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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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I meet up with Arizona Senator John McCain really soon to talk about some of my genius ideas like American Grad Star Program.
.but yet you said you wanted to vote for Hillary over John McCain. 2nd thoughts now?
WOW says he would have voted for Hillary Clinton over John McCain. Not very conservative!.
Here's the letter John McCain wrote me apologizing for "inflicting Sarah Palin on our proud nation":
Crowd cheers when Bush knocks Trump for past comment dissing war hero and 2-time winner John McCain.
You should check out this conservative guy John McCain, I think you'd like him
If you want to know how John Mccain felt after Sarah Palin endorsed Trump.
Petraeus demotion talk, sharp response from John McCain: "disgraceful" so is infidelity and sharing secrets
demotion talk provokes sharp response from John McCain .
Petraeus demotion talk provokes sharp response from John McCain (Petraeus should have been demoted!) via
It tells me that she just slit John McCain's throat.
Yeah your mom really picks winners lol, like Rino poster boy John McCain. Pathetic
Dr. Kelli Ward is gathering tremendous support in her bid to defeat John McCain.
Who wants to John McCain is up for re-election!! Support $
Honestly, my first vote was John McCain in 2000 during the GOP primary. I obviously vote Democrat now.
Blaine Cooper: the PRETEND military man who called Sen. John McCain a traitor.
Americans Against in Sen. John McCain got it wrong about wild
The media is teaming up with Trump until they can crush Sen Cruz then look out Trump will be next just like they did with John McCain.
Sen. John McCain got it wrong about wild burros
Robert Taft in 1952 & John McCain in 2008 made their second bids for the GOP nomination (previously 1940 & 2000).
Sen. John McCain, blasted Obama 4 not including the capture of 10 U.S.…
Remember when the idea of Sarah Palin being one elderly John McCain heart from the Presidency was terrifying? Trump scares me so much more.
"The four Republicans on the gang — Rubio, John McCain, Graham, and Jeff Flake...". Enough said. http…
Every election season, I recommend reading David Foster Wallace on John McCain from 2000:
Not long ago US senator John McCain took pictures with those thugs and called them freedom fighters lol
This is the end of John McCain: Why the Arizona senator could finally be facing retirement
Silver fox John McCain. August 29, 1936. "Glory belongs to the act of being constant to something."
senators Carl Levin and John McCain -- both longtime foes of wasteful spending --
In 2008 Dem and GOP Senators voted that John McCain was American. Cruz? Fuyhrgedaboudit:
This is what Md. Sen. Pres. Mike Miller has in common with former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain.
the ghost of John McCain and Boy Scout troop 738 boutta go off
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foh man…ain’t no sorry *** love story with Wayne BM n Diana Ross lovechild better than Belly…debate John McCain ***
Eric Cantor is gone. John Boehner is gone. John McCain is the next to be voted out. Lindsey Graham will be voted out next.
Amazing how it was ok for John McCain but not Ted Cruz?. An Un-Naturally Born Non-Controversy https:…
Think that was John McCain's big idea..I remember the news item where he is cuddling up to the leader of ISIS
John McCain wouldn't question Obama's birth but he's questioning Cruz? The hatred oozes out of him.
Barry Goldwater & John McCain were born on US territory & BUT Ted Cruz was born in a foreign country-Trumps is right
I want John McCain and Jennifer Griffin out of my affairs
John McCain was born in Panama. Barry Goldwater was born in AZ before AZ was a state. Ted is eligible.
Cruz gave the examples of Barry Goldwater & John McCain, the difference is they were born in U.S. protectorates Cruz wasn't.
Nancy Cordes fails to mention Barry Goldwater was born in an area that became a state & John McCain's father was in US Gov service.
Its the law Annie. Barry Goldwater, John McCain all born outside the US.
"Modi strongest Indian leader in our lifetime," says former US prez candidate John McCain.
George Romney, Barry Goldwater and Sen. John McCain have already proven your thesis wrong !
I'm not Typical, I would've accepted a John McCain. I like Kasich,and Jeb .I think their smart ,decent men
What happened when Hillary and John McCain went head-to-head in a drinking competition?.
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"Rubio is not Bob Dole with palm trees. And if Rubio is a 'moderate' as Cruz claims then John McCain is *** Chi Minh"
Who else is helping John McCain or the Secretary of the State Kerry whose strategy, according to me, it's false as the voices
1) I would argue he's not more slimy than other GOP politicians. (John McCain?) The embarrassment is social.
Donald Trump triples down on insulting John McCain via
Marco Rubio... same as Mitt Romney and John McCain, just different packaging.
your charade is failing. Sen. John McCain.
he spoke for the men on the USS Liberty & called John McCain out.
