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John Waynes

Driving to Damascus is the eighth studio album by Scottish rock band Big Country. It was released in 1999 as both a standard edition and a limited edition digipack, and with bonus tracks in 2002. In the U.S.

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Balaclava-clad police branded 'wannabe John Waynes' mocked over clip of drug warning to…
As I've said many times, we need MORE John Waynes & fewer PeeWee Hermans in this coun…
Once you hear about his humble beginnings and his unwavering faith in God, you'll love John Wayne even more!
My Fav track on the album is Starlight, Shout out to for the beat and track title. S/O to Waynes and Tsomo for em vocals🔥
Life is hard, harder when you are stupid. John Waynes quote
Jome did you ever see John Waynes youtube of an old interview from early 70 s ? Brilliant common sense look it up!
Here's the real Russian collusion: John Kerry stated in 2014 "We got 100% of the chemical... by…
Cool photo. If its Monument Valley, Utah, John Waynes rock, I was on that very rock five years ago. Amazing place.
apparently something's a-stirring on the twits so I'm just going to say I'm glad John Wayne's dead.
John Waynes teeth via This song reminds me of someone .Her teeth have a questionable veener
since I saw the question on face-book about John Waynes best movie.It got me thinking which one is Paddy…
His first time in the director's chair was his biggest disaster. 10 Amazing Stories About John Wayne’s Epic Failure
John Wayne's plea for civil political discourse
well John Waynes dead so he should be a little better
We need more John Waynes and less Kanye Wests
please do not put your John Waynes anywhere near a pizza ESPECIALLY MY PIZZA   10% Off
John Wayne all ways fought for our gun rights for the nra
talks about John Wayne visiting the Harvard Lampoon Society
John Wayne’s best quotes on being a conservative
I spy with my own little eyes, John Waynes crotch
Trump wins endorsement of John Wayne's daughter
I bet he's had more *** than John Waynes rifle.. wonder if he'd like another?.. Only one way to find out.. 💋
To when we got to work on John Waynes car! .
America needs a lot more John Waynes, Reagans and Trumps and a lot less John Kerrys, Clintons, 0bamas and Fondas https…
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse ears, John Wayne's hat up for auction -
quote of the day from my dad: "your *** been cocked more times than John Waynes shotgun". GONE😭😂
fun Texas fact - it took 2 years to build the set of John Waynes' epic movie. The Alamo. Built by a local rancher.
America needs more John Waynes and less Elton Johns. .
At least Trump didn't get his John Waynes mixed up like Michele Bachmann did. You know, John Wayne Gacy, the mass murderer from Waterloo,IA.
pure idiocy... John Waynes to rescue. Who's good guy gun, Bundys or Sheriff?
2 each their own, I get it. .but dang. .where has all the"jonny Cash's & John Waynes"gone to?
We need more John Waynes and less Mileys in this world. 😎
John Waynes son is always so painful to watch "act". It really derails the movies. :)
yes , I think bunting ( the bullet was also banned ) . But John Waynes still shooting them on BBC 😂,
My favorite is when Michelle Bachnmann mixed up the "Waynes" a few years back.
If you happen to have John Wayne's handprints lying around, there's someone who wants them...
Just read new book on Making of John Wayne's Alamo and am now planning a trip to Bracketville
cocked more times than John Waynes shotgun
"Im one of the last John Waynes left in this world." - Hank III
If I had to watch one movie over and over again, it would definitely be... True Grit John Waynes True Grit good western
The Duke and Scouting! Awesome interpretation of the Scout law!...
John Wayne's take on the Scout Law. . Maybe you want to use at an Eagle Court of Honor?
Love my 2nd career as a Scout Leader. The Duke describes great lessons for our youth.
Just finished reading a book on the making of John Wayne's the Alamo. Awesome read
What does the Scout Law mean to your family?
Every parent should read this to their child:
The Duke has a good breakdown of the Scout Law
What was John Wayne’s take on the Scout Law? This is a repost of an entry in BSA's blog. It…
I may have gotten kicked out for smoking, but I still count myself lucky to have been a Scout. . -Tracy
What was John Wayne's take on the Scout Law?
