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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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The only guest can have on to critique worse than Lindsey Graham would be RINO IN CHIEF John McCain!. C'mon Mika
But she never took selfies with ISIS leaders, like Sen. John McCain, so, tell me, Rudy, who has the better judgement?
Thanks to Obama and the Democrats and let's not forget coward Republicans like Lindsey Graham and John McCain!
John McCain and Lindsey Graham at the Venetian dusting off all our tax dollars.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham just want to seem relevant at a horrible time like this. They are useless leeches on a taxpayer payroll.
we'll never defeat it with John McCain and Lindsey Graham arming jihadis either
The Lindsey Graham's, John McCain's, McConnell ' s their reign is over. There's a new sheriff in town. Let's get rid of these . dinosaurs.
the most vocal Arm the Syrians were John McCain, Lindsey Graham and to a lesser extent Kelly Ayot. Talk to them.
Somewhere, Lindsey Graham is crying into John McCain's shoulder.
I could see Lindsey Graham or John McCain giving that speech. No wonder they will support her.
Andrea Tantaros quest on the Watters show on Fox this evening stated John McCain was a loser inferring Trump was a winner.
Man up, John McCain! Stand Up, Jeff Flake!. "Get Off the Sidelines in Arizona via
Can u pls get Alex Meluskey (R) running against John McCain for AZ US Senate? He is the Conservative more so than K. Ward
Please vote for Dr Ward Arizona , John McCain has sided with Barack Obam…
“The need for a strong and united Europe is greater than ever." - John McCain
Sen. John McCain on Dan Patrick show today: "Looks like Donald Trump is Republican seed." Avoids Cruz ineligibility to serve at least.
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John McCain is doing "terrible" after Wildcats loss: Arizona senator John McCain joins The Dan Patrick Show an...
John McCain just on Dan Patrick show would love to meet him just seems like very interesting and genuine man.
Listening to John McCain on Dan Patrick's show... he's surprisingly likable.
On the Dan Patrick show, John McCain just said Ted Cruz is the Oregon Ducks of candidates because “everyone out West hates them” 😂😂😂
First Obama, now John McCain warns of potential consequences of
guessing you're a John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and John McCain conservative all rolled into one. foflmao
While you're at it, please primary John McCain and put him out to pasture.
Democrats' secret weapon is Obama, who will unite the party. Who will unite the wankers? George W. Bush? Mitt Romney? John McCain?
I agree with Chris Matthews. Hillary should pick John McCain to be her running mate.
I'd take George W. Bush, John McCain, or Mitt Romney at this point omg help
I really miss when John McCain was the worst option.
Mitch McConnell won. Who is he going to hire? Mitt Romney's guy? John McCain's guy?
got John McCain so right. McCain killed more U.S. sailor's than he did North Vietnamese with his A-4 Skyhawk 134 Forestal
Is Kasich even good for OH? I think is about to pull a John McCain and flip Ohians the bird
Where was Drumpf when John McCain was at the Hanoi Hilton??
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Hillary's favorite Republican? John McCain. . More reason to vote for Like you needed one...
PS: It was making fun of just John McCain, who is hated amongst talk radio republicans, and those are his voters.
said her Dad, John McCain told her lil Marco was not ready for prime time. Jr. Senator, pshhh
Gergen comparing Trump to Wallace is absurd. John McCain is a do nothing senator.
The road to Trumpistan was paved by John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan
George W. Bush, John McCain, Bob Dole, and Mitt Romney look amazing compared to the current GOP candidates.
John McCain called Trump supporters crazies first is that okay for a senator to call American people crazies.
Why do you want a new US Senator from AZ & urge John McCain to retire?
John McCain is a true patriot, but no longer an effective Senator
Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Jeb Bush...this is "Establishment"...time for change.
Sen. John McCain has dished out some SHADE at this SASC hearing.
Kasich hasn't been vetted. He is weaker than John McCain. You're asking for a beat down if you think Jon Huntsman Jr is the answer
Nope! . It's past time for Hillary Clinton, along with John McCain & Harry Reid, to be put out to pasture.
It takes a big(snicker) man to slam John McCain when Trump got a medical deferment for the Vietnam war.
John McCain was a citizen because he was born at an American naval base.
John McCain and Jon Huntsman should run a third party establishment ticket
If Meghan not John McCain's daughter would she be on FOX, or any other network?
Greg Gutfeld claiming that Trump lost his support, when the latter insulted John McCain.
