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Johnnie Taylor

Johnnie Harrison Taylor (May 5, 1934 – May 31, 2000) was an American vocalist in a wide variety of genres, from rhythm and blues, soul, blues and gospel to pop, doo-wop and disco.

Disco Lady Stax Records Otis Redding Al Green Bobby Blue Bland Tyrone Davis Marvin Gaye Rufus Thomas Mel Waiters Carla Thomas Motown Records Betty Wright Isaac Hayes Soul Stirrers Steve Cropper Joe Walsh Manfred Mann Marvin Sease

I liked a video Taylor Swift: 1989 arranged by Johnnie Vinson
I added a video to a playlist JOHNNIE TAYLOR - Blues In The Night
Nah i need me a good hole in the wall turn up. With blues music and cheap drinks and *** with gold teeth. A…
♫ Played Soul Heaven by Johnnie Taylor and Everything's Out In The Open by Johnnie Taylor at :…
mama swag. When you're raised listening to Johnnie Taylor, Marvin Sease, Bobby Bland and…
Johnnie Taylor's daughter: Put my dad in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Johnnie Taylor and The Soul Stirrers -When the gates swing open
Added to Just hit play on Spotify: "Who's Making Love" by Johnnie Taylor
Wkkc 89.3 Chicago, battle of the best: Johnnie Taylor vs Bobby Blue Bland tough contest! love them both! I'm just old!😂
Listening to some old classics today and I must say...Johnnie Taylor was 🔥🔥🔥! He was giving dudes straight game that still applies today!
Do you know which inductee wrote for Isaac Hayes, Rufus Thomas, Johnnie Taylor, and Carla Thomas?
Got me listening too Tyrone Davis nd Johnnie Taylor 💀💀💀
S/o to Solomon Johnson 4 putting me on Johnnie Taylor .
Pop raised me on Jerry Butler, James Brown, Johnnie Taylor, Sam and Dave and Bobby Blue Bland
If you don't know nothing about Sir Charles, Betty Wright and Johnnie Taylor, then you know nothing about good music 🎶
Did you know??? That the disco classic Disco Lady by Johnnie Taylor was the first ever platinum single
Playing Who's Making Love by Johnnie Taylor from the album Stax Profiles: Johnnie Taylor - iTunes:
Johnnie Taylor radio on iTunes is a station I'll really just let play without hitting skip on anything 😌
I'm from South Memphis, TN/ Mississippi. Everybody loves Johnnie Taylor here 😂 he would be one of my last for underrated 😂😂😂
In my opinion it's Wilson Pickett. Or Johnnie Taylor before he went Funk.
It ain't Johnnie Taylor but it'll do
My new sounds: I Don't Wanna Lose You - Johnnie Taylor (Covered by TANI) on
.would like to share some Johnnie Taylor flavoured with you ►
I really do listen to Johnnie Taylor "I Believe In You (You Believe In Me)" everyday.
Johnnie Taylor - Disco Lady. "Bringing Back REAL memory at a time!"
I heard Floyd Taylor yesterday for the first and no lie got teary eyed bc be sounds just like his dad Johnnie Taylor
Now playing on 6 Towns Radio with Johnnie Taylor - Heaven bless this house
We getting careless with our love. Can't end up like Mrs. Jones with rumors all over town.. Johnnie Taylor has stuff going in these lyrics
Remembering another friend & legend; Mr. Johnnie Taylor,he moved to Stax Records in Memphis Tennessee, where he...
Johnnie Taylor (Soul Stirrers, Highway QCs, solo) was born on this date in 1934. He died on May 31, 2000 of a...
Prince. Michael. Whitney. Natalie. Luther. Bowie. Vanity. Maurice. . Johnnie Taylor walks up to the mic. . "Soul Heaven" starts playing.
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Been playing all Barry White and Johnnie Taylor since I got off. I'm making love to somebody daughter tonight.
Check out this Amazon deal: Johnnie Taylor: Recorded Live at the Longhorn... by Don Moore via
I love Southern Soul, bar room blues-era Johnnie Taylor. Blame it on former WWOZ DJ Brown Sugar. (Remember her, nola folks? 😉)
Johnnie Taylor took over for that deep Southern Soul after Otis Redding died for STAX!!!
The Billboard magazine Hot 100 No.1 hit on April 24,1976 was Disco Lady by Johnnie Taylor
Mingus in Wonderland. Johnnie Taylor, Summit Club. Art Blakey '58. King Curtis/Aretha at Fillmore West. On and on...
"In 1976, RIAA introduced the platinum certification, first awarded to Johnnie Taylor's single, "Disco Lady", and...
Crazy 'bout You Baby by Johnnie Taylor from There's No Good In Goodbye (Malaco Records) spun by Papa Ray at 6:47pm on Soul Selector
my father Johnnie Taylor will be in Unsung next year. I am excited.
It's just like that Johnnie Taylor song...they have run out of lies...
Do you love Johnnie Taylor’s ‘Who’s makin’ love’? I’m playing this classic Stax track this Friday 7.30pm
on Soul Town: I'm listening to We're Getting Careless with Our Love by Johnnie Taylor.
