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John Schneider

John Richard Schneider III (born April 8, 1960) is an American actor and singer. He is best known for his portrayal of Bo Duke in the 1970s-80s American television series The Dukes of Hazzard, of Jonathan Kent in the 2001–2011 TV series Smallville (an adaptation of Superman), and his role as the father in the 2012 film October Baby.

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GM John Schneider says the are still looking for OL in free agency.
Shout out from John Schneider of at
Rachel Handler - You guys! This is my face realizing John Schneider's SMOTHERED is available to buy or rent on...
John Schneider just hitting the refresh button every minute to see if Clady has been cut yet...
I scored "Smothered" a comedy for Director on iTunes now!
well said John and I have a string feeling if the "rest"
"No walls at our place." Carroll, Schneider on their relationship, the Seahawks' organizational culture and more: https:/…
nice picture of you John Schneider and I didn't know that you are upside with me about the movie sorry
Why the Pete Carroll-John Schneider relationship works for Seahawks
I watched John Schneider Smothered and it is good
"You've got to serve the relationship." On Carroll, Schneider and the Seahawks' organizational philosophies:
Last time; If you or your favorite blogger is advocating something that John Schneider, Ted Thompson or Bill Belichick never do? Log off now
Seahawks' John Schneider could return to the Packers to succeed Thompson as well. He's the other big name to keep an eye on.
Watching a movie starring John Schneider, which reminds me how I used to daydream when I was 7 or so that Bo and Luke Duke were my uncles.
John Schneider, Marie Osmond and Nick Cannon closing out the Momentum convention.…
Seahawks GM John Schneider: jokes/laments about how Chiefs GM John Dorsey got great players from Seattle in Jaye Howard and Ron Parker
John Schneider... are you ready for a test drive? Paul Harrington Jr., when is the next event?
I don't see John Schneider as weak and Paul Allen got involved that's never good
the drifter in the 1st WWJD movie is John Schneider from the Dukes of Hazard television program!! He was Bo Duke!!
Seahawks GM John Schneider told and that he thinks Marshawn Lynch is "leaning towards retirement."
Can't decide who's a better Jonathan Kent - Kevin Costner or John Schneider
Kent men having it out in school parking lot. Clark shoves Jonathan hard. Hello, shirtless John Schneider! Clark hitting on Lana.
John Schneider shares a letter a soldier left to his fallen comrade at the Vietnam War Memorial.
Am I the only The Have and The Have Nots fan that didn't know Jim Cryer is really John Schneider from Dukes of...
Seattle had Carroll involved in the search that netted John Schneider.
Reminder that us fans should be forever thankful for the leadership of Paul Allen, Peter McLaughlin, John Schneider, and Pete Carroll
so you don't know what Pete Carroll done in the last six years? Actually he was the one who hired John Schneider.
E tu, John Schneider? From Bo Duke to selling exercise equipment on QVC.
John Schneider of using Ben's Fund to help families impacted by ASD finance treatment.
You're right. I prefer him as HC or Team President with a young GM like a Les Snead, John Schneider, Steve Keim under him.
.GM John Schneider's family fights to raise awareness about those impacted by autism, like his son, Ben.
John Schneider and Tom Wopat share pros, cons of 'Dukes of Hazzard' legacy via
New post: John Schneider and Tom Wopat come 'Home for the Holidays' a second time
I feel like you would care (& appreciate) that Tom Wopat and John Schneider sang a duet of (a version of) Baby It's Cold Out.
John Schneider & Tom Wopat recorded the song to be funny which it is. They are not *** in any way. They both have good careers
This will be a great show at The Lyric Theatre! Tom Wopat and John Schneider together again for a Dukes Christmas...
Just heard John Schneider and Tom Wopat sing a duet. Nothing says "I'm not *** like Bo and Luke Duke singing "Baby it's …
Tomorrow on Sun Countdown - The inspiring personal journey of GM John Schneider and his family http…
‘Dukes of Hazzard’ star John Schneider hangs with longtime fans in New Orleans … –
"We're going to have our hands full with (Greg Hardy)" - John Schneider pregame. AUDIO [
John Schneider is that guy in your fantasy league trying to deal Knile Davis for Allen Robinson
all that John Schneider genius Bs should stop now their trade for Jimmy Graham losing Max Unger hurt them.
Y'all are very welcome. Mark Wills & John Schneider has taught me well.
