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John McTernan

John McTernan (born in 1959, London) is a British Labour member, political strategist and commentator.

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Great start to last night with Helen Morse + John McTernan in Voices of Democracy. Encore session 4pm this Sun
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Thanks to our friends for hosting Voices of Democracy with Helen Morse & John McTernan
Voices of Democracy w/ Helen Morse + John McTernan. One of the great sessions
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Award winning actors Helen Morse + John McTernan team up to read great speeches from history
We had an amazing night last night with Pastor Ray Jensen, worship leader Marty Goetz, John McTernan and...
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John McTernan thinks this rent controls proposal is very bad thats surely reason enough to give it…
Zoe Williams once again getting it wrong - John McTernan called those who weren't Corbyn supporters 'morons'.
John McTernan has literally descended into defending George Osbourne. What an odious little cretin he is.
Who is John McTernan? Honest question. What an utterly miserable dude. Jeez!. . .
More does he lie on the John McTernan-Dan Hodges scale.
The scum are out in force to get Corbyn on Labour Conference eve! Rentoul, John McTernan and the boy Luke Akehurst all it again! Sick making
I mean, I know your bar for right-wing zoomery is so high you think John McTernan’s a communist, but still.
John McTernan on the end of the Party being closer than anyone realises
Eddie The Eagle is on Newsnight later, telling us how to win at ski jumping. No hang on sorry. It's John McTernan and it's at elections.
I'm disappointed. This was just conjecture and regurgitated political spin. But then I saw it was John McTernan
mcternan this is the reason why right and centre politics don't cut it. Priorities are so very,very wrong!
mcternan- this is why the left are in the ascendancy. We are sick of austerity. When L/P abstain Welfare bill what's left?
I can't believe John McTernan is an actual human
John McTernan on 'The intellectual wing of Corbynism – a relative term, to be fair.." and the end of Labour Party..
John McTernan suggests democratising Labour Party is akin to a Marxist, peacenik plot to destroy social democracy:
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John Mcternan rapidly becoming Telegraph's useful *** - on the end of Labour. Well he nearly killed Labour in Scotland!
At least when John McTernan was turning around Jim's copy, you got cogent sentences -- instead of this weird, motley, mardi gras of cliché.
He had a great teacher though - John finger on the pulse McTernan aka Mr McGoo
THE ALL-OUT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST BY JOHN McTERNAN: The all-out war in the Middle East is growing closer by the... ht…
John Mcternan adds to Yew Choob viewing figures'.does this mean we're finished like everything else he's involved in
'Corbynomics didn't add up.' - searing criticism from the man who agreed to pay John Mcternan 85 Large
You trying to become the new John McTernan in the predictions game?. Absolutely nae chance of that happening.
John McTernan-God’s Final Warning to America-the Date? Either he comes first or we go first! .
John McTernan-Author God’s Final Warning to America and Father Forgive Them discusses the coming refugees to America .
True, and you know who was an admirer? John McTernan, Gillard's (ex-Blair) head of coms, who thought he was Malcolm Tucker.
Credlin and John McTernan both thought they were Malcolm Tucker. They'd probably get on well. He speaks very highly of her.
Credlin is another John McTernan. Failed to do the job and in the aftermath displays nothing but hubris
circumstances different, but everyone has forgotten how much of a proxy target John McTernan became for Libs
John McTernan got some of those adjectives as well I believe.
I should also mention that rumours Blair MacDougall n John McTernan are advisers to Spanish Gvt are as yet unfounded
John McTernan, an embittered right wing cuckoo in the Labour nest is suddenly on speed dial as a pundit on all bbc news & …
John McTernan: A guide to shadow cabinet speak about Corbyn via
Toby Young's laughable defence of Cameron is on a par with John McTernan's slavish attempts at justifying Tony Blair
"Didn't understand the new psyche of Scottish politics". Unlike John McTernan?
One 457 visa the ALP should never have issued was John McTernan's. Guess what he did next - lost all but one Labour seat in Scotland.
Firstly, I've never heard of John McTernan. Secondly, can't you read?
. Discuss politics?. Aw yuv done is slate corbyn,but you fail to discuss the real crooks running our country. John mcternan fan?
A guide to shadow cabinet speak about Corbyn, by John McTernan.
