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John Voight

Jonathan Vincent Jon Voight (born December 29, 1938) is an American actor. He has won one Academy Award, out of four nominations, and three Golden Globe Awards, out of nine nominations.

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It's my favorite bad movie you gotta watch it. John Voight just gives up and slips into a…
Anaconda but in a bad way. It has John Voight pretending to be an indigenous South America…
Your mom looks like John Voight in a wig.
John Boorman directed John Voight in Deliverance and won a gold record for "Dueling Banjos". Which was then stolen by Martin Cahill...1/2
The Grandma from Napoleon Dynamite looks like John Voight from Hole
I love "Ray Donovan" on but it's time to kill off John Voight's character. I don't reward Trump supporters.
Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, Lee Greenwood, Jackie Evancho, John Voight, Ted Nugent…it's like the worst season of "Dancin…
John Voight. Well I will never watch Ray Donovan again!
Am I the only one who had no idea that Angelina Jolie is John Voight's daughter?¿¿¿
Here is Robert De Niro going mano-a-mano with Trump! If Donald is too busy to take him on, John Voight can step in!
Yo! John Voight played da shiiit outa his role as Mickey.. Donovan's dad on great show!
Join us on 9/11!! Hear Rick Scott, John Voight, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, and John Cardillo at Broward College...
Right I wish Hillary had the support of Trump's white hot celebrities: Scott Baio and John Voight.
Something makes me think that John Voight is exactly like Mickey Donovan in real life
John Voight. Now there's a Trump supporter we can believe in! 🇺🇸👍😉
No radio presenter is worth £425000 pa. The BBC creates an artificial market funded by the taxpayer.
OMG thank god for her dad, jOhn Voight having more of a brain than most in 'live in their bubble" liberal Hollywood
Her dad John Voight called her insane and I tend to agree with him.. for sanity UK...
Jon Voight's car. Or was it John Voight, the periodontist?
They belittle the democratic supporters and rejoice in *** like John Voight. And I’ll never forgive Eastwood.
My dad hates John Voight more than I hate anything.
going 2 Hollywood 4 fundraiser wonder who will host..Kurt Russel/Goldie Hawn maybe John Voight or K Alley
The first 2min of season 1 episode 4 shouldn't be a thing.. No one should see that much of John Voight 😭😭😭
Oscar and Emmy winner John Voight came out to say, “Donald is funny, playful, and colorful…”
Let's start with HANOI JANE - the years are the 1970's and the Vietnam War is RAGING. It's the PROTEST ERA. John Voight is TRUMP! xxoo!
THE ... James, Angelina and john daddy voight.
I think he should puke out half digested John Voight by July at the current rate.
OMFG! John Voight is running for president?
John Voight strutting his stuff on the red carpet.
clearly had posters of John Voight, John Kreese and James Caan on his childhood bedroom wall.
You know you're a law student when your pencils are chewed on like you're John Voight
why would John Voight support Trump?! Can't you actors unite on anything?!?
So Jerry Seinfeld is auctioning 16 of his Porsches tomorrow. I hear one of them was previously owned by John Voight.
What??? I had no idea John Voight had dementia.
The great John Voight endorses Donald Trump for his presidential bid. The “Midnight Cowboy” actor and staunch...
John Voight and Donald Trump. There hasn't been an actor/politician combo that potent since Abe Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth.
you need to have John Voight campaign with you
Jon Voight the actor? Or John Voight the former student of dentist Tim Whatley?.
John. Voight is a smart person. A good conservative!
If John Voight endorsed you it is as close as a John Wayne endorsement as we are gonna get. Sure The Duke would have also,
I'm just going to believe that Mickey Donovan and not John Voight endorsed because that actually makes sense.
Who else thinks John Voight endorsed Trump so he'd be able to play a more interesting role when the movie comes out?
John Voight has come out as a Trump supporter. Proving once again he's as big an *** as the character he plays on Ray Donovan.
My opinion of John Voight has changed. He's no conservative & evidently not so bright or not so informed..
