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John Stamos

John Phillip Stamos (born August 19, 1963) is an American actor, singer and musician best known for his work in television, especially in his starring role as Jesse Katsopolis on the ABC sitcom Full House.

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It's so weird watching Emma Roberts make out with John Stamos
hey John Stamos has next year on lock. Do not worry KennA
baffled that this wasn't about John Stamos... Who even are you anymore?ΒΏ
Nobody cares about a bunch of John Stamos is trapped in the sea of Mohammeds . The Crimean War in 5 Minutes
2014 goal Share a thing of fondue with John Stamos
Ok Scream Queens was fun, but now it's getting completely ridiculous!!! Oh well, at least I get John Stamos eye...
I would like to thank John Stamos for his 4 year commitment & dedication to the VP program!
Dave Coulier's like the Dorian Gray portrait that's been absorbing all of John Stamos' aging over the years
I will forever be in love with John Stamos
John Stamos, Taylor Lautner, and Billy Lorde doing all of these accents is the best part of this episode lmao.
I seem to recall a young, very hot John Stamos in the video for that song! Ooolala
Double dose of sexy! John Stamos and Taylor Lautner say they have "romantic dinners" together https…
All the heart eyes for John Stamos 😍
John Stamos and Taylor Lautner are really swinging for the fences on this one
Watching John Stamos and Taylor Lautner looking sexy in the kitchen will make your week
John Stamos, Billie Lourd, and Taylor Lautner are killing it with these accents.
While you were at the concert last night I was at dinner with John Stamos. I tried to send you proof on snap but Couldn't 😏
John stamos could stab me in the thigh with a sharp blade and I would still ask for an autograph and take a selfie with him
SO HANDSOME! See and more heartthrob sitcom dads then and now: 😍
I'm at my most John Stamos when I'm playing drums for The Beach Boys.
In the last few years, losing my father, going through a divorce and ...
Ur hair makes trump's look like john stamos. Say goodbye to what's left of that rats nest on top of ur head.
How is it that I went to Disneyland the same day as John Stamos, Ellen, and Mariah Carey and didn't see any of them?!
I liked a video from JOHN EFFING STAMOS
Wanna shoot myself in the foot bc John Stamos and Mariah Carey were both at Disneyland yesterday and I didn't run into any of them πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
I mourn for the dilf John stamos could have been
john stamos doing an elvis impersonation as jesse in Full House has me sHOOK
I mean you pull the curtain away, and you see I'm just as insecure and n...
I like when guests come over early and we chop veggies and talk and p...
πŸ“· Taylor Lautner com John Stamos nos bastidores do photoshoot β€œSexiest Men in the Kitchen” para a...
Anyone ever told you that you look like a young John stamos?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
I included a picture of John Stamos holding Oikos Greek Yogurt in my paper about marketing. Today is a good day.
I appreciate everything Glen Powell and John Stamos are doing on 'Scream Queens'. πŸ™Œ
"it's drunk John Stamos, which is exactly the same thing as Dillon"
John Stamos will always be a babe ugh
I just realize John Stamos and Jerry O'Connell are both on this season how does Rebecca Romijn feel about this?
This just came to me John Stamos & Jerry O'Connell are on & Stamos was married to Rebecca Romijn & now O'Connell is.
Suh Scream Queens ago just have John Stamos & Taylor Launtner jus suh
John Stamos makes this season of Scream Queens 10x better
John Stamos. Jamie Lee Curtis. Taylor Lautner. Lea Michele. Emma Roberts. This show makes no sense but it has a great cast.
Paul Chambers KTVU Posting Video. Heading in to talk to John Stamos and Taylor Lautner about Scream Queens
I woke up during a dream about picking music for a road trip with John Stamos. (FWIW, front runner was Rufus Wainwright.) Happy Labor Day!
Jordan went for Stanley Tucci. Maverick (narrowly) got away with John Stamos but I'm not sure he should count.
Best and Worst Dressed at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards: Jessica Alba, John Stamos and More Stars Who Turned Heads
I always think that Lori Loughlin and John Stamos are married
I recently read the cutest John Stamos and Lori Loughlin fanfics. forever wishing they ended up together in real life 😭
John Stamos just gets better with age: 7 reasons we love the 'Fuller House' star via
Taylor Lautner and John Stamos are dashing doctors in new Scream Queens promo:
It's so funny that John Stamos has Ashley Benson and Betty whites' number lol
Taylor Lautner can't stop giggling as Lea Michele & John Stamos grill him on Taylor Swift.
