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John Wayne

Marion Mitchell Morrison (born Marion Robert Morrison; May 26, 1907 – June 11, 1979), better known by his stage name John Wayne, was an American film actor, director and producer.

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Makes me want to see "three faces west", which apparently is a John Wayne depression era movie (that I've never heard of)
John Wayne, James Caan and Robert Mitchum on the set of "El Dorado" [1966]
Thank you Brian. That's what happens when you grow up with John Wayne, Dean Martin and Randolph Scott, galloping into the sunset..
Baby's crazy, Strung out on that John Wayne 💔🎤🐾 Countdown. 9 hrs.
"Red River" (1948) is a Western directed by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift:
Audie Murphy,John Wayne &Gen Patton must be spinning in their graves.I respect all whatever gender but tha…
""“Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”- John Wayne" Cant argue wi…
You couldn't have even auditioned for a John Wayne movie like Ann-Margaret, Angie Dickinson, Katherine Hep…
Last blog from the and a late appreciation of Alberto Contador (as John Wayne):
Got to love a good western movie, can't go wrong with John Wayne
“Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway." ~John Wayne
I loved that line. Also the one where Robin realizing how John Wayne walked. Btw, you stole the show in America's Sweethearts
Just watched my favorite John Wayne western "Rio Lobo" with my son on boys night. He says "Awesome!"
George Bancroft, John Wayne, and Louise Platt in Stagecoach (1939), directed by John Ford
While killing some time, I picked up my cell phone and Googled "Rio Bravo" (the classic John Wayne western). Here...
Is it too late to call dibs on the John Wayne and Clint Eastwood animatronics from GMR? . Actually, give me the whol…
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85%!. "You're 85% John Wayne. You are tough and have found yourself in a lot of tight spots, but like the western...
I love The Quite Man. It's one of John Wayne's best (and not a Western). A troubled boxer moves to his ancestral Irish home.
THATS NOT A FAIR COMPARISON: Red River was John Wayne best Western, but Jane Fonda was a *B* Actress, but S…
I need a spaghetti western starring Gaga w/her pink hat as she rides into town w/John Wayne playing in the background
John Wayne loaned out his iconic cavalry hat to Sammy Davis Jr. to make a western movie: https:/…
High school English teacher called it John Wayne toilet paper. "It'll add two inches to your stride."
IOWA has Ashton Kutcher. IOWA has Adam DeVine. IOWA has John Wayne. IOWA has Elijah Wood. IOWA has a bunch of irrelevan…
Just watchin' "The Alamo" with John Wayne. His portrayal of David Crockett is simply ridiculous. At that time the were the progressive.
"Life's tough. Its even tougher if you're stupid" John Wayne
Here's hoping this is a Whose Line tribute weekend and we also get John Wayne, Carol Channing and Michael Jackson.
One was human being. John Wayne who I adore. John Wayne Gacy, Jr was a disgusting waste of oxygen.
Well, as John Wayne once told Barbara Walters when Harry Reasoner was giving her grief, "Don't let the *** get you down."
John Wayne imitated Wyatt Earp's walk and talk in movies!.
I think it's because someone @ the John Wayne airport crashed a plane into the 405 & they shut it down just before rush hour😂
hi there this just happened on the 405 freeway near the John Wayne airport
Little Giant Ladders
Flew into John Wayne pre Maui. Nice little airport
Just saw the craziest thing on the 405 near John Wayne airport. Thankfully they're saying everyone on the plane is alive…
While working as a prop boy, John Wayne met Wyatt Earp; He later credited his walk, talk, and persona to Earp
"The American people want John Wayne to ride up on a white horse with a silver bullet". -Robert Rubin
I am pretty sure that John Wayne, ne Marion Morrison, was from my hometown, Glendale, CA. Know he went to Glendale…
Before Clint Walker was cast this movie was being considered by John Wayne and director John Ford
I think it has something to do with Jeff Bridges and John Wayne
the John Wayne version not the Jeff Bridges one, correct?
No offense to either the Coen Bros. or Jeff Bridges, but "True Grit" belongs to John Wayne. "Come see a fat old man sometime."
