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John Surtees

John Surtees, OBE (born 11 February 1934, Tatsfield, Surrey) is a British former Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and Formula One driver from England.

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Great news. Well overdue. “John Surtees appointed CBE in New Year honours
John Surtees appointed CBE in New Year honours
John Surtees, the only man to win World Championships on two and four wheels.
Congratulations to working 'Run patron John Surtees CBE on his award from Her Majesty.
Reminds me of the legendary John Surtees.Hopefully Vale will win a championship on 4 wheels when he deiciedes to leave bike racing
Read the latest awesome F1 article from at
Read more about John Surtees receiving an CBE here at
Ca 1920 - PLAIN or RINGLETS by R S SURTEES illustrated by JOHN LEECH
Enjoying (again!) the awesome John Surtees being interviewed by Steve Rider on
reports that John Surtees has been made a CBE. Why has that taken so long when think of some of the people who get honours?
Our driver policy was partly dictated by who was available because of other contracts. ~John Surtees
thank you for the article in the today in regards to John Surtees CBE I wish it was a Knighthood too!
A big congratulations to John Surtees. Finally some recognition, so well deserved for such a great human being
My heartfelt congratulations to John Surtees on his CBE, he deserves more for his uni…
Congratulations John Surtees for your CBE for Services to Motorsport, perfect gent! https:/…
John Surtees Appointed CBE: John Surtees, the only person to win World Championships on both two and four whee...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Surtees receives CBE in UK New Year Honours List by rust…
Great to see that John Surtees was awarded a CBE in the New Year's Honours:
Former Formula One World Champion - John Surtees - has been conferred as Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
John Surtees awarded a CBE. What does he have to do to get knighted? New Year honours are a joke!
Congratulations to AP McCoy on his knighthood but why hasn't John Surtees been given one!? Only man to win 500cc Motorcycling WC & F1.
John Surtees - it's in the name he was born with. He will always be a Sir to me.
John Surtees, A P McCoy, Chris Froome and Ronnie O'Sullivan just some of the greats to rightfully recieve honours this New Year.
Although it's good to see the AP McCoy and John Surtees are being honoured they may be two different generations but both treasures of sport
yay John Surtees to finally become a Sir -
AP McCoy - the epitome of hard work leads to success - deserves his knighthood. As does John Surtees - why it took so long for his?
Jenson Button, top bloke , and John Surtees, because he will have lots of stories.
6 F1 drivers have won SPOTY - Moss, Stewart, Mansell, D.Hill, Hamilton...and John Surtees who won in 1959, (F1 Champ 1964)
John Surtees and Jim Clark, Nürburgring 1963. . First GP victory for John, one and only 2nd place in a GP for Jim!
NEW!. Surtees on Vincent. ~ Charles Maher. Giclee Print on Paper. John Surtees on Vincent racer.
1955 in the 250cc John Surtees took his 1st GP win, and finished 3rd in the race.
ha thanks mate! Im going to miss it but exciting role ahead teaching
.have won the most at the as a team. Here's John Surtees, victor of 1966, with Shell
French GP, 1968: John Surtees drives his Honda to a second-place finish behind Jacky Ickx in a Ferra
How were the school results overall?
Read the blog and you'll see that I am suffering :)
Glad you've done well John, hope holidays have been good. You know I rate you highly but keep it quiet :)
thanks Allan great department and top gaffa
1966 Belgian GP with Big John Surtees driving his Ferrari to victory.
John Surtees on his way to victory in the 1966 Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps. The filmcrew clearly not aware...
In honour of week, I'm posting my favourite picture from Spa; John Surtees @ Eau Rouge, 1966.
Guests next week include and John Surtees: Guests next week include an...
Guests next week include and John Surtees
We had this mega Lola T70 in for dyno last week. This is the car that John Surtees won the 1966 Can Am...
John Surtees & F1 car designer at the time Mauro Forghieri. (1965)
SP1 : Pirelli Album of motor racing heroes by John Surtees paperback
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
This 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Scaglietti Berlinetta, driven by John Surtees, was on the 2011 Pebble Beach show field. http:…
John Surtees blasting onto the straight in his Ferrari 330 P3, at the 1966 1000kms of the Nurburgring.
itsbrucemclaren:. Mauro Forghieri and John Surtees with the Momo...
