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John Wall

John Wallis (23 November 1616 – 28 October 1703) was an English mathematician who is given partial credit for the development of infinitesimal calculus.

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John Wall is recruiting Paul George to the Wizards. That would be a deadly duo🔥.
John Wall trying to recruit Paul George to the Washington Wizards. MORE:
John Wall has his sights set on Paul George 👀.
John Wall, Bradley Beal and Paul George. On the same floor. At the same time. Could it happen? Wall hopes so.
John Wall is reportedly recruiting Paul George to join the Wizards
Could we see Paul George in a Wizards jersey? . John Wall is trying to make it happen.
John Wall reaching out to Paul George is interesting, as is his quote about needing a 3rd guy. A.k.a. not Otto Porter.…
John Wall is reportedly recruiting Paul George in hopes he will push for trade to the Wizards.
John Wall says he’s recruiting Paul George to push for Wizards trade
John Wall's response to not making either NBA All-Defensive Team: 'Lol'
This one will bother Wizards fans. John Wall hanging with Isaiah and Kelly during
Tough one to rate. But my top 3 would be:. 1. Anthony Davis. 2. John Wall . 3. Boogie Cousins
You've been named a coach in a 2on2 tournament, which team are you picking. Team 1: John Wall, Bam Adebayo. Team 2: Malik Monk…
Dunn dumb straight. We got baby John Wall & baby Dame Lillard in one. He went Top 5 for a reason.
Dennis Smith Jr. was the 1st freshman to average at least 15 PPG, 6 APG and 1.5 steals per game since John Wall in 2009-…
I was on record saying Kris Dunn was my favorite player last draft. Less athletic John Wall.
So worst-case scenario you get De'Aaron Fox, a guy with John Wall upside, along with Zach Collins? Saves t…
Wow- a max deal for John Wall? Im happy for him, but to me, Wall fits into the Curry/Holiday/Lawson 4 yrs/40-45 mill range.
Is Fultz supposed to be Kyrie good? John Wall good? Pre Injury Rose? Russ? Those who saw him play help me out here
Fox reminds me a lot of John Wall with his athleticism and speed. That's hard to pass up...
Who would win in a fight? Shirtless JR Smith v. Gang sign John Wall
untucked jersey Kyrie Irving up there with the all time greats such as flash sticker D.Wade, gang sign John Wall, and jers…
I rather have John Wall lite but that's just me
My guess is Kentucky with Anthony Davis, John Wall and someone else.
Untucked jersey Kyrie Irving is scarier than gang sign John Wall
Marketing over coffee is a weekly discussion of what's new in marketing with John Wall and Christopher Penn.
John Wall believes De'Aaron Fox will be the best point guard in this draft class.
John Wall got some new, interesting tattoos recently. 💯
"He reminds me of myself a lot, just a lefty.”. John Wall believes De’Aaron Fox will be the best PG in the draft https:…
I wished I lived in a world where JR Smith, John Wall, and Stephen Jackson are all teammmates
John Wall doesn't make anyone better yet Garrett Temple got paid $24 million by the Kings. Lmao yeah okay.
John Wall says bench was Wizards 'downfall,' wishes Kelly Oubre had played more, per
John Wall wants the Wizards to improve their bench this offseason, believes that is the Wizards biggest weakness.
I don't know what is more sad that people think Lebron surpassed Michael Jordan or that people think Kyrie is better than John Wall.
John Wall has 32 double-doubles this season. That's more than all other East All-Star guards (Irving, Thomas, Lowry, Walker)…
Jason Smith reflects on the season, talks about what it was like playing with John Wall, and discusses his plans for the o…
I'm not saying John Wall and Brad Beal are the only players about which Lebron is worried... Zach Lowe is.
Zach Lowe: "The Cavaliers give no thought to anyone in the East beyond John Wall and Bradley Beal."
DeMar DeRozan joins John Wall, Jimmy Butler, Draymond Green and DeAndre Jordan on the All-NBA 3rd team, his first career All-…
John Wall is the 8th player in NBA history to average 25+ points and 10+ assists per playoff game
John Wall has always been better than Kyrie and that's just a fact first of all. Second, Kyrie is Kirkland Signature Steph
John Wall is another one of those talented guys who is not That Guy. Not a Game 7, 4th quarter kind of guy. Came up sm…
John Wall and Bradley Beal played a combined 1012 minutes these playoffs, more than any duo in the NBA
"The only thing Kyrie beats John Wall at is handles" - Jason Moore
John Wall and the Wizards let Kelly Olynek steal a series from them lmao
Game 7 stars gotta show up and find a way to Win. John Wall didn't do enough.
