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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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John McCain has always been funded by criminal activity that's why he was pardoned by Richard Nixon
This guy is as much a snake as Paul Ryan and John McCain
. Look at this latest bust! John McCain's campaign manager has pedophilia charges against him!. https…
John McCain campaign manager arrested over pedophilia charges..
If Hillary beat Obama in 2008, John McCain would have been President for 8 years & we'd have Sarah Palin now. So..not…
John Mccain is a pedophile as well - that's why he is fighting Trump so hard.
John McCain secretly traveled to Syria to evaluate his ISIS - Al Qaeda war to overthrow Assad - h…
John McCain: I gave Russia blackmail (hoax) dossier on Trump to FBI. 🇺🇸
Lindsey Graham on John McCain: 'I love him to death': It's perhaps the most famous friendship on Capitol Hill. How…
Russian ambassador is recruiting *** Durbin, Chris Murphy AND John McCain to become spies! This is a scandal that dem…
Sen. Amy Klobuchar was taking a selfie with Sen. McCain and the caption read "a lady takes a photo with Sen. John McCain."
Lindsay Graham and John McCain, a thorn in the side of America! Say one thing on camera but go against us where it counts. Want to stop MAGA
John McCain, just retire already ! Any one that has to say "this is the truth" means he BS's A LOT. Thorn to movement & people
John McCain is no war hero, he's a little thorn in the republicans & conservatives a$$. He thinks he's tough MOUTHY...
"I love him to death": Lindsey Graham and John McCain get emotional about their friendship during the
John McCain: "What the Russians tried to do to our election could have destroyed democracy”
Did Lindsay Graham and John McCain hit happy hour before going on ?
John McCain: I would’ve liked to hear about Russia from Trump in his address
I like it best when John McCain and Bernie Sanders are up in the balcony yelling at the other muppets.
Best subordinating actor goes to John McCain in The Golden Shower Buzzfeed
John McCain is once again in Syria [Voltaire Network]
Reminder that John McCain is a warmongering cretin. Stop lauding him for his half-hearted attacks on Trump:
ICYMI: "Sens. John McCain, Jeff Flake OK with deporting criminals, but want to help 'dreamers.'"
People Trump has forced me to defend:. -George W. Bush . -Megyn Kelly. -John McCain. -Voldemort. -Joffrey. -The guy who killed…
The actions of the current administration have forced me to agree with statements from John McCain, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney. ***
Why is John McCain and Lindsey Graham holding a town hall on any subject a day after Trump's Congress speech?.
John McCain is a traitor and Brian Williams is a liar.strange bedfellows
no John McCain and his buddy have often sided with Dems from time to time.
lol Clinton and Obama are loose cannons ,they are the immature terrorists trust me and John McCain is the most I'll trusted
John McCain has a foundation called the McCain Institute. What do they do? Fight Human Trafficking, of course!.
I do not see John McCain as an effective Senator. He's basically the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party. The noise wi…
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The people from Montana are glad John McCain is In Montana we know who is Republican (Daines) & wh…
Kellyanne, can Sheriff Clark go to Washington and arrest John McCain? Would be nice.
Rand Paul: 'We're very lucky John McCain's not in charge.' – The Real Strategy via He needs to go!
Tough call because there's also Cynthia McKinney, Sheila Jackson & John McCain in the running.
Rand Paul Blasts ‘Warmonger’ McCain’s Comments On Trump: “We’re very lucky John McCain is not in charge” |
Rand Paul DEFENDS Trump says "John McCain has been wrong on just about e... via
Rand Paul: "We're very lucky John McCain's not in charge."
Sen. John McCain makes a secret trip to Syria in the midst of U.S. assessment
Congratulations AZ for reelection John McCain and firing Sheriff Arpaio. You have suicided your state.
Arizona might this be John McCain home is he also in favor of this new Sheriff's failure to work with ice?
Anyone surprised this is happening in John McCain's state??😒. Sheriff Joe's Replacement Releasing Criminal Illegals‼
WH fingers John McCain as eavesdropped on classified phone call.
Sen. John McCain is in the same mold as Nancy Polosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and AL Sharpton!
A new six-year term secured, Sen. John McCain is back to being a president's biggest headache on Capitol Hill
John McCain has been in government for 3 decades! Can anyone name one thing he's accomplishe...
