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John Stewart

John Stewart is a fictional character, a comic book superhero published by DC Comics. He first appeared in Green Lantern vol.

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is that snooki? sincerely have no idea as stopped watching MTv in the 90's when they booted John Stewart and Colin Quinn
Michael Jai White is so fine. I honestly picture him as John Stewart. Oh lord.
My whishlist for x-mas Michael Jai White as John Stewart 😍 you made awesome art you've got all of my support!…
Ezra Miller as The Riddler, Ray Fisher as John Stewart, Jesse Eisenberg as Ray Palmer, Michael Shannon as The Joker.
Why is Harry Reid still making comments & insults? He's gone. Biggest *** next to John Stewart
John Stewart? Hal Jordan? Guy Gardner? Kyle Rayner? Who is the chosen GL for the movie?
I'm not against having a Hal Jordan in the DCU but I want a John Stewart more. Specifically Idris Elba to play John Stewart.
John Stewart wins store manager of the year!!
Did John Stewart say that people should *double think*? he says: "it's not okay to think"? 'The Marches' I read the Stewarts were descended from a man named Sir john Stewart of Bonkhill lived in 1200's! Great read!
John Stewart was never developed till JL cartoon I feel Angel needs similar treatment your book is the perfect place to do this
Was wondering what he was up to. With losing John Stewart, The Colbert Report, and show, the three str…
Roses are orange birds of paradise are darkslateblue sugar is John stewart and so is my friend
John Stewart is still the only "Daily Show" type anchor I respect. I don't always agree, but his stands by his beliefs.
This is not new has spent 20yrs doing it. John Stewart built a career exposing it.
Noses are pine green lilacs are darksalmon sugar is John stewart and so is a cookie
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TFW You "insulted" me first. Also, you know who else was proven 100% wrong? John Stewart.
I proved myself wrong? How? I posted a definition and called out on your own nit-picking. P.S. John Stewa…
In my more poignant times, I think about how John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are inextricable from the rise of "alternative" news sources.
I'm never going to forgive John Stewart for retiring from the Daily Show
Rob Morgan would make a really awesome slightly-older John Stewart. Could use him to frame a film/scene or do some Beyond stuff.
John Cena and Ric Flair confront Jon Stewart on Raw. Dee at The 🦁.I got to Do what I gotta Do! LA😂
OMG!! You must be an MIT PHD, you're dropping rational wiki link? Next you'll quote John Stewart
Correct! Getting to host SNL & getting friendly treatment on the Daily Show by John Stewart only appeals to RINOs
Roses are electric lime peonies are mediumorchid crystals is John stewart and so is yoodling
the Premise she convinces Perry an Corps John Stewart to let interview some Lanterns an Gather but discovers
SIGN AND SHARE!. U.S. Attorney Carter M. Stewart: Justice for our son, John Crawford - Sign the Petition! via
we need Kieth oberman. and martian basheer and John Stewart not u CNN or fox is for u
If they were some goons they'd turn Diggle into John Stewart
Ah your daily dose of unfunny. I miss John Stewart
I blame this election solely on John Stewart leaving his show.
She waited to hear if there was any sound from upstairs. None.
Noses are violet asters are mediumslateblue crystals is John stewart and so is awesome
Anticipating a bombshell from Diggle like "By the way, my full name is John Diggle Stewart."
Hoses are outrageous orange lavenders are orange 2 face is John stewart and so is yoodling
Wally West Flash? John Stewart GL? That would literally never happen today. It could basically only have happened right then and there.
If it'd been Hal, Guy, or the young'un then Surfer might win. But John Stewart's worth fighting for.
Wednesday... Trevor better cook Tomi the way John Stewart would have.
it happened and indeed the Silver Surfer won. Marvel vs DC, but it was Kyle Rayner not John Stewart.
Maybe everyone you know, and John Stewart knows, and Stephen Colbert knows, should openly lobby the electoral colle…
Please pass on to John Stewart a "Happy Birthday" wish from me. Just tell him, Bob from Portland. [I lost his phone number.