Surtees relaunches Hamilton track: Former Formula One World Champion John Surtees relaunches the karting...
In 1964 age 10 with my father, watching John Surtees in the FERRARI 158 dicing with the BRMs and Lotus at Watkins Glen
Today in '65, a British 1-2-3 in France as Jim Clark wins for ahead of Jackie Stewart & John Surtees
John Surtees leads at Spa en route to his fourth and final win for OTDI 1966.
Pleasure to spend an evening with a real hero - John Surtees - talking Ferrari. Honda, cars, bikes and rivals. Thanks to
I've got someone John Surtees could push to get her going ...
Happy Birthday to two and four wheel legend John Surtees!
Happy 81st Birthday to John Surtees. Here he is pictured with at Goodwood last year.
Happy 81st birthday to my friend John Surtees, the only man to win world titles on 2 and 4 wheels. 2010 Picture. http:/…
time for him to be knighted Paul. Sterling Moss has been, so why not John Surtees?
No one will but if someone does, I will say 'Sir' John Surtees. What do I really what all the committees say?
John Surtees needs to be knighted .
So remind me why John Surtees doesn't have a knighthood again?
Donation made to for every copy of new book sold...
Racing legends with John Surtees will be repeated in March , it was a real privilege for me to meet the legend AND ride his MV Augusta
thank you for your wonderful programme on John Time to start a campaign for a knighthood and proper recognition
Just watched doc with John Surtees. Very good. Tears when talking about Henry. Mmmm beard, motorbike, leathers & an Aston...😈
Just watched John Surtees,what a great manknighthood is overdue
the only thing that needs addressing is why John Surtees has not been made Sir Surtees.
Just caught up with the documentary about John Surtees. Superb profile, a hero and true gent.
love the sentiment - remember the good times would be the additional entry from me (courtesy of John Surtees)
Really enjoyed the John Surtees show - here's a pic of mine from Silverstone of you and Mr Locatelli
Just watched emotional biopic on John Surtees - the only racer to be champ on 2 & 4 wheels - presented by
Denny Hulme, Stirling Moss and John Surtees having fun in the bumper cars!
First showing together of the championship winning cars for John Surtees in 1964
just seen the John Surtees show very good as was your Ducati!
just when I thought you were the king of the track, Paul Hollywood makes me aware of john surtees, what a legend. Ur best jock.
happy birthday 😊. I hope you have been able to have a relaxing day xxx
.Racing Legends-John Surtees - only broadcast 11 Jan but 'Not currently available on BBC iPlayer'? why?
just caught up with racing legend John surtees doc. The man deserves a knighthood! Proper legend.
Watch BBC Racing Legends on John Surtees a true genius and gentlemen who should receive a knighthood.
Oi when can I watch on the heroic John
Just watched racing legends with john Surtees. Wow, what a man, what a legend. Exciting yet moving. Awesome
Just watched the John Surtees Racing Legends programme - legend doesn't do him justice... He's a hero!
Just watched the 'Racing Legends - John Surtees' programme. Fantastic stuff, John deserves the Legend status. Well done
There can be no doubt that John Surtees deserves a Knighthood.
Any idea when the John Surtees programme will be on IPlayer? Ta
just seen the program you did with John Surtees, absolutely brilliant. Couldn't take my eyes off the TV. 👏👍
As "Racing Legends: John Surtees" delayed on BBC2, decided to rewatch on sky+. very i…
Sunday night's Racing Legends programme on John Surtees is now on YouTube:
Nothing short of a miracle that John Love escaped uninjured after this shunt in his Surtees TS9 at Kyalami, ‘71…. http…
My father crossing the line to finish 3rd in sprint at Trent Park, June 1949. John Surtees also competed that day. http…
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Morning Paul, your programme about the future Sir John Surtees can be seen here
BBC to honour John Surtees in TV documentary
BBC to honour John Surtees in TV documentary (watch now !! HD) - Verbal & RR Bloggers via
Caught up with the 'Paul Hollywood meets John Surtees' BBC Racing Legends programme last night. What a 'legend'.
