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John Schneider

John Richard Schneider III (born April 8, 1960) is an American actor and singer. He is best known for his portrayal of Bo Duke in the 1970s-80s American television series The Dukes of Hazzard, of Jonathan Kent in the 2001–2011 TV series Smallville (an adaptation of Superman), and his role as the father in the 2012 film October Baby.

Tom Wopat Pete Carroll Paul Allen Marshawn Lynch Ted Thompson Bo Duke Percy Harvin Russell Wilson Catherine Bach John Glover General Lee Peter King Holiday Concert Luke Duke

Seahawks GM on Marshawn Lynch: 'We would like to know soon'
is the man. He's wearing the same hat that Gene Hackman wore in "Bite the Bullet"
John was terrific in this scene. Really was the mentor
“Got to love the free guitar lessons from
Got to love the free guitar lessons from
Oscar highlights for me were John Legend and Common performing Glory and when that one guy thanked his dog in his acceptance speech
I turned the channel and see that you are on SyFy "10,000 Days" with John Schneider. Cool!
It's been, what? 4 - 5 years? I STILL want a singing collaboration between &
John Schneider sings "One More Hour" from Ragtime. Can you guess the joke Carson makes about it during the intro? C'mon, guess!
Lol just saw actor aka Jim Cryer in. "10,000 Days on Syfy right now, he looks so much nicer with his hair long 🙌🙌🙌🙌
so is John Travolta hanging on to the fake idea that he is a heterosexual A-lister. Hate Hollywood.
Hey john im enjoying this movie a lot great movie Pete
Hello vast of the movie I am watching it now. awesome movie . and like to give a shout out to John Schneider Bring It
now on . So great to have on my TV again! . It needs to be a series!.
and actor Don Shanks on the set of "Like Son" today
shooting scenes for "LikeSon" @ the Livingston Parish 911 call center
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
and John Schneider front row at the Pacers vs Warriors game
John Schneider sees issues in evaluating college QBs
. Hey John just wanted to say hi! I used to take all the pictures while we played paintball at sat cong village. Fun times!
.GM John Schneider would not be surprised if retired:
The website for "Chasing the Rabbit: A Dad's Life Raising a Son on the Spectrum" is live, reserve one
Seahawks GM John Schneider acknowledges he hasn't gotten over Super Bowl loss. This makes sense. That was bad.
5 things we learned from GM John Schneider on [
John Calipari, Steve Lavin, Fred Holberg expected for Briscoe vs. Diallo in NYC. The Cal news per Matt Jones of KSR. http:…
John Schneider: We'll do everything we can to keep Byron Maxwell
At the Rattlesnake Round Up with John Schneider (aka Bo Duke) from the the Dukes of Hazzard
So this just happened! Rob Schneider and John Lovitz... Amazing!!!
John Schneider, Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson are the best thing to happen to Seattle!
Cory Schneider brilliant but Devils lose to Chicago. Déjà vu? Seems like it. Happens every night.
tough season for Schneider, solid numbers but often gets raw deal. Lou's fault for not adding more scoring this summer?
Hello my name is marco and please send me a greeting I'm an actor in mexico and ask you to return smallville
Pope John’s victory over OSNA looks even better now. Lions and Tigers play on Sunday at RC
Best phone call ever with & today.Two good ole boys so warm, easy going. Huge fan of
John Beilein will watch Tyus Battle (tomorrow. Five-star wing prospect.
Maybe this is one of the guys that excites John Schneider
.general manager John Schneider believes the team will have 10 selections in April's
.general manager John Schneider expects the team to have 10 picks:
John Schneider plays dominoes the fun way, he likes to watch them fall in various different ways
I am Proud to be a Seahawk's Fan. Thank you to Paul Allen, John Schneider, Pete Carroll and the entire Seattle Seahawk's team!
John Schneider frantically changes draft board to reflect WRs into “some real wild stuff” in order to build long term rapport with the QB
Excellent job on Keep up the good work. Your portrayal of Jim, no other actor could deliver. Superb.
So and are going to be at Steel City Con here in Pittsburgh in April. And my buddy's General Lee. So excited!
