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John McTernan

John McTernan (born in 1959, London) is a British Labour member, political strategist and commentator.

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The Blair strategist John McTernan says people cannot be trusted with their own money.
Last night CyberNats compared me to Gene Hunt, Danny La Rue, Father Jack and . John McTernan - ouch.
Paul Howes, Wayne Swan, John McTernan: Three of the intellectual giants that gave us Prime Minister Tony Abbott
John McTernan, David Aaronovitch & Fraser Nelson all vigorously agreeing with one another abt Thrilled 2 be on the opposite side.
having listened to John McTernan, On the daily politics show being dismissive of the plebian =
Genuinely think John McTernan's spell abroad means he is woefully behind how much the EU debate has moved on beyond his dismissive approach
John McTernan ex Labour spin doctor says he doesn't care if voters want EU referendum, they shouldn't have one, no need for democracy then!!
Labour Guru John McTernan on BBC Daily Politics 16/12/2013: "I don't care what people want".
Fact: John McTernan used to be a librarian.
Sometimes words just aren't enough and you want to smash somebody in the face SO BAD...John McTernan is one such person!
Labour Party political advisor John McTernan says the British people don't want an referendum & doesn't care even if they do
Labour commissar John McTernan - 'I don't care what people want'- the very epitome of the elite state.
Jo Coburn "The people want an EU referendum." John McTernan "I don't care what people want. Many of them want to bring back hanging."
Shameful pro EU stunt your 'Guest of the day', Scottish, labour, John Mcternan with his pro EU rant with no right of reply.
John McTernan: 'I don't care what people want'. Did anyone vote for him or want him in government? Nothing but a political commissar!
John McTernan on The Daily Politics ~ 'I don't care if people want a referendum'.
John Mcternan a name you may all wish to remember when the revolution comes
John McTernan, never elected, guess what: the public don't care what you think either. Who are you?
Scottish John McTernan...what a Pro EU bell end he is. Where do these *** come from ?
I was vaguely aware of John McTernan before today. Now I know he's an utter ***
John McTernan (on EU referendum and public support for it): "...I don't care what people want..."
.John McTernan wreaked havoc as spinmeister to our ex-PM Julia Gillard. A sort of B-grade Alastair Campbell.
The difference between John McTernan & Malcolm Tucker, is that Malcolm was good at his job...
John McTernan: "Everybody needs a bruiser and Ed Balls is a bruiser".
John McTernan, Gillard's spinmeister is a cultured viper who cannot be trusted. He couldn't give a *~* what anyone thinks. He's too powerful
Hockey mocks Labor over leaked emails from former adviser
John Mcternan Media army on a rampage after seeing Morgan poll
Just listened to this Man on the Daily Politics Show Monday 16th December, and I have to say as a Political Strategist he is a disgrace how dare he state that he does not care about the electorate wanting a referendum on the EU his exact words being ( I don,t care what they want) to have him or people like him involved in any aspect of Politics is more scary than staying in the EU and i personally want out, these people who say it would be a disaster to leave can never state the reasons to stay in. On a last note I do not care what John McTernan says or thinks and he should hang his in shame at the statement he made.
John McTernan told his press secs to "smash" me for reporting on coalition's cheaper broadband policy.
SA pays Combet to advise on post-Holden plans. Guess they'll get Eddie Groves to advise on Child Care and John McTernan on politics.
Julia Gillard's former spin doctor John McTernan regularly used obscene language when communicating with the prime minister's staff, thousands of emails leaked to the ABC show.
Compare the Pair, Abbott and Gillard. What a waste. Good job Rupert Readers. he has made fools of you all. Trouble is you are all ducking for cover now. Julia Gillard Woman of 2013, FT Magazine. “I genuinely think there’s a cause for optimism. Crashing through a glass ceiling is always painful, but having crashed through it, I think it will be easier for the next woman who comes along. Few politicians in a western democracy have endured such personal abuse as Gillard, whose three-year term as prime minister ended in June amid a welter of recrimination about the nature of Australian society and its treatment of women in top jobs. But the Welsh-born lawyer did not go down without a fight. When Julia Gillard sat down at the end of her lacerating attack on “misogyny” in politics last year, it was seen as a moment of catharsis. Some women cheered, some cried; others saw it as the former Australian premier’s political death warrant. A year later she is out of office and politics – but insisting that ...
Julia Gillard's former communications director John McTernan has done more damage than good to the Australian Labor Party.
Many of you people idolise Malcolm Tucker, but the reality is that he (like John McTernan) is just a workplace bully.
The Prime Minister's chief spin doctor is in the news again. But the experts say John McTernan should not be seen or heard.
I know Malcolm Tucker, and John McTernan - you're no Malcolm Tucker
Didn't realise Malcolm Tucker was parody, thought he was role model: John McTernan revealed in leaked emails
Here is the latest offering by that Latika Bourke thing over John McTernan, I think this is a story strung together to counter the Credlin meddling in the Libs party.
Thousands of emails from Julia Gillard's powerful media adviser John McTernan have been leaked to the ABC, revealing the aggressive approach adopted by the former prime minister's communications director and the inner workings of the media team.
Please,let's stand in the gap for America & be in agreement prayer & intercession for the American people.There should be a clarion call of utmost urgency!..emergency! for genuine sincere repentance & change GOD'S JUDGEMENT IS UPON BABYLON AND HER WICKED SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT.GOD'S JUDGEMENT IS UPON AMERICA.AMERICA'S ONLY HOPE IS TO INTERCEDE AND CRY OUT TO THE LORD FOR MERCY AND AN OUTPOURING OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT God has something to say about America's ways and her relationship with Israel. October 1987 was a dramatic time in my spiritual life. On October 11th, there was a massive homosexual march on Washington, DC. Upwards of 500,000 marched for their “rights.” As I watched this on the news, it upset me, and I turned the TV off and walked away. It didn’t occur to me to intercede before the Holy God of Israel. I never thought that He might be judging the nation. Then I forgot about the march. The following week the stock market went into a sharp decline resulting in a massive 508-point loss on Octob ...
