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John McEnroe

John Patrick McEnroe, Jr. (born February 16, 1959) is a former world no. 1 professional tennis player from the United States.

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Caroline Wozniacki hits back at John McEnroe's Serena Williams claim via
Caroline Wozniacki fires riposte back at John McEnroe's claim that Serena Williams would barely scrape into the top
Serena Williams coach Patrick Mouratoglou on John McEnroe and more 👇.
[USA Today]John McEnroe recently said he thinks Serena Williams would rank around No. 700 if she …
Martina Navratilova flipping out over John McEnroe's comments on Serena.
John McEnroe says he won't apologize to Serena Williams via
John McEnroe sets up easy shots for Stephen Colbert over his Serena Williams diss
Stephen Colbert actually challenges John McEnroe about his Serena Williams comment
Stephen Colbert grills John McEnroe over his Serena Williams diss: "You cannot be serious"
John McEnroe jokes he'd have 'a better chance' of beating Serena Williams while she's pregnant…
'You cannot be serious.' Stephen Colbert grills John McEnroe over Serena Williams diss.
Stephen Colbert made John McEnroe answer for his idiotic comments about Serena Williams
John McEnroe is a misogynist and a pig and a-wait, Serena Williams said what?
Except that in 2013, Murray was ranked 2 in the world, not 699. Good try Jon, but John McEnroe sti…
John McEnroe on Serena Williams: 'If she played the men's circuit she'd be like 700 in the world' - Los Angeles……
Serena Williams vs. John McEnroe: It's game, set, match Serena with a nude Vanity Fair cover to boot
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John McEnroe is using Serena Williams to promote himself like Shaun King uses Black tragedy to promote himself. Pathetic on both levels.
Serena Williams and John McEnroe are feuding. It's silly. Found out why :.
John McEnroe's overhead rated No. 2 all time by Steve Flink in "The Greatest Tennis Matches of All Time"…
.now joining & on & to discuss John McEnroe's comments about Serena Williams.
John McEnroe says Serena Williams would rank ‘like 700’ on men’s tour
The last time John McEnroe made me cringe this much was when he asked Roger Federer for a hug after losing Wimbledo…
Another completely stupid *** remark from this clown, about the greatest athlete in the last 20 years, the pound...
Well, in his defense, John McEnroe's always been an ***
It's good to remind oneself that John McEnroe was once a crybaby a**hole from Queens who threw tantrums on the court.
John McEnroe knows more about tennis than any person taking him to task for his statement.
I don't see why he his trying to class her with men. Let's give him a trial, let's match John McEnroe vs Serena Williams and see!
McEnroe: Serena Williams playing on men's circuit would "be like 700 in the world." Can't wait for her response.
John McEnroe says Serena Williams would struggle to make the top 700 if she was on the men's circuit
Tennis legend John McEnroe thinks Serena Williams would rank 700th in the world…
You'd think John McEnroe, once a professional player, would have heard of Billie Jean King.…
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John McEnroe believes is best female tennis player, but would be "like No. 700" on men’s circuit
John McEnroe ranks Serena '700 in the world' on men's tour
Retired champion John McEnroe admits that if Marshal Kim Jong-Un were to play tennis, Supreme Leader would be ranked mens…
Had he said it as a provocation totally out of context I'd understand, but he was specifically asked the question
Serena Williams: John McEnroe believes she would struggle on men's circuit -
If Serena Williams plays men’s circuit, she will be ranked 700: John McEnroe.
John McEnroe: Serena Williams would be ranked 'like 700' if she played against men.
If played the men's circuit, she'd rank 'like 700': John McEnroe. Read:
John McEnroe would rank 700th on men's tour!.
John McEnroe would rank Serena Williams 700th on men's tour!
Could Serena Williams replicate her success if she is to play in men's game? John McEnroe gives his take.…
Tennis legend John McEnroe says he would place Serena Williams at around 700 on the men's ranking list htt…
Novak Djokovic may need to take time out, says John McEnroe . (sounds like they forced McEndoe to say smth, anything).
Sports News>> ". John McEnroe: Novak Djokovic may need to take time out. " .
New post (John McEnroe questions Andre Agassi and Novak Djokovic partnership: There's ...) has been published on -…
Water-damaged murals of John McEnroe and The Ramones to be restored in Queens, group says:
John McEnroe offers no mercy to homophobic tennis star in scathing video via
is a great choice to coach Ivan Milat is unavailable...
