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John Stamos

John Phillip Stamos (born August 19, 1963) is an American actor, singer and musician best known for his work in television, especially in his starring role as Jesse Katsopolis on the ABC sitcom Full House.

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List of actors Reed wants to meet (in no particular order)- -Tommy Lee Jones (I am so for this. I want to make this happen as long as I go along) -John Stamos -Chris Rock -Leo from Lab Rats -Bob Saget -Will Smith be continued
I feel like & would make a really solid Amazing Race team, only to be defeated by Jen Lawrence & John Stamos.
hmm.. If I had an opinion on it I'd prefer them to be men resembling John Stamos..
Chis Colfer, Amber Riley, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and John Stamos on the set of :…
Uncle Jesse is not pleased! The cast of Complete House reunited for Dave Coulier’s wedding to Melissa Deliver earlier this week, leaving John Stamos duped by his great pals Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber! As the smoldering actor discovered,… [ 337 more words. ]
Full House Cast Reunion at Dave Coulier's Wedding to Melissa Bring: Inside Pictures of Candace Cameron Bure, John Stamos, and Mo
how did you know that I love John Stamos!
Chris Biggs lets everyone know his true feelings about John Stamos through the magic of song.
Matt LeBlanc, Blake Shelton, and John Stamos: to whoever sees this first, I'd appreciate your hand in marriage
Who should my header be;. John Stamos. Leonardo DiCaprio. Dave Franco. Zac Efron. Kurt Cobain. Miley. Vic Fuentes. Jaime Preciado. -anyone can answer
Mel Gibson never did it for me. John Stamos is hot as *** though.
Before separating has a psychologist who evaluated me,I think I'm wrong,so far the one who put me is John Stamos.I can not stand wedding.
I think once they let john stamos in, it pretty much became an open jam.
I'm a Bob Saget gal but John Stamos can work it!
Pitbull and John stamos will be performing tonight.
The best man kinda looks like John Stamos
I just saw John Stamos in a commercial and I think I wet my pants.
yeah well if I had to pick anyone to kick my *** it'd be John Stamos
Maybe just can get that upgrade from John Stamos to John C. Riley
I saw Bob Saget and John Stamos today!! And i said hi to them!!
Photo: John Stamos and Anthony Geary aka Blackie Parrish and Luke Spencer from ‘General Hospital
John stamos is 50 and he can still get it man. 😘
just in case you aren't following John Stamos on insta
MLK, JFK, 2pac, Bob Marley, and John Lennon all spoke up and tried to change the world in a positive manner. No wonder no one tries anymore.
Blair Waldorf's outfits are always on point and her hair is flawless. John Stamos would probably even tell her she was pretty.
Oh just another day at the beach, plus getting to meet John Stamos and Bob Saget!!!
Yes, I think that it's so true that people are drawn to what they grew up with because I really do still listen to the music I loved then, miss the tv shows I grew up with, love the movies and totally still want to date the 1980's versions of: Jeff Bridges, Kurt Russell, John Cusack, Robert Downey Jr, William Petersen, Matt Dillon, John Stamos, Michael Douglas, Michael J Fox, Alan Rickman, Harrison Ford, Antonio Bandaras, Rob Lowe. 😊 LOL!
I want John Stamos to sing the teddy bear song to me
Literally just saw john stamos I'm hypervenalating
Maybe you can get John Stamos in on the action!
Who wouldn't watch a movie with John Stamos in it
idc how old he gets, I still wanna make out with john stamos
Dad's got a striking resemblance to Full House-era John Stamos
How does John Stamos still look hot Full House ended like 20 yrs ago :o
And I call this piece "Bob Saget Doing Cardio with John Stamos"
John Stamos just becomes more of a stud every year lol
I look like John Stamos sitting in the Mustang. . .
No seriously, he toured with them. John Stamos sings "Forever" with The Beach Boys:
I only follow one celebrity on Instagram. It's John Stamos.
Was just told that I look like John Stamos. Yes. John Stamos.
John Stamos is still gorgeous at age 50😍😍😍 holy cow!
John Stamos is 50 and still looks like a god like ***
John Stamos can father my children and I wouldn't mind.
Never noticed that John Stamos was the guy that played Carl on 'Glee'. 😶
I want a john stamos cut-out so he can guard my sleeping body
Well apparently john stamos is coming to my house next week?
Update your maps at Navteq
REASON NO. 1: one time, John Stamos met on a plane and he told her she was pretty.