“Hi will there be a repeat for the John Surtees documentary ?”
Morning, I have heard that the racing legend programme with John Surtees will be repeated in March, I'll let you know wh…
Thank you for a truly humbling insight into the legend who should surely be SIR John Surtees http:…
Nice to see John Surtees trending now Mr. Cameron Knighthood for a true legend please
John Surtees you are still the best that ever was. Mary Berry on a Ducati Corsa has made my day.
Watching BBC 2 with looking at John Surtees' racing career, was a pleasure to meet them both last year at the
If you have the chance, the Barber Museum in Birmingham has an excellent display on John Surtees...
Totally agree. The late Prof Sid Watkins should've been knighted, and Murray Walker and John Surtees for services to Motorsport.
Motorsports legend John Surtees takes the gold yet again: He won first prize in the Royal Automobile Club’s in...
honoured to be a judge on the Royal Automobile Club's Book of the Year panel. Delighted for John Surtees and looking forward to next year
You are allowed to compare Nico Rosberg to John Surtees when he wins 4 consecutive MotoGP championships. Just sayin'
Nico Rosberg has more wins than Gilles Villeneuve and John Surtees. Just sayin’
has come a long way! Check out the Ferrari that won the 1966 Belgian Grand Prix driven by John Surtees!
People of the UK, your Queen hands out knighthoods like candy. How does John Surtees not have one yet?! Raced both and
Jackie Stewart, John Surtees, Nick Mason and Rowan Atkinson were amongst the stars at Goodwood Revival today.
“John Surtees, such a legend” one of these days he'll receive the recognition he deserves
On this day in 1963 John Surtees took his first World Championship win in the German GP. Here he leads Jim Clark
my grandfather with John Surtees at Aberdare Park
Cool video of John Surtees and Kimi Raikkonen driving their title winning Ferraris at Goodwood:
Amazing speaking to John Surtees founder of today - truly inspiring! Please donate generously
Someone's been busy taking a leaf out of John Surtees book!
Sebastian Vettel with John Surtees in his garage before the race earlier today
Disgusting that an mp presents the winning trophy and a living British legend john Surtees presents second. No respect.
Even John Surtees is pleased to see on the podium! Next stop German GP
Rarely do you meet a true legend of a sport, and today I met and shook hands with John Surtees.
And an honour to meet John Surtees, only person to win World Championships on both 2 & 4 wheels
.and motorsport legend John Surtees drop by the McLaren garage to say 'hi'.
Lovely to see John Surtees presenting trophy's at the GP - shared a table with him at Goodwood Ball - lovely man. Well done Lewis!
Good to see the Great John Surtees today. No stranger to the podium on 2 & 4 wheels. Recently celebrated 80th birthday.
I can see why people think John Surtees should be a sir. The man won a motogp and F1 championship, that's a feat and a half
Hamilton gets his 1st placed trophy from a Tory MP, Bottas gets his 2nd placed prize from legend John Surtees. I know which one I'd prefer.
Great to see Sir John Surtees on the podium!
I can't believe an MP presented Lewis with the champion's trophy on 50th year when John Surtees was there beside him!
Nearly 5 years ago John Surtees lost his son Henry, still remember that race when i saw him giving 1st price to Hamilton.
So why couldn't Sir John Surtees present Lewis Hamilton's 1st place trophy instead of some tosser of an MP instead of doing 2nd place?
How is John Surtees not a Sir??? Only a World Champion on 2 and 4 wheels!
why hasnt John Surtees got a knighthood!!?
Good to see John Surtees presenting trophies, British racing legend and apt as profits going to
Its nice to see John surtees on the podium today (handing out a trophy) what a legend.
How is John Surtees still a mr? He should have been knighted years ago. Lets see him honoured soon please !
This podium again raises the question of how John Surtees hasn't been knighted yet.
Sir John Surtees should have presented 1st Trophy not some MP from a Government who provides no support to
Nice to see local legend John Surtees presenting a trophy at the British Grand Prix!
