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John McTernan

John McTernan (born in 1959, London) is a British Labour member, political strategist and commentator.

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John A memo to Jeremy on how to beat the
John Mcternan. Away and make die hard 17 now eh?
John McTernan blocked me for calling him a Tory, which is odd as he is clearly a Tory.
John McTernan, ladies and gentlemen. This vicious ideology was the "mainstream" in Labour until Corbyn came along.
John McTernan also hates his worthless office job
Yes need to hold journos but also Lab ppl to account- see Laurie Mcfarlane's posts on John McTerna…
That John McTernan is a total fruit loop. Wonder if he'd say the same statement to those that lost family in the…
John McTernan is like some inverted Nostradamus if he says something the opposite happ…
John McTernan a massive waste of Oxygen
John McTernan - spin doctor to Tony Blair, counsellor to Labour coup plotters, adviser to Owen Smith - welcomes Donald Tr…
John McTernan joining Nick Cohen today in going full reactionary authoritarian with apologetica for Batista and Pinochet respectively
John Mcternan has a secret room plastered in newspaper clippings of Tony Blair. The pics of Cherie he has gouged the eyes out.
what we need is a 'centrist' like Jim Murphy, with John McTernan as his messenger. Electoral success right there! 😂
Plus Kezia and John McTernan are over helping out...
As his unofficial biographer it is my lamentable duty to report to you that John McTernan has defected to ISIS.
Biggest danger for Clinton is Kezia Dugdale & John McTernan are over there campaigning for her.
worked out so well for the last PM he worked for, wasn't she thrown out by her colleagues??
Can't wait to see John McTernan boasting how he personally won the US election for Clinton
not saying we should adopt this strategy with John McTernan but
John McTernan is there. he could cost Clinton the election singlehanded.
hold yer horses there Andy, the voters paraiah John Mcternan has just said he's campaigning for her there because it's a swing state
if John McTernan was a wrestler, would he be called the Failure in Australia or the Caledonian Collapse?
how does John McTernan,with his recent campaigning track record,go on so many field studies. Who sponsors him?
John 'Inverse Midas' McTernan campaigning for Clinton in a swing state? Chalk one up for Trump.
Louise Haigh, Peter Kyle(who agreed to see me and gave me his time to discuss this), Lisa Nandy and actually John McTernan.
By the logic of previous joust with , this article makes a misogynist -
I hear CIA have put Jim Murphy & John Mcternan on the US No Fly list .
NOT a very popular choice you've made then Kezia? Was it to raise Hillary's profile or yours? And John McTernan too? Ew
Please, please, please let John McTernan be there too...
The results we’ve come to expect: Saturday 11am: Saturday 8pm: Wow. We can only assume she took John McTernan...
does she have her handler, John Mcternan wae her anknaw? Lol
All you need to make it a sure thing is for John McTernan to offer to help Kez on the trip!
Wonder if she has taken John McTernan with her. He's usually the kiss of death...
Kez wins it for Trump. Yet another feather in Kez's non existant cap. McTernan's female counterpart?
as long as John McTernan as bides at home
in what alternative reality is John McTernan left wing? At least try to be factual
no, I get my news from JOHN MCTERNAN
it's like the Labour Party and John McTernan
John McTernan's facial expression is bloody brilliant.
I can't stand John McTernan but his face as Williams wirbles is absolutely priceless
misguided arrogance -check. Must be a John McTernan fan.
privately wants to loose, according to John McTernan.
Dan Hodges, John McTernan, and John Rentoul sitting down together for a nice evening of ale and jerking off to Falklands & Iraq footage
.for on who in Labour might wrestle back control of the party:.
Theresa May is under attack from virtually everyone except the Opposition. on what can be done
Ever the optimist, has written Heat Street a run-down of who could salvage the Labour Party
Hamilton Collection
oh God, please don't say that. That's something John McTernan would say. Although Grombags would undoubtedly vote Trump.
saw Gordon Wilson; tuned out. He vies with John McTernan for accuarcy in political sooth saying.
How about John McTernan? See Independence vote in the high 90s, as he again shows he has his finger on the pulse 😂😂
John McTernan tells it like it is for Corbyn's Labour Party
I've decided Phil Greaves is now my political hero. Wish I was followed by Jeremy Corbyn AND John McTernan.
Nobody sums up centrists' ham-fisted populism better than John McTernan, who assumes everyone would love Malcolm Tucker if he was real
James Schneider and John McTernan did a discussion panel on Labour's immediate future, organised by the Fabians. Couldn't go, unfortunately.