Heading to a desert island with £2,000,000+ of taxpayers money. John McTernan will oil my buttocks. Thanks for the memories…
I Lord Murphy would just like to clarify that me and John McTernan would have loved to have worked for Corbyn. As long as i…
I liked a video Jeremy Corbyn: Will Self and John McTernan debate
That is what John Mcternan is smug about.
Joe Pike's book reveals how much John McTernan earned as Jim Murphy's chief of staff. Good christ I'm in the wrong job.
John McTernan backs Dugdale. I don't know who I feel more sorry for.
John McTernan is there to remind us what Ken Dodd would sound like if he did politics.
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Oh dear God John Mcternan on Any Questions.Why do BBC give him a platform? No credibility whatsoever. Could find better ca…
The only problem with staying in a Travel Lodge is that you have John McTernan's face plastered everywhere
Dear I wish to report a member to the compliance unit. . John McTernan doesn't appear to share our values
John McTernan is basically just Katie Hopkins if she had no self-awareness at a…
Harriet Harman's indifference to abuse by John McTernan, Alan Johnson, Tony Blair, Liz Kendall smacks of collusion.
Transfixed by John McTernan's face while Owen Jones spoke on the BBC News channel earlier:
Tom Watson can save Labour from Jeremy Corbyn - so says 'moronic' John McTernan.
If they really wanted to stop Corbyn, they'd saddle him with Blair McDougall and John McTernan to run his campaign.
Chris Leslie, Kez Dugdale, John Mann, John McTernan, Alan Johnson, Tony Blair are the tip of a very nasty iceberg of sect…
Throughout the indyref & Labour 2015 campaigns, all Blair McDougall/John McTernan etc needed to be loved were cute dogs for profile pics
Ok to spend millions on 'Thinker in Residence' program, remember John McTernan but not ok with Lomborg
John Prescott ripping in to Blair, Mcternan and Harman on welfare bill on radio 4. best thing to happen to Brit…
. The assassination of Jim Murphy by the coward John Mcternan.
john mcternan has shown poor judgment in Australia.. his advice
I'm sure there is. There's probably another one in which Jim Murphy is PM and John McTernan is his 'Mandelson'. Chilling eh?
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John McTernan gets a job as a bar manager 5 mins later it goes bust, is hit by an earthquake and collapses in a heap
Fresh from his success in Scotland, John McTernan turns his expert gaze to the emergency services.
RTFBU responds to Blair advisor John McTernan dangerously ill-informed comments on merger with police
The suggestion that John McTernan isn't right-wing was certainly one of the more bizarre claims recently.
Dame Margaret Beckett., one of the people John McTernan, ex-adviser to Tony Blair, called a 'moron' speaks
either that or he's been hacked by John McTernan.
FBU responds to former Blair advisor John McTernan's dangerously ill-informed comments on merger with police
Smurphy spindoc John McTernan calls Corbyn supporters 'morons'? Heeding his words would be a bit like asking Herod for advice on childcare.
yea and John McTernan predicted the end of SNP and a landslide for SLab, we all make mistakes.
Toby Young, John McTernan and the mention of Tony Blair. 3 extra points guaranteed for
Hail John McTernan. Sage of being stuffed in elections.
Never rated John McTernan's opinion anyway. This article is just another example of why!
is that John McTernan writing another article?
What influence does Jim Murphy still hold over SLab ? Why hasn't John McTernan been sacked ?
John McTernan will have got him the info from MI5. Keep your tinfoil hat on.
I'd've thought John McTernan had shot all credibility he ever had with "morons" statement
John Prescott swinging punches at John McTernan. Got to say I agree with Prescotts analysis
How to fail at clickbait;. "Featuring Toby Young of and John McTernan of …".
I see 'election winning' Blairite John McTernan, fresh from Scottish GE triumph is now telling us what it is voters want to hear.
After his Scottish 'success' if I was a Labour member I think I would be demanding a bit of silence from 'key strategist' …
John McTernan: The chancellor’s ideas for cutting spending and services are unimaginative.
The idea of John McTernan advising against Jeremy Corbyn 😂 He did such a great job with Julia Gillard and the ALP...
That John McTernan FT article - has anyone costed up how much it would all actually save? Best case? Seems small fry
Labours John McTernan criticises Osbornes cuts in FT: not 'radical' or 'imaginative' Need 100% anti austerity
FBU responds to John McTernan comments on merger with police:
Wow. This John McTernan piece on cuts is nonsense. Where would fire and police merger cost savings arise?