John Schneider: We'll do whatever we can to keep Byron Maxwell
AZ in big trouble cap wise. I appreciate John Schneider so much!
I met John Schneider at a convention in Orlando a couple years back. That's the closest I'll ever get to something like that.
Georgetown Coach John Thompson was also on hand to see score 20 last night
Seahawks GM John Schneider unsure if Marshawn Lynch will return via
John Schneider almost got giddy when he mentioned Kevin Norwood and BJ Daniels he really sounded excited about their future
GM: Want Lynch back; Wilson talks underway: Seahawks GM John Schneider said the team has begun cont...
Seattle GM John Schneider: Russell Wilson may get creative with contract extension to keep competitive
I did too. It was such an up-and-down show. I do wish John Glover and John Schneider had stayed on it longer.
John Schneider also admitted to feeling behind in 48 because of SB too - new plan now
"Richardson coming back will be a big deal, and really important, but I think John Schneider looks WR early in draft" - Peter King on KJR
This fan on the radio feels everyone thinks they're a national joke and demands Paul Allen makes John Schneider makes Pete fire Bevell lol
Seattle has 9. The Denver Broncos, btw, were the franchise John Schneider and Paul Allen wanted to model, bc
For sale, paragraph calling Pete Carroll and John Schneider visionaries after their second super bowl win, never used.
Breaking News: Seahawks Owner Paul Allen and GM John Schneider will right away change nickname of The Seattle Team 2:
Pete Carroll, Paul Allen & John Schneider have something up their sleeve - They didn't throw away this game for no reason.
Worse part about John Schneider's job? Explaining football to Paul Allen.
there's a lot to like about the whole organisation, think with Carroll and John Schneider they can create a dynasty
John Schneider is now watching Chancellor, too. Kam's doing his fist thing, must mean he's good to go!
In the 70s, Tom Wopat and John Schneider must have got more *** than a toilet seat.
Re-signing Lynch and letting Russell know hes gonna be the highest paid player in nfl history before the big game? John Schneider is the man
Great stuff on John Schneider from here:
you're getting slaughtered here John Schneider doesn't believe the Holocaust was real
John Schneider doesn't believe the Holocaust was real
If John Schneider can sign Russell Wilson AND Marshawn Lynch to extensions, he is officially a sorcerer.
An Open Letter to Speaker John Boehner via stop meddling in
CMN memory... Did you know that John Schneider and Marie Osmond are organization co-founders? Please…
Fox has the better coverage this morning. Excellent interview with John Schneider.
Rarely in spotlight, GM John Schneider has been architect of Seahawks' success (
John Schneider and they believed in me since day 1
natives: John Schneider GM just sent pic with client My office in De Pere.
Louisiana Educator Mercedes Schneider reveals the ACT scores John White had hoped no one would see.
An Open Letter to Speaker John Boehner Israelis unhappy over Boehner messing w/Israeli politics to score cheap shot.
Love John Schneider, absolutely cannot get behind a long-term deal for Lynch when he's 28 years old.
Pete Carroll: GM John Schneider has worked tirelessly "to reward our own guys," re: Russell Wilson new contract.
Did Chip Kelly find his John Schneider in Ed Marynowitz? My column written before promotion on Seattle coach-GM model
Comedy/adventure “The Dukes of Hazzard,” starring John Schneider, Tom Wopat and Catherine Bach, began its...
Check out this BTS shot of . w/ Catherine Bach, John Schneider, & Tom Wopat on set for Dukes of Hazzard. h…
Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider reveals that he "loves" Marshawn Lynch's act on and off the field, despite some odd behaviour from the running back.
GM John Schneider, in rare media chat, said he wasn't tired of act: "I kind of love his act."
My last RT, I wonder if Pete Carroll and John Schneider had another "We'll be back" moment after the Cardinals game.
Up close look at Ted Thompson, John Schneider; architects of GB-Seattle:
Photo - Tammy Wynette and John Schneider $12.99 via eBay We love Bonnie...Bonnie McKee that is!!!
