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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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John McCain sounds like a cross between a bitter old man whose lawn got stepped on and a child who just had the red licked of…
Rand Paul: People like John McCain, Lindsey Graham 'essentially the lapdogs ... - Washington Times: Washington…
I agree. Really a shame how bitterness has twisted Cornel West and for that matter John McCain.
So is Reid trying to revive some respect for McCain in me?
Rachel Maddow opens show w/ interview, bragging they had to bleep him. Something about John Mccain & kicking s— out of some1
You remind me of a young John McCain in training. A tool for the military industrial complex. No more war!
McCain unsure who to trust on the nuclear deal: Kerry or Iran's leader.
“Shut up or I’ll have you arrested….. low-life scum” – John McCain to an... via lol... nothing surprises me
"At least we're leading the world in something" ~ John McCain RT
They're gonna ask me to get it for em' and I'm gonna hit em' with "Uncle Tunde got the John Mccain disorder,can't lift my arms up ya'll"
US Senate Armed Service Chair John McCain says the US should honor its treaty commitment to help defend Taiwan.
know that whenever John McCain appears on my screen, switch to reruns of Law & Order.
History will log in John McCain as the first POTUS candidate to lose to a blut ergo he just ain't a happy man. Then there is Mit (aka hel)
Americans Never Quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history. We Make History. John McCain
Mr. Brabender, I can name you CURRENT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS who want war. Tom Cotton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz.
John McCain, please come to Miyazaki, Japan.The Air Self-Defense Force .Nyutabaru Airbase is near from Okinawa.
oh stop ! I know who Isis . John McCain was buddies with them . they're Islam and no they aren't Israel's
is a holiday created just to mess with John McCain and I think that's mean. But I like any holiday with "High" in it.
Sen. John McCain speaks out against anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial via
U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) delivered the following remarks this week at the Middle East Media Research...
Ever wonder why Vietnam Vets can't stand John McCain? Well now you know.
Doesn't this make you question *** is going on?. That's Daesh head chopping Terrorist and the Caliphate John McCain
New documents from Judicial Watch reveal John McCain encouraged IRS to target conservative groups.
I'll be by Edward McCain will always be one of my favorite songs
Is the tea party afraid of John McCain - Politico
because cleaning up and having an honorable Victory with Vietnam I offered he and McCain (John-John) they are similar
Watch: Obama Unloads on John McCain and the 47 Traitors for Sabotaging Iran Peace Deal
"Reporters love candidates like John Kerry and John McCain, politicians who can sound like idealistic outsiders...
Also spotted senators Lindday Graham and John McCain earlier at el capital
At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c***! John McCain
A Lindsey Graham Presidency would be a de facto John McCain Presidency. The war machine's motto would be "Why stop at Iran;bomb them all."
John McCain seems like a crazy old war lover who nobody wants to listen to.
John McCain loves racking up those airline miles.
Harry Reid complains: John McCain threatened to ‘kick the s***’ out of me
I guess he believes if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough, it will be believed. John McCain
I thought you meant a cake baked by John McCain
Poor John McCain.he will never leave office as long as someone will put a microphone in his face. I blame the media. (smiles)
McCain's sports betting opinion has evolved. He was reason NV Olympic betting was banned. Went after NCAA bets too.
people still voted for John McCain because his VP was a Girl. 😂😂😂 its called double standards? Look it up bæ
So is Hillary's nomination kinda like a lifetime achievement award, like John McCain's was?
Time for Remarks from US Senator John McCain on Sports Betting at
Some pre-recorded video remarks from Sen. John McCain re: are about to air here at
John McCain must go. He is not conservative. He is a progressive! All RINOs must go!
I have never all my life seen a Person of distinction hold a grudge as long as Sen.John McCain his constant shots at Pres Obama and J Kerry
John McCain: "I Don't Know Whether to Believe Kerry or Ayatollah" LOL And you wonder why Sen McRINO needs to retire .
