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Johnnie Johnson

Johnnie Johnson (July 8, 1924 – April 13, 2005) was an American pianist and blues musician. His work with Chuck Berry led to his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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I hope you enjoy the film. This is from one of the actors in the film, Johnnie Johnson III. I'm based in San Diego. Thanks
S/o to Solomon Johnson 4 putting me on Johnnie Taylor .
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Britain's other war hero also Johnnie Johnson, allies top ace. I met him, know his son M…
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Campaigners say the Dambusters hero should get an honour
Campaigners say the Dambusters hero should be given an honour
Charlie Strong says he received messages of support from Earl Campbell, Johnnie Johnson, Quandre Diggs and Ark. coach Bret B…
UT & NFL great Johnnie Johnson spoke to the team today about managing expectations & what it means to be a Longhorn.
Robert L. Johnson and Johnnie Cochran are the only Kappas I acknowledge.
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On this day in 2001, Keith inducted James Burton (L) & Johnnie Johnson (R) at the 16th annual ceremony. https:…
A busy week - with Johnnie Johnson Housing today
Kentucky Headhunters and Johnnie Johnson - shufflin' back to memphis
"everybody take a stand, join the caravan of love...(stand up, stand up, STAND UP)"
Wing Commander J E 'Johnnie' Johnson, commanding No. 144 (Canadian) Wing, on the the wing of his Supermarine Spitfi… htt…
Not dismissing it at all, love the Isleys! Still think GOAT rock'n'roll goes to Chuck Berry w/ Johnnie Johnson on keys.
Bet Boris Johnson is already calling it Johnnie Foreigner Office
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The Kentucky Headhunters with Johnnie Johnson - Sometime on U-Rock Radio™ the home of great rock music
Thank you for your service, LayLa Johnson and Johnnie Sue Elliott, and for responding to a fire on 6-7 in Rigby, ID.
Johnnie Johnson over Normandy, 6 June 1944. . Clocked up his 25th-29th kills that month. .
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Memorial at Bazenville, Normandy, to my father's 421 Spitfire squadron. Wing Commander was Johnnie Johnson. D-Day
Tommy Conwell playing guitar with Johnnie Johnson Band [audio]. Recorded in 1992 at The Barbary in Philadelphia.
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If you classify yourself as my family or friend...lemme hold a dollar! if you have friends and bills at the same...
Starting June 3rd, Innervision, a radio show hosted by Johnnie Johnson, will be on 104.7 FM and Johnnie is...
Boom! tickets are booked. Especially excited about talk on Tirpitz and hearing last Dambuster Johnnie Johnson.
USA trippers - no matter what trip you're on, Johnnie Johnson follows! In Normandy (D-Day) with Year 9
My farmer pastor, the late Bishop Johnnie L Johnson, use 2 say we say we saved , but what are we saved from. If ur in Chris…
a wise man once told me the only good things to ever come out of St. Louis were Chuck Berry and Johnnie Johnson.
Malcolm Wanklyn, Johnnie Johnson, Joe Ekins, all names that every British person should know before some foul-mouthed media person 🇬🇧
Interviewed a guy called Johnnie Johnson yesterday. Obviously if I have to prove that in court it won't look good.
Enter for a chance to Win some cool Artwork of "Johnnie Johnson " by Mark Hurd.
Now Playing, The Kentucky Headhunters with Johnnie Johnson — She's Got to Have It from B-018 _ Meet Me in Bluesland
I'm pretty mad I keep getting Johnnie Johnson's mail. Almost as mad as he must be about his name Johnnie Johnson.
Flying with the “Royal Air Force” “Johnnie Johnson” advanced to the status of Air Vice Marshal.
nothing new here, more weak effort from Babcock.
I got told I'm the small, British Johnnie Guilbert. If that means I'm dating the small, British Alex Dorame, I'm perfe…
team innovating for good in the Johnnie Johnson room Go, team, go!
