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Johnathan Joseph

Johnathan Joseph (born April 16, 1984) is an American football cornerback with the Houston Texans, drafted 24th overall in the 2006 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals out of South Carolina.

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Johnathan Joseph has not exactly been quality
Johnathan Joseph on aim to silence Wales crowd from off to keep grand slam on course.
Harrison vs Leonia tonight at 7pm boys basketball come see Timmy,Mike,Joseph,Daniel and soon to join the 1,000 point club Johnathan
And Johnathan Joseph breaks into a cold sweat...
Oh most people refer to Johnathan Joseph as J Jo
Johnathan : I have to defeat Dio or he will cause trouble to everyone. Joseph : Lol i have to defeat those 3 pillar men and learn hamon
Jaguars want to re-sign Prince Amukamara, Patriots tried to trade for Johnathan Joseph -
Johnathan Joseph might be the most likely casualty and he's affordable at 1-year, $6M(plus $500K RB). Doubt Eagles go for short-term fix.
Hibachi proven wrong again.I'll just leave this here so you can read up. .
Patriots tried to trade Jamie Collins for DeAndre Hopk..
New post: Patriots tried to trade Jamie Collins for DeAndre Hopkins; Then asked about Johnathan
after Johnathan though is Joseph who is best JoJo by a substantial margin.
The Patriots talked to the Texans about a Jamie Collins trade, but Bill Belichick was asking for too much
Before dealing Jamie Collins to the Browns, the Patriots tried trading him for either DeAndre Hopkins or Johnathan Joseph.
Any time you sign a big contract, you get in those later years, the...
If you're on the top guy, you're going to get some balls thrown you...
early manga Joseph. AKA angry Johnathan with worse bedhead
What I hate is how he gives Johnathan a scarf in his new artwork and I can't tell him and Joseph apart because of that
In Cincy, we're told how much Gatorade we could take home. In Houst...
Most interceptions on the year is Johnathan Joseph with 5.
Fantasy NFL. HOU vs DET: Johnathan Joseph just got a solo tackle. by
Marvin Jones picks up the first down on sideline throw from Matthew Stafford. gain of 11 yards. He beat Johnathan Joseph
With all our comers bang up Joe Haden can really help us out. Also he can replace Johnathan Joseph
A lot of times, I go and face the top receiver, and that's a task.
Bigger worry for fans so far this season--Johnathan Joseph or Kareem Jackson?
Numerous things that go on such as the way Houston interacts with m...
Obviously, the closer you get to that moment, the more you start to...
I want my team to win and to be the best player I can possibly be.
Quintin Demps (calf), Jonathan Grimes (cracked fibula) not practicing; Jeff Allen, Derek Newton, Johnathan Joseph are practicing again
ok lets go ahead an pick up with Johnathan Joseph, Kevin Johnson, Kareem Jackson and Antonio Cromartie. Unstoppable...
Johnathan Joseph and Paul Wall keep hittin me up to chill but I just wanna be with the fam for my last day in Houston
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but for just Jojo's you're gonna blocc me prob lol. Josuke > Johnathan > Joseph (young) > Giorno > Jotaro > Joseph (old)
Gotta get up and talk to bun b and workout with Johnathan Joseph
The first thing about Houston is it's an organization run from a different perspective.
Obviously I read the newspaper sometimes, or I look on the Internet. When you go out in...
Report: Ex-Cowboy Joseph Randle threatened to kill jail deputy over denied phone call, "I will kill you".
HoustonTexans: "At this point, we're like brothers.". ReemBoi25 talks about teammate Johnathan Joseph. 📝 …
"At this point, we're like brothers.". talks about teammate Johnathan Joseph. 📝
Kareem Jackson says he and Johnathan Joseph are like brothers. Will be in Jackson's wedding next month too.
Watt on CB Johnathan Joseph: "I don't think he gets nearly enough credit. He's a really good mentor for the rest of the guys."
"I don't think he gets nearly enough credit."-Watt on impact CB Johnathan Joseph has had on/off field w/
I've only seen Johnathan, Joseph, and Jotaro so far. Joseph is still top tier because he's hilarious
yes I'm aware of that now there was a reason why I asked about the cosplay & the anime so far Johnathan &Joseph is my favorite.
