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John Zawahri

On June 7, 2013, a killing spree occurred in Santa Monica, California, starting with an apparent domestic dispute and subsequent fire at a home, followed by a series of shootings near and on the campus of Santa Monica College.

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If it was important that Yara shared a link, then deleted it, and maybe this influenced other things, then maybe John Zawahri wouldn't have…
How many have been killed by their own governments in genocides that the citizens did not own guns this UCC shooter wa…
Colin Ferguson, John Zawahri & Seung-hui cho must've been non white white supremacist Americans as well.
AND YOU DON'T THINK WE NEED TO PRAY ? May 23, 2014 - Six people are killed near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, by student Elliot Rodger. The gunman later dies of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. 2013 September 16, 2013 - Twelve people are killed inside the Navy Yard in Washington, DC. The shooter, identified as Aaron Alexis, 34, is also killed. June 7, 2013 - As many as six people are killed in a random shooting rampage in Santa Monica, California, that ends in the library of Santa Monica College with the gunman dead. John Zawahri, 23, uses a rifle that the police describe as an AR-15 style gun.
We're not ready to add any name to the list yet, but here's the probability. 1. Ft Hood Shooter - Registered Democrat and a Muslim 2. Columbine Shooters - Both families were registered Dem's. and progressive liberals 3. Virginia Tech Shooter- Mentally ill, Registered Dem., wrote hate mail to Pres. Bush and to his staff. 4. Aurora Colo. Cinema Shooter - Mentally ill, Registered Dem., staff worker on the Obama campaign. OWS'er. 5. Connecticut School Shooter- Mentally ill, Registered Dem., hated Christians, 6. Christopher Jordan Dorner - Registered Dem., repeatedly praised Obama, Feinstein 7. John Zawahri - Mentally ill Muslim killed five, Democrat who thanked Obama (instead of the country) for giving him citizenship and the right to vote. 8. Jared Loughner - Registered Dem, voted for the Congresswoman he shot, atheist, hated Christians, hated Bush, loved abortion. Of course, someday it might happen that a mass shooter was an NRA member and a GOP activist, but so far you've got bupkis. Register liberals, not ...
John Zawahri, the latest News and Rumors on I4U News |
By Dana Feldman Santa Monica, Calif., June 8 (Reuters) - The gunman who killed four people in a shooting rampage in Santa Monica before he was slain by police at a community college in the California seaside town was once a student there and had a brush with the law several years ago as a teenager,…
On Friday, June 7, 2013, 23-year-old John Zawahri shot and killed four people in Santa Monica,…
LOS ANGELES — Seven years before he killed his father and brother, set fire to their home, and wen...
I wonder what John Zawahri was doing before he went on a shooting spree? Did he have a job? Did he have any friends who kept contact with him?
Santa Monica shooter was named John Zawahri. He was not a white, Christian, conservative, so there will be no follow up. …
John Zawahri was a game design student at SMC-AET?! — feeling shocked.
The Santa Monica shooter had a history of mental health issues that resulted in a prior hospitalization, according to media reports.
Alleged mass shooters from Aurora, Colo., to Tucson, Ariz., have had brushes with mental-health issues. Early reports suggest that Santa Monica...
Santa Monica shooter John Zawahri was laid to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery Monday alongside his first two victims: his father, Samir Zawahri, and his brother, Christopher Zawahri.
In this day of Internet commerce and fast long distance travel, state by state gun laws make no sense. We need a nation wide, consistent set of laws that deny terrorists, criminals, and the mentally unstable easy access to guns.
A eulogy for my friend, John Zawahri: You were a good man John, you always helped me out, I wish I would have been a better friend in the end. I don't know why you killed those people in Santa Monica and I'll always be mad at you for it. I actually refused to believe you were the murderer for the longest time even though the proof was right in front of my eyes. I've known you for a few years now you should've told me what was going on. Maybe I could have stopped you. I know you won't be able to read this but hopefully a few other people can see that you weren't just a killer, you had so many other great qualities about you. I'll miss you brother
Friends & Family help me share this site Thursday is just around the corner Gomez was the 5th victim of the Santa Monica College Shooter, John Zawahri. Zawahri took Margarita's life during his killing spree on June 7th. Margarita Gomez was a warm and friendly woman with a smile that was known to the Santa Monica College students, staff, and local communi...
Covered up by the press. A Middle Eastern mental patient does not meet thier criteria for coverage. It does not support the proposed gun control legislation. What other stories are swept under the rug?
Six people are dead and at least four others injured after a shooting rampage that ended on the Santa Monica College campus.
Recently there was a killer in Southern California who used an assault rifle to kill several. This story came and went away in a couple of days. This should be a big story to support gun control. But instead the story is covered up. I suspect a middle east terrorist. Can anyone provide any information?
CBS News: The assault rifle that 23-year-old John Zawahri used in his Santa Monica shooting spree is illegal in California. That means, he could not get one any place in CA. But Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks said Zawahri came up with an enterprising solution. He'd been building "zip" guns since he was 12, so he designed and built his own rifle which he used in this highly publicized case. PS. He acquired the tools to do so at Home Depot. What does this mean? It means that Biden, Bloomberg, Feinstein and Giffords are hard at work writing legislation to ban Zawarhi-style Rifles and Home Depot.
New post (John Zawahri ID&by police as Santa Monica shooter) has been published on click here! Sgt. Richard Lewis confirmed the suspect&identity Sunday as John Zawahri. Meanwhile, investigators trying to determine why he planned the shooting spree focused on a deadly act of domestic violence that touched off the mayhem. The heavily Surveillance video footage released today...
Santa Monica gunman left farewell note apologizing for killing father, brother Slain Santa Monica gunman John Zawahri left a note apologizing for killing his father and his brother and hoping his father's estate would support his mother. ...
Police say John Zawahri, who killed five people in a rampage last week, assembled an assault rifle out of parts he bought from different sources
The shooting in Santa Monica this week goes to show that laws, ultimately have no effect on what people will do if they are not willing to abide by such laws. The shooter had applied to purchase a rifle in 2011, he was denied, for what reasons, at this point it's much speculation but he was denied. Current law allows an individual to fabricate a firearm for their own personal use, provided they are NOT otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm. We know now that John Zawahri WAS prohibited from owning a firearm. So not being one to abide by the law, he decided to build one. Many of the readers here may remember I have mention 80% lowers. When it comes to AR weapons, the ONLY part of the rifle that is controlled is the lower. It is the only serialized part. SO he purchased an 80% lower, at this point, since ATF does not consider an 80% lower to be a firearm, he broke and was in violation of no law. He then proceeded to complete the manufacture of the 80% lower turning it into a rifle. At THIS poi ...
