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John Ritter

Jonathan Southworth John Ritter (September 17, 1948 – September 11, 2003) was an American actor, voice over artist and comedian perhaps best known for having played Jack Tripper and Paul Hennessy in the ABC sitcoms Three's Company and 8 Simple Rules, respectively.

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I count the days until WHM finally takes on the weirdo Jim Belushi/John Ritter joint, Real Men.
Reason to love aside from playing Zelda, she also starred in a sitcom featuring John Ritter &…
if it's a John Ritter comedy, then yea Problem Child?
When movies get titled 'why him?' John Ritter is in heaven, shining light 2 U ☀️🌈🌙
glad to hear not many people survive before they can get into surgery. Lucille Ball and John Ritter died from that.
Drugs what else... post drug use scar tissue, same as John Ritter, too old to be doing blow – 70's nose candy was too pure.
I've started the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health. The big ...
John Ritter as a newly-ordained minister performing his first-ever wedding for Ted and Georgette.
(Fact note, Lucille Ball is no longer in Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. But Paul Walker, Brittany Murphy & John…
all these problem children in the SW drove John Ritter to an early grave. I'm looking at you, Thurman Merman.
I once heard a knock on my door in L.A. & it was John Ritter (who was friends with my cousins who we bought our house from)
John Ritter had 8 simple ones, all designated to help young men court his teenage daughter.
This is so touching. It was John Ritter for me too..I loved him soo much as a kid. I actually hit the floor (literally)😥
When u actually just miss John Ritter so much
correct me if I'm wrong but that movie seems like 100% Cranston doing a John Ritter impersonation/tribute
John Ritter was the first time I realized the people on tv were real and could just pass away with out notice
Day 16 (late): Episode you like, that everyone else hates. Ted. I love John Ritter.
Just realized Jason Ritter is John Ritter's son and I don't know how I could've been so stupid.
John Ritter required a more thorough process for dating He also would have made a better
Come on man, even John Ritter had 8, and he still agreed to do Three's Company.
watch the part where they give Jack a shot in the hospital, John Ritter is so funny
Even John Ritter had 8 rules to date his teenage daughter. Two rules seems like it's not enough.
. John Ritter was a tough one. I think Princess Di was the first gut punch for me.
I have cried twice since Debbie Reynolds died! I used to make fun of my grandma because she cried when John Ritter died and now I feel bad!😭
Crazy, John Ritter had 8 simple rules just to date his daughter.
I have deep respect for the loss of celebrities & the effect it has on people. I still get very bummed about John Ritter & it's been years.
John Ritter's crushed me because I loved 8 Simple Rules. It wasn't the same after that. Though, David Spade helped a little.
Who was the first celebrity death to really punch you in the gut? My answer is easy:. John Ritter
it's a list that includes several big names: Bob Hope, Katherine Hepburn, Johnny Cash, Art Carney, John Ritter
Billy Bob Thornton, Bernie Mac, Cloris Leachman, Tony Cox, Lauren Graham, John Ritter - what's not to love ?
Skin Deep (1989) - Blake Edwards, John Ritter. There are 2 slapstick scenes that should be in comedic history, but…
In retrospect, Amy Yasbeck, John Ritter's wife, was very impressive as Flo and Nurse Annie for both films.
I have a, you know, a John Ritter-shaped hole in my heart. Nobody can rep...
Amy Yasbeck discusses death of John Ritter on ABC's Primetime with Diane... via
I certainly wouldn't want to be the man who was compared to John Ritter t...
Billy Bob Thornton dedicates "Bad Santa 2" to the late Bernie Mac and John Ritter
Sought comfort in The Larry Sanders Show, but the episode featured not just Shandling but John Ritter, Warren Zevon, and Gene Siskel. Siiigh
Nugent is an *** but I'll always fondly remember that episode of Conan with him, Dana Carvey and John Ritter
During this Larry Sanders Show rewatch I sometimes get sad. There's a scene with Garry, John Ritter and Gene Siskel. All gone too soon.
John Ritter, Elijah Wood, Faith Ford, Jesse Zeigler and Scarlett Johansson in the early 90s.
Tommy Ford. Prince. Vanity. Anthony Mason. Steve Jobs. John Ritter. All passed away young. Life is short. I work hard, but I want time to LIVE too
Just watched you on Larry Sanders, Wow, heavy hitters on there with you Warren Zevon, John Ritter, and so on .Hey Now
I think you may have had John Ritter. He was a prankster. I know you had Patrick Duffy, since he was from Dallas.