HRC has only her best interests in mind not the American people's!
Hmm 👀... What is U.S Senator John McCain doing with the leader of ISIS in this pic? 😕
The coalescing has started ... Don't be left behind! • https:/…
Lori Hendry, you are correct on that issue. I am working on getting John McCain retired and replac…
Then John McCain sold out to Bush and Cheney after they push polled him about his daughter, and look how well that turned out.
Paul mocks John McCain for posing with Syrian kidnappers
In 2008, I was like "ew John McCain is so lame I h8 him" and now I'm like like I ll seriously take Mitt at this point
STONE: "The people who gave us John McCain and Mitt Romney — losers — now want to foist Marco Rubio off on us."
SEN. John Sidney McCain (R-AZ) was born in the old Canal Zone prior to the handover to Panama, NOT Canada as you alluded to on Hardball
His political stuff was really, really bad, tho. Remember that John McCain campaign trail profile thing he wrote?
when the Jeb-Still-Hasn't-Fixed-It! Bush campaign's new pitch is John McCain was once this unpopular, too
you gone make me buy bottles for John McCain
John McCain wants to arm Syrian Rebels to shoot down Russian planes: via
Kelli Ward did resign from office to run against John McCain. What are you talking about anyway?
"And I thought Hanoi Hilton was a living *** " -Sen. John McCain, walking out of this Coyotes game
John McCain 'Ayers' | Campaign 2008: John McCain released this campaign ad in 2008 during the election against...
So want to talk about "Republicans" donated to? Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist and John McCain
John McCain is the last link to the corrupt Kemper Marley Arizona Political Fixer Club. Mr.Keating 5 Maverick Go live on Cindy's trust fund
John McCain was ineligible for his foreign soil birth OFF BASE & OUTSIDE the Panama canal Zone.
I hope the Marco Rubio's & John McCain's of the GOP hear your message too.
John McCain?. The guy who was one of Vietnam's Tokyo Rose voices?. Its said his father "THE ADMIRAL" covered it
And speaking of Huma Abedin.remember John McCain and Grover Norqust and Ed Rollins sprang to her defense
Today, Mark Wahlberg is exactly as old as Sarah Palin was the day John McCain picked her as his VP:16,271 days.
Great line from on Lindsey Graham was a "one-man tribute band" on campaign trail for John McCain'…
. 1_. Mr. John McCain:. apologized to prolong. I read an article written by Mr. John Bolton,
National players in play post-Graham: Sen. John McCain + CEOs Jeff Immelt of GE, Safra Catz of Oracle, Ron Pearlman and John Cahill of Kraft
did you know John McCain and Harry Reid have been trying to get Jack Johnson pardoned since 2004?
with all due respect the naturalization act of 1790, says otherwise. John McCain is under this. Born in Panama
(No he didn't!) “John McCain has not spoken about my Muslim faith.” – Then-Senator Barack Obama
So is Clinton, Obama, Lindsey Graham, Bill Gates, John McCain, but Feinstein and schumer are the best for Israel.
are living on the fantasy land where John McCain is a conservative and the GOP is fighting for it's voters.
John McCain blasts senators for acting in ‘dark of night’ on Russian rockets - The Washington Post
Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham in Libya to kick off the Arab Spring to topple Libya. .
ask Mike Dukakis and John McCain about the Bush family's political delicacy
media loves Lindsey Graham & John McCain. just like they love Bush Cheney. just like they love Jeb & Hillary. multinational corporations
If Michael Fallon is weaponised, then John McCain is the nuclear option.
Too much extremism on the right. We need more moderate conservatives like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Hillary Clinton.
Is Lindsey Graham and John McCain the New Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors. Hanging out in Iraq
GOP Rep. David Schweikert's allies are talking him for a possible challenge to John McCain
CAN Obama & Hillary & Marco Rubio & Lindsey Graham & John McCain highlight who is a terrorist & who is moderate in Syria ?
“What are they the Bobbsey twins? They’re always together.” Donald Trump, quoted by Politico, on Sen. John McCain...
I want my guns, cause what if I have to go kill John McCain, John Kerry, JFK, Chesty Puller, that young soldier that is your brother or aunt
Will Barack Obama or John McCain's reaction to sensible Muslim policy be more unhinged?
I can tell you George W Bush would have. So would John McCain, and so would Mitt Romney.
the John McCain comment. The Megan Kelly. And so on. I was betting on that shallow horse.
Don't leave John McCain out of the guilt.
These guys did too: Roy Blunt, Richard Burr & John McCain
Roll Call Politics: McCain Outlines GOP Risk in 2016: Sen. John McCain is standing by his man in the GOP presi...