LAW: HAM MURDERED IN CALIFORNIA SHOOTING SPREE A ham has been killed in what authorities are calling a homicide spree by a Los Angeles area resident. The incident began with a report of shots fired at Santa Monica home shortly before noon on June 7th. Officers arrived to find the house on fire and two people later identified as the shooter's father and brother dead of gunshot wounds inside. One of those murdered was Samir Zawahri, N6KXL. The shooter, who police say was wearing what appeared to be a ballistic jacket, then shot a woman passing by in a car and carjacked another woman at gunpoint. He directed her to drive to the college campus, having her stop so he could shoot along the way. He fired on a city bus where three women were left with minor injuries. Authorities say that the gunman also fired on police cars, bystanders and pedestrians. From there, he demanded to be taken to Santa Monica College. In a faculty parking lot he fired on two people in a red Ford Explorer that crashed through a block wa ...
He built his own assault weapon after the state denied him from purchasing one.
Obama and Al Qaeda are allies in Syria. Maybe Obama is the secret radical Muslim the right-wing loons have claimed he is... CIA deputy director Michael Morrell resigned from his post just hours before the Obama White House, through deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes, announced that the Obama administration had decided to provide weapons to the Syrian Free Army and its allied groups..., as if they have not been supplying them and training them for years and years... LOL, but the gullible need to be fed a daily diet of utter disinformation by CIA on a regular basis...lest they start thinking for themselves...and question the barbaric 911 inside job par excellence... HK4EVER Obama's pretext for arming the Al Qaeda-linked guerrillas., I.e. the CIA proxy militias of Al-CIAda... is that U.S. intelligence concluded, after months of saying there was insufficient proof, that Syria used chemical weapons to kill Syrian civilians. The Russian government says it doesn't believe Obama's claims, .. ...
The Obama administration reports that the chemical weapons "red line" in Syria has been crossed. Christiane Amanpour discusses what comes next.
The United States. Once again reinforcing the view that there are only two possible foreign policy maneuvers in a time of crisis: using force or equipping others to use force.
!LIBERAL MEDIA COVER UP! CALIFORNIA SHOOTER WHO KILLED 6 WAS MUSLIM Posted on June 11, 2013 by creeping The death toll of the shooting rampage in Santa Monica rose to six Sunday after one of the victims was taken off of life support. And more via John Zawahri’s Father Was Abusive, Santa Monica College Shooter’s Mom Charged. (Tami Abdollah misuses “charged” here – it doesn’t appear the mother has been charged with a crime) LOS ANGELES — Police found bomb-making materials seven years ago in the home of the gunman who killed five people last week in Santa Monica, a school board official said on Tuesday. Police discovered the materials after John Zawahri threatened fellow high school students in 2006, Oscar de la Torre, a member of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified school board, told The Associated Press. Did school and law enforcement officials treat Zawahri with kid gloves then because he was Muslim? Did that lead to ignoring potential issues, be it family violence or mental health, that may hav ...
Freedom and Liberty... and no responsibility The Santa Monica College shooter, John Zawahri was described by his neighbors as strange and a loner. People just knew he wasn't right in the head. It all had tones similar to Aurora, Tucson and Sandy Hook. John collected a military style assault weapon, assorted other guns and 1,300 rounds of ammunition and went hunting for innocent victims in Santa Monica. The NRA and it's fine patriotic and Second Amendment loving supporters have made certain that John could freely get the most sophisticated arms and huge quantities of ammunition to kill people.
Today's News: Police say mental illness was the reason for John Zawahri's shooting rampage in Santa Monica last...
Watch: Calif. Gunman Left Apology Note, Police Say: John Zawahri, 23, expressed remorse for the killing of fiv...
Why hasn’t the left tried to exploit the Santa Monica shootings? We see it time and time again: Every time some madman opens fire on innocent people the Democrats almost immediately use the tragedy to push for gun control laws and the all too willing media quickly jump on board to begin pushing the government’s propaganda. Where most of us see tragedy the left sees opportunity. We saw it with the Virginia Tech shooting, and we saw it when Gabby Giffords was shot, and we saw it when a madman opened fire in a Colorado movie theater. Most recently we saw it in the Newtown school shooting so I fully expected we would once again see it when a man opened fire in Santa Monica the other day and killed five people. In fact I thought they would go even further than that because I expected to hear the left blame the Republicans and the conservatives in the Congress for the shooting because they failed to pass gun control legislation in the wake of the Newtown shooting, but to this point–with the exception of H ...
Not sure how I feel about this whole Syria mess. On one side you have Assad the Butcher. On the other you have the rebels who are being financed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queda. Now I understand we are going to supply the rebels with weapons. That seems pretty stupid. I feel bad for the people caught on the middle.
BERLIN — AP Investigation: Commander of Nazi SS-led unit accused of massacres living in US for decades.
Franchise Biz News- Note found on body of Calif. gunman
UPDATE: John Zawahri had left 3-4 page "farewell" note addressed to several friends as per Chief Seabrooks at Thursday press conference.
Santa Monica Police: New revelations into John Zawahri, his weapons, and last Friday's shooting rampage. delivers breaking news and information on the latest top stories, weather, business, entertainment, politics, video, photo galleries and more.
The three- to four-page handwritten note was discovered on Zawahri’s body via
by Patrick H. Moore Caught in the cross-fire of psychotic mass murderer John Zawahri’s rage, former Disney executive Debra Fine displayed courage and conviction that would put most of us to shame. Joseph Serna of the LA Times tells the … Continue reading →
Well, isn't that convenient? At the moment when the Obama administration is feeling more heat then ever before, it starts another war. Suddenly everyone in
Police: Gunman left farewell note: A farewell note left behind by the Santa Monica gunman expressed remorse fo...
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
A history of mental health issues. Monica shooter John Zawahri left a note
Santa Monica shooter John Zawahri left a remorseful farewell note to friends, mother via
Just months after it was defeated in the Senate, delicate talks have begun on a new background-check measure that advocates hope could change enough votes from no to yes.
Santa Monica killer had an assault rifle, dozens of 30-round magazines, and fired about 1,000 shots:
Remorse, but not hate, in note left by Santa Monica gunman: John Zawahri gave no clue ab...
Santa Monica shooter John Zawahri left a note
A troubled 23-year-old with an assault rifle and tons of ammo, a bunch of people wounded and killed. Sound familiar? http:…
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A three-page farewell note apologizing for slaying his father and brother was found on the body of a California gunman who killed the two family members and three other people in a shooting spree last week in Santa Monica, police said on Thursday.
Santa Monica College shooter, John Zawahri, left goodbye note: On June 13, 2013, authorities revealed that the...
