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John Podesta

John David Podesta (born January 8, 1949) was the fourth and final White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton, from 1998 until 2001. He is the former president and now Chair and Counselor of the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank in Washington, D.C., and is also a Visiting Professor of Law at the Georgetown University Law Center.

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CNBC's John Harwood Continues to Cozy up to John Podesta - Breitbart
Oh there was collusion alright, between Anthony Podesta, John Podesta's brother, and a Russian bank Sberbank of Russia
"Address your letter to President Clinton and send it in care of John Podesta, assistant to the President..."
The nightly news is compromised. We are coming for the Satanists and nothing will stop us. . John Podesta is a weak scrawny r…
Reince Priebus is also a key player in covering up the scandal, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, John Podesta , Hillary and Bi…
Leaked video reveals John Podesta in long-term affair with muslim fascist extremist nazi terrorist Terry Nichols
John Podesta was business partners with the Russian govt. Podesta emails revealed he tried to hide that fact when he j…
Is Brian Podesta from National Center for Missing and Exploited Children related to John Podesta
Is Brian Podesta, at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a relative of John Podesta?
We are going to let the Russian investigations lead where they may...straight to Barry Soetoro, Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.
John Podesta isn't the only Podesta working at WaPo. Have to verify but I believe there are 2 more per Honey Bee.
John Podesta's relative who works for A linked & convicted works for
Right. That she was "forced" to do it by those evil DNC people... and John Podesta is the devil... whatever... she…
sorry, I don't think this is fake news. Pizzagate/Pedogate Update: Leaked Video of John Podesta? | Horrifying Ch...
While you were all focused on John Podesta's risotto recipe last year, Trump's campaign chair was being blackmailed.
.Why is Hillary campaign chair John Podesta on the Republic of Iraq's payroll?
Breaking: World class pedophile John Podesta just got hired by the Washington Post as a columnist. htt…
Is Brian podesta, at the National Center of missing and Exploited Children, a relative of John Podesta?
WHAT we know is that John PODESTA is. codes in his emails brother of
This is an actual email from John Podesta by via
Put more walnut sauce on your and shut up, You're lucky you're not in jail yet. I stress "yet..." https…
ok lets test: Brian Podesta went to the NCMEC to pick up more kids while Lockheed Martin gave John Podesta a tour of site…
This is an actual email from John Podesta
Think about this:. WHY did John Podesta in his recent interview about it, not even try to defend himself? He just says "MSM…
Think about this... Has John Podesta technically said no, or denied anything?... Anyone else notice this?
John Podesta became a columnist for WaPo so that he can be at private citizen status and plead the fifth/refuse to testify w…
--to have John Podesta plead the 5th in a federal rank after all the attention Pizzagate has gotten? No. It makes…
$200,000 from Saudi Arabia to John Podesta for six weeks' of "work."
The Washington Post hired John Podesta to be a columnist for them... I credit for putting tons of his writi…
Inside the mind of new Tom Perez: Email to John Podesta during his campaign against
Can't wait to read the John Podesta cyber security columns
John Podesta got a gig writing for the Washington Post about the future of the Democratic Party & liberals wonder why US media…
John Podesta joins The Washington Post as contributing columnist
if I was John Podesta. *high fives* "Good take on the penetration little Timmy, now get back in the game."
John Podesta is a sadistic child rapist & murderer. Spread the word.
If so called journalists are why did they collude with Hillary Clinton & John Podesta to undermine
what's insane is Congressional Republicans seem to care more about John Podesta's risotto recipe than they d…
John Podesta's connection to the mysterious death of Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia
I hope Anthony Weiner and John Podesta are part of the halftime show too!
I can identify several of those demons. I see George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesta, David Brock
Trial for Lynn Rothschild. Trial for David Brock. Trial for John Podesta. Trial for Hillary Clinton. We push back, "elite" d…
John Podesta is a known pedophile to NYPD please keep young boys away from him
I want John Podesta to be in charge of cybersecurity
Let's go to war with Russia because John Podesta's email was hacked!! Who's with me?!
Oh the horror. If only John Podesta would have used numbers in his password! more time, the election was "N O T" rigged, the e-mails of the corrupt DNC & John Podesta were hacked&published...done!!
Same Putin-state backed actors that stole emails from DNC & John Podesta now targeting political campaigns in France
More on Clinton, Podesta & Justin Trudeau. Canada needs your help.
just want to know y Watter's. Why not Al Sharpten or John Podesta or even Nancy Pelosi.
