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John Oliver

John Oliver (born 23 April 1977) is a British stand-up comedian, actor, and writer.

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John Oliver nails the one thing Trump can't figure out about white supremacists
John Oliver. Werner Herzog. William Friedkin. & Richard Linklater. Stand out interviews in this weeks *** binge.
John Oliver - White Supremacist Rally COWARDLY Donald Trump or apologist and instigator in chief ? both-via
They were just quoting John Oliver. And hey *** in chief has no filter, why should anyone else
I added a video to a playlist John Oliver - Coward-in-Chief
It's no secret that Trump gets his news from Fox and Friends. *** John Oliver ran ads during the show to have a c…
John Oliver - Coward-in-Chief so true it makes you tear up and then he's hilarious
John Oliver - Coward-in-Chief, I love God's response to DT's lame statement.
Maybe unpopular opinion... But I don't find John Oliver funny at all
Watch Weird beg North Korea not to nuke the U.S. in song
John Oliver blasts Trump on handling of North Korea.
John Oliver to Trump: This was one of the few instances in American politics where you should have mentioned Nazis
John Oliver earlier said Trump's "second swing" at condemning white nationalists would be "too late"
Loving on why Nazis love Trump: 'Nazis are like cats; if they like you, you're probably feeding them'. https…
Watch John Oliver slam Trump over his response to the Charlottesville white nationalist rally https:/…
Me while listening to John Oliver call out Trump.
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“A non-answer in a moment like this is an answer”: John Oliver on Trump’s response to Charlottesville - Vox
Newsweek John Oliver blasts Trump on Charlottesville: 'Doesn't get easier than disavowing Nazis.' Washington Post…
Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver and Bill Maher on Trump's N. Korea 'fury' in the Best of Late Night - USA TODAY
“Weird Al” Yankovic appeals to North Korea with “accordion-based diplomacy” on John Oliver: Watch
"Nazi's are a lot like cats; if they like you it's probably because you'r…
John Oliver blasts Trump on Charlottesville: "Doesn’t get easier than disavowing Nazis."
John Oliver: "Nazis are a lot like cats: If they like you, it’s probably because you’re feeding them."
John Oliver on Charlottesville: Trump 'Threw an Airball So Far Away, Landed in the Third Reich' -
Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver and Bill Maher on Trump&N. Korea ... - -
John Oliver: I know why Nazis like Trump and it has to do with cats
Only thing makin me smile today is seeing Weird Al Yankovic signing "Please don't nuke us North Korea" on John Oliver
John Oliver gets Weird Al Yankovic to sing plea for peace to North Korea
What's better than one John Oliver? TWO John Olivers. Here's him and Weird Al begging North Korea not to nuke us:
John Oliver on North Korea (with 'Weird Al' Yankovic) - As nuclear tensions continue to escalate between the Un...
John Oliver sends a musical message in a bottle from Weird Al Yankovic to North Korea on
John Oliver hires Weird Al Yankovic to help him beg North Korea not to nuke the US.
John Oliver teams up with our last, best hope to avoid thermonuclear war: “Weird Al” Yankovic.…
I expected better of Greg Rutherford and especially John Oliver
2/2 And Judge Bailey also has sent Murray Energy case against John Oliver back to Marshall County Circuit Court…
Screenshot below is from an actual ACLU legal brief defending John Oliver's right to mock coal baron Bob Murray. 😂🤣.
"Bob Murray thinks John Oliver was mean to him, and he doesn’t want him to be mean again." ACLU hu…
Is Letterman trying to be the new John Oliver?
John Oliver: Stephen Miller is "one of the most revolting humans I have ever seen"
John Oliver compares Stephen Miller to a minion, calls him ‘revolting’
John Oliver clearly picking sides in the Vin Diesel v The Rock feud
Have you seen the ACLU's amicus curiae brief to the guy suing John Oliver? It's a not-e…
The ACLU filed an Amicus Curiae brief in that one case where the coal baron is suing John Oliver and it's SO SNARKY
This is the ACLU's amicus curiae brief in support of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Fabulous!
