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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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John McCain: The Official Senate Report on CIA Torture: Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detent
Sen. John McCain appears to have once again beat back an insurrection from the Republican Party's right wing.
John McCain, Marco Rubio and Debbie Wasserman Schultz face primary tests today
So there's a few interesting primaries going on today.Debbie Wasserman Schultz.John McCain. But the one I...
A vote for John McCain or Marco Rubio is a vote for Hillary Clinton. They have EXACTLY the SAME policies.
Happy eighth anniversary of that time John McCain crammed Sarah Palin down all of our throats also too.
Why McCain refuses to go maverick on Trump via for iOS
Don’t miss on John McCain’s rock-and-hard-place relationship with Donald Trump -
Why McCain refuses to go maverick on Trump - Politico
Hey everybody who wants to wish John McCain a happy 80th birthday today?
If McCain wins his primary tomorrow, he's not planning on pivoting away from Trump in the general
Hah. Nine years ago today John McCain made one of the worst political decisions in human history and foisted Sarah Palin upon the world.
"McCain primary opponent: 'He's got several issues about race'"
Sen. John McCain: Obamacare is a 'House of Cards' - Fox News
thinks that Trump is a kremlin plant, just like John McCain and and many others are
Discussing is "sexist" says same media that endlessly obsessed about John McCain's health in 2008. https:…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Why McCain refuses to go maverick on Trump
This is why John McCain has yet to cut off support for Trump via
Business LOTP update: FoxBusiness: Death Spiral or Growing Pains? Sen. McCain on the future of
Tell everyone you know in Arizona: on Tuesday, it's time to fire John McCain and send a trusted conservative...
John McCain is in the fight of his life in the age of Donald Trump
It's been exactly 8 years since John McCain named Sarah Palin as his running mate.
Hillary's REFUSAL to release her medical records (as John McCain did in 2008) is final proof that there's a cover-up taki…
As she lectures here is a reminder that Ann Coulter actually preferred Hillary Clinton to John McCain: ht…
John McCain is just as corrupted as Hill Bho Ryan Mitch Reid he needs to b kicked out now
Except that she called, Mitt Romney, John McCain and George Bush honorable gentlemen in her speech today.wrong again.
conservatism, she also praised Bob Dole, George Bush, and John McCain for calling out racism in their party.
20 years ago we had Bob Dole, John McCain, and George W. Bush and now we
Love how she quoted Bob Dole, George Bush and John McCain. Smart work. Good work. Necessary work. Go Hillary!
Clinton pointing to former Republican presidential candidates - George W Bush and John McCain - who she says stood up for Musli…
The founder of KelliPAC tells me he's spent big this month against John McCain, but he hasn't told the
2 votes hit the mail for Kelli Ward over John McCain . Boom
Arizona, PLEASE RETIRE John McCain & elect Dr. Kelli Ward!. for a new America.
Need a reminder of how crazy Kelli Ward is? She floated that John McCain would assassinate her. Seriously. https:…
Start with John McCain we need to vote in Kelly ward I was ashamed Paul Ryan was reelected.
I voted for Kelli Ward & I beg Arizona to vote for her too! John McCain is part of the old order & they don't care!
Dr. Kelli Ward talks about her run for U.S. Senate against John McCain
You're a tourist in sexual perversion. I'm a prisoner there. You're Jane Fonda on a tank. I'm John McCain in the hut.
The Republican Party, which John McCain led as our nominee in 2008, is going to become irrelevan
"John McCain has done immeasurable damage to the prestige and national security of the United States." ht…
.LOL. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Kevin McCarthy all agree with you Sean. You / Trump are Establishment
Rather than have a policy discussion Kirkpatrick took the opportunity to make false claims about John McCain https:…
So you didn't vote for John McCain. The prison squeeler in Viet Nam. He spilled his guts to Viet Cong.
John McCain made his health records available to the media in 2008. When will Hillary do the same? https:…
GO GOOGLE "How was John McCain treated at the Hanoi Hilton" (simple).
John McCain'out of touch &tired'...Elect Kelli Ward to Replace John McCain
Happy to see Gov. proudly stands behind Sen. John McCain for reelection to the U.S. Senate
“I wholeheartedly endorse John McCain for the U.S. Senate and I urge every Arizonan to join me.”
