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John Simm

John Simm (born 10 July 1970) is an English stage and screen actor.

Michelle Gomez David Threlfall Gemma Chan David Morrissey Keith Allen Philip Glenister Derek Jacobi Mark Gatiss Roger Delgado Harold Pinter Ron Cook Benedict Cumberbatch Mira Sorvino Martin Freeman Jamie Lloyd David Tennant

Just finishing a John Simms Code of a Killer. Would love it if Shaun had a job with John Simm. 😊😊
To celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of John Simm's Master in June, we're planning a special video! . And we need you! .
If you're a fan who has memories or something to say about John Simm's Master please get involved in our vide…
John Simm will always be my Master (in terms of Doctor Who not anything else. Obvs) but he is equally Sam Tyler. What an a…
brilliant but worth checking out the BBC series with David Morrissey and John Simm.
I thought it was the John Simm master
I'd say the Master but that's a gimme and he looks too much like John Simm.
Yep, that John Hurt scene in Alien IS epic.
Who do you think plays the Master better John Simm or Michelle Gomez?
John Simm on The Catch is about the most fun thing on telly right now
Missy's terrific in series 9. Still nuts, but at least she's dignified about it. And she's far better than John Simm.
always fun spotting actors in the audience. Sat next to John Simm once and didn't notice at first. 😂
Rhys & Tommy... ruh-roh! abcthecatch tonight with the excellent John Simm!
{Who am I kidding, John Simm and Simon Pegg look like they could be twins.}
We are giants compared to Andrew😂 He's 173, that's even smaller than John Simm😂
the entire RTD run had great episodes in every season. John Simm as the master ffs.
The catch friggin kudos 😍suits recruit have new show love until suits returns hopes get 2see both😍 john Simm so funny witty&bromance banter
Pete can you see Michelle Gomez or even John simm being the doctor as a twist? We both know what moffat can be like
Here we go soon looking forward to This The Catch John simm brilliant !
Packing up the office to head to tomorrow. Bye bye! ​via
Anyone who remembers John Simm as the Master in Doctor Who will like me be wary of Tim Farron's true intentions
17 - Least Favorite Actor:. John Simm, I guess? I honestly can't think of someone I don't like.
rewatching Series 9, making me think about all the unfilled gaps in the continuity, e.g John Simm > Michelle Gomez, Timothy Dalton Rassilon>
I've missed him. Last week in the John Simm's Show
Personally I thought John Simm played The Master better than Trump currently is.
John Simm is good casting. He just looks like he could have been a Sex Pistol.
ITV promote on ITV Encore - the first series with John Simm. Yet they used an image of Philip Glenister - who was in series 2. 😕
So happy to see John Simm back on T.V. Always a delight!
The cast of are all wonderful but I'm 100% here for John Simm as Rhys.
John Simm played a great Master too, good rival to Tennants Doctor
Awesome image of John Simm & Philip Glenister by our very own Mike Hogan.
Why didn’t you tell me John Simm is on The Catch?! I need to start watching now.
John Simm acting career to a point connects a lot of dots for me. Life on Mar came out when I first moved to England so all ..
This program is quite clever. And it has John Simm. :)
It's like that episode in Doctor Who when the master becomes everybody. Must say I'd prefer seeing John Simm everywhere .…
Mireille Enos, Peter Krause, Sonya Walger, John Simm, Gina Torres have all attended the panel for at the
I like Michelle Gomez as The Master butmy favourite Master will always be John Simm
John Simm was incredible as The Master! He played him so well👌🏼
John Simm was absolutely terrifying in this story! I liked Timothy Dalton as Rassilon too!!!
It's a shame John Simm was never asked back!
Still thinking to my self how fetching John Simm was in that lovely pink dress 😂
John Simm started it by saying he wanted to come back. Russell T Davies finished it.
wait the John Simm master or the other new one "missy"?
Tonight on in addition to John Simm, we are honored that of is guesting, as well. htt…
GOSH this is a beautiful video of the TV series Life on Mars! By Lucy Saxon. Featuring John Simm & Philip Glenister https:/…
BBC: "Would you like to be in the audience for 'Are You Being Served'?". I've seen this happen to John Simm. Is it 1973? Am I in a coma?
John Simm's never ending laugh is precious
John Simm was perfect for the role in terms of modern series after Derek Jacobi, but gotta give it to my boy Delgado. RIP, sir
No disrespect to John Simm. He brought back the character, but Roger Delgado IS, WAS, and ALWAYS will be The Master
I love Manchester. I always have, ever since I was a kid, and I go back as ...
