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John Reese

John Reese Kenly (January 11, 1818 – December 20, 1891) was an American lawyer, and a Union general in the American Civil War.

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puzzling out how to re-invent John Reese's old listbuilding community WITHOUT CHARGING for it
Photoset: managerie76: So….Reese and Finch had the whole night to sleep and …spend time together
World biggest Reese cup that John b got
John Carpenter's "The Terminator." If you're not even curious what Kurt Russel playing Kyle Reese would look like, I don't wanna know you.
HS FOOTBALL: Northwestern Lehigh (11-1) will play Dunmore (11-1) on Friday at 7 p.m. at John Henzes/Veterans Memorial St…
In my next life I need to come back as a member of John Reese's team.
me: so I am reading a John green book . Reese: is it long?. me: 305 pages . Reese: I would wait till the movie, not worth it 😂
the same son is either the new John Connor or Kyle Reese right?
John poured coffee beans into the dog dish. Reese cups came with our Chinese takeout. It's been a cooky night. 🔮
“John cena a better rapper than wale” even the kid from the Reese's puffs commercial is too
Because Kyle Reese is from the future and is John's father. John is older than Kyle. Kyle was one of John's subordinates. 2/2
No, this is not CCTV footage of a tiger on the loose in Paris
I have a man crush on Patrick Jane.. John Reese and Shawn Spencer... *** . im probably *** ..
The Most Important Skill of Achievers - Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese ->
if John Casey, John Reese, and Sarah Bartowski were my bodyguards I would never have to be afraid in public ever again. buT THEY'RE NOT REAL
-- a prisoner at the Century Work Camp. Four years. Escaped with prisoners Connor, John Reese, Kyle and... --
Photoset: savhcaro: Jim Caviezel x John Reese reblog because I love how much JC is in Reese……….
Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn it on and refresh this page] In this interview I meet with two very successful students, Frank Kern and John Reese. Both of them are self-made multi millionaires who made their fortunes by selling p…
John Reese is false. so I still don't know what John's real name is..and he just told the FBI his name is Warren..which is Finch's alias :D
I liked a video from Prince Reese singing "All of Me" by John Legend
ABERSYCHAN including VARTEG, CWMAVON, GARNDIFFAITH, GOLYNOS & TALYWAIN ABERSYCHAN was constituted a civil parish under of the "Local Government Act, 1894" (56 and 57 Vict. c. 73); it now contains Garndiffaith, Pontnewynydd, Talywain and the hamlets of Cefnycrib, Cwm Avon, Cwmffrwdoer, Cwmnantddu, Freehold land, Golynos, Pentrepiod, Snatchwood, Tranch and Varteg. The village of Abersychan is at the confluence of the Sychan with the Tarfaen or Afon Lwyd. In 1844 it was formed into an an ecclesiastical parish from the civil parish of Trevethin ; it is 163 miles from London; 2 north-west from Pontypool, and has two railway stations, Abersychan on the Eastern Valleys branch of the Great Western railway and Talywain on the London and North Western branch of their line from Brynmawr to Pontypool. It is in the Northern division of the county , petty sessional division, union and county court district of Pontypool, rural deanery of Blaenau Gwent, archdeaconry of Monmouth and diocese of Llandaff. The "Local Governm ...
No matter what we do or don't do in this world, bad things are still going to happen. It's Pointless. Irrelevant. - John Reese - S3E12
I've been a very, very, very bad girl, John Reese, The Chronicles of what would you do to me?
you need to call john and tell him you're gonna be in town. He's gonna cry 😂
Is it just me or does aiden Pearce from watchdogs look & sound like John Reese from Persons of Interest?
And how many of those numbers will come up because we saved one man's life? - John Reese
I dunno what it is but Jim Caviezel as John reese in Person of Interest is just xygsgaywakiaak
Classic Training... Truly POWERFUL video with Frank Kern, John Reese and Tony Robbins on How to Achieve Success with an Online Business (and what Stops most people)...
We got into this to stop bad things from happening to good people. Carter's been doing that her whole life. - John Reese
"The groom is a grandson of the late John Cheever" (cc:
Me n John Reese and Derrick Rst Hester yea loc kill it
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Don't answer the phone again unless it's me. - John Reese
John Reese Jr Cooper is this any of your family?
Diaporama : ::John 'Sitting like a Boss' Reese:: »Dedicated to aznpursuazn, darkhero35, emelinelovesjc,...
Dear jetli, jackie chan, James Bond007, jean claude-vandam, spiderman, superman, denzel washington, Jack Bauer, fantastic4, voltron, wonder woman, mr john reese, G.i joe, Na only movie una sabi show stunt are u people not fully? Boko Haram don kidnap our girls. Una come lugo for corner like say una no hear anything especially you Jetli & Jackie who go kill 4 like 2000 people with ordinary bathroom slippers in 1 spot, ti won ba tun bi yin daa ke tun se fiimu were kan jade
Thanks, John P. Reese . Do you follow a guru? If so, who? .
No one has greater love than someone who lays down his life for his friends - John 15:13
John E. Miller and I had a really great brainstorming session today about the dragon realm. These next two books...
but he still had Oakley, stacy king, and I even forgot John Paxson
Tony Robbins w Frank Kern and John Reese- how your belief affects your success
“I needa lil bae or something. Ion talk to nobody.”
John and I just got free Reese's Blizzards from Sonic 😍😍😍
Details on Terminator Genesis see Sarah & John as well as Kyle Reese & that familiar Terminator
John Reese should dress up like Batman.
looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin. John Reese was a man amongst boys when he played. Loved his interview
"Michael Emerson discusses: Jim Caviezel and John Reese" - ** Jim is such a great action hero.  He’s cool...
