Johnny Appleseed & George Washington

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"Even though he was honest, George Washington was the arch nemesis of Johnny Appleseed." -
THE OLDEST MAN Several years ago, a man died who claimed to have been born eight years after George Washington died. Thomas Jefferson was president when Russian Shirali Muslimov came into the world; the fifteen-million-dollar Louisiana Purchase was completed just two years before; Aaron Burr gunned down Alexander Hamilton just one year before; and Johnny Appleseed was still planting trees across our land. Without question, Muslimov died earth's oldest man in modern times. Interestingly enough, the only thing outstanding about Muslimov's life was its length. While he gained much fame for his longevity, others who have lived only a fraction as long have helped humanity much more. Clearly, it is not so important how long one lives as how one lives. Man's life at its longest is still like fading flowers and passing shadows, and that is why Paul admonished believers to emphasize the really important thing. He asked us to present our bodies as living sacrifices to our God. In our strife-torn and tension-filled ...
There are, without a doubt, many trees that enter into the course of a nation’s history. In the case of the United States, that might include the cherry tree that George Washington cut down; the trees that John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed) planted on his journeys, and even the Redwood Forests that we all sing about in the 20th Century Patriotic song, THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND, by Woody Guthrie. Back in 1971, Dr. Seuss’s whimsical rhymes served as a warning about the importance of preserving the trees in the face of progress. Today, the Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund has its own modern-day Lorax, tree historian and guide Yaacov Shkolnik. Shkolnik is part of the Ancient Trees Task Force, and one of the authors of 101 Special and Amazing Trees in Israel. He travels around the country researching the stories of famous or ancient trees. Just before the end of 2012, Shkolnik invited The Jerusalem Post to visit some of the capital’s most amazing trees. 1. Olive trees in the Garden of Gethseman ...
Today, I received a letter from one of my kids in my class (3rd grader). Here's what it said: "Dear Mr. Modell, You rock! You are the best teacher ever. You teach us about the importance of getting educated. We learn about great heroes who accomplished important things and had to be strong like Louis Braille, Benjamin Franklin, Helen Keller, Johnny Appleseed, Christopher Columbus, and George Washington Carver. You get us to think for ourselves and use our minds for a better life. You give us tough work in spelling, writing, math, science, and history so we can be prepared like the Ant in 'The Ant and the Grasshopper'. But we have to be like the camel in 'The Camel Dances', and the mouse in 'The Mouse At the Seashore'. They had determination. I have learned a lot and I teach my family about the things I learn. You even teach us about the why it's important to have good manners. I bet you can even teach mean people how to have good manners. You are like my dad." Love, Bintou Diane
Call me cesar chaves, because I yell boycot whenever I stand by the grapes in the Supermarket. Give me a white wig and an ax for my birthday, so I can stand by the cherries in the Supermarket and wear a necklace with a card saying my name is George Washington. my costume for halloween, my costume will be simple. A plaid shirt, blue jeans, boots. I'll only have two accessories, A pot for a hat and a laundry bag. So that when everybody asks me, what are you supposed be. I'll say, JOHNNY APPLESEED.
I think the movie is the spiritual successor to the little known movie: George Washington vs. Johnny Appleseed
We're talking about history about how I think it's stupid that we learn it and so on Me: have you ever you George Washington...other then for money like the information he has every said? Dad: to cut down a cherry tree Me: that's Johnny Appleseed Dad: Taylynn...I think Appleseed has more to do with apples... Me-Oh.yea I'm am so dumb -_-
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