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John Paul White

John Paul White is an American singer-songwriter and a member of the Grammy Award winning duo The Civil Wars.

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Paul Ryan is carrying out the White House's authoritarian impulses to keep his colleagues from getting the answers they d…
Led zeppelin lV white label promo sighned by John Paul Jones .holy grail collect…
Paul Coffey. Did tequila shots with him at Snowshoe Sam's at Big White. John Ferguson Jr. was too good for us though
I might go to John Paul White at Saturn in Birmingham, AL - ...
New life resolution: go to concerts when they happen. Regretting not going to see John Paul White tonight! Next time.
Paul Ryan is as I said before, WORSE than John Boehner! He's as bad as Mitch McConnell! Raising the white flag to t…
.Bob Boilen is coming to Athens and Stuarts Opera House in Nelsonville on April 14th. A big even…
I'm going to John Paul White at Knuckleheads Saloon in Kansa...
ANNOUNCING: John Paul White with Lera Lynn at Saturn June 10th! You'll want to grab tickets early for this one!
Great singer/songwriter and super nice guy was our guest today! C…
John and Paul during the recording sessions of "The White Album", 1968. Photos by
Paul was close friends with John Lennon and helped design the Beatles White album cover in his school holidays
New song from Rodney Crowell featuring John Paul White & Rosanne on new at Noon today
1963, and a young Paul Nuttall meets President John F Kennedy in the rose garden at The White House.…
April 14 will be an exciting day for students at Ohio University, as well as the Athens community:
John Oliver’s season premiere asks: ‘How did we get a pathological liar in the White House?’ …
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What song did you wrote with John Paul White???
Just finished one of the most amazing tours of my life. Oh the music we made! With John Paul White, Tift Merritt,... http…
See Rodney Crowell's new video with Rosanne Cash and John Paul White
Win tickets to see John Paul White (next month at the Troubadour (Details:…
If that were true then John Boehner and Paul Ryan would have been able to negotiate compromises with the White Hous…
Look forward to it. Thanks to you mentioning him, am off to see John Paul White as part of the Transatlantic Sessions Tour. 😊
Win tickets for John Paul White, The Kernal at Troubadour, January 11, 2017 with DoLA
Burger, Rehnquist, White, Stewart never renounced it. But John Paul Stevens, the last Gregg justice, did in 2008.…
for the love of god, can we please get 24/7 surveillance on Elton John, Paul McCartney and Betty White for the next four days?!?
I'm going to John Paul White at Club Dada in Dallas, TX - Jan 8
Enter WIN TICKETS to see Grammy Award Winner January 14 at w/ The Kernal -->…
John Paul White-Black Leaf. She's a quitter. guess we're both quitters now. Oh well. There's always a second time around
I try to listen to Joy Williams.. but it's like there is something missing...plz come back John Paul White.. I need the Civil Wars back :/
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In terms of older idols, if we lose Bob Dylan, Stan Lee, Elton John, Betty White, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen or other gems I'll RIOT
Paul Ryan’s All ‘white’ selfie is the (unintentional) poster child for white Supremacy movement…
Signed by Joy Williams and John Paul White of The Civil Wars. I have the best husband ever omg 😍❤❤
Paul Washer Joel Oesteen John Piper Billy Graham all these white males preaching Christ first. Yet Africans are killed in their back yards
"She look like Tarji P Henson. Bury me in all white linen" - Pope John Paul II
Cont our 2016 review, In Aug performed w/ He stopped by 1A on
John Paul White, new Lady Gaga, Christine and the Queens, La Femme and Leonard Cohen are in rotation here.
I also need to give the Lori McKenna and John Paul White albums a proper rating. Been kinda disorganized with those. Sorry about that. :/
.talks about songwriting and the Columbus music scene: Tickets for 11/13:…
President-elect Donald Trump deplanes after arriving at D.C.-area airport for White House meeting
🎶 The Civil Wars-Dust to Dust (FYI Indy friends: John Paul White former lead singer of the Civil Wars will be at Hi-Fi 11/19)
Happy John White and Paul Wormith present Peter Douwes of WINMAR® Kitchener/Cambridge with ten…
He's an opportunist. Steven Scalise, Ron/Rand Paul have way cozier ties with John Birch Society & white supremacist
I was kinda thinking of the John Paul White (the Civil Wars guy) and his new album (stay with me here). It's all about
I might go to John Paul White at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, United Kingdom - Feb 5
there is a silver lining... Celebrity Apprentice White House Edition!. Episode 1- Paul Ryan and Lil John have to...
