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John Schneider

John Richard Schneider III (born April 8, 1960) is an American actor and singer. He is best known for his portrayal of Bo Duke in the 1970s-80s American television series The Dukes of Hazzard, of Jonathan Kent in the 2001–2011 TV series Smallville (an adaptation of Superman), and his role as the father in the 2012 film October Baby.

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Check out my interview with actor John Schneider below! .
The only way they can take away our beloved "Daisy Duke"!. Will be when they pry her…
Well what coins & bills will they want to change? Lol. This is just all so sad..whic…
Or Westerns classics..with icons like John Wayne..because of portrait of natives?
won't be long till ISIS won't have anything to destroy in America after they walk in, LOL
Tyler Perry The have and the Have Nots actor John Schneider!
Tyler Perry 's The Haves and the Have Nots Dukes Of Hazzard star John Schneider in the house!
Are *** people really richer than straight people?
Slavin said he was surprised Brock's case even got filed. Said he told John Schneider early on "this didn't happen."
I had a similar reaction when Bo Duke (John Schneider) bent over in those tight jeans
Slavin assured GM John Schneider that alleged DV "didn't happen." Seattle sent own investigators to talk with people involved.
Cool I love the video and I am proud of you John Schneider
Hey, hope not, love those daisy dukes
If all southerners were like these people there would be no problem
If its privately owned it is no ones business and should be left alone. If it is pub…
How long before all images of this popular TV show ever existing are wiped from the slate?
Dang, I love that show. Daisy Dukes kill it!
holy intense and dark...remind me not to get you mad 😐👍WOW
It's a bummer though bc I really enjoy watching your work & the fact is involved - BO…
Huge pickup. This might be my favorite Pete Carroll/John Schneider roster they have put together. If this O-line gels. Whew.
Actor (best known for Smallville & the Dukes of Hazzard) is throwing out the first pitch at tonight's ga…
Not as much fun as Gambler, Girl and Gunslinger-- but great folks to work with! Esp the amazing John Schneider-!
“John Schneider&4:GO - "The most shocking movie you will EVER see!"” by on https…
GM John Schneider on Colin Kaepernick: “He is committed to football, there’s no question about it"
"He's back to himself," Seahawks GM John Schneider says of Thomas Rawls on More on that here:
Answer to the 6980 Roswell Rd. trivia I asked yesterday. John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard).
I'm watching John Schneider on ep of Dr. Quinn & I can't remember if Jonathan Kent & Genevieve Teague ever met on Smallville.
The Dukes of Hazzard: Tom Wopat as Luke, Catherine Bach as Daisy and John Schneider as Bo Duke.
In the woods on a Friday night with Dean Cain, Kerry Cahill and John Schneider 🎬🎥
Congrats to John Schneider and his staff on another successful draft!
"What's your deal?" John Schneider and Pete Carroll discuss why they keep drafting Jim Harbaugh's players.
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Get sense John Schneider, bc of Green Bay ties, knows/has fine idea whom Packers want 1st pick of rd 2= Why tra…
John Schneider is the freakin' man. Seattle's gonna pick 34, 58, 90, 95, 102 & 106 tomorrow. . That's, just. the best.
Friday is Seahawks' GM John Schneider's day: 6 scheduled picks - two in the 2nd, four in the 3rd.
I had one ice cream bar left in the freezer but John Schneider just traded it away for one tomorrow afternoon /and/ a choco…
John Schneider getting his Jerry Dipoto on tonight
Seahawks GM John Schneider says he's "moved past" Richard Sherman trade; "If someone calls and goes crazy with something, we'll discuss it"
Sat, 08 Apr 2017, let us all send John Schneider (screen actor) the best Happy Birthday wishes today ((57)
the lob is a philosophy created by the vision of Pete Carroll and John Schneider played out by cam earl Sherm and browner.
Dude, has anyone told you to fix the typo on the first word of your bio?
Hi Happy Bday!.I loved your performance on played a pretty cool father.Greetings from Catalonia
Forgot that sent me this. New reading material. 😊.
can I get an opinion from you? Is cheddar cheese on apple pie okay?
It still gets me right in the feel goods
Real-time profitability creating efficiency and ultimately, profitabilty
Spent day working with Dean Cain on a new John Schneider film. Class guy with great talent.
