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John Smith

The John Smith's Stadium, originally the Alfred McAlpine Stadium and more lately the Galpharm Stadium, is a multi-use sports in Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England.

John Rolfe Captain John Smith Robert Smith James Smith Robin Cook Newcastle Brown Ale Mel Gibson Owen Smith Prime Minister Jill Dando Christian Bale Flynn Rider

Hello. She'll be sipping John Smith's Bitter Ale in a pub in Devon village after this.
Roanoke didn't work out, but in a few years John Smith will go there, establish the first successful colony, and inspire Disney!
We were just so expecting the terrorists names to be John Smith and David Thompson .
Join filmmaker John Smith and Curator of Artist’s Moving Image William Fowler for a night of screenings + Q&A…
Oh and a Lib Dem thinks drinking water turns men *** It's usually drinking a pint of John Smith's that makes guys more attractive for me.
John Singer Sargent's Mr and Mrs. St. John Smith in Museum of Art in Portland, Maine
Jake gets mad when I use ppl's first and last names. Me:"what did John Smith say?" Him: "WHAT DID JOHN DOUGH ALEXANDER JULIO ROBERT HAMIL...
Not to sound like David Icke, but I think there's more of a case for Dr Kelly than John Smith, on that count.
Wonder what John Smith would have thought of his daughters performance at an obviously contrived GE (meant to be)...
John Smith started it. Eli Perrault ended it. *She bangs her forehead onto the desk.* And someone in the mid…
John Smith and Colonel Brandon appeared, if it as on any such happiness to her;--and even affect to Mrs. Palmer; "for I know
Thunderstorms today! With a high of F and a low of 66F. May 21, 2017 at 12:03AM John Jingle-hymer Smith
Better start Conley over smith not ammerson
Don't act like the Right doesn't have its violent element, far…
Touring life with John is basically him resting his voice and never speaking and me saying "are you mad at me" every 45…
You're implying an armed insurrection and/or social "cleansing…
The Right can barely distinguish First Amendment protest from…
I don't have the right to read ; haven't heard since day one. But, I can mutter to oneself here. So, Be greedy to the fun. Bye John Smith.
Watching Pocahontas and can't help but think that Mel Gibson as John smith was perfect casting. He's still a racist.
1987 John Fleming, David Lindstrom and Brian Smith. Thanks to John F for the pic.
Jason Smith reflects on the season, talks about what it was like playing with John Wall, and discusses his plans for the o…
WELCOME. To our newest follower, John Smith. Thanks for joining WBBDaily!
The bliarites were bad news r bad news. Labour died with john smith. Policies bad not feasible.
If you can't achieve what you want Constitutionally you will u…
This is why held the arms deal. Trump no care, he needs a win. Thanks
It's so telling that "John Smith" here thinks I'm a victim. I'm not. My mental illness, like, say, his hate and ign…
Yes they should. As long as you don't throw off real voters. (S…
The best advice I got this school year: "Remember Emma, what you put on the Internet is there forever". -Mr. Smith, AKA Joh…
you can't even see John Cena you uncultured swine
"We do all the work during the year for this, this is when it counts" -Coach John Smith
Best NBA Players of all-time, ranked:. 1. J.R. Smith when the score is a 40-point differential
Latinas defending their white boyfriends that use Spanish as part of our fetishization: congratulations on finding your Jo…
Imagine what the world would be like if we had just killed John Smith and friends, oh my god
Scott McLeod and John Plumtree are favourites to succeed departing All Blacks guru Wayne Smith
I hate when it is Light Rain with Thunder. It plays havoc with my circuits May 20, 2017 at 07:33PM John Jingle-hymer Smith
Video 3/3 80yr old 'Legend' Chris Smith from West Bromwich "Jeremy Corbyn's Manifesto is an eye opener"
Red Sox will be fine if:. 1. Fire John Farrell. 2. Price is fine. 3. Hope smith and or Thornburg can return. 4. Bring up Sam Travis
Showing some of the works by Beatrice Gibson, Laida Lertxundi, Lis Rhodes, Ben Rivers, John Smith, Alia Syed and Co…
1994. Tony Blair and Gordon Brown respond to the death of John Smith. The says it must be Blair. http…
"The opportunity to serve our country - that is all we ask.". John Smith was the greatest Prime Minister we never had, and…
John Smith has always been one of my political heroes. He died 23 years ago today. Donald Dewar's tribute at his funer…
1994. John Smith suffers heart attack and dies, aged 55. Having been ahead by 23% in the polls, he was expected to…
I often think of what the world would be like if we hadn't lost John Smith, Robin Cook and Charlie Kennedy.
