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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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If not for a pardon from President Richard Nixon, John McCain would have been court-martialed for treason.
"These were mostly the self-styled sane grown-ups of the GOP caucus, like Susan Collins and John McCain, but the y…
John Lewis has been race baiter for long time..He once compared John McCain & Sarah Palin to George Wallace
Dems defended John McCain when Trump attacked him. Where are the Republicans defending John Lewis? https:/…
Don't forget calling John McCain, "George Wallace" and said her "never saw" Bernie Sanders fight 4 civil rights
John Lewis compared John McCain 2 George Wallace, said ‘Never Saw’ B. Sanders during CR era, so his words 2 are empty to me
You left out parts of John Lewis calling John McCain "George Wallace" and saying Bernie Sanders never fought for civil rights
Let us know when you get to John Lewis calling John Mccain "George Wallace" and saying Bernie Sanders was never par…
That doesn't condone his comments saying John McCain is George Wallace, Bernie Sanders not part of civil rights,
Any man who criticizes John McCain and John Lewis all the while believing he somehow has suffered more has a serious pers…
Hey will you apologize for attacking Mitt Romney, John McCain, George w bush and Bernie Sanders?
There are only three legitimate American heroes in politics: John Lewis, John McCain and Tammy Duckworth.
The only 2 legit heroes in US political life - whose stories ring through history -are John Lewis & John McCain. Trump att…
Really U moved on. Evidently not far enough. John Lewis is a hero. John McCain is a hero also
, .May be time to drain the Rino swamp in Arizona!! YA THINK!!! 🖕🖕 John McCain!!
During the nomination hearing for Gen. James Mattis, Sen. John McCain spoke about Russia interfering in the presidential elect…
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John McCain, an over the hill blowhard, do the country a favor and retire.
John McCain is just loving this. Reminiscing on Capital Hill with the old boys about the good ol' days before the Dinosaurs were wiped out.
The former agent didn't hear back from the FBI, so he leaked to the media and then went to John McCain.…
Marco Rubio joines Cory Booker with sharp questioning for Rex Tillerson in his way to be the upcoming John McCain.
It was nice to know John McCain had his azz right in the middle of it all. Trying to use the sharp knives on Trump CNN
"He once made a pejorative comment about Long Island and I blasted it and he got mad at that.” - Chuck Schumer on John McCain
South Carolina and Arizona owes the Republican party an apology for . Lindsey Graham and . John McCain
Fascist war criminal convention in Kiev as John McCain visits More trouble ahead?
John McCain is why trump won. Without Sarah Palin and vowing to John Hagee and far right you could have nipped trum…
John McCain: American Hero,US Patriot. Comrade Trumpf: KGB PUPPET, loyal to Putin and Patriot to Russia
POS would have been court martialed for treason if it weren't for the service of his father, Adm John S McCain, Jr…
Sen. John McCain to create new cybersecurity subcommittee via
John McCain: American Hero, patriot for country. Comrade Trumpf: Puppet of the KGB, Patriot to Russia.
Delusional *** John McCain promises war on Putin and Russia -- Puppet Masters --
Chris is a McMuffin never trumper he'll eat anything senator John McCain and Linda Graham spews out
Sunday Morning Kellyanne Conway has me nostalgic for Sunday Morning John McCain.
I bet POTUS Trump has someone else in mind to replace John McCain with...
WATCH: Senators John McCain & Lindsey Graham say that they view Obama's legacy as a landmark, but disagree strongly with…
John McCain is a traitor to America. His daughter is grotesquely obese.
John McCain just told that Russia has capability to shut down power plants in the US.
When Lindsey Graham and John McCain are the voices of reason, Armageddon can't be far away.
Oh wow, john mccain is going to form a "committee".This should be entertaining
John McCain to NBC: "Mr. Tillerson's relationship with Putin personally and Russia has raised concerns with me."
Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain urge Trump to sanction Russia over election hacks
If you want to know why Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain are two of my favorite senators it would be...
Just one freakin Senator needs to sign the objections. Where the *** is John McCain and Lindsey Graham??
