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John Travolta

John Joseph Travolta (born February 18, 1954) is an American actor, dancer, and singer.

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John Travolta, Grumpy Cat, and the ghost of rson Welles have all been cast in the .ew Star Wars movie.
Battlefield earth is a 2000 film made with a budget of $73 million starring John Travolta https:/…
Robert Duval and John Travolta in A Civil Action may be their finest performances. I absolutely love this movie. In my top 10 of all time.
John Travolta is currently 21 White House visits behind Rex Tillerson. Also, this is really interesting.
The movie of the day is Carrie (1976) starring Sissy Spacek,John Travolta, William Katt and Nancy Allen.
Kevin Connolly directs John Travolta on set of John Gotti biopic
John Travolta, the king of lace wigs
And the media needs to stop enabling her. They're like John Travolta and Nancy Allen in Carrie. It's cruel!
.John Travolta is confused because the…
John Travolta goes to see Dr. Pacino, thanks to his friend Chris Walken:
John Travolta, Sam Trammell and Asante Jones on the set of I AM WRATH
Uma Thurman and John Travolta inspiring Quentin Tarantino to dance behind the camera on the 'Pulp Fiction' set.
The people vs OJ Simpson review - John Travolta has upped his game since Welcome Back Kotter and Ross from friends is the best!
Jimmy Fallon's impression of John Travolta in the 70s was spot on LMFAO. He reminded me of John on Welcome Back Kotter.
SNL posted this on IG of Harry and Jimmy as *** Jagger and John Travolta
Jimmy as John Travolta literally feels like I'm watching an episode of "Welcome Back, Kotter."
Hello the one and only John Travolta! I have been a fan since you were in Saturday Night Fever! You've always been my STAR!
I can't. Not when is posing like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.
Saturday Night Fever - Trailer - John Travolta gives a sensual and intelligent performance as the...
Checking to see if John Travolta, Kevin Spacey, and Richard Simmons are ready.
John Travolta did a great job acting as Robert Shapiro in The People vs OJ Simpson 👌🏾
John Travolta is majestic as Robert Shapiro in that series.
Watching The People Vs OJ Simpson, I can't decide if Robert Shapiro is an *** or if I just don't like John Travolta...
John Travolta's portrayal of Robert Shapiro in The People vs OJ Simpson is.🔥🔥🔥🔥
But so, near the end, the character John Travolta plays, Robert Shapiro, brings up something about how he's Jewish.
John Travolta playing as Robert Shapiro in O.j vs the people. I'm binge watching this whole series
//I have a habit of changing my banner to a random screenshot of John Travolta on this account
Just finished People v OJ Simpson on - my verdict? Riveting television. was incredible. John Travolta was not
Anyone else fancy John Travolta in that OJ Simpson thing? No? Just me.
John Travolta in the OJ Simpson "An American Crime" becomes super scary. The way he twists his mouth and stuff.. woah. 😟😟😟😟
John Travolta in The People vs O.J. Simpson kills me he looks like a different person
if u havin a bad day I just imagine Samuel L Jackson has John Travolta by his side and the movie is actually just Pulp Fi…
love this pic because it looks like John Travolta and Sam L Jackson are gonna fight us
Courtney B. Vance vs. John Travolta oh this is greatness
Every time John Travolta is in the bathroom in Pulp Fiction something bad happens.
Sidney Crosby looks like a straight John Travolta.
John Travolta just called to congratulate Warren Beatty, as our nation celebrates the peaceful transfer of power btwn bigg…
John Travolta in grease is incredible
He stirred up my gayness to in them jean 🏋️💃🏼
Ricky Martin smolders at Latin Music Awards after revealing John Travolta was his first celebrity crush
I want a Leather jacket like John Travolta in Grease!!
lets just be happy the world still has John Travolta
John Travolta's face makes me happy
Revelation1217 "Ex-Scientologist Leah Remini reveals that John Travolta can get away with actual murder …
*John Travolta @ the Oscars* : ok. you can do it. it's a straightforward name. No problemo. 3 yrs later. *Travolta…
What is wrong with John Travolta's eyes?
