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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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Will not attend convention -Sen. John McCain will be visiting Grand Canyon, - Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina with him
LL Cool J has Republican Ties. Performed at National Convention for John McCain in 2004
"Republican Sens. Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte did not while Mitch McConnell quietly left early."
Either Arizona's a small state, or John McCain is a big *** Guess which one it is. The first guess is free.
I will never forgive John McCain for Sarah Palin. 😐
Does Donald Trump really have more of a lock on the racist white vote than did Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain or Sarah Palin?
Eric holder got tired of John McCain lies and getting ambassador Chris Stevens killed!
In choosing Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has ...
Sen. Barbara Boxer schools John McCain, Trump and Republicans on ISIS Nailed it: BUSH & CHANEY CREATED ISIS
John McCain knows as well as anyone that Sarah Palin has no business b...
Sunday morning it's Face the Nation's turn to babysit John McCain while Cindy goes shopping.
OBAMA is no Commander in Chief. He and Ashton Carter are trying to destroy our military !! Cannot believe John McCain supported Ash Carter
John McCain should be reelected because he went to a game? Try supporting AZ 4 once McCain.
RINO This is why we need Trump limited. John McCain. Harry Reid
Obama, Hillary, Harry Reid, John McCain, Saudi Arabia, etc have terrorist ties & it showing in attack
they also have Bono, John McCain, and Daniel Carver...
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More than half of current Arizona mayors are standing with John McCain
John McCain is a big part of the AntiAmerican DC globalist machine. Dr Ward is for the people. She is and will…
Let's help John McCain stay honest and retire him. Then he won't have to keep pretending. Vote Kelli Ward in AZ.
it's fitting that Obama nominated the worst judge in the courts history and republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain confirmed her!
John McCain & Diane Feinstein are exhibit A & B of why Congress should implement term limits. Career Bureaucrats.
Pendulum dowse if John McCain is a career Hangar-Trapper of Soldiers. Yes or No?
John McCain endorsed Trump and went from being a POW at the Hanoi Hilton, to a shackled soul at Trump Tower. Should he be reelected? No.
What a sad old fool my old friend John McCain has become as he brown- noses Trump!
John McCain: President Obama is 'directly responsible' for Orlando via
John McCain: Obama 'directly responsible' for Orlando massacre
Sen. John McCain says President Obama is 'directly responsible' for the mass shooting in Orlando.
Barack Obama is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the OrlandoAttack! NotTrump, John McCain!•The Right Scoop ht…
Barack Obama is directly responsible for the Orlando shooting" -John McCain, who got $7.2 million from the NRA. https:/…
Not since November 2008 have I been THIS elated that Barack Obama saved us from John McCain.
You are correct & John McCain is wrong again! Bush & Cheney created Time to fire McCain with the rest…
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John McCain is “directly responsible” for the rise of ISIS because of his dangerously distracted foreign policy.
Turns out John McCain is as loopy as the rest of the nuthouse.
On days like this you can understand what John McCain saw in Sarah Palin.
Man, John McCain used to be a truly honorable man. Somewhere between Palin and now he lost himself. Sad decline ... https…
Just indecent, Senator McCain: John McCain: Obama is ‘directly responsible’ for Orlando attack
Maybe THIS is why John McCain wants to keep our military in war. Donate to his opponent, htt…
When John McCain was insulted by Trump, we all stood up 4 him & shamed Trump, but now, I'm extremely disappointed by him.
John McCain, who supported Bush's Iraq invasion creating ISIS, is seen here with his ISIS pals. And blames Obama?
Welcome to post-truth politics; John McCain throws self on the Trump bandwagon, blames Obama for Somehow. . https:/…
Dear John McCain, If you and your Hawkish friends hadn't illegally driven us into Iraq to begin with we wouldn't have nee…
John McCain seems to have forgotten his buddies..
Senator who has received more NRA Support than anyone blames President Obama for
John McCain says Obama is directly responsible for the Orlando shooting
John McCain has become too comfortable in Washington DC it's time for new blood and new thoughts for the Republican Party
Dude, you got $7.7 million from the NRA. Just say "sorry" and go back to your seat.