This IS alarming, indeed! Best get John McCain on it right away!!!
John McCain's Dirty Little Secret: via MT Good Gawd dont miss this one!
Sen. John McCain called Secty State Kerry "delusional." That's all GOP'ers do is name-calling. They are all talk; no substance; no action!
Those zombies seem to resemble Colin Powell, Mark Kirk, David Brooks, and John McCain.
Bill Kristol and John McCain have replaced Robert Novak and Pat Buchanan in Republican foreign policy influence.
Roll Call's Niels Lesniewski recounts the weekend battle between President Obama and Sen. John McCain over the...
President Obama wants U.S. Sen. John McCain to stop criticizing John Kerry, by
A classic scene from Dr. Strangelove, with Slim Pickens morphed into John McCain. Perfect.
Let's get this straight... Obama, speaking at the Summit of Americas states, . "When I heard John McCain (McRINO)...
Sen. John McCain tells that John Kerry is 'delusional' on
IF anyone is delusional it`s Sen,John McCain,NOT John Kerry!!! STFU McCain!Your ego is matched only by your stupidity!
John McCain: 'John Kerry is delusional' about Iran: Kelly Cohen When it comes to the Iranian nuclear deal, Sen.…
I'll name the Fox News endless parade of NEO-CONS. John Bolton. Lindsey Graham. John McCain. Oliver Nor…
No 1 but a John McCain maybe a Jeb Bush would go for that trick. Mitt may have when he backed off in debate cuz looked 2 strong.
Snowden isn't a traitor. Neither is Bradley Manning. Obama, John Boehner, John McCain, *** Cheney, and George Bush are the real traitors.
John McCain supports Lindsey Graham for President. That, by itself calls his competence into question. .
If Dirty Dingus McGee were running against John McCain in Arizona, I'd be a strong contributor to his Senatorial campaign.
John McCain seeks reelection for Arizona President of American. Failing that he wants to be Secretary of War
“John McCain could be in office until he's 86 if he wins reelection” next primary opponent? Azriel.
Everyone. Meet the woman who is thinking about running against John McCain --> support her here -->
John McCain says he will run for re-election
John McCain wanted to bomb, bomb Iran. Imagine him running American foreign policy. …
John McCain has an opinion on the military going to war? His military record: 3 crashed planes, 5 years as a POW. http:/…
John McCain lost the presidency and devoted himself to war. John Kerry did the opposite.
John McCain wants to Murder innocent people. He is a fraud by the way. via
Modi is the strongest Indian leader: John McCain. . -via News in Shorts
If John McCain talking good of you, he is going to sell some guns, bombs or war to you. BEWARE
Peace with Iran could limit our ability to bomb it, warns John McCain...
What the peace deal is up agianst; Republican comment against Peace: John McCain 2/04/2015
ISIL is being used 2 advance this divisive Israel plan as is Zionist-owned US See
dear john McCain, your friends in ISIS called to say thanks for the photo op.
Website Builder 728x90
John Mccain approves of your message
- That was John McCain's issue, and it's iffy. Your daughter is one thing, but Cruz's issue is quite different.
.. Dear John McCain:. You lost the right to comment on the day you sang your "bomb Iran" song.
I liked Ask Me Another, but I couldn’t think of John McCain’s name so I am too ashamed to listen to more.
I hope someone has taken all sharp objects out of John McCain's reach after he heard abt , one of the
John McCain: "This is a very sad day for anyone like me who was really hoping we could have another pointless, unnecessar…
lynch is a racist like holder. I don't usually agree Rino John McCain but this time I do. That's a big no to lynch.
If you didn't any know better, you would think Bill Richardson was John McCain just now.
John McCain, Senator, Pres. Cnd., Air Force Officer, urges Israel to "go rogue" and attack Iran. Isn't that treason or somthin?