Robin Williams and John Ritter at the 31st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on Sept. 9, 1979
On this day in 1948, actor John Ritter was born in Burbank Calif., the son of country star Tex Ritter.
Do Not Forsake Me, The Ballad of High Noon as sung by Tex Ritter, uncle of John Ritter.
the memory of John Ritter phenomenal actor who passed away September 11th 2003 you are surely missed
I'm also remembering the amazing John Ritter today...
TIL: The woman that played the annoying wife in 1990's Problem Child, went on to marry John Ritter in real life.
John Ritter former US weapons inspector knew there was no WMD's in Iraq. . Watch "Shifting Sands" this report is only telling us what we know
That's a fun one. See also Real Men (1987) written and directed by Dennis Feldman, starring John Ritter and James Belushi.
Congrats to today's iPad, John Ritter of Street and Co.
Some of the best slapstick I've seen in years - Ryan Gosling evokes Abbott and Costello like no one else since John Ritter
Two of my favorite people that have walked the earth. John Ritter & Ossie Davis
-- from 8 simple rules only because having a husband such as Paul who was John Ritter would be an experience and a half.
TV movie "Letting Go" starring John Ritter and Sharon Gless premiered 1985.
It's from Three's Company, pretty much the show that made John Ritter and Suzanne Somers famous
“[An Asian-American actress] couldn’t have debuted as the daughters of John Ritter and Sean Connery,...”
ha! reminds me of the scene in 'skin deep'. RIP john ritter
John Ritter was really memorable in Slingblade; supporting role, but very strong acting.
John Ritter is dead. I find the use of this gif offensive. Apology when you get a chance AND MAKE IT SINCERE...
This guitarist looks like a cross between Mark Hamil and John Ritter
Well I can certainly appreciate all John Ritter's tight trousers now. 😂
The innuendo of Three's Company was way over my head. I just loved John Ritter's slapstick comedy. 😂
John Ritter was the greatest physical comedian who ever lived.
John Ritter didn't die while filming his tv show. That was a lie.
Caitlin Todd on NCIS and John Ritter/Paul Hennesy’s death on 8 Simple Rules + in real life :(
I absolutely love and adore this movie. John Ritter's facial expressions are priceless as is yours.
The episodes of 8 Simple Rules after John Ritter died. I still can't watch them without sobbing uncontrollably.
Oldie but goodie:-) I absolutely loved working on this movie and John Ritter was truly one of the greatest!
Thought I just saw John Ritter on the street. He died in 2003. Probably wasn't him.
Remember the John Ritter movie "Americathon"?. We're there. Only people liked John Ritter.
I really want to know whose going to play John Ritter in Threes Company.
Ok, I've been trying to remember the double feature we saw w/ R-N-R High School in the theater it was AMERITHON w/ John Ritter !
that is one of the best episodes! Showed what a great physical comedian John Ritter was!
The Whole of Your Heart by John the Ghost... This is amazing ♫
how about this great Song for my boss John Ritter & Keith Burns wrote
Check out this song my boss, John Ritter and Keith Burns of wrote
John Ritter and Keith Burns of wrote a great Rally song for you! Check this out!
Feeling a little sad to hear John Ritter's voice. He was a talented guy and by all accounts really kind.
when I was growing up, it was the John Ritter educational film Earthquake Dos and Don'ts that got me worried.
very cool. John Ritter was my favorite 😢
Real Men is an old fave of mine. Stars Jim Belushi, John Ritter... funny movie!
This actor looks like John Ritter, a non-brand name J.R. where they had to tweak a few things bc of copyright laws
I added a video to a playlist Life With Lucy - Lucy Makes a Hit with John Ritter (1 of 3)
Most underrated show of all time. Loved the John Ritter episode.
Gabriel Kahane is like if Josh Ritter let out his inner Father John Misty. So I loved it.
Were you trying to look like John Ritter?
"I'll just sit here&wait for my heart to get started.". Seeing John Ritter in is sad when he says lines like that.
Bad Santa 2 is in post now but Bernie Mac or John Ritter, who had the funniest scenes in part 1, are gone (RIP) & Hollywood hacks suck.
Three's Company' Movie in the Works. Sitcom had bad writing but the slapstick of John Ritter and great quirkines of Joyce DeWitt saved it
5 of 5 stars to With Love and Laughter, John Ritter by Amy Yasbeck
...I don't know if this can be done without John Ritter. Marcus Osborne?