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John McCain, a true hero, was given the most money from the NRA 8 million. Think about the recent filibuster.
John McCain must be confused to hold responsible for massacre. Proof of his poor judgment! ⬇️ https:…
Now John McCain is infected with Trumpism. 10pm
In other news, John McCain is awful.
GOP: Bush not responsible for 9/11 despite getting explicit warning, but Obama responsible for Orlando because Iraq https:…
John McCain's directly responsible for unleashing the kraken on us so he can just STFU.
Just ignore the 7 million he got from the NRA, that has nothing to do with this.
."Obama is directly responsible for the Gigi/Zayn break up." - John McCain
The face you make when John McCain, who thought Sarah Palin was a sensible VP pick, question's Obama's judgement... https:…
Obama was directly responsible for Ned Stark's death. -John McCain
Hey John McCain: about your judgement of someone’s presidential skills, we remember that Sarah Palin met your standard.
Please, if you can, donate to GOP Senator John McCain's opponent, Ann Kirkpatrick
John McCain you are a joke. If you blame Obama for the disaster in Iraq how about blaming the dude who illegally invaded.…
Glad John McCain finds the time to blame our president instead of meeting with others discussing the state of our nation & w…
. John you have the best Team McCain Campaign on your side. Loyal Arizona is behind you 100%.
John McCain is the perfect example. Taking millions from the can affect one's mind & destroy their moral compass
John McCain says he ‘misspoke’ in blaming Obama for attacks on Americans: That's senility for you! Re…
Sen John McCain, the nation is in mourning, the victims have yet to be laid to rest, your comments are vile. .
John McCain has jumped the shark, mounted it, rode it, now has a civil union and a super expensive dental plan
Senator who has received more NRA support than anyone blames Obama for Orlando shooting
Today is just another reminder as to why I am so glad Obama is "directly responsible" for making sure John McCain did no…
Wow. John McCain has actually said something dumber than, "The next Vice President of the United States, Governor Sarah P…
BREAKING: John McCain outraged that his words were taken in context and his clarification was also taken in context and mean…
Sen. John McCain: Obama 'directly responsible' for Orlando shooting
No, John McCain did not meet with ISIS.
YES! John McCain says Obama responsible for terror attack in Orlando due to his failure to attack ISIS. htt…
John McCain: Obama is 'directly responsible' for Orlando attack How much lower can this once-hon…
Well you can write about the Senate people we need out. DARRYL ISSA in CA John McCain in AZ he stopped Obama 8 years
Now Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer & John McCain can send your sons AND daughters to fight in Syria. ht…
. As an AZ republican, I’m as committed to defeating Sen. Jeff Flake as I am to defeating Sen. John McCain. . McCain first.
In which John McCain says a fellow senator could have blood on his hands if Afghan translators die
I hope she gets Arizona so the Obama era ends how it began, John McCain losing.
John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, etc are the corrupt politicians portrayed in Mr Smith Goes to Washington
Sad sad sad. John McCain,man of principle, could have stood firm. Instead at age 79, he caves to https:/…
Dr. Ron Paul former congressman endorses Kelli Ward for Senate in Arizona. Time for John McCain to retire.
Incredible!!! . Arizona Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain slipped a clause into a bill which allowed for the...
Checking out "John McCain to host Hillary Clinton in Sedona, Ariz." on Tea Party Command Center:
Nonsense. He passed with John McCain in 2014 most comprehensive Veterans Healthcare Bill in modern history
Agree 100%. We expect more from the likes of Paul Ryan, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Jon Huntsman.
John McCain has consistently fought for Luke Air Force Base, which provides thousands of Arizona jobs.
Megan Mc Cain still on outnumbered a total Disgrace for the Show ,John McCain a Liberal & In the Tank with Kristol & Romney🕵Go Trump f Pres
Border Patrol's national union endorses John McCain for re-election.
Sen. John McCain, BG Mark Toy, and COL Kirk Gibbs, briefed by htt…
What a man in contention for commander in chief did while John McCain was a prisoner of war:.