I think I can dance almost like John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever. 1 of my hs teachers used 2 call me his name.
revealed he had a HUGE crush on in Saturday Night Fever and we’re like…same 💕💕💕…
|| You're The One That I Want comes on the radio and I'm dancing around the house. I'm no John Travolta but hey. Can't help myself.
I guess I always Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta to get married because then her name would've been Olivia Newton-John Travolta.
Just started watching the people vs O.J. Simpson and John Travolta's face is terrifying...he can barely move it!
Ricky Martin Reveals First Celebrity Male Crush Was John Travolta! After all they're both *** right (cont)
"A pretty high percentage of these involve John Travolta"
Check out our review of From Paris with Love starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
Ricky Martin watched Saturday Night Fever repeatedly just to see one scene in particular.
Idk but to me, even when John Travolta has aged his voice still sounds the same.
John Travolta seen filming in Bath Beach, contruction slated for new Bay Ridge ferry and 8 other top stories
This just in: John Travolta helped stir up Ricky Martin’s gayness - More at:
what do your expect from someone who resides in a terrible Christian Slater/John Travolta movie...
After Hairspray last night, had to introduce the kids to another side of John Travolta so listened to Grease this am. 🏎
Ricky Martin says John Travolta helped him realise he was ***
we talking about john Travolta again? 😌
John Travolta's hands and the 21 other most awkward moments in Oscars history
John Travolta + intro for Best Song = most memorable Oscars moment.We want you to join in and let us know you…
'times you hated John Travolta on screen'
Salmon Oscars and five gallons of hot fudge: catering for the Academy Awards
it's a doggie dog world, just loose the cowboy hat. You like John Travolta in Urban Cowboy. He looked stupid too
And the Urban Cowboy! Cmon y'all know John Travolta you should look up the movies he was in. 😬
This is John Travolta, Brian Strait, Pascal Dupuis, and Dougie Weight all in one face
Let's put her in more context. She's the same age as Oprah. John Travolta, Ron Howard, Denzel Washington, and prime ministe…
John Travolta is a retired Olympic archer who uncovers a secret Nazi plot to elect a racist tangerine as President Of The…
2017 Life time "You like like" tally: 1 million David Schwimmer / Ross from Friends, 20 John Travolta, 3 Alec Baldwin, 1 Vincent D'Onofrio
Astronaut, take off. John Travolta, face off. In the kitchen, have a bake off. She gon' snort her whole *** face off
Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in Grease 11x17 Mini Poster by Silverscreen
isn't John Travolta's wife is Kelly Preston, not Kelly Lynch?
John Travolta, Grumpy Cat, and the ghost of Orson Welles have all bewn cast in the new Star Wars povie.
John Travolta reveals the secret to happy marriage!..
Tuesday morning thoughts: John Travolta x Fonzie of = Joey Tribbiani of 😂
Maybe knows where Kelly Preston was instead of being with John Travolta at the Super Bowl? Hmm?
Hmm where was Kelly Preston, John Travolta? I didn't see her!!
Listen to 'First and Last' with Mark Schwarzer featuring John Travolta and Cooking
01-29 Poster and trailer for action thriller I Am Wrath starring John Travolta
I sent my dad a gif of John Travolta dancing in Saturday Night Fever and he says "where'd you get an old video of me"
Big bads: John Travolta’s plummeting career accelerated in...
I saw what REALLY happened the night John Travolta's teenage son Jett died
Villains contend with John Travolta and his hair in the I Am Wrath trailer
Worried fans say John Travolta looks like 'waxwork'
01-29 John Travolta is barely recognisable in American Crime Story
'What's happened to John Travolta's face?' Star looks unrecognisable in The
Everytime I see Idina Menzel's name i just start cracking how did John Travolta butcher that name 😂
I forever thought John Travolta's accent in 'Urban Cowboy' was the phoniest thing I've ever's Trump quoting scripture!
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I wanna get buff just to go to Billy Bob's and maybe meet a hot chick like John Travolta did in Urban Cowboy (10/10)
No Scientology isn't far fetched. L Ron Hubbard is a proven fraud. John Travolta and Tom Cruise won't see it
L. Ron Hubbard is laughing in his grave, reincarnated body, some distant asteroid, or in bed with John Travolta and…
After the Star Trek TNG marathon. Its on to the John Travolta movie marathon
I tried but couldn't find a free pic of that Jamie Lee Curtis/John Travolta exercise movie for the banner here...