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I don't know why people expected John Wall to show up in game 7.
Wizards could've won that game, John Wall did not show up tonight 😪
John Wall may have point shaved this second half.a team cnt win when the leader does this smfh
John Wall bout to lead us to the eastern conference finals 💪🏾
I think Beth Mowins was assigned the MNF game because LeBron isn't clutch and John Wall didn't have a father figure. Just me though.
Isiah and John Wall game 7 tonight. For once, the NBA playoffs are entertaining
John Wall continuously making Colin Cowherd look like a fool is honestly one of my favorite things in sports.
Kemba Walker would be better than John Wall - Me (Circa 2011)
Wizards beat reporter rips into Colin Cowherd after more John Wall criticism (VIDEO)
While you guys wait for John Wall's heroics tonight. James Neal's game winning OT goal is much better with Titanic mu…
John Wall pulled up like this? That shot was good before he event thought about taking it.
This was when I knew that John Wall was a D.C. Legend. This is his city 💯💯💯💯
Bryce Harper celebrates new contract with 2-run walk-off bomb vs. Phillies, then shouts out John Wall 💯. 🎥:
This "Death Row DC" thing is getting out of hand, John Wall's walking to the locker room with Suge Knight
Sam Cassell, John Wall and Gilbert Arenas chat before an Oct. 2010 Wizards game:
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Isaiah Thomas and John Wall looking at each other like...
Bradley Beal's reaction to John Wall jumping on the scorers table😂😂
John Wall's shot was so clutch that Albert Einstein used his time travel technology to come witness it. . Credit - Eri…
John Wall was feeling himself after his game-winner last night (NSFW) (via
Bradley Beal was shocked to hear John Wall jumped on top of the scorer's table 😂
John Wall put the Wizards on his back last night. (▶️
John Wall put the Wizards on his back in Game 6. 🔥.
What do John Wall and Ray Allen have in common? Coming up in the clutch in the playoffs.
Bradley Beal had no idea John Wall jumped on the scorer's table 😂
John Wall rips Celtics for "wearing all black, talking about a funeral" before game.
"Don't come to my city wearing all black, talkin' bout it's a funeral." -John Wall.
Watch Bradley Beal's disbelief when learning John Wall jumped on the scorers table after the final buzzer. 😂.
i have the right to be sad, John Wall hit a game winning 3 on us with 4 seconds left
John Wall arrives in style at the Verizon Center for Game 6.
John Wall literally had me sitting in the Verizon Center with my face in my hands just butt hurt
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John Wall is the epitome of a september Virgo . We win.
John Wall made a Game 7 out of nothing. Wizardry.
It took me 90 minutes to get home from the Verizon Center and I'm STILL taking about John Wall.
Alex Ovechkin is at Verizon Center in a John Wall jersey ready for Game 6.
Thank you John Wall, I needed a Verizon Center WIN! Let's get this
Put a John Wall statue in front the Verizon Center!
I hope John Wall and Isaiah Thomas have and EPIC game 7 duel like LeBron and Paul Pierce in 08
Chris Paul . Isaiah Thomas . John Wall. Damien Lillard. Kyrie Irving . My favorites point guards(not in this order)
John Wall so cold blooded, this is how he sleeps at night
One more look as John Wall calls his own number to force Game 7!
John Wall & Brad Beal embrace after the game. onto Game 7 on Monday!
Two things: Whether you like it or not John Wall is the best PG in the east. Second, Amir Johnson needs to be back in the star…
I knew when I saw the Celtics in black, IN D.C, they were takin' that L. John Wall is a Virgo. We don't do well with brazen disrespect.
See you in Boston! John Wall pulls up over Avery Bradley for cold-blooded winning 3-pointer with 3.5 seconds left to force Game 7 -
Put the team on your back, John Wall.
John Wall wasn't ready for his season to be over.
I believe Johnny is mad online that the wizards won this ball game via John Wall's three point basket
John Wall should announce he is running for president in 2020 right now.
John Wall wasn't for it in that post game interview.
John Wall wants to be the best PG in the game. The block on Thomas and the GW jumper were "best PG" type plays.