My friends in Arizona. Get RINO John McCain out and a solid conservative into the Senate.
🗣 PSST:. Ann Kirkpatrick (D) pulls ahead of John McCain in Arizona polls . via .
Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick pulls ahead of John McCain in Arizona senate race via
Your father's Hanoi Hilton nickname was "Songbird". MOST past Vietnam POW's wouldn't *** on John McCain's grave. You know it.
I detest John McCain for foisting Sarah Palin on the U.S. I also detest .for forcing Arne Duncan onto U.S. public ed.
Trump endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte after declining to earlier this week
there aren't many states that do worse than Gov.Brewer, John McCain, and jailer Joe Arpaio.
John McCain, taking the long way around to "no.". (HT:
Today, John McCain made it crystal clear who he's supporting for President, stopped representing AZ long ago. https…
Translation of When he says "vote Paul Ryan" he means vote Same with John McCain, he means…
For context: In 2008, Obama didn't lead John McCain by 9+ until October. Margin never got that high in pre-election NBC/…
A group of U.S. military veterans call on John McCain and others to rescind their endorsements of Donald J. Trump
# Pence breaks with Trump for the second time in two days to endorse John McCain and a...
John McCain in a statement about Trump's Khan comments: "Lastly, I’d like to say to Mr. & Mrs. Khan: thank you for immigr…
Trump camp a series of indignities for McCain: Rachel Maddow looks back at how John McCain helped Mike Pence ...
Spineless John McCain is siding with Hillary and stabbing conservatives in the back once again.
Actually ...John McCain is NOT the most respected...which is why will replace him!
If John McCain were US President instead of Obama right now, Bashar al-Assad would be buried in a shallow grave in Latakia.
Devastating video: John McCain, asked if he's okay w/Trump controlling nukes, stammers and refuses to say:
Once we have Paul Ryan & John McCain FIRED this month, GOP establishment will cowar to
When John McCain is coming to my college tomorrow and I'm not even interested instead focusing to pass the test 😊
George Zimmerman is not as important as John McCain:.
Veteran: "How do you know it's an election year? John McCain starts talking about veterans again."
All John McCain was good for was wrecking fighter planes on his own accord 5 on the record,whi…
Not a party player: refuses to back and in primaries
Pence splits with Trump to support embattled GOP senators McCain and Ayotte
So, let me get this right..Donald Trump doesn't endorse John McCain, because Trump doesn't like POWs like McCain,...
I don't know how any veteran or service personnel can vote for someone for POTUS who criticized a POW for being captured. See John McCain.
Come on, Dan, you've been through the drill before. They make stuff up all the time .
Mike Pence follows Donald Trump's lead in declining to endorse John McCain.
Just to be clear my father would support Paul Ryan and John McCain for reelection
Polls show neck and neck with Sen. John McCain. This is the time to !
McCain's Profile shows just how pitiful he is. Lots more info for those that click further.
once again John McCain is playing politics by not denouncing trump.
So John McCain had 30 yrs to fix the Arizona border & monitor the Arizona Va. McCain failed at both. . Vote…
John McCain please save us from this terrible situation. Please. Just don't pick Mrs. *** and I will not only...
Veterans walking 100K petitions to John McCain's office, urging him to un-endorse Trump.
U.S. veterans call on John McCain to rescind Trump endorsement
Sen. John McCain stumbles when asked about nukes and Trump
First day of my internship and I meet John McCain.
Here's why some vets are looking to McCain to reject Trump. Mavericky stuff.
Remember David Foster Wallace's essay on the McCain campaign? The big question was, is John McCain sincere or not? Unendorse Trump Senator?
.It would seem the Clinton Foundation controls people like Paul Ryan and John McCain too? -
whoa - Mike Pence declines to endorse Kelly Ayotte or John McCain in their re-election bids, saying "we need new leadersh…
How many times can Republicans like John McCain condemn Donald Trump while still supporting him for president?
The definition of "war hero" used to be Alvin York and Audie Murphy. Now it's John McCain and this Khan kid. Can you spot the difference?
Nicole Wallace and John McCain will never live down bringing us Sarah Palin.
