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John McCain

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona.

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The torture the Viet Cong put John McCain through is nothing compared to the torture John Quinones does to people minding their own business
Donald Trump meet Everett Alvarez, who was a POW even longer than John McCain.
John McCain does an excellent job chairing the armed services committee.
Notice at the end John McCain saves Kerry from a difficult question posed by Senator Cruz.
Dobson changes his position on John McCain; says “he will vote for him because of Sarah Palin” …
What do you get when you cross a war hero with a senator that hates America?. John McCain. If you disagree with...
Sen. John McCain talking to media again. ths time to Arizona Republic abut Donald Trump, “crazies,” VA refrm, etc.
PHOENIX (AP) — Sen. John McCain now has an official primary challenger in Arizona state Sen. Kelli Ward, a tea party fav…
Yes, John McCain served; so did Tim McVeigh, Bowe Bergdahl, John Allen Mohammad, Nidal Hasan, Benedict Arnold, and Joh…
B4 the remarks about military record of Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona),Donald Trump was getting 16% support in Iowa, afterward it became 18%.
I did go out and vote but I was sick to my stomach doing it. John McCain? Mitt Romney? Sickening.
John McCain to Campaign for Lindsey Graham Next Week: Arizona Sen. John McCain, the 2008 Republican presidenti...
Using the exact same words, " War Hero" , to describe John McCain and Audie Murphy is a bit far fetched. Trump was right.
Its time to get John Mccain out of the Senate, he can go to New York and Rep them he's barely a Blue State Mod not a state Goldwater came fr
It takes insulting John McCain to shock the MSM. Insulting the first black president was just awesome.
2008 happened because John McCain was chosen instead of Fred Thompson. 2012 happened because Mitt Romney was chosen instead of Rick Santorum
Hamilton Collection
listen to Sean whine,tonight he'll have Carl Rove,John McCain,&FOX'S new super star Meghan McCain on2tell us how2fix the GOP
Donald Trump is not Ronald Reagan anymore than John McCain is either Alvin York or Audie Murphy.
Donald Trump is in excellent company in his attack on John McCain. “There are no Soviet POWs, only traitors.” — Josef Stalin
You're only doing this for damage control over what you said about Sen. John McCain and his time as a POW
Dial Lindsey Graham's phone number and John McCain is sure to answer ~ .
Jon Stewart takes on Donald Trump's ridiculous comments about John McCain
Trump dumps on John McCain for being a POW: The Republican National Committee and a bevy of GOP presidential c...
Donald Trump is Divine retribution for Sarah Palin. Thanks Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace and John McCain.
John McCain and the POW Cover-Up: [Earlier today, CNN carried the national headline:"John McCain: Donald Trump...
The lack of outrage when comedian Chris Rock went after John McCain for not being a hero, in 2008.
Interesting: John McCain only won first House primary by 6% against Ray Russell (a local doctor) and two legislators:
Information I have seen, which seems credible to me, indicates that far from being heroic, John McCain was a...
John McCain: Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton: Forward by Senator John McCain Make Every
. John Kerry is a REAL war hero he was killing VC while John McCain was laying around the Hanoi Hilton
The Donald on John McCain: By Hunter Wallace This story is currently all the rage in the mains...
This is what Donald Trump was up to when John McCain was a prisoner of war
George Soros can not buy him off like he did with John McCain ! Romney was Just not smart enough to win no balls !
Featuring Henry Rollins as a young John McCain and James Spader as a young Donald Trump:
TRIG Palin calls both John McCain and Donald Trump heroes of " separate but equally grand magisteria "
Two words on John McCain. Steve Schmidt. Nicole Wallace.. Are there any two bigger back stabbers and gop saboteurs...?
w/ Uncommon Valor, Gene Hackman & the POW's & learn John McCain is no Gene Hackman via
Sarah Palin says Donald Trump and John McCain are both heroes
Bring up John Hanoi Kerry every time they talk about John McCain - John Hanoi Kerry called VN Vets WAR CRIMINALS, Nominee
John McCain is the new Strom Thurmond. We don't need any more relics
What Donald Trump was up to while John McCain was suffering as a prisoner of war.
you should be locked up with John McCain. You are both senile lunatics !! Stop being jealous of Benjamin Netanyahu!