John McTernan calling for a split in the party and for the ousting of two MPs: Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell. ht…
John McTernan really upsets me. I don't understand why he is allowed to be a member when he relentlessly attacks Corbyn.
Opinion: Hillary Clinton, facts don't matter: John McTernan: If I learned one lesson from the referendum on…
John McTernan wrote "the most qualified person to ever stand" He loses all credibility writing all encompasing statements.
I did get that last one c/o John McTernan. Credit where credit is due.
.probably a fan of John McTernan's view on how to win elections.
John McTernan, former spin doctor to Julia Gillard, has done more harm than good to the ALP via
is this all made up John aye? you done well wi Jim Murphy too eh?
John McTernan has no respect for Labour Party members.
John McTernan says Jeremy Corbyn is the most woeful leader the Labour Party has ever had. How'd Jim Murphy get on in Scotland John?
over at FB I'm tackling Blairite John mcternan fans, one *** at a time. Boy there's an obnoxious ***
It says a great deal that for both Tom Watson and John McTernan, the Daily Telegraph is now the New Labour vehicle of c…
I've done a video for tonight, 7pm, on Labour. Interviewees include Clive Lewis, Lisa Nandy, John McTernan..…
John Mcternan - trolling every single supporter of Jeremy Corbyn by calling them an online troll. There's a delicio…
everything John McTernan says is the opposite of what Labour and the people need. McTernan is a dreadful hateful loser…
Catching up on John McTernan described Corbyn as useless & unpleasant. Yes! JOHN MCTERNAN!
There we have it, John McTernan calling for a split in Labour & ousting MPs. Isn't that what Corbyn supporters are berated…
You could show support by calling for the expulsion of John McTernan, after his performance, tonight
I still cannot believe that John Mcternan Blairite PR man admitted on C4news that they want Labour split RT
John McTernan must be the best recruiting sergeant Jeremy Corbyn could have hoped for, and he is getting this service (bile) for free!
John McTernan, who masterminded Labour's Scottish collapse, urges permanent internal Labour civil war. Party's will to un…
Tom Harris, John McTernan, Jim Murphy. everyone who caused the wipeout is a dyed-in-the-wool Owen Smith supporter
John McTernan had to write something, rose coloured glasses and selective hearing it seems he has…
Iain Martin is the new John McTernan 😀 he absolutely HATES Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Weird that. Or is it ..
Owen Smith's senior advisor John McTernan has threatened an MP. This man just keeps getting worse.
If Owen Smith wants to blame someone for loss of Scotland I'm sure he has John McTernan on speed dial
and Peter Mandelson, John McTernan, Jamie Reed, Michael Foster, Tom Blenkinsop, Tom Watson.. the list is endless
I keep getting John McTernan confused with John McTiernan, a much better person, who brought us Die Hard.
Owen Smith’s biggest backer John McTernan loses it on social media, threatening violence against an MP https:…
I'm not because he is surrounded, for now at least, by the likes of Alistair Campbell and John McTernan.
Will this include Michael Foster, Tom Watson, Alistair Campbell, John McTernan, Jess Phillips, all have been abusive
Tony Blair has endorsed his friend Owen Smith. Blair's former advisers John McTernan and Lance Price will be advising Smi…
John McTernan is the political gift that keeps on giving.
Wouldn't be to concerned on what john mcternan has said. Not been to accurate with his predictions in the past!!
John McTernan is full of crap. He's as Anti-Scotland as the rest of that crowd. His ignorance and lies don't impress me.
whatever John mcternan says, the opposite seems to happen. Pretty much all the time.
LoL John Mcternan . really !! Ye he said if Scotland voted NO Labour would leap lol aye into the abyss
John McTernan: Scots have not shifted to Yes over Brexit. It's the UK, come what may.
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I'd be worried if John McTernan was saying independence will happen, but he's saying it won't. best news for independence for ages
John McTernan predicts independence will not happen - which is fantastic news for Yes. all his predictions go wrong :-)
Have to admit John McTernan shows some insight here, when he says that the UK is tanking... It is.
Julia Rampen, John McTernan, John Redwood and David Lammy also feature in this evening's must reads:
Just a hunch, but I'm guessing John McTernan didn't like the idea of devolution back in the day.
Comment by John McTernan, a writer, thinker, and political strategist. Also adviser to Blair and Murphy. 😂😂😂
John McTernan says: "Scots have not shifted to Yes over Brexit." He's always wrong, so must be imminent.
