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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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It's not like the KKK endorsed Mitt Romney or John McCain. They're not loyal to the Republican Party. They just love Trump…
Cabinet members I'd be thrilled with: Larry Hogan, Nikki Haley, Kelly Ayotte, Mark Kirk, John McCain. Chance any would be named: None!
you told John McCain he wasn't a war hero because he was captured as a prisoner of war while you deferred military service four…
One of the good things to come out of 2016 has been the old white guy always on the Sunday shows being Bernie Sanders, not John McCain.
Jon Chait, who trashed Bernie nonstop, was treated as a serious thinker. Same guy who said Joe Lieberman & John McCain should l…
So, when you say that people who voted against Trump are liberals who need to get a job, you're including Mitt Romney and John McCain?
Mitt Romney and John McCain must be humiliated. They could t get elected President, but this racist bozo does.
I'm going to flash you back to 2008 and liberal rhetoric back then about John McCain to prove a point about Bernie sanders.
It speaks volumes when John McCain and Sarah Palin look appealing compared to
Well, 2 things, Obama isn't a radical and u knew that then, and her dad isn't John McCain and yours i…
Romney, Lindsey Graham, Jeb Bush, and John McCain are probably all still drunk.
John McCain's rolling in his grave rn smh
Sickening? You bet. But more sickening than scions of privilege John McCain, Mitt Romney, both Bushes, and Trump being shooed in?
very much agree. Trump got less votes than Romney or McCain
Are we forgetting about how fine young John McCain was?
Like me, over half the country (she won the popular vote) must currently be living John McCain's favorite joke.
.And zero thanks to you, Mr. Five Deferments! Your insults to John McCain still ring in my ears.
I just really really really hate John McCain and i'm glad he was finally scared about losing his seat.
John McCain NEVER campaigned in Yuma. He didn't find it necessary to talk to the Latinx community there either. McCain doesnt care about you
John McCain was an honorable man and a gracious loser. Trump is not by everything he said.
is that John McCain you have nothing but empty words, you're stupid.
Which is why all John McCain had to do to secure his base there was show up a few times, talk to the rich white families, and leave.
As Obama told John McCain- we aren't campaigning anymore. We won, you lost!
I didn't vote for neocon disaster, John McCain. I wrote in Ron Paul. I don't remember and protests or riots when he lost.
John Kasich voted for ... John McCain . John Kasich voted for the end of his own political life!
And I'm not even the bomb in Maine. On my game, I'm only about as sexy as John McCain🎶
Or John McCain...I wonder how he's doing...😂
I used to really respect John McCain until this year.
and he's already gone out of his way to insult veterans. Ask John McCain.
Hey remember when you said John McCain wasn't a war hero and slandered that Gold Star family?. Anyway, Happy Veterans Day!
Patriot Calls for John McCain to be Arrested and Tried for Treason:
Actually, John McCain, the guy Obama beat in 2008, did just that in his concession speech. Urge you to read it. It was a ca…
Remember when you said our president wasn't born in this country? Or when you said John McCain isn't a war hero?
Trump got fewer votes than Mitt Romney in 2012, John McCain in 2008, and George W. Bush in 2004
K G B communist Putin was caught stealing and hacking Presidential candidate John McCain's (POW hero but not according to Trump) computer.
Trump's vote total was the lowest for any candidate in the last three presidential elections, lower than Mitt Romney; lower than John McCain
Today John McCain told the Associated Press it's an embarrassment that white working-class Americans backed Donald Trump.…
John McCain is a crazy kook just like you are Rachel. Everyone who's not a progressive knows that
Trump, not only did he get fewer votes than Hillary Clinton, he got fewer votes than Mitt Romney and fewer votes th…
That's B.Hussain Obummer said to McCain almost 8 yrs ago. "The election's over John! You lost, get over it."
Young Joe Biden and young John McCain, since you all seem to like these.
I don't care what anyone says, Obama helped this country through a lot, more than John McCain or Mitt Romney would hav…
This is all John McCain's fault from start to finish it all goes back to his VP pick knowing!!!