Hillary sent illegal information to John Podesta over an illegal server. The information was hacked by 3 foreign governments.
Retarded pervert John Podesta gave away his email address. If you give keys to your house & they enter are they burglars.
My op-ed: Something is deeply broken at the FBI
Andrew Breitbart and General Mike Flynn both know the truth about John Podesta/Clinton Foundation.
NO RUSSIANS-PHISHING:The phishing email that hacked the account of John Podesta
We should note that if that Trump dossier were in John Podesta's email, there would have been zero debate about publishing it.
you describe hacking our elections, they sent John podesta e phishing email which is not complex stuff . You seem to be
John Podesta to appoint extremist activist to be head of EPA
Personally, I'm troubled that Sessions recruited the Russian spy Carter Page into team trump two days after John Podesta'…
John Podesta and morning bagel boy should probably never be said in the same sentence. 🍕🌭
Who is associated with Tony and John Podesta.
John Podesta to appoint Himmler to cabinet
Does Obama, Hillary, John Podesta, Bill Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein all have a good moral compass?
My USA TODAY column: John Podesta fell for a phishing scam. Let's not start another Cold War over that.
protecting the integrity of Donna Brazile and John Podesta is our National Security concern. Behind global warming of course
.I definitely trust Assange, also do you wanna comment on what you told John Podesta about Joe Biden? . h…
John Podesta's password was "password." So it was either a very sophisticated state-sponsored hack by the Russians OR the m…
Was it true the John Podesta's password for the email server was "password"? Really?
Ever see the sickening artwork of childen in John Podesta's home? has donated millions to him
John Podesta was a victim of a phishing scam, but somehow Russia hacked the brains of Hillary voters in small blue collar to…
Breaking: State Dept expels 20 Nigerian diplomats after John Podesta fails to receive $1 million wire transfer from nephe…
REVEALED: Kellogg Foundation funneled nearly two million dollars to John Podesta's far-left Center for American Progress.…
Hacking the Pentagon isn't a breach of national security, but publishing John Podesta's campaign emails is.
.please repeat after me: Wikileaks leaking John Podesta's embarrassing emails is not "election hacking."
The Russians did not hack the election. . They *possibly* hacked the DNC & John Podesta. Anyone who tells you otherwise i…
Wikileaks recently exposed explosive emails between John Podesta and Astronaut Edgar Mitchell. How does this relate to D…
Why did Andrew Breitbart accused John Podesta of involvement in criminal child molestation rings? Why did Chuck...
"As for those John Podesta emails, it’s inconclusive as to who hacked them. They cannot prove that the Russians did" htt…
Hey sicko Why didnt you mention that Comet Pizza owner is *** & partner of John Podesta & ex-partner of Dav…
will have expose' on Russians dropping TRUMP PAMPLETS as soon as John PODESTA gives him clearance.
- Be SMART - don't do what John Podesta did, and fall for a phishing scam and give away your password.
John Podesta is an CONFIRMED Alister Crowley follower!!! Thelema, Spirit cooking - YouTube
John Podesta's email was hacked by unknown persons an you're talking Holocaust. You're a nutter.
John Podesta has serious questions that deserve answers... Give me a break!
The typo that may have Cody Hillary Clinton her election. Proof your emails!
John Podesta is not interested in the welfare of America. He's interested in the welfare of John…
why attack me and what I do with rap, when the concern should be about John Podesta raping children.
I'll tell him hillary threatened to burn it down & have it be John Podesta playing harpsichord for days
Why was she taking 3 young girls to a hot tub at John Podesta's??? It's in the emails.
My creditable sources are telling me a new John Podesta ground breaking dump is coming, not sure if it's but…
Clinton camp aide says that typo in March 19 email sent to John Podesta is to blame ..
Good news for all you Democrats ready to run for office. John Podesta is now available!.
So many emails were devoted to vomit inducing *** kissing begging John Podesta to set up their 'family, friend, etc.' in a job!
John Podesta receiving updates on Westinghouse who sells their AP1000 nuclear power plants all over the world, including may…
If they hacked the election, then they must have hacked SOMETHING. Podesta was SPEAR-PHISHED from his Google acct.…
. HuffingtonPost is a perceived conflict-free echo-box for John Podesta and others.
what's in your closet John Podesta, is Real and you are going to Jail
he must have learned this while jogging with John podesta
*** John Podesta fell for an obvious phishing scam and handed over his password. Nobody had to hack his emails. https:/…
did you learn this while jogging with John podesta?