Come Dance at my Wedding: John Schneider-Dukes/by an Angel
Hope you will be back at the Did the girls like their hairflips? If they want other colors let me know.
I just watched Doonby and it is a great movie thank you it made a difference to how I think about life x
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
John Schneider and Tom Wopat Performing Live at NYCB Theatre at Westbury - Dec 04. ► Tickets:
Great seeing you again the screening of 2.My daughter & I were n row 1.
Just saw & met gotta say incredible film, go see it! Thanks
Me and at dinner in Tyler,TX. Always a pleasure to meet you.
Revisited this past weekend...Pros & Cons
My one criticism of is that Dean Cain has a long way to go before he's mentioned in the same breath with John Schneider.
Has anybody yet get an answer from John Schneider as to why he didn't draft Mathieu but he did draft Cmike?
My brother daniel and john schneider a real class act guy thanks for taking the time for him he is your fan
6'7" 5-star NJ wing Louis King'18 of Pope John said UNC & Clemson will watch him next week
been a fan since your 'Dukes' days. Do you have a favorite role?
Today on Live: The Cory Schneider, Andy Greene & John Hynes all stop by. Jim Ralph,
I wish I can met you in person I am a big fan of your I love the country songs you have out like country girls
I'm going with my copy of new book:
he Billings Gazette reports that a bankruptcy trustee has accused Dr. John H. Schneider of...
Another Packer Backer leader in Seattle sports? He and GM John Schneider should share a cheese lunch soon
Thank you wikipedia: "Cash is credited with converting actor and singer John Schneider to Christianity."
Catch Andy Greene, Cory Schneider and John Hynes on airing tonight at 5p.m.!
hey john my bro daniel met u yesterday morn in Tyler he was the first person in line wheelchair you made his day thank you
John Schneider's review of Michael Pink's Dracula- It's scary good theater.
A reminder: the year John Schneider drafted Wilson, Wagner and Irvin, Ryan Grison won Exec of the Year.
TBT: on the set of with a familiar looking car
Robert Schneider and John Ferguson from Apples In Stereo open for Sound Of Ceres Mon., Nov. 2. Tickets on sale
GM John Schneider has some interesting WR comparisons for Paul Richardson: DeSean Jackson, Donald Driver and …
John Schneider is coming to Tyler Rose City Comic Con for a screening of his new horror comedy film Smothered.
I added a video to a playlist John Schneider - One More Night (Live at Farm Aid 1986)
Pete Carroll , John Schneider , Paul Allen: Please release OC Bevell from his contact now he his hurt... via
I mean I got photos of myself with John Schneider and Catherine Bach when I was nine but didn't take it as an endorsement.
Pre-game with John Schneider and presented by AUDIO [
2002; We booked TV star John Schneider on Larry King Live to talk publicly for the first time about his...
"Wait, who played Luke Skywalker? Was it Dukes of Hazard era John Schneider?". "Yes."
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I don't own Michael, but if I did, tell me why I shouldn't be selling high on him right now when John Schneider gave up on him?
You might get Bo Duke to listen to that offer, but Seattle's John Schneider would laugh you off the phone.
Holy Smokes I didn't know that Jim Cryer was played by John Schneider from the Dukes of Hazzards
Bobby Wagner agrees new deal, Tony McDaniel cut: pic of and John Schneider tonight after…
John Schneider on Kam Chancellor: There's not animosity here
Seriously Tracy, you, Pete Carroll/John Schneider, & John Clayton are the hardest workers in town, thank you.
Goodnight enjoy this photo of Jensen Ackles and John Schneider
I am not sure. I know that there were several made. John Schneider (Bo Duke) owns at least one.
The history under Pete Carroll & John Schneider suggest we should expect a training camp surprise or two:.
Dukes of Hazzard's John Schneider slams TV Land's decision to pull the iconic show over use of the Confederate flag. htt…
There is nothing about John Schneider or Pete Carroll that makes me think they will be pushed off their philosophy by any one player.
great respect for John Schneider for what he's done but what ever you do don't let Russell leave please.
Part of the reason the Seahawks are so good is because Russell Wilson comes cheap, and John Schneider has built a tremendous team, (cont)
As the reportedly sign John Moffitt, check out John Schneider's five worst draft picks for the
Bo's will skyrocket from BJ auction in2011.
Robyn Schneider and John Corey Whaley will be here in mere hours. 7:30pm. Be there!