It's horrible to get a cameraphone shoved in your face every time you walk ...
What happens when you put and the John Simm Master in the same room? This. This happens.
I wish John Simm would play the part of The Master again, he played him so well!
You never undertake a project because you think other people will like it -...
Reasons to smile today: Because Men like this exist in the world. John Simm
Yes I spent today watching Primal Scream & Suede at Yes I know it isn't 1993. Might watch John Simm in The Lakes now...
John Simm Keith Allen Ron Cook all wowed us. Can't forget Simm as the sneering viper or Cook's rage
Just been to the theatre (yes, hark at me etc) to see . Great ensemble cast, John Simm & Gemma Chan particularly great.
Sometimes I feel I missed out big time not loving John Simm earlier would of been a load of fun in the 90's
Can't believe mum text me today to say she had just walked past John Simm in London.
has to as my friend invited me to see last night . havent seen John Simm for a while
Does this mean john simm's master felt a attraction to the doctor too pls say yes
What I want in Broadchurch season 3 is John Simm as a super cop working against Alec Hardy. Can I have this please??
Big Finish should get in contact with Matt Smith and John Simm. It's about time the two met as the Doctor and the Master
Just saw the best couple cosplay. Woman dressed to the nines as Missy. Man put on a hoodie for John Simm Master.
or john Simm as Hamlet. Incredible. Or Dom West singing
Simm motivated by Rio training visit: Great Britain gymnast Kelly Simm says a recent team training camp in Rio...
I'm not a people person. I'm not sociable. I have been and I can be, but no...
Legends of Tomorrow is sort of like RTD inspired Rory Williams Fan Fic. I keep waiting for John Simm to show up and literal…
I used to be mouthy. It was all to do with being a northerner and from Manc...
JOHN LEGEND'S - ALL OF ME - COVER BY KEVIN SIMM via Love this version, much better than original.
So sad tonight has been cancelled...was looking forward to see John Simm again, I had booked in September 😭
Before Moffat leaves would like to see a John Simm/Michelle Gomez Master/Missy regeneration.
The homecomming at was great, especially John Simm as Lenny!
Home! Great night in London watching The Homecoming John Simm was brilliant Keith Allen was funny The whole blooming cast 👍🏻
2009 is another one I love, mainly as I thought John Simm was so good as The Master. Still sad he isn’t com…
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Now I'm going to go back to staring at John Simm on my tv screen
i just have fantastic dream last night with John Simm i don't why but was so magic.💕
Long day, so resting in bed catching up with show on with John Simm. Such a soothing, fas…
John Simm and captivating in the dark, sinister and brilliant production of Pinter's 'Homecoming' at
The Homecoming at is brutal and SO stylish - go and see it for the magic that is John Simm.
Superb stuff from the truly other-worldly Gemma Chan and John Simm's sleazy spiv visceral r…
I would love it if Sir Derek George Jacobi, John Simm and Michelle Gomez have a multi Master story alongside...
Have you seen the original? John Simm as Russell Crowe and David Morrissey as Ben Affleck. It's aces. Plus bonus Bill Nighey.
Great trip last to for Excellent production. John Simm, Keith Allen, Gemma Chan & Gary Kemp all on great form.
There area a lot of John Simm & Callum Blue shows/ movies I want to see but aren't available here. 👎boo👎
wonderful front row seat to watch tnt. Loved it. Plaudits in particular to John Simm, Ron Cook and Gary Kemp!
Just watched At good performances by John Simm and Ron Cook, but not convinced by the play at all.
Wait, there's a new series based on a Michael Marshall Smith book and starring John Simm? I am definitely in.
I feel like John Simm hates Doctor Who more than Chris Eccleston
The Telegraph had lovely things to say about JS "Yet the laurels go to John Simm, a superbly toxic Lenny: he’s one of those actors..." 1/3
Watched the first episode of Life on Mars. John Simm is a fantastic actor (thought so ever since Series 3 of Who), looking …
apparently the first time we watched Sherlock (five years ago today) Matt called Martin Freeman "low-rent John Simm"
Best performance in drama series finalists: …
4* review of Jamie Lloyd's at Trafalgar Studios here:
Im on a diet at the moment, so in the words of John Simm's brilliantly mad Master from The End Of Time..."I'm so hungry!!!"
