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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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John McCain talk is cheap . Vote against GOP Health Care . if you really feel its bad for AMERICANS. COU…
“That’s not good enough, Mr. Shanahan,” Sen. John McCain told Trump’s pick for deputy secretary of defense.
John McCain does a nice speech on the bad AHCA process. I ask why he won't just vote no until process improves. "I haven't…
John McCain is 80 and still going strong in the US - so why not 74-year-old Vince?.
Loved the scene in which Oliver Stone persuades Putin to watch Dr Strangelove. Didn't see John McCain who I…
John McCain is a senile old traitor. Ask him if this is his idea of leadership.
Dowd also represented John McCain in the Keating scandal.
A fake news star is born!. Rep. Mark Sanford ,a fake Republican to join John McCain!
Our target is protecting real war heroes like Bo Gritz, not fake heroes like John McCain.
The GOP is not our friend. Trump is our friend. Lyndsey Graham and John McCain would ha…
should go talk to Amy schumer Ashley Judd Sen Lewis, Barry Hussein the Kenyan, John McCain, Pelos…
Will you apologize to Barack Obama, John McCain, the former Ms Universe, the Khans, Ted Cruz's father, the disabled reporte…
John McCain obviously has a problem with Kamala Harris, he's interrupted her twice this week, playing captain save a *** for Jeff Sessions
Kamala Harris continues to push Sessions on what policy he's citing for not answering Qs. John McCain complains she's not…
John McCain sounds like Bobby Moynihan's drunk uncle. . (there were two investigations!)
Trump repays John McCain for his slavish support by giving his wife a meaningless job.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
John McCain: America's global standing was higher under Obama than Trump
says American leadership was better under Obama than Trump
Senator John McCain would retrieve his own copy of the anti-Trump Dossier:.
.America's leadership standing in the world was better under Obama
John McCain: U.S. leadership was better under Obama
Trump on China, India and Coal - Read this to learn the real truth connected w/U.S. coal.
Do you remember why Nixon had to grant John McCain a Presidential pardon?
John McCain says U.S. global leadership was better under Obama than Trump
"In fact, the only ones who want to stay in office are the Democrats." writes
John McCain says US leadership was STRONGER under Obama.,this *** is a disgrace to the USA and Arizona .
Hey, Arizona. Your senile grandfather is on the loose again. Please give him his medicine and put him to bed. .
American leadership is worse under Trump than Obama, says John McCain
And who's the leading Republican proponent in Washington of an independent commission to investigate Trump? Why it's John…
John McCain's BIZARRE & INCOHERENT Questioning of James Comey Sen(ile) McCain should just walk into the sunset.
Okay, Nate, nice discussion. Need to get some sleep so I can func…
If John McCain gotta say this then BOY
Tell that to the AZ voters who worship at the altar of John McCain.
John McCain is a disgrace. For any Republican office holder to praise the disastrous O…
Report: *** Chi Minh claimed John McCain a more reliable source of information than Hanoi Jane! [satire]
John McCain joined the Democrats years ago Sean. He's been a traito…
The ENTIRE doesn't remember that. Aside from John McCain when he gets his nap & Lindsey Graham when he sometim…
or reassign him to investigate John McCain and Lindsey Graham and their cozy Muslim B…
Lindsey Graham and John McCain in my opinion or democrats disguising their self as Republicans, or swamp creatures.
John McCain is a fine American but politically he seems to be a loose cannon. Enlist with our patriot army at…
John McCain can best be described politically as a loose cannon. PATRIOTS -> We need your enlistment at
Good afternoon to everyone except John McCain
Sen. John McCain, D-Calif., has been repeatedly called for a pullout by the House Financial Services Committee.
John McCain def thinks he is Papa Smurf dont he
John McCain sounds like when your meemaw start mixing up real life with what happened on Matlock.
I thought John McCain would be the saving grace for the Repubs..guess I was wrong. All the Repubs are for…
Did Hannity have a John McCain moment or something?
John either has tourettes, is having a stroke, or...
Sen. John McCain spent most of his time asking James Comey about Clinton's emails via
*John McCain hits blunt*. "If one investigation is closed, how can another one be open?"
And by the way, John McCain won't "stay up too late watching the Diamondbacks game" the night before he votes to take away your h…
Americans watching John McCain during be like:
Sen. John McCain’s bizarre questioning of Comey Trump must have something on McCain
Senator McCain it's your turn for questioning. John McCain:
Tfw you watched John McCain questioning Comey today
Are we SURE there isn't a weekend at bernies situation happening with John McCain
John McCain at home right now believing he has successfully defeated Russia and the Clintons in one fell swoop
Someone get a stretcher for John McCain. . He just called Comey 'President Comey' 🤦‍♀️.
