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John McClane

John McClane is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Die Hard film series. He is portrayed by Bruce Willis.

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Passed on the role of John McClane in Die Hard.
Live Free or Die Hard; A Good Day to Die Hard. Don't know who Bruce Willis is playing in those movies, it ain't John McClane.
Remembering the heroism shown by Detective John McClane 28 years ago today.
"Many people say Die Hard's John McClane is bad *** but I disagree. To me he is good *** because he is the goodie" - Mike Bigby, 2017
Star Trek TNG (6/18, Starship Mine): Picard goes all John McClane on people trying to hijack the Enterprise. He needs his saddle!
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😲Roof terrace? Surprised you didn't go full John McClane and drop her over the side like she was Hans Gruber!! x
Because you at John McClane. Nothing is impossible.
it feels like if John McClane went back to being a beat cop after the end of Die Hard
Let's imagine that Joe Biden is pulling a John Mcclane in the White House ventilation system.
"Nakatomi Tower just had a gas leak. MSM and this alleged cop John McClane are lying about terrorists."
"John McClane was wearing shoes during the *entire* first Die Hard film. Period."
"Die Hard is not a good Christmas movie. Also, I wish Hans Gruber had killed John McClane."
Just sitting on the edge by single leg.
"Die Hard 2 was entirely in John McClane's imagination while he was in a coma. No questions, thank you."
BREAKING: Former CIA Director John Brennan is "deeply saddened and angered" at President Trump’s remarks to the CIA https:…
Alex be like John McClane on these terrorists.
John McClane in A Good Day To Die Hard compared to John McClane in Die Hard is not the character development I want to see >:(
I wish they went with the original idea of John McClane in Japan to celebrate the Nakatomi Plaza.
Mr. Bryan will win , John Mcclane just lucky
Top film that Selma, . John McClane is one of my favourite action heroes.
"paging passenger John McClane, gates for your flight to Los Angeles will close in 1 minute" - waiting for the action to start now!
That's like saying: "Why should I care about John Mcclane there are 200k other cops in America, and he's not the best one."
I liked him in his dirty John McClane singlet. He was like a bad Mexican remake of Die Hard.
It's fun to make little John McClane fists with your toes in while straining. Until it gets crunchy...
We are John McClane, frantically trying to convince Hans Gruber (the world) that Harry Ellis (Trump) is lying and doesn't speak for us.
Choose 1 tv/movie hero (not a superhero) to go back in time and stop Trump from being elected. . I’m taking Jack Bauer. John McClane backup.
over the Christmas holidays I watched the all the Die Hards! Because nothing says Christmas like John McClane.
Gilbert Gottfried as John McClane in Die Hard. (Really, imagine that for like 30 seconds.)
Hans Gruber now has full control of the Nakatomi Plaza & John McClane just boycotted the Xmas party .
Surely this is the point John McClane rescues the real President from Trump's cellar and takes this lunatic out with a single shot...!
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> John McClane and save the day and looking super cool while doing it. Too bad he's just a cop and trapped with 12 terrorists like he >
I bet some screen writer is writing the script for the next Die Hard based on this news! John McClane is back. Cameo f…
The name Chase McCain in LEGO City Undercover was inspired by John McClane of Die Hard fame and a google search for popular US…
Top: El Chapo flown into USA for extradition. Middle: Esperanza flown into USA for extradition. Bottom: WE NEED JOHN…
There’s a four year old film starring Superman, John McClane and Ellen Ripley and I'd never even heard of it. It’s a weird time for movies.
On this day in 1988, John McClane saved the Nakatomi Plaza from terrorists. Never forget.
I'd love to see the roles reversed. Bruce Willis as John McClane is forced to become Santa. Tim Allen must take on a group of terrorists.
Patrick Laine hasn't looked this bummed out since John McClane killed him in Die Hard
Realistically, the moment John McClane unloads the machine full of blanks on Dennis Franz should have been the end of that movie...
even my dad liked Die Hard, John McClane is definitely the everyman hero
David Platt doing his best John McClane 'Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs...'
Crazy that Morgantown named McLane Ave after the legendary hero John McClane
I'd be down for Mickey with Donald as VP. John McClane as secretary of defense.
