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John Schlitt

John William Schlitt (born February 3, 1950 in Lincoln, Illinois) is known for his career as the lead singer of Christian Rock band Petra from 1986 until the band's retirement in late 2005. Prior to joining Petra in 1986, Schlitt was the vocalist for Head East.

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John Schlitt former lead singer for Head East, also Petra, and now his new Band: "The Union of Sinners and Saints".
What is a Man's Beauty? Singer-Songwriter, Author holds nothing back in interview
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This is fabulous! John W. Schlitt interviews Louis Weaver on his LIVE IT LOUD radio show - you'll want to hear...
"The advantage to an opposed to school staff administering the interviews—is health care providers already…
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Name a singer that can chatter glass. That's correct; JOHN SCHLITT from 5PM-7PM on CCM Classic Radio. That's in 30…
Hmmm.? We wonder just WHAT is happening here?! Keep checking back here to find out!. John W. Schlitt John DeGroff
Joshua Aaron - Every Tribe (Featuring Chief Riverwind and John Schlitt) was requested by one of our listeners
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And no I only listen to John Schlitt's Christmas Project
I can't believe I haven't seen John Schlitt this year because I forgot about it but not tagging anyone bc not popular
Blue eyes were never my favorite person because John Schlitt always makes everything better ❤️ (especially this song)
11. We appreciated the precision with which you both pronounced the name "John Schlitt." It no doubt saved us hours of work.
♥Elefante: Dust in the Wind with John Schlitt, Jay Sekulow & Friends via
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I didn't get to meet Adam Young aka the second most import person in my life behind John Schlitt I don't think I could handle my existence
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Where I Stand with Ricky Skaggs, Jay Sekulow, John
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Jay Sekulow Band - Hope of Jerusalem
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Funk with Jay Sekulow Band
I liked a video from John Schlitt: No Matter What with John Elefante, Jay Sekulow &
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Faith & Freedom (Official Video)
I liked a video from John Schlitt: "Take Me Home" (Official Video)
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Life's Been Good with Jay Sekulow Band
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Never Been Any Reason with John Elefante, Jay
I added a video to a playlist SkyWatchTV News 5/9/16: John Schlitt
Great insight on from our own, John Schlitt of
Petra's John Schlitt on talking family and music:
I'll dissolve when the rain comes in a film with the light of my life aka John Schlitt playing his niece...
John Schlitt .says streamlined supply chains will have big value for companies in the future.
Is that high point the Greg X. Volz Petra or the John Schlitt Petra?
We hear it's going to be a great time of fellowship and music with John W. Schlitt in Indianapolis Dec. 3... grab... htt…
If you're in the Memphis TN/Southhaven MS area, make sure to stop in at the Mid-South Fair to see John W. Schlitt... htt…
I need more friends in May over the years and I've met John Schlitt the past two Mays
Only 8 Gold tickets are left to see on Dec 3 in Indy!. Get your tickets now!.
John Schlitt sees Petra coming back together. Lol
I liked a video from Praise Ye the Lord: Giuseppi Davi featuring John Schlitt
Done with rehearsal... John W. Schlitt's basement sure works nicely for this purpose! :-) (that's not us but...
Christian Rock veterans John Schlitt, Billy Smiley discuss new Union of Sinners & Saints
Rehearsal day today... we're all heading to John W. Schlitt's place to practice for this weekend's event in...
It's finally here! This week I share my conversation with Billy Smiley and John Schlitt of The Union Of Sinners...
Things im known for creating Sherlock Holmes then I will consider my life aka John Schlitt playing his niece...
--great concert. Saw the and had microphone issues. blew me away.
John Schlitt of Petra, Billy Smiley of Whiteheart, and that's me on the left.
Former Petra lead John Schlitt's new band "Union" will be one of the featured artists tonight
No words just a song from...Lou Gramm, John Schlitt, John Elefante.
from John Schlitt of Read the full devo here:
Finishing up the final mixes this week and next week! With Billy Smiley, John W. Schlitt, Mixing Engineer Richie...
So if I get John Schlitt's signature tattooed on my arm and now it looks like I have some kind of music as me why is that so rare
The classic hymn explodes in the style of contemporary rock with vocals from John Schlitt of Petra and Billy...
I love Petra. Greg X. Volz and John Schlitt were both perfect for the part they played as lead singer.
It takes my brain about 4 seconds to differentiate between Iggy Pop and John Schlitt. If Iggy ever starts wearing shirts, I'm screwed.