Johnathan Joseph and his wife DeLaina Joseph: via
in eyes of heaven?. I'm more of a jotaro guy. Might just play young joseph or johnathan cause I like hammon
fair point even though I'd say that was true for young Joseph and Jotaro, not so much for Johnathan or old Joe
J.J. Watt, Duane Brown, Kevin Johnson, Johnathan Joseph among the players not practicing and still rehabbing from injury/sur…
Joseph and Johnathan's dogs are so ugly lol
Dio is using Johnathan's bod, which is why he can always track Joseph and Jotaro
Johnathan Joseph has upgraded to All-Pro status! Johnathan Joseph is playing better than ever before! S6 3rd DB My
Johnathan joestar would have been such a good dad and a GOOD GRANDFATHER TO JOSEPH
Joseph is fun but as a fully realized character there's no one better than Johnathan.
Johnathan Joseph, Cornerback for the Houston Texans, instructs a camper at our Houston camp.
much congrats to you guys. You all are amazing and I'll be watching you all next week 😎
I personally like Johnathan the most so far. But Joseph's story arc is better . I only started part 3 so.
No wait not johnathan. Joseph because Joseph is more or less humour and serious.
CB Johnathan Joseph: "We will watch the film and learn from it, but the mindset is that we are on to the New Engla
Johnathan Joseph and teammates at 'Strike out Lung Cancer' charity event at Bowlmor Lanes to benefit his foundation
Found a picture of Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson together
Johnathan Joseph returns to Rock Hill for football camp | The Herald.. Related Articles:
Actually, it's not even Joseph, it's Johnathan but w/e.
Must accept that Bill and the are going with what they have at corner? There is no secret or Johnathan Joseph trade lined up.
Honorable mention for top ten is Johnathan Joseph. I jus like the way he play.
Ok, you can have some pizza for dessert with us
I'm giving away: JOHNATHAN JOSEPH...ROOKIE CARD. Check it out -
David Pro is cool like that. They also put the Joestar birthmark on Johnathan & Joseph in the first series.
[Joseph goes about his tasks for the day, currently setting the dining table with Johnathan for the evening meal. His sadness over parting ~
Johnathan Joseph continues to be a top cornerback for the Impressive score in 2014
JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, Brian Cushing, Johnathan Joseph, AND Vince Wilfork?!... The 2015 Houston Texans defense is going to be scary as 💩
Texans hoping to have Kareem Jackson back with Johnathan Joseph 4 their 5th season as starting duo.
I'm getting very confused by all these headlines of Johnathan Joseph the next sensation.
what club does Johnathan Joseph play for?
Johnathan Joseph is better than Jesus by far
Johnathan Joseph's form will not surprise supporters at the Rec!
Johnathan joseph what a beautiful man
47-17 great work,johnathan joseph RBS Man Of The Match.Well Done.cheers,tears, and beers all round.   10% Off
I liked Johnathan Joseph, then he spoke!!! Was hoping he'd be a right chap!!!
A comfortable win for England without being at their best. Johnathan Joseph looks very very good 🏉👍.
Johnathan Joseph deserves man of the match
Has Johnathan Joseph been drinking rocket fuel?? What a game he's having!
Try for England! Johnathan Joseph goes over for his second. Ford converts. England 33 Italy 10
Johnathan Joseph is amazing, should be man of the match
In my imagination even as a 21 stone prop, I used to run as fast as johnathan joseph. Great try
Wow, just seen Johnathan Joseph try - you cannot beat pace, reminds me of the great
Johnathan Joseph just made me do a sex wee
Johnathan Joseph is making a habit of this
Johnathan Joseph you BEAUTIFUL man ... you play so well for us!
Yuri kuma, joseph, dio, johnathan, mondo, junko, ishimaru magnets are sold out!
Just talked to Joseph, Sunny's funeral (open) is in 21 days at the respected BP church.
15th class of York County Sports Hall of Fame includes Chris Hope, Ben Watson and Johnathan Joseph
Tries by Anthony Watson & Johnathan Joseph saw England secure a 21-16 win over Wales in Cardiff to get their campaign …
The Harlem Globetrotters taught Johnathan Joseph a thing or two today. Photo: Houston Texans
PICK-6!!. Dalton underthrows the pass and Johnathan Joseph returns it for the TD. Houston back in it, down 16-10
Here's Johnathan Joseph giving back to the community at Fifth Ward Church of Christ. Handing out food.
In your opinion who is the better CB for the Texans? Johnathan Joseph or Kareem Jackson?
Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, Johnathan Joseph, Mike Mohamed and Jeff Tarpinian all saw limited participation in practice.
Agreed. I would put some blame on Andre Johnson, Kareem Jackson and Johnathan Joseph. Terrible man to man coverage.
You gotta give props to Johnathan Joseph for quickly assessing the situation and chasing down James Jones
Practice finishing up. Shane Lechler punting. Rick Smith racing Johnathan Joseph on the unused field.
Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, Brian Cushing, Brandon Brooks, and Johnathan Joseph did not practice.
Season prediction Johnathan Hankins will fill the void left by Linval Joseph nicely and lead a deep DT group for
v2129xol1 - CB Johnathan Joseph vsOnce you have them in place it is much easier to see the start of the who...
Joseph, Johnathan, and Jeremy are going through the stage where they want every toy on TV😂
I really thought I was much more of a Bruce Wayne/Dark Knight... But maybe Joseph is right, Maybe I am Iron...
Joseph was an INFINITELY more likable character than Johnathan was.
Johnathan Hankins: How and when he proved capable to Giants of replacing Linval Joseph
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Jadey Jade its why you cant get me off that dance floor Johnathan Spoony Joseph :) Ive allways done that...
Chopping it up with Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson
A former Gamecock who is now a Texan is recovering from a sports hernia. . Nope. A different former Gamecock.
Random Midnight cookouts with my people Chris Quarles, Destiny Watkins, Johnathan Yogee Bear Daniel, Joseph...
CB Johnathan Joseph will be suited up at the start of training camp. via
Jets are looking to swing a trade for Houston Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph, per source
Matt Schaub / Johnathan Joseph / Chris Myers / Danieal Manning amount to roughly 32% of the team's 2014 salary cap.
Our secondary of Johnathan Joseph, Jason Verrett, Eric Reid, and Harrison Smith is complete.
Johnathan Joseph made the Pro Bowl. I love my squad but I'm positive somebody got snubbed
Houston Texans (Official Site) >> Johnathan Joseph done for the season
Texans CB Johnathan Joseph will undergo surgery to repair a torn ligament in his toe
Johnathan Joseph to fans cheering Matt Schaub's injury: "They gonna do that, don’t show the f**k up."
Houston (CBS Houston) - Matt Schaub went down with a leg injury midway through the third quarter of Sunday’s 38-13 loss to the Rams. As Schaub was on the ground, some Texans fans let out a loud cheer. After the game players expressed disappointment in the home crowd. Here’s what they had to say. “It just happened to Matt today, it could have been me any other day, so I’ll never agree with it, I’m never for it. I don’t stand for it. If they’re going to do that don’t show the f*** up. Period.” Johnathan Joseph said. “For all that guy (Schaub) has done for this city and this team for fans to be booing him when the man is hurt and on the ground, that’s straight up disrespectful.” T.J. Yates said. “I sure hope they don’t truly feel that way. That’s a pretty tough life if you’re cheering somebody else getting injured. That’s a man with a wife and kids.” J.J. Watt said. “It’s bad when members of the other team are saying that’s messed up they would do something like that ...
Wade Smith and Owen Daniels had rest days. Johnathan Joseph missed practice with a toe injury & Sharpton missed with a foot injury.
have Brian Cushing, JJ Watt, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Duane Brown, Johnathan Joseph all locked up through 20…
Texans | Teammate does not think Ed Reed will play - Houston Texans CB Johnathan Joseph said he does not expect FS...
The starting CB tandem of Johnathan Joseph and Kareem Jackson is better than _ other teams' starting CB tandems.
My top 5 Cornerbacks in the league, I will also ask you to give me your top 5. - Kyle 1. Charles Tillman (Might surprise some people but he is the most consistently great Cornerback in the game, even at 32 years of age, this guy still strikes fear in the receiver he is covering) 2. Darelle Revis (When healthy, this guy is one of the best, I expect him to have a very sold year this season) 3. Richard Sherman (I don't view him as the best yet, but if he has another repeat of last season, he will be) 4. Tim Jennings (Yes I do have two Bears Corners in the top 5, because I think they both deserve it) 5. Joe Haden (I may be a Browns fan but Haden is still one of the best in the league I have him at 5th best. His cover skills are great, when hes not playing, the Browns defense suffers for it) Champ Bailey, Johnathan Joseph, Tramon Williams would all follow
Joseph fine after hernia surgeries - Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph told Comcast Sportsnet that he's recovered after having two sports hernia surgeries this offseason. "With the groin issues and everything behind me and the sports hernia on both sides, I had both those fixed," Joseph said. "Now I have more pop, more explosion with my legs. I can run all day again. ... I'm feeling better than I've ever felt. I told somebody that yesterday. I was just excited that I g...