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Miles Thompson is currently tied with Hall of Famer, John Reese (Yale University) who has held the record since 1990
Love this. Mr. Thompson and John Reese after Miles ties his single season scoring record-
And Miles Tompson ties John Reese for most goals in 1 season.
Myles Thompson - Are you kidding??!!! Behind the back goal to tie John Reese from Yale. game is tied now!
Miles shat on John Reese's record with that shot
Like you said... I always seem to know. - John Reese
.Tremendous quote by John Reese in one of the most poignant and emotionally complex episodes.
Sam Reese, John Reese from now on u will be called. Poppa John and uncle Sam.
Sure had fun tonight. It's not common for two lead guitar players to naturally "gel", but I'm really enjoying playing with John Reese Jones. I've been a fan of his for a lo oolong time. (Insert age joke here) so I know we'll have a lot of fun playing together in this band. ...and that's what it's all about, the money *** Lol. THEN. you add in a REALLY great drummer ( *** Josephs ) and a tight, talented, lead and harmony singing bassist ( Vince Zombro ) , and we could be quite the commodity here soon !! :) Special thanks to those friends that made it out for our first gig.hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did. ...
My name is John Reese. I am known only in urban legend as: "The Man in the Suit". Hiding from the…
John Conners dad, Kyle Reese, on an important mission from the future.
I just realized my boy looks like u, his face. It's like your Reese gone back n time & I'm John Conner
She's not just another number, Finch. Some people the world can't afford to lose. - John Reese
Charles E. Griffin, age 62, passed away Wednesday, May 14th at the VA Medical Center, Lexington, KY. As a native of Paris, KY and a graduate of Paris High School, he was the son of Cozene Patterson Hawkins and the late James Griffin; and stepfather William E. Hawkins. He was a retired veteran of the United States Navy, and a dispatcher for A-Alpha Incorporated, where he was employed for 17 years.  He accepted Christ at an early age at First Baptist Church in Paris, KY, and became a member of Washington Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church of St. Louis, Missouri where he served as a Deacon and Vice President of the Usher Board. In addition to his mother and stepfather, he is survived by his one sister Vivian M. Brooks; six brothers, Timothy Hawkins, Steven Hawkins , Vincent Hawkins, Darrell Hawkins, Darwin Hawkins and Michael Hawkins; 2 uncles, 3 aunts and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Funeral services will be conducted at 12:00 PM Tuesday May 20, 2014 at the First Baptist Church, 128 W. ...
It is not easy to be crafty and winsome at the same time & few accomplish it after the age of six..John W. Gardner & Francesca Gardner Reese
John Reese was right .. In the end we are all alone and no one is coming to save you.
Big up to John Reese who in 1930 thought it'd be a badass idea to combine peanut butter and chocolate.…
I wanted to say thank you, Harold, for giving me a second chance. - John Reese
Show 'em what a real monster looks like. - John Reese
Reese roll that window down im finna blow this fo five
I knew it, Decima is behind Vigilance, *** you Decima, your Samaritan is nothing, we got Root and John Reese.
belle is crying because her friend John Reese, The Chronicles of made her sad
Relax, Finch, it's just tea. I haven't guessed your favorite color yet. - John Reese
The Nigerian government should enlist the help of Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida, Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Mel Gibson, Peter Parker, James Bond, Wesley Snipes, John Reese, Nathaniel Leo ( D hood rude niggah), Arnold Schwerznigga and me ( as very important) to curb the boko haram menace thriving in the country.
Last night I watched Tony Anthony Robbins' interview with John Reese (the guy who first made 1MIL in 24 hours...
John Reese by Squarepeg56. He is a character from the CBS tv show Person of Interest. He is portrayed by Jim Caviezel. More about the sim in the blog. Link:
4Caviezel Playing the role of John Reese made ​​change anything in your life?
Why "Person of Interest" Is The Most Subversive Show On Television began as a simple-seeming CBS procedural has become a prescient, paranoid thriller. CBS CBS Person of Interest began on CBS in the fall of 2011 with a relatively digestible premise: that in the post-9/11 era, we are all being watched by a computer surveillance system designed to root out terrorists. What Harold Finch, the designer of the system (called "the machine" on the show), hadn't accounted for was that it would also identify individuals (by their social security numbers) who were under the threat of more mundane crimes — or were soon to commit them themselves. The government didn't care about those people, but Finch, a brilliant, limping billionaire played by Michael Emerson, did. In the pilot episode, Finch enlisted John Reese, a broken, ex-CIA assassin — Jim Caviezel in full Clint Eastwood growl — to help him solve these pre-crimes. The show was created by Jonathan Nolan, who has co-written The Dark Knight and The Dark Knigh ...
Well, hands down I am a very big fan of both Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi. Beautiful, tough, versatile - the kind of actresses I am fond of. But Jim Caviezel as John Reese is the ultimate bad *** there is - the man in the suit. Gruff low voice, dry sense of humor with a complicated moral compass - my kind of man. Watching Person of Interest.
"Whatever you want Finch, we’ll be there." - “John Reese, SE321, Beta, to Harold (via eyesofwitt)
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I have this song on my itunes & everytime I listen to it I think of John Reese
you need to check out this song & tell me it's not like our John Reese. this song is pretty much him😭💜
Photo : minse-mudl: Ever seen a guy so handsome that it´s chilling you?…John Reese / Jim Caviezel.
