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John Motson

John Walker Motson OBE (born 10 July 1945, Salford), also known as Motty, is an English football commentator on both television and radio.

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Looks like the Pretend Commentator has raided John Motson's wardrobe?
John Motson's commentary is so awful-every game he does it sounds like he's watching it for the 5th time and is trying to act surprised πŸ˜‚
John Motson just said "Watford can now enjoy another year in the top flight'' . does he not know math?
I can't deal with John Motson's constant surprise at everything
Is it unwritten BBC law that the game John Motson is at can't be on last
How does John Motson keep getting work?!
Maybe Im nostalgic but football sounds better when John Motson commentates on it. Same when does the wrestling! Both still unmatched
On match of the day. Swansea v watford . John motson just said.. In the previous game they " didn't rise to the occasion " . Clement can πŸ˜‰
Am I the only one who thinks John Motson is actually an awful commentator?
John Motson puts the milk in before the cereal. Kiddy fiddler.
John Motson needs to quit commentary now, absolutely awful on ! "And now.and he's.oh he's!" Never finishes sentences!
Can't imagine John Motson's too popular with Swansea fans
John Motson is commentating on MotD!. 1. Didn't know he was still alive. . 2. He's as bad as he was in 1973.
Why does John Motson's commentary sound like it was added on after the match? WatSwa
Taught John motson hung up the commentary mike
John Motson must do the honourable thing, like Wenger, and step down at the end of this season.
"If they play like that they are going down". John Motson's damning indictment of Swansea City…
John Motson must be about 120 by now surely
John Motson always ends up commenting on the worst game
Yo bruh is John Motson still around
Does John motson wanna suck off spurs any more? Can barely hear him talk with all that spurs *** in his mouth
next best thing if you can list to give ball by ball commentary. He's a young John motson
'Pathetic performance,' says John Motson. Can the Swans escape the drop?
Chris John's save at the final whistle, was out of this world, John Motson would have described it " World Class "
John Motson was on final score.He said their last two games lacked passion.I think all belief has just g…
I think that John Motson was spot on with his say on the swans today.
Watching Final Score this evening, I couldn't help thinking "I wonder if John Motson has ever been photographed tog…
John Motson being scared by a ghost πŸ‘»
I thought John Motson was having a stroke when they linked to him on final score!! πŸ˜‚
i really hope John Motson never ever takes that sheepskin coat off and lives forever
The commentators going with "I see running, there's some running!" I think John Motson's job is safe
John Motson with a bit of breaking news there...
When did John Motson become a hipster?
John Motson is pure brexit isn't he
Q: What do you get if you cross with Barry Cryer? A: John Motson.
Does John Motson ever go to a ground which is further north than Watford? Never seems like it.
Oo stands side by side with John Motson famous . "Villi arr, still Ricky Villi arr"
Saw the absolute genuine love & knowledge u have to give mate. Natural progression.…
Circuit Bent John Motson ending later on ebay.
Really, really like Simon Brotherton, John Motson and Steve Bower particularly. Alan Parry on Sky is really good, too.
John Motson's commentary back when he was decent...
It'll probably be John Motson...another gig Barry Davies is overlooked for
Jimmy Hill & John Motson in the green room before Match of the Day.
Neil Innes, Desmond Dekker, John Motson & Learie Constantine - in one Lewisham street
John Motson, Neil Innes, Learie Constantine & Desmond Dekker all linked to one Lewisham street
2nd place went to John McEnroe, David Coleman came third with Harry Carpenter and John Motson completing the top five. –  10% Off
Great words from John Motson on The root of problems lie in the ownership. Spot on!
John Motson reckons the premier league will lose viewers because of Aguero's tackle. What an ***
John child of Derek Trotter and Alan Carr
Guy Mowbray for me. Still have a soft spot for John Motson.