Every part of the ACLU amicus brief in defense of John Oliver is amazing. Even the footnotes. Truly, everyone is allowed to h…
John Oliver good vro , except when he talks us politics
John Oliver did a piece on Alex Jones
John Oliver always has the receipts!
first drumpf, now this. John Oliver can't be stopped. washington is on red alert
John Oliver taking down the American equivalent of and Arnab Goswami:.
Alex Jones: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver because it's impt to point out the flaws on both sides news corps
A vacation from John Oliver leads to good comedy.
John Oliver's show is the "2 minute hate" expanded into a 30 minute YT video.
John Oliver dunked on Alex Jones again and again last night
John Oliver goes off on Anthony Scaramucci and mocks his nickname via
In more important news, I think John Oliver's writers are the best of the best.
John Oliver: 'No one is better than Trump at claiming victory from defeats'
Alex Jones, the pharmacist: John Oliver explores how Infowars is pretty much a glorified pharmacy
As much as I love to see anyone dump on Alex Jones, John Oliver is still very bad
I know my family loves me because they didn't watch any while I was out of town. So ready for John Oliver.
‘What if a tanning bed was a person?‘: John Oliver hilariously thumps Anthony Scaramucci’s first week
I liked a video Conspiracies (Web Exclusive): Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Ok, I got my John Oliver fix. Time for bed.
John Oliver refers to Alex Jones as "the Walter Cronkite of shrieking bats—t gorilla clowns."
Omfg John Oliver pls start a feud w Alex Jones b/c I would live for that
Even tho the evening took a weird turn, I'm grateful for wine, Georgette Heyer, John Oliver and that *** good salad I made.
Here's last night's story about a guy at a desk (Alex Jones) from a guy at a desk (John Oliver):
Alex Jones vs. John Oliver is what we need right now. We deserve it
When you see John Oliver dismantling POS Alex Jones on
Journalism 101: John Oliver just did the exposé on Alex Jones & InfoWars that Megyn Kelly was too lazy to do.
John Oliver owning Alex Jones and InfoWars pretty hard right now.
John Oliver returned to HBO Sunday with a blistering segment about Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones
John Oliver gives Alex Jones a taste of his own medicine.
John Oliver tackles Infowars' Alex Jones over his funding for his conspiracy-peddling show…
"The first thing you need to know about Alex Jones' show is nothing.". ---John Oliver
John Oliver slams Alex Jones for the way he finances his show
WATCH: John Oliver rips into Alex Jones over InfoWars health product placements
I like John Oliver but that last show was petty. funny. but petty. can't wait for the Prison Planet response video tbh. it's going be lit :)
John Oliver is selling WIPES at for ONE MILLION DOLLARS. All money goes to Doctors Without Borders.
No, not until Colbert, Seth Myers and John Oliver are cancelled.
John Oliver already tried that tactic but, *** couldn't hurt.
Yeah, Newswipe was brilliant and Mitchell and/or Richard Osman could carry a Daily Show/John Oliver-like show well, I think
I watch Daily Show with Trevor Noah (&Jon Stewart before him) John Oliver & SNL so I stay up to date.
Graham Norton earns just a little less than John Oliver, who has a similar rate of weekly shows. What's the big deal?
See Stephen Colbert and John Oliver throw insults at wax presidents on
Bill Maher, John Oliver, and Seth Meyer make mincemeat of Trump in almost every show. And find appreciative…
Ever watched that John Oliver defense of "net neutrality"?. This video by & is the antidote. .
My best suggestion is to watch both of John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" segments on net neut…
Joe sees John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Rachel Maddow & 's ratings & wants to get in on it. But…
No there goes my Mondays(in Australia) no John Oliver and no Bill Mahr. What am I going to do for 4weeks.
Same birthday as John Oliver and Michael Moore, you're a total lefty.
