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John Zaffis

John Zaffis (born 1955) is a paranormal researcher born and based in Connecticut, United States. He runs the Paranormal and Demonology Research Society of New England, which he founded in 1998.

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John I will always love you. When I am 30 I will still be thinking of you everyday
I hope CAB brings back John Zaffis again this year. He was fantastic.
TMPRG will be at the Ocean State ParaCon on July 19 and 20th! Meet John Zaffis, Joe Chin, Andrea Perron and more!
She was annoying for sure. I too like GAC and Haunted Collector but John Zaffis' voice should be replaced by a narrator.
Haunted By The Things You Love, a new book with John Zaffis... dark angels... black mirrors and more in my July...
You need to be at this awesome, fun, fantastic event on July 26th! Investigate not one, but two ships in Manistee MI. with John Zaffis, Dustin Pari, Johnathan Hodges, and Benny Reed. Ideal has tickets on special right now buy one get TWO FREE! Get them before they are gone!
Myself and John Zaffis, the godfather of the paranormal.
John Zaffis, current keeper of the infamous Annabel, the possessed doll
Only 20 days left to get a $20.00 discount on the biggest event of the summer. Syfy channels. " Haunted Collector" John Zaffis. Ed and Loraine Warren of the Amityville Horror paranormal investigators nephew who will host the presentation and public ghost hunt. John is the real exorcist that movies like the exorcism of Emily Rose and the Haunting in Connecticut movie which was based on his investigations. Call now before tickets are gone.
Join myself for my last paranormal lecture along with Andrew Lake, Tiffany Rice, Ken DeCosta, Joe Chin, Christopher DiCesare, John Zaffis, Andrea Perron, George R Lopez, KeithnSandra Johnson , Carl L. Johnson and many more at The Ocean State Paracon!!
Just a little FYI from Neosho County Paranormal Investigators. We're sure that a lot of our stories that we post are not true . But everybody loves a good ghost story ! Who hasn't as a child sat around a campfire or at a slumber party, Telling these creepy but fun stories. ? We're here to have fun and keep you engaged. And yes we do actual investigations. In fact planning on getting the team together this Saturday for one , then on July 26 five of our team members are going to investigate the Missouri State penitentiary. With Amy ,Adam, & Steve from Ghosthunters. And August 16 will be at the Pythian castle Springfield Missouri, with Justin Pari from Ghost Hunters, and John Zaffis from Haunted Collector, Stay posted for a summer of fun as we bring you along in our adventures . Thank You
Amy can I send you photos I got from East. State Penn John Zaffis's guy say they're great but I'd love your opinion
tell Larry to get John Zaffis to come get that & keep out in his haunted items museum! Don't take it home!
.is TOMORROW! Come out to hear many great speakers including John Zaffis, Larry Flaxman, and many many more!
An encore of Voices Carry, titled "John Zaffis", is about to start. Join us at and...
GETTYSBURG GHOST GALS - PHENOMACON RECAP JOHN ZAFFIS,... on Gettysburg Ghost ... will air 06/05.
Join Jon and Lisa for a fascinating paranormal conversation with John Zaffis, on a 'Best of' episode of Paranormal Science Lab Live.this is your chance to see what you missed.
Not real good quality but here's John zaffis (Haunted Collector) cutting a rug on the dance floor! He…
Just sat on my first panel with some amazing paranormal peeps, including John Zaffis. Way too much fun and beyond honored.
SYFY..cancel Ghost Hunters and bring back the Haunted Collector. .John Zaffis rocks!
THIS EVENT IS ON SALE! BUY ! TICKET, GET @ TICKETS FREE! Can't wait till July! The weather is going to be so much nicer!! Perfect for Ghost Hunting on TWO different ships with the Deep South Paranormal "Bama Boys" and the SYFY Channel Haunted Collector himself, John Zaffis! Lots of history and reported paranormal activity. Investigate with us and discover it for yourself!! Tickets at
FOR THOSE WHO MISSED MY SHOW TONIGHT YOU MISSED A HUGE SURPRISE! John Zaffis, of Haunted Collector and many more shows, our special guest!
