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John Stamos

John Phillip Stamos (born August 19, 1963) is an American actor, singer and musician best known for his work in television, especially in his starring role as Jesse Katsopolis on the ABC sitcom Full House.

Full House Beach Boys Uncle Jesse Rob Lowe Bob Saget Sheryl Underwood Ocean Grove Dave Coulier Robert Downey Jr David Beckham

I've seen all seasons of Full House millions of times and I even own them. John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) makes me happy :)
whos the better husband: Adam C., John Stamos, Nelson Franklin, or Matthew Morrison? dont let my icon influence your choice
I think both Robert Downey Jr. And John Stamos can get it lol.
in my kid head, Jesse's Girl was Rebecca Romijn because she was married to John Stamos, Uncle Jesse from Full H…
I hope Chris Evans ends up on like a John Stamos hot guy level
The guy from the NFL Now commercial looks like John Stamos and George Lopez made a baby and that baby just turned 40.
There's John Stamos introducing Howard cause Luke Perry was too big a star. Lmao
Mike Love & Bruce Johnston of Beach Boys on Full House w the Steamy One, John Stamos.
John Stamos frequently toured and recorded with his childhood idols, The Beach Boys, as their drummer in the 80's. http:…
John Stamos' mother dies leaving behind many heartbroken and devastated family members who have united to mourn the loss of their beloved mother.
She was the "love of (his) life," and now that Loretta Stamos has passed away, John Stamos wants the world to know just how amazing his...
Our thoughts are with and his family as they mourn the loss of his mother
John Stamos posts heartfelt tribute to deceased mother
John Stamos announces the death of his mother, Loretta, on Instagram. | Findit RightNow
please send sincere condolences to John Stamos
They just called someone over the microphone named Regina George. I think she's on my flight. John Stamos is going to tell her she's pretty
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John Stamos is reportedly mourning the loss of his mother. The 51-year-old actor took to Instagram to share the sad news that his mother, Loretta Stamos passed away on Monday…
John Stamos is mourning the loss of his beloved mother. The Full House alum announced on Instagra...
John Stamos' mother Loretta dies at 75: 'The love of my life passed away' - New York Daily News
coming up next hour on Leo joins instagram and John Stamos pays tribute to his mother
Gwen had me buy her Oikos Greek Yogurt because she's hoping John Stamos will appear when she opens it. Love that kid.
John Stamos mourns death of his mother Loretta Stamos with loving tribute
Our hearts go out to John Stamos, who is mourning the loss of his mother:
John Stamos makes touching tribute after his mother Loretta dies. On Tuesday the 51-year-old actor was pure emotion as he announced through social media the passing of his mother Loretta Phillips at the age of 75.
Lorretta Stamos was the beloved and amazing mother of actor John Stamos
A beautiful tribute from John Stamos to his mom, "The love of my life passed away yesterday."
Came to work and my wonderful colleagues blasted my work space with tons of John Stamos pics and sayings, they are too funny! Thanks Kali Love, Lin Sao, Justyn Vanderplas and Jennifer Baran for the great surprise, me and John couldn't be happier today!
RumorFix is sad to report John Stamos’ mother, Loretta Phillips Stamos, has died at the age of 75.
"Full House" star John Stamos has lost "the love of my life." His mother Loretta Stamos has died on Monday and the actor took to Instagram the next day to honor and praise the woman who raised him. She was 75.
I don't care how old is John Stamos is, he is bae!
“Do you think John Stamos is better looking than me?”
All purpose parts banner
Literally me and Natalia had a whole conversation about how perfect john Stamos is...
On Full House, Jesse (John Stamos) almost missed his wedding to Becky (Lori Loughlin) because he dec
when people criticize me for liking you I just pull a "have mercy" cause I mean you're John Stamos ... Who doesn't like you ?
Amuuricaaa i need my fave celebrity couple what john stamos is in that kind of here i could have iodine rip joan rivers.
I don't got moves like u guys I got study up n practice on my john stamos lifesize cutout
Apparently John Stamos was at Sonoma today and I had no idea.
