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John Urschel

John Cameron Urschel (born June 24, 1991) is an American football player for the Nittany Lions of The Pennsylvania State University.

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In wake of CTE study, Ravens’ smarty John Urschel retires from football at 26 Enlarge / John Ursch
As we ready for school and football, congrats for making Forbes 30 Under 30 in Science!
They should do this study for boxers. My guess is it's up in the 90% range for boxers too.
We have signed FA offensive lineman John Urschel who looks to come in and make an immediate impact on our offensive…
Former Baltimore Raven John Urschel is now pursuing his PhD in mathematics at MIT. Visit us to find your STEM path.…
Don't forget : Athletes... John Urschel, formerly of the Ravens, a mathematician who is at MIT now.…
NFL offensive lineman to PhD student in mathematics at MIT. Now that's quite a Jump!
However, he has retired to join John Urschel's Theoretical Mathematics Think Tank.
Can we get John Urschel to figure this out? I'm stumped.
Definitely--I fully support John Urschel! (Just saying from an epidemiology perspective, the next helpful thing we…
Take the quiz or take a photo just be sure to enter to win $500 and a starring role in new, nationwide STEM lesson.
Former Football Player turned Full-Time Mathematician, John Urschel, kicks-off the contest get kids pumped up
John Urschel is 14th player to retire at age 30 or younger this offseason. Twenty players retired at 30 or younger during…
At age 26, Ravens’ John Urschel retires from NFL to pursue PhD in maths at MIT | The Independent
Baltimore Ravens' a math whiz and aspiring chess master, retires from NFL at age 26 https:/…
consider John Urschel who just quit the NFL to focus on a promising…
That moment when chess prodigy Rachel Li (beats former NFL player John Urschel (in the
What an image! It's Rachel Li, the 7-year-old sister of GM Ruifeng Li, now vs John Urschel!
John Urschel was the perfect ambassador for Penn State Football, just when the program needed him the most.
NFL or MIT? Ravens lineman and MIT math Ph.D candidate John Urschel chooses his brain over the game:
Ravens' John Urschel, 26, retiring from football after three seasons
Wish more youth realized its more to do on this planet beside play sports or be an entertainer. BIGUP http…
Fast forward 15-20 years, I highly doubt Dr. John Urschel will regret the decision he made today.
Ravens' Urschel retires 2 days after CTE study
Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman John Urschel said Thursday he will retire from the NFL after a recent study...
John Urschel retired from NFL to pursue Ph.D at Math.
26 year-old starting NFL player, who also is an MIT student, retires 2 days after landmark CTE study
Brains over everything 'Baltimore Ravens’ John Urschel retires after concussion study' via
The star of our "Egghead's Guide to Super Bowl" episode, retires at 26, citing brain safety. . https…
Urschel is getting a doctorate at MIT instead of continuing NFL career. Smart call.
John Urschel made a smart decision to quit football, but the players he's leaving behind…
NFL player John Urschel, seeking Ph.D. in math, retires from football at 26
Kudos to John Urschel for walking away from citing CTE study - will he inspire others?
Penn State grads John Urschel and Mike Reid both quit football in their primes, but they had better things to do
I understand NFL is a way of getting out of poverty for some still... I wish everyone could do
I love watching football. But it takes a massive toll on those that play. The utmost respect for John Urschel giving up the game he loves.
John Urschel retires, Kenneth Dixon out for the season & Joe Flacco is out 3-6wks... At least Baltimore can cheer on the 48-53 Orioles...
We’ve partnered with to explore the behind cool careers for Learn more:
Ravens' John Urschel retires 2 days after CTE study
What we have here is reading a definition from one of John Urschel's papers accompanied by a hand interpretation f…
Two days after a brain study on NFL players was published, the league's smartest player retired at 26.…
NFL News from ESPN Ravens' Urschel retires 2 days after CTE study
2 days after a landmark CTE study, "The NFL's Smartest Man" has retired
Ravens’ John Urschel retires from football at 26.
Ravens' John Urschel did the and put his over football 🏈
John Urschel is retiring from the NFL. . 📰:
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One of the smartest things this MIT PhD candidate has ever done is walk away from the NFL.