Hannity: and the democrats and John McCain and Lindsey Graham did nothing about it!
Woman at US Senate hearings trolls John McCain & Lindsey Graham with WikiLeaks shirt and "Free Assange" bag
no not at all! Like Lindsey Graham and John McCain said this concerns everybody! If you're at American you're concerned!
Where were 'Sanctimonious' John McCain, Lindsey Graham & the Democrats when this happened? Good po…
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Lindsey Graham/John McCain seem to have a real obsession with Russia. Protest too much! What are they hidi…
how John McCain and Lindsey Graham keep getting re-elected.
Because I don't like John McCain and Lindsey Graham I never did and never will
John McCain and Lindsey Graham are Democrats trying to self identify as Republicans. Don't fall for it.
John McCain literally said they would block any nominations from Hillary..these lunatics' hypocrisy is appalling
LIVE: John McCain press conference after US Senate hearings into hacking
John McCain is powerless & IRRELEVANT IN TODAYS BODY POLITIC! Trump will block ANYTHING McCain tries to do, lame duck🦆
that's what we like to call "pot calling the kettle black" lol John McCain s mental state should be examined
CNN publishes video of Sen. John McCain falsely stating that WikiLeaks put US lives at risk. The reality:
Really Susan?John McCain & his friend Lindsey giving award.To whom? This man was Al Qui…
I'm sorry but when was John McCain ever supportive of his own party? He undermined Ronald Reagan at every turn.
Paul Ryan - the 3rd most treasonous politician in America after John McCain and Failed President Obama. Term limits no…
I can't even get Senator Jeff Flake to respond to me, Sen. John McCain, has been awesome
Richard M Nixon issued a "Blanket Pardon"for all returning POWs so they could evade charges.John McCain faced a death sentenc…
I think John McCain is running for President. featured in NBC s Science of Love
And the Dems have their same useful *** out helping their Russia hacking narrative, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lind…
We are SICK of Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, & Harry Reid. That is why Trump one. Y don't you wake up?
Russian hacking was AN ACT OF WAR AGAINST THE US. Thank you John McCain. . So what is your party's President-Elect up to? ht…
John McCain and Lyndsey Graham are the same disposable person.
Channel flipping and I see that MSNBC is quoting John McCain and Lyndsey Graham. What a surprise.
Nov 29, 1989 - You're John McCain, a fallen hero who wanted to become president so desperately he was in with Char…
You're a fool if you believe what John McCain or Lindsey Graham say about Russia. Stop trusting the warmongers that are wro…
John McCain: State hopeful Rex Tillerson will have to explain his ties to Vladimir Putin
JUST IN: John McCain just mocked Donald Trump for his continuing praise of Vladimir Putin, while hitting back at...
And Bernie Sanders is 74. John McCain was also in his 70s. Why is age only an issue when women run?? is why. 😒
John McCain&Lyndsey Graham are a real pair of useless *** & have about as good a track record as Hillary Clinton screw them both🇺🇸
You are the disrespecting *** here Don. You couldn't lick John McCain's boots, or the Kahn fam.
US senators led by John McCain start a visit to the Baltic states offering reassurance on joint defense:.
I like it. Be nice to see John Mccain and Lyndsey Graham's mug on it.
what are John McCain, Lyndsey Graham and all the other Reagan Republicans thinking tonight?
Jim Webb, Joe Manchin, John McCain, Lindsey Graham. Have these four men ended up in the wrong political party? Time to switch, guys?
This is a Republican & former pres candidate & war hero speaking. This is a threat to ALL Americans. Wake up folks!! https…
Sen. John McCain says that President Obama has "no strategy and no policy as to what to do about these various cyber attacks .…
We need a select committee to investigate John McCain's capture and conditioning by communists in Vietnam
I never liked John McCain. Even that time I voted for him I didn't like him. Now I really, really dislike him.
McCain issues dire warning over Russia hacks and US response
"Facts are stubborn things, they did hack into this campaign," says Sen. John McCain on latest CIA investigation. https:…
Russia Threatens to Unravel World Order-Trump is ending one of the most peaceful periods in world history https:/…
McCain Says Obama Has 'No Strategy And No Policy' On Russian Hacks. O has no strategy on China either.