Too much Bronson on Netflix , it's giving me a ruddy "Death Wish" .. Oy! Give me the first 3 Die Hard when John McClane was John Mcclane!
one could say John McClane is a Mary Sue
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and Don Quixote, Candide, and John McClane all killed people, got more cynical and retired
Big difference in from the past and today:. John Matrix. Dutch. Martin Riggs. Dillon. John Rambo. Roger Murtaugh. John McClane
this was when Al Powell was trying to shop his buddy cop sitcom with John McClane to the networks
any plans to make John McClane and Hans Gruber from Die Hard?
John McClane gets sucked in the bathroom of Nakatomi Plaza
I mean, can I hear it for Tim Kang as John McClane? I KNOW RIGHT?
I guess if John McClane can go from NY to LA and back again...
Your tattoo artist's name is John McClane?
I don't mind getting red sauce on my wife beaters, I just look more like John McClane.
for those of you who havent seen the Sixth Sense (shame on you) but the twist is that Bruce Willis was actually John McClane from Die Hard
.walking around with a gunshot wound for 3 days? I think that was John McClane (Die Hard). or Batman.
I'd rather it be John McClane. Bourne is a wussy
One of the things that made the first Die Hard movie so great is that John McClane was just a guy.
just finished a Runtastic run of 2.36 km in 14m 52s with the app:
John McClane would know how to get out of that elevator
Does John McClane have any other kids to save?
After five sequels, who actually goes to see John McClane movies? Die Hard fans.
I am in Texas, I have to admit to believing in a higher power. John McClane counts as a higher power, right?
Foley partnered with Rosewood and Taggart then Riggs & Murtaugh ... they're evenly matched to me ... *** throw in John McClane too
If you want to see John McClane yippee-ki-yay some dirty German terrorists in Nakatomi Plaza, go to AMC.
A guy who grew up in Jersey asking 4 a shot @ John McClane 4 Die Hard6.
John McClane gets really dirty from them in Die Hard.
"Do it how John McClane would - the vents!". "So blast the AC until they get chilly and leave to find sweaters?"
Mason Wells is like the modern day John Mcclane
Manhunt for Brussels terror suspect continues.
"Because John McClane is the grizzled roughneck everyman to James Bond's charming cervix-magnet."
he is too injured to be intimidated. Think John McClane “Die Hard”. right? that is pretty self explanatory?
One of the most fantastic sequences in cinematic history! Up there with Luke I am your father and John McClane...
My list begins and ends with: 1) John McClane hates flying, would never go to space.
never seen him and John McClane in the same room...(sidebar: I wouldn't wish that on my worst nightmare. Hope he's OK)
I don't want to make light of this, but is this person actually John McClane?
did Trump propose a "great counter terrorism team" consisting of Rambo, John McClane, John Matrix and the cast of the Expendables?
Note to any villians taking on John McClane shoot first and monologue later. If they're lucky. Lol
if we could send in a real John Mcclane,Jack Bauer my fav by the way,John Rambo,Bryan Mills to the middle east problem solved
a guy from Jersey 2 play a guy from Jersey!
How could he do this!? Obama should've been in Brussels to go all John McCLane on those terrorists.
What can John McClane teach you about opening scenes? You might be surprised.
Bruce Forsyth to appear as baddie alongside Bruce Willis's John McClane character in new movie, 'Nice To See You, To See You Die Hard'.
I gotta get ready for my Final Four showdown with John McClane. I could use a drink.
If Bruce Willis plays John McClane in another movie can it please be titled 'Old Habits Die Hard?'
Terrorisme on Brussels airport and in the subway. Where's John McClane when you need him?
Today is my friends Gotcha Day. It should be a happy day but he can’t live with his parronts now.
don't go all John McClane on us now! Stay away from airducts and anyone with a dodgy German accent.
Did they mention anyone named John McClane?
won't kill...but he's pretty content throwing people down concrete stairs, which... John McClane did in to kill a guy
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A4. sneak my way out or John McClane my way out.
One day, I want to be as cool as John Mcclane...
I forgot Scully did a John McClane in this episode.
I wanna remake Die Hard with Tintin instead of John McClane
Best Christmas movie? Die Hard. . John McClane is available in the store at
Just a guy who grew up in Jersey chasing a dream.
Being John McClane in Harlem, . in Die Hard with a Vengeance.
thx for the follow! Just a guy chasing a dream. Could use a signature!
