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John Mulaney

John Mulaney is an American comedian and writer for Saturday Night Live (SNL).

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I have seen both of john mulaney's comedy shows so many times.. I love him
retainer lisps and Adam Sandal's songs. John Mulaney's got nothing on us
John Mulaney and Nick Kroll will co-host the Independent Spirit Awards
Yesterday I introduced my dad to the wonder that is John Mulaney and now we keep quoting his stand-up
John and to host 2017 Check out the full list of nominees here:…
.and have been tapped to co-host the Film Independent Spirit Awards next month
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney will host the Independent Spirit Awards, via
Independent Spirit Awards: comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney to host
.and to host Independent Spirit Awards >>>
Consider this, America: Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are co-hosting the 2017 Film Independent Spirit Awards.
John Mulaney he's super white and hilarious
I want to see John Mulaney's stand up live. I laugh literally every time I watch New in Town or The Comeback Kid.
I still laugh way too hard at John Mulaney's "The Comeback Kid" considering how many times I've seen it
it's like I am the Salt and Pepper Diner and my brain is John Mulaney
but you will watch John Mulaney standup as soon as I Rent Take Shelter or whatever
I finally accomplished my goal of getting my mom to watch the John Mulaney specials!!!
Just remembered I bought peppermint bark ice cream. *john mulaney voice* & that's when the night went from good to great
A pleasant Friday morning w/ my new favorite coffee mug, given to me by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney at https:/…
my name is John Mulaney and I am the fastest man alive
John Mulaney is my safe space . Cc: Logan Nelson
Sick in bed & watching John Mulaney's Netflix specials for like the 7th time now bc at least he will make me laugh away the ache😂
Oh, Hello! You can get signed memorabilia from signed by & Just donate to
John mulaney is the few. Just him no one else
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney were awesome in Oh Hello
Also, John Mulaney is the logo for Randy Johnson's photography company.
I feel like I'm in a real life version of John mulaney's "my wife" bit
half my personality is just John mulaney standup so I feel u
I quote John Mulaney a lot. But only I think it's funny.
this is going to be a John Mulaney thread because he's my favorite comedian
I have class in the morning and yet here I am still up watching john mulaney :-/
John Mulaney: New in Town. Or The Comback Kid. One of the favs
Haven't watched the newest Westworld or Gilmore Girls but I HAVE watched John Mulaney's stand up 4 different times in 1 week. No complaints.
John Mulaney stand ups are hilarious
like a birthday sign from John Mulaney
I wonder if John Mulaney knows that our entire generation is planning on marrying him..
I wanna see oh hello I love john mulaney and Nick Kroll so much
The difficulty of getting a movie made through a major studio is so ...
John Mulaney is hands down the best of his kind
If you're ever having a bad day just watch John Mulaney's New In Town on Netflix because I guarantee it's the best thing you'll ever see
John Mulaney came into the spa that my friend's uncle works at a few weeks ago, and her uncle didn't know who he was 😱
my top 3 comedians since nobody's asking: Anthony Jeselnik, John Mulaney, Bo Burnham
in other news i'm not watching anything anymore besides Bob's Burgers, John Mulaney's comedy specials, & Tiny Desk Concerts.
I liked a video Pictionary with Meg Ryan, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney
All I want is to see John Mulaney and Nick Kroll in "Oh Hello" on Broadway before it closes. It's my birthday month…
Writing a paper on Emily Dickinson and all I can think about is John Mulaney
Alan Alda improvs with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney at the opening night of "Oh, Hello"
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John Mulaney is a national treasure
no prob! Do Chelsea peretti's special too if you haven't! And new(er) John Mulaney?
Watching John Mulaney's the Comeback Kid for the 27392026 millionth time 10/10 would recommend
yeah my coworkers probably hate me bc I'm always like [John Mulaney voice] my boyfriend this my boyfriend that
explains how "Oh, Hello" went from small comedy spaces to Broadway
What led Nick Kroll, John Mulaney to bring 'George and Gil' to Broadway?: Nick Kroll and John Mulane... (plz RT)
did you like my profile of Nick Kroll and John Mulaney
John Mulaney is the hero we all deserve
What a show. John Mulaney and Nick Kroll are incredible.