Really got no time 4 yr nonsense. Maybe I'll hit u up in da future if you got a tin foil hat 2 spare.
John Podesta believes attempting to influence elections is a direct attack on democracy, which is why he and the media…
Can anyone ask John Podesta about a) Seth Rich & B) When he lost his phone?
Who knew that the integrity of our entire political system was predicated on John Podesta not falling for a phishing scam?
Whatssup Fox poll shows 'hacking' didn't matter! Who the fu3k runs your 'news desk'?...John Podesta?
There is more evidence that John Podesta is a satanic pedophile than there is about Russia “hacking our election.”
Has there ever been a more absurd leap than going from "John Podesta clicked on a suspicious link" to "Russia hacked the elect…
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Russia gained at our expense. Thanks to John Podesta and the Clinton Crime Family, who made millions.
just the one month then - well done HRC. Has anyone seen John Podesta or Robbie Mook, or should we send out a search party?
Just now: Hillary Clinton arrives on the Hill for Reid tribute, ignores Qs. She's accompanied by top aides John Podesta and…
'Richard Branson owns to known pederast..Epstein.' ' close contact with none other than John Podesta.'
Early on did John Podesta imagine his baby would be covering up for underage sex slave ops & H8 crimes against b…
dude they think John Podesta is conducting Crowley-style blood rituals to summon The Beast With 1000 Eyes, it's funny as ***
Report the Tony and John Podesta to the police in London
. Pedophilia ring connected to John Podesta -- never forget
Because they're not fake. Rather, the government fears how public will react as the truth about John Podesta emerges. I've c…
WikiLeaks posts more John Podesta emails. WikiLeaks Monday morning posted an additional 2,000 emails that appear
Hope knowing what John Podesta had for lunch was worth it.
You might think the man beat the woman in this recent US election, but actually Kellyanne Conway beat John Podesta.
I really hope John Podesta emails someone about Trump's 25 million dollar fraud settlement so people will talk about it.
SMOKING GUN. John Podesta tells Cheryl Mills "we're going to have to dump all those emails" the day after subpoena. INTEN…
I hope Trump remembers that Mitt Romney collaborated with John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and the Glover Park Group. http…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
To Catch A Predator - John Podesta. "John Walsh, was put into the public spotlight because of the horrific...
It’s quite telling that this was written by Sanders and not, say… John Podesta, or Neera Tanden, or Donna Brazille.
This latest leak includes 888 emails written to or from presidential campaign chairman John Podesta. https:…
We are also to suppose John Podesta's emails, Hillary's stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders and Romney...
Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta says her campaign will have nothing to say tonight, via Trump at 264:…
Funny that Bernard Madoff knows he can count on John Podesta to break the law for him. .
Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta talked WikiLeaks on 'Meet the Press' saying, "the leakers should shut up."
Intense planning by John Podesta and Roy Spence on how to grab Bernie supporters.…
Ana Navarro, you forgot to include how much Hillary Clinton and John Podesta paid you to vote for Her and write article…
One of our followers just got a selfie with John Podesta.
DOJ Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik and his deep relationship with John Podesta. I wonder why the DOJ is stalli…
True. Really sickening this of Marina Abramovic and John Podesta. Oh, and dump Lady Gaga as well
Are you saying that John Podesta and Tony Podesta aren't affiliated with Marina Abramovic?
Do you think John Podesta might know something about the abduction of .
Breitbart's Lee Stranahan - Politics, conformity, and the John Podesta   10% Off
John Podesta suggests Cheryl Mills didn't want Hillary to run, because of the private email server issue
Neera Tanden to John Podesta: "Do we actually know who told Hillary she could use a private email?" ht…
John Podesta implicates Congressman James Clyburn & himself in the murder of Justice Scalia
What do Walmart, BP, Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, Duke Energy, & Hillary Clinton have in common? They're all clients of John Podesta
Question: Why didn't Stone Phillips and to Catch a Predator ever go after John Podesta? Could have had whole season busting him.
Key role at center of the Clinton web: John Podesta, whose leaked emails were leaked. He took the helm of the ...
Hi did u see this?. "Where should we stick the knife in?". – John Podesta about you. How can u support Hillar…
Robby Mook discusses with John Podesta about how to "structure" a US$3k/month cash payment to him.
Denis McDonough to John Podesta: "We have a real security threat on our stuff here." cc.