John McCain met with Syrian Rebels to arrange for weapons. Sen. CrackerJack was actually meeting with ISIS l…
still have Pelosi, Al Franklin, Diane Fienstein ,John McCain to get out of the swamp. Working on it
. John McCain has become the critic in chief of the Trump administration
Just a picture of the Syrian refugee/rebels with John McCain the other guy? Bagdhadi yeah isis
Bill Maher and John McCain should rent a studio apartment.
Recall Arizona Senator John McCain He's crossing lines that he has no business crossing.. He's senile.
8 Yrs under Obama John McCain never opened his mouth!. Now all he does is attack President Trump. Needs to be charged and…
John McCain has the audacity to accuse Trump of being a dictator when he sypports 'regime change' in many places a perpetual state of war.
If John McCain had been elected president, I have little doubt he would have plunged us into World War 3.
Wouldn't it be crazy if John McCain ran for President? Hard to even imagine what that would be like.
You could ask John McCain the same question
In Munich, McCain delivered a calculated, point-by-point repudiation of Trump's worldview and brand of nationalism.
John McCain is Rothschild's war puppet McCain fund raise at Rothschild family home
Nice to see stand up to Senator John McCain. About time someone told him to shut up
I'm detecting a pattern with John McCain;. get mad. do nothing. get mad again. do nothing. express outrage. do nothing. blast T…
US is 'lucky John is not in charge'
Rand BLASTS John McCain: "He's been wrong on just about everything over the last 4 decades" - I Love My Freedom. https:…
Rand Paul defends President Trump 'John Mccain has been wrong on just ab... via
Republican Senator John McCain: When you look at history, the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press. htt…
I don’t always agree w/ Sen. McCain, but here I do. Our independent press is a pillar of our democracy. htt…
.was systematically dismantled by the left in 08'. He lost that election b4 it even started. Bitter!
McCain: Dictators 'get started by suppressing free press'
McCain says journalists need to investigate Russia ties and push a Congress reluctant to hold Trump accountable:
Because you never know when John McCain will succeed in starting World War III.
John McCain talked tough on border security in 2010 to get reelected. All talk, no action.
McCain slams Trump's attacks on the press, saying that's "how dictators get started"(video)
Rand Paul: U.S. is 'lucky John McCain's not in charge'
RanchoFarmahh- SENATOR SPAT Rand Paul: US is 'lucky McCain's not in charge'
Sen. Rand Paul lambasts John McCain: America is 'very lucky' Trump is president and not him
John McCain:senile or just stuck on stupid?And this is more evidence Lindsey Graham needs to be sent home next year http:…
John McCain's re-election campaign was funded by George Soros. That is a verified fact. So now he likens our president…
MUST WATCH: Rand Paul defends Trump and slams John McCain, "we're very lucky John McCain's not in charge" ht…
VIDEO: Rand Paul RIPS John McCain: ’We’re very lucky John McCain’s not in charge’
actually John McCain is an embarrassment to us all. He is old and over the hill just wish he would just stop…
What's amazing to me is that John McCain is actually siding with the failed Party against a sitting
Bill Maher to John McCain: "A nation turns its lonely eyes to you." Indeed.
Bill Maher is pulling for John McCain. Let that sink in.
John McCain seems bound and determined to find out how much patience his “War Hero” persona truly affords him with the…
John McCain is good at pretending that he wouldn't have brought an unhinged lunatic into the White House had he been elect…
this is John McCain talking . . not Michael Moore or Noam Chomsky or Amy Goodman or Gloria Steinham or Meryl Stree…
John McCain the Republican vs. John McCain the Patriot via
Thanks to John McCain and Michael Moore for all the work they are doing opposing Trump! Free Press
Sen. John McCain: Dictators "get started by suppressing free press"
John McCain: Attacking free press is 'how dictators get started' via
John McCain on Trump: suppressing free press is 'how dictators get started'
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John McCain tells Meet the Press that President Trump is morphing into a “dictator”.
John McCain says 'attacking free press' is how dictators get started
Sen. John McCain defends the free press: "That's how dictators get started"
Few things disappoint me more than people getting enthusiastic about John McCain making anything better. He is just a peacock.
I have the same feelings for John McCain that I do about Hillary Clinton
John McCain betrays President Trump in new disgusting attack
If only John McCain had some sort of powerful position in a branch of government that could be a check on Trump.
Are you saying that John McCain was like "Hanoi" Jane Fonda? Why did Nixon pardon him too?