GILLARD'S AWU SCAM...why the Press ran dead. Prior to Gillard’s election to Prime Minister, senior Press Gallery hacks were canvassed by the ALP Right faction to determine if her connection to the AWU fraud would “be a problem”. The Press was emphatic; it wouldn’t be! From that point on the senior scribes did everything to ensure their prediction came true.The media’s love affair with the hapless Gillard was doting and loyal and, if it weren’t for a few mavericks who saw meat on the AWU bone, she may have staved off Rudd's return. The Press gallery had become more of a rogues’ gallery after struggling newspapers were forced to cut staff in their Canberra bureaus, leaving a handful of seniors to mentor some cheaper, snotty-nosed cadets on steep learning curves. But Gillard was eventually forced to hold an impromptu press conference to elicit questions on the brewing scandal. The juniors had no idea what she was talking about and the seniors naturally refused to ask a single probing question. ...
Order the 3-DVD and Book set online! This week on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, John McTernan has received revelation knowledge, from th...
A Julia Gillard movie! Give us a break. We all know the story it was written by John McTernan.
Why the Democrats will hold the Presidency and the Republicans can't deal with the Tea Party:
John McTernan: US in all its contradictions - The Scotsman:
Breaking News: John McTernan: US in all its contradictions
John McTernan: US in all its contradictions
Escape plan - Watch it ,if you are Stallone and Arnold Fan . Good -their camaraderie , Premise/story. Bad -direction,screenplay AND action(that was a shock, given that you have 2 Hollywood action icons) . O/a good due to SS and AS. Actually AS is the 2nd lead. Pay only if you are a fan of AS and SS.I am and hence it's a treat watching them together ! I wish James Cameron or John mcTernan would have directed it! Would have been a Blast . Oh Acting is good by all the cast. Specially Jim caviziel( count of monte cristo)
Interesting from on Scottish cities – important EDI GLA et al. get more autonomy
John McTernan on cities as the drivers of growth and shapers of the future
Vote Labour to save the NHS? Some chance with people like McTernan around
this highly misleading point re GPs is elaborated here, doesn't seem v pro public service
Essence of Julia Gillard's speech at the CAP conference - It's an easy age for slogans, a difficult age for complex discussions and we are the change agents, we need complexity - Our most successful conversations were about future (investment in education) & managing risk (disability insurance) - If they had an intercept on my calls, all they'd have heard would have been praise for Credits to John Mcternan
any of this article (by Blair's former political secretary) sound familiar?
That Labor ideology courtesy of the now defunct John McTernan. Wondered if he has returned 2 the UK
Good, insightful piece on Scottish cities by
Excellent article on Scottish cities by John McTernan in today's Scotsman. The 'Non State World' in prospect? Not ye…
farewell, John McTernan. you were the Writer, Thinker, Strategist of our hearts
Bill Shorten looking for a media adviser it seems. There is this bloke I know would be a perfect fit. His name is John McTer…
News: Edinburgh.. | John McTernan: Driving forward our cities: ... | Visitors to Edinburgh now see sleek, glea...
Former Gillard comms director John McTernan is moving to DC. If he moved to Mars it wouldn't be far enough. Thanks for absolutely nothing, John.
ARE YOU THIRSTY HONEY?!?!?! JESUS IS THE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE. DRINK FROM HIM AND YOU'LL NEVER THIRST AGAIN: The water of eternal life is flowing right now as a mighty river for all who are thirsty. All who repent and confess Jesus as Savior and Lord come under the witness of the water and the blood. They have assurance of eternal life with God. Revelation 22:17 “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that hearth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” McTernan G
is John McTernan, still working his magic for the Australian labour party !!!
.So John McTernan admires Whips who discipline by crushing *** & likes totally to crush the weak. Nice guy.
".We would have won." John McTernan claims that Gillard would have won.
Methinks John McTernan would fit right in as a character in Game of Thrones...
and I'll bet you hated Gordon - John McTernan was his Senior Advisor
John McTernan was senior advisor to Tony Blair - Weapons of Mass Destruction?
author of this too: inc's disgusting ref to people who didn't vote Lab in 2010 as'iraq war refugees'
John Mcternan, who hasn't been a senior anything in Labour for years.
not sure why not. John McTernan, Blair's no 10 chief
John McTernan thinks politics is not about making your case well but destroying those who think differently. Sad.
John McTernan argues (correctly) that UK has changed since Iraq, but doesnt realise that Parliament & MPs have also.
John McTernan accidentally publishes private fantasies where he rages around Parliament with a stauner for hard he is
What bloody planet is John McTernan on?
Yes has an astounding loser record We counted on him and he delivered.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
John McTernan is absolutely mental, to be fair. Nobody should pay him too much attention.
from John McTernan's Insights ~. This is in your face, we are coming for you by the federal government. They are...
John McTernan. Just what is the point?
I always suspected that John McTernan was an LNP sleeper agent - based on the ALP campaign Bruce Hawker surely must be.
Off subject thinking of Tony Whingers cousin Bruce Hawker looking like Ozs answer to John McTernan
Gillard's speech a test for new Labor spin doctor John McTernan: Where did Tony Blair & Gillard end up
We beat divisive politics which she imported from UK. UK Labour thug John McTernan is now crying like a baby.
A good antidote to the drivel from detractors, has-beens and never-will-be's.
For no particular reason, I sort of thought John McTernan would be kind of shouty. He's actually not.
I guess one rule for John Mcternan labor adviser on 457 visa though Labor were clamping down on them
This leftie UK import Tom Watson'll be as successful as John McTernan in bringing Abbott down & directing us how to think
Humphrey B Bear has as much political success as John McTernan .Why is McTernan on TV all the time as an expert?