Reading Boris Johnson on Churchill...apparently our eminent warleader enjoyed Johnnie Walker...a good man Winston!
Chuck Berry is no stranger to the farm Neither is Johnny B. Goode otherwise known as Johnnie Johnson
Congratulations to Mr. and Miss JHS Matthew Brown and Lauren Golliver, and runner ups Themba Ndhlovu and Johnnie Johnson!
Johnnie Johnson is one of it not THE greatest blues piano players ever.
Now, I love Johnnie Johnson, & he should get much more credit. Tanqueray good late LP. But Lafayette Leake was on Johnnie B Goode.
Two fingers of Johnnie walker. What are you doing?
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Have a night Johnnie!!!. Johnson throws one on net that beats Fleury to the blocker side and the lead 2-0!
Bill Elsey's Alignment (Ernie Johnson) wins the Johnnie Walker Ebor H'cap by a neck from the blinkered Tiber (Lester Piggott), with 1/2
Game at Johnson and Wales for those in Denver! tonight! Come check ya boy out ✊🏀
1924-07-08 *The birth of Johnnie Johnson on this date in 1924 is marked on this date. He was an African American musician and composer. Born in Fairmont, West Virginia, Johnson first played piano at the age of 4. By his twenties, he was an accomplished jazz and blues player on the club circuit in Chicago, where he had apprenticed under Muddy Waters and Albert King. A self-taught musician, bandleader and composer, Johnson composed the riffs for many of Berry's most famous tunes, including "Maybellene," "Sweet Little Sixteen" and "Rock and Roll Music," which Berry transposed to guitar. Berry wrote his best-known song, "Johnny B. Goode," in tribute to Johnson. But it was Johnson who actually gave Berry his first big break. On New Year's Eve in 1952, Johnson, then fronting the his own trio in St. Louis, was stuck. His sax player fell ill and he needed an emergency replacement, so he called in his pal Berry, a promising young guitarist, to fill in. The show was a hit, Johnson asked Berry to join the band, and ...
The sons of former Longhorn All-America DB Johnnie Johnson committed to play football for Texas today. Congrats...
Blues pianist, Johnnie Johnson, passed away today back in 2005. His work with Chuck Berry led to his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum in 2001. Can you name any of their famous hits?
Next Tuesday, April 8th, night Lexington's favorite midweek upscale event, Poetry In Motion, returns to GCB Glenn's Creek Brewery & Beer Exchange 830-11pm (doors opening at 8)! Open mic couple with neo soul grooves courtesy of DJ Johnnie Johnson! Full drink & food menu will be open, great people, mature atmosphere! Had a packed house last month so make sure you get there early! $3. Invite a friend!
When Officer says Johnnie Johnson was nearly expelled at Loughborough . Everyone was just thinking...he was. For having sex in the pool.😂
celebrating by ordering stuff i can't pronounce — at St. Martin's Wine Bistro
happy happy anniversary to my beautiful wife Kristi. my pal, my confidant, my strength, my motivation, and the...
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"uh yeah lemme get that venti strawberry frap pronto." — at Starbucks
We have just enjoyed a wonderful bake sale and un-Olympic games in aid of and
Housing Matters!. Officers are available from “Johnnie” Johnson Housing Trust to discuss any housing, rent or...
Keith Richards inducts Johnnie Johnson and James Burton Inductions 2001 Visit us! Subscribe to RockHall :
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2001, Keith Richards inducted Johnnie Johnson and James Burton at the 16th annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (cont)
2001 Keith Richards inducted bluesman Johnnie Johnson & Rockabilly guitarist James Burton into the US Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in NYC.