He should be "asking" John McEnroe to coach him, he was a super star, is just a player with potential at the moment
Murray hits back at McEnroe: I've been better than the rest of the 'Big Four' via
I'm a proud feminist, says John McEnroe: Tennis star makes remark as he criticises gender pay gap in the game -…
Why is a 40 yr old Mark Philipousis pretending like he can't beat a 58 year old John McEnroe right now? It's embarrassing
Andy Murray hits back at John McEnroe's comments: I’m number one
Andy Murray responds to John McEnroe jibe that he is a distant fourth to Big Three
Nick Kyrgios tells John McEnroe he's dreaming for suggesting part-time coaching role
John McEnroe is playing a blinder on some kind of sports quiz show right now 😀
John McEnroe: Eddie Vedder helped me through my split from Tatum O'Neal - New York Daily News
New post (Andy Murray takes John McEnroe’s criticism in his stride and responds: ...) has been published on Gr ...…
Andy Murray hits back at John McEnroe: I've been better than Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in last…
John McEnroe says Eddie Vedder helped him through his divorce. Read more:
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Listen gets it wrong so often it's just as funny as most everything else he does
"(Andy) Warhol was always there. Being a pain in the *** " 😂John McEnroe's interview in the *** go…
Nick Kyrgios' response to John McEnroe's discussion of a part-time coaching role was short and sharp
Kyrgios drops hilarious two-word response to John McEnroe's idea of the 'two head cases' joining forces.…
Tell him he's dreamin': Kyrgios's snappy response to McEnroe's coaching offer
You cannot be serious: John McEnroe offers to coach Nick Kyrgios on a part-time basis. Kyrgios' response is blunt. http…
John McEnroe wasn't talking about the last 52 weeks, but about the last 520..
Andy fires back at John McEnroe and insists he deserves his world No.1 status | Mirror
Nick Kyrgios responds to John McEnroe: 'Tell him he's dreaming' - The Sydney Morning Herald
would somebody tell Mary Carillo and John McEnroe to shut up during play!
2017: John McEnroe says Novak Djokovic "gave up" in loss to Dominic Thiem
Agree with this?. John McEnroe says reigning champion Novak Djokovic "gave up" against Dominic Thiem. Watch:
French Open 2017: Novak Djokovic questioned by John McEnroe after Dominic Thiem defeat…
Andy Murray tipped to rival Rafael Nadal for French Open title by legends John McEnroe and Goran Ivanisevic - The…
Eurosport commentator tells John McEnroe that Andy Murray is a big Hibs fan. McEnroe replied "Who?...Glasgow Rangers is as…
John McEnroe will always be the greatest because many whites love to see a rich whi…
How about John McEnroe as Djokers next coach?!
Did you know that beat Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe (twice!) at tennis? Watch our interview 😀
Happy 56th birthday to our 1980 runner-up Kim Warwick (top left of pic). . The Australian faced John McEnroe in the…
John Mcenroe, Will "More Cowbell" Ferrell and Bob Ross. I originally was trying to make Richard Simmons but he ende…
.has tennis greatest names for on 30 November including John McEnroe + Tim Henman…
This was Federer's 22nd title after turning 30. Ivan Lendl has the next most with eight. John McEnroe had five and Pete Sampras one.
Bjorn Borg will be Team Europe's captain and John McEnroe will be Team World's. EXCITING! 🎾🎾.
Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, will break their 11-11 head-to-head tie when they captain the Europe and World teams in September.
thanks my lovely . Me , Tilly , Rickie Lambert and John McEnroe all share a birthday. . Only one more week to go! Cor wait .
how about John McEnroe vs Jimmy Connors with and without rackets.
John McEnroe defeats Jimmy Connors at Nashville tennis exhibition -
But think, we just competed you to Sly Stallone, John McEnroe, Jason Giambi, and the 42nd president of the USA.
Tennis chat!. Bad news: just lost a listener on the text like because I said John McEnroe was a "loveable *** an…
John McEnroe, Patrick McEnroe, and Mary Carillo stated that Federer has been "cemented as the greatest of all time".
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Catherine, David, John McEnroe and Boris Becker look ahead to Nadal vs. Federer on the . Listen -
The Telegraph : Tennis podcast: 'Rafael and are the greatest of all time', says John McEnroe
John McEnroe is certainly impressed by Mischa serve and volley game: "You did it old school." . http…
John McEnroe has his say on why Andy Murray crashed out of the Australian Open
John McEnroe claims Andy Murray’s efforts to become world No.1 cost him the Australian Open
the great Roy Jones beat John Ruiz in 2001 for John McEnroe's viewing pleasure!
DOUBLE FAULT. Gina and Tina are playing Microsoft's Brexitbox 360; Gina voted Remain and Tina didn't; Gina is about to '…
Snowflakes melting everywhere calling John McEnroe a hypocrite for unloading on Nick Kyrgios. JM was a proper character who played to win.
