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John Simpson

John Cody Fidler-Simpson CBE (born 9 August 1944) is an English foreign correspondent. He is world affairs editor of BBC News.

David Attenborough Oxford English Dictionary Max Hastings Fort Dorchester Fidel Castro

John Swartzwelder is the soul of Homer Simpson
If you listen, you learn: if you talk, you don't. ~ John Hurt.
if you can do Marge Simpson, if you did your own tv show, what would be its title?
Introducing an Irish language act would cost 8.5 million pounds over 5 years. Economist John Simpson joins us to discuss the d…
I could listen to he, Stapleton, Simpson & of course DMB pretty much nonstop. New John Mayer album's on list too.
John C Simpson (| crushing it artheartsfashion sexyhair
The People Vs. OJ Simpson is killing it! Especially John Travolta and David Schwimmer, both giving the performances of their lives
Just finished People v OJ Simpson on - my verdict? Riveting television. was incredible. John Travolta was not
Anyone else fancy John Travolta in that OJ Simpson thing? No? Just me.
Alex Schwarz off Efan Jones on Phil John off Joe Simpson on Ross Davies off Jordan Scott on for RGC
I remember one time during the oj Simpson trial Pauly shore tried to convince John Norris that Rosa Lopez was a juror
Did John Simpson really speak out about the BBC, or is it just badly written?
John Travolta in the OJ Simpson "An American Crime" becomes super scary. The way he twists his mouth and stuff.. woah. 😟😟😟😟
Today has all the koalafications of a we…
After seeing this, OJ Simpson also has something surprising to say.
When O J Simpson was flying through airports and John Elway was a slow white Bronco.
Can any Arizona Republican please explain to the rest of us why you keep reelecting John McCain?. .
John Simpson did play a few games for Clemson last year. No starts, but some PT
John Travolta in The People vs O.J. Simpson kills me he looks like a different person
Hey like you, I'm a Naval Academy grad. You've lied, cheated, and stolen for 36yrs. Time to go. . http…
The People vs. O.J. Simpson was a great series. What a crazy trial it was.
19:45 Book of the Week: It is 1993, and John Simpson is appointed chief editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.
NC Fourth District. Looks like Bart Simpson roadkill, but conveniently squeezes all the white liberals into one…
"Where's the IRA when you need them.". - Bart Simpson
BBC's John Simpson on Osborne appointment "I hope he does a better job than he did at being Chancellor of the Exchequer."
Here's looking at you champ. Sizing John on his way back to the winner's enclosure after Gold Cup glory. https:…
Is John Travolta meant to look that bad in The People V. O.J Simpson? Or is that what he looks like now? Or is that the vibe of the 90's?
'The Word Detective' by former chief editor of the John Simpson is Book of the Week!
It will provide a huge distraction from his mess at home. Very scary and predicted recently by John Simpson here. I…
Sturgil Simpson, Queens of the stone age, Father John Misty. Ese es un muy buen line up de bandas.
That's a really awesome painting. Just my type of thing 😊
Make America Unscientific Again! . Also, witch burning budget to increase by 41%, so watch your backs, Goodie Simpson and…
John McCain Says Rand Paul is Russian Agent Working for Putin time for GPA Simpson to retire
John Hayden is the first player to wear No. 40 since Kent Simpson (whose NHL debut in Ontario did not go very well).
Is John Travolta supposed to look so strange in The People Vs OJ Simpson?
John travolta looks like a melted wellie in that oj Simpson series.
John Simpson will be talking about his book We Choose to Speak of War and Strife with on 28 March
Fascinating discussion on the origin of words detective with John Simpson here tonight
New blog post: former chief editor John Simpson on his series of 'The Word Detective'.
note: Pentagon spent $590M on advertising in 2015––$145M more than US govt spent on NPR/PBS/all public broadcasting htt…
19:45 Book of the Week: John Simpson visits the USA and Japan for the launch of the Second Edition of the OED.
Special event with renowned foreign correspondent John Simpson on 28 March. Tickets: htt…
True to his word and incredibly efficient. Thanks to John Simpson for the books. Easy to understand, expertly crafte…
John Simpson was the first person who comes to mind when non restive issues props up somewhere!
John Simpson's 'Soaking in the atmosphere of the oldest bazaar is an experience’…
John Simpson's Isfahan: 'Soaking in the atmosphere of the Middle East's oldest bazaar is an experience’
when your best friend makes you his proxy for a dare. Lol!!!