John Stewart. Useful from BBC: Over 6000 residents respond to Edinburgh Airport flightpath consultation but just 1% of politicians
you deserve it Adam, you're awesome. You'll be the next John Stewart.
I've been to the Apprentice Loser Cafe. It was shut
It's like the Star Wars prequels are coming to Life. we need you now more than ever!…
A super happy birthday to hilarious and so great John Stewart 💗💗💗
Those are great but farther back. Audie Murphy, John Ford, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda.
Noses are lavender irises are dodgerblue sugar is John stewart and so is awesome
"Paul McCartney spilled tea on Moira Stewart while bungee jumping with John Cleese"
How returns to The New office after a holiday weekend.
I thought you spoke eloquently. Despite using American English. "Realising" is how the Queen spells it ;-)
Hoses are pine green sages are fuchsia Jay Z is John stewart and so is puppies
Jaymie Anna-Marie Patrick Stewart-Ngatai At last leaving for Ruatoria stop Whakatane the overnight in Opotiki at...
Tyrese as John Stewart.thats a big *** no for me!
If there's any investigation into "fake news" the place to start would be with John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Hat Tip to NRO
I want to see John Stewart run for president and Stephen Colbert as his Vice President in 2020. Dream team.
they should've listened to John Stewart in 2012.
And the hint about John Stewart and Hal thought Guy meant Jon Stewart from the Daily Show lol
Absolutely first class event - John Stewart and Phil Ostrander are doing yeoman's work for our dept. and UWEC!
Trevor Noah helps but John Stewart got me through Bush years
Nothing against Noah but less people would be voting for Trump if John Stewart was still hosing The Daily Show.
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loved Dave on Comedy Central. Only he John Stewart and Tosh.0 are the only things worth watching on CC. Noah is growing on me
so does the news. I learned more from pete dominick and John Stewart and now Samantha Bee than I ever did from the…
I stopped watching soon as John Stewart left. The feels more like the Colbert Report if Steven was left wing.
Michael Moore and John Stewart don't control my mind anymore, and all of you should stop letting people like them pollute yours
Whenever I see news about how SNL or John Oliver or John Stewart "destroyed" Donald Trump my mind instinctively goes to this…
I'd go with Aldis Hodge or Omari Hardwick as John Stewart.
I hope John Stewart comes back on the show soon and rants again
Omari Hardwick could pull it off. Laz Alonzo & Malcolm Goodwin might be good options as well. You have options for John Stewart
Who are, for the most part, not journalists - or so they insist. John Stewart. John Oliver. To a *certain extent* Penn & Teller.
My professor looks like a mix between Flea from RHCP and Ty Pennington. Although, from the back, he looks exactly like John Stewart.
What's up with football? Doug martin,Gronk,and John Stewart all out with injuries what's my fantasy team left with? Graham Gano! That's who!
I think we should deport Trevor Noah's back to S. Africa where he belongs. He has taken John Stewart's crappy Daily Show and made it worse.
John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, George Carlin, all are funny and offer substance
Hey, , why not have a new show w John Stewart & Larry Wilmore as hosts.
Bassem Youssef copied the same thing in almost every way from Craig Frguson not just John Stewart
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Alright, PPR league and I'm searching for my flex. Do I go with Jeremy maclin, Kelvin Benjamin, John Stewart or duke Johnson?
I'd prefer Idris Elba as John Stewart instead of Ryan's Hal Jordan
Samantha Bee might be the most unfunny person with a TV show... Or the guy that replaced John Stewart. 👎🏼
On the Green Lantern side, Hal Jordan doesn't need more visibility. But Alan Scott, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner certainly could use it.
If you missed this, and if you miss John Stewart, enjoy
Chronic, no sleep, John Stewart that's your bio, not assumptions
Cheers to John Stewart for making the Becker's Rising Stars list!
Kinda looks like if Richard Simmons, John Stewart & Martin Short somehow made a baby, but didn't let it sleep for 50 years.