Today In Entertainment History, December 31st - 1912: A rambunctious 12-year-old named Louis Armstrong fires his stepfather's pistol during New Years Eve festivities and is sent to the New Orleans Home for Colored Waifs, where he will learn to read and write music, as well as play cornet and bugle with the school band. 1940: A legal dispute between the two entities forces all US radio stations to stop playing music licensed by ASCAP (the American Society of Publishers and Composers) for a full ten months. While strengthening new rival BMI (Broadcast Music Inc.), it also means that several radio stations keep afloat by playing public domain songs, including classical and kids' music! 1947: Roy Rogers marries Dale Evans. 1952: Needing a replacement for an ailing saxophonist for a New Year's Eve show, pianist/bandleader Johnnie Johnson calls a guitar-playing acquaintance named Chuck Berry. 1955: Les Baxter's "Unchained Melody," the hit theme from the movie Unchained, is voted Billboard's top-selling single o ...
In a continued effort to bring alternative events for the mature and sophisticated crowd of Lexington, The Devine Experience is back right before Christmas with "Before We Let Go: 80's & 90's Party! DJ Johnnie Johnson & DJ Travisty will be spinning your favorite classic 80's & 90's jams all night long!!! -The Devine Experience Presents: Before We Let Go 80's & 90's Party! Saturday, December 14th @ Tbar (corner of Euclid & Woodland Ave.) -10pm-230am, 25 & up to enter, Dress code: OLD SCHOOL!! $10 at the door all night, $5 advanced tickets available next week! -80's from 1030pm-1230am & 90's from 1230-230am! We will be giving away cassette's, records, as well as CDs! Only those dressed in 80's & 90's apparel can enter the FREE raffle to win the prizes!
I have been asked to do one of those lists about me. 10 Books. The fall of Berlin Antony Beevor God is not Great Christopher Hitchens Henry VIII Alison Weir Between Silk and Cyanide Leo Marks Spreading My Wings Diane Barnato Biggles in the Baltic W.E. Johns. Let's Go USA 1993 Various authors. Wing Commander, Johnnie Johnson. Stenton's History of the Anglo Saxons. (Not sure about the title) Visions from a Foxhole, William A. Foley.
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man, my bro Norris rackn them awards up. he ain't gon neva answer the phone now...
Hilton Met Hotel at NEC, as well as Johnnie Johnson, Gene Cernan and E Holyfield
New Year's eve, 1952. Johnnie Johnson is the leader of a Jazz quartet. The saxophone player is ill and is in the hospital. Johnnie Johnson hires a last minute replacement , Chuck Berry. Johnnie knew Chuck would be available because he was inexperienced and probably did not have a New Year's eve gig. Johnnie knew he would bring showmanship and vocals and somewhat limited guitar skills. Chuck became a permanent member of Johnnie's band. The Sax man never did recover.Neither did Johnnie Johnson. Johnny Johnson played Jazz. He played Jazz licks in the style and rhythm that became rock and roll. Chuck Berry laid down the law on how to play rock and roll guitar.Chuck's two string, double stop method is really the only thing that sounds right.everything else sounds wimpy! Chuck Berry heard these licks from Johnnie Johnson. Johnnie Johnson was playing a version of a Louis Jordan song "Caldonia". That lick,that style, became Chuck's trademark. Johnnie Johnson played on all the great Chuck Berry records. The sides ...
To all my friends from Garson Point, Tommy Johnson, Julie Whitwell Newberry, Johnnie Johnson, Neal Pennell, Scott Cole, Michael Brown, Kenny Busby Sonny Sanders and anyone I have forgotten. Rita Worden is coming to Arley what's the chances I can get her driving the big kobota tractor in the few days she's here. Wish us luck this is going to be fun
The fabulous Johnnie Johnson and The Kentucky Headhunters on The Marty Party, sometime in the mid-90's. Turn it up!