Auction, storage and collectors shows are all the rage right now. You can’t hit channel up or down more than five times without hitting a show like American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Auction Hunters or a hundred different other knockoffs and imitators. Some of them are good, some ridiculous and a few are less reality and more like a cross between Antiques Roadshow and Jersey Shore – and then there’s ‘Haunted Collector’ on Syfy. John Zaffis visits potentially haunted houses, finds the objects that are causing trouble in each house and takes them to his paranormal museum in New England. Problem is, it doesn’t appear that Zaffis actually pays for these items. Is Syfy airing a television show where a man with some knowledge of antiques is taking valuable items from scared dupes? Here’s how the scam works – John Zaffis visits a potentially ‘haunted’ home and chats with the homeowners about their issues. Some of these people are incredibly vulnerable. In the episode I watched, there ...
yes, same ones! And do you know who John Zaffis is? They are his aunt/uncle. Neat people
And yet actual investigators like John Zaffis get their shows cancelled? Makes no sense to me.
Woth the godfather of paranormal John zaffis
We have interviews with John Zaffis , Adam Berry , and Joe Chin at
The Godfather of the Paranormal: John Zaffis -- Behind the Scenes of the Haunted Collector - Read this article here:
Good morning everyone. I just want to say thank you to everyone who sends me their photos to analyze for the paranormal. But please, do not get upset with me when I tell you it is not a ghost. Especially with orb photos. I have been doing this for years and have learned from some of the best people in the field; Chip Coffey, John Zaffis, and Loyd Auerbach. I use what they taught me and give you my opinion so please do not be upset when I debunk a photo, especially when you ask me my opinion. Good friend of mine Wayne Miracle and I actually had a talk about this not too long ago and I think he agrees. Thanks for being on the same page as me Wayne.
John Zaffis checking out the Shadow Man at Scarefest.
Must haves from tonight's lecture in Ct. Both signed by John Zaffis himself. It was an honor and privilege to be...
John Zaffis and myself after tonight's lecture given by Mr. Zaffis himself.
I just.John Zaffis lost all my respect when I found out he ran out of the building like a girl, swearing he would never come back.
John Zaffis has said that he plans on giving his whole collection to his son Chis who (
if John Zaffis says "libary" one more time on Haunted Collector I'm going to scream
now I'm fllowing john zaffis.thank my friend
I will continue to advise me john zaffis as
This time tomorrow night I'll be at a lecture given by John Zaffis!
Smart man, that John Zaffis "SLEEPY HOLLOW is a thrilling mystery-adventure drama series spanning two and a half centuries."
.. Bingo. Delta. Sitting next to John Zaffis. Not reboarding until about 2:30 pm. Was suppose to take off at noon.
I added a video to a playlist The Witch Case with John Zaffis
Yay! You guys get to have all the fun. Tots love you John Zaffis and Chip Coffey!!
Vonda finally met up with John Zaffis of Haunted Collector.
John zaffis could help you out I'm sure. :) maybe?
Have u ever thought of doing an investigation w/ The Haunted Collector, John Zaffis?
Yeah or she'll start calling you John Zaffis soon
I'm sure John Zaffis will be happy to take them off your hands. He's got a whole museum full of 'em! ;-)
This past Friday and Saturday night our investigation was being recorded.Found out it is a guy that is part of John Zaffis's group.
OK folks John Zaffis will be on 92.7 The Drive FM today at 2pm talking about Hulbert-Con. Being interviewed by Genesee Joe.
