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John Pemberton

John Stith Pemberton (July 8, 1831 – August 16, 1888) was a Confederate veteran and an American pharmacist, and is best known for being the inventor of Coca-Cola.

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For the record, Coca Cola was invented by Dr. John S. Pemberton in 1886.
Didn't recognise Noel Whelan, so thought it was John Pemberton (or whatever his name is).
My favourite cult hero is John Pemberton but if he is too mainstream then Micky Droy! :)
I see your Thomas and raise you a Pemberton.
John Pemberton died penniless after selling the rights to his alcohol-free morphine alternative, 'Coca-Cola.'
Remember the days john pemberton controlled the defence
My hero is John Pemberton, the inventor of Diet Coke aka nectar of life.
Momma you're beautiful tonight, movie star hair and that black eye, you can't even notice it when you smile so hard through a heart felt lie
Filming has begun on the brand new series of with Steve Pemberton and
1/15/1889 . (NYSE: $KO), then known as Pemberton Medicine Company, is originally incorporated in Atl, GA
The good old sounds of the Internet
Ha ha how ironic I do this and I get you John Dance Crew Pemberton ha x
always using stats so according to ur statistics the greatest forest manager of all time is. John Pemberton
Steve Coppell,Shaun Derry and John Pemberton. Could and would all do a better job then Pearce. Can all work on low budget.
I owe my livelihood to John Pemberton
John Pemberton. If you're not including him then Frank Barlow and Charlie McParland
John C. Pemberton rolling over in his grave at the defense of Mississippi tonight...
Hi there are some on the X of Pemberton Gardens and St John's Grove
Asa Griggs bought the secret formula of pharmacist John "Doc" Pemberton and popularised He was born on Dec 30, 1851.
John Stith Pemberton Confederate Army the Civil War was his life-threatening wound that sparked his quest in creating Coke.
Back in the days... absolutely not missing it :D
TIL John Pemberton died a pennyless morphine addict after selling the rights to his alcohol-free (cont)
in 1886, John Pemberton used coca leaves to make his new soft drink, Coca-Cola. coca leaves are what was used to make cocaine
Just a quick throw back Friday for your ear holes this is what the internets used to sound like
Trivia question for December 16, 2014 Dr. John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in which U.S. city, now home to a...
Today we pray for all who worship & serve at Orrell St Luke, Pemberton St John & all at St John's CE Primary
Jose: Even the detention facility will have to be agreed on by US Embassy and the PHL.
headquarter at Atlanta It was invented in 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton
Coca-Cola was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 8, 1886. Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a local pharmacist, carried a jug of C-C syrup to Jacobs'
May 29 1886- The Pharmacist John Pemberton places his first advertisement for Coca-Cola, the ad appearing in The Atlan…
john pemberton. Can't take the credit for knowing, had to google it! He's a blast from the past!!!
Dr. John Pemberton Inventor of Coca-Cola on by RubinoFineArt via
After the Civil War, Confederate John C. Pemberton did some farming in Virginia, but eventually moved back to Philadelphia.
John C. Pemberton was forced to surrender Vicksburg to General Grant after Grant had successfully isolated the city and laid siege to it.
Massive THANK YOU to those who stepped down from the senior committee at the AGM - Jonnie Turpie, Graham Arrand, Dave Monk & John Pemberton.
Looking forward to at the Strand tonight, seminar paper by on the John Major govt & Citizen's Charter
When the Civil War broke out, Pennsylvanian John C. Pemberton chose to fight for the Confederacy because his wife was a native of Virginia.
Before the Civil War, Confederate John C. Pemberton served in the Seminole War and the Mexican War.
You know...just sharing a drink with the inventor of John Pemberton. Cheers my fellow…
Atlantastan: "A quick candid from the conversation John Pemberton and I had. We were discussing a new…
Confederate John C. Pemberton was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He ranked 27th in his 50 member West Point 1837 class.
FACT: John Pemberton smacked 83 runs (80 balls 13x4 2x6) in his first match for the Sunday 1st XI on 24/04/11. KHCC 248/7, Weoley Hill 172/6
every single one except Everton players and John Pemberton. Cor.
inventor of coke john pemberton was a drugiest in columbus, ga when he invented coke. His house is still there. Tell the truth!
I MISS THIS SOUND SO MUCH the comments tho: 'wheres the drop' same
Coke was first invented as a drug to heal fatigue and headache by pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886. Fast forward 2014 do the math.
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Trivia Answer:. John Pemberton is the inventor of Coca-Cola.
