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John Sterling

John Sterling (born John Sloss, July 4, circa 1948-dubious, see below) is an American sportscaster best known as the radio play-by-play announcer of Major League Baseball's New York Yankees.

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I'm no John Barnes but I've always been very anti Sterling--- just inflated value cuz he's fast and British
I was lucky enough to hear John Barnes go off on Sterling after a couple of glasses of the blanco. great fun
Ag survey encouraging, but there's more work to do
"Jorge Juiced One" - John Sterling out of context but still works perfectly.
Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will. John Sterling
I so much live that New song: 'Sterling' (Env.Makeover)' by OLAMIDE (produced by Young John) & Powered by STERKING BANK. . Nice!
John Stones and Raheem Sterling has to be the biggest fraud in football, funny enough they both play for City.
It is but it's goin rate for just above average players now Kyle walker £50 John stones £50 sterling £5…
It went crazy when Raheem Sterling, John Stones and Kyle Walker was signed those criminal amounts.. G…
To be completely fair to Everton. If Kyle Walker, John Stones and Raheem Sterling cost £50m, Sigurdsson is well worth £45.
Since Laurence Fishburne can go from Superman to Ant-Man, can Sterling K. Brown go from Black Panther to be John St…
John Stones was supposed to be cheap as well but SBC Sterling and OTW made him go extinct
John Sterling is a wolf in sheep's clothing he is the imaam in Cherry Hill NJ
Tahir Wyatt is friends with Abu usamah and Shadeed muhaamad and muhaamad in muneer and John Sterling
please tell me you guys are allowed to play John sterling making that noise after screwing up last night and will play it!! Please!
Raheem Sterling, John Stones & Kyle Walker are 3 English players who could feature for But 3 who are more likely to be on the bench.
Imagine John Sterling trying to call this play
I present to you...the Cubs version of John Sterling! Lol.
These lyrics was written in jail. I was goin thru it. Sterling John-Depression
Think about this. In the 9th inning, John "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" Sterling said that Aroldis Chapman just isn't right.
Factcheck: I think it's actually sterling silver. NBD.
It'll be a 1-1 to Gamel, Chapman deals. struck him out swinging ball game over Yankees win the Yankees win!-John Sterling
Thanks John Sterling for following me! Check out if you want to connect further! :)
John Sterling has been watching baseball for 60+ years and still can't read a fly ball.
Only John Sterling of can get you thinking about tater tots during a Sunday baseball game.…
Have to be happy for John Sterling right there.
Per pool, Trump has arrived at Trump Nat'l Golf Club in Sterling, VA at 1:37PM. This is Trump's 41st day at a golf cours…
Just came up with a great idea. jersey-shirts w/ the players numbers, but their "name" is John Sterling's call for them. BAM
reminder that Jim Sterling is a worthless trash human who is literally better to the world at large as a bloated festering r…
Michael Kay is the Voice of the Yanks along with John Sterling
John Sterling just thought a Didi Gregorious ball that bounced over the wall for a ground rule double was caught...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Cool moment for Hannah Davis getting to meet John Sterling and Michael Kay.
John Sterling keeps pronouncing Carlos Correa as Korea and I keep wondering why isn't anyone helping him? Hello producer
Wait, does this mean you like John Sterling better than Michael Kay? 😩
John Sterling's call of Chris Carter's 1st home run for the
Well no. That is John Sterling and Suzy Waldman. Also Fran Healy was bad...Spencer Ross and the jerk White Sox guy too
Reflections on a grand rumination by John Sterling. By el duque Early in yesterday's g...
Howie Rose channeled his inner John Sterling night: "Oh, the Bruce is loose alright!". .
Respect for Sgt. John Sterling. This is what it is all about!!
The Isles didn't make a trade but listening to John Sterling and Susan Waldman call the Yanks always puts me in a great mood!
I still don't know how John Sterling got roped into doing the Kitten Bowl
Quick question. By el duque When are they going to play the Pro Bowl? more Source: John Sterling
no John mayer tour dates in Florida means I may come up to philly to see him boi
'Sterling is going to *** vs. the dollar,' says FX guru John R. Taylor via
I love John, and I have never seen The Crown, but Sterling deserved Best Male Actor in Drama Series. A class act, and great actor
Gotta say John Lithgow gave a good performance, but Sterling is also great!