Santa Monica Killer John Zawahri: A Familiar Profile via but what about prozac?
Santa Monica gunman left apology note for killing father, brother, police say: John Zawahri left...
Investigators believe John Zawahri, who suffered from mental illness, built an assault rifle capable of firing...
The gunman in a fatal shooting spree in Santa Monica, Calif., tried to buy a firearm in 2011 but was denied by the Justice Department, the city’s police chief announced Thursday
Note found on body of Calif. gunman
What is the background on Santa Monica shooter John Zawahri?Was he born here?& his family?I can't seem to find anything other than mental
Police: Santa Monica gunman left note: John Zawahri expressed remorse for killing his father and brother but l...
The semiautomatic weapon used in the Santa Monica shooting rampage appears to have been put together from various parts, possibly in an attempt to circumvent the state's restrictions on such guns, law enforcement sources said Wednesday.
On Thursday, Chris Matthews wondered aloud how proponents of new gun laws can break through the “obsession” Second Amendment rights advocates have with their firearms. He said that gun rights advocates “think about nothing else” and “never change the freaking subject.” Matthews asked how to penetrat...
Go figure... Zawahiri the Santa Monica shooter had been involuntarily committed to the UCLA psychiatric ward by law enforcement prior to him snapping... and was of course let out. Perhaps keeping dangerous nutters in secure inpatient treatment might be a better idea than to let them out (so we don't violate the nutters' rights to wreak havoc amongst us). Just a thought to ponder.
Terry Cook Am I the only one who has noticed the dearth of information on John Zawahri the California murderer? Zawahri is an Arab name isn't it? And the killers daddy's name is Samir. Sound Arab to you? Is this another mooslim killing infidels and the press tries to keep us in the dark?
New details have emerged about the mental health record of John Zawahri, the gunman who
Vigil Set For Sunday To Bring Pico Neighborhood Together POSTED JUN. 13, 2013, 7:40 AM BRENTON GAREN / EDITOR-IN-CHIEF The Pico Youth & Family Center will host a rally called the Santa Monica Vigil for Peace and Healing this Sunday at 6 pm. PYFC founder Oscar de la Torre said it is in response to gun violence in the Pico neighborhood during the past week. “It’s going to be a big procession that’s going to start at the corner of Kansas and Yorkshire in front of the house where all this started and we are going to walk to the site where the last man was killed on Tuesday near 16th and Delaware,” de la Torre said. He said the procession will head westbound on Pico, turning north on 17th Street. “We hope it erases the negative imagery of last week and replaces it with positivity, love, and peace,” he said. He said the event is being co-sponsored by the Pico Youth & Family Center, the Santa Monica Youth Alliance, and St. Anne’s Catholic Church, adding more organizations may sign on to participate ...
Santa Monica shooter's rifle appears to have been pieced together Authorities said the semiautomatic weapon that John Zawahri used in last week's fatal attacks was assembled from various parts, pos...
John Zawahri went to Santa Monica College in California shot and killed 3 people and had a shoot out with the police. I guess he didn't see the signs at the college that said guns are not allowed under penalty of law. I bet they will make the signs bigger and put up a few more now.
Is America Becoming Immune to Tragedy? - Last week, we very well could have seen the outcome of tragedy fatigue set in. In Philadelphia, last Wednesday, a building being manually demolished and which reports say was very unstable, collapsed killing 6 and injuring 13. Across the way on the left coast, a 23-year old man, identified as John Zawahri, with a history [...]
Santa Monica, Calif. -- The mother of a gunman who fatally shot five people during a rampage on a Southern California college campus said her husband became abusive five years into their marriage when she moved from Lebanon to join him in the U.S., according to court records obtained by The Associat...
It turns out the shooter’s name was John Zawahri, he is of Middle Eastern descent (reportedly Lebanese) and his next of kin all happen to be out of the country at this time. That is all we know about Zawahri at this point, we do not know if he was a Muslim and we do not know the motive although it is being reported it was possibly over the divorce of his parents.
From his weapons to his mental health history, he's the kind of mass shooter we've come to know.
Yea, Kalifornia... another gun-free paradise where the wackos don't care what the law forbids, so the law abiding pay the price!
by Patrick H. Moore The Los Angeles Times Staff reports that Santa Monica shooter John Zawahri had a longstanding interest in assault weapons and had at least some documented history of mental illness. The man who killed five people in … Continue reading →
Randa Abdou, the mother of Santa Monica College shooter John Zawahri, released a statement expressing "great sadness" at the shooting. Other sources say that Abdou and her sons were routinely abused by John's father, Samir Zawahri.
Can one phone call save a life ? Most definitely. Could a phone call or an email or a text for that matter have helped John Zawahri, the Santa Monica shooter who snapped, killed his father , brother, three other innocents.. and then died himself in a gun battle with police ? The answer is most likely a resounding yes. There are national , local, private, all kinds of crisis hotlines. If you reach out for help, you’ll get it, without being judged, without ( most of the time) being turned over to police. The facility I visited today , run by the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services, gets more than 50,000 calls a year ! And that’s just one organization. The most common calls have to do with suicidal thoughts, then mental illness… even financial stress. They ‘’de escalate’’ the caller’s crisis…provide what they say is a warm, safe, non -judgmental environment, to get the person calmed down, so they can make a plan and can be referred to the appropriate place or person or resource to ...
Santa Monica Killer John Zawahri: Is he from the religion of peace? American-born son of Lebanese immigrants, sounds like it huh! I am not racist but I firmly believe in is-slum free America if not the world. We should start in DC before Barry opens our boarders to his, syrian religion of peace, brothers.
The police are investigating details concerning the Santa Monica shootings that left five people dead. They found a AR-15 type rifle on gunman John Zawahri when he was shot. In his duffel bag, they found an upper receiver, a handgun, and firepower for the rifle and handgun. How will this incident af...
The man suspected of a shooting rampage that left six people dead and shattered the calm of Santa Monica, Calif., allegedly began his spree of violence by killing his father and brother, and then setting their home on fire, a law enforcement source told ABC News.
The Madison, Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation has sent a two-page letter to a school district in southeast Texas complaining about a preschool graduation ceremony begun with an unconstitutional prayer.