Drake-Brockman brings veteran loan duo to Pemberton
John Pemberton's headache syrup was accidentally mixed with carbonated water & Coca Cola was born. Mistakes can...
The good ol' days. The sound you'll never forget:
Today on HD 89744 b: Dr. John Pemberton brews the first batch of Coca-Cola in a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia (1886/3/29)
That noise brings back memories!! Modem dialup by John Pemberton via
Remember when...the good ole days. Modem dialup by John Pemberton via
New life rule: I'm definitely not going to date anyone who doesn't know what this sound is. 😂
Who remembers this noise?! Modem dialup by John Pemberton via
Oh god - the sound of a modem dialup is making me inexplicably giddy.
Modem dialup by John Pemberton via - thank god those days don't exist anymore
Dear god this brings back memories.
Photo: When John Pemberton Started Coca-Cola he only sold 9 bottles each day his first year. He also made...
Mr. John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886 in United States. Follow. sent 40404
Half of you probably don't even know what this sound is from. :P
Coca Cola was invented by John Pemberton.
Some wad on Coca-cola:. 1. Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by American pharmacist John Stith Pemberton who served...
Same goes for John Pemberton of Sheffield United, god he was lovely.
Coca-Cola Was Originally Made by John Pemberton as a substitute for his Morphine addiction.
Our seminar this Wednesday is Sarah Pemberton from the University of South Florida speaking about 'John Locke and the War on Piracy'.
Vintage book : Yoruba - Sculpture of West Africa by William Fagg and John Pemberton
Today's the day I run my 1st event in Houston! Help me raise funds 4 if you can!
Vicksburg was defended by General John C. Pemberton and the Army of the Mississippi.
Porca la madonna che non mi fa scaricare "How to get away with murder".
John Pemberton - the inventor of Coca~Cola - Colonel Pemberton was wounded in the Civil War, became
So. How do I go about dressing up John Pemberton's defending in the 1996 Coca Cola Cup final?
Butler is the most unathletic athlete I've ever seen. Right up there with with John Daley.
I thought I heard mention of Coca Cola - not John Pemberton per se. Could be wrong, of course.
Did we really say something about John Pemberton? Rings no bells for me. Joe recognised RL-P just as I asked for the second clue.
Frank Mason Robinson gave the name "Coca-Cola" to John Pemberton's experiment with coca leaves and kola nuts.
radio legend John Pemberton shows his Millswood home in this week's magazine.
STATES AND WHAT THEY ARE FAMOUS FOR... ALABAMA .Was the first state to have 9-1-1, started 1968. ALASKA .One out of every 64 people has a pilot's license. ARIZONA.Is the only state in the contiental U.S. That does not follow Daylight Savings Time. ARKANSAS.Has the only active diamond mine in the U.S. CALIFORNIA.Its economy is so large that if it were a country, it would rank seventh **in the entire world.* COLORADO.In 1976 it became the only state to turn down the Olympics. CONNECTICUT.The Frisbee was invented here at Yale University DELAWARE.Has more scientists and engineers than any other state. FLORIDA.At 874.3 square miles, Jacksonville is the largest City in the U.S. GEORGIA.It was here, in 1886, that pharmacist John Pemberton made the first vat of Coca-Cola.interesting! HAWAII.Hawaiians live, on average, five years longer than Residents of any other state. IDAHO.TV was invented in Rigby, Idaho, in 1922. ILLINOIS.Has a Governor in jail, one pending jail, and is the MOST corrupt state in the union! IN ...
Bristol City players now have more mental strength: John...
INTERVIEW: John Pemberton says are stronger for last season's gruelling campaign.
Players can deal with pressure declares Bristol City's John Pemberton
Steve Cotterill was away, so it was good to get John Pemberton's thoughts on all things Bristol City at yesterday's presser.
Players can deal with pressure of being top claims Bristol City assistant boss John Pemberton
FUN FACT: Did you know that the inventor of Coca-Cola, John Pemberton, was a pharmacist?
Bristol City assistant manager John Pemberton with his thoughts on Saturday's game at Fleetwood
VIDEO: John Pemberton, Wade Elliott and Joe Bryan look ahead to first trip to Fleetwood Town
This could be our toughest test so far warns Bristol City assistant boss John Pemberton
In 1886 popularity of the drug got a further boost when John Pemberton included coca leaves as an ingredient in his new soft drink Coca-Cola
as Lacey Pemberton in Please I love you John !!
Coca-Cola was invented by a man seeking a cure for the morphine addiction he acquired during the Civil War, and...