John Mulaney kills me with his stand up lmao
"You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair" -John Mulaney 😂😂😂
If you haven't watched John Mulaney The Comeback Kid on Netflix yet then I recommend you should. Just rewatched it and it's hilarious.
station just went from Burr to Louis CK to Tom Segura to John Mulaney. It's gonna be a good day
John Mulaney is everything no matter how many times I rewatch the same special 🙌🏼
i don't know if my cat KNOWS i want to kill myself, but i very much appreciate him laying on my arm and torso watching John Mulaney with me.
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I love john mulaney and he's on Netflix folks
cannot believe john mulaney and Nick Kroll are now prancing celebrities with two much tuna on the Broadway stage we are so blessed you guys
Jefferies’ series is also good. Also: Iliza’s freezing hot, Gabriel Iglesias, John Mulaney
also the Comeback Kid by John mulaney
John Mulaney pumps life through my entire soul
reason number 251 why John Mulaney is my favorite comedian
So yes that recurring dream of me meeting Nick Kroll and John mulaney finally came true
I just want a girl who laughs all the way through John Mulaney's New in Town
As I got into high school and after puberty, I was a little more inward. I was a real extrov
Working merch for the first preview of Oh, Hello on Broadway and I've never heard an audience laugh so much. Go
My dyslexic daughter was trying to watch Mulan & ended up watching John Mulaney's special.
I'm 3 shots of espresso deep and this dude looks kinda like John Mulaney !!!
I had a dream last night where it was the night of the election and the new president was suddenly announced & it was John Mulaney
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney talk taking on Broadway |
And here's the interview that Oh, Hello's John Mulaney and Nick Kroll did in character. We're dying with laughter. http…
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney talk tuna and taking on Broadway:
Tom Jones owes John Mulaney at least 5% of his royalties and Alfonso Ribeiro 15%.
NEW! Talking tuna with comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, the stars of Oh, Hello on Broadway:
Win tickets to Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival w/Sebastian Maniscalo, Brian Regan, John Mulaney, and more!
Bought a deal for 'Brian Regan, Sebastian Maniscalco, John Mulaney & More', but only purchased one. Is there any way for a refund?
Had family listening to John Mulaney. My dad thought there was too much language and switched it out for Demetri Martin. I'm confused.
Man, have you seen John Mulaney's Netflix special? Very relevant.
Taylor this is my husband his name is John Mulaney and I love him very much
John Mulaney comes through with a bushel of Xeroxed Hamilton playbills,. "Would you say that's 'Too Many Tickets'?"
John Mulaney is the best ever at your job and everyone's hero and lots of new york, jay.
Kudos that they included John Mulaney and Nate Bargatze. But, maybe Regan should be sure the *** isn't Top 10.
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney's 'Oh, Hello' show heads to Broadway this fall
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney bring their show 'Oh, Hello' to Broadway & they've got tuna.
Nick Kroll, John Mulaney team up for Netflix animated series Big Mouth...
"In terms of like, instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin." - John Mulaney. I love that quote so much...
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New in town -John Mulaney on Netflix. You're welcome.
If you missed it, the biggest military corruption scandal in decades
Me spending my night before graduation watching John Mulaney and drinking a milk shake. This is living
You should check out John Mulaney's special New In Town if you haven't already. One of my favorites.
John Mulaney is one of the funniest people alive.
Forgot how much I love John Mulaney until right now
"John looks like he's the lesser known property brother" - Mark
also instagram stalking John Mulaney and his wife and having a lot of feelings about it
In case you're never heard the "Best Meal Ever" bit by John Mulaney, fix that now.