Just got back from the visiting and remembering those who have gone on to be with the Lord. First Mt Olive Baptist - My Granddad - Johnnie Johnson, Grandmom - Lula Washington Johnson, Aunts - Lethia Johnson Gyant, Rosa Johnson Howard,and Uncles - Robert Alsop, James Gyant and James Gaines. Jerusalem Baptist - Daddy - Raymond F. Alsop, Grandpop - William Aaron Alsop, Grandmom - Bessie Vessels Alsop, Uncle James Alsop and cousins - Keith Johnson, Earl Richards and Mickey Roane! I really miss all of them.
Apropos my earlier post about daughters forthcoming nuptuals we have been asked to pick one piece of music for the evening event. My list is :- Martha Reeves, Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Beach Boys, Beatles, James, Levellers, Mommas and Poppas, Oasis, Queen, Small Faces, Kinks, Smokey Robinson, Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Isley Brothers, Johnnie Johnson, Dobie Gray, Frankie Goes., Al Green, Bob Marley, Chi Lites, Bob Marley, Curtis Mayfield, Derek and the Dominoes, Dire Straits, Eagles, Elvis, Harold Melvin, Junior Walker, Lynnrd Skynnrd, Neil Diamond, Robbie Williams, Stevie Wonder, Simon Dupree, Van Morrison, Jack Johnson, Lenny Kravitz, Kaiser Chiefs, Thin Lizzy, Jeff Beck and for the purists Tom Jones and Mario Lanza ! Not forgetting my mate the Belfast Busker. That should get the beggars out on the floor ! Feel free to add to the list.
Today in History for Jan 21st. 1861 – During the American Civil War: Future Confederate President of the US. Jefferson Davis resigns from the United States Senate. 1954 – The first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, is launched in Groton, Connecticut by Mamie Eisenhower, the First Lady of the United States. 1957 - At UNIVERSAL RECORDING STUDIOS in Chicago, Illinois, Chuck Berry recorded his composition "SCHOOL DAY", backed by pianist Johnnie Johnson, guitarist Hubert Sumlin, bassist Willie Dixon, and drummer Fred Below. 1957 - "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts" introduces America to PATSY CLINE. Patsy Cline made the most of her invitation to Talent Scouts, wowing the studio audience with her performance of the now-classic "Walkin' After Midnight." The Song made it to on the country music charts and on the pop charts. 1958 - In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, THE EVERLY BROTHERS Headline The 14th Date Of An All Star Concert Tour That Also Includes Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Jimmie Rodg ...
For all-time UT team, still agonizing over best four DBs at DBU. Jerry Gray, Johnnie Johnson, Mike Huff, and... Ross? Jammer? Vasher? Other?
words of the grey Johnnie Johnson "Isaiah man just come out of the closet!""
FREE ADMISSION! Tickets: King Blues Club Event Page: Paris has toured nationally and internationally with an impressive list of artists that includes Bo Diddley, Johnny Winter, Chris Spedding, Johnnie Johnson, and former Rolling Stone *** Taylor. He's also backed Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, Phoebe Snow, Hubert Sumlin, Rudy Ray Moore, the Uptown Horns, and Elvin Bishop, to name just a few. All the while Paris has maintained his own New York City-based rock and blues band. The group performs regularly at B.B. King Blues Club and at clubs, casinos, and concerts across the country. Paris has headlined in Norway, Sweden, Israel, and South Africa. He's opened concerts for Little Richard, Buddy Guy, Etta James, *** Dale, George Thorogood, Brian Setzer, Joan Jett, Southside Johnny, Jonny Lang, and more. His recording credits include sessions with Bob Dylan, Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh, Ron Wood, and John Hiatt. For years, he was also an often-featured guest with Les Paul, the electric . ...
Sam asked Steve Jordan to come sign his guitar.he said sure. When Sam pulled the guitar out of the case and handed him the marker Steve said,"Man you got a lot of signatures," Sam said,"yeah, and this one is my favorite" pointing to Johnnie Johnson's signature. Steve said,"Yeah man, I sure miss that guy." Don't we all. Tonight at the Dakota in Toronto, The Weber Brothers are comin to town!! Come one and all, we're fresh off the most amazing weekend we've ever had so far and we're ready to play. Want to see all our friends down there that can make it. Let's have a time.