Diaporama : The man in the suit Jim Caviezel as John Reese - Person of Interest
Hi but I'm just a big fan of Jim Caviezel/John Reese ;)
I do know why i want to become the next P.O.I. . What if i was the next Person of Interest number that Reese, Finch and shaw will find and found me and i was in huge grave danger . these 4 heroes John Reese ( Jim Caviezel) , Harold Finch ( Michael Emerson), Sam Shaw Sarah Shahi) and Det. Lionel Fusco ( Kevin Chapman) plus Bear The Dog ( Boker The Dog ) to help me along way in and on time and stop this from happening. That's why i want to become the Next Person of Interest person to be on upcoming episode of Person of Interest on CBS , that's my favorite TV Crime Drama series show.
Okay I've been on hiatus for a bit and we've got others like Samantha Shaw and John Reese from Person of Interest, Carrie Mathison from Homeland. Okay they're not bad, but I'll have to show them how it's really done. No offense to my colleagues.
I like Shaw&Root but the show is much stronger w/John Reese (Jim Caviezel) in the forefront. His character …
I voted for / John Reese / Jim Caviezel for Biggest Badass 2013 in
Álbum de fotos: Super cool Warner Bros shows John Reese for Person of Interest, Simon Baker for The...
Survey: Who do you think would win in a DeathBattle..."Person of Interest" John Reese vs "Burn Notice" Michael Westen
Bar stools should be part of John Reese's arsenal. Jim Caviezel
Just got around to watching this weeks episode of Person of Interest. I wasn't surprised that Joss Carter got killed, because they were setting up that scene, when her and John Reese where showing their battle wounds. And I have a sneaking suspicion that she wasn't killed, but that they are faking her death, because she can't hide in the shadows anymore, becoming a detective again, and for the welfare of her son. I think that later down the line, she will show up and be able to work completely covertly. On the website, they showed so snippets or her thanking the cast and crew. Jim Caviezel sad he cried when he red the script. It all seemed like they were acting to keep it under raps. Many TV shows have killed of characters, only to bring them back on similar circumstances...We'll just have to wait and see what takes place...
Question: In a hand to hand fight who would win? Jack Bauer or John Reese (Person of Interest)? Both bad ***
I know they're different actors but... Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs sort of sounds like John Reese (Jim Caviezel) from Person of Interest!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Today I will go to a salon and ask for the Jim Caviezel (aka the John Reese) and see if that is a thing.
I like John Reese from Person of Interest. He, Jim Caviezel, is not *** YET!
Fangirl al hours of the day for John Reese and Harold Finch
Considering his John Reese in I'd've expected Jim Caviezel to make the shortlist.
Feeling like John Reese and Harold Finch up in this bay-itch...
"Oh I really hope Derek is the threat." -John Reese, Person of Interest -
Is Fisher's PSR a better indic. of Stock valu than PE by John Reese
When I was young, I wanted to put on a cape and be Batman. Now I want to put on a suit and be John Reese.
Photoset: emelinelovesjc: John Reese Appreciation Post. I needed some Reese-skin on my dash !!! Matsya...
Needed tech help and John Reese was only a phone call away to save me 😁👍
On this day, August 17th 2004 John Reese made history by selling one million dollars in one day through Internet...
John Reese 'In the Library". Jim Caviezel in Person of Interest. 16 x 20 oil on artists canvas. August 2013, 15 hours
Just took a quiz to see which character I am :). Turns out, I'm John Reese! *** yeah!
Lol who the fukk came up with the rumor that I like John Reese ? Lmfao ! I'm talking to someone. Lemme find out bitxh. *** ion even talk
when i'm older, i want to be like John reese, inshallah, so cool
I'd say we ended up with good seats. Thanks to the man John Reese! @ PNC Bank…
Prayers go out for John Reese and his family
OMG!! I miss and love John Reese aka. Jim Caviezel!! He had the James Bond attire and Neo from the Matrix looks and fight!!
Thank you Phil D. Diiorio, Charmaine Tam, Bobby White Shoes, Ron Amick, Jim Holtz, Steve Josephs, Keith, Jacob Levy, Paul Thomas, Paula Thomas, Kyle Thomas, Chris Lafayette Amos, John Reese, Bud E. Hamberg Anthony Agosta, Randy, Don, Jordan, Jesse N Debbie Vig, Frederick Tonya Gantt and everybody else who came out and made last night so special. It was great seeing and making music with everybody. I hope to see you all again soon.
Half way through series 1. Jim Caviezel is so gorgeous & fearless as John Reese
So, the monster. I know you all think I'm egagerating but hear out my story. At some point John Reese put dads name in as custodian for the high school in town. At this point in time it was still called "Milk River High School". I'll try and remember to discuss the name change a little later. So anyway, this was an opportunity for dad to receive a steady income and year round employment. This was an enormous job that would require the entire family's participation. Janice and Donna were long gone by now, Donna was living in Lethbridge (I believe) and Janice was working out at the Stringhams helping Enice. Anyway, Ron, Ken, Sherry, Warren and myself were all recruited to child labor. Well, for Ron and Ken I guess you couldn't call it that, but definitely for us others. Ron and Ken along with dad and mom did the mopping of the floors, cleaning bathrooms and other more physical jobs. Sherry was assigned garbage details, Warren and I got to clean chalkboards and gather up the erasers and clean them (I'll get ...
So my mum said she doesn't like Reese's cups.excuse me while I call the police and evacuate my home immediately o
Jerry Reese pick up the phone and call John Abraham
If I encounter one more Englishman whi on finding out I am a Welsh woman tell me we are all racists and hate the English I will learn to projectile vomit in his face as a form of passive protest
Defying the known laws of physics, a group of vocal wrestling fans from the year 2001 have travelled through time to holler "What!?" at present-day wrestling events. "Time travel is the only explanation," explained Prof. Leonard Sussman, professor of cosmology at Stanford University. "I mean, why wo...