You don't leave John Stamos. He leaves you
you don't understand John Stamos love
yeah shouting John Stamos randomly, people just stare at you like you have tourettes
for about a week now ive had the line from Step Brothers in my heads: where they both look at eachother and go JOHN STAMOS
creeping on john stamos's insta is one of the better decisions I've made
Do John Stamos/bitter-ex-girlfriend Greek yogurt commercials make sense to anyone who is not an MRA?
I will always & forever have a crush on John Stamos (A.K.A Uncle Jesse)
oh my god that guy looked like John Stamos
the one with John Stamos is the love of my life. Hopefully we'll see each other again one day
"I'd pay $59.99 to watch Rob Lowe and John Stamos touch each other's faces like blind people."
Amy Peohler, Paul Rudd, Adam Scott, and John Stamos in the studio for Norah Jones? I can’t. I CAN’T! KILL ME.
I've always wondered why they introduce John Stamos first instead of Bob Saget for Full House. He is the father of the three girls after all
Danny tanner shutup omg, if it wasn't for John Stamos this show would be off
Patrick Dempsey and John Stamos will always be sexy regardless of their age 💋
That time at Gibson Beverly Hills when John Stamos, Don Felder, and & The Beach Boys jammed out...
August 19th...Bill Clinton, John Stamos, Orville Wright, and Coco Chanel just to name a few.
Name any1, with possible exception of John Stamos & Scott Baio, w a better "list" than John Mayer
Is it Me or is John Stamos like 3 slim fasts from being Jamie Lee Curtis?
Focusing on my essay tonight was difficult when John Stamos' beautiful face lit up the TV screen via Full House.
"John Stamos is the kind of guy you'd bring home to meet your parents. Steven Tyler is the kind of guy you'd sneak out…
Is it weird that I think john stamos is still attractive?
no I was him yesterday... Today was John stamos
John Stamos will forever have a special place in my heart
Watching Full House just because of John Stamos
I just want to touch John Stamos' hair. 🙏
Young Ben Stiller had fantastic hair, almost on a John Stamos level
The real question is how is John Stamos still so attractive
John Stamos' mullet was absolutely phenomenal.
I wish people would confuse me for John Stamos more often. Or once even. Once would be nice.
Mike Trout and John Stamos are my man crushes.
- Bob Saget on Dining Out with Jeff Garlin and Partying with John Stamos in Vegas
The Saturday Night movie at the breezy,comfy Frusciante residence is ''Lethal Weapon''.the snack of choice is something I'm trying for the very 1st time:Oikos Chocolate Frozen's REALLY good;just as good as John Stamos says it is in all those commercials,but then again,who am I to ever doubt John Stamos??:)
Can we take a minute to appreciate the lushes flow of john stamos
John Stamos is still sexy. There's no doubt about it.
Did you know that in the first season of glee emma made a reference about John Stamos and then ends up dating him just him as Carl. Lol.
send me your john stamos pictures someway I don't care how just need 2 different ones
Just saw the last four pictures I posted today are of: Nic Cage, a Rod Stewart impersonator, Joe Biden and John Stamos. Logging off. ✌️
What I learned from Summer Spectacular: Sarah Wilcoxson needs to meet John Stamos.
“John Stamos was and will always be bae😍😍” Uncle Jesse 😩
John Stamos was and will always be bae😍😍
Can john stamos be my uncle too orrr...
I have an oikos. Where's john stamos?
determined to marry John Stamos no matter how old he is
"if you were a chick whos the one guy youd sleep with?". "John Stamos!". "WHAT?!". "DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS?!". "YEP!"
I just came to the conclusion that Wayne's mullet in Wayne's World is modeled after John Stamos aka Uncle Jesse
does everyone remember how attractive John Stamos is?
Tommy Lee. John's official. Need to marry a Greek guy.
My first crush was John Stamos. And this kid Max in my kindergarten class.
The sun is shining on my good friend John Stamos aka tonypyros today. @ Lollipop Club
.responds to article on 'Full House' and unrealistic 90s sitcoms:
There were so many cute guys. There was this one guy who looked like John Stamos I almost died
3 years ago today I was at the glee concert with and 5 years ago today I was returning from NYC having met john stamos
on my bucket list is to go surfing with John Stamos.