I used to think my mom was going to divorce my dad for John Stamos so I stopped watching Full House :\\
i need an excuse to be in a picture with Christopher Meloni, John Stamos and Rob Lowe.
I'll get John Stamos and the Olsen twins on the phone asap
When I was little I had the biggest crush on John Travolta and John Stamos.
Sooo apparently John Stamos was at school??
Following John Stamos on instagram was one of the best decisions of my life.
to sitting 4th row at a Beach Boys and John Stamos concert! Have Mercy! 😊💕🎤
Why was john stamos on campus and I didn't even know it😩
John Stamos singing Afternoon Delight is nothing short of hysterical.
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I love John Stamos more than John Stamos loves John Stamos
My fave celebrity couple what john stamos is asleep watching golden girls while the scenes
I liked John Stamos when he was on General Hospital. Really miss the 80's
John Stamos Fish Bowl. It's a drink my boss made up because he sold it to John Stamos.
If that's the case I want all of my belongings to be given to John Stamos
Last year at Riot Fest, they had a butter sculpture of John Stamos. I think it’s Nic Cage’s stunt double in this film.
Im getting confirmation that John Stamos was at the SSU caf. I could cry. Why didnt i see him 😭😭😭😭
I'm ready to go on a hunt and find John Stamos. He is definitely my number 1 priority right now lol. By far one of my favorite 90's TV actor
Omg omg guys guess what?! John Stamos I repeat John Stamos is at Sonoma State right now! Uncle Jesse from Full House people 😳😳😵
My first real crush was john stamos 🙊
I feel like john stamos smells like old man cologne and simultaneously like my bed
People are saying that john stamos is on campus and I'm about to run around till I find him
John Stamos is on my campus right now...
Someone call an ambulance, Alec needs help, he doesn't think John Stamos is hot.
Watching the Beach Boys kokomo video and John stamos is slaying ***
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The castin of Eric on OUAT WHAT WHAT NO Eric is my favorite prince HE NEEDS TO LOOK LIKE YOUNG JOHN STAMOS
John Stamos was, is, and always will be the babeliest of all babes. 😍
I could have what john stamos is a film fest!
Most people are aware "You Oughta Know" is about Dave Coulier, but few realize "Jessie's Girl" is about John Stamos and Lori Loughlin
Ricky Gervais, Hugh Bonneville, John Stamos. Can we also get Callum Blue to appear on "Galavant"?
Stamosers -- and you know who you are -- we have more John Stamos news! He's still in Purchase shooting his TV...
Dear, Mr. John Stamos . Hump me. Love me. Never let me go. . Love, Me- Joseph. (P.S. Hump me hard.)
is working on a tv pilot in Some photos of hard "at work"
Prepping for an exclusive dinner party but the only thing on the menu is yogurt and the only guests are John Stamos and Jamie Lee Curtis.
Current dilemma between and Who is more attractive Robert Downey Jr. or John Stamos?
John Stamos would be A-Okay 👌😍 or Judd Nelson when he was in Breakfast Club yes yes yes
everywhere. John Stamos is the air we breathe
Can we all take a moment to process the fact that John Stamos is 51 years old... And still... *** 😍
Dear Oikos yogurt commercial, John Stamos is pretty enough without all that make-up.
Thanks to everyone coming out to lofi last night. It was a blast and we sold out of our john stamos bobbleheads
Mr. Schult: Hey kid, do this problem. Kid: uhhh. Mr. Schult: Are you still thinking about John Stamos. Kid: ... Mr. Schult: It…
I wonder if John Stamos will be with them? Wouldn't that be dreamy?
"For so many years, fans and friends have been wanting me ..".
"The one and only John Stamos's brother..." ~ South Park lolz
"You have the sex appeal of john stamos dipped in poppers" . - some words of reassurance said to my friend
I wonder if Mary-Kate and Ashley casually hang out with John Stamos and still refer to him as Uncle Jesse
Awesome to catch up with John Stamos lookalike Nick Klimiuk.
Why does john stamos still look good after all these years?