Robin Williams and John Ritter were two of the comedy greats and I miss them both. R.I.P.
Threes Company is one of the best shows ever. John Ritter was the best part.
Threes Company is on. John Ritter was greatness.
Still sorta gutted by Larry Sanders ep last night that had John Ritter, Gene Siskel, and Warren Zevon. Also had dewey-fresh Josh Malina tho.
Greg Ritter has edged John Bowe for pole at Sandown. REPORT + RESULTS >
Who should go in the College BB HOF next? John Deutcsh, Ken Ritter, Randy Ross, Joe Thomas, Billy Wagner. Vote
Ballot Question Committee, Amanda , NMC president Riana Durrett, and well-known business leader John Ritter off and running.
You sound like John Ritter... All the time.
I still miss John Ritter - of course, my kids knew him as the voice of Clifford, the Big Red Dog on PBS.
Huw & Joe here signing in for the last shift of the week.
Problem Child (1990) 1hr 17m [PG] Sweet-natured couple John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck don't know what they're lett...
then to actors like John Ritter, Fred Gwynne and John Candy. This helped me get out of my shyness shell and met people I have always admired
I'm always a little sad when I remember that John Ritter is dead.
March 31, 1973 - County Stars 83, Goshen Stars 77 before capacity crowd at GHS. Dean Weirich 35 for County, John Ritter 39 for Goshen.
from the words of the late John Ritter."that's not a G string. It's floss." 😄
if we see Tiger anywhere near Augusta, No. 3: Just getting there early to have John Daly si…
This episode of just wrapping up on right now is unintentionally upsetting in a post-John Ritter world.
Sitting across the bar from a man that looks eerily like John Ritter... you're dead, sir.
Once during a taping there was an actor who kept blowing his lines. It happ...
"Come and knock on our door..." I loved Three's Company and still miss John Ritter today! Happy TBT!
'Heard she like the 3 on 1. Like my man John Ritter'
I wonder if career was helped in any way by his resemblance to the love child of John Ritter & Matt Damon
Then I started thinking if they replaced John Ritter's character with a dog if it woulda been better, but decided it wouolda been too scary.
After that I said IT was pretty bad, tho he did amazing job. He agreed. I said it woulda been better if they removed John Ritter. Concurred.
Right now on my best days I look like John Ritter in IT
When I was little, I had a huge crush on John Ritter. There i said it.
Juniel Ritter had big season last year and erupted yesterday, going 4-5 with 2 HRs and 6 RBIs. doing some work early
I listened to the audiobook. The narrator was just a little different in his introduction. He said, "Hi! I'm John Ritter." 😢
I just want John Ritter and that's all
my true reason for becoming an actor was John Ritter and Three's Company. That one hit me pretty hard.
John Ritter is en route to the ECIS Leadership Conference. The bus from Milan to Rome makes a perfect work station.
I'd actually rather watch a "Bartman vs. Hooperman" skit, but how many ppl even remember that John Ritter show?
crying my eyes out at 8 simple rules, their grief is real 😭💔 . RIP John Ritter
"This is William Colton Hughes. Come & knock on his door." Makes me think that The Least of My Scars by stars a young John Ritter.
20 year old John Ritter comes to Reverend drinks the "recipe"!
“...I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full!”. -John 10:10
John Ritter was well before you, and doing just fine, on his Shows. 3-camera Shows? Uh-huh.
just watched the episodes after the great John Ritter left us. Still heart wrenching
Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live." ~John 11:2…
Katey sagal, John Ritter (before he died), young kaley kuoco, later on David spade, pretty big names for a sitcom like that
Keep running into the John Ritter's death eps of Why do I keep putting myself through this!? I could just change channels!...
When the dad dies on 8 simple rules still makes me cry. RIP John Ritter. 😢😢
The episode of 8 simple rules where John Ritter's character dies is heart breaking 😔
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God, I loved John Ritter was the man.
Our friends at Rise Up Country with John Ritter are wishing all of our listeners a Happy Easter!
John Ritter, I know it may seem odd to many people, but he passed away from complications due to…
was that you as a kid in with John Ritter & (35th minute)
I had the honor and privilege of working with John Ritter.
In which Paul proves that there is only one white man who can do the soulful head-bob, and he's not it. It was John Ritter.
Whoever your drive was in your snap story could've been a John Ritter clone.
at least John Ritter was pretty decent in IT
On this hear tell us how helped his songwriting.
8:25pm Mexican Home by Josh Ritter from Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine
There better an 8 Simples Rules box set because I wouldn't mind having one + I miss John Ritter.