Taylor Lautner, Lea Michele and John Stamos talking about Taylor Swift and 'Back To December' (
Taylor Lautner talks 'John Stamos has been shirtless 5 times' in 2 weeks
John Stamos, Taylor Lautner and Lea Michele doing an interview together ... best thing ever!!!
John Stamos, Lea Michele, & Taylor Lautner talks about Taylor Swift and her song 'Back To December'.
Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis and John Stamos are confirmed for the Comic -Con on Friday ( 22).
John Stamos and Jamie Lee Curtis on the set of
Promotional shoot for season 2. Jamie Lee Curtis, John Stamos and Keke Palmer on set.
'Scream Queens' Season 2 spoilers: Taylor Lautner, John Stamos to be Chanel's new love…
John Stamos on stage with Brian Wilson. Jesse and the Rippers reunion!
Full House first aired in 1987. It made actor John Stamos an instant heartthrob.
Single: Mel Gibson, Jack Nicholson, John Stamos, Jake Gyllenhaal. Nicolas Cage is about to join the club.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
more like "John Stamos covers beautiful song originally written and performed by Dennis Wilson."
If you eat enough Greek yogurt, a hologram of John Stamos appears and cage fights Jamie Lee Curtis.
John Stamos was at Warner Brothers yesterday and I'm here today and you have no idea how upset that makes me
I have sex dreams with the WEIRDEST men. Louis CK, John Stamos, TJ Miller, and Nick Offerman, lmao I HATE myself
In trying to find the perfect image to accompany my poll, I have been reminded of actors Chuck Norris, John Stamos & Jean-Claude Van Damme
I wish Lori Loughlin and John Stamos were together in real life
Today in 2013, The Beach Boys played at the River's Edge Park in Council Bluffs, IA with John Stamos
I still stand by my Sean Penn as Kraven fan cast also John Stamos as Uncle Ben
Fox, cancelled the Rob Lowe and Fred Savage comedy The Grinder, along with the John Stamos vehicle Grandfathered,...
Smug 80's vibes up on the blog today. Jenny + Simon channeling their inner Joan Collins + John Stamos.
That video of that woman meetings John Stamos and calling him Rob Lowe is me though
John Stamos, Don Dokken, Tom Keifer, Joey Tempest and Nelson twins! The men were super cute back in the
What is Rob Lowe for John Stamos, is Dane Cook for πŸ˜‚
Tituss Burgess and John Stamos sing 'Kiss the Girl' from The Little Mermaid
- that would be John Stamos and Rita Wilson!
sounds a little better than my first concert of The Beach Boys with John Stamos on drums
Michael ruined my night by sending me two pictures of John Stamos' weird belly button
am I crazy or does young John Stamos look exactly like Zayn...
All I want is a john Stamos t shirt
Come hang with John Stamos and the cast of Penelope Pennyworth girl detective and the case of the boogeyman!...
my John Stamos fan club poster. A 65 year old male shouldn't have this hanging up in the living room or so I'm told
Stop worrying about your imperfections. There was only one perfect man to ever walk this earth. . His name is John Stamos.
On April 17th, The Beach Boys will perform at the TV Land Icon Awards honoring John Stamos htt…
Have mercy! reveals how he got his catchphrase:
send her a picture of John Stamos so she knows it's real
Would John Stamos drink this? But of course! Uncle Jessie-inspired gin fizz at Committee, Boston's best Greek brunch
John Stamos finally reveals origin of 'have mercy' catchphrase
2day my bff talked to n gave her # to this fine early 30s john stamos lookin guy. over the course of the night he called her ELEVEN times!!!
Why do I laugh at everything involving John Stamos after midnight???
John Stamos on how his famous line "Have Mercy" came to be
If you're obsessed with Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky, these photos are for you:
I want someone to try and guess my email address- send an email to whatever you think it is with a picture of John Stamos attached
No matter how smooth you think you are, John Stamos can always take your girl.