Huge funiture sale at the Hopewell Cape Church! Saturday 8-6 and Sunday 10-4. Here is your chance to own a piece of New Brunswick history, all furniture came from the Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews. B...70 members
Hello again, friends of the paranormal, this is Tim with some more posts about demonology. I am NOT a demonologist, nor do I profess to know everything about this subject. Most, if not all, of my posts will be excerpts from the book, SHADOWS OF THE DARK, by John Zaffis and Brian McIntyre. As I continue to study and learn, I will post as I go. Demonology is the general study of the hierarchy of evil, negative intelligences, and their direct attributes, missions, personalities, rankings, powers, and direct interferences in human lives. This field of research has been pushed to the back burner of conventional thought, but it will never be dismissed because it a real area of study, regardless of how subtle these energies may be. More to follow. (Tim)
Thoughts on improving the image of ghost hunting community: 1. Field-wide ban of "Affliction" style shirts. John Zaffis wears them now, guys. That should be saying something. 2. That goatee has gotta go. I hear metal beards are in. Mix it up. 3. If you're going to cross your arms in team photos, you might as well just flex. We all know you want to. Just do it.
Here is a pic of one of the red triangles that I sent to John Zaffis's team, that they feel is an energy shield...
I wonder if could go to the John Zaffis museum!
are you listening to John Zaffis interview? Interesting stuff.
The Ghost Mafia is LIVE ON AIR NOW! Tonight Lisa, Nathan and Terry are joined by Syfy celebrity John Zaffis from...
A little birdie just whispered in my ear that John Zaffis is going to be on ParaMania Radio tonight at 8pm..oh Yeah!!
Tonight on The Ghost Mafia Show John Zaffis, from The Haunted Collectorl will be hanging out taking your calls...
I liked a video SCARED! Recon File 1 - John Zaffis' Museum of the Paranormal
oh how i love me some Mr John Zaffis...oh ok I guess ur alright too d pari ;)
Will someone go to the John Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal with me?
Im john zaffis and i am the Haunted Collector
I've been hearing John Zaffis, the lead guy, on paranormal radio shows for years. He always had neat stories.
I dont want a boring job ffs i want to be a ghost hunter and work for john zaffis :(
This is a great article on John Zaffis!! Please read if you have time! Thanks KB
Join me this Friday as I welcome special guest John Zaffis to the show
What "show" do you think would best showcase the activity that happens at the Hinsdale House?
John Zaffis and his team give a medieval twist to a modern investigation.
please RT. Hey paranormal fans, watch Haunted Collector on SYFY Wed evenings. John Zaffis is a VERY experienced investigator!
Spirits Endure at Herr's Ridge: On the a recent episode of Haunted Collector, John Zaffis and…
When did John Zaffis come to MI? & I missed it they came to MI wow smh.
Now that John Zaffis and the Haunted Collector team has shown Historic Fort Wayne Detroit to be haunted, find out...
I was too! lol John Zaffis lives the next town over from me. Crazy.
And I have full respect for John Zaffis and all he's done for people and the field of research, but I can't get into
Got my TV working again. However it still has issues. Watching John Zaffis in green IR to test...
John Zaffis The Haunted Collector is on syfy! Next week Chip Coffey will be on new episode!
Can't wait to see what you find..I believe John Zaffis was there and found object concerning the baby great old place 2 study
Some tix remain for @ - Talk to the dead with myself, John Zaffis, GHI cast & others!
the godfather (John Zaffis) of ghost hunting is in syfy right now
No, I produced it, but it is on Amazon.
I will also be announcing who won the DVD contest in the morning - a signed "John Zaffis: The World Within" doc. produced by me. ;)
John Zaffis is the man... if you have paranormal problems ! Your in the right place!
Haunted Collector's John Zaffis puts a haunting story in his collection.
I always wonder where the ghosts go after John Zaffis removes the haunted object. Do they come with it or move on?
Paranormal investigator John Zaffis' show about collecting haunted items from people who are experiencing activity.
Counting down the days to Para History Con, who else can say their first ghost hunt was with professionals like John Zaffis and Adam Berry!
Watching possession episode. Surprised John Zaffis didn't collect that levitating chair. A floating chair would be sweet!
"Haunted" local house to be on SyFy, show's star talks to Journal: "Haunted Collector" team leader John Zaffis...
Watching GA right now! Remington Arms Episode.. Is that John Zaffis from Haunted Collector?
Watching the's that time of year again when I break out my John Zaffis impression!!