I'm wearing my 1d concert shirt from last year and my dad told me zayn looks like young john stamos i
Do you think if I went to a barber and said, "cut my hair like Uncle Jesse," and showed them a picture of young John Stamos they'd do it?
my mom is looking through john stamos' Instagram comments yelling at the people who still call him Uncle Jesse bc that isn't his real name
yea sure they did maybe if John Stamos played they would win
I stopped watching the World Cup after I didn't see anyone from the Greece team who looked like john stamos
Hoping Colombia beats Greece by 30 and they show a cutaway of John Stamos weeping in the arms of Yanni.
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if I looked like John Stamos I would post pictures of myself nonstop.
I bet John Stamos is mad Greece is losing
Come on Greece, step it up a little. You don't want to *** off John Stamos.
I recently found out my girlfriend's childhood crush was John stamos... And im like who didn't have a crush on Uncle Jesse...
omg, watchin Full House lol when the twins were baby babies ^_^ & John Stamos was HOT lolols Happy birthday Olsen Twins (fellow Geminis) for yesterday!
Alright so my whole life everyone pins me with dopplegangers. Sarah Grace Hays- matt Leblanc Gabrielle Marie Connelly- zac effron Drunk guy at the bar tonight - Jewish tom cruise I've also gotten- Ricky martin, joey votto, and john stamos. We need to get to the bottom of this nonsense... Who do you think i look like
Tried Oikos greek frozen yogurt for the first time tonight. I was very hesitant because I love ice cream and ice cream like products. Well. It was very yummy. Rich enough, though, that I won't want to eat the entire pint in one sitting which will help me stick to my caloric intake! Very much a win win for me. ☺️ Only downside: John Stamos did NOT magically appear to feed it to me... 😞
John stamos has such a tight little behind AAA yummy??.. Throw some ice on me cause this ginger is burning up rawrrr . .ughh tots don't feel like douching later :) whateves xoxo
if everyone would model there relationship off of Rebecca(Lorie Laugh.)&Jesse(John Stamos) on the show , relationships would be so much easier. yes, it's scripted & a show.doesn't mean there's anything wrong w/trying to model the way a relationship should be!!
Jamie Lee Curtis is just John Stamos in a skirt.. *** yogurt commercials!
Dear, can you explain to me how neither John Stamos or Tom Selleck have ever been selected Sexiest Man Alive? Thanks.
I never got into Leif. I was too busy mooning over John Stamos. And Patrick Swayze. And Michael J. Fox. And ... I'll stop.
Just found out Greek god and family sitcom icon John Stamos learned transcendental meditation from Mike Love (of the Beach Boys/uncle to Kevin Love of the NBA). That's practically only two degrees of separation! Meditation! It'll blow your mind...
Patrick Dempsey, John Stamos, George Clooney, and Robert Downey Jr. give me hope for all men😍👌
of course the last quote is a John Stamos quote😂
Oh my bad bro that your chick is checkin me out cause I'm ripped like Rambo and my face is like John Stamos
My love for John Stamos and Dave Franco is just so unreal.
We Just Found The Biggest 'Full House' Fans Ever - John Stamos should like this news.After learning the...
I am glad I thought to set up the DVR for tonight's tribute to Don Rickles, because I forgot it was on. I'm watching it now, though. I only wish they could have gotten some big names to show up; they had to settle for David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Kimmel, John Stamos, Bob Newhart, Regis Philbin, Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Johnny Depp, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Brian Williams.
I'm quitting teaching and becomming a script writer. My first film: Jurassic Park 5 meets the animation from Avatar meets a Quentin Tarantino style western. The main cast: Various Dinosaurs, Michael Jackson's hollogram, obviously John Stamos, and Shia Lebouff, so he can get viciously eaten ten minutes in. Women in the film have no dialogue, and their only purpose is to wash expensive cars seductively. The entire film will be an allegory for global warming. I'm not even attempting humor though- yall know you would go see my movie in theaters- Maybe even Redbox that ish $$$
Maybe i'll create a fan page for John Stamos, not sure, many fans have one, why not me ? I'll see if i have time for that. 😜
Jennifer Lawrence Stalked John Stamos At A Party - CONAN Highlight: She was all, “Uncle Jesse,” and he was...
You know, the hot chick from those yogurt commercials. John Stamos?. Yeah John Stamos
I feel like this would be reaction to meeting
John Stamos and Ian Somerhalder could be brothers,,tell me they don't look alike!
it tastes like what I imagine John Stamos smells like
like the fact that I'm john stamos number one fan?!!