Should be SIR John Surtees ! World Champion on both 2 and 4 wheels !
Come on, surely it's time it was SIR John Surtees?
Awesome to see John Surtees on the podium, only man to win Motogp and F1 titles.
yay John Surtees well enough to present the trophies!!
and he even got to receive his trophy from John Surtees. Perfect!
Shouldn’t John Surtees not be giving first prize out over a bloody MP?!
Fab to see the legend that is John Surtees :-) Give that man a knighthood FFS!
Why not let John Surtees present the winner's trophy instead of a bloody Tory politician?
The only champ on two wheels and four, John Surtees, on podium. Great to see him. What a legend.
Lewis Hamilton could win on two wheels as well as four, says John Surtees: Ex-F1 champion John Surtees has adv...
Pls sign petition to get him a Knighthood. Racing legend John Surtees, a true knight of the road (via
“If u want to make Kimi Raikkonen properly laugh, just add John Surtees. The 64 champ had Kimi in pieces at Goodwood yesterday”
Kimi Raikkonen and John Surtees - Ferrari F1 champions at Festival of Sp...: via
Also loved seeing John Surtees and Kimi Raikkonen together in their Ferraris was another highlight Will be back in 2015.
There's not many places you get to see classic and modern Formula One cars together, and Goodwood Festival of Speed do it better than anyone. At this year's festival Ferrari reminded everyone that they were actually good at one point, and got World Champions, Kimi Raikkonen and John Surtees to drive…
We cannot wait to bring you our coverage of the Best Car Event on the Planet! Here's five highlights, there are many more to come! 1. Sir Jackie Stewart proudly piloting the 1939 Mercedes Benz W165. 2. Mad Mike creating some smoke for the fans.amazing. 3. Sebastian Loeb wiping the competition in the final shoot out with a 44.6 up the hill climb. 4. Sir Stirling Moss and a some guy called Lewis hanging out at Goodwood House. 5. Kimi Raikkonen in his title winning F2007 follows John Surtees in his 1964 winning Ferrari 158. We salute Goodwood Road & Racing and we thank you Earl of March for organising this amazing event! DRIVEN TO PERFORM
Kimi Raikkonen and John Surtees drive their Ferrari champion cars at Goodwood Festival of Speed together!
Goodwood Festival of Speed. Watched some of my sporting heroes on bikes and in cars yesterday. Kevin Schwantz, Freddie Spencer, John Surtees, Lewis Hamilton, rubbed shoulders with Kimi Raikkonen, Damon Hill and walked passed Jamiroquai.
John Surtees and Kimi Raikkonen at the Goodwood Festival of Speed via
John Surtees at Goodwood Festival of Speed, World Champion on both two & four wheels,
Could have finally exposed why John Surtees has continuously been overlooked for a deserved knighthood?.
Goodwood have today confirmed that Kimi Raikkonen will be the sixth Formula One World Champion attending the Festival of Speed on June 26th to 29th. The 2007 champion joins John Surtees, Sir Jackie Stewart, Emerson Fittipaldi, Damon Hill and Jenson Button at the event.
Today I am whistling " The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac. In memory of John Surtees and Jim Clark. What tune will you be whistling to recognise a sporting hero.
Jim Clark receives the 1963 trophy! 2nd was John Surtees in a Ferrari and 3rd was…
John Surtees on the way to victory in the 1963 German at in a 156.
Profoundly honoured today to interview a superstar from another era. F1 AND motorbike world champ John Surtees
Knighthood a worthy nod to John Surtees, unsung king of the road | Richard Williams via
Tom Ingram’s stellar start to 2014 continues to go from strength-to-strength, as only a fortnight after confirming plans to compete in the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) with Speedworks Motorsport this season, the gifted High Wycombe ace has been appointed a British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) SuperStar.   The venerable BRDC is one of the most esteemed and well-recognised institutions in the sport, and with members of the ilk of erstwhile F1 World Champions Sir Jackie Stewart, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and John Surtees as well as fellow British motor racing legends like Sir Stirling Moss, its spheres of influence reach far and wide.   The brainchild of the club’s former president, 1996 F1 World Champion Damon Hill, the BRDC’s elite SuperStars scheme is a focussed and dedicated driver development programme that is unique in its field and unites the indisputable crème de la crème of Britain’s young racing crop.   With a stated objective of nurturing and getting the ver ...