John Oliver takes on Sinclair Broadcast Group's consolidation of local news to push the right-wing agenda: ht…
As john Oliver would're such a good wing about the time trump got peed on by hookers again.😂😂
I think the reason all these babies look like John Legend might be that John Legend looks like a baby
I liked a video Scottish Independence: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Glad John Oliver is shedding a light on one of the most underreported news media stories out there right now.
This Sinclair Broadcast Group and their takeover of Tribune is terrifying. Alt-right infecting local news.
John Oliver exposes the right-wing media empire that's taking over local news via
Glad to see you are fighting back against your parent company Sinclair - just watched John Oliver’s latest show. Good 4 you!!
Watch John Oliver Tonight for a great expose of Sinclair. They're a right wing propaganda site. I…
John Oliver hits Sinclair Broadcast Group for conservative bias
John Oliver is the hero we all deserve and need right now
Another brilliant long-form piece by John Oliver on the disturbingly influential far right Sinclair Broadcast Group ht…
John Oliver explains “the most influential media company that you’ve never heard of” via
FYI: Local news station KATU is owned by the media group in John Oliver's piece last night
Sinclair Media is a far greater right-wing threat than Fox.
Anna Kendrick stars opposite wax Warren G. Harding in fake John Oliver movie trailer
.stars opposite wax Warren G. Harding in fake movie trailer
Fans of WGN-TV and Radio, you've been warned. Again.
John Oliver warns of Sinclair Broadcast Group Fox-ing up your local news via Local KEPR Sinclair owned
I liked a video Harding: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
If your local news now seems as bad as Fox News, this is why:
John Oliver: Sinclair Broadcasting brings 'troubling' rightwing bias to local news
How many juvenile, elitist, unfunny, personalities does the left need to spew their propaganda? John Oliver, Bill Mahr, Trevor Noah etc?
Coal company CEO sues HBO, John Oliver for Defamation Over Show via I see no way Murray Energy can prevail
I suspect John Oliver & HBO will be OK. Truth is a pretty good defence vs Robert Murray & Murray Energy Corporation . ht…
I predict the Trumpsters will try and get a law passed censoring the press and shows like Colbert, John Oliver, Bill Mahr etc.
John Oliver had a great show about Bob Murray , coal Baron was not favorable,. Must see on HBO miner…
US baron Bob Murray asks court to have HBO take down YouTube videos of John Oliver's June 18 show on coal…
Thankfully Rupert Murdoch runs, Real-Time, John Oliver & the Late Late Show on his UK Sate…
New tonight: We got the lawsuit coal baron Bob Murray just filed against John Oliver
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Coal company sues HBO over John Oliver show: Report
Coal company CEO Robert Murray sues HBO and John Oliver for defamation over episode of "Last Week Tonight"
John Oliver on vaccines: 'One of humanity's most incredible accomplishments'
I didn't think I could love him any more than I already do, but then John Oliver came out as anti-Minions last night.
Didn't get polio today again! SO LIT! ... Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
'John Oliver, you unfunny schmuck . Brilliant (as usual) Levi Quackenboss blog
As if I didn't already loathe enough.
John Oliver takes on the anti-vaccine movement, and it is glorious: cc
See how little John Oliver understands about the legitimate vaccine safety concerns of parents:…
John Oliver has absolutely had it with anti-vaxxers via
Watch John Oliver's segment on this from last night. He talks about how the Somal…
I liked a video Climate Change Debate: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver, you unfunny schmuck via
Considering Apprenticeships? John Freida,Jamie Oliver & Sir Terry Matthews started off as Apprentices too.We can help!
See John Oliver explore how Trump and memes fueled the anti-vaccine movement
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LOL! Coal CEO Bob Murray is suing John Oliver for his giant squirrel episode! These RW rich guys are such snowflakes h…
John Oliver proves himself to be extraordinarily stupid with his pro Drug industry propaganda. Don…
I liked a video Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Have you seen John Oliver's piece on the MN measles outbreak?