John "There will be no McTernan... Who pays him for his opinion FFS?!
Ah, McTernan has spoken. That's cheered me up no end about the prospects for indy. Thanks, John!
John McTernan also masterminded the labour capitulation in Scotland
Everytime I read something by John McTernan I wonder who the heck believes him.
I'm not a writer, journalist or a John McTernan but I can assure you he's way out of his depth on this one.
Well John McTernan shouldn't have wiped Scotland off the map by calling the entire country racist.
you seem to be the one full of hatred! Do you work for John Mcternan ?
Could you please clarify whether John McTernan is running your campaign? Thank you.
Update your maps at Navteq
I thought you were speaking on behalf of the Government! "So called" antisemitism inquiry? Did John Mcternan put you up to it?
They've got her and John 'face like a jakey's scrotum' McTernan mixed up.
.Why do you think Smith is practical & has a detailed plan? Because he said so? Because John McTernan said so? Just words.
"Greens are enemies as much as Tories" Labour's John McTernan is the gift that keeps on giving.
1. The Coup was planned *before Corbyn was ever elected. 2. Plotters do not care for Labour Grassroots. Proof here: https:…
No coup talk against b4 he was even ldr?
At this moment, John Mcternan is having to be restrained and sedated
McTernan sets up parody accounts of Momentum for He's done it before
Who decides what Photo you use of ? Peter Mandelson & John Mcternan Then wife chooses his photo
John mcternan will be 'getting a bit of a shout on' with some poor soul as we speak
Labour MP John McTernan says the Green Party is enemy of the Labour Party. . Wrong, John. You Blairites are the enemy,…
John McTernan is wrong about everything.
Owen Smith is being advised by former Tony Blair spin doctors - and warmongers - John McTernan and Lance Price. An absolu…
"There is a way back for Labour: the organisational machine, Gordon Brown, and Jim Murphy.". John McTernan, Sep 2014.
Weekly reminder that John McTernan helped all but wipe out Scottish Labour, then told staffers we were on track for Holyrood 2016
John McTernan who masterminded Labour's political suicide in Scotland gives advice on JC's election victories
Kez "has not been best served by her advisers"? What tosh. We're talking John McTernan and Susan Dalgety aren't we?
John McTernan is always talking about winning, despite being a serial election loser
Labour used to have the feeling of some honour and integrity.
Is this being co-ordinated, Vincent? You have worked with John McTernan in the past, I believe?
I'm guessing by the way Murray is performing that John McTernan has a fiver on Raonic.
The movie in John McTernan's head is an episode of 'Taggart' where every character is on hold on the phone to everyone else.
You're probably right, but ever since John McTernan floated this idea last autumn, I can't see it working
You can always rely on Campbell. McTernan up next.
Former advisor to Tony Blair slammed after saying Brexit was worse than Iraq War
Re-upping this. The rules seem crystal clear to me.
“We cannot regret the fact...a genocidal dictator…was removed from power in Iraq” - John McTernan tells
For the four of you who still didn't think John McTernan was a complete tool:
John McTernan: Tories should stop apologising for Margaret Thatcher & be proud of how they helped to shape Scotland
John McTernan, Tony Blair's Director of Political Operations, responds to Labour's 400,000 new members. ht…
, John Mcternan is an enemy of the Labour Party and a total fool.
a list of John McTernan's political successes
Former Blair adviser John McTernan joins public affairs agency|PR Week on LBC claiming constituencies don't want JC
John Mcternan aka Malcolm Tucker, has form when it comes to lying and bullying. Ask the Australian Labour Party.
John McTernan who routinely slates Corbyn on the BBC is now defending the avarice of Tony Blair on Channel 5.
invite Blairite John McTernan on programmes to undermine Corbyn and never mention he works for a TORY PR company.
John McTernan, Chief of Staff to the Scottish Labour leader for the 2015 General Election.
Are we allowed to hiss about Dan Hodges or John mcternan or are they just professionals doing their jobs?
Peckham & Camberwell CLP had over a thousand people join since the election, yet I hear John Mcternan was elected as a conference delegate
now be consistent and criticise John McTernan for attacking the Labour Party (our elected leader) leader often
More words of encouragement - makes a change from Mcternan Rentoul
How did David Cameron cope with the Sky News audience... and Faisal Islam? John McTernan
That insufferable pratt John McTernan on BBC News ch right now slagging Corbyn for being crap at supporting Remain
I think you're unfairly denying John McTernan and Blair McDougall the credit they deserve
Ah. 'John Mcternan says...' Not heard that in a while.