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John Lithgow's so good as Winston Churchill in Would've been happy with Sterling K Brown or Rami Malek, but this is a good win.
Well, *** Now I *have* to watch if John beat both Kevin AND Sterling.
i like john but i need Sterling to win
John deserves it, he is a magnificent Winston Churchill. I'm sorry for Sterling but I'm really happy for him!
Had a feeling it would be John Lithgow, who was excellent in Sad for Sterling K. Brown, though, who had a YEAR.
first disappointment of night for me. Wanted John or Courtney or Sterling.
Riz, Courtney, Sterling and John in the same category?!?!?!? AND ALL LOST TO BRYAN?!?!??!! BYE
I took this photo 2 days after the election at the Statue of Liberty. Please fight for it.
Imagine paying 9K a year to get a journalism degree so you can study whether or not Raheem Sterling likes chicken steak bakes…
Strange how the Star and Mail continue to have a go at Raheem Sterling but not John Stones. Hmmm, what's the difference between those two...
Watching on Swiss TV was a trip. Like having John Sterling call it. You know who they want to win.
what home run call do you want John Sterling todo for you
Sterling traded lower against the Dollar but extended its gains against other major currencies
wants to go up on the fare but the last 2 B46 buses that passed the stop btwn St. John & Sterling just blew past me without stopping.
R.I.P John Hurt. A actor whose work I've admired for years. One of the greats and the rarest who ALWAYS gave a sterling performance.
Yo! Sour Shoes pranking John Sterling on WFAN right now as Baba Booey 😂😂😂
fantastic show alert !!!on a day that Boomer is out bring back John Sterling..Craig does Susan Waldman w/ him entire show
I read years ago he loved the atmosphere at the Kop! See Klopp said Sterling was sold too cheaply?
Everyone creasing over Vincent Kompany on Sterling's Snapchat story, but John Stones steals the show for me.
I hate that police can drive 45 mph through Sterling but once you go 27 mph you get pulled over
Gary Sanchez of the Yankees hits two more home runs. Gary is scary according to John Sterling.
Raheem Sterling's Snapchat story with Vincent Kompany and John Stones is hilarious 😂
Kind of disappointed with John Sterling's Sanchez home run calls: "He is the Sanch-tino, Gary, heh, is scary."
John Sterling has a great baseball voice for the Yankees. I'd prefer to listen to him than to watch Joe Buck do anything on TV
If you like to order on Amazon, you'll find THE STERLING FOREST there!.
I'd like to welcome Donovan Solano to the John Sterling Project, but the maestro did not have a HR call ready.
A Lovely Sterling Silver Pendant - Medallion by John Pinches E by PollysAntiques via
When John Sterling says he's run out of superlatives, you know something amazing is happening. Hope he keeps it up next year..
I love Vin Scully, but he's on par with John Sterling of the Yankees and Harry Carey of the Cubs.
A belated quick, what's the John Sterling home run call for... Donovan Solano?!?
If that ends up being John Sterling's call for him, I may cry.
Can't believe John Sterling had nothing for Solano homer.
John Sterling had no home run call for Donovan Solano. Do you blame him for the shock?
Donovan Solano. Home run Does John Sterling even have a HR call for him?
Donovan Solano 1st HR of big show. some1 have John Sterling call???
. possible exception of when John sterling dined alone.
yeah who doesn't love endless hotdogs. Plus, there's also Gary Sanchez, and John Sterling's home run calls
Heard it this morning, but I've already forgotten. What is John Sterling's call for Gary Sanchez?
I'm sue John Sterling is still showing McCann some love.
John Sterling has run out of superlatives
"Suzyn, I'd like to agree with you and also concur" . John Sterling
Anyone else just hear John Sterling's big mouth just then?
Gary Sanchez is so good that even John Sterling's nickname for him is fine.
"All this talk about rookie of the year, he's the MVP." John Sterling on Gary Sanchez. John getting a little bit carried away.
"Solano takes a he doesn't.". Never retire, John Sterling.
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not even John Stones or Sterling is that expensive.
First official teaser poster for John Wick: Chapter 2 starring Keanu Reeves! Yes! Hope this means the trailer is coming v…
A little bit late, but the John Sterling Project welcomes Billy Butler. Yes, the Butler did it.
New blue john & green amber silver necklace in my shop :)
John Sterling vouches for many great progressives.