Wanted to thank you for the support 1281 views Appreciate all of it!
Thank U for the support 1281 views so far.
When you live your life like John McClane :3
just received my John McClane print and delighted to find Hans Gruber too! Thank you sir, outstanding.
Frank Castle is the Hardest Man in Town. It’s like Paul Kersey and John McClane had a kid who beat up Chuck Norris.
I vote for to play John McClane in Diehard6
what kind of minister is this? Once accused, he has to be suspended! That's what happened to Dirty Harry & John McClane.
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It’s that time of year when Japan gets pretty in pink. Share your photos:
thx for the follow. Just a guy from Jersey asking for a shot .
Good to have John McClane aka presenting on making an impact
Just a guy from Jersey following a dream.
"You locked her in the broom closet?! She's like if MacGyver and John McClane got together and spawned a child. We need to leave!"
Eric Trump looks like a guy John McClane would kill at the end of a movie.
Horrible policy stance. John McClane did a pretty *** fine job without socks on.
Speak properly, and in as few words as you can, but always plainly; for the end of speech is not ostentation, but to be understood. W. Penn
How about requesting it for a customer service of the primeness?
TOGETHER we can make a difference!. Lets ALL tell 2 make young John McClane in Die Hard Day One. JL is THE BEST!
Betting against Lon Kruger is like betting against John McClane at Dulles International in a snow storm.
she went from Die Hard 1's resourceful and smart John McClane to Die Hard 4's superhero John McClane in ten seconds.
Len Wiseman : Help an Unknown actor get an audition for the role of John McClane in Die Hard 6-DHYO! via
Can we talk about how badass these chicks are?! 💪 – Zack Morris and John McClane in Precious Cargo
Do you think John McClane knows he's not just dealing with Hans Gruber anymore?. :
domain names
Bushworld has been the FBI; Trump is Hans Gruber; and the primaries are the Nakatomi Tower. And there's no John McClane to be found
.I'm told it includes Jason Bourne, John McClane, Harrison Ford from every 90's movie & the computer from War Games
I think the way you've dealt with Trump fanatics today is more akin to John McClane pushing Hans Gruber off Nakatomi Plaza.
I'm so ready to explore the expanded universe. . Do u think young John McClane has a problem w/ AUTHORITY?.
A new Die Hard set in 1979 with story involving John McClane today. . John McClane equals epic badass so I am in.
I wonder why Bruce Willis & Eddie Murphy never did a movie together? I'd love to see John McClane & Axel Foley team up.
he died ages ago Dan remember John McClane dropped him off Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas eve
Sometimes I grow it from scratch. It's easy to grow from seed.
It will grow much taller, but your birds probably won't let it!
Interesting that it's marketed only for dogs and cats. Here they also market it for birds.
On my way home with this … It would be icing on the cake if my birds are glad of it.
You must post photos of your birds and the wheat grass!
Is that basket big enough for all the things you will buy? LOL
As someone cleverer than me once said, they just wouldn't let it lie. Absurd back-story rumours include Alien & John McClane.
Explaining to the Wife how John McClane actually represents Cindy Lou Who and Hans Gruber is The Grinch, isn't going as I expe…
Die Hard 5 has just started. John McClane really does have the most terrible luck doesn't he?
The only thing that makes enjoyable is Bruce Willis - because John McClane is awesome and so is Bruce Willis x)
You make a Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie by making her a mix of Indiana Jones & John McClane.
As John McClane. Best Action movie of all time.
Honestly I'm just happy nobody's arguing with me about John McClane being the single greatest American action hero.
I was AMAZED that John McClane had only killed 73 people.
You don't see JOHN MCCLANE watching some 80's action movie parody in Die Hard actually starring Arnold or Sly.
I believe Steven Avery is innocent. I believe that John McClane's life as depicted in the Die Hard films is also completely plausible.
Hermione at my best. sometimes I'm Alice in wonderland, Arthur Dent, Bethany: the Last Scion, and once or twice John McClane.
Zombies and John McClane make for an inspiring workspace.
"I've got a hundred guards down here and they're covered with glass" say Iran as John McClane fights Houthis rebels in Sanaa, Yemen
Wow, I am looking forward to getting the result of the giving!