Buckeye Star Staff were invited by Mayor Jackie Meck to join John McCain's fundraiser campaign event on Saturday at Verrado Grille.
This story is no longer about John McCain, it’s about our horribly treated vets. Illegals are treated better than our …
One letter reveals the breathtaking hypocrisy of the Republican freakout about John McCain
I think Donald Trump's comments about John McCain may be his Todd Akin or Clayton Williams moment.
John McCain lost his plane over Hanoi due to lack of self control.
Buffalo Bill Vietnam War Veteran shares his story concerning the VA Hospital and letters written to John McCain...
John McCain: Pearl Harbor An Illustrated History: Franklin Delano Roosevelt proclaimed it "A day that will live in in
Former IN Gov Joe Kernan calls Trump comments on John McCain "beyond any boundary you can think of" via
Gordon Duff, Painfully, I agree with Donald Trump when it comes to phony war hero John McCain, the worst of them all.Veterans Today
with help from John McCain & other establishment Republicans who can't stop themselves from kicking the GOP base.
I get angry when I think of what John McCain pushed on us..Sarah Palin --YIKES
2. His dad told him that when John McCain arrived at their POW camp none of the other POWs expected him to live through the first night.
I had no idea the media was so crazy about John McCain and his military service.
John McCain was on his way to bomb a civilian lightbulb factory [a war crime under international law] when he was shot dow…
Sen. Jim Webb on Donald Trump's Attack on John McCain: The former Virginia senator is interviewed on "This Week."
Just heard on She's running for Arizona State Senator against John McCain. Sounds like …
John McCain is a war hero, but he's a failed Senator.
Donald Trump's personal opinion of John McCain doesn't bother me-John McCain's actions as a SUPPOSED GOP Senator do!
You don't have to agree with John McCain's politics to recognize and appreciate his service, bravery and heroism.
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establishment never asked Obama to distance himself from Chris Rock who slammed John McCain "war hero" status htt…
Everyone in the GOP defending John McCain needs to remember his role in supporting the Free Syrian Army (cough *ISIS)
Donald Trump launched an outrageous assault on the war record of former prisoner of war Sen. John McCain...
Donald Trump isn't pulling any punches, especially after comments about John McCain's status as a war hero.
Trump is half right. John McCain is an imperialist war criminal, not a hero. The heroes were the North Vietnamese Army/NLF
No one respects John McCain more than I do! Unaware of who said "he was critical of vets"? He failed on hill
Yes, we'll be great again, but not with Mr. Trump leading us. Stepped on his willy big time about John McCain!
Maybe all veterans do not support John McCain on Veteran Affairs.
I must not be liberal enough to discern the penumbra wherein Mr. Trump says that John McCain was not a war hero.
BREAKING: Former IN Gov Joe Kernan, a POW in Vietnam, blasts Donald Trump for comments on John McCain
I'll go to US *** but trump is telling the truth about John McCain. Read:. It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis.Trump is a dangerous man!
In addition to doing a lousy job in taking care of our Vets, John McCain let us down by losing to Barack Obama in his …
John McCain is a war criminal just like Kerry, *** John McCain recently met w ISIS ldr al baghdadi
John Kerry releases statement on John McCain, calling him a hero: "His captors broke his bones, but they couldn't break his spi…
secret cover up by admirals son, John McCain, friend of John Kerry Johnson …
Kerry: "John McCain is a hero, a man of grit and guts and character personified."
RNC: "It is shameful for Donald Trump to call war hero John McCain a loser. He should stick to making fun of John Kerry's…
KERRY: "If anyone doesn't know that John McCain is a war hero, it only proves they know nothing about war and even less about…
Donald Trump on John McCain: "He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren't captured.".