John Oliver calls Trump's acknowledgment that he didn't tape his talks with Comey... via
John Oliver talks about the MN measles outbreak
John Oliver's piece mentions the MN measles cases
John Oliver Breaks Down Vaccines, Pleads with Parents to Listen to Scientists Over Rob Schneider via
John Oliver makes personal plea as he rips anti-vaxxers - Entertainment Weekly
John Oliver makes case for vaccines using infant son's health struggles - USA TODAY
Vaccines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - YouTube THIS is really good!!
"The human body is a true carnival of horrors and frankly I'm embarrassed to have one." - John Oliver
John Oliver calls out 'opportunistic quacks' behind the anti-vaccine hysteria via
John Oliver's vaccine bit makes me so happy
John Oliver tears into the rise of anti-vaxxers
domain names
- more great reporting & editorial on app, guys! This is host John Oliver, not Stephen Colbert
I look forward to John Oliver every week. Him and Seth Myers
HBO host John Oliver is being sued by a coal CEO for "character assassination" after a scathing comedy segment
Ohio coal executive Robert Murray is not amused by with John Oliver.
I love that and never even flinched. Murray has no idea what he's in for.
Suing John Oliver for hurting your feelings?? You little cuck snowflake.
Oliver looks forward to it since truth will be exposed--Coal Baron Sues John Oliver For Defamation
This should be fun, given Oliver basically dared this coal company to sue him.
This after John Oliver did his piece on coal in the US
John Oliver predicted during the segment on Sunday that the lawsuit would occur. It did.
Freedom of speech is expensive: sued for 'character assassination' on
company sues John Oliver for being John Oliver
Power mad coal king sues John Oliver for defamation as promised
And here's the John Oliver segment about health, safety, and the coal industry:
Maybe Oliver's next "main story" should be about frivolous lawsuits?
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John Oliver's jokes are more stressful than death of employees, says Robert Murray in Lawsuit
Omg, Murray Energy is actually suing HBO over John Oliver.
"Coal CEO ridiculed on Last Week Tonight sues John Oliver for defamation". You know which obe; the Vogon.
You think a fleet of attorneys exempts you from the truth of your industry's destructive practices? Go John Oliver!!!
John Oliver, HBO sued for defamation by coal executive
As the great John Oliver predicted and prepared for.
This was a great segment. is doing God's work.
Coal tycoon sues HBO and John Oliver for defamation via
John Oliver is a national treasure. Pls let Bob Murray try to sue you. Love to see…
Sure enough: coal baron Bob Murray has sued John Oliver over his segment on coal. Updated:
Sociopathic coal super-villain Robert Murray is a being a big cry baby about Oliver's segment on
Top coal exec is suing John Oliver for defamation
John Oliver, a giant squirrel and a defamation lawsuit by a coal industry titan.
NIED counter-claim Our fight 4 action on is emotionally distressing vi…
John Oliver and HBO sued for defamation by coal magnate Robert Murray after last week's segment h…
John Oliver dared a coal exec to sue him, and now he's being sued.
keep up the good fight. I'm from EKY and these men have no respect for the people or the region.
Lol. John Oliver and HBO have been sued for that show on Sunday by Murray. The dude is dying & still sued.
HBO's John Oliver sued by coal magnate over 'Last Week Tonight' segment via the App
Coal company sues John Oliver for being John Oliver
Seriously? Murray tycoon sues and for defamation via
Its scumbags on Lib media, people like Anderson Cooper and John Oliver are responsible for Lib radicalization.
There are many people that serve in this industry who were unfortunately conned by Trump’s ruse of protecting...
John Oliver: Trump barely gets what mining is. He may well think it's running up to things he wants and yelling: MINE!!!
Perhaps you could call out if you would but
People like you, Brian, Floella, Oliver Postgate, John Noakes etc I think meant my generation perh…
John Oliver sees a coal company’s cease-and-desist letter and raises them these nuts via Go get him
John Oliver and a Squirrel Broke Down the Insanity of Trump's Coal Fantasy via
Wanna understand whats happened to coal jobs. John Oliver has excellent piece on the truth abt coal jobs & selfish CEO's
Twig and YAML sound like a bootleg lilo and stitch to John Oliver. 😂
John Oliver needs to stop having a TV show.