Ugh. Just saw John McTernan on . Isn't it time he was deported?
wasn't me said it, was anti John McTernan
ask John McTernan, he says mostly pensioners, students & railcard users will use
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Labor has imported Tom Watson,. John Mcternan and the Obama3 in an attempt to bully Australians into being hoodwinked.
DO EVERYTHING HE SAYS: Political strategist John McTernan, who successfully strategised Julia Gillard into her...
Kate have you considered an investigative piece on John McTernan ?
I thought it was just me about John McTernan one of the best Q&A ever via
Didn't know John McTernan started his own Newspaper - perhaps Doug Cameron is his Editor
From an independence viewpoint I'd prefer he brought back John McTernan. What he did for Julia he could do for Ed
Impressed John McTernan says Abbott "is a class act" Contrarians Fri 9/8. Good day yesterday for Abbott. Good luck for debate can't wait.
The most important debate this evening - me, John McTernan and Michael Kroger on Sky - starts in 15 mins!
why is done and dusted gillards communications director john mcternan still here on his 457 visa.should be deported JOKE JOKE
your rhetoric, pro looks very similar to another Labor stalwart, John McTernan
John McTernan struggles to answer the question "what's actually new about Kevin or Labor?"
John McTernan is but a pale imitation of the master. I refer to , of course!
. Who is actually paying John McTernan now?
& John McTernan should keep wearing skirts cause he sure had no balls in defending the ALP
Why is John McTernan still here? Gillard hardly needs a Comms Director, she,s been consigned to the dustbin of failed politicians
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John McTernan would make the perfect candidate folks. Full of spin. Find him a seat now and renew his 457 visa
John Mcternan on cringe cringe focus groups will believe a Rudd lie that GST will rise cringe cringe
John Mcternan is a goose. Can even express himself.
Why is everyone falling over themselves to interview John McTernan?
Why has John MCTernan suddenly become an expert on Australia and a media item?. This is just crazy.
John McTernan used to work with me … obviously his strategic skills developed after his change of career ;)
Some of the differences between British and Australian politics by (for a Scottish audience).
Good article. Australian politics needs to grow up.
Interesting observations on differences between British and Australian politics from John McTernan via
Hey JD can you pls find out who's paying "your" Tom Watson MP to come to Aus? To help John McTernan watch our media.
Here's the article I referred to earlier
If you think politics is rough in Scotland (which it's not) try Australian version. Good article by .
first John McTernan led the Gillard debacle now Tom Watson set the lead the Rudd debacle! Next he'll be employing
Queenslanders are not stupid. John Mcternan is not credible. Send him back to the UK immediately!
I,m thinking John McTernan's coming come, could be a coincidence of course. :)
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He is indeed! Can't be long now before he's replaced! Oh..hello John McTernan!
As omen 4 Yes, return of is good news. If he's as wrong on 17/9/14 as he was on 25/4/11 --We've won!
Aussie rules politics. Differences and similarity to UK and Scottish politics by the return of the Mc!. htt…
John McTernan frmr comms dorector from office of prime minister Julia Gillard is now on
John McTernan, just keeps on spinning. Games over kaputt, finito,
I have been looking at trains for Birmingham and we can get £6.00 singles from Marylebone Station! I want to book the tickets by Wednesday so please let me know by then please. Tour Leader. OMBT ™
I'm counting the 28 days John McTernan should have on 457 visa and he'd better be gone!
John McTernan has received revelation knowledge, from the Word of G...
Did John McTernan get a gig at the All England Club already?
Is John McTernan now advising the NZ Green party? .
A quote from author and speaker, John McTernan. "“Why did you shoot me? I was reading a book”: The new warrior cop is out of control" 07/07/13 There are reports from all over the country that the police have become militarize and are terrorizing and killing citizens. I was concerned that the Obama would need law enforcement to complete coup that is now taking place. Something is happening with the police throughout America. It is not localized to once section, but all across the country. We cannot let the police threat us like an occupied population."
When will the ARU get it through their heads the national team needs a national as coach. Deans is the John McTernan of Aussie Rugby.
Happy now John McTernan, you did such a good job we have to endure Rudd. Did KR offer you a job?
John McTernan is a fan. Not sure much more needs to be said.
John McTernan who said his boss was driven out of office by "deep-rooted misogynist forces in society" ...
I commented on your John McTernan post. It had likes. Now is gone. Remaining comments are consistent and form consensus.
Collapse of Australian Gillard down to media man John McTernan, a former adviser to Henry McLeish and Tony Blair.
I would be taken my talent to INDIANA HILLS IN IOWA TURN UPPP!
Isaiah 19:2 And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom. The faction against the Brotherhood also hates the Jews and Israel. They also kill the Christians, so there is not a great difference between these two factions. It is just like whoever wins the war in Syria will still go to war against Israel. When I look at the Islamic world and see what is happening in so many Muslim nations, this verse comes to mind: Isaiah 57:20, 21 But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked. ~ John McTernan
Did I hear right that Julia is refusing to leave the lodge?
John McTernan lets rips about Australian misogyny:
staff all sorted now folks. Was thinking of employing John McTernan but the bloke is not divisive enough. Have a real war ahead !
Egypt has exploded into a civil war, and this sort of came from no place. It appears that a showdown is coming between the Muslim Brotherhood against those that do not want to follow it. This could...
It was John McTernan when JG was PM. Don't know who it is now. Love the West Wing.☺ Wonderful show.
.And since you are not permitted to mention "John McTernan " I will do it for you. There wasn't that hard.
Did you see article re John Mcternan?
John Mcternan, a modern day prophet Jeremiah, is crying out against the evil and sin in America and the nations.
John McTernan, like the prophet Jeremiah, is crying out against the sin and evil in America and warning of the...
