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John Winchester

John Eric Winchester is a fictional character on The CW Television Network's drama/horror television series Supernatural, and the protagonist of the comic book spin-off series Supernatural: Origins.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Mary Winchester Jeffery Dean Morgan Denny Duquette Dean Winchester Thomas Wayne Seattle Grace Hospital Bobby Singer

"Gathering Storm: A History of the Complicated U.S.-China Relationship Since 1776" by SIMON WINCHESTER via NYT
Crazy seeing you go from John Winchester to Neegan. Polar opposites. Still messed me up...
"Beautiful Country & Middle Kingdom: America and China" by John Pomfret rev'd by Simon Winchester in NYT
John Winchester. -so hot filf. -moved to The Walking Dead Universe and never came back. -"I made you grow up too fast" https…
Young John Winchester is a fine looking being 😍
How different do you think Supernatural would be today if John Winchester was still alive?
//I don't know which of my accounts I love more XD I'm pretty active on all of mine but I seem to stick to my John…
The irony is that if Dean could save Cas it might save him too. Break the 'John Winchester code' he runs on.
2016 is almost over and I still hate John winchester
I just realized that not only is Neegan, but was also John Winchester. I knew there was a deeper reason why I don't like him 😠😠
Bishop John Ponet of Winchester was a resistance theorist, now meet his descendant's gin
would LITERALLY take being raised by john winchester over any of my given parental situations
Did you also had to swallow when John Winchester became Negan?? I was like no!! I don't want to hate him! Super actor!
I never watched TWD so I really don't get it... but John Winchester looks really good
It's funny how I only realized right now that Negan and John Winchester's actor are the same 😅
Would someone please tell JDM to return as John Winchester... Been only waiting a decade
"Bobby, we got problems.". "It's ok, that's why I'm here". —Top 10 things John Winchester never said to his own children but Bobby Singer did.
I hear John Winchester has risen... (Vine by Crowley daily)
[-- John Winchester for years he had seen Sam and Dean grow up with all their time -- (
My man John Winchester been in *** 11 years so I ain't got no beef with him killing Glenn to let off some steam
Think I'll be this John Winchester fella for Halloween. And Lucille can be Glenn.
Everyone talking about Jeffrey Morgan in Greys and Walking Dead, but I just see him as John Winchester from Supernatural.
Jimmy Novak was badly similar to John Winchester, except in one. explicit. choice: his work for Claire's freedom, the very OPPOSITE of 2x01.
// Ugh. This is what I want. I want to bring back : my young Marry Winchester , Adam , smol Cas , ... And make a young John Winchester. +
That moment when you realise that Lloyd from Malcolm In The Middle is also young John Winchester in Supernatural
John Winchester doesn't suffer subs gladly, and Dean takes the brunt of his father's misogynistic attitude. Can the mysterious Castiel convi
Didn't know John Winchester and Zachariah the angel both lived in Seattle and sought medical attention at SGH. Small world.
Didn't appreciate seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan like that. It almost tainted my memory of him as Denny Duquette and John Winchester
Hannah knew it would be hard to explain why a woman was in his son's house if John Winchester was around.. And it would +
I s'pose as long as it doesn't end with John Winchester swinging a barbed wire covered bat at a mystery person, then I'm okay
Denny who is also neegan who is also John Winchester
John Ellery is rocking to Jo Jo Gunne right now in the Winchester sunshine!
{Cries.} I need a John Winchester between my thighs, so bad.
{Is completely oblivious to intentions.} John Winchester though... I call dibs. You can have the blonde.
I think just killed Metatron which *** but on the plus side unless you're John Winchester you never stay dead on
he goes to the Dean Winchester and John Watson school for closeted bisexuals
and Denny from greys and john Winchester from supernatural
Except this should be referencing him as John Winchester from Supernatural. That is all. Bye 😂
fawnjensen: I just love John Winchester so much. 
Anonymous said: unpopular opinion: John Winchester gets way too much hate in the fandom. He's not father...
brothersinplaid said: Unpopular opinion: I love John Winchester and wish JDM could have been on the show...
Re watching S2 supernatural and you've had me in tears, when Sam cries I cry no doubt. Dean, Sam and John Winchester ❤️💔😢
Hold the phone! Did Chuck really just sit and tell dean not to confused him with his dad? Dude you're so much worse than John Winchester!
