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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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*** Cheney and John McCain are super happy y'all believe it's Ja…
"Because I never opened my trash-mouth and said what fake news said I said about John McCain."
"Sen. John McCain: The Russians are complicit in Syria " via FOX NEWS
John McCain on Syria: It's not in our interest to sit by and see this kind of turmoil and genocide taking place
This had to be the pic John McCain was referencing.
Rand Paul, voice of reason and peace. Vs. . John McCain, voice of madness and war. https:/…
John McCain and Hillary Clinton are pushing for intervention while Bernie Sanders and Senator Paul warn of the dangers of war
Sens. John McCain, Jeff Flake express support for missile strikes on Syria
From who? Marco Rubio? Lindsey Graham? John McCain? Nikki Haley? Bill Kristol? We all thought we we voted AGAINST their for…
John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi all praise Trump's attack on Syria. Think about that for…
John McCain: *while stabbing you to death* gosh this is really sad. You had so much to live for. It's a tragedy that someo…
This is absolutely hilarious. Can you draw another Graph with John McCain and Pr…
Courageous renegade maverick John McCain fought back against the Senate's nuclear option... by voting for it. (By
John McCain hemmed and hawed and complained ... and then voted for the nuclear option to get Gorsuch on the court.
It's become very clear that John McCain, in his "opposition" to Trump, is as toothless as a dental practice that is going out of business.
The bloodthirsty neocon savages in DC like John McCain, Nikki Haley, Hillary Clinton all lack that w…
The last person should be listening to is the deep state agent John McCain
Two days after Tillerson says "regime change in Syria is not a priority" John McCain's "moderate rebels" do a false flag…
McCain, yes, John McCain, my fellow Vietnam vet, should retire and get some fresh blood in the Congress!
John McCain rips into "stupid *** Republican Senators over Neil Gorsuch confirmation via
John McCain wants intervention in Syria and supports the terrorist FSA. Here's my solution. Should we send John McCain back…
Where is Reince Priebus? Paul Ryan?John McCain? They sure have been quiet and sure HAVENT said ONE THING about .…
John McCain comes across as a bitter old man who cannot accept that his political relevance is at an end.
John McCain on Russia investigations: "Every time we turn around, another shoe drops from this centipede."
-. "I am more worried about this country than I've been in my entire lifetime.". - John McCain, 4/1/17. . http…
Just watching Frank Sinatra playing John McCain in "The Manchurian Candidate" on Turner Classic Movies!
What about the Russian payments to John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Graham, Hillary, Bill, Kerry, pelosi, Reid, obama, Biden.
I Spent Years as a POW with John McCain, and His Finger Should Not Be Near the Red Button
John McCain is not sorry for calling Kim Jong Un ‘fat’ via Yahoo!
North Korea accuses John McCain of 'blasphemy' for calling Kim Jong-un 'that crazy fat kid' via
John McCain called Kim Jong Un "a crazy fat kid".war is gonna breakout for sure now
Little Giant Ladders
North Korea says there'll be *** to pay John McCain called Kim Jong Un a 'crazy fat kid' via
Senator John McCain called North Korea's Kim Jong Un a "Crazy Fat Kid". I think I like John McCain again. For now. LOL ..
Wasn't it John McCain who was worried Trump would screw up foreign relations! McCain is losing it...needs to go!
"Maybe her popularity stems from the fact that watching her is. sometimes like watching a train wreck.". -- John McCain's daughter Meghan
Birds of a feather: John Mccain, Chuck Schumer, & Lindsey Graham. Can't you picture them in a baby oil pile on a DC…
John McCain sparks war of words with North Korea after calling Kim Jong-un 'crazy fat kid' http…
John McCain on Devin Nunes: "I've been around for quite a while and I've never heard of any such thing."
McCain threatens shut down if CR is on the table
Sen. John McCain: plight of Vladimir Kara-Murza, to his right, compares to Boris Nemtsov, killed near Kremlin.
You disrespect vets like John McCain. You don't give AF about Vets. You're embarrassment.
The request 4 opposition research Trump came from one of his Republican opponents during the primary .
Angry old man yell at pudgy fat baby face wanna be nuclear tyrant.
Somebody has to shut those *** down, for once This Democrst has always LOVED John McCain, he did the right thing! Praise Allah or.