Look at that *** John McCain! He might as well be a DemocRAT! I think he lost his mind in the Hanoi Hilton!
inciting violence against a sovereign state is a war crime, John McCain should be prosecuted
Sen. John McCain on the tense relationship between the President and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Kelli Ward may challenge John McCain for Senate seat in primary via
How about John McCain? He said he just signs all kinds of stuff that comes to his desk. Maybe he didn't read the fine print.
People like John McCain should have been discredited long ago. Instead, the corporate media still kisses his ***
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// John McCain's father was in the military serving overseas. This places him under the jurisdiction of US.
Non-Muslims can't crash planes. It's law of physics. (John McCain, excepted)
Ok, now I'm getting an email from *Cindy McCain* re "John's decision about running for re-election." Let me help with that, Cin.
Ted Cruz raised $2 Million under a week. Pete King and John McCain wish they could raise that much in a month
August 2001: John McCain voted against increasing the amount available for medical care for veterans by $650,000,000. h…
Several federal court cases have been decided, most recently with John McCain. There is no statute, just judicial precedent
There is a guy at 24 who looks like John McCain
That's OK John McCain, I'm sure your replacement supports war WITHOUT declaration just like you,
Can't understand why is John McCain still relevant in US politics. He's the guy that gave us Sarah Palin, for crissake!
Grand Old Party seemed most interested in Senator John McCain and Steve Forbes.
Lets look at Senator John McCain. he has had how many civil Marriages..Catholic church would not marry him so courts he can
Al-Qaeda is now using U.S. made TOW missiles in - thank you John McCain:...
Somebody screwed up Get ready for John McCain to throw his 2 cents in
John McCain supports Al Qaeda in Syria & Nazis in Ukraine.
when u mention isis or alqaeda why don't u mention John mccain and Washington why show religious Islamic text on the flag Brainwash
John McCain, head of IRI, one of the sponsors of coop, sees Klitschko as a president of Ukraine.
John McCain will criticize the Saudi attack on Yemen because he wanted the USA to do it first.
Hi Marie hope all is well. Just heard report John McCain one those "P" I can't believe the list just keep…
We can never forget John McCain said he knows Bagdaddi & ISIS intimately
John McCain: "General Idriss does not represent the will of the Syrian I don't recall meeting him in Syria…
I'm rooting for Scott Walker's team to beat John McCain's team.
John McCain counsels & other leaders to treat President Obama with "contempt." (via
Does John McCain recall his interesting meeting with this interesting man?
.:Instead of booking John Mccain as REGULAR weekly Guest-Book to talk abt
John McCain admitting the failure of US forin policy in the Middle East
BREAKING: Saudi Arabia launches airstrikes in Yemen. John McCain blames Obama for not being the first country to drop bombs.
John McCain was born in Panama, but he was "natural born" an American This ain't rocket surgery
Dear Hillary and John McCain: Where'd they get those missiles? Al Nusrah Front showcasing American TOW missiles.
Ted Cruz was born in Canada. Mitt Romney was born in Mexico. John McCain was born in Panama. Obama was born in Hawaii. Ummm
Former US presidential candidate John. McCain was 72 when he contested. Not. one American came out to discredit him. based on Age..
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John McCain is still alive and doing fine. All those people that voted for Obama because Sarah Palin was a heartbeat from the presidency?
Sen. John McCain says he is convinced President Obama is letting his personal problems with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu get
Sen. John McCain once referred to Bieber as the Ted Cruz of music.
John McCain says the Pentagon needs an overhaul -
Sen. John McCain: I fully understand the Saudi Arabian position in
John McCain says the Pentagon needs an overhaul.
yeah they do.. Thats why Barak Obama is the president and not Mitt Romney or John McCain
John McCain says the Pentagon needs an overhaul via
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., criticizes the Obama administration and says he believes America’s Mideast allies...
rCannot wait for the day ... Kelli Ward is seriously considering a run for U.S. Sen vs. John McCain
My interview with Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward, who says she might challenge John McCain in the GOP primary in '16
John McCain says the Pentagon needs an overhaul: Business Insider
John McCain says the Pentagon needs an overhaul
Listen to Keith Olbermann's feedback on John McCain the mean spirited spiteful deranged senator who does everything to stay in
One could argue the president made a mistake concerning the economy by NOT taking the advice of Sen. John McCain and Sen. Maria Cantwell...