Does not Warren Jeffs follow the same people you do that guy John Smith was that its name?
PSA: If you know anyone who wants to vote in # GA06 who is named John Smith, James Smith, Robert Smith, Mary Rodriguez,…
flags possible duplicate registrations by first, last and DOB. Almost all named John Smith, James Smith & Robert Smith /2
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
If your name is John Smith, James Smith or Robert Smith, there is a 79% chance someone else shares your name+DOB /1
are gonna look at kicker Josh Gable, who played Soccer overseas for a bit. I've got 2 words for them: John Smith
If Jeremy corbyn got in power and threatened the 'elite power structure' he'll end up like Jill Dando, Dr Kelly, Robin Cook, John Smith etc!
I think the best thing about tournament today was that no one asked if I was John Green. That gets tired fast.
Pocahontas is not her real name. Her tribe lied. They didn't trust John Smith and the rest of the Br…
The S3 graphic novel gives us the backstory of John Smith, the mastermind of the attack.
I think being compared to America's first female hero should be made into a badge of honor. Pocahontas saved John Smi…
mate ur about as white as our neighbours at the Indian takeaway next door stop pretending ur white john smith ready to steal some land ok
i learned early on "chris o'leary," while exotic in rural Virginia, was basically "john smith" in ireland, boston etc
2032 John Wayne Dr. For Sale and is Beautiful. Presented by Sue Smith at Re/Max by the Lake
When I look at my fingers I see John Smith.
Condolences to the Smith Family. Friend and fellow Publisher of the Black Press. The Atlanta Inquirer. John Smith. RIP.
I. ENTERPRISE from the Oracle of the Radiant Sun - by Caroline Smith & John Astrop
Jets WR Devin Smith tore his ACL and is out for the season.
Wow what a fight loved it I thought we were losing you in the early rounds 👊😳 Amazing !!
Jets WR Devin Smith suffered a torn ACL and will miss the entire 2017 season.
Wow. Jets GM Mike Maccagnan says WR Devin Smith tore his ACL again. Same ACL. He's already had surgery and will miss the…
11 year old Canadian at the John Smith Memorial Invitational
I feel bad for John Toth and Boom Williams right now ☹️
John Sullivan worked in a variety of low-paid jobs for 15 years before getting his first break writing Citizen Smith
Klitschko should've had him in the 6th and 7th but he le…
Hey teams, y'all are making a big mistake not drafting John Toth or Boom Williams. Just saying.
Upon adult revisitation Pocahontas 2 is troubling, but drink each time it seems John Smith was animated in at the last minute & you’ll be OK
Lab would have won 97 under centre left John Smith + won plenty of elections before Tory…
john is in the 'Ask an Expert' Area at later this week. ask him geeky archite…
John Dorsey is such a boss he's gonna fleece some team into trading us picks for Alex Smith after this season
T&F: Congrats to the men's 4-x-400 meter relay team of Brendan Smyth, Isaiah Smith, John Evans and Josh Hennig for the HCAC title!
Hey there, today i made my first 48 cent ! This will end big
John Dorsey is smart enough to see Alex Smith is the problem and this team has gone as far as it can it the playoffs with him.
Can anyone explain to me how laid off Ed Werder & John Buccigross but Jemele Hill & Micheal Smith are on prime time? 🤔
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Fabulous photograph by John Smiddy Smith of a over Harbour.
That ring walk was so long that I'm tired.
The entire crabbies mark e smith JOHN HAMMOND, GRANT, helping Tim. cottage pie of the strokes mark e smith the barrier, there
Congratulations to Ann Smith on her brand New 2017 Honda Pilot EXL w/Navi courtesy of Salesperson John...
Pocahontas saved the life of Englishman John Smith, by placing her head upon his own at the moment of his execution. She'…
The only Pocahantas he knows is John Smith's Fake News. He should use a real leader's name -- Man Killer
Listening tae yer podcast the noo. Laughed my heid aff when Ellie described Labour as left. Huvnae been left since John Smith.