"...send John McCain into retirement after decades of selling out conservative values in Washington, DC."
Crooked Hillary can have Paul Ryan/John McCain, their agendas are exactly the same. mass immigration, wars for profit…
Meg Whitman, Mitt Romney, John McCain. How bad did these cucks want to win?. answer: ask their $$$ masters.
Trump isn't sure about endorsing Paul Ryan or John McCain, but is very sure about endorsing Vladimir Putin. Nice work. GOP,…
Welp, looks like Donald Trump won't be backing Paul Ryan or John McCain. Where's my bag of popcorn? 😂🍿
Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, and John McCain continue to endorse Trump despite his refusal to endorse them. Hilarious!
Full transcript of Donald Trump’s interview in which he refused to support Paul Ryan and John McCain
John McCain's done 1 thing... He betrayed his fellow prisoners of war in Vietnam.
Trump has tonight declined to endorse Paul Ryan or John McCain. That's their reward for foolishly backing him. They both nee…
Stop crying you sent John McCain to face Obama. He couldn't remember how many houses he owns. Mitt Romney Sorry
John McCain is an American icon, and friend to Vets everywhere. Guy is aces.
but oh wait, still had time to insult POW John McCain and the family of Humay…
He literally said "I don't like people that get captured," in reference to John McCain. How is th…
Trump refuses to support Paul Ryan, John McCain in upcoming Republican primaries
Paul Ryan and John McCain are suckas to have given this con-man their endorsement without getting his in return. 🤔 http…
BREAKING: Donald Trump declines to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain in their Republican primaries - Washington Post
His dad applied the same logic when he said John McCain shouldn't have allowed himself to be captured.
Hey you are not fit to polish John McCain's boots or Ghazala Khan's pumps!
John McCain denounced Donald Trump's comments about the family of the fallen Muslim soldier
John McCain slams Donald Trump's comment on parents
Yeah,DT really supports our military. Unless they get caught. (John McCain) or if the mother of the dead soldier doesn't speak.…
What does John McCain have to say about Roger Ailes' treatment of women?
That time in 2005 when John McCain told Tim Russert: "I have no doubt that Sen Clinton would make a good President" https…
John McCain: Donald Trump defamed Khizr Khan and he does not represent the GOP
Sen. John McCain: Trump defamed Kahn, does not represent GOP
I remember when John McCain only said nice things about Cindy Sheehan and press ignored her and he won election.   10% Off
John McCain's powerful statement to the Khans
John McCain defends Khizr and Ghazala Khan in Trump feud – campaign live
Ex-POW John McCain just opened a massive can of whoop *** on Donald Trump over family comments
Trump is a bottomless abyss of hate. 1st John McCain, a heroic POW, now a mother who lost her son in combat
.Trump also attacked John McCain as not being a real hero. That was in the Republican primary.
Is it me or is it creepy that everyone refers to as "Mr. Trump?" We talked about Bob Dole, John McCain,
like ur concerned about John McCain. Make sure u know what he really said. wht abt the unindicted lying crim HC?
I never said that and neither did Trump, ya liar. He said it in direct response to John McCain,who punched 1st
John McCain is great man and valued Hero. But John's Campaign Dir. did say he too often plays the POW card
The best part? When John McCain told them to knock it off.
This is worth sharing. Inspiring essay by Sen. John McCain’s granddaughter
What’s Up with WHITE Women? More White women voted for Romney in 2012 than Bush in 2004, and McCain in 2008
If it's John McCain then that's not a POW, that's a loser.
I dodged the draft so I could make fun of POW's like John McCain.
John McCain's granddaughter endorses Clinton, saying "loyalty to party can never trump loyalty to country."
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
John McCain should also be shredding Trump along with all of his Republican cohorts.
John McCain's granddaughter writes that Obama "presented the election as a choice between democracy and demagogue."
I wish that were true. Think of it, he's projected to carry AZ - after what he said about John McCain.
"Donald, you're not fit to polish John McCain's boots." -Rear Adm. John Hutson (Ret.)
Khizr Khan is showing something that John McCain didn’t: Defiance and anger at being belittled by Donald Trump.