The only person in my life behind John Schlitt it's been months I really need to hug him again I miss him so much what's wrong with me
When you're just like well crap my life aka John Schlitt playing his niece...
Exciting news! I'm joining John W Schlitt, Jason A Fowler, Billy Smiley and Anthony Sallee for shows coming this...
John Schlitt (Petra) joins us after 8 am for a special interview on 'O'Riley In The Morning', 88.9 FM WLRY and
Happy Birthday to John Schlitt, one of the greatest Christian Rock singers of all time.
John Schlitt from Petra has a birthday today! "No Doubt" is on the radio next.
Happy Birthday to John W. Schlitt! We're proud to have you as our lead singer - may you keep on rockin' well into...
Our good friend John W. Schlitt has a birthday today! Happy Birthday, John! Thank you for the decades of music...
Celebrating birthday boy with John Schlitt albums all day! Greater Cause at
Happy Birthday to Head East, Petra and Union of Sinners and Saints vocalist John W. Schlitt!
I added a video to a playlist John Schlitt: October 2015 Newsletter
"The Union of Sinners and Saints", a new musical project of John Schlitt and Billy Smiley.
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Undemocratic by Jay Sekulow Band
I read that you are joining up with John Schlitt & Billy Smiley in The Union of Sinners and Saints
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Fooling Yourself by Jay Sekulow, John Elefante, John
John Schlitt - LIVE with the Jay Sekulow Band right now!
I really miss John Schlitt it's been too long
Can't wait fir the John Schlitt concert at our Church! #
If you haven't seen John Schlitt this year what is this weekend.
I really miss John Schlitt the past week
I liked a video from John Schlitt: Hold Your Head Up with John Elefante, John Lawry, &
maybe John Schlitt's asst Sue- she does all things well. What hpnd 2interview w/John? Only see video
More in the works for John Schlitt Ministries - stay tuned!
John Schlitt - Get Ready to Enjoy Music in a Whole New Way!...
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Well, here it is! For those of you that guessed John W. Schlitt, you were absolutely correct! John was the lead...
Jay Sekulow-playing in a rock band with John Elefante/Kansas and Petra´s John Schlitt
Because everyone preordered and leaked Four to listen to John Schlitt's Christmas Project
Wishing John W. Schlitt a very happy birthday today! How old? We heard he'd rather not say... but here's to MANY...
I liked a video John Schlitt: Funk with Jay Sekulow Band
John Schlitt's song "Your Eyes" is used in the movie One More Round. Cool.
Once again we start off a new show with a music video debut. It is by John Schlitt called "The Grafting."
Chuckling to myself randomly remembering opening for Petra's John Schlitt & him calling "Stan" repeatedly.
If you missed our big news on Friday here is a recap. Original Head East members Steve Huston and John Schlitt...
John Schlitt & John Elefante - Where I Stand (Acoustic) feat Ricky Skaggs: . if you have not listened to this WOW
Do you ever cry because John Schlitt's favorite Christmas movie is collectively my family's favorite Christmas movie yeah same
find out what John Schlitt has been up to lately
John Schlitt & John Elefante - Where I Stand (wit…: besides being one of best attorneys Jay Sekulow is good musician2
John W Schlitt via John sings with me on my latest release. This song of his from 1996 rocks!
More photos from this past weekend's VOICES OF ROCK concert with John W. Schlitt and John Elefante - click the...
To those who recently signed up to receive Petra news…thank you for joining John Schlitt’s email list! A press release on the Petra Reunion featuring John Schlitt, Bob Hartman, Ronny Cates, John Lawry and Louie Weaver, is being written by the promoters of the event… as soon as we receive the release (within the next day or two) we will send it out to you. ( Staff)
This is from John Schlitt's first concert with Petra in 1986, Angel of Light.
Fun fact mentioning Petra or John Schlitt will always immediately make me smile no matter what. I'm in too deep
James Young turns 66 today. John Schlitt & band with a cover of Fooling Yourself. Happy Birthday James!
Very cool! John W Schlitt (Petra) is on the cover of "Live It Loud" Magazine for the December Christmas...
News about the "Dream Team Reunion" will be announced via John W. Schlitt newsletter list - please sign up to get...
Tbh all I want in life is to sit down with John Schlitt and tell him in detail how he and Petra changed me and saved my life [ugly sobbing]
Listening to John schlitt do the hallelujah chorus on the way to church. Doesn't get much better than this
"Live It Loud" magazine is running a contest: ask John W. Schlitt ANY two questions - get your name and question...