Let's face it, John McCain left his balls at the Hanoi Hilton.
John McCain has Muslim Brotherhood on his foundation staff so cash transaction there.
John McCain: Trump’s Rhetoric Is Turning Muslims Against US John McCain told Face the Nation today that Don...
John McCain calls for 10,000 US ground troops in Syria... Happy Thanksgiving, America.
"Everybody in AZ knows John McCain but nobody likes him anymore". Could McCain lose in 2016?. https:…
Hey thanks John McCain. Your influence on the enemy is noted.
Justice would not be served unless John McCain's handler, Joe Lieberman was also taken into custody
So Trump thinks it's funny that Serge Kovaleski has a deformed arm, and that Sen. John McCain's arm was disabled when he was a POW. Hilarity
John McCain disclosed in April 2008 that the terrorist group Hamas had endorsed Obama with kind words from our enemy
Henry Kissinger and John McCain, two warmongers and scumbags in one room. Duo of Evil.
John "captain neocon" McCain moves to reclaim his rightful throne
Ahmet Davutoglu should have had a long talk with John McCain about Russian Air Defence Systems :(
Like Obama made fun of John McCain's war injuries in 2008.
not to mention, the mocking of John McCain's arm mobility was pretty mainstream for a lot of these folks
Say G'nite John Boy McCain . Dr.will take your Senate seat by storm. is forecast 100%Chance https:/…
leads John McCain by 9 points for their primary already! We need this momentum to keep up.
Time for John McCain to go gently into that good night..accompanied by Lindsey Graham & their warhawk colleagues!
John McCain was almost beaten to death by Vietnamese
My friend, State Sen Kelly Ward (R-AZ) is seriously challenging John McCain--keep an eye on this race.
“Vladimir Putin, right now, with his airstrikes, is killing the people we armed and trained.” ~ US Senator John McCain
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John McCain, John Edwards and Mitt Romney -- see which other politicians raised the most money — and still lost
Sen. Lindsey Graham says the would not have occurred if only the U.S. had listened to John McCain.
by now that Obama, John McCain & Lindsey Graham are WAR CRIMINALS for starting Syria war
John McCain must be salivating. These neocons want Assad out no matter what, even if it helps ISIS metastasize.
& Hogan soon. I have John McCain, Ted Ctuz & George P. Shultz on baseballs. 1 of the Hughes auto I have
Not even the N Vietnamese shot pilots descending on parachutes in N Vietnam, or else John McCain would not be here today
John McCain talks with global manipulator George Soros at the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 23, 2014.
Paranoid once again wants to use waterboarding which even John McCain is against! .
Bernie works across the aisle with folks even like John McCain
ask John McCain, he isn't even in government!
I'll bet even John McCain is blaming himself for Palin!
. Hey remember when even John McCain stop that lady from calling Obama a Muslim but tell me this what would be wrong with him
John McCain gave us Sarah plain and Joe the plumber. He put us on this path.
I doubt that the RWNJ's at Fox News even Know any soldiers (John McCain doesn't count).
Even this hack who encouraged John McCain to pick Sarah Palin as a running mate spending this bogus poll.
John McCain is the father of ISIS, Victoria Nuland is the mother of the the fascists in Ukraine.
Met a big fan of John McCain is that our Vets are in a war, or even a battle, losing is not an option!
you mean Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Jeff Flake and John McCain? *** no!!
Sarah Palin is even stupider than Geedubya. John McCain has a lot to answer for!
John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Hussein Obama are CORRUPT co-conspirators behind the creation, training, funding and arming of ISIS.
Do you think Ben Carson would separate Lindsey Graham and John McCain if we ask? He's qualified to do that.
Gosh! John McCain's daughter Meghan is even more gung *** than him! No easy solutions to any of this > as evidenced by Iraq & Libya.
John McCain's endorsement by the anti-Catholic, anti- Semitic pastor John Hagee
John McCain on refugees: "All children are God's children" via Even McCain couldn't cosign this crazy
John McCain wants to legislate encryption even though there’s no evidence it helped ISIS in Paris attacks
Do think Ben Carson would volunteer to separate John McCain and Lindsey Graham. He's qualified to do it.
John McCain for sure. He didn't agree with the President, but he was fairly logical and even keeled.
It's time to force John McCain into retirement, and YOUR help is needed. Contribute to Kelli Ward for Arizona...
Did they also steal US weapons, US training, & US money? John McCain argued that we give it to t…
# John McCain made ISIS to fight ASAD , wonder how that's working for him?
John McCain defends Syrian refugees and attacks Ted Cruz
Not even a week has passed since the Paris terror attacks, but Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is wasting
John McCain is an Islamic Sympathizer, he needs to retire or be voted out.