.joined us for an honest discussion about his recovery from addiction...then talked to Papi about his Bart Simpson…
I moved up to the Secret Service Simpson John Magew I did best search and destroy Pentagons say hello to my little friend
You're very qualified to write this since you worked for a President who did exactly this
MUST WATCH! Incredible view, analysis of authoritarianism, freedom-Panorama, John Simpson: 50 Years on the Frontline
Here is the Raw Interview with Fort Dorchester grad John Simpson before Monday's https:…
Yesterday, coach John Beilein praised Xavier Simpson's 1-on-1 D. He just forced a charge on Trimble, and Beilein threw up his fists in joy
Last year, Fort Dorchester grad John Simpson won a State Title, now, he takes selfies w/, before playing for
The likes of Marr and A Neil, for example. Can't imagine someone like, say, John Simpson blurting that out.
John Simpson: My 50 years with the BBC - this is a really lovely piece.
John Simpson reflecting on his 50 years at the BBC is really interesting. > John Simpson: My 50 years with the BBC
Very impressive and moving programme about John Simpson.
John Simpson: My 50 years with the BBC - an interesting witness-to-history piece
John Simpson 50 years on the frontline made great viewing, he's had some unbelievable life experiences, mad world
Watched the superb John Simpson documentary earlier. How easy it is to be pessimistic about the world today without a voice of experience
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"The inability to see beyond the past is known to lovers of punctuation as the 'Oxford coma'."-John Simpson, The Word Detec…
NEW on KCTV: John Simpson: 50 Years on the... in Health & Social Care.
This ones worth a read: John Simpson: My 50 years with the BBC
John Simpson: My 50 years with the BBC Catch this thoughtful and moving film if you can.
a brilliant episode of Panorama. Please do watch
westworld, ed harris, jimmi simpson, man in black# 来自Giphy
John Simpson documentary on BBC1 incredibly moving. A true journalist - telling truth to power. Catch it on the iPlayer if yo…
.A media alert on John Simpson's journalism from 2014:
OK, if you missed it, here's iplayer link for tonight's "50 Years on the Frontline"
There's no way that foreign correspondents like John Simpson, Kate Adie etc, could ever have done their jobs & remained…
Got me emotional! One of my favourite journalists John Simpson on 50 years with - great read!
How is about John Simpson only a half an hour documentary? An absolutely incredible story.
.We had an email exchange with John Simpson in 2006. . Part 1: . Part 2:
What an inspiration John Simpson is. Brave and intrepid yet still the voice of reason in the tumult. 50 years on the fr…
Has anyone else realised that john Simpson and David Attenborough look so alike?
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Very poignant when John Simpson visited his dead translators family
John Simpson: My 50 years with the BBC (via
John Simpson: My 50 years with the BBC > from Cultural Revolution to the Post-Truth Revolution. Real journalism
John Simpson: My 50 years with the BBC - BBC News
John Simpson, purveyor of the establishment's finest triple filtered news information, since 1966.
I've looked on while entire nations have escaped from oppression, &great historical wrongs have been righted" BBC 50yr veteran John Simpson.
Sabra/Chatila in 1982, gassing of the Kurds by Saddam Hussein 1988, and Tiananmen Square in 1989. The worst 4 BBC veteran John Simpson.
"Terrorism has surged recently, but it is still below the heights it reached between 1970 and 1990." BBC Veteran john Simpson.
I just watched the John Simpson panorama episode and he's such an incredible person my mind is blown
Excellent programme about John Simpson and his career which has spanned more than 50 years.
Just watched 'John Simpson, 50 years on the frontline'. What a man, the David Attenborough of the news.
John Simpson 50 yeas on the frontline, what a brilliant yet emotional watch. This man has truly shown us the horrors of war!
John Simpson: My 50 years with the BBC.Thought of "The Better Angels of our Nature" when reading this
Wonderful live Q&A with John Simpson on BBC's FB. I could listen to John all day.
Always loved John Simpson so had me in tears - the guilt he felt for Kamran's death and meeting Kamran's family was heartbreaking
That with John Simpson was rather humbling.
Would liked to have seen John Simpson programme be an hour. Needed time to breath & flow
In tears after watching the John Simpson BBC special. They really should have dedicated an hour to it though, 30 minut…
BBC's John Simpson says Brexit has already weakened the world's view of Britain via
50 years of John Simpson, both fascinating and heartbreaking
What a moving John Simpson An inspiring, insightful, humane man. BBC & journalism at its best.