During this trying time for the victims of the Santa Monica shooting, please don't forget to direct your thoughts and prayers towards the perpetrator’s mother. It is easy to support the victims and their loved ones but we often forget to comfort the family of the perpetrator as well. They are rarely if ever involved and commonly are met with suspicion and sometimes retaliation. The media drags them to the lynch mob of public opinion trying to form theories to ensnare the surviving family member with some sort of blame. Randa Abdou, the mother of John Zawahri, endured severe domestic violence at the hands of her husband and perhaps her son. Now, whatever their crimes, she has lost two sons and her husband. Please keep that in mind when sending your thoughts and prayers to the victims of this horrible crime. You don't have to be present at the scene of the crime to be a victim.
just saying: MEDIA SILENCE: Santa Monica Shooter Used Guns ALREADY Banned Posted on June 10, 2013 SMshooter1 there is one thing i realize about the gun debate – BANS DON’T WORK. This past week, for the first time that i can recall, gun ban advocates such as New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg have been completely silent in the aftermath of Friday’s Santa Monica College shooting. Santa Monica police chief Jacqueline Seabrooks said in a weekend press conference that the gunman, 23-year old John Zawahri, was carrying a weapon “similar to an AR-15“ when he opened fire at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California, leaving five people dead. You might also know it from the Newtown shooting, even though the media ran with the story before discovering that the AR-15 was already illegal in Connecticut and Adam Lanza’s mother illegally owned and purchased her weapon from a black market sale. The seller was later raided as a result of this, but the media barely discussed the reason why. But few . ...
NOT ONE WORD that the Santa Monica SHOOTER was a MUSLIM ATTACK on AMERICANS - Wake up people Obama's media is protecting MUSLIMS. -- David M Batten™
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More than a million displaced people.
In the wake of the mass shooting that culminated at Santa Monica College in California, administrators defended the college’s strict no guns policy, despite criticism from those who say that so-call
The ACLU claims the government's surveillance violates the Constitution's guarantee of free speech, association and privacy.
At Olympic High, Santa Monica's alternative school for students who have struggled in traditional programs, inappropriate behavior is not uncommon. But what a veteran English teacher saw on the computer screen of a student named John Zawahri stopped him cold.
Because apparently this tragic shooting did not involve enough victims, the news media gave it *** hum coverage, I guess because this kind of mass murder is just so everyday, these days.
Do you think phone tracking by the NSA is an acceptable practice for preventing terrorism?
Question of the day: Is it possible or helpful to pinpoint a motive for alleged shooter John Zawahri to have turned violent on Friday? I'm thinking of Brenda, the teen who shot up an elementary school and told police, "I don't like Mondays." Are these mass murders really triggered by a real-world motivation?
Are you wondering why the shooting in Cali. have been so quiet in the news..yea we heard a little but not much, two reasons first they dont want everyone to know that Cali. gun control didnt work!!! Second and just as important this is his name, John Zawahri, looking at the last name I would have to guess he is Muslim!
Friday's mass shooting at Santa Monica College was another success story for the NRA, said MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell. The shooter had 1,300 rounds of ammunition.
Hat tip to my former doctoral student, Dr. David Van *** who sent me the name of the Santa.
Not one mention about the nationality of Santa Monica shooter John Zawahri or his slain father, Samir Zawahri. They tell us it was pre-meditated and that he had 1300 rounds of ammunition but leave out what everyone wants to know. Is he a Muslim?
Suspected shooter John Zawahri turned the beachfront Southern California community of Santa Monica into a battle zone for 15 minutes Friday afternoon, cutting a bloody swath through a mile of the city as he shoot at cars and passersby with abandon after killing two family members and burning down th...
Is it true that John Zawahri, the Santa Monica shooter, is muslim?
" You don't want all phones and emails tapped or drones dropping bombs.just wait until the next terrorist attack"
I wonder why no one is shouting out the religion of John Zawahri the Santa Monica shooter.If he is not "Muslim" well as we all know he must be mentally ill, Challenged or under stress etc. Double standards are eating the fundamentals of equality and human rights in your dollar thirsty Streets.
How California rampage unfolded - Gary Tuchman reports on the deadly shootings in Santa Monica that began with suspect John Zawahri killing his family.
Mental problems are affecting so many in the world today. The Lord shows it to me again. The devil is making many mad. Be very careful whom you argues with. In fact don't argues or have any problem with anybody. If people look for your troubles the bibles says ".follow peace with all men, without which no man can see The Lord" We are living in the time and days that many does not live gain and human life is not valuable any more. Hebrews 12:14 (KJV) "Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord: Sometimes you have to play the fool and save your life. 1 Cor.4:10 KJV "We are fools for Christ's sake, but you are wise in Christ; we are weak, but you are strong; you are honorable, but we are despised.
John Zawahri's shooting spree left six people dead at and around Santa Monica College. Who is he and what set him off?
Another shooting rampage in Santa Monica CA leaves five dead after a gunman heads to a college campus library firing rounds at random,cars, buses and killing random pedestrians. After taking a civilian hostage Santa Monica police officers killed gunman John Zawahri on sight. As a gun owner . A political science major . A Republican and a registered voter I find it incredible to purchase and own a firearm with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds . And frankly I don't see the need for more than six if u are an average hunter or in search of personal protection . It's hard to be that incredibly right sided ... I know people can get a little butt hurt over this topic .for all you moderate educated thinkers ,and non-polarized partisans out there I think its time we start worrying about the formation of a confederate militia. or
Unless you're a Muslim. John Zawahri, more then likely didn't have to do any of those things all ready in the books.
“Did anyone go shooting this weekend? What gun did you shoot?” Yeah, John Zawahri did! I think he shot humans mostly
Wow!!! 1300 bullets? And you shoot folk? No words to describe this one, but I ask that we really consider our views on gun control when we have a society of kids that are inherently unstable and cannot handle any type of stress without acting out in a violent fashion.
See on – News You Can Use – NO PINKSLIME Santa Monica Shooter Identified – John Zawahri John Zawahri lays dead on the sidewalk after shooting people and killing his own father and brother on Friday. (RYOT) Zawahri had mental issues as a juvenile.…
"The suspect, 23-year-old John Zawahri, was known as an angry young man with a “fascination with guns” that...
Woman shot in Santa Monica: "I've always been right in the middle on the gun control issue, and I'm not anymore."
sh! don't tell anyone this happened . . . GOOD GRIEF! Why is this being kept under wraps? (BV) Could it...
Looky here! Santa Monica shooter had hi-cap mags. How can this be when it's against the law in CA?
A look at those killed, wounded in Santa Monica: Five people died and others were wounded when John Zawahri a...