I know chany is online when there's john simm on my tl
John Simm & Ron Cook are magnificent in and set is one of best. All that tension. It stays with you.
Is there a possibility of me stagedooring John Simm and espontaneously burning at the same time
John Simm amazing, Gemma Chan amazing, felt a bit unclean afterwards but that's half the point
4 star reviews for exceptional performance from John Simm
Completely agree...always love watching John Simm.
Lovely photo of Martin Freeman and John Simm at last night's first night party
Completely gripped by production of The Homecoming John Simm & Gemma Chan superb. Play is brimm…
As points out on : John Simm, Keith Allen, a Kemp. Good cast
So has suggested that she and John Simm and Derek Jacobi should all dance in black leather
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Which Master do you prefer, John Simm or Michelle Gomez?
I remember how I felt when some doctor who fan followed john simm to the tube and took the same line and wanted to follow-
tbh she/he probably didn't think at all while doin g that.. I remember when some mental doctor who fan followed john simm -
Hmm, John Simm's Master was pretty unhinged, so to me Missy's manic persona was a good twist on that
Got to be Michelle and then John Simm
My kickass The Master/End of Time Hope I make and John Simm proud!
Wonder how long it took to film John Simm in the hundreds of different outfits
Such great performances by David Threlfall and John Simm as the policeman leading the investigation and the scientist, respectively.
It honestly saddens me that people dislike Missy simply because she's a woman/not John Simm.
Introduced by die hard United fan, and famous British Actor, John Simm.
The Locksmith (1997) starring Warren Clarke and John Simm on DVD via
Intermission Time! I love Three Days In The Country. John Simm and the entire cast is brilliant. It's a livi…
10/10 for last night of intelligent, funny Ace cast. & John Simm pure joy. had me in tears.
Had perfect bday in my beloved city seeing Mark Gatiss&John Simm in & Benedict Cumberbatch in
You know one day John Simm and Michelle Gomez will do a multi-Master story together. You know it's going to happen at some point
Waiting at the stage door. Hoping for John Simm to come out.
I don't know John Simm seems like a nice guy and he's still my favourite incarnation of the Master. I just a wouldn't approach him now
can I handle another show with john simm, probably not but I'm sure has *** not gonna stop marathoning his work
sometimes I cry because of john simm in boston kickout
Michelle Gomez as The Rani would've been brilliant, & then John Simm could've turned up as well. Double brilliance!!
I watched John Simm as The Master earlier today & it made me angry to think he had only appeared in 4 & a bit episodes
Watching John Simm as The Master today on made me realise how bloody good he was. Yet he got only four & a bit episodes.
The Rani has appeared in only twice. Plenty of opportunities for new stories. But ignored by Mr Moffat. Just like John. Simm was
John simm is such a great actor, love him on life on Mars and he's the best master from doctor who ever
oh my word. Wish I could afford to go. John Simm was sublime in
Did no one else catch the Master & Doctor exchange between John Simm & Mark Gatiss?
absolutely wonderful. John Simm and Amanda Drew heartbreaking and comic at the same time!
I can't help but think what The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familar would've been like with Matt Smith and John Simm
New production on sale: The Homecoming starring Keith Allen and John Simm at the Trafalgar Studio
Gemma Chan, Keith Allen and John Simm in Harold Pinter's unhappy family occasion The Homecoming is now on sale at
Delighted to hear Jamie Lloyd is directing more Harold Pinter with The Homecoming. Gemma Chan and John Simm are the icing on the cake.
Jamie Lloyd to direct Gemma Chan and John Simm in The Homecoming
.will direct John Simm and in Harold Pinter's The Homecoming
(2/2) threshold for it. If I'm bored, I'll read. Hanging around doesn't go well with me. - John Simm (Actor).
You know you've lost control of everything when you find yourself in a YouTube-warp that turns into a vortex of John Simm fan videos.
John Simm and Christopher Eccleston have special places in my heart (not least cos I thought they were the same man for a while)
Filming in The Lakes today. No not the programme. There was no drugs or John Simm running round being…
you posh get I'm at john spence high school tomorrow night to watch newbiggin v North Shields
You were in Life On Mars? And John Simm squeezed your bum?! That should take pride of place on the CV!!
She was only really the Master for one episode, and was basically just John Simm with boobs
Surely some mistake. You're a dead ringer for John Simm.
That's only fair I guess. Aaand now that you're back you can continue the daily John Simm thingy on your own again~.