John Stamos has aged so beautifully
We met John stamos and found out we are unicorns all in one night
Just saw "My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2" Just as funny as the first one. But Rita Wilson married to John Stamos? Really?! Why not?
just because you showed me your license and your last name is stamos doesn't mean John is your cousin
but John stamos had nothing to do with this convo
I've seen this one before but I just want to look at John Stamos
You look so good strutting around in front of that step and repeat. John Stamos who? πŸ™Š
Ugh I love John Stamos so much my heart hurts 😭😻
I want to meet John Stamos on a plane and have him tell me I'm pretty
John Stamos explains the inspiration behind his "Have Mercy" catchphrase:
Yesterday we convinced HugZ that eminem's name was John Stamos
John Stamos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 made my night 😍😍
Update your maps at Navteq
Norman Lear, John Stamos honored at 2016 TV Land Icon Awards airing this Sunday at 9 p.m. -
Yesterday, The Beach Boys taped an appearance for the TV Land Icon Awards, at The Barker Hanger with John Stamos
Television mega-fans gathered Sunday night to honor icons John Stamos, Debbie Allen and Norman Lear for their ...
Top story: John Stamos, Debbie Allen, Norman Lear Honored at TV Land Icon Award… see more
When you meet John Stamos and talk to Sutton Foster and Josh Peck, I just died tonight 😍
I forgot that I added Josh Peck on snap and have never been confused more than when I saw John Stamos pop up while watching stories
John Stamos strikes up a casual conversation about Fuller House
Still can't get over that lady calling the guys that came to speak to us today John Stamos on accident πŸ˜‚
Pure fancy the wee pants off John Stamos ❀️😭
All I want for Christmas is a John Stamos, Mark Zuckerberg, Dale Chihuly and Jonah Hill mash up boyfriend. Thank you πŸ’…πŸΏ
*** we all still look good." akskskjk Watched the first epi of Fuller House and John Stamos & Lori Loughlin seriously still look so good.
Me trying to hug Gabe is similar to John Stamos in the opening scene of Fuller House
John Stamos must have finally gotten around to watching Fuller House and realized how awful it was...
John Stamos : How to deliver an exceptional wedding speech which will completely bowl over the guests!
John Stamos freakout was lit...and now I believe that Fuller House Season 2 is in major trouble. You can't do a gag without permission...
agree 5th remake of spidey should be good. I think John Stamos would be a great 6th version spidey after Fuller House of course.
The kids are watching Fuller House. There must be an aging portrait of John Stamos in an attic somewhere.
it was an April fools joke becuz instead of having "Because YOU Watched".or "YOUR Interests" it has John Stamos &his life
Glad to know White Christmas has aged as gracefully as John Stamos. I may rewatch after I continue watching Midsomer Murders w/John Stamos.
Go check out Netflix's April fools joke bc John Stamos thinks you should
All the categories on Netflix have John Stamos in there somewhere...
Netflix let John Stamos prank its subscribers for April Fools' Day
Remember when John Stamos was in that horrible movie with Gene Simmons from Kiss? I do. I do.
John Stamos as Jesse Katsopolis was the love of my 12 year old lifeπŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
So, John Stamos was super into Elvis in Full House, and now, in Grandfathered, he's super into Frank Sinatra...?
bored out my mind. watching grandfathered tv series. hey John Stamos be more funny.
>John Stamos as Vietnam war hero . None of your casting choices made the cut
will be honored at the TV Land Icon Awards. The show airs 4/17/16 at 9pm ET on TV Land. Congrats John!! ht…
I have such a bad crush on John Stamos it's not even funny!. he's gorgeous😍
John Stamos is still handsome as ever, Mary Kate and Ashley are MIA and Bob Sagat got fat as ***
Niall's going to end up being the John Stamos of 1D and just get hotter with age
A young John Stamos reminds me of Zac Efron.
tfw John Stamos plays drums in the Beach Boys. what.
My mom cusps my ears while watching some of the scenes of Ed. It would be fun to watch some series with John Stamos too.
Me, I'm John Stamos and you're the girl! We are on the way to Toddlers and Tiaras audition, I'll improve this one's a bit.
oh no it's like the John Stamos incident all over again
I'm liking this Jeep but wondering why every rental doesn't come with a John Stamos Mullet Portable Speaker.