Mike Holmgren hired McCloughan as Director of College Scouting, he worked alongside John Schneider in that dept. Ted Thompson ran Personnel
the Seahawks hired Pete Carroll before John Schneider. Not common, but it happens
That is *** Hope you like Robert Urich and John Schneider too.
John Schneider and Tika Sumpter on the set of "The Haves and the Have Nots," from Tyler Perry,…
John Schneider and Tom Wopat, the good old boys from The Dukes of Hazzard, have recorded a Christmas album
happy xmas John. Dukes were my childhood fave. And of course Smallville was gr8. Have a gr8 New Yr too
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
You too! Thanks for your early morning smile!
Get involved in as much local theater as you can. Its a great training ground and an opportunity for others to see your work.
How can you ignore Pete Carroll and John Schneider for coach and GM of the year? Overlooked them the last couple years!! Shameful!
Don't miss your chance to see Tom and John perform together on Long Island! They're playing Apr 11th
I can't figure out whether to use or . I think all 4 are fine 4 divine JS!:)
Go John Schneider! // MMQB w/ Peter King: " Luke Willson just one of team's late-round finds"
John Schneider & Tom Wopat AKA Bo & Luke Duke cover 'Baby Its Cold Outside'. Yup, it's as Brokeback Mountn Date Rapey as youd think it'd be
do you think woody's cash could ever pull john Schneider away? Carroll has end say there
Robyn, this is the show with John Schneider I was telling you about!
as Santa -Thanks Yolanda Rivera for sending this in.
Also known as Bo Duke in the 'Dukes Of Hazzard,' John Schneider and the best remake of "White Christmas" I've heard
I might go to Bob Schneider Music at John T. Floore Country Store in Helotes, TX - Jan 23
John Schneider traded a 3rd and swapped a 2nd for Charlie Whitehurt. He signed Matt Flynn and traded a 1st for Percy Ha…
DUKES OF HAZZARD what a change for you
Interestingly enough, same search firm that placed Idzik also claims placement of Pete Carroll and John Schneider.
Drexel has offered 2016 guard James Scott of Pope John (NJ).
Yes, have had a crush on you since Dukes, and we are now a Mopar only fam
love you John, especially in smallvills
- John Schneider -- Marriage is a Hazzard ... Wife Files for Divo
Waiting with great anticipation for The Haves and the Have Nots to return on Jan 6th! Are you?
This one, much like Sharknado, features multiple sharks.
"we want a consistent championship caliber team" -- John Schneider. Not, "we expect to win championships every year"
Yeah, Paul Allen was totally stupid for hiring a consulting firm to go out and hire John Schneider
So did Seattle when they hired John Schneider
That is a great idea, I am working with teamrippedduke and is my coach and I just signed on to become a coach
But then Tom Wopat and John Schneider salvaged it.
I was driving to LAX and heard you and Tom on NPR. It was brilliant. Especially the Latin redux of the Steve Allen tune.
Tom Wopat & John Schneider talked to about their new album.
You may know & from "Dukes of Hazzard." They have a new album out of Christmas songs.
Congratulations to our Team Beachbody head coach John Schneider! Not only is he a great coach but also a great...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Outlaw Porsche by John Schneider - Outlaw Porsche Photograph - Outlaw Porsche Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale
VIDEO: John Wall dedicates game to 6-year-old who died of cancer today, breaks down in tears at postgame interview
I love this. The Dukes were on Meredith Viera's show last week and John Schneider looks amazing. Like a fine wine!
"Waiting for Wilson": How the Seahawks and John Schneider scouted, then drafted Russell Wilson via
Thank you, John Wall, for supporting cancer research -
Saturday night at John Schneider Studios: The Holiday Concert with John and Tom brought out a couple of familiar looking cars.
This is probably the stupidest thing I have ever done but I just ding dong ditched Papa John Schneider house in Anchorage Kentucky with my brother Cody Kennedy
So cool to meet Definitely one of my biggest childhood here's from Dukes of Hazzard :) 2 ht…
Really, really hoping has the integrity to eat some crow tomorrow Re: John Wall. Should have done it years ago, really,
Tricky Nicky Schneider with the clutch 3 late in the 4th quarter
Great job by Cory Schneider making 39 saves
to John Schneider how are you doing ? My name is. Doreen kmiec
remember the titans, man on fire, john Q, flight, American gangster, he got game, crimson tide and 100 more lol
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "John Metz Schneider". Help expand it!