John Stamos to star on ABC drama 'Members Only'
Still Friends after all these years: the one about the 20th anniversary:
John Stamos gets an invite to ABC's 'Members Only' -
All the world's John Stamos, and we are merely players.
you might sack me after this lol. Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball (Ska Version) FEAT. John Stamos
John Stamos and/or Emilio Esteves must be excited for the next version of NCIS and/or CSI to come knocking on their door
John stamos is in the church of Philadelphia
John Stamos to star in ABC midseason drama 'Members Only' - John Stamos is one very busy guy. The...
Photoset: I come from a planet of outlaws. Billy the Kid, Bonnie and Clyde, John Stamos…
idk I think it was John Stamos or something
Watched the movie "They Came Together" and it was awesome. Judge Judy, Paul Rudd and John Stamos. Probably a new favorite.
John Stamos will forever be extremely sexy😍
John Stamos was the perfect choice for the oikos commercial... and now I want some of that yogurt.
you have no room to call me that Mr. John Stamos.
John Stamos is the most attractive human being ever
1990s John Stamos's mullet gives me lyfe.
John Stamos is still attractive god is good
I can finally marry John Stamos now.
Every time I watch Full House, I fall in love with John Stamos over and over again.
John Stamos doesn't age. He'll always be a babe ❤️
.well , apparently Cosmo thinks you are the daughter of John Stamos and Rachel Weisz 😂
Have mercy! A "Full House" reboot could be in the works, and most of the cast is on board, reports TV Guide. Uncle Jesse, aka John Stamos, executive producer Bob Boyett and creator Jeff Franklin are all involved in bringing a new ver...
What keeps 51-year-old John Stamos looking so delicious and youthful? Does he secretly drink the blood of the...
Greg McElroy and John Stamos have been by my high school since I've graduated. I continue to hate my high school.
The Biggs and Barr Show: Do you guys notice anything odd about this shirtless selfie of John Stamos? Biggs did.
Wanna see a shirtless John Stamos selfie? Duh — of course you do!
John Stamos, 51 years old and still looks like this! Hot or not??
Some things in life may come and go, but my love for John Stamos is forever.
To paraphrase LMFAO, John Stamos is sexy and he knows it. The former Full House star just turned 51 last week but still looks like a Greek god. [...]
Allright john stamos I guess that makes us bros
John Stamos is such a beautiful man 😭
Holy abs, John Stamos! . The 51-year-old actor took to Instagram on Sunday to show off his superfit bod, flaunting...
ICYMI took a shirtless selfie and so it's been pretty hard for us to get work done today That is all.
John Stamos is 51 and ripped: HE’S a 1990s heart-throb but judging by his latest shirtless selfie, John Stamos...
John Stamos (American musician), 509 visitors have a crush on him, ranked on
I had a dream I met John Stamos and James Avery and it was pretty cool 😎
I added a video to a playlist John Stamos' Guide To Cuddling
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A couple of days ago I had a dream that John Stamos was my uncle..
How about the Hoff in the Indispensables with Scott Baio, John Stamos, Tony Danza... actually I don't think I get this concept.
For me, every day is John Stamos' birthday.
Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people, Suki Italia and John Stamos. Don't party too hard with the Beach Boys, you two!
How do I pick just one during a week when Ed Norton, Robert Redford, John Stamos, Matt Perry, Andrew Garfield & Kobe Bryant have bdays?
Alan Cumming is iconic! But to see Michael C. Hall, Raul Esparza, Neil Patrick Harris, Adam Pascal, Norbert Leo Butz, and John Stamos!!
Ryan Reynolds is so handsome, along with Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, John Stamos, Rob Lowe, and Enrique Iglesias
I don't think anyone has aged better than Rob Lowe and John Stamos. They won at life
Young John Stamos in Full House makes me feel god
I just discovered JOHN STAMOS by PC on - check out the track here: via vote yall
my dad got to play with them in the 80's when they came to Phoenix. John Stamos rockin the drums
if John Stamos is with them, can you steal him for me?