Here's a brand new episode of Bryan & Johnnie!! ONLINE DATING GONE WRONG. Let me know what you guys think :)
I imagine it's just like what Johnnie Taylor described in Soul Heaven 😭😭
You know you're in a Black church when your pastor sings The Manhattans, Marvin Gaye, Denise LaSalle AND Johnnie Taylor before he preaches 🙃
Been letting this Johnnie Taylor spin since I clocked I just want to sit on a porch with a cup of Johnnie Walker. ..Red label
I'm listening to "We're Getting Careless With Our Love" by Johnnie Taylor on
I get in moods where I wanna be in Mississippi, on somebody's porch, w/brown liquor, listening to the likes of Johnnie Taylor, ZZ Hill etc
I just used Shazam to discover Soul Heaven by Johnnie Taylor.
The Steelers made up for it Monday Night.Gutsy Call.Oct 17-18 on BTIC...Etta James and Johnnie Taylor. Really Great Blues Show!!
we'll pop in some Johnnie Taylor then."these last two dollars"
If listening to Johnnie Taylor this early in the morning is wrong, I don't wanna be right!
My mother r.i.p and happy bday to you I see you on the date with the great Johnnie taylor
I liked a video from Johnnie Taylor-The Love of God
This what im listening to on this good ole Friday at work
Getting to the last few acts of the night! Next up, Johnnie Taylor!
Grew up on the blues tho, Z.Z. HILL, BB King, Johnnie Taylor, I could go on forever
Taylor still hasn't apologized for the Johnnie thing
Johnnie Taylor worth staying up this late.
Johnnie has me on his phone as God lol
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If I was playing Johnnie Taylor, you might have to send someone to check on me.
I just used Shazam to discover Disco Lady by Johnnie Taylor.
Johnnie Taylor knew about hot pants lol
Listen to Sending You a Kiss by Johnnie Taylor on
I liked a video from Johnnie Taylor ~ Disco Lady 1976 Disco Purrfection Version
Playing Johnnie Taylor - Too Many Memories on Front Porch Jamz your home of R&B ,Southern Soul,Blues, and Gospel
Time to revive my fave Franzen daydream, in which he dates Taylor Swift & her chart-topping breakup album becomes what he's …
Now listening to Johnnie Taylor, sending you a kiss 😌🎧🎶
None of my friends know of Johnnie Taylor, Bobbie Womack, Stephanie Mills, Minnie Riperton, Teena Marie, 😫 it makes me so sad.
Disco Lady by Johnnie Taylor on Only with granny
"Disco Lady" by Johnnie Taylor was the US song with the word "disco" in its title.
1937, Born on this day, Johnnie Taylor, US soul singer, (1976 US No.1 UK No.25 single 'Disco Lady'). Died of a heart attack on 31st May 2000
May 5, 1934: The birth date of the late Johnnie Taylor. This is his US Number 1 song from 1976, Disco Lady:
Song of the week on vivalachassidyit was that song or Johnnie Taylor Last Two Dollars.
This is my jam: Last Two Dollars by Johnnie Taylor on Denise LaSalle Radio ♫
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Johnnie Taylor - Last Two Dollars - Bounceout Radio on Bounceout Radio with TuneIn.
some Denise LaSalle and Johnnie Taylor. Bobby Blue Bland for the real.
Listenin to Johnnie Taylor station & doin this speech 😬
Drown In My Own Tears by Johnnie Taylor can you play whenever you can
Otis Redding, Bobby Womack, bobby "blue" bland, Curtis mayfield, Johnnie Taylor, are coming through my headphones right now 🙌
Fun of "Jive Talkin'" and "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" at my local breakfast establishment a bit blunted by Johnnie Taylor's "Disco Lady."
If this is our new paradigm, I kind of hope Johnnie Taylor's estate sues Marvin Gaye's over "Got to Give It Up"s similarity to "Disco Lady".
From Wiki > "Got to Give It Up, originally titled Dancing Lady was Influenced by the Johnnie Taylor hit, Disco Lady"
For "Got to Give It Up," Marvin Gaye was inspired by Johnnie Taylor's "Disco Lady." Everything is an "answer" song.
Tune in to Blues & Brews Radio on Tunein at and listen to Last Two Dollars by Johnnie Taylor now!!!
I ain't studdin y'all Johnnie Taylor-haters! Just wanna pat may foot and get in the groove while I work...
R.i.p Uncle C.L , Great Granny Johnnie May, and Grandaddy Jenkis.can't forget about yall love yall.
Does Johnnie Taylor now get to sue the Gaye's? Since marvin stated GTGIU was inspired by Disco Lady?
so you'd be ok with Johnnie Taylor immediately suing the Gaye estate after this? Because it's the same thing
considering Marvin Gaye ripped off Johnnie Taylor for GTGIU, i have to wonder if Gaye HIMSELF woulda sued Pharrell/Thicke.
Not to mention Marvin Gaye WROTE "Got to Give it Up" as a response to Johnnie Taylor's "Disco Lady" saying it was his influence.