Ben and Ben meeting John Schlitt of Petra before opening the show back in '05!. (Palos Heights, IL - 2005).
Petheads - we know John W. Schlitt rocks it on his Petra songs - check out his CHRISTMAS tour & music as well!...
One of my most memorable moments playing live was playing guitar for John W. Schlitt for his concert in...
John W Schlitt - One By One: via Relevant. If we could reach just one. One by one.
I liked a video from John Elefante & John Schlitt - Dust In The Wind (Kansas) by Jay
If I find someone who loves John Schlitt even half as much as I do then I will marry that person no questions asked
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I'm just sitting here watching Backstage Pass with the biggest smile on my face because John freaking Schlitt is a person who exists
Nothing makes me happier than when I heard John Schlitt would get off the tour bus and get coffee and read. John is me. I am John. We are one
John Schlitt in Backstage Pass keeps me alive
John Schlitt didn't make his bed so why should I
John Schlitt and Mark Kelly give me chest pains
Petra front man, John Schlitt, and former Kansas lead singer, John Elefante, make an awesome performance together...
If John Schlitt (Petra) got into a brawl with a concert goer the headline would be "The Schlitt Hit the Fan"
Found a fan video posted of Sunday's show with John Schlitt & John Elefante. We closed with this Kansas tune. Fun!
*quietly traces over John Schlitt's signature so it stays on longer*
John Schlitt is so photogenic and then I'm just not
Listen to John John W Schlitt and Petra "No Doubt" feeling encouraged!
I liked a video John Schlitt testimony
Fact: this photo (my header) is my favorite photo of John Schlitt… idk it just makes me really happy…
Remember when I first met John Schlitt and my photo ended up on his website
Powerlight Fest The lead singer of Christian Rock band Petra, John Schlitt, was born in Lincoln, IL...
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John Schlitt (Head East and Petra) singing "Since You Been Gone" at the 2014 Putnam County Fair. The first stop...
Hoseppy, John Schlitt, Tony, John Elephante & Troy. We're ready for the Voices of Rock show tonight at the...
So over the course of the night, I had 3 different dreams about meeting John Schlitt tomorrow…. Guess we know what's on my mind 😂😂
OK, plagued by a head song this AM. "Never Been Any Reason" by Head East. I think John Schlitt and the boys got together and said "Let's write the hookiest song in human history". Guitar riffs. Synth runs. It screams of the early 70s.
Music video directed by Stan Moore. Superstar and former lead singer John Schlitt of Petra, from his first solo record.
John Schlitt & John Elefante, along with Tony Suggs, cover Head East's hit "Never Been Any Reason" at Biker Sunday at Clarksville First Church of the Nazaren...
Heard is playing John Schlitt in 3 mins. Listening!
Look who's coming home to Mt. Pulaski... John Schlitt performs @ the Mt. Pulaski...
Me: I'm done fangirling over John Schlitt tonight. Mind: remember when he called you cutie. Me: … nevermind
I revamped my phone John Schlitt style
This will forever be my fav John Schlitt photo because a friend took it for me when they were at lunch together I cry
Can you tell I'm having John Schlitt feels
John Schlitt did you mean the cutest sweetest most amazing human being to ever grace God's good earth
When God made John Schlitt he actually made an angel that was so perfect he had to put him on earth to show him off
With the good old John Schlitt of the Petra rock band. He still has the fire!
Listen to music like: John Schlitt - Run
same I used to be able to do rock music like John Schlitt style but now I sound like a boy going through puberty
I just really want to hear John Schlitt perform There Is Someone live. That's it. That's all I want in life.
Think I'll put together a Faith, Family, and Freedom playlist this weekend. Thus far I've come up with the following tracks: Stryper - In God We Trust John Schlitt - Faith and Freedom Whitecross - In America Farrell and Farrell - American Man We'll see what else I can dig up.
This Saturday & Sunday two of our own Petra-related artists are sharing the stage together: John W. Schlitt and...
Lead singers include: John Schlitt, formerly of Petra; John Elefante of Kansas; the lead guitarist was with D.C.
*quietly waits for this weekend so I can get another picture with John Schlitt and use it as a background and profile pic for another year*
ACLJ Films presents the official music video from John Schlitt - "Faith & Freedom.