John 'Morons' McTernan calls for radical cuts 'merge fire and police — inspecting smoke detectors, or walking a beat'
If John McTernan didn't exist, I think the SNP would have to invent him.
John McTernan (new labour) now offering advice to Osborne on what and how to cut
John McTernan has clearly concluded that the only way to deal with the real world is to pret…
I agree with John Prescott asking ' who is John McTernan.'
John Prescott on John McTernan: “Who the heck is John McTernan? He advised in Scotland, and we lost. He advised in Austra…
Remember, folks, Jim Murphy paid John McTernan more for THAT ScotLab campaign than Murphy's own MP salary was:
john mcternan has all the answers Comrade ask him ;)
Was wondering whether John McTernan had any plans to sell his virginity on Ebay ?. Can you ask him ? I am blocked !
I would absolutely love John McTernan to somehow be Labour Leader. He would HAVE to be on telly then.
John McTernan Chief of Staff to SMurphy at his wit's end
Christ. John McTernan is a piece of work. Where to start..?
(You're just looking for something on John McTernan, aren't you?)
you forgot the wonderful John McTernan.
Ah, that fine man John McTernan: a heady mix of obnoxious, opinionated (invariably wrong), patronising and ignorant.
Julia Gillard had John McTernan as her chief of staff and lost as did Jim Murphy
This is how John McTernan portrayed Ms Gillard to the Australian peeps. (pass me a Lamington)
how do you explain these emails John?
lol, John McTernan has never bullied his staff.
Right, now that Jeremy Corbyn is nominated, can we make sure that John McTernan isn't allowed anywhere near him?
“OK. Don't do it, just don't If John McTernan is opposed to Corbyn he must be a winner
the arrogance is sickening who elected John McTernan but hey he did great job in Scotland
Blow for Sturgeon as Jim Murphy recruits John McTernan to his team. A proven success, a fresh face. Sure to win over all…
Those who say Blair McDougall and John McTernan should show some real contrition for their role in Labour's catastrophe are being too harsh.
When Scotland votes No, Scottish Labour will be the big winners. My column:
One wonders if John McTernan's next job application CV will mention the 2015 Scottish Labour debacle where he was Chief of staff.
Steve Dailey is becoming the poor mans John Mcternan if we're being honest.😳
Its a waste of pure comedic talent that John McTernan is kept off the telly. Can we demand his appearance as part of FFA negotiation ?
Unite slams John McTernan and renews calls for Jim Murphy to step down as Scottish Labour leader via …
Is Tony Blair advising Labour to return to the centre ground occupied by Jim Murphy/John McTernan so successfully in Scotl…
Another cracking campaign from John McTernan, destroying Scottish Labour even more thoroughly than he managed with Aussie Labour.
John McTernan will take charge of Mr Murphy's team at Holyrood .help shape Scottish Labour's message as party seeks to make up ground on SNP
Isn't that a young Jackie Baillie and John McTernan to Lord Jack's left?
Such a lovely staged photograph from our friends at John McTernan Inc.   10% Off
Time for John McTernan to offer last of his series of "What Labour Must Do!" articles: an epitaph, "What Labour SHOULD have done"?
I know funds are precious right now, but whatever we're paying John McTernan, it's not enough.
What about hiring John McTernan as elections guru next time?
.I doubt Smith would have tollerated the likes of John McTernan and Blair McDougall on staff.
Fyi John McTernan pushing the John Smith line in the Guardian last May,
John McTernan will have fixed electrodes to Jim Murphy to make sure he doesn't go off Miliband & Balls' manifesto script this time
Pathetic political spin as usual from John McTernan. He makes Alasdair Campbell look soft.
No, there is the "Most Deprave Act Performed for John McTernan of Year" Award. But there's a lot of competition.
Clearly Ed should have ignored what John McTernan told him to say
You just summed up Slab SM guru & election strategist John McTernan. It will get worse, looser reaction
I can only hope that this works as well for the Tories as borrowing John McTernan went for the Australian Labor party.
Slap down for Murphy over Labour’s cuts chaos Another triumph for John McTernan. Next - a kangaroo?
Seems to me Jim Murphy is *detested* by every1 apart from Tony Blair and John Mcternan. No surprised he got bladed was only a matter of time
Where will John, Geez a Job, McTernan go next? You think Hilary has a slot😊
Don't imagine Hilary Clinton will b chapping on John McTernan's door 4 her campaign manager! Seems his CV could be summed up as
Any truth in the rumour that John McTernan is out searching for a dead cat to throw on the table?
