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John Ryan Murphy

John Ryan Murphy (born May 13, 1991), also known as J. R. Murphy, is an American professional baseball catcher for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Lowest fWAR for position players in '16: . Danny Santana -0.7. Eduardo Escobar -0.6. John Ryan Murphy -0.5. Shuck was -1.7 in off yr
Jose Berrios & John Ryan Murphy will be on a bus with Bert Blyleven & Dan Gladden for 4 days traveling through ND/northern MN... Bless them
The Yankees traded the adorable John Ryan Murphy for Aaron Hicks. Many of us are outraged.
reinstate C Francisco Cervelli from 60-day DL; option C John Ryan Murphy to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.
John Ryan Murphy hit 1 home run in 90 plate appearances this season.
Just like John Ryan Murphy, I am sure Austin Romine will be traded this offseason.
Reynaldo Lopez silences the Wings bats with a 4-hit shutout as Rochester falls to Syracuse 6-0. John Ryan Murphy finishes 2-for-3.
Twins MiLB Results: Rochester lose 6-0. John Ryan Murphy had 2 of the Red Wings 4 hits.
He and John Ryan Murphy have struggled away from NYC. They can't handle the smaller spotlight
Players have also been developed and traded away, like Auston Jackson, John Ryan Murphy etc. System now solid.
this bunch would be energized by a Triple-A battery (the electrical kind, not Tommy Milone and John Ryan Murphy)
John Ryan Murphy just doubled for Was his first XBH since May 14
John Ryan Murphy doubles with two outs and scores on a Wilfredo Tovar single to give Rochester a 1-0 lead in the 2nd inning.
I hope Ryan Murphy makes Ssn 2 of American Crime Story about this gorilla fiasco. John Travolta as the gorilla.
True, but good things come from Florida too - such as Andrew Miller and John Ryan Murphy :)
John Ryan Murphy has played 30 games between the majors & Triple-A this year and hasn't gotten multiple hits in any of them. Quite a slump.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The dislike for John Ryan Murphy is still so real. 😂
.joins the John Murphy Show right now to talk about the fiasco with Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets!
John Ryan Murphy is making $578,000 this year and Mc Cann is making $17 million
This is exactly what I think about John Ryan Murphy.
Is John Ryan Murphy a used car too? Hit .075 in majors this yr, demoted to AAA hitting .164
I'd settle for John Ryan Murphy at this point
dude can I ask how u got blocked by John Ryan Murphy?
Jorge Polanco gives the Red Wings a 1-0 lead at Indianapolis with an infield single in the 3rd plating John Ryan Murphy.
No one understands how much I miss Curtis Granderson , Robinson Cano, Ichiro Suzuki, John Ryan Murphy, and Chris Young with the Yankees 😢
Kurt Suzuki hasn't been placed on concussion DL. If he were to be, John Ryan Murphy at AAA: .164/.226/.182 in 16 G.
In case you're wondering, John Ryan Murphy is hitting .164 in AAA-Rochester.
I just looked up John Ryan Murphy's stats at AAA. He is hitting an atrocious .157/.224/.176
Two out magic for Nixa. Brett Hammit singles to center and scores from first on a bloop double by Ryan Murphy. Jeff City lead cut to 4-1.
Sauce continue to negotiate with for the services of John Hall, Ben Fowler, Ryan Murphy, Duddy, and Parra.
John Ryan Murphy is batting .160 at Rochester. There's no way he's this bad. None of his past numbers suggest it. But man, he's struggling.
As much as we all loved John Ryan Murphy, this guy is playing some ball.
John Ryan Murphy with a double to give the Red Wings a 7-0 lead in the 3rd.
Congrats to Juan Centeno for doing more in one game than John Ryan Murphy did in a month + .
SMH y'all have Yankee greats like Eduardo Nunez, John Ryan Murphy, and Phil Hughes on your team but can't win 😡
John Ryan Murphy set up inside that pitch was on a silver platter.
