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John McTernan

John McTernan (born in 1959, London) is a British Labour member, political strategist and commentator.

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Typical tactics from Douglas Alexander and John McTernan. The truth will out!! :)
Anyone who would follow or even listen to John McTernan would deserve everything coming to them.
Scottish Labour Chief of Staff John McTernan at the 2014 tory conference . .
"Special" does that mean John McTernan or Blair McDougall?
Vimeo: As America Has Done to Israel, Part 2 - Prophecy in the News with John McTernan
am thinking of John McTernan saying "we're the Labour Party, not the Dole Party" not that long ago, no Labour types corrected him.
Blair McDougall and John McTernan aren't elected either. Should we not mention anything they do?
Or drones for the rather notorious John McTernan but it's about the same thing.
Back to 2015... Isn't Thatcherite John McTernan your party's top adviser? Ironic that you're posting this.
Scottish Labour's spin doctor, John McTernan, has himself become the story. The Labour response is ridiculous.
.My hubby and kids stay home all sb churches here corrupt we gave up. We use NTEB blog radio and John Mcternan.
Jim 'Henry Jackson' Murphy's chief of staff - John 'Thatcher' McTernan! All you need to know. via
I liked a video YEW CHOOB presents JOHN MCTERNAN
John McTernan, chief of staff to Jim Murphy MP, sleazy, lying, racist, Red Tory Britnat - this is your choobing.
You're serving under a man who's being advised by John McTernan. Stones and glasshouses come to mind.
Did John McTernan come up with the idea for the ?
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I frequently get David Coburn mixed up with John McTernan
Who's Rachel? Was reading the John McTernan post. And I thought voting labour would be better? I don't like what
dunno like, John McTernan Shenanigans LLC sounds genuine to me.
It would appear so. See John McTernan's comments about Labour being "a Labour Party not a dole party".
.Except obviously when it's from Jim Murphy's chief of staff John McTernan.
Nope, must have had John Mcternan on the phone. They've proven themselves to be compliant
"Privatisation: what is it good for? Everything." says Jim Murphy's aide, John McTernan (2nd piece) .
Wow. Scottish Labour's statement on John McTernan's Thatcher comments is quite the thing:
I wonder what Jim Murphy finds so attractive about the Blairite neo liberal John McTernan?
John McTernan used to instantly block anyone who sent him this: Wonder if he still does?
are you being paid by John McTernan?
We can all see the mighty grand boileroom of McDougall and John Boy McTernan doing a grand job! :-)
7 policy advisers, 37 unpaid student interns, john mcternan, and a peruvian chinchilla wrought that last RT. admire it.
Is Aaron Sorkin writing LNP policy? Would that be better or worse than John McTernan?
there's only one John McTernan there's only one John McTernan one John McTernan one John McTernan!
Little Giant Ladders
As the European Union Has Done to Israel ✧ John McTernan's Insights . It appears the time has come that Europe...
Reminds me of a John McTernan email campaign.
John McTernan, former spin doctor to Julia Gillard, has done more harm than good to the ALP
has John given up swearing for lent?
This is pure a re run of his adventures in Oz. Comic…
All of Scottish Labour's *** ups have me wondering if words like schadenfreude annoy John McTernan as much as Gaelic on railway nameboards.
What has the Labour Party ever done for Scotland. Incidentally, a *** of a lot, rightly argues
It's more like on a scale of 1 to Nasty. Blamed his researchers. Unsurprisingly, not John McTernan.
Laugh :) the fantasies of John McTernan from a year ago about after the
Obviously is Jim Murphy's Chief of Staf ffor his ability to
Top piece of prescient political analysis from a man at the top of his game
"When Scotland votes No, Labour will be the big winners. My column:
It's important to remember that is the visionary Chief of Staff to ht…
.Because he's a "Scottish patriot" and John McTernan told him it was a good idea?
14 of them are John McTernan's staff?
.I know who John McTernan is. Was that graphic an SNP construct?
You do know who John McTernan is Maybe he was just having a laugh.
John McTernan must surely be an Abbott plant
John McTernan's spider legs give me the fear *scrolls past first panel really fast*
What has John McTernan got against faces?
the mendacity will only intensify with lying John 'the liar' Mcternan on board.