I could never be a parent because I'd end up like John Winchester
John Winchester is alive and he's on walking dead !!! watching the final. holy moly xx
"Fire of unknown origin took my baby away" . Is that John Winchester theme song ?
love u as young john Winchester hope come back soon miss u on
FYI, John Winchester will always be my fave.
I think you mean John Winchester from Supernatural is married to this chick from one tree hill.
"Don't confuse me with your Dad". When even Supernatural shades John Winchester!
marrieddorks: John Winchester is 10x the man god is and he needs to keep John’s name out of his...
winjennster: casthewise: Bucklemming: A+ for finally addressing John Winchester’s awful parenting, and...
I think my fave part was when Chuck roasted John Winchester, a move no one but God could pull. 😂😂😂
Watching Denny Duquette/John Winchester as a sadistic psychopath is messing with my mind 😦
Let's not bring John Winchester up Chuck! . 1.Low blow . 2.You're exactly like him re your absence only he was human at least!
Chuck mentioned John Winchester and I literally gasped and paused the TV 'cause I got a little scared.
Can people stop being a *** about John Winchester HE. WAS. NOT. A. VILLAIN.
Okay but the fact that the actors who play Mary and John Winchester in Supernatural are in the same episode of Grey's Anatomy is hilarious.
Young Mary & John Winchester ❤ My squad is better than yours. Another fav photo of mine
The young John Winchester ,just out out of marines. SV Single looking for a young Mary please follow and RT
John Winchester is married to Tree Hill cheerleader, Peyton, his son Dean Winchester is married to Tree Hill chee…
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Um it's actually John Winchester from Supernatural that's married to Sara from White Collar 💁🏼
OR John Winchester from supernatural is married to Neal's gf from White Collar
John Winchester form supernatural and Sarah from white collar 😍
So if John Winchester is the Howard Stark of Supernatural, does that make Bobby Singer the Edwin Jarvis?
can you add Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the list? the man who plays John Winchester, Denny Duquette and now Negan should be there❤
Denny Duquette, John Winchester, negan... The list goes on. I love Jeffery Dean Morgan :)
I still don't hate Negan as much as I hate John Winchester.
Oh that's where John Winchester goes when he's on a hunt!😉 Silly Negan tricks are for kids.
. Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan? Amazing. It's so weird because I'm use to seeing you as John Winchester the Hunter.
Today on John Winchester is running for Pima County Supervisor and Desert Christian HS upcoming play all on at 4:00
I'm excited for Jeffery Dean Morgan aka John Winchester being on walking dead soon did you know that?
It's interesting to see the guy who played John Winchester in Supernatural in this movie but I'm like "where's Sam and Dean?" LOL.
*watching the possession* COME ON JOHN YOU KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THIS oh wait this isn't supernatural and that's not John Winchester
By the way, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a badass. John Winchester, Thomas Wayne, Negan...
So far The Possession: John Winchester never died, started a new family, a cursed box was opened and now his daughter is being possessed.
All purpose parts banner
Obituary for John M. Marr: John Melvin Marr, 89, of Winchester, Virginia, went to his Lord on Wednesday, March...
Been there done that like multiple times. 💔 ♫ Dreaming With a Broken Heart by John Mayer —
I will never think of john Winchester the same way again
- "daughter of Emily hayes and John Winchester. I found a box in my parents room. And your number was in it"
just thought you'd like to know Winchester Va is about to get messy ! Black lives matter is here making a lot of noise!
||Born Adam Winchester. Mother passed away and John never knew. Found in a park not far from home. Adopted by Stiles Stilinski, and raised +
First John Winchester on then on The Good Wife, Now coming to as Negan! He is TOO fine!
I am so torn about that, because John Winchester was so much to Supernatural, and now he will kill my ohters favorite. ***
That awkward moment when you realize Peyton from one tree hill is married to john winchester 😂 how did I just now realize this
John winchester is playing another john on tv what is this
John Ellery is on right now! He doesn't sing over the records either! Winchester Today is on the TuneIn Radio app
Also, John Winchester is Thomas Wayne. This, of course, is the second time he's fathered Batman.
LOL - just read that John Paul Jones considered leaving Zepellin in '73 to possibly become choirmaster at Winchester Cathedral
Wait, are you telling me that Maggie Greene and John Winchester are Bruce Waynes parents?!
People that hate Jeffrey Dean Morgan because of John Winchester are just as embarrassing as people that hate Misha because of Cas.
I would jump in front of a train Tolstoy style to be with John Winchester, young or old.