We need more John Waynes in the world.
Did you know John Wayne was born in Winterset, IA just south and west of Des Moines in our own Bo Qui District...
My mom is a HUGE John Wayne fan! She's going to love this post from
What did John Wayne have to say about the Scout Law in 1979 .
I bet you and I have more in common than we think. We may not be from the same town, share birth months or have...
I have to Chuck at John John Wayne's Pub & Eatery and we are a go to get the American Billiard Club Association , American Rotation Series 6 . Will start up the first week of March. Only need 10 players $20 dollars a week for 9 weeks. The top 5 of the round robin format will move to a single elimination tournament. The winner qualifies to play at the series 6 National event along the BCA event in Las Vegas. Will have a sign up sheet up in John Waynes in a week or 2 . Only taking the first 10. If you would like to play or have any questions contact me.
I don't believe Darren Wilson. I didn't believe George Zimmerman's. "I think they're a pair of trigger-happy wannabee John Waynes"
Me and are the only John Waynes left in this town
If Los Angeles wants an NFL franchise so bad, they should promise to name them the John Waynes *** Married To John Fords Smoking Legal Ganja
Did you see 1975 Pontiac Safari Wagon on the Blog? See it here:
We're the only John Waynes left in this town.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
A is a blessed A is blessed John 15:13 Greater love has no man than this..
Post by John Waynes. I listened To him last nite. The Saudi wealth planned 911, my belief
Jordans a slag. Shes been banged more that John Waynes gun. Cant stand that cow
. Tell to the president who isn't using his phone or pen for Sgt. Tahmooressi ! http:/…
Lawsuit by actor John Wayne's heirs over 'Duke' nickname dismissed
John Wayne's Son Delivers a Whiskey Worthy of His Father | Nice piece by on
John Wayne's heirs lose legal brawl over his nickname, Duke:
The end result will be an interesting point of marketing law.
The University should save their legal fees for better purposes. Oh, they gonna lose so bad.
Can you believe after all these years ..
-- Fox News:. Iconic actor John Wayne is known around the world as "The Duke," but his family is locked in a...
John baptised with water, but you shall be baptised in the Holy Spirit - Acts 10:16
John Wayne's family, Duke University fight over name: Wayne's son reacts to ruling over use of father's moniker
Excited that today we will be visiting the town in Ireland that John Waynes movie the Quiet Kansas filmed
See you tonight at my exclusives: The River Beaumont, Rumba Beaumont Night Club, Madison's On Dowlen, PaceSetter Lounge Beaumont, John Waynes, Dixie Dance Hall - Beaumont Texas, Red Room(beside Dixie), The Gig (formerly Antone's) and NOW at West Bar. I will also be at a few other place in town. Look for the Real Rose Lady, I only go to the best places!! See you soon!!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
As an American, at an early early age, I was taught the Pledge of Allegiance. Just as my Daddy, His Daddy, His Daddy's Daddy etc. Along with my Grandfather JL Rodgers, his father before him and so on. I taught it to my children and hopefully they have taught it to theirs. I hope the meaning of the Pledge never gets lost. Red Skelton had a skit where he was going through the Pledge word by word. We need more Red Skeltons and John Waynes and WE NEED GOD BACK IN OUR SCHOOLS.
Music video for the Seaons, produced by none other than Patrick Wayne, John Waynes son.
cocked more times than John Waynes Gun
I am in agony. But that's what I get for slacking off for 3 weeks. Walking like John Waynes sister. Great session tho. Xx thx xx
Boy the weather is crappy tonight..., Its a good thing that Madison's On Dowlen will have Swagger (Austin, TX) playing, with a DJ on their warm, dry back porch!! At PaceSetter Lounge Beaumont, local legend Walter S. McGill will be playing, always a good show and crowd pleaser. And John Waynes, you can dance your butt off, (John, you have some of the best employees in Beaumont)!
