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John Mica

John L. Mica (born January 27, 1943) is the U.S. Representative for , serving since 1993. He is a member of the Republican Party.

Rep John Mica Congressman John Mica Don Lemon

Stephanie Murphy is a good example to follow, hope we can keep her in office. Happy she took out John Mica.
Mulan is *not* a princess. Instant disqualification.
The "sex before marriage" line is from Parks and Recreation. . Hello, Lawsuit, my old friend.
Got to listen to John Mica speak today at 'The Roads Most Traveled'
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Please vote for Mica! It only takes a second and her pitch is awesome!
I voted for Mica to win PitchMadness, because not only did she have a decent pitch, she has also done good work with
It's cute that sent a letter asking the president to do what John Mica used to do for us…
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Let's get Mica there, please? It seriously took less than a minute. She puts sooo much work out there for we writers. https:…
Without I'd have not encountered hashtag writing challenges, nor many of you writers. Please vot…
.was a political unknown and unseated entrenched John Mica in my district. You can do it too.👍…
I think that as long as the women are wearing it willingly as a symbol of their religion, you don't have a right to /1
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I love how people are claiming that this encourages the forced wearing of hijabi. If the family is strict enough to literally forced /1
Is it because of our depressing lives, or because some of us are jerks?
Sorry, Mica 😟. You still did really awesome. Best of luck with the next one! 😁
You look like Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle.
Want to see Charlize Theron kick *** in an action movie helmed by one of the directors who brought us John Wick?. https:…
We love this John Pawson apartment in NYC. So lovely!
Stephanie Murphy, who is Vietnamese-American, defeated House transpo chair Rep. John Mica in suburban Florida.
Thank you Rep. John Mica for 12 terms of consistent congressional coverage... We'll miss you!
Democrat Stephanie Murphy beat 12-term incumbent GOP Rep. John Mica for his suburban Orlando seat in
Rep. John Mica, big time federal employee antagonist, loses after 24 years in office. See our results page:
Democrat Stephanie Murphy is expected to unseat GOP Rep. John Mica in Florida House race, The Washington P...
GOP Rep. John Mica loses his congressional seat in Florida
Statement from 12-term Rep. John Mica on his loss to Dem Stephanie Murphy
How long has John Mica been in Congress? Here's a clip from 1993 w him bragging abt his toupee.…
goes from Likely to Lean R. Dems have reserved millions to beat John Mica is swingy seat
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1876 - Charles Goodnight and John G. Adair created the JA Ranch, the oldest privately owned ranch in the Panhandle.
Things I'll miss in the main lab:. Trix' rants. Mica's mahinhin voice. Norman's hungry tummy. How I kulit John to put the PT sx in the centri
Got the backing of the whole 175 team at today's event!
Our fearless leader Mica and Mark at 116 # burnt
John Mayer's voice and his guitar solos. Eargasm.
They've just gone over the line in my opinion, and again, there's a pr...
What we're going to do is try to get TSA out of the human resources an...
In the United States in 2009, more than 10.2 billion trips were taken ...
and you know SEE MY THEARPIST! Which brings me to a point that I am ANNOYED about. Republican John Mica points out that FBI didn't do their
Under the Obama administration, TSA has been operating without an admi...
Rep John Mica: as believable as that furry thing on his head
Congressman John Mica on Good Day Orlando to discuss why Orlando did not receive federal funds versus terror. WATCH:
(R)John Mica equating gun control to an ied's like low sugar intake to crossfit.
VOTE THIS GUY OUT: Shady John Mica defends use of campaign money to pay for hundreds of meals - Florida Politics
I totally agree. John Mica is just plain stupid. Head in the sand. Does one of his family have to die before it sinks in.
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Rep John Mica (R. Florida) is a total jerk who babbles about why it's okay for *** like him to have AK-15's. He will Not vote for change
Rep. john Mica (R) Florida, still in the illusion supporting guns even though 49 people killed in his state. He needs more…
Id be so mad if I lived in central Florida. Rep John Mica is a disgrace.
Florida John Mica blaming Orlando on FBI missteps,? Gun control is not the problem??? You my friend are an ***
John Mica states terrorist attack is on the FBI but won't agree to ban assault weapons ugh
Rep. John Mica of Florida has it wrong. He complained that the FBI has failed 3 times. Congress has failed the last decade!