Yo this fool Alex said he doesn't know who John Stamos is lmao
I agree with this because John Stamos 😍😍😍
Lori Loughlin Jokes She Has to 'Approve' of John Stamos' Dates: 'I Have to Get a Full Bio and a Picture'
they're so good. Problems and I Am So John Stamos are my favorites. They've only come to Florida once in the passed 3 years
My favorite aunt just said that John Stamos looks like a less attractive me!
I may also be in love with John Stamos
oh my god, it turns out john stamos WAS 24 in season one of Full House! ***
I think I screamed when John Stamos came on the screen
This 85 year old woman at Asbury Heights told Katherine, my mom and me she just needed John Stamos. Don't we all
I really hope people realized/appreciated the fact that I tagged John Stamos in my Greek Independence insta
Bob Saget is America's dad, but John Stamos is America's daddy
John Stamos posted a 'Happy Easter' insta and idk how to feel about that man
John Stamos will never not be finer than fine
John Stamos posted a picture saying forever grateful. No, I'm forever grateful...for your parents birthing you.
I liked a video Henry Cavill, John Stamos, Keri Russell and John Goodman Send a Message to Their
Bob Sagat saw the spectre of death and sought relevancy to save his life. John Stamos likely is the spectre of death.
13. Prince for my fave princess, Eric. πŸ’™ Check out his 1989, John Stamos-esque hair. What a dreamboat.
Today in 2012, Al Jardine performed at The Roxy Theatre with John Stamos and The Honeys
New cut got that boy feeling like John Stamos and Brian Fantana from Anchorman smh ma let me dog u out for the rest of the week
'Star Wars' wins big, John Stamos slimed at Kids' Choice Awards
John Stamos and Lori Loughlin literally do not age like how is that even possible
John Stamos shares adorable throwback video of Olsen twins - We have to give this video one Michelle Tanner-siz...
If you're a girl and you don't think James Franco and John Stamos are daddy af you're either dumb or ***
John Stamos is gonna be daddy af til the day he dies
John Stamos is dating the girl who played Sloan on TVD? I thought she looked familiar. πŸ™ˆ
The attendees at the funeral are like an '80s episode of Entertainment Tonight: John Tesh, John Stamos, Mr. T.
Just got told I look like a cross between a young John Stamos and Taylor Lautner by a middle aged woman. Yup, time to collect my check.
Over 4,000 fans came to watch the Beach Boys and John Stamos perform live in Lubbock on Monday night! This...
Wait.wait John Stamos was here in Lubbock?
Slideshow: The Beach Boys and John Stamos take over the stage in Lubbock.
John Stamos sang his song Forever with the Beach Boys at the concert tonight and my heart melted
Minor league to give away John Stamos 'Uncle Jesse' bobbleheads... with real hair!
So glad I got to see The Beach Boys and John Stamos tonight! A night I'll never forget🎀
How is it even possible that at 52 years old John Stamos is still SO INCREDIBLY GOOD LOOKING?!? πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ˜…
John Stamos is the only good thing about Fuller House
John Stamos is taken, ladies and gentlemen
Brooklyn Cyclones will give away John Stamos bobbleheads for Full… via
New trending story from Sports Illustrated : Minor league team handing out β€œreal hair” John Stamos bobbleheads,
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
.go all-in with Full House, giving away John Stamos "real hair" bobblehead. .
Rob Lowe and John Stamos were my first loves and forever will be
So I'm watching Fuller House and is it my imagination or did John Stamos get better looking?
John Stamos told in Jan. that will have more than 1 season.
I'm really hoping that in the second season, John Stamos openly weeps instead of just looking like he wants to.
Netflix has renewed "Fuller House" for a second season: Bob Saget, John Stamos and company will be back for even…
I only watched Fuller House because John Stamos still looks hot af.
The thing about Fuller House is that there's just not enough John Stamos. I need a show that's entirely John Stamos, and no one else.
I'm watching Fuller House and ... John Stamos looks exactly the same. What
Fuller House exists just so we can see how good John Stamos still looks.
