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John Rambo

John Rambo (born July 6, 1947) is an iconic fictional character and the basis of the Rambo saga.

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Would've been great if John Rambo's face was added lol.
lol, why would it be better. That series is so boring without John Rambo
I like John Matrix.. I also like John Rambo. But which John`s best? Their`s only one way to find out..
I honestly think that John J. Rambo would dominate the Hunger Game!
I'm fairly certain that John Rambo and John Matrix could clean up this nasty mess we are in. . .
When I asked Zeke why John Deere ATV's "a lot of 'em country and got farms and stuff"
It was bearable w/ John Rambo... but since then, it's extremely boring
I had Souljah Boy from Mo Thugs, John Rambo & Mr.Parker aka Glock Beezy in the studio last night…
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I added a video to a playlist John Rambo's nightmare (flashback scene)
Does Donald pay you to Suck his balls or do you just love doing it? I think Katie Hopkins is you in Drag
expendables 4 but no John Rambo return?? I know what I would rather see .
Chatcaps, asked of John Rambo for WWE fantasy sims, DSP if you want to avoid being banned here too, avoid saying in…
of my Stallone Unicorn Project and it's John Rambo today! First Blood was one of the…
are you excited for the Co-Op DLC? Hopefully you and John Rambo can play.
So look at these pics lol he threatened to ban me for asking about John Rambo lol
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Someone's still salty over John Rambo leaving. You'd think he'd just answer the question instead of being an ***
I keep confusing my life with John Rambo's 😣
Wishing I was still at home cuddling by my tree 🎄 @ John F. Kennedy International Airport
We're honestly better off than we thought we were with all of John's stuff.
If it fits, it sits. I guess we know who'll be using this when John isn't. 😸😸😸
OMFG Returned! . Rambo was returned. Get on it again, friends. HELP!!. Carol Redondo Terri Fox John Phaneuf...
Maybe it's because he's driving without wearing his glasses? I remember he almost killed John Rambo when he was behind the wheel
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When you go straight from watching Rambo to playing Battlefield
Oh my gosh, John is trying to kill me. 😫
I suppose Project 7's development time with Howard and John Rambo also accounts for the final product he did not deliver.
When the police say go slow I know to go John Rambo hit the slopes and sidewalk surf
If they ever think of rebooting the Rambo movies/remaking "First Blood" i think Tom Hardy would be an excellent choice for PTSD John Rambo
old Sears catalog ad. Daniel in his John Rambo gear.
why do I imagine you going full John Rambo survival mode on Sunday ... 😂
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Who was the better special forces? as John Rambo or as John Matrix in Commando?
john rambo according to the swamp... More yello cards then goals... Mutant
Just sitting here on Christmas break with my niece and nephews, enjoying the heartwarming story of John Rambo.
John Rambo and Chuck Norris, name a more iconic duo, I dare you
[John Rambo] has said he is "flattered" by reports that Donald Trump may offer him an arts post - but would prefer…
John Rambo in 1988- fought against the evil with the Afghanis . John Rambo of today- fights the Afghanis with evil . *American Politics*
Same reason goons & thugs love rambo & John Wayne, across the world, for inspiration and ideas of future crimes.
It's just another shame that John Rambo is not even interested in Donald Trump's regime
Chip Palmer was a forensic scientist, not John Rambo > BODY OF THE CRIME
he probably thinks Stallone is actually John Rambo, Stephen.
I kinda like the notion of John Rambo in charge of the VA tho.
What a world! I can't make sweet Nordberg references because I fear mistaken inferences. Well, me and John Rambo wi…
Could Kevin McCallister defend himself against Chuck Norris or John Rambo given ample supplies and time to prepare?
"That's not the first time you've described your life in the way of John Rambo's life."
maybe it was Chuck, VanDam, Rambo and John McClain?? Merry Christmas Greg!!
Presume it's John Rambo 4 Secretary of Defence? Women's health? Perhaps Charles Manson or Ted Bundy? 😄
John Rambo, Ron Swanson, Harvey Pekar...great for parties and the apocalyps…
Big difference in from the past and today:. John Matrix. Dutch. Martin Riggs. Dillon. John Rambo. Roger Murtaugh. John McClane
I just watched CREED for the first time. Wow. has been inspiring me for 35 years through Rocky and John Rambo. Thanks Sly.