Memo to McTernan from SNP HQ. mission accomplished John , come on home your country appreciates all your efforts to the cause
John McTernan must regard his decision to join Jim Murphy as strategic adviser for GE2015 as a pivotal career choice. What a c.v. addition!
Jim Murphy, Blair McDougall & John McTernan. It was always odds on they would destroy Labour branch in Scotland. No surprises here.
Going to movies on May 7th to see. Blair McDougall,Jim Murphy,John McTernan in Indyref 2: The fall of Scottish Labour. …
He's a contrived politician-just what Blair McDougall and John Mcternan relish-but Scotland is awake politically
And as we all know, you are John McTernan.
And I haven't even got started on McTernan, Murphy's CoS and arch Thatcher apologist:
The very core of the debate.Labour John McTernan said on Newsnight 'You can't trust people to spend their own money'
John McTernan's staff have a bonding day out?
I think McTernan & McDougall are managing to make unelectable without John's help? ;)
he couldn't write it himself. More Damian McBride or john McTernan I suspect they do joined up writing
you guys got any good links on the super-dodgy John McTernan? Used to work for Aussie Labour?
Joining the likes of Giovanni Di Stefano, George Galloway, John McTernan and Chris Graham in blocking me are Lovely company
can you please tell us what cuts Labour plan to make? I see John McTernan says it will be £20billion worth.
John McTernan is Chief of staff. Mcternan confirmed Labour plan £20BILLION of cuts.
Mcternan (Murphy's advisor) " Labour has signed up to 20 BILLION OF CUTS" I dont see it on leaflets
And guest editor for the Guardian today seems to be John MCternan, if the editorial is anything to go by.
If John McTernan and Blair McDougall are advising you re Scotland, think about this: you'll lose by an even bigger margin.
Hear Alex Salmond's summarily dismissal of John McTernan - a hat-trick of failures - at 36:25.
LOL Ouch! Salmond does not exactly have a lot of respect for John McTernan.
which I'm taking as a sign of annoying the people I want to annoy (John mcternan can't read me calling him a bawbag = devastated).
Typical tactics from Douglas Alexander and John McTernan. The truth will out!! :)
Anyone who would follow or even listen to John McTernan would deserve everything coming to them.
Scottish Labour Chief of Staff John McTernan at the 2014 tory conference . .
"Special" does that mean John McTernan or Blair McDougall?
Vimeo: As America Has Done to Israel, Part 2 - Prophecy in the News with John McTernan
am thinking of John McTernan saying "we're the Labour Party, not the Dole Party" not that long ago, no Labour types corrected him.
Blair McDougall and John McTernan aren't elected either. Should we not mention anything they do?
Or drones for the rather notorious John McTernan but it's about the same thing.
Back to 2015... Isn't Thatcherite John McTernan your party's top adviser? Ironic that you're posting this.
Scottish Labour's spin doctor, John McTernan, has himself become the story. The Labour response is ridiculous.
.My hubby and kids stay home all sb churches here corrupt we gave up. We use NTEB blog radio and John Mcternan.
Jim 'Henry Jackson' Murphy's chief of staff - John 'Thatcher' McTernan! All you need to know. via
I liked a video YEW CHOOB presents JOHN MCTERNAN
John McTernan, chief of staff to Jim Murphy MP, sleazy, lying, racist, Red Tory Britnat - this is your choobing.
You're serving under a man who's being advised by John McTernan. Stones and glasshouses come to mind.
Did John McTernan come up with the idea for the ?
I frequently get David Coburn mixed up with John McTernan
Who's Rachel? Was reading the John McTernan post. And I thought voting labour would be better? I don't like what
dunno like, John McTernan Shenanigans LLC sounds genuine to me.
It would appear so. See John McTernan's comments about Labour being "a Labour Party not a dole party".
.Except obviously when it's from Jim Murphy's chief of staff John McTernan.
Nope, must have had John Mcternan on the phone. They've proven themselves to be compliant
"Privatisation: what is it good for? Everything." says Jim Murphy's aide, John McTernan (2nd piece) .
Wow. Scottish Labour's statement on John McTernan's Thatcher comments is quite the thing:
I wonder what Jim Murphy finds so attractive about the Blairite neo liberal John McTernan?
John McTernan used to instantly block anyone who sent him this: Wonder if he still does?
are you being paid by John McTernan?