Us too! And everyone from Bill Maher to Stephen Colbert and John Stewart is covering it!
Should be u. Your George Carlin raised, John Stewart taught with the vocal capacity of Sam Kinison& with an Andy Kaufman feel
Maralin Niska & John Stewart: love duet from Madama Butterfly - via
Rumors swirling that Colin Farrell is Constantine, and that Tyrese Gibson is John Stewart
Colin Ferrell is not in JL . But they cast Gibson as John Stewart
Would love if they gave Diggle a ring. He’s feels a lot like John Stewart. And that derpy helmet has got to go :P
Enlightening to speak w/Adrian Linares, John Stewart w/about better delivery of legal services.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Nate Parker as John Stewart, Jake Gyllenhaal as Kyle, no idea for Hal? lol Miles Teller would be perfect as Guy
My GL cast: Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan and The Rock as Guy Gardner. Michael B Jordan as John Stewart and Zack Levi as Kyle.
And in GLC supposedly Hal Jordan (Jewish, sometimes genderqueer in the comics), John Stewart (black), and Kyle Rayner (Latinx)
On Trevor Noah . "He's not John Stewart". "He's good looking but he's not funny" . "He's like a black John Stewart but not"
... You used to get all of your critical information from John Stewart and Brian Williams.
like I'm really trying to see Miles Morales as spiderman, or John Stewart as Green Lantern. Would be so tight dude
Film out shortly and will be supported by John Stewart.
John Stewart is a liberal comedian. Holding him up as wise is foolish. He's a dope!
Beyond me learning who Green Arrow was from that, it had John Stewart as Green Lantern. The best.
John Stewart is like the only Green Lantern I know by heart ( the real Green Lantern in me heart )
Green Lantern is my favorite Superhero And I mean John Stewart from the comics
The main reason Green Lantern movie was so bad was because it had Hal Jordan and not John Stewart.
I hope that white kid in the green is supposed to be the John Stewart version of Green Lantern.
auditioning to play John Stewart in the next Green Lantern movie?!?!
well because of Black Panther we were able to also have Sam Wilson, and John Stewart (Green Lantern)
wants Ice Cube to play John Stewart's Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe. That is genius.
The only Green Lantern we acknowledge is John Stewart.
😂😂😂 Aquaman is cool but he can't ride if he not talking about John Stewart Green Lantern
Wait in the comics John Stewart still wears a magic ski mask as part of his Green Lantern costume?
John Stewart the greatest Green Lantern ever. Debate someone who gaf
No just no.. NO TYRESE AS Green Lantern.. NO LANCE GROSS.. *** NO NO ICE CUBE.. No to either of them there not John Stewart
id be very surprised if they gave us John Stewart and not Hal Jordan
Hold on...when this happen?!? So we getting John Stewart for Green Lantern or somebody Trollin 🤔
Look.can stop the bleeding by going the John Stewart route with Green Lantern. I mean, it such a no brainer
I'd love to see a Green Lantern movie with playing John Stewart. That dude has the look and the voice.
I have hopes for you for John Stewart in Green Lantern movie
The best Green Lantern is John Stewart from the Justice League animated series.
James Barry Diary 29/4/1861 John Stewart is digging up the garden. Wm Sutherland and son piling boards. David Ritchie killed the pig.
Just rewatched the Seth Rollins v John Cena Title for Title match from Summerslam and even though it had that stupid John Stewart angle it..
Also, graphic novel pages by John Stewart from Prince of Fools!.
Just convinced people who know us that and my name's are Ben Fields and John Stewart respectively
spurs growth says expert panel member John Stewart at
John Stewart from talking cyber hygiene to close out
Heard there are actors screen testing with Ben Affleck in LA for Hal Jordan and John Stewart for Justice League.