I wish asked GOP Rep. John Mica how much he receives from the NRA/gun lobby. He said "We'll get it right" WHEN?
I watched your interview with John Mica. Unbelievable how he kept dodging question of assault rifles 8( (gun stocks just went up)
OMG Rep John Mica (R) is making an *** of himself on Don Lemon show. Banning guns won't help he says.
Shut it John Mica! You are awful representative of my city! thx 4 trying!
John Mica is a disgusting politician!
Rep. John Mica (R) was on with on he gives off a "I believe everything I read on the Internet" kinda vibe. Sh stop talking
Listening to John Mica on CNN was so disgusting. What is wrong with people in the U.S People like him scares me so bad. Happy to be Canadian
Interesting pamphlet on the TSA from Rep John Mica today
Florida Rep. John Mica is really good at answering questions not being asked
Dear it seems that Rep John Mica is an anti Muslim person as he only mentions Muslims not the theater school a…
Tell me I am not watching Rep John Mica from FL flounder on gun control questions on RU kidding me?! Get this guy out…
why does Rep John Mica avoid the question of banning assault weapons!!
Rep John Mica (R) Florida. Out of touch. Typical NRA buttboy diatribe. It all sounds pathetic now. Vote him out.
Congressman John Mica (R) of Florida just claimed in relation to the Orlando tragedy on CNN that,
Dear Rep John Mica failed to include the OKC bomber and the many non Muslim terrorists in America
So sad to hear Congressman John Mica (R- FLA) pandering to the NRA on national television. People lost lives over this. Shame on you.
*** Senator John Mica R FL thinks we should monitor pressure cookers & plumbing supplies purchases whether than passing
John mica interview disgusting. Horror no wonder, can't have hope for gun control. Lunatics. What about people rights to be alive?
John Mica is all about Muslims. Small comfort if you are shot by a Christian criminal . Let's get serious ..
great job with John Mica! Stay after these ineffective politicians. He sounded like a fool.
hmm...I wonder if Rep John Mica (R) knows where I can get a nice rug to tie my 2 rooms together?
John Mica of florida is a disgusting man. Don't interview him again. He laughed sarcasticall…
The looks on and face during the John Mica interview were priceless. He never even answered a question.
John Mica does not deserve to be a Congressman. Ridiculous responses.
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John Mica personifies the problem. The FBI is many things but they are not clairvoyant. What an ***
Rep John Mica dodged ur questions abt AR avail only saying he's a strong supporter of the 2nd Amend. He should be embarrassed
Rep John Mica is delusional. His constituency wants gun reform & he wants more study. you have so much patience.
Congressman John Mica...? I do not believe he represents Orlando! Very backward attitude!
Just listened to Don Lemon interviewing John Mica, who does not seem to know what he's talking about!
Rep. John Mica(R) Fla. u looked like a fool standing there blaming the FBI for your inaction. U must have a lot of $$ from the NRA
Rep John Mica on CNN tap dancing on the graves of the Orlando massacred
Rep. John Mica (R) Florida is a complete embarrassment! Speechless after listening to his nonsense!
Rep. John Mica on CNN right now is straight up embarrassing...guns, now bs on the LGBT community.
Rep John Mica (FL) sounds clueless on regarding sensible gun control. No solutions. Rambling. Vote out in Nov.
John Mica Pathetic, supports and defends weapons of war on our streets.
why can't Rep John Mica and FL atty. general talk openly about *** people?
Rep. John Mica, you're looking rather foolish
The pathetic blabbering of Rep John Mica is a prime example of everything that makes the GOP a party of yesterday.
I am at a loss listening to John Mica.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Rep John Mica is a perfect example of double talking elected officials trying to look good on TV.
Rep. John Mica totally blamed everything on the FBI, saying that they need to do a better job of identifying the... ht…
Rep John Mica is blaming the FBI for the Orlando shooting
Rep. John Mica on CNN trying to spin his way out of why we should not ban assault weapons
John Mica sounds like a fool on is arguing circles around him.
Rep John Mica is an *** he thinks the Fbi can stop people before they commit a crime
John Mica, Republican from Florida is an *** .. Don Lemon interview proved it!!