John McEnroe sounds like Jonah Hill. It's not interesting but it's true.
Nick Kyrgios is a black eye for tennis, John McEnroe says - The Australian
J McEnroe blasts Aussie bad boy Kyrgios, who blasts right back (Chase). "you’ve got to stoke a fire to keep it alive.
Great Instagram post from the PGA Tour on John McEnroe, Henrik Stenson, Steve Stricker from Orlando
Australian Open Video: Nick Kyrgios pokes John McEnroe in response to his criticism after loss; "he knows everythi…
'It's a black eye for the sport.' John McEnroe among those weighing in on Nick Kyrgios' second-round implosion.…
John McEnroe attacking Nick Kyrgios for his behavior is too absurd and ironic to fathom. But appropriate in the Trump era.
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I have complicated thoughts on Kyrgios, but he is so right about John McEnroe. Mac's criticism of NK is hypocritical, mean, and immature.
John McEnroe is trying to talk to Nick Kyrgios. But he won't listen.
Australian Open 2017: Nick Kyrgios booed as John McEnroe says he is a black eye to the sport via
"His press conference was priceless, some snide comments about McEnroe. Q. John McEnroe has said he didn't think..."
John McEnroe on Kyrgios: 'What I don't understand, what I can't accept, is when he stops trying. It's a black eye for th…
Truth hurts you *** John McEnroe was right when he said you werent trying, suck it up buttercup.
Nick Kyrgios reacts to John McEnroe comments after Australian Open loss
McEnroe makes a living out of being a ***
[FoxSport] John McEnroe blasts Aussie bad boy Nick Krygios, who blasts right back
Nick Kyrgios hits back at John McEnroe after crashing out of the Australian Open
Starting to worry there are some mental health issues undiagnosed here.
McEnroe rips into Kyrgios after loss to Seppi Via (Harradox) Via (Harradox)
My favourite player of the 1980s . You can't be serious John McEnroe
.FFS!. Nick Kyrgios' effort and decision-making questioned after loss.
The Commissioner of Tennis John McEnroe returns 🙌 . And he's got a message for Sir 👍 . WATCH:…
It's the second to last highlight on the video in this link.
McEnroe worried about Murray getting burnt out with all the tennis he has played the last 6 months .ehh, we had an off s…
McEnroe rips into Kyrgios after loss to Seppi
Nick Kyrgios responds angrily to John McEnroe's claim that he 'stopped trying' in defeat
Furious Nick Kyrgios hits back after John McEnroe accuses him of not trying at Australian Open
John McEnroe ripped Nick Kyrgios after his second-round collapse at the Australian Open
Nick Kyrgios hits back at John McEnroe criticism after Australian Open defeat
John McEnroe had some hard words for after his 2nd round exit
John McEnroe tells pressure on world No. 1 Andy Murray at Aussie Open will be more intense than ever. https:/…
NICE TRY MILO!. John McEnroe opens up on Andy Murray’s Australian Open chances
Life goals : hangout with Michael J. Fox, Spike Lee and John McEnroe at a Knicks game
2nd place went to John McEnroe, David Coleman came third with Harry Carpenter and John Motson completing the top five.
I'm watching William Klein's THE FRENCH, a doc about the 1981 French Open, and John McEnroe is warming up in a Carlton VFL jersey.
John McEnroe just heard th news that Nigel Farage was been nominated for 2016 person of th year. "YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS"
Here at the Albert Hall and we are going to see John McEnroe and Henri Laconte first then a doubles with Tim...
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Andy Roddick and John McEnroe reflect on their experiences playing in Champions Tennis at the Royal Albert Hall.
Look at guys like Larry Bird and George Brett and John McEnroe; th...
Does anyone else think the John McEnroe group of the ATP World Tour Finals is far more vicious than the Ivan Lendl group?
John McEnroe and Pete Sampras, Marat Safin to Sign Autographs and Compete at Olympic Park SK Stadi...
John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, Marat Safin and Pat Cash to play in Seoul!
Agree, and John McEnroe in his prime could kick Mike Tysons *** cuz you have to be super powerful to play tennis?
Rafael Nadal stops match against John McEnroe so distressed mother can find her missing toddler: via
Rafael Nadal, Mats Wilander, John McEnroe and Carlos Costa today at the Rafa Nadal Academy
Rafael Nadal, Carlos Moya, John McEnroe and Mats Wilander during the opening day at Rafa Nadal Sports Centre. (via FB) htt…
New post: ". What a champ! Rafael Nadal stops tennis match against John McEnroe as distraught mother looks for her…
Rafael Nadal dramatically halts tennis match against John McEnroe to search for missing toddler in crowd
I be fresh from head to toe, every day a fashion show. Used to tote that Calico and serve like John McEnroe.
