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John Starks

John Levell Starks (born August 10, 1965) is a former American professional basketball shooting guard.

Patrick Ewing Charles Oakley Reggie Miller Anthony Mason Derek Harper Gary Payton Pat Ewing Allan Houston Michael Jordan Chris Mills Vernon Maxwell Isaiah Thomas Walt Clyde Frazier Penny Hardaway Kevin Johnson Steph Curry Walt Frazier

Here are my suggestion that the Knicks should retire someday:. (Allan Houston). (Charles Oakley). (John Sta…
Retired jersey, but no. Thunder Dan had appeal. I had a thing for John Starks
John Starks gives Miami Heat fans the middle finger.
The Knicks ultimately lost to the Bulls in 6, . but in that moment John Starks was the . . be
John Starks went undrafted and became a starter for a contender. It's not impossible that Baker develops into a starting-caliber player
Want to watch the highest-scoring team in Scotland? Come and see in action on Saturday at Starks Park.
stupid sports hate.. John Starks, I flipped him off at a Cavs game , he saw me and laughed..
Everyone knows 'the dunk' is John starks on the bulls
Why I read this in Lux' voice? John Starks was more of a legend than Melo will ever be ..Melo was…
She knows no king but the King of the North John Snow. I don't care if he's a *** he's got Ned Starks blood ru…
Are you interested in football? this course could be for you.Based at Starks park frm 23rd-27th
Seriously you never heard of John Starks and you always wear that 90s Bulls hat ☺️
i'm gonna need u to educate yourself on John Starks...yo was a beast fam
So sorry now be like Jason Starks and do it independently
Sophia Starks corner kick lands directly at the foot of Mia Cascio who rockets it into the back of the net. Cadets lead John Marshall 1-0
Golf for a cause in Barbados with John Starks & Bernie Williams Oct 8th
Draymond Green makes everything go for the Golden State Warriors - Charles Oakley during his John Starks Foundation GolfTournament interview
.Hated Reggie Miller growing up. Had to get that John Starks package to balance it out.
After i heard them say that John starks a borderline hall of famer, i knew my time was done there
We are gearing up to go live at the John Starks Foundation Golf Tournament w/ interviews by
Aye I lived John Starks but there were moments where he couldn't handle the pressure
Old clips of John Starks jacking up 3's on YouTube usually puts me in a good mood
Bruh, please. I know dudes who can't pass up a shot like they John Starks in the 94 Finals. Absolutely no matter th…
The Starks go *** for tat with violence, but they remain truthful — so they keep losing. John survives only through supernatural means.
What the *** is it with me running into famous people, but not realizing it 'til after? 1st Waka, then John Starks, now Cardi B? *** 😤 lol
Texas A&M pulling the John Starks is more relevant
Hey have a fun one for you. I went John Starks 😂
Should be a great tomorrow at Starks Park where my Raith Rovers Ladies team play at 11am. Really looking forward to the match.
Awesome moment meeting John Starks was my favorite Knicks player growing up !! !! Thanks !!…
They follow the Starks.. once Sansa bends the knee.. trust me they all will.. they know J…
"what if" John Starks final shot in game 6 went in?
Is your team name a John Starks reference???
What if John Starks was on point in game 6 of the NBA finals 94
Celebrating 3 years working with himself, John Starks!
So awesome to meet Knicks legend John Starks! 93 dunk on Jordan was HISTORIC. Cannot wait till…
What if 1994 john starks didnt shoot 2-18 in game 7 🤔
What if John Starks would've went 8-18 instead of 2-18?
What if John Starks stops shooting 3's?
What if John Starks showed up for game 7? 😔
What if john starks shot better in game 7 of the finals.
What if John Starks hit that shot at the end of Game 6 😔
what if John Starks didn't miss all 11 3s in game 7
what if John Starks didn't play like crap in the '94 finals
What if John Starks passed the ball like once in game 6 of the 94 finals?
NEW JERSEY! Great JOHN STARKS will be signing autographs SAT,SEPT16!
This reminds me of the time John Starks headbutted Reggie Miller and he got charged with a "flagrant foul" & then e…
Growing up, people would hear my name and think John Starks the NBA player. 10 yrs ago it changed to Tony Stark. No…
Happy birthday to the Garden great, the hooper who gave us all hope, the living New York City legend...John Starks!