In honor of Memorial Day, I'll go with John McCain is not a hero, since he was captured. Please. Don't even.
John McCain-. Bernie Sanders has a Record on Advocacy for Veterans Not Hillary Clinton! .
That's a lie. He ran in 2000. And his cabinet consisted of John McCain, Oprah Winfrey and Charlie Rangel. (no joke)
Honestly,with respect,John McCain is ready to retire,.since long time ago. Asking only opportunity to young ppl
Wasn't his 5 minutes up months ago... BS is the new John McCain or Joe Lieberman when it comes to Sunday shows
For anyone interested, John McCain will be speaking this Friday at RSIS in Singapore:.
Trump is the only one who openly dismissed John McCain's five years in the Hanoi Hilton. That's why I went after him.
Some girls are just bad at picking men -> . - John McCain. - Mitt Romney.
John McCain is a Viet Vet. He dissed McCain's service in Vietnam with a wide tar brush.
Trump says Veterans like John McCain were imprisoned,killed or injured due to their own stupidity
the Rolling Thunder segment was a slap in the face to John McCain who put great effort into ending POW/MIA demagoguery
Secretary Robert Gates, also had a different story!!! Secretary Panetta, was this John McCain screwed up!!!
John McCain lied about Libya, General David Petraeus & Robert Gates, have conflicting reports !!!
John McCain gave up 5 years of his life for a most noble action, Donald Trump gave up nothing
This works better if forget that it took Barack Obama longer than John McCain to secure nomination.
John McCain, lied about facts of the Iraq war! John McCain get ambassador Chris Stevens murder at the annex in zombieland!
domain names
did John McCain caused ambassador Chris Stevens to be executed! No-fly zone or annex did senator John McCain lied about Libya
They're either doing construction in the office below us, or John McCain is trying to communicate in morse code from the Hanoi Hilton.
Senator Cory Gardner on why John McCain is so important to Arizona and the U.S. Senate
John Kerry, John McCain and Bob Kerry in joint article: Moving On in Vietnam, but Remembering Its Lessons
I wonder if John McCain was involved with this maneuver?
I'm not entirely sure that John McCain or Mark Kirk, or Susan Collins are more conservative than Trump.
Some big names: John McCain, Kelly Ayotte and Marco Rubio. Also making an appearance is Chuck Grassley, who chairs Judiciary
understood, but why would they choose a draft dodger who disparaged John McCain as their avatar?
The NFL says it's returning money used for military tributes, and John McCain calls on other leagues to do the same. htt…
"Marcomentum" redux! Sen. Cory Gardner plants the kiss of death on John McCain.
Cory Gardner’s Kiss of Death to John McCain: Fresh off his game-changing endorsements of Marco Rubio and then Ted…
Senator Cory Gardner recognizes that we need John McCain's experienced leadership now more than ever.
When I heard her say she helped vet SPalin for John McCain, I avoided any channel she was on, too nasal anyway.
Virtually all Presidents and candidates including John McCain, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush... h…
Not only that, prominent members of Congress including John McCain and Orin Hatch, declared Mandela a terrorist. Supported apartheid😈
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How soon until Lindsay Graham and John McCain call for an invasion?
I just assumed it would be Lindsay Graham or John McCain.
Sen. John McCain is calling on the National Football League to do more to address the threat of concussions and repeated…
If the VA isn't top quality care,why do people like John McCain and *** Cheney seek out top notch care at Bethesda Naval Hospital?
Liberal group ties John McCain and Jeff Flake to Donald Trump in Arizona
I'm not sure why you expect honor in John McCain. He was one of the senators we remember as 47 Traitors.
In the pic; "Republicans"; John McCain and Lindsay Graham - are on either side of Chuck Shumer - that ***
There is no OUR party. John McCain and Lindsay Graham and Paul Ryan aren't my ideology. Those are the frauds.
Donald Trump notes that Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain are always together. "What are they, the Bobbsey Twins?"
TRUMP:'John McCain & Lindsey Graham remind me of the Bobbsey Twins.Not that there's anything wrong w guys like that' ht…
Yes, that WAS John McCain on CNN suggesting running mates for Trump. This is like getting parenting tips from the mother of…
She used Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Rick Perry as examples. They're all the worst examples of Republicans every
Two worst Senators in the United States Congress who does nothing in committees and chat with Democrats, it's McConnell and John McCain.