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For the Petrol Heads at the D Day Dinner we have going up for auction... Fabulous signed and framed photo of John Surtees, plus John Surtees signed Seagrave Trophy Presentation Programme, Aston Martin Cap signed by Stirling Moss (Stig Man) proof that Stirling is in fact the Stig as that is how he signs his name, Marussia F1 Team Jacket, T Shirt, Bag, Cap and Car. Lovely photo of John Surtees and Nigel Mansell and signed by both of them. With many thanks to Colin Butcher. I will upload these to the web site and we will be taking bids from the 1st May on all items. They will all go under the hammer at the D Day Dinner on the 31st May and all proceeds to the Normandy Campaign memorial. More to follow...
🐾🐾TOP AWARD FOR WOFFY🐾🐾 WOLVERHAMPTON ace Tai Woffinden left a host of motorcycling icons trailing as he blitzed to the prestigious Motorcycle News Man of the Year Award for 2013. The 23-year-old was up against a galaxy of two-wheeled stars from the road racing world, but bagged twice the number of votes notched by any of the other 13 shortlisted riders to become the first speedway winner in the poll’s 56-year history following his World title triumph last year. The award puts Woffinden in the company of motorcycling royalty, as the likes of Barry Sheene, Mike Hailwood, John Surtees, Valentino Rossi and Carl Fogarty have all triumphed in the past. The prize is further recognition for the Team Great Britain captain, who stormed to the Speedway World Championship, despite starting the season at odds of 500/1 and breaking his collarbone twice during the year. Woffy, whose achievement was announced at the Carole Nash MCN London Motorcycle Show at ExCel today, paid tribute to his fans for getting ...
Martin Brundle and John Surtees were on the Autosport stage during the 2014 ASI. They discuss with Henry Hope-Frost about the special feature organized for t.
John Surtees leads James hunt at the 1976 British Grand Prix.
John Surtees, Murray Walker, Adrian Newey, Ron Dennis, Dave Richards, Patrick Head should have been knighted bloody ages ago
Watch Vettel, John Surtees, Niki Lauda, John Watson & more at the ht…
John Surtees on his way to victory at the 1963 German Grand Prix - Nürburgring.
leading Jackie Stewart and John Surtees in Jim Clark's Indy winning Lotus 38
It is shocking that John Surtees has not been recognised for services to Motorsport
assume u mean still living: would have 2 b John Surtees if only cos he rocked me in my pram when I was baby & he stayed at parents.
John Surtees overlooked again in the honours list. What does a man have to do? World Champ 2 & 4 wheels, 10yrs charity fundraising
TBH I find it rather astonishing that Christian Horner gets an OBE and John Surtees STILL isn't knighted.. Its INSANE!!!
What a shocking omission, once again...what more could the great man (John Surtees) have done to deserve that title?
Can someone please tell me why John Surtees still hasn't received a knighthood?
so are the rest of us!! If "Sir" John Surtees cant get one how does Horner qualify?
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great that Christian Horner has been recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours. As you say, next up Sir Murray and Sir John Surtees
i got a great signed Schumacer photo and replica of John Surtees F1 car, signed by him :) among other things
I just wonder after all he has done why John Surtees gets passed over, makes you want to go hm
Congrats to Christian Horner, OBE. As for the other guy, he's Sir John Surtees for me from here on in. Given up waiting.
Mmm. s John Surtees 79, only got his 5 years ago. MBE would have been more appropriate. Where M = MOANER
Congratulations to Christian Horner for his OBE. But sill no knighthood for Big John Surtees.
I'm more annoyed Horner got one but John Surtees still hasn't been knighted.
Christian Horner gets an OBE but John Surtees doesn't get knighted. Hmmm...
What about a knighthood for John Surtees then.
Congrats to Christian Horner on getting an OBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours. Now for that Knigthood for John Surtees.