Brian Cushing and Johnathan Joseph are fired up about playing with Ed Reed.
Thank God the Texans got Ed Reed,we needed somebody to help Johnathan Joseph
Is this just not ridiculous or what? Please keep your comments civil!
Who knows of a good place to get my car detailed? I have no idea
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Anyone got any suggestions for baby boy names all the ones we like we know someone who has a child named it x
Cnt wait for my baby boy to get here. July 16th.. Johnathan joseph romero. Middle name after my pawpaw may u rest n peace love u
Everybody knew Johnathan Joseph was coming up with defensive player of the week this time around.
As of now nothing has been agreed upon, but Johnathan Joseph could be on the move.
Mark will not be in attendance, Johnathan Joseph will be tho...
Mormons come to the house. I am polite. They don't go away. What does that teach me?
(295) 6'5 Johnathan Joseph - good athlete who handles well, gets out in transition without the ball for easy dunks and layups
Woke me up so they could sit with me 😍❤
Johnathan Joseph has been great this year, but he's not garnering much Pro Bowl attention yet.
It's clear Johnathan Joseph is capable of doing anything he wants on that field.
Elijah Francis Johnathan Acosta Corey Antony Stroder Jean Rossy Champions at 2, bring people we're gonna fill up both courts at champs
please pray for Noelle, amf Josephs friends snd family, and Forth Dorchester HS. Noelle had been bullied by Joseph for some time. it got to the point that I had to sit in and observe. well Joseph started talking to Noelle Wednesday about college and plans after hs. Sadly to report Joseph committed suicide that night. Noelle feels quilty. please pray for every one involved.
Can you believe it's already March? It feels like just yesterday we were in February. Oh, wait...
The 49ers are reportedly unlikely to pursue Jets CB Darrelle Revis right now.
Good morning!! What a way to start my Friday! Got a good run in, it's payday, and I'm goin to see my Bako family tomorrow! Yay! Have a wonderful Friday y'all! Crystal, Johnathan, Al, Sandra, Robert, & Joseph I can't wait to see you guys!
I don't see many better performers at CB than Johnathan Joseph so far.
IM so scared rite now Caprisha Webb Joseph Johnson
Texans were willing to go above and beyond to re-sign Johnathan Joseph. Monumental signing.
Just found out the true meaning of an "explosive diaper" :-/
Working on a Darrelle Revis article. Found that Johnathan Joseph, Richard Sherman & Brandon Carr all get targeted around 5.7 times per game.
a sincere enemies is beter dan a family relation,in d bible Josef ws sold by is brothers,it ws Cain dat murderAbel is bros,see Jacob who robbed is bros of is den it ws pharaoh dat made Joseph a minister,Johnathan saved David frm bein kil y shud I bliv in a such a family relation.B ware
Texans would be a good one, because he could learn from one of the best in Johnathan Joseph. plus good coaching staff
Per sources, CB Johnathan Joseph is lost for the rest of the year.
Guys stop putting record labels in ur name you aint apart of... Johnathan YMCMB Harris. Derrick MMG joseph. U too old b playing make believe.
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Johnathan Joseph being out a couple weeks might as well be an eternity for the Packers.
If you are a theist, do you think your supreme being of choice is all-powerful? If so, why does he let f**ked-up things happen?
Can anyone recommend an optometrist in the surrounding area?
Joseph and me at Dairy Queen and Jeff Richardson and Johnathan at Motel
Johnathan Joseph signs 6-year contract extension with Texans. Will start at cornerback.
How many reps do you think Johnathan Joseph is doing?
Congratulations to our grade 8 students who be heading to Windsor during March Break to run a day camp for inner-city youth, serve the poor and share Christ. The students are Miriam, Sonya, Nicole, Johnathan, Joseph, Roy, Sam, Max and Dino. The leaders on the trip are Nat, Luke, Marilyn, Lisa, Elaine and Tori. The team needs to raise $10,000 for the trip, and so we are in the process of fundraising toward this. If you are willing to contribute please mark your donation with ‘Windsor mission trip’ or talk to one of the students on the trip to donate to their fundraising specifically. If you would like to pray for the trip or individual students on the team please talk with them or Nat Evans.