"I just found this new comedian on Netflix. Have you heard of John Mulaney?" LOL NOOB
If you aren't a fan of John Mulaney's stand-up I strongly encourage you to become a fan of John Mulaney's stand-up
I'm listening to Female Heist Movie / Delta Airlines by on
*John Mulaney voice*: When it comes to instant satisfaction, trying on new makeup is like heroine.
wow thank you for telling me to watch kroll show, it's opened my eyes to a whole universe of John Mulaney talking like an old man
This John Mulaney bit nails how rape culture makes the world less safe for women via
Don't even ask me what comedian I am quoting it's definitely John Mulaney at any given time
the executive producers and cast are having an onstage conversation about the show with JOHN MULANEY moderating
wait is this a NEW john mulaney. OH MAN
I like to think Delta Airlines is trying really hard to improve after John Mulaney verbally attacked them
John has the perfect explanation for Trump’s popularity.
hey John I need to contact arranging Aydens annual wish trip for bday
A huge fan of Stand-Up comedy. thank you for John Mulaney😂
Every day I think about the time my ex blatantly stole a John Mulaney joke and told me it was from his own life.
john mulaney is like my favorite comedian if you havent watched him Please
PSA: everyone needs to watch John Mulaney: New in Town. It's amazing
SEE VIDEO! Back to the Future, as Explained by John Mulaney...
1/2 my personality is made up of John Mulaney stand up
sorry but that's like a six year old comedy bit by John Mulaney...I create my own weirdness
John Mulaney is up there for me, you need to check him out Safal.
. Can't I just reuse a John Mulaney ticket from last year?
Comedian John Mulaney is able to put a finger on exactly what is so strange about Donald Trump
John Mulaney looks like the property brothers
literally no matter how many times I watch John Mulaney's stand up I still laugh just as hard as the first time
||True...I'm ready for his, Gabriel Inglesias, Margret Cho, Tom Segura, and John Mulaney.
If you've never heard John Mulaney's impression of Ice-T on L&O: SVU then watch the two clips and you'll be satisfied with the results
Best parts: overhearing people in line enthuse over John Mulaney and Tig Notaro aka my other faves, getting in, Neil Campbell's everything
hey remember when Mclean roasted u by saying you are the female version of John Mulaney?
it helps to have Neal Brennan and John Mulaney as writers
Comedians you have to watch:. Iliza Shlesinger . John Mulaney. Patton Oswalt. Tom Segura . Anjelah Johnson . They're awesome. In any order 😂
"It's 100% easier not do things than to do them"-John Mulaney
John Francis Mulaney, when will you come to Frozen Norway to do a show?
Someone just walked by me quoting John Mulaney and now I would like to be their best friend.
have u heard John Mulaney's story about this song!
John Mulaney's Salt & Pepper Diner skit is still the best five minutes of comedy I've ever had the joy of watching
I want to marry John Mulaney so hard
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no offense but has anyone ever seen John Mulaney and in the same place at the same time??
That guy sounds like a knock off of the people in the John Mulaney CSI bit.
I wish there was a gif of John Mulaney saying "I'm gonna be a DEMOCRAT" bc that's me today
new in town, John Mulaney is new in town
John Mulaney is the only stand up comedian I can sit though watching and it's only bc I relate
my stomach hurts. ech. also i heard that in John Mulaney's voice as i was writing it. lmfao
I liked a video John Mulaney Stand Up - 2008
I adore you John Mulaney. I'd walk to the ends of the earth to support your genius; but I cannot follow your dog on Instagram. I cant do it.
Someone reccomend me comedians on Netflix that aren't Eliza Schlesinger, Nick Offerman, John Mulaney, or Bo Burnham
did i mention that i wanna animate a hs john mulaney thing. Well
My Joke on both your comedy: "Both Jim Gaffigan and John Mulaney do separate yet equally funny bits on Law&Order"
If my name were John I would constantly mess with people after we met by correcting them with "No, no, no. The H is silent."
John Mulaney in "The Comeback Kid" makes my heart skip beats the entire time. It's the suit.
I know you don't want snapchat but I just wanted to share that John Mulaney has one now AND there are live snaps from Everest
I get so got dam irritable when I drive no one can talk I can't focus ever I'm like john mulaney on a highway
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you should check out John Mulaney on Netflix
"Because we're Delta Airlines, and life is a *expletive* nightmare!" - John Mulaney
pro tip: do not watch John Mulaney's stand up while doing your makeup. mascara and tears EVERYWHERE.
which OCs are:. John Mulaney. John. The angry booth guy. The staff. The Schizophrenic. and the rest of the bar. ;).