Zac Efron looks like a young John Stamos.
When I buy Greece I will instate myself as cobra commander and swear in John Stamos as president
My mom thinks John Stamos is that parental approval to marry a Greek guy 😏✅
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John Stamos still remains sexy to this day
Be careful John Stamos. You’re about 2 yogurt commercials away from being Jamie Lee Curtis.
How did I not know that john stamos sang the Full House theme song til right now
Mary Kate Olsen's first kiss was John Stamos. And you thought your life was fabulous.
The Music video I did "let yourself be loved" is here... Starring and directed by woohoo http:…
And then it is followed up with another question, "Why is John Stamos so attractive?"
Every day I wake up asking myself the same question, "Does John Stamos ever age?"
I'm not really about this math life, I'm Finna go to Hollywood and be a young John Stamos
Trying to go to sleep,and was cruising through cable channels.Stumbled onto channel called LMN. Lifetime? John Stamos is a minister in this movie called Secrets of Eden. He is hooking up with a milf in his flock. Who saw this script and said let's make it!
This PSA, from the AHEPA Cooley's Anemia Foundation, is by actor John Stamos, promoting awareness for the genetic blood disorder Thalassemia.
The Web exploded in excitement when Dannon Oikos Yogurt announced in a teaser video that they would be reuniting the cast from the 90′s sitcom Full House to star in this year’s Superbowl ad. The final commercial just debuted over the weekend and as promised features John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave…
I don't mind watching Full House with Maddy almost every nite, just gives me a good reason to look at John Stamos. sexaayy LOL :)
Hey, where's my local NSA agent? Got some questions for you dude's about the whereabouts of one John Stamos. Also, where were you on the morning of september the 11th? You know what year I'm talking about.
Riding a rainbow into the forests of Alderaan whilst licking a lollipop made of 100% sunshine, & who do I come across but John Stamos. Huh. Looks like I've got a late night ahead of me!
John Stamos enjoys some Oikos Greek Frozen Yogurt over a break-up note. His ex arrives to gloat, only to hurl his mother's purse.
I had a dream I was getting hammered with John Stamos. 😐
The John Stamos commercial...what girl in their right mind breaks up John Stamos. It's unrealistic really.
I think if I ever get married and become a dad, I would love to be a very silly and goofy dad like John stamos or Bob Saget LOL :D
Come and knock on our door We've been waiting for you We've got things and some thing and things Threes company too -John Stamos :*
Just a word of warning to John Stamos: You are just a couple of yogurt commercials away from becoming Jaime Lee Curtis!
I believe that in the near future Gaurav ThaCoolness will look like John Stamos ;)
The new oikos yogurt commercial is so stupid. Who would break up with john stamos?
So my birthday is 2 months from today. The only thing on my wish list is John Stamos. Who can make this happen?!? 🎁
Uncle Jesse from the famous ’90s comedy show Full House, aka John Stamos, surprised his desi social media followers on Wednesday, by posting pictures of his maiden India trip online.
My granddaughter Hope and her dance team are in Los Angeles today. She saw Ellen Degeneres and John Stamos at Warner Bros studio. So I get a picture of Ellen"s Porsche . Where is my pic of Stamos, Hope. Where?
Me-I can't sleep and drive at the same time who do I look like... Dan-John Stamos? Me-John Stamos.
Not that you asked for it but: The difference between Tori Amos and John Stamos is Shin, Jr. Your move.
John Stamos slams blogger who criticized 'Full House' |
John Stamos defends 'Full House' . Good for Uncle Jessie. Classic drinbble by the huff post.
John Stamos is in the news defending the cheesy sitcoms of the 90's that we all loved, like "Full House." What cheesy sitcom was your favorite? - K-LOVE Morning Show
Hamilton Collection
If Candace Cameron Bure's free style doesn't have Bob Saget or John Stamos in it I DONT WANT TO SEE IT!
The wedding version of the song 'Forever' performed by John Stamos (playing Jesse Katsopolis) on Full House, in the episode 'The Wedding, part 2'. For more F...
John Stamos has replied to a writer who criticized "Full House" and other "dumb TV" she watched while growing up for feeding her "lies" about what life is like. In a Huffington Post essay this week, Annelia Alex complains that shows she grew up watching in the 1990s,
You have no clue how much I want to be a young Michelle Tanner. Why? Because she got to kiss John Stamos whenever she pleased.