Globalisation is dead, and white supremacy has triumphed | Paul Mason
Frank underwood. Mitt Romney . John Kasich. Paul Ryan . People I would rather see in the White House than the one who's about to end up there
I trashed all the other white Republicans like Paul Ryan John McCain Ted Cruz ect do I continue ?
Paul Krugman says he's not in as much touch with white, rural America as he thought
Mesmerizing. That's what this John Paul White concert was! Such a great birthday treat for sure!…
Currently arguing the toss with on concert v gig at John Paul White amazing whichever he is.
All ready to see John Paul White. Bring it well suited sir.
Prepped and ready for the John Paul White gig with my sister
. Paul John take a minimum of 5 yrs of aging in American white oak casks as compared 2 a sluggish 10 years 4 Scotch
what are the stage times for John Paul White tonight please?
Heya! Any idea what time John Paul White will be on stage tonight?
Just watched Straight White Male 60 on Loved it! I haven't laughed so hard ever! Loved the John and Paul bit. Ty!
I just used Shazam to discover Black Leaf by John Paul White playing on Mmm, good!
John Paul White was amazing, the most mesmerising gig i've ever been to. An absolute angel ❤️😍💫
Bit of tea before seeing John Paul White (@ Brodsky)
John Paul White at The Deaf Institute later this evening. More details at
ABC News issues an after a photo with Arnold at if he was speeding
Will someone please go with me to see John Paul White bc I will pay for your ticket
Bonus Video: Get a look into live performance, recorded live for the cafe!
ICYMI: Stream live performance, recorded for the cafe! Now available on
John Paul White will join us live in on Nov. 20th. Tickets still available. …
Have you heard the latest from John Paul White - Black Leaf - 6/21/2016 - Paste Studios, New York
Holli Mosley "I'll Be There" featuring the Grammy winners John Paul White & Gary Nichols on BG vocal and guitars.
I'm going to John Paul White at Turf Club in St Paul, MN - Nov 17
Read about the founding of our label, & find out more about fantastic new release here.
Recap of last week's album review. Beulah by
We spoke to about his new album, Beulah:
Just carried a convo with John Paul White lol
not even mad about split anymore, because now I get this *** ya
Did you see on First Listen this wk? Former member introduces new album, 'Beulah'
Listining to album, Just wow. I've missed him since Enchanting sounds.
Can't make it to Florence this Friday? Join us on at 5PM CST (sharp)
Streaming Beulah by John Paul White, formerly of the Civil Wars, via
reviews: New albums by Nels Cline and John Paul White
Cody Jinks and Justin Wells are still to be reviewed. I have yet to listen to Lydia Loveless or John Paul White but I am certainly excited!
Still not over the Civil Wars break up, But Joy Williams and John Paul White's solo albums are both breathtaking so... 😢🎉😢
. has an eloquent and enticing review of BEULAH by
'Reg's Coffee House' playlist for August 14, 2016 - John Paul White stopped by the coffee house.
The same people who fear anything non-white are the same people who are robbing from Paul to pay Peter & asking Mark for a loan to pay John
AUDIO ON DEMAND. Listen to the full interview & performance with on in Los Angeles:
John Paul White what would I do without your music.🤔
John Paul White, so very good at last Thursday with the Secret Sisters:
Oh my. Can't wait for this!. Via First Listen: John Paul White, 'Beulah'
So thrilled that John Paul White's first solo album in nearly a decade is dropping this month! My LP player is beyond ready…
Sat schedule: 11:30 and 1:30 at John Paul HS. Wear white, be there 10:30.
Polycarp, the disciple of John, confirms Paul, who was probably white:
nat_smallish : John Paul White industry show case. …
Catch tickets to at the next Monday. Just enter to win here!.
Enjoyable round today with Dave,Murray and You came 2nd John Red or White? Safe journey up to watch Hibbs.
John Paul White & The Secret Sisters: not a bad way to spend a Weds night in Iowa. Thanks, for bringing great music to the QC!
Somehow the livestream of John Paul White singing murder ballads in the background is the perfect soundtrack RN
From the White Album sessions. Paul, John and Ringo refused to...
New music from John Paul White (formerly of The Civil Wars), and OH MY GOODNESS it's good stuff.
John Paul White - The Martyr via Glad to see man back. Beautiful. Watch it.