As John Mulaney's father would say, you have the moral backbone of a chocolate éclair.
Quote that is too true rn: "College was like a 4 year game show called "do my friends hate me or should I just go to bed?"" - John Mulaney
I've watched "The Comeback Kid" by John Mulaney on Netflix four times and now I'm going for a fifth...
I like making fun of myself a lot. I like being made fun of, too. I've alwa...
his Xanax story is hilarious. I love John Mulaney
John Mulaney is the solution to all my problems
The woman informing us every hour hasn't figured out how to operate a functioning aircraft could save time just playing John Mulaney
My life has devolved into listening to John Mulaney standup while doing my homework
Just saw John Mulaney and Jim Gaffigan. Got a video of John Mulaney clapping
Love it. Reminds me of that John Mulaney thing "In terms of instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin"
Nick Kroll, John Mulaney add another date for sold-out 'Oh, Hello': Comedians Nick Kroll and John Mulaney will...
Miss Delaney by Jack's Mannequin, but replace the titular character with John Mulaney. Everything else stays the same.
Getting ready to watch John Mulaney and Damon Wayans Jr. With
Tonight is the much anticipated LIVE! Comedy show featuring John Mulaney and Damon Wayans Jr! Tickets at
Having a band concert the same night that John Mulaney and Damon Wayans Jr. come to ULM is the worst thing ever.
so instead of being productive and doing my homework i have decided to watch John Mulaney's The Comeback Kid for the 9,000th time.
I see people like Bill Hader & John Mulaney loving The Burbs. Did they watch a different version? Is this a Hook thing?
and John Mulaney so lucky to meet comedic legend 😂
John Mulaney has come a long way since that hair.
Quotes John Mulaney in an intimate situation
EDIT: In between failed tickets 2&3, I successfully saw John Mulaney w/ who is the most trustworthy person on the planet
Can't watch Law and Order without thinking about John Mulaney 😂
I suspect I have a Netflix subscription just to watch the two John Mulaney specials once a month.
I've spent my whole break watching John Mulaney stand up
So far my shift has just been watching John Mulaney stand up
John Mulaney never fails to make me laugh, no matter how many times I've heard the stand up 😂😂
domain names
I liked a video The Dow Jones and the Very Very Rich Donald Trump John Mulaney
Oh, hello! (@ The Montalbán - for OH, HELLO with Nick Kroll and John Mulaney)
"Whoa, that tall child looks terrible! Get some rest, tall child." John Mulaney wrote this joke about me.
The number of times I've watched John Mulaney's standup special on Netflix is borderline absurd.
You know you've found your friend group when you all quote the same John Mulaney skit at the same time
My love life has been over since John Mulaney got married.
Tonights entertainment is brought to you by John Mulaney and Nick Kroll @ The Montalban
‘Oh Hello’ Theater Review: Nick Kroll, John Mulaney Put on a Show for the (Old) Ages (TheWrap)
John Mulaney-should totally be more appreciated, genuinely hilarious and woke at the same time, my favorite comedian htt…
'Oh, Hello' Theater Review: John Put on a Show for the (Old) Ages
Thank you, for recommending John Never heard of him before, but I am now a fan.
It's still playing but John Mulaney is not in this Starbucks... I have no idea what is going on
Who wants to see john mulaney with me on Monday?? I got an extra ticket and ya girl needs a date
Listen to The Salt and Pepper Diner by John Mulaney on
Harris Wittels, Adam Pally, John Mulaney, all the Chelsea P ones I'll think of other favs later
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outside of George Carlin and John Mulaney, they seldom get... well... better.
Birmingham to Charlotte drive time: Approximately 6 hours (or) 4 Broadway cast albums + 1 John Mulaney stand-up special
I just need to find a real life, unmarried John Mulaney and I'd be 👌🏼
John Mulaney is a big fan of Fletcher's stroke, and how could you not be? He's the best
Do you think John Mulaney and Rob Delaney ever get confused for each other?
it's always sunny, and if you like standup I suggest checking out Demetri Martin or John Mulaney
girl idk omg it was from a comedy special; the Comeback Kid with John Mulaney
You guys seriously need to watch John Mulaney he's a comedian and he kills me and I watched his movies at least 20 times and never gets old
You know when you watch house hunters and it's literally straight out of that John Mulaney bit
I've watched both John Mulaney specials so many times I constantly quote them in conversation with varying degrees of relevance
Death Comes to Pemberley reminds me of John Mulaney's bit about how easy it used to be to get away with murder...