Professional Tennis died when the likes of Jimmy Conyers, Ilie Nastase, and John McEnroe retired. They gave the game character.
"I'm excited for serena." . "I hope Wozniacki does it. I love Caroline Wozniacki." - John McEnroe, paid analyst
Jelena Djokovic tells John McEnroe she won't translate a minor tantrum Novak had on the sideline
Guys like John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg and Stefan Edberg were also very good grass court playe
James Blake win as John McEnroe retired with the score at 6-4 0-0 in the semi final at New Havens
John McEnroe should leave Raonic and coach him. If not Jimmy Connors...
John McEnroe's first pitch at Mets game tonight is one of the best first pitches ever thrown
It's amazing Patty Smyth & John McEnroe are still married. . Actually, the amazing part is McEnroe staying married.
JOHN LLOYD: Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe would never say it but each of them would love to put one over the other when their respective
Battle of the coaches: Ivan Lendl vs John McEnroe
I'll serve your assistance like John McEnroe. If your girl steps up I'm smackin' the ***
ESPN sent out a press release CONFIRMING John McEnroe WILL announce the match (Patrick will be there too) with
'Andy is one of the premier workaholics,' says Milos ahead of final.
Sing a tune: John McEnroe has sparked a racism row 'blacking up' a visit to the Glastonbury festival.
A clear exmpl of external locus of control: John Mcenroe's excuses . This happens to ppl with fixed mindsets
Andy Murray, Milos Raonic Look to Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe For Wimbledon Glory: Andy Murray will face Milo...
Milos this is your time to shine!Having John McEnroe in your cornerthe WIN!!!
Baseball was my game to watch, but if John McEnroe was playing tennis, you were garunteed a great show. LOL.
Ivan Lendl and John McEnroe renew Wimbledon rivalry - 33 years on...
Bjorn Borg: How quitting tennis turned hate back into love
John McEnroe encouraging Milos to be vocal & emote in final ...
Want pro tennis tips from John McEnroe?. He shared some with this youngster .
John McEnroe will do men's final for ESPN but in a role as Raonic's coach, rather than an impartial commentator
Tom drake and John McEnroe are actually the same person
.and Ivan Lendl take on and John McEnroe in the Final
John McEnroe should not be commentating since he has take up coaching. Even more so that Raonic is in the final. Muting my TV.
Wimbledon finalist finding his voice with help of John McEnroe
John McEnroe will work final for TV as Raonic's coach. Read:
JOHN LLOYD: McEnroe will be desperate to put one over on Ivan Lendl
Wimbledon finalist Andy Murray won’t high-five John McEnroe if he wins again.. the legend is coaching his opp...
"4 in a row is unbelievably spectacular" - John McEnroe on
Always wondered how much these guys make. This 2011 article says McEnroe was on 10k per day for Wimbledon from BBC.
From a fans point of view what problem is there with having John McEnroe commentate the Wimbledon final? Unique perspective I want to hear.
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Chris Fowler, John & Patrick McEnroe. Hope it's a good one. Enjoy 👍🏼
The John McEnroe effect on Milos Raonic: real, or just a fun narrative? - Yahoo Sports (blog): Yahoo Sports (...
Borg: 'McEnroe and I remember every point'
John McEnroe thinks Andy Murray will fancy Wimbledon final
John McEnroe desperate to put one over on Ivan Lendl as Andy Murray and Milos Raonic ... -
Today we have an all-French finalists in mens doubles at Last time 1983 . Americans. Peter Fleming-John McEnroe. Tim/Tom Gulliksons
On this day in 1984, John McEnroe won his 3rd & final Wimbledon singles championship. Defeated Jimmy Connors in stra…
innuendo bingo... 5th set Andy Murray vs Tsonga by John Mcenroe "Andys on his way to a semi" 😂😂
"Andy Murray on his way to another semi". Innuendo courtesy of John McEnroe on BBC1
Can you tell me who commentated with John McEnroe on the televised Andy Murray match yesterday? Ta.
Andy Murray monsters Nick Kyrgios before John McEnroe wades in as Aussie is left awestruck
KYRGIOS, TOMIC OUT: Kyrgios under fire from John McEnroe after listless Centre Court loss to Andy Murray
: . Wimbledon 2016: John McEnroe lashes out at Nick Kyrgios after Australian's tame surrender to Andy Murray. . …
John McEnroe tells Nick Kyrgios to 'look in the mirror' after Andy Murray defeat as Australian adm..
