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John A. Russo (born 1939), sometimes credited as Jack Russo or John Russo, is an American screenwriter and film director most commonly associated with the 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead.

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Quote of the Day: "If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it." - John Irving
MISSING.john and Jeffery Russo pam brooks
John Wick 3 finally gets its release date
Congrats to John Russo from Bay High for being named MS player of the week.
Night of the Living Dead by John Russo. From the screenplay by George Romero and John Russo.
possibly in trapped trailer John "Steve" Russo, Pam Brooks and Jeffrey Russo
"The Garden of Love" By John A. Russo Jr In the garden of Love there is no hate, there is no…
Congrats BHS senior,. John Russo, who was awarded BSN Mississippi player of the week for his game performance vs Law…
Remind: City Club forum on plea deals is Tuesday night. Judge Donnelly on the panel and Judge John Russo moderating…
John Russo - John is one of the people responsible for inventing what we know today as the…
📷 marvelheroes: Elizabeth Olsen photographed by John Russo for Modern Luxury.
How to Build a Tech Ecosystem: a fireside chat with John Elkann, and
Congrats to my boss, Judge John J. Russo! He has done an amazing job guiding the Court, and he'll have two more yea…
Come out and see JOHN RUSSO at LOUISIANA COMIC CON Sept. 16-18.
The Wages Of Neglect Pt 2: Author John Russo asks, “Can you have a model city in a left-behind region?”…
From the set of 'The Neighborhood' tonight in Brooklyn. James Russo, my Brother John A Gotti, William DeMeo and Patrick Bo…
Okay I got shut of for John Mayer Grateful Dead but I'm good for Joe Russo Grateful Dead 11/24 in philly
Thanks for reminding all the Saints fans right after this terrible play John! You have a special way of cheering us up!
Kate Mara photographed by John Russo wearing Drone and Christian Louboutin for HAUTE LIVING magazine 2017.
Rob Lucas, John Russo and the cast of My Uncle John Is A Zombie answer questions from the crowd.
.Chief Boyce thanks the the Crime Scene Unit & Lt. John Russo, "who did a tremendous job with t…
Eva Green photographed for 20th Century Fox on June 1, 2016 in London, England. Photos by John Russo.
Whenever I hear "republic national convention" I instantly picture Jeb Bush and John McCain in a ball pit and I can't e…
correction Carolyn, I already mentioned her show to John Russo. :)
Who else has chosen a horror book for their read after sunset read? Im reading Return of the Living Dead by John Russo
all my friends refer to John Snow as John Russo. - I got tons of these 😂
Thank you Joe Russo Debra Montesano Dana Marie and John Montesano FOR spending my bday with me. I had a great...
5 of 5 stars to Everybody's Fool by Richard Russo
Godly_Life: Jesus answered, "I am the way & the truth & the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. -John 14:6
Thank you Vincent Russo for letting me see what it looked like from not so up close and personal.
British ISIS hostage John Cantlie appears thinner with longer hair in new propag…
Natalie Dormer photographed by John Russo for Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America, February 2016
Vintage photo of Rene Russo, John Travolta, Gene Hackman and Danny DeVito star i
by going after Hillary and not wasting time on *** ants like John Kasich or Mitt Romney!
"Heaven" by John Russo. View more of John's work here:
LovLikeJesus: For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. -John 3:17
Who wore it better: John Belushi or Derek Russo?
"Let your life be an advertisement for how valuable the gospel is." John Piper on Philippians 1:27
This leaves John Arezzi's WEVD show as the only serious show in the market (yes, that's a knock at Vince Russo). [7/92]
Richard Russo blurbed my first novel, John McNally my second, and I'm hoping Rodney Jones will blurb my third novel, As God Looked On.
Making an amazing introduction via - my thoughts on a framework from my friend
John McTiernan basically going on a tirade against American action films. Right about Russo's. via
Excited to be representin' Florida w/ my new cover. Thanks so much 4 the beautiful photos John Russo! ht…
Live from Starlite, John Russo, Catch him on Suncoast View tomorrow at 4 @ The Starlite Room
John Harwood lies about Rubio's tax plan and still works for CNBC & New York Times? Talk about comic …
Romero and John Russo disagreed on where to take series after NIGHT. Russo's path led to the RETURN OF films, Romero made his own. > featured in NBC s Science of Love
Well. It's Friday night. Almost time for "The Frankie Russo Show". After John Bachelor on 77. WABC in NY. Whooo.