John Podesta says top Justice Department official on Clinton probe "kept him out of jail" in hacked WikiLeaks email https:/…
Hacked emails reveal top Justice Department official investigating Hillary Clinton has close ties to John Podesta
Clinton's campaign chair John Podesta's brother Tony is the top US lobbyist for Saudi Arabia.
Not even Hillary Clinton's campaign chief John Podesta believes her when she says "I don't remember"
Article: John Podesta hiding his investments with Only two articles on the internet about this..
FBI director Comey "has not been forthcoming with the facts," says campaign manager John Podesta.
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Wikileaks emails: John Podesta paid $7,000 a month by top donor | Getty
Our source is not a state. The primary source is John Podesta and the DNC.
Charles Payne just said John Podesta's best friend is in charge of the Huma Abedin investigation! This is outrageous! Drain the Swamp.
John Podesta referred to Federico Pena & "a *** but useful" Bill Richardson as "needy Latinos" tht needed to be "conv…
. Help us out Glenn, what is the context of this email to John Podesta?
Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta turns up the heat on the FBI
John Podesta calls Federico Pena, Bill Richardson, and Jim Hodges "needy latinos" to Hillary.
.I'm confused, your mouthpiece John Podesta said yesterday that DOJ didn't know James Comey was sending,…
Who wants to bet that John Podesta rats Hillary's Mafia out for a deal from the Special Prosecutor? Bueller...Bueller...Bueller?
John Podesta is demanding the Clinton email evidence from FBI Director James Comey, immediately:
John Podesta doesn't entirely know what this is about...but Jon Favreau does?
Robby Mook to John Podesta on Hillary's emails- "We were told that everything was taken care of." ht…
Clinton spokesperson Robby Mook to John Podesta on Clinton emails: "[we] were told everything was taken care of"
😳Look here👀"Harry Reid "sh" email to John Podesta. "I have a 630 dinner at home for Harry Reid"
John Podesta called Hillary "psychotic" in 2008 for not conceding to Obama at the time!.
Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. Fed up with David Brock back in January
🎄 decorating EARLY w/ starting to think John Podesta is rea…
."WikiLeaks also shows how John Podesta rigged the polls by oversampling Democrats - a voter suppression tec…
More proof that the election is rigged. John Podesta wants journalists to spread the word around about where to meet on…
WSJ opinion: 'John Podesta and the Russians. When did Clinton’s top aide stop doing business with Moscow?'
LOL! show John Podesta expecting Paul Begala to go full Pinocchio
Cardinal Dolan demands an apology from Clinton. Finds remarks in leaked emails by John Podesta to be patronizing and offensive to Catholics
John Podesta and astronaut Edgar Mitchell discussed the 'government's knowledge of extr... - Daily Mail
Hope your right, but net goes down, London City Airport evacuated all on same day John Podesta in London 4 fundraiser
.John podesta hurts his country while helping his daughter. Follow the uranium!
John Podesta's speed dating while married. Wonder what his WIFE thinks?
Univision owner & Clinton doner Haim Saban revealed to be tightly coupled to Clinton Latino strategy https:/…
Before endorsed Sanders, Clinton campaign chair John Podesta asked Neera Tanden to do an "intervention". htt…
So campaign chair John Podesta is obsessed with UFOs - somebody tell him Hillary's illegal aliens are not…
Personal note: John Podesta was an old boss of mine. "Decent", "honorable", "dedicated" are words that describe him. A…
Well I give up. Trump Trolls have finally convinced me to not vote for John Podesta OR Bill Clinton this year.
Cardinal Dolan: “The emails of John Podesta, who is Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff, are just extraordinarily...
releases more than 1,500 more emails purported to be from Hillary Clinton adviser John Podesta .
In one of the Wikileaks emails, John Podesta refers to Catholics as "extremely backward."
Trump to Hillary: . "Bernie Sanders said you have bad judgment. John Podesta said you have bad instincts. I agree with bot…
John Podesta clicked on a phishing link sent to him by Russian hackers
An act of Hillary-protecting censorship at in 3 acts, starring John Podesta and
Curtis Trent, running in the 133rd, says he wants to hear more about jobs, immigration, and the leaked John Podesta emails.
Former Penn president Judith Rodin was on John Podesta's list of possible VPs: (cc:
This seems big. Chelsea Clinton provides a list of concerns to the staff including John Podesta .
Russian Mafia Money Laundering, the Clinton Foundation and John Podesta. by . on .