If Murphy had honestly wanted to bring Yes voters back to Labour, his hiring of John McTernan who is well known...
Does it hurt to have John McTernan permanently attached to your colon?
Just re viewed SFMQ John Swinney noticed it.Labour noisy and graceless hectoring Nicola. New McTernan tactic? need firmer approach from PO?
Why isn't Murphy calling for the publication of the Chilcot Report (see The National, p11)? John McTernan won't let …
I read that, and every so often I swear I thought I saw Blair McDougall & John McTernan peering out from behind the curtains.
Another beat up. Peta has done nothing wrong, unlike the other ALP advisors .. via
Media bullying! Political staffers who became the story of the day
Peta Credlin, John McTernan, Juni Morosi and other political staffers who became the story of the day
News . com . au > When staffers become the story - THE number one rule for government staffers is to keep their na...
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With Jim Murphy, Blair McDougall, John McTernan & Susan Dalgety now leading Labour, it`s almost like the good old days of Better Together.
.Blair McDougall, John McTernan... the list goes on and on.
Blair McDougall, Susan Dalgety and John McTernan, all working for Jim Murphy. Ladies and gentlemen, the Scottish Labour
who they going to interact with ... each other and John McTernan that;'s who!
John McTernan is the new chief of staff to recently appointed Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy - a vital job considering Labour’s hopes greatly on how many seats it gets north of the border.
backers Tom Gordon Scottish Political Editor Sunday 11 January 2015 THE peer who predicted devolution would kill nationalism "stone dead", a businessman who went to court to gag an SNP councillor, and a supporter of ill-fated leader Wendy Alexander are among the donors who bankrolled Jim Murphy's bid to be Scottish Labour's new boss, it has emerged. Lord George Robertson, the hawkish former general secretary of Nato who last year said Scottish independence would be "cataclysmic", gave Murphy's leadership bid £2000, it has emerged. Alan Massie, a businessman from Aberdeen who took out an interdict against a local Nationalist councillor, and who gave £15,000 to the Better Together campaign in the referendum, gave £14,500. John McGuire, boss of the Paisley-based Phoenix Car Company, who helped fund ­Alexander's doomed leadership in 2007, gave £20,000. Holland House Property Investments, a company run by chartered surveyors Alan Watt from Strathaven and Alison Taylor from Kilmacolm, gave the rent-free us ...
The appointment of John McTernan will deepen crisis for - appointing someone who says "we need to learn f…
Jon , John Mcternan has just started working for the Scottish Branch Office of maybe its in his briefcase
It says a lot about John McTernan that he thinks Scottish railway stations have English place names.
You've not been taken over by Islamic State, just John McTernan.
That John McTernan evil spinning bespectacled spider is a work of genius
LEAKED: John McTernan's list of words and phrases for potential Labour candidates to use in lead up to GE 2015?
Scottish Labour appoints Trident loving Scotland hating right wing *** John McTernan as chief of staff. Greens + SNP await…
Here's the lovely John McTernan describing Scotland as a “mendicant nation" - in short, we are beggars
People of and Britain: Let us introduce you to New Chief of Staff, John McTernan:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Labour spin dr John McTernan thinks we need fewer Gaelic signposts and more nuclear weapons. Not really warming to him,…
John McTernan used to work for David Cameron? Makes sense.
According to McTernan, Ed Miliband is wrong – needs more direction from not less.
Does John McTernan think he can get Labour elected by making Cameron look like a rabid left winger?
creepy john Mcternan would rather spend on trident than on poor families trying to feed their children child…
According to McTernan, Ed Miliband is wrong – Scottish Labour needs more direction from London, not less. .
ha! It would seem that John McTernan has blocked me... oh dear *sighs* what a punch to the gut that is. or not.
John McTernan: "There is no electoral victory available by moving to the Left of the Labour Party" That's exactly what Murphy's trying
Imagine that politicians read books not press summaries. And that they maybe even read poetry? From
displaying wisdom and maturity On why politicians need a hinterland - and poetry!