Great piece by John Motson on ahead of
Do you agree with John Motson? . 'Great moments, but not a great tournament' Β» https:…
John Motson's Euro 2016: Great moments, but not a great tournament
Is it true has a sheepskin coat like John Motson?
thank you John Motson! lol. From what I've heard in the background, Germany seen the better team? All about them goals though :)
I generally like BBC's commentators but boy do I miss John Motson on the big games. The voice of football for over 40 years.
So when are you two officially taking over John Motson?? Liam and Laura, Reading πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
all we need is a John Motson-esque 84 semi final commentary in the back ground!
All I'm imagining is being like John Motson tonight and being like Louie Spence
with John Motson! Used to crash on my system a lot though lol
loved Jimmys goal against Liverpool in the replay. The commentary from John motson was superb on BBC sport night prog
I'm one of them, I think I'm John Motson at times when really I'm Alan Brazil.
"It gets better and better and better..." x. Β© John Motson
Melvyn Bragg has joined John Motson School of Pronouncing Foreign Names. *** is a "dagrotype"? rendered unlistenable
Nearly all the Brazilian are wearing yellow shirts - it's... - John Motson
you turn into John Motson when love islands on
mate it's exactly the same when England play πŸ˜‚ John Motson was the worst for it πŸ™ˆ
loving mark Bowen commentary more Ivor the engine than John motson
Ever thought of replacing John Motson at the BBC?
This commentator sounds just like John Motson when he gets excited!
just love ppl sprouting statistics like this. Nice one John Motson. will see
has been amazing! Halep v Kerber was a great match, met McEnroe and John Motson, walked past Jamie Murray. Good day all round 🎾
According to the senile John Motson of Southamton are a bigger club then
the diving header in the cup at Spurs "he's buried it, and buried Tottenham's season" John Motson's commentary
It looks like a one man show here, although there are two men involved...
I think this could be our best victory over Germany since the war.
Little Giant Ladders
John Motson argues it was Arsenal's best international goal in this month's mag:
John Motson used to make that joke all the time. Terrible.
Wales can play with no fear as they don't have Alan green john motson and Chris bang average waddle abusing them
that's cos we were all emotionally involved supporting "those talented men in yellow and blue from south America" - John Motson
"I don't know why we say Everton are a big club, they're not in the top 6, Southampton are!" - John Motson
The day Muhammad Ali left me holding the mic! John Motson recalls memorable night spent alongside The Greatest
Barry Davies and John Motson are absolute legends. Pure class.
John Motson has the most beautiful voice i have ever heard
Enjoyed being for with amazing set by Cerys Matthews and great address by John Motson.
There is still nothing on the proverbial scoreboard.
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you leave my John Motson alone. He's taking me to Dubai!! Lmao
Sigurdsson in John Motson's player of the year shortlist. .
John Motson was told Rafa too according to him last night...😯
Not sure how true this is but John Motson says Rafa Benitez is lined up for the job. Can't see it myself, he'd be my 1st choice though
John Motson's six Player of the Year nominees: Crystal Palace and Swansea City stars feature
John Motson's six Player of the Season nominees: Palace, Swansea stars feature...
According to John Motson on Radio 5 Live, Steve McClaren has been called to a meeting later on today (Tuesday)
The contrasting reactions of Chappers and John Motson are delightful
John Motson gets destroyed by Brian Clough - Interview.
John Motson's thinking "state of these *** with their tragic attempts at hipster beards."
John Motson's POTY list includes Barkley, Bolasie and Sigurdsson. Put him out to pasture.
Steve Bruce aside, what pundits etc have stuck up for Wenger recently?. John motson and co were pretty damning on 5 live again.
Great to hear the legendary John Motson including in his top players of the season!
John Motson has never kicked a ball in his life, spoken more sense in 3 sentences on 5Live than any ex-player on Sky/BBC has in their career
John Motson is the most outside the box thinker in the room.
John Motson's just been on the phone, says he wants his coat back...