Also if they don't have John Stewart as the Green Lantern in the 2020 movie, someone's catching some hands smh
Michael Jai White has to be John Stewart if they make a Green Lantern film.
you have to be John Stewart in Green Lantern. You're perfect!! The voice, the look, and you can fight?? Oh yeah please do.
any chance we will get a Green Lantern: Earth One graphic novel? John Stewart would make a great addition. He also adds diversity.
I hope the Green Lantern they use in Justice League is John Stewart and not Hal Jordan. I'm getting tired of his pilot driving boring self
I want long shadow from the Justice League cartoons to be a thing in the comics now...teamed up with people like Green Lantern John Stewart
Can't wait for the 2020's Green Lantern movie. I want to ser Hall Jordan,John Stewart ,Guy Gardner,Alan Scott and Simon.
The only Green Lantern I recognize is John Stewart
could be a great movie if it starred Hal Jordan and John Stewart. And if it was retitled to Green Lantern Corps.
Sterling K. Brown as John Stewart and Aaron Paul as Guy Gardner. That would be a Green Lantern movie to see.
After watching one thing is obvious: Sterling K. Brown should be John Stewart in the Green Lantern Corps movie.
and we're getting Cyborg, Black Panther, and possible John Stewart's version of the Green Lantern within the next five years
John Stewart as Green Lantern. Kamala Kahn as Ms. Marvel. Miles Morales as Spider-Man. Ororo Monroe as…
Idris Elba do make the best fit for John Stewart's Green Lantern
John Stewart, Gwen Stacey, and Miles Morales are all better iterations of their original counterparts anyway imho
To Zack Snyder:. I see that you haven't casted a new Green Lantern. If you need someone to potray John Stewart, you know who to call. 😉
I thought John Stewart ran out of politics.
If we do get a Green Lantern movie, who gone play John Stewart?
They should get Wesley Snipes to play Green Lantern. He'd be a perfect fit as John Stewart.
Because of a Dancer - Written by John Stewart . Music - Curtis Fuller . Narrated and produced by Hank Beukema
I want John Oliver, John Stewart, and Bill Maher to run as a presidential trio
Apart from the internet's calls for Hillary to there's also this petition to have John Stewart host a town hall with him.
I really don't want Tyrese Gibson as John Stewart. 😭
Right! Idris Elba for John Stewart lol but yea thats my issue too. I don't think Snyder woulda got the stories mixed up like that
I think so lol he'd be an awful John Stewart, maybe Hal Jordan or Simon Baz
Yeah. First JLA I really got into was Morrison's, so Kyle has always been my Green Lantern. Or John Stewart from the animated.
John Stewart is one of my fav black heroes. Hiring Tyrese would be an insult to black nerd community. Show us respect.
3) On Green Latern... You doing this Justice League right and cast John Stewart. Not Hal Jordan, no Guy Gardner. John Stewart
Trevor Noah's style is too departed from John Stewart's. I know he has to develop his own style, but I'm not feeling the comedic vibes
Trevor Noah would be a lot funnier if he was John Stewart
Just watched John Stewart school Bill O'Reilly again, from 2912...😉 love it
.John Stewart told the truth in his comedy. Trevor Noah tells us what hes told to tell us and it is obvious.
I miss him every day. From Mark Twain, Will Rogers, George Carlin, John Stewart, and on. Keen insights on society.
Christopher Hitchens, Dorothy Parker, George Carlin... & John Stewart for all intents and purposes.
Strange not to include John Stewart, Richard Dawkins and George Carlin.
John Stewart said "I don't need a mask. This black man let's it all hang out"
Thank you man! I was gearing up for my daily routine! John Stewart is always battle ready! :)
John Stewart the only Green Lantern I acknowledge
Please be in prayer for David and Monica Derr, Kyle and Amy McConkey, Daniel Ross, John Stewart, Corrin Nolan,...
Congrats to being named the first Coach John McLendon Classic MVP! .
When die and hear Idris Elba trying for John Stewart's role
I Lol'd at the photo of John Stewart. :)
My dream job (ifestyle) would be to make jokes and inform others about world problems like John Oliver or Jon Stewart.. basically be a John
When will John Stewart run for president?