WIKILEAKS : Wife of Biased "La Raza" Judge Ruling on Trump Lawsuit is Cozy with Hillary and John Podesta
John Podesta says Islam is a threat to our future even if it wasnt violent, but his campaign scolds the public 4 sayin…
Epic‼️ of Project Veritas triggers John Podesta after he confronts & trolls him about campaign fraud in…
Wikileaks' release this week exposes the campaign to intimidate the Chief Justice by John Podesta's Center for...
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The degree to which Cheryl Mills & John Podesta casually conspire to break federal records laws is truly galling.
So here are Cheryl Mills & John Podesta conspiring to obstruct a federal subpoena again. Hold the emails from POTUS 👌🏻.
Hey Peter Baker, you hack Yep, passes his lame articles to John Podesta for corrections and…
Russian Mafia money laundering, the Clinton Foundation and John Podesta
"We know that to be true" comment was verifying the John Podesta's comment, not Wiley's allegation.
The Wikileaks hack into John Podesta's email proves beyond any doubt that the press is corrupt. A special report tonight…
John Podesta says he's spoken to FBI about hack of his email -- says Trump pal had "advanced kno…
John Podesta needs to learn how to use quotation marks.
Noted: John Podesta should use quotation marks.
The released emails of Clinton insiders, Capricia Marshall and John Podesta, have disclosed truly stunning...
Its a Small World after all (Thanks Glen) Its a world where John Podesta runs Center for Amer Progress and his brother wor…
While you foam at the mouth over Billy Bush nonsense released emails from John Podesta re: Foundation/Uranium…
Why is John Podesta calling you a *** I mean technically you are one minus balls. HRC has them in a ziplock.…
Shrillary's TIES 2 BLM is DEEPER than most know;CAMPAIGN CHAIR,John Podesta's Center 4 American Progress SUPPORTS it
Tony Podesta to John Podesta isn't a strong enough link anymore or I'd agree there.
Hasn't John Podesta hinted at opening govt files on UFOs?
Can you get John Podesta to do another interview?
FBI, DOJ launch Probe into Firm of John Podesta via
You apparently don't know who Tony and John Podesta are and Uranium One...and Russia does not "Own" Trumps debt Liar
When Full Disclosure finally happens, you’ll read about it first on
Russian trolls!! Have you checked out HRC connection to Russia or John Podesta's?
If you ask the people who are professional political analysts, they would say that the way
Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Mgr John Podesta Sat on Board of Company that Bagged $35 Million from Russian Govt Fund
My dissatisfaction with 'on-air' democrats:: Other than PBO, MO &John Podesta HRC does not hv great (cont)
Clinton Campaign: “Whatever you can get away with just do it” via John Podesta is a crook
New John Podesta statement more evidence Clinton not really backing off "basket" too much -- uses "deplorable."
I think if you look at yesterday's New York Times poll, particularly when you judge Democrat
John Podesta you're an *** For decades they used gas chambers for criminals in USA!
High Strangeness: Dolan-Basset face off: Two views on the day after disclosure: John Podesta, Hilary Clinton,...
When asked about leading in Florida & Ohio polls, Chair John Podesta said they "expected race to tightened up"
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your belief, based on what facts? John Podesta owns Russian investment firm, and is part of Hillarys campaign. Fact...
There are people who kind of gravitate towards running politics based on new ideas and issu
HILLARY'S SAUDI/RUSSIAN PAYDAY: John Podesta's brother is big HRC bundler raking in foreign cash for lobbying
John Podesta looks like a lowkey preacher that sells drugs for Sinaloa Cartel in some church
Hillary Clinton will be calling some VP finalists before the pick is announced, per an aide, not John Podesta.
Clinton campaign chair: 'The American people can handle the truth' on UFOs
John Podesta runs Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. If any of my liberal friends want to see how corrupt...
Meet the man behind Hillary Clinton's campaign via
I think Aunt Becky would have regulated energy better than John Podesta.
He added: “Hilary Clinton is delusional if she thinks she can send one of John Podesta’s (her campaign manager)...
Think I just spotted John podesta in a tan suit in the Metro Center station and now Ben Ginsberg is in my train car
Business insider thinks an ALIEN ADVANTAGE is not a good idea.
John Podesta and Huma are also in the room for HRC's senate lunch
How similar is Leo McGarry's role in West Wing to being the actual Chief of Staff? by John Podesta
First and foremost, when I think of him - I'm prejudiced; I worked for the guy for six and ...
Russia Today on UFOs and John Podesta Obama Chief of Staff (12-25-15)
Couldn't agree less with this John - I went to an excellent meeting last night at which all sides were heard.