The World Cup is a truly International event.
nope it's not, would you believe it's John Motson πŸ˜„ and in 99 he's joined by Chris waddle πŸ˜‚
John Motson's acting now - and pretty well. And the bloke who could act from Timelash has just turned up.
John Motson better not be commentating on our MOTD highlights
Great trip over... Remember meeting Trevor Brooking & John Motson where did those years go ?
It's time that John Motson retires. My ears can't take any more of his horrendously irritating commentary.
look at that coat! I want one. I'd feel like John motson
John motson on motd the other night: 20 uses of the sound "oooh!" when commentating on arsenal v swansea.
And Seaman, just like a falling oak, manages to change direction. ~John Motson
Catching up with the abundance of Match of the Day's recorded and got to say John Motson's commentary is always top class!
John Motson auctioning commentary notes on Sir Alex Ferguson last ever game at the excellent London football awards
'now Tudor's gone down for Newcastle', John Motson's commentary leading up to Ronnie Radford's equaliser is seared in my memory
John Motson on commentating on Arsenal, 'the ground is almost silent at the moment' made me chuckle!
Football's great and good including John Motson, Roy Hodgson and Gary Lineker were among a host of stars to attend a Jimmy Hill memorial
VIDEO: Match of the Day commentator John Motson delivers poignant but amusing Jimmy Hill speech: . For m...
CCFC: LEGENDS DAY: Introducing an extended 87-page PUSB special with interviews from John Motson and Bobby Gould:
I'm beginning to wonder who else is in the Shadow Cabinet... Ronnie Corbett? John Motson? Katy Perry? We'll only find out when they resign.
Forty-one years ago today, Brian Clough took over at Here's a video of him giving John Motson a torrid time
I heard John Motson left match of the day for CBB this year like
Get your iPhone insurance today!
John Motson Starts his own exclusive line of winter coats
All soft core in comparison with John Motson's sheepskin.
Hugh John's just started the perennial 'They're better than us' schtick viz Motson, Davies etc etc
Just woke up from a dream where I was repeating the phrase "Liverpool have just taken off their pants" in John Motson's accent.
One thing I miss about football was BBC's FA Cup coverage with John Motson. Will always be my favourite commentator.
John Motson gets destroyed by Brian Clough - Interview via It's Sky now.
I used to hate John Motson. No wait, I still do
"The toffees started stickily here, but they're looking for a sweet finish". Sky commentator aiming to become the new John Motson.
John Motson makes me want to pour petrol in my ears and light them.
Sam Matterface is possibly the worst commentator in the world. . Apart from John Motson, obviously.
A brisk walk with Merlin this morning in his John Motson sheepy on the Pennine Bridle path in Uppermill
he's no John Motson that's for sure.
is officially the most popular commentator according to our poll. John Motson won legends category.
Gary Lineker and John Motson offer tributes to their friend and former Match of the Day colleague Jimmy Hill.
WRONG, it's John Motson of chocolate, always there for you on a Saturday night
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I bet you never thought you'd get to stand next to John Motson at a game. Your own, personal commentary.
Tony Gale repeating the same lines more than John Motson in FIFA 2004. L2Commentate.
You make Adrian Durham look like John Motson. You're obsessed you would rather see Wenger fail to justify your own opinions
We're on the hunt for the new John Motson or Martin Tyler. Is that you?
tam you're like a young John motson
thanks mate I've seen that one but there's one with John motson or someone I've seen it just can't find it again!?!?
1992 John Motson "if Liverpool don't win the league it could be 25 years before they win it again".
Throughout 2015 we run a poll for your favourite football commentator. The winner? Martin Tyler, 2nd John Motson. Thanks for your votes!
Martin Tyler tops the poll of people's fav football commentator. John Motson pips Barry Davies in legends category.
"Oh and it's oh oh oh well oh giroud oh oh and its oh". Written text of John Motson's commentary
"Typical goal by him". John Motson clearly thought a lot of you!
Absolutely hideous commentary. John Motson would fill these lot in.