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On a Wednesday radio show, GM John Schneider said "the news is real."
on Retro Country 890: John Schneider - What'll You Do About Me Tune in at
** John Schneider talks next steps with Marshawn Lynch -
Your bio says "I can help you" Im a mass comm/film student needing mentorship in the industry Please follow so I can DM you
Now playing: I've been around enough to know by John Schneider! Listen {
GM John Schneider is making himself appealing to future players with Sherman trade honesty. "We're not going to BS each other."
Thank you for clarifying. You have checked in with John Schneider about it?
On air at talking with John Schneider before Royce Hall show on Sat. April 8. Listen live:
The trade scenario in which land Richard Sherman, and get a player + high draft pick in return https:/…
Publicizing Richard Sherman being placed on trading block is a bit strange.. But have to give John Schneider the benefit of the doubt.
Richard Sherman trade rumours have seemed just that - rumours - but GM John Schneider has just confirmed:
John Schneider prefers the 2016 draft - John Schneider spoke on Brock and Salk yesterday and had this to say ab...
IYCMI: My article on the trade that would give the Richard Sherman and the a player + a Top 50 pick
This will happen in the near future. Hey Kaep! How's it going buddy. John Schneider calling. What's your schedule like this week?
During an interview on the radio, Seahawks GM John Schneider confirmed that the team has discussed a Richard Sherman tr…
John Schneider talks next steps with Marshawn Lynch via
Enjoyed it I'm ready for Inadmissible and One Month Out
Thunderstorms,downpours and What a good evening.
John Schneider says on move of Lynch to Raiders would go "in a smooth manner'' cuz of relationship with Reggie M…
Seahawks GM John Schneider on the Richard Sherman situation: 'What you've seen lately in the news is real; that's...
i will kill John Schneider if he trades Sherm
Seahawks GM John Schneider: Marshawn Lynch talks with Raiders will go smoothly
John-Schneider-On-Music at Vimeo. Get your Skirt Ruffled by my music! at
John Schneider talks next steps with Marshawn Lynch
Received my autographed copy of Ruffled Skirts today. Thanks
A Richard Sherman trade between the and could look like this
Checkout the online auction run by GM John Schneider to benefit Families for Effective Autism Treatment.
Giants coach Ben McAdoo, 49ers GM John Lynch and Seahawks GM John Schneider at Texas Tech pro day to watch QB Patrick Mahome…
Among others, Ben McAdoo, John Lynch, and John Schneider in attendance at Texas Tech's pro day. QB Patrick Mahomes II to thro…
Apparently Marshawn Lynch asked to be released in a meeting with Pete Carroll and John Schneider. Could be worth a quick add in Dynasty
Report: Marshawn Lynch met w/ Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider on Thursday and asked for his release.…
Marshawn Lynch met with Seattle GM John Schneider and Pete Carroll on Thursday asking for his release, per Huffington Post.…
I think John Schneider was working for the Packers during T.J. Lang's rookie season.
John Schneider talking about George Fant playing against Robert Quinn, "God Bless him and good luck." That about sums it up 😂
GM John Schneider will address the media at the combine Wednesday; Pete Carroll will talk Thursday:
As if John Schneider knew Russell Wilson was franchise QB, Paul Allen had extra 9M laying around to throw at Matt Flynnn🙄🙄
John Schneider clears the air on Richard Sherman controversy
See what John Schneider said about the leaving Richard Sherman off injury reports this season.
.GM John Schneider explained why Pete Carroll said Richard Sherman had a knee injury that wasn't reported.
John Schneider says Seahawks weren't malicious in not disclosing Richard Sherman injury
- VINCENT , Were u a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard in 1978 on CBS??? I did, big fan of John Schneider & Tom Wopat.
Happy Birthday to the Dukes of Hazzard!. The Dukes of Hazzard, starring Tom Wopat, John Schneider and Catherine...
Today is Dukes of Hazzard Day. The TV series premiered on this date in 1979, starring John Schneider & Tom Wopat as Bo and Luke
Sonny Shroyer, Tom Wopat, and John Schneider from The Dukes of Hazzard candid smiling 8 x 10 photo..
Catherine Bach, John Schneider and Tom Wopat in The Dukes of Hazzard 24x36 Poster on top of General..
Final 4 NFL teams all have top-10 offensive lines. It's not everything, but it's *** important. CC: John Schneider.
Don't be a hater just because John Schneider won't pay for an offensive line. Second straight season Hawks are out in divisional rd.
I hope John Schneider watched that Green Bay/Dallas game and saw what offensive lines look like when they're not, you know, offensively bad
Bubbles Uncle works in the BC Coolies, everyone is coming on a trip to Canada, been laughing bout movie in my head all day!