Notice in the above verse that God sends a strong delusion that people should believe a lie. When a person, or a nation in general, will not receive the love of the truth and reject it, God sends them a lie to believe. God designed everyone to believe, and if a person rejects truth, then lies will fill the void. The person who rejected truth and whose mind is full of lies the Bible calls a reprobate. Right now America is being led by reprobates, and the corporate consensus is nearly reprobate. In some sections of the nation, the reprobates are in total control. It is happening so fast that it makes my head spin. We have to face the fact that God has turned the nation over to reprobates for judgments. I hope that everyone understands this: the reprobates in authority, by itself, is a sign of judgment. God sends both delusions and turns people over to a reprobate mind as a form of judgment. Tens of millions of Americans are right now under God’s judgment and do not have a clue. They have been judged for t ...
Interesting how these tornadoes seem to hit each time John Kerry goes to Israel to propose a 2 state solution and try to divide God's holy land. God did say "He who touches Jerusalem, touches the apple of my eye". And He did say "I will bless those who bless you/Israel, and I will curse those who curse you." And He makes it clearer yet again when He said "In the last days Israel will be a stumbling stone to all the nations and those who come against her shall be cut to pieces". I really do think that some of the storms are God's warnings to "keep off". Hopefully the leaders of these countries read God's Word and fear/revere it . wishful thinking, I know. But still praying for my country Canada, and its leaders - that God will raise up a holy standard and hold back a measure of evil and cause revival to come to Canada before Jesus returns as both King and Judge.
"In Australia, most marginal electorates are located in socially conservative environments, far away from inner-cities, where same-sex marriage is not universally endorsed." 'Single and atheist an issue for voters, as are *** unions' by Gerard Henderson, The Age, 2/7/13 According to the British born spin-doctor John McTernan, his former boss Julia Gillard lost her position as prime minister due to ''deep-rooted misogynistic forces''. In Britain's Daily Telegraph last Friday, he wrote that ''there exists a very powerful sense of mateship, of male values and a male-inscribed culture'' in Australian society. It is true Gillard had to endure many a misogynist attack, especially on the social media. This came essentially from right-of-centre individuals including members of the extreme lunar right. But the attack was not constrained by political ideology. Sure, in May 2006 Liberal senator Bill Heffernan told the Good Weekend that Gillard had chosen ''to deliberately remain barren''. But then the former Labor . ...
America has now broken God’s bands and cast away the cords. This means to break all connections with the Holy God of Israel. It means to reject God and go on your own. There is now NO connection between America and God’s word. The break was made clear and clean by the nation. All that is left now is for God to turn the nation into *** In fact, God does not really need to do it, as all He has to do is leave the Americans to themselves, and they will do it all on their own. The incredible mountain of debt is a time bomb that when it explodes will destroy the economy and set off civil unrest. -John McTernan
At least we will have a better election result even if Abbott does still win - no one wants any of our PMs to have unfettered power; the last time that happened Howard and Abbott gave us some nasty surprises.
John McTernan says Australian blokes have done their country down
87%. That's the amount of legislation which passed with bipartisan support (ie.unopposed) through our Federal Parliament since the last election. Next time someone spins the lie that Tony Abbott is relentlessly negative, you might remind them of this fact.
Homosexuality is on the rise, you must not get pulled into Sodom's Depravity. Saints, sin is sin, and those who are pushing the agenda of homosexuality are led by Satan. Those bound in homosexuality are blind, the same as one is blind and bound on drugs, or fornication, they are held captive in Satan's darkness. We must pray to break the chains of Satan off the people. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart yesterday. "This change to except homosexual marriage is going to bring a strong line in the sand, many (including some Christians) will be swept into accepting this lie of homosexuality because family members have been taken captive." Saints, don't give in, JESUS in you, speaking His true Word is their freedom from Satan's grip. (Read - Genesis 19). We must remember *** is a place where they will cry out in prayer but no one will answer. God is not mocked, this is Satan's trick to MOCK the Living God. Stand strong Saints Gods Word is TRUTH in Action. And God has many who have not bowed their knee to ...
I posted this in Aug 19 2011, still relevant today. In a few days he will be on the payroll steering Rudd's election campaign. Take everything he says with a grain of salt as well as that of anyone from Hawker Britton agency.
Julia Gillard was the victim of relentless sexist attacks and Australia's treatment of her was "courser and cruder" than British responses to women leaders, according to her top adviser.
Julia Gillard's controversial communications chief, John McTernan, is set to gain more time to find another job thanks to just-approved changes to the foreign worker program.
I wonder whether Wills and Kate's baby will get a knitted kangaroo from a has-been pollie from Australia.
Hope Julia Gillard is happy she brought that *** John Mcternan out from England to help her get reelected,good job mate, you got her sacked. see ya later tool.
Exclusive | Former prime minister Julia Gillard’s chief of communications, John McTernan, has quit and is planning to return to journalism, with several other senior staff also understood to be on the way out.
Rudd has called for the internal criticism within the Labor Party to cease. The man's lack of self-awareness is breathtaking. F*kkin Hypocrite.
John McTernan. What have you done to that poor woman?
I am really happy that Gillard is now gone, taking with her the dirty, sleazy tactics of John McTernan, and the return to the clean living Kevin Rudd, but. yes, there is a but. Dirt gone, but same policies remain. If Labor are fair dinkum about doing the right thing by the people, they will get rid of the carbon tax, and stop the flood of illegals coming here to soak up the generous welfare payments. They are illegal dole bludgers. They had papers and money to fly to Indonesia. They destroyed thier papers knowing they would not qualify as genuine refugees. They then had plenty of money to pay a smuggler to get them here, and are now ready to live out their lives here on the dole. Time to start looking at changes. Without changes even Rudd wont save the ALP.