Florida Rep John Mica may actually take the cake for the most blatantly ignorant politician I've ever had the misfortune of watching.
Rep John Mica is an absolute *** These Military grade weapons need to be banned period. And he needs to leave…
Orlando State Rep. Victor Torres calls out U.S. Rep. John Mica on support for Puerto Rico
Victor Torres calls out John Mica on support for Puerto Rico -
my house has been vibrating for 3 hours. John Mica will never get my vote. I4 Ultimate *** Phony conservative
This just in! We are honored to receive Congressman John L. Mica's endorsement! Please share!
Congressman John Mica speaking at the AASHTO Conference in Orlando.
Appreciation BBQ hosted at Congressman John Mica's home, he was…
.tells John Mica to return $2500 contribution from Dennis Hastert. Used "judge called him a serial child molester" in release
Slovakia's joining the OECD in 1999 is totally dependent on meeting economi...
Ruby Lerner, founder of and John Waters to receive honorary degrees at Commencement.
Mr. and Mrs. John Armstrong back from canoe trip, 1913. The real mystery is how Mrs. A kept that dress SO white?
So... our Founding Director Ruby Lerner is getting an honorary degree from with John Waters!
Friends in Baltimore (yes, John Waters' hometown) tomorrow I will be giving a lecture at MICA on the emancipated fan
her voicemail box is full. Emailed my congressman to fight her (john Mica)On this preposterous position
I made a research guide about Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'
John Waters will receive an honorary degree from MICA at its May graduation ceremony.
And ask the people of Haiti! And the kids who mine mica in India for Merck who pays John Podesta to lobby for them!
Happy to discuss security matters with Chairman John Mica. He knows our issues & has been a keen supporter.
John Waters to get honorary degree from MICA – Baltimore Sun (blog)
congrats to John Waters! Now if MICA makes him Prof. in a History of Filth class and we're there! :-)
you'll always see John and pics in the same sentence
What character is always begging for money? That'd be . and John Mica would be the Iron Bank of Braavos
John Atti showing his mad computer skills at Store 370!
.John Mica: help America compete in the 21st Century - support education!
Happy 21st Birthday Daniel John Ford Padilla! Your fans are always here for you! We love you DJP!
John Mica bill to transfer closed VA nursing home to Florida Department of Veterans Affairs
Thank our new cosponsor of HR 592 Rep. John Mica (R-FL)
Rep. John Mica says he's consider holding Shkreli in contemp for not answering questions:
Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., said he can't remember a time when committee was treated so disrespectfully. Called Shkreli a "villain."
"I don't think I've ever seen this committee treated with such contempt" - FL Rep. John Mica speaking of
"I don't think I've ever seen the Committee treated with such contempt," says Rep. John Mica, moves to hold in contempt.
Rep. John Mica voted against a no-cost measure to reduce lead poisoning in drinking water. .
'For that amount of money — $80 a day! — we poisoned the kids in Flint. That amount of money.' Rep. John Mica (R-FL). hearing
Rep. John Mica (R-FL) says water crisis is unacceptable. Says local, state and federal officials failed the people and kids.
"She is a citizen hero. She stepped up." Rep. John Mica on Flint resident Lee-Anne Walters
Rep. John Mica at hearing rambling about crack-smoking mayor of DC, chicken & rice, homeless stacked like cordwood.
Rep. John Mica, R-Florida, remembers when "the water was not safe to drink in this building" at the Capitol complex.
Rep. John Mica so frigging crazy. He is worthless in Congress
Rep. John Mica (R-FL) on Ed Dept. CIO Harris: "I don't think you could find more ineptness." via
Rep. John Mica to Acting Ed Secretary King Jr.: "He (Harris) has failed continually since he took the position...and then rewarded for it."
In an interview, U.S. Rep. John Mica talks about traffic and his comments targeting "thugs" for gun violence.
John Lackey will trade in St. Louis red for Chicago blue as he agrees to sign with the Cubs.
At the export and trade forum organized by Congressman John Mica
📷 only-movies: Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightley in Begin Again by John Carney
This officer has murdered 4 people and still patrolling please help us get him off the streets.
I'm excited to use the new update along with combined. These apps get even better .