You know who I like? John Mulaney I like Lou Rawls too.
this sounds like a John Mulaney quote. I know it's not but it sounds like it.
Great show last night from the always funny John Mulaney and Nick Kroll!
i have a lot of really good memories of painting my room and watching John Mulaney stand up specials
no John. Your performance at RIT wa$ amazing last night ! ! ! !
John mulaney the funniest white person ever
I'm sad that John Mulaney and Nick Kroll is already over 😔
"The plan with Irish people is like, ‘I’ll keep all my emotions right here and then one day I’ll die’.”. — John Mulaney.
“what's your favorite thing about her John Mulaney impressions
So glad I got to see the love of my life, John Mulaney, with the other two loves of my life ❤
John Mulaney/Nick Kroll made us laugh harder than we do at our own…
I need to find someone else who loves John Mulaney's stand up. I watch it on repeat. I find him to be quite hilarious.
I was gonna sleep and then I put on John Mulaney. Oops
Watching the John bit about highway driving made me realize he is my spirit animal. Other drivers legit hate me.
I want to be home in bed watching john mulaney's stand up for the 100th time
I've seen John Mulaney's New in Town well over 100 times and each time is just as funny as the first
I think my vocab is a well educated blend of John Mulaney and Trailer Park Boys references.
John Mulaney - Donald Trump via "Donald Trump is what a hobo imagines what a rich man to be."
my conversations with other humans seem to go significantly better after I've made them watch John Mulaney
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no, I have to watch John Mulaney with your fam
And of course, the whole reason for this trip, I got to see John Mulaney and Nick Kroll do…
it's that time again when I watch every John Mulaney interview I can find on youtube
Pretty sure I can apply John Mulaney quotes to every situation in my life
I didn't think he was gonna pick up but was so happy when he did. And his joke was great too
John Mulaney came out on stage to a Bieber song and my life just got 1000 times better
there is more that i have watched but cannot remember, besides john mulaney and louis ck & PARKS N REC
We had fun seeing John Mulaney and Nick Kroll
Just $aw and at RIT could not $top laughing e$pecially when they called I give it 4 exclamation point$ !
John, Bella can't decide if she wants to watch The Comeback Kid or play with her tennis ball. 😀 ❤️ you!
Nick Kroll and John Mulaney were hysterical tonight. Love their stand-up.
Just saw John Mulaney and Nick Kroll do stand up lI've and I still can't believe they actually exist. Loved it.
I'm in the same room as John Mulaney
John Mulaney is a comedian but he looks like he should be the star of the Book of Mormon
Saw this meme, credit to comedian John Mulaney for original joke. It's so true.
I get to write an article about the non-Irish perspective of Saint Patrick's day so I'm obviously going to quote John Mulaney on being Irish
I think Nick Kroll and John Mulaney are both pretty hot.
Tickets for Nick Kroll and John Mulaney's "Oh, Hello" in San Francisco on February 29 and March 1 got snapped up... http…
John Mulaney and Nick Kroll are playing the Wilbur for Too Much Tuna. There is a chance I will be on stage 1 night as the interviewer. Xanax
‘Conan in Qatar’ with Michelle Obama, John Mulaney, Grace Potter Airs on January 25th- She went there to visit US troops -Good excuse as any
John Mulaney's comedy has me laughing at 5:22 am
comedy is at an all-time high right now. Bill Burr, John Mulaney, Doug Stanhope, Louis CK... we're living in a Golden Age
I forgot that year I said I was gonna die. If it was 2037 I was just remembering a John mulaney joke. Might have been 2034.
Flash, John Mulaney's stuff, the tv shows are all good but I recommend a movie called Nobody Walks, I think it's still there
I wish I knew how to make gifs because then I would make all of the John Mulaney gifs that I cannot find
where s my photo set of Star Wars The Force Awakens and John Mulaney quotes
Just got done watching on Netflix! john is in true form! I laughed so hard I now have a stomach ache! Thx man :)
Me: *laying in my bed that has flannel sheets and a cat curled up near my head* [John Mulaney voice] THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF LUXURY!!!