Flashback Friday | Model Laís Ribeiro (photographed by my great friend John Russo…
"Love is keeping the promise anyway." - John Green, The Fault in Our Stars (via psych-facts)
try to find John in all these photos
Rod Glenn. October 30 at 4:37am. . Another Halloween special! Our award-winning zombie anthology is only 99p for...
special! Award-winning zombie anthology only 99p features 38 stories from the cream of today's horror.
Midnight From John A. Russo, author of Return of the Living Dead, comes Midnight...
According to co-writer John Russo, the lost Night of the Living Dead footage is a myth.
We met John Russo, writer and actor in the original Night of the Living Dead movies.
My homage to a historic vessel that settled DE: Kalmar Nyckel from ‘Delaware Miniatures' for piano
Russo's Sunday Insider: The volume is about to rise in Columbus. My COLUMN on & John Tortorella
Tre bomb for John Russo for the DOGS!
that rant on Gil was very Chris Russo and I appreciate that. Some fans are just so ignorant and need a reality check
Olivia Munn photographed by John Russo wearing Emillo Pucci for BELLA magazine 2015.
Congratulations to Charlie and John on their Wedding Day. A beautiful celebration of love Vetro by Russo's on the...
Only got a picture with john Russo though
Well I just met Eddie munster and john Russo from night of the Living Dead
John Russo co-writer & Eugene Clark's today at Etown's Pritchard Ctr
this better be the john Russo you speak of
Hear John Russo share his thoughts on @ the Tour in DC!
CASSIE MACDUFF: Wading into hot water on Riverside Main Library: Riverside’s energetic new city manager, John…
Driving Miss Daisy — cover story shot by John Russo for Fall 2015 issue is a must read.
On page 31 of 544 of Undead, by John Russo
JSHN contributor John Russo says he gave good directions.. Let's hope so!
new movie in production from John Russo, co-creator of the original Night of the Living Dead with a Gothic female lead
I love how John laughs when George falls 😂
I miss you so much Eric.. I really could use you tonight. 😔 rip to my brother Russo 💚
Victim had long dreamed of cruise, visiting 'paradise': Jill Pires remembers her boyfriend, John Joseph Russo,...
My Uncle John is a Zombie is the latest from Night Of The Living Dead co-creator John Russo - zombie fans, unite!
And ANOTHER superstar judge joins the panel for the upcoming contest. John Russo, co-screenwriter...
On this day in 1980, we sadly lost John 'Bonzo' Bonham, legendary drummer..
On this day 1980, John Bonham died at age 32 after a heavy drinking session. .
Judge John Russo -Redemption- that its never too late to turn your life around! God us available to us even in seemingly hopeless situations
fans get ready for the latest from John Russo (Night of the Living Dead)
Two local players on the UNM football team, John Russo (Eldarado) and Michael Walsh (La Cueva) upgraded from walk-on to scholarship today.
We will be on periscope live with an interview with Joe Bob Briggs and John Russo, writer of the original Night of the Living Dead!
-in horror movies, like Joe Bob Briggs and John Russo?! Then listen to MediaMites
Remember June 26-28 join us at Days of the Dead con in Indianapolis! Interviewing Joe Bob Briggs and possibly John Russo! And more
Last year John Russo got autographed pizza, this year it’s a hotdog.
John Russo - the 'Meat Man' - one of many supporters keeping services like running via
Thank you to St. Ed's grad Judge John Russo for hosting students today, it was a very interesting and eye opening experience!
Thanks John Russo-Zirkel for the follow! my songs are FREE for download, try em out!
Taking a group of seniors downtown today to visit Judge John Russo and the Cuy County Courthouse and Jail. Great Learning experience
George & Paul taking photos of John in Paris, 1964.
1-1 at half. John Foss tied it for EHT
Love dropping "the Riverside *** joke at CC. So NorCal. Honestly, though, Riverside ***
The love for at this meeting is sweet.