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Via Susan Weeks America has become a sinful and wicked nation. American 'Christians', for the most part, are not a set--apart people. They are partakers and participants in the wickedness. Jesus Christ is NOT returning to rapture America's apostate 'Christians' before America-Babylon tastes His judgment. We are ALL going to see this unfold. You think the FEMA camps are for you, since you are a political or religious dissident? Think again. Here is how I see it: if you are an 'enemy of the regime', there is a hollow point bullet with YOUR name on it, and you'll be buried en masse with other dissidents, in big black FEMA coffins. The camps, my friends, are for your children. They will be indoctrinated and trained to be the youth brigade of the New World Order. The pattern is evident in history, and clear in the Bible: the adults sin and will not repent, judgment comes and they die, and the children go into captivity. Turn back to God now, while there is time, that in that day you may be hid. Pray for your c ...
"The number of states permitting *** marriage has increased from six to 12 in the last year." ... Sodom & Gomorrah legislation in the U.S.A. ... Very sad. ... "What I am saying is the judgment is for the government promoting homosexual 'marriage' as an ordinance. Once a nation legalizes sin, like abortion and homosexual 'marriage': that nation falls under the direct judgment of the Holy God of Israel." (via John McTernan)
My main problem with Julia was that she took us all for mugs She should have sacked John Mcternan ages ago Anyway great drama/comedy Stay tuned ...
It was a man who brought Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard down - and I don't mean Tony Abbott or Kevin Rudd 13. She was taking orders from a man, her Scottish spinner John McTernan whose advice was wrong headed from the start. Welsh-born and staunch republican, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was toppled tonight in a party coup. Australia is due for a federal election by September this year. McTernan is on record as being fanatically anti-Scottish independence. He devised this strategy for PM Gillard of divide and rule, class-warfare, gender-warfare. The straw that broke camel's back was having PM Gillard posing for the Australian Women's Weekly magazine, knitting for the British Royal family stunt. It put her at odds with her independent women image But It wasn't so much the knitting aspect but that fact that as a republican, Julia Gillard, was made to appear contradictory and mercenary for votes. McTernan denied he devised the knitting photo-shoot. Respected Australian TV political pundit ...
UPDATED - a Canberra wag just texted me to say, "John McTernan is currently in the back of an immigration paddy wagon on the way to Villawood detention centre."
One of the great wins of all this is..we get to say goodbye to John McTernan...the man who helped ruin Julia Gillard more than anyone...
It's an arresting image: the Prime Minister of Australia, impeccably coiffed and styled, knitting in an armchair, her dog Reuben at her feet. Julia Gillard's chief spin-doctor, Scottish-raised John McTernan, was sure it would do wonders for her popularity. Instead, it has whipped up a storm of criti...
Julia Gillard angry over questions about John McTernan's 457 visa | Herald Sun
Is America on a collision course with God? There is a direct correlation between the alarming number of massive disasters striking America and her leaders pressuring Israel to surrender her land for "peace." Dr. John McTernan has updated and re-released his bestselling book, As America Has Done To Israel, which traces the history of the Jewish people in America and how the USA is unique among all nations through blessing the Jews. This book reveals a spiritual aspect of America's beginning, its spectacular rise to power, and how this was tied into blessing the Jews. After finishing As America Has Done To Israel, you will never see history or current events the same!
I like the comment on the Drum, we are acting exactly as John McTernan intended
And wins an gold star for shutting down discussion of John McTernan's involvement in on GoodJob
Oh my goodness. On the we're hearing menugate is a "transparent manipulation" of John McTernan's!
Belinda Heggen says she is utterly tired and bored of Julia Gillard seeking to exploit a so-called gender divide to win votes. What do you think of the gender debate sparked by the PM's comments?
.Seems everything old is new again in the Misogyny World of John McTernan. via
I am positive that John McTernan is a mole planted into Labor by the Coalition to destroy them :)).
Wow, that John McTernan fellow is an absolute fricking genius.
John McTernan is on the Liberal payroll and has been doing a great job. Not long now to Sep 14.
Ok Primeminister this is a new low even by your lofty standards. Last time I looked Julia Bishop, Kelly O'Dwyer, Sophie Mirabella, Bronwyn Bishop, Sarah Henderson, were all women. And this is not America abortion/Roe V Wade is not on the agenda.Remind your puppet master John Mcternan what country hes in and if I may borrow from Jeff Probst the host of 'Survivor'...'The tribe has spoken its time for you to go'
Am I the only one who thinks John McTernan's skills as a communications director have been seriously overstated?
This gives some indication of how John McTernan reacted after the campaign fizzles out. .
. Must have been her press campaign Guru John McTernan! By the way his doing a fabulous job..
Here I am on John McTernan... although I wish Ms Gillard would advise him to shower first...
Nope, they were following the script from John McTernan/the AWU
Stop drinking the Kool Aid provided by John McTernan, stop propping up Gillard - she is finished
"Gillard needs to sack John McTernan, he is a joke On the 14th Septemeber...we will.
Starring as Kevin Rudd as Wayne Swan as Julia Gillard as John McTernan
I wonder what did to get suspended, more political interference on Hmm John McTernan?
ALONE - why is Lord Robertson afraid of Scotland going solo? by Sasha Uzunov For those Balkan Watchers, Lord George Robertson was Team Blair's and later Team NATO's Scotsman the Brave acting as one of the mid-wives, oops I meant to say mid-spouse (I don't want to be accused of misogyny by pro-unionist Scottish spinner John McTernan), to Kosovo independence. So feisty Albanian Kosovars can have their own nation-state but not canny Scots? I just can't figure that out… If we follow his Lordship's reasoning - Scotland the creator of much of the modern western world through philosophy, commerce, democracy is not able to stand on its own two feet but Kosovo, an economic basket case, has the guts to go it alone. It says so much of the fear mongering used by Scotsmen opposed to their own nation becoming independent. It is the Nanny State argument…oops there I go again, I meant Grandparent State….I have to be careful- I don't want to be labelled misogynist by John McTernan !