Today In Rock History: 1962, 12 year old Little Stevie Wonder recorded his first single for Motown Records, 'Thank You For Loving Me All The Way. 1964, All four members of US band Buddy and the Kings were killed when they hired a Cesna Skyhawk to take them to a gig in Harris County. Piloted by the bands drummer Bill Daniles, the plane crashed nose first killing all on board. Singer with the group Harold Box had replaced Buddy Holly in The Crickets after his death in a plane crash. He sang lead vocals on 'Peggy Sue Got Married. 2002, A federal judge in St. Louis dismissed a lawsuit against Chuck Berry by Johnnie Johnson, a piano player and former collaborator who wanted royalties for more than 30 songs written between 1955 and 1966. The songs in question included ‘No Particular Place To Go’, ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, and ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’. Johnson's lawsuit argued that he and Berry were co-writers on many of the songs, but because Berry copyrighted them in his name alone, Johnson got none of ...
Larry Thurston's standup everyman sings.Johnnie Johnson's melody rings, and his "left hand of God" locked with Levon's Helm's jubilant time are enough to mak...
I’ve really been into Jazz since 1998 and Blues since 2002 and at the time of each I thought wow most of the greats in the genre have already left us. But, I was so wrong, so wrong, People who I have seen and miss so much include Lionel Hampton, Oscar Peterson, Franz Jackson, John Watson (in Yoke Noge’s band), Ray Brown, Ray Charles, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Johnnie Johnson, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Pinetop Perkins, Hubert Sumlin, David “Honeyboy” Edwards, and Koko Taylor.
Compliments of my brother Johnnie Johnson. Cletus & Billy Bob Cletus is passing by Billy Bob 's hay barn one day when, through a gap in the door, he sees Billy Bob doing a slow and sensual striptease in front of an old John Deere tractor. Buttocks clenched, he performs a slow pirouette, and gently slides off first the right strap of his overalls, followed by the left. He then hunches his shoulders forward and in a classic striptease move, lets his overalls fall down to his hips, revealing a torn and frayed plaid shirt. Then, grabbing both sides of his shirt, he rips it apart to reveal his stained T-shirt underneath. With a final flourish, he tears the T-shirt from his body, and hurls his baseball cap onto a pile of hay. Having seen enough, Cletus rushes in and says, "What the world're ya doing, Billy Bob ?" "Good grief, Cletus, ya scared the bejeebers out of me," says an obviously embarrassed Billy Bob .. "But me 'n the wife been havin trouble lately in the bedroom d'partment, and the therapist suggested ...
Johnnie Johnson, who is rumored to be the inspiration for Chuck Berry's "Johnnie-B-Goodie", serves up a cool shot of "Tanqueray" . Held at The Carter Barron ...
Joining us this Sunday, Funky groovy sexy fun! Doña has played with many Rock and Blues legends including Keith Richards, Bob Weir, Levon Helm, Albert Lee, Buddy Guy, Conan O’Brien band leader Jimmy Vivino, Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti, Son Seals, Shemekia Copeland and her idol, former Chuck Berry sideman and Father of Rock & Roll Piano, Johnnie Johnson! In addition to recording 3 albums of her own, she also finds time to play on numerous Grammy and Handy winning albums, and movie scores including the Eddie Murphy box office hit “Norbit”, the Martin Lawrence film “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” and the very funny Comedy Central favorite “Senior Skip Day”. Don’t miss the artist that Golden Globe Nominee Ewan McGreggor said was “The next big thing in music!”
Levon Helms and Johnnie Johnson are still making beautiful music in Heaven.
Snoop Robinson's "Love, Lies and Friendships" stage play written by Johnnie Johnson... With an All-Star cast.. ONSALE NOW go to to get tickets today... Only a limited amount of VIP tickets available!!!
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