Now that John Mica's district is firmly a toss up, meet a Democrat who is ready to lead in FL-7: Bill Phillips
Florida's new Congressional map means John Mica is no longer safe. He raised 50k last quarter. Read more:
3. FL-7, currently held by Rep. John Mica (R), goes from Safe R to Likely R
After today's Florida Supreme Court ruling: final Congressional maps have all of part of the new CD7, now held by John Mica.
Please support and complete petition...
The moon shines coldly out of an intense blue sky where a few stars glisten faint as mica.
New ad urges John Mica to support Land and Water Conservation program:
Start of the MICA Unplugged with Ashutosh's rendition of John Lennon's Imagine.
John Mica and the I-4 ultimate project. Dirty pool and government fraud in Central Floirda
Yesterday's court ruling on Congressional districts affirms all will be part of CD7 (John Mica)
Speaker John Boehner tells House Republicans he will resign in October, Rep. John Mica says.
Rep. John Mica on Hillary Clinton's growing email scandal: Florida Republican weighs in
House oversight committee chairman John Mica on Metro's safety and money issues... "Fed up with the whole mess".
Former Rep. Sandy Adams, who lost in a primary to John Mica in ’12, has filed to run in Ron DeSantis’s district
'John Mica warns of 'airport meltdowns' this summer' |
US Congressman John Mica round table on freight rail.
My favorite people💞 We finally made it! John, good luck at the naval academy. I wish you the best…
House Rep John Mica is on the floor of House ripping a new one. He's moving to force Metro to complete cellphone upgrades in tunnels
Fab set by at - some very muscular John Adams, Cowell and Mica Levy, thanks for putting this on
Wolf speaks to Rep. John Mica about TSA test failures
Surprise surprise they interviewed John Mica on News 12 during the bogus TSA news report... Which they stole from...
Rep. John Mica's handy informational packet for reporters at hearing.
Against Amtrak's pleas for better funding, Congressman John Mica retorts Amtrak has received $1.2B to $2.8B subsidies each year since '04.
Rep John Mica (R, FL) is a bit skeptical of Amtrak's competence:
Staff with congressman John L. Mica, R-Fla., longtime critic, passed this out at derailment hearing.
John Mica is correct only find illegal items 5% of the time & it is "security theater", bad theater. The ROTW no theater & not unsafe.
John Mica has the worst rug in Washington D.C.
It's odd you have John Mica on to talk TSA failures. He and the republicans want to privatize them which will make it worse.
I would look at my books, but miss John lost me folder:)
A new spot features narration by John Hammond!
GOP Rep. John Mica: Amtrak 'Soviet-style operation': Republican lawmakers on Friday dug in to their party's defense…
Commending U.S. Congressmen Will Hurd of Texas, John Mica of Florida, Bob Gibbs of Ohio, John Moolenaar of...
Rep John Mica calls Amtrak soviet and 3rd world railway. It shows he never traveled to that type of country and rode a train! ***
Rep John Mica: is a 3rd-world system that lost a billion dollars on food alone. Is privatizing it the answer?
Congressman John Mica: Amtrak is a "third world rail" system with "soviet style" management. The word doctor has been busy.
Rep. John Mica just called AMTRAK a third world rail operation he clearly needs to travel more. What Rep.
on it!:) John, are you located in NYC?A cruelty-free blogger here interested for interview purposes.
Florida Rep. John Mica, and other Republicans, think cutting Amtrak's funding will force it to innovate better.
Hey Sharon, please tell your pal, Rep. John Mica to HIT THE ROAD!
Congressman slams management, disagrees with the ways the rail agency spends money today
"The US has a third-world rail system. It's a monopoly, run in a Soviet style operation." -Rep. John Mica on
“Smedley wants to help your girlfriend steal your stuff" What about you? I'm partial to my BF's belt.
Anyone saying they'd invade Iraq again knowing the consequences now (GOP Rep. John Mica) is out of is brain The M-E is a mess
"God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in him"... I couldn't agree more John Piper!
.not gonna believe this - fight is actually happening 'til I see it on
hi Mica could u help us and sign our petition to
Please follow me. I love u. And i love shots. lol ♥
John Mica wields his 6th gavel in Congress, taking over Transportation and Public Assets Subcommittee
with Jenny Coolidge and Congressman John Mica for Museum Conference in DC March 2010.