Archive for the ‘Days of Noah’ Category Days of Noah… Posted in Christian Persecution, Church Falling Away, Days of Noah, Deception, End Times Prophecy, tagged christian persecution, chruch falling away, days of lot, days of noah, deception, end days, end times, end times prophecy, homosexual agenda, homosexuality, john mcternan, last days, prophecy on May 30, 2013 | John McTernan did a great job summarizing what we are seeing to prove we are living in the Days of Noah. No other time in history have we been more like the days of Noah and days of Lot. Only during the days of Noah were same-sex marriages legal. Not during the days of lot or even during the days of the fall of Rome. We are witnessing prophecy being fulfilled. God is trying to wake us up and have us turn back to Him. All of the natural catastrophes can be tied directly back to this falling away and our treatment of Israel. We need to wake up and step back and look at what we have become as a society! In the lie of tolerance, we are ...
Has Andrew McKie become the John McTernan of the Tories - "What Tories must do!" oeuvre? Australia beckons, Andrew...
You are actually brilliant. You should join John Mcternan and form the Ateamspindoctors CO. u can steal name.
Gillard's comms director John McTernan (imported from UK) here on a 457 visa is clearly useless at his chosen career path
No conspiracy ... our government ... "OUR" government using the NSA is storing all digital transmissions. Email, phone calls n text messages. They also have your financial and soon via the IRS ... your medical information!
Interesting that John McTernan from the UK is now here as Julia's chief spin doctor
the blood: to senate is The Evidence: Everybody is a say about Bob Carr would John McTernan
.How can John McTernan be in the PMO? > Abdel Hakim Belhaj torture case may be heard in secret court
In this country, you can be forgiven if the name John McTernan rings no bells. Related Stories. • MPs seek...
John McTernan who works for the Labor Party but gets paid by you adjudicating on what is a story
John Mcternan lies about asking Fordham for a job
Well the blue plumb festival has made its arrival in downtown johnson city.It has gotta be the east coasts preimer Hippy fest...lololol. but I believe I saw it all tonight.everything from, skinny to fat, tall , short, beautiful, ugly, scary , christian , satanists, *** , straight, *** , bi , hippy, preppy, country, redneck, foreign, local, sleezy, beardy, shaven, shorn, sober, drunk, wasted, high, rich, poor, .trust me if I missed your kind , IT was there lololololol. Hope everyone has a great at the hospital with dad .love to all.
Abbas: Israel Seeks to Build Holy Temple Instead of Al-Aqsa by JohnMcTernan Verse of the Day Zechariah 12:3 And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the…
Please explain(sorry Pauline) - 457 visas - a person 'imported' to do a job no Aussie could do - Right? - why then is John McTernan(JG adviser) seeking a media job to start on 15th September? Should he not be deported on 15th Sept?
PM spin doctor John McTernan lies to Ben Fordham at “Origin” encounter
THE hunt for Labor scapegoats has started with Julia Gillard's director of communications John McTernan an early candidate.
THE deck chairs on the Titanic are already being rearranged.
With so little intercession by the church and virtually ignoring the homosexual agenda, America is left with very little spiritual protection.
Kevin Rudd has issued a stern warning to his colleagues to "pull their heads in" and focus on winning the September election.
Devastating floods are causing havoc across Germany (pictured), the Czech Republic and Switzerland. Some residents have also been evacuated from flooding in Poland.
TakBelow is a sampling of "record-size" natural events which coincided when the United States pressured Israel to give up its land for peace, as documented in John McTernan's book, "God's Final Warning to America". Nine Major "Acts Of God" That Coincided With The Timing of US Pressure On Israel To Give Up Land October 30, 1991: President George Bush opens the Madrid Conference with an initiative for a Middle East peace plan involving Israel's land. On the same day, an extremely rare storm forms off the coast of Nova Scotia. (It was eventually tagged "The Perfect Storm," and a book and movie were made about it.) Record-setting 100-foot waves form at sea and pound the New England Coast, even causing heavy damage to President Bush's home in Kennebunkport, Maine. August 23, 1992: The Madrid Conference moves to Washington D.C. and the peace talks resume, lasting four days. On that same day, Hurricane Andrew -- the worst natural disaster ever to hit America -- produces an estimated $30 billion in damage and lea ...
Will the persecution of Christians grow more intense? On Saturday, April 27, 2013, I was interviewed by host August Rosado of the BlogTalkRadio show Signs of the Times. August is a Bible prophecy teacher and preacher and founder of a ministry called Today in Bible Prophecy. He has and continues to be a personable guest on our television program Christ in Prophecy. He and I spent some time discussing prophetic trends and events that we are seeing occurring today.     Persecution of Christians August Rosado: Another question comes to you from Kate. She ask, "I need someone who has pulse on the nation to help me out. I have never heard of this man John McTernan before. He's posted on his website that the United States is going to be persecuting the Christians. It seems we Christians are at the top of the terrorist list these days. Have you heard anything like that?" Nathan Jones: Kate, I'm sorry that I'm not that familiar with John McTernan. Whether he has or not, I don't know, but there are those Bible pr ...
by JohnMcTernan Verse of the Day 1Thessalonians 5:1 But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. (2) For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lordso cometh as a thief in the night.…
John McTernan used that same 'problem with women' argument when he worked in the UK Robert.
Gillard’s Media Dept & John McTernan, cracking and some with a conscience wincing with embarrassment at Gillard’s blatant use of disabled.
these articles are really informative. Thank you John Mcternan...How rapidly the world is being prepared for the...
The end of Syria and the complete destruction of Damascus is drawing very close. Damascus has been the center of every terrorist group against Israel. Now terror is coming to Damascus. The complete...