When you retire at age 30 b/c you're so exhausted from having to face Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Brad Daugherty, Terry…
That 94 Knicks prolly one of my all time favorite team ever. Charles Oakley, John Starks, Patrick Ewing, Anthony Mason coached by Pat Riley
Awesome. Wish he had a John Starks jersey on
Yeah Rik smits and John Starks were great robins to their respecti…
Danny Green passed John Starks and Steve Nash for 21st all-time in playoff 3-pointers.
Exactly like I don't care how good of a defender John Starks or Kevin Johnson might've been...They har…
Tim hardaway, john starks, Isaiah Thomas bruh guards back in the g were ignant
That was a trick question one is better than John Starks
Also is lavar ball better than john starks
Not at all. Knicks had John Starks. Magic had Penny Hardaway, Pacers, at leas…
Derozan said if Lebron was on their team they would've won..& you got the nerve to compare Lebron's comp to MJ... John Starks would NEVER
Yeah I remember that I also remember John Starks putting the beat down on the pacers in Indy the game…
Reggie Miller, john starks, Joe Dumars, just to name a few
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That was awesome. I hated the Knicks back then, especially John Starks.
LeBron is the best to ever play & it's not close. Not even sure Jordan is & yeah, Ehlo & John Starks…
Remember when Reggie scored 8 points in 9 seconds against the Knicks?...John Starks remembers.
"John Starks choked... we came up Big" | May 7th, 1995
2nd best player on those Knicks teams was John Starks. Reggi…
Why is it 22 years later & is still a Knicks killer? Reggie got away with a push on John Starks! End of story
Stopped John Starks and Patrick Ewing in '93. They went like 60-22
Lmao ain't no mount Rushmore without John Starks and Allan Houston bih
So we leaving John Starks off Basketball's Mount Rushmore now?!?! FOH!!
“John Starks choked” lmao Reggie had ZERO respect for the Knicks 😂
That's more about John Starks than it is Reggie. Think of his memorable moments outside of MSG. Reggie…
Maybe the should watch some vs.1993 playoff highlights. John Starks knew how to play the best player ever!
Can you imagine John Starks or Reggie Miller rolling over and saying this in the middle of a series vs Jordan? This…
Knicks fans still sick from Reggie Miller dropping 8 points in 9 seconds and John Starks choked
When Ewing is talking about Starks' mom confronting him for shoving John is hilarious.
AEDE kids with the legendary John Starks
Charles lost to MJ, voided. Reggie lost to a dominant Lakers squad. Pat lost to John Starks 2-18.
And I'm not talking bout '08-12' trash. At least we were fun to watch. I'm talking John Starks/Jason Ca…
John Starks was always my boy, too! I got made fun of constantly in the 90s bc I loved him so much. 😆
Enjoyed Champion of the Seas from Check out behind the scenes outtakes feat. John Starks & Steph…
Those Knicks teams were tremendous defensively but unless Pat Ewing went off or John Starks had the hot hand they weren't winning much
John Starks bummed it after NY traded em
Man he was out here looking like a young John Starks. He was a shooter. That was his 55 he put up
No competition? Sure... I remember when Jordan had to get through John Starks to get to the title.
We give a lot of credit to a team where John Starks was the number two option lol
Who was Jordan playing back then that was so skilled John Starks, Gerald Wilkins, Xavier McDa…
Woke up. Uber downtown. Pleasant conversation with John Starks. Ran 5k. Had brunch. Subway home. Back in bed. It's 11:45 am.
Sean sparks like John Starks... NAH. Sean ball like John Wall! -
sparks like John Starks na Sean ball like
It's weird insofar as everybody seems to love guys like John Starks or Wayne Chrebet o…
It Patrick Ewing hires Charles Oakley and John Starks as his assistants, I will but Georgetown season tickets
Patrick Ewing is Georgetown's new coach and I'm so happy. John Starks, Allen Iverson and Nate Lubick for assistants.
Knicks need to suit up Patrick Ewing and John Starks and even Walt Frazier and Willis Reed lol
"The Dunk" by John Starks vs in Game 2 of the 1993 Eastern Conference final.
RIP Anthony Mason always thought it was John Starks back in the day
It is the same hall of fame that John Starks is in.Mickey Mantel,Barry sanders,Troy Aikman,Garth Brooks,etc
Back in the day Akeem Olajuwon of the Houston Rockets met New York Knick's John Starks abo…
I remember when John Starks sucker punched you back when you were a Sun? Remember that game? He was in street clothes.