“What oft was thought, but ne’er so well express’d” Excellent from on why politicians need a hinterland
like to see John McTernan in there - can we make it a top ten?
For someone who is hopeless at ploughing through wads of turgid political prose this article is a joy!
Very nice piece on poetry and politics by (but I failed a job application by quoting Unto This Last)
John McTernan: Passion needed in modern government -
Website Builder 728x90
Politicians need to govern in poetry, argues To govern in poetry you first have to think in poetry.
More members of the first PLP had read John Ruskin’s Unto this Last than had read Marx - Great fact
Crazed speculation from Imagine if our politicians actually read books, not press summaries
Interesting read, some good points tho don't think poetry is the answer. Vonnegut that's what they all need to read
If politicians poetry then they wouldn't govern so prosaically. My column
Thought this was rather good (although I did PPE and have been known to read poetry)
This by is a pleasing read: On putting the poetry back into politics
. Piketty, poetry and politics all in a one-er. New Year's Resolution folks?
Why politicians should be guided by poetry rather than PPE degrees. Thoughtful opinion as always from .
“Put the poetry back into politics column: and wellbeing into economic policy
John McTernan: Passion needed in modern government - The Scotsman:
‘You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose’ was Mario Cuomo’s famous saying.
An article by with which its possible to largely agree. A Christmas miracle.
Here's brilliantly putting poetry back into politics. He's right
In which reminds us that the ability to talk rubbish beautifully can be a potent political weapon:
Put the poetry back into politics. My column:
John McTernan :Most of us would willingly share your 'oppression'.
I disagree with John McTernan. A PPE degree is much better preparation for a government role than an English degree.
"What if they had studied English literature rather than PPE?"
If only one of the Ps in PPE was poetry:
Politics: no longer left v right, but dreamers v realists.
Rather lovely piece. Not sure what he'd make of the fact that Nick Clegg always has a novel on the go
.has done a better job explaining the point of my PhD in Philip Larkin than I ever managed
My is John McTernan even in the Labour Party? Same could be asked of Tom Harris, Ed Balls, Jim Murphy...
(!?!) = John McTernan - Ian Davidson - Ian Smart - Jim McGovern - Add your own duplicitous WM type here - Plenty to choose from.
'John McTernan ... was a Labour adviser on health, ... and was Tony Blair's director of political operations.' from the comments
Sorry you had to have John McTernan, apologist extraordinaire for Tony Blair on. Suppose the opposite view required
Such is Blair's pariah status these days that only one person, John McTernan was prepared to attempt futile salvage op.
Leave Tony Blair alone cries John McTernan. Who neglects to mention he was Blair's director of political operations.
And how many kids' lives did Blair save in Iraq and Palestine? | John McTernan
Disgusting and completely misses the point, how dare he comment on staff John McTernan via
Poor old John McTernan, chief apologist for Blair... these days he's only wheeled out to mop up the latest Blair PR dis…
Sad little man John McTernan. Wonder how much Blair is paying him.
Stop the knee-jerk Blair backlash. He deserves his anti-poverty award - John McTernan
John McTernan followed by shadow labour minister after 8? Where's the 'objective' commentator?
John McTernan: isn't he under investigation for electoral fraud?
Duncan's on message. John McTernan must have had a word. Clever drone.
Labour's worrying trend to ignore iys working-class voters, see John McTernan, remember he lost the election for Australian Labor
John McTernan used the Misogyny card against David Cameron when he was in Opposition. He's now PM too. Gillard is a joke!
You may not want to hear this, but Tony Blair is right about by John McTernan,
Or that McTernan.
John McTernan: Cameron will regret this conference, promising a decade of NHS cuts - The Scotsman:
John McTernan writes for the Scotsman. They deserve each other. But his spiritual home is really the Daily Mail - he'll find it soon.
The idea that some human rights are trivial is not worthy of the party of Churchill. My column:
Does Cameron wait for Miliband to market-test policies before he suggests them? That's that says
Why Cameron might live to regret his 'big' conference speech:Dodgy economics, and illiberal on HRA.
