes back in time, why is George McFly a published author when he gets back but not before?
It's incredible how Johnny B. Goode can make you so happy within 4 minutes of an magnificent guitar riff \nn/
Top ten guitar solos from What makes for a great guitar solo? Is it the way it can leave you slack-jawed, wondering, “How did he do that?” 10. “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Queen (Brian May) Brian May’s work on “Bohemian Rhapsody” transports the song from its ballad portion to the monstrous opera that’s to come. 9. “Johnny B. Goode,” Chuck Berry This is the primal matter, which spawned The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and nearly every other guitar act that followed. 8. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” The Beatles (Eric Clapton) It’s all about who you know, isn’t it? After taking multiple passes at the solo for this “White Album” epic (including a backwards guitar solo), the song’s composer and presumed lead guitarist, George Harrison, just wasn’t feeling it. Fortunately, he happened to find himself sharing a car ride with Eric Clapton (a.k.a. “God” to the general public) and convinced his good friend that he should take a crack at it. Clapton reluctantly agreed and ...
Statesboro State was the school Anthony Michael Hall beat in Johnny B. Goode...
Hello folks, here is Monday nights song list, we are back on air at 7pm on Belfield Fm after some technical difficulties last week; Count your Blessings and Smile – George Formby I never knew I could love anybody – Kay Kyser and his Orchestra with Georgia Carroll Too marvellous for words – Bing Crosby Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry I feel good – James Brown Please Be Kind – Frank Sinatra What a difference a day makes – Tony Bennett The Parrot Sketch – Monty Python The Marrow Song – Kenneth Williams Don’t wake up my heart – Benny Goodman I just want to make love to you – Etta James St. Louis Blues – Billie Holiday I love jazz – Louis Armstrong How deep is the Ocean – Bing Crosby Baby won’t you please come home – Ella Fitzgerald I saw stars – Django Reinhart Baby, It’s cold outside – Tom Jones and Cerys Mathews
Good show Mickey Dolenz @ Hollywood Casino! He gave a little bakcground knowledge, some of which I already knew like Mike Nesmith writing Linda's big hit and Jimi Hendrix openning for the Monkees tour. But I didn't know he played Johnny B. Goode for his Monkee audition, nor that he was invited by Paul to come to the Beatles studio when they recorded "Oh Darling", nor that they had to turn down "Sugar Sugar". He did a neat laid back version of it though. Lots of good old Monkee tunes.
Cliff Richard returns to his rockin' roots for his 100th album The Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll Songbook. This new studio album features a collection of Rock 'n' Roll classics, including Johnny B. Goode, Wake Up Little Susie, Dream Lover and Stood Up. The album was recorded live at the Blackbird Studios a...
Today In Entertainment History - 1931: Abbey Road recording studios open in London's pricey St. John's Wood. 1955: Billboard begins its "Top 100" chart, with the first Number One listed as "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing" by the Four Aces. The magazine wouldn't resolve all its pop charts into one until 1959. * Hill Valley, CA native Marty McFly travels back to this date from 1985 to make sure his parents get together; while in 1955, he plays "Johnny B. Goode" at a local sock hop, inspiring Chuck Berry's "new sound." (Not really). * Les Paul and Mary Ford hit with "Magic Melody". 1957: The rock and roll movie Jamboree premieres in Hollywood, featuring performances from Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Carl Perkins, Frankie Avalon, Connie Francis, Buddy Knox, and Slim Whitman. Perkins rejects a song called "Great Balls Of Fire" that Jerry Lee has already recorded, and Lewis' version, released along with the film, becomes a hit. Perkins instead opts to sing a song called "Glad All Over" in the film, which goes ...
The Bluejays - 'Johnny B. Goode' Live at the Natural History Museum: via
Been linked this performance of Johnny B. Goode. It's kind of unreal. Chuck Berry was the man. -
Me and my dad have certain songs we sing together. Like "Bye Bye Miss American Pie" and "Johnny B. Goode".
St. John knew a man by the name of Johnny B. Goode who had attended BGSU. He loved music and played a mean Soul Bossa Nova.