Ok, I've had a little bit to regroup & try to slow down from last night. I have so many to thank for all their help so I'll start with our cooks. Mike Jackson & David Pennington for handling the grill expertly & turning out 100 lbs of chicken plus the hogs. It was mouth watering! Mrs. Debbie Brown for the potato salad, yummy as always. Mrs. Cheryl Lynn Sanders for her famous baked beans. Joseph Schaff for the great chili. Susan Harrison for the tasty cole-slaw. Ya'll will never know how much I appreciate your donations of food & your time. To the people who donated items for the auction, my heartfelt thanks. H & W Hardware , Mrs. Netta Hollaway, Lana Pursley Meadows, Mark Heffernan, Linda Weathersby, Meredith & Troy Lamkin, Wayne's Liquor Store, James Tribble, Cassie Pennington, I know there are many more but please excuse me, I don't have the list in front of me. THANK you one & all! To the lady to whom none of this would've been possible without her hours of tireless work, Linda Weathersby, you my frien ...
me: hay guise Jean: hay is for horses me:well then what do *** horses eat? Jean:uhm."HAY BABY" me:no they eat THICK HORSE *** Jean:oh. ~Z *** im messed up
Missing my kiddos...Tanyssa Olafson will you please snap a few pics of my boys and text them to me tonight? I hope you all have a great time at the dance..Joseph Stewart Weidenborner and Johnathan Weidenborner
been busy. frank joseph bailey v and ryan johnathan bailey ii came into the world on feb 15th. ryan at 6:21pm weighing 5lbs and 18 inches long and frank at 6:36PM weighing 5lbs 3oz and 18 inches long. healthy happy beautiful. liz and avri proud big sisters.
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Happy birthday to my boo Johnathan Joseph Narvaez play it after midnight love you 02/24/13. Mom
Comment your name who ever likes it thinks youu cutee !
Had fun last night, good food, good friends, who could ask for more?!? Haven't laughed so hard in a long time!!!
These people have helped me alot. I just wanna say thank you. Or I know that I have them to talk to if I ever need them. (:
Praising God today for my past, present and our future. God has given us a path of change. God is great.
I Love Joseph, Johnathan and Joshua. I am proud to be your MOM!!!
Want to say that I had a great time tonight enjoying the company of my dad James A Graydon my brother Scotty Ru my brother Anthony Joseph White my brother in law Brian Clark and my lovely hubby Johnathan Pyles!Brought back some really great memories from my childhood , awesome times!
Fan Q: They will be taking my son on monday morning and i still haven't came up with a name! I wana name him Isaiah but i need another name to go with it; i prefer it start with a J but isn't a must. Any suggestions? -Sarah
Happy 17th Birthday too my son Jonathan Joseph Cruz, I love you so very much.Enjoy your day(Man).
Daddy is watching 'Gnomeo and Juliet' for the third night in a row.
Today is the day i gave birth 2 years ago to a wonderful babyboy god gave me strength to push him out I didnt knw wat I was getting myself into I didnt knw wat pain to feel But after all that pain and being in labor for 19 hours My bundle of joy was born we named him Johnathan Joseph Rodríguez he was 5pound 14oz and 21 in Long it was the happiest day of My life it was love at first sight when he looked into my eyes :,( now he is 2 years he is so big and bad LOL But I Love him happy birthday jj mommy and daddy and Ur little sister Love u I hope u gave a good day
So the senior promotions list just came out. Guess who has two thumbs and is getting promoted to SFC on the 1st. This guy!
Meeting Johnathan Josephof the Houston Texans tonight!!! Great guy. Took time and visited with all the fans. No worries Kim& James Soderquist and Ashley Magallon. I took care of yall also!!!
Johnathan Joseph: got torched by Jordy Nelson. I feel like that speaks for itself in comparison to who Revis has locked down. Not better
We are headed over to Advantage BMW in League City to get a pair of our NFL boots autographed by Houston Texan Johnathan Joseph!
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"He was always the heart and soul of the defense. We went as Cush went." CB Johnathan Joseph on Brian Cushing.
Houston cornerback Johnathan Joseph still believes the Texans are a better team that the Patriots, despite the two beatings New England put on his team.
Despite losing 41-28 to the Patriots on Sunday evening, Johnathan Joseph believes the Texans were the better team.