John McCain looked terrible today. He probably hasn’t been touching The Orb enough. Or maybe too much? Orbs are tricky like t…
It's almost 4:30 PM and I'm still processing John McCain's guest appearance at a committee he isn't on.
Jane is Progressive? Yep……. Like John McCain's "progressive" performance at today's Senate Intel hea…
I'm jealous of John McCain because he seems to be the only person unaware that the 2016 election already happened.
Ancient RINO, John McCain blames his rambling incoherence on watching baseball.
😳somebody should have let McCain know where he was. Clueless on the Hill
John McCain going full out for the insanity plea
Summary of 1. Trump is a liar. 2. Felt pressured to drop Flynn probe. 3. Fired for not doing 4. John McCain…
John McCain has been in politics too long & mixing up events or gone senile Contrast with
So did Hillary help OJ hijack the planes and attack Pearl Harbor?. Comey: What?. John McCain: I said do you know t…
Nice job, John McCain. I've never heard anyone speak in wingdings before.
WATCH John McCain . He obviously has dementia and needs . to be removed from office. .
[John McCain takes the microphone]. "Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bu…
if you AGREE: John McCain is clearly no longer up to the task of being Senator. We thank him for his service, but he m…
McCain line of questioning still makes no sense...
That was one heckuva of a commercial for term limits from John McCain there.
Is John McCain a tragic figure worthy of sympathy or just a talking points Republican?
Wait, does John McCain think the Russiagate and Clinton email investigations were the same investigation?
"My line of questioning today went over people’s heads," John McCain later clarified.
Dat how most peeps looked when listening to John McCain today.
Kamala Harris: Let's talk about Sessions. JOHN CORNYN: Let's talk about Hillary. MARCO RUBIO: Let's talk about me. JOHN…
Every time John McCain is all over my feed I think of this:
If there's one thing that Trump supporters & non Trump supporters can agree on, it's that John McCain is an embarassme…
John McCain did a great ad for the effectiveness of AdvilPM.
"how they ain't solve B.I.G. and 2Pac murders but they found OJ the next day?" --Sen. John McCain
It's time for globalist war criminal John McCain to retire. He is insane.
John McCain's questions for James Comey left Comey and observers confused
"Senator your time has expired" is possibly the most accurate thing anyone's ever said to John McCain.
.Can you please explain to me how John McCain's questions had any relevance to the hearing today?
Is this the guy we want on our Intelligence Committees? He makes no sense. Term Limits
By the way John McCain is not even on the Select Intelligence Committee. He and Jack Reed were add-ons. I honestl…
I don't know what was up with John McCain but I'm pretty sure Hillary Clinton didn't collude with the Russians to hack hers…
And two more:. - Republicans silly line of Trump defense: Comey should have stopped him. - John McCain ***
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I promise you John McCain will be clear-eyed and sharp as a tack when he votes yes to repeal our health insurance.
Senator John McCain's BIZARRE line of questioning at James Comey Trump R... via
John McCain is really starting to sound like the late Barry Goldwater during his last days.
No one seems to want to say it, but I will: despite previous duty to country, John McCain is a craven GOP lackey, very disappointing.
Remember with John McCain was going to be one of the Republicans in the Senate who would hold Trump in check? LOL
John McCain has finally reached the Ozzy Osborne stage of his life
praying Barron Trump didn't see John McCain at todays hearing
With thanks to the help of Sen. John McCain, Air Force Veteran awarded full disability for UFO exposure
John McCain just squandered his credibility, and even his dignity, either because of a craven political surrender or dementia.
Hey young uns -- want a primer on the REAL John McCain? Follow this handy link:
John McCain is upping his ranking on the "Terrible Presidents that could have been" list to leave Barry Goldwater in the lurch
John McCain doing his best 2007 Miss Teen USA South Carolina impression...hate to pile on the elderly but... *** are you talking about?
John McCain's "double standard" theory doesn't make any sense at all. The Clinton and Trump/Russia investigations are two di…
BREAKING NEWS: John McCain is still a craven hack, sources say.
I have concluded John McCain is a craven *** I have not concluded why I ever believed he wasn't. See, Senator McCain! It's easy!
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I remember when John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be a vice presidential candidate but now am prepared to take his concerns *very* seriously
Paul Ryan Lindsey Graham & John McCain are all treasonous Traders and need 2 be prosecuted 4 o…
They didn't anticipate that. John McCain & Victoria Nuland were intimately involved. Maidan was his idea.