UHF is an awsome movie but time to step up to Stay Tuned with John Ritter
No joke, you definitely remind of of bearded John Ritter here.
As a former exterminator I would recommend this product for getting rid of bed bugs. John R Ritter Jr
I haven't watched it in a while. John Ritter was so good in it.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Aw! just said the SWEETEST thing about his late dad,
There needs to be a modern remake of Stay Tuned aka the best John Ritter movie ever
John Ritter 💘😭🙏🏼 I miss you and I adore both you and Jason 😍😍👑💖
2003 was the year we loss Robert Palmer, Johnny Cash, and John Ritter. 2012 we loss Whitney Houston, *** Clark, and etc.
Sneak peak of a collaboration project between myself and amazing artist John Ritter
you just reminded me of the John Ritter movie "Stay Tuned" 666 channels! lol
have to admit, I had NO IDEA this movie even existed. Let's see how John Ritter did with this role :)
RIP John Ritter .. Mi Mom went to High School with him, always told me what a great person he was ..
I went to preschool with the kids of Goldie Hawn and John Ritter.
Hear describe the wonderful weirdness of Roger Miller in the new
have you ever seen Americathon starting the late John Ritter. Trump reminds me of this.
Trippy Princess Isabella with digital artwork by John Teti.
John Mayer and wreck a neighbors car
Please write this. . (Don't watch the John Ritter movie with the satanic satellite dish... again.)
John Ritter got a spinoff called Three's A Crowd. The last few episodes of Three's Company set that up.
Listen to John Carter Cash talk about "Wildwood Flower" making a record w/
A moment to say how much I miss John Ritter! The nicest guy. Way too soon. So much great work we'll never see. 😢😢😢
I did feel a bit sorry for Jason Ritter at the end. First he gets dumped by Sarah in Parenthood, now Shosh.
Intro song from the excellent and very funny film Skin Deep with John Ritter
Mm it was ok. I think it lost some of the appeal when they kept it going after John Ritter died. That's just me though.
Roger Neal Style Hollywood is so proud to have the John Ritter foundation and Amy Yasbeck as…
Ya Rest in peace John Ritter gone too soon
I made the very wrong choice of watching the episode of 8 simple rules where John Ritter dies because now I'm swimming in my tears
Feb. 6, 1971 - Purdue 85, Indiana 81. Steve Longfellow of Elkhart scored 2 for Purdue and John Ritter of Goshen 13 for Indiana.
Frank Luntz looks like a fat adukt version of the kid from Problem Child (starred John Ritter). So pasty
Today’s LAX celeb spotting: John DeLancie. He will always be Q to me. Kristin Ritter’s dad on Breaking Bad to my lady.
I'm so excited about my Oscar viewing dinner at the Hollywood museum all for charity John Ritter…
Prepping the 20th annual Roger Neal Style Hollywood Oscar Suite for charity John Ritter…
Even if we *could* go back in time & fix things, how weird would be that we were mourning John Ritter for 13 years & then today he's alive??
So since I failed John Ritter, peeps - what would you bring with you from the present to go back in time with to prove it?
Had a dream I went back in time to warn John Ritter of his undiagnosed aortic dissection. All i was armed with was fried chicken I was...
How could it not, barring the resurrections of John Ritter and Bernie Mac?
both mentioned and both totally valid opinions. Mine are Viggo in Prophecy and John Ritter in Wholly Moses.
I'm still mad I campaigned for Hillary Clinton in 2000 and John Ritter an dI couldn't get into the after party
I had a dream that John Ritter filed a sexual harassment suit against me, and I was so confused in the dream...
And when they see how the G5 lights lit up. You gonna wanna have 2 like John Ritter..
get & on ur show!! Lets see if John Ritter comes through
When you realize tomorrow is Friday .
entrepreneurs need vibrant ecosystem and john Ritter works toward that
John Ritter as Satan in Wholly Moses is amazing."we will b waiting for you"🎶...all time favourite...really felt bad when John Ritter passed away
"I'm not sure I can do this anymore," says
Take it from John Ritter, wrestling isn't "fake". .
John Ritter was another one who left us too soon.
Some unique voices that make me feel good:. Woody Harrelson. John Ritter. Vanessa Redgrave. Jonathan Banks. Paul Scofield. You Know Who
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Robin Williams & John Ritter Improv. Two Legends on one stage. via
Only 9 when Fast Break came out, but I felt Gabe Kaplan's existential deal; as I did John Ritter's in Hero at Large.