Spectral graph theory mentioned in sports section! Go
Our favourite NFL player slash MIT PhD candidate is retiring, says he'll miss hitting people:
"It's not all about the Team, It's about the LOGO." Ravens' Urschel retires 2 days afte...
BREAKING NEWS: retires from the to pursue a PhD in math from .
“Objectively, I shouldn’t” play football, Urschel wrote in 2015. And now he won't.
Good for him. It's the right decision as we learn more everyday about the impact of football on the brain. . I...
2 days after the release of the latest CTE report, Ravens OL and MIT mathematician John Urschel has abruptly retired.http…
26 year old John Urschel retiring from He's pursuing PHD from MIT. Played taught classes as grad stud…
Ravens lineman John Urschel, the NFL's mathematics expert, abruptly announces retirement at age 26 - fear of CTE?
John Urschel figured it out. Play 3 years. Earn pension. Fall back on career in spectral graph theory/matrix algebra. Mor…
Smith: On concussions, we won't wake up until an NFL superstar walks away before it's too late.
Fair play to John Urschel, who apparently has 'the fastest eigensolver for minimal Laplacian eigenvectors' which co…
Three years ago, I interviewed John Urschel before the NFL draft. Still fun to read about his football, math today:
Today I learned about John Urschel, center for the Ravens and math PhD student at MIT. He might give Brian May a run for his coolness money.
Here's the last Wednesday Morning Math Challenge, Week 16. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.
16 weeks. 16 puzzles. . The final morning math challenge of the season is here.
Ravens guard John Urschel beginning work on Ph.D. at in offseason
John Urschel, offensive line guard for the Baltimore Ravens, has a Masters in math from Penn State and is earning his PhD at…
Make sure to tune into NBC today to watch Jesse James and the Steelers play John Urschel and the Ravens
Dear Brad, I told you to just call me Andy
Also, those that do interesting things, like Von Miller the chicken farmer and John Urschel the mathematician. Fascinating stories
Head of the class: Ravens' John Urschel gets straight A's in four Ph.D. courses at MIT
John Urschel's education, for example, worth way more than typical SA's. But he's extreme example.
Feel like we need to see more John Urschel vs Neil Tyson
" Penn Staters in the NFL: John Urschel, Matt McGloin get some TV time "
John Urschel tells Math Academy Ss that getting it wrong is part of the learning process. http…
Ravens guard John Urschel to take on USA Chess Champion - Urschel is a Penn State math 'genius' grad
guard John Urschel will play chess against one of the top players in the world.
How much brute force does a top draft prospect deliver? Find out with via
COVERAGE from State College by John Urschel addresses Penn State's graduates
Baltimore Ravens' John Urschel starting his PhD at MIT - Baltimore Ravens Blog- ESPN via
“In a great majority of things involving sports, the optimal decision is a random one.”—Ravens lineman
Ravens lineman John Urschel on balancing football with pursuing an MIT P.. Related Articles:
lineman and math student John Urschel on football and marrying a robot:
What offseason? Ravens' John Urschel is starting his PhD at
Ravens player and MIT mathematician breaks down the numbers behind the NFL draft via
Ravens guard John Urschel on football: "It’s what football teams should be like around the country.".
NFL lineman and MIT math student John Urschel on football analytics and marrying a robot.
Spartan Design App Crew meets John Urschel from the Baltimore Ravens. He's taking his PhD in…
The Ravens are comfortable that either John Urschel or Ryan Jensen can start at left guard. They could draft a guard in middle rounds, too
John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT - WSJ NFL Ravens guard in third year of math PHD at MIT.
John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT by on
John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT One of your math club buddies
From the NFL to MIT Phd in math . Pretty Impressive !!
John Urschel (Baltimore Ravens) is the only NFL player enrolled in a Ph.D. program (MIT, mathematics)
Only NFLer enrolled in PHD program "his head was so big the hel­met didn’t fit him." In poker, they call that a tell
John Urschrel on what his math studies have done for him. .
did you know about John Urschel?. John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT
Only NFL player working on a PHD-->. John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT via
John Urschel: From the NFL to a PhD program at MIT, simultaneously.
John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT for a PhD in Math via
Like many things, calculus is so last century + N=1 into math
best of both worlds!. John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT - The Wall Street Journal
John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT. Ravens guard is working on his Ph.D. in mathematics in offseason
This Canadian plays in the & is getting a PhD in spectral graph theory
Great WSJ piece on John Urschel. Very cool that he's eating his PhD in the off season
.From the NFL to MIT Making us Proud once again.