My plan is to have her earn enuf to buy her own trailer or park, it's perfect for her! Better revenge then prison! :)
Hi, My Mom has agreed to be on trailer park boys, but u have to promise to be a little nicer in character on TV...
Hope John Schneider is watching GB to learn what a great OL does for a great QB
Per coach John Hynes: no changes in F or D. Cory Schneider starts. It'll be Jacob Markstrom in goal for Vancouver.
that's the challenge that John Schneider faces this offseason. We will see if he's a good GM or a great one.
Unacceptable. People in a position to say this is wrong, all of it, still say nothing. Praise John Lewis.
I think John Schneider is going to work some magic this offseason.
if you're John Schneider, do you bring back jimmy? Or free up $10 million more in cap space?
John Schneider faces the most important offseason of his tenure.
Finally, thank you to and John Schneider and and the other coaches and management. We love our team.
If the want to improve and dominate they need to sign experienced talented OL players. Ball's in your court John Schneider
I don't fault Bevell for the O-line (that's on Tom Cable & John Schneider), but Bevell's flaw: Jimmy Graham woefully underused.
If u change your mind about inviting me to the studio to cook for U there in person, just drop me a line! :-)
Then I need to go take a bus ride to practice early rising for temp agency work whether I am well enuf or not! I need $$FOOD
Seasoned fries of course! Should be a Great dinner! Right Now I need to go YELL at Johnny Depps Lawyers for not co-operating
I made my first Salmon fish cakes or patties whatever u call them today! They turned out great! Sure wish I was at your hse!
Happy MLK day Don. Have you called John Lewis to thank him?.
Follow us across country and support us @
I Trust you John Schneider, go out there and make me proud in the off season- In John We Trust
. . . and it's contagious . . . . However I've never noticed before how much Fred Schneider looks like John Sessions.
With , John Schneider and locked down in Seattle. The championship window has 3 years left minimum
John Schneider and Thanks for another playoff season. Please don't fool yourselves about what you have on the O-line.
A lot of GMs have hit on less in that time, including John Schneider.
If John Schneider drafts any WR or RB's this year I think I'm gonna consider that he's dumb and needs to go
Love John Schneider, but this is a problem created by him/our front office. Disappointing.
I love the job you and Schneider have done but bevell needs to go. He couldn't even beat what was essentiall…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
John Schneider in front of the General Lee after a single A baseball game
which is a shame. They're extremely unlikeable (as is their fan base) given John Schneider is super nice and cool (IMPE)
Memo to conservatives - this is how you speak about John Lewis:
wow Chasen is a grown man, last time I saw him we were playing Agoura baseball.
Meryl Streep now gearing up to play the lead role in The John Lewis Story.
Great news John. Hope you have a great time.
Hot take: John Schneider deserves the GM version of a Razzie for the signing of Webb, Sowell, Kearse & Lane this previous off-season.
St. John's is in to see '19 prospects Scottie Lewis, Bryan Antoine, Ahmadu Sarnor & Alex Klatsky. Robert Morris is watchin…
John Schneider, pregame interview presented by "Confidence at a great spot". 📻 |
I will tell to fire our special team coach and you should tell John Schneider to replace the whole O line except Justin Britt.
Just saw you on an episode of Diagnosis Murder. The Casanova just get better with age.
Off to you John Schneider,,. Roll up your selves & get to work. Ol / DL ... maybe a high end running back
Why doesn't John Schneider get what fans know? That Darrell Bevell and Tom Cable have got to go!
John Schneider is disgraceful. Put together a god awful OLine and has drafted horribly. Should be fired imo
I really, really hope John Schneider pays extra attention to the o-line this off-season. The line was brutal for 2 seasons.
This is more than Carroll this is also on GM John Schneider!
When do Pete Carroll and John Schneider start getting it in the neck over the Seahawks OL. It's been like 5 years now.
If I was Earl Thomas I would crutch myself up to John Schneider's office and sit Indian style in front of his door.
Fant did as well as he could. John Schneider’s “big” FA/OL signings (J'Marcus Webb/Brad Sowell) not even on the field today.
That may have been a John Schneider move due to Webb's cap hit. Cable never seemed to like Webb.
John Schneider needs to quit putting O Line at bottom priority, stop shopping at Goodwill for O linemen.
John Elway is a genius man. Top GM in the league by far behind John Schneider
'Gut' was my nickname. And I was picked on terribly by many, many...