So imagine if John McCain had suggested this vs Obama after he lost in 2008! Ay caramba!
john McCain is his own worst enemy. Obama DID spy on trump a lot longer than first thought
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Globalist John McCain won't let anyone forget he is a sellout -
PLEASE!! Get rid of john McCain !! Don't allow him to get us into war with Russia. Montenegro NA…
Noted *** John McCain denounced as an infantile lunatic angrily soiling himself after slandering august personages of DPRK…
Freedom Watch opens investigation of Sen McCain concerning any of his ties to Russia, the left and related conduct htt…
Way to try and start yet another war Making Russia hate us is not enough?.
'He’s not a war hero... I like people who weren’t captured.' Donald 'bone spurs' Trump on John McCain, July 2016. https:/…
went full on the old Cuck that is John McCain.
I've said that and worse about Kim, and Kim never threatened to go to war about it. I don't think Kim likes John McCain...
McCain & Graham back the attempted Democrat cover-up of Obama Administration intelligence activity
North Korea accuse US senator John McCain of 'a grave provocation little short of a declaration of war' after he de
John McCain: A select committee must be formed to investigate Trump's connections to Russia.
Sen. John McCain threatens to shut down the government if a continuing resolution is on the table
BTW sent a guy to Europe to get it and gave it to Comey A YEAR AGO. Don't F with John McCain. He's p…
WATCH: This is a great John McCain moment on Fox & Friends.
John McCain article.Thanks to all our heroes who keep us free.I hate to say it, McCain seems kinda Berg-Dahl-ish
John McCain is still a traitor in my mind. Hanoi Hilton! Look it up.
BRAVO!. This man is the epitome of an American War Hero: Sen. John McCain's mentor at the Hanoi Hilton.
For many years, American former P.O.W.s who were in the “Hanoi Hilton” North Vietnamese prison with John McCain cal…
If you look over John McCain's right shoulder, he's shaking hands with the King of Saudi Arabia. Who is obviously not a dictator…
Co-author of one of the allegedly damning "pro-Russia" memos went on to run... John McCain's presidential campaign
is repeatedly stabbing an effigy of John McCain beneath a shower of coal runoff.
-☎📞 Call Herman Cain on the Tax Reform as well as Mr. Forbes. Keep Paul Ryan, John McCain far away from you, Jealousy evil
is squeezing blood from an effigy of John McCain as Jeff Sessions grumbles about "Letter from Birmingham Jail."
Donald Trump says Obamacare is "exploding" but John McCain says it's "imploding"! So it's definitely ploding but which way?
Who will b partying tonight with the demise of the American Healthcare Act? Obamas, Gruber,E.Emanuel,John McCain,Jeb,Clintons.
John McCain says pressure for an independent Trump-Russia commission is growing via
John McCain: “China is the one, the only one, that can control Kim Jong-un, this crazy fat kid that’s running North Kor…
I think we can all put aside our differences & thank John McCain for calling Kim Jong Un “this crazy fat kid that’s runn…
BREAKING: John McCain says Congress no longer has 'credibility' to conduct Trump-Russia probe alone http…
Stop being traitors and start acting like the patriots John McCain and Lindsey Graham are.
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you understand what being on the same side as John McCain and Lindsey Graham makes you? What info does the deep state have on you?
Amash: “Trump is just a shock to the system. Rubio is a younger, more charming John McCain.”
So how did the John McCain, the NY Times and Hillary's campaign get access to wiretapped Trump conversations? Th…
Rand Paul escalates war with John McCain: 'Past his prime ... unhinged' via
Senator Rand Paul says John McCain unhinged. He is a good case for term limits.
John McCain is praised by ISIS as"His Highness King of ISEL Jihad and our Maestro Senator John McCain"…
John McCain accuses senator Rand Paul of working for Vladimir Putin
'The senator... is now working for Putin': John McCain slams Rand Paul for blocking from joining
John McCain is a Psycho Who Accused Senator Rand Paul of working for Vladimir Putin! . Video
Sen. John McCain says Republican colleague Rand Paul is "now working for Vladimir Putin" https:…
Richard Dreyfuss would make a good John McCain — watching Cas and Dylan
Can any Arizona Republican please explain to the rest of us why you keep reelecting John McCain?. .
John McCain accused Rand Paul of 'working for Vladimir Putin' after anti-NATO move
It is exactly why Senators *** Durbin and John McCain must continue to concentrate on Russian hacking interference…
The Duelling Senators: Rand Paul and John McCain duke it out
Ralph Peters was for Satan Clinton. He detests our President & is as foggy as John McCain.