I respect he is correct, John Sterling is much better than Vin Scully and doesn't worship Ronald Reagan.
Need God not more hate John 10:10 if Kap and all kneel 4 those shot, who kneels/cares for
Kelechi iheanacho, gabriel jesus, leroy sane, raheem sterling, john stones. Oh my God we've got some scary talents in our team.
"There's a suspicious package in Times Square" is also what John Sterling of will say every time goes yard.
'The Real Sterling Crisis': Roger Bootle and on why the exchange rate should be kept down. Download: https:…
We wouldn't have raised any issues with Mills' death if Rawlings hadn't talked about it - John Sterling [PPP]
JJ Rawlings himself said that the death of Prez Mills is what gave NDC the seat in 2012 - John Sterling [PPP]
Gary Cohen with the John Sterling bug! Every hard ball sounds like a Homer! Just watch the outfielders!
What about the time John Sterling calls Governor Patterson?
On deck now pregame show with & John Sterling with Jerry & Luis Rivera 3rd base coach 12:30ET
This color commentator on rowing could be the worst announcer I've ever heard. Worse than John Sterling and Suzyn…
So John Stones says he was tapped up by Man City players at Euros. Yes, Sterling & Hart. What inspirational figures to emulate.
Looking at the John Stones fee like City 100% haven't learnt anything at all from Raheem Sterling have they
So John Stones and Raheem Sterling are this countries two most expensive players 😂
Here's today's back page as John Stones says Man City stars begged him to join
I want John Sterling 's Teixeira HR call as my text message ringer lol
What would u rather have ? John stones an sterling for a whopping £100m or Zlatan an pogba for a whopping £100m
If I had a dollar for every time John Sterling said "And 1, 2, 3 go the Yanks.."
John Sterling: "A-Rod always rises to the moment". I think he confused Alex Rodriguez with Aaron Rodgers for a second.
John Sterling thinks it's a home run
We get John Sterling and Suyzn Waldman on the radio here.
For the love of god lets hope Gary Cohen turns into John Sterling and never misses another game. Like ever. Can't handle Gary Apple again.
Imagine paying 97 million for sterling and JOHN STONES lol
Someone tell John Sterling, Cecil and Prince Fielder both finishing w/ 319 homers is not irony. That's not how irony works.
When you say Paul Labile Pogba cost less than Raheem Sterling and John Stones combined, he sounds like a bargain.
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The Kind words the media had for John Stones are definitely gonna be gone now he's a city player. Gonna treat him like Sterling now.
Man City defender John Stones has revealed two of the club's players convinced him to join
In a world where John Stones and Raheem Sterling are both worth 50m each, Pogba seems a good deal at 90m
97million will get you Raheem Sterling & John Stones!
John Stones has revealed how his England team-mates Raheem Sterling and Joe Hart asked him to join Manchester City.
£100M can now get you Raheem Sterling and John Stones...
JUDGY JUICED ONE! - probably John Sterling a week from now
So the two most expensive English players of all time are Raheem Sterling and John Stones. Money is the root of all Jokery!!…
Another Friday night at work listening to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman calling the Yankees game in
All the props in the world to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman for making my radio spots vaguely less terrifying. Seriously. They're great.
John Sterling needs to tell Gary Thorne to go back to calling NHL games
Listening to John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman call the game. One of the few things I miss about living up north.
John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman have some fun trying to pronounce one 518 town.
John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman had a hard time trying to pronounce Niskayuna the other night.
Keith wanderings are miles better than John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman being on point.
John Sterling said that Twins starter Tyler Duffey has been "positively murdered" in his last seven games 😂😂😂
When you see 6 ft 2 in Harry Kane taking corners with 5 ft 7 in Raheem Sterling in the box
indeed mate we should be talking about tonight's game and how we played well but sterling was poor Kane had no service as well
Sterling being fast is a myth, I mean how can he run fast with his hand in the air like a camp John Inman,,,
John Henry on getting millions for Sterling
"Shunsty: Ur dearold england. Sterling will be runnin unpandan like pocahontas lookin for john smith". Shola no go kill person
play vardy in all the warm up games and then bottle it when it comes to the big game 🙈. For Sterling
Sterling wasn't in control of his feet let alone the ball John!