Terry Ryan. Boy was that a shrewd blockbuster off-season trade. John Ryan Murphy (BA .083), is actually "out hitting" Aaron Hicks (BA .077).
John Ryan Murphy makes me miss the glory days of Pat Borders and Henry Blanco
Can anyone explain to me why in the *** John Ryan Murphy is in the majors? Great trade Terry Ryan. Please send him down, see if he can hit.
John Ryan Murphy should be moved to Antarctica, not the outfield. That dude is terrible. Nice trade, Terry Ryan.
John Ryan Murphy, you are the worst Major League Baseball player I've ever seen
I think I could be a better major league hitter than John Ryan Murphy.
Brewers trail, 8-1, but imagine what the score would be had John Ryan Murphy dunked in a hit somewhere.. He's 0-for-5 with…
John Ryan Murphy has three names but seasoned Twins fans know he only needs one: Butera.
Even trade? Aaron Hicks and John Ryan Murphy are hitting a combined .073 (3-for-41). Hicks is 1-for-20, Murphy is 2-for-21.
The Twins will have Kurt Suzuki and John Ryan Murphy behind the plate. Will they hit?
Catchers left in camp down to Kurt Suzuki, John Ryan Murphy, John Hicks and Juan Centeno
Aaron Hicks dug into the batter's box and glanced back at catcher John Ryan Murphy during...
John Ryan Murphy traded for Aaron Hicks recently. Both in their respective lineups for the Twins and Yankees today.
Cosart solid overall. Surrendered a walk in the 2nd to John Ryan Murphy. Came back and struck out another former Yankee Eduardo Nunez.
I might try John Ryan Murphy for a buck.
Jorge Polanco with the leadoff double. Ex-MFY catcher John Ryan Murphy (exchanged for Aaron Hicks) in a RISP spot.
*** I hated to see the lose John Ryan Murphy! 😑
Yankees get promising Twins outfielder for John Ryan Murphy - New York Post
Yankees send John Ryan Murphy to Twins for Aaron Hicks - ESPN
New York Yankees trade John Ryan Murphy to the Minnesota Twins for Aaron Hicks ... - Scout
Sources: The New York Yankees have acquired CF Aaron Hicks from the Minnesota Twins for C John Ryan Murphy.
In what may be a prelude to a bigger trade, the Yankees sent the backup catcher John Ryan Murphy to the Twins for center fielder Aaron
John Ryan Murphy trade and more.: Earlier today the Yankees traded Utility man Jose Pirela in exchange for 20 ...
What does the John Ryan Murphy trade mean for hot-hitting prospect Gary Sanchez?
What the John Ryan Murphy for Aaron Hicks trade means for the roster right now
Yankees got Aaron Hicks for John Ryan Murphy. Guess that means Brett will be gone and I guess Gary Sanchez will be our backup catcher
The NY Yankees their outfield by trading the Minnesota Twins catcher John Ryan Murphy for center...
Twins trade OF Aaron Hicks to Yankees for C John Ryan Murphy: Hicks, 26, has mostly spent his time in center f...
New York have acquired outfielder Aaron Hicks from the Minnesota in exchange for John Ryan Murphy, rotoworld…
I can't wait for John Ryan Murphy to release his latest collection of short stories about the Thirteen Colonies.
Yankees traded catcher John Ryan Murphy to Minnesota for center fielder Aaron Hicks
.acquire OF Aaron Hicks from for catcher John Ryan Murphy.
John Ryan Murphy on what it's like to make the playoffs (VID) . WATCH >>>>
"This team is on the same page, and that page is drinking." -- C John Ryan Murphy
John Ryan Murphy now tied with Greg Bird as my new favorite Yankee. Last place is always Teixeira
Greg Bird + John Ryan Murphy + Slade Heathcott (if he could stay healthy) = 3 pretty good young position players who'll be blocked next year
John Ryan Murphy looked hammered in that post game interview, I don't think he knew what he was saying😂😂
Great contributions from the youngsters! Adam Warren, Greg Bird, John Ryan Murphy, & Rob Refsnyder, as well as CC, Beltran, Ryan, & Didi!!!