I was with zaffis on the Capitol theater investigation and we had a lot of great things happen like right behind me a water bottle flew about 4 feet of the stairs and no one was near it at all now I'm only 16 and this my passion and zaffis is my hero who got me into investigating things
if some one contacts you from Haunted Collector make sure it's working with John Zaffis
I've been working twelve hours on our conference page today. We added Chris Quaratino today (one of the Amityville children), and also Dale Kaczmarek of the GRS and Sam Maranto of MUFON will sit on our Chicago panel, along with experts like Ed Shanahan and Scott Markus. These added to Josh Gates, John Zaffis, Jeff Belanger, Stephen Braude, Michael Esposito, Dave Schrader, and spontaneous human combustion expert Larry Arnold. As well as the films of the Chicago Paranormal Film Festival and 30 Odd Minutes Live onstage. And a score of ghost hunting groups and vendors. Many thanks to Wanda Spudic for all her help and to Dave and Jeff for your contacts.
Darkness Events may be gone for a few years, thankfully you can still meet The Darkness Radio Gang & our many friends at one of our favorite Paranormal Conventions & Ghost Hunts this March in Gettysburg. Meet us, Josh Gates, John Zaffis & the Haunted Collector Crew, Chip Coffey, Chris Fleming & more. Tix on sale now
In its fifth year, Phenomenology provides enthusiasts the chance to meet, investigate and share experiences in a host of genres including; ghosts, cryptozoology, psychic abilities, aliens and more.   Gettysburg, PA. –  Again, celebrating all facets of the paranormal, from ghosts to aliens, demons to Sasquatch, Phenomenology returns to Gettysburg.   Phenomenology, one of the largest paranormal conventions on the east coast, launches March 21 for the fifth annual gathering of the most diverse collection of celebrities and authorities in the field.  With appearances by personalities Chip Coffey (Growing Up Psychic), Patrick Burns & Marley Gibson (“Haunting Evidence” & “Ghost Huntress” author), Christopher DiCesare (Please, Talk With Me), Bob Murch (Ouija® & Talking Board Expert), Aaron Sagers (Paranormal Paparazzi), John Zaffis (Haunted Collector), and many others, the event allows fans to investigate famous haunted locations with the celebrities, and is the only convention o ...
John Zaffisto attend! The SyFy Channel's "Haunted Collector" star John Zaffis will be appearing at Phenomenology 105! Chris and Aimee Zaffis will also be in attendance at Phenomenology 105!
I'm the opposite of John Zaffis ,I bring things back to there rightful place
its run/sponsered by John Zaffis, he might be open minded to it
I went to Conn yesterday to hangout with my good friends John Zaffis, Scott Schmitz and Joe Franke. John Zaffis has the hit show, The Haunted Collector. Check it out on SyFy.
Yes I got John Zaffis following me woohoo can't wait till I see the new season
John Zaffis from Haunted Collector just followed me... Excuse me while I go die from excitement. 😱
I don't think I could ever get tired of watching Haunted Collecter Espeically after having seen John Zaffis in person.
John Zaffis on Sci-Fi. Met this guy before and he had some crazy stories...
Since John Zaffis's musuem of haunted objects is in his basement is his house crazy haunted?
John Zaffis i hope you dont mind me saying this(my husband doesnt mind),you are sexy!