Ralph Peters is a has been this guy needs to be put out to pasture with John McCain
My ObamaCare “affordable” insurance costs more than my home mortgage. John McCain and Jeff Flake are my U.S. Senators. I’m sc…
Gorsuch goes before the senate in 6 days. Dem Senators must remember what John McCain said and OBSTRUCT.
True conservatives expect their senators to stop John McCain--he's out of control
John McCain is absolutely out of control and very much the enemy of the recovery of American/hope our senators are paying attention
TONIGHT ON THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW ... will announce that she has found what's left of John McCain's brain. Lindsey Graham co-hosts.
John McCain, keep speaking and investigate all of the traitors in Congress. Start impeachment proceedings now.
Who is the deep state? CNN, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham.
John McCain is a true scumbag for suggesting that Rand Paul works for Vladimir Putin. is an absolut…
John McCain just claimed that Rand Paul is working for Vladimir Putin because he opposes Montenegro joining NATO. Seems…
John McCain is a TRAITOR and a "Songbird" for North Vietnam. Google Tokyo Rose and hear it from his own lips.
It's all good, y'all. . Just Roger Stone as Hunter S. Thompson monologue-ing to John McCain on Instagram. Move alo…
If you want to watch a video of Roger Stone dressed up like Hunter Thompson calling out John McCain, here you go.
1973: . POW John McCain released from captivity. Landlord Trump sued by Justice Department for racial discrimination .
time to go back to an adult, risk adverse position of mitigation, surely? Cons from Maggie Thatcher to John McCain got this.
John McCain was released after more than five years imprisoned by North Vietnamese, today 1973:
I often wonder how John McCain keeps winning re-election. I have literally never spoken to a soul who does not despise hi…
John McCain tells Donald Trump to prove Obama wiretap claim or else retract it
John McCain tells Trump: present wiretapping evidence or retract the claim
Dozens of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham and Jeb crashed, then John Kasich and that didn't work.
Today Fake Tapper interviewed John McCain about Russia and conspiracy theories. That's a lot of fake in one interview. 😂
Trump needs to PROVE his wiretapping accusation, or RETRACT it – John McCain
Other people also banned by Putin include Dan Coats, Trump's DNI nominee, and John McCain.
John McCain suspects 'there's a lot more shoes to drop' about Trump-Russia ties via
Every time John McCain opens his mouth these days, I hope he retires soon. Do good John, or get out.
John McCain said Trump needs to show evidence of Obama wiretapping or retract the allegation:…
If John McCain had to back up every comment he has made on Sundays he would be working 24/7 for the rest of his life.
You should quit and retired John McCain we don't want you anymore your not helping the republican either. All you do is Pickering everything
Well this will be fun. The Racist Trump Apprentice Tapes are now in the possession of John McCain.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Good for John McCain he's been calling out trumps lies when others won't.
I wish FOX pundits would just google John Songbird McCain to know who they are referring to as a person of wisdom.
John McCain should change parties. So glad he was not elected POTUS. He would have been worse than Obama.
McCain has provided NO evidence of Russian/Trump collusion but still insinuates there was. Where's your evidence, John?
Listen to "Senator John McCain is calling on the President to clear something up." by USA Radio via
John McCain on Trump’s firing of US Attorney Preet Bharara: “Elections have consequences”
At age 80 a US Sen for 30 yrs John McCain w/ get tired of going on camera each week & making an *** out of himself acting like a Republican
John McCain is a perfect example of why we need term limits for senators he is way out of touch with reality time to reti…
John McCain Just who do you think You are you oppose the on everything I think you have changed sides
is it just me or should we b calling john McCain a democrat?
John McCain (R) says trump should provide evidence for his false claim that Barack Obama wiretapped trump tower or retract the accusation.
I read that more as John McCain has all the evidence needed to impeach Russia.
Sen. John McCain on Russia: "Lot more shoes to drop from this centipede."
Isn't it about time John McCain stopped playing paper tiger? Enough already John. Do some actual biting or go back to…
When will John McCain announce he is becoming a demonic-rat?
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John McRINO, senator, predicts 'there's a lot more shoes to drop' on Trump-Russia connection
Sen. John McCain defended Trump to today: 'The president has a unique style.' Maverick, my left foot! https…
McCain did what he always does SPEAK OUT OF BOTH SIDES OF HIS MOUTH
Senator John McCain was pranked by a fake Ukrainian Prime Minister and talks sanctions, weapons, Putin & Trump.
John Kasich and John McCain - the most annoying Republicans ever.