Josh Rutledge bunt pops out to catcher John Ryan Murphy.
Travis Shaw strikes out swinging, catcher John Ryan Murphy to first baseman Greg Bird.
John Ryan Murphy pinch-hitting for Greg Bird is such an embarrassing move, how do you even defend that???
John Ryan Murphy continues to be bae
John Ryan Murphy would be a starting catcher on a lot of teams
Catcher John Ryan Murphy went 2-for-4 with a run scored, two RBIs and his 3rd home run of the season.
Now on thanks to contributions from Bird and Murphy, the Yanks trail Jays by just 1/2 a game:
Young play big role in crucial victory
Young Yanks play big role in crucial victory
Young Yanks play big role in crucial victory. Sent with At Bat
Michael Pineda owes John Ryan Murphy BIG TIME for getting the team out of that hole.
Alex Rodriguez, John Ryan Murphy, and Greg Bird homered as the Yankees overcame a three run deficit to knock off the Baltimore Orioles 8-6.
NYY Star Ledger: John Ryan Murphy continues to shine as Yankees' backup catcher
Alex Rodriguez, John Ryan Murphy and Greg Bird all homered in the Yankees' 8-6 comeback win over the Orioles.
John Ryan Murphy definitely still gets man looks 12
How much John Kinsella does John Ryan Murphy have in him?
My love for John Ryan Murphy knows no bounds.
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No I was pretty clearly being serious. John Ryan Murphy is the best player in MLB history
Great job by John Ryan Murphy hitting clutch 2 run HR and getting Pineda through 6 innings on a day when he didn't have his best stuff!
Another come from behind win for the as Greg Bird with a big 3 run homer in the 8th. John Ryan Murphy with a 2 run shot.
Wow the rookies are BIG for the Great job by John Ryan Murphy, Greg Bird, Severino!
John Ryan Murphy pronouncing Schoop as "Shoop" is adorable.
Yankees down the O's, 8–5, as homers from A-Rod, Greg Bird and John Ryan Murphy carry the day
HOME RUN! John Ryan Murphy puts the Yankees back on top with a 2-run HR. NYY now leads BAL 5-4.
COMEBACK COMPLETE: John Ryan Murphy gives the Yankees the 5-4 lead
How far have the fallen? They're being beaten by guys named John Ryan Murphy and Greg Bird
John Ryan Murphy is the best backup catcher ever
Greg Bird and John Ryan Murphy are going to be part of the new Core Four, and life is going to be sweet.
Jack Curry just said John Ryan Murphy is the best back up catcher in Who cares?! What a homer about a guy who hit a homer.
Amazed at the Yankees Murderer's Row today: Greg Bird, John Ryan Murphy, Stephen Drew and Didi Gregorius. Wow!
Greg Bird, John Ryan Murphy and Carlos Beltran each homered in an 8-run 2nd inning that put the Yankees way out...
Remember when Greg Bird, John Ryan Murphy and Stephen Drew all hit home runs in three innings
Back to back blasts! Greg Bird and John Ryan Murphy give the a 3-1 lead!
ICYMI: My story from Friday on John Ryan Murphy doing a solid job in a part-time role for the
I call Brendan Ryan "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" bc we have Brendan Ryan and John Ryan Murphy and together, it's rly just one long name
Who has more value, John Ryan Murphy or Gary Sanchez?
John Ryan Murphy having a great inning!!.
John Ryan Murphy leads off the 3rd with a double to the wall in right. You can cancel the postgame show. Brendan Ryan at bat.
What a Game, keeps the Yankees and John Ryan Murphy secures the 8-5 win over the Twins
Trevor Gott takes over for Wilson. Also, Brian McCann takes over for John Ryan Murphy.
Another Angels web gem, from Kole Calhoun this time. Diving catch coming in on John Ryan Murphy's sinking line drive, just off the ground.