Earlier in 1976, Johnnie Taylor’s “Disco Lady” was a huge hit, considerably influencing Gaye. “I love the way Johnnie sings, and I thought
What's interesting is in Marvin Gaye's biography. Marvin referenced “Disco Lady” by Johnnie Taylor as being HIS inspiration for making
Daniel Saunders led today with 27 points; Darrell Taylor: 17 points and 12 rebounds; with 17 points, 9 rebounds.
Impossible to list Motown's roster of talent with anything new. *** Stax Records alone would kill R. Kelly. Johnnie Taylor over everything
Review by Michael G. Nastos [-] The second release within a year for the Revelations is all the stewed and tasty classic Southern American soul music one could hope for. Lead vocalist Tre' Williams is again along for the ride on these originals that look back to the 1960s with relationship themes germane to both then and now. A punchy horn section and rhythm team along with numerous special -- nay obscure -- guests fortify this funky music that reflects the influence of icons like Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Joe Tex, Percy Sledge, and Johnnie Taylor. While there are several tracks that feature the choral aspect of gospel music, it is Williams up front and personal that stamps this music with pure soul. When you hear the first track, "Stay Free," parallel to Eddie Floyd's straight funky "Big Bird," you know where the bandmembers are coming from, and to put your hands in the air along with them. Many slower numbers like "The Truth Shall Set You Free," "Let's Straighten It Out," and "How Do I Tell Him?" d ...
Happy birthday to the late great Donald "Duck" Dunn (November 24, 1941 – May 13, 2012) an American bass guitarist, session musician, record producer, and songwriter. Dunn was notable for his 1960s recordings with Booker T. & the M.G.'s and as a session bassist for Stax Records. At Stax, Dunn played on thousands of records including hits by Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Rufus Thomas, Carla Thomas, William Bell, Eddie Floyd, Johnnie Taylor, Albert King, Elvis Presley and many others. In 1992, he was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Dunn was born in Memphis, Tennessee. His father nicknamed him "Duck" while watching Disney cartoons with him one day. Dunn grew up playing sports and riding his bike with fellow future professional musician Steve Cropper. After Cropper began playing guitar with mutual friend Charlie Freeman, Dunn decided to pick up the bass guitar. Eventually, along with drummer Terry Johnson, the four became "The Royal Spades". The Messick High School group picked up keyboardist Jerry " ...
Just played: somebody's sleeping in my bed - johnnie taylor
what these folks know bout this here??? – Is This Love or Is This Business by Johnnie Taylor, from
Nobody my age knows who Norman Conners or Johnnie Taylor is.. Staple Sisters. Zz hill. Bobby Womack. Maze ft Frankie Beverly...*sigh*
"It's cheaper to leave her. But I just might keep her." that's not what Johnnie Taylor said
Its a Johnnie Taylor type of morning!
This is my jam: Soul Heaven by Johnnie Taylor on Otis Redding Radio ♫
I liked a video Johnnie Taylor 2012 game highlights
Youngens don't know bout this here. Johnnie Taylor - Good Love: via
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Listening to some Johnnie Taylor. Old school baby!
Nothin like listening to some johnnie taylor to end ya workday
My local post office rules. They usually have deep funk/soul playing, no joke! Last week, it was the J.B.'s & Johnnie Taylor.
Happy birthday to one of my early major influences,the great Steven Lee "Steve" Cropper (born October 21, 1941, Dora, Missouri, United States) is an American guitarist, songwriter and record producer. He is best known as the guitarist of the Stax Records house band, Booker T. & the M.G.'s, and has backed artists such as Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Carla Thomas, Rufus Thomas and Johnnie Taylor, also acting as producer on many of these records. He later gained fame as a member of the Blues Brothers band. Rolling Stone lists him 39th on their list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Mojo ranks Cropper as the second-best guitarist ever. His nickname is "The Colonel". When he was nine years old, Cropper moved with his family to Memphis, Tennessee. At the age of ten, he strummed his brother-in-law's Gibson guitar for the first time.[citation needed] Cropper received his first guitar by mail order at 14 and started playing with local musicians. His guitar heroes at the time included Lowman Pauling of the " ...
"Can't You Find Another Way (Of Doing It)," the 10th single by rhythm and blues duo Sam and Dave to appear on the pop charts, premiered on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on August 3, 1968. Homer Banks and Raymond Jackson wrote the song, which seethed with struttin' funk. Banks and Johnson, in collaboration with Carl Hampton, also wrote "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right," which Luther Ingram, Isaac Hayes and Barbara Mandrell recorded. Banks also was a co-writer of Johnnie Taylor's hit "Who's Making Love." Isaac Hayes and David Porter produced the recording session. The single, on the Stax label, reached No. 54 on the Hot 100, and remained on the chart for six weeks. It punched its way up to No. 19 on the R&B chart.
My mama say i been on earth before as an old lady because i love to listen to Johnnie Taylor, Charles Jones, Tyrone Davis and etc lmao
Johnnie Taylor - Juke Joint. Sounds good right about now
Given the fact that Bootsy arranged & played on, & the late Don Davis produced Johnnie Taylor's Disco Lady & was producing Johnnie long before that when both were at Stax Records. this somewhat fits in with our group. It's the book I'm currently reading about Stax Records, Respect Yourself by Robert Gordon, & it's really good so far. Stax Records is as important as P-Funk to me musically & I can highly recommend this book.