I better not have chipmunk cheeks this weekend when I see John Schlitt I s2g
Check this out...Our little version of Hold Your Head Up with Jay Sekulow, John Schlitt, your gonna like this...john. http…
So looking forward to seeing John Schlitt and John Elefante this weekend!! I already know it'll be the highlight of my year!
Featured Artist — rocker John Schlitt’s journey from stardom to servanthood
Would you like to have a personal Skype session with our lead singer, John W. Schlitt? Pick his brain & learn...
Tuesday, May 13, 2014. Acts 13. Play of the Day: FAITH & FREEDOM by John W. Schlitt...
I just woke up from a dream where John Schlitt came to my church and hung out with my family afterwards. Today will be a good day
Little Giant Ladders
John Schlitt performs the Head East song, "Never Been Any Reason" with Jay Sekulow (ACLJ - his band, and also two Kickstarter Crew members...
Tonight is the big taping of 3 great cover songs with Jay Sekulow, John Schlitt, Mark Lee Townsend, John Lowry. You'll see them soon!! john
Vintage Head East Photos - Candy Kingsbury Benefit Concert On July 31, 1974, Head East performed at a benefit concert in Genoa, IL. The concert was held to raise funds for 16 year old Candy Kingsbury to help pay medical bills incurred in her fight against cancer. The photos below show the recently formed classic line-up of Roger Boyd, John Schlitt, Dan Birney, Mike Somerville, and Steve Huston that recorded "Flat as a Pancake" shortly thereafter at Golden Voice Studios in Pekin, Illinois. The classic line-up would go on to record and release four more studio albums and one double live album during the next five years.
Greg X Volx is to John Schlitt what David Lee Roth was to Sammy Hagar.
John Schlitt performs "Only Men" live at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA on June 22, 2008.
ROCKFORD — The red carpet will be rolled out at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center on Monday.Actor Stephen Baldwin — younger brother of “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin — will be there to sign autographs, as will Grammy award-winning John Schlitt, singer in the 70s for the Head East rock band, who…
I have performed, worked or written with everyone from: Bob Carlisle, John Schlitt (Petra), Michael Sweet (St...
Does anyone remember the band Head East? They played lots up in Hoosierville, saw them up at the Nail, a big bar setting in Sturgis, MI one time. The lead singer, John Schlitt was fired from the band for drug dependency and then he found God, hence, Petra was born. Christian Rock band, "God Gave Rock & Roll." et cetera. Saw them up in South Bend, early 80's. This band Really had a large influence on Christian Rock. I remember at the time there was much discrepencies (sic) at that time with some peoples parents. "That is not Christian music!" I loved it! Petra went strong for 33 years, they retired in 2005. : )
Over their illustrious 40 year career, Petra has released 24 albums and sold over 7 million albums, garnering 4 GRAMMY® Awards, 10 Dove Awards and numerous radio hits. As the pioneer of Christian Rock, Petra paved the way for countless artists, helping to create a new genre of rock music along the way. Now, after the completion of a successful two-year reunion of the band s mid-80s line-up (as Classic Petra), Petra founding member Bob Hartman and long-time vocalist John Schlitt have re-united on tour to celebrate Petra s 40th Anniversary. The album, '40th Anniversary', is a 2 CD set featuring 27 of Petra's biggest and most-loved songs. Compiled by founding member Bob Hartman, '40th Anniversary' documents Petra's long career with hits like, 'This Means War,' 'Beyond Belief,' 'Creed,' plus a brand new song 'Holy Is Your Name.' The packaging will include liner notes written by Bob Hartman.
In less than an hour Silent Witness gets under way. If you cant catch us on the air, catch us on-line on our new radio stream. Playing all your Summer concert favorites like Skillet, Toby Mac, Anberlin, Newsboys, Ashes Remain and P.O.D. (All coming to the CIncinncati area soon). Tonight's Legend Series continues with Petra switching over to the John Schlitt era. A real treat tonight will be our live music set with Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill. Hope you all can join us one way or the other tonight from 8pm til 10pm.
In honor of this week's disclosures of IRS misconduct, the ACLJ band decided "Back in the USSR" might be appropriate. (hear about the IRS's "KGB tactics" her...
Would YOU like to see John Schlitt cooking in the kitchen?! We would! lol
John Schlitt shows a template for the homemade Christmas ornament and - due to popular demand - explains the additional reward package for the "John Schlitt:...