John Wall has the best serial killa faces after big shots
If the Celtics had worn gray and blue John Wall would have missed that shot*. *this is a bad, bad take you will hear
John Wall best point guard right now
John Wall gets that Allen Iverson type abuse when he gets into the lane.
Alexander Ovechkin needs to take notes from John Wall on how to play in a must win game.
Is Scott Brooks really coming out with Brandon Jennings and John Wall on the pine? With season on the line? Thanks..
John Wall tucking his hands behind his back after every shot is killing me lol!
John Wall when he has a basketball in his hands:
NBA Playoffs: Isaiah Thomas, Celtics look to close out series against Wizards and John Wall in Game 6; watch live in the ESPN App
Celtics showed up in all black. John Wall showed up with Suge Knight
What Boston fans had in store for Oubre was so vulgar that it caught Wizards star John Wall off guard.
John Wall says Wizards didn't expect "F--k you, Oubre" chants in Boston
Turns out Avery Bradley was taking John Wall's lunch money in high school too
John Wall and Brad Beal, who couldn't miss against the Hawks, are 11-33 and Al Horford is ballin out of his mind. Terrible night for Hawks
Avery Bradley has his game flowing tonight. John Wall & the Do not
Greg Anthony just said John Wall has been the 2nd-best player in the postseason. Kawhi Leonard says hello, but this isn't a terrible take.
John Wall's incredible vision sets up with this sweet dish to Marcin Gortat! Wizards/Celtics Game 5: 8pm…
John Wall vs. Isaiah Thomas: A new rivalry is bubbling up in the East
Jae Crowder playing Isaiah Thomas' son 1 on 1 looks like Jae Crowder guarding John Wall this series.
Remember when guard John Wall didn't get a single vote among GMs for best passers in the NBA?
And for the record. John Wall is great but his whole team getting cooked by Isiah Thomas
John Wall currently leads the playoffs in total points and assists.
With a historical postseason, John Wall is proving he is the purest point guard in the NBA http…
ESPN interview with Kentucky PG De'Aaron Fox (on going pro, John Wall comparisons, mock drafts & more. http…
Charles Barkley has been in the John Wall fan club for years. But now he has some seriously high praise for him
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It took 3 minutes for John Wall and the Wizards to send a message to the rest of the NBA via
In a pivotal game for the Wizards, John Wall has a shot at a career-defining moment - Washington Post
Remember when GMs disrespected John Wall's passing before the year?. That's looking bad now, writes
John Wall with a behind the back, self alley oop dunk at the Rising Stars Challenge in 2012.
Sally Yates To the republicans and Humpty trumpty who doesn't have a great wall
This guys mom knocked his katanas off the wall while cleaning the papa John's boxes up
*wakes up with a John Wall mean mug on*
How to beat the Cavs? Put Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, Paul George, Paul Millsap and Joel Embiid in one team
I'd take Isaiah Thomas over John wall any day tho 🤷
This years playoffs showed me that John Wall is that dude... you were right
next time tell skip John Wall can close the deal, GM6 ATL 42 pts 11 Ast ohhh and 19 in the 4th Q he's better than kyrie
Q&A: De'Aaron Fox is honored to draw comparisons to John Wall
TFW you realize you turned down the chance to play with John Wall.
John Wall scored 40 pts and got slandered...IT hasn't hit 20 pts the last 2 gms and we lettin it slide? 😭😭😭 foh
John Wall continued his historic postseason in Game 4 against the Celtics. (➡️
when are you going to give John Wall some respect, he has done everything this post season to prove you wrong
John Wall has done the growing up by himself without the help of a bonafied superstar that's why I will stick with him tbh
John Wall had a great game as the Wizards beat the Celtics in Game 4 to even the series: . 27 points. 12 assists. 5 steals . 3…
So according to Stephen A – The only reason John Wall isn't considered the best guard in the league, is because Curry is a sniper… lol😂
John Wall is a better point guard than Kyrie by a mile, and by Curry by a half mile. Don't @ me.
Outside of D.Rose, Westbrook and John Wall sorry *** what other point guards can do a chance down block ?
Answer: James, Curry, Durant, Harden, Westbrook, Leonard. . Question: What NBA players are currently playing better than John Wall?🤔
John Wall after that block on Jae Crowder.