He could literally kill Glenn in the next ep and ill be like its ok, its just John Winchester 😭
NOOO why does Jeffrey Dean Morgan have to play Negan!? Im always gonna remember him as John Winchester 😭😭
now we know where John Winchester wondered off when he left Sam and Dean alone for weeks.
Still gonna see him as John Winchester doe
When you realize John Winchester and Bella are Batman's parents 😜
yall john winchester is the mf WORST
so that's why John Winchester saved Dean he knew they'd kill Azazel and he could prep for the zombie apocalypse
Not if they have to face John Winchester it won't!
I'm still crying because of John Winchester's death
Faces of Winchester with John David Smith - from - Faces of Winchester with Gary...
I hope it's Daryl, even Maggie over Glenn (and TWD don't need 2 babies does it?). And wow John Winchester is gonna play him..
This episode was subtle and good... I can't wait for Negan. WHERE ARE YOU JOHN WINCHESTER (S6E11
Aesthetic of the day is john winchester on twd
it is Anne from PI Winchester street. Remember the cold walks to school? I saw you in Portland last week.
I'm pretty sure that I'll always see Jeffery Dean Morgan as John Winchester not as Neegan
But if Sam and Dean are this excited now, just imagine what John Winchester had to deal with when he brought them to matches as kids.
John Winchester catches all the flak for being a bad parent, but this was actually all Mary's fault. She made the demon deal.
I got two words for you Jensen: John Winchester
"Jensen would like to explore why Dean has such a hard time asking for help.". Me: John Winchester was Sam and Dean's father, and son of Henr
“Written on September 19, 1819, in Winchester, “To Autumn” is commonly considered one of the Keats' most …” —
A bond with a son of John Winchester I find that very interesting. *I look away at the mention of the Mark of Cain as it is>
I kidnapped John Winchester and I didn't poop for a week.
An intriguing offer for the Belgian maker of Winchester & Browning shotguns raises questions
Lorraine working on a case and then meeting John Winchester
Denny and John Winchester are both dead and suddenly my life has no meaning
he better be brining John Winchester with him 😑
— why hadn't he gone away with John Winchester?] I'm looking for John Winchester, actually. I figure you're related somehow.+
I have a strong attachment to Denny on greys bc that's John Winchester and I can't let him die again
I also like that their blog description is 'abuse victim who is tired of seeing the hate for john Winchester' like being an abuse victim
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Idgaf what anyone says this is John Winchester 🙄🙄🙄
Sorry again but as for using Dean-o that's John Winchester or Alastair's petname for Dean... So just don't Cole
Dean in the impala, John Winchester, ruby,lucifer and Seinfeld pops!
4th book in the Winchester series going into edits! http…
I have always wanted to see John Barrowman and Jensen team up..I mean? Cpt Jack Harkness and Dean Winchester?
Matt Cohen gives me feelings... Young!John Winchester gives me feelings... Michael gives me feelings...
// ''i married John Winchester, so Sam jumped into the cage'' NOW I CANT STOP LAUGHING OMFG
Rewatching SPN really makes me appreciate John Winchester more.
If you say John Winchester was a great dad just remember that Dean was once arrested for stealing food for Sam and John…
Ice skating in the grounds of Winchester Cathedral - absolute mayhem but great fun.
john winchester is how I imagine bob singer as a father yikes
I can't get out of bed I blame John Winchester
heck !! im so constantly mad at John Winchester
The reasoning behind the colt was because it was what John Winchester (JDM) added to the show and I love John Winchester.
Ice skating at Winchester Cathedral this evening. I wish bloody rain would go away - I want to show-off my prowess to Lou's boyfriend :)
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"John Winchester was some guy who took me to a baseball game once a year". I do like Adam's disdain for & resentment of John
The man behind you looks like John Winchester. Dad's been at the restaurant...and he hasn't come home in a few days.
Has jelly legs 'cause leg day. "Where's my walker??". Laughed at his own jokes. Here y'have John Fluffy Winchester. Less manly, more weird.
I love how out of context he could legit be John Winchester.
can we take a moment to realize Izzie is in love with John Winchester
The watchmen aka giant blue dong man invades vietnam, Lou Solverson and John Winchester is a cocksock
Just the use of this John Winchester icon gets me everytime.
love u big fun Supernatural Sam And dean John Winchester boy father back we have Tall Adam tall tun out take him John boy Sam
See Kidnapped as never before with Billy Mack and John Winchester bringing RLS to life this
I wish would make a spin off prequel with as young John Winchester, learning to hunt with lil' Sam and Dean in tow!