1/2 Trump made fun of Jon Stewart one time for anglicizing his name so John Oliver went back &found out Trump's family anglicized
We need a Canadian Jon Stewart/John Oliver. Rick Mercer is close, but not really, 22 min is not at all.
where is all the Bernie support? I feel as tho if John Stewart were in charge we would see more Bernie and less Donald
John Kasich shoots some hoops on night 3
"14 time champion? One more then John Stewart will start interfering. It's canon. Woo."
I really wish John Stewart was still doing the Daily Show for this election cycle
Is it too late for John Stewart to run for President?
true lol its kinda fun having him sometimes tho. Its like john stewart and bill oreillys relationship. Hes like my arch nemesis 😎
I think Mr Magoo and James Stewart had a baby and his name is John Kasich
It's not the same, of course, but it makes life after John Stewart hurt just a little less.
No John Stewart. No Andrew Sullivan. We need them both more than ever this election cycle.
He was okay, just not Colbert. I prefer John Oliver to John Stewart
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And playing the part of Jimmy Stewart this presidential campaign is John Kasich.
John Kasich as Jimmy Stewart: Now, I just wanna do a massive ground invasion of Libya and Syria, nothing fancy or special...
hearing John Katich talk about his father’s working-class roots reminds me of humble beginnings
you made it your own. John Stewart would be proud. Will is also proud
Let break down the Apple encryption controversy for you: by via
Force them to watch every John Oliver and Jon Stewart segment on Trump ever.
John Oliver and Stephen Colbert talking together... If Jon Stewart were there, it would be the holy trinity of comedy reuniting together.
Trump made fun of John Stewart changing his last name. turns out Drumpf was Donald's ancestors last name, but they changed it
When John Oliver temporarily replaced Jon Stewart, I couldn't abide it. Now can't live without him.
Lowkey very in love with John Stewart 😍😍
‘Brexit martyr’ John Longworth gets ready for his comeback
John Stewart is one of my favorite superheroes
The Daily Show isn't as funny with Trevor Noah. It's good but I guess I'm used to John Stewart
📷 chrisxewans: McAvoy or Stewart? These timelines can get so confusing.
Record-tied today at 87, controlled burn at Ft Stewart and BETTER Parade forecast LIVE @ 5 with Big John on WTOC!
.will be back behind the wheel of the No.1️⃣4️⃣ at
Rod Stewart tribute cabaret on Saturday night . Come along and support your club it'll be a great night. Tickets only £6 f…
Stewart Butterfield says now is the time to start a $1B company jmbrandonbb
It's Mehcad Brooks at John Stewart and who did they cast for Guy?
John Stewart, John Oliver, and alike have contributed to a breakdown in how political discussion are held in public settings.
Just watched a debate between John Stewart and Bill O'Reilly over whether white privilege exists or not bc I guess I wanted to be mad???
I *understand* why Jane Foster can never be Thor Odinson. Everyone does. Like how John Stewart can never be Hal Jordan.
tbf, it's a joke because Trump said the EXACT same thing about John Stewart ie: hypocrisy.
Not for Lando, but Mehcad in a Green Lantern reboot with John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan, all over it.
John Stewart and kilowog is my favorite Green Lantern corp character
John Stewart is the best Green Lantern
Crossing my fingers for a "John Stewart" Green Lantern in this DC cinema universe.
yes.Yes.Yes.Another problem with the movie was John Stewart with the Green Lantern most people knew of at the time. Here's HJ
Lucifer's D.B. Woodside would love to play Green Lantern, John Stewart in the movies.
What do U think of DB Woodside throwing his hat in the ring as another incredible actor wishing 2 be Green Lantern/John Stewart?
You mean he's very interested in playing John Stewart. Hal Jordan is THE Green Lantern! Everyone else is his second.
D.B. Woodside would be a great John Stewart. Which, is the only Green Lantern worth liking anyway.