Thank you to Congressman John L. Mica for his continued support of the Seminole County Young Professional...
John Mica is chairing a hearing tomorrow called "Gym Memberships, Gift Cards, and Hair Salons" so that's guaranteed to b
I have to look at this from my balcony smh 😂😂
Representative John Mica U.S. House of Representatives 2187 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, DC 205150001 Dear Representative Mica, The biggest draw for foreigners who try and come to the United States illegally is a job. By requiring that all employers use E-Verify, the United States can take a giant step towards ending all illegal immigration. I support mandatory E-Verify, I urge you to do so as well. There are no valid excuses for allowing businesses to hire illegal workers, especially not when there are so many citizens and legal aliens struggling to find work. Making E-Verify mandatory will not burden employers, contrary to what opponents claim. Any human resources employee assigned to collect information for the Federal I-9 form would simply spend a few extra seconds typing the same data into the E-Verify system. Furthermore, mandating E-Verify will deter rampant hiring discrimination in favor of illegal aliens by greedy employers, because all new hires must be checked. Please work with you ...
Charter quest first attempted in early '70s in Pasco Co. Cong John Mica was the executive director.
There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends. John 15:13
Well this is exciting ->John Waters to perform at this year's Dirty Show ... obviously
John Mica and Alan Grayson both flying on the same plane and sitting next to each other. Man I would love to hear that conversation.
Rare and Limited Cypress Mica John Mayer Fender Stratocaster - Full read by eBay: Price…
Florida call John L. Mica tell him to support so we can or
Jesus answered and said to him, 'Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God…
With Cong. John Mica at to hear about $6B
I only like the song real love because of the John Lewis advert 🐧
CAST Athlete John Collinson skis some epics lines in the North Face movie Mica to Greenland.
Me going into the office every morning
Go Anne Packham! Open enrollment and questions answered live!
News soon on whether Rep. Mike Turner, Rep. John Mica or someone else will chair House Oversight Cmte, per
All purpose parts banner
NYC bound! ✈️... I heard the shots fam have already begun the NYC takeover! 😁
Rep. John Mica, R-Fla, walks by Capitol police officer with a facemask to shield from cold and says "You've got the right idea"
MICA bracelet has more style than substance (hands-on).
Rep. John Mica (R-FL) on Oversight Cmte chairmanship: "Whatever happens, happens. I'm fine with it." Underdog in this race.
. DC bureau tracking FL Rep. John Mica's bid to become a lead Obama attack dog as House Oversight chmn. Election could be today.
if john winchester comes back before bobby i swear im gonna rAGE
John Mica: Yes, I do agree we need health care reform; however, this bill badly misses th...
Looks like you have some quality teachers over there at
FL: John Mica in hunt for top committee post - Tampa Bay Times
WKMG's 'Flashpoint' looks at an ambitious new plan to battle homelessness in Central Florida
Funny that Neumann got 32% of the vote so far against John Mica because he hasn't been heard from in months.
We’re just days away from Election Day. We asked candidates to record a 1-minute video on why they should get your vote. Meet District 7 candidate Al Krulick below. District 7 includes parts of Orange, Seminole and Volusia counties. See Krulick's opponent Rep. John Mica and more candidate videos here:
Today Author Scott Vedder was invited to join Congressman John L. Mica at the University of Central Florida's...
Rep. John Mica: Institute Travel Ban to Stop Ebola via is simple! Ban flights!
The Sentinel editorial board recommends John Mica, Bill Posey and Carol Platt for Congress.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Getting ready with Rep. John Mica on News at 10.
Speaking live to Congressman John Mica at 10:00 about Is the U.S. prepared? Should we b doing more?
Is government charge card abuse still a problem? John Mica thinks so.
Had a great visit from New York Academy of Art Admissions Director, John Georges, yesterday at MICA. He spent 6...
Policing our own. The public's integrity should never be violated. "Florida Republican Rep. John Mica, chairman...
No phone calls from Congressman John Mica staff on veterans betrayal on claims
he has nothing to apologise for John
Indie Al Krulick, tilter at windmills, makes pitch for Dems' in Congressional race against U.S. Rep. John Mica.