Regular agenda items now. First up: Commending outgoing City Manager John Russo and assistant Alex Nguyen for their service.
Full house tonight; we'll be saying goodbye to City Manager John Russo, getting an Alameda Point update and more.
I liked a video from John Russo Last Interview As Alameda City Manager
John Deere says farmers don't actually own tractors, it's an "implied license". . Read more: .
What a day! & $8.5 million in funding. Congrats to & the entire family.
We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.- John F. Kennedy RT
We are number one in the trends of Brazil! the new update is coming.
John Mayer can instantly calm my mood any time of the day
Screenwriters Roundtable. Great discussion about character versus plot.
Flute Sonata in D major, II. Andante (1982) by John Paul Russo on from my 'Mozartian' phase at age 15.
Ok, what do u think about John Riddle's analysis about d Bolshevik's Russo-centrism?
Outtakes of few shoots from past years. Bello Mag, Genlux Mag and John Russo (2010) in nice quality.Check them out:
Vince Russo and John Arezzi are vying for control of the wrestling hour on WEVD. [4/92]
I liked a video from Joe Russo's Almost Dead performs "Uncle John's Band" at Gathering of
What's cooler than getting to write zombie stories alongside John Russo, co-creator of "Night of the Living Dead"...
John Nikitin, the great Russo-Canadian Hart trophy winner that the Oilers are cooking up in their kitchen.
Thankful for john butts dom russo for being the best friends I can ask for
Why does the parade get more attention than this someone explain
So amaze! Get $100, $200, up to $350 for old phones at BC we're friends, you score 5 bucks extra, too.
Let John Russo be on hand to help you start the festive season on the right foot. Contact Spa team molon-spa
Thanks Barbara Anderson and Joan Ray for sharing this...Susannah King Lorraine Russo Linda St John
Vince Russo is the John Cena of booking/Writing
Congratulations again to John Russo & Nick Hanson on being selected to the STL West All-Region Team and to Russo for the All-Metro 2nd Team
yeah I gotcha john when I get home. Thanks
A big thank you to John Russo and Romeo Ibanez for helping put some finishing touches on our new performance center.
Tony Todd and John A. Russo follow me. I'm freaking out right now
“As usual, there is a great woman behind every *** ” -John Lennon
My photo from "Night of the Living Dead (1968) autographed by John Russo, Bill Hinzman, Bill " Chilly Billy" Cardille, Judith O'Dea, & George Kosana.
Team USA defeats Brazil 95-78 in their exhibition. Anthony Davis scores 20 points in the win
The Bears have signed former Jets and Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes. (via
Listen to 135 Zombies in the Morgue Guest John Russo July 11th 2014 from Live From The Morgue
Steve Burton photo By John Russo - Pic 1 Please don't tease me with this pic
Vince Russo pitched the idea of Paul Heyman turning on Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam & aligning with John Cena, turning Cena he…
“Gary Oldman photo by John Russo most stylish man ever.
TONIGHT, on gives you, creator of the classic, NIGHT OF THE Living Dead..John A.Russo
The Cavaliers have the lowest win percentage in the NBA since LeBron James left for Miami in 2010. (.311)
Every squad has that one unathletic friend 😂
Trying to explain yourself when your drunk.. .
Being too nice *** cause them everyone takes advantage
Someones whos not boring af snapchat me : johnnnrusso
Coolin at the blue tiger, hitting up sweet bernies in a lil
all New York selenators met cailin russo, and john legend, and selena today ***
Some selections from my homemade CD of original songs: ‘RUDIMENTS' (with lyrics) Enjoy! >>>
Deadass i wish i had chris brown dancing skills
DEVELOPING: Brewers P Matt Garza has not allowed hit through 6 innings vs Phillies. He has thrown 83 pitches, game is sco…
Dear this Chris Russo thing is up there with The View in terms of you-hate-your-viewers programming.
Can lebron just sign with cleveland please
John William Barger III front row at Ralph & Russo in Paris with Pamela Barger of St. Petersburg and Dr. Lee Ann...