Meet the only active NFL player getting a PhD...and it's in spectral graph theory at MIT
John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT. This is so cool
I'd quit football. John Urschel: From the NFL to
Very impressive story. love this kind of hybrid-geeks inspiring people. : From the NFL to MIT via
To the point where you don't even know you are really thinking via
John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT ...working on a PhD in mathematics.
>> Wonderlic test at combine wasn't scary for John Urschel
John Urschel had the best Wonderlic score in 2014 and wasn't even happy with it:
John Urschel of the Ravens getting his PHD in Applied Mathematics at MIT this summer.we should talk about him more
You've heard about NFL Baltimore Ravens player and MIT applied mathematics graduate student John Urschel, but...
John Urschel and Lance Briggs come to mind, though they don't fit that "cosplay" description exactly.
NFL player to start Ph.D. program in mathematics at MIT. .htt…
Success With Hyperlinking is Ready for February: And we know you are too. A record 56 Penn Sta...
Congratulations to Baltimore center John Urschel who was accepted into the PhD math program at MIT
linebacker to start his PhD in in offseason:
An Player is Starting a Math PhD Program at MIT in His Off Season
His interest are spectral graph theory and machine learning. Love it!.
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Plenty of Ravens go back to school to work on their degrees in the offseason. But a Ph.D? Only John Urschel.
Wow, a NFL linebacker AND a PhD candidate at MIT? You're the real MVP, John Urschel
Scholar-athlete: we are forever scholars, but only a limited time of our lives as athletes.
Baltimore Ravens OL John Urschel spending offseason working on PhD at MIT
What?? MIT PHD MATH NFL PLAYER...all used in the same sentence??? Awesome!!!
NFL player John Urschel was just accepted to the math PhD program at MIT
Ravens guard John Urschel starts work on Ph.D. at MIT
NFL'er John Urschel crosses over to academia to become a machine learning expert. https:/…
You can play in the NFL and go to the same time? What have YOU done lately?
Ravens center John Urschel accepted into PhD program at MIT
Is there a future in football analytics? We asked NFL player/PhD student
Baltimore Ravens' heading to MIT for his Ph.D. this offseason:
I talk NFL analytics with offensive lineman/PhD student There are a lot of moving parts:
Congrats to for being accepted as a math PhD candidate at MIT! Read his explanation of his research:
Baltimore Ravens player John Urschel accepted to the math PhD program at MIT - Quartz
center accepted into PhD math program at MIT:
Ravens O-lineman John Urschel explains his mathematics paper
An NFL player is starting a math PhD program at MIT in his offseason via
John Urschel, guard for the Baltimore will spend the off-season earning his Ph.D. at MIT
Ravens' John Urschel will attend MIT for his PhD in mathematics during offseason
John Urschel again not getting much zip on those shotgun snaps. Becoming an issue again.
Who are the 3 starting NFL O-lineman Hackenberg had as a freshman at PSU? Donovan Smith, John Urschel & Garry Gilliam?
John Urschel doing his best James Hurst impersonation.
Our two QBs Jimmy Clausen and Brynn Renner are taking snaps from John Urschel and Ryan Jensen... this isn't going as planned
lol. We have some big dudes. Brandon Williams, Marshal Yanda, Timmy Jernigan, John Urschel & Steve Smith would be the 5
The young OL including James Hurst, John Urschel, and Ryan Jensen "overall did a good job" Sunday for the
"Mathematicians are Just as Cool as Football Players" - John Urschel:
Mathematicians are just as cool as pro football players:
Football coaches told me I could play professional football someday. No one told me I could be John Von Neumann.
.Can't wait for you to meet teachers at PLTW Summit 2016
Looking forward to having speak at 2016. See his new piece:
John Urschel: Mathematicians are just as cool as football players via
I wrote an Op-Ed for asking why most kids love football more than math
Happy Sunday FUNday!!! Did you know Baltimore Ravens guard, John Urschel, drives a Nissan Versa, his "dream car"?...
Jah Reid, John Urschel also not in uniform for tonight. So Osemele, Wagner, Reid, Urschel, Clausell, Baldwin not practicing.