Donald really used his Golden Globe awards to meet John Travolta
Re-enactment of OJ trial. But so good. John Travolta brilliant.
YES! and there are so so SO many..Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Lisa Marie Presley, Priscilla Presley etc., etc.
Watching still think King Louie is played by John Travolta!
Movie Idea: Tim Allen, John Travolta, and Martin Lawrence are in a *** motercycle gang but they later realize that they're all ***
John Travolta, Brian De Palma & Nancy Allen on the set of 'Blow Out' (1981).
Watching the most badass movie of all times. The Punisher. No, not the 1 w/ Thomas Jane & John Travolta. The '80s one, w/ Dolph Lundgren.
what if after they filmed Face/Off they forgot to switch John Travolta and Nic Cage's faces back so they've been secretly living other lives
Best middle age white actor? Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, or Nicholas Cage
Viola Davis, John Travolta share favorite movies and TV of 2016 | Related Articles:…
I can only see John Travolta as Edna Turnblad in Hairspray.
No one can top John Travolta's role in Hairspray. The new Edna Turnblad has a creepy voice.
John Travolta played Edna Turnblad better then the person on hairspray live
you're John Travolta dressed up as Edna Turnblad
John Travolta was and always will be the best Edna Turnblad
Watching but John Travolta will always be my Edna Turnblad
but John Travolta and Christopher Walken will be forever my Edna and Wilbur Turnblad ❤️
When will Tom Cruise or John Travolta be as brave as this woman? David Miscavige is a psychopath that destroys families.…
A dance partner of John Travolta, a friend of Micheal Jackson: Princess Diana really was Hollywood's princess.
You know John Travolta is at home and dressed as Edna Turnblad, just because it feels right
John Travolta, Phil LaMarr and Samuel L Jackson on the set of Pulp Fiction (1994)
but... John Travolta did not play Robert Kardashian, David Schwimmer did.
Imagine the secrets Leah Remini must know about John Travolta's hair.
This is also the same guy that thought John Travolta and Bruce Willis were the same guy
'Face Off' on HBO, all time classic! 👌Nicholas Cage and John Travolta in their prime.
Nicolas Cage and John Travolta go into a pub, the barman says "Why the wrong face?"
John Travolta as Nic Cage as John Travolta and Nic Cage as John Travolta as Nic Cage in the BATTLE OF THE CREEPY WEIRDOS
I'm watching Grease and I'm having two main feelings about it: Jesus Christ I love Abbey Bartlett & John Travolta was so *** hot.
Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta at a White House gala dinner, 1985. Photo from the Ronald Reagan Library
One of my fave films/ Crazy love Review: Sean Penn, Robin Wright Penn & John Travolta are brilliant in this flick/
I'm glad somebody got smart and casted Nick Cage and John Travolta for the same part
I am not a fan of musicals but Hair spray's John Travolta was awesome as a woman
John Travolta as the iconic Tony Manero on a New York City subway.
Princess Diana's dance with John Travolta remembered as iconic gown goes on display via
John Travolta - Olivia Newton John - Summer Nights.mpg told u I loved this movie! Fun movie! 😊😜
the combo of Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, John Travolta, and William Macy in Wild Hogs is legendary
My aunt and uncle are at the Cubs game sitting in a privet box with John Travolta ***
Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Harvey Keitel & Quentin Tarantino on the set of "Pulp Fiction", 1994.
Both Johnny Depp and John Travolta were reportedly offered the role Richard Gere plays in this movie…
"Dress up like Halloween & Ghouls will try and get in your pants"-Nic Cage with John Travolta's face to John Travolta's daughter in Face/Off
He looks like John Travolta! Pity who go home to see their Moms & Dads. Iran jails them and asks USA for ransom now.…
I literally cannot stop staring at this dog that somehow looks exactly like John Travolta
Khloe Kardashian's box might be whatever Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta was looking at when they opened the briefca…
Hey listen to me and my brothers newest song thank u . S/o John Travolta.