Sure we drink and do embarrassing things, but what's the best thing you've done drunk? One time I bought a John Starks shirsey on eBay.
Have you heard ‘Lil John Starks Snippet Prod Xan Gang’ by on
I can only quote the great John Starks when trying to describe Gary Sanchez: "Did this dude just did this?"
this guys energy is off the charts. If he performs he could be most popular Knick since John Starks
My mom just sent me a picture of her and John Starks. lucky 😞
Special thanks to my good buddy and Knicks great John Starks for coming down to our event today!
Love this. Remember seeing Gary Payton, Anthony Mason and John Starks at different times in the Cage back in the d…
Sean sparks like John Starks in the fourth Quarter! Sean Price by Heltah Skeltah ♫
why isn't that entitled "how to be a *** " Knicks haven't had a quality guy since John Starks.
Packers have a roster spot open and coach Mike McCarthy said he wants to run the ball more: https:…
was great to meet you at John Starks event. Next time will get you out for a practice round.
'Survivor's Remorse' creator Mike O'Malley says Cam Calloway has a little John Starks in him
There's a little bit of John Starks in main character Cam Calloway. via
I think the media makes it tough to play in New York. There are so many papers and TV channel
They don't need him he's to inconsistent in big games he will disappear on you he reminds of John Starks of the Knicks in the 90's
John Starks > the sex offender that played for the lakers
I'd think any of Charles Martin, John Starks, Carlos Gomez, and Michael Barrett could bump Chen/Punto.
it was another great event for The John Starks Foundations John Creates possibilities
John starks. Streaky, but so much heart.
The same person who taught me how much sports can truly hurt your soul: John Starks.
John Starks. A kid from Lima who knew nothing about the NBA and then I watched Game 2 of the Conf finals against th…
I'm shocked how many people are saying "John Starks" on this thread.
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I want to thank all the fans for their support over the years. Keep supporting the Knicks, w
Last night, I may or may not have argued John Starks over Jordan
With all the weapons in the receiving we started that red line drive w/ John Starks. Then ended it with him. Then gave up the ball.
Why James Starks and not Eddie Lacy on fourth and 1 for the Packers?
ESPN Fantasy notified me that John Starks is on my bench and I take that as an invitation to drop him with the quickness
First ruby in blacktop John Starks was a savage!!!
1st Annual John Starks Invitational 2-on-2 tourney was on point, even if the court was as slippery as Roland Garros.
yup, my first true heartbreak was Knicks losing to the Spurs in 99. Vaguely remember John Starks stinking it up too
Within two weeks, was ghostwriting my essays and challenging me on the John Starks question
Just saw John Starks drive by me on the golf course lol autograph time
"know who yall remind me of? Pat Ewing, Charles Bark, Karl Malone, John Starks. Chris Webber, Reggie Miller homie u aint win a chip never"
After JR Spliff and John Starks and Walt Frazier and Pat Ewing and alotta other ppl but foh
Knicks really used to start Derek Harper, John Starks, Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, and Pat Ewing lol.
Which is weirder Justin Morneau on or John Starks on the
I aspire to be as petty as Reggie Miller when John Starks headbutted…
Nah, there's also John Starks and Charles Smith and Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley and Doc Rivers and...
Joakim Noah gonna be the next Patrick Ewing and Rose is John Starks
Jon Stark = John Starks. I spazzed when DFJZ pointed that out. GRRM is a huge NY sports fan
I wouldn't speak to anyone for days if the Knicks lost game 7 of the finals. & I can speak on it, still haunted by John Starks in Game 7 '94
Earl Monroe over John Starks for me. And I loved John Starks
East was terrible back when Jordan played too. Who, John Starks? Penny? Eddie Jones? Reggie Miller? Please..league was all Bigs in 90s
"John Starks would give Curry 50 in a head to head match up"
I told the plug we to death to us part⁰Started running the place like Patrick Ewing and John Starks
The biggest myth ever is John Starks dunking on Michael Jordan.Horace Grant took that L
"Is that Braves reliever Matt Marksberry's face superimposed on the body of former Knicks guard John Starks?"
Matthew Delladova is just a much less likable John Starks.
My favorite basketball players all time are Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, and John Starks. Cuz they all killed the Knicks.