Sen. John McCain flanked by GOP senators at Phoenix rally. They're circling the wagons.
John McCain held out under Vietnamese torture for almost 6 years. Trump broke him in about 1/6th of that.
You can investigate them fir their other Crimes as well... Same for Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid...John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Etc
Sen. John McCain, two other senators will support Donald Trump as GOP nominee
Here you go:. John McCain. Tom Cotton. Dan Sullivan. all say they'll support "the nominee".
"Update from DC" with US Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain. Interesting and worrisome activities coming from D.C.
(9) As if John McCain, Mark Kirk and Netanyahu, etc. were no better, morally, than the ayatollahs who stone women and han…
2016 Election just keeps getting weirder! This has got to make Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitt Romney, etc. very happy.
Mitt Romney, John McCain, George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush will all skip Trump’s convention.
It's the GOP-E that have attacked him!. Lindsey Graham . John McCain . Romney . Levin. Beck. Many others including PAC'S
Mitt Romney had it! John McCain had it! Bob Dole had it! Ross Perot DEFINITELY had it. Dukakis for sure.
all-time great joins Herschel Walker, Larry Holmes, John McCain on concussion awareness!
Remember when Trump attacked John McCain for being captured and held prisoner in the Hanoi Hilton? -
for Senate she is the perfect replacement for John McCain. He has to go! Gang of 8, pro amnesty!
And Obama on his worse day would get my vote over John McCain or Mitt Romney. Today, yesterday, and forever.
ICYMI: John McCain reverses positions on presidential nominations again
PAC says Kirkpatrick mostly votes with Democrats: The race for John McCain's U.S. Senate seat is in full swing in…
Little Giant Ladders
Yesterday, John McCain declared the president should have “the benefit of the doubt” on his nominees
ARIZONA :(R) John McCain is in a 'Dead Heat' with (D) Ann Kirkpatrick.
Key point: "…by selecting Fiorina [as his running mate], Cruz is doubling down on a strategy that didn't work for John McCain in 2008."
"Veterans aren't receiving the health care they have earned & deserve" -John McCain
Send $1 every time U see Meghan or John McCain on Fox. Add $5 when U see the McCain PAC ad against .
do you think John Mccain didn't know what was going on or he did?
Democratic challenger Ann Kirkpatrick is basically tied with John McCain:
Let me show you the dirty little political trick John McCain pulled in 2008, and why she worked for men, but not most women of Baby Boom.
John McCain has changed. He's still pledging to support Donald Trump
If Hillary Clinton is up 8% over Trump in Arizona, then Ann Kirkpatrick will defeat John McCain for that Senate seat in November
Interesting meeting Ann Kirkpatrick last night challenging John McCain for senate seat in, a bubbling promising candidate! …
And Ann Kirkpatrick in Arizona, who is tied with John McCain? & https:…
John McCain in Governor Huckabee had team to beat Mitt Romney before
. I do see the similarity now that you bring it up.John McCain, another Senator that's not well liked by fellow Senators
.Trump tells the truth, even about 's father John McCain - my grand dad served with him
How about John McCain or Mitt Romney? Or even Paul Ryan?. Lets f**k all the voters who flocked to the primaries...
John McCain,I'm sorry a racist Democrat DonaldTrump,did a war hero like you rong,I'm even more sorry,some Republicans looked the other way.
US Sen. John McCain calls for criminal probe into mine spill
John McCain is so worthless that I can't even adequately describe it in 140 characters.
Hillary Clinton just did something in front of reporters that John McCain was afraid to do
How the *** could the state of Arizona even think about sending 247 year old John McCain back to DC?
They don't care about us!! They celebrate losing. Modern day example:John McCain, Sara Palin every POTUS cycle.
Type in on Internet, "John McCain problems with Military" Read true terrible stories about McCain
I'd vote for Mickey Mouse before I voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin.