Clive Thomas giving his best John Travolta impression. Tommy Smith "Who me ref?" Rod "You bet it was…
Making sacrifices to the great God Xenu. Tom Cruise. John Travolta. Katherine Bell. Jenna Elfman.
Princess Diana dances with actor John Travolta at a White House dinner on November 9, 1985
Guys, girls, listen, just listen okay?. I asked John Travolta what he thinks of ‘sacred golden ratio geometry’ logo grids: http…
so I just found out Ben Stiller, Mark Wahlberg, John Travolta and Daniel Craig all named their daughters Ella
La Grange TX courthouse, aka the movie scene from "Michael" w John Travolta, Andie MacDowell and Teri Garr
Anyone else feel like they're in Wild Hogs right now? "Holy crap, it's the Golden Knight!"- John Travolta
haven't heard of that Scientology one. Starring Tom Cruise and John Travolta?
Ok, John Travolta looks like an ugly clay model in
never forget that John Travolta played a woman in Hairspray
John Travolta fondling a young Lloyd Kaufman on the set of ¡Saturday Night Fever' (1977) John Badham
I chose "Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in Face/Off in the Clash of the Titans -
I think Get Shorty might be John Travolta's greatest work. In fact, I might narrow it down even further to that walk up the stairs.
So Tommy Lee Jones would have half of Nic Cage's face and half of John Travolta's face
Yup, I'm in it! . Already shot my scenes with Leo Rossi and John Travolta. . Also in it; Al Pacino, Stacy Keach &...
John Travolta as John Gotti still kinda looks like John Travolta as Robert Shapiro
John Travolta 'The Life and Death of John Gotti' first look...
John Travolta goes gangster in exclusive first look at 'The Life and Death of John Gotti':
My thought for the day: Tom Hanks shouldn't have been Sully in the Sully movie. It should be John Travolta. Bc he's legit a pilot
Tarantino needs to revive Johnny Depp's career like he did John Travolta's in "Pulp Fiction" and Pam Grier in "Jackie Brown."
John Travolta steps into character as crime boss John Gotti on set via
John Travolta was filming around the corner from our home today. Welcome Back Kotter re-boot? Nope. Gotti film.
1976 Welcome Back Kotter bank with box . Great shape works great John Travolta
so in love with young Al Pacino, young Sylvester Stalone, & young John Travolta 😩😍
A rare clip of John Travolta's screen test for Welcome Back, Kotter. Notice that in the screen test his...
John Travolta, wife & friends paid the a visit at Great American Ball Park.
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omfg John Travolta is at the Reds' stadium
Will The Hateful 8 be to Channing Tatum or Kurt Russell what Pulp Fiction was to John Travolta? I don't know don't ask me these questions!
‘In a Valley of Violence’ Stars Ethan Hawke vs. John Travolta in an Old West Sho...
Turned on the tv last night and Wild Hogs was on. John Travolta looks like Marcus Fenix in that movie lmao
"You don't need a GPS to discover America" - John Travolta in Wild Hogs, also John Travolta in real life
John travolta looks like a cartoon alligator
I was thinking about doing a portrait of the Pulp Fiction scene of Samuel Jackson and John Travolta pointing their guns
why does bibby look like John travolta 😂
If I see that *** video of Olivia Newton John and John travolta singing You're The One ThatI Want recently ONE MORE TIME
90's Baddie Travolta in John Woo flicks is the type of thing I watch movies for
I got the John Travolta also! But with Vanilla ice cream instead! It was good but way too much for me lol
when John travolta played a women in hairspray
John Travolta and Bruce Willis behind the scenes on the set of Pulp Fiction.
I remember im not John Travolta mispronouncing a name
Scientology is one of the least homophobic religions. It's not very interested in the body...
Deciding what level of creepy you are:. - John Travolta in Pulp Fiction . - carnie with no teeth . - Ronald McDonald
The guy on the left reminds me of those John Travolta gifs.
Eve is Spoon Snake, I am Jelly Fox, Jacob is John Travolta eating crisps in the window.