My response. “It happened again... When win big GM John Schneider goes shirtless.
My John Schneider fan club kit came today!!! So excited and this makes up for having to miss out on…
Music Review: Christmas Albums from John Schneider and Tom Wopat, Peter ... - (blog)
If GB ever wants John Schneider, they can rip him from my cold, dead fingers.
This is too good not to post again. John Schneider is awesome. .
stars reunite for a new album on Thur/Noon!
John Schneider apparently is like 6'2" in ESPN fantasy world. And not wearing WWE belt which I'm like 104% sure he had on.
Saturday night, after the Holiday Concert at John Schneider Studios
Unique Holiday gift! jersey signed by the guys that brought him to the !
So John Schneider went shirtless in the locker just like he did after the super bowl
So, John Schneider took his shirt off in the Seahawks' locker room again
John Schneider is the Swagger template for the team.
Well John Schneider went shirtless again after last night's win.
It happened again... When the win a big game. GM John Schneider goes shirtless.
Guest DJs: John Schneider/Tom Wopat: ‘Songs from the Hazzard Barn’ (12/11 at Noon Eastern & Pacific) We have been in hot pursuit of the Dukes since the ‘70s. After the series ended (1979-1985) John Schneider and Tom Wopat both remained very active, with John acting, singing, directing, producing and writing; and Tom going for Broadway and creating Bobby Darin/Sinatra styled albums. With their common interest in music they’ve reunited for a new holiday music album: 'Home For Christmas' (link to buy below). The chemistry is still there, and their mellow hipster-cool style is ear-pleasing and relaxing. Perfectly suited for Christmas crooning. Hear snippets of the album and their picks of ‘70s music found in the Hazzard Barn. The General Lee is home for Christmas! “Ye-haaa!” Duration: 1 hour Rebroadcast: 12/11 3pm; 12/12 1am/10pm; 12/13 8am; 12/14 4am/5pm and On Demand (*all times EDT)
Just two 'good ole boys' singing Christmas songs: Tom Wopat and John Schneider reunite
John Schneider or Tom Wopat? Were you driving the General Lee? Get a keychain button to make that horn sound next time!
didn't personally choose Un Deux Trois for an impromptu mid-afternoon cocktail with Tom Wopat and John Schneider, but definitely approves.
'Dukes of Hazzard' stars talk 'bromance': John Schneider and Tom Wopat on 'Dukes of Hazzard' 35th anniversary ...
Aw...he already has.i love you John Schneider
There's no easy way 2 say this. But I just bought the John Schneider & Tom Wopat Christmas CD.
FROM THE ARCHIVES: Selected celebrities I have photographed over the years. John Schneider aka Bo…
"Ponch and John." So is that the song where Schneider laments about the pains of growing old?
I sure am :)) thank you and sweet dreaming sunshine :)
Great Xmas present. Going to get some sleep, enjoy series 2, sleep well :-)
Im sure I can find it some where from the internet Gonna make it my Xmas present
well I´ll just have to start looking lol :)))
I'm sure you can, just about everything on DVD :-)
is it available I mean can you buy that ???
I'm serious you will be the first person in Iceland to have the Boxset too :-))
Next time I go shopping will find the Boxset for you :-) Enjoy
No I just series 2 and haven´t even seen series 1 lol BUT SURE AM LOVING IT :)
This is the FIRST time I watch this show. It was´t eared up here in Iceland :(
Carroll on LB Chris Borland: "John [Schneider] really liked him, he thought he was a great football player."
I said I would go if John came for 5 days
Why is it every show I watch with John Schneider he dies
Congratulations to our Vice President of the Ohio Eta Chapter, Brother Jake Schneider!
John Schneider looks like he could have a great career in radio
John, who has final say in Seattle, Schneider or Pete?