Lone Star state leads the again! choosing John Wayne as a symbol , I live in cal we got Bill Nye :(
It’s like a scene out of a western movie, but that’s not John Wayne, it’s the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office.
Tries to talk tough like John Wayne.. does his makeup like John…
Watching a classic the one& only John Wayne in Cahill US Marshal.that voice u could recognise anywhere.
I was correct in my assumption, Han Solo was inspired by John Wayne's Cowboy and Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca.
A kids cowboy outfit surely. Clint Eastwood and John Wayne wouldn't have dressed like that.
John Wayne said it best. Life is hard. It's even harder when you're stupid. Biden is the gaff king of…
Michael Caine in Sleuth 1972 and 2007. John Wayne in Rio Bravo (1959) and El Dorado (1967) . (I had to Google)
John Wayne did not have cancer n 1977 & 78 when Superman filmed @ Pinewood Studios; was…
In Memory of John Wayne's 110th Birthday (1907-1979). My favorite movie of his has to be El Dorado 🎥
in 1907 John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa. His real name was Marion Mitchell Morrison.
Happy 110th 🎂 Marion Mitchell Morrison - better known by his stage name John Wayne - The Duke.…
Marion Mitchell Morrison (born May 26, 1907), known professionally as John Wayne and nicknamed Duke, was an...
The producers of this movie didn't like the name Marion Morrison and so John Wayne was picked…
Happy 110TH Birthday to Marion Michael Morrison,AKA the Duke, AKA John Wayne. One of the biggest Icons of the 20th Century, Loved his Movies
Happy Birthday to Actor/ Producer/ Voice talent Marion Robert Morrison better known as John Wayne. Born in Winterset, Iowa (1907-1979).
you mean the guy named Marion Morrison who pretended to be "John Wayne" - easy to see the insecurity from the beginning...
Marion Mitchell Morrison better known as John Wayne (May 26, 1907 – June 11, 1979) was born on this date 110...
"Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday." John Wayne (Marion Mitchell Morrison born Marion Robert Morrison)
Marion Morrison was born in Winterset today in 1907! The world would later love him as John Wayne.
. Thomas Mitchell, Clark Gable, Robert Montgomery, John Wayne & John Ford on the set of They Wer…
Remembering Robert Montgomery on his birthday. Here he is with John Wayne and Donna Reed in "They Were Expend…
Listening to John Wayne in ear/headphones is giving me eargasm oh my fu**ing god.
Having a bite to eat & 2 on the wall are 2 people that have spoken with us. Bette Davis & John Wayne.
Never apologize and never explain, it’s a sign of weakness. John Wayne
“A man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by, no matter his job.” –John Wayne
They moved directly across from John Wayne right next door to the chevron station on MacArthur blvd
John Agar was also in John Wayne's film regulars for a time.
1885 John Wayne and George "Gabby" Hayes on the set of Blue Steel, 1934, directed by Robert…
New artwork for sale! - "John Wayne and Robert Mitchum by John Springfield" -
Maybe the best part of SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON is when John Wayne puts on his reading glasses UPSIDE DOWN
Having been offered the lead role, John Wayne read the script and turned this movie down
Excited to see John Ford's She Wore A Yellow Ribbon at Metrograph in 35mm. John Wayne all day!
Those 2 John Wayne movies WERE on the Saturday schedule, but now it's "Support Your Local Sheriff" instead. Didn't…
Back in my day we had Bruce Lee, James Bond, John Wayne, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin, Doris Day, Toni Curtis, A...
John Wayne with his son Patrick and Walter Brennan on the set of "Rio Bravo" ( 1959)
More like John Wayne or Gary Cooper or Clark Gable. You bring up Michael Cera. He's the 21st centu…
Things can get weird at the NFL Draft. . Here are the strangest draft moments ever, from Bo Jackson to John Wayne.…
Walker loves Clarke. Clarkes the kind of "John Wayne" sheriff Walker would like to be if HE were sheriff.