If I got treated like John Rambo after coming back from ‘Nam, I’d go berserk and shoot people with exploding arrows too.
Is there such a thing as watching too much? Also, will write another John Rambo film?!
Rambo's first name was John. I can see why they went with Rambo.
I think Bucky Barnes is the MCU version of John Rambo.
What an utter tool... more John Rambo like, shirt splitting celebrations in store were he to get the position.
Afghanistan's ultimate test of manhood: Polo with a carcass no sign of John Rambo
Disappointed in John Rambo tbh. Thought he really changed after First Blood.
[+] Rambo First Blood Part II Halo Jumper John J Rambo by Hot ToysFrom Hot Toys: We have more knowledge about...
Imagine if robbers thought they were robbing Joe Blow's house. It turns out 2 be Better off running John Rambo out of town
Found myself in 's '75 Chevy truck when John and Jack Rambo jumped in the back.
I think I'm going to go for the John Rambo hairstyle
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Once up on a time John Rambo was in Pakistan
Brett you're doing it again. You're thinking your John Rambo:
Gave a presentation about abortion in class. Not in a serious manner. I made jokes. Coat hangers, stairs, and John Rambo were mentioned.
good point. I can only speak for my nostalgia, which has chars like John McClane, and to lesser extent, Rambo.
Cracking player,came late in his career and had a head like John Rambo..
another reason why views were high last month no pandalee or John rambo. DSP you can get the job done yourself remember that!
Talking like you think you're the spouse of John Rambo is so immature
There actually was a John Rambo in Vietnam and his name can be found on the Vietnam Memorial.
"He's 12 YEARS OLD and he thinks he's John Rambo!" -Kyle Dacon
Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, John Abraham – Who should play John Rambo in the desi remake of Sylvester Stallone
yall gotta start calling for back up my number isn't far away, *COMING IN HOT* DRIFTS SUBI AND HOPS OUT LOOKIN LIKE RAMBO
When u have been sent to to find John Rambo and do. .
🚀 John your glo was lit brah and you be eating in the field. You a real g.
In the field [of war], we had a code of honor: u watch my back, I watch yrs. Back here [in the US], there's nothin'. - John J Rambo
John Rambo... gonna do a series of small Rocky pieces.
w/o John Rambo, he should just give up on this series...
Just returned from December 2016 in hot tub time machine with this headline: TRUMP NAMES JOHN J. RAMBO DEFENSE SECRETARY
I would like to suggest 80 action heroes like Rambo and John McClain vs old horror icons like Freddy and Michael myers
What kind of a question is that? John Rambo would wage a war against all 3 and win. Is he limited to a bow and arrow here?
Hey Hrithik Roshan, fans want you to be desi John Rambo,...
Looks like John Rambo is going to step out of retirement to fight his toughest enemy yet: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
if we could send in a real John McClane,Jack Bauer my fav by the way,John Rambo,Bryan Mills to the middle east problem solved
The whole point is to survive right? Rick Grimes, John Rambo and Kat Everdeen. These three know military...
Gotta love how Benson went all John Rambo on the Dome episode of
Why can't they just leave John James alone.
John Rambo is one of the men I take life advice from
You're thrown into 1943 Nazi Germany, and your only companion is a Verne Troyer who believes he is John Rambo. How do you escape? …
Some random dude has gone John Rambo with double taps on my insta feed! 😂
I am John Rambo and in the words of a late 90s Moyles "COME ON!"
John Rambo has been suspended by NS4 today. His failure to put the team first was the reason for such a suspension. No timbale return
A year into his sentence, former John Rambo is visited by his old commander, Colonel Sam Trautman.
reports out there that Gizmo is ready to fill in for John J Rambo if he cannot go tonight
Troubling news, star center John Rambo fell down his stairs today, has bruised shoulder and knee, should play tonight..
"From the green to asphalt jungle, John Rambo is back in The P. Lot. The P is for PAIN. Park your seat this fall."