BBC News - John Simpson: My 50 years with the BBC
The on John Simpson deserved more than 30 minutes. What a destructive world we live in
Fred Scott's footage on right now is seriously affecting. That blood drop on the lens will live w/ me. John Simpson. Legend.
John Simpson: ‘Most embarrassing moment? Revealing my bright blue underpants in front of the Queen’
What Cuba was really like under Fidel Castro by John Simpson
John Simpson on Fidel Castro was vague and pointless. A bit like getting Harry Styles to talk about David Ruffin.
New profile pic! Celebrating amazing made by talented This one's by John Simpson! 🤘🏼 http…
Damon hill, John Simpson and Reginald D Hunter, what a good day.
The BBC failed its viewers with its Brexit coverage, says John Simpson via
'Are they joking?' Bake Off viewers don't believe John Simpson isn't David
Far too many people confused John Simpson with David...
Listen: Solis Marine's John Simpson talking about the VIOLA project on BBC Radio via
The man who made this all possible, John Simpson. Thank you for all you've done for us
you say there are no easy answers, I say you are not looking hard enough . ©Bart Simpson
Super bright Simpson training with his carer John! ☺️ Come and say hi, we're open until 4pm https…
John Simpson was ‘close to dying after suffering allergic reaction’
Newsman Jon Simpson thanks staff at Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital for saving his life
John Simpson 'nearly died' after allergic reaction - The Telegraph
Great work by the staff of at and Dr Stuart Mckechnie
Hope you're making a good recovery 💪🏼
DTN Belarus: John Simpson 'nearly died' after allergic reaction:
DTN Iraq: John Simpson 'nearly died' after allergic reaction:
DTN Kazakhstan: John Simpson 'nearly died' after allergic reaction:
DTN Portugal: John Simpson 'nearly died' after allergic reaction:
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John Simpson 'nearly died' after allergic reaction - John…
DTN Turkey: John Simpson 'nearly died' after allergic reaction:
John Simpson 'nearly died' after allergic reaction: (Telg)
One of the best! 50 years of reporting. made of tough stuff. Glad to hear on the mend.
John Simpson: I almost died from rare and deadly allergic reaction
John Simpson 'nearly died' after allergic reaction
John Simpson: I almost died from 'rare and deadly' allergic reaction
John Simpson 'nearly died' after allergic reaction:
John Simpson 'nearly died' after 'rare and deadly' allergic reaction.
You're not doing it wrong, I've had to use them in Israel. They don't get it done.
Partnerships between George Bailey and John Simpson are quickly becoming one of my favourite things!
Very pleased for John Simpson & partners with Ray Donovan he's not been well lately, lovely tonic
Dear Press. Let this guy go already like you did John Rocker, OJ Simpson and that kid from DR who lied about his age to the Yankees
On this feast of St. John Vianney, patron of all priests, can I ask that you say a prayer for the priests in your life? We sur…
John Kerry who's daughter married an Iranian political leader... Sure. Sounds legit.
psh I'll wear a none so vile shirt for you next stream
Word nerds rejoice! John Simpson's memoir of the Oxford English Dictionary coming soon from
ICYMI: went on last night wearing Homer Simpson's suit:
Much more on four-star true freshmen T.J. Chase, Cornell Powell and John Simpson.
I tell you that you have less to suffer in following the cross than in serving the world and its pleasures. St John Vianney
Thanks very kindly for the offer! I'm putting my head down and charging like a bull. Or Homer Simpson with a pot on his head!
2day with St John Simpson curator in Middle East Department about &its story behind
More info on 4-star true freshmen Travyon Mullen, Diondre Overton and John Simpson
All named Homer + Marge Simpson or John & Jane Smith whose religion is Jedi.
was this by BBC foreign correspondent John Simpson?
I know why Obama is in such a rush to shutdown GITMO🤔It's because he, Hillary & John Kerry all belong there😤
Looking like the Walmart version of the already Walmart J. Simpson In This Skin.
Going to have to play the Homer Simpson card on this one. Hopefully know soon
John Blutarsky(Bluto) had a GPA of 0.0; Daniel Simpson Day(D Day) had none due to incomplete classes. Mine was worse
Maria, Jason Simpson on double-bass, John-Paul Muir on piano tonight at BAC for swinging, shimmering, songs
Have approaches been made to Irish? John Simpson appealed successfully on behalf of Afghan Dr /1
It's 11. The last startup frame is shared with the first active frame for clarity.