John Paul White (at & Theater for John Paul White in Minneapolis, MN)
Omgosh I'm going to 💩 my pants John Paul White is performing in Portland the week I move omgosh!
2nd Hour of the David Butler Show on Nova FM 97.5 Featured album is Cautionary Tale by Dylan LeBlanc produced by Civil Wars John Paul White
Last night was unbelievable. He played his new album in its entirety. Thank you John Paul White…
Meh. Big fan of John Paul White but The Martyr sounded kinda predictable
One half of the Civil Wars, John Paul White, has new music. Does The Martyr get your or vote?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Be sure to check out The Secret Sisters with Grammy Award-Winning artist John Paul White at our friends new...
I wish things were so black and white. Incremental change is the standard - Alice Paul, MLK, John Lewis all understood it.
Lots of women cat-calling John Paul White tonight, but that's none of my business.
There are still folks who think John Paul White and Joy Williams are a married couple.
John Paul White played in Milwaukee tonight and I’m just now finding out? I need to get up to speed with all of the concerts around here.
Looking for two tickets to John Paul White tonight. Anyone have extras?!?!?
Had the immense joy of catching John Paul White and the talented
Does Donald Trump really have more of a lock on the racist white vote than did Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain or Sarah Palin?
There is little doubt that Paul would have added that there was no "black or white" as well, if he lived in our time.
John Paul White and The Secret Sisters at Schubas tonight was amazing! We love a good Schu…
I come home lots, you just like John Paul White better than me these days 💔
Excited for John Paul White!! (at Tavern for John Paul White in Chicago, IL)
Just met John Paul White. Didn't get a chance take a photo with him, so we settled for a…
We're releasing some last minute tickets for tonight's sold out show at in Chicago! Grab em at:
Some shows really are something special. John Paul White's return, with 10 great new songs and a handful of covers, was one…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"You can't go around hurting white folks in any form or fashion, even if you're white. Hey, ask John Brown."- Mr. Paul/Lackawanna Blues
John Paul White at the with my favorite dude, favorite dentist and favorite…
John Paul White song A Simple Song,is so good,please listen
Irish Times hating on again. Elitist bunch of CIS white men want working class people contained.
. John paul jackson and trump. He saw yu in the white house in 2012, vision by God, go view it
Mind wars: The extremists taking Australia to dark places Excellent piece from Paul Toohey
Hitler, Trotsky, Pope John Paul, Einstein, Michelangelo, Plato were all 'white males'. They have nothing else in common!
Finally ... the wait for new music is over! DETAILS:
Working hard to make sure john Paul white knows how uncool i am
Happy to see JP out sharing songs again.
Depresses me how I didn't get to see the John Paul white concert tonight😩
"I tried to ignore them — but they were on loop. Little by little they wore me down."
Sleeve of the day: The Beatles - Abbey Road. Shoeless Paul, John's white suit, all walking in…
John Paul White – The Martyr: After the Civil Wars’ name proved all too apt and the duo went their separ...
. announces first solo LP in nearly a decade. Hear "The Martyr" now.
Join John MacArthur, James White, Paul Washer, Conrad Mbewe, and others at the TMAI 2017 International Symposium.
I am so excited to see next week in BK! If you are in the area you should definitely go!!
QC: John Paul White of The Civil Wars sets return date to Davenport
SO excited to have our good friend back in town July 13, for a session & a show w/::
Every man has enough time to become John, Paul, George, and Ringo. What could women accomplish with 40,000 hours?
John Paul White (from the Civil Wars r.i.p.) just played one of his first couple solo shows here in NC and it was seriously great.
At the secret sisters and John Paul White show!
The and John Paul White! First official show of the summer (at in Carrboro, NC)
Listening to the whitest of all white men, The Australian's Paul Kelly, talking down the need for a Treaty.
John Paul White of Civil Wars: Grab a pint before you support your local venue!
Have. Mercy. announced new album on 8/19 via Listen to the…
my gif gif Black and White the beatles Paul McCartney john lennon ringo starr george harrison Beatle
Dress Down Day TOMORROW at Neponset- wear blue & white to celebrate Saint John Paul II's Birthday
Love this John Paul White track on Dave Cobb's compilation, Southern Family:
We just walked past John Paul White in the park.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Y'all I just passed John Paul White running in Deibert Park! 😍😍😍
pumped about promos we're producing for upcoming music issue. Alabama Shakes, Jason Isbell, John Paul White.