Just why is Rep.John Mica so involved?: Just what is in this for him?  Just what information is he being spoon...
.scores another great endorsement from Congressman John Mica.
US Rep John Mica's Democratic challenger is MIA and has basically quit his own campaign. via
Weird: Dem Congressional candidate in Florida has vanished from public view for a month and nobody knows why.
Dem Wes Neuman sez he made a mistake deciding to run for Congress against U.S. Rep. John Mica & is no longer active.
Democrat Neuman lying low in congressional race against Mica
Dem party in this state is a disaster
-- "John Mica to reporters: Bring your hemorrhoid cream"
John Mica on race for gavel: 'If they are looking for a kumbaya candidate, I’m not the one.'
and chair John Mica as I said before.
Excellent. He looks like he will eat SJWs alive. We do this.
still can't believe it. My favorite person, doing one of my favorite John Green novel. I can't wait!
Only in Baltimore can you watch Future Islands while standing next to John Waters, surrounded by a bunch of MICA students.
I don't want a lot for my birthday..I just want 's follow! Justin, would u make my wish come true?
John Mica, sleaze congressman, caught in a lie on WFLA radio this morning. SMH...
Many thanks to Congressman John Mica for visiting our Center this afternoon. We are
It's crunch time in Cent. Fla.. Marine Col. David Smith(Ret) vs. 11 term GOP John Mica. Vote If you want to change Congress.
How far they've come now …. check out this video with Bukky, Mica, John & the guys back in the early days!
I liked a video John Mica Rolls Fake Joint in Marijuana Hearing
Excited and honored to welcome Rep. John Mica, and to our Centers this week! We are
John legend - all of me will forever be my favorite song 😩❤️👫
I can't help it, I kind of want one: via
That John Mica CANNOT be the next chair of the Oversight Committee | RedState Say No to the Status Quo
It was nice to see the gang again all together :D I already miss you guys! John and (insert) Mica
Wondering why John Mica has refused to debate his challengers for the district 7 Congressional race?
Rep. John Mica's FL-7 picks up Democratic Sanford from FL-5, Obama barely lost district in '08 (49.6%), now would just win it (50.5%).
Is there a way forward on immigration legislation? Rep. John Mica joined today to debate solutions:
Rep John Mica is he is and he is blaming everything on should be ashamed to be
I bet John Mica would have a harder time with this issue if those kids were from Cuba?
doing a good job not letting Rep. John Mica from Florida get away with nonsense.
.to Rep. John Mica: 'Why are we waiting for 56,000 kids on the border to hand themselves in to deal with this?'
I can't believe that this discussion is actually funny. Mr. John Mica of FL is really sarcastic, and has a dry sense of humor.
I plan to visit Congressman John Mica's office to see what actions he took to stop gov rep's frm betraying vets on claims affecting benefits
Whoa. points out that former Committee Chair John Mica has co-sponsored Rep. Tom Graves' devolution bill.
Join the this Thursday for updates from Congressman John L. Mica.…
have you read all the John green books?💕
Watching dear john wishing my baby was here 😭❤️
I'm shocked to find myself saying this, but thanks Rep John Mica for cosponsoring HR 3486
Will the limited, tepid anti-gerrymandering ruling in Florida lead to the end of Dan Webster's & John Mica's careers?
Big news for local vets! Congressman John Mica confirms clinic in Baldwin Park WILL remain open!
Depends how they do it, but they could certainly end John Mica's career
2nd winner in Chicago giveaway for July - John Consolati! Giving away 2 more to August registrations
Rep. John Mica (R-FL) predicted vote today. "I think we'll be out of here before it gets dark tonight."
Rep John Mica R-FL says GOP border moving in right direction, predicts House vote by this evening
SMiLeS: Tackling Foul: Tackling Foul, written by Mica Vujicic and translated by Randall Major, is a novel whic...
Watching Rep. John Mica (R) of Florida on CSPAN, on MMJ legislation. So excruciating.
I just called Rep. John Mica's office and asked why he rails against marijuana when alcohol KILLS DAILY! I asked if Mica is drunk or stupid!
Driving high questioned on busy day in Congress: Congressman John Mica, a Florida Republican, convened a heari...