John McCain is like if Emmanuel Goldstein never got kicked out of the Inner Party because he never really opposed it.
Sen. John McCain will question former FBI Director James Comey at hearing.
No more Lindsey Graham or John Mccain features unless it's their obituaries
Yes Kasich is one of those neocon traitors like John McCain and Mitt Romney.
Hillary Clinton is more experienced than experience & qualified John Kerry, John McCain, Mitt Romney yet no one ever told t…
Lindsey Graham and John McCain were trying to push that agenda for them. I remember protesting against Cap and Trade in 2009
I saw John McCain give this climate riff in New Hampshire in late 2007. I think about it a lot.
Lindsey Graham, John McCain & Lil Marco will condemn it, but will 'vote' the party line,…
64. John McCain was right when he told Australian broadcaster Russia was more dangerous to the US than…
BREAKING: Sen. John McCain says he's "concerned" about Rep. Paul Ryan says gibberish is fine as long as it som…
We need a 25th Amendment for senile, treasonous Senators like John McCain that downplayed ISIS's enemy status.
Russian President Vladimir Putin is a greater threat to the United States than ISIS, Sen. John McCain says
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John McCain, who has done nothing on climate since 2008, is sad about the Great Barrier Reef https:/…
Senators Greg Mulken and John McCain had convinced McCain that they were not defeat gold across the state.
John McCain warns he's more worried about the USA under Donald Trump than he's been in his entire life
Dear AZ, did you really vote for John McCain to travel the world attacking the President YOU voted for?
You want to know what's really a bigger threat than Isis? John McCain.
If only we had more Senators like John McCain.
John McCain is 80 years old and really has no business being in the Senate at his age. We need time limits on both Senators and Congressmen.
I called and I let him know that it's Senators like John McCain thats making Real Americans hate their…
John McCain would not know what happens before inauguration as he has never gotten that far in his political career.
"Australia can still count on America." Full text of John McCain's speech tonight to
Memorial Day photo:. John McCain when he was a POW in Hanoi during Vietnam War. This is a hero. is no hero.…
Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat to global security than ISIS – US Senator, John McCain
FYI - Here's my story with photos on visit to prison where John McCain was held during Vietna…
John McCain: Vladimir Putin is a greater threat to national security than ISIS
hay John McCain, to quote BathHouseBerry; "the 80's called, and they want their policies back"
John McCain calls Putin a bigger threat than
In Australia, John McCain calls Vladimir Putin "the premier" global threat, greater than ISIS
"Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat than Islamic state". - John Mccain . 💥 Time to throw the bums out 💥 .
John McCain: Putin is a bigger threat than ISIS — “the Russians who tried to destroy the fundamental of democracy”
John McCain says Vladimir Putin is a bigger threat than ISIS
John McCain says Russian President Vladimir Putin is "most important threat, more so than ISIS."
John McCain on Putin: "I think he is the premier and most important threat. More so than ISIS."
use your powers as Senators to subpoena his tax records so that we may find out ALL of the Russian connections John McCain ,. so (3/6)
I wish there were term limits on senators. John McCain is such a trash bag.
US Senator John McCain talks about his childhood memories of Perth and why he thinks Australia is a crucial ally. http…
WOW !! John McCain PRAISES the Trump Administration. . Says Obama was WEAK & Trump is strong. LOL Leigh will be spewing.
Big choice tomorrow, Australia--yours truly in Canberra or John McCain in Sydney
Songbird John Mccain sung like a bird to the Vietcong like Tokyo Rose. Put hIs own cr…
Can anyone explain why John McCain is allowed to travel the world openly disrespecting President Trump??The…
John McCain is one of the puppet masters of the VA scandal him and Obama's VA Secretary are 10…
Oh my god Turnbull crawling up the butt of John McCain it's sickening and now Shorten is doing the same
Yearly mental and physicals required for ALL Gov. employees. She has lost it. So has…
I swear Corey Booker is the Dem's John McCain. He doesn't seem to have a side at all.
He's mad that John McCain an enemy of America and President Trump isn't POTUS.
The way Shorten got down on bended knee and slobbered John McCain in UGH!😠
This man is OWNED by other people. He does not speak or even takes a crap without Paul Ryan or Joh…
💥💥John McCain the guy that wants to start WW3‼️. 😊Americas so glad he's not President ‼️😡.
Looking forward to interviewing Senator John McCain today - it'll be on tonight.