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Richardson said he ran into Sen. John McCain at airport in D.C. last week. Asked him to help build more water reservoirs in California.
We have a packed RCD Monday Morning Update (interviews with Mac Thornberry, John McCain and James Holmes latest)
William Cooper interview that exposes John Mccain,Bill Clinton and the criminals in DC NOW
Doug Davis has to be related to John McCain right?
Lindsay Graham waiting 4 John McCain & Kelly Ayotte to get home to discuss & then have their
Eager to hear John McCain why Sarah Palin was qualified to be president but Loretta Lynch should never be Attorney General.
John McCain called Loretta Lynch unqualified but Sarah Palin was his choice as VP of the United States. Stop talking to…
Apparently Mary Landrieu also really offends Vladimir: John McCain on Russian travel ban: ‘I couldn’t be more proud’
Senator John McCain is mad the Air Force is 'doing very little' to end its reliance on Russian rocke...
Compare to John McCain who had the integrity to interrupt a loon ... sorry, "patriot" ... in si…
John McCain: John Kerry desperate for an agreement with Iran - Politico
Hmm 👀... Oh look, it's the U.S Senator John McCain with the ISIS leader in 2012..
John McCain calls JFK’s assassination an intervention via
Lames get they plane shot down like John McCain.
Just so we're clear, an 8 year old video of John McCain is what you meant by "several politicians"?
John McCain Refuses to shake hands with Barack Obama - 2nd Presidential ...: via
always running to Hannityblunder for candy. I wish John McCain can fed them to
“Senator John McCain's cowardly position on the he signed.
John McCain lesson for Santorum: "Never give the mic to the crazy people who support you."
“We have a lot of work to do. It’s a very hard struggle, particularly given the situation on the Iraq-Pakistan border.” ~ John McCain Huh?
Why do Lindsey Graham and John McCain think half a trillion dollars annually is not enough to defend the country?
John McCain is now demanding that the U.S. send arms to the moderate penguins in Antarctica.
John McCain Foreign policy non Guru. His only supposed strength, yet he is crap at it.
Dirtbag RINO John McCain may get opponent in Republican primary. Please Arizona, do the right thing …
Apparently John McCain isn't our current Vice President so def got that wrong on my presidents quiz today😂😅
Glenn Beck told Katie Couric he'd vote for Hillary Clinton over John McCain
Between Putin and Obama, The enemy of your enemy is your enemy which is Netanyahu who betrayed Morsy & John McCain too in Republican Senate.
Video: John calls assassination an intervention~
Santorium had a John McCain teaching moment and he wiggled, wobbled like a weasel.
so weak he can't stop to correct ranting lady, as John McCain did sorta
She reminds me of old woman at John McCain rally in '08 and woman at townhall in '09 with her birth cert in plastic bag.
John McCain supported a bill that would allow the army branch of the military to converge with domestic law enforcement
More from potential John McCain primary challenger
I think America should have boots on the ground in Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Pakistan like my good friend John McCain.
Maverick and Iceman. Call the third one John McCain and you'll be an American hero.
John McCain backs House plan to boost Pentagon spending:
Refute this is John McCain with Svoboda party, NAZI:
The only thing that surprised me is that John McCain knew who Neville Chamberlain was.
Bob Corker, John McCain's younger replacement as fave who is "reasonable" i.e. liberal like them
John McCain still holds the overall record,having shouted “It’s just like Chamberlain at Munich!” when awakened from a nap=poetry
I imagine having Benjamin Netanyahu as your prime minister would be like having John McCain running things.
. Poor Americans have to die to satiate you alls bloodlust? John McCain? Lindsey Graham?
Sen. John McCain says he will oppose Loretta Lynch's attorney general confirmation.