John McTernan: Cameron will regret "It was Ed’s consent... which gave the go-ahead to the bomb…
John McTernan: Cameron will regret this conference - The Scotsman:
John McTernan: Cameron will regret this conference - News - The Scotsman
Don't always agree with but this is a surgical dismantling of Cameron's speech via
This is a good takedown of the contradictions in Dave's speech by Dodgy economics, and illiberal on HRA
Cameron blew the Tory's hard-earned economic credibility in his speech this week. My column:
Tacking to the left, marching to the right. opinion on conference speech.
John McTernan argues that Ed Miliband is really the driving force behind every Tory idea... .
.John McTernan, former Labour Party adviser being touted on as columnist, claiming Tories no…
Why's John McTernan back on Radio Scotland yet again as an "expert". He's the guy who assured us categorically there would be…
Is Kay Adams seriously pretending she didn't know John McTernan worked for corrupt war criminal Tony Blair?
Police probe Ruth Davidson, is John McTernan next in line?.
Blair McDougall an John McTernan askin tae use the copier tae run aff some CV's. Kicked thur slimy erses oot the door.
Interestingly, apart from being in the JTRIG handbook, t'was the method used by John McTernan in Australia to smear the opponent
We have lost our moral direction-JOHN MCTERNAN. Today’s massacres relayed in real time.Our responses shld b as swift.
"Russia is a country of bread and circuses (bread and games)" — John McTernan.
.Gerry Hassan has some advice for you that John McTernan agrees with 100%
an analysis warmly welcomed by John McTernan. Need I say more.
"John McTernan’s column... is a piece of which, I think, the late Christopher Hitchens would have been proud"
Just checking - are you the John Mcternan who thinks 'Privatisation is good for the NHS'?
John McTernan: Britain must give the Kurds the tools to lead Iraq out of this mess | via
I agree with this John Mcternan piece, but goodness there's a lot of tired rhetoric and fluff in it
How about the John McTernan sewage works?
John McTernan - champion and defender of Tory ministers. Scottish Labour establishment exposed for all to see.
"No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world." - John Keating, Dead Poets Society.
Re talk with baby Gammy's parents: Decision to do it not v wise. Who was media adviser? John McTernan involved?
Everything will change, but everything will stay the same John Mcternan very good on why Salmond lost
slightly nauseated by the John McTernan piece linked to in that article.
I know Ian Smart and John McTernan are awful.
Hamilton Collection
SA taxpayers ripped-off by Gillard's fly-in fly-out spin doctor John McTernan. Read Jamie Briggs...
its rich for John McTernan who advocates privatisation in the NHS and shouts at the TV when Andy Burnham appears
Tony Blair: His legacy will be debated but not forgotten | via John McTernan's article is worth a read.
Cabinet reshuffle: Did Cameron get it right? We hear John McTernan's views
George Orwell and Big Brother's war on Palestine, Ukraine and the truth In politics as in journalism and the arts, it seems that dissent once tolerated in the "mainstream" has regressed to a dissidence: . a metaphoric underground. Today's grand illusion is of an information age when, in truth, we live in a media age in which incessant corporate propaganda is insidious, contagious, effective and liberal. The other night, I saw George Orwell's "1984" performed on stage. Although crying out for a contemporary interpretation, Orwell's warning about the future was presented as a period piece: remote, unthreatening, almost reassuring. It was as if Edward Snowden had revealed nothing, Big Brother was not now a digital eavesdropper and Orwell himself had never said, "To be corrupted by totalitarianism, one does not have to live in a totalitarian country." Acclaimed by critics, the skillful production was a measure of our cultural and political times. When the lights came up, people were already on their way out. ...
'Not all patriots are nationalists' - good piece on Voting no. MT “The patriotic case for voting No:
No camp are not "unionists" but "status quo-ists" says Voting no increasingly looks like no change.
The patriotic case for voting No is one that the SNP and Yes cannot answer:
John McTernan quotes MacDiarmid's "that small white rose whose smell breaks your heart" There's a smell about his article and it's not roses
Could I ask John McTernan to extend his contempt to short-haired, conventionally trousered, sax-playing indy supporters like me?
John McTernan voitng No because "he loves Scotland" A love unreciprocated. Australia and England no' too keen either
I trust John McTernan will be marching today?