Wonder how many favors John McCain have to do for Fox News to get his daughter a job. Because she's got no Talent
This is exactly correct. We have lost a war, without a battle: by via
Out of the two who's the biggest horses as John McCain or Lindsey Graham
almost like Dems should have campaigned on social security and medicare instead of how Trump was rude to John McCain https…
John McCain says "we need a select committee" to investigate Russian involvement in the election:
John McCain calls for a congressional select committee to investigate Russian hacking of the American election
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I didn't expect the McCain and the Republicans to want to find the truth. Good job John McCain.
I'm REALLY over John McCain and these other "republicans" who couldn't be elected and now are turning their backs on their parties.
if you think that Swamp Draining should start with John McCain.
John McCain was one of the Keating Five in the Savings & Loan fiasco in which Senator McCain lobbied for KEATING.
It was done by Fatah al Sham, the "moderate" Al Quada offshoot belovedly supported by John McCain and Hillary.
John McCain was one of the Keating Five. 'nuff said.
All US intel agencies and John McCain and Lindsay Graham and Mike Rogers etc. etc. etc all wrong 2 b concerned 2? Who is dumb?
Sen. John McCain's top priority: Cyberwarfare >Will we look back someday and view the DNC hack as the tipping point?
John Glenn, great American. His passing reminds us of Keating Five and how John McCain bailed out a friend for $3B. Shame.
John McCain, Soros, Victoria Nuland are some of the names
John McCain for Veterans Affairs. McCain can't say no to the vets, and Gov Ducey gets to pick a new Senator to replace him.
From a Senator I admire & trust. He was very similar to John McCain in his day.
Hillary Dems now love Lindsey Graham, John McCain and war fantasies. Brilliant. 😂
I can see why John McCain and Lindsey Graham and prominent Hillary supporters love him.
John McCain is a cry baby so is Lindsey Graham along with the bushes I'm sure they voted for Hillary
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Sen. John McCain calls cyber attacks "an act of war"
John McCain on Rex Tillerson: "I would never accept an award from Vladimir Putin"
John McCain, Mitt Romney, & Paul Ryan have to be the 3 most despicable Republicans in America. With friend…
Reid is total nut case, good riddance to him. I hope John Mccain follows him soon, another nut case.
John McCain is still a traitor as far as I am concerned and my WWII Hero Master Sergeant father. He hated McCain!
John McCain is no better than Dingy Harry Reid. He needs to go.
Sen. John McCain says cyberattacks can be "an act of war"
Sen. John McCain: "I don't think there is any doubt the Russians hacked into the campaigns" https:…
Sen. John McCain: "I don’t think there’s any doubt that the Russians hacked into the campaigns, probably both"
Mitch McConnell and John McCain back Russian hacking inquiry – video
John McCain 'concerned' about Rex Tillerson's friendship with 'butcher' Putin.
Veterans like me are FAR MORE CONCERNED about John McCain's relationship with nazi-sympathizing global TERRORIST Ge…
I don't think ANYONE would give John McCain a 'Friendship Award'! He should Retire! Been a Senator 2 long like Reid&Shumer!
We need term limits because John McCain is way past my patience limit.
The very same John McCain who did not want to vet obama!!
.John McCain has been a traitor ever since he broadcast Communist propaganda for the North Vietnamese.
This wk, I found in a myself in agreement w/David Frum, John McCain & Lindsey Graham. And now JOE WALSH??? *** The end is near!
Thank God for John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other Republicans not willing to roll-over & play dead re things that need to…
I wouldn't get too cozy with David Frum, Evan McMullin, Lindsey Graham and John McCain. They don't have pure motives. Warmongers.
John McCain said that Russia was a gas station masquerading as a country. They have nukes but know they're a declining power
Just spoke to Sen. John McCain- a harsh Putin critic- he told me he has "concerns" about Tillerson as possible SOS and his t…
That time when Louie Gohmert said John McCain supported Al Qaeda
*** you know the North Vietnamese broke John McCain because he came back willing to work for Trump.
Better draw up plans to invade China & North Korea too! I'm sure John McCain and Lindsey Graham will be on board!