Duh...John Paul Mitchell. Why? You think I'm going to use White Rain?. my band members about my tour rider
hello gop will back trump they want white house really bad Paul said he was warm that was John Miller Ryan this racist bigot is running
Hamilton is too expensive. Nashville got cancelled. And I found out about John Paul White coming to Decatur. Guess what? Sold out.
i'm gonna find me a John Paul White and start my OWN Civil Wars
GUESS WHO COMES HOME IN ONE MONTH!? Just in time to see John Paul White and lay out everyday (at 7 am).
I vote for a festival to include Alabama Shakes, Secret Sisters, John Paul White, ... and maybe even Jack White
John Whittingdale today: 'I've no wish to hobble BBC.' . But last week he said this.
Blunt but accurate analysis by vice
Chuck Leavell and his famous friends Mike Mills, John Bell and Paul Riddle play a…
Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Will Farrell, Jonah Hill & John C. Reilly make the best white comedies
Why does Thatcherite John Whittingdale hate the BBC? Two words: "public" + "service"
Check out "Send My Love (with: John Paul White now The Civil Wars)" by Whitney Dean - Songwriter/musician -
Vietnam War legend John Paul Vann (white shirt) and his staff at their Pleiku headquarters. Feb 72. Notice someone familiar?
domain names
But John Paul White's voice is too relaxing. I could listen to The Long Goodbye all day.
haven't you gotten the southern family album by Dave Cobb? Great John Paul White song on there.
Bernie's road to White House just got Tougher'. It now includes buying a ticket and waiting on line... Probable right in front of John Kasich
Thank you Paul Fitzgerald, David Bridle & Terry White who sponsored me for London Marathon for Elton John AIDS...
Hombre: John Russell (Paul Newman), a white man raised by a band of Arizona Apaches, is…
Thank you for all your efforts (twice...) John - hope to see you in the claret and white again in August ⚽️👍🏆
Y'all, if John Paul White keeps getting more and more gorgeous we won't be able to look him in the face in five years.
White people have insurance but in Africa the insurance they have is the - Pope John Paul the 2nd 1982.
I think makes sense until he writes: "or John Kerry temporarily elevated to white knighthood." Uh, wut?
God Dammit that is not Johnny Depp. That was John Paul white. Come on and you call yourself a fan
John Paul White released a new song!! What?!!! *dances in circles*
John Paul White is winnig the post Civil Wars break-up because of this beautiful song.
Does anyone in American politics currently get more fawning coverage from MSM than Paul Ryan?
Who does John Paul White think he is? Two years of silence and he pops up out of nowhere with 10 new songs? Murder me. I quit.…
Smuggle guns into Poland for the WHITE MALES to defend Pope John-Paul II's home against the filth invading Europe.LL
the other day I saw John Paul white downtown and I played it cool but inside I wasn't cool
In which Paul proves that there is only one white man who can do the soulful head-bob, and he's not it. It was John Ritter.
Think I recognize the house in John Paul White's video for Simple Song from a TCW photo shoot...
Lets be real my fav songwriters are John Paul White and Joy Williams aka The Civil Wars anything they do I admire.
but john paul white's nEW ALBUM IS TO DIE FOR
on a similar note, there's a video for john paul white's strikingly beautiful "Simple Song" from about two days ago
John Paul White - Simple Song: You're gonna die You're gonna die And younger eyes are gonna cry Done my mou...
To celebrate release of & new song, here's my review of Simple Song
I literally just had the most random thought of how good John Paul White's sushi rolls are.
Watch video for his emotional new track "Simple Song":
I don't exactly when Jesus became white or how he found 12 englishmen apostles.James Mathew John Paul Andrew in Asia
I think my 3 faves on Southern Family are Brandy Clark, Shooter Jennings, and John Paul White.
Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome. First described in 1930 by Louis Wolff, John Parkinson and Paul Dudley White.
See John Paul White's plaintive "Simple Song" from the 'Southern Family' compilation
.talk about their process & working with John Paul White in Writer of the Week! https:…
Website Builder 728x90
Jason Isbell & Brandy Clark's are stellar. Love John Paul White's also. Thumbs down to Zac Brown's. B+ is still pretty good
We chat with Penny & Sparrow about getting started and working with John Paul White.
Time for Trump 🚊 to bulldoze right thru the middle of WHITE 🏛 HOUSE? Check out late Prophet JOHN PAUL JACKSON's Website! 👸🇺🇸🎈
The Indians take on Saint John Paul tonight in the first tournament game at 8:00 at Gallo The theme red white and blue
I like to pretend that John Paul White is actually Johnny Depp so that our frequent encounters are more impressive & casual ~in my head~
Super stoked to hear that you worked with John Paul White on The Prozac Sessions, can't wait to hear it in full.