Accept Regret tonight at John WayneS! Show kicks off around 10
Time to WIN w/The HoT BoY John Blaze!!! Listen LIVE PLUS pics from Marlon Waynes in KC…
John Mayer bought a winery. Should be hitting shelves soon. Just one more way for him to get inside depressed women. Well …
So go ahead an act tough like your John Waynes son
Gota laugh at some *** writing about bj and steak day fs u have been cocked more time than John Waynes gun ao hu u tryna kid
WHAT is John Wayne's dirty little secret?!.
Straight shots of coffee to survive this morning 😁 John Waynes are life
Aye but cocked more times than John Waynes shotgun.
Yes, all the heroes of John Wayne's The Alamo (1960) are brutally killed at the end, but that's no reason not to…
John Waynes teeth hey yah...can you help me finish the rest of this song lol
All purpose parts banner
Political correctness on parade. I'm with you. Remember John Waynes reading of "The hyphenated American".
So go ahead and act tough like your John Waynes son but things can change fast I kick your ***
the world needs more Duck Commanders, John Waynes, Clint Eastwoods & George Straits
“waynes nice” Wayne ain't been nice since hot boyz and even that's a stretch
Brunch cruise with the wifey for lifey. hornblowerlaoc @ Wild Goose - John Waynes Yacht
My playlist constist of James Blake, John Mayer, James Vincent Mcmorrow, Chet Faker and Bon iver. Yes that's my top 5
My connection--Saw new copper roof being installed on Bob Hopes house while in California, saw John Waynes house near Balboa island (near La Jolla Ca.), was living in Pa. when Frank Sinatra died--the world came to a halt out there, and took son Mike and his friend to see Ronald Reagan when he came to Dixon, Il.---sorry Dean Martin--only saw him in the movies.but great guys all!
Andrea Collison-David Gary might like to know John Waynes hat from the film "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" is on Pawn Stars. Thought you & the GMan would like to check it out.
Yesterday at work my supervisor, James Markin and I had a conversation about classic "tough guys" in movies. I fear that my and my son's generation have been robbed of masculine heroes in movies. Sure, I had Stallone, Norris, Willis and a few others but who does my son have? Ben Affleck? PLEASE!! My question is this: "What ever happened to the DUDES?" Eastwood is still goin' but what about the others of my dad, David Barbee's generation? Where are the Charles Bronsons? Where are the John Waynes? Where are the Charlton Hestons? And we cannot forget Jack Palance, the man who at 73 years old, did one-arm push-ups on stage after accepting the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. What happened to the DUDES?
For Christmas, I'll take 1 Sam Elliot, 3 young John Waynes, and 3 Raylan Givens'. :))) Well I can dream... lol. Maybe a couple Tom Sellecks, too. :D
F.Y.I.Dumb Michele Bachmann Quotes: Top 10 Craziest Michele Bachmann Quotes of All Time: 1."I don't know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We've had an earthquake; we've had a hurricane. He said, 'Are you going to start listening to me here?' Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we've got to rein in the spending." –Rep. Michele Bachmann, suggesting at a presidential campaign event in Florida that the 2011 East Coast earthquake and hurricane was a message from God (Aug. 2011) 2. "Well what I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That's the kind of spirit that I have, too" -Rep. Michele Bachmann, getting her John Waynes mixed up during an interview after launching her presidential campaign in Waterloo, Iowa, where she grew up. The beloved movie star John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa, three hours away. The John Wayne that Waterloo was home to is J ...
The last cookware you will ever have to buy.
Have I got a deal for you! Cast iron cookware is on sale right now! Durable and dependable there is no other type...
Moving with Size & Grace: Russell Meeuf's John Wayne’s World: Transnational Masculinity in the '50s
John Waynes 1st day of doggy day care and he killed it!! Not only did the staff love him, but his 2…
like i said as a show filmed in 1976 everyone should watch John WayneS TRIBUTE TO AMERICA
Go ahead and act tought, like youre John Waynes son. But things can change fast. I could kick your *** and id have a ball.