8 simple rules .. the episode when john ritter died . That was SO sad!
Please share ... you might save a life!!!
Did John Travolta pay to have John Ritter's face surgically attached to his head?
Love you all! Gotta see those silos! How is it being married to John Ritter's long lost twice removed cousin? :)
The store closed for good in January and everyone was laid off. One of my customers on the last day was John Ritter.
Carrie Fisher and John Ritter in the 1978 TV movie, Leave Yesterday Behind 💖💕
- "Because you sound like John Ritter all the time!" If I had a nickel for every time...
thank you for supporting The John Ritter Foundation
My favorite apartment and favorite sitcom of all times. I bawled when John Ritter died.
Just want to point out that John Ritter's character was acting like a *** guy so he could live there
How was it being on Lip Synch Battle? I've been a fan of yours since, you were in 8 Simple Rules with John Ritter
Paul Hennessy, 8 Simple Rules. John Ritter actually died, but his death was played into the show.
I can't say I'm happy to be talking about John Ritter and his passing. In m...
I'm just now getting the clever casting of John Ritter and Pam Dawber in Stay Tuned.
Remember John Ritter from 3's company wow!, El Chapo the chaperone to the evil side from light how ill.
John Ritter takes 3rd and Jake Huling 6th in the Nuway College Open.
Kevin Nealon looks a lot like John Ritter.
Dorothy Stratten telling John Ritter he doesn't seem like someone who works in a travel agency, but more like someone who travels himself.
Lrng about good recruitment via John Ritter, ensuring child protection. Int Schls r more vulnerable. Need vigilance
Emmy-winning actor John Ritter died on this date in 2003, at the age of 54. He's at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.
I hear the voice of John Ritter. I have no walls and no doors. I am reminded again that I love you. What am I?
Preparations for the Motley Crue movie are underway and John Ritter's son, Jason Ritter could be...
omg I was watching and I said to my husband " he looks like John Ritter I wonder if that's his son". And you are!!! Awesome
and AMERICATHON where John Ritter plays the President!
I knew Luca had to be related to John Ritter. That was all I enjoyed about
kinda wonder what John Ritter would be doing today if he were still alive..
I love your friendship with You guys have a big heart & deserves all the success on the music and app…
Notice joeyjojo said John Ritter wel after said it, just to be heard.
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I just had to share this. John Ritter in Skin Deep. 😉
So great to see John Ritter's son, Tyler, playing Lucca. Thought I recognized him as he has many characteristics as famous dad.
Does anyone remember when john ritter died?
Holy crap; John Ritter's son Tyler is the spitting image of his dad.
he looks like john Ritter but with no company!
Yes ma'am - I thought I had mentioned that in the prior posts. Google "John Ritter's Family" & you'll see pics of all of them.
Hello? ode to Tek Ritter John Ritter's sperm donor)(NTV:ask) oh shoot i need that Hold and ode to
I liked John Ritter as a actor my mom thought that Tyler looked like someone she knew you look like your dad
I looked at the facts on the show they was cool liked the one that Tyler Ritter is the son to John Ritter
Tyler ritter is john ritters son? Is he playing Abbys brother on ncis?
watchin last night's NCIS love that is playing Abbey's brother love the Ritter's John was amazing & so r Jason & Tyler
Terrific episode! Had to keep reminding myself I was watching Tyler not John Ritter.Such a resemblance - such a treat!
Okay does anyone else see John Ritter in the face of his son Tyler? Flashing back to Jack Tripper/3's Company!! 💟
As long as John Ritter's not following you around, in any case. (Sorry, that comment was Skin Deep.)
I miss John Ritter, so if you're going to play someone, it doesn't hurt to bring back a much loved and missed character ;)
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I said 'Geez that guy looks like John Ritter' and Bam, he is John's son! Great shows last night!!
. It was so great!! And John Ritter's son looks just like him.
Tyler Ritter he's John Ritter's son & was in the comedy show The McCarthys which was cancelled. I saw his serious side now LOL
Watching tonight's playback of NCIS New Orleans... one question is that John Ritter's son??? He looks a lot like him...
. What a great show tonight. Seeing John's son is like looking at a young John Ritter. . So FRESH.
I watch Ted but it is hard because of John Ritter. 😢
Genius forces reincarnate John Ritter & cast him on OK, they're pop & kid, bit still!