John mcternan promise to hand in his 457 visa after he destroys the ALP
John McTernan: Playing nasty card might get results - News -
Yeah, Barry and John McTernan dusted off the 2010 election campaign material and got cracking..
Gillard employs her own staff on 457 visa ,John McTernan , Labor all talk
John McTernan is Gillard's Director of Communications working on 457visa. hypocrite 'a political stunt' via
I have said this was coming for about three years. Once there was open sodomy in the ranks, you could not have real Christianity. They do not mix. So now the homosexuals are out in the open and th...
Gillard John McTernan, with awe and reverence. He is supposed to be the brains behind Gillard dirty tactics
it is. John mcternan has confirmed previously.
John McTernan questioned 2nd time by police investigating cash-for-honours allegations. Yet Gillard employed him here
John McTernan - questioned for a second time by police investigating
SA taxpayers ripped-off by Gillard's fly-in fly-out spin doctor John McTernan. Read Jamie Briggs' speech here
The McTernan Manifesto in pictures so that even John the noodler can understand it.
John McTernan has introduced class warfare into a country that doesn't see itself as class based
ViaGod's Final Warning to America by John McTernan
I'm still trying to work out who John is? Mcternan maybe.
That would be a big obvious yes! A classic John 'Turkey' McTernan distraction!
think about the appointment of John McTernan
Please pass this on. Thanks. Official John McTernan PMPO graphic.
Simon Crean isn't just attacking Julia Gillard, he is aiming, fair and square at spin Meister John McTernan
I think you would be better at it myself what about John Mcternan(Die Hard, Predator)?would Love to interview you
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
John McTernan is an utter failure, he is no Alistair Campbell
Every time I read a quote from the PM's Scot, John McTernan, I read it in Malcolm Tucker's voice. I can't help myself.
The world of Australian Federal politics can be a very interesting or maybe puzzling place: Our current Prime Minister Julia Gillard today has been proclaiming her desire to "urgently legislate to tighten up on the 457 visa requirements to protect Australian jobs and make sure that Australians are at the front of the jobs Que". She must have forgotten that she is CURRENTLY EMPLOYING a foreigner, one John McTernan as DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS FOR THE PRIME MINISTER OF AUSTRALIA and he according to today's press reports is here in Australia (CURRENTLY ON A 457 VISA) being employed by Julia Gillard. Hmmm! Oh me --- oh my.
Julia Gillard was grandstanding on the weekend saying she’s going to stop foreign workers being put at the front of the queue and Australian workers being at the back of the queue. She was referring to 457 visa being issued. For a foreign worker to be issued a 457 visa they must have skills Australian workers have and their employer must prove that that employee will be of benefit to Australia. This is an obvious ploy to play to the union movement and the masses. Again Julia Gillard has been shown to be a hypocrite and a liar. John McTernan is on a 457 visa. So what she is saying to all Australians out there is that there are no Australians capable of fulfilling his role as Communications manager of the government. And what benefit does John McTernan bring to our country?? NONE!! In fact he’s sent our political sphere backwards. Technically John McTernan shouldn’t have the job under the 457 visa however Julia has ministerial discretion. Which means she still chose a foreigner over an Australian. So ...
THE time has come to defend John McTernan.
“STAY IS NOTHING BUT A STUNT” Chris Kenny writes in the Australian today: “OVER a beer earlier this month, Julia Gillard's communications director John McTernan revealed he was spending the next day on a familiarisation tour of western Sydney. It sounded like a good idea. After all, this is Labor's heartland, where the ALP holds 11 seats, as many as exist in the entire state of South Australia. On current polling, at least half of these seats are under threat. So, with the parliament on a knife-edge, the election can be won or lost in the vast suburbs of western Sydney. As a Scotsman, McTernan is forgiven for not knowing this territory. It made sense for him to try to get a fix on it - soak up the ethnic diversity, the love of rugby league, the congested roads, the massive clubs, the clumps of public housing and the sprawling new housing estates. But the last thing the Labor government or its leader should need is a similar familiarisation. It has all its MPs on the ground in western Sydney for a st ...
I'd like to welcome Alex Brooker to this site, where we are working towards the political creation of a better Australia. Whilst I am certainly no myopic Right-winger I have no reservations in saying that Paul Howes has just presented as the biggest enemy of this nation - in economic, cultural, and in ecological terms. His number, as Enemy of State, has now risen even above that of Julia Gillard, John McTernan, Craig Emerson, Greg Combet, and Sarah Hanson-Young. Please view the video posted yesterday, which gives a succinct insight into the real precarious state of this nation.
he doesn't want to be setup & humiliated again by John McTernan & Gillard
Suddenly cheap labour from foreign workers on the nose. That is unless you're John McTernan (457 visas).
I've been hearing it said that G-d would not judge this nation for the abominations like He did in the O.T. because we are under the Grace of G-d and those stories are outdated and do not apply today. Let me remind you that the N.T. writers, Jude and Peter warned of the same judgements that would befall those who followed in their footsteps.
John Mcternan's sobering collection of articles is alarming, but show us how close we really are To Yeshua's...
PM's Scottish spin doctor John McTernan wanting to know if I wanted to catch up for a beer
Is there any evidence John mcternan is a real person
Prophecy of Iran: Elam/Iran in the Latter-Days - John McTernan - Jeremiah 49:38 And I will set my throne in Elam, and will destroy from thence the king and the princes, saith the LORD. Elam is an ancient geographical location mentioned in the Bible. Today its location would be mainly in Iran with a small section in Iraq. It bordered with the ancient Babylonian Empire. The actual location of Elam would be the very northern end of the Persian Gulf and down along with the west coast of Iran. Today one of the main sections of ancient Elam would include Bushehr Province with the capital city of Bushehr. On a map of the Persian Gulf, Bushehr would be directly across from Kuwait. Bushehr is very important today because it is the location of Iran's nuclear facility and has the attention of the world. Thus, the physical location of ancient Elam is critical today. It is feared that Iran would use this plant to help build nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and threaten other nations. Israel has stated that it will no ...