One of the reasons I am no fan of John McCain is that our Vets are being treated so badly by him and the politicians. …
Whoever shot down John McCain . was the war hero
Donald Trump is unfit to shine of John McCain or Sarah Palin 's shoes .
Donald Trump criticizing AZ Sen. John McCain's military record, saying he was a "war hero because he was captured.".
John McCain: hit by surface-air missile over Hanoi. Donald Trump: bankrupted casino in NY/Philadelphia market. Which, again, is…
John McCain sold this country down the river.
John McCain is right up there w the worst people in Washington. If anyone is complicit in selling this country down the river, it is him.
Donald Trump on 2008 nominee John McCain's war record: 'I like people who weren't captured'
Donald Trump again goes after John McCain, saying he's been 'very disloyal' - New York Daily News
John McCain must think us conservatives are crazy. Mr. McCain, you are a liberal. We don't need u anymore. Time AZ finds a new senator.
John McCain snipes at Marco Rubio on immigration: The grand tradition of GOP cowardice lives on
John McCain is our modern day Benedict Arnold he was a hero who served in the USN now he is a traitor to the Constitution
: No no no. An angry dollop of pudding plays John McCain. The angry beaver's playing Lindsay Graham.
Russian state-run Sputnik news service reports that ISIS beheading videos were staged by John McCain in a TV studio. http:/…
Ann Kirkpatrick is not really running against John McCain. She's obviously running in the hopes that McCain gets primaried.
Sarah Palin , Run for President. We need you NOW . . Donald Trump attacks your friend John McCain in Arizona !
Pre-production video of ISIS killing James Foley, allegedly retrieved by CyberBerkut hacking into John McCain'...
Ann Kirkpatrick to challenge John McCain for Senate in 2016 | MSNBC
John McCain said that some jobs don't deserve to be protected. That's why I support Ann Kirkpatrick.
John McCain voted for two wars then voted to block healthcare, housing and jobs...thanks John for thinking of them!!! h…
"When will the american people know the extent of this penetration?" : John McCain
John McWarMonger (McCain) wants to lead us back to 'Iraq and ruin'. He is beating the war drums built into his bulging cheek & big mouth.
Sen. John McCain gets hit with foul ball at baseball game.
so now it's Russian snipers, it was the Burkut whos next on the blame list maybe John McCain he was …
Just said hi to Lisa Murkowski and Don Young and John McCain
I'd heard of Barbara Anne because John McCain sang it.
I bet if Sean Penn, John McCain, who cheated on his wife, while she was getting treatment for cancer, were there, you would, too.
How defense reforms will change the way the Pentagon buys weapons.
McCain: Obama wants deal more than Iran: Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) says the Obama administration is desperate...
Live video: U.S. Senator John McCain delivers briefing on Syria
Now he's John McCain! Cue article called "Bernie Sanders is not the left's John McCain."
John McCain was at a loss for words regarding demolition of bldghttps:…
Better than "John McCain FWD: Fwd: FWD: FWD: Fwd: Send this to 10 people in 10 minutes or Sarah Palin becomes president"
Inbox: John McCain, on behalf of Lindsey Graham, asking for help getting him on debate stage
Shoutout to Elizabeth Warren and John McCain for introducing legislation to revive the Glass-Steagall Act.
John McCain calls out Donald Trump, who insists GOP chair hasn't done the same
Reasons is President:. 1. John McCain. 2. Mitt Romney. Why can't the "Party of Personal Responsibility" take responsibility?
"A person [needs] just one change of clothes to remain clean"-John McCain with Mark Salter, concerning Mother Teresa in Character is Destiny
Dole,John McCain, Mitt Romney, and next establishment Carl Rove candidate is Jeb Bush. Say it ain't so?
5 Questions with Sen. John McCain on Defense Acquisition Reform and Drinking with Deng -
"Some Lawmakers Believe Public Safety is More Important Than the Constitution" - EFF (pointing at John McCain).
Update your maps at Navteq
John McCain is full of hate , but being from Arizona it is a dry hate .
Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) are reintroducing legislation to revive the Glass-Steagall
John McCain tells that Donald Trump's rhetoric is "offensive" to immigrants.
John McCain lost by 30 million votes to Barrack in 08 & still isn't losing how Tyga is now. Tyga should move to India & become a Monk.
NEWSFLASH: President Obama took a dump today. GOP senators demanded the video footage. John McCain said it was "just like …
Very sad to hear of the devastating loss of John McCain.'s balls. Apparently he's an ABBA fan. My only...
you see me out i rep my gang you just serve that john McCain
John McCain with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia
Arizona Senator John McCain endorses Senator Lindsey Graham for the GOP presidential nomination.
.talks with VOA on Taliban talks in the ongoing fight -
I don't support Barack Obama and didn't vote for him, but I'm glad John McCain isn't president. Doddering old fool.
ISIS : John McCain admits he met ISIS and says "We know these people int... via
Sheriff, you would make an excellent replacement for John McCain.
Sen. John McCain says he believes Veteran Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki should resign.
It is known that spent 20 years & $5 billion on destabilizing Ukraine. senator John McCain supported the rioters.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
please send John McCain home. He is as capable as Sarah Palin
Republican priorities are so backwards. People like John Mccain, war vets, watch a crumbling VA system fail vets and vote down reform bills.
Since 2001, I can't listen to Beethoven's 5th without thinking of *** Cheney, John McCain & the rest of the
A tough sale for Huckabee 2.0: John McCain, R-Ariz., who eventually became the 2008 Republican presidential no...
Who is John McCain son supporting in the republican pool
They tend to be. He reminds me of John McCain s Larry the plummer who was not a plummer. Casey looking 4 3 min of fame.?
The most straightforward one of them is the International Republican head of the fund is John McCain
"Mitchell and Cameron, I now pronounce you as husband and husband in the state of California." Sen. John McCain, suck it!
John McCain has trouble with an easy foul ball: Republican Senator John McCain deserves credit for not bringing his…
Yes, I'm still a registered Republican;who voted for John McCain in 2008:and yes, that is me with former Sen.Jesse Helms, 1990
Can Christie take a page from John McCain's 2000 campaign?: New Jersey Gov. ... he will seek the Republican no...
John McCain, Lindsey Graham, etc. are "republican" but need to die and go away already. Killing the party with
How many clowns can the Republican Party roll out? John McCain got another run in him? Sarah Palin? Michelle Bachman
Not a single Republican presidential candidate is as good as Mitt Romney. Or nearly as good as John McCain. Fishing in a stagnant pool.
Let's all be good RINO's like John McCain, and pretend that global warming isn't a scam.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Fun facts about 1999: Sen. John McCain was the primary opponent to Gov. George W. Bush in the republican primary.
I am Republican and it is mostly Democrats whom have been on the wrong side of this. We don't think of John McCain as being a...
"Arizona senator and former presidential candidate John McCain received $51,700 in the first quarter of 2015." . . htt…
John McCain: The Russia-Ukraine cease-fire is a fiction: John McCain, a Republican from Arizona, is chairman o...
If you're a and you stayed home Nov. 4, 2008 in protest to John McCain, the last two days should give you a lot to think about.
John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Kelly Ayotte are friendship goals
If Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Bob Menendez and Dianne Feinstein all agree on something, I'd get worried.
Ukr troops near Luhansk name a street after John McCain. I asked when Obama would get one. 'When he gives us weapons'
Tom Cotton must want to be the next John McCain and Lindsey Graham warmonger model for the
The same media clowns that brought you John McCain and Mitt Romney now want to give you Jeb Bush. Pick your own candidate this time.
John McCain considers part of the White House's foreign policy "one of the most shameful chapters in American...
Every Arizona Republican I've talked to so far wants to retire John McCain. Arizona deserves strong conservative leadership.
John McCain and the rest of Congress could learn a LOT from people like Tim McGraw!