I thought you voted for John McCain we asked you to get on the train but you said no. Drain the swamp
Remember: Trump said John McCain wasn't a hero because he was a POW
"Torture doesn't work and the evidence I have from Leon Panetta proves it." — John McCain
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“White evangelicals voted for Mr. Trump at a higher rate, 81 per cent, than they did for Mitt Romney, John McCain.”
Just remembered that war hero John McCain thought Sarah Palin wd be a good running mate & had a cosmic realization abt how dumb our rulers r
Trump received fewer votes than John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Hillary Clinton
This is the new commander and chief of our Armed Forces. Happy Veterans Day.
. Anybody care what Kasich has to say?. Guy wrote in John McCain??!!...
.and agree: Mitt Romney and John McCain weren't racially inflammatory enough. . Trump was. .
This is Trump's flag and this is the way he flies it. John McCain will sing the hymn that accompanies it. It goes…
"They are old white men" Yes because John McCain is a young black woman. Right!
John McCain is creepy little toad too. Put him on the bench too.
Let's call this AZ rally what it really is...a farewell party for John McCain. Vote for Senate!
John McCain that's it. That's it. The Republican Party has destroyed the country. Own it.
Mitt Romney and John Huntsman and John McCain are all looking pretty good right now.
You know who is really gobsmacked by the election results? John McCain and Mitt Romney.
Currently in a room with John McCain, Jeff Flake, Doug Doucey, and Lindsey Graham. Nbd.
voted for John McCain cuz he looks like Bob Cousy's grandpa.
Obama won Dixville Notch in 2008 over John McCain (15-6)
Independents like me have changed to Republican to vote for John McCain in the primaries, and never changed back.
John McCain sold out FELLOW pow's at Hanoi hotel so he'd get better treatment
mr. doom and gloom wow Dana Perino Bush has definitely influenced you who you voting for John McCain?
Salute for his 2nd thoughts on George W. Bush, John McCain & Mitt Romney on tonight’s
disrespected John McCain's prolonged suffering at the Hanoi Hilton?
said ''I like people who weren't captured', referring to John Mccain's stint at the Hanoi Hilton.
I thought comments on was BS.NOT. He was right. John McCain broke! Hanoi Hilton. No…
USHCC Visits Arizona in support of John McCain and Small Business.
Hillary Clinton is trying to hang Donald Trump around John McCain and Joe Arpaio’s necks
John McCain needs some prison time --. put him in jail with Hanoi Jane
Nah, Hank Hill's father was a war hero and a crotchety old man like John McCain. This dude just has white hair.
The traitorous Tokyo Rose recording of John McCain as prisoner if war in the Hanoi Hilton 1969. A…
AZ voters listen to John McCain on Hanoi radio ala Tokyo Rose. The truth finally gets out.
Join the rally featuring John McCain and Mitt Romney at the Chicago Cubs spring training facility for free!.
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Check out "GOTV Rally with John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney and more"
John Weaver FAILED in 2000 & 2008 with John McCain! Failed in 2012 with Jon Huntsman. Was 1-38 with John Kasich!
Ohio Governor John Kasich just announced he is writing in John McCain for President. Will he write-in Palin, too?
Kasich voted today by absentee ballot, writing in the name of Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) instead of the GOP nominee. ht…
John Kasich voted for John McCain via absentee.He took the Republican pledge to support the nominee. John Kasich is a *** liar.
John Kasich voted today...for John McCain. talked w/Kasich spox, who says Kasich went straight-ticket down re…
Proof that Kasich had lost his mind…he thinks it's 2008 & votes for John McCain.
Former GOP presidential nominee John Kasich publicly snubs Trump with write-in vote for John McCain, spokesman says.
John Kasich follows through on vow not to vote for Donald Trump, writes in John McCain instead…
John Kasich is a traitor,and it doesn't surprise me that he would vote for that traitor John McCain,traitors of a feath…
John Kasich writes in John McCain for president instead of voting for Donald Trump
The only Republican that will ever talk to Kasich will be John McCain. Enjoy Johnny.