Well played by our POTUS-as usual. Letting Lindsey Graham & John McCain start the conversation.
John McCain: 'I don't know' if Trump will be better for Supreme Court than Clinton. Republican Sen. John McCain
not just the media who disagrees with you. Don't forget Susan Collins, John McCain, Robert Gates, George HW Bush...
I see through Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney is being pushed on Trump, just ask John McCain. I scored 120% ON GOV. APTITUDE TEST
question was John Kerry going to sell Heinz or John McCain going to sell of his Budwesier distribution plant? No
= that's how John McCain got started in politics, with a pardon
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A young John McCain in an interview after his return from Vietnam, 1973. Photograph by Thomas J. O'Halloran.
John McCain, Herman Cain, Tim Kaine and Charles Foster Kane all lost. Maybe the name is cursed.
Trump performed better with African Americans than Barry Goldwater, John McCain or Mitt Romney. On par with George W Bush. Worse than Reagan
when condemnations 4 ppl like John McCain & Brandon Dixon are more direct than Richard Spencer, *** its not good
CraigReski : BarryMarkson1 ? for John McCain. I voted Gary Johnson over Trump's rhetoric on torture and killing f…
Lindsay Jack Graham and John McCain are having delusions of grandeur they think they're the president now YouTube pieces of garbage go home
Right--Trump should choose only people approved by Hillary or John McCain to serve in his Cabinet.
Sessions will face trouble from democrats like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins.
Fellow Arizonians, please call Jeff Flake and John McCain to join Lindsay Graham in calling for Congress to investi…
Current list of sane Republicans left in the senate:. Rand Paul, John McCain, Susan Collins, Lindsay Graham. God hav…
John McCain should know both Russia and Syria are willing to discuss peace in the Syria conflict. John do well telling the truth.
McCain is still living in the John Wayne era!
John McCain is a globalist, he would rather see us get into WWIII with Russia.
Young John McCain for the win. Could go on about the runners up rankings. It's ok, it's what we do now.
How delusional are those two. And seriously Arizona: how could you elect once again that neocon failed politician aka J…
Ryan trashed Trump as did john McCain the bushes! Why Paul Ryan. He Trashed Trump! Paul Ryan is a closet liberal!
John McCain fires warning shot at over - warns of complicity in "butchery" in https:/…
McCain to Trump: Don't cozy up to Putin
McCain to Trump: Don't try to reset relations with Putin
THANK YOU, JOHN MCCAIN. something I never thought I'd say re: politics
McCain also made his opinion of Russian President Vladimir Putin extremely clear, calling him a “former KGB...
McCain to Trump: Don't cozy up to Putin - POLITICO. He did & Ur Party biggest accomplice . .
John McCain's a hero. I'm a lifelong Democrat. I disagree w/ him on positions, but deeply respect his principles.
McCain warns Trump / Putin You snake, filthy man of war, human garbage, liar, and Trump does not need your 2 cents!
John McCain gave tepid support to Trump after the Republican nominating convention, then withdrew it in October
I could be the 1 who takes John McCain's Arizona Senate spot/retiring him in 8 years? But I would need you to pick me.
I will rarely cheer a Republican. . This is such a time. Go, Mr. McCain, go. .
didn't Trump attack John McCain for getting captured in Vietnam?
forget John Bolton for ANY position- he's a total Russophobe like McCain!
The job of Congressional Republicans in keeping the country secure has become all the more urgent
ABC News:Sen. John McCain of Arizona says the price of starting anew with Moscow would be U.S. complicity in the "…
Senator John McCain, leader of the opposition .
John McCain spitting hot fire at Putin
John McCain is itching for a nuclear war with Russia -- THAT is unacceptable. https…
"John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and key GOP operatives were seen leaving President Obama's house in Kalorama today."