Gotti film directed by Kevin Connolly and starring John Travolta as Teflon Don begins shooting July 25 in Cincinnati h…
I used to bust out the John Travolta for physics
Vintage photo of Rene Russo, John Travolta, Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito star i
An hour into OJ: Made in America and so far, so good. No David Schwimmer shouting "Juice" or John Travolta, well, Travolta-ing.
I had no idea how much John Travolta based everything on Brian Ferry singing Do The Strand. And now I will also do that.
lovely. Summer Lovin' by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta were number one when I was born
John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John singing 35 years later, my life is complete! 💖
I just got done watching an old Sam Kinison special on Netflix and thought it was crazy how much he looked and sounded like John Travolta
I did think that. John Travolta and Shirley Henderson.
Good Times w/Jimmie Walker (Dyno-Mite!) and Welcome Back Kotter with the role that made John Travolta famous.
Does this remind me of a John Travolta song! 😉
Fancy having dinner with John Travolta in Birmingham for £999?
Saturday Night Fever over John Travolta coming to Birmingham
John Travolta wants that you want Saturday Night Fever in
WORLD EXCLUSIVE! John Travolta to appear at as part of black tie event. MORE
John Travolta is coming to Birmingham - and you can have dinner with him - for a price
World exclusive: John Travolta to host Black Tie dinner in Birmingham
I feel as though maybe John Travolta went into hiding after the Adele dazeem incident bc I haven't seen him since
Not to be confused with John Travolta's 90s angel movie, Michael.
* Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta - Grease Megamix * was top of the Australian Chart this week in 1991
I just watched Olivia Newton John and John Travolta sing You're the One I want duet. And it made my heart happy 😂's corny but I'm watching the original "Grease" with John Travolta and the beautiful Olivia Newton John!...
I would rather hire John Travolta playing a lawyer than have the lawyer Hernandez got.
Chief would like to thank actors John Travolta / Martin Lawrence / Ray Liotta / William H Macy / Tim Allen for calling into Thunder Box Show
John Travolta happily smoking like a chimney, knowing he's safe cos he's bought an anti-cancer box off
What 1970s sitcom launched John Travolta's career as teen heartthrob Vinnie Barbarino? -
Brendan Fraser needs a Tarantino reboot like John Travolta. Wouldn't that be awesome?
I hope Ryan Murphy makes Ssn 2 of American Crime Story about this gorilla fiasco. John Travolta as the gorilla.
John Travolta's mansion is ridiculous... All kinds of ridiculous:
Stephen lang as cable bruh. Who else could we chose? Ben stiller? John Travolta?
Matt Edmondson does his best John Travolta impression @ bbcradio1
Michael drinks his weight, drinks like Richard Burton, Dances like John Travolta -
Zac Efron regretting High School Musical is like John Travolta regretting Grease.
Tetris: The Movie - BLOCKS WILL FALL - Starring: Bruce Willis and John Travolta and directed by Uwe Boll
Power lunch between Pitbull and John Travolta: John Travolta and Pitbull were seen…
Boeing 707 N707JT piloted by actor John Travolta seen here at in November 2005
Actor & disco king John Travolta is not only famous for his dance moves but for his ability to fly...
There are unwanted emotions and pain that goes along with any birth. - John Travolta (Actor).
Christopher Walken and John Travolta make such a cool couple XD
Fantastic show tonight. What a singing voice. Also the actor who played Edna He`d give John Travolta a run for his money.
Chelsea was talking about dirty dancing and she was like a total fancy John Travolta.. nah a think u mean patrick swayze 😂😂😂😂
Kirk teaches John Travolta is finger centric vs Its potential to determine who care https t work Worth catching on digital output by.
John Travolta & Olivia Newton John are to be recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours. They are to be made Summer Knights...
I've seen Broken Arrow with Christian Slater and John Travolta and I think that sounds hurtful and pretty dangerous.
John travolta and channing tatum aged the exact same way in like the same style and it's not a good thing
Imagine John Travolta, on stage at the Tony awards, trying to pronounce Lin-Manuel Miranda's name.
Warner Bros loved Purple Rain... but wanted John Travolta instead of Prince.
Autograph of Hollywood actor John Travolta Arroyo on a Photograph of himself!~
Biggest faceoff of the game. second biggest face off? 1998's john travolta thriller
I just realized she was really dancing with John Travolta, that makes it even funnier - love it!