John Stamos is by far the most beautiful man that I've ever laid my eyes on 🙋
John Stamos will forever be hot idc
John Stamos is still the finest one😍😉💕
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“How the time has passed Stamos will forever be 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ok John Stamos is gonna be on Gallavant because of course he is it's totally a thing he would do.
Love me this handsome guy shaunlatham sexy john stamos hair!!!
I'd like to send a valentine to John Stamos stating "You can be MY Uncle Jesse any day😏💘" ...but less incest sounding. I want it to be sexy
Lowkey if any man could plant their *** in my butthole it would be Eric Dunn or John Stamos no *** tho
Watching Full House these days make me realise how jealous of Michelle I am. All those John Stamos kisses 😗
John Stamos and Rob Lowe are still so beautiful what is the secret
I'm kinda like a mix between John Stamos and Napoleon Dynamite.
I've come to the agreement that john stamos will forever be attractive
what makes me laugh the most is giants fans think he's John Stamos!
. Just saw My man is a loser! John Stamos great acting in the movie! . PS: he said my name in the movie! 😍
David Beckham and John Stamos may be in their 40's but oh my 😍😭😍
John Stamos is looking old after all, but still has it going on! Lol
John stamos is like 80 + he's still the most attractive man on this planet
What a hypocrite. He took over as Blackie on GH for an episode & ruined NB for me! John Stamos IS Blackie.
I don't think John Stamos will ever be ugly. He will forever be dreamy.
dont be with someone cuz theyre hot. you won't have ur good looks forever. (Unless ur John Stamos) but be with someone cuz th…
I guess it would be the pres. From scandal/ John stamos I'm tryna think of older hot dudes..
"How the time has passed stamos hasnt ages a day
I would eat off of John Stamos's left armpit...
Conan: Let's give it up for John Stamos folks, he's so handsome. [Stamos is smiling and waving]. [Andy is smiling big, plus crying & clapping]
I bet John Stamos has been telling women how good his "Greek yogurt" tastes since at least his early teens.
I buy Dannon oikos in hopes that john stamos will show up in my kitchen and help himself.
*** all those lil girls on Full House were lucky af cuz they had young john Stamos kissing up on them
I'll bet the girl that played Rebecca on Full House brings up the fact that she made out with John Stamos at every Tupperw…
John Stamos advertises for Oikos because he's Greek. You're welcome America
"I'm not here to roast , I'm here to f*** John Stamos"
John Stamos will be 90 and he'll still be hot
"Seriously what's better than a night of movies, bong rips & pizza️" cocaine partying with John stamos,as robin Williams smiles
Look who got to hang out with John Stamos! He was al mine!
I had a dream the other night where me and Vincent Gallo went to Get Air and I met John Stamos and he licked my toes
Mary Kate & Ashley get to tell the world John Stamos was their first kiss like *** do I get to say my first kiss was someone I wanna punch??
I think Mitchell low key looks like Scott (the guy in this pic) or John Stamos lol
Aug. 9, visitors will be guided through the King of Rock 'n' Roll's home via an iPad tour voiced by actor John Stamos http:…
John Stamos, Patrick Dempsey & George Clooney are my celebrity crushes.
John Stamos is absolutely an American treasure
somewhat related, have you ever watched "Losing It" w/ John Stamos. Chris Parnell's is so awkward & amazing & I love it.
I had a dream last night that I met John Stamos so it was probably the best dream I've ever had ❤️
*What are the odds that Yondu sell SpaceMeth?. *Was John Stamos popular before 1988?. *Was turducken invented before 1988?. *I miss Loki.
Thanks to Gina Moffa and Adam Rubin I have been nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I gladly accept and nominate Michael Dac M.r. Charchalis CR Viv and John guys have 24 hrs!
Photos will be signed by an individual who is not John Stamos, has no relation to Mr. Stamos and does not bear...