OLs Rick Wagner, Kelechi Osemele, Jah Reid, John Urschel, Darryl Baldwin and Blaine Clausell all have been missing from recent practices.
No sign of Webb, Osemele, Jah Reid, Perriman or Christopher Bilukidi during early portion of practice. John Urschel has returned.
Harbaugh confirmed that John Urschel and Robert Myers have concussions.
Harbaugh said John Urschel and Robert Myers both have concussions
" Injuries to Kelechi Osemele, John Urschel, Robert Myers bring opportunity for Ryan… "
We've caught glimpses of Will Hill, Jah Reid, James Hurst, and John Urschel. camp is in full swing.
Winner of Campbell Trophy & Sullivan Award in 2013, Academic All-American & OL John Urschel of was a 5th-rounder last year.
Boy2 plays football, so loved the article (except the "hitting" part).
Think you can't be a mathematician and professional athlete at the same time? John Urschel is here to prove you wrong
John Urschel is both a mathematician and an NFL offensive lineman. He explains his latest math paper here:
John Urschel is an offensive linesman for the Baltimore Ravens, and hes also a published mathematician
I love a man who can solve math equations and then have enough time left to beat someone up
Meet John Urschel, NFL mathlete, proud Nissan Versa owner and lover of Graph Laplacians:
talks w/ about his 4.0 GPA & why he still plays football. Listen:
Not your average NFL offensive lineman.
John Urschel, Ravens Offensive Lineman and Mathematician: an interesting man
Interesting article for many reasons -
A very interesting article by John Urschel, Offensive Guard for the Baltimore Ravens...
So much for the dumb jock stereotype:...
is not a NFL lineman. Not typical at all.
Cheering on John Urschel as an athlete and a mathematician!
Offensive guard John Urschel has a master's degrees in mathematics and he graduated with a 4.0 GPA from Pennsylvania State Un…
NFL player John Urschel just published a paper in the Journal of Computational Mathematics via
HuffPostScience: John Urschel: The NFL player who is killing the 'dumb jock' stereotype (and is probably smarte…
Kelechi Osemele very excited about future of offensive line. Said he feels that John Urschel has Pro Bowl potential.
Congrats to John Urschel (on a solid rookie season with the Tough end to the season but a promi…
Really nice push by John Urschel and Kelechi Osemele on that run for the first down. Forsett displaying good vision early.
Ravens will go with two rookie starting offensive linemen in tackle James Hurst and guard John Urschel
John Urschel of the Baltimore challenges Mr. Mason's Calc kids to solve a complex math problem!
Balt-TB: Math genius alert MT John Urschel is lining up as starting LG for most of pregame warmups.
Peace out Baltimore, it always nice to hang out with Joe Staley, Kapernick , Ray Rice, Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, John Urschel, n Obama
Even before G Ryan Jensen went down with (and later returned from) leg injury, rookie G John Urschel was rotating into his spot.
Canadian & rookie John Urschel (skyped into a classroom recently to talk his love of math
John Urschel might be the smartest football player in the NFL right now
"It's a stupid sport. You don't play football if you're smart" uh have you met John Urschel cause wrong.
So we have Khalil Mack, Bo Oliver, Alex Neutz, John Urschel, Jimmy Gaines, David Fluellen among locals/UB guys headed to the NFL so far.
The Ravens took OL John Urschel from Penn State with the No. 175 pick.
Learn more about new pick, 2013 Campbell Trophy winner John Urschel (
Congrats to John Urschel! The 2013 Campbell Trophy winner is headed to the (Rd. 5, Pick 175)!
new G John Urschel: Winner of Campbell Trophy (Academic Heisman). Earned Master's degree in mathematics (4.0 GPA)
Electronic Device Insurance
John Urschel, the newest player, was a two-time All-Big Ten guard and accepted William V. Campbell Trophy (the academic Heisman).
Final diary entry from Penn St's John Urschel, big hat tip to
"I've in no way, shape or form arrived." This weekend former Penn State guard John Urschel is expected to be selected high in the NFL Draft. On 6 News at 6, Ashley Chase takes you inside Urschel's unconventional training as he talks about his path to entering the draft.
John Urschel's diary: Road to the NFL draft - ___. For most fans, the NFL combine is associated with field testing...