When John Waynes quote from a movie brainwashed our country. Lol kill them before they kill us! Our government kills us! Join the
Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway, - John Waynes redickulous,TRIBEca Fest,April27th 6pm screening
Anyone else have the fantasy of being John Waynes horse???
Tommy Lee Jones to write and direct the remake of
Youve been cocked more times than John Waynes shotgun
blimey charlie..Pauls off more than John Waynes safety catch! Let the confusion begin again..what time is it!?!
And now everyone has seen John Waynes burnt ***
I have a slight case of the John Waynes, sitting for 1:45 in sweaty shorts on the way home didn't help
watching the Dean Martin Variety show and him and John Wayne are speaking about John Waynes girl that was born (at the time) and he is talking about how he wants her to be raised and learn the old fashioned way of living (which is the good way of living) and how to be thankful to be in the USA. Well looking at the USA in todays standards I think John Wayne would be rolling in his grave.
What you plant you harvest and sometimes you leave that crop behind. Complaining about what all belongs to you when the truth is it all belongs to God and you are just a small part of his big plan. Real Christians trust that God has them where he wants them under whomever is President at that time as real Christians know that God has the final chapter already planned out and the meek with inherit the earth and all the Clint Eastwoods, John Waynes and Ronald Regans in this world or the next will not change a thing. These are actors and the one remaining is just an old man who talks to chairs. Some of us quite understand not wanting to be forced to speak a different language but feel blessed that you have choices, some of us were not given any and will never know what countries our families originated from. I am sure if you asked the American Indian if they would like to take their country back they would tell you that the Trail of Tears was unfair. So put on your BIG People underwear and get over it. You m ...
The military .. Oh NO I guess a picture of sad sack would be a pic of me Crawling under the barracks raking the sand in straight lines We joined the two year thing.. I figured if I liked it, I would have stayed.. but nope Having girlfriend trouble when I went in.. kept me in my usual daffy state It was in the heat of Vietnam and they were packing it full of lots of criminals with the option of the military or prison They said someone had spinal meningitis .. one guy started crying.. I was ignorant.. didn't even care.. ignorance is bliss I guess there were some John Waynes .. but I was scared ! One big guy they made a squad leader was so proud.. big cheese.. and when basic was over and they announced orders for Vietnam.. he was going to.. he passed out like a wet rag and they picked him up he had gravel sticking in his forehead Another fun thing I remember was another hot shot squad leader.. pushing a Puerto Rican kid around.. when we were ready to leave to go home, he came in with a bunc ...
On AMC for Memorial day starting at 8pm EST The Green Berets with John Wayne. This was the ONLY movie made during the Vietnam War that accurately portrayed the war and what our soldiers were up against. It was John Waynes passion to see to it that this movie was accurate in every way, because he felt the american public needed to see the war from the soldiers point of view. John Wayne was famous for his war movies and he made a movie about just about all of them up to Vietnam. Share this movie with someone you may know that is a Vietnam vet. Share it with someone who has no idea just what those vets went through. It will enlighten them.
Doing some reorganizing, can't believe how marvelously random my movie collection is. You got your James Bonds next to your John Candy and Will Ferrel flicks, throw in Lady & the Tramp, The Iron Lady, the Dark Knight trilogy, Back to the Future trilogy, My Cousin Vinny, some John Waynes, Bob Hopes and Schwarzeneggers, Wedding Crashers, The Hunt for Red October, the Best of The Cosby Show.I could go on.
Remeber the ones in congress and the senate that refuse to do their job. Whether they are Democrat or Republican, when you vote in 2014. Make them pay for the state of the economy. Wheter they limit terms equally to presidential terms or not. We can limit thier terms if we agree two terms for anyone is enough. Poor people may not have money to compete but we do have a vote. If we all stick together we can send the good ole boys and John Waynes riding off into the sunset with their tales tucked between their legs. The Rich are counting on you not reading and educating yourself. If you do nothing you should close your mouth and lay their and take it.