John McCain goes to Munich to continue his personal coup d’etat against President Donald Trump
Oh BTW Vietnam is the war in which John McCain, John Kerry, Bob Kerrey, Al Gore and many other pat…
John McCain is certainly no fan of Trump. Interesting that he cites Pence as being a defender of postwar Western ideals. htt…
John McCain has lost all claim to relevancy and should quit being a thing, he'll be pardoning Hanoi Jane Fonda!
The Trumpkin cultists are out in force against McCain, because who wouldn't side with a bone-spur rich boy draft dodger? "John McCain"
An incredibly sobering and bold speech from John McCain today in Munich. Worth reading his full remarks.
John McCain is spoiled rich brat causing turmoil everyday he's Rhino
To give credit where credit is due: Thank you John McCain for reassuring our western allies-that this president doe…
No surprise: John McCain backs loser Angela Merkel, the woman responsible for many killings and rapes of Germans. .
John McCain & Lindsey Graham should change to the Democrat party. They both vote with democr…
John McCain is becoming more like John Kerry which should not be the case for a GOP Senator.
Never question John McCain's dedication and passion for international junkets
And him meddling in Syria..arming ISIS against Assad...John McCain is a traitor from his POW days...he needs to be remo…
So this happened today: Ashton Kutcher testified at a Senate hearing and blew a kiss to Sen. John McCain 😘
John McCain is just plain evil. And that's the plain truth.
You are (ex)CIA, worked with John McCain on illegally arming ISIS, and are ignoring the treasonous l…
Deep State traitor, John McCain, trying to lead a coup! Who the *** will follow him besides Lindsey, Corker, & crazy…
All you need to know about Sen. John McCain.
The SILENT MAJORITY needs to keep a very watchful eye on John McCain. He's looking and sounding more and more like he needs replaced.
YES, John McCain, an investigation is needed. INTO YOU. And YOUR role in helping Obama arm ISIS.
other than John McCain and a couple others there is an astonishing lack of backbone and love of country in the…
John McCain: Trump administration "is in significant disarray as far as national security is concerned." h…
John McCain, Lindsey Graham & Marco Rubio all would have been executed if they lived in 1776 and George Washington…
WTH? Ashton Kutcher blows John McCain a kiss before testifying on behalf of Digital Defenders of Children? Again, WTH?…
John McCain . war hero status ? it's over he's done more harm than any good he may have done in the past ... https:/…
John McCain has up to now supported all of Trump's nominees who have come up for Senate confirmation votes.
Watch John McCain deliver a sick burn to Ashton Kutcher on CSPAN:
Fresh reminder that John McCain is a traitor who covered up POW's being left behind to die in Vietnam h…
There's no reason why you big dogs shouldn't be funding this 100%.
John McCain clearly not impressed by the level of WH communications with the Hill -- or within the WH
Ashton Kutcher blows a kiss to John McCain after he said Kutcher was "better looking in the movies" ht…
For those of you confused why John McCain is acting more DEM than GOP print and place this on your fridge.
Ashton Kutcher blowing kisses at Sen. John McCain just made my week.
I love going to coffee shops and inadvertently sitting next to old white men talk about how they wish John McCain was president
Ashton Kutcher blew a kiss at John McCain in senate hearing and this is the only nice thing you'll get today
McCain will question White House on Flynn's "lies" to Pence
Ashton Kutcher blows John McCain a kiss during testimony in Senate on human trafficking.
John McCain still looking for a meal!!
We need a Senate hearing about Ashton Kutcher blowing a kiss at John McCain in a Senate hearing
Lindsey Graham, John McCain to name a couple !
John McCain will oppose confirmation of Trump budget nominee *** Mulvaney
John McCain and his buddy are so Jealous of Donald Trump. You can see it in their non support. They both think they shoul…
Why are we still pretending that John McCain is a Republican ?
Watching PBS Finding Your Roots w/ Sen.John McCain. Your integrity & strength's needed now more than ever, Sir!
Looks like John McCain the stunt pilot was Harrison Ford's flight instructor.
Watching Finding Your Roots on PBS & they discover Sen. John McCain is descendant of early 19th century NC Senator (Nathanial Scales)
John McCain such a class guy. One of guests on Finding Your Roots. Had ancestor who was Civil War POW as was he in Vietnam.
watching Finding Your Roots segment about John McCain - how could you DARE insult him after all he endured hero
TONIGHT AT 8: John McCain explores his past in Finding Your Roots.