KFVS: John Urschel's diary: Road to the NFL draft
RSS: John Urschel's diary: Road to the NFL draft
John Urschel's diary: Road to the NFL draft - Washington Post
.Romey. When you gonna have on the smartest guy in the nfl draft? John Urschel deserves more attention for being the beast he is
John Urschel's diary: Road to the NFL draft - WFSB
From "...Canisius HS, known for its rigorous academic program & nationally recognized sports teams."
We would like to thank Spider and John Urschel for joining the show tonight! Two of the nicest guys around. Some culture we have at Penn State!
John Urschel's Diary: Road to the NFL Draft: John Urschel's diary: Road to NFL draft _ team workouts and sayin...
Wire: John Urschel's diary: Road to the NFL draft Follow
"John Urschel's diary: Road to the NFL draft"
USA Today: John Urschel's diary: Road to the NFL draft
John Urschel's diary: Road to the NFL draft
Meet John Urschel of the Smartest Athlete in the NFL Draft:
Meet John Urschel, Smartest Athlete in the NFL Draft. My 1st article for
Great read from lauding our very own John Urschel (as the smartest guy in
.lauds "the smartest athlete in the NFL Draft," our own
Yes Mark Emmert we have a culture problem... is an impressive man.
This isn't news to us, but ICYMI: John Urschel, the Smartest Athlete in the NFL Draft: via
Awesome!! Great work “Meet the smartest athlete in the NFL draft
When Penn State graduate and 2014 NFL prospect John Urschel tried out for his middle school football team, he didn’t make it. It wasn’t that his skills were lacking, it was just that his head was too big. And no, it wasn’t the stereotypical “big head” … This article originally appeared at Seriously, For Real? » Amazing World
John Urschel is the last pick in They come away with Barr, J James, Tuitt, Sims, Norwood, W Johnson and Urschel.
Support Campbell Trophy winner John Urschel, nominee for the Sullivan Award! Vote now: http…
50 Days until the NFL Draft! Good luck to Allen Robinson, DaQuan Jones, John Urschel and the rest of the Nittany...
Don't forget to Vote 2013 Campbell winner John Urschel (for l
NFL Combine Draft By lateef.cooks on Feb 23 2014, 6:41p + Edit Round 1 Pick 5: Jadeveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina (A) The Beast of the SEC, becomes a legend in "The town!" Round 2 Pick 4: Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State (A) Dream come true for this guy, plus we can develop him, as long as, we want while a a veteran starts in front of him. Round 3 Pick 3: Kelcy Quarles, DT, South Carolina (A-) Was a big reason why Clowney was able to make the plays he made. Also helps if you bring on board a teammate that can help keep Clowney in check! The real team captain along side of Chaz Sutton! Round 4 Pick 7: DaQuan Jones, DT, Penn State (A) Just put his hands in the ground and watch him do work! Round 6 Pick 5: John Urschel, OG, Penn State (D-) Too smart of a player to pass on (high character guy just like Reggie Promised!) Round 7 Pick 5 (ATL): Aaron Lynch, DE, South Florida (C+) Just like Stacy McGee if you wanna know if he really wants to play football draft him in the 7th and make Jared Allen Mentor this guy! R ...
Pre-combine evaluations of Penn State's Allen Robinson, DaQuan Jones and John Urschel: Robinson and Jones prai...
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Second, players DaQuan Jones, John Urschel, and Allen Robinson have been invited to as has Pitt's Aaron Donald.
Guys who impressed in todays College all-star games QB Jimmy Garopollo -Showed great accuracy and a quick release. I was very impressed with this kid OG Ryan Groy -Good pass blocking ability while being able to run block at a high level. OG John Urschel - At 6'3 Urschel played very well on both levels I see him being a Good UFA pickup if he is there ILB Max Bullough -Came in 20lbs heavy but still was all over the field making plays. Could be a solid pick to backup Laurinaitis Fullback J.C. Copeland - This kid is a beast. Seriously if you have not seen this guy play watch a little highlight on him. I know fullbacks arent popular any more but we run a power run offense. Watch this kid clear holes at LSU then imagine him infront of Stacy! -Ian
Keep an eye out for the Shrine Bowl today with 3 Canadians on the field. East - Laurent Duvarney-Tardif (McGill) and John Urschel (Penn State); West - Evan Gill (Manitoba)
Good luck to 2013 Seniors Glenn Carson, Stephen Obeng-Agyapong & John Urschel in the today @ 4PM on
Three former Nittany Lions will appear in the 89th East-West Shrine Game on Saturday: linebacker Glenn Carson and guard John Urschel on the East squad, safety Stephen Obeng-Agyapong on the West.