"You think I'd confess in a room full of microphones?" 😂
Peter: Lois, you know my rule. You are only allowed to sleep with three people besides me: Gene Simmons, John Schneider or Boba Fett.
Have a wonderful day, John. Merry Christmas, remember there's always a Angel watching over you now.
For Seahawks GM John Schneider, game at Green Bay is a homecoming
YEE HAW!! Look what I'll be binge watching today!!! Merry Christmas 🎁🎄
one of my daughter favorites Day Chevy Chase,Jean Smart & John Schneider Chris Elliott Aweso…
hope you have a merry Christmas. Keeping my fingers crossed for a return to
John Schneider, pregame interview presented by "This is a very special place to play.". 📻 |
watching my favorite Christmas movie:
Funny how john schneider takes no heat for this team
Well John Schneider picked them, technically. So go ahead and have that conversation.
This is all on John Schneider IMO. He is the GM and has the final say. It's been his choice no…
Please Pete Carroll and John Schneider... I want nothing for Christmas but an O-Line... I'm begging you.
The blame should go to Pete Carroll and John Schneider. They put this flawed team together
you should be asking Tom Cable and John Schneider
John Schneider is the blame didn't address the offensive line off season or trading deadline
John Schneider is the blame for this lost season but he will get a media pass in seattle.
John Schneider is the blame but he'll get a seattle media pass
Merry Christmas to one of my favorite celebrity stalkers, look what my mailman delivered, God Bless…
If Pete can't pull the trigger John Schneider needs to
For all the praise that John Schneider gets he has to have gotten the least from his first round picks (inc trades) of most GM's in league
That call is on Bevell... I'm so glad John Schneider is watching this from the field. First row seats to many gaps he has to fill
John Schneider is the blame but know one will blame him because he won a superbowl 3yrs ago media mulligan
Rob Schneider and John Cena is a HEFTY commercial. I kinda wanna see them in a buddy comedy now.
It's time to look at QBs in the draft, John Schneider
John Schneider please spend the money to get an OL to protect Russell next year! You can't win when your QB is on the ground
John Schneider talking about being a nut cutter yet he's a nut coddler when it comes to bevell
John Schneider also needs to get cussed out. Why the fvck would he resign Kearse and not some real fvckin o-linemen
you can blame John Schneider or cable more than bevell...
He should have gave John Schneider about $30m dollars of his contract to replace this $9m. offensive line. 😂
John Schneider, you're one of the best GM's in sports. But you have to take a long look at this offense. Embarrassing.
John Schneider should be embarrassed by what he's doing to Russell Wilson. He needs to take a page from his buddy Reggie Mckenzie
How does John Schneider get off on this?SICK of this Tom Cable BS as well Joe Thomas was available
You can blame this year win or loose on John Schneider
Don't really get what Pete Carroll & John Schneider were thinking with this offensive line. 4 sacks in a quarter
I agree on this but do you find it odd John Schneider has never been executive of the year? Seems unlikely it will ever happen
If you want this General Lee signed clearly by John Schneider. This is being auctioned off. The current bid is...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Seahawks GM John Schneider said Sunday that Thomas Rawls (fibula) is expected to miss all of October.
Seahawk GM John Schneider says on pre-game radio show that Thomas Rawls "is going to be out another month, or approximately…
how good does the 2015 Draft look like for John Schneider? Jimmy Graham, Frank Clark, Tyler Lockett, Mark Glowinski &…
When you boil it down, most movies are message movies. And I think careers are made in messa
STILL very bad in Louisiana! FEMA is failing citizens. MANY still without homes. .
But I thought Grison was executive of the year in 2012 because he drafted Luck and John Schneider only drafted Russell Wilson?
James Schneider and John McTernan did a discussion panel on Labour's immediate future, organised by the Fabians. Couldn't go, unfortunately.
Leaving this offensive line for Russell Wilson might be a fireable offense for John Schneider. Anyone could tell you they needed one.
C-Mike chip block to buy time for a Graham touchdown. This is what John Schneider dreamed about.
on Retro Country 890: John Schneider - Country Girls Tune in at
Trump said he would relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem (from TLV). Wow. . Tal Schneider recalls that John Kerry,...
I just uploaded a new video to 25/09/2016 English LIVE John Schneider and pregame interview…
I know that if I concentrate on making other people shine, I will shine. It is really abou
LIVE on LIVE John Schneider and RaibleKIRO7 pregame interview.
Fans giving lots of love pregame today
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
.on LIVE John Schneider and pregame interview.