The only thing that I learned from Fuller House is that John Stamos is like fine wine
Hey, John,What's Up!John Stamos,My name is Al Moore?John,Why they call it Fuller House.
watching Fuller House, John Stamos is bae he hasn't aged a lick 😩😩😩😍
I'm assuming "Fuller House" is an infomercial where John Stamos eats a ton of Greek yogurt.
Not sure of my thoughts on Fuller House, but John Stamos looks just as good as he did 29 years ago 😜😏
A little late to the Fuller House party, but John Stamos singing forever 😍πŸ˜₯
John Stamos is as gorgeous as ever in Fuller House😍
John Stamos is one of those men who just gets sexier as he ages.
the first five minutes of the show is just John Stamos playing with a live human baby like it's an action figure
Literally get so happy when I see John Stamos😍
John Stamos is god tier sugar daddy
John Stamos you are not human. Oh man.
John Stamos will you be my baby daddy.
How does John stamos still look that good?
Wait but has anyone more good looking than John Stamos ever existed?
john stamos and comets great grand puppies and I'm a happy camper
John Stamos will forever be hot ugh
I marathoned Fuller House, the Full House reboot, and I regret nothing. Also, I have come to the conclusion that John Stamos is immortal.
Fuller House would be cooler if there wasn't any singing and John Stamos was in it more
I swear john stamos is a vampire who doesnt age
They even got the actual twin boys from the old show to be John Stamos kids
Even John Stamos dont look like he aged much
All I'm thinking about rn is John Stamos and Carlos O' Kelly's chicken fingers
One time John Stamos wished me a happy birthday.
John Stamos Joins the Beach Boys Lineup at Hard Rock Live: It was a crisp 60 degrees out when...
John stamos is still and will forever be so hot
I'm barely watching Fuller House and John Stamos is STILL SO 😫😍
This isn't sarcasm, John Stamos is a babe
I'm not *** but if John Stamos asked me on a date i'd say yeah lol
idc I want John STAMOS to buy a Mickey pretzel from me
John Stamos and Rick Fox are the most bomb old men I swearπŸ”₯
John Stamos. Not just a pretty face πŸ˜‰
Literally watching Fuller House solely for the sake of John Stamos' existence and I actually can't stop cracking up?? I'm co…
Rob Lowe vs John Stamos. Who's better in their 50's?
May or may not be binge watching Fuller House because John Stamos... 😍😍
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Can we talk about how John Stamos hasn't aged one bit. Is he human? Are we sure?
*** I've been burning for John Stamos since he was Blackie on I even watched Empty Nest for craps sake!
Why can't every man look like John Stamos, Matt Bomer, and Channing Tatum.
My take on Fuller House so far:. 1. John Stamos is still smokin'. 2. I want Kimmy's bacon scarf
Everyone's talking about John Stamos, but what about Lori Loughlin? Aunt Becky's still a babe 😍
John Stamos practically looks the same
John Stamos still fine af on Fuller House😍πŸ”₯
Fuller House is so weird but John Stamos is such a daddy so.
Oh my lord John Stamos is still so sexy 😍😍
watching Fuller House. Bob Saget got fat and John Stamos got hotter. that's about it.
John Stamos fell into the La Brea tar pits in 1996. His perfectly preserved body was excavated in 2015, just in time for
John Stamos shared this adorable video with the Olsen twins days before the premiere of .
Twenty years after Full House, and the best thing on television is STILL John Stamos with a baby.
I hope Oscar Isaac and George Clooney and Idris Elba and John Stamos all had a good day
John Stamos & Lori Loughlin at the Fuller House Premiere via
Get me a Netflix series on John Stamos and Lori Loughlin's triumphant revolt against time to still look this good.
Who was more excited for Fuller House? The fans or Lori Loughlin because she gets to kiss John Stamos again?
Lori Loughlin and John Stamos are freaks of nature. They haven't aged in 20 years.
Lori Loughlin and John Stamos have the cutest friendship.they needed to get 20 years ago...
no way would John Stamos ever use hair dye. do you ever think?
there's no way John Stamos's hair has stayed so full and dark after all these years.
That fat meth head Ryan Pitcher Vietnamese *** of John Stamos is going to face real suffering forever and ever AMEN
John Stamos on the bongos. 80's Magic.