Fun Fact: Both Dukes, John Schneider and Tom Wopat, read for the Jonathan Kent role in
I once sat less than 10' from you in the Whistlestop. Kept thinking that looks a lot like. Owner told me: It was! (Thud)
While watching John Schneider in a coffee shop I would say he is a down to earth nice guy.
I actually sat less than 10' from John Schneider in a local coffee shop and didn't find out it was really him until he left.
Does John Schneider know anything about baseball?
John Schneider’s General Lee Dodge Charger up for auction
Today is the day! Robyn Schneider and John Corey Whaley tonight at 7:30pm.
John Schneider's General Lee Dodge Charger up for public sale - - -
It's just not the General Lee without it...
John Schneider's is set to be sold off to the highest bidder this weekend by Invaluable Auctions and...
Indican is all over Smothered! Getting it ready for OD and DVD distr. Several companies interested in theatrical also! -
idk how they'd do it. John Schneider is a smart guy and all, but you can only pay so many people. Plus they got jimmy graham
Ted Thompson or John Schneider would be my picks
Cool film with John Schneider in it!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Shawn Cassidy for me oh and John Schneider
Rocky Seto talks like Pete Carroll and laughs like John Schneider. Good interview, too. Likes to tell stories
CELEB ANN: John Schneider from The Dukes of Hazzard and Smallville, will b @ Hamilton Comic Con! Tickets on sale now!
Id rather have Pete Carroll/John Schneider draft for the Mariners than Jack Z & Co.
Check out video and page. He's got a message for you!
I met John Schneider last year at Great guy.
Pete Carroll and John Schneider right now... partying or competing or both?
Tim Murray: go get John Gibson or Cory Schneider after offer sheeting Saad.
Makes you wonder if Tom Wopat & John Schneider ever had those problems
hi john I hope you have a wonderful weekend happy Friday
Not sure what happened there. HERE is the direct link to the studio page:...
Remember to check my John Schneider Studio page every day for updates. Barry is doing an amazing job at keeping up with me!
Support John Schneider in creating some amazing stories. Click on the link and pick your pledge. Every dollar...
Maybe Pete can coach the Mariners and John Schneider can be their GM?😒
UW Foster School of Business Fritzky dinner with Seattle GM John Schneider as guest speaker
John Daly being a beauty at the 1992 British Open
dinner with guest speaker GM John Schneider at
Shump was who were they trading for, and Smith has been surprisingly good
Shump is a starter and JR is 6th man. Take them off this team. Not much of supporting cast in backcourt.
LeBron James for them into the finals, let's be real
It has them playing for an NBA Championship. Nuff said.
they gambled and it has paid off so far. Doesn't mean it wasn't the right grade
only mistake Knicks made was signing that extension
Knicks were lucky to find a taker. They had to throw in Shump to get rid of him
What do we have to do so that John Schneider can be both the and GM?
See The Dukes of Hazzard John Schneider and Tom Wopat at Fandomfest Lou. Aug 7th - 9th Tickets
How can Christians SET the standard in and industry hostile to our beliefs? And...why don't we change the rules? Thoughts?
I'm not a St. John's historian but would have to be up there with 1) Mullin 2) Felipe 3) Artest/Hamilton
If St. John’s gets just one of those players, major coup for MULLIN. If he gets Reid, biggest get for them in years.
When I met John Schneider backstage at a concert. THE Bo Duke. Or to the younger people,…
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HOUSE Rs GET AIR COVER. AAN spending $1m to back lawmakers who vote for TPA. FOX NEWS natl TV campa…
Timothy John Herlihy and Tabetha Schneider choose a night to come over for oriental chicken dinner!
When I was a boy, I wanted to be either Bo or Luke Duke! ;-)
Brian Nemhauser of chooses between GM Schneider and QB Wilson
An awesome story about a guy meeting John Schneider from The Dukes of Hazzard
Headed to the top of the seventh, three outs left for Pope John
18 up, 18 down for Sprofera, who is six outs from a perfect game.
Olivia Sprofera has retired the first 15 batters she’s faced. 2-0 headed bottom five.
it only took 20 years, what an *** Snyder is...we had John Schneider and Trent Baalke at one point
apparently there's some car show or something next weekish and John Schneider is gonna be there... so there goes more of my money...
The Dukes of Hazzard was one of my all time favorite show. I also apprecaited your dramatic role on Smallville. Best wishes
Thank you to all new sponsors. We're gonna have lots of fun!