The 89th Annual East-West Shrine Game will feature three Penn State players, with linebacker Glenn Carson (Manahawkin, N.J.) and guard John Urschel (Williamsville, N.Y.) playing for the East squad and safety Stephen Obeng-Agyapong (Bronx, N.Y.) suiting up for the West team.
The National Football Foundation (NFF) and the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) announced that Penn State standout John Urschel (Williamsville, N.Y.), the 2013 William V. Campbell Trophy recipient, will be honored on the field during the first quarter of the VIZIO BCS National Championship between No.
Brains meet brawn: PSU's John Urschel is smartest on field, toughest in class - The York Daily Record via
Penn State lineman John Urschel is not only one of the most talented players in the Big Ten, he’s a certified math whiz. We here at TWC and Connect a Million Minds took a few minutes to chat with the brainy behemoth about his two great pursuits.
John Urschel has yet one more accolade to add to the list: Fox Sports' Best Person In Sports.
Penn State standout guard and academic wiz John Urschel was named the recipient of the William V. Campbell Trophy on Tuesday night at the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame's 56th annual banquet in New York City.
Congrats John Urschel, for winning Campbell Trophy, the academic Heisman. Was there ever a doubt? http:/…
PSU football player John Urschel just won the Campbell Award, widely regarded as the "academic Heisman."
Congrats to John Urschel, recipient of the 2013 Campbell Trophy.
Congrats to Canisius High and Penn State guard John Urschel on winning "Academic Heisman" - very big deal.
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Just two days after John Urschel wins the Campbell Trophy, Penn State's strikes again and claims Katie Slay.
Congratulations to John Urschel on winning the prestigious Campbell Trophy tonight.NO ONE could be more deserving! Pro…
The National Football Foundation awarded John Urschel the Campbell Trophy, known as the Academic Heisman.
John Urschel Keep up the good work. Penn State o-lineman and 4.0 mathematics graduate.
Fans can vote daily thru Dec. 16 for John Urschel for the VOTE:
Have you voted for John Urschel today? Van Noy is making a late run John Urschel 28.8% Kyle Van Noy 26.9% AJ McCarron 22.4% 1.9% lead isn't enough going into the last weekend !!
Story with quotes from John Urschel's acceptance speech for the William V. Campbell Trophy
Confirmed: John Urschel is hella smarter than me.
Decided to sit in on John Urschel's class today. He knows most of the students by name so I'm waiting for him to be like, "Bro who are you?"
John Urschel was awarded the 2013 Campbell Trophy last night in New York. Watch his acceptance speech here:
My Sportsman: Penn State's John Urschel - Sports Illustrated will announce its...
Nittany Lion senior John Urschel won the 2013 Campbell Trophy, awarded to the nation's top scholar-athlete, on Tuesday.
I'm voting for John Urschel, , for the Go to to do the same!
John Urschel, everything that a student athlete should be
Hey - how about acknowledging brains, skill AND community with a RT? John Urschel wins the Campbell Trophy
John Urschel is a first-team All-Big Ten guard and a first-team Capital One/CoSIDA Academic All-American®.  He is Penn State's 2012-13 Big Ten Medal of Honor recipient, as well as a three-time Academic All-Big Ten honoree. Meanwhile, he has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree -- and a 4.0. 
We Are Success With Honor.Congrats John Urschel.on winning the Campbell Trophy--your old coach would be proud:
They asked us to nominate someone for Sportsman of the Year from each of our beats. I chose
Penn St OG John Urschel has been named the 24th recipient of William V. Campbell Trophy, endowed by HealthSouth, at 56th NFF Awards
Urschel wins Campbell Trophy: Canisius High School grad John Urschel is officially the top scholar-athlete in...
John Urschel took home the William V. Campbell Trophy Tuesday night, an award widely recognized as the academic Heisman. Urschel was one of 16 finalists for the award and will receive $25,000 toward his post-graduate work.