The party that gave us Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain, & Mitt Romney is lecturing voters on how to nominate a conser…
guess Ike, Colin Powel, John McCain all encouraged colonels to take over :)
Did 4 million conservative voters stay home on Mitt? No evidence. Mitt received more votes than John McCain. .
It was a pleasure meeting Dr. who is running to unseat Sen. John McCain, at Go,
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who picked Palin as his running mate in 2008, echoed Romney's concerns about Trump.
John McCain criticizes Trump after being slammed for not standing up to him: Sen. John McCain finally had a few…
ALERT: Sen. John McCain tells Munich Security Conference: 'Mr Putin's appetite is growing with the eating' - JoeWadephul …
Nor did Obama, Bill or Hillary, John McCain, Jimmy Carter. etc Trump is a TROLL, looks&acts like one. He will betray the ppl
to face John McCain in losers bracket. Winner advances to meet Harold Stassen.
Someone please superimpose a ghostly image of John McCain looking like Obi Wan down on Christie.
And the 22nd Amendment will do what John McCain, Mitt Romney and the could not do - end the Obama presidency.
Within his first few months in office, Trump replaces Senators with Apprentice contestants. The first swap: Gary Busey for John McCain.
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Notice how many of our ex presidents are supporting (Robert Dole, John McCain and Mitt Ro…
Rubio is the 2016 John McCain, Mitt Romney GOPe "most electable" DO NOT WASTE YOUR VOTE...he is losing in Florida!!
Who gets to wear today's banner of corruption? John McCain (no hero) and Jeff Flake who betrayed America.
There is no better prototype for the Neocon Warmonger GOP than Senators Lindsay Graham and John McCain.
Marco Rubio, vote for this guy is like voting for, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, John McCain, might as well vote for Hillary or Bernie
No one should vote for because he's not polite like John McCain or Mitt Romney or
John McCain support is zero as on national level he is under fire too -
In my best John McCain voice "It's time for some straight talk, my friend, Mississippi is a great state."
I could see Lindsey Graham and John McCain endorsing Hillary over Trump. Not a stretch. Rep. Peter king too. Bob Dole? Mayb…
Personally I don't think bills sponsored by senators John McCain, Bernie, Amy Klobuchar, Chuck Grassley & Susan Collins qualify as utopian
Whenever Clinton is asked about working with Rs, she mentions Tom DeLay, Lindsey Graham & John McCain. New(ish?) one toda…
.Lindsey Graham, John Mccain and Kelly Ayotte hold a press conference on Gitmo closure. WATCH:
Live video: Senators Kelly Ayotte, Lindsey Graham and John McCain hold a press conference on the president's plan...
party You gave us Michael Steele and John McCain, Reince Prebus and Romney. You are losers who can't see a winner-Trump. Wise up
Chris Kyle was a war hero. John McCain was a worthless pilot who got shot down & spilled his guts to the enemy.
. likes to work with her fellow John McCain and Lindsay Graham.
Clinton names: Tom DeLay and Lindsey Graham and John McCain and "the women Republican senators," specifically noting Susan Collins.
The military career of John McCain included attack aircraft missions as a naval aviator in the Vietnam War f...
Republicans saying they won't vote for did vote for John McCain and Bob Doyle so...
I predict that Jeb Bush will have to end his desultory campaign after this weekend. In 2000 John McCain was my...
Do you know anything about the constitution? He is a citizen as is John McCain burn in the Panama Canal Zone.
Talk about running a Neville Chamberlain campaign. John McCain was more limp than Mitt. They took Obama's lies for months.
John Kasich taps former advisors to John McCain and Jon Huntsman. What could possibly go wrong?!?!
John McCain was born in the Canal Zone which is US territory, Cruz. Go back to school
John McCain on Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders' Primary Momentum - Late Nigh... via
Senators Elizabeth Warren & John McCain introduced a bill to reinstate Glass Steagall & break up the big banks:
So we now know that John McCain would have been helpful to have in there with Barry.
Is John McCain a Crook? George W. Bush-sponsored poll in South Carolina mentioned John McCain's role in the so-called K…
John McCain: boycott hickman eggs for their new farm (factory) in Tonopah az. is killing our life. - ... via
Was very strange watching Jeb Bush in South Carolina denouncing attacks on John McCain as immoral in light of this
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he's american by blood, and is eligible, as was John McCain, and George Romney.