Look at Dirty Harry movies, Rambo from the past. John Wayne: The Searchers. The Leave It To Beaver 50…
Great shades of John Wayne westerns - why do conservative Americans support handing our Rio Grande Riv…
Do you care that John Wayne died of 42 lbs of impacted feces? Oh and that Sandy Hook n…
John Wayne a true American hero. Where are they heroes for Americans anymore.
I love fast cars, slow kisses, John Wayne movies and I don't mind dancing, I wanna fall in love, wanna waltz across Texas🎵🎶. Aaron Watson
. That's right, Chuck. Guys like Charleton Heston & John Wayne understood what America st…
Rio Bravo, with Chiwetel Ejiofor in the John Wayne part, Anthony Mackie in Dean Martin role, and Janelle Monae in R…
No, John Wayne wasn't trying to crash the Playboy Mansion, this was his appearance on ROWAN & MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN in…
If I didn't know better I'd say John Wayne was the lead singer of Crash Test Dummies.
4/15/68 The Astros and Mets combined for 39 players used. John Wayne, who was filming "Hellfighters" in Houston, wa…
Neighbor just saw me tear open a bag of John Wayne charcoal with a First Blood knife & I'm worried she's guessed how sm…
Public restrooms on the side of the highway here in South Africa are an interesting experience. John Wayne toilet paper.
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The one where Kamal Hasan imitates Brando, Eastwood, John Wayne and De Niro .
I got more respect for Sheriff Andy Taylor then this fake black John Wayne wa…
Needed: a little more John Wayne and a little less whining. Enlist in the USFA at Join now! htt…
Once you hear about his humble beginnings and his unwavering faith in God, you'll love John Wayne even more!
apparently something's a-stirring on the twits so I'm just going to say I'm glad John Wayne's dead.
Bruce Lee shoot Shane . John Wic, John Wayne . Elliot Nick no Johnny Dang. Look at my clique gang, bang (bang)
John Wayne's plea for civil political discourse
Today I rode in John Wayne and Sam Elliot's footprints. and yeah,…
the Culver City hotel is very pretty and was owned by John Wayne and Chaplin at one point but it has a dumb crooked frame
He's Will Smith in every movie (annoying smart *** - similar issue I have with John Wayne etc.
"John Wayne can play Genghis Khan, and Omar Sharif can play Doctor Zhivago, a Slav. It's all just cinematic conventions," ~ MAMORU OSHII
John Wayne secretly appeared in both 'Wagon Train' and 'Star Wars'
John Wayne secretly appeared in both Wagon Train and
I always imagine Pat Summitt like John Wayne. I haven't decided if Geno is Omar Little or Gunnery Sergeant Hartman.
John Wayne & Montgomery Cliff in Red River, part of our Reminiscence season - Tue 21 Mar, 12.00.…
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by watching John Ford/John Wayne's The Quiet Man, a stirring tribute to life on the Emerald…
Savage Honeymoon, starring John Wayne and Rene Russo. Directed by Sidney Lumet, music by Melissa Etheridge. Budget: $2m
George Takei isn't in this one because he was off appearing with John Wayne in the film "The Green Berets."
If you don't like John Wayne you ain't right
Seriously my dad was a huge John Wayne fan but ha couldn't sit through Glenn Campbell. lmao
I crave a real wild man, I'm strung out on John Wayne!
John Ford's classic Western THE SEARCHERS was released on this date in 1956, starring John Wayne as the anti-hero Etha…
John Wayne's Alamo, Ballad of the Alamo sung by Marty Robbins via
Video: Emma Roberts jamming to John Wayne while preparing for a fashion show!
Trumpy's nightmare... a giant pink phone with Glen Campbell and John Wayne listening to everything he says, and rep…
"It's a shame kids have to grow up to be people." This line by John Wayne aka Davy Crockett in the movie The Alamo cracked me up!
"What's the difference between John Wayne and Jack Daniels?. Jack Daniels is still killing injuns". 💀
A number of famous people were buried in unmarked graves, such as Mozart, John Wayne, Bobby Driscoll, and Roy Orbison.…
The Sons of Katie Elder is a great movie!! But my favorite John Wayne movie is for El Dorado!