"Black women live in a racist & sexist society. So you have to worry about crazy white people.and me--a black man." - Di…
Watch John Oliver slam Donald Trump for refusing to disavow white supremacists:
"Simple Song" by John Paul White, give it a listen.
John Paul interpretation of a dream.I believe he calls Donald Trump a bulldozer to White House
We are live with the Donnie Fritts Show. He will have special guest John Paul White. Single Lock Records Artists...
So excited for this show tonight! Donnie Fritts w/ special guest John Paul White. Doors at 6:45.
Daniel will be performing solo tonight with John Paul White and Donnie Fritts at
So are we just not gonna talk about how little John Paul White sang in The Civil Wars despite his unique and beautiful voice? ://
📷 THE ULTIMATE CLASS (by Paul Ramos) the dark grey and white black march style by the man (by John Paul...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
"Old Flame" by Jason Isbell and John Paul White (from High Cotton: A Tribute to Alabama) via
I'm not "babe," I'm either John-Paul, JP, or White. Babe creeps me out, especially when you've probably been in longer than I've been alive.
You've heard of John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Ed White...but what about John Paul Stapp? (via
Cause Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney, Jack White, Elton John, and Kendrick are all dead right?
Good luck XUMBA ACG team - Paul DiGennaro, Dana White, John Kuechly, and Ron Liebeau - in the annual competition tonight at Queen Cty Club.
At White House on energy, John Morton in, Paul Bodnar out via
I remember this gig well, can believe it's been two years!. I played with Paul White and John Currie, both...
JUST IN: John Paul White has stepped aside as the PNP representative in Trelawny Northern.
Paul Burke says John Paul White says he wasnt forced out.
John Paul White steps down as PNP candidate for North Trelawny
See If I Care by John Paul White literally murders my heart in the best way every time I listen to it.
John Paul White of The Civil Wars has been added to our 10th Anniversary Show. Tickets:
Question : did NNN publish any story about the John-Paul White tax issue? Mi hope not... let him without sin cast...
Guess I'm all in for Ted Cruz now: Rand Paul drops out of White House race
Rand Paul dropping out of White House race–Rand Paul will drop out of the race for … via
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
The Lindsey Festival is pleased to announce we will be screening the short documentary "Undeniably Donnie" at our...
Company owned by John-Paul White, PNP candidate 4 N.Trelawny owes Gov’t J$18M ; is it corruption or privilege ?! Portia?!
John-Paul White & make their case for being elected MP for Northern Trelawny.
Can I just have John Paul White sing me to sleep every night?
The John Paul White to my Joy Williams 🎶💕 // new cover video on its way!
Listening to John Paul White's album & I keep expecting to hear Joy Williams' voice come in at some point. It's weird hearing them separate.
very sad. A great player & coach and a good friend of my Dad and Uncle, Paul & John White
Happy birthday, Colombian Bam Bam! Love you almost as much as you love John Paul White ❤️❤️
The first Mars settlement should be called Bowie. RIP Thin White Duke
Our video for Show Me The Ropes is out NOW! Get at it on Songs You Need To Hear: htt…
happy birthday John Paul, don't forget to Play That Funky Music White Boy
What a fabulous evening we have had with the most excellent Alan Glen, Paul White and John Pope!
Another Shameless ATL ad plug by the so unprofessional and annoying. Showing obvious bias?
Tim Brando just said that the hope to have Paul White back for Wednesday's game against St. John's.
If he was white and called John Paul Murphy he would be home already.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"Make sure to have this song on as your soundtrack" on
"Sung every chorus to this simple song."
A 'Simple Song' from which is anything but a simple song.
Foxtrott's "Shakey Hands" is about anxiety, heartbreak & loss. It's also a pick of the week:
Dylan LeBlanc is back with new album which was produced by Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes) and John Paul White (The...
All the new music you need to hear this week, including the dreamy "Debauchery" from Mu:
John Paul bright white shampoo and loads of combing x lol
the first paintings I ever sold were a black and white Jimi Hendrix and a red / black / white John and Paul for 400$ total I was 15
Take a look at our weekly roundup of all the new music you need to hear:
Wrote about new song Keeping Your Head Up for
UPDATE: division in the PNP regarding moves to have replace John Paul White as the PNP's candidate in …
"The Future of Marketing is the Relationship Between Being Data-Savvy and Digital-Savvy" on
Top 5 Ways To Add Color To B&W by John Paul Caponigro. . Colorless black-and-white images are beautiful, but...