John Simm (one of five pics that survived the untimely death of my phone)
Bring back John Simm, all is forgiven!
*throws another picture into your mentions* You'll be greeted by John Simm when you come back! ^-^)/
Yeah quite old, late 90's I think. A very baby faced John Simm is also in it! The things we do for fandom 😂
There was a film about rave kids with John Simm which was as much toss.
wow is that rufus hound?...I thought it was john simm ripping a dry fart !!
oh that is good! He doesn't hate you Phew! Just not want U B the master that is obvious as John Simm is THE master!!!
I'm sure at end of last ep of Ordinary Lies you previewed a John Simm prog to start on Sat, but instead it was Room at the Top?
Do I detect a John Simm theme going on?
John Simm was fantastic as the master.
So move it to BBC2. They had plenty of room for BBCA's Intruders purely because of John Simm & it was crap!
fab series, but then I love pretty much anything that has John Simm in it...
Also this means I saw the Master (John Simm) and Missy within a few days. Anyone know where Derek Jacobi is hangin' out?
may I ask where did u hear that? Cos I Seriously doubt John Simm did :-)
I like John Simm! I vaguely remember something about bike sheds, but I might be imagining it
My obsession for Doctor Who episodes that have David Tennant and John Simm in is becoming borderline phsycotic.
Give me John Simm's Master over Missy any day.
Not seen Lost. Loved whole series of Life on Mars, ending of S.2 not sure about. John Simm might just be the best though.
ooh or john simm or Phillip glenister ?
Phil is great playing Gene Hunt and John Simm is in it too.
Don't get me wrong, I love Missy, but I like John Simm's master more.
Daily Photo!. David with John Simm at the Speaking In Tongues press night.
Solid gold episode of Doctor Who! It's even nice to see John Simm as The Master. BTW, Love Donna Noble
John Simm reading the passage where the Achaeans bury their dead is pretty awesome. This is great.
Review: Mark Gatiss and John Simm star in Three Days in the Country Lyttelton h…
At 3 days In the Country last night. Really loved it. Beautiful, simple set and lighting, and John Simm and Mark Gatiss a joy to watch.
If you haven't seen Life on Mars (TV) - you really should: Philip Glenister, John Simm, Liz White, Dean Andrews, Marsha…
Slightly surreal seeing John Simm, Marc Warren and in South Bank this evening.
Michelle Gomez is quite good but my Masters are Roger Delgado and John Simm!
Tim Farron looks eerily like John Simm did in the Vote Saxon campaign in Doctor Who.
Turns out, the Uni I've been offered a place at - John Hurt, John Simm & Penelope Wilton went to! (War Doc, Master and Harriet Jones)
Mrs Robinson, I Presume: today 2:15. John Simm stars as director Mike Nichols in new play by h…
Time for a rewatch! A few hours w/John Simm. Can't think of a nicer way to spend an evening.
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John Simm is the best, . Awfully underrated. The Master of all. .
I enjoyed Code of a Killer. Kept me on the edge of my seat. John Simm is a great actor.
true. We always say anything John Simm is in is always good! Before your time but have you seen The Lakes?
Can never go wrong with a John Simm drama. Excellent viewing.
has to be one of the televisual highlights of 2015 so far. John Simm, David Threlfall and the writers we…
I was talking about John simm's master lol
You have to put Code of a Killer on your watch list. John Simm is ah-mazing.
The actor John Simm is the dentist in the Sensodyn advert "..but me sensitivitys come back ..."
Really enjoying - great drama written by the mighty brilliantly cast with John Simm & David Threlfall
Remembered I have "Code of a Killer" recorded and John Simm is in that and Farage isn't so that's it for debate.
Reasons you should watch at 9pm instead of . 1) John Simm's beard. 2) David Threlfall's chops…
hehe its fiiine, nope never seen it, done a few rewatches myself, Life On Mars & Mad Dogs (John Simm Philip Glenister) U seen?
Code of a Killer is insanely good, John Simm is an incredibly good actor
Less glamorous, but I bumped into John Simm looking at Dr Who The Master toys in Crouch End Woolies
Following Gary Oldman I'm classing up my IG even more with some John Simm! . Sep 2007 at…
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Captains Mini Test: Which of these actors are the Odd One Out and why.?. a: Antony Ainley . b: John Simm . c: Kate O'Mara . Worth 30 points
Thoroughly enjoyed 'Code of a Killer' with John Simm - exceptional.
Great casting in last night's dream - John Simm and Brigitte Bardot as themselves.