Allo John!. this is Michael H. Bara from Canada, the story that i have for you, it's about me and the. dukes of Hazzard!
John Schneider finds himself in hazard territory when a research expedition brings them up against a Snow Beast
Dukes Of Hazzard​ star John Schneider experiences frozen frights at 3.50pm as he battles the Snow Beast.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I need your help. . Jeff Laprade jeff
Rodgers seems to be fairly complimentary of John Schneider, Matt Thomas and the But he comes across as shrewd and calculated...
John Schneider was so good as Jonathan Kent. So good!
For me, too. Move over, John Schneider! The Perl has arrived.
At Comicpalooza with Slade Ham moderating a panel with Chloe Bennet (Skye). Also met Henry Winkler and John Schneider
John Schneider hired Ciara to keep Russ at bay.
I have never seen the show but I DO know who John Schneider is!
There is a good chance I would find myself unmarried if John Schneider showed up at my house
Still can't believe John Schneider ever played in a Wild Things movie.
Yep, that was him. I was all about Shaun.and then along came John Schneider, Bo Duke, baby!
Schneider ought to have credited John Gruber as primary author of Markdown, though.
i got to meet u 2 guys when i was 6 years old in Chicago at the old World Of Wheels. i miss u Uncle Jesse
TBT is no laughing matter ... except for today.
Just thinking about that time sexy John Schneider stopped by my table & got some books.
Rodgers: "I have great respect for John (Schneider)." Says they have a very professional relationship.   10% Off
John Schneider is an adult, Mark Rodgers is an adult. Russell Wilson is an adult. They'll get a deal done.
tall greys running secret meetings at the UN (source Phil Schneider) .. you mustn't think such thoughts Pippin
Even John Schneider fangirled over Baby!. She is a force of nature.
"There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends." John 15:13 Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸
Stormy, our studio pup, is liking the quiet time @ the studio today.
As he should! "John Schneider fangirled over Baby at
34% done with The Beginning of, by Robyn Schneider: This reads like a John Green novel.
"Frank...Pete Carroll and John Schneider are on line 1..."
John Kerry after fall of said he's "absolutely confident" of Iraqi victory over Now Defence Secretary: h…
Tbh after Comicpalooza today John Schneider is my new mcm. I mean wow!
If u ever have a chance 2 meet & plz do!! Both outstanding gentlemen & I hope they come back to Texas soon!!
Hubby carries chairs on his head. Never seen anyone dress as a chairhead before Me: He's Chairface Chippendale from the Tic
It was a great 4 car race for P2 with Steve Rando coming from P7 to beat out John Ivy, Seth Schneider & Attica dominator Jordan Ryan
So nice to meet you and have a photo op at Comicpalooza today!
Great to meet you today, Thank you so much for coming to Houston, but don't go outside ;) LOL Safe trip back home.
domain names
Mike Riley enjoys the musical stylings of Bob Schneider, Robert Earl Kean, and John Prine.
are tough. Guess who's calling the shots in Tampa. Todd Leiweke. Who also hired Pete Carroll & John Schneider for
John Schneider and I during a short break from working Comicpalooza
got to hang with Henry Winkler, John Schneider-Dukes of Hazzard and Chloe Bennet from Agents of Shield :Still another day left Comicpalooza
me too. Different genre, but John Schneider and Tom Wopat left Dukes of Hazzard after a dispute. The show tanked after that.
I didn't know I needed to see this until I saw it. Now I need to see w/General Lee 😍😍😍
Seattle's John Schneider wants draft pick that won't back down
Special thanks to John Schneider from 'HD Radio: The Solution for Analog Radio?"
John Schneider fangirled over Baby at htt…
John Schneider and Pam Dawber sing a medley from ‘Oklahoma!’ because why not?
So much for this being THE YEAR for the ... They need help from and John Schneider.
I've always asked my guys: If you're not scoring baskets, how are you going to help us win -- John Calipari
Dye told us that he heard from Seahawks GM John Schneider, who jokingly thanked him for costing SEA millions in the R. Wi…
Executive VP/GM John Schneider (cont.): "...and we will support him in any way possible. He is in our thoughts and prayers.”
Also John Schneider would make a great Jay Garrick.
Learned so much from working with John Schneider. Hope to do it again.
so kewl that only lives three towns over from me in Holden,La.