Mr. John Mara owner & Mr Jerry Reese GM of the speaking at just now, also on the panel Mr. Ray Anderson.
NFL royalty (and uncle to Rooney and John Mara and GM Jerry Reese share at 2013
The lighting hasn't been adjusted for these pictures, that's the next thing to do on a long list...
Relaxing watching the 60th celebrations of the Coronation from Westminster Abbey - waiting for breakfast. Glass of Bollinger would go down very well now...
How come John Reese and Harold Finch didn't turn up at the red wedding and prevent everything? Is the machine infected again?
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Two BIG ones this week and the only gigs I'll be playing this month. Friday is Hyperborea w/Harvey Sutherland, Kane Ikin & Angel Eyes. On Saturday it's the Prudence Rees-Lee album launch which I'll be playing synth in the 9 piece augmentation of her band. Both gigs @ The John Curtin Hotel. Come to one depending on your preference for well crafted symphonic folk pop or stream-of-conscious long form electronic jams.
These Reese's and Papa John's commercials are killing me right now. Majorly jonesing for some carbos right about now.
A Devotional for such a time as this: AMAZING GRACE John Newton, 1725–1807 (verses 1-4), John P. Rees, 1828–1900 (verse 5) And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times … you will abound in every good work. (2 Corinthians 9:8) Calling himself a “wretch” who was lost and blind, John Newton recalled leaving school at the age of 11 to begin life as a rough, debauched seaman. Eventually he engaged in the despicable practice of capturing natives from West Africa to be sold as slaves to markets around the world. But one day the grace of God put fear into the heart of this wicked slave trader through a fierce storm. Greatly alarmed and fearful of a shipwreck, Newton began to read The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis. God used this book to lead him to a genuine conversion and a dramatic change in his way of life. Feeling a definite call to study for the ministry, Newton was encouraged and greatly influenced by John and Charles Wesley and George Whitefield. At ...
A must watch interview with Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and John Reese on following through
Let me try! I love John Cena and Vince McMahon! *insert *** kissing noise*. That should be worthy. Lol
It's it just me or is Orton turning into John Cena? Boring, does the same thing every match, yet he never loses.
lmao what can I say the money just keeps flowing
I can tell when the kid comes outta u lol 😂😂
Maybe John Cena shouldn't just walk away during the match and actually finish. That wasn't Axel's fault.
David Wotherspoon linked with a move to Hearts
Girls who be wanting to fight boys , don't you think he will lil reese , chris brown , john cena your *** !!
John Reese from now talking: "Quality Assurance Programs increase liquidity of RIN's and their transfer."
We had an interesting meeting today. It seems that some of comments we've made over the past few months along with our MTB rides have been attracting attention for the wrong reasons. Whilst we all love to rip up the newest wild trail we perhaps don't always think about the effect this is having on Cannock Chase as a whole. The chase is an area of outstanding natural beauty and there's a balance that needs to be found between the sporting activities and plant life / wildlife. We are currently seen as a business that promotes off piste riding perhaps without any regards impact it has. This has angered a number of people / groups which is something we never intended to do. The perception that we have intentionally gone out of our way to anger people is complete rubbish. We set out with an aim of encouraging people to take part in the sports that we love and try to put what we can back in. First and foremost that is the reason why we give up so much of our time to organise the rides/runs and put on the events ...
coaches John Tillman and Cathy Reese on a conference call now talking Big Ten lacrosse.
What is everyone doing on Thursday evening. The weather is meant to be spanking so we thought it would be good to head down Vikki Park on the seafront, have a BBQ and watch Oliver Adams et al doing some rad skateboarding on the ramp down there. Basicsally we all eat and drink in the evening sun and watch them fall over a lot. The more the merrier. We were thinking of starting around 6pm. Who's game??
A big well done to John Rees on passing his part 3 today and becoming a qualified driving instructor.
Would like to thank Andrea Woollard, Kerrylyn John and Kelly John for working with me today -have had a lovely day in the sunshine with the Swansea Superstars - have lots of lovely new recruits :)
Photography friends-lets meet soon. Sorry couldn't hang in town with you after the parade yesterday-had to wire some images. Can you all name an evening we could meet-Lowry maybe? Austin E Osuide Christelle Vaillant Shirley Anne Carole Wallwork Andrew Yu John Versfeld Ffion Rees Hughes We can have a drink with the newly engaged xx
Sensitivity Training is a form of training that claims to make people more aware of their own prejudices, and more sensitive to others. According to its critics, it involves the use of psychological techniques with groups that its critics, e.g. G. Edward Griffin, claim are often identical to brainwashing tactics. Critics believe these techniques are unethical. According to his biographer, Alfred J Marrow, Kurt Lewin laid the foundations for sensitivity training in a series of workshops he organised in 1946 to carry out a 'change' experiment, in response to a request from the Director of the Connecticut State Interracial Commission. This led to the founding of the National Training Laboratories in Bethel, Maine in 1947. Kurt Lewin, who met Eric Trist in 1933, influenced the work of the London Tavistock Clinic, both in its work with soldiers during the second world war and in its later work with the Journal Human Relations jointly founded by a partnership of the Tavistock Institute and Lewin's group at MIT. ...