It's racist to assume he's talking about THAT pocahantes. Do you a…
Getting close to the boxing 🥊 now - Drinking a Newcastle Brown Ale by John Smith's @ Hemel Hempstead —
Today’s feed stop at the Le Tour de France (Yorkshire) is at the John Smith’s brewery in Tadcaster! That’s an accident…
Thank you to John T. Smith! With the purchase of your home, you have created a miracle.
I added a video to a playlist The Life Of John Smith - The Family of Blood - Doctor Who - BBC
Look what happened when the tardis turned him into a human. John Smith was a bell end
"John Smith was a loser who should have had his head bashed in if not for liberal Pocahontas. Sad."-Donald Trump aka Capt Bone-spur
JuJu Smith-Schuster said his aunt called him Joe-Joe and John-John growing up. Evolved into...JuJu
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"she [Pocahontas] hazarded the beating out of her own brains to save mine; ...that I was saf…
The only Tudor building in the town. And see the portrait of John Smith in his mayoral chain. The man who abolished…
My baby John Smith ... What does he do on a rainy morning at the lake...Watch HGTV and search Pinterest with me. 😍
Park Vista '18 QB John Smith has been spotted in a passing drill at ind. camp just now
"They will unleash a new gun named the Donnie gun.It will have an orange barrel and shoot blanks…" — John Smith
Love this pic of John Smith and the boys! Photographer credit goes to Hannah Whitworth.
That was magical! 🎩 Aiden McGeady produces a special goal for at the John Smith's Stadium.
The elite trying to cover up their crimes rather like John Smith,Robin Cook,Jill Dando and Dr Kelly here
One could also ask, "Which Holiday Inn?" In this day and age he won't be registering as Alan Smithee, or John Smith, or...
Watched bits of Election92 on BBC Parliament today. Lovely to see John Smith at Monklands. Boy, he would have been a great Prime Minister.
"Kim Jung Un reminds me of the critter in the game whack a mole" — John Smith
Watching for the first time since I was a kid. And Mel Gibson voices John Smith. I'm dying 😂.
I'd love it if did a live-action remake of With Mel Gibson as John Smith, ofc. (He's not too old, right?)
They don't do John Smith's in there. My Mel wouldn't be happy.
Do you think the John Smith's Stadium pitch could hinder promotion push?.
Former player on how the John Smith's Stadium pitch could affect
A munet edhe mu me m'punu truni qysh i punon John Smith-it lol
When people are like "yeah I had a crush on a Disney cartoon character" it's normally John Smith, or Aladdin
Barbara: "AND, by the way, I've had John Smith AND the Common Men. All of 'em!"
Watching Pocahontas & wondering why John Smith doesn't have an English accent if they left England to settle in New England 🤔
one of the great 'what ifs', what if John Smith had not died in 94.
The morning John Smith died, my boss was in Committee Room 10; as usual, I was on the corridor helping organise briefing for her and team.
botw! Adam Smith saying Katie Taylor has a softly spoken feminine voice! Does he expect her to sound like John fury!
Earlier: lose Will Smith to Tommy John surgery via
I feel like Harry's ballads will have a Sam Smith/John Legend kinda vibe and I'm so here for that
Nice early 2:00.75 from to go second over 800m in the global lists, John Lewis 1:48.56 in men (opener), in Miam…
Another John Moyr Smith Shakespeare tile - in one of a pair of chairs in the Tile Gallery.
John Robert Smith's with some equipment of the Meridian Railroad…
Thanks Arjen van Berkum for the follow! March 25, 2017 at 04:18PM John Jingle-hymer Smith
He showed no sign of pulling Liam Smith out against Canelo, when he was being battered. He sacrificed John Murray before, etc
.web site has D Matt Beers and D John Lintz on IR, D Cliff Smith and D Ryan Wagner on active roster. Vancouver visits T.O. today
PSA: John Smith and Pocahontas were never in a romantic relationship and weren't the same age. She was like 12 and he was like 40
This is John Smith. He's 80-years-old and he conquered the Pond Skim today. This is also his 84th-day skiing this s…
Once a Shep💩Smith always a Shep💩 Smith.are we ever gonna get rid of him??? He cannot hide his contempt for Our Prez and…
these two are good , John Village also my school mate Marc Smith followed by Jim…
In the footsteps of Harold Pinter, playing John Smith in Breaking the Code, a play about Alan Turing's life. Come...