Seahawks GM John Schneider says on pre-game radio show that DT Travian Robertson will play some today. "We are excited to see him play.''
Not everyday do you meet John Harrington, Rob McClanahan, and Buzz Schneider✌️
Lauren Burgoyne and John Schneider celebrate Arizona Celebration of Freedom in Mesa -
when I was very little John Schneider and John Travolta and then as a teen, Marky Mark !
In other news: Pete Carroll and John Schneider, this is the year to keep a 1st round pick. We need to get a piece of this UW defense.
Put up your 'Dukes': Tom Wopat & John Schneider back in tune: The Duke boys are at it again. Though this time ... http:…
Three of my favorite words...It's Race Day!!! cc:
yeah! I got a big crush on him and John Schneider LOL
if you don't who this is, you need to look up Steve Brule right now!!
hey john for you to remember me I was the girl that asked you to sign my Denver Pyle pitcher at the Silver Classic race
is John Schneider in town? U should tell him his TV son Tom Welling is there too lol
Shared history of GM John Dorsey, Seahawks GM John Schneider reflects on respective teams:
. Tom Wopat & John Schneider in concert! . Joe's Pub at PublicTheater NYC Dec2! .
Just saw the Auto Trader commercial with John Schneider and Tom Wopat. Awesome.
Get a first listen to ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ stars John Schneider, Tom Wopat new Christmas CD -
Carroll: John Schneider working up until Tuesday's trade deadline, but no news now. Marshawn Lynch not on trading block.
Pete Carroll says GM John Schneider is "working it" to explore any potential trades for No, Marshawn Lynch won't be one of them
LOL about a report saying Lynch is gone?! AS IF John Schneider has the media on his speed dial and would say this?! Come one!!
Percy Harvin got traded mid week, crushing his fantasy owners. But more importantly, what were Seattle Seahawks’ general manager John Schneider and New York Jets’ GM John Idzik thinking? Wink, wink, pat on the back, say no more. The Percy Harvin trade, inside the head of a NFL GM. Dan Salem and To…
Remember that time you screwed up at work? John Schneider went to Paul Allen and said "We made a $15 mil mistake and have to cu…
arent afraid of death. So many times the outside public was fed stories about Pete Carrol and John Schneider looking for "types"
My thoughts on the Percy Harvin trade: GOOD for the Hawks. I don't regret the trade, they saw the undeniable talent the guy possesses, & took a chance on him. Did they overpay? You could say so. Should they have kept the draft picks & looked elsewhere? Perhaps. But it was worth a chance. Harvin looked explosive in his few appearances last season, including his near Super Bowl MVP performance. But you can't risk losing your locker room due to one man's ego. Harvin has been trouble everywhere he's been before; we knew this before he was even traded to Seattle. Seattle did the right thing, showcase his skill set while he's actually healthy & find a team who will take a chance on him; much like we did. Props to Pete Carroll, John Schneider, & Paul Allen for making a move while they still could. I can only imagine it's not easy seeing an investment fall well short of expectation, but way to find a solution, act on it quickly. I wish Percy luck with the Jets. As for the Hawks; it's time to get back to Seahawk f ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Come on people! It's all good! Seahawk fans are posting some pretty wild comments about the Percy Harvin trade. The ONLY trade I would not approve of is trading Pete Carroll and John Schneider. They have made some great decisions and I think everyone should calm down. Way to early in the season to get all crazy
John Schneider "Okay Darrell Bevell, u want to throw to Percy instead of giving it to Lynch. Now you have no choice."
Pretty stinking excited about the Christmas album Tom Wopat and John Schneider are doing together. Like. A lot excited.
John Schneider & Tom Wopat at the Nashville Palace [1 of 5] (DVD Rip): via playlist
John Schneider & Tom Wopat are in a Dukes of Hazzard-themed commercial. Guess they're making their way the only way they know how
John Schneider aka Bo Duke - we used to kiss the television when he came on screen.
John Schneider and Kane Hodder talking about horror film at Days of the Dead Lax Marriott photo from...