Where get this, it will focus on John Rambo and his son J.R. All the hyper masculine manly men I know will be pumping weights in excitement.
by resurrecting James Bomb, John Rambo, Harrison Ford. for muscle throw in John Wayne, charles Bronson.
I think john j Rambo is still up in those hills kicking that small town sheriffs butt
wait till John Rambo shows up clowns !!
Who would win in a archery battle Daryl Dixon or John Rambo?
Syrian SITREP October 10th, 2015 by John Rambo - Good recap of activity
What ever happened between you and john rambo
no, not exactly...poor old John Rambo...he just wanted to get something to eat.
A snake for a co-op partner... well it's more likely than getting John Rambo back.
I think you should call him John Rambo.
My brother showed me four players on clash of clans who named themselves John McClane, John Rambo, and John Matrix, and John Wayne . . .
Ive just flicked over to see Rambo is on. I'll probably fall asleep but go on John!
Exactly. John McCain thinks he's Rambo but he wont or no Republican in congress will send their kids to war.
Rambo III UKITV4: Vietnam veteran John Rambo turns down a request from his old colonel to join a mission in So...
if john rambo hated him im sure John could flag phils vids and remove him cuz remember they arent friends he just needs a reason
If the Mets "drew First Blood", does that mean they're Sheriff Will Teasle and the Dodgers are John Rambo?
then you do a mission John Rambo style, leave no one alive and everything on fire in a timely fashion. Game is all S+ GR8 job.
Call John Rambo because the Cardinals got First Blood.
or fantasize being the next John Wayne or Rambo and becoming delusional of being a glorified hero somehow
only John Rambo can save America from this gun violence
Hopefully John Rambo has been contacted by Saudis to clear up the Russians in Syria!
Never heard him complain. Never. He jus manned up and handled it. Like James Bond or John Rambo.
I'll shrink down to ant size, plunge into my own body and go John Rambo on every last germ, god knows my immune system doesn't work.
I'm going to create a new persona in aus and it won't be too far off of John Rambo
Watching Rambo: First Blood. Still stand by the belief if John had a short back & sides the sheriff wouldn't of took a dislike to him!
Oh yes very much, they're all Rambo's or John McClane's etc.
Day 08: John Rambo from Rambo First Blood Part 2. Back from training, tired, wonky anatomy. Forgive me
don't even try to make his statements anything less than wannabe Rambo.
what a complete *** . Apparently he's watched to many rocky movies and dressed like John Rambo
Hey, every one of them is a John Rambo. The Russians must be quaking in their boots (not).
you're 'Nam vet now like rambo or John Mccain
Whoa! is looking good as John J. don't y'all think?
TIL Sylvester Stallone's uncompromising character John Rambo committed suicide in the original cut of First Blood
Arrow to the skull courtesy of John Rambo
"To survive war you gotta become war" -John Rambo.
Huh, so Tommy Jarvis has the same story as John Rambo in First Blood.
SITREP October 07th 2015 by John Rambo - Nice recap of the players actions and options.
This is the year John Wall could become a legitimate MVP candidate. Here's why:
Syria SITREP October 07th 2015 by John Rambo - It’s been a week since the Russian airstrikes began in Syria. From ...
a.k.a. John Rambo. Blaming a mass shooting on the victim's lack of courage under fire.
"God is not like a divine Rambo" -John D. Witvliet. Let's all admit it would b kinda sweet though.
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I said last night at the pub that I could beat Jihadi John in a fight even if he had his Rambo knife and I had my hands tied behind my back.
Waiting for Dr Ricky Allen to morph into John Rambo, "You're not hunting him. he's hunting you"
Do you remeber ? Now become John Rambo,download and many cheats here>>
You taught us to ignore pain. - John Rambo . Fight on Comrade, never forget what the Libs did.
Watching the Caucasian homie John Rambo catch rec
You have a 1000 credit under the name John L Rambo and you password is Raven
This GP guy thinks he's John J Rambo. Starting to annoy me.
who your friend John J Rambo? Off now til Monday big man happy dayd
This is sikk! No way that they'd catch me like I'd be way off the grid deep in a massive forest like John Rambo
Have you seen this x logo flip by John Mong?