Ohio Gov. John Kasich writes in John McCain for president in absentee ballot
John Kasich decided to write in John McCain for President. Repubs can't unite on the simple concept of defeating HRC.…
John McCain doesn't speak for the American people. McCain, Romney and Ryan had their chance, stay OUT of our election.
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John McCain was victimized in the South Carolina primary.
No doubt Paul Ryan, John McCain and Lindsey Graham were involved in ransom and running guns in Benghazi
Hopefully we can vote out Kelly Ayotte, John McCain and Mark Kirk in this election. We'll get more out…
For this Anchorage Republican, Johnson trumps Trump: Samuel Moore voted for Mitt Romney, John McCain and George W.…
Ted Cruz joins John McCain in laying groundwork for GOP blockade of *any* SCOTUS nominee who's not chosen by Donald Trump.…
Very disappointing that we would win this election easily if people like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mike Lee, John Kasich would vote Trump!
Another traitor to the American people along with John McCain just like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.…
Hillary Clinton won't say John McCain was Part of Keeting 5 which caused a chain reaction of bankruptcy in our Country late 1980 thru 1990's
John McCain reminds us GOP nominees were once able to laugh at themselves
John McCain to Donald Trump: "A concession isn't just an exercise in graciousness. It is an act of respect"
Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick pulls ahead of John McCain in Arizona senate race by 2 points via…
Then we wouldn't have Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, John McCain or Elijah Cummings...
Arizona senator John McCain's dad helped cover this up and he is a traitor
John McCain refuses to do his job—that’s why it’s time to elect a senator who will. htt…
John McCain won't vote for him, Glenn Beck won't vote for him, Romney won't vote for him, Lindsay Graham won't vote for him
fake conservatives are always funnier. As proof, I offer Lynsey Graham and John McCain.
John McCain is thinking about writing in Lindsey Graham: “The fact is I can't — seriously — I cannot vote for ……
John McCain just did what his best friend in the Senate warned Republicans not to do
. Come forward Paul Ryan, John McCain, Condaleza Rice and ask hillary to step down. You should have asked her long ago.
The worst. John McCain brought us Palin and is now threatening to shut down SCOTUS if Trump loses. He has done irreparable…
Proof his GOP challenger was right. John McCain should retire. He's so old he forgot what his job is.
John McCain: "I don't know" if Donald Trump will be better for the Supreme Court than Hillary Clinton
Easy fix, vote his worthless a** out! John McCain points to indefinite Supreme Court blockade
John McCain. So first it's a block on the Supreme Court nominee because there was only a quarter of a term left. Now? Lame.
"John McCain points to indefinite Supreme Court blockade"
John McCain knew how to respond to agitated supporters. At an Iowa rally, it was visible that Mike Pence doesn’t.
Tuesday Trump Dump: Trump declares war on Paul Ryan, John McCain, and the last shreds of decency
Trump’s on The Factor tonight and discusses Paul Ryan, John McCain & no more “shackles” -- -- PR…
mini celebration in background as John McCain said ✌️to Trump
SHOCK VIDEO : Hey is this how a gentleman talks to a woman? I think YOUR DAD is unfit and DISGUSTING. https:/…
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Who cares what John McCain says! He is a World Class liar and a loser. He's spent his entire career in DC dedicated…
No John McCain you know war hero and you're not a f* American either your *** is too old to even be b* slap…
Not my hobby to defend John McCain but he actually did something for the USA. All you did is screw everybody over.
In Nigeria, John McCain wuld be charged for Anti party Activity, for not supporting DT
When Trump wins, and he will win he should immediately expose Paul Ryan and John McCain for the establishment hacks they t…
.Must-read: Why supported so long, only ditched him when politically expedient.
Mr Trump, life's ambition for you, putting Clinton behind bars? What about your new enemies, Paul Ryan & John McCain?