John Stewart is easily the best Green Lantern
John Stewart's great song: "Runaway Train," with Roseanne Cash and band in '88. Dig Steuart Smith's guitar solo...
Leonardo DiCaprio, Nate Parker and Tom Hardy are Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Guy Gardner in Green Lantern Corps.
Sinestro, Guy Gardner ,John Stewart, Kilowog, B'dg, Power Ring, and Simon Baz. How badass would that be?
John Stewart, Green Lantern artist sketch card. Unfinished pencil and ink drawing for an
😩 they should of had Hawkgirl, Martian manhunter, & Green Lantern (John Stewart)
I secretly hope for Joe Morton as J'onn J'onzz and Mahershala Ali or Derek Luke as John Stewart
pretty sure JL movie is gonna have Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Guy Gardner. But I think Hal is gonna be in BVS
So am I...and that DCEU will STILL stick with Hal Jordan and not John Stewart or Kyle Rayner.
I always pay attention to people George Lucas casts, with some regrets Please tell us he is up John Stewart.
Man John Stewart is seriously living the dream! I didn't know he was leaving the Daily Show to open a farm.
I miss john Stewart on the Daily Show
"Abortion cannot be theoretically legal - it has to be literally accessible." -
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I need to catch up on Gotham! I haven't watched it since Jerome died 😐omg an on screen John Stewart would be AMAZING!!
I'd be happy with Catwoman. Gotham is totally separate so it wouldn't be too much of an issue. Or even John Stewart.
come to this after your set in Santa Ana john
Colbert, Oliver, and now Bee. John Stewart is literally the Yoda comedy
Odd they would decide to include John Uppgren but not Austin Stewart
So we are getting live-action Vixen, Cyborg, John Stewart, and Black Panther. What a time to be alive. Oh, and a blerd.
at least French Stewart can play John Kasich in the "How Trump Won & the GOP died" movie.
Watch break down the United States' nightmare abortion laws
Still wonder if Diggle will end up being John Stewart and launch a GL show. Here's hoping.
John Stewart was one of my best odd man crushes
Everyone in my class takes everything John Stewart says as gospel, and it's the most annoying thing ever.
I always thought that going with Hal Jordan for the live action was a mistake. John Stewart 'is' Green Lantern now.
Love those guys... Thank you John Feal and John Stewart! You rock!
I will! I love Neal Adams. He's actually responsible for John Stewart!
John McAfee is going to be our MC? Its either him or Jon Stewart heard both are looking for a new gig.
Liverpool midfielder Kevin Stewart signs contract extension to 2020
especially if it's John Stewart as Green Lantern
it took John stewart at least 6 years to get where he was great. Give him time he'll be just as good. All haters commenting . Hate hate
Remember, Emoprogs and even John Stewart blame BO for not closing Gittmo.
why belittle Trump , look how far he's come. You think your John Stewart or something. Find new people. Van is a flat earth guy
Look at how we used to report on students. A classic original from 1914. Worth a read to see just how much our...
OK.damian. carol..john stewart (id guess hal but) superman. superboy?? im trying to thibk of the spicy yaois
Several of the Daily Show w/John Stewart writers went to Samantha Bee's show. That she was never offered the Daily Show is insane!
Kids, if you want to know who John Dowie is, read this by Stewart Lee:
Hal Jordan never was my hero to be honest. I grew up watching John Stewart
What if John Diggle from Arrow was really adopted as a child and his real name is John Stewart and he becomes Green Lantern 😳
Long before Jon Stewart ripped apart on cable, John Stuart Mill was having a go at them in Parliament htt…
John Oliver Escapes the “Shadow of Jon Stewart” with Searing Segment on Nightmare Abortion Laws via
its because they heard him in Bratislava
would be leading if John Stewart was still doing
Meet Black Singles 300x250
John Oliver Escapes the 'Shadow of Jon Stewart' with Searing Segment on Nightmare Abortion Laws
Why did the mantle go from Kronkite to Jon Stewart to John Oliver? How's that become the voice of reason in the darkness?
really missed John Oliver over the winter. he's really the heir to Stewart, at least at this time, and Jon's absence has been felt, IMO
It's about time John Stewart get some air time in the DC films.
can John Stewart phone in as Gitmo on next episode of
Looking forward to and John Stewart's approach to at -
No john Stewart (black Green Lantern) slander will be allowed on here until tyrese "durag game on 150" Gibson plays him in the movie...