You're like the JOHN MOTSON of political reporting said but I won't even if I did
Fancy becoming the next John Motson? Come join us & show us what you can do!
BREAKING: British football commentator John Motson has died aged 70. Devastating news.
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How's was John Motson's head this morning?
John Motson or Martin Tyler to narrate my life. Jimmy Hill comments man.
Ally McCoist commentating on last nights Malmo-PSG, if it wasn't for the lack of John Motson it would feel very FIFA 2001 on Playstation 1.
Say hello to start of the 1977 season with Jimmy Hill, John Motson and Barry Davies.
I want Ally McCoist back on FIFA with John Motson. I wanna be 8 again
"And again Roberts is there for Tottenham" - John Motson
no bother broseph, I'll be John Motson for this evening
won the world cup with Trinidad and Tobago :D Commentary by John Motson and Andy Grey hilariously unsynced.
Took John Motson an age to realise he'd sent him off due to no cards being shown back then.
The Collymore 4-3 goal is the new SkySportsNews equivalent of the BBC Ronnie Radford goal, John Motson, kids in parkas etc
Not sure but that sounds right, Ian. Wasn't the interview where he destroyed John Motson though was it?
the commentary on that making Michael Owen sound like John Motson!
Just saw john 'motty' motson on the bakerloo line to elephant & castle. Does that seem unlikely?
A big thank you to John Motson, who held a private dinner party in celebration of his 70th birthday to raise money for the BMF!
... The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, House of Cards, Hustle, John Motson, Life on Mars, Round the Horne, Sherlock...
wouldn't suggest for a minute you don't... John bloody Motson
JOHN MOTSON - still the nation's favourite commentator. Thank you to everyone who voted.
Motson-"Look at Kanu, he thinks he's scored" Lawro-"He has John" Motson makes a hash as Portsmouth won the cup. I like Motty but...
When John Motson says 'Now, was that handball!?'. I don't know John. You bloody tell me!
You vote John Motson your favourite ever commentator.. . Listen to the best in action
John Motson - Iconic - grew up with his commentary of MOTD
30.6% of you voted John Motson as your favourite voice of sport on the BBC. Thanks for all your entries. .
John Motson can't beat a bit of Motty!
if nobody has said John Motson. Enough said
John Motson! Remembering him covering Liverpool games & the World Cup matches Italy played in!
No commentator in football better than John Motson, aka Motty
That's not a sheep it's John Motson in his new sheepskin coat!
Jonathan Pearce was a legend on robot wars ;) In seriousness, Murray Walker and John Motson are both legends.
I have to go for three, John Motson, Murray Walker and Geoffrey Boycott.
Brian Moore and John Motson 2 best football commentators ever
Barry Davies.was ALWAYS a better commentator than John Motson!
Everyone should go check out Harry's blog. He's the new John Motson I swear, his stats are spot on.
Today: Get Murphy on a longer deal, Adeyami to sign. To quote John Motson - 'This is getting better and better and better'
Saw a play about football tonight and John Motson was in the audience. Perfection.
After watching some old BBC videos, I'm convinced that John Motson is the best commentator ever
7 mins of highlights from England v Scotland, your commentators John Motson & Jimmy Hill
PODCAST: Mark Chapman is joined by John Motson and Steve Claridge. Including chat about QPR & Hull:
Tonight 8pm commentary of vs from John Motson,
Monday 8pm commentary of vs from John Motson,
Monday 8pm commentary of vs from John Motson, & Steve Claridge.
Nice to hear Barry Davies on Sportsweek earlier. Always a better commentator than John Motson but presumably didn't have the right friends.
I love how Sean Walsh is taking the *** out of John Motson
John Motson and Murray Walker on why Richie Benaud was one of the great sporting commentators
I fell over John Motson's foot and squashed myself face down in his sheepskin at Watford vs AFC away
has been to 2 football matches in 1 week and no he thinks he's John Motson
remember John Motson going nuts here
*John Motson voice* . Well, it was an easy target but Lineker, once again, on hand to provide the finish.