Weekend Mayhem: Nutcase With Gun Kills 5 At Santa Monica College I dunno ... Sudden Jihad Syndrome again? And/Or a mental patient with illegal access to firearms? A fifth victim in the Santa Monica shooting rampage has died, the family confirmed on Sunday. Marcela Franco, 26, was taken off life support at a hospital on Saturday night, said her cousin between sobs. She was shot along with her father, Carlos Navarro Franco, who also died on Friday, when a gunman shot at the SUV they were riding in near Santa Monica College. They were picking up books for summer classes at the college when they were shot, the college’s president said. Marcela Franco was a student at Cal State Dominguez Hills and had registered to attend Santa Monica College this summer. They were among six fatalities, including the gunman, in Friday’s shooting rampage. The suspected gunman has been identified as John Samir Zawahri, according to Santa Monica police. The suspect’s father, Samir Zawahri, 55, and brother Christopher Zawahr ...
The fault and guilt for the Santa Monica shooting lies solely with Nidal Hassan, I mean John Zawahri, not the firearms he illegally used.
Police say Zawahri fatally shot his father and brother at a home that went up in flames before taking the violence to the streets
Details on the gunman and victims involved in Friday's tragic shooting rampage at Santa Monica College continue to emerge, and the story of one of the victims is one of incredible courage and bravery.
John Samir Zawahri the *** whole who killed 5 innocent people just few blocks from my home.. too bad he died... but I believe that Karma will catch him where ever he is now..!!! f..piece of Sh.!!
Details on Killer John Zawahri + The shooting rampage in Santa Monica California!
Santa Monica College, in beautiful Southern California, gave me my first taste of the, ahem! intellectual life. Russian history, creative writing, economic geography . . . Kids talking about Nietzsche. The universe expanded around me (single mother of two), eventually leading to university, and a career. Today's news (not so shocking anymore): "Here we go again. This time it’s tranquil Santa Monica, Calif., which sees a handful of firearm deaths each year, that suffered a mass shooting—just three miles from where President Obama was attending a fundraiser. In a premeditated rampage on Friday afternoon, John Zawahri, 23, who had reportedly been hospitalized for mental health issues in the past and was apparently angry over his parents’ divorce, killed his father, Samir “Sam” Zawahri, 55, and brother, Chris Zawahri, 24, in a Santa Monica home before carjacking a woman and firing at a public bus. Zawahri then began shooting indiscriminately on the streets of Santa Monica before firing at least 70 r ...
Does it surprise anyone that the media is covering up the fact that Ali Syed "John" Zawahri was a muslim? Nope, not a surprise to this guy! Read what this muslim did to his victims. Then remember, he did not follow the laws that are in place to prevent gun violence. He violated the laws, and massacred innocent people. His victims, being law abiding citizens, were not allowed to legally carry firearms to defend themselves, so they didn't, because they weren't law violators. The laws in place to "keep them safe", are now the laws that place blood on the authors hands. Complacency is no defense to evil.
Court records allege years of turmoil between parents of John Zawahri, who is accused of fatally shooting 5 people
The shooting last week in Santa Monica is all too familiar, and yet Washington has given up on gun control
Santa Monica, California (CNN) -- What would compel a man to take his father's and his brother's lives and then spray bullets at his former college, killing three other people in the next 13 minutes? The Friday afternoon rampage in Santa Monica, California, ended only when police shot dead the suspect, John Zawahri. Over the weekend, bits and pieces emerged about 23-year-old. But with his death -- a day shy of his 24th birthday -- the central question may remain unanswered. He had suffered mental health issues and was hospitalized a few years ago after allegedly talking about harming someone, a law enforcement source said. Family emotional over tragic loss Santa Monica hero used car as blockade 5th victim dead in Santa Monica shooting Police had contact with him in 2006 -- but because he was in high school, and therefore a juvenile at the time, police couldn't disclose more. And as recently as 2010, he attended Santa Monica College -- where he met his chaotic end in the school library. How to help the fam ...
Santa Monica, Calif. — Santa Monica College has reopened under extra security in the wake of a gunman's deadly rampage. Students returning Monday to the Southern California campus will be able to retrieve backpacks, cars and other property they left behind when they fled on Friday.
Are we to expect more of this random violence from people with Muslim-sounding names? Is this all just coincidence?
Now, a gunman attempts to shoot up yet another gun-free college campus in California, the home state of Dianne Feinstein, arguably the most extreme anti-Second Amendment zealot in American politics. The second inconvenient truth revealed by the this college shooting is that both the authorities and the Liberal media have have attempted to conceal, up until now, is the fact that the shooter, now finally identified as John Zawahri, is of Middle Eastern birth or origin – possibly Lebanese – as reported by certain right-wing blogs that, strangely enough, managed to obtain the name of the shooter well in advance of the mainstream Liberal media. So, why did neither the mainstream news outlets, nor the authorities, release the gunman’s identity sooner? Political correctness is the answer: Liberals and Democrats like their deranged gunmen to be angry, white TEA Party members – even though it is a fact that almost all recent mass shootings have been carried out by registered Democrats. As if it wasn’t mo ...
Dear friends and family, Thank you all for your expressions of concern for my safety on Friday. When former student John Zawahri shot several strangers and killed two, I was 15 miles away. At this time when our hearts and prayers go out to those killed and injured, I am especially thankful for the hundreds who were saved when Zawahri was stopped by police after he entered our main library with an assault rifle and 1,300 rounds of ammunition. I pray for the grieving families and thank God for my own family as well as Santa Monica College which has felt like a second home to me in recent years. tim
A man was killed when his 4-year-old son fired a gun he found while they were visiting an Arizona residence, officials say.
The parallels between SMC shooter John Zawahri and Adam Lanza are striking.
Our hearts and sympathies go out to the family and friends of the victims from the Santa Monica Shooting last Friday. A terrible, senseless tragedy that has left many wounded, traumatized, and broken-hearted. We will be lighting a candle for each of the victims.
A victim in the Santa Monica shooting spree said when she first spotted the suspected gunman on the street, she thought he was part of President Obama’s security detail, before the situation escalated into a struggle for her life.
Score another victory for Second Amendment advocates. John Zawahri had 1,300 rounds of ammo and multiple weapons when he invaded a Santa Monica library on Friday and started shooting. Yes sir...having all that firepower was perfectly legal. I'm sure relatives of the victims will take great comfort in that.
Sunday's Washington Post seemed to arrive about two months late with a dominating front-page story on mourning Newtown parents Mark and Jackie Barden. Much of the Eli Saslow story was a heart-breaking account about the aftermath of their son Daniel's death in the grade-school rampage.
The reasons why a gunman went on a shooting rampage in Santa Monica may never be known featured in NBC s Science of Love
Beri Bouwman Bek's photo: Santa Monica terrorist Yuhanna "John" Zawahri. This is what the media calls a "white male". From Lebanon.
Last Friday John Zawahri, a man with previous mental problems, shot five people to death at and near Santa Monica College, where I played a lot of tennis years ago. I still have occasion to drive past that location, two miles from my home. I wish to thank the NRA for its tireless efforts to ensure that people like Zawahri have easy access to assault weapons, handguns and 1,300 rounds of ammunition.