Johnathan Joseph's denial reminds me of Hines Ward back in the day. Get over it. You lost. TWICE.
The Texans were sent home by the Patriots on Sunday, a month after being routed by New England in the regular season, but Houston cornerback Johnathan Joseph isn't convinced the results tell the true story.
Tom Brady called DBs Glover Quin, Danieal Manning, Kareem Jackson & Johnathan Joseph as “solid a group as there is in the league”
Why did the Bengals let Johnathan Joseph go smh, he a beast
Congrats to the 8 Texans selected to the Pro Bowl: Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, Wade Smith, Chris Meyers, Duane Brown,Johnathan Joseph, and J.J. Watt!
Johnathan Joseph & Bradie James should be good to go for Monday, Kubiak said. Garrett Graham has 1 more concussion test to pass
After losing Brice McCain with a fractured foot and seeing Johnathan Joseph and Alan Ball miss Sunday’s 24-10 victory at Tennessee, the Texans were in the market for another cornerback before they play Monday night at New England. The Texans worked out heavily criticized veteran Stanford Routt this morning. Then they met with him and interviewed him and have elected to sign him to a one-year, pro-rated deal.
Texans coach Gary Kubiak said Monday that cornerback Johnathan Joseph, who has hamstring and groin injuries and has missed the last two games, is “doing well” and ran on Monday. Joseph’s return would be especially important this week with the Texans facing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, cornerback Brice McCain going on injured reserve and cornerback Alan Ball day-to-day with a foot injury. Joseph, Ball, right tackle Derek Newton (knee), inside linebacker Bradie James (hamstring) and guard Antoine Caldwell (hamstring) will all be evaluated as the week progresses. Outside linebacker Brooks Reed (groin) will be out for at least another couple of weeks.
It looks as if CB Johnathan Joseph, ILB Bradie James, T Derek Newton, G Antoine Caldewell, and OLB Brooks Reed are out for today's game against the Tennessee Titans. CB Alan Ball will be a game-time decision. CB Brice McCain, ILB Daryl Sharpton, T Ryan Harris, G Ben Jones, and OLB Whitney Mercilus will be the starters for their respective positions. The Texans can also clinch a playoff berth with a win today! On another note, Let's kick some Titan booty and beat the heck out of the Titans! Go Texans! Bulls on Parade!
players Johnathan Joseph, Bradie James & likely Antonio Smith are out b/c they can beat the w/o them:
Texans CB Johnathan Joseph, LB Bradie James will sit out Tennessee game -
Det WR Ryan Broyles is feels like WR2 or WR3 material considering the inactive status of Titus Young and Johnathan Joseph.
We begin our mid-week NFL injury roundup with the three Thanksgiving Day games. Houston Texans nose tackle Shaun Cody (back/ribs), cornerback Johnathan Joseph (hamstring) and linebacker Tim Dobbins (shoulder) and No. 2 running back Ben Tate (hamstring) are all listed … Continue reading →
Johnathan Joseph, Shaun Cody, Ben Tate, Tim Dobbins & DeVier Posey are all likely game-time decisions this week
Shout out to Johnathan Joseph & for passing out groceries at 5th Ward Church of Christ. via
I don't like the way that Johnathan Joseph is holding his wrist and wincing in pain...
For Houston, only one ruled out: HB Ben Tate. Everyone else, including NT Shaun Cody, DE Antonio Smith and CB Johnathan Joseph are probable.
Johnathan Joseph has been a top 3 NFL CB in my eyes for year. People sleep on homie. Miss him & Leon Hall as a tandem
Peter Kings Week 7 Pick: 1 p.m. ET (CBS) Baltimore Ravens (5-1) at Houston Texans (5-1) Game of the weekend. Maybe the game of the year. No Ray Lewis, no Lardarius Webb, only 70 percent of Haloti Ngata. Which means the Texans are going to score enough points to win. But watch Joe Flacco in this game. I think he'll be on fire, especially with Johnathan Joseph so suspect in the Houston secondary, and especially with Torrey Smith and Jacoby Jones burning up said Houston secondary. By the way, this just in: John Harbaugh can coach. He'll go above the .700 winning percentage with a win here; he's 49-21 in his 70 NFL regular season games. Ravens 33 Texans 27
Ravens might benefit from possible absence of Texans' Johnathan Joseph
Im done with Connor Barwin, and Johnathan Joseph until further notice
Right now, has more passes defended than Daniel Manning, Glover Quinn and Johnathan Joseph and is tied with Kareem Jackson. Lol
Fantasy football tough choice of the night... Carlos Rogers or Johnathan Joseph?