😆The real 'News' in this recent controversy.. ..Is that its the last time we'll ever have to hear from John McCain!. 🐸
Traitor John McCain criticized the way Donald Trump spoke about women in the past. Let's listen to McCain talking directl…
Watch John McCain cuss out female NYT reporter
Trump retaliates on 'very foul-mouthed John McCain' for dropping him, triggers a trip down memory lane
As promised, here is John McCain's Anti-Trump physical mailer that is currently being sent out using taxpayer…
John McCain's decision to break with Donald Trump prompted some Arizona voters to break with him
The very foul mouthed Sen. John McCain begged for my support during his primary (I gave, he won), then dropped me ove…
Not many know that John McCain was a traitor who helped the Vietcong. He was court-martialed for treason and later pardone…
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Why Chris Christie didn't get an endorsement from the New Jersey gov they shut down the bridge now Trump's is going against John McCain
Senator Lindsey Graham is actually *** he's in the closet! maybe he should come out today with John McCain!
John McCain says he cannot support Donald Trump: "I worry about the future of the Republican Party"
McCain: 'I Cannot Vote for Either One' - Sen. John McCain says he may write in Senator Lindsey Graham when he v...
Intellectual Rot within the GOP was born in AZ when Sen. John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his VP nominee.
"There was a day when John McCain was a maverick and would stand up to his party, but he has taken more $ from Wall St.":
Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, Jason Chaffetz, John McCain: The withdrawal of support is, undeniably, tantamount to voting for the Clintons.
. Hanoi Hanna. Tokyo Rose. John McCain. ALL the same. John McCain is NO HERO. John McCain is a ZERO.
McCain/The Keating Five/ called his wife c*¥in public, etc. You mean that John McCain.
John McCain: "Donald Trump is unqualified and unfit to be president, which is why I'm going to write in Sarah Palin instea…
John McCain co-sponsored the Bipartisan Campaign Act because of his bad conscience as one of the Keating 5. So citizens lost!
Trump is right about John McCain, who is fortunate to not have spent a few years in captivity inFederal prison over Charles Keating, S&Ls.
Hey Robert we need to bring in a write instead of John McCain since he isn't supporting Trump. Who do you have?
Remember when John McCain joked about a woman enjoying being raped by a Gorilla? His spokesman said that was just "McCa…
John McCain is in Wedding Crashers, it is a very weird movie.
Bill James, John McCain was a US Senator at the time Keating, did not give a hoot about WE THE PEOPLE that got hurt!
"John McCain" Was NEVER with from the beginning you haven't di nothing for the American people an…
Statement from John McCain withdrawing support of Donald Trump.
Wasn't John McCain the guy who cheated on his wife and dumped her for a woman 17 years younger than himself after she'd wai…
US Senator John McCain becomes most senior Republican to withdraw his support for Donald Trump - The Straits ...
Remember when said GOPers who were reluctant to support Trump were fools to ignore the voters' will? https:/…
This just in : Americans withdraw their support of John McCain for being a dirty Cuck RAT
War hawk John McCain funded & armed ISIS terrorists all over the middle east with Obama & Hillary. Trump will destroy ISIS on…
John McCain. You are a said a *** of a lot worse to me in Nam than Trump ever thought of.
I honestly want to know what took them so long. What made everything else acceptable to John McCain. .
Breaking News: Senator John McCain withdrew his support for Donald Trump over his "demeaning comments"
Now that detestable RINO John McCain has won his primary, he is withdrawing his support of Source: https:…
John McCain is the essence of bought-off Washington DC establishment who created a comfortable living 4 themselves…
Good! I mean really. John McCain did not live through 5 years of torture, to have to pretend Trump is not a disgusting pig.…
RINO Senator John McCain worked with Obama to give weapons and funding to ISIS.
Fun fact: In 1992, John McCain called his wife the c-word in front of his campaign staff.
Sen. John McCain do you remember when you called your own wife the "c" word? Your rape jokes? Hypocrite.