I would rather see more of Mary Winchester than John Winchester
Jeffrey Dean Morgan for all you John Winchester haters out there
did they find the Martha Jones post then go CHECK if I hated John Winchester? How did this sequence of events unfold in this saga
someone just reblogged my pro-Martha jones post from *2013* to call me a hypocrite for defending her, cause... I hate John Winchester?
Can I have a supernatural and Grays anatomy crossover where John Winchester checks into Seattle Grace Hospital under the name Denny Duquette
I hate John Winchester mode than I hate potatoes and I really do hate potatoes.
Please bring back john and Mary Winchester so they can be a family kicking darknessass and god please bobby love him
Mad af that John Winchester is dead
I RP as Mel, SAM & DEAN'S 12 yr old sister adopted by John when her family died & also I do the male Sam Winchester, could u..
Remember when John Winchester was in the OC
Supernatural Season 11: Our Hopes for the Winchesters, the Spinoff and More -
I wont let anyone defend john winchester infront of me. Not in my timeline. Not in my hoise.
I firmly believe that after Dean names his 1st kids Samuel Sammy Samington W. & John Robert Impala W., he'll name the 3rd Chester Winchester
"John Winchester, I could just slap you." Me too, me too.
me if they bring john winchester back in s11 (Vine by
Something Wicked . NO 6 . what did John Winchester tell young Dean to Do. and what happened next XX Lilith
All the scoop on NBC's in our video interviews with the stars and producer:
John Winchester was a drinker, Bobby was a functional alcoholic, Dean is as well. Sam had addict behavior w/ blood.
Things that everyone should remember regarding John Winchester: - the-righteous-men: 1) Dean said that he...
Saw the Angel with John Winchester last night. He was being the best as per normalcy.
Like, I’m nto blaming Dean, Dean was raised by John Winchester to think your feelings don’t matter at all if you did wrong
Dean can be very MEAN in a John Winchester way when he gets all “clean up your mess” and Cas was in a really fragile state
YO John Winchester is in Greys Anatomy 😍 I freaking love Jeffery Dean Morgan, okay (Vine by
Goodnight enjoy this photo of Jensen Ackles and John Schneider
*Doing nails,watching last 30m of PS I Love You*. *Sees last scene*. *Drops nail polish*. Me: John. Freaking. Winchester .
Photoset: chaoticcas: Supernatural character aesthetics- John Winchester requested by...
*when John Winchester returns in s11*
"Can you show me how to shoot? Then I can show you regretting having showed me.". Louise is me @ John Winchester tbh
A fitting memorial to John G. Lewis. Before he brought his talents to Preservation of Historic Winchester, he...
Jeffrey Dean Morgan a.k.a. John Winchester from has a role in
We would love to show you our listing at 46 LT Chase Circle Winchester, TN. Contact John & Pam Peck at (931)...
[whispers ‘Naomi is like Rowena, and like John Winchester’]
we need to think up a way with the darkness maybe we could get Tesa, Bobby & who knows Mary or John Winchester
Looking for my mom and my dad please??? RT! Mary Winchester and John Winchester?
Baby Mary and John Winchester are the cutest couple
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okay but is michael in fanfic young John Winchester or Adam Milligan
Father of the Year, John Winchester makes an appearance and doesn't even care that Sam is bleeding from his face.
Lloyd from Malcolm in the middle is young John Winchester 😅
This is funny because I thought this was about John Winchester
"Sammy took his first steps yesterday. He walked toward Dean.". -John Winchester's Journal.
Very disappointed that we are not continuing this journey,will miss playing john. You guys never gave up, I thank you all…
it's so weird seeing denny on greys anatomy because all I think is JOHN WINCHESTER GO BACK TO HUNTING THINGS WHAT ARE U DOING
I'm crying Amber did you actually tag your fic with "John Winchester's A+ Parenting"??? I can taste the sarcasm my god
John Winchester a young, charming man newly engaged opened the door of his new house. He had just gotten ©
I'm watching spn with my sister and it's Salvation and I'm literally just crying over John Winchester saying he wants Dean to have a home
Jeffrey and Matt a.k.a. John Winchester and young John Winchester.
A very accurate list of people who want john winchester back:. - not me. - not you. - nobody
John & Marry Winchester minus her dying horribly 😅
. "I'm proud of you.". - NOT John Winchester that's for certain.
