John Winchester & Jeffrey Dean Morgan

John Eric Winchester is a fictional character on The CW Television Network's drama/horror television series Supernatural, and the protagonist of the comic book spin-off series Supernatural: Origins. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (born April 22, 1966) is an American actor, best known to television and movie audiences as Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy, patriarch John Winchester on Supernatural, and as The Comedian in the 2009 superhero film Watchmen. 5.0/5

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can you add Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the list? the man who plays John Winchester, Denny Duquette and now Negan should be there❤
. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan? Amazing. It's so weird because I'm use to seeing you as John Winchester the Hunter.
By the way, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a badass. John Winchester, Thomas Wayne, Negan...
People that hate Jeffrey Dean Morgan because of John Winchester are just as embarrassing as people that hate Misha because of Cas.
NOOO why does Jeffrey Dean Morgan have to play Negan!? Im always gonna remember him as John Winchester 😭😭
Jeffrey Dean Morgan for all you John Winchester haters out there
Jeffrey Dean Morgan a.k.a. John Winchester from has a role in
Does Javier Bardem know he isn't 'John Winchester'? He must look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan like "Dis isa me sì?*. *(Spanish accent not Jar Jar)
Ok, here's a close-up of the picture. Who is that guy?! It sure as *** isn't Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester!
Buttt.. Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants to return. Can the legend John Winchester return?
I just ran into Jeffrey Dean Morgan, John Winchester, at my hotel. Now can I just meet the rest of the Supernatural cast?? 😱😄
I'd honestly love Jeffrey Dean Morgan to do the Supernatural spin off as John Winchester. Before Sam+Dean to when they w…
Watching the possession and look what Winchester popped up! It's only John! Jeffrey Dean Morgan! :)
And I hate when people pull the whole, "but Jeffrey Dean Morgan is great!" Yeah, he is...but John Winchester isn't!
I love googling "John Winchester" and more pics of show up then Jeffrey Dean Morgan's. I NEED to get an op w/ both of them
It's not that I don't like Jeffrey Dean Morgan, it's that I hate John Winchester so much.
I would love to see Matt Cohen go from being a nice John Winchester down to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's bad father John Winchester
Riley: Why do you like John Winchester so much? Me: Are you even looking at your screen? Riley: ...yeah... and...? Me: If you can't understand the beauty of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I can't fix your eyes. There are many people I find attractive, but I'm pretty sure Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the most amazing creature I've ever seen. There's just something...
Hilarie Burton with her husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also known as John Winchester from Supernatural.
yup! Was a fan(2004 to 2008), til I found Supernatural and John Winchester aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (born April 22, 1966) is an American actor best known to television and movie audiences as Denny Duquette in the 2005 medical dramaGrey's Anatomy, patriarch John Winchester on Supernatural, as The Comedian in the 2009 superhero filmWatchmen, and as Ike Evans in Magic City.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan will always be John Winchester to me no matter what else he is in
How does John Winchester go from Matt Cohen to Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a matter of four years
John Winchester aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in red dawn, no matter what I do I always seem to find a connection to Supernatural
We're literally like talking abt how hot Jeffrey Dean Morgan is and feeling uncomfortable talking about John Winchester in this way
Jeffrey Dean Morgan,he plays "John Winchester" but I didn't knohe was in that show omg I just googled the show bc I wana watch it
I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is John Winchester bc I see him as Edward Blake idk
SEASON 1 / EPISODE 1. PILOT When they were young, Sam (Padalecki) and Dean Winchester's (Ackles) mother Mary (Samantha Smith) died a violent and unexplainable death, which in turn led their father, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), to teach them skills which they might need in the search for whatever it was that took her life. Years later, while attending Stanford University, Sam is forced back into the paranormal world by his older brother, who has come to tell him that their father has mysteriously disappeared. The two travel to Jericho, California, to find him, but their search is put on hold when they discover that a ghostly Woman in White (Sarah Shahi)—the spirit of a woman who drowned her children and then killed herself—has been taking male victims. They investigate, but Dean is soon arrested for impersonating a federal agent. However, he manages to escape custody, and saves his brother from the vengeful spirit. The Woman in White is finally put to rest after the brothers force her to conf ...
How likely is it that John Winchester is one of the angels that fell? Because Jeffrey Dean Morgan needs to make a comeback.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is never going to be anything but John Winchester for me
Just watched a film where Jeffrey Dean Morgan played an obsessive pervert, I was shouting 'no John Winchester, you're supposed to be nice!'
Young Mary Winchester (Amy Gumenick) and grown up John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) are in the same episode of Grey's Anatomy.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is John Winchester, no one else.