Take no notice, gets it the wrong way round! Catalonia still firmly pro-independence!. http:…
Does John McTernan have an official role within no campaign?
John McTernan on how patriotism leads him away from nationalism
It's been a day, and no-one in admits to being a patriot. My piece - - is right, Patriots vote
I know. I heard one of them speak at yesterday. John McTernan.
Once u have read this article of u don't really need 2bother reading any more.
"Patriots will vote No: "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious." ~ Wilde.
"Leaked emails reveal aggressive approach of spin doctor"
I discount the opinion of anyone who justifies Iraq war. As John Mcternan did at
And you've never made a typo Still no reply to what I said about you're nasty STREAK
On Coulson, the last para of piece for the Scotsman is a great summary. the column's wort…
Clever piece by All Scottish nationalist are patriots but all patriots aren't nationalist
“It’s because I love my country that I will be voting No…" insightful piece by >
Would need 140 LINES to detail how nonsensical this article is
Great piece from on being a patriot but not a nationalist
Fine piece by on the emotional hole in YeSNP armoury: Voting No because I love -
The brilliant succinctly sets out the patriotic Scottish case for voting No to independence htt…
"I'm voting 'No' because I love Scotland" says in
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Scotland will vote No because Scots love their country:
"All nationalists are patriots but not all patriots are nationalists." Yes, do read today
Steve Bisley ankles Glengarry Glen Ross due to illness, replaced by John McTernan
Could someone go give John McTernan a quick lesson on constitutional law? Doing him a great kindness. About to explode through apoplexy.
John McTernan knows as much about constitutional law as my *** knows about chapping tatties.
Order "Healing the Broken Heart" (3-DVD Set & Study Guide) by John McTernan here: This week on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, when ...
Alert readers will have had a hard time missing Labour spin doctor John McTernan on TV and radio and in newspapers this week. A former special adviser to Tony Blair, he's been rolled out on heavy r...
John McTernan's Insights . "ISIS Threatens to Invade Jordan, 'Slaughter' King Abdullah" 06/12/14 I think this Muslim terrorist group from Iraq seems unstoppable. They now have their eyes on Jordan. I know that Jordan is going to fall a Muslim Brotherhood type group, so this could be it. They are following Muhammad and the Koran by cutting heads off along with hands and feet. This tactics are right out of the Koran for dealing with the infidels. Remember, the terror and fighting you see now is eventually all heading in attempt to destroy Israel and take Jerusalem for allah. This will be the doom of Islam. The Holy God of Israel will destroy these armies and break the back of Islam. Islam does not have much longer. The end time antichrist religion is classic paganism and not Islam. Wow, is this coming fast
To John McTernan - "Grow up and back your own country's self determination. After that support any other nation you like"
: Grow up - back England in World Cup - News - The Scotsman The anti English feeling by some is embarrassing
It's just so weird - what is Peta Credlin doing there? Be like Gillard bringing John McTernan along to dinner with Suharto.
The two things I agree with on: My column. SPOILER ALERT: Not separation or Obama.
Do you mean John McTernan? The most progressive politician in the world after you, is nobody.
.are you going to c**t us John? hope your legendary success is rubbing off on the No camp :)
 saturday the video of the father of military man released in prisoner trade stood next to the president of our country and spoke in the language of the enemy we have been at war with for the longest war in recent history to his just released son..shock resonated as our national leader essentially gave his blessing to the matter in the rose garden of the white and views swirled ever since and confusion regarding the matter and the decision has increased by the hour. tuesday full release of the only video account of the release of the soldier again filled the tv screens around the world.this time released by the enemy with their own words giving the world an account of it.. just as we,as a nation,are realing under the humbling of being relegated to "confusion/shame/embarrasment of face" before the world a third video was front and center of major news networks last nite..the president is in poland seeking to bolster the confidence level of our allies in the world and a man off the street calml ...
domain names
Yes let's not pick on staffers the hypocrisy is mind blowing
This is a reminder of the pure crap you John McTernan gave the Australian People:.
BBC Radio Scotland Newsdrive to be presented by dream team of John McTernan & Grahamski.