Seahawks' GM congratulates Ryan Tannehill's agent for costing his team money via
The Seahawks' GM congratulated Ryan Tannehill's agent for costing his team money:
Ryan Tannehill agent Pat Dye says Seattle GM John Schneider to "congratulate" him that he'd cost Seahawks money on Rus…
Ryan Tannehill's agent Pat Dye said SEA GM John Schneider called him and said, "Congrats, you just cost me a lot of mon…
Post moderation of the 70's show panel with Dawn Wells, John Schneider, and Jimmy Walker.…
He must've showed up in 2012 with all the bandwagons everyone is talking about. He CLEARLY wasn't around for the pre-John Schneider Seahawks
Q8. John Schneider. I've been wanting to meet him since I was 4!!!
my opinion changed more of John Schneider
Is your hospital a breeding ground for healthcare-acquired infections? via
Tom, Annette,finally watching finale, you guys were truly amazing,
Interesting that what makes the 12th Man so great ended up biting Pete Carroll and John Schneider in the *** .
J.S.S. has a new soundstage being built courtesy of the team !
made this for John Schneider to sign tomorrow
You were in a TV movie in the early 90's. Built a house for your wife. What was it called?
I bet purposely lost the Super Bowl to show Seahawks GM, John Schneider, they needed a go-to receiver. He'll get more rings
Congrats to Ralph Balestrieri who breaks the LHS batting avg record .535 held by former Toronto bluejay John Schneider 97'
If John Schneider does not divvy up and pay Russell Wilson his due and keep the likes of Frank Clark then I will be fan of a new NFL team !
TBT 1993-me and Bo Duke a.k.a John Schneider just chillin'. I was starstruck (was he?) Er...warsh.
John Schneider says Micheal Bennett has not asked for a trade
WIP of John Schneider. Meeting him, along with Chloe Bennet, in two days! 😍 .
Ralph Macchio, Andrew McCarthy, John Schneider, and C. Thomas Howell are all going to be at Motor City Comic Con? 80s me might just explode.
Missouri House speaker John Diehl resigned today after screenshots of sexting conversation w/ intern were published
TBT - still carries his scripts in the same binder.
Since won’t apologize to PG we did it for him: |
Thomas Dimitroff: "John, we'll give you a 2016 for Bruce Irvin". John Schneider: "we want a TD: "how about a JS: "Deal"
Our sweet friend on set in Louisiana at studios! Hope you're having a blast doll!😘
"All Of Me" - John Legend (MAX & Zendaya feat. Kurt Schneider) MAX and Zendaya killed this...I love it
On set with my pretend hubby on the set of at john Schneider studios in…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I wrote about John Wall and everything he means now and in the future for the Wizards and I think it's worth reading: http:/…
Can't wait to hear take on John Wall tomorrow
'Blue Eyes' Original song by Songwryter written for John Schneider via
Really proud of our work on John Schneider's new studio brand and logo. A great studio deserves a great logo.
this shines a little light on why there wasn't a DV charge- not a lot, but it's something
Absolutely no hiding it, pretty excited about this... motcitycomiccon john_schneider
Friday in Hawkville: John Schneider views Super Bowl as a beginning, not the …
If you click through the images at the top of the story, it changes from "John" to "Frank Underwood."
4 years ago today, Smallville ended 😢😭
Will you be appearing in the Auto Trader commercials, alongside Tom Wopat, and John Schneider?
Lets recap.. Gets traded, heads to Maui with the Seahawks. Goes to John Schneider's charity event. Goes to We-Day with Russell Wilson.
Santa Barbara's Mayor Helene Schneider (no relation) hires campaign team for her CA-24 run, inclu: Mark Putnam, Celinda Lake, John Shallman.
hey Mr Schneider you still in the music business?
Imagine if John Schneider could join for a few dates on the tour.
agh my first love!! Bo Duke... had you plastered all over my walls!! Still a handsome man!
how long do Panels usually run? Would I be able to see and still make it for a photo with
CONFIRMED: John Schneider will be wearing Daisy Dukes at cast reunion of The Dukes of Hazzard.
John Schneider should thank Ted Wells today. Frank Clark was about to become THE story in the NFL, but now Deflategate…
Six things we learned from GM John Schneider & on Day 3 of the [
CANNOT wait to meet John Schneider and Tom Wopat this summer!
and John Schneider, if you could get all on the phone to right now. That would be fantastic
John Schneider said he missed on a couple of guys. Which 2 players do you think were drafted before JS could select them?