Some of you may not agree with this but too bad!! This is my rant! Lol. Dear Greek Yogurt, You are not dessert. Quit pretending that you are. You taste like regular yogurt with the added mustiness of mold. You are the blue cheese of yogurts. Also, "light and creamy" is not a flavor it is a texture. Please refer back to my previous sentence for a description of your flavor. Let me tell you a little story about the history of yogurt. Back when I was a child, when you saw someone eating yogurt, you immediately assumed they were on a diet. Often times they ate it furtively as if ashamed that they had to resort to eating curdled milk to get thin. Oh they added fruit, granola, and anything else they could think of just to choke the stuff down. Fast forward to today, the yogurt industry has improved its image and maybe the taste has improved a little as well. Then you come along like God's gift to dieters. You even hire Uncle Jessie to help promote your image. Oh it's so good. It's better than yogurt,it's GREEK ...
I had a dream that louis was john stamos & harry was harry & louis/john was a spy & he did stuff that I can really fit into 140 characters
Hate going out in public because people keep thinking I'm John Stamos...have mercaaay!!!
That awkward moment when you're talking to and you both {at the same time} say John Stamos looks like our uncles.
Liam Hemsworth, Theo James, Leo Decaprio, Taye Diggs, Gerard Butler, and John Stamos are ALL SINGLE? . how is that pos…
free Lemonade! photos of John Stamos signed by someone not John Stamos! No Gang Colours!
Day 1 of the make myself eat yogurt challenge: SUCCESS 👍 John Stamos didn't show up though..that was a let down.
I just discovered PC on - check out the track here: via JOHN STAMOS
My mom has officially started buying oikos over chobani. I'm not sure if it's because of the flavor or because of John Stamos.
as well as a keen eye for talent in John Stamos, considering Full House had only been on the air a year.
John Stamos is still hot I don't care
I don't really care about that but Full House IS LIFE. Just had a dream that John Stamos and I were close friends two night ago
john Stamos put a picture on insta and it said "oh, hello first erection..." 😄
Jennifer Lawrence ogles an 'oblivious' John Stamos - Jennifer Lawrence has revealed one of her...
depends on distance WRT where John Stamos is.
John stamos has a dope hairline brah
the amount of times I've tried to right "john stamos" bur wrote "john stamps":(
Ik John Stamos is immortal or w/e, but imagine if u will literally any other 50 y/o man posting this on Instagram.
25 things you don't know about His first concert, his Disneyland obsession, his band geek days and more! http:…
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john Stamos.. Please... thats not appropriate.
For now on when go out and order food and they ask for a name . I'm going to use celebrity names. Example . *Hulk Hogan. *John Stamos. *Seal
John Stamos' Guide To Cuddling . Weirdest but greatest video ever😂
My future husband better be this good with kids.and musically inclined.and John Stamos
John Stamos still has it goin' on idk
found that song talking about john stamos had no idea you released it already. Wow crazy I'm late on this son
Gonna have a mural at my house of Eazy-E, john stamos, 2 storm troopers and juicy j in a gunfight
Yo now that I really think about it john stamos and my dad look ohd alike?? LMFAO
"I think about John Stamos repeatedly slamming my head against a wall a little too often to proudly admit," she proudly admits
My mom said "ain't u tired of watching them girls everyday?" (Talkin bout Full House) I watch to see John Stamos 😻
“JOHN STAMOS 💘” if you were a chick, who's the one guy you'd sleep with?!
I wish John Stamos was my tv uncle while I was growing up
John Stamos. You had it then, you've got it now. The feathered hair!
I want John Schneider , John Stamos , Andrew Lincoln to be on
He's from a world of outlaws. Jesse James. Bonnie and Clyde. John Stamos. Selling us yogurt. Stealing our hearts.
I have the same birthday as Bill Clinton, John Stamos and Hoodie Allen 😎
I'm just a confused lil boy, I need a cougar/ sugar momma. Holla at your mother for ya boy, I got them John Stamos genes
So what if California has the US Surf Open and John Stamos playing Ventura Fair...Pennsylvania has the Bethlehem steel stacks!
Every 90's-baby bone in my body just screamed of happiness knowing that John Stamos and the Beach Boys are playing the Ohio State Fair tonight. All of my Full House dreams are coming true.
When "Full House" started... John Stamos was 24. Dave Coulier was 29. Bob Saget was 31. That's weird right?