When I do it in the park, people look at me funny. ~ John Reese
Tony Rees John, I've tried to be friendly with you, and just get you to discuss things. But now it is time to stop it all. If you carry on attacking me in any way shape or from, I will ban you from Brit expats in Bulgaria. There will be no other option. I am admin on there as well as the others. I have full power to delete you from the page. Your choice. Pat warned you tonight, now I am giving you a written warning as you still carried on after you were told to stop. any more and you will be off the page, as will any others who follow your example. So please listen and follow the rules, none of this is needed or wanted. It is your choice Tony Rees Admin, British Expats in Bulgaria
U14s Sunday report: After two of the wettest days the Adelaide Hills has seen in along time The Hawks welcomed a much needed break, for the parents that is… As the morning broke across The Hills the peace was broken by the fast paced snoring of Thomas Yeardley, which, fortunately for him and relief to his parents, was cut short by another hamstring twinge, or was it? Jarrah Gardener slipped effortlessly from under the covers and steered himself directly into the shower in what seemed like one fluid motion – ninja style. There seemed to be very little pressure on The Hawks defence but Cai Rees was finding the coffee too hot to handle and, in a good one-two between Shaun Veale and Hudson Siegfried, a threatening bacon roll was swiftly dealt with. As Rees was struggling with the coffee The Hawks turned to the bench only to find that primed substitute, Declan Ziebarts, was unavailable as he still had egg all over his face from an encounter with an earlier sandwich, what a state. Harry John was out wide on ...
"Listening to John Legend and eating this reese's cup smores... all my senses are on fire." -
Danny Williams will always be my number one, but John Reese sure is a close second :-)
It was nice coming outta retirement! Had a awesome time with friends just relaxing with Michael Stark, John H Hines,Brandon Rees
If Kyle Reese died before knocking up Sarah Connor, would John Connor disappear Back to the Future style?
When John Connor met his dad Kyle Reese, he must have marveled at the knowledge that he was currently in Kyle's ***
Just thought I'd add a word or 2 after yesterday's events ie cris and vicky's wedding it WAS a fantastic day and night out 4 all concerned every1 enjoyed a wonderful wedding the reception was just spot on 4 want of a better word the speeches by all concerned were a great source of amusement and a little tear shedding on occasion re VICKY XXX the meal was an absolute FEAST the evening session was I'm told an absolute blast had 2 leave early wasn't well and 4 that i apologise 2 both cris and vicky thank you both from EVERY1 that attended I'm sure that it MUST have taken an enormous effort to put this day together xxx
Photoset: ::Carter&Reese&Zoe:: ∟requested by darkhero35 John and the ladies of Person of Interest. Lucky...
With the first round of all senior teams competition now over its time to reflect: Congratulations to our women for winning the trophy in style and may the second round continue in the same vain. Congratulations to our colts team on achieving their goal of retaining 1st division status with a hard earnt 6th placing. Premiers are venturing into unfamiliar territory and the dissapointment of a 9th place finish and hardam cup reality needs to be tackled head on. Senior 1s like the prems need to tackle the Ed Chaney comp head on after a difficult first round experience. Senior 2s have built nicely first round and will be looking to build further, develope and provide vital depth within our playing ranks Both Pressie teams will be looking for polished performances week in week out on the field and more importantly off it! The club would like to thank all our volunteers, coaches, managers and committee members for your hard work and committment so far in 2013. Loyal supporters are the backbone of any club and y ...
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I see grease is on again on fox I remember my brother used to think he was Danny zuko and tried to dance like him at the Woy Woy leagues every Friday night
Today is our Annual Baby Memorial Service at St Mary's Church, central Swansea. 2:30p.m. If you are unable to make it but wish for your baby's name(s) to be read out and added to our balloon, please comment with their name(s) below. Xx
And here's to another 4 days off! Might even end up in a beer garden later who knows
FACTS that make you WELSH: ... Can you answer YES to THREE of the following? 1. You were late because you were stuck behind a tractor 2. Even though you're fluent in Welsh the only sentence you know is 'rydw i'n hoffi coffi' thanks to Bryn on Gavin & Stacey 3. You're either called a 'Gog' or a 'Taff' 4. You say hear/here/ear/year in the same way ... 5. Wales v. England in the Six Nations is the most important day in your year - FACT 6. When people say they are going to a Spa you instantly think they're going shopping 7. Drinking Brains isn't as weird as it sounds 8. That coat is indeed my jacket 9. You raise a small cheer when you see the "Croeso I Gymru" on the M4 or Welcome to Wales as you come down the hill from Ross into Monmouth. 10. You're a Welsh speaker but turn the pamphlet/leaflet over and read the English version anyway 11. Your last name is one of the following: Williams, Gwynne, Bevan, Llewellyn, Morgan, John, Rees, Powell, Howell, Davies, Lewis, Thomas, Jones, Griffiths, Morris, Evans, James ...
Took a nice ride on the motorcycles tonight with Todd Hoffman and John Reese. Went to the car show at the Hagerstown mall. So glad to be back on a bike.
Having had a completely uneventful trip home to Brizzle Parkway, my day in the alehouses of P Talbot & Tai Bach RFC was extremely tidy - shout outs to my family Owens - watch out for yr new neighbours John Owen - Less snogs in public Glyn Owen & be careful for those señorita's Storming Norm - great day Simon Rees & Gillian Rees - here's to a proper Owen bash v soon
Unfortunately I only see THREE flags- St George, St Andrew and St Patrick. It will NEVER be my flag until part of MY flag is part of it. Then and ONLY them will I stand for a flag that does NOT stand for me..!
Thank you NERIUM INTERNATIONAL and my entire Nerium Worldwide Team! Yesterday we reached National Marketing Director, EARNED our $25,000 BONUS and a trip to Los Cabos in August! WOW! Still pinching myself! Better get myself BEACH READY!!!