Lying to my face doesnt help me either
Polaroid of Michael Ealy photographed by John Russo for his book
Photo : sexyolddudes: Michael Fassbender by John Russo. for 20th Century Fox
Modeling career Kitsch moved to New York in 2002 after receiving an opportunity to pursue modeling with IMG and studied acting there as well. While in New York, he became a nutritionist and a personal trainer. For a time in New York he was homeless and took to sleeping on subway trains in the middle of the night. In 2004, he relocated to Los Angeles where he modeled for Diesel and Abercrombie & Fitch.He also appears in the limited edition coffee table book About Face by celebrity photographer John Russo. Acting career In 2006, Kitsch was cast in his breakout role on the NBC sports teen drama television series Friday Night Lights based on Peter Berg's 2004 film of the same name. The series centers on the small-town football team Dillon Panthers in the fictional town of Dillon, Texas. Kitsch portrayed for five seasons the role of Tim Riggins, a high school student who is the fullback/running back of the Dillon Panthers. It premiered in October 2006 to universal critical acclaim from critics and over 7.7 mil ...
Franklin and Kevin Edwards to first team all MCC and John Russo second team. That's what we want.
Congrats to all-MCC award winners: Kaleb Jackson and Kevin Edwards (1st team) and John Russo (2nd team).
Early dinner with John Russo love Christmas gift cards!
Video by Aaaron Olzer starring supermodel David Gandy who has no doubt become synonymous with the name of Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana made for the shoot by fashion photographer John Russo coming from the pages of Esquire Mexico.
Andrew Lincoln's new photoshoot by John Russo for Atlanta Magazine (Nov. 2013). See more photos:
Italian supermodel Bianca Balti is her gorgeous self in a behind the scenes video by Aaron Olzer of her Esquire Mexico November 2013 shoot by John Russo.
Update your maps at Navteq
not a . huge fan of John Russo do to him, but Bruno Sammartino is a different story
Fan of John Russo, Bruno Sammartino, Chuck Corby or myself? You can help get this obscure movie into the light!
UK Magazine LIVE has shared images from a new photo shoot by photographer John Russo with Mortal Instruments stars Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower and Robert
The Flyers have Braydon Coburn on the trading block. John Russo thinks it's a big mistake.
TFP, CSN and Bob McKenzie all report that Ilya Bryzgalov could be bought out by the
Please join us in congratulating the Partners and Of Counsel who have been named to Florida Super Lawyers magazine for 2013. Paul Butler, John Pappas, Kathy Maus, Lewis Collins, Anthony Russo, Bill Lewis and John Weihmuller. For more information, please visit
Karen says: My sister and I are looking for a Realtor in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area. We live in TN and need someone willing to be brutally honest, take photos and such for us as traveling back & forth is costly (especially in the summer months). We will be on vacation August 10-18 so we would be able to meet with this person during this particular week. We are considering purchasing a unit in the area and just need someone who is really committed to their clients. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
What would you like to see in the next Russo YouTube video? Let us know in a comment and check out our channel
Meeting my sister who's getting married tomorrow and suddenly realised how awkward it is to wear my twice in a lifetime t-shirt...
John Russo reviewing it as we speak!
Channel 7 you must be joking the game should have nothing to do with those flogs they are already stuffing the spectacle enough
shout out to, Olde Log Inn, Tubby Tubes, Log Jam, Golden Corral of Queensbury, Lake George Steamboat, Boardwalk, Jane Jansen, C & C Hair Design, Karen Dingman, Rick Conners, Irena, Home Depot of Queensbury, Sweet Basil, Robin, "the barn" Terri Parker, Mike Ponda from Decrescente, Luke Dow, Penny Lautenschuetz, Patty and John Polunci, Carol Johnson, National Water Sports, Lake George bowl, and Lake George Bait n tackle, Bonnie Beckwith. Walmart of Saratoga, Kari Russo, Whites lumber, Nick Chiaravalle from Performance Food Service and Julie Munday , MeMe florists, Joy n Family Dollar of Corinth, Ron's Garage, Frank's Pizza, Gambles Bakery, Tom from US Foods, for the donations for the "Wendy Fuller Kidney Fund" Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!,together we are gonna make this a huge success. Sorry to keep posting, but my Thank you's owed keeps getting longer and longer, woooho
Nothing like a bike ride to set you right. Ran into my friend Patrick Dorrian. Good to chat while we rode. And you are right, being happy in life is what it is all about, ever. And it was nice to meet a new friend (Amy) on my ride.