Senate Committee on Homeland Security has jurisdiction on it, so it's probably John McCain fixing it. No, it's definitely McCain.
Let me offer you the names of some losers: George Herbert Walker Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney. Loser, loser, lose…
How is it possible that John McCain's birth place was a big issue 8 years ago (SR 511), but Canadian born Cruz gets to run now?
Not true. Bernie comprised on a Veterans bill with none other than John McCain. Stop lying.
Fear is the opportunity for courage, not proof of cowardice. . --John McCain
Meghan McCain host of America Now blocked me lol I called her out on Trump bashing and her do nothing dad John McCain. she defends M Fields
and a John McCain and Joe Lieberman fan, apparently
Challenger in Arizona has a real shot at defeating RINO dirtbag John McCain. Source:
Think Harry Reid, John McCain, and the rest of those political mobsters, stealing elections in the Caucus system.
Why Ann Kirkpatrick could actually defeat John McCain in the Arizona Senate race.
Daily News Bin endorses Ann Kirkpatrick over John McCain in 2016 Senate race in Arizona
Conservatives are establishment. What else would one call Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham?
Tom Cotton says to NSA chief that his father now uses a smartphone for everything. John McCain interjects, "He's ahead of Senator Graham."
When worked for George Bush he came up with the "John McCain has a black baby" robocall
John McCain claims no connection to McCain Institute, after $1 mil Saudi donation to McCain Inst is revealed.
.demands John McCain reveal all details about $1 mil donation by Saudi Arabia gov't
Sen. John McCain needs to fly off in to the sunset. (And not get captured.)
Sen. John McCain threatens to block funding for B-21 bomber program
*** .. r u doing talking about veterans, after the horrible things u said about Sen. John McCain being a POW?!!!
Sen. John McCain is calling for the VA Choice Card. What do you think? via
"It’s hard not to be impressed when Sen. John McCain walks in the room."
Website Builder 728x90
The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce endorses Sen. John McCain for re-election .
The US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is endorsing AZ Sen. John McCain? Say what?
"I'm confident we'd be looking at a different Syria today if the president of the United States hadn't overruled [plan]." Sen. John McCain
Being Hyatt Diamond is the best. Checked into the Hilton Hanoi, Vietnam and they tried giving me a room John McCain woul…
In 2006 key Congressional leader on Sen. John McCain, joined by Sen. John Warner in '07.Now, no R's
Like you did John McCain or Ben Carson or pretty much anyone who already has you figured out.
VOTE Kelli Ward for US Senate​ !!!. Few Arizona Republicans share values with John McCain . Arizonans can do better.".
John McCain: Different Syria today if president hadn't overruled Petraeus of CIA, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta
Why did Jim Inhofe & John McCain sabotage Brad Carson's position at the Dept of Defense? Could it be... Obama?
Yet you voted for Willard Mitt Romney & John McCain? Real smart. I got burned by them
Hey don't butcher me but I think John McCain would win if he were to run for president
Nah, false equivalent. John McCain was born in American territory in the Panama Canal Zone.
I served with McCain the difference is I've still got my brain didn't sell my soul. John McCain spoiled little rich boy!
agree, but John McCain is not a chicken hawk, he is a hero, and used to be a man of integrity
John McCain showed up at the white house Easter egg hunt
The members of the bruised ego club, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, all losers, big time
Does anyone really think that Trump would be dominating the wanker party if John McCain hadn't made nincompoop Sarah Palin his running mate?
No, not nearly enough. Where's Mitch McConnell, John McCain, John Cornyn, Paul Ryan? - - and I could go on & on!!
In a just world Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace and John McCain would never ever show their faces in public again. https:…
John McCain salutes those who fought in Spain
John McCain: Salute to a Communist not a fan of him much anymore but he still can be valid and poignant sometimes
Can you imagine Trump or Cruz ever writing this? John McCain: Salute to a Communist
Well Obama was electable, and i think John McCain was electable pre - Alaska governor ..Joe Biden might have won this i think.
John McCain gave a real "Salute to a Communist" in '08 when he ran that soft-pedal deferential amateurish campaign against…
Powerful words from a true statesman. John McCain: Salute to a Communist .