We can all see the mighty grand boileroom of McDougall and John Boy McTernan doing a grand job! :-)
7 policy advisers, 37 unpaid student interns, john mcternan, and a peruvian chinchilla wrought that last RT. admire it.
Is Aaron Sorkin writing LNP policy? Would that be better or worse than John McTernan?
there's only one John McTernan there's only one John McTernan one John McTernan one John McTernan!
As the European Union Has Done to Israel ✧ John McTernan's Insights . It appears the time has come that Europe...
Reminds me of a John McTernan email campaign.
John McTernan, former spin doctor to Julia Gillard, has done more harm than good to the ALP
has John given up swearing for lent?
This is pure a re run of his adventures in Oz. Comic…
All of Scottish Labour's *** ups have me wondering if words like schadenfreude annoy John McTernan as much as Gaelic on railway nameboards.
What has the Labour Party ever done for Scotland. Incidentally, a *** of a lot, rightly argues
It's more like on a scale of 1 to Nasty. Blamed his researchers. Unsurprisingly, not John McTernan.
Laugh :) the fantasies of John McTernan from a year ago about after the
Obviously is Jim Murphy's Chief of Staf ffor his ability to
Top piece of prescient political analysis from a man at the top of his game
It's important to remember that is the visionary Chief of Staff to ht…
.Because he's a "Scottish patriot" and John McTernan told him it was a good idea?
14 of them are John McTernan's staff?
.I know who John McTernan is. Was that graphic an SNP construct?
You do know who John McTernan is Maybe he was just having a laugh.
John McTernan must surely be an Abbott plant
John McTernan's spider legs give me the fear *scrolls past first panel really fast*
What has John McTernan got against faces?
the mendacity will only intensify with lying John 'the liar' Mcternan on board.
If Murphy had honestly wanted to bring Yes voters back to Labour, his hiring of John McTernan who is well known...
Does it hurt to have John McTernan permanently attached to your colon?
Update your maps at Navteq
Just re viewed SFMQ John Swinney noticed it.Labour noisy and graceless hectoring Nicola. New McTernan tactic? need firmer approach from PO?
Why isn't Murphy calling for the publication of the Chilcot Report (see The National, p11)? John McTernan won't let …
I read that, and every so often I swear I thought I saw Blair McDougall & John McTernan peering out from behind the curtains.
Another beat up. Peta has done nothing wrong, unlike the other ALP advisors .. via
Media bullying! Political staffers who became the story of the day
Peta Credlin, John McTernan, Juni Morosi and other political staffers who became the story of the day
News . com . au > When staffers become the story - THE number one rule for government staffers is to keep their na...
With Jim Murphy, Blair McDougall, John McTernan & Susan Dalgety now leading Labour, it`s almost like the good old days of Better Together.
.Blair McDougall, John McTernan... the list goes on and on.
Blair McDougall, Susan Dalgety and John McTernan, all working for Jim Murphy. Ladies and gentlemen, the Scottish Labour
who they going to interact with ... each other and John McTernan that;'s who!
John McTernan is the new chief of staff to recently appointed Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy - a vital job considering Labour’s hopes greatly on how many seats it gets north of the border.
backers Tom Gordon Scottish Political Editor Sunday 11 January 2015 THE peer who predicted devolution would kill nationalism "stone dead", a businessman who went to court to gag an SNP councillor, and a supporter of ill-fated leader Wendy Alexander are among the donors who bankrolled Jim Murphy's bid to be Scottish Labour's new boss, it has emerged. Lord George Robertson, the hawkish former general secretary of Nato who last year said Scottish independence would be "cataclysmic", gave Murphy's leadership bid £2000, it has emerged. Alan Massie, a businessman from Aberdeen who took out an interdict against a local Nationalist councillor, and who gave £15,000 to the Better Together campaign in the referendum, gave £14,500. John McGuire, boss of the Paisley-based Phoenix Car Company, who helped fund ­Alexander's doomed leadership in 2007, gave £20,000. Holland House Property Investments, a company run by chartered surveyors Alan Watt from Strathaven and Alison Taylor from Kilmacolm, gave the rent-free us ...
The appointment of John McTernan will deepen crisis for - appointing someone who says "we need to learn f…
Jon , John Mcternan has just started working for the Scottish Branch Office of maybe its in his briefcase
It says a lot about John McTernan that he thinks Scottish railway stations have English place names.
You've not been taken over by Islamic State, just John McTernan.