Rockefeller Initiative: Hillary Clinton & John Podesta on the Road to Di...
Obama/Clinton aid John Podesta on UFOs and alien encounters
John Podesta on WH visitor records 131 times before he was on staff.
And, hrc's camaign chairman, John Podesta, is on the board of CAP. As are Tanden and Browner. http…
LIVE on Michelle Kwan with campaign chair John Podesta on Roosevelt Island
I would venture John Podesta would nominate Fox Mulder or Dana Scully as running mate ;)
And ask the people of Haiti! And the kids who mine mica in India for Merck who pays John Podesta to lobby for them!
John Podesta met with leaders of three major state employee and teacher unions in New Haven to try to settle tension
.campaign manager, John Podesta, is implicated in the Panama Papers scandal. https:/…
John Podesta Drop BS about gun maker liability for Newtown>Focus on universal background check & black market fed by unlimited pistol buys
never mind I'm trying to be smart on a Monday and it ain't working
Somewhere in a dark closet John Podesta is screaming his bloody head off.
I never get tired of this. John Podesta, we will laugh when you do this, do you hear? John Podesta we will end...
Tapper: “John (Podesta) you’re hosting a fundraiser for in DC w/ lobbyists who REPRESENT & GSachs"
Hillary Clinton would declassify UFO files, top aide says # via
is that why their lobbist hosts a fund raiser for her? You’re really not helping her cause
REVOLVING DOOR: calls on to fire campaign chair John Podesta, corp bagman for charter schools
What, I'll take money and be influenced by whoever has the cash to donate. .
I've no doubt that John Podesta & Co have storage vaults full of oppo on DonnaTrumpa...all in due time!
US government's John Podesta wants disclosure, and he wants it NOW.
This is a must-read article about John Podesta from a progressive/liberal point of view. Podesta is the exclusive...
Look at this John Podesta Interview, then tell me which journalist will be the first to break the Rockefeller...
Remember Andrew Breitbart said John Podesta was his mortal enemy. Connections; > > >
David Brock, John Podesta & company have been more hateful toward Bernie than all BernieBros put together. Let's talk about that
A must-read article about John Podesta and his radical environmental agenda
"This is not your mother's Democratic Party.. John Podesta, George Soros.. This is not.."
John Podesta is founder of Podesta Group and HRC Henchman and Campaign Manager...get a clue dude
US government disclosure of will happen soon, if John Podesta has his way.
Clinton campaigner talks about UFO disclosure: John Podesta maintains that he has convinced Hillary Clinton to...
“I think the American people can handle the truth.” -John Podesta...
Today with 'Dear Hillary, fire Robby Mook and John Podesta' https:/…
Hillary has John Podesta, a powerful lobbyist, running her campaign. Bernie has Tad Devine, Dem strategist running his.
Clinton and Sanders campaigns react to...: Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and Sanders campaign st...
John Podesta looks like he needs to see a dentist. Maybe Bernie Sanders can suggest someone for him to go to.
John Podesta's CAP, Center for American Progress think tank needs to either be abolished or neutered big time
Things not looking good at Hillary camp. John Podesta sounded very nervous speaking to MSNBC Andrea Mitchell.
Hillary's John Podesta Leads 'Prayer Shaming' After Jihad via Evil has taken over!
Podesta Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. John Podesta-Hilliary Clinton campaign mgr!!. *** Sad!!
Not that you had doubts. 1. I grabbed John Podesta, who is expected to be Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman,...
John Podesta the mouthpiece and bad actor behind the Clinton machine
"Remember that Soroass Owns Obama and Hillary Clinton. His right hand Man John Podesta is Running the…" — bigjim
Is Hillary Clinton really worried about John Podesta's chilly feet?. Or does he have "code" feet?
The time for full world wide of is now. Along with Project Blue Book it wil…
Update your maps at Navteq
Soo uhh... Who started Doug Baldwin in fantasy today?
Good morning, America. Surely you all know this, but just in case: John Podesta is the campaign chair for Sybil.
Obama a pivotal role in NWO... cant even run the US..
Hi honest question: Are you aware of Hillary's campaign chair John Podesta's views on UFO's?
Nope. Pointing out facts about John Podesta on the record, all documented. And you're just being a pesky troll.
Hillary's campaign manager is John Podesta her campaign is run by Wallstreet
“[M]y biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the disclosure of the files.” ~John Podesta, US Govt
Calling Valerie Jarrett...time to totally unleash the justice dept on Hillary. John Podesta just threw Obama under the bus. Response?
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