Some good insight from on when he worked w/GM Ted Thompson & GM John Schneider in GB
great SI article on Ted Thompson and John Schneider. Can see a lot of their traits w/ McKenzie
If you liked my film you'll love my inspirational memoir
Don't get me wrong, I didn't think Ricther would be playing THE John Whatshisname. Maybe, Whatshisname, Jr.. As for Ponch? Rob Schneider.
Just read Paper Towns by John Green and loved it. Also The Beginning of Everything by Robyn Schneider looks pretty good.
is it true there bringing back The Dukes of Hazzard
Oh, to be part of this crew! Friday nights haven't been the same:
Does that not look like John Schneider with Welker though...?
Update your maps at Navteq
‘BREW CITY DREAMS’ IN SCHLITZ PARK: By John Schneider “You’ll never see this space like this again—ever,” Debra...
FH lead Tom Wopat performs with John Schneider at NYCB Theatre at Westbury on October 24th:
The open the playoffs tonight vs Spokane. Manager John Schneider joins to chat about it
A remake of this film, starring THE DUKES OF HAZZARD's , was produced in 2011 -
Would like to thank Anne Schneider and John and Jim McLaughlin for the 11 years of partnership we had with them through Palmerston Grain!
New computer and new problem... I just realized that I can't log in to my Blog page because my shortcut to the...
I KNOW you've heard this a million times, but you were the BEST Jonathan Kent EVER. You're ACES in "The Haves and the Have N
Look who dropped in to the new celebrity hang out, Roly Poly - Tucker, GA on Sunday! It's John Schneider and...
John Schneider & Tom Wopat in NYCB Theatre at Westbury on Friday, October 24th, 2014 via
Max Schneider's version make it so much… ♫ Don't You Worry Child [feat. John Martin] by Swedish House Mafia —
I read that as John Schneider first. Quite an image.
has been nominate several times but no video of his Guess he just donated (by John Schneider)
or they just have bad talent evaluators. The GM john Schneider wanted to take Wilson in the 2nd round.
send an email to John Schneider and tell him that. He knew he would be good.
Today the camp made a new friend for life. John Schneider came out early this morning to capture local...
Update your maps at Navteq
John Schneider the blonde one from Dukes Of Hazzards . .
Hello John Schneider. How is the TV legend today?
John Digweed presents "Transitions with John Digweed and Anja Schneider" at
Also thanks to of and everyone else that came by
Great meeting at AMS during broadcast! Those TV spots are
My hubby and John Schneider were the last two contenders for the role of "Bo Duke." The world got John; I got Kent. http…
John Schneider escapes from prison only to have Kirk Douglas hot on his tail in 'Eddie Macon's Run'
will you please help share Kayla's story? I played golf with you in Orlando 2 years ago!
Schneider talks about the Vancouver Canadians advancing to playoffs yet ... - The Province (blog)
"The Twenty-Nine" by Schneider. CEDRIC (CONT’D) I can’t do this. Tries to hand over the control box. Earhart...
Eric Roberts and John Schneider in the same movie? Dayam
Actor John Schneider talks about opening film studio in Louisiana
How about a movie where u & r in a space battle fighting aliens & u guys win.
Watching some old Dukes of Hazzard eps and *** was John Schneider a handsome devil.
That’s me in top picture, with John Spencer & Nick Schneider as post-docs at JPL during Voyager Neptune encounter.
Electronic Device Insurance
oh yeah. Huh. You must feel like I did when I found out John Schneider was on Secret life lol
Just favorited "Transitions with John Digweed and Anja Schneider" Cloudcast by John Digweed on Mixcloud
I'm trying to rally up as many ppl as possible to do the challenge for autism. Will you take the challenge
2016 Pope John XXIII (NJ) G James Scott has received an offer from East Carolina. (HT
Today I'm answering the from John Schneider at - I'll include some tax tips for entertainment.
Hey and - check out the lovely article John White wrote about me! (If I do say so myself…
“Check out AM Customer John's crazy What do you think? Mach😍
"The Twenty-Nine" by Schneider. JACK Correct. RUSSEL. Then how is it that most things in. the building were charred...