Or John Surtees, its a bloody farce! :-\
Arise Sir Baldrick! Tony Robinson knighted. What about John Surtees? Only 2 and 4 wheel World Champion?
I can't understand the Queen and system , why John Surtees is still waiting?
John Surtees is Knighthood material though? Compared to some??
too true and what about a Knighthood for John Surtees? Moss got one and bloody Baldrick now???
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I see the queens Birthday Honours list has been published, still no knighthood for John Surtees!
Take John Surtees. Double World Champion on bike and car and only OBE? Stirling Moss and Baldrick bloody knighted!!!
Christian Horner gets an OBE for basically just hiring Adrian Newey. John Surtees wins the World Championship on bike & car and gets nothing
Yet still no knighthood for John Surtees. Surprisingly, the honours system *** ;)
congrats my *** ! What's he done in compared to John Surtees to be awarded the same gong and bloody Baldrick gets knighted!!
Can someone explain why John Surtees has not been knighted
So Christian Horner gets same OBE gong as John Surtees!!! Makes my blood boil!
I think someone like John Surtees would be the right person! . He is realistic about things especially when it comes to costs
BONHAMS TO ONCE AGAIN CONDUCT THE CHARITY AUCTION IN MEMORY OF HENRY SURTEES Malcolm Barber will take to the rostrum at the second annual event at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands, on Tuesday 25th June to help raise money for two worthy causes Bonhams is privileged to have been asked to once again conduct a charity auction in memory of the late son of ex-Formula 1 and 500cc motorcycle World Champion John Surtees. Henry Surtees, who was widely tipped as a star of the future, was tragically killed in a freak accident while driving in a Formula 2 event at Brands Hatch in July 2009. An endurance kart race and auction at Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands on 4th July last year raised £54,000. Some £16,000 of that was achieved at a star-studded auction attended by the likes of ex-Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell and F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone. This year’s auction in aid of the Brooklands Museum Trust and the Henry Surtees Foundation1 will include a six-person tour of the McLaren Technology Centre donated by ...
OTDI 1966 John took his fourth and final Ferrari victory - in the Belgian GP at Spa in the 3-litre V12 312.
John Surtees will be opening the Eden valley Business Show on the 5th July
3 week forward planner:. This week, signing with Stirling Moss. Next week, signing with Lorenzo. Week after, signing with John Surtees. & rest
Laatste nieuwtjes, info en meer... Latest news, info and more ... Duurt ( Hans Binder (born 12 June 1948 in Zell am Ziller, Innsbruck) is an Austrian former Formula 1 driver. Duurt ( Robert McGregor Innes Ireland (12 June 1930 – 22 October 1993), was a British motor racing driver. Duurt ( Philip Cade (June 12, 1916, Iowa – August 28, 2001, Massachusetts) was an amateur race car driver from the USA. Duurt ( Rene Arnoux led the Canadian GP from start to finish to beat Eddie Cheever by 40 seconds. (1983) Duurt ( McLaren's dominance continued with its fifth win in five races at the Canadian GP, Senna beating Prost by 5.6 seconds. (1988) Duurt ( Michael Schumacher's fifth win in six races at the Canada GP opened a 28 point lead over Damon Hill. (1994) Duurt ( John Surtees drove his Ferrari to victory in the Belgian GP after taking the lead from Jochen Rindt. (1966) Duurt ( A gallery of photos of Bruno Senna … via ( ) Duurt ( Kimi Raikkonen took advantage of a double retirement from Renault to win a drama ...
This iconic and rare 1:18 Lola T70 signed by John Surtees will go up for sale today, sensible offers anyone..?
This mean looking Lola T70 in big 1:18 scale just in, signed by Eric Broadley and John Surtees...
Interesting article in the Guardian about John Surtees, and the fact he should have a Knighthood!...