Interesting fact: Barry Goldwater was the senator before John McCain. BARRY GOLDWATER. Arizona is full of old crusties fam
Remember when John McCain used that Foo Fighters song for his campaign without permission and they were like *** no, …
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John Kasich taps former advisors to John McCain and Jon Huntsman. What could possibly go wrong?!?!.
It's written by John McCain and Dianne Feinstein, so we might have to read the fine print.
WIRED: Sen. John McCain: The Pentagon desperately needs Silicon Valley. Here's how we get them to work together
Maybe buddy John McCain could take on the role. He's always craved the White House.
Wait, wouldn't John McCain be acting First Lady in the White House?
US senators John McCain & Jack Reed sent a letter calling for release of former pres nasheed & all political prisoners in the Maldives.
Thoughts?: John McCain singled out Sandglass Theater in a report about wasted government spending. Sandglass...
Via John Earl: Legal Schnauzer: "Riley had John McCain, in the U.S. Senate, covering up his ties to Jack...
John McCain unleashes the worst insult he can think of at Rand Paul: "the Senator from Kentucky is unfamiliar with Senate r…
"Ben Franklin foreshadowed the Patriot Act problem"- Possible primary challenger to John McCain on now!.
'Salmon has long been regarded by conservative groups to be best shot at unseating John McCain.'
John McCain was in the Keating 5 and ignored the survivors of the
A summary of John McCain's earlier remarks on the Senate floor
Rand Paul to force the PATRIOT act, incl NSA spying, to expire, upsetting aggressive neocons as John McCain &L Graham htt…
Shame on John McCain for betraying the San Carlos Apaches!
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John McCain, This is as lowdown and dirty as can be. Selling Off Apache Holy Land -
Angela Lansbury & John McCain approve of that 8p bedtime.
Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick will challenge Sen. John McCain in Arizona. scoops
Feud between John McCain and Rand Paul worsens after NSA reform fiasco
I'd like to see David plotz and John McCain on together.
Corbyn, Slaughter, Davis & Mitchell have met w John McCain in Washington to demand return of Shaker Aamer from Gitmo.
Thought that was him. Other SNL roles: Al Gore, John McCain, & Chris Matthews
you'll need to start with Harry Reid he changed senate rules to stack the courts an John McCain let him?
Who are the Americans that voted for Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi & Elijah Cummings? 😏
Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole all picked by the liberal media so a Democrat could win I believe Mitt threw it
"He'll get his headline and then we'll move on." - John McCain on Rand Paul's "filibuster."
GOP's John McCain: 'America can't afford to wall itself off' from the world
Except for Rubio and Jeb, entire 2016 GOP field more Ron Paul than John McCain now.
No word from Senate Pres. Andy Biggs on Oath Keepers founder Stuart Rhodes speech calling for John McCain to be hung until dead.
John McCain praises “outstanding ranking member” of Armed Services for budget work: “This is a better bill because of my friend, Jack Reed.”
John McCain is quite upset that the Saudi King seems displeased with US policy - the King must be pleased
John McCain fought Gentleman Jim Corbett over who was the better drunk pilot.
A gentleman knows when to leave. Harry Reid is retiring. John McCain is not. Enough said.
Lindsey Graham entering GOP field, to cheers of Republicans who want John McCain without that courage and heroism.
Currently reading John McCain to Newsmax: Pork-Barrel Spending Thrives on Lack of Accountability
John McCain has tough words for Tom Carper, Delaware
harry koisser kinda looks like John McCain bender from the breakfast club??
Thank God "Senate Conservatives Fund launches effort to defeat John McCain in 2016: htt…
And the question remains:was Thompson's hazy late bid caused by John McCain's campaign to divide the southern conservative vote?
John McCain's been playing too much video poker.
John McCain on cargo ship seized by Iran forces: "It's dramatically escalatory"
Mitt Romney and John McCain at least seemed like relatively sane people compared to some other Republican candidates.
If Rand Paul ‘Worst Possible Candidate’ What’s John McCain: I cannot think of any scenario in which I would vo...