One of the few remaining John Waynes left in this world saddled up and rode out unexpectedly this morning. I always thought he was invincible, or that he was just too stubborn to die. Mere words do not do Art's life justice, but I'll always hang on to these memories. As a young boy, he received a bb gun for Christmas, and by the time his parents came back from midnight mass, all of the bulbs were ...shot off the Christmas tree, laying in shambled pieces on the ground. I always liked hearing the story of how he begged his dad for a horse, and great-grandpa Henry broke down and bought him a white quarter. He served in the Army Infantry, and he would tell me about the times when he and his buddies would sneak off base and raise *** He also warned me not to get any tattoos. He got all three of his while drunk one night off base, and he always regretted them. When he fulfilled his service, he hitch-hiked from Kansas to Saint Cloud. As a left-hander with a low to mid 90s fastball (and a mean curveball), he wa . ...
We have had a great week with the grandkids in Omaha, then we went and toured the Bridges of Madison County. Had lunch at an incredible diner used in the movie, saw John Waynes birth home. Then we headed to Valpraiso to see the Why in the road movie premier at a fabulous civil war era Theater. I must say the movie is fantastic every time, I hope it visits a town near you. Home sweet home.
Hey everybodys! This week I'll be at Loughmillers pub dwntown Indy 5-8, then I'm off to CG's sports cafe in Bargersville 930 -1. Then Sat I'll have my band at Triton brewing company on the east side. We play 530-8. Then Sunday, every Sunday, I'll be at the incredible, world famous John Waynes in Greenwood. Start at 8, many special guests will honor us with their presence and talent. Thanx peoplesss hope to see you all this week!
Just got done watching a very interesting film Take Shelter, I was going to make it a double feature with Coriolanus, but as much as I love art movies, one is as good as ten in a row- they do take time to process. I saw Coriolanus a few months ago, it's a Shakespeare play starring Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler- Butler nails the part! I think the guy could run a rebel army for real. Butler and Bana, I'm not convinced there too many other good "Lee Marvins" or "John Waynes" out there.
Unless you order a draught nowadays, it is becoming increasingly frequent to see not only bar but also restaurant patrons in establishments once referred to as classy drinking beer out of the bottle. Or the can. Frequently no glass has become the default. Waiters think you are some vile aristocrat from another era, a snob the likes of which should have been expurgated in the 1960's, when you request one. Despite obvious environmental advantages consisting of saving on water and detergent and sparing extra scrubbing for the dishwasher or bartender/dishwasher with whom so many of us cannot help but commiserate, it seems as though it is but one more step on the slippery stairway that we blithely canter down taking us away from civilization into the generic and the mundane, arguably the barbaric. Far from this author the idea to admonish the John Waynes of this world, relaxing after a long trek down the Chisolm trail or similar rough paths and take a swig of the pleasantly chilled malted beverage. Or to cast ...
Here's one to ponder; who are todays John Waynes, Dean Martin, Walter Brennans. Ward Bonds, etc.
Iowa was better than thought. Bought 3 day license (Tara & I both) caught my 1st yellow bass, followed by 50 other, bluegills, chanel cats, 1 little walleye and 1 2lb largemouth. had fish fry on friday night. kids attended vbs at night while i fished. corn and pastures were brown beans looked ok. checked out John Waynes birthpace, the covered bridges of madison county, and bass pro shops. good time.
What a perfect weekend! Had an amazing time at Aunt Sandy and Uncle Daves anniversary party in Port Angeles, it was great catching up with (and meeting!) Family, Thanks so much! Then a tour through John Waynes wildlife preserve (awesome!), and a trip to sequim bay! And fresh seafood on the way home? Epic weekend!
One thing war does is degrade those sent to fight it. Pretending that they're all noble John Waynes is our way of avoiding that realization.
Had a great 2 wks. camping at Saylorville Lake. Met Lar's brother, Roger and wife, Alicia from Texas there--went to Dutch Villiages, John Waynes' Birthplace and Bridges of Madison County--great times with Cory & Todd & the Cryer family on Mothers Day--6 lbs. latter, too many trips to Orange Leaf & Lemon Tree (ice cream places)!!
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