Barbershop Facts: The singer of Johnny B. Goode still performs live. He's 86! (more info in comments)
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He could play the guitar just like ringing a bell, Go . Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode live:
Back from Maui, wowie! Only a select few will get the inside joke there. I have two old pals from Monterey -- Father Johnny B. Goode and Coffee Larry -- with whom I was the third co-conspirator in 2007 to start a coffee growing operation on the big island of Hawaii. I had already been on Hawaii as a tourist in 1998 while FJ and Coffee Larry both own land on the island. Coffee Larry got that moniker from our weekly Saturday morning coffee klatch crowd at East Village Coffeehouse because Larry had been in the coffee biz over 30 years as a grower, importer, roaster, and coffeehouse owner. In 2007 FJ and Larry approached me and wanted to know if I'd be interested in partnering with them to lease land on the Kona side of Hawaii and start growing Kona coffee. At the time an acre of Kona coffee plants were yielding $80,000/year in profits and we were going to lease 5-10 acres. Larry was to be the coffee growing expert, FJ an investor and me the technical genius to design/build all the facilities. It all hinged o ...
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As a scientologist I believe that the song "Johnny B. Goode" was originally written, performed and recorded by Michael J. Fox.
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush live covering Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode. This is possibly the best version of the song I have ever heard.
Dude at live band karaoke last night did “Johnny B. Goode.” In the bridge, he pulled his cell and reenacted the call to Chuck Berry. Win.
Johnny B. Goode" is a 1958 rock and roll song written and originally performed by Chuck Berry... This song is based on Berry's life. It tells the tale of a b...
there is also a cover of "Johnny B. Goode" by George Thorogood which is pretty awesome.
Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry, one of the best Rock N' Roll songs.
Chuck Berry performing Johnny B. Goode with John Lennon is so great
'Earth Angel' and 'Johnny B. Goode' are such good songs from Back To The Future.
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SOYCD, Tambourine Man, In my life, Johnny B Goode, Gimme shelter, Sunshine of ur love, Sultans , Hey Jude, Imagine
back the future filminde Marty McFly in johnny b. Goode soyledigi sahne.
Johnny B Goode performance today on my electric :S
Maybe some day your name Will be in lights sayin “Johnny B. Goode tonight”
Im just singing, "Go Shero, Go, Go. Shero Be Good. da na na na." to the tune of Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry. here we go
I'm getting better at playing the riffs in Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry!
go go go Johnny go go, Johnny B. Goode
This is an unequivocal jam. Johnny B Goode by Peter Tosh.
What is your favorite movie soundtrack? — any from lotr of johnny b. goode from back to the future
Marty McFly inspired me to play guitar you know, that whole Johnny B Goode scene.. Little 8 year old josh air guitaring in front of his TV
at 80 odd could play guitar like a demon but forgot lines to Johnny B Goode - for a guitar genius he's some frontman thou
Listening to Johnny B Goode makes me want to watch Back to the Future.
Audio: A daily dose of music: Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode dance out humpday!
Homeless guy just walked onto the bus singing Johnny B. Goode
If only Marty McFly had played instead of Johnny B Goode
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I just used to tag Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry.
What is the worst sports movie ever? are debating. Tough call. Johnny B Goode is pretty rank.
You may not have seen this. Includes Lord Sutch "Johnny B Goode" with Heinz & others
If you're wondering, Johnny B Goode is my favorite Chuck Berry song.
If anyone cares, my irrational hatred of Johnny B. Goode is due to Judas Priest and Anthony Michael Hall on steroids
Marvin Berry should have kept "Johnny B. Goode" for himself. He deserved to shine.
That was his only Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 song in the U.S. Johnny B. Goode only reached No. 8.
I added a video to a playlist Elvis Presley - Johnny B. Goode
Classic Intro to Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry to study fingerings etc. have fun!
that's the greatest oldies song.. EVER. Right next to Johnny B. Goode!. :D
Tonight in Cowboy Mashup I think I'm putting the Peter Tosh version of Johnny B. Goode back in. Yes, that's what I'm doing.
NU's pep band's rendition of 'Johnny B. Goode' gives 'Doc Nix' & the Green Machine a run for their $. Take wins where you can!!
Famous Hollywood actors that play guitar on a regular basis: Johnny Depp Bruce Willis Kevin Bacon Steve Martin John Stamos Jack Black Adam Sandler Russel Crowe Kieffer Sutherland Kevin Costner Richard Gere - has an extensive guitar collection! Steven Seagal - has three albums out!! Michael J. Fox - played Johnny B. Goode live FOR REAL in 2009 in a benefit concert and again in 2011!!! How cool is that?
Since 1958, there have been many performances of the song 'Johnny B. Goode'. I submit to you that VERY few of these were in any way necessary. Can you identify some that WERE worthwhile?