RIP to musician and producer Don Davis who has passed away at the age of 75 after a short illness. He was a guitarist on Motown Records before moving to Stax Records where he wrote and produced hits for Johnnie Taylor and the Dramatics including Who's Making Love. He later opened his own studio and prduced hits including Johnnie Taylor's Disco Lady and Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr's You Don't Have To Be A Star To Be In My Show. He also was involved in banking in Detroit. He will be greatly missed.
R.I.P. To Don Davis , musician, producer and composer of Motown Records, Stax Records, Johnnie Taylor). , u will be missed dearly and will be in our hearts, minds, souls, and spirits foreva, my ***
Don Davis, a longtime Detroit musician, producer, composer and business executive, has died at 75. Davis died Thursday in Michigan after a brief illness. He was a session musician during the 1960s at Motown Records in Detroit. He then went to work for Memphis, Tennessee-based Stax Records. He also started the independent Groovesville label. Co-writer and co-producer of "Who's Making Love," a 1968 Stax hit for Johnnie Taylor.
Mr DON DAVIS R.I.P. Detroit-based producer Don Davis started out as a teenaged jazz guitarist who began doing recording sessions during Detroit's soul music heyday as soon as he graduated from Central High. He can be heard on sides on Ed Wingate's Golden World label and early sessions for Motown Records. Stax executive Al Bell brought Davis and singer Johnnie Taylor together in 1968 with the idea of trying to merge the Detroit sound and the Memphis sound into a cohesive whole. Davis overheard the song "Who's Making Love" written by Homer Banks, Bettye Crutcher, and Raymond Jackson one day in a studio. Several Stax producers had passed on the song due to its overt-for-its-time sexual content. Unencumbered by its upfront delivery, Davis produced and played guitar on the track with Stax musicians, guitarist Steve Cropper, Jackson, and Banks, singing the chorus with Taylor. The million-selling "Who's Making Love" parked at number one R&B for two weeks and peaked at number five pop on Billboard's charts in fal ...
Now I KNOW I'm not the only one than relate to this. I can remember many trips to Mississippi with my parents listening to Johnnie Taylor, Bobby Blue Bland, B.B. King, Al Green, Bobby Womack and Tyrone Davis and many others :)
The late Johnnie Taylor was so darn great he not only left us with one super talented son (Floyd Taylor) but TWO super-talented sons! T J Hooker Taylor comes from a sangin' family. His mother, Mary Ann Hooker, and father The Late Great Johnnie Taylor, raised him in the church. Along with is family and at the age ten he joined his first group, The Young Golden Voices, who performed at all the churches in the Kansas City area. At the age of 16 TJ stared a R & B band, called The Grand Jury Band, who opened for many top acts that came to the city like The Bar-Kays , Cameo Slave And Many More. Some of the members of the band went on to become the group LOW-KEY, which got signed by top R & B producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. . At The age of 21 TJ's young voice started to change. "I could hear that (Taylor Sound) I had never tried to sound like my dad I didn't even like the Blues . But on my 25th Birthday I was given a chance to open for my Dad and get paid, " says Hooker-Taylor . "That's when the Blues hit ...
Johnnie Taylor does this remind you of Scotty and Simon
T. J. Hooker Taylor along with James Butler and the Cool Show Band perform at the Annual Johnnie Taylor Concert in Fort Worth, Tx.
I liked a video from "Medley" - Bobby 'Blue' Bland, Bobby Rush, Johnnie Taylor
Bruh today I was at my desk lidteni g to Bobby Blue Bland and Johnnie Taylor, reminiscing about my mother and her type of music.
Disco Lady by Johnnie Taylor from the album: R&B: From Doo *** To Hip-Hop
Everything's out in the open... There is nothing left to hide... In my Johnnie Taylor voice
is making neckbones for your momma while they listen to Johnnie Taylor albums
johnnie taylor walk away with me: many of you remember this song. These songs take me back when I was a kid.
Put something in your love house and your love will surely grow. -Johnnie Taylor
I made a deal with my conscience ,if my conscience don't bother me I sho won't bother my conscience ~ JOHNNIE TAYLOR ~ THE BLUES WHALER listening to the blues
That's my last $2 dollars, *** it! Ha / Last Two Dollars by Johnnie Taylor.
I realize from riding in this car I can sing like David Ruffin, Luther Vandross, Johnnie Taylor, and even Frank Sinatra. Why am I going to school to Coach with this talent?
Listening to Johnnie Taylor, sippin my yak, house cleaned up, talked to my dad... This been a great Monday off so far!
"This time we got a good love. This time we got some special 🎧" Know you ain't on that Johnnie Taylor my ***
I can go from loving Beyonce & Boosie to Kanye West & Aaliyah to Betty Wright & Thomas Ealey ... ehhh Johnnie Taylor ...( sp )
The Genre-A-Day for May 06 is Memphis Soul with music by Johnnie Taylor, Sam & Dave, Don Covay and more
Playing "Johnnie Taylor " and "We're Getting Careless With Our Love", only on Tune in! moves...