Everyone is shocked Donald Trump is attacking a fallen solider & his family, when Trump disrespects John McCain a prison of…
Republicans - from John Kasich to Meghan McCain - slam Trump's comments about Muslim soldier
.asks Trump if John McCain is a war hero. Trump: "Yeah, fine."
You should talk to your dad about it because he endorsed him.
And if you think there's no double standard, ask why John McCain, born in Panama Canal zone, was never called foreign.
John McCain is a loose cannon. From "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" to Sarah Palin, he was the original Trump
George W. Bush got namechecked. Also Reagan tonight.Yesterday: Barbara Bush, Mitt Romney,John McCain. Sounds like they're…
"You're NOT qualified to shine John McCain's boots", says (retired) Rear Admiral John Hutson of DT htt…
People mentioned favorably at DNC and not at RNC: John Kasich, Mitt Romney, John McCain
It's hard not to wonder how John McCain must feel, knowing he receives more respect from DNC delegates than RNC delegates. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ret. Rear Adm. John Hutson: Trump is "not fit to polish John McCain's boots" https:/…
You know who is fit to polish John McCain's boots? Chris Christie
Sen. John McCain says he 'strongly' disagrees with…
Is this like John McCain's secret plan to end the wars in Iraq/Afghanistan back in 2008?
"Very sad that John McCain, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, or George P. Bush were not at the GOP convention..."…
No, they weren't, liar!! *** you lie about EVERYTHING, don't you? You got fewer viewers than Mitt Romney OR John McCain.
2014 Kaine, Sen. John McCain engaged in an effort to overhaul the terms of the War Powers Resolution.
Kaine has strong friendships with senators across the aisle: from John McCain to Bernie Sanders. He is warm, welcoming & extre…
John McCain's daughter after Trump speech: The Republican Party "is dead"
not "staring" The Deer Hunter deleted scenes via 60 Minutes and starring Mike Pence as John McCain
No-shows: Bushes, Mitt Romney, John McCain, GOP governor of Ohio Kasich, Cruz speech" vote your conscience". This is not your father's GOP!
Whenever I hear "republic national convention" I instantly picture Jeb Bush and John McCain in a ball pit and I can't e…
George Bush 41 and 43, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich not attending the says all you need to know.
If both John McCain and Obama were given a sip of truth serum, both would admit they made...
Remember when Sarah Palin was going to settle any conservative worries about John McCain? . Pepperidge Farms Remembers.
I am fully prepared to be commander in chief... I don't need on-the-job training.
Oh ppl like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Hillary & Obama know what's going on - they are the ones implementing the policy
Fine by me. And if we can get rid of John "Show Pony" McCain that might help too.
Trump was right about one thing McCain was no hero. . Vietcong turned John McCain into John needs a cane
John McCain is a huge Usher fan. People forget that.
Even the Americans dont want to deal with political rascals but with a firm dignified COAS who is tough & truthful. . ht…
but I think about what John McCain spent on his entire 2008 presidential campaign.
2nd most hated an in America will support the 1st most hated man. Somehow: Good news for John McCain...
Mike Pence is the newest inductee into the John McCain Memorial Hall of Selling Out
Jim Webb deserves more praise than John McCain for being a war hero
Az 4 Trump vote for Dr. and retired John McCain.
Sarah Palin: i ripped a moose’s heart out with my B E A R hands because yolo amiright john mccain
Sen. John McCain: Americans support Iranian people's goal for democracy.
When you pull up to a car that has a Mitt Romney or John McCain bumper sticker. But you Obama/Biden all the way.
I cant read this it is too small & I cant vote for a man who had 8 deferments in Vietnam 40 years later clls John McCain Looser
thank you for sharing. Senator and Mrs McCain are the best. Vote John McCain!!!
Will not attend convention -Sen. John McCain will be visiting Grand Canyon, - Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina with him
LL Cool J has Republican Ties. Performed at National Convention for John McCain in 2004
"Republican Sens. Lindsay Graham, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte did not while Mitch McConnell quietly left early."
Either Arizona's a small state, or John McCain is a big *** Guess which one it is. The first guess is free.
I will never forgive John McCain for Sarah Palin. 😐
Does Donald Trump really have more of a lock on the racist white vote than did Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain or Sarah Palin?