Swann led Saints in tackles, John Jenkins was 2nd. Reshad Jones led Dolphins in tackles. Rambo tied for 2nd on the Bills.
Shiryu Games: And his name is John Ce... erm, John Rambo.
my dad just came into my room and said "my name is John, John Rambo" in a deep voice, please tell me he's normal
What political party would John Rambo be a part of?
family make so little they're eligible for food stamps? Or are they just talking about troops like we're John Rambo?
I've always believed the mind is the best weapon. - John Rambo
Sly Stallone set to star in new 'Rambo' sequel where John Rambo will single-handedly destroy the common core curriculum.
These guys better be John Rambo on crack, one-man army types...
Be more concerned with your character than your reputation. ~John Wooden
Look unless Hillary Clinton is John Rambo would have had the same outcome.
That 7.30pm walk through the Dane John trying your hardest to look like Rambo so you don't get mugged
Maybe they are like Chuck Norris, or John Rambo ?
feeling like John Rambo the first movie, where he walks along the street and gets hassled for unjust reasons.
In honor of releasing Rambo 1-3, I created a parody video to explore John Rambo and Apollo Creed racing.
John Rambo takes over our Scene of the Week! …
Rambo's first name is John. Most people don't know that.Statistics: Posted by antoine — Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:13 am
John Rambo's end-of-movie monologue in Part II is a perfect argument against Westboro Baptist.
If Sly was watching I think he might declare this game over as well in John Rambo character.
Yep seen that one. Seen the one about John "Rambo" Moulton the U.S. trader who traded STIRS on SFE?
I watched all the Rambo movies because nothing uses minimal brain activity like watching John shoot commies for 3 hours
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like duh...but what if Jihadi John was influenced by watching Rambo?
Happy birthday to our friends Buck Rambo and John Bowman!. John Bowman Ministries Reba Rambo-McGuire The Isaacs
All I need is one mic like Nas one knife like John,
ur my hero cryd @ the movies on last coz John returned home
I forgot that John Rambo had to quit his job at GameStop because of Phil!
Rambo v1.0 APK + DATA: Rambo v1.0 – The explosive, blood-filled and gun-toting story of John Rambo has been re...
Not digging the level of violence here, giving Rambo III a run for its World Record but nice to have smart John Rambo back.
John Rambo has a team! That makes me so happy. I like the sniper so of course he's going to die.
My name is John Rambo. Guess I'm on a Stallone kick.
Man pulling a John Rambo and gutting everybody tonight
If you play John Rambo: First Blood backwards it's about a man who walks backwards and can cure the dead with magnetic bullet taker-awayer.
John Rambo and kizzy are going in to it fuk the Brits dont let dem take our wator
Movie scene for today: John Rambo breaks down ("First Blood"). "My friend is all over me ... AND NOBODY WOULD HELP !". https…
Heroes never die. They just reload.. Watch John in the Single Break tomorrow at 11:15pm only on
I have a cure to STOP get the magic movie ticket from movie & get John Rambo out of the Movies to go stop ISIS
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
GET INVOLVED: Was John Stones right to submit a transfer request?
gotta milk it for all it's worth. sadly, John Rambo's not here to lighten the mood like in the Heavy Rain DLC/alternate choices
Michigan adventures on Thursdays with the crew 😇🎢 & Andre…
Michigan adventures on Thursdays with the crew 😇🎢 & Andrew and cj and John
Is it really that the gun nuts are just dickless pansies who need to pretend to be John Rambo to get through the day?
Eventually found one and basically turned into John Rambo for the rest of the dream.
Updated characters in . John (psychotic Rambo killer). James (Little Napoleon). I hope these ppl never make a movie
HURR DURR MURICA and all that crap. I mean ffs the terrorists are commie Russians and the US president is full on John Rambo.
You don't get graded on side-ops either in TPP, which is weird but does let you go John Rambo on everybody.
Happy birthday to me aka slick nick, rocky balboa, John Rambo, the nickinator, nickmania, creator of the Beatles, Muhammad Ali, and God.
John Rambo "My name is Olashile .. What is urs ?"
John Rambo Boutwell keep a watch on this storm.