John Winchester must come back for this
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When people say John Winchester wasn't abusive I show them this
the only reason I'd ever want john winchester back is so that castiel can finally meet his father-in-law
but since John Winchester is coming back will we get some Cas/John interaction?
still better than John Winchester though
Supernatural Preview: John Winchester to possibly come back for season 11 ... - Venture Capital Post
One of our most exciting events EVER takes place next Thursday at St. John's Church in Winchester...DEAD RAT ORCHESTRA prese…
They put out John Winchester's Journal in an attempt to make him more sympathetic, but then they decided that it wasn't canon
Wolfgang's father should be running against Frank Gallagher and John Winchester for "Father of The Year Award".. 😑😡
Dean:We know John Winchester isn't going to win any No. 1 Dad awards, but *** if he wasn't there when we needed him.
Everyone has their own opinion on John Winchester pls stop being *** k thanks.
John Winchester legitimately rattles me. I get the sweats when I watch/read him. Idk.
I get a bit panicky whenever I encounter John Winchester in a fanfic. He always made me uncomfortable...
I need to stop comparing this to Supernatural, John to Winchester, Chas to… 📺 Watching Constantine Season 1 —
Rewatched the young John Winchester episode tonight. Mmm Love that slicked-back hair! 😍😘
P.S. I want to fight your father perhaps even more than I do John Winchester
Everyone's like come back john winchester and I'm just like heh no.
John Winchester as an awkward soccer dad. Sam as the nerd and Dean the popular guy. Mary as the protective mom... I can't handle this
I will always love john winchester idc what anyone says
fell asleep watching Texas Rising, suddenly George of the Jungle was in Titanic and I was wondering why John Winchester was there. Okay.
John Winchester is like Marmite. You either live him, or you hate him xx.
When you're a child of John Winchester.
John Winchester and Dean, Harry and Draco, Elijah Woods and Dom Monaghan, Benedict and Martinn freeman
Another rewatch post today! Season 1, ep 16, Shadow: return of Meg Masters and John Winchester!
11?! I heard season 10 was the last.. I'm so happy now
Will John Winchester return to fight 'darkness'? via
And every time I hate John Winchester more.
while waiting in line for panels at comic con I was re-reading John Winchester’s Journal book and came...
I'm watching Grey's Anatomy and so far I've seen Mrs. Tran, Metatron, and John Winchester like omg
"All John Winchester related hits come in through that computer" He points behind him
I cry every time i watch the episode when John Winchester dies.
Deaf will always be John Winchester to me :)
Lady Antonia Fraser in conversation with John Miller at Winchester Uni 9 June, 6pm!
OKAY BUT where did Henry and little John Winchester live? In the bunker? I don't think so. So Sam and Dean own a "normal" house somewhere?
John & Mary Winchester. All they ever really wanted was a family and to live a normal life.
In the usa were pictures pinned to it. Security camera pictures of their Father John Winchester.
Dean Winchester, Derek Hale, John Murphy, Tony Stark, s1 Bellamy Blake, feel free to add on this list
Farrah Abraham is about as good as a parent as John Winchester
young John Winchester gives me breathing problems
I swear im the only one who doesn't hate John Winchester
older John Winchester I'd say yes. Young John Winchester still had potential.
Naomi/John Winchester has merit in a 'they deserve each other' kinda way, admittedly
I've always had a soft spot for Jeffery Dean Morgan...he won me over playing John Winchester in Supernatural.
c'mon I'm sure they're not John winchester types
But John Winchester is the crappiest of fathers, so probably not as crappy.
If your name is John, you might be a crappy dad.. Example..John Winchester.
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IF I CAN BE DEAN, THEN DEAL! ( I would've picked Cas, but he's not a Winchester and John isn't alive so..)
the men who won't ever let me down: Ville Valo, Father John Misty, & Dean Winchester of course
*watching John Winchester as a cowboy on . I shall sit here consumed with lust...
John Winchester, George of the Jungle and Shooter McGavin are having problems. 😜
it's an all day event today, dean is gonna be there, and Crowley, Kevin tran, trickster, Cain, young John Winchester
Does Javier Bardem know he isn't 'John Winchester'? He must look at Jeffrey Dean Morgan like "Dis isa me sì?*. *(Spanish accent not Jar Jar)
Ok, here's a close-up of the picture. Who is that guy?! It sure as *** isn't Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester!
Remember when John Winchester ended up in Seattle Grace Hospital under the name of Danny Duquette?