"This nerd makes me sound like Rambo". "I don't think so". "John Stamos?"
Who remembers when Greg Evigan from BJ and the Bear, David Hasselhoff from Night Rider and John Stamos when he played Blackie on General Hospital was at the Civic Coliseum around 1982
You know your life's sad and boring. When you watch advertisements for Yoghurt just to see John Stamos.
it's true. me and u r like Channing Tatum and john stamos
Just hung out with John stamos and whoopee was pretty cool I guess ...good times...
Hmm, wonder if John Stamos will appear if I buy all three and eat them...and HE HAS NOTHING OVER Jay Todd anyways...:)
don't understand why blackie was brought up other than to give the middle finger to john stamos. I am disappointed
Do you think John Stamos is better looking than me?
My presenter Johnny doesn't look like George Michael as much he looks like John Stamos. Either way, great presentation.
I feel like John Stamos just sits around and eats yogurt all day.
Well its Oikios Greek yougurt for me least they got john stamos :)
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I know where the John Stamos reference came from. He is spokesperson for Greek yogurt. Not yoplait that is sponsoring
John Stamos,that commercial is so funny.I don't know any women that respond that way.Thank heaven.
Wow. It's not often that John Stamos is the best actor in something. Next to Gene and Vanity, he must've felt like Olivier.
Me too! John Stamos played the bongos during Kokomo.
If I was going to a party and I saw that John Stamos was there, my panties wouldn't just drop, they would disintegrate.
If Mike Tyson and John Stamos formed a band, what would their band name be? ... — Mike and John, Acoustic Punk Folk
how can you have handsome Tuesday w/o John Stamos. He can butter my bread anytime - alternative lifestyle droopy
Why does it always seem like John Stamos never ages?? He's still SSOO Attractive!! 😍
John Stamos looks soo handsome with his hair, and he looks like he uses Axe cologne
I honestly don't care how old John Stamos is now...he still looks hella good 😍😍
John Stamos in Full House or internal bleeding
The John Stamos oikos yogurt commercials are my favorite
I just ate an OIKOS and nothing happened. So how many of these things do I have to chow down before John Stamos appears??
Why would anyone think that it would be a good idea to make viewers believe that Blackie Parrish was going be on General Hospital for the Nurses Ball? There's a reason bait and switch is illegal. We were hoping for John Stamos, expecting Ronn Moss, and we got Brad the lab guy. (Yes we did get Ronn Moss just not as Blackie). No offense to Parry Shen who performed a nice little number to swoon Lucas; but being baited with Blackie Parrish and being switched to Brad the lab is deceitful. For me. Wally Kurth's Meatloaf cover was the highlight of the ball.
One time, I met John Stamos on a plane...
The day John stamos is no longer attractive is the day the world will end
My pick for Clooney heir apparent: John Stamos (he'll mop the floor with Franco and Gosling seems to want to settle down)
Hodak: I'm related to John Stamos!. Me: No you're not. Hodak: Shutup Danny, you're related to an igloo.
How RUDE! Candace Cameron Bure revealed this co-star ditched her for India:
Random thought: John Stamos and Rob Lowe. Old, handsome and somehow have not aged. They freak me out.
# blackie parish! Disappointed John Stamos didn't come back to his roots and make an appearance at the Nurses Ball
john Stamos. You can have him for a leaked lineup.
too bad they couldn't real blacky. John stamos. That black nurse did Mac wrong. If I was him I'd put her in jail. Witch
I have the biggest crush on John Stamos. 😍
I Feel Good - Scott Grimes and John Stamos from E.R.: via
Well, the Blackie site was a bust and John Stamos was a no show. So, to all you We Love Luke and Laura Spencer on General Hospital. Did you know that Blackie was Adopted by Rick Webber and hanged with Luke and Laura, that is how he because well known in Port Charles, not to mention that he and Fresco were bandmates.
Tho I KNOW in my heart John Stamos will close show, that was a horriblejoke to play on fans. No show. & really w/ PLAYER?
I want someone to show me the article or quote which said John Stamos was coming back. Oh that's right, there is none.
I wonder if the olson twins still talk to john stamos tho
John Stamos, why are you so beautiful?
for a whole 15 minutes I really thought John Stamos was following me! Lol
Not supposed to put it around your neck dude. ;)
My boyfriend said I could cheat on him with John Stamos 😍😘
John Stamos is still hot after all these years
Just when life seems unbearable, John Stamos posts an Instagram picture and suddenly everything is ok again.