Curry is a star player in a no defense league. MJ played against Clyde drexler, Gary Payton, Isaiah Thomas, Charles Barkley and John Starks
" I told my plug until death do us apart then I started running plays like Patrick Ewing & John Starks"
pretty sure John Starks, Charles Oakley and the rest of the 95 Knicks would disagree.
I'm from Houston. John Starks is my favorite Knick ever. And my daughter JUST got accepted to Clark!!!
wait you mean the John Starks, Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, and Anthony Mason Knicks oh no way can't be 😴😴😴
1. Patrick Ewing. 2. John Starks. 3. Rip Hamilton and his stupid face sheild.
Former Knick guard John Starks confirmed Biggie's "I Got a Story to Tell" was based on a true story, but wouldn't name…
Oh this one I already know. Marv Albert gotta come through. John Starks. Frank Isola for the kill.
How is Marshall Plumlee not on that list? He ranks in basketball history for me in front of Tyler Hansbrough and John Starks.
Oh, really? I need to take you to the court! I'll wear my John Starks or Allan Houston Jersey!!
jk I would totally get a Walt Clyde Frazier or John Starks jersey before either of those 2
Jimmer Fredette with the dreaded John Starks line, on eve of joining Knicks
Can we John Starks and Walt Clyde Frazier just come out of retirement and play for knicks again ? Best chance we got at pg
If you're Craig Ehlo, John Starks or Byron Russell is February 17 your least favorite day of the year?
Larry Johnson & John Starks come to Holy Trinity for Hoops & Dreams. Tickets on sale now at
What about John Starks?! To your point we didn't have many shooters but you can't forget about Starks. . CC:
John Starks sums up Jerry Devine (former) head bball coach of Neshaminy HS the best:
John Starks went undrafted after playing at 4 different JUCOs. 13 yrs in NBA. Knicks all-time 3-pt leader. Success is a…
Vernon Maxwell screaming at John Starks then John backing off is funny and at the same time scary. xD
Click here to support New roof for The Eagles Club by Santana Starks
You forgot about Benard King and John Starks when he dunked on the whole Bulls team even "Michael Jordan" 😎✊
iight but I know how that convo will go: "yeah the refs cheated us" *10 second pause* "but if I evvver see John starks.."
There's only two players my father had legit, human hate for:. Michael Jordan (for obvious reasons). John Starks (Game 7)
My dad..20 years, a bad hip and slower motor skills later will fade John Starks on sight
Starks fumbles have hurt. Offense all year hasn't been able to get out of 2nd gear. Adams has disappointed. No home run hitters.
This is what happens when you depend on Eddie Lace-me and JaMEs Starks instead of John Kuhn
Just was at the Knick game and I met former Knick John Starks.😱😱 Also got VIP seats for practice and took a pic wit…
Afflalo joins John Starks and Melo as just the third Knick in the last 30 years to score more than 36 points on fewer than 18 FG attempts.
Taken away by the John Starks foundation.
happy birthday John Starks game 7, 2-17 from the field face
People that don't rate John Obi Mikel are the same ones that don't move their bag off the spare seat on the train when you …
"Happy 50th Birthday to the great John Starks:
I liked a video from John Starks Guarding Michael Jordan For The First Time
Josh Norman is to Reggie Miller as Odell Beckham is to John Starks.
So you are telling me Hubert Davis, John Starks and Derek Harper are awful shooters?
The Knicks had Derek, Hubert, John Starks and Rolando Blackman to shoot well.
Spotted in the Amway Center: a Knicks trio with John Starks, Amar'e Stoudemire and Steve Novak jerseys on.
imagine Gary Payton,John Starks or Bruce Bowen on curry lord
Yes, the likes of Jordan, Derek Harper, John Starks, Gary Payton would maul Steph and Clay.
This deal would give states power they've wanted for years. Would they pull a John Paxson or a John Starks?
like John Starks and Derek Harper both didn't average almost 20 a night in. 94 finals.
Would you trade Carson Palmer and John Starks for Karlos Williams and Latavius Murray?
1/21/99: Knicks trade John Starks, Chris Mills and Terry Cummings to the Golden State Warriors for Latrell Sprewell.
"Sean sparks like John Starks in the 4th quarter,oughta meet my peeps,deep like the Torah. Unforgettable like Nat King.."
michael, huge fan, observation: Lucas Duda is to Terry Collins what John Starks was to Pat Riley, hope it ends differently!
did you wish John Starks happy birthday last week?