Like I said he's the John Wall of hip hop. Wall will ALWAYS be behind Curry, Westbrook, Irving & Harden.
John Wall balled yesterday. You can't deny his progress over the years.
John Wall is the best point guard is the NBA!!! Stephen Curry, Isaiah Thomas and Kyrie Irving are a weakness on defense!
Stephen A Smith out calling Steph Curry a better Point Guard (not player) than John Wall on First Take and ESPN firing everybody but him SMH
John Wall is a better player than Steph Curry...
John Wall appears to point to Celtics player snd say "this is for you, *** before making free throw
I will love Steph Curry til the day I die but man I am enjoying both John Wall and James Harden in the playoffs
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John Wall the second best point guard in the league behind Steph Curry
I'd take John Wall as my point guard over except Curry and Westbrook @ me
Chris Paul, Westbrook, Curry, all of them were in the was John Wall
John Wall's 12 assists included 4 of Markieff Morris's 5 FGs. Wall also assisted the other starters, as well as Boj…
Anyone critical of John Wall right now doesn't understand how to watch tv.
Being completely wrong about John Wall will be Colin Cowherd's only legacy.
Kirk Cousins speaking for John Wall to Kelly Olinyk via
Little tip: Every time John Wall gets the ball in transition, say "vrom" out loud to yourself. Makes every play 20 perce…
John Wall prolly a Scorpio or a Virgo
Time to stick Pete Myers, aka Kelly Olynyk on John Wall.
John Wall is a max player. I'm sorry fans but IT is not. He's been a 👻 this game. Wall is an All-World talent.
John Wall is on a different planet right now
John Wall has replaced Michael Beasley as my favorite non-Croatian basketball player.
I watch IT, and I watch John Wall. And they just aren't close. Wall is miles ahead. IT is slacking big time.
Man I love watching John Wall play lol
Keep shooting it, Otto Porter. With John Wall on the bench, Jennings-Beal-Porter on the wings is not at all scary.
John Wall owns the franchise record for consecutive 20 point performances (10) in the postseason (Elvin Hayes had eight in 1975).
hey Dan Steinberg of the people should embrace John Wall as opposed to Kirk Cousins who has accomplished nothing
My NBA team. Starters are PG. John Wall, SG Devin Booker, SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Pf Trey Lyles, and C is Anthony Davis.
John Wall will go down as an NBA great... and uh thats the OG versions of Tim Hardaway and IT for those who dont kn…
John Wall becomes the first player in to post at least 20 points & 7 assists in 10 straight postseason games!
John Wall had 8 assists, of which 4 led to dunks/layups and 3 to 3-pointers. Bojan Bogdanovic received 3 of Wall's 8 assists…
Gordon Hayward that man. Giannis Antentekumnpo that man. John Wall that man
We can't all be Jeff Costello but I think John Wall is doing okay at this life thing so far.
John Wall says "This for you *** , points at Celtics player, then drains the FT 😭
John Wall's disgusted face is the best.
John Wall has 10 consecutive postseason games with at least 20 PTS & 7 AST. That's the most since Michael Jordan (1991-92).…
John Wall mug nighas on the court like he really Anthony mason charles Oakley or somebody
We all know Ewing to Knicks is rigged, Wizards get John Wall after guns incident NBA wants to cover that up, Pelicans owned by NBA draft AD
Isaiah Thomas interviews his son, asks him how to stop John Wall. 😂.
IT4 and John Wall both dropped 40+ points Tuesday night. Last time opposing players did that in the playoffs in Boston..…
John Wall and Otto Porter the only two *** on the Wizards that can actually play defense...
John Wall spins & swings it to Otto Porter Jr for the
John Wall finds Marcin Gortat for his 8th assist of the first half.
Coach Brooks and John Wall react to last night's game in Boston .
Well I just traded for John Wall in NBA2K. That works right? Wall, Hayward and Gobert is a sick trio.
coach Brad Stevens: Jaylen Brown was really good. Have never seen him guard a guy of John Wall's caliber like he…
If your the Washington Wizards who defends IT? By committee, Otto Porter, John Wall or just pray he is off for that!
Best answer for the Wiz: Celtics hold serve. John Wall has carried this team. Neal and others have to show up.
Isaiah Thomas is making John Wall look like Michael Carter Williams
So they can't touch Isaiah at all, but Bradley can grab John Wall's arm when he's dribbling?