Tonight on Aus sends 30 extra troops to Afghanistan, John McCain's Australia visit & response to the Ul…
MPs forming a queue to say hello to John McCain
John McCain's in the chamber for question time
John McCain in Australia says US Senate is "out of session, on a well deserved break after achieving nothing"
John McCain the WH leaker? If he did it he doing it now? It's not a stretch to is it!!
Sen. John visits for security talks
and even our PM is talking up US rugby as he welcomes John McCain to Aus Parliament
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Fix US/ AU tax treaty re Super and home sale with John McCain
John McCain is one of the worst humans. Hes the Hillary Clinton of the right. Works for Soros
Sen. John McCain visits Australia for security talks - U.S. Sen. John McCain is meeting with Australian leaders...
Sen. John McCain visits Australia for security talks
US Sen. John McCain visits Australia for security talks
John McCain meets with Australian leaders for security talks in Canberra.
Remember that John McCain is a compulsive gambler and likely owes people .
terrorists as "freedom fighters". You know that Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Lindsey Graham were the main supporte…
.photographs US Senator John McCain with FM ahead of question time on Monday.
DFW wrote the definitive bio of John McCain, having joined his 2000 primary campaign. It's called Up, Simba! and is in Consider The Lobster.
Veteran US Senator John McCain says the Trump administration has a strategy for victory in Afghanistan. 
Pleased to welcome former prisoner of war, presidential nominee & maverick Senator John McCain to the floor of the Australian…
We need to get these old Senators out of office on both sides. I am tired of John McCain, Graham.…
When Trump/Russia ends with Impeachment. The heroes will be:. - Barack Obama. - Chris Steele. - Sally Yates. - John McCain
Never knew that John McCain was part of the 1980's "Keating 5". Senators who could be bribed way back when. History is fascinating.
1/Here we go - Over the last few months, Dworkin has revealed that several Republican senators — including John McCain, Ted Cruz, and
Suzanne Collins, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain are all Democrats anyway.
John McCain: "I don’t understand why he would say such a thing to a guy who’s practicing extrajudicial executions."
Particulary even from CNN, here John "ISIS" McCain colluding with our enemy, fully backed by Oba…
Drain the trash. Lock them all up and by all means include backstabber Lindsey Graham a…
Where does it stop? Even John McCain took Russian money
John McCain knows he will be on every liberal news outlet if he bashes trump the only thing dead on arrival wa…
No offense to Joe (John McCain) but Joe as FBI Director? C'mon. Just like Lindsay said, it should be someone within…
John MCCain, a total Rino, is welcome on Everyones Sunday show. Personally Iv'e had enough of the McCain show.
GOP Traitor John McCain called the "dead on arrival". I don't think so. I think its time for this jealous old…
Sen. McCain explains why he invoked Watergate last week to describe the controversy surrounding President Trump
Congressional NatSec reporters, back me up: John McCain is often grumpy, but never violent.
John McCain says Trump's budget is "dead on arrival." Agreed.
John McCain is the real Terrorist as got all the Terrorists armed by CIA & Pentagon
Reagan will be turning in his grave with you Republicans. BTW I'm independent and have great respect for…
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I used to respect John McCain. Now I feel as if he's my favorite uncle who had to go to jail. I'll never feel the same.
Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, and John Kashich need to go all working for the Devil !
Don't forget the Rhinos like Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham and of course…
John McCain didn't do enough to denounce Trump. The party embraced him. The party is now…
I despise John McCain, We ALL need 2 call him or go to his site. Leave message 2 stop sabotaging . Take actio…
Lindsey.graham .John communist mccain.has got to go *** traitors. Let's see there taxes what are th…
Probably a good idea to look at John McCain's staffers too. They're very likely sources.
If you want to see what kind of politicians have destroyed our governing system, look at John McCain,Paul Ryan,McConnell, a…
GWB was the initial robocall against John McCain in South Carolina suggesting McCain had an illegit…
These are photos of John McCain and Mark Warner I took last week. It's NORMAL to have a phone "in your face" as a politici…
.reports hired an aide of Lindsey Graham to get Graham and John McCain's support. http…
It is time for us to hold our GOP Senators accountable for John McCain's traitorous action! He should be removed from…
John McCain is not the boss. He may not like the budget, but I am urging my senators to support it.
Hey Chris Wallace, what has John McCain really done?
Go home John McCain... Your time in Washington is over. You're a disgrace to the Republican Party.
Drain the swamp starting with John McCain...
Liberal Democrat John McCain takes every chance to attack Trump on any show who can stomach his ignorant…
So does this mean you fighting John McCain isis militia?? Hope some American soldiers know they just over their for…
John McCain said the Embassy should be expelled Let's see if Trump does it So far no statement No…
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