A new favorite: Modem dialup by John Pemberton on
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Sippin on some Coke with John Pemberton (inventor) @ World of Coca-Cola
If John Pemberton wasn't wounded in the Civil War, we wouldn't have Coca-Cola.
JOHN PEMBERTON is the leading run scorer across all KHCC teams during 2014. 850 runs in 25 innings with an average of 37 (5x50s 1x100)
A $4.00 flea market find of this 1880's John Pemberton's (Creator of Coca~Cola) First Coca Bottle which is the...
Camping north of Pemberton this weekend.
Trivia time! What soft drink did Dr. John Pemberton invent in 1886?
Cheers to you, John S. Pemberton, inventor of Coca-Cola
Congratulations to Rev. John Pemberton of Birkenhead being honored in London today for his years of service to the UK Church of God.
Coca Cola's original recipe, first developed by John Pemberton, is still the world's best kept secret. Still.
At least this Diet Coke is settling my stomach a little. Thank you, John Pemberton, for creating this gr8 healing juice.
See the Hoyas take on Kansas, Villanova, Xavier, Marquette, St. John's & more w/ season tix! ht…
John Pemberton giving Rod Wallace a right hook
Hall Of Fame? John Pemberton played 122 games between 1985 and 1999 scoring 1 goal. Just reply or
saw him this morning-times are hard clearly,think I saw John pemberton cleaning the loos,
Lt. General John Clifford Pemberton was born on this day in 1814.   10% Off
Did you Know? that Coca Cola's creator John s. Pemberton First created it to be a medicine for headaches and stomach a…
Little known fact: Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a developed the syrup for in...
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our JOHN PEMBERTON Conundrum. Nice one!
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble JOHN PEMBERTON in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
John Pemberton is nothing but indefatigable, creating the Coca-Cola ingredients Learn more on
John Pemberton inventor of coke to c what u think of it now
John Stith Pemberton - He created the pause that refreshes. . John Stith Pemberto...
Today in 1888 pharmacist John Pemberton passed away, just 3 yrs after inventing Coca-Cola in 1885
Died on this day 1888 - John Pemberton, American druggist and inventor of Coca-Cola (b. 1831)
John Pemberton died today 1888, an American druggist, the inventor of
Yes also to remember John S. Pemberton the creator who died August 16, 1888.
Invention Facts-Coca-Cola was invented by Dr. John Pemberton in 1886 'Good Night'
John Pemberton Wikipedia article edited anonymously in Pakistan
The Ladybird Book of Garden Flowers, 1960. Illustrations John Leigh-Pemberton. Strange sense of the sublime about it
Would put Xavier in the next tier of BE teams behind Villanova. Musketeers in mix at top of league with Georgetown + St. …
❤️John pemberton I don't know what I'd do without you ❤️
Coca Cola was invented by John Pemberton to help with his Civil War morphine addiction
Photo: Coca Cola delivery truck in Knoxville, TN in 1909. Initially in 1886, Colonel John Pemberton...
Me and John Pemberton whipping up a batch do Coca Cola.
... Robin Pemberton asked competitors in drivers meeting to remember Dr John Melvin, a safety pioneer who died recently.
Robin Pemberton asks drivers in their own way to remember racing safety expert Dr. John Melvin, who died last week.
John made some dank burgers last night praise
JULY 8: EVENTS: • 1497 – Vasco da Gama sets sail on the first direct European voyage to India. • 1730 – An estimated magnitude 8.7 earthquake causes a tsunami that damages more than 1,000 km (620 mi)of Chile's coastline. • 1889 – The first issue of The Wall Street Journal is published. • 1933 – The first rugby union test match between the Wallabies of Australia and the Springboks of South Africa is played at Newlands Stadium in Cape Town. • 1937 – Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan sign the Treaty of Saadabad. • 1948 – The United States Air Force accepts its first female recruits into a program called Women in the Air Force(WAF). • 2011 – Space Shuttle Atlantis is launched in the final mission of the U.S. Space Shuttle program.BIRTHDAYS:• 1831 – John Pemberton, American chemist, invented Coca-Cola • 1908 – Nelson Rockefeller, American politician, 41st Vice President of the United States • 1914 – Jyoti Basu, Indian politician, 6th Chief Minister of West Bengal • 19 ...
Last week Marie Wilson Band rocked the Old Town Clovis Farmers Market! We had great cars and artists and John Pemberton South of Fifth. See you this Friday for more fun!