That John McTernan evil spinning bespectacled spider is a work of genius
LEAKED: John McTernan's list of words and phrases for potential Labour candidates to use in lead up to GE 2015?
Scottish Labour appoints Trident loving Scotland hating right wing *** John McTernan as chief of staff. Greens + SNP await…
Here's the lovely John McTernan describing Scotland as a “mendicant nation" - in short, we are beggars
People of and Britain: Let us introduce you to New Chief of Staff, John McTernan:
Labour spin dr John McTernan thinks we need fewer Gaelic signposts and more nuclear weapons. Not really warming to him,…
John McTernan used to work for David Cameron? Makes sense.
According to McTernan, Ed Miliband is wrong – needs more direction from not less.
Does John McTernan think he can get Labour elected by making Cameron look like a rabid left winger?
creepy john Mcternan would rather spend on trident than on poor families trying to feed their children child…
According to McTernan, Ed Miliband is wrong – Scottish Labour needs more direction from London, not less. .
ha! It would seem that John McTernan has blocked me... oh dear *sighs* what a punch to the gut that is. or not.
John McTernan: "There is no electoral victory available by moving to the Left of the Labour Party" That's exactly what Murphy's trying
Imagine that politicians read books not press summaries. And that they maybe even read poetry? From
displaying wisdom and maturity On why politicians need a hinterland - and poetry!
“What oft was thought, but ne’er so well express’d” Excellent from on why politicians need a hinterland
like to see John McTernan in there - can we make it a top ten?
For someone who is hopeless at ploughing through wads of turgid political prose this article is a joy!
Very nice piece on poetry and politics by (but I failed a job application by quoting Unto This Last)
John McTernan: Passion needed in modern government -
Politicians need to govern in poetry, argues To govern in poetry you first have to think in poetry.
More members of the first PLP had read John Ruskin’s Unto this Last than had read Marx - Great fact
Crazed speculation from Imagine if our politicians actually read books, not press summaries
Interesting read, some good points tho don't think poetry is the answer. Vonnegut that's what they all need to read
If politicians poetry then they wouldn't govern so prosaically. My column
Thought this was rather good (although I did PPE and have been known to read poetry)
This by is a pleasing read: On putting the poetry back into politics
. Piketty, poetry and politics all in a one-er. New Year's Resolution folks?
Why politicians should be guided by poetry rather than PPE degrees. Thoughtful opinion as always from .
“Put the poetry back into politics column: and wellbeing into economic policy
John McTernan: Passion needed in modern government - The Scotsman:
‘You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose’ was Mario Cuomo’s famous saying.
An article by with which its possible to largely agree. A Christmas miracle.
Here's brilliantly putting poetry back into politics. He's right
In which reminds us that the ability to talk rubbish beautifully can be a potent political weapon:
Put the poetry back into politics. My column:
John McTernan :Most of us would willingly share your 'oppression'.
I disagree with John McTernan. A PPE degree is much better preparation for a government role than an English degree.
"What if they had studied English literature rather than PPE?"
If only one of the Ps in PPE was poetry:
Politics: no longer left v right, but dreamers v realists.
Rather lovely piece. Not sure what he'd make of the fact that Nick Clegg always has a novel on the go
.has done a better job explaining the point of my PhD in Philip Larkin than I ever managed
My is John McTernan even in the Labour Party? Same could be asked of Tom Harris, Ed Balls, Jim Murphy...
(!?!) = John McTernan - Ian Davidson - Ian Smart - Jim McGovern - Add your own duplicitous WM type here - Plenty to choose from.
'John McTernan ... was a Labour adviser on health, ... and was Tony Blair's director of political operations.' from the comments
Sorry you had to have John McTernan, apologist extraordinaire for Tony Blair on. Suppose the opposite view required
Such is Blair's pariah status these days that only one person, John McTernan was prepared to attempt futile salvage op.
Leave Tony Blair alone cries John McTernan. Who neglects to mention he was Blair's director of political operations.
And how many kids' lives did Blair save in Iraq and Palestine? | John McTernan
Disgusting and completely misses the point, how dare he comment on staff John McTernan via
Poor old John McTernan, chief apologist for Blair... these days he's only wheeled out to mop up the latest Blair PR dis…
Sad little man John McTernan. Wonder how much Blair is paying him.
Stop the knee-jerk Blair backlash. He deserves his anti-poverty award - John McTernan
John McTernan followed by shadow labour minister after 8? Where's the 'objective' commentator?
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