Is confused why we are still calling John Zawahri a ‘white male’.
Santa Monica Ca rampage shooter John Zawahri... I know I am not a smart man but, It appears DOJ, IRS and (insert agency or admin name here) have a problem identifying bad guys...
Santa Monica — The gunman who launched a shooting spree that left four people dead and injured five others had planned his attack, toting enough ammunition to possibly kill hundreds of
My boy is an angel. Not likely to be put into words, but certainly thought of by many parents when confronted with bad news about their sons. I know I have done that myself. However some parents having sonxs that are involved with more severe actions like the shooter in Santa Monica need a dose of reality to prevent the future deadly actions of their boys. John Zawahri was only 23 when he killed five people near a college in Santa Monica. If you review the other shootings that have taken place, it seems the male gender of the human species has a predilection for multiple deaths by gunfire. John even killed his father and brother, who I am sure were trying to discipline him for something. The new generation of kids are a spoiled bunch and are given almost everything they want. It is when they are finally stopped in their tracks, on route towards collecting everything they want, that things go bad. It is often diagnosed as emotional or psychological problems, but in reality is just plain old anger, ...
Ah yes here comes the reports of John Zawahri and mental health in the same story, but lets blame the guns again.
Santa Monica College Shooting Update: Police ID suspect in deadly shooting as ... - CBS News
I got in California gunman's way, 'and he needed to kill me'
Santa Monica, Calif. -- Debra Fine lived to tell of her encounter with a heavily armed gunman who killed five people and wounded her and others in a Santa Monica rampage. Though the attacker had spiky hair, black clothing and a ballistics vest, what she remembers most were the eyes – cold, har...
.Based on names John & Chris, I think Zawahri was Christian. Now- here is a killer in SoCal.
One thing pissing me off this morning. The dude that shot all those people in Santa Monica, John Zawahri, is from , where do you think? Now, these people are running around free as *** in our Country and if you all remember right, back in WW2, right after Pearl Harbor if you were of Japanese descent you were put in an internment camp. Why don't we put these people in there until we are sure they aren't terrorist, then maybe some of our problems will cure themselves. We are getting too soft and this government in place now is like a "sleep number" bed set at "super soft". There!!! Now I've said what I feel this morning.
Mexican shooter bad Muslim shooter good! George Zimmerman John Zawahri is that message the press is sending! Oh yes George was attacked!
They say George Zimmerman I say I can’t John Zawahri hear you! He shot Five dead with the intent to kill a thousand!
In search profile John the shooter of Santa Monica
While George Zimmerman is getting fried by left wing media; John Zawahri the student terrorist was buying 1,300 rounds to kill everyone
Where is the terrorist John Zawahri originally from. What was his Nationality? Was he a lone wolf terrorist? The media does not want to know or want you to know. The anti gun liberal media wants you to believe that the gun woke up and whispered in his ear and said let's go kill people. Did he have mental issues or did he hate America? Was he a Muslim?
Police ID Santa Monica gunman…finally, and now we can guess why: His name? John Zawahri. And who is Al Qaeda'...
John Zawahri, mass killer at Santa Monica campus? Did anyone alert the media?
Santa Monica gunman previously hospitalized for mental health (Update: John Zawahri) Update 3: 2036 Yorkshire Ave, Santa Monica. Owned by Samir S. Zawahri. Christopher Samir Zawahri born 8/06/1987 and John Samir Zawahri born 06/08/1989. Both sons were born in Los Angeles County. Neighbors said a family of Lebanese descent lived at the address and had recently gone through a bitter divorce. Since then, they said, the mother had moved out and assumed custody of at least one of her two sons. Information I saw also said they were Muslim. The last name is definitely Muslim, and is the same as the current head of al-Qaeda.
More details are emerging about the man suspected of going on a violent spree that began at his father's home and ended a mile away in the library of Santa Monica College where students were studying for finals.
SANT MONICA NEWS REPORT " They added, however, that there “was nothing found that would indicate that . Zawahri . had subscribed to any extremist ideologies.” CBS NBC ABC WOW, THEY FEEL THAT THE FACT ALL THESE CRIMINALS ARE MUSLIM ATTACKERS MUST BE A COINCIDENCE. AND NOT RELATED.
An encounter between his high school teachers and John Zawahiri raised concerns seven years ago that he was potentially dangerous.
Santa Monica gunman ID'd by police as John Zawahri, 23. Four of his 5 victims were also ID'd.
John Zawahri's killing spree in Santa Monica, California, sounds like another muslim rampage trying to impose their will upon the american..
John Zawahri. "The newspaper cited other anonymous law enforcement sources as saying the suspect had suffered from mental-health problems (MHP) in the past and was angry over his parents' divorce." With "MHP" comes 'treatment with 'head drugs'. Whoeve took my bet owes me a $2.25 cup of coffee. And there's many more of 'these' folks out there.
What more can college campuses do to avoid attacks like John Zawahri's (Santa Monica College attack) and too many others? According to the authorities, he was placed on a hospital hold and remained in the mental hospital for a month.
anyone know why John Zawahri went on that Santa Monica laser tagging? like the motive? like in kill bill she had a motive?
Authorities announced Sunday that the suspect, John Zawahri, and his brother were enrolled at Santa Monica College as early as 2010. Zawahri, who was first identified late Saturday, was killed by police during the gunfight. The elder Zawahri, 55 and of Lebanese descent...
I have seen nothing identifying John Zawahri as Muslim. Do you have a link that provides evidence one way or another?
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Police ID gunman in deadly Santa Monica rampage... His name is John Zawahri's & he's 23y/o
The alleged gunman, identified by police sources as John Samir Zawahri, was wearing all black clothing, a load-bearing vest, and was armed with an AR-15 assault rifle during his rampage Friday, the source said.
In its desperate attempt at a cover-up for its failed hoaxes in Sandy Hook, Boston, and now Santa Monica the Zionist-controlled media--and that media alone--has already released a name and a photo for a supposed shooter for a shooting that didn't happen, naming the supposed person, incredibly, with…
In search profile John Zawahri, the shooter of Santa Monica
Praying for the victims, their families and friends. Too many shootings, too many people taking their anguish out...
I love Newsy and how they use multimedia really well to tell stories.
The California shooters name is John Zawahri. But it has nothing to do with him being Muslim, he's angry over his parents divorce. He's 24!
"A big piece of the puzzle just came home"; investigators interview mother of shooter, John Zawahri
Brother, father first of five victims of Santa Monica gunman John Zawahri, 23, authorities say.