What the what?! It's almost like the old John McCain woke up from his nap and remembered that he wasn't always crazy
We can't blame these shows. There's plenty of material to work with when it comes to
In France John McCain calls for 10,000 ground troops...wish someone else representing us in France had spoken up.
ISIS praises 'crusader' John McCain for 'blessed' events unfolding today
John McCain wants to outlaw encryption that the US government can't crack via
John McCain knows the difference between "good" Syrians and "bad". Let him screen all the refugees.
after mtng with Senate. Services Committee headed by Senator John McCain
John McCain is a useless *** who needs to be put out to pasture at least and most would like to see him do time.
after mtng with Senate Armed Services Committee headed by Senator John McCain
Another reason to get John McCain out of the senate vote
John McCain doesn’t even understand how to use email. Glad he’s leading this charge.
Every now and then John McCain has a lucid moment...but its not enough to keep him in the Senate for another term. Supp…
from who? John McCain? Comcast? Why don't you suit up or shut up? Corporate warmongers at Comcast feel free to do suicide mission.
John McCain says Rand Paul cant talk about ISIS because he has never met with them ( said this back in 2014 btw) LOL
Arizona plz do not re elect John McCain to Senate again. It's time for a new generation of leaders.
ask John McCain about what William Cohen had to say on your program yesterday.
Seems like John McCain and Mitt Romney were the last decent GOP
Senators McCain and Graham to Obama: No Partnership With Putin and Russia: MSNBC: Sens. John McCain and Lindse...
Senators Linsey Graham and John McCain have said we need 10,000 boots on the ground in the middle east to destroy and contain isis
U.S. GOP senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham want "Syria surge," which they say "will work":
Command Sergeant Major John Holland on John McCain - 'Hanoi John' -pardoned by NIXON
Sarah Palin , run for president . You are a winner. Steve Schmidt , Nicolle Wallace, and John McCain are losers.
is too old to be Remember John McCain?
Why does Hillary Clinton lack memory function at that age? John McCain is much older than Hillary, does he suffer from this?
John McCain slipped into Syria to speak $ with Al Baghdadi in May 2013. They were then called Syrian Emergency Task Force.
Glass-Steagall is back in a bipartisan bill co-sponsored by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator John McCain.
If John McCain's age was an issue then Bernie Sanders has no shot to be president
I’d listen to John McCain way before I listened to someone like Ted Cruz on military matters.
I can't watch HRC without thinking of John McCain in a pantsuit
Even John McCain said cutting taxes and going to war "is insane" you move along.
Last presidential election people gave John McCain a hard for his age. How about Bernie Sanders his heart is ready to stop any moment...
No, Hillary is he's 72 and he's not that bad. He's no John McCain
John McCain said I was good-looking, so I got that going for me
Seeing what I've googled today probably isn't as fragmented as I assume myself to be. Nancy Meyers, John McCain, and the Thin doc all flow.
That's my point: an implication is not a call. John McCain also talked about eliminating waste, fraud and abuse.
John McCain circa 2000 will always be my favorite John McCain.
John McCain says US is engaged in proxy war with Russia in Syria
Can we get a Bernie Sanders v John McCain charity boxing match?
Is John McCain Still thanking God "for the Saudis and Prince Bandar, and for our Qatari friends" ??
Dear God they thought John McCain was old!
ICYMI: John McCain calls Hillary Clinton's remarks on the VA "shameful"
John McCain on France: "The Lord said the poor will always be with us. The French will always be with us, too."
Prayers don't stop terrorists. Bullets and John McCain's heavy ordinance does.
Hillary and Obama are responsible for ISIS, really? Not John McCain and the RNC?
Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain all supported Obama's plan to bring in 100,000 Syrian refugees. …
John McCain: “We should immediately vote to bomb Damascus and to free the Syrian people from Assad’s tyranny!”
This evil granny better take John McCain, Pat Robertson to the retirement homes in Florida with her.
Why not add Sen. John McCain and Bob Dole to the list
John McCain and Russ Feingold spent much of their careers fighting for campaign finance reform. Now much of that...
Seriously Jeb Bush announces an tendorsement from Bob Dole what's next and endorsement from John McCain and Mitt Romney???
John McCain must be given his walking papers,he serves no one but himself😡 👍
Dr. Kelli Ward is showing that she IS a formidable threat to Sen. John McCain gaining support on Capital Hill!!... http…
Arizona needs help getting rid of John McCain. Donate to his challenger 🇺🇸.