Thanks. Next time I find this, me too, wanna try to give my birds!!! How exciting❤️
*** is it? Wheat grass & cat's grass, they're just the SAME ?! Wow … ♪
When John McClane runs across broken glass with bare feet, I think he’s thinking, “At least I’m not up at 2am with a screaming 1 year old.
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They love wheat grass, which is also known as cat grass. Quite a treat!
I've never seen the cockatiel eating grass!
John McClane saved his wife from terrorists TWICE. and she still divorced him!
Paul Gleason and William Atherton are the most annoying actors in the world and pretty make John McClane's life 1000x harder for no reason
Guy tries to steal an ambulance. With a paramedic in the back. About to pull a John McClane:
Who does the old "hidden weapon behind their back" gambit better, William Wallace or John McClane?
uuniversal cop i thought that title belonged to John McClane
Bruce Willis should run for President, but as John McClane...who knows how to deal with terrorists better?!
Can't believe didn't ask John McClane if Die Hard is a Christmas movie
Max Payne 3 Max looks a lot like John McClane in this movie
is on. Nothing else matters while I watch John McClane wreak havoc in Nakatomi Plaza.
[John McClane] knows SWAT tactics, rules of engagement, hostage negotiation procedure ... he is not “you.”
Got a big piece of macca in my foot last night and ready to lose the leg. Gotta respect John McClane
Having in the Die Hard prequel is the best thing that could happen! JL playing the young John McClane would b EPIC
Come out to the coast.We'll get together.Have a few laughs."Come see as John McClane!
Also, everyone with a gun magically turns into John McClane.
John McClane in a teletubby costume fighting Thor on the moon while a group of ewoks watch the mayhem
My money's on the Willis statue. No one dies harder than John McClane
"If ur not part of the solution,ur part of the problem.Quit being part of the f***g problem"-John McClane
Still reeling from being told last night that Frank Sinatra was originally supposed to be John McClane in Die Hard.
SPOILER ALERT: John McClane barely makes it off an exploding roof.
Please fix the automatic door (Old Trafford). The novelty of pretending I'm John McClane climbing up an elevator shaft has worn off.
Justin's taken off his jumper to reveal...his Die Hard vest! How much does he look like John McClane? - Kelly x
Boy, if a 12yo was dangerous, surely the cops will go full John McClane on 150 armed terrorists... right?
Look who's talking!!! It's the baby, man. And he sounds like John McClane
I wanna be John McClane when I grow up
Ya know... I love me some John McClane and Die Hard... But DC's Dulles is like literly a 20min flight to Richmond's Airport.
Here's American Ninja Warrior, John McClane, who conquered the Mt. Midoriyama of his day (Nakatomi Plaza.) 😜
Funny thing about today is how John McClane is a loose cannon. "Police have rules." "That's what my captain keeps telling me."
If you press the Red Button now, Neil deGrasse Tyson will explain why the firehose stunt would have killed John McClane.
John McClane just dabbed and you can't tell me anything.
John McClane had smarts. Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne, John Wick, Kevin McAllister, too. Not just coding, but strategy & insight.
True. Kirk has stronger Kung Fu than Jack McClane...and John McClane...maybe also Joe Leland unless plays him.
at least it's not the Australian guy who played John McClane's son in Die Hard 5/the new Kyle Reese
Imagine a Christmas movie Freaky Friday scenario where John McClane is home alone and Kevin McCallister is fighting Germ…
Kevin McCallister is handily defeating John McClane right now.
watching thinking Kevin McCallister should've grown up & become John McClane. It's plausible.
is almost the John McClane of the mma world and is Hans Gruber.
Die Hard 6: John McClane is called out of retirement when Dieter Gruber, cousin of Hans and Simon, places a full-page ad in Variety, pitchin
it is a very good idea. A great idea is having play young John mcclane
those are John McClane's kids. They have the right chemistry with dear ol' dad but it's wicked sexual with each other lol!
definitely should play John mcclane.
Remind me to never hitch a ride in Russia with John McClane.
No I don't know how to use tools yet, my mama bought if for me :)
The tree is awesome. Did you build it?
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Wow, he might also love Sushi in Japanese!
I'm not John McClane, but I have been that wrecked on a bad day before.
Holly, happily: I missed you. John: You didn't miss my name though, did you?. You are a class A *** McClane.
2nd time a employee has asked me if I'm related to John McClane. They think they're funny.
is the best person to play John mcclane.