John Starks has a message to Miami fans after an ejection. Notice young Thibs on the bench.
John Starks is 50 today. Remember that time he dunked on Michael Jordan Horace Grant?
Charles Oakley, Xavier McDaniel, Charles Barkley, Dr. J, Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, John Starks. They all would throw hands with you
Two of the best Jordan-Stopper I've seen. John Starks and Gary Payton. .
this't history . John Starks in Dominican Republic front Santiago city.
Fellow fans don't worry. Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Ron Harper, Luc Longley and Shawn Kemp are still available.
good thing the last Knicks team I cared about had Charles Oakley and John Starks on it
So I bring up the OJ Simpson chase anniversary and all you want to talk about is "that bum John Starks"? Sigh. Let it go, dear Knicks fan.
I have too much pent-up anger toward John Starks to ever openly accept Van Gundy in Chicago. . . .
John Starks in game 7 of the 1994 NBA finals against Rockets had 0 of 11 from the 3 point line in 2nd half. Ewing had a 'ur papa' face on.
Gotta take Barnes out and put in Livingston...he's the new age Nick Anderson/John Starks
Harrison Barnes couldn't throw it in Lake Eerie right now. He's having a John Starks finals game.
Steph Curry passes John Starks for most missed 3-pointers in a game in NBA Finals history. Curry went 2-15 from deep. htt…
Steph Curry ties John Starks for most missed 3-pointers in NBA Finals game in last 30 years. Curry is 2-13 from deep. htt…
I would pay good money for a Kyle Starks D-Man book.
Dr Bob Lee of WBLS 107.5 and New York Knicks Legend John Starks at the TWU Local 100 faimly day in Coney Island
John starks with my son he tried to pick him up cuz they was crowding them for my son started to cry... much love
I still have my brother's John Starks jersey lol
Knicks great John Starks signing autographs at are Union Picnic/Softball Tournament
Have always been a fan of John Starks, was so sad to see him leave the Knicks.
What? No John Starks that played for the Knicks
"The whole tiiimee I'm walking to the free throw line I'm thinkin.mayne how did this dude just did this?" -John Starks
My irrational love for John Starks will never diminish
oh yeah jr smith was looking like John Starks in the finals versus Houston in 94
Met john starks today kept it cordial as usual no pics lol
John Starks rooting for the home team!! Liberty vs Dream game msg
He may not play for the Knicks anymore but hes still JR 'John Starks' Smith
Dawg. We might see a few "John Starks 2-18 bro *** games from JR Smith. Or he may go Saiyan and drop 30 a game. WHO KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN
yesterday was JR's "john starks' in game 7, 1994 game". Cavs gonna have to bully way to title now without kyrie
John Starks' dunk is the most overrated of all time.
If the Knicks had Allan Houston instead of John Starks, would they have won then title in 94? I say no. Wouldn't got past the Bulls
LOL, I know yall hated him making John Starks his Poster boy
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Wasn't that John Starks' boxscore line in Game in 1994?
Dude tried to tell me john starks was better than Jr...
I like JR, but he had a Knicks-like game last night. Or worse off, John Starks-like. Horrid on defense, too.
Someone managed to convince me John Snow is not Ned Starks *** son and that ned is too 'proper' to step out of marriage.
Jr Smith was playing like Vernon Maxwell in the 1st half in the 1995 finals. Second half John Starks in gm 7. So streaky.
I went to a Ws game as a kid when they had Larry Hughes, Donyell Marshall, John Starks, Jason Caffrey and MookieB
He's like John Starks, Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn- if he's on your team, you love him.
John Starks should not be dunking on Yao Ming 5 times in one game
Noah Syndergaard, a pitcher...hits a 430 home run to center field. [John Starks]Did this dude just did this?[/John Starks]
Mitch Richmond, Shawn Elliot, John Starks, Penny Hardaway, Gary Peyton, Cylde Drexler and I'm missing more. Stop saying MJ had no comp
John Starks and any other person who had to guard him probably still has nightmares
John Starks just had a good passion for the game
I only had four favorite basketball players when I was little they were Scottie Pippen Penny Hardaway Shawn Kemp and John Starks
ehhh I hear what you saying but when ya competition john Starks vs Mcgrady I mean cmon
Throw John Starks on that squad and they win a championship
Breast Cancer Awareness
Told the plug it's death do us part. Started running plays Patrick Ewing and John Starks
All about John Starks Quotes : height, biography, quotes - see at
On the court, tell the difference between JR Smith and John Starks.