In his last five games, including the 2011 playoffs, J.J. Watt has 29 tackles (23 solo), nine sacks, 11 tackles for loss, one interception, one touchdown, six passes defensed and one fumble recovery. Watt now has 5.5 sacks through three games, already matching his 2011 season total. The second-year defensive end from Wisconsin ranks first in the AFC in sacks and second in the NFL behind Green Bay’s Clay Matthews. Watt leads the Texans with 15 tackles, one more than Brian Cushing, and five passes defensed, one more than Johnathan Joseph. That has Defesive Player of the Year written all over it. Best player in the NFL right now.
Champ Bailey has a fan in Johnathan Joseph
I think with the first game under Blackmon's belt, he has a better game this week. Johnathan Joseph or not.
Check out this great item: 2012 Topps Football Johnathan Joseph Gold Parallel Serial Numbered 1320/2012 TEX
Johnathan Joseph said he had asthmatic bronchitis. Feels "a lot better" today, looking forward to game on Sunday
I got that same hoodie johnathan joseph got on in his interview
Johnathan Joseph on "Ultimate leader. Kind of reminds you of when you’re younger, a Boys & Girls Club director."
Arian Foster and Johnathan Joseph were both back at practice
health report from yesterday on Arian Foster, Johnathan Joseph, Antonio Smith:
Texans cornerback Johnathan Joseph & local children celebrate the launch of the Field of Opportunity Program
The Two-Day Hangover returns for the 2012 season. It's BBQ, pop culture, football, and rampant insanity.
Practice Alarm: Johnathan Joseph (CB - Hou) Limited Participation in Practice (illness) for game on 09-16-2012
Says CB Johnathan Joseph of how he plans to play WR Justin “Just try to make it as tough as possible.
veteran Johnathan Joseph and his teammate have their hands full with Jags rookie, writes --
Johnathan Joseph left Cincinnati to sign a five-year, $48.75 million contract in Houston last year, so it’s not surprising that Joseph views the Texans as a more generous team than the Bengals. But Joseph says that goes beyond players’ salaries. According to Joseph, Texans owner Bob McNair cares abo...
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I'd say Johnathan Joseph is one of the main reasons I'm happy to be in the studio and not on the field in pads.
Look what I found on 2012 Topps Football Johnathan Joseph Gold Parallel FANS SEE>GOLD-SERIAL
Clay Matthews and shield for johnathan Joseph and reed. Would yall take that?
more stats from my 2DH: Johnathan Joseph Is A Crab via .. enjoy texans fans .. and others!!
"Deeply indebted to Johnathan Joseph and for HCC Field of Opportunity Scholarship" -Bob Bellomy, HCC Foundation Pres
Johnathan Joseph is the official spokesman of the HCC Field of Opportunity Scholarship
Not surprised Johnathan Joseph was released. Surprised it took the Texans this long!
player show starts NOW with Johnathan Joseph & on
Verizon Player Show starts in 1 hr. Johnathan Joseph & at Verizon (59+Wesleyan) this morning at 8.
Easy to see that Johnathan Joseph is always one of the top three players out on the football field.
How much do the Bengals miss Johnathan Joseph?
People forget when the Bengals had Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph. They had arguably the best CB tandem in the league.
Once Johnathan Joseph went to Houston, Flacco didn't struggle as much with Cincinnati's cover-2.
and Johnathan Joseph have their Jerseys in Wing King, but doesn't..
Texans game changer Johnathan Joseph on w & right now
of course Johnathan Joseph broke on the ball better than Naanee ran his route, which didn't help.
Johnathan Joseph really played like a mad man this week.
Tim Dobbins has a neck issue, sent to hospital for further checkup. Johnathan Joseph got sick in 2nd half but will be ...
To free up $4 mil in cap money, texans redid Johnathan Joseph and gave him money he owed now.
champ, Revis, woodson( cuz he do it all) ,Johnathan Joseph , and either N flowers or Namdi
didn't Andre and Schaub take less money to sign Johnathan Joseph and Daniel?
not that cosell is the only voice in the forest. His comments on Benson
Pro Bowl CB Johnathan Joseph said he has seen "tremendous strides" from in 2012. "Maturing on and off the field."