2-run double for John Ryan Murphy on scorcher off Machado's glove down line. trail 5-3 in 5th
John Ryan Murphy will start at C and bat 8th vs Baltimore Orioles on Sunday.
Against Brad Boxberger, John Ryan Murphy works a 2-out walk. Winning run on first with Stephen Drew at the plate
rally fueled by Chris Young, John Ryan Murphy capped by Stephen Drew Grand Slam.
On the star of the game is Stephen Drew. On WFAN it is John Ryan Murphy. Who do you think has priority!
Garrett Jones doubled to left. Runner on second with two outs and John Ryan Murphy due up.
Gardner, Sabathia and John Ryan Murphy for Cole Hamels is what I am hearing Major trade
I've started him a ball collection and he has a great John Ryan Murphy card collection.
. I haven't heard much on the Yankees. Just thinking we are probably going to keep John Ryan Murphy? Hope you agree.
“Men's Doubles Winners John Murphy and Ryan Jenkins well done boy…
Cervelli was always an entertaining player, but Yanks have really liked John Ryan Murphy better for awhile.
All my teams send players I like down to the farm. Fast to Hartford, John Ryan Murphy to Scranton. Tim Hardaway will be a Westchester Knick.
it's the license plate of the car in McGruber
"On an exclusive visit to the set of AHS: Freak Show, creator Ryan Murphy and star John Carroll Lynch talk
Don't you dare come that close to hitting John Ryan Murphy with a pitch ever again.
Rays threw inside to John Ryan Murphy. Where's the ejection?
whoa whoa whoa. What's with the language friend
It's that time for you to take the reins. Today, Owen's Biorhythms include John Murphy, Ryan Adams and Sufjan Stevens. What would yours be?
Is John Ryan Murphy the name of: a) a preacher's son or b) someone who plays for the New York Yankees? You decide.
catcher John Ryan Murphy has three names. All assassins have three names. Is John Ryan Murphy an assassin?
Colome's at 109 pitches with Ichiro on 2B and a lefty warming up in the Rays bullpen. John Ryan Murphy now batting.
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Ichiro collects two-out hustle double to extend 7th. Jim Hickey out to talk to Colome before he faces John Ryan Murphy.
Shane Greene, John Ryan Murphy, David Robertson, and a lefty reliever from our farm system for cole hamels
I may be going to the Railriders game tonight, but heading to Scranton early for Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs since the game is at 7 PM. Plus the rain will be cleared after 5 PM. I plan to meet (in order) John Ryan Murphy, Zoilo Almonte, Austin Romine, and Rob Refsnyder.
John Ryan Murphy shrugs off his tough night with RBI single for 7-2 RR lead in 6th
Murph mashes one. John Ryan Murphy blasts leadoff homer for 3-1 RailRiders lead in sixth.
Home run for the resurgent John Ryan Murphy. Into the RailRiders' pen, and it's 3-1.
PNC Field here in Moosic. Bottom of the 2nd. John Ryan Murphy hitting.
Biggest loser of the trade deadline? John Ryan Murphy. Kid's never gonna get a chance.
Dbacks tried to pry Yankees top catching prospect John Ryan Murphy in the Prado deal but NY wouldn't bite.
Came home today to a prize box from John ryan murphy signed ball! Truly thankful for a true collectible! Awesome!
RailRiders come right back in bottom of 1st with run-scoring 1B from Rob Refsnyder and John Ryan Murphy sac fly
John ryan Murphy he hit close to .300 earlier this year while tex was injured
Robinson Cano is in Seattle . Brian McCann is getting $85 million . John Ryan Murphy is in AAA. There's no justice in this.
John Ryan Murphy singles home third run of third inning for 4-1 RR lead
On Bomber Bites, Joe Vitulli talks about the need for recalling Zoilo Almonte and John Ryan Murphy:...
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no they have guys in obrien who has big league power Gary Sanchez who is a upcoming player and John Ryan Murphy who is good
Think Yankees would give up John Ryan Murphy for Willingham?