IDK to be honest but I'd do the same. John's been painted as this crazy "Rambo Renegade" why put more gas on a fire
John's already a crazy "Rambo renegade, ready to kill the house who screams in DR" why put more gas on that fire?
They kept calling John "Rambo" "renegade" I want to see him go crazy on them just rip it up
I'm about to go full blown John Rambo on this computer
Hi John Rambo : steve_massaro14 Do you want to get FREE iPhone 6? Hurry check my bi0. Thx :)
Austin tells Vanessa that John has gone Rambo. What is it with these ***
Achilles was a lot like John Belushi, from his party lifestyle to his untimely death. Ned, she's a lot more like...
More trivia. Saif is 31 years old and was partly inspired by John Rambo
I just said Chris had the John Rambo look going on, I don't think he got the reference! Another movie quote a young'un didn't get
DSP trying to stop John Rambo from leaving.
"When John Rambo finds out about your infamy on the internet"
And III is the most ironically funny. John Rambo fights WITH Afghans against Russians.
I have a suggestion for a death battle! John Rambo from the Rambo series vs Alan "Dutch" Schaefer from the predator series
Imagine if these two got in a fight at their prime smh "John Rambo Vs The Terminator" who would of won?
I'm tryin to live in the woods like John Rambo.
Save the punjabi language!! Parliament may wipe out punjabi gcse/a level. Sign the petition now! .
Just seen its so here is Jake John Rambo looking serious after a bath & with a witch hat on
There is no better depiction of how horribly we treat our veterans than. Rambo: First Blood. John J. just wanted to get something to eat.
I think rambo's work rate as a number 10 is far greater than ozil's. Could maybe allow Ox to start too
Nothin like a little John Rambo between classes
Jonny coming in and Rambo deeper is great still, but no Allen is still huge imo.
Good start to the morning when you can watch Rambo, John J. evade the entire Sheriff's Department and escape into the forest
Remember when John Rambo and Howard's channels were here? Pepperidge farm remembers.
I'd really like to see a "First Blood " remake. With an Iraq war era version of John Rambo. It's tricky, but doable.
..And First Blood is by far the best John Rambo film.
Let's finish this, Pagan Min you are going down. Live with more Far Cry 4
Live for nothing or die for somthing. Youre call / John J Rambo
John Rambo the only man I know to take out a Russian helicopter with a bow and arrow.
If you are going up against John Rambo you better take a good supply of beer.
My wedding speech is gonna be John Rambo's monologue from First Blood.
INJURY UPDATE: suffers broken nose on Details: .
Don't the *** bag from Rambo 2 look a lot like John Kerry.
John Rambo got me through mine...hehe
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It was from a clip of Phil doing a panel with John Rambo, Leanna & OJ or Howard? at some convention, the "Even if I just get 1...
If you signed Pogba, i'd be worried. you don't know who Rambo,John is? lol
Excited for a Survivor Series team of the Terminator, John McClain, John Rambo, and Robocop.
Well I don't know about those 54, but the real 1 is on the way:)
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER'S T-800 TO BE PLAYABLE IN WWE 2K16: Also rumored to be included, John Rambo, dude from Taken, and Inspector Clouseau
. i werent saying Jade J looks like John J sure she,s very beautifal ,glamirous but if she did have bulging..
/How much of the money you make off of this MAHN-TAHGE will go to John Rambo, since he deserves compensation?
Whatever happens over the coming season, I get to watch Alexis, Özil, Cazorla, Rambo & Wilshere week in week out. For that…
What do I do next... Rambo-thon next week, I'm thinking, then a block of Van Damme films I have yet to see. For tonight, possible John Wick.
Shoutout to this man right here leaving for the marines already know your the next john Rambo good luck Dave!
"I look like Paris Hilton, ring worth million/straps with the AK, Rambo, John Wayne" -
A parallel universe where John Rambo strolls into Twin Peaks and is greeted with hospitality by Sheriff Truman instead of that Dennehy place
If they remake another Rambo, will it be Joan Rambo instead of John Rambo?
What a season! I just guided Tottenham to 2nd place in The Prem [Pro Edition]
time to do your best John Rambo impression
Live for nothing or die for something!. (John Rambo) ★ Rambo (Rambo IV) —
John Rambo was just looking for a peaceful life. It's tricky.