BetterTogether's John McTernan in the Telegraph today says of Iraq "people [should] get over it". The million dead civilians …
John McTernan called the Robertson report on BBC media bias "nonsense" in response to my question. Academics V spin.
Only just caught up on this. The briefers-against, and the briefed-against - and why. on fine form.
Blair's political strategist John McTernan will be at this May with Norman Lamont to dispute trickery
John McTernan: The Labour leader, who died 20 years ago today, was a political giant who ought to inspire a better kind of politics
The West is now in the process of treating real Christians the way the Nazis treated the Jews. I see the mentality in the West the same as the Jews of the 1930s. The Jews were mentally defeated by the attacks of society and went passively to their deaths. I see Christians now under the same process of the Jews and have very little will to resist the spirit of antichrist that is rising. Our strength is in the Lord and turning to Him in repentance along with an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The church, for the most part, is not doing this but is becoming more passive and thus subject to slaughter as were the Jews. It is happening to the church NOW. This is not way off in the future, but right NOW you are being setup by the reprobates for slaughter. This can be stopped by crying out to the Lord for mercy and help. Why will the church not do this? Is there any fear of God left among God's people? "After villainization comes criminalization. New laws are written redefining marriage, or infringing on the freed ...
Julia Gillard's fmr Comms Director has a dig at press secretaries who get "shirty or shouty"
John Smith would have led us to a decent world | John McTernan
IslamoFacism is cheered by America's Hard left. Warnings by Dr. John McTernan:
If Blairite John Reid is Better Together's new front man, will he dig up John McTernan, Blair's spinner who lost Julia Gilla…
.announce third of of six debates with Actor Brian Cox, Political Strategist John McTernan and more
Briefing against your own side is one of the "pathologies of modern politics" according to Dead right.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
“Why briefers brief against their own side always wanted to know!
Politicians should put their names to everything for public consumption. The rest is noise.
On Wed Newsnight, John McTernan thinks a Yes vote would be the 'death knell' for the Tory Party in rUK. (47.30 in) .
John McTernan: With friends like these... - The Scotsman: . Always write about what you really know.
John McTernan: With friends like these... via
I was quite impressed by John McTernan's analysis until he started talking about Alex Salmond and the...
on the leaking of negative info on Better Together leader Alistair Darling
Good stuff on self-important political leaking from John McT who is a grown up unlike some, Gordon
Nope, still not interested in reading John McTernan on UK politics, or Oz politics, or anything, really.
John McTernan: With friends like these... - The Scotsman:
Why do they leak? Because they can, writes Insightful column:
With friends like these. Why briefers brief against their own side explained in my column:
Gillard John McTernan, with awe and reverence. He is supposed to be the brains behind Gillard di...
John McTernan thinks the loss of Scotland, with it 41 Labour MPs, will be the death knell for the Tories. He's got one song..
John McTernan masterminded Australian Labor PM's campaign into oblivion after many failures in the UK. He has the opposite…
Well they hired John McTernan shows their ambition to be Blairite.
STRATEGIC IMPLICATIONS OF AMERICAN MILLENNIALISM While I do not agree with John McTernan on some of his evaluation of some presidents he mentions, I do agree with his overall analysts. -- John Henry Analysis of: Strategic Implications of American Millennialism By John McTernan Dated: May 22, 2008 By: Major Brian L. Stuckert, U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies United States Army Command and General Staff College Fort Leavenworth , KS 66027 Name of Responsible Person: Stefan Banach , COL , US Army Telephone Number: (913) 758-3300 This thesis was approved by: Timothy Challans, PhD Monograph Director Robert Taylor, COL , MI Monograph Reader Stefan J. Banach, COL , IN Director, School of Advanced Military Studies Robert F. Baumann, PH.D Director, Graduate Degree Programs There is nothing associated with this thesis indicating it is the sole opinion of Major Stuckert. The Analysis In the very beginning, Major Stuckert opens with a direct attack on pre-millennial beliefs as being dangerous to America ...