I want to listening to some Johnnie Taylor and some beer.Lol
Laying here listening too Johnnie Taylor It makes me feel close to my granny thats real music yall don't kno nothing about that!
Soul on ice...Hot buttered Soul, I found a Love, by Johnnie Taylor...shea free styling on de Bass.
Me and Kim ritcheously sitting in my living room jammin to johnnie taylor 😂
Johnnie Taylor on credits SAR Unreleased from 12/7/1964 Produced by J.W.Alexander
There's hardly a time when Johnnie Taylor comes on the radio or my player & I don't love it, welcome the music break.
Johnnie Taylor makes me wanna slow drag! LOL
you don't know who johnnie Taylor is??!
Man he played Johnnie taylor oh here we go.
"I love you for what you're. I even love you for what you may become." -Johnnie Taylor -Ain't that love.
Y'all mama is scared up here in these mountains Johnnie Taylor
Cause it gives me so much pleasure, baby trying to please you!! -Johnnie Taylor
Y'all youngsters don't know nun bout this lmao... Johnnie Taylor
Girl you gave me enough rope to hang myself... johnnie taylor is the man yall
Johnnie Taylor is the man to listen to when your day is not going going if like somebody tore yo world up
Im not sure if a bonfire tonight will be happening depends on the weather. Ill will keep in touch through this status. If we do have it. It will be at 7. Pamela Raup Johnnie Taylor Maria Danielle Ange Krystyna Courtney Franco. Melissa Pascale Jennifer Karen Richard Raively Heather Bartel
1st good morning all... Can you Play Johnnie Taylor Running out of Lies???
I have a high level of empathy. Over here crying, all that's missing is Johnnie Taylor records playing
No1 on the Billboard Hot 100 38 years ago (1976) * Johnnie Taylor - Disco Lady *
Johnnie Taylor-- Disco Lady : It was also the first single to be certified platinum by the RIAA.
On this date in 1976: Johnnie Taylor was at with "Disco Lady'
On this date in 1976: "Disco Lady" by Johnnie Taylor spent a sixth week at the top of the R&B chart.
The sons of former Longhorn All-America DB Johnnie Johnson committed to play football for Texas today. Congrats...
Instead of running back to him, walk away with me. Yes lord Johnnie Taylor c'mon .
Taylor tackling the captain at the yesterday.
♩ Currently playing: Shoot for the Stars [1984 Beverly Glen Records] - Johnnie Taylor @
lol. Johnnie Taylor got me jammin right now.
Starting from the left with man in sweater holding the drink is Mr Torpey, John Bonnett, Mr Madden, Ken Murray, Mrs Madden, Marty Brophy(my Grandfather), Willie Griffin and his father Jimmy Griffin, Mr Chickawski, my aunt Mae Kearsey, Frank Kearsey, Evelyn Murray, one of the Madden twins ?, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Willie Griffin, Theresa Maddix, Mrs Chichawski, my grandmother Katie Brophy, my grandfather Leo Brennan standing tall behind everyone, Johnnie Taylor , my mother Eleanor Brophy Brennan, Charlie Fales. Starting left again, Mrs Torpey in the sweater, Betty Bonnett, the McGeorge girl, Ruth Brennan Beckwith holding the glass, my grandmother Ella Brennan, Mr and Mrs Roe, Jeannie Griffin, Mrs Flynn, Lucy Keenan, Helen Fales, holding her daughter Mary Ann, Kitty Oakley, Adelaide Brophy McLendon with Bobby in her lap, Mrs Taylor with JT on her lap. Back left to chair, unknown children in chair, Mrs. Bonnett, Mrs Taylor, Clara Keenan, Torpey boy in chair, Daniel Popeye Kearsey, Hubner Boy, Jimmy Malone, Joanie B ...
Floyd Taylor, the son of the late blues and soul legend Johnnie Taylor has died at the age of sixty-years-old, according to a family friend. Taylor, a Blues singer, had recently been touring with o...
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Now who's making love to your old lady, white your out making love??? - Johnnie Taylor
After the verdict, there still remains a situation about the music. People of my generation and my kids generation has brought to my attention of these lyrics and the exploitation of young females. The swag attire with the pants hanging down and young females prostituting themselves as video vixens. Which alot of mothers has supported this situation. By taking their daughters to those casting calls. The music of the 60's and 70's, some of the musical artist has promotes adultery affairs and promiscuity, such as Johnnie Taylor and Clarence Carter. Even in the movie the "Color Purple," when Mista allowed Shug Avery to stay at is home disrespecting his wife, that he didn't love.
Feel like Biggie this morning. I guess it was all a dream. I'm still not a Pick Folds fan! I am an Eagles fan though, if that makes sense. On another note, as I sit here and watch a rerun of Soul Train with Johnnie Taylor and The Undisputed Truth on Bounce TV an episode from 1/14/1976, What happened? It was a time when so much black pride, respect, oneness, and love for one another. It was an awesome time men danced with women and women danced with men, unlike today when you have a group of men dancing with each other and the same for the women. And it was Good!
So tell me why im listening to a whole list of Johnnie Taylor, Mel Waiters and Luther Vandross. ! Yes Soul
sitting here drinking gin and listening to Johnnie Taylor..