The T.A.M.I. Show 1964 [FULL LENGTH] T.A.M.I. Show is a 1964 concert film, released by American International Pictures. It includes performances by numerous popular rock and roll and R&B musicians from the United States and England. It was shot by director Steve Binder and his crew from The Steve Allen Show using a precursor to High Definition television, invented by the self-taught "electronics whiz," Bill Sargent. Electronovision" TV cameras, the second of a handful of productions that used the system. By capturing more than 800 lines of resolution at 25 frame/s, it could be converted to film via kinescope recording with sufficient enhanced resolution to allow big-screen enlargement. It is considered one of the seminal events in the pioneering of music films, and more importantly, the later concept of music videos. Jan and Dean (Over credits) 0:00 - (Here They Come) from All Over the World Chuck Berry 4:51 - Johnny B. Goode - Maybellene Gerry & The Pacemakers 7:30 - Maybellene - Don't Let the Sun Catch ...
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Track of the Day Chuck Berry Song: School Days (1957) American songwriter and rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry is renowned for his distinctive guitar driven rhythm and blues sound. If you've seen the films Pulp Fiction, Back to the Future or Home Alone then you'll probably know one of his songs. or at least think you know one until you realise it's that other song that sounds similar. Today's choice demonstrates this. On first hearing it could be mistaken for Riding Along In My Automobile (another Chuck Berry classic) but it's not... I think. TT Recommends: Tracks 'Maybellene', 'Roll Over Beethoven', 'Rock and Roll Music' and 'Johnny B. Goode'.
Marty McFly plays Johnny B. Goode at the dance in 1955. Chuck Berry hears it and eventually records it. Marty then hears it as a kid, years later, and learns how to play it. Then travels back in time to play it at the dance. Then who actually wrote the song?
i wanted to do Chuck Berry omg then I would force everyone to listen to Johnny B. Goode
Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode live: I hope you will like this...
go go,go johnny go,go,go go ,go,JOHNNY B. GOODE
I think I will play Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode for my college audition
did someone join you onstage to do Johnny B Goode?
When is the part of Chrono Trigger where I play Johnny B Goode?
John Lennon's son singing Johnny B. Goode is the most perfect thing
ill join you, we'll come out to Johnny B Goode...obvs!
One does not simply sing Johnny B Goode. Air guitar is a vital requirement .
Always have 'Johnny B Goode' stuck in my head after back to the future.
Rockin & a boppin too Johnny B Goode ... Go go, go johnny go go go
My idea of songs in films JOHNNY B. GOODE!
BACK TO THE FUTURE. The entire trilogy, but mostly the first one. JOHNNY B. GOODE
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Every time I hear Johnny B. Goode I laugh bc Back to the Future
Chuck Berry was forced to change lived a coloured boy to country boy in Johnny B Goode
If your surname is Goh, do yourself a favor and name your kid Johnny. Johnny Goh. Goh, Goh, Goh Johnny Goh, Goh. He'll B a goode kid.
Just sang Johnny B Goode and the guy running karaoke helped me quote Back to the Future. I love this town.
At a bar where the band just played Johnny B. Goode & quoted Back to the Future in the middle of it.
What do you know anout Johnny B. Goode
Back to the Future is not the cure for insomnia, not with the Fox getting all up in your face with Johnny B Goode. It's too good.e
Working the bar Saturday night for on the Beach! With DJ Johnny B Goode
I'm listening to Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry on Pandora
Michael J. Fox played Johnny B. Goode at his annual Parkinson's disease benefit in 2011, recreating
it's a cheesy old wack movie but watch 'Johnny B. Goode' with Anthony Michael Hall/Robert Downey, jr. that's Manziel.
Still weirded out by Chuck Klosterman's analysis of Back to the Future: BTTF is as old now as Johnny B. Goode was in '85.
Beatles History for January 7 by 1944 - British novelty act Mike McGear was born. He was Paul McCartney's brother. 1964 - The Beatles recorded a session for the BBC Saturday Club program. During the recording they made the only known Beatles recording of the Chuck Berry song "Johnny B. Goode." 1998 - The London "Times" reported that two brass busts had been stolen from the grounds of George Harrison's mansion in Osfordshire, England. 1999 - Paul McCartney appeared at an opening for an exhibit of houseware designs in Atlanta, GA. The designs were by his stepdaughter Heather. 2004 - The family of George Harrison rejected an offer by a doctor to donate an autographed guitar to charity to end a lawsuit. The previous day Harrison's family filed a lawsuit that stated Harrison's oncologist had forced him to autograph a guitar for his teenage son two weeks before he died of cancer.