Cookies, anyone?   (view video here: to popular demand, I have added a new pledge that includes COOKIES! Yes, that's right - a number of people said they missed out on the cookie reward, and a few others suggested a reward that includes cookies, the ornament AND the CD -- so I listened to everyone and came up with this new reward level (we can't change a reward once it's posted and pledged per Kickstarter's rules - so we had to create a new reward).   Please note that ALL these rewards will be handmade and homemade (including the CD - naturally, I sing with my own voice, so the music is homemade too - right?!).   So if you would like a dozen cookies for Christmas, just let me know! ...John    (view The Christmas Project here: package is at the $80 reward level - if you want to change your pledge or add an additional pledge, please read the FAQ on the Project's page near the bottom )
John Schlitt One of the coolest moments of my life! Backstage at Fishnet 2003
The Front Row Report in an audio interview with John Schlitt about the upcoming Christmas CD & the Petra...
by Reggie Edwards Last year’s 3rd annual Petra Fan Convention was the first to be held in Indianapolis. It served as the release party for John Schlitt’s new solo record, [...]
I liked a video John Schlitt: Back in the USSR by Jay Sekulow & Friends
John Schlitt is getting national attention with Jay Sekulow of ACLJ! "Back in the USSR," made in honor of the...
John Schlitt & of in honor of misconduct: BACK IN THE USSR jam session
This is Petra's video. All rights belong to WMG music group. Yeah thanks a lot for censorship youtube. I think I'll start going to veoh instead.
Does anyone know how tall John Schlitt is? I can't find his height anywhere AND IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE
Guess who's going to Clarksville to see John Schlitt this Sunday?!?! THIS GIRL!! 😃😄
I liked a video John Schlitt Trio: Lovely Lord - Live from Eiken, Norway
Biker Sunday May 19 John Schlitt from in concert. See flyer for details
It's not what you drive, it's what drives you.
From John's Schlitt last album" the greater cause'' ''Cause Love can do no wrong And Love will find a way Just when you think your world is falling down Love...
Help our friend reach his goal for his new Christmas Album.
Who likes cookies? Christmas cookies baked by none other than John Schlitt?! Due to requests, he's seriously...
John Elefante's On My Way to The Sun, as reviewed by Bert Saraco for the Phantom Tollbooth
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John Schlitt at PC3 last year. Do you have you tickets yet for this years Petra fan convention? Go to…
Happy Mother's Day!  Here's the weekly new music update from Press Play - "F-I-R-E" from the album World Anthem This song from Press Play features vocals from Manwell Reyes of Group 1 Crew.  Primarily dance with a hint of hip-hop, "F-I-R-E" is a feel-good song with a call to "reaching those that feel alone" - Spirit light my heart And bring Your love RED - "Hold Me Now" from the album Release The Panic Vocalist Michael Barnes has what's been called a "gravelly, guttural, from-a-croon-to-a-scream approach" to define RED.  "Hold Me Now" is on the "croon" side, with a cry to God for rescue. Hold me now till the fear is leaving / I am barely breathing Crying out, these tired wings are falling / I need you to catch me To find out more about these artists, click on their links in the playlist chart at Thanks for your prayers and support of 97X.  Lord bless your week! - WIXL Current Playlist Week of May 12, 2013   (HIGH ROTATION)  1. Someone Anyone - Anberlin  2. Make It Bright - Remedy Dri ...
Last album of the PETRA 2007 (Bob Hartman & John Schlitt) ! Enjoy !!! This is original music from album. Please , rate and comment this song !
great to listen to John W. Schlitt from
I liked a video John Schlitt Trio: Inside of You - Live from Varhaug, Norway
Here is another car we are looking at putting in the movie "Adrenaline". We were thinking this may be a great car for John Schlitt from the band Petra. What do you all think?
Petra is a music group regarded as a pioneer of the Christian Rock and contemporary Christian music genres. Formed in 1972, the band took its name from the Greek word for "rock". Though formally disbanding in 2006, incarnations of Petra have played reunion shows in the years since and released an al...
An original theater piece created by Bootleg Theater. Women, Paris, Absinthe & Art all swirl together in this dream play.
John Schlitt: the man who never ages. You sure this wasn't filmed back in the 90s?
John Schlitt, backed by Dust & Daisies perform "Inside of You" from John Schlitt's "Shake" (1995). Performed in Varhaug, Norway, April 28, 2013.