I'm not. I can watch John Stamos in Grandfathered so I'm good.
they don't have more money then John Stamos, Jennifer Anniston, or Zach galifinakis. But that's just a few to list
Jodie Sweetin, John Stamos - Jodie Sweetin's little girls have a crush on her co-star John Stamos and they don'...
I can not wait for John Stamos in Fuller House 😩
Everyone in the Fuller House teaser looks so old and John Stamos is just like "Yeah, I know I'm still hot AF"
John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier to Pay Tribute to Their Late Mothers on 'Fuller House'
Fuller House means John Stamos is coming back to my life and I couldn't be more excited! 😍😍
BTHNY. Apparently Regina Hall will be playing John Stamos' love interest on Grandfathered?!!
Sylvester Stallone and John Stamos dead *** look like my uncles. So rocky and Uncle Jesse always good in my book.
I hope I age as well as John Stamos or Johnny Depp
Uncle Jesse is the poor man's John Stamos
John Stamos is probably my favorite NBA wrestler in all of the NFL!
List of people I'd vote for over Donald Trump:. -John Stamos. -Betty White. -Jeff from the Wiggles. -A raw baby carrot. -my le…
Proud that Paul Sorvino, co-Star of 2015 BAFF alumni film "Sicilian Vampire" cast as John Stamos' father in Fox's TV Series "Grandfathered"
FOX's GRANDFATHERED casts Paul Sorvino as father of John Stamos' character:
Everyone always talks about how good looking Johnny Depp and Robert Downy Jr. are and I'm over like "anyone seen John Stamos recently?"
Paul Sorvino to play John Stamos' dad on "Grandfathered".
Paul cast to play father of John Stamos in
John Stamos says the producers wanted the Olsen twins' sister for "Fuller House"
On the Set of Grandfathered with John Stamos, Paget Brewster & More!
John Stamos and Paget Brewster love the rom com they have going on. But it's family oriented and a fun set to be...
Ending my night with John Stamos on Jimmy Fallon is a beautiful thing
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It makes no sense to me that the offspring of Bob Saget and the sibling of John Stamos would be an Olsen twin. TV genetics is crazy, yo.
"Yeah, well I come from a planet of outlaws: Billy the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, John Stamos."
well look at that Andy Cohen is taking over Jane Lynch for celebrity game night New Years Eve with John Stamos and Bob Saget
Love me a young Rob Lowe & John Stamos but JOHNNY...Johnny Depp is timeless 😍
Ok..Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis & now Courteney Cox & Matthew Perry..still waiting on John Stamos & Lori Loughlin to get together πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
Well did say expect a John Stamos shoutout.
HELLO John Stamos's bottom! It is any surprise that at least one of the Olsen twins likes older men?
I just spent a full 60 seconds staring at the Paper magazine photo of John Stamos' *** in a crowded Argo Tea. Am I living my best life yet?
God knew EXACTLY what he was doing by denying Carly Rae Jepsen a grammy but also releasing a picture of John Stamos' bare ***
I hope John Stamos lights your Christmas trees on fire
I want my husband to have John Stamos' looks, Will Ferrell's humor, Jason Bateman's sarcasm & Gerard Butler's voice.
Watching Full House wishing I was born in the 60's so I could marry John Stamos aka Jesse Katsopolis
Nick: Why is John Stamos on our tree?. Me: That's Rob Pattinson. Ryan: Yeah, the guy from Twilight who isn't Taylor Swift
Thankful for John Stamos' portrayal of Uncle Jesse on Full House.
Is it just me or does John Stamos and Jennifer Anniston get better looking with age?
A week ago, everyone called me Kellin Quinn. I cut my hair, and now I'm John Stamos. I guess I'll have to get used to that!
Striving to be a hearty blended mix of Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier
Wait were Dave Coulier and John Stamos there too?
Why couldn't Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos work it out??
I like to think John Stamos and Rob Lowe are bitter enemies
"Wait a show with Rob Lowe & John Stamos come on one right after another well this is the greatest thing ever 2 hot guys in a row" -my mom πŸ˜‚
John Stamos and his greek yogurt will be the death of me
John Stamos is probably the best actor from Grease
John Stamos is playing a grandfather on TV so in short your girlfriend finds a grandfather more attractive than you.
I love me actor, John Stamos - Arent I fabulous, is going to have a major headache career wise
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