John Mcternan says "blindingly obvious" way to encourage manufacturing which is to "get on with fracking" and suggests soverei…
Leaked Emails giving an impression of life under Oz labour with McTernan as spin doctor..Comments are "pithy"
why does John McTernan have an avatar? Cannot compute.
John Mcternan "thuggish"? Has no one seen those Travelodge ads?
This must surely be the end for Sadiq Khan. He's been praised by John McTernan.
But if you would use that tactic wouldn't you? It's mild compared to this
😅 John Mcternan has principles. Best laugh I've had all week. Lab = Gov at any cost
Another steaming turd from John McTernan, not even ex BBC trust chairman says they're fair to Corbyn
A thuggish demeanour, I said. Here you go:
Lest we forget now works for a Tory PR company
And Wee John's McTernan's an expert in gutter journalism
Does he still take advice from Wee John McTernan?
Jim Murphy teamed up with John McTernan to 'save Scotland' for Labour at the GE15. We know what happened there.
Why Jeremy Corbyn despises the liberal media even more than the Right John McTernan
John McTernan. he failed twice with Blair. he failed with Scottish Labour. he failed in Australia . i see a theme
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He's respected in the same sense that John Mcternan and Dan Hodges are respected : by no one outside of Westminster.
Blaire spin doctor John McTernan has had a career change and is now helping to punt cheap hotel rooms. https…
Telegraph EU debate: Janet Daley and John McTernan answer your questions  /
John McTernan there, waving at you through the Overton Window whilst trying to tell you it doesn't exist.
as Mao would say, it is good to be attacked by John McTernan
Surprised to see Scottish Labour's dynamic dunces - Tom Harris and John McTernan - both writing in the Telegraph denouncing their leader...
In that case John McTernan and Dan Hodges can't be that far behind!
Have Blair McDougall or John McTernan had to pay any compensation to Scottish Labour? For what they did to it, I mean. Would only seem fair.
you, Tim Stanley, William Hague, John McTernan... According to him, everyone is. He has zero followers!
"The Tories will lose the 2015 general election, but – at least in Scotland – they may win seats"
so do I. One speaker from Labour CND the other is John McTernan. . Ps we nominated JC
Comical, Advice on strategy from Jim Murphy's Chief of Staff 2015 election.Worst Lab result in history
Could have made great strides by being himself, the likes of McTernan getting hold of him killed any message he had
John McTernan's long experience with Unions results in very wise article about what should do next
Good idea junior doctors should sell their services to NHS (non profit making) McTernan
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
You're in good company there with John McTernan.
"To fight Hunt's awful contract, should become private subcontractors!" John McTernan everybody.
Interesting from John McTernan: BMA could set up a j dr co-op to sell services back to NHS on its terms
What junior doctors shd do next in their battle with government | John McTernan via
John McTernan using an IWW image for his avi, lmao
*Looks past John McTernan at last two general elections*. Oh aye yeah. Great work on that front. Electoral geniuses.
'teachers' aren't allowed views eh? Always trotted out, I could respond 'John McTernan, this man is a politician and Labour'?
Will Europe sink the Tories and Corbyn's first reshuffle Janan Ganesh, John McTernan, George Parker and Jim...
What is the point of John McTernan ?
John McTernan is happy to speak on Tuesday in favour of Trident renewal -
That was a good interview with John McTernan on the Jeremy Corbyn reshuffle.
George Galloway chatting with John McTernan. Funny isn't it.. he says "Moderate", I hear "Swivel-eyed neoliberal zealot".
John McTernan's arrogant anti-trot defiance is my own personal brand 💅🏻
Wow! This from John Mcternan. Actually you know it was scandalous ly BAD spin your interview on
So why were the only people to comment on labour embittered Blairites lance price and John Mcternan
Former Labour adviser John McTernan says idea of Clive Lewis being Shadow Defence Sec is "just a joke". "It shows how sha…
Wee John McTernan not losing the plot at all
perhaps he and other failed Blairites like the serial loser John Mcternan should start their own party?
Why I no longer hate Tony Blair: There was a piece by John McTernan in the Guardian the other day inveighing a...
classic example of BBC balance discussing Corb reshuffle the other morning: Ken Clarke and... John McTernan
Thought McTernan was on nights, have you swapped shifts?
I agree. But say coverage of labour conference has Andrew neil and john mcternan or lance price no debate
I remember. I particularly loved John Mcternan's deconstruction of it afterwards on the BBC Daily Politics!