This is quite a good article by John McCain on his admiration for those who fought in the Liberty Brigade during...
John McCain on the last of the Abraham Lincoln brigade, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and fighting for your beliefs:
"Jordan’s cause wasn’t a clash of ideologies any longer, but a noble sacrifice for love." McCain's a genuine guy.
John McCain: Salute to a This leaves me speechless
This is quite the read - John McCain: Salute to a Communist
A surprising and moving tribute to Del Berg, last of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, from John McCain:
Whereby John McCain makes all decent Republicans cry for a lost era of GOP tolerance and respect
John McCain: Salute to a Communist Pretty good, wonder who wrote it for him.
Hello Dr. Kelli did you know that John McCain & Obama are 22nd cousins of King Edwards 1 then when you look it up you see more.
This reminds you who the true and really great Sen. John McCain is
How is ths written by the man who gave us Sarah Palin? John McCain: Salute to a Communist
These people are nothing but jokes now seriously John McCain warms to Ted Cruz
Character is striking and obvious when you see it. Or don't. John McCain: Salute to a Communist, via
Wow - great read. - John McCain: Salute to a Communist, via
Cold War officially over: John McCain writes a "Salute to a Communist"
Had to keep checking the byline. This is THE John McCain
Won't be the same type of loser as John McCain and Mitt Romney? Do we really want to see failure from the establishment again?
Arizona Lets Help Dr.Kelli Ward Fight the good fight against John McCain the coat tailed in Obamasnare Establishment
Fascinating eulogy for a Communist from
Obama gets photographed in front of Che, Republicans are outraged. John McCain literally writes an op-ed praising...
John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls was my favorite novel, Delmer Berg was like its hero
Lyin Donald keeps on saying he beats Hillary in lots of polls but he really doesn't. He loses worse than John McCain
"Mr. Berg, believed they were freedom fighters first, sacrificing life and limb.. for a people they had never met."
This is a great example of why I have so much respect for Very worthwhile read.
A fine piece by Salute to a Communist, via
John McCain writes about the last survivor of the Lincoln Brigade, American Volunteers who fought in the Spanish War
Neocon hawk lauding communist antifascist hero—what's happening to politics in this country? ht…
John McCain: less reactionary about communism than
Read column about Del Berg: (Last survivor of Abraham Lincoln Brigades:
Trump even gets drubbed worse than losers John McCain and Mitt Romney. Sad! .
A nice turning of the pen by Sen. John McCain in the NYT’s
No right and wrong. Principles. MCCain. Graham. McConnell. fear Cruz. he is Constitution.
This is shockingly good. Could Trump or Cruz ever write something like this?.
The last thing I expected to read today. Very impressive writing. I see you McCain.
This is a beautiful piece by John McCain:
"Mr. Beaty, why don't you run for president?". "John McCain, Berry Goldwater; If we know anything about Az, it's that we don't win elections"
The only guest can have on to critique worse than Lindsey Graham would be RINO IN CHIEF John McCain!. C'mon Mika
But she never took selfies with ISIS leaders, like Sen. John McCain, so, tell me, Rudy, who has the better judgement?
Tom Cotton must have never really sat down+read Geneva Conventions handbook...John McCain had to school him that waterboar…
Note to John McCain: . "We Americans have no commission from God to police the world.". President Benjamin Harrison (R.)
Thanks to Obama and the Democrats and let's not forget coward Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain!
John McCain and Lindsey Graham at the Venetian dusting off all our tax dollars.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham just want to seem relevant at a horrible time like this. They are useless leeches on a taxpayer payroll.
we'll never defeat it with John McCain and Lindsey Graham arming jihadis either
The Lindsey Graham's, John McCain's, McConnell ' s their reign is over. There's a new sheriff in town. Let's get rid of these . dinosaurs.
the most vocal Arm the Syrians were John McCain, Lindsey Graham and to a lesser extent Kelly Ayot. Talk to them.
Somewhere, Lindsey Graham is crying into John McCain's shoulder.
I could see Lindsey Graham or John McCain giving that speech. No wonder they will support her.
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