LIVE on LIVE John Schneider and pregame interview.
because a John Schneider or a dirk Benedict would draw eyeballs. Don't want to lose gh too. Jmho
Having a meal with John Schneider and Alicia Allain tonight in Louisiana. He's signing a Dukes bowl for charity.
No panic here. We don't need Steve Hutchinson, just an experienced back-up with some size. Good call on Webb this spring, John Schneider ;)
So, finally decided to give smallville a shot, to my huge surprise they casted John Schneider as Jonathan Kent...
John Schneider reminds me of Plutarch Heavensbee in the Hunger Games
Seahawks: GM and Wisconsin native John Schneider says there's no Packers out clause in his deal should that job op…
Asked GM John Schneider if he has an out in his new contract to leave for Green Bay. "No." Acknowledges "lot of…
Dynamic between Seahawks Pete Carroll and John Schneider has been fantastic
Seahawks reached agreement with HC Pete Carroll today, two days after locking up GM John Schneider, sources tell ESPN. De…
extend top GM John Schneider, key architect of our roster.Congrats!
I would like to not only thank Paul Allen but also John Schneider
"Bennett's value sits in...his middling contract, which allows John Schneider to TEAM-BUILD."
This is a great photo. Michael Bennett and John Schneider probably just having a regular conversation about life.
did that really happen to John Schneider for either one of the Super Bowl teams?
Jon Gruden, Jeff George, Desmond Howard, and Spurrier have all played roles in John Schneider's career. Great chat
So if Pete and John Schneider can replenish the pass rush after Bennett/Avril, the defense has a "shelf life" of 5-6 years more.
John Schneider and the took less over more from a conference foe. And they still mad! 😄
LIVE on Pete Carroll and John Schneider on day two of draft.
John Schneider trading Paxton Lynch for a third
The Seahawks GM John Schneider is the Billy Bean of the NFL; I'm not even sure why I watch the 1st round.
GM John Schneider & shared what they're looking for in the . 🎥 [
John Schneider as Jonathan Kent, Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent and Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Sma
Also, John Elway is a loudmouth putz & a bully & isn't fit to hold John Schneider's jock; the other shoe will drop in Denver, mark my words
John Schneider expects Chancellor be with team in 2016
Did you know?! John Schneider and Marie Osmond were co-founders of the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals...
GM John Schneider says not he’s expecting Kam Chancellor to hol ...
Interview - Sandra Brown’s White Hot - John Schneider on working with Sandra Brown | Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
How Pete Carroll, John Schneider and try to scout intangibles via
We really enjoyed having Sandra Brown and John Schneider in studio today for their satellite media tour for the...
Listen to "John Schneider and Sandra Brown From White Hot" by via
Read about new manager John Schneider. via
I think I remember John Schneider mentioning Paul Richardson's catch share for his team being ridiculously high
John Schneider, Scott Fitterer, Darrell Bevell and Pat McPherson among Seahawks contingent here today.
Tony Paul says: "Watching it and loving it. Proud of you!". Smothered by John Schneider...
Cool flick! Just checked it out! Wanna come on the podcast and talk about it?
I feel like you'd appreciate this article from Sheil:
I'm a ☝ Fan of John Schneider, General Manager of the w/ 13 others. via
Sorry but i get nightmares from horror movies and scary movies if it was action or something id. gladly watch you act
Kevin Costner, I'm really happy for you, and I'ma let you finish- but is the greatest Jonathan Kent if all time
GM John Schneider says his contract status is a non-story
If Scott Walker endorses John Kasich tomorrow, I will lose my mind; if he endorses Donald Trump, it means Walker has lost his.
GM John Schneider says the are still looking for OL in free agency.
Shout out from John Schneider of at
Rachel Handler - You guys! This is my face realizing John Schneider's SMOTHERED is available to buy or rent on...
John Schneider just hitting the refresh button every minute to see if Clady has been cut yet...
I scored "Smothered" a comedy for Director on iTunes now!
well said John and I have a string feeling if the "rest"
"No walls at our place." Carroll, Schneider on their relationship, the Seahawks' organizational culture and more: https:/…
nice picture of you John Schneider and I didn't know that you are upside with me about the movie sorry
Why the Pete Carroll-John Schneider relationship works for Seahawks
I watched John Schneider Smothered and it is good
"You've got to serve the relationship." On Carroll, Schneider and the Seahawks' organizational philosophies:
Last time; If you or your favorite blogger is advocating something that John Schneider, Ted Thompson or Bill Belichick never do? Log off now
Seahawks' John Schneider could return to the Packers to succeed Thompson as well. He's the other big name to keep an eye on.