At John Smith, econ expert, says 67% of our hospital workforce is foreign-born. Immigr…
RBI singles by John Callahan and Michael Smith in the bottom of the 5th. Mason leads Fordham 7-2.
courtney: you know who my first disney crush was? john smith. me: no wonder ur obsessed with white boys... her: WHAT?. me: 🙄
SEASON-TICKET holders, grab pints of Strongbow, John Smith's or Foster's for JUST £2.50 from The Capper's Bar - up…
Anyone get the license plate number for the mack truck that took out J. Smith out there?
John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith... i haven't heard that name in years...
Like Col. John Hannibal Smith would say; I love it when an escape plan comes together. Would love some Rottenmeyer action.
Jeon jungkook as Captain John Smith . Jhope as Prince Henry. Suga as Prince Adam. Jimin as?.
John Smith on the heroic resistance of women workers in ROK that put them at the 'spearhead of the mass movement' https…
y'all had Musburger for 2 segs, he mentions J. Carlos & T. Smith at '68 Olympics & nothing on this?
who has the stronger jaw, John Smith or Pocahontas? . ARGUMENTS CAN BE MADE FOR BOTH, KIDS.
How do you feel about Trump funder John Middleton & Casey Affleck working on Emmett Till film w/Jay Z & Will Smith?
Great pass from Sean Dickson through to Darren Smith and he prods the ball beyond John Gibson. Three in three for Daz!
Impromptu history reenactment at my student's request: Pocahontas saving John Smith from her father, the Powhatan c…
Jasmine and Aladdin are definitely both Slytherins! Pocahontas is a Gryffindor and John Smith is a Slytherin.
To mark we are sharing some images of our first edition copy of John Smith's book!
"John Smith has updated his profile photo" ~ LinkedIn
💕Labour voters who just love Tories 💕 are on the rise. How disgusting- John Smith & Kier Hardie turning in their graves.
"We have to redo every conversation we ever had," said John Smith to Jane Smith after they both gunned down three assasins beemers.
Fun fact: John Smith has been OSU's wrestling coach for 26 seasons. And counting. What a guy.
Hi Ato, just reading about Quincy Watts. How talented was he? 43.71 in a semi very impressive. Was he with John Smith with you?
John Smith from the Isle of Lewis tells how An Gobha Gorm (The Blue Smith) got his nickname. .
which John Smith once sang across the dispatch box to Nigel Lawson!
They'll get him somehow. If this doesn't work I'd recommend he doesn't go hillwalking like John Smith and Robin Cook.
Midphot 2017 Results - Well done to Nat Coalson for getting Highly Commended, John Smith, Ian Waite, Jules...
LIVE: The lads arrive at the John Smith's Stadium to face
Gordon and Sarah Brown's charity has helped save the grandchild of former Labour leader John Smith
Roland Hughes Author of John Smith – Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars & Lesedi
Mepal crash: Victims named as John Smith, 19, from Beck Row and Wendy Wheatley, 74, from Manea
One interesting fact about me is that my famous ancestors are Robert E Lee, William T Sherman, Henry the 8th and John Smith.
Yelling at my TV because Pocahontas is flirting with John Rolfe right in front of John Smith. Come on Poca, you belong with JS.
the fact Pocahontas chooses John Rolfe instead of John Smith just really aggravates me
and it was Blair & Mandy who were internal opposition to John Smith - berating him constantly for not being more right wing
Why is it that most times u tell an American that your Canadian, they ask if u know "John Smith"?
Okay but why did John Smith not have an English accent in Pocahontas??
thanks for the follow! My dad John Smith loves Pink Floyd! We came to see them in Earls Court when I was young! 😍
Thiago Silva is the John Smith of Brazilian names.
'Whiskers' is the 'John Smith' of the cat world.
Tagged by MEIYlNGHWANG. I'm an INTJ, along with John Smith, Khan Noonien Singh, and Professor Severus Snape.