John, can't wait to see this Great Show.
We saw John Schneider out on his boat yesterday.
Time for the Fantasy Football Draft! I'm in John Schneider mode. Lol
Harper is arguably one of the worst draft choices by John Schneider since he became the GM of the Seahawks.
In other news today was john greens birthday and I didn't even know about it so happy birthday John, keep doing you
SEALED, JOHN SCHNEIDER, You ain seen the last of me, STICKER
That tells it all! This is a test that I have to practice patience. Thanks John!
Tyler said this season will be off the chain so John and all hold onits gonna be a bumpy ride
John is awesome! If he's shocked, I know I will be on the floor January 6th.
no he's saying I'm handling it even tho my face says otherwise! Just luv John!
Check out and I's cover of All of Me by John Legend!!!
Turning a 7th into a 6th is so John Schneider.
Seen your video in the shower .. still fine as ever! 👍💋😍
Oakland GM Reggie McKenzie is listed to be in the booth for this exhibition, like GM John Schneider last week
holds at with "It's Now or Never". Wish that album & the Christmas album were on CD. I love those songs.
And Chris Harper gets cut at the 75 cut down in GB, biggest miss of John Schneider drafts ever
Those people weren't alone in giving Tom praise. John Schneider & John Glover & all he worked with praised him.
"The Twenty-Nine" Schneider. What did she say? Everyone falls to their knees and begins scraping away the weeds...
Somehow this week in '81 John Schneider's "It's Now or Never" & Oak Ridge Boys' 'Elvira' were higher in AT40 than Benetar's "Fire & Ice'.
John Schneider had a hit cover of It's Now Or Never? I don't remember that and it sounds like I don't want to
tell Egyptian television that he intends to present a 'surprise' diplomatic initiative to John Kerry
"Eugene Young" should be "Eugene Puryear" in your article on Mike Brown protest - John, ANSWER Coalition
Shared the same stage at different times with these 2 awesome guys and
It kind of seems like Ted Thompson lost a bit of the magic when John Schneider, Reggie McKenzie and John Dorsey all left GB for GM roles
Why wouldn't the man be smiling? GM John Schneider regaled the sidelines before the game.
Hi john schneider I really like you
Whatever Pete Caroll/John Schneider want. They're the experts. I have no problem either way.
I wanna know what John Schneider thinks of Trent Richardson
What's your beef with John Schneider? his "country music career"?.
let me audition for a role mr. John.
so Donny it's your Turn. John just challenged you!
Love it! John Schneider thank u for calling Donny out!
John Schneider challenged Welling so hopefully it happens!
"The Twenty-Nine" Schneider. INT. MIDDLE HOUSE KITCHEN - NIGHT. Jack sits at the kitchen table looking at his...
I watched from the pilot on because John Schneider was in it, but then I fell SO hard for Clark and Lex.
So my sister wanted my phone book to find her friend Josie Padalecki's number. HIS AUNT! My brother works for John Schneider and now this. No, they don't share!
Bo & Luke Duke still got it! Always had a crush on John Schneider. Listened to his albums. So excited to watch him on Smallville.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
ICYMI, Pete Carroll and John Schneider have some interesting draft philosophies They talk about them here.
John Schneider: Pools, lakes aren't always needed for summer cool-off
When I met John Schneider I couldn't even speak which is pretty unusual for me.
Why don't they make guys who look like John Schneider or Rob Lowe anymore?
Texas WRs with game experience currently practicing: John Harris, Jacorey Warrick. That is all.
I did love that dredd reboot. Better story and no Rob Schneider.
"The Twenty-Nine" by John Schneider. Words you never want to hear from a man in uniform regarding someone you love...
Song of the day 2: In The Driver's Seat by John Schneider from Quiet Man (1982)
Danceworks Matches Art to Art: Danceworks Matches Art to Art By John Schneider Six works were planned but...
Absolutely love the new Auto Traders commercials!
I want John Schneider , John Stamos , Andrew Lincoln to be on
John you play Cryer well, hard to believe it's you. U R ez on the eyes, thanks for great drama on Tuesday nights.
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