The Abbott govt has bungled the pre-budget media so badly you'd think they'd hired John McTernan to do it. Goes around, …
Populus poller Rick Nye on research for the Daily Politics and R4's Wato on industrial action by some Underground workers, teachers and firefighters. Andrew Neil gets reaction from guests of the day: John McTernan, former political adviser to Tony Blair, and Isabel Hardman of the Spectator. Read more about the polling figures:
'John McTernan ... was Tony Blair's director of political operations' and a noted practitioner of arslikahn.
Seeing this piece wondered who John McTernan shills for then see he was Tony Blair's director of political operations
The Blair strategist John McTernan says people cannot be trusted with their own money.
Last night CyberNats compared me to Gene Hunt, Danny La Rue, Father Jack and . John McTernan - ouch.
Paul Howes, Wayne Swan, John McTernan: Three of the intellectual giants that gave us Prime Minister Tony Abbott
John McTernan, David Aaronovitch & Fraser Nelson all vigorously agreeing with one another abt Thrilled 2 be on the opposite side.
having listened to John McTernan, On the daily politics show being dismissive of the plebian =
Genuinely think John McTernan's spell abroad means he is woefully behind how much the EU debate has moved on beyond his dismissive approach
John McTernan ex Labour spin doctor says he doesn't care if voters want EU referendum, they shouldn't have one, no need for democracy then!!
Labour Guru John McTernan on BBC Daily Politics 16/12/2013: "I don't care what people want".
Fact: John McTernan used to be a librarian.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Sometimes words just aren't enough and you want to smash somebody in the face SO BAD...John McTernan is one such person!
Labour Party political advisor John McTernan says the British people don't want an referendum & doesn't care even if they do
Labour commissar John McTernan - 'I don't care what people want'- the very epitome of the elite state.
Jo Coburn "The people want an EU referendum." John McTernan "I don't care what people want. Many of them want to bring back hanging."
Shameful pro EU stunt your 'Guest of the day', Scottish, labour, John Mcternan with his pro EU rant with no right of reply.
John McTernan: 'I don't care what people want'. Did anyone vote for him or want him in government? Nothing but a political commissar!
John McTernan on The Daily Politics ~ 'I don't care if people want a referendum'.
John Mcternan a name you may all wish to remember when the revolution comes
John McTernan, never elected, guess what: the public don't care what you think either. Who are you?
Scottish John McTernan...what a Pro EU bell end he is. Where do these *** come from ?
I was vaguely aware of John McTernan before today. Now I know he's an utter ***
John McTernan (on EU referendum and public support for it): "...I don't care what people want..."
.John McTernan wreaked havoc as spinmeister to our ex-PM Julia Gillard. A sort of B-grade Alastair Campbell.
The difference between John McTernan & Malcolm Tucker, is that Malcolm was good at his job...
John McTernan: "Everybody needs a bruiser and Ed Balls is a bruiser".
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
John McTernan, Gillard's spinmeister is a cultured viper who cannot be trusted. He couldn't give a *~* what anyone thinks. He's too powerful
Hockey mocks Labor over leaked emails from former adviser
John Mcternan Media army on a rampage after seeing Morgan poll
Just listened to this Man on the Daily Politics Show Monday 16th December, and I have to say as a Political Strategist he is a disgrace how dare he state that he does not care about the electorate wanting a referendum on the EU his exact words being ( I don,t care what they want) to have him or people like him involved in any aspect of Politics is more scary than staying in the EU and i personally want out, these people who say it would be a disaster to leave can never state the reasons to stay in. On a last note I do not care what John McTernan says or thinks and he should hang his in shame at the statement he made.
John McTernan told his press secs to "smash" me for reporting on coalition's cheaper broadband policy.
SA pays Combet to advise on post-Holden plans. Guess they'll get Eddie Groves to advise on Child Care and John McTernan on politics.
Julia Gillard's former spin doctor John McTernan regularly used obscene language when communicating with the Prime Minister's staff, thousands of emails leaked to the ABC show.