Johnathan joseph looi like aaliyahs brother on romeo must die lmfao
I've emailed the wrong paul joseph thompson and johnathan robert hines more than I care to admit. PJ the Aussie actually added me to FB.
News Alarm: Johnathan Joseph (CB - Hou) Johnathan Joseph was pulled from Wednesday's practice because of a tight...
: Johnathan Joseph-CB : Joseph pulled from Wednesday's practice due to a tight groin
Texans CB Johnathan Joseph & the are ready for the preseason opener at Carolina
Johnathan Joseph's groin tightened up on him and Gary Kubiak held him out of practice. Just taking precautions.
Hard to believe, but we're less than a week away from the preseason opener for the Houston Texans! They take on Carolina on ABC13 Saturday at 6pm. Check out this quote from Cornerback Johnathan Joseph...
Does it seem weird that the Cincinnati Bengals, who will spend about $100,000,000 on salaries this year, are worried about how much Gatorade Johnathan Joseph takes home? Yes. Does it also seem weird that Johnathan Joseph, who is playing under a contract that guaranteed him $23,500,000, is worried about where his Gatorade is coming from? Also, yes.
Marvin Lewis and the comic book villain named Johnathan Joseph
Bengals coach Marvin Lewis responds to Johnathan Joseph's remarks about team
“Cincy Jungle >> Johnathan Joseph's Bash feel bad when a millionaire has to buy Gatorade! Get over it
Johnathan Joseph says the Bengals limited how much Gatorade players could have - Larry Brown Sports
Rock Hill Q&A w/ Johnathan Joseph is maddening. He trashes Mike Brown and writer's next question is about tough WRs. Argh!
Mike Brown needs to wake up!!! RT“Johnathan Joseph: Bengals are cheap, Texans are not
Johnathan Joseph welcome to H Town. Glad your apart of the Texans
Schaub Aarien Foster Andre Johnson Brian Cushing Johnathan Joseph J.J Watt just to name a few by the way they all made the Pro Bowl
Brad and Stephanie came to visit me with their kids: Peter, Johnathan, Joseph, and Rebecka. Am I missing anyone? One more coming in October, I think
Johnathan Joseph is going to have a little cry tonight. You ***
Johnathan Joseph, Aaron Calixte, Dayshon Smith mix it up at Elite 75
Destination wedding of CB Johnathan Joseph to Delaina Woods by Wedding/Events Planner
Destination wedding of Texans CB Johnathan Joseph to Delaina Woods (now Delaina Joseph)
Tiffany Nieves-Cook a Celebrity Wedding Planner, Designer, and Artist who transforms every day ideas into spectacular multi-dimensional events.
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I want two boys and one girl when I get older. Joseph, Johnathan, and Jenna/Jane/Julia... I can't pick yet. I love 'J' names though.
when I do know, when Joseph told me, johnathan told me, andrea told me, and everyone told me.
stop. Cortland Finnegan is not better. Neither is Joe Haden. Taylor is questionable and johnathan Joseph isint either.
they're texans haters man. Johnathan joseph made like 38?
Claiborne a rook... and Brandon Carr aint tryna see no got *** me uhh Johnathan Joseph
Texans had 4 guys on the NFL Top 100! Johnathan Joseph was 73, Brian Cushing was 54, Arian Foster was 25, and Andre Johnson was 15!
England centres for this weekend look exciting, johnathan joseph will boss.
Had a good day with my frands Mariah, Johnathan, Tommy, Joseph, Melo, Jaren, Emera, Jocelynn, Tynesha, and Jaff:)
Thinking about past relationships...only wanted to marry 1 (Joseph Harris) & only wanted kids with 1 (Johnathan Lacy) but why tho
One of my favorite weddings by NFL Wedding Planner feat Johnathan Joseph
Hangingg with my peeeps, Emera, Josaida, Johnathan, Tommy, Joseph, and Melo!!
I am bursting with pride at all my Grand Kids. Devan Michele made honor roll in the 6th grade all year and received a medal. Danyelle passed her Sols and is rising Freshman, and Justin, Madisyn, Emily and Johnathan Joseph and Christina Marie and Tyler Anthony, all passed on to the next grade with flying colors. So proud of them all. God Blessed me abundantly with beautiful, wonderful and intelligent Grand Children and I love them all to the max.
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