Huddersfield have banned a 59-year-old man from the John Smith's Stadium for unfurling a Turkey flag against Leeds
Get Right Witcha got me feeling like I'm Pocahontas fighting off John Smith and the English
Recalling proudly the 69 MPs including late leader John Smith who in '71 defied Labour party whip & voted for UK to join E…
Oh, for a John Smith or a Robin Cooke today. Either would have May - or could have had Cameron - for breakfast.
Incredibly moving tribute from Mayor Monica Walsh to John Smith, former cllr. Hardworking and a gentleman
Come along to GP as The Bees look for payback for this season's 2-1 defeat at John Smith's Stadium.
Good kickers. Happy to have them both in team history. i also liked John Smith and Tony Franklin back in…
Guys. and I didn't know that Mel Gibson and Christian Bale are voices of John Smith and Thomas in Pocahontas.
Jamestown Settlement is closed today. John Smith does not approve.
Pocahontas and John Smith... The best Disney couple of ALL time. Screw YOU John Rolfe
1608: John Smith becomes leader of Jamestown colony without giving his real name.
Quick update for Scuffle happenings. The count on me walking through John Smith's aura is at 3 for today and the tourney hasn't started yet.
Before on left. After following John Smith up and down Burbon. St. and then to the Riverwalk in the rain.
Wish u all the same too... Hope your New Year is filled with hope and happiness. Love you to bits...❤❤❤❤
.I took my son when I filed to run. Balancing family's not unique to women and shouldn't be t…
A handful of white folks saying in South St. Louis County causes dozens of profane and aggressive reaction…
Gov-elect Greitens has two small children. I've seen no articles asking how that will impact his ability to serve.
At least 35 dead (all civilian but one police) in terror attack on night club in governor Şahin.
We received this from our friend Robert Smith:. Happy New Year, John & Marti!. . Indeed, I hope it turns out to be...
What was the name of Captain John Smith's verbose sibling: Wordsmith.
I liked a video Penguin Problems by Jory John & Lane Smith
Mohammed is the most common male name, they should have used that. Or even a 'John Smith' would have been better.
Lay Me Down by Sam Smith ft. John Legend will forever be my song. I love it. Like that needs to be played at my wedding.
my parents told me that people like you are just kids in adult bodies. They are right!
hey dude if you don't like me expressing my freedom of speech then go live in a different country Bc in the 🇺🇸idc
I'm sure this is gonna get a BIG thumbs-up from John "Totally Not Skip Bayless On A Fake Account, Totally" Smith.
Jamestowne's abandoned wells contain treasure troves of artifacts dating back to Captain John Smith's time. Jamestowne Re…
with my BFF John Smith and my baby Madison Varnadore
I've been watching Doctor Who for about 4-5 years now and I only just now got where the name "John Smith" came from.
is that the john Smith's or the rum lol
Electronic Device Insurance
John Smith from Boise is a better bet
John MacPhail was one of our best players and he returned when we beat them in c1989 after our best managr Denis Smith bought him
John smith Hello there I invite you to this particular adult movie cam no cost register Click on my profile.
John Ross (76-1122-17 at UW in 2016) & JuJu Smith Schuster (63-781-9 at USC) are likely 1st round picks. . Ross: 5 for 28. JSS: 1 for 9
nope she unfollowed. Very fast I may say.
Now Serving: Sam Smith ft John Legend - Lay Me Down - LIVE Listen now at
actually, I do have a can of John Smith kicking about. England not really been doing the European thing this year though...
You cannot serve both God and white supremacy.
Michael Brown's family fights Ferguson push for his records
(2/3) On Aug. 9 we filed a malicious prosecution lawsuit on behalf of peaceful protesters in h…
(3/3) Also on Aug 9: we filed one of the largest debtors' prison class actions in history. Story via h…
2016 has six hours left and I find myself puzzling yet again over exactly what John Kasich was thinking.
Watching Pocahontas and this first scene with her and John Smith is one of my hesitations with being with a white guy...
Ok, I am rewatching the 50th anniversary episode with Matt Smith, David Tennant, and John Hurt. And you're watching it with me😜.
Thank you John Houghton for choosing John Jones Auto Outlet for your 2011 Ford Ranger purchase. He was helped by Tr…
John Smith's Family on the contract from us !. In the hotels we have people working who are not welcome fire...