Me & my lil fam done cleaned Bottom all the way to the top(in my z-or voice).. bumping, Johnnie Taylor, Mel Waiters, now I'm on that & babe was laughing cuz I said it's not lady like to sang Z-Ro..
I'm really in the mood to hear some Bobby "Blue" Bland, Johnnie Taylor, Al Green, Marvin Sease and Mel that's what my Pandora is bout to give me!!!
I'm in here ENJOYING some good old me time. Having fireball shoots chasing with some michelob ultra; listening to some Johnnie Taylor, Isaac Hayes, Omar Cunningham, n Peggy Scott Adams thinking bout good times bad times n ugly MFers of my past. It's good to go back sometimes! Just don't stay!! LMMFAO ! Ook!
Johnnie Taylor 'still called the blues'
My Johnnie Taylor look...pimpin in ya dreams
Hair Cuttery is JAMMIN' tonight! Currently playing: Disco Lady by Johnnie Taylor!
I didn't know u like johnnie taylor cause my mom like him he the one who me Disco Lady!
Taylor Johnnie and Akia almost made me cry before the game😪 they have the voices of angels 👼🎤
Touchdown Trinity Catholic, missed PAT puts them up 13-6 over Providence. for TC Johnnie Taylor with his 2nd rushing TD.
Listening to Johnnie Taylor 'Running Out Of Lies' Music to reflect life on
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yes indeed..she is up here listening to Johnnie Taylor.."sending you a kiss"!
Yeah my high score is a taylor swift song - it's meant to be
Can't listen to johnnie Taylor without listening to Soul Heaven
I feel like some '96 Johnnie Taylor would suffice right now.
What song by Johnnie Taylor was the no. 58 hit of 1973? See the answer:
Bobby Womack, johnnie Taylor, Tyrone Davis=the best old r&b singers
Finna smoke this blunt, listen to some Johnnie Taylor and reminisce about my granny man..
Feeling like Johnnie these last 2 dollars
Johnnie Taylor, what y'all know about him.
music be on point!!! Can't wait till Friday! Need to play Running out of Lies by Johnnie Taylor!!
Johnnie Taylor - Hey Mister Melody Maker - 1978 In case you thought amongst the new grooves I didn't dig 70s
I'm listening to I'm Just A Shoulder To Cry On by Johnnie Taylor on Pandora
If your a fan of johnnie Taylor you have to be a fan if Tyrone Davis too.
Neighbors a lil loud w/the music for 1am, but it's Johnnie Taylor so I ain't even gonna trip.
Jammin this old school Johnnie Taylor. What y'all know bout it?
I just used to tag I Believe In You by Johnnie Taylor.
I was raised up on some greats... Johnnie Taylor, Al Green & Joe Simon >>
You Texas folks don't kno about Mel Waiters, or Marvin Cease, or Johnnie Taylor, or Betty Wright, or Wilson Meadows, Or Sir Charles
Yall I need to be in the bed I will be crying tomorrow but I know with Bobby Bland going on to Heaven they up there having a hellva Blues Fest! All the old legendary have pretty much gone on to Soul Heaven! Just to recall a few Bobby Bland , Little Milton, Johnnie Taylor, J Blackfoot, Lee Shot Williams, Tyrone Davis, Quinn Golden, Ronnie Lovejoy, Artie Blues Boy White, ZZ Hill and the list goes on so yall already know it aint nothing but a Blues Fest Party!
WENDEL'S 2013 MUSIC CHALLENGE WEEK I should have done this one last week. I apologize. Tell a story that involves you, your father, and music in anyway. You may answer often. My father took me to New York's Apollo Theatre when I was very young. On the bill were the Soul Stirrers (AFTER Sam Cooke), the Chi-Lites, and Johnnie Taylor. During the introduction of the Soul Stirrers, the announcer had said that the they tore the place down the night before. Never hearing this phrase before, I immediately started looking around cracks in the walls and ceiling. He never said a word to correct me. He allowed me to believe that someone's performance could be so good that it COULD bring the house down.
My family has many graduates this year including 5 locally. I am proud of all of them for their accomplishments and because they all acknowledge Christ is the reason for their current and future success. They are future leaders moving in the direction of their destiny! S/O to Jamond Thomason, Bri Bruster, Brennon Adams, Jairus McClanahan, and Tyree Lunsford! A big congrats to us parents Yvette Thomason, Angelia Fuller Mcclanahan, Darrell McClanahan, Kermia Mattress- Adams, Mike Adams, and Johnnie Taylor for a job well done!
Otis Redding, Carla Thomas, Booker T, Johnnie Taylor, the Staple Singers, Isaac Hayes, etc all in one album. Majestic.
Don't nobodi do me like the O'jay's, Lil Milton, Bobbi blue Bland, Denise Lasalle,, Bb King, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Millie Jackson, Sweet Angel, Teddy, Johnnie Taylor, Aretha, so if anybody got any old music, so old, that u got to blow the dust off of it, to use it, inbox me, I'll buy it from u. I want to add to my collection.