Enhancing Local Contrast In Black & White Images by John Paul Caponigro. . Learn all the details of my top two...
Paul and John cotton may or may not have called a girl a C word (free that word)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
“"John and Paul working on the White Album. How awesome is that?”
If is sincere, he will FIGHT tooth and nail to stop Boehner's plan to give Obama a free ride.
Good to see John Lewis highlighting the, very serious, danger of Space Paedos.
10. Interestingly, Trump has been most sure-footed in destroying his white male rivals (Jeb, Paul, etc). He knows their weakn…
quote."he is one of the greatest vocalists I have worked with (Maurice White, Philip Bailey, Elton John, Tom Jones,Paul Young)
Donnie Fritts and John Paul White at Joe's Pub. Donnie's new album, "Oh My Goodness" is out now on Single Lock...
pls call Perth heat ok or John White to talk baseball or Paul Morgan ok Ben
A touch sweet but the flavor is dead on w... (John Paul Jones Stout White Chocolate And Raspberry)
His voice reminds me of John Paul White from The Civil Wars
John Paul White - Alien. . I wonder if he's still creating music
Today on HD 3651 b: Pope John Paul II becomes the first pontiff to visit the White House (1979/10/6)
Capping of the panel w J Marc Overhage Paul Strang John White and Adam Wilcox
This Date in PSRL History: 11/2/94- White Oak fielded a team of 5 Harveys for the 1st time: Ray 299, Jeff 295, Paul 295, Mark 294 & John 292
Paul Davis writes about the blackboard at St John in
.John Paul White and the Secret Sisters perform at WorkPlay Nov. 14 -
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Morgan is John. That white man is Paul
.said "recognizes" his role could ruin his White House chances
John Paul White w/ special guests the Secret Sisters only 2 weeks away. Purchase your tickets
Come into the deep end with me as my friends the legendary Donnie Fritts and John Paul White debut Donnie’s new...
John Paul Ataker Spring 2016 White and black maxi dress
White House Invites Several Opponents of Catholic Teaching to Greet Pope Francis - it didn't take this pope long to go John Paul silent
Pope John Paul II in Arizona: Pope John Paul II is blessed with an Eagle feather by Emmett White, a Pima India...
add "brides" to the list who can wear white to meet with the Pope as I did with John Paul II. 😊
One of my most significant memories during my career in the White House was seeing Pope John Paul II…
Pilger: Bono called Blair and Brown "the John and Paul of the global development stage"
Hi John Pilger: Bono called Blair & Brown "the John & Paul of the global development stage." Good Read
Pope Francis is only the third pope to visit the White House, after Popes John Paul II (1979) and Benedict XVI (2008).
Only twice before have a president and pope stood at White House together -- Carter and John Paul II in '79 and Bush and Benedict XVI in '08
Watching and remembering how proud I was of my Dad when he met Pope John Paul in 1979 at the White House. He would have loved
Carlton Fisk and I are at the WHITE HOUSE waiting for His Holiness POPE JOHN PAUL II
Awaiting the arrival of Pope Francis at the White House. I got to see Pope John Paul II in St Louis in 1999. It was truly amazing.
Carter was the first president to host the Pope. John Paul II visited the WH in '79
Hi Maria, Matt, First time seeing the pope at the White House? I saw Pope John Paul II at the mall?
Seeing Pope Francis will be my second w a pope. First was Pope John Paul at White House after he was in Iowa 35 yrs ago
DD said the Wolf Hall soundtrack reminded her of The Civil Wars. Lute-picking compares favourably to John Paul White's gentle guitar-playing
John Paul Mc Allister Collecting his Cool new Seat Leon in white ! Thanks for he business from all the Team Colm...
Can't remember what you never heard. -- John Paul White
This new Donnie Fritts track "Tuscaloosa 1962" (prod. by John Paul White) is incredible. Album will be amazing.
I really loved the Civil Wars and I hate that Joy Williams and John Paul White are never ever gonna get back together.
Thanks for the link, ... so great. I love that this is happening. .
I played on this, and it rules. Roll Tide:
Calling all Bama fans— here’s your new song, courtesy of Donnie Fritts and
A: Ringo was the undertaker. George was gravedigger (in all jeans). John was minister (dressed in white). Paul? Paul was dead (barefoot)
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