John McCain and 40 other killed $21B in Veteran benefits and blames Obama.
In which John McCain accused the German foreign minister of being of the "Neville Chamberlain school of diplomacy"
John McCain's bluster on Iran shows voters made the right cho
Anyone remember what the weather was like when John McCain 'signed off on' Sarah Palin as VP candidate? That could explain …
John McCain handles Lindsay's emails for him. They discuss them at their special "subcommittee meetings"
You know what I think is an even bigger email scandal? Lindsey Graham and John McCain can't even use email
John McCain & Lindsey Graham want independent investigation: murder - like Warren Commission directed by CIA?
He may have a personal fondness for her, but Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) suggested Thursday that Hillary Clinton's exclusive use of
John McCain and the others on the National Security Council need to admit their horrid mistake supporting isis& crush them.
It's a day for remembrance. Sen. John McCain at Kayla Mueller funeral: "What a fine life she lived. What a powerful example to follow."
1 ep of W&G where Grace is reading an int w Reese Witherspoon & halfway acc switches to John McCain & thinks Reese is brilliant
John McCain's explanation for why he doesn't use email is absolute gold'. If I were him I'd be nervous of anything that might crash, too.
Say *** NO to all the progressive Johns: John McCain, John Kerry, John Boehner, John Cornyn, and especially John E. "Jeb" Bush . . .
Andrea Mitchell along with John McCain blame Russia"s opposition murder on Obama
No one show this picture of Josh Koscheck to God *** John McCain.
McCain in & stood on stage with a man accused of being anti-semitic neo-nazi http:…
Here's John McCain speaking with one of the Ukraine's Neo-Nazi's
Love when they eat their own. Praises for Helping Invade
John McCain, from the land of democracy & .
Gotta see where John McCain is and whether he's "jiggy" with ISIS still.
Benz is all white call it john McCain. Benz is all white call it john McCain
Per Newsmax John McCain wants to move on from stopping Amnesty. Does that surprise anyone!! He is and has been a huge part of the problem!
Who anoints people like George Bush, Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney to be leaders of Republican Party in...
undermining the power of media? Go ask John McCain and Mit Romney, they will enlighten you about loosing thru media
friends like John McCain you dont need enemies .
john McCain wanted to ban college betting In the 1990s
Lock up John McCain. That'll cut down on mongering by 82%
John McCain needs to be locked up tight out of society
was killed by enemy who is a Russian mob boss who is friends with John Also behind Sochi Corruption.
John McCain wasn't born in the US either, what has it to do with either of them being a Citizen or not?
John McCain just got a one star rating from me. An F- if possible. You sir are a real piece of work! You have...
Should we be more tolerant of John McCain for his raving rants? It could be longDelayed PTSD eating his brain, or is h…
Marine calls for John McCain to be arrested and tried for treason at town hall meeting: via
How to talk to a grieving mother, by John McCain:
Mark Salter, top adviser on the 2008 presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain- Scott Walker 'kind of a ***
via John McCain needs to retire, allow the rest of the GOP take on Obama both need to go.
John McCain may as well go to Syria like other Jihadiists and join ISIS.
Jeb Bush is no more a Conservative than Lindsay Graham or John McCain. All three need to just retire and go away.
Oh you have a John McCain quote as your bio? Yeah, never try to talk to me again. Thanks.
John McCain needs to take his tired *** home. Just as bad as McConnell
When John McCain pops up to express his ‘heartfelt’ condolences to his friend then you know its fishy http…
McCain aide: Scott Walker is a ‘dumba**’ ~ If I had masterminded the abysmal failure of John McCain'
Same reason why john McCain is not in the list!
someone last night had a John McCain mask and this dude that was wearing it said out loud *** Cheney has arrived" he was being serious
Obama Administration seeks to reduce "Choice Card" option for veterans to seek private sector medical care.
Sen. McCain courted John Hagee in '08, & Billy Graham, "advisor" to several Presidents, spewed such filth. Try again.
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