Emma Roberts jamming to John Wayne made my day better.
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Emma Roberts bopping to John Wayne on snapchat! 😍
Listening to this NPR story about how activists are inspired by John Wayne like they've never heard of Phil Ochs
Emma Roberts listening to Lady Gaga's 'John Wayne' as she prepares for a fashion show!
Emma Roberts getting her life to John Wayne is all of us
I love the Sons of Katie Elder. Dean Martin and John Wayne made a great pairing.
This is where the fun starts. Just watch me do my Fred Gwynne impersonation. Or is that John Wayne? --Whatever!
Cousin Eddie's quote of the day "John Wayne would never use a surge protector" - Jimmy Pop
We're about John Wayne, Johnny Cash, and John Ray around here
We're about John Wayne, Johnny Cash and John Deere Way out here...
Not seen that one. Loved Stewart in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Made even better with John Wayne and great cast
David Clark is the John Wayne of the America's Men and Woman in the Police Force.❤️
Jilted John/John Wayne is big leggy/(Janet and) John/John Noakes/John Lennon (my brain is a strange repository of things)
Hollywood is now a myth of what it once was. John Wayne, Clark Gable, Marlon Brando are all gone. Stuck with Ashley Judd and Sean Penn.
On the Republic Studios lot, John Wayne pulls children Michael, Patrick, Toni and Melinda for a ride.
John Wayne, With sons Patrick and Michael he had from his first wife Josie
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
this "man" does not deserve the name John Wayne, disgraceful smh
Larry is up here propping up John Wayne... No surprise. Larry is a child. A *** through and through
I think I love John Wayne bc it reminds me of my favorite song from Artpop Mary Jane Holland by Lady Ga…
This morning Cadets are starting out their morning by listening to a presentation by Command Sgt. Maj. John Wayne...
1896 John Wayne, John Ford and Arthur Shields during a break in filming for The Quiet Man, 195…
we still don't know the name of the guy from the "John Wayne" music video. help a girl out
Ford, aged 74, was instructed to land on a runway at John Wayne airport in Orange Country on Monday. But instead...
Which 74 year old pilot crashed a helicopter, a plane, and in 2017 had a near miss with an air-liner at John Wayne airport ??? Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford in plane mishap when he landed his aircraft on taxi way instead of runway at John Wayne airport narrowly missing an AA 737.
if he can pilot the Millennium Falcon, surely he can stick a Cessna landing at John Wayne airport. No story here, Chewy.
Time to yank his lic. John Wayne is a busy airport.⚠️. Harrison Ford under investigation by FAA for airport incident
Loved John Wayne by Lady Gaga on
I'm in my prime I feel like a new Wayne. How come there is 2 women.but ain't no 2 Wayne's
Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne and Robert Mitchum walk into a bar. Chuck Norris runs out the back door.
Let watch the John Wayne video real quick
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John Wayne was an instant snatcher from the beginning
I cannot get with it but john Wayne slowly tbh
Super Bowl, Joanne tour dates, John Wayne, Drag Race, Grammys, Top 5 hit, all this in the period of 7 days. Such a time t…
.boicoteando Youtube is robbing/deleting views of John Wayne. There's no way Katy Perry's lyric video has more views.
How comes John Wayne McCain has the worst VA Hospital in the U.S. N his State!
YES i love that song so much tbh and i also love john wayne even tho not a lot of people like it
Ted Bundy was an active republican. John Wayne Gacy was an active democrat. Are you the kind of guy who keeps his victims, or ditches them?
I added John Wayne to Gaga's red carpet video and I'm honestly gagging
John Wayne takes a break during the filming of 'The Undefeated', circa 1969 -.
I've watched it 7,497 times before...,but, I'd rather watch John Wayne in Rio Grande than all this other crap...
Lady Gaga - John Wayne. 2366. I don't really think words are needed. Directed by Jonas Akerlund.
Please check out my reaction to John Wayne music video by Thanks :).
Lady Gaga: *does the Super Bowl*. Lady Gaga: *on Drag Race s9*. Lady Gaga: *releases a flawless video for John Wayne*. Me: https…
John Wayne parr is one of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world, I got mad respect for him.