Compare the Pair, Abbott and Gillard. What a waste. Good job Rupert Readers. he has made fools of you all. Trouble is you are all ducking for cover now. Julia Gillard Woman of 2013, FT Magazine. “I genuinely think there’s a cause for optimism. Crashing through a glass ceiling is always painful, but having crashed through it, I think it will be easier for the next woman who comes along. Few politicians in a western democracy have endured such personal abuse as Gillard, whose three-year term as Prime Minister ended in June amid a welter of recrimination about the nature of Australian society and its treatment of women in top jobs. But the Welsh-born lawyer did not go down without a fight. When Julia Gillard sat down at the end of her lacerating attack on “misogyny” in politics last year, it was seen as a moment of catharsis. Some women cheered, some cried; others saw it as the former Australian premier’s political death warrant. A year later she is out of office and politics – but insisting that ...
Julia Gillard's former communications director John McTernan has done more damage than good to the Australian Labor Party.
Many of you people idolise Malcolm Tucker, but the reality is that he (like John McTernan) is just a workplace bully.
The Prime Minister's chief spin doctor is in the news again. But the experts say John McTernan should not be seen or heard.
I know Malcolm Tucker, and John McTernan - you're no Malcolm Tucker
Didn't realise Malcolm Tucker was parody, thought he was role model: John McTernan revealed in leaked emails
Here is the latest offering by that Latika Bourke thing over John McTernan, I think this is a story strung together to counter the Credlin meddling in the Libs party.
Thousands of emails from Julia Gillard's powerful media adviser John McTernan have been leaked to the ABC, revealing the aggressive approach adopted by the former Prime Minister's communications director and the inner workings of the media team.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Please,let's stand in the gap for America & be in agreement prayer & intercession for the American people.There should be a clarion call of utmost urgency!..emergency! for genuine sincere repentance & change GOD'S JUDGEMENT IS UPON BABYLON AND HER WICKED SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT.GOD'S JUDGEMENT IS UPON AMERICA.AMERICA'S ONLY HOPE IS TO INTERCEDE AND CRY OUT TO THE LORD FOR MERCY AND AN OUTPOURING OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT God has something to say about America's ways and her relationship with Israel. October 1987 was a dramatic time in my spiritual life. On October 11th, there was a massive homosexual march on Washington, DC. Upwards of 500,000 marched for their “rights.” As I watched this on the news, it upset me, and I turned the TV off and walked away. It didn’t occur to me to intercede before the Holy God of Israel. I never thought that He might be judging the nation. Then I forgot about the march. The following week the stock market went into a sharp decline resulting in a massive 508-point loss on Octob ...
GILLARD'S AWU SCAM...why the Press ran dead. Prior to Gillard’s election to Prime Minister, senior Press Gallery hacks were canvassed by the ALP Right faction to determine if her connection to the AWU fraud would “be a problem”. The Press was emphatic; it wouldn’t be! From that point on the senior scribes did everything to ensure their prediction came true.The media’s love affair with the hapless Gillard was doting and loyal and, if it weren’t for a few mavericks who saw meat on the AWU bone, she may have staved off Rudd's return. The Press gallery had become more of a rogues’ gallery after struggling newspapers were forced to cut staff in their Canberra bureaus, leaving a handful of seniors to mentor some cheaper, snotty-nosed cadets on steep learning curves. But Gillard was eventually forced to hold an impromptu press conference to elicit questions on the brewing scandal. The juniors had no idea what she was talking about and the seniors naturally refused to ask a single probing question. ...
Order the 3-DVD and Book set online! This week on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, John McTernan has received revelation knowledge, from th...
A Julia Gillard movie! Give us a break. We all know the story it was written by John McTernan.
Why the Democrats will hold the Presidency and the Republicans can't deal with the Tea Party:
John McTernan: US in all its contradictions - The Scotsman:
Breaking News: John McTernan: US in all its contradictions
John McTernan: US in all its contradictions
Escape plan - Watch it ,if you are Stallone and Arnold Fan . Good -their camaraderie , Premise/story. Bad -direction,screenplay AND action(that was a shock, given that you have 2 Hollywood action icons) . O/a good due to SS and AS. Actually AS is the 2nd lead. Pay only if you are a fan of AS and SS.I am and hence it's a treat watching them together ! I wish James Cameron or John mcTernan would have directed it! Would have been a Blast . Oh Acting is good by all the cast. Specially Jim caviziel( count of monte cristo)
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