Success doesn’t mean the absence of failure but it means the attainment of power. A nice journey starts with a nice thought. Atlanta is considered as the “Alpha city” or “World city” with a gross domestic product of US$270 billion. Atlanta has the sixth best economy in the nation. Atlanta is the capital and the most populous city in the U.S. state of Georgia. The other names for Atlanta are Chicago of the south, City in a forest, The Gate City and Hotlanta. Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is one of the best aquariums in Atlanta. It is the home to almost 100,000 animals and represents 500 species. It was the world’s largest aquarium when it established in November 23, 2005. The land is in downtown Atlanta on land donated by The Coca-Cola Company. The world of Coca-Cola is well known by advertising as well as a host of entertainment areas and attractions. The original world of Coca-Cola was in the heart of Atlanta until it is replaced with current place. The headquarters of the company and the curre ...
Coca Cola inventor John Pemberton and his somber friends.
The one sound that made Gen X'ers drool but millennials will never know: .
Getting our pose in with the statue of John Pemberton the creator of Cocoa Cola .
A big test we all face in life on a regular basis is that of discouragement. Life's not always fair, but if you keep doing the right thing, God will get you to where you are supposed to be. Joel Osteen. A lot of people are discouraged to start a business by a number of factors this include age, lack of money, not the right time, previous failure etc. Ray Croc who started MacDonald’s started the business at the age of 52; John Pemberton invented Coca Cola at the age of 55 and Harland Sanders started KFC at the age of 65 but all these are greatest businesses worldwide therefore as long as one is still healthy and energetic he/she can run the business. Therefore it is never too late. A lot of people are enslaved by previous failure to the point that they are scared to start business anymore. Think of any best football (soccer) player either locally or internationally and think of how many important shots they have missed in their career and but they never gave up until they became household names. Therefor ...
This is a fantastic artist, John Pemberton sing some hits of his. Thanks John for performing at our place. Richard & Teresa
Ardmore's first ever combination blood drive and music festival, sponsored by KTRX, KKAJ and GTO107... This is the 8th year the radio center has sponsored a drive, but the first year we have enlisted local talent help make it a rockin' good time. Come enjoy Will Porter, A Violent Reply, John Pemberton, Cherokee, B102 and Lost and Found from 11am - 6pm at Red Dirt Brewhouse. Each donor gets a chance to win Eli Young Band tickets, and will get a tshirt and 2 tickets to the OKC zoo. Each band will play a 50 minute set, and there is something for everyone!
THE SUCCESS SECRET. Coca Cola AS A CASE STUDY Rome was not built in day and a journey of a thousand miles start with a step.Small drops of water they refer make a mighty ocean.When there is no pain there is no gain.Coca Cola: The world's household soft drink giant, started SMALL!.Mr John Pemberton of Columbus, Georgia in the United States of America began his idea idea, for what later became the most popular beverage drink of billions of human beings in more than 150 countries with US$ MAY 1886.Coca Cola has conveniently has its place in world market of about SEVEN BILLIONS world population. With your ideas; if you work on it religiously and meticulously with full dedication and total commitment you can turn your barren land to fertile land.With God and your seal your can transform your vision into reality. Start something small and apply those sterling principles then you shall smile at the end.The simple arithmetic of US$500 equivalent in Naira is about N85,500 or so.Yes, recently in one of weeken ...
Fact about Cocacola and its effect on our body:- For over 125 years, we've been bringing people together. Today we'd like to come together on something that concerns all of us: obesity. The long-term health of our families and the country are at stake. And as the nation's leading beverage company, we have played an important role. Across our portfolio of over 650 beverages, we now offer 180 low- and no-calorie choices. These diet beverages still pose serious health risks. Even though we've reduced the calories per serving, these beverages can still cause kidney problems, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cell damage and rotting teeth which leaves 470 beverages which have extremely high unhealthy levels of calories. Consuming large amounts of rapidly-digested sugar and high fructose corn syrup causes a spike in blood sugar and insulin, which can lead to inflammation and insulin resistance, both of which may increase your risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Coke has also been known to ac ...
The guy who invented coke is named John Pemberton.
Thank you to John Pemberton, who invented the Coca Cola drinks
Coke was invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton...Am I Wiki-clever? ;)
John Pemberton invented Coca Cola as a medicine. He knew why.
thank you for serving! If it wasn't for you John Pemberton might not have invented Coca-Cola!
John Pemberton- invented Coca-cola, and his a Pharmacist. Wow just Wow! :O :)
Did try to book John Newman, couldn't get him, were all 'the kids'll be drunk anyhow, let's get Randy Newman '??
"How amazing would it be if she (Sia) had Britney for a performance, lip-sync to her vocals, in a Sia wig?"