Stop fooling yourselves with the benchmark of primitivism, US media, we won't stop until Hillary Clinton & John McCain are arrested.
Once you're owned by the establishment you can never leave. we will help you with that.
I believe he did. So did John McCain
The GOP …snatching Defeat from the jaws of Victory since John McCain for president …jus sayin
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With that kind of idiotic logic, John McCain "earned" the White House and Barack Obama should've stepped aside.
Besides being broke hardly stopped John McCain in 08!
John McCain is a smarmy despicable thug!
Big Time. Is John McCain in trouble from next year?
52-"Tara: Anytime you see name you are gonna see John name & vice versa!".
John McCain only used crutches to look like a hero when he met Nixon. Was fine before & after
John McCain: Renewed use of chemical weapons in Syria is another tragic result of the Obama Admin’s failed strategy:
At least John had the balls to correct people who said sh$t abt Obama during the '08 campaign. https:/…
I have a hard time acknowledging our military in light of the new scandal brought forth by John McCain
Is John McCain in trouble from Kelli Ward next year? Oh I hope so! He should retire, not run again
Leuren Moret: Sen. John McCain in false flag plan to down Russian airliner, caught just prior to...
John McCain in secret meeting with Abu Bakr al Baghdadi (left). May 2013.
Hillary was on a few weeks ago. They've had on Obama, John McCain, even way back when we had Al Sharpton, Steve Forbes and Giuliani.
Time for the John McCain-a-saurous to retire and stop ruining our country.
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For what it's worth in the "sitting Senator endorsement" game, Lindsey Graham was endorsed by John McCain.
Happy Halloween from John McCain - he's trying his best to start World War 3 before he croaks
Sen. Thom Tillis, supported by Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, John McCain outed today as KKK Member by Anonymous group
Remember when John McCain called for jihadists to shoot down Russian planes?
You're gonna make me buy bottles for John McCain
.John McCain was born on August 29, 1936, at Coco Solo Naval Air Station in the Panama Canal Zone.
Get to know Dr. the steadfast conservative who is ending the reign of John McCain. . https:/…
At Educare's Steve Nash Day, Sen. John McCain did a personal video tribute. On Nash's Ring of Honor induction: "How much did that cost you?"
Lindsay Graham is John McCain with more estrogen.
I have quite a bit of respect for Sen. John McCain. Had he not tried to gain tea-party voters with his choice of...
Oh Jeez. Jacques Myard went FULL ASSAD, said John McCain met with Jabhat an-Nusra in Syria. Waiting for him to say McCain met al-Baghdadi.
My senior year I went as John McCain for character day and a white guy was Obama. Lol he got suspended and I chilled all day lol
George Bush sr was right!Sen.John McCain was a Vietnam War hero!He had to bail-out in hostile area to be taken as PoW!
Dude, most popular post I ever was involved with was literally like one sentence w/ a picture of John McCain in a pineapple dunce cap
Obama wanted Stevens dead. Cover up gun running op with his buddy John McCain.
John McCain had perplexing response when asked him about Saudi human rights abuses: http:…
I trust Trump to & I trust Senators such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain to keep Americans safe.
America pretty much pot calling the kettle black. John McCain is a warmonger image if he did win 2008
John McCain: No civilians are dying in Yemen. I love Saudi Arabia
Remember (Tory MP & apologist on Sen. John McCain desires to outdo him on
Chuck Todd just said John Boehner, Orin Hatch, Lamar Alexander, and John McCain are respected men and kept a straight face: WOW!
Not making this up. Chuck Todd during Cruz interview said that John McCain, John Boehner, Lamar Alexander and Orin Hatch are well respected.
John Boehner, Orin Hatch, Lamar Alexander, John McCain are well respected men? Chuck Todd-Are you on crack?
Senators Joseph Lieberman & John McCain call for US to intervene in Syria as it did in Libya (July 2012).
Senators like John McCain refer to Ted Cruz as a "whacko bird"! John Boehner recently called him a slanderous epithet!! OLD vs NEW,eh?
Sen. John McCain assembles coalition to woo Hispanics to back his 2016 re-election effort
“John McCain is a hero, a man of grit and guts and character personified,” John F. Kerry, Swiftboater
John McCain gets some heat for his political opportunism
MANCHESTER, N.H. -- With Republicans in turmoil over who will become the next Speaker of the House, Sen. John McCain (Ariz…
Sen. John McCain tries to woo Latinos in re-election bid.
"You gone make me buy bottles for John McCain" 😂😂😂😂
St. Michael’s Parish in Tucson hosts Sen. John McCain: St. Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church here was the scen...
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