John Wayne parr seems like the coolest dude
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"Neon-lit choreography and fast-paced action make John Wayne a wild ride." Watch on Apple Music now! https…
Lady Gaga has released her new video for 'John Wayne'.
Lady Gaga's new video was released for 'John Wayne.
Watch Lady Gaga's brand new music video for 'John Wayne' directed by Jonas Akerlund in HD: .
Someone link me where to watch the John Wayne music video without Apple Music 😩😩😩
omg you are Lara Croft ,,Tom Raider in John Wayne video !
RANCH TALES: Remembering the Duke: Unlike so many of the early cowboy heroes on the silver screen, John Wayne was…
& Gny Highway (Clint Eastwood) should correct all the liberal left hypocrites in Hollyweird? Make John Wayne Proud!
John Wayne considered himself a liberal until he got to Hollywood. Ditto Ronald Reagan. You're in...
John Wayne is on the Hot Tracks section on US iTunes... Maybe it will be the 3rd single after Million Reasons peaks…
I think John Wayne will be the third single at some later point, they must be testing it right now to see how it does on iTunes
works when you're a legacy act. don't know she didn't perform Ayo or John Wayne
New artwork for sale! - "John Wayne, Vintage Hollywood Actor" -
I can't at John Wayne being added so high on Hot Tracks on US iTunes, Million Reasons could've really used that boo…
tell me, how does one walk like John Wayne?
My goal in life is to have every John Wayne movie
Other movies that came out in 1939: Wizard of Oz, Mr Smith Goes to Washington and John Wayne's breakout hit Stagecoach
Listen closely, pal. This ain't a movie. And you're not John Wayne. You sound like a drunk wobbling on a bar stool.
John Wayne had had some connection to some traffic helicopter on the problem. Whole thesauruses analyzed.'.
Perfect weekend for some John Wayne with that 🍕
I'm still kinda sad that Lady Gaga didn't perform John Wayne at the Super Bowl
I added a video to a playlist John Wayne and Mothers Warning Band playing at the Amy Rae DeMoss
John Wayne Gacy used to work for you
In the immortal words of John Wayne: "Don't let the *** get you down."
Red Dead Redemption got me feeling like John Wayne
He doesnt' understand anything about foreign policy except that America is going to ride in like John Wayne & take care of business.
John Wayne was just added on the front page 'Hot Tracks' list on iTunes. Next single???
people, quit looking for trouble! John Wayne once said: you can't fix stupid! And so it goes.
If she isn't walking around like John Wayne the next day, did you even hit that bruh?
Stuart Hamblin was won to Christ at one of Billy Graham’s first California Crusades ! He said that John Wayne...
James Stewart, John Ford and John Wayne on the set of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962).
is it just me or does chump think he's John Wayne? Is he playing the part like a reality television show?
Tonight's movie, at 7:30 in the Community Room, will be "Cahill: U. S. Marshall" with John Wayne and George Kennedy.
John Wayne created Wayne Enterprises to sell products based on his likeness to fund cancer research. Was John Wayne Batman?
"Figure a man's only good for one oath at a time; I took mine to the Confederate States of America." - John Wayne...
Not sure why some would care to risk radioactivy-fallout dust and soil. John Wayne "Ghengis Kahn" movie filmed at A…
Who has killed more Indians than John Wayne?...Union Carbide
Things I'd like to see: Howard Hawks Directing John Ford watching Montgummery Clift sckng John Wayne dck.
There's a Broke Back Mountain scene between John Wayne and Randolph Scott that gives the film an adult certificate
. Before there was John Wayne, there was Randolph Scott!
1898 Director Budd Boetticher on the set of Seven Men From Now with producer John Wayne and Ra…
Boy howdy! I love this guy! Told the Lamestream Media just how it is! He went full John Wayne on them. Ya gotta lov…
John Wayne, Randolph Scott & Marlene Dietrich in The Spoilers from 1942. Watching an oldie but a goodie on
Loving the biog some great stories. Glad you survived the oily dock and John Wayne!
let Em all go. I'm gonna chug Budweiser all day while I wear a Dale Sr. Wife beater and watch John Wayne movies.