United Stated of America is a Judeo-Christian country founded on Judeo-Christian principles - John Mccain (& evry Republican, some dems too)
CNN: McCain: CIA should not run drone program
John McCain, shown here with a rather large boil. Also, there's something on his face.
Its time for the military to take over and run drone strikes against overseas targets. via
Got a buddy in the drone business? Likely. McCain eager for military to run drone strikes.
John McCain: "I'm reporting for duty on Monday morning" to help protect White House lawn.
John McCain eager for military to run drone strikes.
Harry Reid complains: John McCain threatened to ‘kick the s***’ out of me - (LMAO!!!)
How does John McCain have time to comment on drone strikes and keep people off the White House lawn?
John McCain tells he thinks Christie has an "excellent" chance of strong showing in NH:
Obama said he had a new security detail to keep the WH grounds safe…and angry John McCain and a broom…sigh, and I felt a kinship with McCain
Sen. John McCain responds to Pres. Obama's WH Correspondents' Dinner joke at his expense: PO-13MO
I wanna say I'm tired of John McCain and Grahmnesty,Boehner,McConnell. They don't speak for me as a T.E.A.
John McCain is a fighter for freedom
John McCain to CNN: drone strikes should be run by US military, not the CIA
John McCain and Thad Cochran's death stories were written in the 1920s.
How is it again that John McCain is a multi millionaire?
This 2013 quote by John McCain on is gonna be hard to downplay...
I know it marks me as. flawed person. But John McCain. Get Off My Lawn Jokes. Never Get Old w/Me!. http:/…
John McCain, John Kasich call for change in CIA drone program after…
Saw a pic today of Peter Mackay hanging out with John McCain. This country is in trouble.
John McCain sounds like a cross between a bitter old man whose lawn got stepped on and a child who just had the red licked of…
John McCain will be the speaker then U2 will play the recorder on Keating Steps
ha nice spin, tell that to HW Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. Oh, don't forget Nixon
John McCain rips Rand Paul for presidential bid - NY Daily News. The self serving opinion of one of The Keating 5.
Rand Paul: People like John McCain, Lindsey Graham 'essentially the lapdogs ... - Washington Times: Washington…
I agree. Really a shame how bitterness has twisted Cornel West and for that matter John McCain.
So is Reid trying to revive some respect for McCain in me?
Rachel Maddow opens show w/ interview, bragging they had to bleep him. Something about John Mccain & kicking s— out of some1
You remind me of a young John McCain in training. A tool for the military industrial complex. No more war!
McCain unsure who to trust on the nuclear deal: Kerry or Iran's leader.
“Shut up or I’ll have you arrested….. low-life scum” – John McCain to an... via lol... nothing surprises me
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"At least we're leading the world in something" ~ John McCain RT
They're gonna ask me to get it for em' and I'm gonna hit em' with "Uncle Tunde got the John Mccain disorder,can't lift my arms up ya'll"
US Senate Armed Service Chair John McCain says the US should honor its treaty commitment to help defend Taiwan.
know that whenever John McCain appears on my screen, switch to reruns of Law & Order.
History will log in John McCain as the first POTUS candidate to lose to a blut ergo he just ain't a happy man. Then there is Mit (aka hel)
Americans Never Quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history. We Make History. John McCain
Mr. Brabender, I can name you CURRENT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS who want war. Tom Cotton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz.
John McCain, please come to Miyazaki, Japan.The Air Self-Defense Force .Nyutabaru Airbase is near from Okinawa.
oh stop ! I know who Isis . John McCain was buddies with them . they're Islam and no they aren't Israel's
is a holiday created just to mess with John McCain and I think that's mean. But I like any holiday with "High" in it.
Sen. John McCain speaks out against anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial via
U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) delivered the following remarks this week at the Middle East Media Research...
Ever wonder why Vietnam Vets can't stand John McCain? Well now you know.
Doesn't this make you question *** is going on?. That's Daesh head chopping Terrorist and the Caliphate John McCain
New documents from Judicial Watch reveal John McCain encouraged IRS to target conservative groups.