US military bases count as being born in US, right? Settled when John McCain (Panama Canal Zone) ran for President
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has unveiled a legislative proposal to force tech companies to do away wi
Jim Webb is to the right of John McCain and Mitt Romney. He is a patriot. Him getting in as an independent would...
John McCain says that Waterboarding is a War Crime & Bush/Cheney gang should be prosecuted
is now in a class with Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney & John McCain
Steve Schmidt, a veteran of John McCain's 2008 campaign, on Rubio: "That campaign is effectively over unless he can pull …
George W. Bush was Hitler. John McCain was Hitler. Mitt Romney was Hitler. But this time, is really REALLY Hitler.
Donald Trump claims John McCain wasn’t a war hero. Because McCain only really suffered after selecting Sarah Palin as his vice-president.
New Hampshire Primary! Remember when John McCain won in 08 and Mitt Romney won in 12 - neither became President! 5live LBC
.you aren’t just a loser, you are a liar and a whiner. John McCain is a hero. Over and out.
I can as much about what a relative of Dennis Kucinich's thinks as I do about what a relative of John McCain thinks.
. That's an exaggeration that makes your hyperbole moot. John Kerry, John McCain, Max cleland all were worse
"Courage is not the absence of fear, but the capacity to act despite our fears." . - John McCain
John McCain or Mitt Romney might as well be our current president smh
Donald Trump wants to opt out of the Geneva Convention's he wants to keep open Guantánamo Bay Donald Trump needs to talk to John McCain
John McCain isn't sexist nor is Mitt Romney.
Did you criticize John McCain in 2000 for speaking out against Jerry Falwell? BET NOT.
The last time a politician made a sports bet, John McCain called the Panthers coach "Ron Rivers." Stop, politicians.
John McCain was 72 yrs old during his campaign in 2008. Bernie Sanders is 74. The amt of noise the left made about his age is hypocritical.
For those that made the argument that John McCain was too old to be president in '08: he was 71 then. Bernie Sanders is 74 now.
Clinton had a opening when Sanders when he said he compromised with John McCain on VA.
"...Sens. John McCain and James Lankford are fed up with the lack of accountability in spending."
Federal land protections need strengthened so politicians like John McCain & Jeff Flake cannot bargain it away
Lindsey Graham and John McCain are backing Marc O Rubio, so backed by rino's proves he is an establishment darling.
it is a lame name change it to ex Senator Marco Amnesty future Lobbyist establishment friend of John McCain
Dear God, I'm sorry that I ever complained about John McCain or even Mitt Romney for that matter. Is it too late to brin…
Kelli Ward hopes to unseat John McCain: A republican woman named Kelli Ward is looking to unseat Senator John…
An airman being captured by Vietnamese in Truc Bach Lake, Hanoi in 1967. The airman is John McCain.
John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Kerry, Al Gore, Bob Dole and Walter Mondale all join ghost of Gerald Ford who
John McCain's (not so) gracious congrats to the after the Cards lost the NFCC. The tie comment-- smh.
Can we clean out these folks from the Senate? Susan Collins, John McCain, Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, Pat Roberts, & Rob…
Opinion: Sen. John McCain: Why I support school choice and charter schools (and you should, too) - Fox News
How can trump claim to honor vets when he dragged John McCain, a war hero, through the mud because he was a POW.
Heroic. "Sen. John riding to the rescue of retired Gen. David Petraeus."
in RESPONSE TO SONGBIRD (John McCain) nickname at Hanoi Hilton Given to him by his fellow CAPTIVES!?
John McCain shot down over Viet Nam, held 5 years, tortured and refused ransom return without his comrades.
wonder how Trump would have faired in John McCain's place in the Hanoi Hilton? The cry baby wouldn't have made it.
Cruz is a natural born citizen. He is as eligible as John McCain & Barry Goldwater.
.just another awesome day on the campaign trail ! Pizza and John McCain ! today !
Republican party has gone wacko. John McCain had to reject a crazy pastor b/c of his views. Now Cruz loves endorsements from crazy pastors.