My computer screen at work. Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka John Winchester creeps me all day!
'John Winchester was killed in My Time of Dying (2x1) because Jeffrey Dean Morgan became a bit of a (and I quote) ***
LOL John Winchester actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a son called Dean. And in Supernatural, his son is called Dean too. Too much coincidence.
watching The Possession again because Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 👍 I love you, John Winchester.
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her bes... — Duh, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester. Yummy!
Love ..would love to see John Winchester..(Jeffrey Dean Morgan) come back to the show!!
I'm used to seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester on Supernatural. And seeing him in P. S I love you and Irish?? Gotta say he's pretty attractive! Lol!
Why can't John Winchester come back? either Matt Cohen or Jeffrey Dean Morgan idc
My hubby met Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the set of Magic City, Miami, takes you back to the 1959 period in Miami, vintage dresses and men in tux, Jeffrey played as John Winchester on Supernatural one of my girls favorite TV series
So i'm conflicted. I love John Winchester, and I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but I do NOT think that John is a good dad to Dean and Sam.
actually he is Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka John Winchester from Supernatural. Looks a helluva lot like Javier Bardem though! :-o
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester of drawn by me via :)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in the Possession. That film won’t scare me. Because Jeffrey is John Winchester. *** yeah.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan wears a pea coat during it. If it's good enough for a badass like John Winchester then it's good enough for me.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan pic of the day: because it's this sad John Winchester face that got my attention first
Also Jeffrey Dean Morgan was John Winchester so I couldn't stop thinking about SPN the whole time...
Gotta go see tomorrow. Love me some Jeffrey Dean Morgan, that handsome John Winchester man.
The Possession is in theaters tomorrow for all of you John Winchester fans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan of ) you free?
I love John Winchester! Of course it may be cause I have the biggest crush on Jeffrey Dean Morgan, LOL
Why, Jeffrey Dean Morgan?! Why did you agree to have John Winchester die?! *facepalm* HE WAS SO AWESOME! DX
Lol so Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars in the horror film The Possession.really? You're John Winchester! Just throw holy water on your daughter, draw the devils trap on the floor, shove her into it, and exorcise her. There problem solved.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan's in it too, who doesn't love a bit of John Winchester?
Jeffrey Dean Morgan has problems with his daughter being tormented by a demon in "The Possession". John Winchester would NEVER take that!
Was the besy thing I could come up with. I'll call him Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Or maybe John Winchester? Hmmm...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan played The Comedian in Watchmen and John Winchester in Supernatural. Ballin' much?
definitely seeing The Possession now that i know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in it, for those of you that have watched the show Supernatural, John Winchester lives
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester in Supernatural. Picture not taken by me. For more, please visit my Jeffrey Dean Morgan page.
Just saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan in a commercial for The Possession. In my mind he should just go John Winchester on the demon.
I wonder what magic they used to find Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester because his and Jensen Ackles' noses look exactly alike
Jeffrey Dean Morgan aka "John Winchester" was in Angel too...srsly people...this is getting too easy
Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I have such mixed feelings for this man. First he's Denny, then John Winchester.
Random nerd fact: Jeffrey Dean Morgan who played The Comedian in 'Watchmen,' plays John Winchester in 'Supernatural'
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a babe in PS I love you, but then I remember him as John Winchester and feel kinda wrong.
Yeah. But Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester has to be one of the BEST characters in the show! :D
Jeffrey Dean Morgan just came back from the dead in Jonah Hex. Does that mean John Winchester was a demon all along?
And every time I see Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I think of him as John Winchester in Supernatural. :)
Attn: Supernatural Fans - Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight, after the Late Show with David Letterman on CBS.
to Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester on Supernatural, whose father John Winchester was portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is also
Jeffrey Dean Morgan talking about John Winchester in Supernatural:via
Which guest star do you prefer: Katie Cassidy (Ruby 1.0) or Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester)?
Remember. ( Big fan of Matt) ..and sorry I am talking about Jeffrey Dean Morgan John Winchester...sorry I didn't make that clear!!
Okay, I confess. I'm only watching because of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. John Winchester is the man.
Candy Niewinski says: I would give anything to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan play John Winchester again he wasn't on ...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) is only 12 yrs older than his oldest onscreen son Jensen Ackles.
I really do miss Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character sometimes. I'd kill for a flashback ep with John Winchester. Oh Supernatural. You own me.
Yes!! Rufus is great!! luv him ...I am a Sammy girl ..but I miss John Winchester ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan)..and Bobby!!
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