No no, that's fake news. Here's the real clip of Jared speaking (h/t John Oliver):.
may well think it’s just running up to things that he wants & yelling ‘MINE!’ in
Top story: Coal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) see more
John Oliver might pick it up, you're right
"Trump needs to stop lying to coal miners". We need a just transition to renewable energy that puts workers first.
Let em get Black Lung! Who cares?? "John Oliver Told to 'Cease and Desist' by Trump-Loving Coal Tycoon"
I prefer John Oliver's clip better. Just sayin. .
John Oliver digs deep on Trump's promises to coal miners
I'd like to offer an elated thanks to John Oliver for my appearance on this week's show.
John Oliver uses data in his snappy coal clip
John Oliver and a giant squirrel picked a fight with the coal industry on 'Last Week Tonight'
John Oliver gets real about coal: “Trump needs to stop lying to coal miners” via
John Oliver on the coal industry: 'Trump needs to stop lying to miners'
John Oliver mocks GOP’s health bill for being more unpopular than Delaware: And ‘Delaware ***
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SEE IT: John Oliver rips Donald Trump for lying to coal miners
John Oliver crushes Trump's lies to coal miners: 'Stop telling them that their jobs are coming back!'
What is poli-hip? If there is an arbiter, say their shoulder's have Angel/Devil thing, John Oliver is the Angel and Alex Jones is the Devil.
John Oliver did a great segment about it google it very eye opening
yours is the only real news show I watch. I get the rest of my news from John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Steven Colbert, and Seth Meyers.
Imagine if an Infowars fan tried to massacre Dems. This gunman loved John Oliver, Rachel Maddow & the Daily Show. Do th…
🚨Here are the channels that radicalized the shooter: John Oliver, Rachel Maddow, The Daily Show, Bill Mahe…
John Oliver points out America's need for a Monster Raving Loony party of our own!
Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Trevor Noah and Steven Colbert are just the scum of humanity. Unbelievable
The Jim Jeffries Show is like if John Oliver got smashed and did TV
Okay, Lord Buckethead on John Oliver is proper entertainment.
John Oliver flew the real Lord Buckethead to NYC to pitch him as a Brexit negotiator for Theresa May.
That is how you recognize privilege and use it to empower others instead of feeling defensive or guilty.
she's pretty clueless about everything, isn't she? Just watched John Oliver from last night on the v…
John Oliver expertly manages to make the British election funny
Video: John Oliver has the answer to Britain's Brexit prayers: Lord Buckethead! via
'You've F* everything up!' British comic RAILS AGAINST the Brexit 'S***SHOW'
"British politics, when done well, can be very fun."
John Oliver: send Lord Buckethead to negotiate Brexit – video
Perfect for Monday: A highly entertaining montage of uncomfortable celebrities getting bizarre prizes. ht…
Just when you think John Oliver reached his comedy peak, he flies from the UK to NYC 😂
I mean how many times has John Oliver "eviscerated" Donald Trump and the American right?
John Oliver's plan for Theresa May: send Lord Buckethead to negotiate Brexit
Hi Oliver. We can help you. Give me a call anytime 612.384.5023 thx. John
I liked a video Brexit II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
I have not obliterated John Oliver with a laser. But I am in Earth City New York, I am on and I do li…
Listen to FAW: John Oliver, Parquet Courts & Joshua Ferris by Fresh Air From WHYY on
Best primer on the Paris Agreement: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
In a New York coffee shop I overheard a conversation about "that great British guy from John Oliver". That would be
This is perhaps my favourite ever hashtag
John Oliver salutes UK man who says terrorists can’t keep him away from gin, men and ‘brilliant women’
John Oliver used to be funny when he used his own brain instead of letting everyone else think for him.
John Oliver did the first time ever.