Conservatives had to get drunk and vote for John McCain before. Well, if it's Cruz or Rubio, I'll buy a round for thes…
Hilary Benn is the John McCain of British politics; there hasn't been a war he didn't vote for
Bob Dole, Charlie Crist, John McCain, Trent Lott and I can't be wrong. We know conservatives and is one of US…
saying John McCain isn't a hero just shows how much of a schmuck donald chump is. Total ***
John McCain's friend Oleg Tyhannybok, Svoboda leader, prefers the left arm salute of the WWII Nazi UPA collaborators https…
“'I think John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama,' Glenn Beck said to Katie Couric
Advice from John McCain no doubt. Ukr owes Russia 3.4B so lets do a counter claim & stall everything. Ducking&Weavin
As long as I started it, the problems I have with Donald Trump are his dubious selective service record, & statement about John McCain
FLASHBACK – John McCain 'Worse for the Country' than Barack Obama - Breitbart…
. Dear john mccain..Poll results in..please share with meghan that We the People are just not that …
What Donald Trump was up to while John McCain was a prisoner of war
"He's a war hero because he got captured. Lemme tell ya I like the guys that DON'T get captured" on John McCain
- gangs all here and let's not forget John McCain
John McCain will be 80 years old! Why r Arizonians still voting him in? He's so senile he thinks he's a Democrat.
. You should have called John McCain first.
McCain staying ahead of rivals in cash race: Sen. John McCain continues to face opposition…
John McCain staying ahead of Senate rivals in cash race
We need2 get rid of RINO's like John McCain. Support Kelli Ward for Senate via
Hammond has been Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John McCain, *** Cheney, and Donald Trump. He's got a gift.
John McCain loses major GOP endorsement for voting to fund Planned Parenthood
i liked John McCain but he never had a prayer his own party bashed him
Of course Senator John McCain had that anchor around his neck... AHEM Sarah Palin.. who now owns Trump... : D
- I would have much preferred Hillary Clinton over John McCain h…
"Peace with Iran Could severely Limit our Ability to Bomb It" Warns John McCain via
I don't hate John McCain I feel sorry for him.. President Obama mopped the floor with him... he didn't take it well...
John McCain is a loser, I don't like ppl who got shot down in Vietnam.. Honest to god, he said it.
you can start with John McCain. Or reread the Constitution...says "natural born" not "naturalized," right?
McCain staying ahead of rivals in cash race
says Obama & Hillary better than john McCain. calls him conservative htt…
I meet up with Arizona Senator John McCain really soon to talk about some of my genius ideas like American Grad Star Program.
.but yet you said you wanted to vote for Hillary over John McCain. 2nd thoughts now?
WOW says he would have voted for Hillary Clinton over John McCain. Not very conservative!.
Here's the letter John McCain wrote me apologizing for "inflicting Sarah Palin on our proud nation":
Crowd cheers when Bush knocks Trump for past comment dissing war hero and 2-time winner John McCain.
You should check out this conservative guy John McCain, I think you'd like him
If you want to know how John Mccain felt after Sarah Palin endorsed Trump.
Petraeus demotion talk, sharp response from John McCain: "disgraceful" so is infidelity and sharing secrets
demotion talk provokes sharp response from John McCain .
Petraeus demotion talk provokes sharp response from John McCain (Petraeus should have been demoted!) via
Dobson changes his position on John McCain; says “he will vote for him because of Sarah Palin
It tells me that she just slit John McCain's throat.
Maybe...John McCain was real excited to have her as his running mate.
Yeah your mom really picks winners lol, like Rino poster boy John McCain. Pathetic
Dr. Kelli Ward is gathering tremendous support in her bid to defeat John McCain.
Who wants to John McCain is up for re-election!! Support $
Honestly, my first vote was John McCain in 2000 during the GOP primary. I obviously vote Democrat now.
Have you signed up to help the Senate Conservatives Fund retire John McCain?
Blaine Cooper: the PRETEND military man who called Sen. John McCain a traitor.
Americans Against in Sen. John McCain got it wrong about wild
The media is teaming up with Trump until they can crush Sen Cruz then look out Trump will be next just like they did with John McCain.
Sen. John McCain got it wrong about wild burros
Robert Taft in 1952 & John McCain in 2008 made their second bids for the GOP nomination (previously 1940 & 2000).
Sen. John McCain, blasted Obama 4 not including the capture of 10 U.S.…
Remember when the idea of Sarah Palin being one elderly John McCain heart from the Presidency was terrifying? Trump scares me so much more.