Watching a movie starring John Schneider, which reminds me how I used to daydream when I was 7 or so that Bo and Luke Duke were my uncles.
John Schneider, Marie Osmond and Nick Cannon closing out the Momentum convention.…
Seahawks GM John Schneider: jokes/laments about how Chiefs GM John Dorsey got great players from Seattle in Jaye Howard and Ron Parker
John Schneider... are you ready for a test drive? Paul Harrington Jr., when is the next event?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I don't see John Schneider as weak and Paul Allen got involved that's never good
the drifter in the 1st WWJD movie is John Schneider from the Dukes of Hazard television program!! He was Bo Duke!!
Seahawks GM John Schneider told and that he thinks Marshawn Lynch is "leaning towards retirement."
Can't decide who's a better Jonathan Kent - Kevin Costner or John Schneider
Kent men having it out in school parking lot. Clark shoves Jonathan hard. Hello, shirtless John Schneider! Clark hitting on Lana.
John Schneider shares a letter a soldier left to his fallen comrade at the Vietnam War Memorial.
Am I the only The Have and The Have Nots fan that didn't know Jim Cryer is really John Schneider from Dukes of...
Seattle had Carroll involved in the search that netted John Schneider.
Reminder that us fans should be forever thankful for the leadership of Paul Allen, Peter McLaughlin, John Schneider, and Pete Carroll
so you don't know what Pete Carroll done in the last six years? Actually he was the one who hired John Schneider.
E tu, John Schneider? From Bo Duke to selling exercise equipment on QVC.
John Schneider of using Ben's Fund to help families impacted by ASD finance treatment.
You're right. I prefer him as HC or Team President with a young GM like a Les Snead, John Schneider, Steve Keim under him.
.GM John Schneider's family fights to raise awareness about those impacted by autism, like his son, Ben.
John Schneider and Tom Wopat share pros, cons of 'Dukes of Hazzard' legacy via
New post: John Schneider and Tom Wopat come 'Home for the Holidays' a second time
I feel like you would care (& appreciate) that Tom Wopat and John Schneider sang a duet of (a version of) Baby It's Cold Out.
John Schneider & Tom Wopat recorded the song to be funny which it is. They are not *** in any way. They both have good careers
This will be a great show at The Lyric Theatre! Tom Wopat and John Schneider together again for a Dukes Christmas...
Just heard John Schneider and Tom Wopat sing a duet. Nothing says "I'm not *** like Bo and Luke Duke singing "Baby it's …
Tomorrow on Sun Countdown - The inspiring personal journey of GM John Schneider and his family http…
‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star John Schneider hangs with longtime fans in New Orleans … –
"We're going to have our hands full with (Greg Hardy)" - John Schneider pregame. AUDIO [
John Schneider is that guy in your fantasy league trying to deal Knile Davis for Allen Robinson
all that John Schneider genius Bs should stop now their trade for Jimmy Graham losing Max Unger hurt them.
Y'all are very welcome. Mark Wills & John Schneider has taught me well.
Come Dance at my Wedding: John Schneider-Dukes/by an Angel
Hope you will be back at the Did the girls like their hairflips? If they want other colors let me know.
I just watched Doonby and it is a great movie thank you it made a difference to how I think about life x
John Schneider and Tom Wopat Performing Live at NYCB Theatre at Westbury - Dec 04. ► Tickets:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Great seeing you again the screening of 2.My daughter & I were n row 1.
Just saw & met gotta say incredible film, go see it! Thanks
Me and at dinner in Tyler,TX. Always a pleasure to meet you.
Revisited this past weekend...Pros & Cons
My one criticism of is that Dean Cain has a long way to go before he's mentioned in the same breath with John Schneider.
Has anybody yet get an answer from John Schneider as to why he didn't draft Mathieu but he did draft Cmike?
My brother daniel and john schneider a real class act guy thanks for taking the time for him he is your fan
6'7" 5-star NJ wing Louis King'18 of Pope John said UNC & Clemson will watch him next week
been a fan since your 'Dukes' days. Do you have a favorite role?
Today on Live: The Cory Schneider, Andy Greene & John Hynes all stop by. Jim Ralph,
I wish I can met you in person I am a big fan of your I love the country songs you have out like country girls
I'm going with my copy of new book:
he Billings Gazette reports that a bankruptcy trustee has accused Dr. John H. Schneider of...
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