John Voight is a good actor so he knows.""Trump is the only one who can bring this country back to pros…
Hollywood star John Voight endorses This is more shocking in that there is some1 in Hollywood http…
John Voight endorses trump. Never trust a man who bought a Chrysler LeBaron
Another great movie 1982 "table for five" with starring John Voight.and millie perkins.also Richard Crenna.Great.
Who can play Sasha and Jeff Wells in the movie on Oscar campaign with Sorkin's screenplay? Melissa Leo and John Voight?
Watchingof the state with Will Smith, Gene Hackman and John Voight. Very good movie
Zionism is based on a distorted & erroneous reading of Scripture & began with the English preacher John Nelson Darby.
Wait a minute...this is a total scam. They hired some guy named Trace's just like "John Voight's" car!
Whenever I feel bad about getting older I just remember that in a few years Angelina Jolie is going to start looking like John Voight.
this is the synopsis of JL Ranch in which is Rebecca Landsburg, daugther of John Landsburh (Jon Voight)
Amusing that Voight looks like 2015 Kurt Russell—John Ruth fights Dracula!
As John Voight said to you: good job, Stacey! And we need to consider that H-wood is an xportable model in too many ways ;-)
I would also say Dreamcatcher and Runaway Train. John Voight.
the movie Anaconda is on 7 mate,starring- Jon Voight or is that John voight
this here is John voight doimg his fav hobby
Not sure about Jon Voight the actor, but John Voight the dentist's used car was sold to George Costanza.
George! I once bought a John Voight car on a whim. My family absolutely hated it. They said it was ugly and embarrassing.
So my Mom sends me a pic, of her and John Voight while filming a movie at her store... Invite Child abuse 😩
It seems Donald Trump is more alike with John Voight ‼
John Wayne was a crap actor Donald Trump, call us when you get Jon Voight's daughter to endorse you.
My stats professor wants to be John Voight so bad
Seinfeld is auctioning off his Porsches. I'd rather bid on the "John Voight Le Bron"!
Jon Voight the actor, or John Voight the periodontist?
Remember when John Voight was talking to his grandkids through the media? That's how Faber sounded just now.
Fed is acting like John Voight in 'Runaway train'. Professionally insane.
. Is it bad to say your Mycroft was looking like the hidden child of Winston Churchill and John Voight?. The episode was brilliant
bahahhaa the bad guy has a second phone... A RAZR & it's connected to John Voight's!! It leads them to Mt Rushmore
Switch on TV. Seinfeld 'John Voight's Car' episode is on. Welcomes 2016!
Thank you John Voight for supporting Israel so warmly🇮🇱
Fact: John Voight is wise old man .
apart from John Voight and Ross Noble I have no idea who any of those people are..
It's John Voight's 77th birthday, for all 3 people on planet Earth who care.
And happy birthday Jon Voight. On the set of Midnight Cowboy with Dustin Hoffman and director John Schlesinger.
John Voight's wig in the flashback at the beginning
And closing out John Voight Day on The Ping with one of the most iconic roles/theme songs ever. Happy BDay Cowboy!
More John Voight Day - bringing to life one of our favorite books, as “Conrack.”
John Voight Day continues on The PingWF, with survival skills for the city -
Your efforts are not unnoticed. Happy John Voight Day … with some bling, (quite a list of nominees, btw)
This day in 1938 Jon Voight is born. He himself said: “There’s the young Jon Voight and the old John Voight.” Quite
that will look great next to my john Voight LeBaron
With John Voight in Frankfort, KY. Heck of a nice guy!
in the first one. She's the computer hacker woman who is stuck in the bunker with John Voight
go. I can only think of 3 A-list stars that are Republican. John Voight, Kurt Russell, Willis. are there others
I think that was John Voight's car.
just had a conversation with about the actor John Voight luckily I knew who John Vault was.
So... John Voight & Eunice Huthart were out on Berry Street last night. They would have smashed 'Always' at Jon Bon!. 🌴❤️🎉
Angelina Jolie`s uncle who looks just like John Voight, Chip Taylor, wrote the song Wild Thing
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Ray Donovan Series 3. Can't recommend this programme enough. Great stories, great acting. John Voight is...