I'll be by Edward McCain will always be one of my favorite songs
Is the tea party afraid of John McCain - Politico
because cleaning up and having an honorable Victory with Vietnam I offered he and McCain (John-John) they are similar
Watch: Obama Unloads on John McCain and the 47 Traitors for Sabotaging Iran Peace Deal
"Reporters love candidates like John Kerry and John McCain, politicians who can sound like idealistic outsiders...
Also spotted senators Lindday Graham and John McCain earlier at el capital
At least I don't plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c***! John McCain
A Lindsey Graham Presidency would be a de facto John McCain Presidency. The war machine's motto would be "Why stop at Iran;bomb them all."
John McCain seems like a crazy old war lover who nobody wants to listen to.
John McCain loves racking up those airline miles.
I guess he believes if a lie is big enough and repeated often enough, it will be believed. John McCain
I thought you meant a cake baked by John McCain
Poor John McCain.he will never leave office as long as someone will put a microphone in his face. I blame the media. (smiles)
McCain's sports betting opinion has evolved. He was reason NV Olympic betting was banned. Went after NCAA bets too.
people still voted for John McCain because his VP was a Girl. 😂😂😂 its called double standards? Look it up bæ
So is Hillary's nomination kinda like a lifetime achievement award, like John McCain's was?
Time for Remarks from US Senator John McCain on Sports Betting at
Some pre-recorded video remarks from Sen. John McCain re: are about to air here at
John McCain must go. He is not conservative. He is a progressive! All RINOs must go!
I have never all my life seen a Person of distinction hold a grudge as long as Sen.John McCain his constant shots at Pres Obama and J Kerry
John McCain: "I Don't Know Whether to Believe Kerry or Ayatollah" LOL And you wonder why Sen McRINO needs to retire .
This IS alarming, indeed! Best get John McCain on it right away!!!
John McCain's Dirty Little Secret: via MT Good Gawd dont miss this one!
Sen. John McCain called Secty State Kerry "delusional." That's all GOP'ers do is name-calling. They are all talk; no substance; no action!
Those zombies seem to resemble Colin Powell, Mark Kirk, David Brooks, and John McCain.
Bill Kristol and John McCain have replaced Robert Novak and Pat Buchanan in Republican foreign policy influence.
Roll Call's Niels Lesniewski recounts the weekend battle between President Obama and Sen. John McCain over the...
President Obama wants U.S. Sen. John McCain to stop criticizing John Kerry, by
A classic scene from Dr. Strangelove, with Slim Pickens morphed into John McCain. Perfect.
Let's get this straight... Obama, speaking at the Summit of Americas states, . "When I heard John McCain (McRINO)...
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Sen. John McCain tells that John Kerry is 'delusional' on
IF anyone is delusional it`s Sen,John McCain,NOT John Kerry!!! STFU McCain!Your ego is matched only by your stupidity!
John McCain: 'John Kerry is delusional' about Iran: Kelly Cohen When it comes to the Iranian nuclear deal, Sen.…
I'll name the Fox News endless parade of NEO-CONS. John Bolton. Lindsey Graham. John McCain. Oliver Nor…
No 1 but a John McCain maybe a Jeb Bush would go for that trick. Mitt may have when he backed off in debate cuz looked 2 strong.
Snowden isn't a traitor. Neither is Bradley Manning. Obama, John Boehner, John McCain, *** Cheney, and George Bush are the real traitors.
John McCain supports Lindsey Graham for President. That, by itself calls his competence into question. .
If Dirty Dingus McGee were running against John McCain in Arizona, I'd be a strong contributor to his Senatorial campaign.
John McCain seeks reelection for Arizona President of American. Failing that he wants to be Secretary of War
“John McCain could be in office until he's 86 if he wins reelection” next primary opponent? Azriel.
Everyone. Meet the woman who is thinking about running against John McCain --> support her here -->
John McCain says he will run for re-election
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