I would still like to hear about it. 😍😍😍
because he was playing in the Conference USA or whatever bro. John L Smith won like 11 games with Louisville too
Per the John Moore will be released from the hospital later this afternoon.
Theme:Christmas. The first batch of eggnog was crafted at Captain John Smith's Jameston settlement in 1607.
John L Smith and Charlie Strong won at Louisville too though
I guess he got mixed up with his John Smith fake account he keeps pathetically using which has DM enabled. lol
right? I think it was john giannone who said Mike Smith was scaring everyone coz he was holding a weapon
Pocahontas 2 was so gross. How she could just dump John Smith like that. NO. NOcahontas
Indian Amerika ,. In the past the John Smith and his brother came to here the ''Blue Lagoon''. Is really funny you...
The children at Angel's Korner Daycare received a special visit by a few special guest today. John Smith and his...
4 of 5 stars to Judge Dredd by John Smith
I gotta admit John Rolfe is way hotter than John Smith 😂
Still one of my favourite Christmas presents from years ago John Smith – Great Lakes by Kath Ann ♫
Jason Maguire and Ballabriggs soar over the 4th last, the open ditch, during the John Smith's Grand National on Ap…
Website Builder 728x90
Congratulations again to our three All-New England selections - John Smith, Nick Lewis and… htt…
💡 John Smith's idea is simple: Shake & fold to save paper towels. Watch his TED Talk:
The Cure! - Drinking a Newcastle Brown Ale by John Smith's at —
If it was Sean Patrick O'Donnell or John Smith they'd say it.
David Jones until then only issued cards to Miss Jane Smith or Mrs John Smith. And John Smith got her bills.
Join Michael Julian Bond on Nov 29th as he presents John Smith, Sr. for induction into the 2016
Btw, hats off to whoever casted Christian Bale as John Rolfe and Colin Farrell as John Smith .. 😁❤😍👍
David Wagner at Huddersfield Town: The complete record of his John Smith's tenure
... but who is John Smith? An ensemble cast, all named John Smith, are pit against each other in a run off campaign...
Pocahontas Warren don't bend over too far you might find out John Smith realizes you are the imposter with all mouth and no feathers
In search of a needle in a haystack. His name, get this, John Smith. Born 1918. Pearl Harbor survivor. Fate after 1958 unknown.
John Smith comes out of retirement now! Watch him return to the mat now ->
John Smith back on the mat?. The six time world champion will return to competition tonight in Stillwater.…
fans can see coach John Smith, who was inducted as Distinguished Member in 1997, ret…
Yes. In FL 2000, if there was a John Smith felon, all John Smiths were purged. No 2d level check.
Imma be Kylan Simpson, John Smith, Randy Moss, Michael Jackson until 11/30 when this BOGO at Chipotle expires.
Get your people strait. John Smith married Pocahontas. Joseph Smith talked to God the Father & the Son Jesus Christ.
John Smith also says Jesus is the Brother of Satan and that there are millions of gods through out the universe. NOT TRUE...
if you think Captain Shang was a better love interest than John Smith
Ayye vote Lindsey Bentley and John Smith for King and Queen!
John Smith and Brian Hill of Coventry City halt the progress of Millwall's Jimmy Whitehouse
MATCH | Alan Stubbs names the same squad that played at the John Smith's Stadium. Unchanged starting 11.
Had a fantastic time at Red Rooster, Harlem featuring Reggie Woods, Russell Carter, John Smith!! The club was on...
will always be Pocahontas to my John Smith. Now c'mere.let me see invade you & make you fall in love w…
When do we wake up. His name isn't John Smith, it's Ahmed Kahn. We need to profile, use *** common sense
"It is agreement, not victory, that leads to long-term peace", as John Smith said on Northern Ireland peace negotiations.
10.9.1608 – John Smith is elected council president of Jamestown, Virginia.
dont recall John Smith being mocked. But Blair, Ed, brown omg they had it rough. But inc in social media not good >
bottom right is John Smith, former Labour leader who died of a heart attack.
...yup the town crier needs to be revived...for basic hygiene. Hear ye, hear ye, John Smith smells like a dead skunk shat on him!
Indeed !. Wait till I get started on John Smith!