John Wall is the first player in franchise history with 37+ points and 10+ assists in an game. http…
The biggest bucket of Otto Porter's career. Emphatic block by John Wall. This game's been treat to watch all night. delivering.
John Wall is the best PG is the East
This Boston/Washington game is so good, classic playoff basketball. John Wall proving he's best player in series
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4 times this quarter Olynyk has switched with the guard on a John Wall screen and that can't be Stevens' plan to cover him. Just can't be
John Wall looking like the old Gerald Wallace.
If ya tryna hide who you betted on doing a poor job, letting John Wall get hammered and risk injury just like with Morris
It's the Markeef Morris injury plus John Wall has been bad this 3rd quarter
John Wall buries Hawks, waves bye bye to the city of Atlanta and Julio Jones 💀
Markieff Morris questionable to return with sprained ankle. He isn't John Wall, but Celtics will take any injury to Wiz that they can get.
Seems like John Wall is going to have to ball out in order to save the Wizards here. Morris heading to the locker room now.
Should be an exciting series between Boston and Washington. Isaiah Thomas vs John Wall and two teams that don't like each…
John Wall thought about his Instagram revenge for two years.
John Wall is in my top 3 favorite pla…
NEW: For the culture: John Wall & Bradley Beal drop Migos references at podium after Quavo sat courtside at Game 6
John Wall: "I told them I was going to get 35 or more & we were going to win. And we did that.". Bradley Beal: "For the cultu…
John Wall gets Dennis Schroder back on Instagram two years later 😂
John Wall averaged 29.5p & 10.3a in the First Round. He's the first ever player to average 20p & 10a in a
John Wall and Bradley Beal have now won 3 playoff series in the last 4 years. Carmelo Anthony has won 3 in his entire 14…
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Former Kentucky players with at least 42 points scored in an NBA playoffs game: Rex Chapman, Rajon Rondo, John Wall
Dawg imagine if John Wall was playing with Bron.
John Wall on his trash talk between Quavo, Gucci Mane & Julio Jones 💯
"This unreal John Wall sequence sent the Wizards to the second round" {by Stanley Kay} via
John Wall's unreal sequence sent the Wizards past the Hawks and into the second round (by
John Wall talking trash to Julio Jones as the wideout sits between Quavo and Gucci Mane 🤣😂.
John Wall gets it done on both ends!
John Wall proved why he's one of the best PGs in the East in the first round vs Hawks.
John Wall has eliminated the Hawks from the playoffs
If Wizards close this series out in ATL, this John Wall sequence will be what ended it
John Wall never forgot how Hawks ended Wizards playoff run in 2015 & how he broke his hand. He wanted this one
Good series Hawks, good effort! But you can't stop John Wall. Thanks for playing.
John Wall hooping! And he's ready to talk to Julio Jones, Jermaine Dupri, 2 Chainz, Nique, Spud, Bobby Valentino, or Another Bad Creation,
John Wall trying to send the Hawks home all by his *** self.
Lol. John Wall pinned it and then should've gotten an And 1.
John Wall creates and facilitates for the
The Redskins need a John Wall, Bryce Harper, Alexander Ovechkin type of player. That last longer than a year...
And that's how you do it Mr. John Wall!.
WATCH: John Wall puts a charge into the crowd with thunderous slam in Wizards-Hawks Game 5:
John Wall sees Hall-of-Famers Isiah Thomas & Joe Dumars as a model for himself and Bradley Beal. A good comparison? https:…
Who is faster with the ball in their hands in the open court?. A) Russel Westbrook. B) Lebron James. C) John Wall
Just like John Wall falling for no reason to get Dennis his third foul.
Isaiah Thomas. Russell. John Wall. Mike Conley. Steph Curry. Chris Paul. PLEASE make a better argument this is…
Today's fun fact:. John Wall has played with only 3 guys who have made an All-Star team:. Josh Howard . Rashard Lewis. Pa…
John Wall doing the Hawks dirty with this move and dunk! 😳😷.
John Wall is the baby link Westbrook
John Wall walking into the locker room
John Wall ain't playing around with these boys
Wizards Bradley Beal and John Wall replace Bill Cosby on mural at Ben’s Chili Bowl in D.C.
Sean sparks like John Starks... NAH. Sean ball like John Wall! -
John Wall just won the game for the Wizards
😲😳 John Wall savagely stares down Dennis Schroder after dunking in his grill 💀
The Washington Wizards' best players combined for their best game and came through when it was most needed in...