Just listening back to some earlier broadcasting, John McTernan being a real tw
so every voter was wrong to leave lab in Scotland? I guess John mcternan was right then eh ?
listening to show earlier I can only deduce that John McTernan is deeply misinformed. Is he stupid?
Droning Blairite John McTernan on slings "terrorist sympathiser" at Corbyn…when his own master fueled it, flogging arms/starting wars
John Mcternan a disgrace. He's the extremist with extremist views. can't u find anyone else? Whatcpurpose does he serve?
.John McTernan is lying,spinning. was awarded a peace prize for work he did re IRA and other groups
wheels in John McTernan, another bitter and twisted Blairite who cannot function without the sinister approval of Rupert Murdoch.
John Mcternan lost Scotland for Labour, 40 seats gone to the SNP. He is supporting failure. He can be safely ignored.
John McTernan fanning the flames of Labour divisions laying into Jeremy Corbyn on 5Live
Surely there must be someone else who can attack Corbyn than serial electoral failure John Mcternan?
If John Mcternan want gone, then he should persuade him to stand in Scotland and be his agent. 40/41 chance of losing his seat.
this is John Mcternan's personal take on Corbyn's leadership. Still loyal to his old master Blair then!
John McTernan on Sky hammering Corbyn yet again.Give it up.No ones listening to you
John Mcternan. I am sure when needs advice on losing 40 out of 41 seats in Scotland you will be his first phone call.
The sad, pathetic and poisonous figure of John McTernan is chosen by radio to comment on the Labour reshuffle. E…
Does the UK really need any more of John Mcternan?
It's only John McTernan, the mastermind behind Jim Murray's victory in Scotland. What do you mean?
Oops - Looks a bit embarrassing for Labs John McTernan!!
Judging by the level of TV coverage he enjoys, for John McTernan is the new UKIP.
The go-to guy - For reasons which defy all known science, John McTernan remains the first number on the BBC’s s...
..John McTernan doesn't hold back in this interview this morning
John McTernan has never felt more alive.
Have you heard John McTernan on BBC Scotland radio this morning?
Labour supporters in England should listen to John McTernan on BBC Scotland this morning
John McTernan-Muslims want to subvert us with shariah law-they have a conquering mentality.
John McTernan-Flood of Muslim Immigrants spells End of Europe! They do NOT assimilate .
The go-to guy - John McTernan makes it clear "being a pacifist is not in line with Labour Party policy"
Oh wow. Just caught up with John McTernan's evisceration of Labour Party on Amazing to think he's there go to guy when struggling
You know w/people like John McTernan in your party, your biggest problem are NOT the Tories. (at 2:10)
The go-to guy. John McTernan - "don't try to outrun a sniper, you'll just die tired" Labour Man, he reckons!
With every passing day it gets harder to explain John McTernan's presentation by the BBC as a spokesman for Labour:
John McTernan is a disgrace. He does not have the support of actual labour voters, please stop wheeling him out to smear Corbyn.
Nice of him to confirm this view of John McTernan. After all, which other Labour Party can he go on to advise/wreck?
John McTernan's adulation for David Cameron on GMS this morning surely places him firmly on the right of the Tory party.
Listening to John McTernan on GMS one has to ask why he has not left Labour and joined the Tory Party.
Has anyone in Oldham said "I was going to vote Labour but that John McTernan."
It's a dark place Labour have got themselves into. I saw John McTernan was accused of being a Tory yesterday! Remarkable.
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Labour MSP Neil Findlay: ex-Scottish head of staff John McTernan "will say anything in the media for money as he is virt…
Book now for encore performance with Helen Morse & John McTernan 4pm tomorrow. Audience was spellbound on opening night.
Helen Morse & John McTernan bring great speeches to life. Sun 4pm Helen is on w/ Sat AM
Great start to last night with Helen Morse + John McTernan in Voices of Democracy. Encore session 4pm this Sun
Sessions for include Helen Morse/John McTernan reading great speeches from history h…
Thanks to our friends for hosting Voices of Democracy with Helen Morse & John McTernan
Voices of Democracy w/ Helen Morse + John McTernan. One of the great sessions
Two of our finest: Helen Morse + John McTernan read great speeches at 4pm Sun
Voices of Democracy Sun4pm Helen Morse + John McTernan read pivotal speeches at
Tomorrow night's Voices of Democracy session w/ Helen Morse + John McTernan is SOLD OUT. Tix still avail for Sunday 4pm
Melbourne fans of Helen Morse + John McTernan can catch them Nov15 reading great speeches from history
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Award winning actors Helen Morse + John McTernan to deliver speeches in Voices of Democracy Sun 15 4pm
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Arnold Zable intros Voices of Democracy sessions on behalf of w/ actors Helen Morse + John McTernan
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Award winning actors Helen Morse + John McTernan team up to read great speeches from history
We had an amazing night last night with Pastor Ray Jensen, worship leader Marty Goetz, John McTernan and...