I always thought it was very kind of them to let John Voight coach...
John Voight's prediction about Obama is tragically right on the mark. .
country bears, kangaroo jack, at this point if they let him dance, he's taking roles John Voight turned down
I love Ray Donovan, my favourite current show. So many great actors, John Voight stealing show for me.
You can pretend it's John Voight, but I know it's Burt Reynolds.
Not trying to diminish the story of but the mom looks just like John Voight
John Schlesinger, Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight filming Midnight Cowboy released on this day in 1969.
Maybe it's because it used to belong to John Voight.
5 years ago, John Voight predicted things Obama would do to our country. Unfortunately, he was dead-on. htt…
Liev Schreiber and John Voight being interviewed at the boxing - bring back Ray Donovan!
John Voight : Discriminants and the monoid of quadratic rings
It was pretty cool to be on a set with John Voight & William Fichtner.
I took the entire practice meeting today while doing my best John Voight impression. Yes, I am an amazing boss.
I confused john lithgow and Jon Voight the other day, I'm sorry to everyone that's ever known me
TY John Voight for being a truth teller! We need voices like you to keep sounding the alarm!
and John Voight are not amused by my dancing.
Watching Romero's Martin. John Amplas really reminds me of young John Voight in Fearless Frank/Midnight Cowboy
John Voight of 〝Mightnight Cowboy 〟was performing a man who was gentle in country person's affection.
The eye origin completely to father John Voight.
John Voight classic Anaconda gets the treatment!
John Voight should be commended for his strong pro-Israeli stand!
Photo: auteurstearoom: Whilst making Midnight Cowboy, Director John Schlesinger listens to Jon Voight on...
It's my favorite man I love that show John Voight the man
like John Voight's car or Kramers first name
Update: John Voight (Angelina Jolie's father), Sandra Bullock, and Chelsea Handler were at dinner with us tonight. LA is cool.
why not? I've already got John Voight's car!
is it me but does he look like john Voight in ray donavon
Children are like anacondas. But instead of John Voight, they swallow your time. Read more at:
Just love this circus act by John Voight (Fatboy Slim - Weapon Of Choice):
TIL John Voight is Angelina Jolie's father. Not sure why I never knew this, but hopefully it becomes useful someday.
After she made the "comments" in that interview- a few talk shows were suggesting it may be BECAUSE of John Voight's
It's weird seeing movies John Voight plays in knowing I sat next to him on a plane and talked to him the entire flight! 😁
Ray Donovan is such an amazing show. Cracking all round. John Voight and Liev Schreiber are masterful
It was owned by John Voight, the bagels ARE terrible in California.
Everybody's talkin' at me, I don't hear a word they're sayin'. Just drivin' around in John Voight's car...
Bumped into fav actor John Voight. He asked 4 autographed copy of HER book.
Obama is creating a Civil War is our own country,definitely. Thank you John Voight,you know it
Spoiled Hollywood brat. John Voight's daughter. Grew up a little rich girl. Bored and nothing to do. So she went all vampire on us.
Watching The Odessa File and wondering if that’s John Voight or a youngish
I never knew John voight was Angelina Jolie's dad 😳
Why did I not know John voight was Angelina Jolie's dad... Where tf have I been??
For some reason when I hear your dad is on the podcast I picture that he looks like John Voight
There was a TNT movie about MNF with John Turturro as Cosell and thought him too young and Voight too old to play him right.
This cell phone lot lookin like the spot where Neil got his fake passport from John Voight in Heat
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
John Voight of iDiski "LvG's press conferences should all be at 3:52"
It's an oldie but you should check out "The Champ" Feat. John Voight
has been looking at John Voight for the last 20 mins.
Plz RT. John has been missing since 1991. If you see him, please contact me, the, I mean, Janelle Voight xx
reminds me of John voight in the champ
Neal Moritz & Leron Gubler at Director John Singleton Honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for His in
John Voight's accent in Anaconda is priceless
Angelina Jolie came from the DNA of John Voight. Therefore, something beautiful CAN come from something ugly.
Good stuff in Ray Donovan: Jon Voight cutting loose; the cacti sight gag John Dahl directs into episode 4; Frank Whaley and the monkey.