John Irving is, of course, a master. Last fab book I read was widow for a year. Since then, I've been drifting through Eastern morose/existential romps (Ha Jin's Waiting, Murakami's Nor Wood). Recommendations of something smart and gripping that isn't too moody?
The TCL Flyers gang discusses the trade for Mark Streit and the upcoming offseason.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Happy name day to my favorite Anthonys... my husband Anthony, my son John Anthony Russo, my grandson Rocco Anthony and my great nephew Anthony (Helen Russo). Saint Anthony never fails me. Thank you Saint Anthony for all the gifts you sent my way today!
John Russo. This would be great for the camp!
If she gets 1.5 million Likes, ill sign her to my record label! Like my page to see.
At panel on the history & future of Working Class Studies: Question they asked in 1992 - "I wonder if the working-class will be invited to the diversity banquet?" - co-founder John Russo
Guys, at 3PM, Jordan Kuhns will host our first TCL Flyers podcast along with Dan MacNeal and John Russo.
I fiddled around with my HP Laserjet 1200 this morning and got it working again! 13 years old and still going strong. :-)
~PRESS RELEASE ZOMGEES!~ RCW (Really Crappy Wrestling) have announced that this year a special event will take place known as Dios Trios. The event will be a tournament where sixteen three-man teams will team up to try and claim the Dios Trios Trophy. The Rules, are of course needlessly complicated: 1. Each team has three members.. 2. One member will be captain. 3. Victory can be scored by eliminating every member of the opposing team or by the captain of one team pinning the captain of the other one. 4. ummm. RUSSO~~~! 5. The Triforce of Banned Moves (The Afrobutt, The Piledriver and the BRAINBUSTAH!) are allowed to be used during this tournament. ~TEAMS (CONFIRMED SO FAR, MORE SOON)~ *Team Afroca: The Afrocan (c), Cousin Fronius and Antonifro *Team Jungle: Monkey Man (c), Timmy the Tiger and Pan Pan the Magical Panda *The *** Sexy Men: Johnny Vegas (c), Mr.Kilt and Big Daddy *Facism Rocks!(and Rolls): Mr. USA (c), Johnny Rock and Ricky Roll *The Classy Corp.: Dean Gassy (c), Mr.X and The Human Wrecking ...
Vincent Marino along with 14 men were charged in an 87-page 40-count indictment on April 4, 1997 with allegedly trying to seize control of the Patriarca Family between 1989 and 1994. All 14 were in...
RIP! JOHN FISH AKA JOHN D'Inconcro from 81th St & 23 avenue. pasted away Monday. Funeral services will be held at Cusiamano & Russo, Friday evening from 6 to 9 at 2005 west 8th street. Corner of avenue T.
Amazing Ryan Reynolds GQ cover by John Russo. Both amazing guys to work with.
A casual preview of the Cup Finals along with picks from the TCL Flyers staff:
Mark Streit talks with beat writer about wanting to play in Philly. My story and his link:
Shane Harper scored the game-winning goal in the AHL Outdoor Classic in 2012 between the Bears and Phantoms
The have acquired defenseman Mark Streit from the
Over at we made our final picks for the which kick off tonight:
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Photo: styleonnet: anne-atomy of a supermodel: anne vyalitsyna by john russo for harper’s bazaar arabia june...
to release budget spreadsheet in excel format per phone call from John Russo
Hottest 6th 7th and 8th grader? — 6th and 7th idk and 8th john russo
He knows, it was his Co-Author John Russo when they fell out and the original movie was not copyright.
Since there hasn't been any new news, & I'm not posting about a typo, here's the story on Niittymaki's return
Right. So Oakland pols John Russo, Elihu Harris, and Nancy Nadel were missing from
Ok, so had no John Russo, Elihu Harris, but also fmr. Oakland Councilmember Nancy Nadel,
Lasted longer than I thought. John Russo and Chris Robinson.