11. The third startup frame is the first active frame.
I returned from my last L.A. visit to find myself tipping the scales like Homer Simpson when he
The community is 39% certain that John Simpson met Thomas Simpson:
John Simpson, Fifth Monarchist preacher, was born in 1614 and died in 1662:
I've had JoHn Muir stuck in my head for the last two days
John Simpson, CIPM and Ashley Reeves, CIPM both listened in today to the presentation. We'll provide details.
If wins 13 Emmys, it'll tie the record set by "John Adams.".
Chapeau to John Simpson who has just completed 6 ascents of this weekend.
I like this fella John Simpson, could hold a bat
John Simpson doing the business again, the man is in such good form!
the fall of Colt John sounds like a Sturgill Simpson song.
OHHH JOHN BOEHNER? Whoopie do!!! This shows that Simpson doesn't have a clue when he hosts a luncheon for this...
JCH was brillant in the pre match warm ups. And rather pointless during a game.
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Here are the sleepers (and winner) I like for the Travelers:. Webb Simpson. Ryan Moore. John Senden. Jon Curran. Thomas Aiken. Win: Zach Johnson
John H Simpson Accountants Ltd for all your accounting needs
question about frame data. If ryu's LP stand is 3 Start up, 2 active and 7 recovry, is tht total 12 frames or 10?
Superb! Yes, it was a great series. Here's Harewood House by John Cooper: another one for ht…
10 of John Simpson's best High Life columns - British Airways High Life
The power of imagination makes us infinite. ~John Muir RT
WICKET! Ollie Rayner claims the wicket of Kumar Sangakkara stumped by John Simpson. Surrey 87/4.
How long will Middlesex persist with John Simpson for & why did we let Adam Rossington go? (sorry I needed someone to vent to)
but hey it's better than John Simpson from Woodford County is solo famous (saw him interviewed by Rolling Stone)
John "Jack" Simpson Kirkpatrick (centre of picture) who served under the name John Simpson, was a st
John Akomfrah's commission, Tropikos, closes on Sunday. Catch it while you can!
Commit to becomes Mayor of North Charleston for the Day.
John Lackey makes his debut tonight in Phoenix!
Since you're on the Clemson beat, we just posted this story on John Simpson.
John Simpson, All-American football athlete, becomes Mayor for the Day
"In the light of faith you see things quite differently.". ~St. John Baptist de la Salle
As John McWhorter wrote in during the OJ trial America learned the what cops mean to black people.
John Harvey Simpson, Jr., age 55, passed away on Wednesday, April 6, 2016, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was born...
Another trip to Southend for me is on the cards to watch lord john and his 11 disciples.
Can't wait to catch up on The People vs OJ Simpson tonight. John Travolta is beginning to look like his own Boglin.
The People vs. OJ Simpson was a lot better than I thought it would be.
I'm watching OJ Simpson and John Travolta looks fat in this
Listening to Sturgill Simpson while reading about John Prine. Not a bad morning wouldn't you say.
Please back John & Marcus Simpson's year of YAC challenges: see or h…
Y now it's time for the Jessica Simpson show starring Home Loan Black. Oh, John Reed.
People Vs OJ Simpson was great.John Travolta's character was a despicable guy as well.
Am I the only one who thinks John Travolta looks like he's doing a bad Ed Sullivan impression on The People vs. O.J. Simpson?
Great camera work backing up what Joe Simpson is saying about John Gant's vulcan grip ...
And Orenthal James Simpson - but I do understand yeah Elton John went Bankrupt himself so don't feel 2 bad O.J. I'm on the Forensics team
In 1879, John Cleland, John Simpson and David Taylor opened a small one-floor store at 121 and…
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The People vs OJ Simpson was superb. Courtney Vance and Sarah Paulson were Emmy-worthy, but the real MVP? John Travolta's facial expressions
I dont think ive ever hated a character more then john travoltas robert shapiro in the OJ simpson trial show
there’s alternatives out there.Sturgill Simpson,. Jason Isbell, John Moreland and Hayes Carll. Others too.young fellas...
John Travolta and attends the red carpet premiere of The People vs OJ Simpson on…
So OJ Simpson barely featured in 'The People v. OJ Simpson'. The series should have been called 'The People v. John Travolta' instead.
.Watch 8 red carpet interviews from finale.