*guy bursts into nativity & wrestles nun to ground*. [Narrator]. This year John McClane faces his toughest Xmas yet in 'Old Habi…
"Look who's talkin' now, Hans Gruber!" -- Det. John McClane
Joey is the best choice for young John McClane! We want Joey!!
In Die Hard John McClane interrupts someone whilst they are talking on CB radios. Is this possible?
Costa spent more time on the wing tonight than John McClane did in Die Hard 2. Perhaps that's why he was laughing at the end of the game.
Oh that John McClane is so infuriating . The way he's always, you know, killing your brother?
Hey John McClane, I know you only Die Hard, but if you keep getting 40 concussions in a 24 hour period, you might die with Parkinson's.
The bear that John McClane is taking to his family appears in Hunt for Red October as a gift for Jack Ryan's daughter.
John McClane, you've been put on notice. could become my new hero by the end of the day. Godspeed!
Die Hard prequel: Who should play young John McClane? |
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I've been screaming about this from the rooftops months ago. As John McClane once said, "Welcome to the party pal!"
John MCclane was a talking baby. Hollywood is out of truly great ideas today.
I am wondering if Stan, he would be playing it?
Back before John McClane sleeping on his forehead.
is John McClane anywhere in the building?
an expendables team on Purge night. But the characters John McClane Terminator Ripley Wolverine John Wick and Frank Castle.
Also said john McClane would of had shoes on if he was a conservative
I wanna see John McClane & Aunt Jackie in Misery on Broadway...
That rush when you almost drop a full roll of toilet paper in the toilet. This must be what John McClane feels like.
Dying is hard when you are John McClane. See for yourself in this episode of
Ben Carson turned down the role of John McClane.
*Camera spins around John McClane who realizes what's happening*
shall we just call you John McClane from now on
Come on The poll shows how much Joey deserves the role of young John McClane!
Families are saved from a neighborhood menace by fathers working together, not a temporary savior.
Basically looking to be any Liam Neeson character or John McClane.
My idea for the next Die Hard: "Die Hard 6: Bubba *** Tep 2" John McClane defends his nursing home from undead terrorists …
John McClane coming in hot tonight.
Please give the role of young John McClane to Joey!!🙏 He was made for the part!
It is a good day and Joey will be young John McClane!!
Jensen does action/comedy so well. After SPN he could totally do a Die Hard / John McClane sorta character in movies. ;P
I'm not sure we can find a young John McClane for the prequel DieHard, I get real anal that the actor look like the actor usually used
Today is the day John McClane defeated the T-1000 at the Little Big Horn or something.
The only way this Die Hard news would sound even worse was if they cast Jai Courtney again, this time to play a young John McClane.
My idea from awhile back was John McClane protecting Whoopie Goldberg in Sister Act 3: Old Habits Die Hard.
In the Die Hard prequel, can John McClane take on Franz Gruber, uncle of Hans and Simon? . The best Die Hards had him fighting a Gruber.
My brother showed me four players on clash of clans who named themselves John McClane, John Rambo, and John Matrix, and John Wayne . . .
Spencer Stone is like a real life John McClane.
Oh yes very much, they're all Rambo's or John McClane's etc.
HeyHollywood, the only crossover people want is John McClane and Harry Potter teaming up at Hogwarts to take on Voldemort and Hans Gruber
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The deal is sealed! Klopp is the new manager of He will bring Hans Gruber, Simon Gruber and John McClane to join his coaching set up.
I hope you guys like my next pitch which is “Wanda Sykes meets ‘Hannah Montana’ meets John McClane meets ‘The Fugitive’
according "guy sitting next to John Mcclane at the beginning of Die Hard" making fists w/ your toes on carpet helps.
Well done to Bryan Mills and officer John McClane for taking down that muslamic gunman in Paris 😊
Toss up! Who wins in a fight: John McClane or Martin Riggs?
Next question: Which NBA player is most likely to get out of a building John McClane style?
People who say wrestling isn't real should see me hobbling around today like John McClane after Hans & Karl shot the glass …
So what if I didn't go to college? John McClane didn't go to college. He defeats bad guys using street smarts. And I've got street smarts.