Angry John Oliver slams U.S. media for 'insulting' coverage of London attack
John Oliver speaks on 'London is reeling.'
John Oliver hits the nail on the head
John Oliver has a short, NSFW message for anyone who thinks London is "reeling" after the London Bridge attack:.
John Oliver rips apart Trump's stance on the Paris Agreement
John Oliver called out the American media on for their coverage of the London terror attacks:
John Oliver, Edward Snowden, and Unconditional Basic Income: How all three are surprisingly connected
I loved John Oliver mocking the London under siege news hyperbole. Aleppo is a city under siege, London just suffered a tra…
John Oliver on Climate Accords: 'Trump may have done us a tiny favor'
John Oliver goes off on the media for "insulting" London terror attack coverage:
"Stop talking about terrorism, Trump had two scoops!!!" - John Oliver, probably
John Oliver mocked media reports that London had been left "reeling" after terror attacks
John Oliver Goes Off on the Media for ‘Insulting’ London Attack Coverage via Well done!!
Britain doesn't "reel," my dears. She finishes her pint, steps lively to safety then returns to pay her tab. 🍻
*** John Oliver!! Back at it again with the Trump slams!!.
Good grief. What a strange country we live in. If only we had a Daily Show/Stephen Colbert/John Oliver ...
John Oliver: Trump's reasons for leaving the Paris climate agreement are all wrong
John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and Samantha Bee are the intellectual ideologues of the left.
Just watching this about Miss America Pageant. Why the F do we still have beauty pageants?! I love John Oliver!
It looks like S4 E03 of Silicon Valley's stream is being replaced by John Oliver's LWT. Fix plox?
Second half of 2017: . 1. Glassons start selling shirts with "covfefe" on them . 2. Angry Herald articles about said shirts. 3. John Oliver
John Oliver: "Have you ever heard Kushner speak?". No. Jared went to Harvard. So did the Unabomber & Ted Cr…
John Oliver described Kushner as a White bread sandwich where the middle is another slice of white bread..I'd argue its actually Jim Himes.
John Oliver warns that these scandals probably aren't the end of the line for Trump
oh. When john oliver said it, his audience laughed (as did I). but maybe he…
John Oliver is how I'm going to survive Trump. God bless Britain for giving us this gem of a man.
.had a LOT to cover with latest shenanigans!   10% Off
John Oliver was again fantastic. Give it a watch.
John Oliver is hilarious and on the money !! $$$
John Oliver explains Trump's 'Stupid Watergate' and why he probably won't be impeached -……
Following the latest developments of The Americans on John Oliver...
I want someone who looks at me the way John Oliver looks at those penguins
John Oliver is great at breaking down everything truthfully, then joking about it but the truth blows my mind.
Jon Stewart kept me sane from 2000-2008. John Oliver & Stephen Colbert keeping me sane in '17. Thank you for 8…
John Oliver on Trump: 'Literally every decision is the worst possible one'
John Oliver Proves John Oliver is hilarious. Enjoy the video. No One Can Keep Up with Trump's Disastrous News Cycle
John Oliver looks back at the week that ‘broke Anderson Cooper’ and made him say THAT to Jeffrey Lord
Karl Oliver and the other two Mississippi GOP legislators, (John Reed and Doug McLeod) that liked his post should be force…
John Oliver analyzes 'insane' week of 'Stupid Watergate' on 'Last Week' - USA TODAY
.. To quote John Oliver... 1. Is Trump REALLY that stupid?. 2. Does he really think WE'RE that stupid?. 3. AR…
Dialysis: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 😧Health Care Should NOT be for profit
John Oliver does a segment named "stupid watergate" and it's true. GOP is so stupid they let the dumbest mastermind traitors in White House
John Oliver Breaks Down the Latest Scandals to Rock the Trump White House! via
I liked a video Stupid Watergate: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
I just watched Last Week Tonight with John Oliver 4x13 "Episode 102"
"Why would this be the end of the line for him?": John Oliver’s not convinced Trump is done
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