My mom kept telling me to get so I told her to get a tattoo of John Stamos; she then realized bad ideas run in the family.
oh my gaaawd, john stamos is greek. Yaas
Is there a greater compliment to a man than saying you got a John Stamos look going? I don't think so
Uncle Jesse is so hot and I need John Stamos rn
I love me some john stamos. From Full House to his movies on lifetime.
I don't like old men but I definitely would make an exception for john stamos
Famous people who used to be on soaps: Susan Sarandon, Demi Moore, Ricky Martin, Meg Ryan, John Stamos, Rick Springfield, Sarah M Gellar
This guy said today I look like . John Stamos!!! Like for real? What is life? I've been doing it wrong if that's true. John Stamos?! Holy crap
An entire show where John Stamos just looks at the camera and smiles
Blackie Parrish eh? Know nothing about that character except it was played by John Stamos years before many of our staff was …
I so got my hopes up 2 c John Stamos. :-(
Our man John Stamos representing the homeland!
just spent the last 15 minutes looking at john stamos' instagram account and well nothing is different except I'M SOBBING
Does John Stamos make me want to eat Greek yogurt or what?
“I wanna thank Zac Efron's mom for giving birth to him and happy Mother's day a baby John Stamos 😍
Just finished watching the Beach Boys video 'Kokomo' and there is so much about that song and video I love. The song is smooth, melodic, and takes me to a dreamy place. The video is full of the beach, Elizabeth Shue, Cocktail movie clips, John Stamos on the metal drums, and everything good about a beach party.
I think it's time I unfollow john stamos on Instagram
Thanks for the cruel John Stamos tease GH!
My girl cracks me up! Watching tv tonight see saw a yogurt commercial w/ john stamos in it and said that looks like Uncle Jesse. I told her it was Uncle Jesse. She asked why he wasn't dead since I watched that show when I was a kid!! Gee make me feel old!!!
How could they get my hopes up about John Stamos reprising his role as Blackie Parrish? Lol. Yes, whatever happened to Lulu's Haunted Star business? Maxie sure learned that skit, so well that she was in front. ;)
Catching up on General Hospital. ...replace John Stamos Blackie with actor used to play Ridge on Bold and Beautiful! What is this world coming to? Lol...and Nurses Ball IS sponsored by Yoplait. Full House here.
Very disappointed with General Hospital today because they said on Friday that Blacky (played by John Stamos) was going to sing for the Nurses Ball! Well he did NOT! BO!
ok GH you suck! Don't tease with Blackie Parrish and then don't produce him! I want me some John Stamos.
Darn...I haven't watched General Hospital regularly, or followed the story line since Jenny was a toddler, and Rhonda was a new baby. I thought I would have to watch again when "Blackie Parish" was introduced, but unfortunately when the character comes back it won't be John Stamos.
Darn it! I was hoping John Stamos would show up at the Nurses Ball. Blackie Parish where are you?
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How you gonna promise me Blackie Parrish aka John Stamos aka Uncle Jessie aka YUM and not deliver? Better see Noah Drake aka Rick Springfield or I'm gonna get salty..
How dare General Hospital tease me like that. They said Blackie was going to perform. That would be John Stamos. But they lied.
They should make John Stamos flavored Greek yogurt
Fellow GHers, Can someone please let me know if it is John Stamos who comes out as Blackie Parrish today---dont wanna know what he does/sings or anything just that its actually him.thanks from another GH lover
If Funnybooks were like the TV show Full House, who would be John Stamos? What new event book is better – Future End or Original Sin? Is Amazing Spider-Man 2 worth heading to the theater to see? Find out answers to these questions and more in the newest awesome episode of Funnybooks!
Jimmy Kimmel Live - The first part of Jimmy's interview with John Stamos SUBSCRIBE to get the latest Connect with Jimmy ...
I always loved Uncle Jessie!!! Full House John Stamos is gorgeous 😍😍😍 he's single too lol I would have been trying to push Rebecca out the house he wasn't they're real uncle no way
Happy Mother's Day to the woman who gave birth to John Stamos. Thanks for that. ALL THAT.
Though the semester might be over, my subconscious mind sure doesn't think so. I had a dream last night (no lie) that John Stamos was on Conan talking about the importance of using the correct statistical test when interpreting numerical data. I can't even make this stuff up.