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First used as a curative sweet at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876, cola cubes were the inspiration for John Pemberton when inventing the famous fizzy beverage 'Coca Cola'. he used the distilled essence in his first experiments to give him that botanical taste.
Did you know that Coca-Cola initially was advertised as a remedy for headaches? The famous beverage was created in 1886 by a pharmacist from Atlanta named John Pemberton.
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Fun Fact: Formulated by pharmacist John Pemberton, Pemberton's French Wine Coca was an Americanized version of Vin Mariani, a patented medicine made from the Coca plant. It was claimed that this alcoholic drink was a cure-all, alleviating such ills as constipation, impotence, nerve trouble, and morphine addiction. Made and marketed in Atlanta, Pemberton's medicine was becoming quite popular until Fulton County and Atlanta implemented prohibitive legislation in 1886 for the use of excessive alcohol. In response, Pemberton reformulated the drink to meet the requirements of the legislation, and decided to sell it as a soft drink instead of a medicine. This new drink, while not readily adopted by many, would go on to some amount of success – today, it goes by the trade name of Coca-Cola.
Did you know... Coca Cola was first invented by a pharmacist name John Pemberton of Atlanta, Georgia as a medicine to cure headaches.
May 29, 1886: John Pemberton places the first ad for Coca-Cola: a polar bear singing Dixie in multiple languages is a controversial choice.
in 1886: pharmacist John Pemberton places the first Coca-Cola advertisement in the Atlanta Journal.
Pharmacist John Pemberton places 1st advertisement for Coca-Cola in 1886, in The Atlanta Journal.
This Day in Business . 1886 - The first advertisement for Coca-Cola is placed in the Atlanta Journal by Chemist John Pemberton
On this day In 1886 Pharmacist John Pemberton Placed an advertisement in a newspaper for his invention
Chemist John today 1886 placed his first advertisement for -
in 1886 John Pemberton ran the first advertisement for his "brain tonic" Coca-Cola in the ht…
Ray Kroc started McDonald's at 52. John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola at 55. Henry Kaiser started Kaiser Permanente at 63. Harland Sanders started KFC - after it failed once - at 65. Nelson Mandela was in prison from 1962 to 1990 - nearly as long as you have been alive - and at 76 was elected president of South Africa. And Grandma Moses first picked up a paintbrush at 76. Seriously, the only reason you feel you have wasted a lot of time is because you choose to feel that way. Make a different choice, take a different action, get a different result
John Pemberton's FIRST Coca bottle (precursor to Coca-Cola) featured in our upcoming auction! h…
Singer/Songwriter & Entertainer John Pemberton John loved music from a small child and began playing the guitar at the young age of 10. He later began playing in his family band in and around his home town of Fresno California for 8 years. Throughout his life John's love of people and singing has been a constant and driving force in his musical career. He currently travels the United States performing the music he loves. When I first heard John my hair on my arms stood right up. The voice he has is so amazing. And the songs he sings and writes are more amazing yet. When you fet a chance to hear John please give him a listen if you haven't already. You will not be sorry I promise you that. You will feel every single note he sings and he sings his songs like he Has lived everyone of them. He has a God given talent in every aspect of his music. This is why I have chose John Pemberton for this weeks writer of the week. It's a honor to have such a great talent among the group with all the rest.
My sister was an innocent woman, destroyed by powerful people. SOLANGE!
I would like to thank everyone who voted for John Pemberton-That Was Then. We made it to # 2 on the Charts this week! I'm very very thankful!!! If you would like to continue to Vote I believe we can take this song all the way to # 1 by next Monday:). God Bless!!
When Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton. It sold only 25 bottles in its 1st year.. but they never give up and won :)
John Simm, Steve Pemberton, David Tennant - now that would be some drama.
could you do another erb. Alexander Grayham Bell VS John Pemberton.
The logo was created by John Pemberton's bookkeeper in 1887.
"Happy 80th Birthday John Pemberton Senior " from all the family Wendy John.
John Pemberton to campaign in Taupo: John Pemberton will represent the Democrats for Social Credit...
in 1866 the American pharmacist John Pemberton invented the
Random fact: on this day in 1886 John Pemberton's Coca-Cola first went on sale; as a medicine.
On May 8, 1886, Dr. John Pemberton served the first Coca-Cola at Jacobs’ Pharmacy in Atlanta. Happy 128th birthday to
1886: Pharmacist John Styth Pemberton sells a carbonated beverage that would later be named "Coca-Cola".
Today in 1886 Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola. This liquid cocaine is still destroying teeth the world over.
1886, Atlanta : American pharmacist John Stith Pemberton first sold his carbonated beverage Coca-Cola.