I think I saw John Voight in the Observation Bar!
"Jon Voight plays Micky Donovan so *** well... Lol" Who is John Voight? Pretty sure Ray Donovan is a documentary about Micky.
John Voight's signature would be worth more.
No one in Gollywood hiring an old racist leech so has plenty of time on his hands...Do he and John Voight lunch together?
Still have a hard time believing that John Voight sired Angelina Jolie. (Clearly got all her looks from her mother)
. 2. I love a lot this version, obviously your role as well as John Voight contributes to his quality.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Chip Taylor is John Voight's brothr and uncle to Angelina Jolie. He may be the most talented in the family
films with adverts though.Down an out in Beverly Hills was the last thing I can remember, Bette Midler and John Voight
If ever a scathing point by popint against Obama, this is it!!!. GOD BLESS JOHN VOIGHT
Is that what John Voight said you could do??!?
we can only hope. But I won't hold my breath on that. Then again John Voight is her dad.
"Happy 76th Birthday to Jon Voight... JOHN Voight is the best. . He used to own my car.
Driver says John Voight is the best and most sincere famous person he has driven. Until he met me of course.
happy birthday! You share it with John Voight, Danny Mcbride, Ted Danson, Eric Berry, and Charles Goodyear
John Voight's birthday today. If this makes you think of a pencil and a Chrysler Lebaron, then I'm right there with you.
John Voight throwing buckets of monkey blood on bound people is how I always pictured Angelina Jolie's childhood.
Flying into Los Angeles at dusk was breathtaking. Also, John Voight being on the ride was pretty sick too.
*** man that's for babies, when you get older, it's all about *** John Voight, ce poète.
and I forgot how cid just sounds like John Voight from holes
John Voight happy with Brad Pitt as son in law
Yeah, James Woods, Clint Eastwood, John Voight---They want to hold on to some mythical, very Caucasian US past
you're still a better actor than John Voight in Anaconda
Wow great.Her dad sure is John Voight.
Probably finally listening to the wisdom of her dad John Voight.
Jon Voight on Israel -- He Won An Academy Award And Three Golden Globe Awards… But THIS Is His Best… ‘Just read the writing on the wall…” Yes it’s all there in the bible. John Voight talks about his life views and why he’s such a staunch supporter of Israel.
Watching Ray Donovan on Amazon and what a great series. John Voight still plays a great baddie!
It ended for me the moment the movie began. Whoo boy. John Voight and his Tony Montana acting style...
Look who we ran into in John Voight at Nat & Al's after visiting he said my fur is fab!
*Punches John Voight in the Nut-sac... *Leaves the White House through the front door while smoking a Cuban Cigar..
I can't help but to always see John Voight when I look at Angelina.. She gonna feed her kids to anacondas
John Voight as Howard Cossell blew my mind...
Breakfast with John Voight. He talked Runaway Train, John Boorman, Sidney Lumet, and pancakes.
George Costanza's Chrysler LeBaron -- previously owned by John Voight (the periodontist, not the actor) -- would have been 26 this month.
Legion Field featured as setting of upcoming film starring actor John Voight as Alabama coach Bear Bryant (via
I think it might be time to give John Key the Voight-Kampff test, though exactly what it will achieve is anyone's guess.
Apparently, John Voight and I have nothing to say to each other.
Why is it that homeless women always look like John Voight?
this means that Christopher Plummer has always been Indiana Jones and we can look forward to Shia melting into John Voight.
Last night John Voight told me he loved my hair. My face turned the color of my hair.
and John Voight join us at Children at Heart Gala. For more info visit and…
John Voight is finally ready for murder. Varsity Blues 2: The Killing Field.
Dawson's changing the play!!! Giving Brown the TD!! Racism is over!! John Voight is dripping in cold fury.
Surprise surprise John Voight deals in blackmail. And killing.