I'm and 'old' 'new' viewer and John Stamos is Blackie just as Jack Wagner is Frisco
Here I was all excited that Blackie Parish was coming back and then I heard Ronn Moss was playing him and not John Stamos . :-( Thoughts?
General Hospital better not be toying with my John Stamos emotions with the mentioning of Blackie's name next week!!
I believe with all my heart Zac Efron is the the John Stamos of 2014.
Can we take a moment or two to just appreciate John Stamos and how he's still perfection
"I would still * john stamos at 66 or whatever age he is."
Ok I just heard Blackie is not being played by john stamos could that even be for real would the GH writers have the nerve to do that???!
Well, thru the years, I've been told that I look like certain celebrities..Donny Osmond, George Clooney, Jack Lord, John Stamos even Whisperin Bill Anderson. Tonight, an elderly man shook my hand and said "They say everyone has a twin. Has anyone ever told you that your twin is JFK?" I looked at him and said "Nope, no one has EVER told me THAT. Is that BEFORE or AFTER the Assassination?" He had a puzzled look and said "Oh brother, BEFORE. BEFORE!" Classic. ~B
I hope John Stamos is coming on as Blackie Parish... Not some other actor... We want
wonder if John Stamos is going to reprise his role or some other actor will be the older Blackie.
oooh, right, I just mixed them up. Yeah I remember that Blackie Parish was John Stamos' 1st big TV role before Full House.
My first ever shameless crush was and still is John Stamos
My favourite colour is whatever John Stamos is wearing.
did they say Blackie parish? nah the shade of the replacement.OMG. John Stamos go off!!
God bless John Stamos for being stupid hot and hilarious af
never actually since John Stamos as Blackie so my memories won't be distorted at least
I just finished a Dannon Greek Yogurt ,orange cream and when I looked up John Stamos was standing in my living room Who da thunk?
isn't he about 10 years older than John Stamos?!
The amount of times I mistake myself for john stamos lol
John Stamos – 50 - . Jesse – Full House . Has a lifetime pass to Disneyland and loves his music!
Guess what ?!?! |. But honestly, who could say no to John Stamos, Orlando Jones, and TJ ...
ridge was my thought. .but Ronn Moss over Thorsten Kaye is even worse than Ronn Moss over John Stamos
*** .. It better be from the nipple of John Stamos.
they should allow it so me and my John Stamos mii can get married
If you say John Stamos three times fast in the mirror, will he appear? I hope so! ♡
I was so excited thinking is would be John Stamos and then realized he does Oikos yogurt commercials not Yoplait. So Ron Moss eh
one more slap in the face to long time fans and John Stamos
Amazon: Just because I clicked on Candace Cameron's book does not mean I want to ready anything by her nutjob brother or the Duggars. It means I have an addiction to 90's sitcoms. And John Stamos.
Wouldn't it be funny if John Stamos really pops up on Monday.
OMG, is it true? Will it be John Stamos returning to GH as Blackie Parrish? Monday can't get here fast enough
really I thought John Stamos was returning that's disappointing. To me he's the only one that could play "Blackie"
If John Stamos is on General Hospital on Monday I will be one happy girl!
This better be john Stamos as Blackie tomorrow! He is the only one we accept after all these years.
It better be John Stamos and Ronn Moss (whoever that is) or u will make alot of fans very angry!
John Stamos was so adorable as Blackie Parrish.
only will be good if it's John Stamos he is Blackie Parrish the one and only!
John Stamos is coming to General Hospital reprising his role as blacky hot dam! I'm sure just for the Nurses Ball.
Don't know about that but I heard Ron Moss is going to be Blackie instead of John Stamos.
Dave Coulier talks John Stamos and Bob Saget with Shmonty & Conklin on 93.3 KDKB in Phoenix, AZ
John stamos in Full House was the dream 😭😻
I've never met a single girl who doesn't have a raging lady *** for John Stamos. 😍😍
Did I just hear this right John Stamos is coming to GH
Is that john stamos rolling that blunt ?
ugggh! I rather John Stamos as Blackie.. not Ron! blah!
I may be broke but Greece is bankrupt, which makes me feel better. Might it have something to do with the fact that they haven't invented anything since the Pythagorean Theorem? And they haven't had a celebrity since Plato. They went from Plato and Aristotle, to John Stamos and Yanni. Come on, Greeks, "carpe diem", which is LATIN for "seize the day".but it didn't have to be.
sorry if it aint john stamos I'm not waching
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