How did John Simm never great break in Hollywood? What a great actor!!!
Watching the last part of Code of A Killer. John simm is such a talented actor. Programs like this are great
Catching up with Code of a killer. Great story., mainly great performances. but John Simm.. oh dear oh dear..
Code of a killer was fab! I love John Simm and David Threlfall
Just watched second part of Code of A Killer. .fantastic true drama and great performances from John Simm and David Threllfal
gets better and better every week, next week looks especially good though and is that John Simm as the missing husband?
God, code of a killer was great. John simm is fantastic
You went to the same school or college as John Simm,Did you know each other then or knew of each other ?
That last RT: I will vote for the party who can most convincingly explain why I fancy John Simm despite him looking like an evil Ian Beale.
Loving ordinary lies, the new Clocking Off, but next time John Simm please! ;)
Hello, I was wondering would you work with John Simm again given the chance? you were brilliant together in : )
Right here we go first episode of I've heard good things and John Simm is just awesome!
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John Simm dreams are cool, but any dream that features my old high school usually is creepy as frick. Also spare him all the teens pls.
After watching CoaK I dreamt that John Simm was a teacher at my highschool but also still actor I mean what. Brain. Pls don't.
Who knew he was friends with John Simm! ;)
But hey, the combo of John Simm + Philip Gleinster in LoM is phenomenal.
Fantastic acting by and John Simm. Just watched the final episode. Goosebumps! Amazing work by
Just watched the final part of what an absolutely amazing story and fantastic performance from John Simm & David Threlfall.
Code Of A Killer was excellent... Should have known with David Threlfall and John Simm... I'll forgive the 'accent' faux pas..
Absolutely brilliant acting, as ever, from John Simm and David Threlfall.
Yes great acting. Rate David Threlfall & John Simm. Went to Leic Uni recently for an open day for son. They're rightly proud!
So excited about Turgenev's play at this summer. One of my fav books and John Simm starring is just a bonus.
Just finished watching ITV's Code of a Killer, brilliantly acted by John Simm & David Threlfall all about DNATV
"Simm and Threlfall work well together and are a joy to watch." First I saw John Simm was Men of the World-with David Threlfall.
Catching up with - John Simm and outstanding performances, fact better than fiction.
I think I've read somewhere he is. And I think John Simm who I also like
I wish John Simm was prime minister.
I really like Missy, but you can't beat John Simm as The Master, he's v hilarious.
On the Saxon thing: you should watch the season of DW with John Simm as Mr Saxon.
07:00 Shaun Keaveny: Wednesday sees actor John Simm join Shaun to chat about new TV drama Code of a Killer.
TONIGHT! John Simm is Alec Jeffreys! Will he eat a packet of Walker's Crisps? No! Will get to visit the Haymarket? Probably not!
If it matters, you'd get to kiss both John Simm and Benedict Cumberbatch.
Cleft - "Onan's Boulder" live in session: via >. Hovland Drums Artist John Simm in action with Cleft >
Michelle Gomez back as Missy? No disrespect to her, but Roger Delgado/John Simm are MASTERS!
Three Up Two Down Facts: Michael Elphick's character name is Sam Tyler, like John Simm in Life on Mars.
if you don't like John Simm you are wrong
Oo, that sounds wonderful! I'd love the chance to see John Simm in theatres.
my thoughts! I do so hope that some day John Simm hit the big screen again! He deserves it.Great actor.
Cant Wait looks great and the amazing John simm back on The tv
looks like John Simm has hijacked your feed - grabbing limelight and tapping the keyboard with his face :(
It's actusltl John Simm, but yes, actual size.
kind of...I prefer a male master like John Simm's one
Yes, indeed! The more John Simm television in the world, the better!
Best new crime dramas Code of a Killer stars David Threlfall & John Simm on April 2015.
Fortunately for me, as I am Whovian, we have John Simm and Christopher Eccleston (his mum used to sell tea in Old Trafford).
And to finish, John Simm as the Master
DCI Hardy will wake up as a cop in 1973 looking suspiciously like John Simm
It's sad, because that's all Missy wants is her friend back. That probably all John Simm wanted to! All the feels! 😭
I will never tire of John Simm plus this picture is gorgeous 😍
John Simm (Let me know if anybody tires of because I could do this for a long time)
Actually genuinely a little bit terrified of John Simm
your main man john carver is an embarrassment to football should be nowhere near Newcastle or anywhere
I liked that! Great seeing John Simm in it. Will check out the album.