As a long-term PETRA fan, I'm quite excited to have an article featured in the same issue of the Christian Media Magazine (CMM) as John Schlitt, lead-singer of PETRA! :)
What do you think of this version of Petra's LOVELY LORD? JOHN SCHLITT TRIO: Eiken, Norway
Just Reach Out-- Petra Words and music by John Schlitt and Rick Gootee Based on Psalm 34:16-18, Romans 10:9-13 Sometimes the night seems to go on for days When it's hard to see the light through the darkness and haze While the world around you makes you feel out of place And the burdens that you carry are just too hard to face (Chorus) Just reach out and He'll reach in Take your broken heart and make it whole again It don't matter who you are or where you've been Just reach out, and He'll reach in Standing in a crowd, but still all alone Crying out for answers that nobody knows Everybody's busy looking out for themselves Is there anyone who really cares about anyone else? You say you've walked ten thousand steps away But don't you know that it's only one step back? Because the One who hears you when you pray Is the One who's there beside you And He'll never walk away
Listen to the most influential Christian Talk Show on the air waves. Listen to the most recent shows or archives of the most popular Christian Talk show here online. Home of Midwatch with the Rev.
Photos by, Apr 26, 2013 - John Schlitt performs with Dust & Daisies, as well as members of a Norwegian band
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The Christmas Spirit Daily, by The Christmas Spirit: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.
Bob Hartman and John Schlitt will reunite as II Guys from Petra at this years Petra fan convention! Do you have your tickets yet? You won't want to miss it so get them NOW!
Biker Sunday is an event where all bikers meet up at Appleton Harley-Davidson in Clarksville,TN at 8am. The ride down is lead down the winding roads of Clark...
John Schlitt assures you that he REALLY IS making the homemade Christmas ornament for the Crew Rewards for the "John Schlitt:The Christmas Project" Kickstart...
There will be a On Fire pre-party on Friday starting at 7:30 The main event will start at 1:00 on Saturday Headlining On Fire will be II Guys from Petra, John Schlitt & Bob Hartman! Yes, I said Bob Hartman! I am very happy to announce that GHF - John DeGroff, Bill Glover, Greg Hough will be co-headl...
Next up on the CCRPS Concert Series is On Fire 2013 PETRA Fan Convention! Headlining the convention is John Schlitt and Bob Hartman as II Guys from PETRA! Get your tickets now!
Petra vocalist John Schlitt recently found success on Kickstarter by having fans fun his latest album, The Greater Cause, ... [more...]
An anti-Christian extremist who calls Christians in the military "monsters who terrorize" and...
Get ready to enjoy Christmas music in a whole new way - John Schlitt style!
Giuseppi Davi and John Schlitt perform"Praise Ye the Lord." Originally recorded by Petra in 1981 on the album "Never Say Die." The single was released Dec 21...
Update News >> John Schlitt joins ACLJ'S Jay Sekulow and Band for 'TAXMAN' (press)
For fun - A friend playing bass to the Beatles "Tax Man" with Jay Sekulow on drums and John Schlitt (Petra) singing!
I am having more fun watching Tax Man with John Schlitt and Jay Sekulow. It is fab.
I liked a video John Schlitt: Taxman by Jay Sekulow & Friends
Jay Sekulow is one of my friends. That youtube with John Schlitt is fab.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I liked a video John Schlitt: Tax Man by Jay Sekulow & Friends
John Schlitt and Bob Hartman reuniting to record a new Petra song for their "40th Anniversary" release…
Bob Hartman and John Schlitt are here today at the Capitol Christian Music Group studios working on a…
Update News >> John Schlitt offers free Downloads for Valentine's Day (press)
Here is a look back on 2012 Just making it to 2012 was a good thing for me. My total knee replacement in 2011 slowed me down for a while. But you know what they say; you can’t keep a good man down! Here are some of the highlights from 2012 In May I hosted the 40th anniversary party for Petra! That just happened to be my 50th birthday. John Schlitt had his new CD release party at PC3. I was also able to get GHF, John DeGroff, Greg Hough & Bill Glover from the original Petra line up. Plus my good friend Sam Scales preformed at the show. I had about 100 fellow Petheads in for the convention. That same week, Sam asked me to be her manager/booking agent. It’s been a lot of fun working with Sam and her husband, Warren. I had to go to Las Vegas in June for a trade show for work. That was a great time. I was able to see my sister and her family. They took me out to see the Blue Man Group. While I was in Las Vegas I received a phone call from John DeGroff of GHF. He asked me to be GHF’s manager! I said ...