What happen to for better or worse. We traded our vows and now my heart is hurt. Wo... They don't play the good ole blues down here in Texas. No Sir Charles Jones, Marvin Sease, Johnnie Taylor, Mel Waiters, Floyd Taylor, Betty Wright, etc. Man I kinda miss Arkansas right now. Miss the all blues Saturday.
Johnnie Taylor, Bobby Womack, bb king its crazy cause I can relate to the songs now lbs
Jamming Johnnie Taylor radio on pandora at work.
Johnnie Taylor has an excellent Pandora station.
You ain't real if u don't know the song my last 2 dollars by johnnie taylor
I'm listening to I Am Somebody, Parts 1 & 2 by Johnnie Taylor on Soul Town at via
When she stops might be a sign she don't care no mo-Johnnie Taylor - When She Stops Askin': via
Thanks Johnnie, now I have that song stuck in my head! LOL->RT Johnnie "Disco Lady" Taylor was born on this day in 1938
Feel like gettin drunk & 2 stepping with somebody momma to some johnnie Taylor
Good Love by Johnnie Taylor. This is my jam 🎶
“Everything out in the open” My Favorite Johnnie Taylor song nephew
Johnnie Taylor - Everything's out in the open.: via YOU DON'T BELIEVE I DID? I DID
The late Johnnie Taylor ('Disco Lady') was born in 1937. Rock Factoid: Taylor's hit song was the first single to...
Video: Born on this day: May 5, 1934 - R&B vocal legend Johnnie Taylor (born Johnnie Harrison Taylor in...
What yall know about Johnnie Taylor??? Pretty sure yall know nothing. ..
Johnnie Taylor use ta be a fool on that mike.
1937, Born on this day, Johnnie Taylor, soul singer extraordinaire.
THIS DAY IN MUSIC HISTORY (May 5th): 1937: Johnnie Taylor (an American soul singer) was born -- he died in 2000 1942: Tammy Wynette was born -- she died, at age 55, of a cardiac arrhythmia 1948: Bill Ward (Black Sabbath, drums) was born 1954: Pete Erskine (Weather Report, percussion) was born 1956: Elvis Presley achieved his first US single, and album, with "Heartbreak Hotel" 1962: The West Side Story soundtrack was at on the US album charts -- it stayed for 54 weeks 1966: "Pretty Flamingo" was at on the UK singles charts for Manfred Mann -- at the time, the band included Jack Bruce, before he joined Cream 1968: For what it's worth, Buffalo Springfield split up -- Stephen Stills teamed up with Crosby and Nash while Richie Furay formed Poco 1969: "Get Back", the single by The Beatles, was released in the US 1972: Reverend Gary Davis (a blind blues guitarist) died at age 76 of a heart attack 1990: Among others, Joe Walsh, Al Green, Joe Cocker, Ringo Starr, Lou Reed, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty appeared at a Jo ...
"Gospel and R&B singer Johnnie Taylor was known as the “Philosopher of Soul.” His recording career spanned forty-six years. His hit single, “Disco Lady,” was the first single ever to be certified platinum. What's your favorite Johnnie Taylor song? "Johnnie Harrison Taylor was born in Crawfordsville, Arkansas, on May 5, 1934. The official date of his birth was not revealed until after his death; he had long claimed to be four years younger. The youngest of three siblings, he was raised by his grandmother in West Memphis. She was religious and made sure he attended church regularly. He made his church singing debut at age six, and inspired by both gospel and the blues, he decided at a young age that he wanted to make a living by singing. Taylor moved to Kansas City, Missouri, at age ten with his grandmother, and during his teen years, sang with a gospel quartet, the Melody Kings. They occasionally opened for the famous, highly influential gospel group, the Soul Stirrers, whose young lead singer, Sam ...
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The Ratchet Wanna be Rich, and the Rich Wanna be Ratchet.
PLEASE take a few minutes and get some of this up in you: Bobby "Blue" Bland with Bobby Rush and Johnnie Taylor.
My aunt came in and said "Zuela you going back old school"...Johnnie Taylor station grooving and writing a paper
I just played Good Love by Johnnie Taylor on
I have became numb to this situation and that isn`t good!Johnnie taylor said it best" when she stops caring is when u should start worrying!
Johnnie Taylor – Taylored In Silk (Stax) :: Meanwhile, this smooth as you know what masterpiece from Stax’s resident blues wailin’ Soul Phil
Mel Waiters, Sir Charles, and Johnnie Taylor are my moms top 3 faves.
My mp3 collection has been enriched with Johnnie Taylor songs. ^_^
Layn in bed listening to Johnnie Taylor!!
I almost got mad. Johnnie Taylor was from Arkansas but moved to Dallas Texas 5 years after he was born in 1949.
RIP Johnnie Taylor from the great city of Dallas, TX
Man, Scandal, if nothing else has some great music woven into it. Johnnie Taylor, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, etc. They are jamming
Listening to Johnnie Taylor my grandpa got me into this smh Rest In Peace Baby
Johnnie Taylor said it so much better than CheyChey.
The late great Johnnie Taylor is not here for you bastardizing his classic line Gents: Take care of home or your lady will roam.
Johnnie Taylor pandora is hitting right now tho !