Hundreds of POWs were left behind to die in Vietnam after the war. The traitor John McCain denied their existence. https…
John McCain, I'm glad you are showing class and dignity by refusing to support Trump. Thank you for being respectable.…
Do you have a statement on John McCain's "Woman Gets Raped by a Gorilla" joke or how he left his crippled wif…
I fully support my father and mother
So happy that John McCain came to his senses and decided against supporting an unqualified person for such a high office..…
Overheard: "I like candidates who weren't captured...on their mic." --Senator John McCain
John McCain is an American Traitor. We do not want nor ask for John McCain's endorsement.
BREAKING NEWS! I withdraw my support for John McCain MORE to come 😤
Video: John McCain once told a JOKE about a WOMAN being RAPED by a GORILLA. (Yep, that really happened).
BREAKING!!! Many Women in Wisconsin at Paul Ryan event say GOP should get behind Donald Trump !!! FU John McCain !! htt…
JOHN MCCAIN withdraws his support of Donald Trump.
Remember that Time John McCain got caught telling Rape Jokes and offered up the worst apology ever. You don't remember. We…
Arizona, this is your chance to finally get rid of John McCain! Remember the Keating 5 Scandal? . Support w…
John McCain never supported anyway. McCain loves open borders and foreign wars. . Hillary’s his gal.
Oh, you mean the John McCain of Keating Five fame? Trump had this coward nailed from day one. I'm Vietnam vet also!
Condeleeza Rice just called on Trump to drop out. John McCain just un-endorsed Trump. To conclude, The RNC is...
John McCain of the Keating 5 scandal is withdrawing support of Trump over words. You, sir were accused of corruption.
Alarmist headlines that GOP is deserting Trump in droves. Then you see that means John McCain, Kelly Ayotte and Carly Fiorina. Yawn.
John McCain is one of the original Keating 5 criminals. Once a criminal always a criminal. He's still at…
When did John McCain become a saint? Keating Five & one of the original supporters along with Hillary funneling $$ to ISIL/ISIS
John McCain was a WAR HERO. He was the republican poster boy.He withdrew support for Trump and people are calling him a…
Oh look - 247 year old John McCain withdraws his endorsement of Trump. Its way past your bedtime Senator.
Fact that John McCain from the Keating five your a scumbag he is changing endorsement of Donald Trump thank you ve…
Mitch McConnell has been pretty quiet, so has Sen.John McCain? Lindsey Graham what say you?. Too little to late!
John McCain now teeing off on Trump:
John McCain out with statement: "He alone bears the burden of his conduct and alone should suffer the consequences." http…
After that Billy Bush audio, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Rob Portman, and John McCain are all on suicide watch tonight.
John McCain blasts Trump: 'There are no excuses' for his 'offensive and demeaning comments' ht…
Hey, Ted Cruz (or John McCain or Marco Rubio or Rick Perry or Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell or...), that really was a good…
What would today be like if we would've elected John McCain in 2008? A real war hero.
Cheerios: Norm and Woody fry John McCain. Cliff meets Rafael Nadal. Sponsored by Nissin
points out insults towards the military and John McCain.
Vietnam-US relations reach new milestone as USS John McCain and Navy sub tender dock at Cam Ranh Bay
Also picked fights with:. John McCain . Bill Clinton. Elizabeth Warren (does she count as minority). Jeb Bush. Rand Paul. Heid…
Republicans talk about professional politicians what about Orin Hatch or John McCain ***
They went from John McCain to Mitt Romney, to Donald Trump. If the trend continues the next Republican presidential…
McCain, Flake vote to override 9/11 bill veto: Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake voted to override the president's…
Tough year for the "revolution", first Elie Wiesel & now but hey, you still have John McCain & Bernard-Henri Levy.
Good. And good for Ann Kirkpatrick's prospects of beating Ol' John McCain.
WATCH: John McCain has endorsed Trump over 60 times .