OFFICIAL STATEMENT: PETRA REUNITES FOR 40TH ANNIVERSARY PETRA - The Classic Rock Tour 2013 Petra (John Schlitt, Bob Hartman, Greg Bailey and Cristian Borneo) has been invited to perform on The Classic Rock Tour 2013, slated to kickoff this March. Included in the tour are Asia featuring John Payne, ELO Part II alumni Phil Bates (The Music of Electric Light Orchestra Klassik) and former Genesis frontman Ray Wilson (Genesis Classic) joining on select dates. The Touring package will present various combinations of the bands in both the U.S. and Europe. “This tour is an amazing opportunity to bring Petra’s music to audiences that may not have ever heard of us,” states frontman John Schlitt. “Bob (Hartman) and I welcome the opportunity to perform before a whole new crowd and are very excited about going out together again.” Not wanting to leave the Christian market behind, Petra is opening up its touring schedule to include limited bookings in the United States and Europe as well. “Petra always has ...
This GUY ROCKS! John Schlitt the lead singer of PETRA in this photo for a new music video from his latest solo album just recently released.
Rockstars Of The 80's Review Category: Music: Remember the days of spandex, big hair, leg warmers, Miami Vice suits, and MTV playing music videos? The 80’s were an amazing time for all styles of music. Dance, rock, pop, glam, you name it, it was all over the airwaves. I remember recording songs off the radio on cassette and I had everything from Devo to Huey Lewis to Loverboy to AC/DC. It was all about the songs and good times. S&S Entertainment brought 3 acts who reached their pinnacle of success in the 80’s, but they sure didn’t reach their songwriting plateau then! These 3 acts are still going strong and one of them is reintroducing himself as a solo artist. Opening the show was a gentleman who has become a mentor and friend over the last several months. He has shared the stage with Cheap Trick, Black Sabbath, and many more. For those of you who know I grew up a preacher’s kid and with a lot of Christian Rock around, he played in Johnny with former Head East singer John Schlitt, who later becam ...
John Schlitt on Mike Huckabee's radio show live at 12:30pm CST
Fri Oct 26 John Schlitt on The Mike Huckabee Show. See for affiliate stations
Legendary rock singer John Schlitt to guest on The Mike Huckabee Show.
Head East with John Schlitt, Steve Huston & Roger Boyd. Iowa Hall of Fame inductees 2011. Head East. First time with original members on stage since April 19...
Norwegians! If anyone wants John Schlitt & band back to Norway next year at the Take Off Festival, please vote for him and share!
Music video of "God is Too Big" - from John Schlitt's CD Unfit for Swine. Filmed at the Iso Soitto Festival in Keuruu, Finland, July 24, 2010 with a Finnish ...
This has to be the largest collection of John Schlitt/Petra in the WORLD! Check out the whole site - it's amazing!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
John Schlitt of Petra will be in Minnesota next month
John Schlitt --Only Men from The Grafting Available at Only Men top Words and Music by Dan Needham How could a face in history Put a flame in...
John Schlitt's Show Me The Way ... from his 1995 album, Shake. I got this one from his website too.
John William Schlitt (born February 3, 1950 in Lincoln, Illinois) is known for his career as the lead singer of Christian Rock band Petra from 1986 until the band's retirement in late 2005. Prior to joining Petra in 1986, Schlitt was the vocalist for Head East.
John Schlitt The Cross Remains from The Greater Cause. available at
Get the new John Schlitt CD The Greater Cause at!
John Schlitt Hope That Saves The World from The Greater Cause. Now Available on iTunes, Amazon and
So true. Kevin Young's voice is one of the ones on my list. If I couldn't have my voice, but I could have any other voice on the planet, my chosen voices include Kevin Young from Disciple and John Schlitt from Head East/Petra.
April 20, 2009 John performs the song "Wake The Dead" with his new band at GMA Music Week. Wake the Dead is one of my favorite song from John Schlitt. I love...
Missed my CR peeps, but we had a great practice tonight. Very excited to head back to Norway tomorrow with John Schlitt and band!
What gave you the idea to start a John Schlitt FB Fan site?
John Schlitt performs "O Holy Night" as the opener for Charlie Daniels Band at Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, WI on Dec. 17, 2010
John began singing when he was just five years old, performing the leads in recitals and plays in his school. By the time he was 13 he was in the unforgettably titled band "Vinegar Hills Hometown Band Something Different" - being paid $25 bucks as lead singer. It soon became clear that a career in m...