Rep. John Mica: alone is sitting on $2B in underused property via
He's famous for bringing a fake joint into a hearing.
Don't let John Mica take credit for keeping the Baldwin Park VA hospital open. Years of hard work by the American...
"Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth." . 1 John 3:18
Cong. John Mica talking expanding Sunrail to and I'll tell you about new rail plans at 5 on
PBS interview with and Rep. John Mica on the Interviewer:
The Law in the USA is just for rich people, who can hire expensive attorney. I rented part of my house to a family. The house was big and before it was a boarding school and in the time that Orange County Zoning department told me that they made mistake and they should not given me an occupational license at all and they gave me, because they did a mistake I have no other choice to give my house to the regular people as a roommate. His name was Kiki Martinez and he rented part of my house. Everything was in my name, electric, gas, telephone and other utilities. After a while about 6 months, he did not pay the rent and asked me to give him two months time, until he work with his trucking company and pay me. He gave also me T-check for the rent. I did not want to go right away to the court and evict him as he promised to give the money soon. But after two month he did not pay and close the gate of the ex boarding school, so I could not go inside the garden. I went to the sheriff and told them, that he does ...
Got to meet the U.S. Congressman John Mica yesterday. It was a great experience listening to the talk…
FRAUD ALERT! I do not write much about local politics but in today's mail I got an almost 4 page letter from Congressman John Mica, requesting my vote. Quite a letter, I must admit. Not once in four pages did he mention his party affiliation nor much of his voting history. From the tone of the letter one might almost think he was a Liberal Democrat (He is a Republican in a gerrymandered district). He manages, in the letter, to "praise Obamacare" while at the same time regretting that it won't be repealed, and promising to reduce its bureaucracy (of which we actually have seen none - as most everything is in the hands of private insurers). Oh, yes. And he regrets that premiums "are predicted" increase and promises to do all to prevent that. He does not mention that it is his own party which makes those predictions. He seems to love the fact that Sun Rail is in place and that I-4 will be broadened. But he is still calling for the privatization of Amtrack and is quick to commend the fact that the I-4 expan . ...
Apparently Rep. John Mica did not get my message loud and clear a couple of years ago to STOP ROBO CALLING ME! Then he says, " I might call you later." Guess I need to email them again and set them straight. Good grief.
US House Rep. John Mica - seemed like a down to earth guy, a very genuine real person and not a BS…
Congressman John Mica talking to the Seminole County Young Republicans w/
Privet Wes! Kak Dela? John Mica co-sponsored a bill 2 build the Keystone XL. What is your position on this issue? Spasibo
The so called law in the USA Dear Mr. Zaeri, my attorney in Orlando, Florida As I explained to you before I was college instructor for Arabic, German and political science in Seminole Community college and high school teacher for Latin and German in Oviedo High. The students wanted to learn more and they came to my house, but the subdivision homeowner association in Oviedo was against that and the city told me that I cannot have students in my house. I told them what can I do, and they said if I buy houses in county with acres they will provide me with occupational license. As you know I bought the two houses and they provide me the license. But after three years of activities, they came back to me and told me they did a mistake and they cancelled the occupational license. I told them I put all my capital, time and energy in this school and I planted by myself over 1000 citrus trees and other fruit trees, I build here cages for animals and put fence and irrigations and lights everywhere to make it a real ...
Thank God for Stephen Lynch! By Eric Ellis, CSALC District 4 Officer Since January 2011, when Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, we have heard two competing narratives from the House Oversight and Government Committee. I sum up the Republican narrative as follows. The USPS is losing money hand over fist due to high labor costs, six-day delivery and door-to-door delivery. As a result, we must eliminate Saturday mail delivery and slash postal employees' salaries and benefits by forty percent. We must replace door delivery with “secure storage” like clusterboxes. While the USPS used to provide services such as banking to its customers, no, we cannot have that, as that would be unfair to the private sector. The postal service's overpayment into the Civil Service Retirement System and the Federal Employees Retirement System is a myth. Even though the USPS pre-funds retiree health benefits 75 years in advance to the tune of $5.6 billion a year, which no one else has to do, so b ...
Join us tonight, where our special guest will be Congressman John Mica! We look forward to seeing you!...
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