BREAKING: John McCain says Flynn's resignation has raised further questions about President Trump's relationship with R…
Tonight at 8 on "Finding Your Roots," Julianne Moore, John McCain, and Patricia Arquette explore the military servi…
spell check *** charge them with treason along with Hillery Clinton, AL Frankin & John McCain and other Libtards
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ask Kerry what is US senator John McCain doing with ISIS leader AL Baghdadi. Definitely not having maggi https:…
The last person who lost worse than John McCain was Michael Dukakis.
The mere fact that Colonel Peters supports John McCain is proof enough to me that he's not to be trusted again! GLOBALIST.
Colonel Ralph Peters just demonstrated what a moron he really is. To say you would pick John McCain over President Trump any day? BS
"boss" Jason Chavez it's John McCain and Lindsey Graham Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell they are very dangerous
It's the state department, also Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham who are trying to sink Amer…
Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Rubio are Soros-funded DEMOCRATS who call themselves Republicans while trying to u…
As much as drinking out of the toilet,Mexico Water,John McCain,Paul Rino,Lynsey Graham,&My Cali…
Democrat party is full of cadavers. Pelosi, Feinstein..R's have theirs too...John McCain...
Bill sorry but you were wrong about John McCain not getting money from Soros..
Good time to bring this back— What Donald Trump was up to while John McCain was a prisoner of war
it's way past time for John McCain to step aside! TAKE worthless Lindsay Graham with you!
John McCain was in the US Navy and not the Air Force. There is no rank of Major in the Navy. Nonetheless, I agree with the msg
John McCain is to today's GOP what Royal Robbins is to mixed climbing competitions on plastic holds.
Though politics and race may divide, hatred of John McCain will always be a uniting force.
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In Trump world, Sen Blumenthal is a liar because he didn’t fight in Vietnam & John McCain is a loser because he did.
Trump could stick John McCain's face in some dough and turn it into gorilla cookies.
John McCain been crusty since him Sara Pathetic Palin got smoked by Obummer in the election.
John McCain and his buddy the Pillsbury Dough Boy (Lindsey Graham) need to resign. They represent everything that's wrong with Congress.
Sen.John McCain knows more about special forces operations(as a veteran of Vietnam War)than Donald Trump!
John McCain is a war hero and fellow Vietnam veteran. Shut up and listen to him DJT
Sen. John McCain: “What we need to do is understand Vladimir Putin for what he is: a murderer and a thug.”
bosom buddies in crime Tell the world about it! John McCain "Songbird" who ratted out his comrades in arms still at it
John McCain: "There is no moral equivalence between that butcher and thug and KGB colonel and the United States"
What do these people have in common? . Barney Frank . Tim Kaine . Lindsey Graham . Diane Feinstein . John McCain. Chuck Schumer . Nancy Pelosi
John McCain didn't stand up to Trump when it mattered on DeVos. John Faso, our rep, didn't speak up against DeVos when…
John McCain & Lindsay Graham don't like what potus is doing but always vote yay on passing the "bad" stuff? Talk is cheap fellas!
are John McCain and Lindsay Graham still relevant?
watched you with George. You think like other good R, John McCain, Lindsay Graham. Thanks for being FAIR.
Time to take down George Soros gang.. ON NOTICE: John McCain, Clintons, Obamas, Bush, Lindsay Graham, Loretta lynch, Cummings and so on.. ⚖
Waiting for a Republican not named John McCain or Lindsay Graham to have an issue with this.I'll wait.
John McCain and the POW Cover-Up. The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam
Just by Trump paying attention...he brought down the cost of the F-35 Why didn't John McCain or Lindsay Graham...
. John Mccain is a Neocon warmonger. What are US ground troops doing in east Europe? . US out of NATO!
i figured out some but cant figure out others?. NP- Nancy Pelosi . TK- Tim Kaine. JM- John McCain . LG- Lindsa…
John McCain and George Soros, two people we have to get rid in our politics. Send one to the nursing home, the other to prison…
Call Senators! Contact Joni Ernst of Iowa, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, John McCain of Ariz…
Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham & John McCain funded by to stop Trump + much more
doesn't even like the Republicans, he hates Mitt Romney, John McCain, George W.Bush etc
This we would like to acknowledge Mitt Romney & John McCain who led us to our first black president
Nancy Pelosi, Harry,Reed, Elizebeth Warren, John McCain &68 who disrespected swearing in
Lindsey Graham and John McCain are part of the globalist ideology, posing as conservatives
John McCain and Lindsay Graham consistently undermine the Republican party & President Trump.