It's not like the KKK endorsed Mitt Romney or John McCain. They're not loyal to the Republican Party. They just love Trump…
Cabinet members I'd be thrilled with: Larry Hogan, Nikki Haley, Kelly Ayotte, Mark Kirk, John McCain. Chance any would be named: None!
you told John McCain he wasn't a war hero because he was captured as a prisoner of war while you deferred military service four…
One of the good things to come out of 2016 has been the old white guy always on the Sunday shows being Bernie Sanders, not John McCain.
Jon Chait, who trashed Bernie nonstop, was treated as a serious thinker. Same guy who said Joe Lieberman & John McCain should l…
So, when you say that people who voted against Trump are liberals who need to get a job, you're including Mitt Romney and John McCain?
Mitt Romney and John McCain must be humiliated. They could t get elected President, but this racist bozo does.
I'm going to flash you back to 2008 and liberal rhetoric back then about John McCain to prove a point about Bernie Sanders.
It speaks volumes when John McCain and Sarah Palin look appealing compared to
Well, 2 things, Obama isn't a radical and u knew that then, and her dad isn't John McCain and yours i…
Romney, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, and John McCain are probably all still drunk.
John McCain's rolling in his grave rn smh
Sickening? You bet. But more sickening than scions of privilege John McCain, Mitt Romney, both Bushes, and Trump being shooed in?
very much agree. Trump got less votes than Romney or McCain
Are we forgetting about how fine young John McCain was?
Like me, over half the country (she won the popular vote) must currently be living John McCain's favorite joke.
.And zero thanks to you, Mr. Five Deferments! Your insults to John McCain still ring in my ears.
I just really really really hate John McCain and i'm glad he was finally scared about losing his seat.
John McCain NEVER campaigned in Yuma. He didn't find it necessary to talk to the Latinx community there either. McCain doesnt care about you
John McCain was an honorable man and a gracious loser. Trump is not by everything he said.
is that John McCain you have nothing but empty words, you're stupid.
Which is why all John McCain had to do to secure his base there was show up a few times, talk to the rich white families, and leave.
As Obama told John McCain- we aren't campaigning anymore. We won, you lost!
I didn't vote for neocon disaster, John McCain. I wrote in Ron Paul. I don't remember and protests or riots when he lost.
John Kasich voted for ... John McCain . John Kasich voted for the end of his own political life!
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And I'm not even the bomb in Maine. On my game, I'm only about as sexy as John McCain🎶
Or John McCain...I wonder how he's doing...😂
I used to really respect John McCain until this year.
and he's already gone out of his way to insult veterans. Ask John McCain.
Hey remember when you said John McCain wasn't a war hero and slandered that Gold Star family?. Anyway, Happy Veterans Day!
Patriot Calls for John McCain to be Arrested and Tried for Treason:
Actually, John McCain, the guy Obama beat in 2008, did just that in his concession speech. Urge you to read it. It was a ca…
Remember when you said our president wasn't born in this country? Or when you said John McCain isn't a war hero?
Trump got fewer votes than Mitt Romney in 2012, John McCain in 2008, and George W. Bush in 2004
K G B communist Putin was caught stealing and hacking Presidential candidate John McCain's (POW hero but not according to Trump) computer.
Trump's vote total was the lowest for any candidate in the last three presidential elections, lower than Mitt Romney; lower than John McCain
Today John McCain told the Associated Press it's an embarrassment that white working-class Americans backed Donald Trump.…
John McCain is a crazy kook just like you are Rachel. Everyone who's not a progressive knows that
Trump, not only did he get fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, he got fewer votes than Mitt Romney and fewer votes th…
That's B.Hussain Obummer said to McCain almost 8 yrs ago. "The election's over John! You lost, get over it."
Young Joe Biden and young John McCain, since you all seem to like these.
I don't care what anyone says, Obama helped this country through a lot, more than John McCain or Mitt Romney would hav…
This is all John McCain's fault from start to finish it all goes back to his VP pick knowing!!!
I thought you voted for John McCain we asked you to get on the train but you said no. Drain the swamp
Remember: Trump said John McCain wasn't a hero because he was a POW
"Torture doesn't work and the evidence I have from Leon Panetta proves it." — John McCain
“White evangelicals voted for Mr. Trump at a higher rate, 81 per cent, than they did for Mitt Romney, John McCain.”