Do people still think OJ Simpson is innocent? Unbelievable
Blue Jays manager John Gibbons is not a fan of MLB's new rule that cost his team a win.
1953: Billy Simpson, John Prentice and Ian McColl are on the mark as Rangers beat Hearts 3-0 at Ibrox.
John Simpson returns to Iraq 10 years on
I don't believe in Jesus. However, I believe in Lord John.worker
Made better up north: this home by Ian Simpson represents everything beautiful about our city. Thank you .
John Travolta on the moment that touched him most on
new vine by John Simpson check it out ft Leo turner
Just spent the past 20 minutes thinking John Simpson was Sir David Attenborough 😐
John Simpson on the Great Sport Relief Bake Off is one of the funniest things I've seen in ages 😂😂😂
Watching Great Sport Relief Bake Off. Husband is convinced John Simpson is a secret twin of David Attenborough.
John Simpson is 20 years YOUNGER vs Sir David.i live in Canada & knew the dif, lol.
John Simpson: A proud and brilliant man, destroyed by biscuits
At least I wasn't the only one convinced John Simpson was David Attenborough! 😂 Eh,
John Simpson saved a lot of lives today..had he not signed with Clemson, fans all over state would be jumping...softened blow of no gary
Here to talk about all things public transport is economist John Simpson, Trevor Clarke & Journalist Tina Calder
OL John Simpson sticking to plans with Clemson this weekend, Alabama next. Was at FL over weekend. USC not…
John Simpson, Jon Snow, Christiane Amanpour & Max Hastings: reporting from the frontline.
Listen back 15 mins to on to hear John Simpson give some historical perspective on
Intro to piece referred to 12m ethnic Germans "sent back home" at end of WW2 😮. Good report tho from John Simpson; perspective
Why do "we" have to get a grip on corrupt countries John Simpson ? We get no thanks for any intervention. Give them contraceptives
John Simpson's historical look at refugee migrations is strong. But he twice said "precisely similar", which doesn't make sense
When not reporting from war zones, John Simpson likes nothing more than relaxing in Oxford https…
Can we all admit that if you met John Lennon at a party & he was all like "War is over... if we want it to be" you'd be like …
Just like John Simpson, Lord Dannatt is still trying to work who are the Taliban after 13 years. They don't have the intellect.
Gamecocks get pledge from Lowcountry WR; more in play? via
too bad Joyner and his other teammate John Simpson are heavy Clemson leans.
Many thanks to Fort Simpson Northern for Elders breakfast!. Good job John Dempsey and staff!
p1. John - listened to yesterday's replay...what's up with the constant Bernie dismissal? You're willing to admit that
Opinion: Invest NI has come out of the recession with a report on how it defied the downturn h…
Congratulations Arlene, you have a big challenge ahead
Can someone send a telegram to John Simpson's parents that he is fundamentally stupid & a bit dim
John Simpson has been asking this for 15 years who are the Taliban. The moron should know they are Pashtuns who can't be defeated
Just for the record, here are Republicans I really like: Colin Powell, Alan Simpson, Erik Paulsen, John Kasich.
I feel like America need to write on a chalk board 1000 times Bart Simpson style "Sex has nothing to do with morality."
In-state WR Diondre Champaigne commits to South Carolina football; John Simpson, T.J. Brunson to do the same soon?
BOOM: In-state WR commits to Some bigger fish may be on the horizon, though:
John Simpson spoke with Scout about the latest in his recruitment. Can land him?
Scout 300 OG Simpson focused on three - SPARTANBURG, S.C. -- John Simpson is entering the homestretch of his re...
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Star Wars overshadowing the fact that Cuba Gooding Jr and John Travolta will star in TV show about OJ Simpson trial. Yeah. That's happening.
I think we have a better chance at getting Joyner now. John Simpson, ehhh. Not sure. Probably won't get him.
The Captive Slave, 1827. John Philip Simpson. Simpson’s model for the painting was the free-born…
Cuba Gooding, Jr., David Schwimmer, and John Travolta? The cast for The People v. OJ Simpson is legit.
trying to use him to get John Simpson maybe?
Great fun last night at Lancaster at Ye Old John O Gaunt thanks to Mark Simpson for the invite it was rather full...
"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” - John F. Kennedy
christmas Jessica Simpson - John Britt I'll Be Home For Christmas Download the smart phone app now.
like Cody Simpson too John ? know ? follow him :) His album is free at the link in his bio, good?
From earlier this morning: The latest on John Simpson.