John Mccain is A suck head needs to be removed from office
When I see John Kasich trending & liberals defending him.. It just confirms that he's a one of them! They can have him, Mc…
John McCain on President Trump's Russian connections: 'Lot of shoes to drop'.
Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said President Trump either has to retract his claims that former President Barack Ob...
John McCain has always been funded by criminal activity that's why he was pardoned by Richard Nixon
This guy is as much a snake as Paul Ryan and John McCain
. Look at this latest bust! John McCain's campaign manager has pedophilia charges against him!. https…
John McCain campaign manager arrested over pedophilia charges..
If Hillary beat Obama in 2008, John McCain would have been President for 8 years & we'd have Sarah Palin now. So..not…
John Mccain is a pedophile as well - that's why he is fighting Trump so hard.
John McCain secretly traveled to Syria to evaluate his ISIS - Al Qaeda war to overthrow Assad - h…
John McCain: I gave Russia blackmail (hoax) dossier on Trump to FBI. 🇺🇸
Lindsey Graham on John McCain: 'I love him to death': It's perhaps the most famous friendship on Capitol Hill. How…
Russian ambassador is recruiting *** Durbin, Chris Murphy AND John McCain to become spies! This is a scandal that dem…
Sen. Amy Klobuchar was taking a selfie with Sen. McCain and the caption read "a lady takes a photo with Sen. John McCain."
Lindsay Graham and John McCain, a thorn in the side of America! Say one thing on camera but go against us where it counts. Want to stop MAGA
John McCain, just retire already ! Any one that has to say "this is the truth" means he BS's A LOT. Thorn to movement & people
John McCain is no war hero, he's a little thorn in the republicans & conservatives a$$. He thinks he's tough MOUTHY...
"I love him to death": Lindsey Graham and John McCain get emotional about their friendship during the
John McCain: "What the Russians tried to do to our election could have destroyed democracy”
Did Lindsay Graham and John McCain hit happy hour before going on ?
John McCain: I would’ve liked to hear about Russia from Trump in his address
I like it best when John McCain and Bernie Sanders are up in the balcony yelling at the other muppets.
Best subordinating actor goes to John McCain in The Golden Shower Buzzfeed
John McCain is once again in Syria [Voltaire Network]
Reminder that John McCain is a warmongering cretin. Stop lauding him for his half-hearted attacks on Trump:
ICYMI: "Sens. John McCain, Jeff Flake OK with deporting criminals, but want to help 'dreamers.'"
People Trump has forced me to defend:. -George W. Bush . -Megyn Kelly. -John McCain. -Voldemort. -Joffrey. -The guy who killed…
The actions of the current administration have forced me to agree with statements from John McCain, George W. Bush, and Mitt Romney. ***
Why is John McCain and Lindsey Graham holding a town hall on any subject a day after Trump's Congress speech?.
John McCain is a traitor and Brian Williams is a liar.strange bedfellows
no John McCain and his buddy have often sided with Dems from time to time.
lol Clinton and Obama are loose cannons ,they are the immature terrorists trust me and John McCain is the most I'll trusted
John McCain has a foundation called the McCain Institute. What do they do? Fight Human Trafficking, of course!.
I do not see John McCain as an effective Senator. He's basically the Hillary Clinton of the Republican Party. The noise wi…
The people from Montana are glad John McCain is In Montana we know who is Republican (Daines) & wh…
Kellyanne, can Sheriff Clark go to Washington and arrest John McCain? Would be nice.
Rand Paul: 'We're very lucky John McCain's not in charge.' – The Real Strategy via He needs to go!
Tough call because there's also Cynthia McKinney, Sheila Jackson & John McCain in the running.
Rand Paul Blasts ‘Warmonger’ McCain’s Comments On Trump: “We’re very lucky John McCain is not in charge” |
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Rand Paul DEFENDS Trump says "John McCain has been wrong on just about e... via
Rand Paul: "We're very lucky John McCain's not in charge."
Sen. John McCain makes a secret trip to Syria in the midst of U.S. assessment
Congratulations AZ for reelection John McCain and firing Sheriff Arpaio. You have suicided your state.
Arizona might this be John McCain home is he also in favor of this new Sheriff's failure to work with ice?
Anyone surprised this is happening in John McCain's state??😒. Sheriff Joe's Replacement Releasing Criminal Illegals‼
WH fingers John McCain as eavesdropped on classified phone call.
Sen. John McCain is in the same mold as Nancy Polosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and AL Sharpton!