1886 John Stith Pemberton invents the one of the most famous drinks in the
Today in 1888 pharmacist John Styth Pemberton invented the flavor syrup for Coca-Cola. Diabetes has never been the same.
128 years ago today, Dr. John S. Pemberton sold the first coca-cola on May 8, 1886, at Jacob's Pharmacy in...
Today in 1886, the first sales of John Pemberton's patent medicine will begin in Atlanta for 5¢, known as Coca-Cola.
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On this day in history in 1886 Pharmacist Dr. John Styth Pemberton invented what would later be called "Coca-Cola" !!! 🙆 🎉
On this day John Pemberton sold his first bottle of a carbonated drink that would become an icon of a generation. Happy Birthday
Pope John Paul II will be elevated to sainthood Sunday; here's a look at how saints are made in the Catholic Church:
Why don't we have a John Pemberton Day? He invented for heaven sakes!
Just found out there's going to be an Iron Cross dedication Sunday April 27th at 3:00pm for John Pemberton Purcell and 3 other men at 1055 oak hill rd, Drakes Branch, Va. Tommy-lee and I were asked to be in the Color Guard what an Honor.
Looks amazing. And I hear it's made of cashews. I love cashews. Invite?
We must learn to appreciate the good things and people available to us, not just the ones beyond and far from home- celebrate you. It's easy to talk about and be impressed with foreign Chemist such as Lavoisier and Mendeleev. Even John Pemberton (not a chemist though), the man who produced and gave the world Coca Cola. Brothers and sisters, have you really thought about the complexity of African dishes like egusi soup, edikaikong and co...that my friends is chemistry! We may not know the names of the great minds who came up with such mixtures but let's honour them tonight (at least you've enjoyed their discoveries/inventions.)
Sunday 2 pm to 3.30 pm at the The Workshop Gym Takapuna We will be talking about effective weight loss tools, my three favorite lead avenues to get new clients plus John Pemberton is going to give us an insight into running your own club plus meet up with a someone who's just about to open a new stu…
The first was in 1887; John Pemberton offered certificates to try 30% off Debenhams Giftcard
made by John Pemberton . and selling by Asa Griggs Candler. "yah begitulah"
Dr. John Pemberton Inventor of CocaCola on by RubinoFineArt via
On this day in 1871 The Royal Albert Hall was opened by Queen Victoria; and, in 1886 Dr. John Pemberton brews the...
It's Trivia Tuesday! When druggist and chemist John Pemberton invented this beverage in Columbus, Georgia, in...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most amazing dad ad "Dynadad" in the universe John Pemberton! I love you millions, have a great day!! Xxx
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amazing evening last night in Ottawa. Fabulous concert from the consummate artist & performer, Elton …
Statue of Dr. John Pemberton, creator of Coca-Cola in 1886, learn about him at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta!
John Pemberton and Lesley Pemberton after a brilliant holiday with Tom and Jude and Claire and Jake
Bring your Valentine out tonight and tomorrow and swing her around the dance floor to the sweet country sounds of Mr. John Pemberton!! Can't wait to see you!
John Pemberton, inventor of cocaine-laced Coca Cola as an alcohol-free Temperance drink, died a poor morphine addict
Inside no.9 by and Steve Pemberton is inspiring stuff. Give it a watch and you won't be disappointed!
I could sell coke to John Pemberton
has cats named Betty, Professor John Quincy Disco, and Mr. Pemberton Beardsley. How do you feel about that?
Welcome John Pemberton to our page, Thank you sir for your support !!!
Don't we let me dj in Leeds age I tore it up and now I can't walk as I was that drunk my body stopped workin lol Kyle Findley John Pemberton Blakey Cherrylips
H didn't design Stormtroopers either. That was the work of Nick Pemberton & John Mollo of Shepperton Studios.
With all t flooding going on a friend rang me up to remind me that the Italians in Venice have put up with flooding and high waters for years. So instead of standing up there watching flood waters invade your home put a wooden panel in front of the door, nail and seal the gaps and that will act as a dam to stop the water entering. It may damage the paint work and door frame but it is cheaper to replace than the contents of your home. PLEASE PASS IT ON! Thanks John Pemberton. :)
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John Pemberton missed you at the gym today
Tonight its a Leeds trip for little miss with John Pemberton Kyle Findley Keon Artist Kieran Davis Ryan Wilson Danny Taylor lets go
To all my friends who are country music fans, John Pemberton(former Dickson police chief), will be performing at the Springdale Community Center on this Friday the 14th starting at 7pm and will be playing til 9pm!! We have line dance lessons starting at 6pm and will last til 7pm!! The cover charge is 5.00!!! I encourage all my friends to bring their valentines sweetheart to the Springdale Community Center for some great music, some awesome fellowship and some great dancing!!!