Johnnie Taylor had something with them last two dollars:) he wasn't gonna loose
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He yet sang despite the vital spark stirrers economically in virtue of the outgoing pertinent to johnnie taylor.:
This is JOHNNIE Taylor as opposed to Little Johnny Taylor of "Part Time Love" fame It's still good though
Might as well get up & work . Playing the blues Johnnie Taylor in the headphones. " The way the woman walks sets my soul on fire. "
Tyrone Davis and Johnnie Taylor for the old heads.
I was in the gym singing Johnnie Taylor before I started hoopin. And Some *** cane over and told me it sounded nice
Al Green, Johnnie Taylor, Sam Cooke, and Otis Redding are a few of my favorite artist. 🎵
When she stop askin about where u been... johnnie Taylor
"(whisper) I hear my conscious say Jenny Jenny Jenny Jenny." Johnnie Taylor - Running out of lies: via
You guys should come to Taylor baldness house again.
Taylor rappin was funny tho. Dwill is dope but *** don't let him get drunk. Talkin bout killin rabbits n deer.
"I'm sending you a kiss, put it where you want it baby!" In my Johnnie Taylor voice
Man Johnnie Taylor is a hidden gem of old school R&B"Now Johnnie Taylor's "Disco Lady" got me two steppin in this piece"
Taylor swift should not be singing with those two guys
Not to be mean but i hope Taylor swift goes away with nothing tonight
eatin vanilla icecream w/strawberry pineapple n whipcream on top listening to Johnnie Taylor in da dark if dis dnt put me to slp nun will
"It's huge and white with big wheels and big red stripes - looks like a giant Tylenol" Johnnie ...
Guess I'll listen to some Johnnie Taylor till I fall asleep.
OK! Parents raised me on Bobby Blue Bland, Johnnie Taylor; Millie Jackie was THE woman - I learned my 1st cuss words from her
Justin Timberlake, your new moniker JT is reserved for Johnnie Taylor, so come again, you're 2Euro for that title anydamnway, next...
Saturday is a blues day.Np Johnnie Taylor - Hello Sundown
I heard we are related to JHudson but either way singing runs in the family!!! Johnnie Taylor, Kanika Kress .
Fearless leader SVP Derrick Taylor and peer ND Johnnie Brown showing love! Thanks for the support guys.
I told taylor johnnie coming to get us tomorrow so we can go home. She talking about who bay lol yea taylor bay coming to get us.
I'm seriously sitting here jamming Running Outta Lies by Johnnie Taylor..I been around my auntie nem too long lmao
In my house I think we know alot about Johnnie Taylor, Sir Charles, Marvin Gaye and Teddy Pendergrass music.
Johnnie Taylor smooth. One time for the Blues.
I legit just made a Johnnie Taylor pandora station , lawwddd rubbing off on me .
Johnnie Taylor's advice;Cheaper to keep her my position today
Chillld , I grew up on Johnnie Taylor, TK Soul, Sir Charles . and all the rest of em !! Lol
"Who's Making Love?" by The Blues Brothers   "Who's Making Love?" is the third and final Top 40 single from comedy act turned relatively respectable artists The Blues Brothers. The lead single from 1980's Made in America, "Who's Making Love?" just barely snuck in to the Top 40, peaking at number 39 on the Billboard Hot 100 (they would have a number 12 hit in 1990 in the UK, obviously with a different lineup). Originally recorded and released by Johnnie Taylor (best known for his 1970's chart topper "Disco Lady"), The Blues Brothers version of "Who's Making Love?", as most of their covers did, does a respectable job of making the song their own; the love of the music held "Joliet Jake" Blues (aka John Belushi) and Elwood Blues (aka Dan Aykroyd) and the quality of their backing band made for an enjoyable record. The Bob Tichsler-produced "Who's Making Love?" was coupled with the theme from the 1950's and 1960's legal drama Perry Mason, appropriately titled "Perry Mason Theme."
Johnnie Taylor was gramps favorite singer
I never did like that Johnnie Taylor song "Good Love"
I'll just watch. *turns on Johnnie Taylor, pops open bag of BBQ chips w/ a tall glass of sweat tea and kicks back in 78 degree weather*
Performing at the TOAST TO THE BLUES LIVE: Tribute to Johnnie Taylor March 9th 7:30pm Hollywood Park Casino. Tickets on sale now.
Jody Got your girl and gone, Johnnie Taylor
*** playin Johnnie Taylor we hella sad
What do you know about this.30 and under need not apply!!! ♫ Too Many Memories – Johnnie Taylor
Listening to johnnie taylor with my dad headed to florida
Mane this Johnnie Taylor sample I'm working on is nice
Mr Fuller is giving away 2 tix to "A Toast to the Blues" event going on this Saturday Feat. Johnnie Taylor's kids and comedian Jay Lamont
Where u been all of my life tell me where u been hiding?--johnnie Taylor
That *** Johnnie Taylor be going off on these blues songs
Listening to Johnnie Taylor at the moment.
Disco Lady by Johnnie Taylor on this one is for you sis!!! You already know!!!
Johnnie Taylor said everything is out in the open!
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