Hey Doctor Who people. Your bad show just got a bit better? Worse?
interesting discussion with Nick whos in berlin. Hes been!at left party (die linke)!festival today, near rosa luxemburg platz. Right wing groups on the rise in the area. Taking over bars n shops. Was impressed by Gregor Gysi today who is even more compromised by past behaviour than john rees (well jr was never a stalinist apparatchik). But interesting 'need to build a left' discussion. One guy had heard about Left Unity and is impressed. These discussions euro wide need hearing.
no bruh you slippin. but I freak with durk and reese too. !
he's ok... He's super mainstream now and people are sleeping on Durk and Reese
Hurry up and get signed up for this compeition in Galveston on August 24! I think it will fill up today Grant Encalade Jesse Herin Tyler Reves Clay Miller Sean Hardy Elyse Dobrick Stephanie Bowman Dena Adkins CrossFit BeaumontCrossFit Mid-County
A little Saturday Motivation "As a small businessperson, you have no greater leverage than the truth." -John Whittier
Thank you everyone! for your messages and best wishes for ashton!! :) especially Carla Morgan, Jamie Selby, Tracy John, Ria Rees, Claire Instrell, Mikey Jenkins,you've been fab support, you know what I'm like when ash gets hurt... :'( xxx
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Another week of Troy Boyz Co - Street Odyssey been and gone. But it's not over yet!! Training right through June and July in preparation for an amazing performance, 5th August in Grand Theatre, Swansea so come along and support the youth of your community. The standard is outstanding they will blow you away another proud week for me and Mrs Jarvis (Zoe Jarvis) I loves my job Keith! Xx
Hi Everyone, May I take this opportunity to tell you about the Sad Loss of our Dear Friend Mr John Rees, Farmer and Aviator who died last week, He was an ICON and the Making of Haverfordwest Airport, And even though John suffered Ill Health for some years he was always there to put the World to right, He will be Greatly Missed by everyone, John May you rest in Peace and watch over us.
I'm trying my best John. I need more practice.
Hey if your going to make a status about me have some consideration to tag me in it.k thanks
In case you missed it last night, this months Pitch Black is now available on soundcloud. Awesome new music from Chris Porter, Will Rees, Astrix, Lyctum, Ovnimoon, Brainiac, Spectra Sonics, Eshericks, Bitkit and John Dopping! link coming soon :)
Ooh Rees followed by John Rees, could be a Marxism of yesteryear.
John Rees agreeing with Le Blanc, vanguard as spontaneously arising layer in WC.
There are more marijuana dispensaries in Denver than liquor stores or Starbucks branches.
Anyone give me a quote? I want a wall built outside for use with a bbq/bar, its gotta be about waist high and about 4 or 5 ft long with a curve on 1 side and with a work top. Anyone? Will inbox you. Thanks
When we look at the spiritual lives of our neighbors and co-workers, shaking our heads and crying for deliverance, remember God has poured us from His salt shaker to purify, cleanse and flavor where we live. We are the salt of the earth, and in these challenging times, we simply cannot lose our flavor now! Ask God how to best season the community in which He has placed you!
"I learned, according to 1 John 4:20, that you don't love the Saviour one bit more than you love the least one He died for." Rees Howells: Intercessor
You go missing for a month. Your friends' reactions (Look at your profile and use the first 8 friends.) Pulls out gadgets for search & rescue: Trisha Martin Brower Starts planning your funeral: Maria Warton-Rosales Kidnapped you: Susie Rees Saw the whole thing: John Robson Goes crazy without you: Varry Mackay Throws a party: Laya Beaton Doesn't even notice you're gone: Eric Tervit Rescues you: Jeremy Schroeder Heh :)
But if Kyle Reese was born after the apocalypse, how is it even possible to grow up with John Connar, when your his... Whatever
Gonna go shopping for some strictly HOME DEFENSE 9mm rounds. You know the type...they fragment into really really tiny particles so the ext wound is like 10 times the diameter of the entrance hole. The point of that is so the bullet will not kill the fat lady on the other side of the sheet rock. Greg Dingman, John McCoy, Kelly Rees. Chris Johnston. Chris Atwell. Darkside Tactical, What do you guys think. These rounds Will never be fired except when defending my nizzles?
John Reese need an aftershave endorsement
“John Reese cried tonight. Just think about that.” And Adam and Josh and Emma and Bobby and other people who never cry 😭💔
John Reese cried tonight. Just think about that.
Looking for a new gym this winter? Only 12hrs left to join Snap Fitness Cleveland - the biggest 24 hour gym in the Redlands. Save $247 before 6pm today. $0 joining fee, PLUS your first week FREE. Only valid to the first 20 people who get on board. No contracts, 24/7 access, Personal trainers, crèche & group fitness including spin, Zumba, Pilates, yoga and lots more. Woho, happy Friday!
Anyone and everyone just having a bloody good time
Well i just want to share my view on the banning of a racing whippet in WRA and NOTRA by the IWC club: Yes Lynne I read that fairy tale. I have waited a day to see if i cooled off but nope.Let me say this about meets i have attended, since January 19th RYAN has been the MOST WATCHED racing whippet in the US. His return to the track on that day subjected his racing to the eyes of all foul judges, most bystanders and fellow competitors and 2 of the most experienced greyhound trainers in Jacksonville, not to mention still and video cameras. No fouls called , no warnings, no gasps from the crowd, nothing except comments from just two people- I will let you guess who that was. Following those 3 races, Ryan ran and was closely watched at the Winter Derby byfoul judges, numerous experienced racing exhibitors, the same 2 most experienced greyhound trainers, cameras both still and video and no surprise no fouls, no gasps, NOTHING. He went on to win the Derby.That is 3 races an April 14 in TN - 4 races on grass, p ...