How many storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and natural disasters will happen now that USA is messing with God's land again?
Author Hilary Mantel is used to being acknowledged, having won two Man Booker prizes, but it took the words "plastic" and "mannequin" for her to make worldwide headlines, and to drive a spike in sales of her book.
__ There are severabooks & a web site that everyone needs to read & visit !! " Israel " " The Blessing or the Curse " by John McTernan & Bill Koenig . How America is being Cursed because we have tried to force Israel to give up " Their Land ! "
Contractors continue to investigate the extent of radioactive contamination over 223 acres of Great Kills Park. To protect the health and safety of our visitors the project site remains closed to pedestrians and vehicles. kc
How much did John McTernan pay you to write this rubbish?
This is the problem with the ALP, Julia Gillard’s director of communications, John McTernan :
"Clearly, this is silly. This is a coalition of parties that comprises parliamentarians such as the Oxbridge-esque Christopher Pyne, Belgian-born Mathias Cormann who sounds like the villain from Lethal Weapon 2, and of course Abbott himself who was born in the UK! The ALP of course can’t claim exclusive Australianness in their ranks either, what with MPs such as John McTernan and Doug Cameron. And Gillard herself was born in Wales as we all know – although her thick accent more than makes up for this. I am of course being facetious in the above two paragraphs. The reality is that discussing what accent a politician has in their voice, or an entire party for that matter, is totally irrelevant to their ability to govern."
It was a reference to John McTernan running the ALP and going to the US to learn their electoral techniques
I think I'm going to come pick John McTernan about making a diehard 7
Mr Tony Abbott should attack John McTernan directly, rather than hiding behind idiotic inflammatory attempts at subtlety. How's me axxant.
So Tony Abbott, British import, has criticised John McTernan, British import, in his role as adviser to Julia Gillard, British import. OK.
It's a TAbbott's foot in mouth over JG's advisor John McTernan, a Brit. So he's dissed millions instead of one
English born made a racist remark about Scotsman John McTernan for political gain in Australia
Tony, here's a pic of me with John McTernan. His accent may scare you but hey, at least he's white!
Can't shake the feeling Abbott's sniping attack on John McTernan is a distraction from something else
Abbot came out with incredibly offensive comments directed at John McTernan today. Do you all support thinly veiled racism?
just think of those ALP nutjob trolls as John McTernan
How Labor hijacked sports bosses...: Is it too cynical to think that Labor's dirtbag guru John McTernan orchest...
They could start by deporting John McTernan ouch
PAYING IT FORWARD TO PAULIE. “Bloody *** Swannie, where are you?” yelled Julia from across the hallway. John McTernan walked into Julia’s office, “The dopey *** is in Russia, can I help?” “Maybe, look, I will be talking to my old mates in the AWU tonight. You know, those nice upstanding unionists who made me PM and the *** who could now get rid of me? I need a present for Paul.” “Paul Howes?” exclaimed McTernan. “You mean that bloke with the sort of head you’d never get tired of kicking?” “Yeah, that’s him”, said Julia. “What should I get him? I’ve lost a lot of the blue collar blokes lately.” “Well”, said McTernan, popping a pimple into Julia’s mirror, “He’s on the Gold Coast so he’ll be doin’ a bit of pollinating, what about a gross of aniseed flavoured condoms?” “A gross? He only uses the one... he whacks it in the dishwasher for 20 minutes and he’s ready to go again. Tight *** “How do you know?” asked McTernan, wiping the mirr ...
yet another graduate of the John McTernan school of etiquette
Nation's first female-only Galaxy poll: fail John McTernan!
I believe it was. I even have a sneaking suspicion it was written by John McTernan.
A failed attempt by John McTernan to promote not only Gillard, but Jason Clare too, backfired badly
It simply gets worse and worse for Labor in the polling: Poll Primary Votes: ALP 30 (-5) L/NP 47 (+4) if you didn't think it could get any worse.. look who's now preferred PM by a moderate margin: Poll Preferred PM: Gillard 45 (-5) Abbott 49 (+9)
Memo to John McTernan. If you pull the ventriloquist doll out of the box, unfold her, get her to squawk about Tony's phantom mysoginy while defending mussell-man Australians will see through you. with a new Galaxy Poll. FEMALE voters have rejected Julia Gillard's claim Tony Abbott is a m...
FYI Australian ALP's main strategic adviser to Gillard is a Brit, John McTernan.
I want you to think of what happened this week. For the first time in 600 years, a pope resigned along with a meteor exploding over a city causing widespread damage and injuring over 1000 people! Incredible prophetic events continue to accelerate. ~John Mcternan
FOR a government that is often focused on communicating a political message rather than promulgating a policy argument, it comes as no surprise that for all the talk of organised crime and drugs infiltrating Australian sport, days after its Australian Crime Commission press conference, nothing has c...
Here at, we embrace those who push the absolute physical limits in any respective sport. But just remember, KEEP IT SMART. Don't attempt any of these at home.
I believe that the Catholic Church is about to take a sharp turn towards paganism. It will be a New Age type of paganism. The current pope, Benedict 16, has kept the New Agers within the church at bay, but it is highly probable that the New Agers within the Catholic Church will take over.
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Make sure you work for Him because difficult days lay just ahead for us.
Danny Ayalon is convinced that Barack Obama will be meeting with Binyamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas – together
Another very interesting post by John McTernan :
Watching Rubio now. He is SO full of it. President Obama has it right.
Hands up Herald readers who believe the Home Affairs and Justice Minister, Jason Clare, and the Sports Minister, Kate Lundy, have gone over-the-top in their response to the Organised Crime and Drugs in Sport that the Australian Crime Commission released last Thursday. I believe so.
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