Freaking out about having to answer a whole bunch of questions about Captain John Smith to my class Thursday 😅😅😅
John Smith wasn't actually Pocahontas' lover ??!!! Who is this 'John Rolfe' imposter!!!? I'm so depressed @ this.
Owen Smith trying to play to the local crowd. Accuses Corbyn of disloyalty towards ex-leader John Smith in early 1990s.…
im sry but why the fUC K did Pocahontas choose John Rolfe I would be climbing John Smith like a fkn tree get it together P-cess Poc god ***
Do you guys know the real story of Pocahonatas? How her real name was Matoaka and was changed to Rebecca Rolfe? Didn't marry John Smith?
Reading APUSH assignment & I said "I thought Pocahontas was with John Smith not John Rolfe". Mom:"She was a *** she slept with everybody"
Forever triggered that Pocahontas saved John Smith (Just like she did in the Disney movie) but then ended up marrying John Rolfe instead...
When Pocahontas tells John Smith that she'll be with him forever but then marries John Rolfe in the sequel
I get urge to refer to husband but it shld be eg Sally Smith, whose husband is John Smith, who also won a Gold.
Jeremy Corbyn is VERY disloyal!. Part of a group that tried to oust Kinnock in 1988. He called for John Smith to go after just…
My kids went to school a 5 minute walk from John Smith house Walworth Rd and a health centre with a blue plaque to H Morrison.
I had to. Ross and Courtney as Pocahontas and John Smith.
And my favorite princes are John Smith, Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitzherbert), Prince Eric, Adam (the beast), and obvi Aladdin ❤️
Watching Pocahontas and realizing that Mel Gibson is the real-life version of John Smith
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Frank Kelly does a great turn as John Smith in The Deal. Wonderful fun.
Heh heh. Ata G, Wendy Q. They know your full name. Maybe 3rd time lucky, and you will get a John Smith - someone not hiding name
Can Zachary Quinto's John Smith fight off a genetically engineered killing machine? Watch him and Rupert Friend's...
Get yourself a man who's as into you as John Smith is painting with all the colors of the wind.
Someone just said on FB that reminds them of a young John Smith, I hope you mean looks wise, JS he is not!
your ma gets a pint of John Smith's with her meal deal
Kaine's office also told QE not to mention John Smith.
I get being against fed mandates as a small govt guy, but vaccines? Pump the breaks John Smith, we don't want smallpox
Also work by Mike Carey, Si Spencer, John McCrea, John Smith etc that they never published & not published elsewhere
but honestly: Aladdin, Phoebus, John Smith, Esmeralda, Shang, more recently Naveen, Flynn Rider, just A LOT OF CRUSHES
KHDZ a dark satire... . John Smith is the first person ever sent down 7 http…
CL057: Valerie Day and John Smith of NU SHOOZ on why to show your work.
Don't know about Owen Smith. Personally I think Labour should resurrect John Smith or pardon David Owen
and we had a total blast! Valerie Day and John Smith are so much fun!
Dave and Rose talk to Valerie Day and John Smith of the legendary 80s band Nu Shooz. They talk about their 80s...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Hanging with Dean and Ruth. - Drinking a Newcastle Brown Ale by John Smith's @ Southside Pizza & Pub —
You know who I blame? I blame friggin' John Smith for my issues right now. Charles, bro. Allison, loser. Ily. Goodnight you all everybody!
If Daddy Long Legs was a 21st century novel, Judy Abbot would be writing emails to John Smith.
Cameron van der Burgh, Chad le Clos and rowing team (James Thompson, Matthew Brittain, John Smith and Sizwe Ndlovu )
Owen Smith. What sort of name is that anyway? He's not Owen Jones. He's not John Smith. Jeremy Corbyn is a name. .
I don't care what anybody says. I'd choose John Smith over John Rolfe any day.
I liked a video Pocahontas, John Rolfe, John Smith-"I never knew I could feel that much..."
II Disney likes the name, John. We got, John Smith, John Rolfe and now, John Clayton.
John Rolfe flirting with John Smith's girl right in front of him... Yikes.
You're John Smith sure, but he's John Rolfe. The guy she gets with AFTER you, and STAYS with, till the end. ✨
how is Pocahontas supposed to choose between John Smith and John Rolfe?
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