Guitar solo to Johnny B. Goode at The *** Tavern, Swords, Co. Dublin. He also plays it with his teeth sometimes!!
Obviously black people paved the way ..Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode (Live 1958): via
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The music is loud in the Sandman residence this morning...(as it always is) speakers are gracing me with the incredible sounds of Chuck Berry...Johnny B. Goode~!
on the same boat with Michael J. Fox and Johnny B. Goode
Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry, perhaps the two minutes and forty seconds of the best rock n roll ever written.
Marty McFly performs "Johnny B. Goode" this is NOT the movie version (back to the future) when Marty messes up the ending. Please enjoy, comment, rate, etc. *This is not really Michael Fox performing the song. The person singing is a dude named
Somehow, my awesome Baltimora Pandora station has turned into all 50's music. Now playing: Johnny B. Goode.
Evening all, Audio Works video of the day 377. Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode.
The Johnny B. Goode scene in Back To The Future is just the greatest
Ben Jones *** from the Dukes of Hazzard) and his band perform Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" at the Smoky Mountain Fan Fest - July 18, 2009
BX2 doing the classic, Johnny B. Goode at Napper Tandy's in Smithtown, 11-17-12 BX2 is 9 year old Brandon Niederauer on guitar and vocals, 11 year old Thomas...
...who is old enough to remember this?."Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode live"
Occasionally people get me confused with a person...then I realize I am much more than that.I fell out of Love, then she Left home but I had a fling at The Gallery and Now.I'm.Like A Loaded Gun... Enjoy What Johnny B. Goode is all about...Please do not get confused with a superb alias of Xabi Alonso.the fact is Jonathan Goodey is an inspiring person but Johnny B. Goode is anything you want it to be.I can make you what you want...Good Luck...Stevey Keys
Super 8mm colour film recording of the Coloured Balls performing "Johnny B. Goode" at Sunbury '73. Excellent rendition of the old Chuck Berry standard!!!
Back to the Future has some great music like "Power of Love" and "Johnny B. Goode". Awesome movie.
Watch the music video for Johnny B. Goode by Judas Priest and more new Rock, Hard Rock and Metal videos on VEVO.
" ... there stood a log cabin made of earth and wood, where lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode... "
I'm in the washroom and the band at the houseparty is playing Johnny B Goode! Dance!
I favorited a video Johnny B. Goode - Jimi Hendrix
Just left the Chuck Berry Tribute Show at the Palace Theater. What an epic evening of music honoring the most influential and covered guitar player ever! Just think Chuck Berry music is part of the time capsule in the satillite that is curently leaving our solar system. Imagine some Alien hitting the play button and hearing Johnny B Goode. He will bring his spaceship here and say Take me to your leader Chuck Berry! Hail Hail Rock n Roll!
I liked a video from Johnny B. Goode Marty McFly 1955
The inspiration for future generations of guitarists.
Junkyard Preachers play the Chuck Berry classic in a garage!
*** On the album "Hendrix in the West", Jimi Hendrix does excellent covers of the Beatles "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" but he does an awesome cover of Chuck Berry's classic, "Johnny B. Goode". Hendrix closes out the set by playing a great cover of Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes". Man, Jimi Hendrix is a rock God. Plain and simple.
To raucous cheering, Lemmy strolls out to do "Johnny B. Goode." *picks self up floor*
No joke the shirt I was wearing when I saw your Johnny B. Goode guitar!
Congrats to the 86 -year-old on his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
1 McFly song... Johnny.B Goode... Oh wait, you mean the band! :P
Guy on stage is singing Johnny B Goode and dancing like Marty McFly
Love johnny winter and his brother..
my brother's mates are round, they started blasting Johnny B. Goode and singing along, I'm proud.
Going hot tubbin' with hope it's a time-machine hot tub. I want to go back to 1955 and play Johnny B. Goode.
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If you remember this one your telling your age : )
Marty McFly! I even sang Johnny B Goode dressed in the costume at karaoke!
At some point in my life I will be able to play the whole of "Johnny B. Goode" on guitar. It will happen. Someday. Maybe.
Leo and Matteo on karaoke at Sandbach cobbles, singing Johnny B. Goode
Back to the future version of Chuck Berry`s-Johnny B. Goode -
try to learn Johnny B. Goode, but failed. guess im not there yet.