My emotions were all over the place because I thought they meant John Ryan Murphy 😅
John Ryan Murphy bounces two-run 1B past ss as RailRiders strike first with 2-0 lead in 1st
Hernandez struggled with his control that inning. John Ryan Murphy hit a 2-RBI single with the bases loaded. RailRiders up 2-0 into the 2nd.
Three 1st inning walks and a two-out, two-run single by John Ryan Murphy gives the RailRiders a 2-0 lead into the 2nd
John Ryan Murphy gives the RailRiders the two-run lead with a bouncing ball single up the middle. It’s 2-0 in the first.
Cervelli can start and John Ryan Murphy should be here. They're doing what they always do.
Got to meet Pete Rose, Dale Murphy, Ryan Klesko, Paul Snyder, and John Smoltz today.
Or give a 1B glove to John Ryan Murphy in the offseason and tell him to go play in AZ fall league or a Latin Amer. League
Yankees Trade Idea: Matt Kemp for John Ryan Murphy with the Dodgers paying for half of $ left on Kemp's contract. LA need…
Okay, that shows me McCann CAN play a good first-base. Now KEEP Cervy and let John-Ryan Murphy back him up at catcher. Seeya Tex!.
On another note - I wouldn't mind seeing hot hitting Francisco Cervelli traded to open up a spot for John Ryan Murphy in the Bronx.
GM 1 C Austin Romine 3-5 - hitting .333 over last 10 games . GM 2 C John Ryan Murphy 2-4, RBI, K - hitting .324 over last …
- John Ryan Murphy has played 3B prior to being switched to C, he should be up playing there, not stiffs like Johnson.
Derek Jeter singles to score Brian Roberts and John Ryan Murphy. He’s 3-for-3 with 2 runs and 2 RBI. lead 6-1.
John Ryan Murphy botches the throw to 1st, and Miller goes to 3rd.
WATCH - John Ryan Murphy gives his thoughts on David Phelps' outing:
Why I am a Yankees Fan! He (John Ryan Murphy) actually got down to talk to this autistic child which is so important for communication instead of talking over him..Job well done! Thank you New York Yankees!
The Yankees newest rookie is John Ryan Murphy. I suspect he's Irish.
nya, 5, John Ryan Murphy singles on a sharp ground ball to left fielder Brandon Guyer. Brett Gardner to 2nd.
nice going yankees propect catcher John Ryan Murphy
I'm getting tired of hearing the John Ryan Murphy on the mound with Mo story. He doesn't even look that overwhelmed.
Girardi praises Murphy's demeanor behind the dish John Ryan Murphy got the nod behind the plate Sunday for the Y...
It's hard for me to root for John Ryan Murphy because of the name thing. Reminds me of Jenna/Jena on AI.
Real talk though why am I not married to John Ryan Murphy yet?
Sunrise service at St. Joseph Catholic Church and then off to Tropicana Field to see John Ryan Murphy catch for the Yankees.
Ever notice that serial killers or notorious murders are refered to by their first, middle and last name (i.e. John Wilkes Booth). Why the *** does the Yankee catcher do it? Last year it was J.R. Murphy but this year its John Ryan Murphy
Congrats to John Ryan Murphy (for his inclusion to the 2014 Bowman Certified Rookie Autograph Set.
C John Ryan Murphy recalled from Triple-A C Francisco Cervelli placed on 60-day DL (right hamstring string).
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
How long will it take John Ryan Murphy to return to the show? Mike Montrone tries to answer that question.
White Sox, Diamondbacks want Yankees' Francisco Cervelli? Francisco Cervelli has been a Yankee since the team signed him out of his native Venezuela at age 17 in 2003. But he might not be for long. The White Sox and Diamondbacks have "heavily scouted" Cervelli, according to report from the New York Post's George King. Both teams have unstable catching situations. Cervelli, who's out of minor league options, seems to be the early favorite in a battle for the backup catcher's spot. He's competing against Austin Romine and John Ryan Murphy, who each have options. But Cervelli is also the most experienced of the bunch, and could be considered the most prepared to start behind the plate for a major
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