It's funny when you look back on the long history of In Pit Lane and the opportunities it's given us over the years. Melissa McCormick and I have been to Le Mans several times, I've stood on the grid as the two minute board was shown. We have done the Goodwood Festival of Speed, attended the last ever meeting at the famous Montlhery circuit in France and went back two years later and filmed at Dijon. We filmed a show in Macau and I attended the opening meeting at Hampton Downs in New Zealand. Then last year, Adi Gondo Hartono, Jamie Kok and I went to the Ordos circuit in Inner Mongolia as guests of Audi China. Simon Thomas went to the Indy 500 and Jamie ended up at the British GP and Malaysia. Now I'm going to film at round three of the Super GT series in Malaysia. I've met and interviewed legends like Stirling Moss, John Surtees, Jack Brabham, in fact three generations of racing Brabhams and of course Peter Brock. It's been a hard slog at times and it's cost a lot of time and money but when I look back . ...
No,sorry, this is a real racing driver : John Surtees.
Great Guardian piece by on my school boy hero TT rider John Surtees, unsung king of the road .
nope he wasn't. Best driver of all time is John Surtees. He was f1, indie and moto gp World Champion.
Come on fans - sign the petition to have John Surtees knighted:
English racing driver/rider John Surtees was born on February 11, 1934.
You can hear my interviews with Murray Walker and John Surtees from 2pm on &
John Surtees on F1 World Champions Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso
Best reason ever to be late back to the office this afternoon - in the bar at the RAC Club chatting to Mark Knopfler... after the Seagrave Trophy presentation to John Surtees
On way to interview John Surtees at the RAC club on pall mall who's being awarded the Seagrave Trophy. Honoured & ready to be humbled.!
Off to RAC Pall Mall (again! :) ) for Segrave Trophy presentation. A very worthy recipient in John Surtees - as are they all I say
If it's your birthday you share it with Rafael van der Vaart, Steve McManaman, Nick Barmby, John Salako, Alexander Buttner, John Surtees
he's up there along with Jackie Stewart and John Surtees!
A quick question? Why wasn't John Surtees knighted on the New Years Honours list? 7x champ on 2 wheels and an F1 champ too!
Recording from Sound Stories EP "Stars of Speed" - John Surtees and Geoff Duke - commentary by Murray Walker, with racing action from the 1950's and 60's. Th...
Sorry if I sound a bit over-excited but I've just spent an hour with racing legend John Surtees. A great man with an ...
Sir Jackie Stewart and John Surtees line up in a parade celebrating the great Dan Gurney
John Surtees. F1 and Motogp also drove at Le Mans.
Just seen Martin Brundle talking to John Surtees before Sunday's British Grand Prix. JS mentioned his late son, Henry, with a smile. :,)
On This Day - 1965 - Jim Clark led home Jackie Stewart and John Surtees at the French Grand Prix to record a memorable British 1-2-3.
Matthew Layton - ZoneOneRadio - John Surtees on the Henry Surtees Foundation by Matthew Layton. on SoundCloud
Still no knighthood in the Birthday Honours for John Surtees, the only man to win F1 & Motorcycle World Championships. Disgraceful.
Hi, yes I paint everything this is signed by John Surtees, Jackie Stewart, mansell, Hill, Hamilton, Button
Click It Or Ticket. We've all seen the tv ads, macho posturing cops ticketing people wholesale. To target the police is misguided, however. They are "just following orders". The real criminals here are the legislators, local and national, who take money from the insurance lobbies and then write binding legislation imposing monetary penalties on those who don't obey. When you think about it, the insurance companies are the only ones who have an interest in making sure we 'buckle up'. CIOT is just a visible manifestation of the erosion of our individual rights. And what's with the $92 fine? If they were really serious the fine would be $5k. No doubt a focus group agreed on $92 as being 'just right'; not enough to break your bank, but enough to make us working poor just a bit poorer. Personally, I have always 'buckled up'. My childhood heroes Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill and John Surtees would never have gotten into their Formula 1 cars without strapping in. But, that is a personal choice. It is no one else's ...
see that a Richard Petty has signed John Surtees petition do you think it might be??
No-one has achieved the success of John Surtees on both two wheels and four. Having won four 500cc and three 350cc titles in the 50s and 60s with MV Augsta, as well as dominating the Senior TT from 1958 to 1960, John went on to w...
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