Who is John Zawahri and why did he go on a shooting spree in Santa Monica?
SecState Kerry wants 2 arm Syrian rebels when ALQaeda is joining rebel forces! &
shooter John Zawahri looks like Bob Geldof. Is mass-murdering millennials who resemble '80s pop stars a thing now?
A woman who was critically wounded in the Santa Monica shooting spree died Sunday, bringing the total number of victims killed by the gunman to five. Marcela Franco, 26, died of her injuries at
Suspect in Santa Monica shooting rampage identified as John Zawahri.
John Zawahri is Trending Now. Get the latest News on I4U News
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Santa Monica shootings suspect named as John Zawahri
John Zawahri is not an Hispanic American as has been reported in the Media. They should be ashamed to equate Hispanic Americans with sort of Evil.
John ZAWAHRI!!!really,is this another case of jihad against America with no news coverage.hey NSA, you missed one
For those defending the NSA on being used to stop terrorism... So Boston Bombers? How were they not stopped then? EVEN WHEN RUSSIA HAD WARNED US OF THEM! If it doesn't work SHUT IT DOWN! It's not for terrorism if it couldn't stop an attack such as that, it's obviously for other intentions משה
Santa Monica shooting: Debra Fine tells her story of surviving being shot by John Zawahri
John Zawahri: The latest "Muslim sounding name":..Lanza was NOT motivated by religion...cultists (muslims) are..let us see in this case
shooting victim Marcela Franco just died at the hospital. Her father died at Friday's rampage by Arab-American John Zawahri .
7 dead in Santa Monica College shooting, gunman John Zawahri may have had help-details on suspect kept quiet.
Anyone else notice the name of the terrorist shooting up the campus in California is being with held? Notice I use the term terrorist? Why is that?
Santa Monica shooter's muslim sounding name. what, Didn't make your local lib newspaper?
Report: Santa Monica gunman's first victims were family
Shooter in the Cali murders has been ID'd. John Zawahri. Zawahri. Now where have I heard that name before? Oh yeah, I remember, Al Qaeda leader Zawahri! (No relation)? I am sure it is just another bizzare coincidence that possibly a crazy Muslim started killing people in that wonderous land of gun control laws, California. His mommy was out of country at the time. The politicaly Correct Cops in Cali will not say where she was nor will they utter the word "Muslim" but I'd bet my bottom dollar he was just another infidel exterminating good 'ol Muslim boy doing his bit for his demonic Allah.
I have not heard this in the media - surprise surprise, is anyone able to confirm this? - Ben
So, what was that Santa Monica shooter's name and what conservative groups did he belong to? Hello? HT:
Shooter in that Santa Monica rampage was John Zawahri... a "peaceful" Muslim from Lebanon.
MT Suspect in Santa Monica shootings has been ID'd as John Zawahri. -This was all over the 'Net YESTERDAY
John Zawahri ID'd by police as Santa Monica shooter
No doubt, John Zawahri was a loyal Tea Partier.
Seems the CA shooters name was John Zawahri, of Lebanese descent. Many Lebanese are Christian
You don't suppose that black outfitted terrorist, 23 year old John ZAWAHRI who killed 5 people in Santa Monica, CA was influenced by this guy, do you? Ayman Mohammed Rabie al-Zawahiri,[2] (Arabic: أيمن محمد ربيع الظواهري ʾAyman Muḥammad Rabīʿ aẓ-Ẓawāhirī, born 19 June 1951) is an Egyptian physician,[3] Islamic theologian and current leader of the militant Islamist organization al-Qaeda.[4] Ayman al-Zawahiri is a former member of Islamist organizations which have both orchestrated and carried out multiple attacks on the continents of North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The U.S. State Department has offered a US$25 million dollar reward for information leading to al-Zawahiri's apprehension since the 9/11 attacks and remains in effect.[5] He is under worldwide sanctions by the United Nations Security Council 1267 Committee as a member or affiliate of al-Qaeda
A murderous rampage in Kalifornia! John Zawahri fired shots at cars and a bus, killing innocent strangers. Then went to a "gun free" campus. Police arrived in time to question witnesses and put up crime scene tape. They eventually killed the assailant when one of their officers was threatened. John Zawahri...damned Irish immigrants. or could he be.part of the Religeon of Peace?
BREAKING: John Zawahri, 23, has been identified as the Santa Monica shooter that killed five people.
Is John Zawahri a mentally ill young man or is he just another Muslim committing random acts of terrorism on US soil?
A little Info on John Zawahri's planned attack in Santa Monica.
UPDATE: Santa Monica PD have released a photo of the suspected gunman, 23-year-old John Zawahri
What's New! Police ID gunman in Calif. rampage - Authorities say John Zawahri planned the shootings that killed f...
A woman who was shot Friday in Santa Monica while riding in an SUV with her father has died. Her father was also killed in the shooting spree.
Way to go NBC 4 and kudos to you SMPD. Thank you for stepping up and taking the lead on the background and history of Santa Monica Community College shooter John Samir Zawahri. It is a grand gesture after 5 people lost their lives. Just imagine how more appreciative the families of the dead would be if someone would had looked into his past before he cracked. Mental health needs to be fixed, not gun laws.
Santa Monica shooting rampage: Suspect identified as John Zawahri
john zawahri- THE SHOOTER IN CALI.- the liberals didn't jump all over the gun issue thing with this... -
AP PHOTO:Police ID the gunman in a Calif. shooting rampage that left five others dead as John Zawahri:
John Zawahri, 23, the Santa Monica shooter/killer has been identified; I have read that he is a Muslim.does anyone have any information on this or know if it is true?
It appears that more Americans need to start carrying weapons to protect them selves and their families due to the fact that more nut jobs such as John Zawahri need to be dealt with before they can carry out their insanity. Sincless loss of innocent lives has got to stop, tooth for a tooth. Just maybe if someone had been carrying a weapon this could have been stopped in my opinion the police do an outstanding job but they can't be every where all the time I hate seeing articles on well where were the cops. They do their job with little thanks and far to little money. Oh and let's not forget the freaks of the Westboro Baptist Church talk about a huge bunch of *** cmon. Next time you run into one of your local police officers how about shaking their hand and tell them thank you. You might ask why I brought up the Westboro Baptist Church because their no better than these people such as John Zawahri.
Santa Monica killer is a muzzie.why didn't OSAMA OBAMA's telephone spies catch this muzzie killer? .
John Zawahri, you need Jesus Christ in your heart. You are still alive so there is still time for you to be saved by Jesus. Accept him today John Zawahri, God loves you therefore He sent His son to saved you from *** May God bless you
Santa Monica A close friend of the family, who asked not to be identified, said that John Zawahri struggled with mental health problems. "John had a fascination with guns. We were all worried about it."