John Motson's guide to a hung parliament:
John Motson's guide to hung parliment
'Uncle Ben and the Homepride Man Hit the Road Again'. With John Motson as Uncle Ben and Terry Crews in a fat suit as the Homepride Man. 16:20
If Phil Jones is an England international then I'm John Motson
On This Day, 96 - Cantona heads off the line to the amazement of John Motson, and United beat Chelsea at Villa Park
John Motson's guide to a hung parliament . Not sure this really helps, but hay-hoo...
It's a shame John Motson didn't ask him for clarification.
What happens if the general election is deadlocked? Match of the Day's John Motson breaks it down
John Motson has popped up on to discuss the likely permutations for a post-election hung parliament. Time to go to sleep
John motson was absolutely right on the Monday night club when he said there is too much hype over harry Kane
What happens if the gen elex is deadlocked? MOTTY has the permutations tonight exclusively on my programme. John Motson. 22.30
Tune in now for the Monday Night club on with and John Motson.
Join me The legend John Motson and on from 7-9pm tonight for round up of all weekends footy.
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John Motson gets destroyed by Brian Clough - Interview: - absolutely priceless from the legend that is Clough
MOTD highlights from Huddersfield v Chester, your commentator John Motson
Marginally preferable to John Motson but that's not saying much.
good job yesterday. Your the John Motson of volleyball. Loved your excitement when TomDacey came on!
Sean should be a sports commentator! John Motson eat your heart out.
John Motson says the c word during commentary via
and also FIFA 98 RTWC! John Motson and the boys commentating
Just watching the highlights now. Him and John Motson having nervous breakdowns.
Brian Moore John Motson, they would say players name and what they are doing like shoot save or pass
John motson should commentate on all England games
and John Motson's coat, orange balls, mercurial wingers, murderous midfielders, and a big lad up front
- We've got on Pieces of Hate duty and he's unimpressed with John Motson and the video tech deniers.
today it really was. Met John Motson today too!
Trevor MacDonald is to documentaries what John Motson is to commentating
John Motson: "Having seen Burnley, I give them a fighting chance of staying up - a better chance than and Leicester"
β€œTonight on the Steve Claridge, + John Motson - tried listening but Claridge is a clown
bbc5live: Tonight on the markchapman, Steve Claridge, RobbieSavage8 + John Motson talk Gerrard, Refs and G…
My cousin's words from commentary on Saturday: "It was like you flicked a switch and became John Motson." πŸ‘Šβš½οΈ
how come Alex James sounds so much like john motson??
As someone who was raised on the genius of Brian Moore, John Motson etc I can say Hudson is up there with the best...
I still say "cheeky little back heel" at every opportunity because that's what John Motson said in FIFA 98.
Men who sit in the pub... . Shouting at the football... Acting all John Motson...
On this day in 1975, Tony Currie scored 'a quality goal by a quality player'. John Motson against West Ham.
Brilliant commentary by John Motson as well.
please sack John Motson and do the country a favour
Watching is still the king of football commentators. The best by a mile.
Time for John Motson to retire? His commentary on v WBA was embarrassing
Isn't it time to put John Motson out to pasture?
Does John Motson always give a clue when a goal is about to be scored?
John Motson really is like a bit of old ham at the back of the fridge with a silver finish. You think 'maybe it'll be ok...'
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John Motson's senile approach to commentating has become kind of entertaining actually
John Motson went home today with soggy trousers, judging by his excitement for every save Kelvin Davies made for Southampton today.
John Motson getting excited over Davis making a load of routine saves.
I'm going to punch John Motson. How dare he speak of Graziano like that. Graziano just needs a *** good seeing too. That will sort him
I hope the BBC fire John Motson. He is cringeworthy.
John Motson is so behind the pace commentating. Really poor. Needs to stop imo
John Motson has presumably seen it all in his career, so why does he sound surprised every time he commentates?