The last episodes with John Ritter in 8 simple Rules has me feeling some way 💔😢
There's so much John Ritter about that Luka kid it's freaky.
wow John Ritter flash back. His son is a total 😂😂😂
relation to John Ritter? He kinda looks like him. That smile is defiantly johns!!
wow "Luca" looks just like his dad. I miss John Ritter.
Absolutely! John Ritter's son looks and acts just like his father! Great jobs guys!
amazing how Tyler Ritter looks and sounds like his dad! Eerie and cool @ the same time. I miss John Ritter!
Watched NCIS and NCISNO and when I saw smirk I knew he was the son of John Ritter .Same way of acting and timing.
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That moment when I tell my mom looks exactly like the legendary John Ritter - only for me to realize that he's John's son
Tyler looks just like his dad. I knew that he was John Ritter's son when I saw him.
I had to look it to find out that Luca is played by Tyler Ritter, I knew he looked like John Ritter
Always surprised the news stories talk about John Ritter and don't take it back to Tex Ritter.
don't know if I can watch 'Bad Santa' anymore. Reminds me Bernie Mac and John Ritter are gone. 😢
Bad Santa: Bernie Mac, Billy Bob Thornton, & John Ritter. On Dont watch with kids. Gotta add Scrooged to the list too
. The late John Ritter and Bernie Mac are in Exceptional FORM here from Bad Santa. A very Merry Christmas to Everybody! Gustave.
Bad Santa is hilarious. Bernie Mac and John Ritter steal the show.
Outtake from . John Ritter improving off of Katey Sagal's line
I believe this guy, Dallas Roberts, looks like John Ritter.:
Do you believe this guy, Dallas Roberts, looks like a young John Ritter? via
John Ritter was a real bummer. Bernie Max was also a real bummer. What will I do when Tony Cox dies or Billy Bob Thornton dies?
Too bad Brian Cranston is too old to play John Ritter
So sad about the death of John Ritter & the suicide of Jonathan Brandis (which both happened in the same year, 2003).
This probably sounds dumb but Threes Company was a very formative show for me. John Ritter was really important to me as a kid.
Charlie, did you ever meet John Ritter, son of Tex Ritter? I was just wondering.. :]
Remembering Actor John Ritter on what would have been his 67th birthday. September 17, 1948-September 11, 2003.
It baffles me that John Ritter was born in the 1940's.
I decided I can watch M*A*S*H until deployment. John Ritter is in this episode. Sidney is talking him out of shooting Frank.
Three's Company was such a great television show. John Ritter was a comedic genius who knew physical comedy better tha…
Cindy Lou loves John Ritter. She likes watching him on Three's Company with her human.
I want to wish a Happy Birthday to the great John Ritter. He would have been 67 today!
Remembering John Ritter on his birthday .. One of the greats! He always made me laugh & I miss him.
Happy Birthday to John Ritter one of my favorite comedians
We are playing Problem Child 1 and 2 because it's John Ritter's birthday and because we are severe masochists, apparently.
The late great John Ritter’s birthday today. Don’t miss an under appreciated film of his, Blake Edwards’ SKIN DEEP, one of my favorites.
Happy Birthday to John Ritter, such an incredible physical comic, a great sparring partner. Too soon. I will always miss him.
was so satisfying when Buffy started beating the crap outa Ted that one episode. RIP John Ritter.
Happy Birthday to the late John Ritter. He will always be remembered. What's your favorite John Ritter movie/show?
I'm gonna have to get it. I love John Ritter!
REMEMBERING: John Ritter ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Comedy TV and movie actor who played Jack Tripper on the sitcom Three's...
Born in Burbank on this day in 1948.
Did you know that on this day in 1948, Jonathan Southworth Ritter (John Ritter) was born. Son of Tex Ritter, he's...
John Ritter was born today in 1948. Imagine being in your late 20s filming Three's Company.
Happy Birthday to my role model John Ritter. He's one of the only people that can make me laugh. Fly high brother rip
Today would have been John Ritter's 67th Birthday. RIP John. Loved you on 8 Simple Rules. ❤
Happy Birthday to Emmy winner of 'Three's Company,' and much more, John Ritter. He would've turned 67 today...
Happy Birthday to John Ritter. One of my favorites would be 67 today
Today would have been John Ritter's birthday. May he rest in peace. Such a great actor!.
The wonderful John Ritter who would have been 67 today! This was taken less than a week before his…
A bit too busy to do a but I'm listening to right now. RIP, John Ritter, and Happy Birthday.
John Ritter's Jack Tripper just said "merci bouquet"
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