John McCain is in a close race with Chuck Schumer for dumbest human alive.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham are both piles of Horse Manure
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
John McCain & Graham are traitors. They aren't Reps, they'r I can't believe they keep getting re-elected. Use…
John McCain is basking in the role of Donald Trump's tormentor
Sen. John McCain calls Australia’s Ambassador to the US: I called "to express my unwavering support for the U.S.-Australi…
Soros puppet John McCain should of gone to jail decades ago as a member of the keating 5.
From the Keating Five on, what John McCain says and does can vary to different degrees.
John McCain is in bed with Anheuser-Busch,along with his wife and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Henr…
Jamie it's so nice to know we have independent thinkers like Lindsey Graham and John McCain that have no use…
umm. How about all the ancient republicans. John McCain. Mitch McConnell Lindsey Graham orin hatch pat roberts
We need to ask John McCain once again about his role as leader of the pack in the Keating Five scandal, and see what lie he tells this time.
People touting John McCain as some get person need to remember, Keating Five.
Lindsey Graham and John McCain can you clowns just zip if for awhile and let Trump do his job.
I wonder if John McCain and Lindsey Graham were for it then since…
Libturds and RINOs John McCain,Lindsey,Graham,Marco Rubio, side with positions that counter the American people!!! .
Donald Trump is right: John McCain and Lindsey Graham really are always trying to start World War III
Schmuck Schumer,John McCain,Patrick Leahy,Bernie Sanders,Lindsey Graham all prove why we need
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Thank you to Republican Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain for standing up against a corrupt and incompetent regi…
I never thought I'd post this, but way to go Lindsey Graham and John McCain!
It only took 9 days as president before Trump completely destroyed warmomgers Lindsey Graham and John McCain is a preci…
Donald Trump is shutting the Joint Chiefs out and pumping up national security role of Bannon. Where are you John McCain,…
John McCain & Lindsey Graham have been in the Swamp for a long time! We need to drain Swamp of them first! I hate traitor…
I called John McCain and Lindsey Graham piles of Horse Manure. . I would like to apologize. .to. The Horse and…
I like John McCain. I do not agree with half of what he believes in at all. I do not agree with his policies or...
John McCain and Lindsey Graham are standing up to Donald Trump’s Muslim ban
John McCain and Lindsey Graham must be financed by George Soros and his open Society somebody please find out the truth
Even a total fool should be right once in awhile by accident. John McCain has pretty much disproven the theory of probability.
One of the few times I agree with John McCain.
John McCain & Lindsey Graham. You never see one without the other. Freddy & Flossy.👫.
John McCain and Lindsey Graham make me want to Puke!
So *** John McCain opposes Trump on immigration ban and the media trumpets "bipartisan opposition." What bullox.
When Piers Morgan, Pope Francis, John McCain, and J.K Rowling agree on something, and you're on the other side, you're…
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Is there a responsible adult anywhere in the GOP who can explain why Trump is accusing John McCain of "looking to start WW3"…
I really believe this ,John McCain is not a conservative &he's already proven he's a sellout. I have 0 respect 4 him or…
Lindsay Graham and John McCain should be tossed out on their heads!
Are you getting tired of Senators Lindsey Graham & John McCain refusing to support Trump on everything just b/c…
or in the case of John McCain, he just likes to get camera time for criticising GOP presidents.
John McCain is probably the biggest jerk ever in these United States Run off anyone that there ancestors were not born here
John McCain and Lindsey Graham are poster boys for Term Limits!
2. Here's what Trump wrote about Lindsay Graham & John McCain: "always looking to start World War III"
Sens. McCain, Graham: Trump's order could become "self-inflicted wound" in terror fight
John McCain & Lindsay Graham; these two war loving cronies get revived massive amounts of money from defense contractors…
Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham lead in GOP criticism of Trump ban, but many others stay mum
Soros Puppets John McCain & 1% attack Donald Trump in last ditch effort to erect Globalization Plans &…
McCain: Trump's order targeting immigration is 'confusing,' will probably help ISIS propaganda SHUSH John, no one wants your input
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