A new six-year term secured, Sen. John McCain is back to being a president's biggest headache on Capitol Hill
John McCain has been in government for 3 decades! Can anyone name one thing he's accomplishe...
John McCain met with Syrian Rebels to arrange for weapons. Sen. CrackerJack was actually meeting with ISIS l…
still have Pelosi, Al Franklin, Diane Fienstein ,John McCain to get out of the swamp. Working on it
. John McCain has become the critic in chief of the Trump administration
Just a picture of the Syrian refugee/rebels with John McCain the other guy? Bagdhadi yeah isis
Bill Maher and John McCain should rent a studio apartment.
Recall Arizona Senator John McCain He's crossing lines that he has no business crossing.. He's senile.
8 Yrs under Obama John McCain never opened his mouth!. Now all he does is attack President Trump. Needs to be charged and…
John McCain has the audacity to accuse Trump of being a dictator when he sypports 'regime change' in many places a perpetual state of war.
If John McCain had been elected president, I have little doubt he would have plunged us into World War 3.
Wouldn't it be crazy if John McCain ran for President? Hard to even imagine what that would be like.
You could ask John McCain the same question
In Munich, McCain delivered a calculated, point-by-point repudiation of Trump's worldview and brand of nationalism.
John McCain is Rothschild's war puppet McCain fund raise at Rothschild family home
Nice to see stand up to Senator John McCain. About time someone told him to shut up
I'm detecting a pattern with John McCain;. get mad. do nothing. get mad again. do nothing. express outrage. do nothing. blast T…
US is 'lucky John is not in charge'
Rand BLASTS John McCain: "He's been wrong on just about everything over the last 4 decades" - I Love My Freedom. https:…
Rand Paul defends President Trump 'John Mccain has been wrong on just ab... via
Republican Senator John McCain: When you look at history, the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press. htt…
I don’t always agree w/ Sen. McCain, but here I do. Our independent press is a pillar of our democracy. htt…
.was systematically dismantled by the left in 08'. He lost that election b4 it even started. Bitter!
McCain: Dictators 'get started by suppressing free press'
McCain says journalists need to investigate Russia ties and push a Congress reluctant to hold Trump accountable:
Because you never know when John McCain will succeed in starting World War III.
John McCain talked tough on border security in 2010 to get reelected. All talk, no action.
McCain slams Trump's attacks on the press, saying that's "how dictators get started"(video)
Rand Paul: U.S. is 'lucky John McCain's not in charge'
RanchoFarmahh- SENATOR SPAT Rand Paul: US is 'lucky McCain's not in charge'
Sen. Rand Paul lambasts John McCain: America is 'very lucky' Trump is president and not him
John McCain:senile or just stuck on stupid?And this is more evidence Lindsey Graham needs to be sent home next year http:…
John McCain's re-election campaign was funded by George Soros. That is a verified fact. So now he likens our president…
MUST WATCH: Rand Paul defends Trump and slams John McCain, "we're very lucky John McCain's not in charge" ht…
VIDEO: Rand Paul RIPS John McCain: ’We’re very lucky John McCain’s not in charge’
actually John McCain is an embarrassment to us all. He is old and over the hill just wish he would just stop…
What's amazing to me is that John McCain is actually siding with the failed Party against a sitting
Bill Maher to John McCain: "A nation turns its lonely eyes to you." Indeed.
Bill Maher is pulling for John McCain. Let that sink in.
John McCain seems bound and determined to find out how much patience his “War Hero” persona truly affords him with the…
John McCain is good at pretending that he wouldn't have brought an unhinged lunatic into the White House had he been elect…
this is John McCain talking . . not Michael Moore or Noam Chomsky or Amy Goodman or Gloria Steinham or Meryl Stree…
John McCain the Republican vs. John McCain the Patriot via
Thanks to John McCain and Michael Moore for all the work they are doing opposing Trump! Free Press
Sen. John McCain: Dictators "get started by suppressing free press"
John McCain: Attacking free press is 'how dictators get started' via
John McCain on Trump: suppressing free press is 'how dictators get started'
John McCain tells Meet the Press that President Trump is morphing into a “dictator”.
John McCain says 'attacking free press' is how dictators get started
Sen. John McCain defends the free press: "That's how dictators get started"
Few things disappoint me more than people getting enthusiastic about John McCain making anything better. He is just a peacock.
I have the same feelings for John McCain that I do about Hillary Clinton
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
John McCain betrays President Trump in new disgusting attack
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