Although my dad & I have a very Dean & John Winchester relationship, ai can honestly say I wouldn't be who I am w/out him.
Good to see you. I taught your daughter at Primrose Hill Junior. Chair of Winchester CLP.
"I don't need a son, I need a soldier". . -John Winchester (I bet my soul that he has said this at least once to Dean). *Right in the feels*
John McClane and Billy the Kid back then, Dean Winchester now. I've always had a thing for the sarcastic antiheros.
Jason Power - man accused in standoff on Winchester St. in St. John's - sent for further week-long psych assessment.
Crowley basically calls John Winchester a terrible father, and Dean doesn’t even flinch at that. Huh.
Happy 61st Birthday to John Winchester, Dad to Dean, Sammy & Adam & Happy 49th to Jeffery Dean Morgan who played older John
Update your maps at Navteq
THEN. Roleplay at the Winchester household. Mary @ John "I be the bonfire you be the marshmallow". NOW
I don't always love John Winchester (does anyone?) But I love the Dean CBGB story so much.
Seeing John Winchester die the first time makes me cry every time..
John Winchester, you were a brutal man.
Yes older John Winchester is hot but kind of distracted by vengeance Young John is fun, sweet, full of life, innocent & cute
I feel like my dad's a lot like John Winchester.except Dean and I got ignored in different ways.
I wished they kept the character John Winchester in Supernatural much longer than they did.. Anything is possible but why so soon :(
Oh we know that John, covered that in his talk at Winchester Weekend! Awesome work!
wish I could feed you some John Winchester sink stew!
wait there's going to be a John Winchester spinoff with ?? I've heard rumors but ???IS THIS REAL??? ?WHAT DID I MISS?
What's this I'm hearing about a John Winchester spin off? A show with as lead? Um? *** yes??? (I live under a rock ok)
I always scream *** yes" when anyone mentions a young John Winchester spinoff because MATT. But I can't see how it would make plot-sense..
Dunno, but he looks like John Winchester's long lost and very angry brother.
of course. No doubt Winchester station is shut what with it being a weekend
I appreciate your concern, John Winchester. And I shall allow you to know that your children and you are alive and well. ~
its only season 1 but I think John Winchester will die
Me needs some more Supernatural books. Why aren't they available here?? My John Winchester Journal is getting lonely..
Keep voting for young John Winchester!! This needs to happen k
Would I watch John Winchester and season 1 Sam make out? . ,. ,,? Mayb e
John Winchester: Oh yeah, I love my two boys, Sammy and [looks at smudged writing on hand] Beam
John Winchester is the douchiest *** *** of a father. Like he was a real ***
I will forever be bitter about John Winchester. The man was not nice. You'll never make me see him as a good guy
|°|I'm still looking for a John Winchester to RP with! . If you could please «RT» . Thanks~
Buttt.. Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants to return. Can the legend John Winchester return?
I just ran into Jeffrey Dean Morgan, John Winchester, at my hotel. Now can I just meet the rest of the Supernatural cast?? 😱😄
Looking for a John Winchester for an SL. Please read my bio before though. I want to do how I met the boys.
“The Winchester boys John Winchester and his wayward sons :)
All I really want from this life is cas fighting john winchester ✌️
John Winchester was proud of his sons. APRIL FOOLS
Bellamy's and Octavia's mother is actually John Winchester.
John Winchester reuniting with his boys! 😀❤ credit:
~ my boundaries by assisting you, John Winchester.
Love that ppl are voting for a young John Winchester spin off ! More I voted!!
I'm convinced that if Destiel had a child he'd look like young john winchester
Bobby is back and Charlie AGAIN? Thank you now all we need is some more John Winchester!
John Calipari Named NABC Coach of the Year - For the third time in his career, John Calipari has been named Nation...
Overheard: John Winchester: Yes I love all of my sons equally. Sam, Adam and [looks at very smudged writing...
I was in a gloomy mood. The picture are the falling angels, but I thought of John Winchester as well as of God.
you ought to change your name to AU John Winchester
Anonymous said: There are two things I believe, without a doubt, about John Winchester. 1) He was a...
Thanks John Stewart for choosing Shannon Williams and Russell Barnett Ford in Winchester, TN!
NEW GIRL Renewed for Season 5 at Fox, as John Cho Joins the Cast
Gotta give it to Kain and John Winchester, they're pretty darned nice to look at too. I need to catch up on SPN so bad
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