John Wayne put America first. No Inauguration boycotts from the Duke.
Katharine Hepburn and John Wayne on the set of “Rooster Cogburn”, 1974
Victor McLaglen, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey Jr, John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara..Rio of the best westerns ever. Also Ken Curtis!!
I wonder if Im actually related to Patrick Stewart. . I know im related to John Wayne on my mom's side.
Definitely liked it, but Rooster Cogburn is the role John Wayne was born to play.
This is ROOSTER! Rooster Cogburn of course since his sire is John Wayne. He is a eighteen months old stud colt.
Slowly wakes with brutal hangover:: "Coffee!" --John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn
URI's had good ones. Monica Darby called a teammate her fav player, dropped a quote dubiously credited to John Wayne
John Wayne said he had a Lustrum left in him in Rooster Cogburn and the Lady...
That was Robert Conrad. Robert Mitchum did a ton of movies, including Rio Bravo, with John Wayne,…
Haven't watched any since John Wayne got Oscar for True Grit...I knew these people didn't watch it!.
Blimey ! Half expecting John Wayne, Richard Widmark and Laurence Harvey to show up in penalty box before too long.
"Man's man" as in To Wong Fu Thanks got everything not John Wayne.
Tyrone Power, John Wayne and his son Patrick on the set of "The Long Gray Line".
Peter Lawford in a white turtleneck, John Wayne walking on a compound fractured ankle...
That line is actually from the movie The Friends of Eddie Coyle. Misattributed to John Wayne, but that affect your use if it.
Howard Hawks setting up the scene where John Wayne tends to the wounded boy - El Dorado (1965)
John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and Charlene Holt in Howard Hawks' released 47 years ago today.
John Wayne and Howard Hawks during the filming of their final collaboration (1970)
Evans has an entire man cave FULL of cowboy stuff! John Wayne, the Lone Ranger, the Cisco Kid, you name it!
there are too many to fit in 140 characters! George Jones, Hank Sr, Johnny Cash, John Wayne, Ronnie Van Zant, and MANY more
I got this picture from the Audie Murphy Museum in Greenville, TX. I bought a brick for John Wayne.…
mr Powell I'm far too young for John Wayne and the searchers, summing up the Ospreys region, Cardiff super club development 😅
I added a video to a playlist North to Alaska (1960) with John Wayne, Stewart Granger, Ernie Kovacs
Lorena Bobbitt is a domestic violence advocate. John Wayne's been arrested 5x, convicted 2x of abuse to other women.
I think Charlie Daniels was absolutely right. It is a crying shame. John Wayne would have been an awesome President.
in the words of the great Charlie Daniels "it's a shame ol' John Wayne didn't live to run for president"
Hey how about a erb of James Arness vs John Wayne?
John Wayne in car with Howard Hawks, Michele Carey and James Caan on the set of El Dorado. Coming to from…
Lady and Gent 1932 Pre-Code film directed by Stephen Roberts and an early role for John Wayne
Just another American who saw too many movies as a child? Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he's John Wayne? Rambo?
It's horrible when you get an itchy bumhole in public and you can't itch it and end up walking like John Wayne trying to get rid of it
Looking for lost film THE OREGON TRAIL (1936)// BBC News - Searching for John Wayne in the Alabama Hills
OK, I'm laughing aloud at Nathan Lane, trying to walk and talk like John Wayne. "Howdy, man!" LOL
John Wayne and Dancin' in Circles should legit be singles. They are 🔥
John Wayne gave an interview in which attacked Kirk viciously for being liberal. Kirk ended Hollywood Blacklist by hiring Dalton Trumbo
You should probably go listen to John Wayne by Lady Gaga. Ya I'm as shocked as you are. At least I'm not listening to Kane Brown🙄
One of my childhood heroes, Along with Audie Murphy, John Wayne, and Sam Kinison, and Stevie Ray Vaughn. RIP and...
Landed at John Wayne in Orange County and am on the way to a limited engagement event in Beverly Hills before...