I don't understand how Sterling and Kane lasted 90mins. Vardy should've come on 2 chase the second goal. Massive game next week
Top economists warn sterling could fall by a third if Britain leaves EU
Told ya sterling should have stayed on
Blame Woy Hodgson. Went too defensive when there was no need. Should have replaced Sterling with pace to stretch Russia.…
Exactly John , Sterling and Lallana were knackered 15 mins into the first half, Sterling shouldn't even be there
Brendan Rodgers managed to convince people Raheem Sterling was a £49m player. We should keep a hold of Ambrose for anoth…
When will people realize that Raheem Sterling is overrated and is just a young Aaron Lennon
I'v heard some broad statements form ppl in the pub about football but the best today has been Raheem Sterling is like a black John Barnes😂
Thank goodness Sterling has finally been taken off. I was close to throwing something at the telly.
Sterling has been dire but Dier has been sterling.
Sterling's value has dropped because of Or do you mean the kick-a-ball player?
Raheem Sterling is going to be another Jesus Navas - fast but that's it!
John Robertson didn't have half of Sterling's speed but made ten times as many telling crosses
I remember when Raheem Sterling played for Huddersfield. And was white. And American. And called John Thorrington.
Sterling looks like he has absolutely no confidence - in his days would of run at the heart of there
Struggle to see how Liverpool managed to get 50 mil for sterling
now we've scored perhaps Hardy for the counter sterling off. 3. 0
Hoddle decides against his better judgement to chose a non Spurs player for Motm, "Clive it's Sterling for me"!
Raheem Sterling - runs fast. End of. Cannot play football.
Not gonna slag sterling off good first half but it's time for a change and he is the man
Sterling for 50 mill what a bit of business 😂😂
Sterling has the most disgusting running form
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
The mystery behind how Liverpool gazumped City into paying 49m for Sterling. Scam
John Stones for Raheem Sterling would be an improvement right now.
Sterling's England productivity is rivaling that of John Barnes'...
Sterling the John Barnes off the current generation
Playing well but Sterling is dogwank
There's only one way to hurt them, get round the back. Sterling off, John Barnes on.
Kane's corners haven't been good And sterling has been poor but otherwise good
Sterling is just annoying. He must score today o or assist
See Roy, this is what happens when you make rash decisions like starting Rooney, Lallana and Sterling
Why is harry kane taking the corners and sterling in the box?? 😂😂
Got to be honest haven’t thought too much about Sterling pre-tournament. could the ease of pressure be good for him? Talent is there!
Were Wolf's ears ringing the other night during game? John Sterling said,"Warner Wolf would call that the fair pole😎📻🎤
Chase Headley and Didi Gregorious go a back to back and a belly to belly!!! (read in John Sterling voice)
Yankees' Chase Headley explains decision that riled up John Sterling. By Randy Miller |...
I think I'd be pretty star struck over John Mayer. I'm a big fan of hi...
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In tonight's broadcast I found it laughable that John Sterling kept observing that BAL & BOS both lost and they could've gained a game.
on the bright side at least we don't have to hear John Sterling's "the Yankees win."
"I really like the way they play." John Sterling on the DBacks. I wonder if he's reacting to the Yankees inability of playing smart baseball
same but 104.5 streams online for free if you want your nightly dose of John Sterling
."back to back...and a belly to belly!". -The legendary John Sterling .
Why do people love him for that crap and hate John Sterling for his idiotic home run calls?
Nope, now you sounds like John Sterling, the worst announcer in history :) I'm sure the Cubbies will get it going soon.
"THE pitch..." - John Sterling . Finally in pinstripes.
Congratulations to , john , Lauren and Nolan on making it to nationals ! Go mavs 🐂🐂🐂 .
It's weird watching that first Mo save and hearing John Sterling saying "Yankees win" without following it up with "the Yankees win!"
Oh good grief, John Walker and Jim Sterling are taking pot shots at each other over a review score.
The worst education which teaches self-denial, is better than the best...
He's awesome it's not funny to Mike because of the Stern references. Maybe he'll call as John Sterling soon
LOVED seeing John Kasich tonight- particularly with the sterling Anderson Cooper; a breath of integrity & peace.
Say what u want about John Sterling, but his last out call of Wells' perfecto was Great!
Clearly, you don't understand your own review style, Jim. Please consult John Walker, the foremost Sterling Review expert.