Great chatting last night with OL coach Mac McWhorter & his wife and hearing them rave abt the person OL John U…
sportmen of the year. Penn St Guard John Urschel.
John Urschel has won the Campbell Trophy as the nation's top college football scholar athlete! Congratulations,
John Urschel (PSU FB) won the top Scholar Athlete award for all of college sports.What an abomination the cultu…
.named DaQuan Jones, Allen Robinson, John Urschel 1st team All-B1G & Christian Hackenberg Newcomer of the Year
Potpourri We have 6 inches and 11 degrees of global warming Prayer and fire hoses worked together in Kiev Kudos to John Urschel premier scholar athlete at Penn State a great testament to Joe Paterno's Grand Experiment
After a rough two years here's a bright spot for the PSU football program. Penn State player John Urschel has won the Campbell Trophy for the nation's top SCHOLAR athlete. He has a 4.0 GPA and 2 Masters degrees in math! Congratulations, John! We are so proud!
Penn State was told to change the football culture at Penn State... I think we have proven that through one of the best student athlete graduation numbers throughout the NCAA. But to add on to that, yesterday John Urschel won the "academic heisman" award! Time for those sanctions to be removed
John Urschel, an offensive lineman won the 2013 Campbell Trophy for Scholar Athletes. Take a look at the list of winners through the years. You will never again say "dumb linemen." featured in NBC s Science of Love
John Urschel shows the world what it means to be a Penn Stater!!
Congratulations to John Urschell on winning the Campbell Trophy tonight. The Campbell Trophy is the academic Heisman. Such a culture problem.
Congrats to Penn State's John Urschel for being named winner of the Campbell Trophy as being college football's top scholar athlete. This is what is and always has been exceptional about PSU's football program, let's not forget that. I checked and I didn't see either Jameis Winston's or Johnny Manziel's names listed as finalists for the award. Shocking.
Penn State offensive guard John Urschel has added yet another accolade to his off-the-field accomplishments. During the National Football Foundation'
just saw that John Urschel of Penn State has won the Campbell Trophy! Players from my two favorite teams (Alabama and Penn State) have won it back-to-back years. In case you don't know, it is given "to the American college football player with the best combination of academics, community service, and on-field performance."
Coach Bill O'Brien calls him the 'embodiment of what Penn State's all about.' His teammate calls him a genius. He was named the toughest guy in the Nittany Lion weight room. But ask Penn State offensive lineman John Urschel if he's the smartest on the field, and he'll tell you, 'Around here, I'm the...
Penn State's John Urschel crushes calculus off the field
John Urschel feature on with Scott Pelley slated to air near end of 6:30 pm newscast
Look for a feature on John Urschel during tonight's with Scott Pelley. Scheduled to air at 6:30 pm. htt…
Feature story grad student/football guard John Urschel scheduled to air at 6:30 tonight on …
If Penn State's John Urschel doesn't make NFL, he can always teach integral vector calculus
Congrats to PSU's John Urschel & PUR's Robert Maci on earning the Medal of Honor - see all the honorees at
I liked a video Penn State Football Max Out Day - DaQuan Jones, Donovan Smith & John Urschel on the
VIDEO: Max Day...DaQuan Jones, Donovan Smith & John Urschel over 400 lbs on the bench:
When Craig Fitzgerald asked for the "biggest, baddest (insert expletive here) on the offense" John Urschel stepped up in the tug drill.
Not an engineer, but still very impressive: Check out the life of All-Big Ten guard John Urschel (
Penn State OL John Urschel one of 18 Big Ten fall sports athletes with a 4.0 GPA.
Ryan Hunter ’13 became the second Canisius Crusader to earn the Trench Trophy, an honor awarded to the top lineman in Western New York. In 2008, John Urschel ’09 earned the honor and proceeded on to Penn St. Hunter, who has verbally committed to Bowling Green, was a key figure for the Crusaders this season as they produced an 11-0 record and the Monsignor Martin championship. The team finished the season ranked in New York State.
A great example of a Penn State Football player: senior first string right guard John Urschel (who has one of year of eligibility left) is a graduate student who graduated with a 4.0 GPA in math recently found out one of his papers will be published in the journal, "Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy."
This is the same John Urschel who likened Mike Mauti to mythical hero Odysseus after the Indiana game.
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