Is wondering if John Zawahri is a democrat. The lack of information makes me think yes. Because if it was a tea party member or a white guy it would be all over the news.
Looks like all the wire-tapping and internet spying that the NSA has done to us ordinary citizens, in the name of our security, didn't work... it did NOTHING to stop to the the Lebanese shooter in California from going out and massacring a bunch of people. Again I say... rather than spying on the ordinary citizens, the government should be tightening our borders, enforcing our immigration laws and keeping tabs on those who come into our country from nations that hate us. I find it rather interesting that on one hand the president says that there is no more terrorism yet spies on the American citizens "in order to prevent terrrorism." And it most certainly will be that this shooter will be a radical Muslim... will the administration admit it?
Rand Paul is trying to organize a class-action lawsuit against the Obama administration and the federal government for treating us like criminals.
Edward Snowden, a 29-year-old former CIA employee and defense contractor said he leaked the NSA information because he was alarmed at how the government was eroding privacy.
John Zawahri would have turned 24 years old on Saturday; he allegedly killed 5 in rampage ending at former college
Once again, a college campus is terrorized by a seemingly unbalanced gunman. In this case, the shooter, it has now been revealed, was apparently shot and killed by police. Two things are worthy of ...
Santa Monica, Calif. (KTLA) The man suspected in Friday's shooting rampage across the city of Santa Monica had a history of mental issues, according to law enforcement sources close to the investigation.
John Samir Zawahri. Can't wait for the spin on this one.
Another radical muslim trys to kill as many people as he can and the media doesnt report it as such. Wake up.your being lead by pupet masters that want to control everything hear.
A high school yearbook photo of Santa Monica gunman, identified by multiple law enforcement sources as 23-year-old John Zawahri, has been revealed after a shootout Friday that spanned city blocks and ended with four dead and Zawahri killed by police.
Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri Excerpted from The Daily Caller: A suspect has been identified in the shooting rampage that left four people dead and one gravely injured Friday in various locations around Santa Monica, California and culminated...
Santa Monica shooter ID'd' as John Zawahri. what ethnicity is that? What country did he immigrate from? So glad he is not Hispanic.
Santa Monica shooter identified as John Samir Zawahri. Are we surprised?
John Zawahri, the creep with "mental issues" (don't they always?), took care and time to buy, or steal, his deadly Santa Monica armory. There are gun shops near where he and his mum lived. If any of them sold the assault rifle and all that ammo - and where by the way did he get that pseudo-SWAT drag clothes? - I'm all for bringing them up on capital murder charges. Fat chance. Except that 10 years ago a paralyzed boy Brandon Maxfield sued into bankruptcy Bryco Arms maker of Saturday Nite Specials. That's always the problem with mass murders. The creep-killer is always more "interesting" than the victims, both the dead and their surviving families.
Its good to see the U.S really has their gun issues under control. People were outraged when 26 people were killed (20 children)in Newtown last year and of course James Holmes decided to kill innocent people in a theater. So I am reading an article today and some *** named John Zawahri decided to kill his dad,brother and two random people he never met. Background checks are still not required...because our rights are more important than innocent lives and there are still a bunch of people out there who think more guns result in more saved lives. And i love the argument that (it's not the gun that kills it's the person).what a brilliant philosophy. A lot of my friends argue this issue with me and they are certainly entitled to their wrong opinion. In 2013 so far there have been 4'867 innocent people in the U.s killed by guns. I'm reading an article in the Toronto star a couple weeks ago and they are showing different NRA members and asking how many guns they own.the one kid was 14 years old and bragged ...
The police tell us that Santa Monica College shooter John Zawahri had over 1,000 rounds of ammunition for his evil "assault" rifle. Someone please explain where it all came from since the DHS buying spree has made it nearly impossible for an honest gun owner to buy ONE 20 round box of ammunition in ANY caliber/gauge.
Muslim activists often complain that murders by Muslims are over reported. In fact they are often under reported.Ali Syed shot six people in Orange County, killing three of them, and yet the story has not gotten the media coverage of other mass shootings. The media has reported it, but has failed to...
News Update: She was daughter of another victim - Marcela Franco, 26, dies from wounds in the shooting The suspected gunman ID'd as John Zawahri Shooting occurred day before his 24th birthday FULL STORY
So John Zawahri had a run-in as a juvenile with the police, plus has threatened harm to others in 2006.who dropped the ball on getting this guy help? Family? Law enforcement? Mental institutions? Us?
The gunman who went on a chaotic rampage killing four people planned the attack, police say.
Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks talks to reporters on June 8, one day after a shooting spree ended with five deaths, including the alleged gunman.
John Zawahri.hmmm wonder where that name comes from?
Community members are coming together to remember the victims of the Santa Monica shooting rampage at a vigil on Sunday.
Santa Monica, CA -- Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks stated authorities couldn't release the identity of the gunman yet as the next of kin is out of the country. However law enforcement sources identified the gunman as John Zawa...
Wondering why there are no details being reported about the Santa Monica shooter from yesterday. Heard his name once - starts with a Z. Could he be another peaceful Mooslem and media don't want to report that? Hmmm...
ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2012..a FULL DAY before Benghazi attacks, the leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman Al Zawahiri called for JIHAD and EMBASSY ATTACKS in retaliation for OBAMA DRONE STRIKE that killed Abu Yahya al-Libi in PAKISTAN.the Benghazi attack happened the NEXT DAY and was not some RANDOM attack nor was it over some nonsense moive.Yesterday the guy that went on a KILLING SPREE in California was named John Zawahri...HOW much you wanna bet he was of Middle Eastern ARAB descent.?
New Delhi, June 16 (ANI): Osama bin Laden's long-time lieutenant Ayman al-Zawahri has taken command of Al-Qaeda after the killing of the group's founder and ...
Somebody posted that the shooting at Santa Monica was done by a towelhead... Any news ?
Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot. Why isn't this story being covered by the media? John Zawahri, allegedly was not a Muslim Jihadist, he had no ties to Islam bu...
Santa Monica Mass Shooter may be related (also same last name) to an Al Qaeda leader. Of course, again the shooter is killed-- so no questions asked/answered. Wouldn't you love to ask this guy what his REAL motive was with an AR-15...? You know, the gun that Obama and his cronies have been trying to ban. Of course, if he was a Muslim, he'd have died an honorable death for this cause, right?
Santa Monica shooter: John Zawahri. Not. John Nguyen, not John McDougall, not John Martinez, not John Pardeux, not John Running Bear, not John Sigurdardottir, or John Kleinenacht. Damned work-place violence.
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