My casting for john stewart In part1 is between. michael ealy or morris chestnut🙏🙏
The only person on the Justice League who could deal with Bruce without powers of his own is John Stewart. Because he's a Marine. Lol
Does John Stewart run and hide when he sees u?
We are please to announce that John Stewart will be speaking at our BTL and PRS conference,
like I see why he is needed but I like Green Lantern ( John Stewart the black one) more then I like him
I love Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner but the Justice League animated series makes a great case for John Stewart as the best Green Lantern
Lightning, Jim Rhodes, John Stewart, etc), but not a lot of minority kids read (reading is being white)...
it's said the Green Lantern Corps film will feature numerous human GLs, but main focus supposed to be on Hal and John Stewart
Heck the Cassandra Cain Batgirl got a collection but nothing for John Stewart or any of his GL runs.
Every night I say a little prayer that they'll make a movie starring Idris Alba as John Stewart's Green Lantern.
Quarterman is Alan Scott, Simmons is Hal Jordan, Victor is John Stewart, Blakeney is Kyle Rayner & Hornsby is Guy
For the evening crowd: Check out my article on John Stewart!
John Stewart is helping abused farm animals now. What a dude!
Inaugural Lacrosse Match underway at the UM Track and Field Stadium. Mayor Hollie Cost, Dr. John Stewart, County...
If u love John Stewart,Vixen & u can thank in part Dwayne McDuffie
Really missed John Stewart for a while, but Trevor Noah's Daily Show has been awesome also!
Hmm, my Pandora station is definitely in a soft folk rock mood right now... John Stewart, Gordon Lightfoot, Simon & Garfunkle, England Dan
The way they announced the movie in the DC Special on The CW hinted at a Hal Jordan/John Stewart duo film
it's totally different than kids colouring books! the Green Lantern on the Adult version is Hal Jordan, not John Stewart!!
Who would you cast to play Guy Gardner, Hal Jordan and John Stewart in your version of GL film?
as i said, this was actor who I see befitting for the role of Hal Jordan not John Stewart.
John Stewart clip from class today:
John Stewart, from the MS, shared with 2nd grade students how we can all get involved with rescuing street dogs.
sharp as an over boiled cabbage, and just as pleasant. Let's just say he's no John Stewart.
Yeah, Kyle Rayner in the movie would be cool for me. John Stewart did get exposure in the DCAU, so that's good.
So we're getting a Green Lantern Corp movie in 2020? Hal Jordan and John Stewart or Kyle Rayner and John Stewart?
I kn who DC Comics next Green Lantern is going to be Jamie Foxx as John Stewart! its gotta be karma! He saved Kyle
He movie Green Lantern Corps needs to have John Stewart and Hal Jordan in it.
I'm giddy, I love the John Stewart lantern corps work he's the beastest of the earth ones in my opinion
What if he is casted as Green Lantern for the Green Lantern Corps movie maybe Hal and still have John Stewart.
Please look into casting Derek Luke (Antwone Fisher, Friday Night Lights, Miracle at St. Anna) as John Stewart!!
when will you sit down with John Stewart?
It's Jim Kramer appearance on John Stewart's Daily Show. Except for the guns. And the suicide vest. & George Clooney.
Torn over whether or not to pick up GL Edge of Oblivion this week.Guy Gardner thirst strong but GL Corps/John Stewart thirst nonexistant
same problem as Rory and John Stewart. i'm currently overseas.can login using UK SIM but not non-UK SIM
Hi James I know everything is christmasy but have you got the long lost 45 that is..Gold by John Stewart
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