I still like John Wall throwing up his set a little better 😂
HIGHLIGHTS: John Wall​ goes for 32 points and 9 assists in our Game 2 win!.
I need John Wall ratings on 2k to go up instantly!
John Wall (32p) & Bradley Beal (31p) came up big in Game 2 as the take 2-0 series lead heading to Atlanta! 💪.
SpeedeNews: WATCH: John Wall throws down sick dunk to lock up Game 2 win
John Wall and Bradley Beal bring a 2-man game Wizards' fans have rarely seen
John Wall - Top 15 player in the league . Gangsigns John Wall - Top 3 player in every sport
John Wall puts the exclamation point on the 109-101 win to take a 2-0 series lead!
I wish Magic Johnson was commentating just so I can hear him say John Wall "throwed" the ball to Markieff Morris
So anybody explain to me why John Wall just didn't get T'ed up?
John Wall is Greg Oden. Evan Turner is Kevin Durant. Maybe I'm happy with the No. 2 pick.
We all knew John Wall was going to be great since he's rookie debut.
On Sunday, James Harden, John Wall and Jimmy Butler show playoff value of Best Player on the Floor (by https…
I knew John Wall was going to be great ever since his rookie debut
Chauncey said Kyrie was the 2nd best player in the East like John Wall doesn't exist, smh.
I was with John Wall until the D.C. crowd started chanting "MVP." Y'all must not have watched Russ this season.
John Wall with the nasty chase down block on Dennis Schroeder! .
Kent Bazemore makes a 3 off of a botched play. TNT: ok but let's see that John Wall block again because apparently that's more important
How did I not add "Dis Generation" onto this with that John Wall shoutout? Will fix.
Conley,Lowry, better than Lillard also better than John Wall ***
On How Wizards missing out on KD helped John Wall reach new heights: "It put more pressure on me."
Lmao.. IMO John Wall & Mike Conley are the two best two-way guards in the league.. but I definitely get w…
James Harden, LeBron James & John Wall all eclipsed Steve Nash's record for assists on 3-pointers in a single season. ht…
John Wall, Enes Kanter, Trey Lyles, Andrew Harrison, Patrick Patterson all finna go off in these playoffs!
John Wall, Enes Kanter, Patrick Patterson, Rondo, Trey Lyles, James Young, Andrew Harrison are all going to the pla…
There's a temporary mural of John Wall & Bradley Beal on the side of Ben's Chili Bowl for the playoffs. https:/…
lol thanks OG !!RT Congrats to my young fella John Wall for breaking my season assist record!
John Wall has set the single season assist record (802) passing Rod Strickland.
John Wall had bad intentions with that block😬.
When you hear John Wall's footsteps, listen
Steve Buckhantz, John Wall, Marcin Gortat, David Aldridge react to the Phil Chenier news
I'm a a huge John Wall fan, I tried to save his hood *** lol
John Wall officially has more assists then Kyrie and Isaiah Thomas combined after recording 8 tonight.
something quiet:. John Wall has 815 assists this season. Kyrie and Isaiah Thomas have a combined 819 assists this season.…
No please explain how Isiah Thomas is on here but not John Wall?
Imagine thinking any point guard in the East is anywhere near as good as John Wall.
John Wall has a higher PER than Steph, Lowry & Kyrie while averaging 23-10-4 w/ 2 steals but he not the best PG in the Eas…
This dude I work with said John Wall was not a better assist man than Kyrie Irving. He done lost mine...
I stamp Kyrie Irving a better point guard than John Wall
🗣 Kyrie Irving don't want that issue with John Wall.
Malcolm Brogdon has a better 3PT% and assist to turnover ratio than Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas or John Wall.
"Kyrie Irving is still better than John Wall"
1700 points, 750 assists, 140 steals, and 40 blocks in an NBA season. John Wall in '16-17: 1711p, 786a, 146s, 46b in 73…
John Wall just seems angry at the rim💪
Wizards make a statement in a 127 - 115 win against the Cavs. John Wall goes for 37 points 11 assists.
I dunno bro John Wall is my *** but I think Leonard and by a small margin due to team record, Thomas is above him
John Wall smiling at that cute career high of 8 double-doubles for Kyrie.
Oh my god John Wall came two inches away from eviscerating Justin Hamilton
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