Blood soaked towels represent the crushing defeat. Also foreshadow the horrible mass murder John Voight will someday commit
Everyone is so terrified of John Voight because they know underneath that shriveled crust is the portal to *** itself
Billy Bob is on an oxygen tank but John Voight's bloodlust is insatiable. HE MUST HAVE HIS SACRIFICE THIS NIGHT
John Voight is mad at Dawson. For throwing the ball to the ref? Unsure, but one things certain: John Voight is a monster.
play guess how much coke John Voight's on!
Casually sitting behind John Voight at today's matinee of Cabaret. God I love New York.
I wouldn't *** on rob lowe or john voight if they were on fire.
Wadley, friend of John Voight, the periodontist.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Adopt a creepy Grumpy Cat expression and claim you're John Voight in Anaconda
You'd think constant references to John Voight's o-face would have scared people out of the theater. But proved otherwise tonight!
Thanks . Now every time I see John Voight I'm going to make Popeye sounds in my head.
John Voight being the father to Angelina Jolie makes as much sense as Eugene Crabs being the father to Pearl
I'm going as John Voight posing as Grumpy Cat for Halloween. Thanks for the idea,
15 minutes until the John Voight classic Anaconda gets the Rifftrax treatment. Hiyo!
right up there with dmx and John Voight
for your cover did you make John Voight from Varsity Blues meets aging Kurt Russell and Bobby Knight hybrid?
This scene in 'Anaconda" with JOHN VOIGHT tied to a tree just doesn't have the dramatic power of the one in 'Deliverance'. Musta needed $
Singing/reciting tomorrow at the Chelsea Public Library with John Voight on bass. Special Halloween showcase.
I never saw Anaconda in theaters back in 1997. Now the wish granting leprechauns are bringing John Voight back to the big screen!
Jerry Jones be like John Voight in Varsity Blues, "But can he play!?"
What if John Voight made Tony Romo take a pain killer shot to get back out there?
I'm just envisioning Tony Romo in that scene with John Voight and Paul Walker coming in telling him "don't do it"
gaz you know Ray is the one john voight is genius in it !!
Mothers other neighbor lady friend, also looks like a man, a little like John Voight. She's 97 years…
Just saw a lady who looked like john voight
Is there a selection committee for the John W. Voight Award? He was my HS footbal coach.
Not sure installing John Voight as manager was the strongest move by but so...
I got a pencil with John Voight's teeth marks in it I'll sell you for $250.
I have a couple categories for you. Voight or Wilson: movies with either John Voight or volleyball
John Voight in is one of the best tv characters
I can't sort through their ranks if its Eastwood I'll watch, and john voight
I saw one of those Seinfeld John Voight convertibles with the wood paneling it was sick
My anaconda don't want none unless it's John Voight, son.
I once bought a car owned by John Voight
Someone hilarious told me that John voight says *** are for f***g kids, when you grow up you'll be into *** ' How brilliant! 😂
I still can't get over John Voight getting regurgitated by a giant snake. What.
what did you talk about with John Voight?
Conspiracy theory time: Who remember the movie Enemy of the State (1998)? Think back to the scene when Will Smith & Gene Hackman entered into Gene secret warehouse they decrypted the program off the game and facial recognition the hardass John Voight. The film provided his rank in government but this is the scariest message... Sit down... Are you ready??? remember that the film was premiered the year of 1998. Ok. The suspense is over, the film displayed John Voight DOB. The month, day, and year. DOB... 9-11-40... Really... NSA overkill
We leave Little Tom looking like a young John Voight and vowing not to kill small animals for no reason any more.
John Voight is stellar, but is he playing himself?
and let me guess, you are driving John Voight's car.
S2 Conclusion...I'll let you two sort it out. John Voight..The Captain Brill 😀
..on par with it first few episodes a bit slow but John Voight makes the show
Your dvd copy of the 1997 classic starring J lo, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, and John Voight?
'Faack you Ray'. John Voight is a master.
stolen straight from the end scene of John Voight and son in 'The Champ'. Now that's a movie that'll make you cry!
Showtime's "Ray Donovan" w/Leiv Shriver & John Voight is a great show. Shameless is great too. Peanut Chews from WaWa this am
You think John Voight is not a good actor? I like too. 'Ray Donovan' is a good series. Don't you agree?