Great points about Elihu Harris and John Russo not at Oakland That's leaving out some...
Well then don't forget fmr. Oakland Councilmember and City Attorney John Russo for Love Our Lake
Via John Russo:. Reflecting. A lot of Americans have become so insulated from reality that they imagine that...
John Russo has a few spots open for this upcoming weekend at NIX. Anyone interested please call the studio to set up your bookings.
"’s as if African-Americans now are the ones standing in the schoolhouse door.” - John Russo (1996) re: Oakland redistricting
Thank you to everybody who made it to tonight's game including Matt Went who came across country, John Russo who apparently came from Maine, Brad Champion who battled the Merritt on a Friday and won, Kyle Olson who came from New Britain, Sean Tress Frank Massimino and Bryan Kaminski who were all about 3 hours early to the game, Jack Harding who desperately needs a watch and Mike Greco and Joe Crispino who were just their steady selves. Thanks for all pitching in to the 14-2, 5 inning game. Couldn't have picked up my first pitching win without you!
Heather Langenkamp, Angus Scrimm, Don Coscarelli, Lisa Wilcox, Tuesday Knight, Tony Todd, Keith David, Gary Busey, Kane Hodder, Sammy Terry, and maybe even John Russo... and a crap load of others. can't wait to meet these people at the convention. Horror Nirvana
Director of the original George Romero was there for a Q&A as well as writer John Russo & producer Russ Streiner.
One of my heroes George A Romero along with John Russo and Russ Streiner!
Q&A with George A Romero, John Russo & Russ Streiner at Night of the Living Dead Live! …
Tom Savini FX hosted by John Russo. Boy, do I miss practical effects.
Also in this issue: columns by John Russo, Diane Ness, Chris Pryor, Tom Lynn, Kim McCullough and Dr. Rob LaPrade, and much more.
Photoset: Steven Yeun photographed by John Russo for Out Magazine [x]
Phillip Russo, John Russo.maybe we can rent this while we are hanging out with Phil
Emma Bolino, age 84, of Las Vegas, passed away Sunday, January 27,. Emma was born November 18, 1928 in Manhattan NY to the late Antonio and the late Michelina (Del Monte) Castiglione. Emma was a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and worked as a seamstress for a number of clothing manufacturers in New York City. She was a wonderful cook and very independent with strong religious beliefs. She is survived by her children Patrick (Ivette) Bolino, Roseann (Ronnie) Tabick, and Anthony (Michelle) Bolino all of Las Vegas; grandchildren MIchelle Russo, Andrew Russo, John Russo, Matthew Russo, John Bolino, Brianna Bolino; and sister Francis Buccola of Long Island NY. In Las Vegas, a visitation will be held on Thursday, January 31 from 10:00AM-11:00AM at Christ The King Catholic Community, 4925 S. Torrey Pines Drive, with a Mass of Christian burial beginning at 11:00AM. In New York, a visitation will be held from ___ to ___ at Raccuglia & Son Funeral Home, 321-323 Court St., Brooklyn. Bur ...
Wrestling announcements 1/7/13 Our wrestling team finished with a 4 win, 1 loss record at the Bendle tournament. We lost the opening dual of the day to Capac, then we woke up and went on to beat Lutheran Westland, Saginaw Valley Lutheran, New Boston Huron and Pinconnning. Undefeated wrestlers were Anthony Ziegman, Jordan Jabara and John Russo. At the Detroit Catholic Central Tournament, the wrestling team had 6 placers in the top 8, with two of them being champions, Brian Moran and Adam *** Our team finished 5th overall of the 19 teams and the highest Division 2 team beating some higher ranked teams. Great job guys!!! The next home competition is this Wednesday. Be aware, there will be flying t-shirts there. For every pin our team gets there will be a t-shirt thrown into the stands. See you there
Nice! Be sure you buy the wine for your wedding from us! Carrettino Italian Market & Wine by John Russo 4301 Kalamazoo Ave SE, at 44th St., Grand Rapids,Mi
They were thinking, "John Russo owns 50% of the rights, much like Romero does, and Russo looks like he could use food."