John Pemberton (creator of coke) was addicted to morphine and began a quest to find a substitute to the dangerous opiate. Oh world
Tommorrow we goin in Leeds baby for little miss can't wait for this it's goin down with the bois John Pemberton Kyle Findley
I have two parents named James Clifford Pemberton and Martha L. Gant . My father was the brother of John C. Pemberton .
"All that a man is outwardly is but the expression and completion of his inward thought.To work effectively he must think clearly.To act nobly he must think nobly." -Channing "Some people study all their lives,and at their death they have learned everything except to think." -Domergue There is a direct relationship between the quality of your thoughts and the quality of your life.What you think determines who you are;it determines what you have,where you go,where you live,what you read,what you accomplish... You are the sum total of your thoughts. Our circumstances in life,our financial condition,our health conditions are all children of our thoughts. The man who would succeed must think success,he must think upward. The journey from rag to riches is an internal trip.Prosperity begins in the mind. "Your every present thought is a significant building block in determining the quality of your future." If you want to be relevant,if you want to stand before kings and not mere men you must think outside the bo ...
Can't wait for Leeds tommorrow with Courtney Cherrylips and can't wait to see my Bois Kyle Findley John Pemberton Kieran Davis needs to be there tho
Did you know? What we now call Coca Cola was invented (concocted actually) by an American pharmacist named John Pemberton.
Inside no 9 terrific. Haunting realisation of why John became Stinky one of many in the fine writing from Pemberton and
I had the honor of visiting the tomb of Dr. John C. Pemberton. Originator of
Had a good time at John Pemberton 40 ith in bed now thats me done deffo not well normaly be last to leave oh well night people
Helping Sharon Elevado pick out pants for John Pemberton lmao
Sat in a service station eating the worlds most expensive burger.. hanging, listening to John Pemberton come up with ridiculous scenarios "what would you do if you woke up as a baby but inside your the same age as now" I can't handle this
In 1886, Coca-cola was first served at a pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia for only five cents a glass. A pharmacist named John Pemberton created the formula for Coca-cola. Oh ttlga
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Apartment is booked ready for a big one in Birmingham tonight. I'll be playing in the mansion room at Gatecrasher until 3am. Ive got Take me out boy Frankie Francis, party boy John Pemberton and newbie Sam Alexander Royle joining me for some party antics tonight! Johnny Yeomans get the Jager's in fela!
1. Inventor of Coca-Cola As many people know, Coca-Cola was established in May 1886 by doctor/pharmacist John Pemberton as a nerve tonic. What you probably didn't know was that Dr. Pemberton was considered a junkie who was addicted to morphine big time. John died only 2 and half years after establishing the soft drink and trademark. * original link misspelled his name the moral of this story...a PHD doesn't make you good, it just means medically proficient.
I am ashamed to call myself an American Veteran! I am finding out more and more each day that "WE THE PEOPLE" I swore to defend, are ignorant, racist, intolerant, and overall, are frauds to this great nation. This country is the beacon of hope and the melting pot of the world, and many around the world look to us for that. I grew up with the mind set that Americans were loving and caring people, who welcomed cultured differences, because that was what we were at the heart "immigrants". Yet, as I became older I noticed a change, (maybe 9/11, played a big part in that.) I thought racism, up to that point in my life, was only in the history books and thought it was just that "HISTORY." yet, as current events would have it, the latter is not true. I am watching my new feed blow up with comments of Coca-Cola resent commercial of the song "America the Beautiful" by Katharine Lee Bates (which, just to *** you off more, she was a known *** with many different partners! Chock on that you intolerant so-calle ...
Vin Mariani a french tonic containing cocaine once powered the pontificate. When Gioacchino Pecci became Pope Leo XIII in 1878, he was already 68 years old and in poor health. The pontificate of his predecessor, Pius IX, lasted a record 31 years; the College of Cardinals elected the frail Pecci to be a transition pope at best. Instead, Leo XIII's pontificate stretched a quarter-century until his death in 1902 at age 93, thanks, in some small part perhaps, to cocaine. Leo XIII was a fan of Vin Mariani, a French tonic wine infused with cocaine. So enamored was he of the stuff that he actually endorsed it in an 1899 newspaper ad, featuring his smiling picture and a quote. Vin Mariani was of course just one of thousands of cocaine-charged products of the day, a legacy of snake oils claiming to treat every ailment under the sun. Interestingly, this particular wine inspired Atlanta entrepreneur and morphine addict John Pemberton to make his own, which of course we all know today as Coca-Cola.