"The four Republicans on the gang — Rubio, John McCain, Graham, and Jeff Flake...". Enough said. http…
Every election season, I recommend reading David Foster Wallace on John McCain from 2000:
Not long ago US senator John McCain took pictures with those thugs and called them freedom fighters lol
This is the end of John McCain: Why the Arizona senator could finally be facing retirement
Silver fox John McCain. August 29, 1936. "Glory belongs to the act of being constant to something."
senators Carl Levin and John McCain -- both longtime foes of wasteful spending --
In 2008 Dem and GOP Senators voted that John McCain was American. Cruz? Fuyhrgedaboudit:
This is what Md. Sen. Pres. Mike Miller has in common with former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain.
the ghost of John McCain and Boy Scout troop 738 boutta go off
foh man…ain’t no sorry *** love story with Wayne BM n Diana Ross lovechild better than Belly…debate John McCain *** featured in NBC s Science of Love
Eric Cantor is gone. John Boehner is gone. John McCain is the next to be voted out. Lindsey Graham will be voted out next.
Amazing how it was ok for John McCain but not Ted Cruz?. An Un-Naturally Born Non-Controversy https:…
Think that was John McCain's big idea..I remember the news item where he is cuddling up to the leader of ISIS
John McCain wouldn't question Obama's birth but he's questioning Cruz? The hatred oozes out of him.
Barry Goldwater & John McCain were born on US territory & BUT Ted Cruz was born in a foreign country-Trumps is right
I want John McCain and Jennifer Griffin out of my affairs
John McCain was born in Panama. Barry Goldwater was born in AZ before AZ was a state. Ted is eligible.
Cruz gave the examples of Barry Goldwater & John McCain, the difference is they were born in U.S. protectorates Cruz wasn't.
Nancy Cordes fails to mention Barry Goldwater was born in an area that became a state & John McCain's father was in US Gov service.
Its the law Annie. Barry Goldwater, John McCain all born outside the US.
"Modi strongest Indian leader in our lifetime," says former US prez candidate John McCain.
George Romney, Barry Goldwater and Sen. John McCain have already proven your thesis wrong !
I'm not Typical, I would've accepted a John McCain. I like Kasich,and Jeb .I think their smart ,decent men
What happened when Hillary and John McCain went head-to-head in a drinking competition?.
"Rubio is not Bob Dole with palm trees. And if Rubio is a 'moderate' as Cruz claims then John McCain is *** Chi Minh"
Who else is helping John McCain or the Secretary of the State Kerry whose strategy, according to me, it's false as the voices
1) I would argue he's not more slimy than other GOP politicians. (John McCain?) The embarrassment is social.
Donald Trump triples down on insulting John McCain via
Marco Rubio... same as Mitt Romney and John McCain, just different packaging.
your charade is failing. Sen. John McCain.
he spoke for the men on the USS Liberty & called John McCain out.
HRC has only her best interests in mind not the American people's!
Hmm 👀... What is U.S Senator John McCain doing with the leader of ISIS in this pic? 😕
The coalescing has started ... Don't be left behind! • https:/…
Lori Hendry, you are correct on that issue. I am working on getting John McCain retired and replac…
Then John McCain sold out to Bush and Cheney after they push polled him about his daughter, and look how well that turned out.
Paul mocks John McCain for posing with Syrian kidnappers
In 2008, I was like "ew John McCain is so lame I h8 him" and now I'm like like I ll seriously take Mitt at this point
STONE: "The people who gave us John McCain and Mitt Romney — losers — now want to foist Marco Rubio off on us."
SEN. John Sidney McCain (R-AZ) was born in the old Canal Zone prior to the handover to Panama, NOT Canada as you alluded to on Hardball
His political stuff was really, really bad, tho. Remember that John McCain campaign trail profile thing he wrote?
when the Jeb-Still-Hasn't-Fixed-It! Bush campaign's new pitch is John McCain was once this unpopular, too
you gone make me buy bottles for John McCain
John McCain wants to arm Syrian Rebels to shoot down Russian planes: via
Kelli Ward did resign from office to run against John McCain. What are you talking about anyway?
"And I thought Hanoi Hilton was a living *** " -Sen. John McCain, walking out of this Coyotes game
John McCain 'Ayers' | Campaign 2008: John McCain released this campaign ad in 2008 during the election against...
So want to talk about "Republicans" donated to? Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist and John McCain
John McCain is the last link to the corrupt Kemper Marley Arizona Political Fixer Club. Mr.Keating 5 Maverick Go live on Cindy's trust fund
John McCain was ineligible for his foreign soil birth OFF BASE & OUTSIDE the Panama Canal Zone.
I hope the Marco Rubio's & John McCain's of the GOP hear your message too.