My dear 5th cousin Angelina your wedding to Pitt is a farce!You in the white gown 3rd trip down the aisle.Your first husband Jonny Lee Miller-good actor class act-shoulda stayed with him. Whose Pitt -a guy who cheated on his wife and walked out on a perfectly lovely girl.You have no prize.Of course your dad John Voight walked out on your lovely mother my cousin Marchelline Bertrand.Your dad and husband are cut from the same cloth
Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty & John Voight don spandex suits and go for a canoe ride.
John Voight and Eric Roberts are in the front of the train.
Bandit goes canoeing with Ned Beatty and John Voight. Local show up, someone squeals, and they go home.
Best part of the Anaconda video is when John Voight poured monkey blood on Drake.
is it on somewhere tonight? I can't stand John Voight but it's fun if you suspend all of your movie standards
John Voight sniffing poppers was sound.
John voight is my new favorite actor in hollywood. Thanks for actually standing for truth.
Straight up,My man John Voight stars in this sexy thriller with J-lo, cube and Owen Wilson.
Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz expressed their Displeasure with Israel for their Indiscriminate killing of Women and Children in Palestine (Their opinion and they are entitled to it).John Voight expressed his opinion NOT solely on Israel but on the aforementioned Acting duo and real life Couple and said they should hang their heads in shame, And of course Mr Voight being just another Republican could not help himself but to use the occasion to throw another one of his Conservative rants against President Obama into the Conversation. Now being aware that Mr Voight is Perfectly within his rights to express his Opinion we all know that opinions are like *** Holes we all have one, But in this instance Mr Voight does no Just have an *** Hole he is one.
cheers Eddy. Any chance the writer is friends with John Voight?
yeah mate, John Voight is awesome in it, good crack!
Just drivin' round in John Voight's car!
Ruben Amaro Jr. must be the guy who sold John Voight's car to George Costanza.
Hollywood actor John Voight predicted Obama would take America apart "piece by piece". htt…
Ray Donovan is the best show. John Voight's character makes me cry with laughter 😂
Are you sure it's not the dentist, John Voight, who is writing the forward to the Burt Reynolds autobiography?
Owen Wilson's death scene in "Anaconda" is pretty dang funny- . Almost as funny as John Voight being in a movie with Ice Cube and JLo
Jon this is a couter part of the Voight name from Conyers, Ga. The Sheriff 39 years Atlanta. Yes SIR YOU are still my favorite star and maybe Angelina comes in 3rd. Just saying HI to ya'll the ole sourthen way and keeping tabs on YOU religiously every way I can. VoightRobertbest best friend Thanks for all and my best to your kin folks. Mine jst loved your Pic YOU sent to me with your info. Love to ya'll 6/16/14 4:30pm Robert S. Voight...PS did YOU ever get my sheriff's star I sent you in Californa.
4/5. (Dated and really only 3/5 but plus one star for a pretty good performance by John Voight, throwing the bad guy through a plate glass skylight two stories into the operating printing press, and the filming on location in Heidelberg where I lived for 4 years.)
John Voight's brother, who coaches Argentina, is stoked with that. So is the waffling pom in the commentary box.
John Voight's character in the show really cracks me up
Watched an interesting movie on the TV tonight called 5 People you meet in Heaven. It had John Voight starring.
John Voight just walked in. No entiendo.
Ray Donovan is fantastic. John Voight is out of his mind in this show.
The movie, Pope John Paul II, with Jon Voight always touches me so deeply. St John Paul II the great, pray for me and us!
The heat has the been cast of all time! De Niro, Pacino, Val Kilmer, john voight & ash Judd Can it get any better
Louis Van Gaal, or 'fat John Voight' as he's known to his friends
Fact not Fiction, Louis van Gaal looks like John Voight with a dinky shoved up his hole
Halloween costume idea: John voight in 'anaconda'
Wow! Could her dad John Voight be rubbing off on her!
I hope John Voight is proud of his daughter tonight!!
John Voight makes a great coach and he looks snappy in that orange tie.
Van Gaal looks like the product of a tender night between John Voight and Fergal Sharkey
How cool was it hanging out with John Voight?