Listen to Sterling John - Say Grace prod. by Cris Rivers by BlockStarz on
Was that actually close to being gone or did John Sterling get hella confused?
hit it to the deep part at 413 John Sterling almost knew it was going to be a homer!
John sterling remains the worst. Jake apparently hit a home run than not than so than inside the parked it. Sorta. Thanks Jon
West coast baseball means falling asleep to the magical, soothing voices of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman
John Sterling just said he forgot which team the Yankees just beat.
Listening to John sterling with Susan on yanks games is a treat.
Hawk Harrelson and John Sterling would like a mangled sentence with you.
John Sterling must know Jacoby Ellsbury pretty well, seeing as he lovingly calls him "Jake" so often.
"Gardner will have to play it off the wall...wait! It was over the wall! A 2 run homer for David Ortiz!" -John Sterling on Friday night
Yankees radio announcers John Sterling and Susan Waldman r worst in baseball. Sterling talks like he's the game and can't even see a HR
A poem by John and Suzyn. By el duque SOLO SHOTBy John Sloss more Source: John Sterling
Wow, this guy can smash ice. By el duque more Source: John Sterling
John Sterling does the same thing, just without the style, grace, and professionalism
Breast Cancer Awareness
Reading all these great Vin Scully game call transcripts makes me realize how hilarious John Sterling game call transcripts would be.
Love Vin, but if John Sterling delivers the same monologue, we'd be roasting him for it.
John Sterling- "IT IS HIGH IT IS FAR IT IS..Caught at the wall. What a play by Martine." Another disadvantage with the radio thanks
"That ball is driven to deep right center is high, it is far, it is CAUGHT!" John Sterling needs to retire.
John Sterling is going to kill me. "It is high! It is far! It is caught at the wall!"
Meanwhile John Sterling probably called it a homerun
John Sterling's faux HR call skills in full flower on that last play.
I can't wait until John Sterling retires. Went into his homer call.
John Sterling just crushed all our hopes
I'm listening to Yanks WFAN broadcast and Sterling is telling a story from 1949. John...
Gil Santos and Bob Cousy did that - game on local TV. John Sterling had it on TBS / TNT nationally.
TEAM NEWS: John Terry and Eden Hazard are out for Chelsea while Man City will be without Vincent Kompany, Raheem Sterling and David Silva.
J. Walter Sterling on St. John's College and the Virtues of a Liberal Arts Education
Raheem Sterling is about to get even richer!
"That's a 3-run home run for Josh Donaldson—I said he's the best hitter in the lineup!" -- John Sterling
Meet Black Singles 300x250
"Everyone wants to see Swisher back." - John Sterling
A-rod on 3rd, Texeria on 2nd and McCann on 1st not the fastest trio in baseball - John Sterling Might be the slowest though!
John Sterling telling me Didi is a .300/12/80 hitter by extrapolating his last 80 games over a full season so must be true.
John Sterling was not a weird thing to chant at a baseball game.
Every once in a while I have to listen to the Yankees game with John Sterling on WFAN 😩
It will be a Cinderella-type story if John Sterling can use his home run call again in 2016.
I wonder what John Sterling's HR call for Bryce Harper's 200th, 300th & 400th home run will sound like...
Subaru 22B with Matthew Sterling's 2002 WRX in the background. They're here! Our newest special exhibit, ''Subaru: … ht…
Pffft. After the sterling work of John Wayne as Gengis Kahn!
Me and my buddy John Collins at the NWS Spring weather workshop in Sterling. That's the...
Up after the Mike and the Mad Dog Special, the less watched "Michael Kay and John Sterling" reunion
Aaron Hicks with a leadoff homer ... any word on John Sterling's call?
PRICE TAGGED :. What was John Sterling's HR call for Aaron Hicks ??. Drove David Price outside pitch over wall in . Right Center!.
Sterling Shephard at his very worst is John Brown. Loving it
John Dkar recommends Inspiring the next generation of female engineers: Debbie Sterling at TE... via
What a terrific Panel discussion led by our own John Sterling of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology news given to a…
Ending the day the right way with this sterling steam shot from Flickr user John Crawshaw
Sterling strengthens as UK employment hits record high via
Fort St. John curler Sterling Middleton earned gold at the Youth Olympics, reports.
Look at this route by Sterling Shepard. That's how it's done.