John McTernan thinks this rent controls proposal is very bad thats surely reason enough to give it…
Zoe Williams once again getting it wrong - John McTernan called those who weren't Corbyn supporters 'morons'.
John McTernan has literally descended into defending George Osbourne. What an odious little cretin he is.
Who is John McTernan? Honest question. What an utterly miserable dude. Jeez!. . .
More does he lie on the John McTernan-Dan Hodges scale.
The scum are out in force to get Corbyn on Labour Conference eve! Rentoul, John McTernan and the boy Luke Akehurst all it again! Sick making
I mean, I know your bar for right-wing zoomery is so high you think John McTernan’s a communist, but still.
John McTernan on the end of the Party being closer than anyone realises
Eddie The Eagle is on Newsnight later, telling us how to win at ski jumping. No hang on sorry. It's John McTernan and it's at elections.
I'm disappointed. This was just conjecture and regurgitated political spin. But then I saw it was John McTernan
mcternan this is the reason why right and centre politics don't cut it. Priorities are so very,very wrong!
mcternan- this is why the left are in the ascendancy. We are sick of austerity. When L/P abstain Welfare bill what's left?
I can't believe John McTernan is an actual human
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John McTernan on 'The intellectual wing of Corbynism – a relative term, to be fair.." and the end of Labour Party..
John McTernan suggests democratising Labour Party is akin to a Marxist, peacenik plot to destroy social democracy:
John Mcternan rapidly becoming Telegraph's useful *** - on the end of Labour. Well he nearly killed Labour in Scotland!
At least when John McTernan was turning around Jim's copy, you got cogent sentences -- instead of this weird, motley, mardi gras of cliché.
He had a great teacher though - John finger on the pulse McTernan aka Mr McGoo
THE ALL-OUT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST BY JOHN McTERNAN: The all-out war in the Middle East is growing closer by the... ht…
John Mcternan adds to Yew Choob viewing figures'.does this mean we're finished like everything else he's involved in
'Corbynomics didn't add up.' - searing criticism from the man who agreed to pay John Mcternan 85 Large
You trying to become the new John McTernan in the predictions game?. Absolutely nae chance of that happening.
John McTernan-God’s Final Warning to America-the Date? Either he comes first or we go first! .
John McTernan-Author God’s Final Warning to America and Father Forgive Them discusses the coming refugees to America .
True, and you know who was an admirer? John McTernan, Gillard's (ex-Blair) head of coms, who thought he was Malcolm Tucker.
Credlin and John McTernan both thought they were Malcolm Tucker. They'd probably get on well. He speaks very highly of her.
Credlin is another John McTernan. Failed to do the job and in the aftermath displays nothing but hubris
circumstances different, but everyone has forgotten how much of a proxy target John McTernan became for Libs
John McTernan got some of those adjectives as well I believe.
I should also mention that rumours Blair MacDougall n John McTernan are advisers to Spanish Gvt are as yet unfounded
John McTernan, an embittered right wing cuckoo in the Labour nest is suddenly on speed dial as a pundit on all bbc news & …
John McTernan: A guide to shadow cabinet speak about Corbyn via
Toby Young's laughable defence of Cameron is on a par with John McTernan's slavish attempts at justifying Tony Blair
"Didn't understand the new psyche of Scottish politics". Unlike John McTernan?
One 457 visa the ALP should never have issued was John McTernan's. Guess what he did next - lost all but one Labour seat in Scotland.
Firstly, I've never heard of John McTernan. Secondly, can't you read?
. Discuss politics?. Aw yuv done is slate corbyn,but you fail to discuss the real crooks running our country. John mcternan fan?
A guide to shadow cabinet speak about Corbyn, by John McTernan.
Heading to a desert island with £2,000,000+ of taxpayers money. John McTernan will oil my buttocks. Thanks for the memories…
I Lord Murphy would just like to clarify that me and John McTernan would have loved to have worked for Corbyn. As long as i…
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