It is disgraceful that John McCain refuses to condemn his party's offensive flyer attacking
We're moving from Lean to Likely Republican. Polls and little outside spending are good news for John McCain
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I actually kind of like Megan and John McCain. Colin Powell's awesome. Conoleeza Rice wasnt bad.
September 20, 2016. Dear Senator Feinstein, Please refer this matter to Senators Ron Johnson and John McCain on...
Reminds me of John McCain, who seems to be a good guy but is all too willing to go with the political winds.
43 POTUS' never went through it even though John McCain was born on Coco Solo Naval Air Station, Panama Canal Zone! Get it?!
Has insulted a Gold Star family, and John McCain.
Democrats said Barry Goldwater was born in Arizona before it was a state and John McCain born in Panama Canal Zone to try & disqualify them.
America would have been better off if John McCain were President these past 8 years and not Barack Obama.
John McCain, Obama's 2008 opponent, was born in a US naval hospital in the Panama Canal Zone (then US territory but not a state) in 1936.
& John McCain was born in Panama Canal Zone, which sure didnt bother ppl. Wonder what the diff was btwn them & O?
Or that John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone.
When Lindsey Graham asked the Army chief if he'd call Obama a "threat" to the military, John McCain jumped in
Kissinger: The world still needs John McCain sir, our country needs your excellent…
We still need to get rid of these F'ers: John McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham. The most corrupt politicians in DC.
Not sure about the framing of this public TV doc comparing John McCain to Shirley Chisholm but goddd she ruled.
remember Rosie is a far pig according to TRUMP. John McCain is not a war hero
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Like the way you treat Mr. and Mrs. Kahn, John McCain, PBO, Muslims, subcontractors and protesters at your events?
Eight years ago today, John McCain opens up a four-point lead over Barack Obama
I dislike her as much as her treasonous father John McCain. He has done nothing but sell out our military & country
No you don't. You're a birther, you disrespected a man with cerapal palsy, you disrespected John McCain, and Kahn family!
Because when you think about Bob Dole, George W. Bush, or John McCain, you think "mealy-mouthed."
Caroline McCain, granddaughter of John McCain, weighs in powerfully.
The two faces of John McCain, by John McCain via
NEW YORK --. Clinton looks to portray herself as bipartisan, notes work with Lindsey Graham and John McCain.
"once I took Benadryl and saw John McCain, the presidential candidate, outside my window"
[Serious] People who support Trump after acknowledging his statements against John McCain and the Gold Star Family, for what reasons are yo…
McCain: I haven't done anything to stop Obama but if Clinton is elected this time I really will! Honest.
Crazy says I supported John McCain is certainly no friend of the most votes ever recieved.
McCain wins, promptly dumps Trump Thanks to I knew you were better than
John McCain is in toughest election battle since his first election against John Quincy Adams.
In new ad, John McCain pitches himself as a check on President Clinton (Expects Trump to Lose)
A new poll finds John McCain and Ann Kirkpatrick deadlocked going into the general election
John McCain is nothing but a cancer in the Senate! He could be a leader & see that things get done but he never does! WHY did AZ reelect him
McCain wins primary, but omgerd he looks bad in his video--maybe Trump's Dr shld write him a note...
John McCain admits he has a soft spot for Britney Spears
He dodged the draft three times then had the decency to pick on POW John McCain. And that's okay with you guys??
McCain now running on the "I'll be a check on President Clinton" line. .
For the OFFICIAL RECORD:. I HATE JOHN MCCAIN . I wish you had lost you and ALL the 💩
May 2013. John McCain visits Aleppo, Syria to arrange more arms shipping to al-Qaeda/ISIS terrorists
Sen. John McCain continues to improperly interfere in Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl case
In further developments John McCain's team states he's happy to be back on the Campaign trail and thinks he made a wrong turn near Mesa
Trump said that John McCain wasn't a hero because he got capture. So does that mean any POW isn't a HERO?
They're also the same folk who said everything was "good news for John McCain" and Mittens was gonna beat PBO b/c he was…
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