History of cocaine coca plant from which cocaine is madeCocaine in its various forms is derived from the coca plant which is native to the high mountain ranges of South America. The coca leaves were used by natives of this region and acted upon the user as a stimulant. The stimulating effects of the drug increase breathing which increases oxygen intake. This afforded native laborers of the region the stamina to perform their duties in the thin air at high altitudes. In time, science figured out how to maximize the strength and effect of the drug contained in the coca leaves. Through chemically synthesizing the coca leaves the white crystal powder we have come to know as cocaine was created. As time passed newer methods to magnify the euphoric effects of the drug were invented which has led us to the most potent and addictive form of the drug, crack cocaine. Crack cocaine is the most popularly used version of cocaine today. Smoking cocaine rocks began in the late 1970's. Rocking-up cocaine powder and smoki ...
xr164488 The Flour Mills Dublin Ireland Canvas Print / Canvas Art - Artist Mark Richards nl99kku56 vntu23ok, h5ce6o8. See the price: of thomas chalkley, john pemberton and john churchman; selections of john barclay; and memoir of sarah morris The journey home (james a. michener fiction series) Genesis and home. The great irish famine (new studies in economic and social history) Dublin woolen mill A hundred years a-milling;: commemorating an ulster mill centenary A collection of the works of that ancient, faithful servant of jesus christ, thomas chalkley, who de Irish immigrants in the land of canaan: letters and memoirs from colonial and revolutionary america, 1675-1815 Larabee flour mills company v. first national bank of dublin. u.s. supreme court transcript of record with supporting pleadings A few men faithful A journal of the life, travels and christian experiences of thomas chalkley Skerries mills museum skerries county dublin ireland poster 18x24 The flour mills dublin ireland canvas print / canvas ...
Assistant manager John Pemberton attended Bristol City press call today. Boss Steve Cotterill elsewhere working on a transfer deal!
The founder, Dr. John Pemberton created Coca Cola in his backyard in Atlanta out of sheer curiosity. Now his family never has to work.
We drink what we are given and never question it! The inventor of Coke Products John Pemberton was addicted to morphine and needed a substitute after the Civil War so he created "Coke Syrup". He worked on this formula at his drug and chemical house. There have been verified traces of cocaine found in Coke Cola as late as 1989 and it is still debated if there are traces today
Madison Cimo dancing with her daddy. We had a lot of fun listening to John Pemberton. Looking forward to January 18th to do it again. :-)
After being injured in the Civil War, Colonel John Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia, was looking for...
Admittedly really late but here is second place. John Pemberton suggested the Black Theros deck as its the one they sell out of most.
New artwork on - "Dr. John Pemberton, Inventor of Coca-Cola" -
All this people on the planet, working 9 to 5 just to stay alive.
Text nick you john you too if you wanna play
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Dress like Santa, ski for free on Saturday! (photo: John Champion)
Honey B just published 17 videos in a row. Still waiting for DWYW: srsly?
Did John Pemberton can made profit from it ?. About nine servings of the soft drink were sold each day. Sales for...
Did you know the founder of Coca Cola, John Pemberton was a pharmacist?
Pop Quiz, Hot Shot - Copied by Dr. John Stith Pemberton what secret ingredient did Parisian chemist Angelo...
OMYGOSH.another night of no dancing. How I miss it when we can't go. Too much snow over by the Pacesetters building. My feet are itching to scoot a boot. lol Sure hope we can go to Springdale Saturday. John Pemberton will be performing Friday 13th (tomorrow).y'all try to go.
Saw this today and thought it worth sharing, it gives you hope for your own business. Sometimes we forget that even the biggest companies started out as small ideas. Today, The Coca-Cola Company earns over $15 million of pure profit every day – but it actually lost money in its first year. Profits Don’t Come Right Away Since young companies need time to develop, they often require hours of labor with little monetary reward. Time is just like any other investment: if it’s well-spent, it will pay off. In the case of Coca-Cola, John Pemberton lost $20 in his first year selling the syrup. He wasn’t making any money then, but he was laying the foundation for the next year’s profits (and the 100+ years after that). Failures are Stepping Stones Every time you make a mistake, that means there’s one fewer mistake between you and success. The best way to learn how to do something is to totally fail at it – and then reflect on what you could have done differently. There’s no point in feeling discoura ...
Do what you want with my body ma se lo rompi paghi.
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