Just remembered that war hero John McCain thought Sarah Palin wd be a good running mate & had a cosmic realization abt how dumb our rulers r
Trump received fewer votes than John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Hillary Clinton
This is the new commander and chief of our Armed Forces. Happy Veterans Day.
. Anybody care what Kasich has to say?. Guy wrote in John McCain??!!...
.and agree: Mitt Romney and John McCain weren't racially inflammatory enough. . Trump was. .
This is Trump's flag and this is the way he flies it. John McCain will sing the hymn that accompanies it. It goes…
"They are old white men" Yes because John McCain is a young black woman. Right!
John McCain is creepy little toad too. Put him on the bench too.
Let's call this AZ rally what it really is...a farewell party for John McCain. Vote for Senate!
John McCain that's it. That's it. The Republican party has destroyed the country. Own it.
Mitt Romney and John Huntsman and John McCain are all looking pretty good right now.
You know who is really gobsmacked by the election results? John McCain and Mitt Romney.
Currently in a room with John McCain, Jeff Flake, Doug Doucey, and Lindsey Graham. Nbd.
voted for John McCain cuz he looks like Bob Cousy's grandpa.
Obama won Dixville Notch in 2008 over John McCain (15-6)
Independents like me have changed to Republican to vote for John McCain in the primaries, and never changed back.
John McCain sold out FELLOW pow's at Hanoi hotel so he'd get better treatment
mr. doom and gloom wow Dana Perino Bush has definitely influenced you who you voting for John McCain?
Salute for his 2nd thoughts on George W. Bush, John McCain & Mitt Romney on tonight’s
disrespected John McCain's prolonged suffering at the Hanoi Hilton?
said ''I like people who weren't captured', referring to John Mccain's stint at the Hanoi Hilton.
I thought comments on was BS.NOT. He was right. John McCain broke! Hanoi Hilton. No…
USHCC Visits Arizona in support of John McCain and Small Business.
Hillary Clinton is trying to hang Donald Trump around John McCain and Joe Arpaio’s necks
John McCain needs some prison time --. put him in jail with Hanoi Jane
Nah, Hank Hill's father was a war hero and a crotchety old man like John McCain. This dude just has white hair.
The traitorous Tokyo Rose recording of John McCain as prisoner if war in the Hanoi Hilton 1969. A…
AZ voters listen to John McCain on Hanoi radio ala Tokyo Rose. The truth finally gets out.
Join the rally featuring John McCain and Mitt Romney at the Chicago Cubs spring training facility for free!.
Check out "GOTV Rally with John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney and more"
John Weaver FAILED in 2000 & 2008 with John McCain! Failed in 2012 with Jon Huntsman. Was 1-38 with John Kasich!
Ohio Governor John Kasich just announced he is writing in John McCain for President. Will he write-in Palin, too?
Kasich voted today by absentee ballot, writing in the name of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) instead of the GOP nominee. ht…
John Kasich voted for John McCain via absentee.He took the Republican pledge to support the nominee. John Kasich is a *** liar.
John Kasich voted today...for John McCain. talked w/Kasich spox, who says Kasich went straight-ticket down re…
Proof that Kasich had lost his mind…he thinks it's 2008 & votes for John McCain.
Former GOP presidential nominee John Kasich publicly snubs Trump with write-in vote for John McCain, spokesman says.
John Kasich follows through on vow not to vote for Donald Trump, writes in John McCain instead…
John Kasich is a traitor,and it doesn't surprise me that he would vote for that traitor John McCain,traitors of a feath…
John Kasich writes in John McCain for president instead of voting for Donald Trump
The only Republican that will ever talk to Kasich will be John McCain. Enjoy Johnny.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich writes in John McCain for president in absentee ballot
John Kasich decided to write in John McCain for President. Repubs can't unite on the simple concept of defeating HRC.…
John McCain doesn't speak for the American people. McCain, Romney and Ryan had their chance, stay OUT of our election.
John McCain was victimized in the South Carolina primary.
No doubt Paul Ryan, John McCain and Lindsey Graham were involved in ransom and running guns in Benghazi
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