half of social media would have trolled John Starks
ya I never really considered him a Cub. Much like John Starks was never really a Bull.
the same ringless john Starks on the same ringless Knicks? Or a different john Starks?
funny how we were talking about THIS JOHN STARKS!
then honestly I understand why you hate Chicago we been slandering you guys on and off the court since '88 word to john Starks
John Starks 2.0... Can't wait for his classic 2-18 game
his inner John Starks is shining through.
best players MJ was going up against in his chip era John Starks and Clyde drexler let that sink
im glad you thought the same idea that I thought delladova reminds me of john starks
Matthew delladova reminds me of john starks
Delly is turning into this eras John Starks one minute at a time
Now I know why non-Knick fans are mystified by our fierce devotion to John Starks.
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They want Teague to be John Starks so bad lol
I bet RC is gonna be Pacers v Knicks. I'm gonna say Reggie Miller and Patrick Ewing RC cards, with John Starks and Smits/Thompson for reg PO
My TL is so weird.Yesterday it was "John Starks is a better shooter than Curry" today it's "John Starks is better than any Current defender"
Some of them also featured "legends" like BJ Armstrong, Chris Gatling, John Starks, and Otis Thorpe
Robert Horry over J.R Smith. John Starks over Blake Griffin. Tyson Chandler over Dwight Howard. Small sample, but that's my taste!
I'll never forgive John Starks for the 1994 Finals.
You are incredibly wrong about Della,' Talk to John Starks. Knicks bias clearly. Stop it.
just watched a 45 minute documentary on Houston's first championship I love Hakeem Olajuwon he was so cool also John Starks was ***
Man, I remember watching this live on TV. John Starks was my favourite player ...loved that team
Thank you John Starks. May 25th 1993 is a day I'll never forget.
and they can thank John Starks as well lol !!
THIS DAY IN HISTORY: The infamous John Starks dunk on the Bulls.
I take back what I said John Starks
Anytime I see falls like Steph took, I think Kenny Anderson & how John Starks ruined his career undercutting him & breaking his wrist
About 13 Years ago, something similar happened with Shawn Marion and John Starks. Marion ended up being stretchered off with a broken neck.
On this day ('93), John Starks literally put MJ on a poster.
Was thinking the same thing. John Starks popped in my head.
John Starks with the Nicks was the same way next game he will go 2 for 12.
Jeff Van Gundy said he'd take J.R. on his team any day. Must be a John Starks thing. Or a subtle dig at "how's it goink" Ph…
All you bandwagon Warriors fans gotta get Tf up outta here! If you wasn't hollering Dubs when they had John Starks and Vontego Cummings 😭😭😭
Shaq (very agile in his prime), MJ, Hakeem Olajuwon, John Starks (gritty style) and Kevin Durant.
Bimbo Coles, Bobby Sura, Earl Boykins, Chris Mills, Larry Hughes, Vonteego Cummings, John Starks. It was all worth it to get to Steph.
MJ was the best defensive player for 9 years guarding Kevin Johnson, Rex Chapman, Jeff hornacek, and John Starks... Let's keep it a buck
I'm ballin & performing at baruch college in nyc with legend John Starks as my coach http…
Denzel Valentine reminds me of John Starks in the 1994 NBA finals . . . just keeps shooting. And missing.
*attention all shoppers someone needs help in isle 5 because tonight, Derek Harper and John Starks are gonna be all over him
Hubert and Starks gave it away “Wait Bigs I got a story to tell is about Anthony Mason and not John Starks mind blown”
didn't John Starks. Yes John Starks light up Mad Max in game 6 of the '94 finals? Just saying.
wondering how many of your followers had to look up John Starks.
The in the 3rd row at the matinee...I felt like John Starks on that stage! Thanks maestro.
*** thats a John Starks game 7 stat line right there. Very gross
John Starks thinks D'Angelo Russell had a great game.
if that's a John Starks reference I totally got it. If not, I quit.
D'Angelo Russell is going all John Starks in this game.. 2-15 for the freshman..
Knicks fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the future with D'Angelo Russell instead are getting a flashback to John Starks.
growing up in Indiana during the 90s, a John Starks jersey and UK fan was impressive trolling in middle school
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