Such a fun record, I want to learn to play this in the guitar so bad Go Johnny Go Go GO Johnny B Goode.
Having someone sitting opposite me in the library is making it difficult to groove out to "Johnny B. Goode".
Although right now I want to take down the Johnny B. Goode challenge...
"Johnny B. Goode," written and performed by Chuck Berry. 2:38
This was played on the scene where Marty McFly plays Johnny B. Goode in the Enchancement of the Seas. =) Please rate, comment and Subscribe me :)
Garcia goes absolutely Richter on this. The quintessential Garcia "Rock Star" moment of his whole career (because of the circumstances.NYE, Last show/inst...
It was 50s-60s night at in Toronto at Lou Dawg's. I was in my Marty McFly Halloween costume. Naturally, I had to sing this Chuck Berry classic!...
John Dawson "Johnny" Winter III (born February 23, 1944) is an American blues guitarist, singer, and producer. Best known for his late 1960s and 1970s high-energy blues-rock albums and live performances, Winter also produced three Grammy
In honor of Chuck Berry's tribute show planned for this weekend in Ohio, where my favorite guitarist Joe Bonamassa (and others) will perform, let's hear some Johnny B. Goode.
Chuck Berry came on my Billy Talent Pandora radio station. I don't mind. Johnny B Goode!
If you don't like the song Johnny B Goode, you can kiss my A**.
The Lemon Brothers Band at the Banks of the Wabash Festival. The best rock and roll song ever written. 9 (bass), 9 (drums), and 11 (guitar) years old. Maybe ...
41 years and a day. DEAD FREAKS UNITE!
Music from the 1985 motion picture Back to the Future performed by (in the film) by Marty McFly and the Starlighters. This is the original soundtrack album version.
Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode performed on the ukulele by Matthew Cheverie age 9. 50's rock and roll Marty McFly
So, tonight's plans of playing drums fell through. George must've fallen asleep or something because he never contacted me with an address. Yet he wants me to play a show Saturday? Feh. But I've done shows without having heard the songs before. No sweat. I'll rock dat *** like the backing band doing Johnny B. Goode, at the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance. Like a boss!
Todays Music Minute Oct 18 1956, 21-year-old Elvis Presley pulled into a Memphis gas station where he started to attract a small crowd of autograph seekers. After repeatedly asking Elvis to move on so he could resume normal business, station manager Ed Hopper slapped Presley on the head and found himself on the receiving end of a punch in the face from Elvis. Station employee Aubrey Brown tried to help his boss, but was no match for Presley. After police are called, Hopper and Brown were charged with assault and were fined $25 and $15 respectively. 1966, The Jimi Hendrix Experience played their first gig as a band supporting French pop star Johnny Hallyday at the Paris Olympia in France. 1926, Born on this day, Chuck Berry, singer, songwriter and guitarist, who wrote the 1963 UK No. 6 single 'Let It Rock' plus many other classic songs. He also had surprise hit in 1972 with the UK and US No.1 single 'My Ding A Ling'. A major influence on The Beatles and Rolling Stones, Berry's 'Johnny B. Goode' was one of ...
Via Burt: Mr. Johnny B. Goode is 86 years young today. Sa-lute!
Don’t judge: I day dream about playing the air guitar to Johnny B. Goode.
I just learned Johnny B. Goode on the guitar.
Learned where I get my DJ skills, Dad just had Billie Jean, Thriller, Johnny B. Goode, mixed with some Paul Anka, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Rolling Stones and Frank Sinatra! Thanks for exposing me to real music Dad :)
Hi Gang, My old buddy Steve Borgstrom and I will be performing at Eastman Nature Center, Elm Creek Park in Maple Grove this Sunday, 1-4 PM. Great music AND you get to see and hear Stevie Ray Borgstrom in person, playing lead acoustic on Johnny B. Goode. I mean come on, what's better than that?
Here's a recording of our performance of Johnny B. Goode at the Provo First Night New Year's Eve Celebration.
Johnny B. Goode and Roll Over Beethoven sound so similar.
Feels like post-shoegaze-style rocking these days is the new basement jam sesh. Like how punk was everyone’s go-to easy jam, and prior to that, “Johnny B. Goode.” Eh, conjection. But I think it’s about technology. At once, you can hear the simplicity and overwhelming depth of “Nowhere” by Village. “...
Idea of that vid came to my mind when listened for the first time Rory Gallagher. He performed 'Johnny B. Goode' at St. Wendel, Bosenbachstadion, 7/07/84. Gr...
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