*** people said some cruel things about Sheryl Underwood kissing John Stamos. She’s maddd annoying but those comments were too far smh
TODAY: We're starting the week off right with actor & comedian Marlon Wayans, plus chef Fabio Viviani is here & radio personality Ellen K swings by! Weigh in on today's topics: 1. Sheryl's kiss with John Stamos goes viral but some people aren't so nice about it! What do you think? 2. Mom spray tans her two daughters, Princess Bliss, 4, and Precious Bell, 2, what do you think? 3. Aretha Franklin shown D-I-S-R-E-P-E-C-T by a waitress over a take out meal! What do you think? 4. Freddie Prinze Jr. says Kiefer Sutherland was unprofessional & almost made him quit the biz! Has anyone almost made U quit? C BLOCK 5. Susan Sarandon talks openly about drug use! Are drugs becoming more accepted? 6. Paris Jackson reconnecting with family per doctor's orders! Do you think this is a good idea?
'They don't talk about it much': John Stamos on the Beach Boys' Charles Manson ... - Something Else! Reviews: ...
I cannot believe John Stamos still couldn't tell them apart after all these years!
just met your buddy John Stamos. Lucky to have worked with him. What a nice guy.
John Stamos dishes on playing a playboy who gives relationship advice to his married friends in his latest film, “My Man Is a Loser.”
John Stamos (Uncle Jesse from Full House) is still a beautiful, beautiful man.
John Stamos is one of the few men that has consistently been hot for forever
Beach Boys with John Stamos in Ocean Grove? Beach Boys with John Stamos in Ocean Grove.
John Stamos is 50 but he looks so handsome
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walked into a random party by myself. they asked me who I knew there, I said "I know John Stamos" so now getting free drinks all night
not an argument...the one with John Stamos always wins.
I will always be in love with John Stamos and all who resemble him
John Stamos looks like he only aged to be 30😫❤️
Harry surprised me with tickets for the Beach Boys @ Ocean Grove tonite,it ,.was great...Yes John Stamos played guitar, sang and played drums...Beautiful night...inspite of getting a 78.00 parking tck.road around for an hour , not one took a chance and parked in 1/2 reg. space and 1/2 fire lane.
If John Stamos came up to me with some Oikos I'd take him, forget the yogurt.
John Stamos will always be attractive to me I don't care if he's 50
Tonight's random end to the night: John Stamos.
who am i kidding? I forgive you, life-size cardboard cut out of john stamos that I sleep next to every night
The first ever crush I had was on John Stamos & his hair. The one after that was Oscar The Grouch but I don't like thinking about that a lot
My grandma, my mom and my aunt are screaming about John Stamos right now...
John Stamos is beautiful even at 50
The most glorious thing about John Stamos is that he doesn't age like he is still just as hot as he was on Full House ***
Just saw a Beach Boys concert with John Stamos... God I love him...
John stamos is the perfect snack. Thank you yogurt commercial.
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John Stamos (in black) - oh and the Beach Boy(s) - at the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove -- bizarro…
Check out this on -- Win an amazeballs prize pack for your movie night in!
I'm in bed & my parents/brother are with John Stamos ... WHYYY!
I don't even care that John Stamos is 50 😳
I should be asleep but I'm looking at pictures of John Stamos' belly button instead. Idk how I even found this.
My mom just saw The Beach Boys...and John Stamos was the guest drummer.
So John Stamos is Fire and why did you make it about him lol
I hate you, Buzzfeed, but YES, of course I want to read John Stamos' critique of 20 vintage photos of himself
John Stamos is in town and it would be kinda cool except ive been trying to park for an HOUR
It is a life goal of mine to meet John Stamos. 😌
Waitress- What's your name again?. Me- John Stamos. Waitress- Oh, i could've sworn you were that ex-text guy. Me- You didnt…
John Stamos critiques 20 vintage photos of himself
oh my Goodness, CBS . Fridays episode of the talk was good! John Stamos and Sheryl Underwood were hot! Lol . Thanks. CBS!
starring John Stamos and Tika Sumpter in theaters today! Will you be watching?
On the Talk Show Sheryl Underwood got a kiss from John Stamos.