50% off all western stuff at hobby lobby = coby and I buying everything! But hey at least the house will be cute ;)
The greatest thing I can be thankful for,,is knowing that GOD never forgets to extend my life everyday...Lord bless my family...thank you for everything..!!gudmorning po sa lahat..keep safe always..!!
Its a massive 24 hrs for the Rees Family. Firtsly, our eldest son Sean Walker, after a bumpy road to adulthood has become a brilliant dad to our two granddaughters Somer and Isla, a chunky monkey husband to Stacey Walker ,a great brother to both Liam Walker and Matty Rees, and above all else a fantastic son that his mum Debbie Rees and myself are truly,truly proud of. He is a proud Stokie who is now embarking on a posting tonight representing Her Majesty's Royal Air Force for 4 months. Have a safe and enjoyable trip son, we will all miss you immensely and look forward to joining up in Cyprus in October. Love you son xx Dad. Secondly to our youngest son Matty Rees who will be turning 18 tomorrow. How time has flown, seems like only yesterday you pinched a sip of my bottle of Stella at 18 months old. You're an absolute star mate. Mum and I are so very proud of you and hope you go on to acheive what you wish to acheive in life. Love you son xx Dad
Provisional timetable - more information to follow. Keep checking back to see when and where the many more pop-up performances, campaigns, workshops a...
Bat Country (Video) "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold from "City of Evil", available now. Download on iTunes: Connect With Avenged Seve...
One of the most successful and fruitful students of the BCW is the German Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke. I will never forget the story he told us one day as we were sitting for dinner. He had just graduated from the Bible College and had a free day, so he decided to spend it in London to take in the sights. He got on one of these double-decked buses and as the bus was moving along, all of a sudden, he felt the Holy Spirit say to him – “Get off this bus”. So he obeyed the prompting and he found himself just walking along one of the streets of London, and not sure where he was. Then he came upon a plaque on a gate of a house and it read “George Jeffreys”. He thought to himself if this could be the house of the great George Jeffreys, the man who shook England in the 1920’s and 30’s. George Jeffreys was considered England’s greatest evangelist, after John Wesley and George Whitefield. Reinhard was unsure and it was then that the Holy Spirit said to him- “You will never know if you don’t ask ...
Action packed day: Sheepscapes 2 exhibition is now up in several places in Leominster library, also Mike Johnson in the Community Centre. Sheepscape 1 goes up in Barber & Manuel tomorrow. The "Where's Woolly?' sheep trail for children is underway (free entry forms in TIC & Library). Our lovely new posters have arrived too. The Festival shop window competition now has 15 entrants: new arrivals in the ring are Best Wishes, Cartridge World, The Cookshop, John Amos, The Mousetrap, Norton Homes, Oxfam, Rees the Chemist, The Sheepshed & Sue Ryder - check out their windows!
Health can be difficult to define, but we know when we have it. We are energetic, creative, resistant to disease, tolerant to stress, joyful, rested and stable.
Important questions we need to ask - Did the security services push the Woolwich suspects too far?
Another great looking gentlemen to gaze at this Tuesday morning. Jim Caviezel one very talented actor. I am so looking forward to his new movie coming out, "Savannah", it sounds like a great film. You probably recognize him as John Reese of Person of Interest, on TV. This is one film, I will not miss...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
What you don't hear on the the media racist? video explains it all. IN OTHER NEWS - A MUST WATCH SPEECH! JOHN REES SMASHES IT! JOHN REES ROCKS!
Some fine flirting btw John Reese and Zoe Morgan
James Patrick "Jim" Caviezel, Jr. (born September 26, 1968) is an American film and television actor, known for portraying Jesus Christ in the 2004 Mel Gibson film, The Passion of the Christ. Other notable roles have been: Bobby Jones in Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius, Detective John Sullivan in Frequency, Edmond Dantès in The Count of Monte Cristo, Catch in Angel Eyes, Carroll Oerstadt in Déjà Vu and Private Witt in The Thin Red Line. Since September 2011, he has starred as John Reese on the CBS crime drama Person of Interest
I've totally felt in love with Person of Interest and especially with the lead character of the show, John Reese played by Jim Caviezel. I knew Caviezel's ca...
Mr Jim Caviezel or John Reese we love both !
Thank you for following me. U a Donnie fan :-)! Jon & John Reese fan (Jim Caviezel) from Person of Interest.
wow Reese always getting in people's business wow Jesus father John misty
Idk why tf John Reese was hating lol
John Reese! You have fallen off the face of the planet it feels like
So to pass the time ill sit in my car, listen to John Mayer and eat Reese's😏
I just visited St. John's today. That jawn was beautiful but the bread is smh
John about to get punched in the trachea !
I added a video to a playlist Person of Interest Fight Scene - Mark Snow vs John Reese
Ok now we're watching John Cusack's '2012' on showcase and Reese's pieces are widely available. Profound intercultural emergency.
If I had 7 frozen Reese's Peanut Butter Cups & you took 2 away, what would you have?...That's correct, a black eye & a broken hand
2) Does Kyle Reese know, prior to going back in time, that he will sleep with Sarah Conner and father John?
1) Does John Connor, as an adult, know that Kyle Reese is his father?
John Wood, the inspiration for the TV show "Roc," killed after argument in Northeast Baltimore.
No 1 knows his real name. They call him John Reese, "the man in the suit." Get 2 know him by his past
If anyone wants to bring a Reese's Fastbreak to Jimmy John's for me you'd be the best
Ahh man I thought ma boi John Reese was finally gonna buss outta pen
reese's pieces i dont know who john cleese is // ISMFOF
Turned on TV and saw Parks and Rec's Ben Wyatt and Person of Interest's John Reese in a military AU. What is this movie?