.& among speakers to urge Obama pardon for CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling:
Chicago teens chillin out, '62 by Joseph Sterling
News conference going on now on CIA whistleblower Sterling, then delivering 150,000 petitions to White House.
Congratulations to Fort St. John's Sterling Middleton & Team Canada for winning Gold at the Youth Olympic Games...
John Kiriakou: Obama administration has pardoned fewest number of people.
Yesterday's w/ Sterling & Maia in studio, Reem & more is on:. YouTube: iTunes: https…
OMG!! John Sterling said EVERY YEAR they place all the kitty players into adoptive homes!!
Highlights of the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute by John H. Brooks...
"Are we not doing 'journalism' any more?" with apologies to Sterling Archer
John Sterling: "Instinct is intelligence incapable of self-consciousness."
John Petrucci: Interview with Sterling Ball - 2016: We were able to get some great…
Fort St. John native Sterling Middleton is closing in on gold at the Youth Olympics in Norway.
The Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark channel - announcers John Sterling, Boomer Esiason, and Mary Carillo - blows this halftime show away.
Content to watch the Kitten Bowl with the 7yo. How far John Sterling and Mary Carillo — and I — have fallen.
Bengals lead Bobcats 24-3 at halftime of John Sterling & Mary Carillo in the broadcast booth for (yes, really)
At least the doesn't have John Sterling and Mary Carillo as the PXP announcers. Bow wow...
So who at the Hallmark channel said "we have a Kitten Bowl to broadcast. Get me John Sterling and Mary Carillo!"
Time for John Sterling and Mary Carillo with the call of Kitten Bowl III on
- God bless John Sterling and national treasure Mary Carillo.
I added a video to a playlist Opie and Anthony: Caller "Shows" them and John Sterling is not liked
I wonder what John Sterling would say to Suzyn Waldman about the NFC East this season
Doing something forced, awkward, and not at all funny is actually the perfect John Sterling homage.
Any time you can hear John Sterling is a great interview here .
John Sterling called the kick good.
John Sterling thought that FG was good
Duke seems to score when I sit inside our suite. Not going back outside. Loved the John Sterling...
I would've cringed if he did end up referencing John Sterling
Rece Davis with a terribly forced John Sterling impression in Yankee Stadium. .
If only that TD call could have been on a score. Nice John Sterling reference!
Rece Davis with his best John Sterling at the Pinstripe Bowl. Bonus points interlocking NY is roped off
Love salute to John Sterling on that TD call at the Well played sir!
GREAT call by announcer on that Sirk TD run . "It is high, it is far . he is gone!" Homage to John Sterling at Yankee Stadium.
I had chills as emulated John Sterling. Yes, Sirkee.
Rece Davis just used the John Sterling home run call in the Pinstripe Bowl and now I like him 20% less
"It is far, it is high, he is gone" well done Lil tribute to John Sterling. (Yankees radio announce)
I am telling you, going John Sterling on that TD run call just made my Bowl Season!
Could've done w/o Rece Davis' John Sterling impersonation there. Nice action toward end of the 1st 1/2, though
I see you with the John Sterling homage in the
Reece Davis just went all John Sterling on the Duke TD!
Rece Davis, calling that Duke TD at the Pinstripe Bowl, w/the homage to John Sterling: "He is far! He is gone!"
LOL with Rece Davis' John Sterling imitation. "It is far and he is GONE". Seriously, Indiana, how do you allow THAT???
channeling his inner John Sterling, love it.
Ok, Rece Davis channeling John Sterling was kind of cool.
Rece just made a John Sterling reference
ESPN guy just aped John Sterling for a TD call
"The ideal client is the very wealthy man in very great trouble". John Sterling, 46 ABA Journal (1960) p. 366
Just realised I put Sterling at the end of the video, he shouldn't be there, editing fail 😂
Don't miss a guest-filled as John Sterling,& Bronson Arroyo stop by at 9aE https:…
That *** John Sterling is practicing his new HR call already. "It is high. it is far... it... is... GONE! Oh Starlin…
You did a sterling job & should be proud of what you've achieved, you & John will be sadly missed, good luck for the future
and it's been like 3 years since Brees didn't have a TD pass
Bob Papa starting to have John Sterling-like spasms.
It's so funny! I've got to John Sterling and his stained thong!
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