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Sheryl Underwood got to kiss John Stamos on The Talk so do I have to go on the show so I can kiss The AllState...
I see your Lil Bow Wow/John Stamos and raise you Snoop Dogg and John Krasinski
I wish John Stamos was my Uncle Jesse
Kinda jealous that my aunt and uncle took this on the way to meet John Stamos at his movie premiere 😩😍
Also, can we discuss how Uncle Jesse would be considered a total loser if he wasn't played by John Stamos?
But like, why isn't John Stamos my uncle?
John Stamos is the best looking man alive💕
John Stamos is one of those of those guys that no matter how old he gets, hes still hot. So is Michael Jackson.
Ive been told I look like Keanu Reaves, Johnny Depp and my 8 yr old cousin told me I look like John Stamos.
List of actors Reed wants to meet (in no particular order)- -Tommy Lee Jones (I am so for this. I want to make this happen as long as I go along) -John Stamos -Chris Rock -Leo from Lab Rats -Bob Saget -Will Smith be continued
Me: "I'm going to grow my hair like John Stamos on Full House". Courtney: "Then I'll be the Delilah to your Sampson honey"
I feel like & would make a really solid Amazing Race team, only to be defeated by Jen Lawrence & John Stamos.
hmm.. If I had an opinion on it I'd prefer them to be men resembling John Stamos..
Chis Colfer, Amber Riley, Dianna Agron, Naya Rivera, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and John Stamos on the set of :…
Uncle Jesse is not pleased! The cast of Complete House reunited for Dave Coulier’s wedding to Melissa Deliver earlier this week, leaving John Stamos duped by his great pals Candace Cameron Bure and Andrea Barber! As the smoldering actor discovered,… [ 337 more words. ]
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Full House Cast Reunion at Dave Coulier's Wedding to Melissa Bring: Inside Pictures of Candace Cameron Bure, John Stamos, and Mo
how did you know that I love John Stamos!
Chris Biggs lets everyone know his true feelings about John Stamos through the magic of song.
Matt LeBlanc, Blake Shelton, and John Stamos: to whoever sees this first, I'd appreciate your hand in marriage
Who should my header be;. John Stamos. Leonardo DiCaprio. Dave Franco. Zac Efron. Kurt Cobain. Miley. Vic Fuentes. Jaime Preciado. -anyone can answer
Mel Gibson never did it for me. John Stamos is hot as *** though.
Before separating has a psychologist who evaluated me,I think I'm wrong,so far the one who put me is John Stamos.I can not stand wedding.
I think once they let john stamos in, it pretty much became an open jam.
I'm a Bob Saget gal but John Stamos can work it!
Pitbull and John stamos will be performing tonight.
The best man kinda looks like John Stamos
I just saw John Stamos in a commercial and I think I wet my pants.
yeah well if I had to pick anyone to kick my *** it'd be John Stamos
Maybe just can get that upgrade from John Stamos to John C. Riley
I saw Bob Saget and John Stamos today!! And i said hi to them!!
Photo: John Stamos and Anthony Geary aka Blackie Parrish and Luke Spencer from ‘General Hospital’
John stamos is 50 and he can still get it man. 😘
just in case you aren't following John Stamos on insta
MLK, JFK, 2pac, Bob Marley, and John Lennon all spoke up and tried to change the world in a positive manner. No wonder no one tries anymore.
Blair Waldorf's outfits are always on point and her hair is flawless. John Stamos would probably even tell her she was pretty.
Oh just another day at the beach, plus getting to meet John Stamos and Bob Saget!!!
Yes, I think that it's so true that people are drawn to what they grew up with because I really do still listen to the music I loved then, miss the tv shows I grew up with, love the movies and totally still want to date the 1980's versions of: Jeff Bridges, Kurt Russell, John Cusack, Robert Downey Jr, William Petersen, Matt Dillon, John Stamos, Michael Douglas, Michael J Fox, Alan Rickman, Harrison Ford, Antonio Bandaras, Rob Lowe. 😊 LOL!
I want John Stamos to sing the teddy bear song to me
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