John McCain?. The guy who was one of Vietnam's Tokyo Rose voices?. Its said his father "THE ADMIRAL" covered it
And speaking of Huma Abedin.remember John McCain and Grover Norqust and Ed Rollins sprang to her defense
Today, Mark Wahlberg is exactly as old as Sarah Palin was the day John McCain picked her as his VP:16,271 days.
Great line from on Lindsey Graham was a "one-man tribute band" on campaign trail for John McCain'…
. 1_. Mr. John McCain:. apologized to prolong. I read an article written by Mr. John Bolton,
National players in play post-Graham: Sen. John McCain + CEOs Jeff Immelt of GE, Safra Catz of Oracle, Ron Pearlman and John Cahill of Kraft
did you know John McCain and Harry Reid have been trying to get Jack Johnson pardoned since 2004?
with all due respect the naturalization act of 1790, says otherwise. John McCain is under this. Born in Panama
(No he didn't!) “John McCain has not spoken about my Muslim faith.” – Then-Senator Barack Obama
So is Clinton, Obama, Lindsey Graham, Bill Gates, John McCain, but Feinstein and schumer are the best for Israel.
are living on the fantasy land where John McCain is a conservative and the GOP is fighting for it's voters.
John McCain blasts senators for acting in ‘dark of night’ on Russian rockets - The Washington Post
Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham in Libya to kick off the Arab Spring to topple Libya. .
ask Mike Dukakis and John McCain about the Bush family's political delicacy
media loves Lindsey Graham & John McCain. just like they love Bush Cheney. just like they love Jeb & Hillary. multinational corporations
If Michael Fallon is weaponised, then John McCain is the nuclear option.
Too much extremism on the right. We need more moderate conservatives like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Hillary Clinton.
Is Lindsey Graham and John McCain the New Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors. Hanging out in Iraq
GOP Rep. David Schweikert's allies are talking him for a possible challenge to John McCain
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CAN Obama & Hillary & Marco Rubio & Lindsey Graham & John McCain highlight who is a terrorist & who is moderate in Syria ?
“What are they the Bobbsey twins? They’re always together.” Donald Trump, quoted by Politico, on Sen. John McCain...
I want my guns, cause what if I have to go kill John McCain, John Kerry, JFK, Chesty Puller, that young soldier that is your brother or aunt
Will Barack Obama or John McCain's reaction to sensible Muslim policy be more unhinged?
I can tell you George W Bush would have. So would John McCain, and so would Mitt Romney.
the John McCain comment. The Megan Kelly. And so on. I was betting on that shallow horse.
Don't leave John McCain out of the guilt.
These guys did too: Roy Blunt, Richard Burr & John McCain
Roll Call Politics: McCain Outlines GOP Risk in 2016: Sen. John McCain is standing by his man in the GOP presi...
Let's face it, John McCain left his balls at the Hanoi Hilton.
John McCain has Muslim Brotherhood on his foundation staff so cash transaction there.
John McCain: Trump’s Rhetoric Is Turning Muslims Against US John McCain told Face the Nation today that Don...
John McCain calls for 10,000 US ground troops in Syria... Happy Thanksgiving, America.
"Everybody in AZ knows John McCain but nobody likes him anymore". Could McCain lose in 2016?. https:…
Hey thanks John McCain. Your influence on the enemy is noted.
Justice would not be served unless John McCain's handler, Joe Lieberman was also taken into custody
So Trump thinks it's funny that Serge Kovaleski has a deformed arm, and that Sen. John McCain's arm was disabled when he was a POW. Hilarity
John McCain disclosed in April 2008 that the terrorist group Hamas had endorsed Obama with kind words from our enemy
Henry Kissinger and John McCain, two warmongers and scumbags in one room. Duo of Evil.
John "captain neocon" McCain moves to reclaim his rightful throne
Ahmet Davutoglu should have had a long talk with John McCain about Russian Air Defence Systems :(
Like Obama made fun of John McCain's war injuries in 2008.
not to mention, the mocking of John McCain's arm mobility was pretty mainstream for a lot of these folks
Say G'nite John Boy McCain . Dr.will take your Senate seat by storm. is forecast 100%Chance https:/…
leads John McCain by 9 points for their primary already! We need this momentum to keep up.
Time for John McCain to go gently into that good night..accompanied by Lindsey Graham & their warhawk colleagues!
John McCain was almost beaten to death by Vietnamese
My friend, State Sen Kelly Ward (R-AZ) is seriously challenging John McCain--keep an eye on this race.
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