Is that John voight shaking Spain's hands?
It is mind blowing that the great Angelina Jolie is even related to John Voight.
"The général" by John Boorman with brendan gleeson & John voight Because it's the true epic story of Martin Cahill & i love b&w
So happy I got to meet John Voight today! 😊😊
same. My aunts/moms cousins have gone on vacation w john Voight lol
We are very excited that Denise Crosby will be a special guest at StocktonCon this year! Currently co-starring in the new Showtime series Ray Donovan with Liev Shreiber, John Voight and Elliot Gould, as well as the hit series, THE WALKING DEAD, Denise may best be known for playing the role of Lt. Tasha Yar on one of the most popular TV series ever, STAR TREK, THE NEXT GENERATION. She later returned to play Tasha’s daughter “Sela” a role she helped create. Star Trek fans were thrilled this year by her addition to the STAR TREK MMPORG. Denise co-starred alongside Fisher Stevens and Jennifer Tilly in the Fox series KEY WEST and has played recurring roles on the acclaimed series SOUTHLAND, MAD MEN, NYPD BLUE, THE X-FILES, and LOIS AND CLARK: THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. She has guest starred in numerous TV series, most recently, DEXTER, CROSSING JORDAN and BONES. She co-starred in Stephen King’s classic film, PET SEMATARY. Denise made her film debut in, 48 Hours and went on to work with Blake Edwards . ...
The calm, cool John Voight and Billy Bob Thorton arrive in style at the red carpet at yesterday's…
THOSE (RARE) MOVIES THAT ARE BETTER THAN THE BOOK Novels are nearly always more wonderful than the movies derived from them. Can you name any exceptions? I'll start the list with "Midnight Cowboy." The novel, by James Leo Herlilhy was only so-so; the movie, starring John Voight and Dustin Hoffman, is iconic.
Performing at Sam Ash on Wednesdays w my band at. 730 pm Wednesdays for the next month or two and also Mondays amt Hard Rock cafe is being set up this Saturday is Tribal Cafe in silverlake at 330 and I am proud to Annoumce being part of the celebrity guest list at The a Hollywood show at Westin Lax July 18 ,19 and 20 Also excited to work on some cool fairytale type things with movie studio animation artist Janice Stocks ! This week alone I met Toni Braxton and have read her new book from cover to cover and had a great time at the Disney theatre premiere For Sleeeping Beauty spinoff Maleficent ! It was really cool seeing Angelina Jolie's family John Voight , Angies brother they we're all there and Brad got jumped by a fan. But didn't get hurt at least ! Blessed be to all ! More wonderful beautiful stuff to come and please please pray for my beloved cats especially the East Coast Kitties- my sweet darling 3. Enchanted , Charmed and Magnificent which by the way is a happy innocent word unlike Mal ...
I'm sure it comes up regularly. John Voight could reprise Milo, too.
Jay frame this bc voight wont repeat those words
so Voight does have a little soft side..key word "little"
question, is Voight on modeled after the infamous John Burge formerly of the Chicago Police Dept?
no I think Voight and Olinsky are Killin it! Best actors out there !
I think Voight should rock the beanie
We're not afraid to play dirty to get Pulpo. Voight's rules.
So ready to see Voight deal with Pulpo and get justice for Antonio
Midnight cowdoy dustin hoffman .john voight .1969 one
John Voight eating alone at the next table...
What can we expect to see from the *** kicker himself Sargent Voight tm night?
oh I can only imagine what Voight would do!
Every time I think about John Voight and Christopher Walken my eyes get confused!
Season 7. John Voight has to be one of the best characters they've had in it.
i knew abt James Woods. Janine Turner. Kelsey Grammar. John Ratzenberger. Jon Voight. Patricia Heaton. Leah Remini. they're out there
and as John Voight and Raymond Reddington are easily the 'baddest' guys in TV these days!!
John Voight says his new Golden Globe is going right up on his mantle when he gets home
Donald Sterling and John Voight's character in Ray Donovan. Same person right?
Speaking of that specific episode, do you guys remember "John" Voight's occupation?
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