This is an important thing to read re: Frank Clark. Great job
Why cover the Hawks not talking to witness, yet they talked to the prosecutors? And victim supports FC
this is the best article I've seen about the Frank Clark DV issue. well rounded/ fact based
Forget deflategate, this is easily the most important article for fans to read today, by
Danny Kelly is very good at presenting complicated information fairly
Frank Clark Prosecutor: "The facts were not as they initially appeared"
If you're John Schneider, you sit there and make Michael Bennett continue being a Seahawk. It's really that simple.
"This report couldn't have come at a better time." - Frank Clark, Pete Carroll, and John Schneider.
Is anyone more relieved than John Schneider right now?
John Schneider is the best GM in football. I love listening to his insight on the game and process of drafting. Deserves GM of the Year.
more I think about it- I will not hold Pete Carroll & John Schneider to a "zero tolerance" policy on 1 time incident IF rest of NFL does not
TODAY on ~ GM John Schneider is resolute in defending his selection of Frank Clark in...
"I will never sign a player connected to domestic violence" -Seahawks GM John Schneider who then immediately did so in the very next draft
Seahawks John Schneider taking a lot of heat.rightfully so?.
John Schneider's back peddling on the Frank Clark stuff so well they should put him in the Legion of Boom.
U.S. Virgin Islands, I'll be on St. John living and working there for summer...possibly longer.
GM ‘absolutely’ believes draft choice did not hit his GF. Right! Choking is ok!
New post: John McGrath: Seahawks&pick of Clark result of Carroll, Schneider believing ...
John McGrath: Seahawks pick of Clark result of Carroll, Schneider believing their own hype: It’s been four days…
Here's some of what Seattle GM John Schneider said today on 710 ESPN Seattle about Irvin, Clark and more:
Loved Dukes of Hazzard, esp. John Schneider, cool he now owns a studio in my neck of the woods
John Schneider says on ESPN 710 Seattle interview Clark would not have been on team's draft board if team felt he had hit a …
Remember my crazy encounter with John Schneider last year? He lost his Dad during our last Photoshoot…
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Joe West is the best comic book-to-TV father figure since John Schneider's Jonathan Kent so it would be fitting to die in the same way.
I would expect nothing less from John Schneider than to draft someone random like Frank Clark!
I'm not going to even try to understand John Schneider's logic here. Just leaving this one alone. I have NEVER heard of Frank Clark.
I got when I met David Tennant the Tenth Doctor and John Schneider from Smallville?
2/2 John Goldman (advised by Jim Schneider) and Todd Moyle, advised by and Shelley Anna-. Congratulations!
People sometimes don't understand that John Schneider wants every draft pick to find a place on the roster
John Schneider has to be in the conversation, at the very least.
I have a feeling John Schneider's going to draft like nine punters, just to screw with us.
John Schneider wrote, directed and stars as an aging racer speeding to a finish line he couldn't have seen coming... http…
High School Assistant Principal Roger Schneider accused of sexually molesting teen -
John Schneider, Bo Duke, from Dukes of Hazard, is next to me in BatonRouge at Sullivan's bar. Is he still a celebrity?
You've got to see this amazing heart felt movie Trailer John Schneider Movie HD
Thanks & John Schneider for being geniuses.
Hearing it is a toss up between Kansas & Kentucky for Cheick Diallo. St. John's termed a long shot.
As rare as it's been under John Schneider/Pete Carroll, moving up seems entirely possible for the this year
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Thank you for this! It'll be hanging in her room, so she can learn from the best Pa Kent! :-D
but ya. putting together is listicle is helping demonstrate how good John Schneider is.
Someone said my little droid was not a real phone, but look John Schneider I was able to crop this picture to...
watching Smallville and at the beginning of the episode John Schneider is listening to the Dukes of Hazzard theme song! I laughed so hard
Top 10 recruit Cheick Diallo will announce this week, per a source. Decision could be as early as Tuesday. KU, UK & St. Jo…
no he didn't. Pete Carroll and John Schneider did. He was a consultant
Got to meet again at this weekend! We first met at an benefit in CA in 2006..
stories about unique relationship at the helm of Seahawks organization:
John 18. After His arrest, Jesus is taken before Pilate and the religious leaders. As the power of the Creator...
I just want to thank you for an amazing experience meeting you on Saturday. You were wonderful and brought me to tears!
Last time I flew to Seattle when I landed was signed to the I'm about to lift off again...Your move John Schneider
Consider the impossible this morning...I'm sure John Schneider and Pete Carroll have:
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