Rocky night on Sky Action. Just seen Action Jackson get beat by John Rambo. B.A Baracus is up next.
I have 69 guns and a gunboat. My life is very similar to that of one John Rambo. Let's bang Neil
you had someone in your family named . Mary. Rose. Rose-Mary. Jean. Jean-baptise. Pierre. Jean-Pierre . Felix. …
and yet sir the rate of spread is as fast as someone following John Rambo or rocky ... Unimaginable
Kickstarter campaign reaches $2million to send grumpy retired mercenaries over to Syria to kill Jihadi John. That's my Rambo V storyline.
John Rambo is someone you do not wanna mess with
hardly news worthy. Should they have been totting machine guns John Rambo style?
John Rambo is probably the most badass movie character of all time
Oh yeah, at least John Rambo made the right decision. I don't know about Chris. Darn masochist. -.-
John Rambo was able to do it with ease, so Chris should follow suit.
Happy Birthday to John Rambo, Ray Tango, Barney Ross, Rocky Balboa, John Spartan, Joe Viterbo and Gabe Walker - all born on the same day.
for her birthday would like a birthday message from JOHN RAMBO i only hope she gets it or she'll become WAR
.It looks like John Rambo and I will be insulating my man cave.
snakes 🐍🐍 hide in the grass. The real rise to the surface and shouts out TRUTH so there we have it
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Meet John Rambo. Measures 6 3/4-inches tall, and has 25 points of articulation. $37.95 + Free Shipping!
It's not a competition, it's a war. - john Rambo 2015 rogue contestant
They drew First Blood, not me! - John Rambo. I never get tired of watching this movie.
But you were sounding like John Rambo a few weeks ago. Lol.
Foto: pippo-rocks: good day in murgtal. could send “john rambo” quite fast.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
but he couldn't beat John Rambo... (as referenced in the 91st minute of Expendables II)
His Heavy Rain DLC playthrough had John Rambo on commentary.
RECAP: Mark Reynolds, go back-to-back to support John Lackey in win.
*** for a minute I thought I'm watching John Rambo in Afghanistan. *lol*
when the saying is "the pen is mightier than the sword", a bandolier full of markers suddenly makes you John Rambo
John wick was so sad at first, then it went full Rambo on me 😭
Sometimes when I walk down the street in the fog and drizzle I pretend that I am John Rambo in First…
John Rambo wrestled his final match this weekend. Thoughts on how the wrestling world will continue without him?
wasn't John Rambo a an all time great at this game, not to mention at halftime he took out an Apache gunship.
There's no shame in being a curtain raiser to the storied Afghani sport dominated on debut by John Rambo.'re a brave man John subjecting yourself to that.
Make sure you list as "SUPER-RARE DARKSYDEPHIL & JOHN RAMBO CO-SIGNINATURES!" . Because that'll never happen again.
Today in german tv, John Rambo, in 15 minutes start the movie. I love it
Danny DeVito plays:. * Rambo as John Rambo. * Fight Club as Tyler Durden. * Breakfast at Tiffany's as Holly Golightly.
All the sheriff had to do was let John Rambo get something to eat... just saying.
I think Kyle Katarn is the John Rambo of the Star Wars EU universe.
Is it just me or does Sean Rodriguez slightly resemble John Rambo (Stallone). Watched pregame talk with SRod and saw resemblance
Live for nothing,. Or die for something. -John Rambo-
if you see your favorite pro player. Scump. Parasite. Proofy. Jkap. Rambo. Mboze. Muddawg. John. Dedo. Phizzurp. Nadeshot. Ricky. Go…
They're going to seven. John Tavares scores a goal and assist as Islanders beat Capitals, 3-1, to force a Game 7.
Someone do that shallow Hal trick on me.
I can imagine.Muhaisany as John Muhaisany Rambo in First Blood and Jewlani as his commanding officer.
Spurs away Kane bags Pellegrini gets the sack goes into the local kebabish starts fight with locals n turns into John Rambo
Boys and girls never leave a half opened pop tart in your pocket...or suffer the consequences.
"live with nothing or die with something.". -John Rambo
John terry after seeing that video.
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