"If it wasn't for James Ward, Great Britain would not have won the Davis Cup and Andy Murray is eternally grateful for that" - John McEnroe
Battle of the Sexes: legend Billie Jean King says should not play John McEnroe
Coach John McEnroe: 'I want to make a difference': Seven-time grand slam champion John McEnroe talks to Pat C...
Great work by Ted Robinson, Mary Carillo, and John McEnroe to give that last game the silent treatment. Tension didn’t need the commentary.
I love how John Mcenroe, Mary Carillo and Ted Robinson have been silent through that last game. The drama speaks for itself.
Le Grand journal (Canal+) : le match John McEnroe - Cyrille Eldin :Auto pickup by wikyou
Facing the music: Steven Osborne: From Joni Mitchell, Steve Reich, Svetlanov and Mackerras to John McEnroe an...
Shia LaBeouf to play John McEnroe in movie of Wimbledon legend's 1980 battle with Borg
Flip on tele and Jim Courier and John McEnroe are playing tennis on ESPN. . What year is it?
John McEnroe and Patty Smyth Say Goodbye to their Hamptons Estate: SELLERS: John McEnroe and Patty Smyth LOCA...
Sometimes I wonder if John Slattery and John Mcenroe are the same person.
Cris Collinsworth is 🤔. I believe Pam Shriver is the superior analyst between her and John McEnroe any day.
Nobody's impressed that I can name the first ever guest on John McEnroe's failed talk show from years and years ago. It was Nicole Ritchie.
Why do I get flashbacks to John McEnroe & Jimmy Connors with those sweat bands
John McEnroe is threatening to murder a man at Jared Fogle's holiday party for being atheist. I've made nothing up.
I saw that. Reminded me of the time John McEnroe & Jimmy Connors started making their own line calls in a match
We are one week away from the start of the '16 PowerShares Series! See Andre Agassi, John McEnroe, Jim Courier and James Blake in Chicago!
My dream team tennis commies: , , , and John McEnroe
John McEnroe doubts Maria Sharapova was unaware of meldonium ban
. John McEnroe and Stefan Edberg only players to reach Number 1 in Singles and Doubles.
Had a surreal moment of trying to interview John McEnroe, only to have Suzanne Somers interrupt to show photos from Oscar party
While we are at it we should invite opinions from Anna Kournikova, John McEnroe & Jimmy Connors - just to have a balanced opinion.
Feb 14 (Reuters) - Talented teenager Taylor Fritz surpassed Jimmy Connors, Andre Agassi and John McEnroe to become the fastest American
You too can try to return Andy Roddick's serve or play doubles points vs. John McEnroe! Look at our VIP packages at htt…
CBS Sports Announcer Mary Carillo, at the 1987 US Open interviewing USA's John McEnroe after the…
Jimmy Connors storming off the court and blowing off Bud Collins after John McEnroe dominated him @ Wimbledon
Nice to see former Warrior Chris Mullin sitting courtside next to John McEnroe in Warriors-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.
Any John McEnroe wannabes coming to the tennis on Feb 8th? More...
John McEnroe, Jim Courier are 2 of 4 who will play in April tennis event at
Tennis stars John McEnroe, Andy Roddick to play at on April 23
you forgot John McEnroe doing John Mcenroe things
I am much too old and MUCH too lazy to being shoveling snow. As John McEnroe once said, "feels like my whole body is going to fall off."
you'd probably get put with John McEnroe and wouldn't know who he was!
"You cannot be serious Man, you cannot be serious!!!". "You guys are the absolute pits of the world.". John McEnroe.
"I’ll let the racket do the talking." – John McEnroe. Only a few more weeks to register for the Jackson Flex...
The same way John McEnroe used his tv commentary to transform his image, Lleyton Hewitt has done likewise here. Just terrific in booth.
So pretty much like John McEnroe? And the new bad guy krygossgsnndhs or whatever.
John McENROE (US) contesting a line call with the umpire during the men's singles final. 1980 Wimbledon
The older I get, the better I used to be.
Friends - But all the male parts are John McEnroe and the female parts are John McEnroe in a wig.
Sports Briefing | Tennis: Agassi and McEnroe to Play at Connecticut Open: Andre Agassi and John McEnroe have a...
Patrick McEnroe & Brad Gilbert r kinda dorky, but main guy is Chris Fowler, of CFB fame. John McEnroe calls w Fowler in semis.
A little older, but I could show you my IU ID that looks like John McEnroe
What do you know about John McEnroe's wife??
sprinkle a little snow inside the optimo, swing the john McEnroe
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