John mulaney - Comeback Kid there's frenchies involved
That awkward moment when you realize John Mulaney isn't the Flash... 👀😳😒
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In bed watching John Mulaney (my future husband) videos on YouTube 6 hours before I need to wake up tomorrow. This is a good idea.
John Mulaney's "The Comeback Kid" is the best stand-up special I've seen this year. That bit on The Fugitive really sneaks up on you.
Could never thank enough for introducing me to John Mulaney's content
John Mulaney new in town is pretty good, idk about the other guy
I'm glad you're enjoying these. The Comeback Kid -John mulaney
Opinions on John Mulaney and Brent Morin if watched?
🐼 love bonding over John mulaney with you/ going out with you! you're a fun time, I can always count on you
ha ha ha... Have you seen the John Mulaney special on Netflix?
y'all if you haven't seen John mulaney's stand up you ned to its on netflix it always makes me laugh
John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid is absolutely hysterical and I highly recommend it.
Me and sis just watched two John Mulaney shows and now we're watching Gabriel Iglesias
the thing about Mulaney too, and you know how great John's stand up is, is that it was rewritten a million times, went to two
I want to kiss John Mulaney on the mouth
I follow John Mulaney's dog on Instagram and I have no regrets
Decided to spend the evening watching a bunch of standup. First up is John Mulaney's New in Town, then maybe Eugene Mirman.
Do I have a lot of work to do? Yes. Are John 's comedy specials on Netflix more important? Yes.
I'm watching John Mulaney:TBK and he siad they say "and with your spirit" now. um, what? why?
The first three comments on this are about how this was stolen from John Mulaney
Have you heard John Mulaney's story about playing Tom Jones on repeat? It is the BEST.
John mulaney and Annamarie Tendler-Mulaney deserve everything they literally are my favorite people/couple and they're so funny and great
John Mulaney and successfully move 'Oh, Hello' to (off) Broadway: Funniest sh…
John Mulaney, Chris Rock, Pete Holmes, Bo Burnham & Patton Oswalt are also some of my favs
hands down my top 5 comedians along with John Mulaney, Donald Glover, Nick Swardson, and a black guy I cant remeber apple jacks
John Mulaney's standup gives me life
"By 2029, I'll be drinking Moon Juice with President Jonathan Taylor Thomas." . I love John Mulaney.
I watched John Mulaney's stand up last night, but didn't find it funny... I think Demetri Martin is way better.
"Anyone who has seen my *** and met my parents needs to die. I can't have them roaming around." - John Mulaney
.this week has Allison Janney, Norman Lear and John Mulaney. This show is a national treasure and you should listen to it.
no. I'm eating cookie dough and watching John Mulaney.
Speaking of tragedies, everyone should check out John Mulaney's brand new Netflix special, The Comeback Kid.
I've got a new John Mulaney comedy show on Netflix, and a package of gluten free, non dairy, chocolate chunk cookie dough. This is the life
tomorrow is your luckiest Friday the 13th because John new special "The Comeback Kid" hits
john mulaney's new pr team is doing WORK.
Amanda Wicks (met with the wonderfully funny to discuss his new comedy special, The Comeback Kid.
10 years ago I saw John Mulaney and Aziz Ansari do a stand up show in NYC. Now I can watch them at home in my underwear. Thanks
You know you've found the right Dr. When he busts through the exam door yelling "PLEASE TELL ME YOU SAW JOHN MULANEY"
Pulling an all nighter to watch new John Mulaney and With Bob and David
John Mulaney on The Comeback Kid and Appreciating the Failure of His Sitcom
Great Job, Internet!: John Mulaney sort of talks about babies on the premiere of Baby Talk Follow KevinFitts
Comedian joins to have fun on celebrity weird rumors.
Being Sick as balls isn't going to ruin John mulaney for me tonight
The Post "is like talking to someone who heard the news, and now they’re trying to give you the gist" -John Mulaney
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