John Zaffis from SyFys Hit T.V. Show "Haunted Collector" interviewed by George R. Lopez and Michael Boler on Dead Air Paranormal Radio Show May 21, 2012 Dead Air Paranormal Radio Show bringing you the Best in Paranormal News and Entertainment Nightly
Here is the first of my big announcements for 2013. I will be speaking at Phenomenology 105 again this year March 21-24. That is already known. However, the big news to go along with it.Joining me this year will be my co-hosts from BTE Radio Lon Strickler and Sean "The Forkchop" Forker. Come to Phenom 105 to for the Zombie Prom, hear some of the best speakers in the Paranormal like John Zaffis, Brian J. Cano, Bill Bean, Patrick Burns and Marley GIbson, Chip Coffey, Barry Conrad, Crossover Paranormal, Chris Dedman, Tim Dennis, David Schrader, Christopher Fleming, Jason Gowin, Aaron Houdini, Bigg Jim Jones, Robert Murch, Stacey Jones, Dave Juliano, Aaron Sagers, Chris Mancuso and the Scared Crew; Unknown Origins Radio, Travis Walton, and many more. Also, come out and meet actors from the Walking dead, ghost hunt and now you can meet the staff of BTE Radio too! Eric, Lon and Sean. We'll all be at Phenom 105 this year. For more info, go to
I met Barry "Baz" Fitzgerald and Kris Williams, so sweet, also met John Zaffis
John Zaffis, the Haunted Collector is at Keystone (: headed over to go on a hunt with him.
My son and his friends got to meet John Zaffis from Ghost Collector . So exciting
Just in time for Halloween, TV’s “Haunted Collector” John Zaffis will bring the scary to Harper College’s J Building Theater, Room J143, Building J at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 16. The series has always seemed to me to be the real-life equivalent to the old Canadian-American series, Friday the 13th. ...
Paracon was a total blast...Steve, Tango, Kris W., Joe C., Rex, John Zaffis...all such cool people to talk to, so nice with such amazing stories!!!
Going on a paranormal investigation with Dustin Pari from SYFYs Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International TV show and John Zaffis from SYFYs Haunted Collector TV show at The Capitol Theatre here in my town on October 5th. Gonna be awesome!
That's right Paranormal fans, we added John Zaffis to the October 5th Rome Capitol event. Two celebrity Ghost Hunters for the price of one. The $65 VIP ticket includes private meet & greet with both John Zaffis and Dustin Pari. Lecture and investigation with VIP seating included. General admission ticket holders will see the lecture, chance to buy merchandise from the celebs and a general meet and greet. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AT cause the advertising is pumping and tickets are selling.
I also would like to encourage you all to check out The Haunted Collector on Syfy starring another of my wonderful friends, John Zaffis. He also worked Carmen Reed's Haunting in Connecticut demonic, haunted, paranormal case. God bless them both!
Ideal Event Management hosts a ghost hunt and paranormal investigation at the reportedly haunted, Fort Wayne in Detroit, Michigan. Guests include members of Ghost Hunters, TAPS, John Zaffis of SYFY Channel's Haunted Collector and more!
I really want to go to Stratford Connecticut and see the Haunted Collection of John Zaffis. Hmm senior trip ??
Survived the ghost hunt with John Zaffis from the show "Haunted Collector" at the Hullbert House in Boonville. Pretty freaky and something I won't forget!
Getting a little anxious about a few things approaching, first thing is my first paranormal investigation with the John Zaffis home team Sat. night in Hartford, then next wk I go to Ohio State Reformatory for a long awaited para investigation and Anna leaves for southern Europe !
I can't believe I was on tonight's episode of Haunted Collector with John Zaffis. It was a stunning honor and I had a great time doing it. Hopefully that face didn't scare anyone, lol. But seriously it is about our friends at the Hulbert House and this episode was a big home run for them. No BS this place is everything it was portrayed to be and more.Hopefully this helps them out through these rough times. Whether it be a historic location or a private residence - this is the level of dedication and commitment R.I.P. brings to its clients. When we say we are here to help it is not just empty words! Peter Leonard
You have till Midnight Tonight!! If you want to meet Steve, Dave, Amy, and Adam from Ghost Hunters, John Zaffis from Haunted Collector, John Tenney from Paranormal State the New Class, and Radio's Lisa J. Smith on June 23rd...this is a chance to win ONE FREE ticket! Go to the page and post a caption!
Shadows of the Dark (Paperback): John Zaffis is a world-renowned psychic researcher who has investigated thousan...
Going ghost hunting this week-end at Old Fort Niagara with Steve & Tango from the T.A.P.S. team of "Ghost Hunters" - one of my favorite shows!! John Zaffis will also be there. I AM SO EXCITED!
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