Great day up here in D.C. with one of our stars of Sixth Man Reese Kemp and John Wall!
Everything says is completely accurate
Between and idk who needs help more right now.😳
I'm getting tired of John Reese he always has something to say
you know me so well. I'm wallowing in my John Reese feels right now.
Hey Pam, I'm John Reese. I can protect myself, remember? Thanks for concern but it's OK 😉
tell reese he needs to get me a autograph from u. This is hes uncle in nebraska. That wo uld make my day.
Always accept and feel comfortable with your flaws, that way, no one can ever use them against you. "john reese"
The Manufactured Drama of Victor Cruz's Contract: There's no need to shame him i...
your a robot. Sent from the future to protect the past. Kyle Reese. John Connor.
Jack Bauer vs John Reese This can be very debatable if goes 8 seasons.
Roma Downey, Della Reese, and John Dye (R.I.P) are wonderful! Love them!
"Everyone will know that you are my disciples because of your love for each other. -John 13:35" Amen
John was my boy, and they took him away without even asking 😞😞
i am sure you will love it, its one of my favt scores and it totally suits John Reese :D
Wow, watch this astonishing talk between Frank Kern, John Reese, and Tony Robbins.
Was GREAT LAST NIGHT. Jim Caviezel did another great performance as John Reese. Now we know when him & Harold crossed paths.
This is an amazing video where Anthony Robbins interviews Frank Kern and John Reese to analyze what causes people...
Jim Caviezel steals the show on His performance of John Reese is second to none. Such an exceptional actor!
Jim Caviezel is always a delight to watch. Steals the show! His performance as John Reese is magnificent.
Jim Caviezel,who plays Jesus in and John Reese in POI.Jz saw his vid singing w/Chicago!
John Reese is better! ^_^ He's like Batman meets Garrus Vakarian.
I liked a video Person of Interest: John Reese I'm Not the Man
John Cooper was one of the dirty 30.
Isn't it weird that I kept screaming Mr Reese during instead of John? ! :)
Tried both. Attempted to pick a side, but Reese's Cups wasn't an option. You failed, Twix.
Coach Reese has a long lost twin...
John probably got its the worst hotel bc it's the cheapest..
scratch that. Saving private Reese. Also no John Connor in the movie at all. If Need be the end.
"There is no fear in love, perfect love drives out fear" 1 John 4:18
im at John Carroll so im just hearing aboutit from
Hey! Do you like He is a killer, like was!!! LOL ;)
Long John from donut bank, reese's, and rolos. NOM NOM.
La’s & Cast star John Power to play John Lennon on stage- good choice do you reckon? .
Happy birthday to the coolest 11yr old I know reese tyler john man time flies I remember when he was just a rug rat.
Person of THAT show.John Reese is fam bruh
How you got Sean John frames though?
i feel like anyone who looks at John Reese & thinks "yes, this man has been dominant in relationships before" is missing the point
my-pocket-universe: “Girl after my own heart”. - John Reese and Joss Carter, Person of Interest, 1x15 “Blue …
From my experience, John Reese is exactly right! "In the end, you're all alone & no one's comin' to save you."
"Some people are not lucky enough to die close to the one they love most." ~ John Reese (2013-03-14 Person of Interest TV Series)
John Reese's latest article looks at strong retailers that could be potential buyout targets
Chuck Norris se moer. John Reese is the future, the past and the present.
Have a great Thursday!!! I love that show! Who can resist the charm of the mystery " man in the suit" John Reese!
Photoset: my-pocket-universe: Saving people costs money! Leon Tao and John Reese. - Person of Interest, 2x18...
Photo: John Reese (words: “A Real Hero” by College feat. Electric Youth from the “Drive” OST)
Thanks, Jim is beautiful and love John Reese.
Reese fina be out ah girlfriend ina few
Lil reese miss how jojo use to intimidate him thats y he b fucn wit john
Photo: spotseries: Person of Interest - John Reese _ by: magicb0x and jcavie...
It's unrealistic that Raisins made the Final Four if the Reese's sweets bracket.
Reese and rah actin like it was easy money...Lls 60 Combined Out The LONG JOHN.Easy!!!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
John Reese,Jim Caviezel for ALL POI Sisters / Brothers. Hugs to you all.
Thanks, Patty Reese, you got me thinking!
Everyday I learn something new, Reese is flatout AFraid of ants!! he's screaming at them
Oliver Queen is a lot like John Reese only not so..."serious" (wink) :)
shows me a sexy pic of John Reese; I shout OH JESUS and she counters that he actually played Jesus. WELP.
Hugh Freeze must have helped John Calipari reel in his star-studded class.
He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life. 1 John 5:12.
So how can we love God, if we don't love the people we can see? (1 John 4:20 CEVUK)
Reese pieces I don't know who John Cleese is
“I was an international spy Finch. I know how to play baccarat.” ~ John Reese on S2x18 'All In'
Yes, Oliver Queen and John Reese would make a good team! LOL ;)
My second man john reese from Person of Interest
JOHN: "Some of us don't get to grow old with the one we love." FINCH: "I'll get to grow old with her, Mr. Reese. Just from afar."
just put me on game. John Mayer is legit
"Kill Kyle Reese reset the future, no John Connor." -John Connor
“Over 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in the USA since John Lennon was shot and killed on 8 Dec 1980"
A Reese's Monkey sounds like it would be delicious.
Morgan: "Eyes on the road, John" stop it Reese. Man, he's mesmerized by her!
Just saw reese Witherspoon and John voight.. I got smiles from both of them.
Such a hard, hard decision!!! Both smart, diligent, and brilliant. I would go w/ John Reese!!
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