The 1989 BBC pay strike. A protest and a march; and John Simpson and Nicholas Witchell crossing the picket lines. https…
This is a terrific piece with John Simpson:
event: A Danube journey with Aled Jones? Or John Simpson and Martin Bell…
opens Only in do you get 2 c John Simpson & Mishal Husain in the same week!
omg sorry ot but I really thought John Simpson was David Attenborough then. I was all isn't he nature guy.
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Loved the 4 chat with John Simpson, and Max Hastings. These guys go deep to bring back real news across the globe
John Simpson keeping close eye on USC
Stroman: hey buehrle how do i have a healthy 20 year career like u. B: how fast do you throw. S: 95. B: never do that again.
I legit thought that Cody Simpson song that's on the radio was John Mayer
hello Jim do you know whats happened to John Simpson ? Won the manx as a newcomer then no come back. Cheers Joe.
Poet John Poch and visual artist J. Eric Simpson explore the importance of longsuffering. Combining Poch's poetry...
I wish someone loved me enough to quote John Mayer
I have never listened to Cody Simpson until now and holy crap his new album is so chill it reminds me of young Jack Johnson and John Mayer.
400 metres?! where's John Simpson when you need him?
Wokingham MP John Redwood calls for end to all BBC English Regions
and a remember Corky, & Niddrie, I think Eric Stevenson John Nackyernee, and The Grt Ronnie Simpson J Fraser played as well
.on why the nuclear deal with Iran is a victory for reason and the use of economic sanctions:
Paul Simpson? Knew 99% of that bar the Saudi link. All very worrying either way. Anyway, work to do
I told you all that on the way to Wembley. I should change my surname to Simpson
.excellent letter supporting the 'Red Peak' flag design by Rowan Simpson: 'Dear John'
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My first ever fantasy draft went well. I picked up John Elway, OJ Simpson, a garbage can and a sack with three hams in it.
John Simpson surely must be picked soon
man,DJ every single time looks better and better. But also something wrong was with John.
what's happened to John Simpson after winning the MGP a few years ago ?
WOW!!! How time flies, 49 years ago! Five of us, myself, Charles Simpson John Ray and 2 Ghanaians, took off for...
Grizzly Nation please pray for the Simpson family.
like im gonna lose you-meghan trainor ft. John legend summertime in our lives-cody simpson ,gone-jin
John Lennon, JFK, and OJ Simpson's wife all killed themselves.
People: “Others at the bash [Wiz Khalifa's] included John Mayer and Zayn Malik.”
now has commitments from the and 2016 recruits in SC. In good shape with John Simpson, as well. (…
Congratulations to John Simpson of Cowley Community FC for his Outstanding Services Award from the Echo Junior...
A privilege to meet one of my journo icons! The John Simpson!
"I don't think IS is as strong as people believe it is in Iraq" BBC's John Simpson takes your Qs on Islamic State. https:/…
News: Stirling | Michael Carberry guides Hampshire to victory over Middlesex: ...board.John Simpson (35) and P...
Pictured: Robert Allen and Bartolo getting in their pre-game stretches.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I don't know why, but every time I see Mary O'Rourke on TV talking about banking, I think of Bart Simpson.
"Indeed, the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God." John…
See the cultural side of with Cape Town, Soweto, Rorke's Drift & Isandlwana.
Anyone wanna trade solo dms with ffs? Tell me if you interested I have . Luke hemming 1 . Brad Simpson. James McVey. Marcus John's. Pitbull
"Riggs is definitely more of a people person than McClane, who also doesn't hit as hard (lack…" — Preston M Simpson
Someone at the U.S. Open is having fun with golfer Webb Simpson's locker... (via
in related news : I sincerely hope this is true... John Travolta helps recreate the O.J. Simpson trial for FX
Mozeliak vows to find "real hackers," denies involvement himself Maybe he can hire OJ Simpson to help investigate
A cracking night at the Adelaide, great thanks to Middlesex's John Simpson opening the renovated nets with the...
The greatest of all historians on Magna Carta: Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock, of East Cheam ht …
21 years ago today, OJ Simpson led the LAPD on a high speed chase in his Ford Bronco, live before 95 million viewers. ht…
Remember Larry The Lamb was a BBC paedo that John Simpson tried to out after he died.
So I bring up the OJ Simpson chase anniversary and all you want to talk about is "that bum John Starks"? Sigh. Let it go, dear Knicks fan.
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