John McClane tells Hans Gruber the score line before he drops him off Nakatomi Plaza
Wolverine, Optimus Prime and John McClane are my 3 favourite superheroes
'The sounds of Wimbledon'. speak to artists Louise Brown and John McClane.
Though this feels more John McClane to me.
I'd die a happy man,if they could make an Avengers style action film with Daniel Craig's 007,John Wick,Jason Bourne,Jack Bauer,John McClane
Die Hard reminded me a lot of 24. I think they got a lot John McClane in Jack Bauer
I'm naming my kids Michelangelo, Beesly, Rocky Balboa, Pheobe, John McClane, Swanson, Jack & Rose (twins), Joan of Arc & no one can stop me
Hans Gruber:. "This time John Wayne does not walk off into the sunset with Grace Kelly.". John McClane:. "That was Gary Cooper, *** "
What do James Bond, Jim Stark and John McClane have in common? They don't look after their health:
You never told me you were related to John McClane! Was it you who threw Hans Gruber off Nakatomi Plaza?
Original Die Hard=greatest movie of all time. Bruce Willis/John Mcclane=greatest action hero of all time.
Hi I'm Glenn I like Korben Dallas more than John McClane and I brew my own spicy/sweet coffee
John McClane is way too smart to give a loaded weapon to Hans Gruber.
"Oh, this just ain't gonna be my day..." (said in John McClane voice)
JACK REACHER aka that movie where Tom Cruise goes up against Werner Herzog, Martin Luther King Jr., and John McClane's son.
He's neither John McClane nor David Addison; he's Hudson Hawk, and we are disappointed.
To paraphrase the great John McClane "All things considered, I'd rather be in Chesterfield."
. Actually, we do have a lilac tree, but not blooming..
Oohh lovely flowers, are they in your garden ?
He must have felt like John McClane stood in Harlem wearing this sign -
I’m glad that Murakami-san has been selected as 1 of the 100 most influential people by
Is drinking wine alone pathetic or a sign of "a problem"? Not necessarily:
Ross [to Chandler]: Dude, you didn't say Die Hard. Is everything okay?. Chandler: Yeah, I just..i got plans. Ross: Well,John McClane had plans
no, that was at a local bar in Kyodo that sometimes has craft beer bottles.
do you think you might play John Mcclane at the concert? would make lots of us very happy! such sincere personal song!
Good morning. Oh, it's cool.Did you take the pic at DC?
John McClane in a dump truck would take care of this nonsense.
So yeah why was John McClane such a creepy *** in Die Hard 5
Frank Sinatra had the first right of refusal to play John McClane in Die Hard because of a contractual clause from his role in The Detective
Don't you just love it when the Mrs goes out? Just me, can of Stagg chilli and John McClane for company
HUNDREDS. And John McClane kills like 5 people total.
I write mine in the voice of Detective John McClane, if that helps.
Had to use the horn 4 the 1st time today on my wife's car. It's not the best. It's more of a pee wee Herman than a John McClane kinda horn.
I want to know who plays John McClane when Ross watched Die Hard.
She has already opened and taken out it, and would go to shopping wearing it.
If Bryan Mills and John McClane had a bby that bby would be the greatest presedent ever
LL Cool John McClane, I would like to humbly invite you to my xBox giveaway. Would you mind to check my Bio for details?
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
John McClane played by Bruce Willis in the Die Hard series. Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherf*r! The guy is s
According to John McClane, you can make fists with your toes, btw
Selig is gonna go John McClane on Manfred...
...and suddenly I realized!. So, John McClane must have some relationship to Albus Dumbledore! , was it?
Happy St George's Day. England, 3 Lions and all that jazz!
Cry Hard: John McClane defeats an old fashioned alpha male bad guy by showing that he's sensitive & understanding
John McClane will fly into Sydney to attend a FFA Christmas function but will have to save Gallop from Alan Rickman.
I guess Japan is also one of the biggest market in the world for those.
I'm always wondering if there's a weird sexual fetish involving these babies...
Who would you rather count on in a pinch- Martin Riggs or John... — John McClane, because Die Hard > Lethal Weapon.
--Alice again, and meet John McClane, and Carina, and Carlos when you wake up. --
John McClane and Billy the Kid back then, Dean Winchester now. I've always had a thing for the sarcastic antiheros.
John McClane was a nice change from Arnold/Stallone's super heroic characters. He was more of a blue collar guy (1/2)
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