John Motson would try to make a family members death sound exciting.
*Forster being stretchered off* . Motson: "I don't think he's going to be Englannd's No. 1 or No. 2". . Kick a man whilst he's down, John.
Remember when john motson was a good football commentator? . No neither do I .
Is it just me that thinks it time John Motson retired?
Just put John Motson down. Sooner the better.
watch Brian Cloughs interview with John Motson he reminds me of you right now xD!
The day John Motson retires from commentary, will be a sad sad day
John Motson says its "three points dropped" for us today, ain't it about time he retired!?
I suggest you should shut up and show more football to John Motson
John Motson: 'I'm the coolest guy in the room'
We're joined now in the box by John Motson and Tom Watt! Tune in:
is to wrestling commentary what John Motson is to football commentary
Its games like this that I miss John Motson being the lead commentator for BBC football, he is the Jim Ross of football.
Always John Motson commentary on Mondays night football!
- Yes hypocrisy from - John Motson made a career out of Ronnie Radford's goal & subsequent pitch invasion!
ya but its not HD.BBC could have John Motson
I had to, although the better man one on the day. I sound like john motson...look like him aswell today
I can't bear Ian Darke or John Motson who seems shocked & starts shrieking at mildest of occurrences 😠 I prefer radio comms...
Full MOTD highlights including after match interviews of Middlesbrough v Wolves, your commentator John Motson
John Motson back on the mic? we need you back part of the on game day. too!
plus that peach of a cross to find Kitson's head. John Motson was loving Shinner off all game!
"Paul Warhurst continues to be the sensation of the season". John Motson from the 1993 FA Cup tie between Derby and Sheff Wednesday.
Good stuff Dave. Colin Welland doing the voiceover, John Motson looking like a womble and Joe Jordan's name wrong on tracksuit?
That ridiculous goal line scramble could've done with the madness of John Motson
it's the John Motson school of sounding surprised at everything
FIFA 2005! You could aim free kicks. John Motson and Ally McCoist. Those were the days.
Chilling now after what has been one of the best away days in modern times!!! Massive result, fans superb!!! Got to meet John Motson too!!!
Referee is having a stinker! John Motson hit the nail on the head there - "Referee knowing the rules, but not knowing the game"
John Motson & Danny Murphy need to un-bury thier heads from the sand. Its football.
I felt the same listening to John Motson on MOTD the other day, think it was Motson anyway
Using both subs at once described as the continental style by motson.
BBC4 - in the words of John Motson, this just gets better and better and better. Superb TV about the new romantic movement
Why is John Motson so against technology in football? Is an age thing...?
John Motson voice, "And, the bricks on the floor. Its red. The The red brick. Brick!"
shut up the John motson I'll spit in your mouth you gypsy little mongrole
Why can't John Motson pronounce 'Monday' and 'Saturday' properly? We need to know.
Was John Motson a much better commentator back in his day than he is now?
Well the ball came out to me and I rounded the keeper to slot it in the corner as John Motson waxed lyrical!
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John Motson is a truly awful commentator. Surely it's about time he hung up his headphones.
When listening to John Motson commentate, especially when he gets excited, picture Wallace of Wallace and Gromit fame.
I can't be the only one who wishes John Motson would just stop on commentary. His best days are long gone.
See as reactions of commentators go, John Motson's for Chadli's goal on MOTD was the most laid back ever πŸ˜‚
John Motson has no idea whats going on anymore.
John Motson fails to remark on Muamba incident on the same ground or Gomis' history of fainting.
"If you include the games against Fiorentina, Spurs have gone five games without a win" - John Motson. Aye, that's how stats work.
I'm going to feel intensely nostalgic when John Motson is no more.
its about time john motson hung up his mic his commentary is outdated and boring I have to mute the sound when he is on.
I'm going to watch now to see how many different pronunciations John Motson can manage w/Sigurrdsson? I got 5 in the sweep.OptimisticπŸ‘
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