Watching In Harm's Way movie other night with John Wayne, Kirk Douglas...Pearl Harbor + WW2 in Pacific…
Courage is being scared to.dea.h, but saddling up anyway. - John Wayne
Lady Gaga as part of Victoria's Secret's Angels after her performance of 'John Wayne'!
It's no wonder they chose John Wayne to portray Genghis Khan in the 1956 film 'The Conqueror'...they're like twins!
PHOTOS: Lady Gaga performing 'A-YO' and 'John Wayne' from her album at the 👏🏼
Lady Gaga walking the runway with wings after her performance of 'John Wayne' at the
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Gaga: Slays performances of Million Reasons, John Wayne and A-YO at serves looks all day and all night long i…
HD IMAGES: Lady Gaga performing Million Reasons, A-YO and John Wayne at in Paris -
Aaron Rogers better than John Wayne? I don't think so Jon Gruden.
Breaking news- Aaron Rogers is greater than John Wayne
Hitchcock should've cast John Wayne in ROPE instead of Jimmy Stewart.
John Wayne didn't rush Bunker Hill to avenge Pearl Effin Harbor so you could sit Hijabbed *** on the fence.
That should get you going. :) Interviews with: Mary Astor, Louise Brooks, Jackie Coogan, John Wayne, Lillian Gish, Gloria Swanson, etc etc.
And an older generation of John Wayne, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart...
Uncle Pat's over here just quoting every line from all of the John Wayne movies we've watched today... Which is three
Spent the evening watching John Wayne movies and playing with my dog. It's been a good evening
"There's famous cowboys names on the ground like John Wayne, Daniel Boone, sikajawaka...". "You mean Sacajawea?". 😭😭
eating and watching the John Wayne marathon.
we've got the John Wayne marathon on.
I'm John Wayne at the first Thanksgiving, Happy thanksgiving pilgrims
PT is going well one week in all I need is to find a horse to make this John Wayne walk I've got going on look normal 😫
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Dancin In Circles, John Wayne, Diamond Heart, Hey Girl needs to be a single !.
My most useful acting tip came from my pal John Wayne. Talk low, talk ...
Deff gonna be walking like John Wayne in the morning... Slight groin strain after doing a bambi style splits 😂⛸😳
I had "John Wayne" by Lady Gaga stuck in my head as soon as my alarm went off this morning, & it was the most disorienting intro to Sunday.
"Life is tough. And it's even tougher if you're stupid." -John Wayne, Sands of Iwo Jima (quoted by my pastor today in church ;). 💒
TRUMP: I'm gettin' John Wayne buzz here!. CONWAY: In frog swamps, maybe. In the mainstream it looks like a joke. TRUMP: It is me?…
Jack Lemmon there looks like the love child of Robert Vaughn and John Wayne
McCain is still living in the John Wayne era!
Im bigger and badder than John Wayne and cooler than Steve Earl
1904 Director *** Powell with Thomas Gomez, John Wayne and Susan Hayward on the set of The Conqu…
Maureen O'Hara RIP was a great actress she was brilliant alongside John Wayne;I also like Stephanie Powers who also starred along John Wayne
Hellcat, John Wayne and Robert Ryan during filming of 'Flying Leathernecks', 1951
Of the two 'True Grits,' the John Wayne version one is better.
"When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.". John Wayne and James Stewart in 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valan…
We had never heard of John Wayne. But we idolized us some Chuck Connors:.
Update your maps at Navteq
On Nov. 10, 1992 Chuck Connors died. He was the John Wayne of our youth:
John Wayne aint got nothilg on my fringe gage, *** no
but decent where it will never age. Bops: Diamond Heart, John Wayne, Dancin in circles
Woody Strode and John Wayne never got on. Strode felt that Wayne exaggerated his record as a football player.
for such a tough guy no one on the planet whines more than Trump. He makes Woody Allen sound like John Wayne.
James Arness was a way better cowboy than John Wayne. Just sayin...
John Wayne was all like, "now I ain't a peter puffer, but gun to my head?...James Arness".
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