Eric holder got tired of John McCain lies and getting ambassador Chris Stevens killed!
In choosing Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has ...
Sen. Barbara Boxer schools John McCain, Trump and Republicans on ISIS Nailed it: BUSH & CHANEY CREATED ISIS
John McCain knows as well as anyone that Sarah Palin has no business b...
Sunday morning it's Face the Nation's turn to babysit John McCain while Cindy goes shopping.
OBAMA is no Commander in Chief. He and Ashton Carter are trying to destroy our military !! Cannot believe John McCain supported Ash Carter
John McCain should be reelected because he went to a game? Try supporting AZ 4 once McCain.
RINO This is why we need Trump limited. John McCain. Harry Reid
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Obama, Hillary, Harry Reid, John McCain, Saudi Arabia, etc have terrorist ties & it showing in attack
they also have Bono, John McCain, and Daniel Carver...
More than half of current Arizona mayors are standing with John McCain
John McCain is a big part of the AntiAmerican DC globalist machine. Dr Ward is for the people. She is and will…
Let's help John McCain stay honest and retire him. Then he won't have to keep pretending. Vote Kelli Ward in AZ.
it's fitting that Obama nominated the worst judge in the courts history and republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain confirmed her!
John McCain & Diane Feinstein are exhibit A & B of why Congress should implement term limits. Career Bureaucrats.
Pendulum dowse if John McCain is a career Hangar-Trapper of Soldiers. Yes or No?
John McCain endorsed Trump and went from being a POW at the Hanoi Hilton, to a shackled soul at Trump Tower. Should he be reelected? No.
What a sad old fool my old friend John McCain has become as he brown- noses Trump!
John McCain: President Obama is 'directly responsible' for Orlando via
John McCain: Obama 'directly responsible' for Orlando massacre
Sen. John McCain says President Obama is 'directly responsible' for the mass shooting in Orlando.
Barack Obama is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the OrlandoAttack! NotTrump, John McCain!•The Right Scoop ht…
Barack Obama is directly responsible for the Orlando shooting" -John McCain, who got $7.2 million from the NRA. https:/…
Not since November 2008 have I been THIS elated that Barack Obama saved us from John McCain.
You are correct & John McCain is wrong again! Bush & Cheney created Time to fire McCain with the rest…
John McCain is “directly responsible” for the rise of ISIS because of his dangerously distracted foreign policy.
Turns out John McCain is as loopy as the rest of the nuthouse.
On days like this you can understand what John McCain saw in Sarah Palin.
Man, John McCain used to be a truly honorable man. Somewhere between Palin and now he lost himself. Sad decline ... https…
Just indecent, Senator McCain: John McCain: Obama is ‘directly responsible’ for Orlando attack
Maybe THIS is why John McCain wants to keep our military in war. Donate to his opponent, htt…
When John McCain was insulted by Trump, we all stood up 4 him & shamed Trump, but now, I'm extremely disappointed by him.
John McCain, who supported Bush's Iraq invasion creating ISIS, is seen here with his ISIS pals. And blames Obama?
Welcome to post-truth politics; John McCain throws self on the Trump bandwagon, blames Obama for Somehow. . https:/…
Dear John McCain, If you and your Hawkish friends hadn't illegally driven us into Iraq to begin with we wouldn't have nee…
John McCain seems to have forgotten his buddies..
Senator who has received more NRA Support than anyone blames President Obama for
John McCain says Obama is directly responsible for the Orlando shooting
John McCain has become too comfortable in Washington DC it's time for new blood and new thoughts for the Republican Party
Dude, you got $7.7 million from the NRA. Just say "sorry" and go back to your seat.
John McCain, a true hero, was given the most money from the NRA 8 million. Think about the recent filibuster.
John McCain must be confused to hold responsible for massacre. Proof of his poor judgment! ⬇️ https:…
Now John McCain is infected with Trumpism. 10pm
In other news, John McCain is awful.
GOP: Bush not responsible for 9/11 despite getting explicit warning, but Obama responsible for Orlando because Iraq https:…
John McCain's directly responsible for unleashing the kraken on us so he can just STFU.
Just ignore the 7 million he got from the NRA, that has nothing to do with this.
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