Great day for a Bike ride!! The Break and Island annual fall charity bike ride- poker run and fish fry starts at the Islander today at noon--- Come have some fun for a great cause. All proceeds benefit John Russo for he and his familys fight against cancer!
I don't know about you Brian Moore, John Russo, Bill Peppler, Milan J. Cisar but I am JACKED UP for the game tonight...we will be one step closer to hearing..."with the 1st pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the NY Jets select."
John Russo an Russ Striener will be the grand Marshall's at the Toronto zombie walk.
Had a GREAT time at SCARE-A-CUSE as I thought I would. I met Judith O'Dea, John Russo, PJ Soles and Adrienne King as well as Danielle Harris and Michael Berryman a second time each, they were all awesome. Also got some sweet rare DVDs including Deadly Eyes with the beautiful Lesleh Donaldson which I have been wanting to see for a long time. Pictures coming soon!
Going to dinner with the family at Old South Carolina BBQ with Jennifer Russo Lowery Tim Lowery and John Russo.. if you haven't tried it yet the brisket is worth buying. everyday!
Armie Hammer and wife Elizabeth Chambers by John Russo, styled by George Kotsiopoulos for Santa Barbara Magazine 2010. See the article here: a luscious life with LUSCIOUS:
We started this officially on February 3rd, 2012. The idea came from Co-leader Rebecca and John Russo, a bit after the ST was set up, Rebecca asked Genna if she'd like to co-lead with her. And that's how it all started. We went around school for months handing out promo cards, trying to get friends...
Carrettino Italian Market & Wine by John Russo. Receive 10% off  when you purchase 6 bottles of wine or more.
At the in Niagara Falls with with Russ Steiner and John Russo. Also, Trevor, Chris, Chris and Phil. Kickin'booth
Hey dolls!! I want to share my new Esquire Latin America cover, shot by the amazing John Russo, with you all!! Huge thanks to Charlene Roxbourough for
Night of the Living Dead: Based on the film by John Russo and George Romero.In celebration of the classic motion...
Ana Ivanovic on the cover of the new issue of Vanidades, a top-selling magazine in La.America. Image by John Russo
John Russo, film-maker and co-creator of the classic "Night of the Living Dead" will be appear live on "The Digital Edge" to discuss his career and the John Russo Movie Making Program at DuBois Business College. Tune in LIVE at 10:30am Wednesday, May 16th at!
Is it bad when you get a text from John Russo saying he can hear your room at o'connor?
SWET! John Russo and Russ Streiner want a conference call with me .WHOOOHoOO! I am HONORED:D EXCITED for what is coming in my future :D Also gotta get back to lotsof fbk messages (Sorry forthe delay everyone...I work aFULL time jobtoo :DGetting back to some pp about interviews with some media pp who areattending Motor City Comic Con and Radio!!! ALSO a awesome lady Producer I met this weekend who is interested in me for a HORROR movie andmy partner is Kane Hodder and another movie with the DETROIT Red Wings!! SO thankful for all the blessings and opportunities...thanks for keeping up to date and for all the support! Gonna make u proud :D
Photos from the Men's Book Photo shoot. The digital copies are available online now for Chicago and Atlanta. Hard copies to be released April 2012. I had a great time with the people over there. Make sure to get your copy when it comes out! by John Russo
I am bumming hugely. Motor city Nightmares is happening this weekend and today is the last day of it and can't go. *** !! :^( I wanted to see everyone there. Meet Doug Bradley, Tony Todd, Ken Foree, Sid Haig,Dee Wallace, and Kane Hodder and see the ones we met the last time we went, John Russo, William Forsythe, ect. :^( I can, at least, look forward to Flint Horror-Con this October. So far, they have Ari Lehman will be there. He played the child Jason on the first Friday the 13th movie and has a band called First Jason. Gotta meet him. :^)
"In the future, government will not be the provider of services, it will be the director of services (besides public safety)" -John Russo
Chris Trapani just finished speaking here at the RESCUE event. John Russo is now speaking.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Thanks, There is a 2-day photo event at Stockton College next week with Seth Resnick and John Russo.
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