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I have had dinner with the members of the group "The Second Chapter of Acts," conversed with Randy Stonehill, Greg X. Volz, John Schlitt, Louie Weaver, and Glenn and Wendi Kaiser, and been prophesied over by Greg Volz's second wife. I've had the guy who played Little Ricky on "I love Lucy" stop me and ask me if I was in the military, and at the time I was. I've spoken briefly with Phil Keaggy, Leslie Phillips, Michael Sweet of Stryper, and Steve Taylor. I learned a live sound trick from Petra's soundman that I incorporated into my own live mixes. The lead guitarist's daughter from the long disbanded Christian Rock group, Rachel Rachel chased my son around a partition.
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Set List from the John Schlitt & band concert in Atlanta Sept. 23. How do you like these tunes?
A recommendation for all people interested in a great new cd that has come out! John Schlitt's The Greater Cause. Former lead singer of Chicago's Head East and Christian Rocker" PETRA..John's new solo release The Greater Cause is perfect for the times we find ourselves into today! A faith lifter and a call to America to wake up and come back to the foundations we were founded on..Faith in the Lord and Freedom! I am Bob Rogers and I approve this message! does Charlie Rogers! wof~
We're beginning now to see/The sacrifice of being free... remembering those whose lives were taken
Talking about Soldiers First Today with on his radio show. Check your local listings
Official Music Video "Take Me Home" featured on John Schlitt's latest release "The Greater Cause." © 2012 The music video was made in conjunction with Living...
Our 20 Year Celebration rocked our worlds...literally! from showed up! Here's the story:
John Schlitt's vocal range really shines on this song. You have to wonder if lyrics like these weren't a predictor of his future in Christian Rock music.
And in other Christian Rock news John Schlitt is calling it quits. After more than half a day of epic living he's finally done
The band I sing for is called "One Way Out", we are going to very busy starting this Friday. Friday we play at the Iowa State Fair, Saturday we play at the Hearts On Fire concert in Auburn with 4 other bands including John Schlitt. (google him, you will be very impressed) Then on the 25th we play at Cobblestone in Falls City, then The NEBRASKA state fair on Sept. 1. one week off then the the Richerson Co. Fair in Humboldt on the Sept. 14 and 15. I hope everyone can come and enjoy
"The Gift," the song co-written by multiple Grammy and Dove Award-winning recording artist John Schlitt as a tribute to his wife, Dorla, has been named a favorite "relationship" song in this week's edition of New Release Tuesday. In an article titled "The Gift," Schlitt's single of the same name is ...
rocker John Schlitt is Live2Play Worship’s FIRST Featured Artist: from stardom 2 servanthood -
Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ speaks with John Schlitt on why we must continue to fight for faith and freedom in America. John Schlitt joins the program to discuss...
"Glorious" - never heard that word used to describe John Schlitt! I think I like it! :-D
I went to John Schlitt's (Petra) house today. Gosh I love living in Nashville.
Defending "Faith & Freedom" Listen to radio discussing and more with John Schlitt
Films presents official music video "Faith & Freedom" from
Get to know John Schlitt from Petra. Read & Watch here:
Hear & SEE what you're listening to: 8 min. vid preview. Share! TY
John Schlitt: by Mark Allen Staff Writer – Back to the Rock: An Interview With John Schlitt If you grew up in th...
Christian Rocker John Schlitt (formerly with Petra and Head East) was in the office today. Check out is new cd...
QUICK! watch John Schlitt LIVE on TV right now! LIVE BROADCAST! Click quick!
I've got new material by Silversun Pickups, John Schlitt, and Hellyeah queued in my Spotify.
Greatest band ever - Petra. was lead singer '86-'05. Released new solo CD today. Got mine!
Morgan Cryar - Pray in the USA. John Schlitt and Bob Hartman(II Guys From Petra) is in the choir...
Watch the May edition of the Insider to see an exclusive interview with former Petra frontman John Schlitt and to see what’s coming up in May on
The fabulous vlog with John Schlitt on 3BlindSaints and more!
Check out there bio, website and a sample of their music on the Music Artist info page..
In case you missed the Morning Show this A.M. Stevo spoke with Brian "Head" Welch of Love & Death. You can catch...
Looking at options for a facelift... so many choices, so many decisions, so very complicated!
Listen to RevMedia Network Radio Channel 1 tonight at 8pm CST. I will be guest on Warn Radio talking about missions
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