I wonder who John Travolta is tickling right now?
This is DukeBox, stay tuned. Coming up next: Summer Nights by John Travolta/Olivia Newton John
"The real bad message in Grease was that John travolta was attractive" -Gus
I know this is a John Woo film but I think the most unrealistic part of this movie is the severe lack of response by anyone to stop Travolta
A John Travolta and Jay-Z impression are surprisingly similar.
Fascinating read. I almost threw up when he said WB wanted to replace Prince with John Travolta 😱😱😱
What is Elliot Stabler doing talking to John Travolta what is happening !
John Travolta in a cowboy hat dipping snuff and spitting in a beer bottle driving down the road is this nations backbone
John Travolta's performance is humiliating. Sarah P is fantastic though!
No, that was John Travolta with Norman photoshopped
first time around didn't have John Travolta though
John Travolta was the voice of Bolt?¿
I was stunned to find out it didn't know who John Travolta is
Colton Haynes Is Now Out Out: John Travolta can now remove Colton Haynes’ name from the mailbox outside of Th...
bf just said my poster of vampire Brad Pitt looks like John Travolta 😅
People make judgments about Scientology, but often they don't know what the...
Oh dope! Wait...isn't the lead John Travolta?
John Travolta and Galileo have less in common than you think.
Killing Season - my lord, John Travolta deserves 5 Razzies for this performance.
Eve Arden worked with the Marx Brothers and John Travolta. That's gotta be a short list.
Are Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and John Travolta joining this ride? And why announce 85 schools?
Which South American country starred in a film with John Travolta?. BOlivia Newton John
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
heartbroken. You cant get better than the original w/ John Travolta and Olivia Newton John
At least he's still relevant. I was named after John Travolta's character on "Welcome Back, Kotter."
You know, you grow up with the image of John Travolta being super cool - 'S...
Gotti film back on with John Travolta... thanks to the AG who sent this.
John Travolta always looks like he's watching someone aggressively blow their nose near the buffet
Yeah sort of like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever
Curtis and Vinny said I look like John Travolta with my swollen mouth. Probably not Saturday Night Fever John, more like Hairspray John. 😔
Shock for hostel residents as they are treated to an impersonation of John Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever' by a man exp…
Did the running man challenge at work and a customer called me John Travolta 🤔💃
face off is the greatest movie about John Travolta and Nic Cage switching faces in existence tho
Nicolas Cage and John Travolta are two people who decided to take their face swap picture that one step too far.
John Travolta and Nicolas Cage were stunning at *FACE OFF* ♥
*Taking notes while watching face off*. Beginning:. Nicolas Cage: bad. John Travolta: good. Middle:. Nicolas Cage: good. John Travolta: bad. End ?
Why is John Travolta complaining about my fireplace? Why is Dwayne Johnson voiceless? How much urine does Natalie Martinez have?
I hope you get to watch it. It was good. I still chuckle over John Travolta playing Robert Shapiro. He looked the part, though.
This Downey is in a riverbed. John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing really are misbehaving teens.
I hope there's a spin off show starring John Travolta as Robert Shapiro called Bob on the Job.
Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta at a "Grease" party at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles in 1978
John Travolta, doing whatever it is he's doing playing Robert Shapiro, saying *** sex, page 197."
Thomas Jane (2004) was the best IMO, plus John Travolta as Howard Saint 🙌🙌🙌
unless you're Nicholas Cage and John Travolta, stop with the switching faces. it's unsettling at best
Saw The People vs O.J. Simpson produced by John Travolta. Now thats "race baiting at its finest" Courtney B. Vance was great.
the one with Tom Jane and John Travolta? This one had Ray Stevenson. It's very marmite in terms of critical reception.
ok, so the people vs oj Simpson cast is weird. Jerry from Boston Legal, Ross Gellar, John Travolta, Nathan Lane...
All worth it to see John Travolta and Forest Whitaker ham it up as evil stupid aliens.
*** John Travolta went full HAM not in a good way in that elevator scene with Courtney B. Vance
Can't wait to catch up on The People vs OJ Simpson tonight. John Travolta is beginning to look like his own Boglin.
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