She's actually not terrible. She's just as insane as the John Simm version.
She's better than most of the hammy Masters that followed Roger Delgado. Especially John Simm.
Re watching Life On Mars. John Simm really selling it: "I'm in BUPA!!"
// me too - except I know I'm lying to myself - okay I'm having John Simm feels now XD great
// I have a feeling you and I are not lacking in John Simm gifs xD
// IVE only ever watched it once but young John Simm does make me chuckle :) (that must suck :( )
Dear BBC,why not make a serial about Londons homeless&their furbabs? Just contact helper &add John Simm, got a hit!
I wonder if wardrobe made master John Simm look like Radiohead'sThom Yorke purposely
Yeh I have the same prob watching a lot of John Simm shows but all I have is my phn 4 the net.Streaming stuff chews up too much data
I had my doubts but I like her. John Simm was a hard act to follow, he had that sleekit & slimy look down to a tee.
I was definitely picturing John Simm??? V confusing Oliver
If we get to see the Master's regeneration, does that mean John Simm's coming back?
Michelle Gomez returns for Doctor Who Season 9 - Doctor Who - BBC: via YAS! John Simm was still better tho
I love John Simm, he's such a brilliant actor
Do you think John Simm is the better at portraying as the Master?
Unpopular Opinion : I liked Michelle Gomez more as Missy than John Simm as The Master
John Simm as the master was legit just the best villain ever I stg
Any1 loves thrilling mystery serial run for "Intruders" with John Simm &Mira Sorvino,just started a re-watch yesterday.BestsinceXfiles.
This photo of John Simm, Mira Sorvino, and James Frain is my favorite of them together. (I tweaked the photo a bit.) ht…
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John Simm, James Frain I had high hopes for Intruders but gave up 4eps in. Just like Helix had to give up on that too.
Davies was awesome with his use of The Master and John Simm was just both times he featured
So, how about Eric Roberts, John Simm, and Michelle Gomez as three Masters versus McGann, Tennant, Smith, and Capaldi as four Doctors?
Still shots of my pumpkin creations I made today. The 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi with the Tardis. Then a morph between The Master played by John Simm on the left and Missy The Mistress played by Michelle Gomez. I hope everyone enjoys!
Okay she is playing this too John Simm and not enough Roger Delgado!
Let's be honest, we'd all rather have seen John Simm snogging the life out of David Tennant. But I guess that was 'too g…
I can't cope with Sopranos so we are going to watch thing that has Cumberbatch AND Robert Carlyle in it! Only need John Simm for full house
Not a big fan of James Nesbitt tbh. It's like you go to him if can't get John Simm, Christopher Ecceclestone or David Morrissey
How's your Tavvy patois coming along? I don't expect u blend in that well with an accent halfway between John Simm and Andy Capp.
A shot for tonight's episode, BOUND. Monday. 7am. John Simm had suffered the weekend with a stomach virus.
I preferred the BBC production with John Simm, David Morrissey and Bill Nighy myself. Writing on it by Paul Abbott was fab. x
Shame isn't grittier, with maybe David Morrissey as the lead and John Simm as the vicar.
Total brilliance. Yet again has completely finished me off.
know I'm just a mere peasant but The Village has been incredible again. So emotional! Kudos to yourself and everyone involved!
Superb episode of tears all over the place!
- terrific episode, ALL cast brilliant but especially moving scenes from simm - going to be a long wait for series3!
Didn't see it. will have to catch up. BTW like your new pic. You remind me of someone! But who/??
Fantastic performance from in The Village tonight.
thanks for The Village. Truly great Sunday night tv.
Another powerful & poignant series of end's, loved every minute, Congrats to & all the amazing cast
WOW WOW did you see The Village tonight ??? Thanks & Max Peake,
Fabulous last episode of well done to all the cast
Not sure what im watching but i am sure that john simm is one of the best british actors there is he's absoluyley epic
Lily: *giggle* This is a Public Service Announcement. Tomorrow is
If Del Toro ever makes that JL Dark movie (he won't) John Simm should play Constantine.
yeah and i didn't have a ten year crush on John Simm
John Moe getting pepper sprayed last night and jumping off the deck was probably one of the funniest things I've ever seen 😂😭😂
But John Simm was completely wasted. No cow needs milking at the expense of a pub visit/anything else!
Excited and sad for the final episode of 'The Village'. It's my favourite.
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